Ghatak: Lethal (1996) - full transcript

Unable to witness the injustice and brutality inflict on the residents by a tyrannical gangster, Katya, in a small Indian village in India; Kashinath alias Kashi decides to single-handily ...

we're told that names of your party
members figure in the Jain diaries.

So what's new?

Let the other diary be opened...
and see the names popping out.

what?! Are we going to have
another scandalous diary?

lt's not the diary. lt's politics;
Politicians have all been exposed.

All politicians will be imprisoned
now for the bribes they've taken.

Then what are we to do about it?

Let's form a Corporation;
Everybody else is doing it, too.

That will even help your unaccounted
money be effectively invested.

Let's make movies and TV-serials...
we can always find good stories.

Never mind that... Let's wrap up
this story first, Godbole.

l'm prepared, Sir... l'm only
waiting for the violence to begin.

we will not given in...
we will have our land!

- what is your name?
- Sachdev...

l've met you 1 3 times
in the last 3 months!

And you have asked me my name
each of those times!

You always managed to remember my
name during your election campaigns.

You have forgotten everything now...
including our problems!

l remember your problem. You want
possession of a land somewhere that...

Not a land ''somewhere'' , Mr. Patel...
l'm only talking of Gol Chowk!

The place where we have earned our
livelihood for the last 1 0 years.

lt feeds no less than a hundred
and fifty families!

And what was the place earlier?

Dumping ground of the city's refuse!
where snakes and scorpions bred!

People were even scared
to venture out there.

we have toiled to give it the
respectability of a marketplace.

we have ourselves cleaned the
place of the dirt and refuse!

- He's right!
- And now...

...we're being uprooted from there
and driven out!

Only because Katiya can make a
huge shopping-complex there?!

why can't you understand
the problem?

The Government will have do make
inquiries. So what's wrong?

And what do you wish to
inquire about?!

lf you're really so keen...

...go and take a look in our homes;
we haven't cooked for days!

we survive on our daily-earnings,
Mr. Patel.

And our shops have been closed
for 20 days now!

Katiya's thugs flex their
muscles in broad-daylight...

...making it difficult for our kids
and womenfolk to move about freely!

Had we helped you win the elections
and voted you to power...

...only to face the police's caning,
without even being heard?

Do you want us to remain silent
when your people pelt stones...

lt was your goons, and not our people
who pelted the stones! Understand?!

Now wait... calm down!

They're all with Katiya!

They have a share in the shopping
mall Katiya will build there!

- Come to your senses...
- lt's you...

...who has to be brought
to your senses, lnspector!

Listen carefully, Mr. Patel...

we have our roots
deep in that place.

You just can't evict us
from Gol Chowk!

ln your very presence, we shall
go on a hunger-strike...

...with our wives and children.

lf death is what we're destined to
get, we will choose how we die!

The rest is for the
Lord to decide.

we have a problem indeed.
we must meet Katiya soon.

who the hell is Katiya
to decide our destiny?

we own the shops, the land,...
and slog on them!

Then why must we
grovel before anyone?

where's the question of groveling?
You simply don't understand this!

l suggest we settle this without
a fight, if that's possible.

lt's because of your attitude
that we've reached this stage!

when Katiya's brother first came
here to collect protection money...

...l was against it even then!

l had strongly advised them
against paying up.

But they said then, that it was
a question of only two Rupees...

...and it was better
to settle it peacefully.

But it wasn't just
a question of 2 Rupees.

lt had to do with acknowledging
Katiya's authority!

we were bowing to his might...and
that is what eventually happened!

Their demands for money continued
to increase. So much so...

...that he now wants to uproot us
from our dwellings!

But, do you think a hunger-strike
will serve the purpose?

we're not political leaders...

...who'll be offered lime-juice
to end the agitation.

- He's right!
- we'll only rot here...

- ...and eventually die.
- So, go ahead and die!

we must prove to them that
we are prepared to die!

That they cannot scare us with
threats of impending death!

we will not vacate this place,
come what may!

l think we must..

That's a special ''soldier''
from Katiya's force.

Stopping getting scared... it's here
only to escort us to Katiya.

The man's fond of many such things.
How can l tell you of everything?

This way... there's a special
program underway in there.

lls it a cabaret? Or is it
a notch-girl's dance?

You're lucky, the soldier didn't
hear that. Or he'd have mauled you.

The fights and thrills of movies
and videos just don't excite Katiya.

