Ghiblies: Episode 2 (2002) - full transcript

Ghiblies are back!, and we get to see the Ghibli staff eating extra hot curry for lunch and more of Nonaka's first love all in a sequel of one of Studio Ghibli's most unique set of shorts.

Nοnaka-kun, would you like to have lunch?

I'm starving here.

It's a bit early, but that's okay.

So let's go!

Where will we go?

Harukiya, noodles, Hοrai...
Dumplings, Ramen Τaishο...

Kimchi Hοuse?
We just arrived yesterday.

The other day was Rib Pοrk
And I'm sick of fried rice.

It all confused me!


The meeting ended early.
We have a lot of time to eat.

Let's try a new place!

New place? Another?

Nοnaka-kun, have lunch yet?

Υukari-san, want to come along?

Of course,
Give me a bit!

We'll try the restaurant behind the train station.


This place.

It's quite famous.

Looks a bit dirty.


This is the menu.

It is the truth.

Price depends on the pungency.

50 yen discount for double spicy...

100 yen discount for spicy level 3...

200 yen discount for level 5...

Look! Level 10...

Right! I will pay you 1000 yen.

Ready to try?

No, I don't think I eat spicy so well.

- So level 1 okay?
- No, I'll try...

...level 3.

Oh... yeah!

And my friend?

I quite like curry.
Give me level 5.

And you, young lady?

It feels so cold.
It seems that the air conditioner is slightly strong.

With level 3 or above, she will feel warm enough!

So, "light" curry for ladies?

Try level 1!

Let me see.

Level 10...

Bring up!

Spicy curry is our "specialty".

Our regular curry
was also more spicy than other places.

And when we increase the "heat"...

...we have this special kind.

You must try level 5
to really feel it.

Of course, a glass of cold water.

You can drink as you like.


Here it is.

Level 3 and Level 5.

And our "special" curry.

The famous level 10.


You have 20 minutes.


Is this the rule?

Yes. Completed during this time,
You will get the discounted menus.

What if we can't do it?

If you eat it all, you just pay the normal price.

The price is doubled if you have leftovers.

That is the rule.

Is it starting now?

Ok? Ready...


Level 3, has been eliminated.

Level 5, has been eliminated.

I'll try it another time.


Nothing is as good as eating curry in the summer.

Did you try level 10?


Did you eat it all?

Of course!


I see.

What did he do?

He went all the way.

And took a taxi home.

I guess she is a beautiful girl.

Nonaka-kun is a good guy.

First love...

How was your first love?

A very surprising question,

It is really impossible to understand love.

But I think there are a few.

The first love is only one.

Yes, I think you're right.




Your face is so red.
Is it hard work?

First love...

Nonaka-san, where are you going?

Oops... Running through already.

I will call you Ai-chan.
You like her right?

Her house,
on the way home from school.


Hey, look at this!

They are next to each other again.

Well worth the couple.

They will surely be happy.

Always next to each other.

Definitely love.

Love! Love!

Put them closer together.


- What's up?
- He's shy.

Run away!



I think this one...





See you tomorrow.

Did you go?


Kiyokawa-kun, where is...

I got all those numbers...

There's something wrong...

Not that!

I have to pay attention to this place.


People throw away garbage without permission.

In the end I had to clean them up.

See you again!


Then the crows flew.

The crows?

A joke!

Is it still raining?

Yes, I think so.

So I have to clean everything.



Υukari-san is so beautiful.


Kadoya-kun tries his best, but...

What is it, leaving here?

It's not! I have a meeting
at the headquarters.

Well, so see you later.

See you later.

It was good that he did not speak
Come back here after the meeting.


Nishasahiko Nishimura

Kyoka Suzuki

Αrata Furuta

Satoru Saito, Τomoe Shinohara
Koji Imada

Kaoru Kobayashi

Product of
Umaokuma Shoten, Studio Ghibli,
Nippon Τeleνision Network,

Buena Vista Home Εntertainment,
Hakuhodo, Μitsubishi

And Τoho Presentation

Character design:
Suzuki Toshio

and Ishii Hisaichi

Watanobe Manto

"No Woman No Cry"
presented by Τina

A Studio Ghibli Film

Watanabe Hiroyuki

Main production:
Τakahashi Nozomu

Writer and director:
Μomose Υoshiyuki


To be continued...

Τhank you!