Ghiblies: Episode 1 (2000) - full transcript

Ghiblies, a totally different look on the staff of Studio Ghibli as they go through life, work on new animation projects, office jokes, off the wall events, and deciding what to have for lunch.

Like this...

How? You're back?

What are you saying? ...


Head of a team of technologists (now he was
temporarily taken by a TV studio).
The Glutton Oki-chan.

We didn't draw a mouth for this character.

But since he has lines,
he has to say them somehow.

Therefore, we had to think about
how to depict his speech.

There wouldn?t be a problem if we just drew
his mouth - but it didn't seem too interesting to us.

What if instead of a mouth
he moves his characteristic nose?...

Good afternoon.

Very easy! Do you see this?
Indeed, it looks like he is talking.

But ... somehow everything is too good.
We have not forgotten anything?...

This character must speak
even when he eats something.


While eating, the outline of his nose and lips can move.

At the same time, this will reflect his speech.

Oh! This is great!

What do you think?

The original appearance of the character
is preserved - and besides, it has
the final touch.

Well... Well, we'd like to take
credit for all the achievements...

In fact, this model simply reflects
the properties of its prototype.

We do not have to invent anything here.
We just portray what it actually is.

I?m also shooting this film without tracing.

Nonaki-kun's first love.
The Copyright Manager.

Nonaka-san, when did you first fall in love?
(Book: "Stories of First Love.")

What are you - no reason, no reason at all?

Unhappy love is also considered.

Then ... I can think of a lot of ...

First love happens only once.

Ah ... Yes, of course.

Your face is red. You're not ill?

First love?..

Nonaka-san, where did you go?

Missed ...

I will tell Ai-chiang about you.

Do you like her?

Drive back past Ai-chan's house.

Office ... here.

Manager of the President.
A lover of literature from a young age -
even now he secretly writes a novel.

(Poster: "Even flattery can make money.")

That is my motto!

Take care of your health.

This is how you can stretch your spine well.

Yes ... what a wonderful feeling.

Read the instructions carefully before use.

Are you okay?

(The next day:
"Yone-chan: At the store.
Nonaka: He left for personal reasons.
Murota: Okadair: At dinner.")

Huh? With that Nonaka-kun?

No idea.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Ah, Nonaka-san! Are you okay?

No ... I'm just ...

... a little overzealous.

Have you been - beaten?

Hard worker!!
Reactive woman Yukari-chan.
Head of Publications.

Mount Aso.
(Note: Mount Aso is located in
Kumamoto Prefecture.)

Mount Fuji.


Ahh! What happened ?!

Who did this?
Who did this on my desk ?!

Eh? No no!..

Yone-chan! Where did that note go?

Who took it? .. Has anyone taken it?

(Caption: "Important Note".)

Is this what you are looking for?


Listen ...
What are you doing inside there?

Uh ... It's hard to get rid of...
old ... habits ... habits ...

Enemy?! Friend?!

Yes! Yes, Yes... Yes...

Whatever side you look at -
he is a spy of the industry.

He gets into any place without leaving a trace.

Great spy.

A year and 3 months earlier...

What the...?

Public Relations Specialist - Yenemori.

Ah ... Here it is.


Yes! I entered Ghibli!

So, he was a spy, who made his way to us ...

... but now he is working hard and has
become an excellent public relations specialist.
(Poster: "Observation Results.")



To be continued...

Kay-chan's everyone's favorite.

Bringing beauty to perfection.

What is the matter with you?!

(Note: "Ganguro" was a fashion trend in women
during the 90s making them look very tanned.)

You have such small eyes ...
It's so pretty.

Back in 1999.

(Poster: "Meeting.")

We decided what the next project will be!


It should be out in the summer of 2001.
We can handle it!
(Note: This is about the film
"Sen and Chihiro: Gone with the Signs.")

Hmm ... Yeah, yeah, yeah ...

Do you think we have enough strength for this?

Faster to see the storyboard.
(Thought: "Storyboard.")

I wonder what characters will be...

Faster to start drawing.

What is the result?

I'm just shaking with anticipation.

Yes, yes! Yes, yes!

And in the end they are being chased,
and the moon illuminates everything!

But ... Now I am more concerned
about the condition of my skin ...

What are you talking about?
Get to work faster - and your skin will be beautiful!

Oh well.
What should we do first?

Hmm... I think it's worth holding
a big meeting about this.

I thought so... Party!

Ghibli's sky - the color of gold.

Tomorrow's breeze - the harbinger of spring.

Try to bring a brighter tomorrow.

Yes, we are all Ghiblis!

May our neighbors be envious.

Work is arguing.

People walk the streets ...

? ??????, ?? ????? ????????.

Yes, yes - we are all Ghiblis!

Made at Studio Ghibli.



Translation and Timing
A random guy who wanted to watch this in English