Then what does?

He gets a kick out of seeing death...
from handing it out to a live person!

He sets man against man;
animal against animal...

And sometimes, an animal
against man, too!

He gets a kick out of
seeing blood being shed.

He rewards those who
emerge victorious...

...and enrolls them in his gang.

what about the ones
who lose?

This thug of yours has
lost to me, Katiya!

Do you still have someone
strong enough to challenge me?

Hold it!

Haven't l often told you...

...not to use these
weapons of the cowards... call yourself lion-hearted.

Have you seen for yourself
the might of my brothers?

They're lions... all my
six brothers are lions!

You have dared to challenge me
in my den and lose a duel.

Have him thrown in
the panther's cage.

As for you...

You have surrendered to the enemy
inspite of being my own man.

You have considered your life to be
more precious than my honor.

And l have no use for
such a meaningless life.

lt'd be terribly difficult, should
they really go on a hunger-strike.

They've always stayed
there, Mr. Katiya.

But if l am pressurized any further,
l'll be helpless, too.

we have used threats
and intimidation...

...but Sachdev doesn't seem
to buckle under the pressure.

You've had a stroke of paralysis,

- what nonsense are you talking?!
- That's not nonsense! lt's true...

The Law and the politicians have
always been his strong-arms.

when they both refuse to work,
doesn't it mean he's paralyzed...

Stop him, please! what's the
rot he's wishing for?!

He stays with us, for one.
And then acts smart, too.

Had we the good sense to throw
you out when your sister died...

...we wouldn't have had to
put up with your nonsense!

l'll kick him out this very moment
and throw a party to celebrate it!

Brother-in-law! l won't leave
my brother-in-law alone...

My sister told me before she died,
to always serve my brother-in-law...

...and to find
my place at his feet.

- won't you get lost then?!
- Stop it... that's enough.

what did you say his name is?

why must you alone take
the lead in this matter?

what's wrong now?

we'll face the same fate
as others do.

why must you try
and be the leader?

l'm not trying to be the leader; but
someone will have to bear the mantle.

- we'll have to speak up.
- l don't like this.

Do you just ''don't like it''
or are you afraid for me?

l'm afraid, too.

- lf one has to live in the world...
- l'm not bothered about the world.

All l know is that my world
revolves around you alone.

And l'm always worried
about you.

And the Lord above
worries about everyone.

Don't worry... do you think He'd
spare them, should something happen?

He'll make them account
for their deeds.

As for me... l'm only doing
my duty, Malti.

Let's leave the rest
to the Almighty.

Hurry up and drop the stuff home;
they must've already started it.

And make sure to have lots
of water before you come.

This is no ceremonial fast;
it's a hunger-strike.

''we will not vacate this land''

''we own this land;
it belongs to us''


No..! Don't!

No! This can't be!

Save him, somebody...!
He's dying!

Hear me! Listen to me, please!

lt's like this...l don't think my
medicines are working on him now.

But you can rush him to Mumbai
at the earliest...

...and admit him in some
big hospital.

He'll recover immediately.

And, fact is, your brother Shiv
stays in Mumbai too, doesn't he?

You've said what you have say;
let's face it!

But don't you know how Dad
hates modern medicine?

He claims to be brave; but he's
scared of a mere syringe!

Besides, who'd drill
the sense into him?

- You can do that, of course!
- l ?!

Not me... you can do it instead!

- lt can only be you!
- l?!

He's your Dad, after all... and you
look after him so well, don't you?

lt's settled then; talk to your Dad.
l've got to go and see a patient.

- That's the truth of the matter!
- Mr. Physician!

Now you're telling me, are you?

Just dressing in clean clothes
does not amount to hygiene.

You have to maintain a clean
neighborhood, too.

lf each one of us maintains
cleanliness in our area...

...we'd easily have a clean city.

ln the cleanliness drive undertaken
by Mahatma Gandhi...

...l've joined him in cleaning
the filthiest of places.

And you folks...

...if you think that's
below your dignity,...

...l'll personally sweep
this place tomorrow.

- That's not necessary, Sir...
- we'll do it on our own!

- How about the lane, Sir?
- That lane leading to the school...

...must be completed
at the earliest.

Meet the new officer at
the Municipality.

You must tell him
everything about me.

l've taken part in the freedom
struggle with Mahatma Gandhi.

l've even received a letter
of acknowledgement.

See how quickly the work gets
done, when you use my name.

Did you see my father around, Radhe?
He came this way, didn't he?

Oh, sure. He gave us a piece
of his mind just now.

He's gone to repeat the act
a little farther away!

You rascal! You're always playing...
why don't you go to school?

- where's your father?
- Good-morning, Sir.

why doesn't your son go
to the school, Hariya?

l drop him at the school everyday;
but he runs away from there.

l'm now thinking of making him
help me out in the fields.

Do you want to make an animal
out of him in those fields?!

Don't you know that Mr. Shastri...

...swam across the river, with his
books on his head, to reach school?

And, eventually, he became the
Prime Minister of our country!

But why must this boy swim across
the river? His school is nearby.

Shut up, you idiot!

Now look; a man without education
is nothing short of an animal!

Just watch out, if your son
doesn't attend school from tomorrow!

You've been scolding me, Sir...

l wish you'd say something
to this boy, too.

Straighten up! what are you
wearing that silly grin for?!

The physician has
made it clear...

...that you'll have to
go to Bombay for your cure.

which physician is that?
'' Let's face it,'' eh?

l was the one who treated him
when he himself fell sick.

There's no need... l'll grind
some herbs for myself.

This is a question of your health,
father. lt's no social-service.

- God forbid, if something...
- Shut up!

You're getting to be
very smart, aren't you?

- l know why you refuse to go.
- why is that?

- l won't tell you.
- Go on... tell me!

- l won't!
- Tell me, or you get a punch!

- You're terrified of the syringe.
- what?!

Listen carefully to what l say...

l will, when you
set my ear free!

well, okay... l will not leave
my work behind and go to Bombay!

And if you ask me to go ever
again, l'll give you a punch!

Keep it up, Kashi!

Keep it up...
Get him...! Get him by the feet!

Get up, my son!

lt's a question of
my honor, mind you!


Keep it up! Bravo!

He's won!

Glory to the Lord!


Sit down, father... Go on.

You're coughing blood, father!

Never mind... it's nothing!

You did a great job!

- Listen, Kashi...
- what is it?

where were you all day?

- You haven't even had your food.
- l won't have it.

why? Are you angry
with me?

- Yes, l am.
- But what's wrong?

l understand everything now...
l get it all!

You'd have left immediately for
Bombay, had Shiv asked you to.

Didn't you see how seriously ill
you were today? You even bled!

You don't listen to me because
l'm not your own son.

Because you found me
at the river!

Don't you dare say such
a thing ever again!

- l'll throw you in the Ganges!
- l'll swim back to the shores.

- l'll throw you back again!
- And l'll swim back again...

Or who'd look after you?
who'd give you a leg-massage?

And who'd listen to
your scolding?

That's enough! You speak any
nonsense that comes to your mind!

You've begun talking a lot
of nonsense, of late.

Very well. l'll go to Bombay.

But don't you dare say
such a thing again!

By the way, where will we
stay in Bombay?

- with Brother Shiv, of course!
- No way! Certainly not there!

He's an ass, of the first order!

lt's 7 years since
he's left for Bombay!

He's married and even has a kid...
but he just doesn't return!

- He's become an ass!
- Shall l go and wire him?

First have your food. And you
can send the cable later.

- l'll send the wire first...
- You must eat first!

- l'll send the wire first, Dad!
- Listen... Kashi!

This chap's become an ass, too!

l've heard a lot about
your bravery.

The nation needs honest and
courageous officers like you!

l'm only following
your teachings, Sir.

l pray to God for your recovery
and for your safe return.

l'll return soon. Actually, l wasn't
even prepared to go to Bombay.

lt's the physician who forced me
to go to Bombay for a cure.

l did that only to help you
recover quickly, Mr. Shambhu Nath.

- Let's face it, eh?
- That's right!

Let's go, Father. The train's
about to leave.

You idiot! Can the train
ever leave without me?!

Come on, father...

Very well then, gentlemen...
Glory to the Lord!

wait, Kashi...
l've dropped my cap!

lt's okay... l've found it.

The holy water...

we've even left the
city far behind!

You've been driving away for
the last one hour, driver...

You know your way around,
don't you?

Can't you hear me?

l hope you know where
we are headed, driver!

l know it! l know everything!

How am l to blame for the fact that
the city is spread out so much?!

Am l at fault, just because
your son stays far away?

l'll take you the right address...
But just keep quiet! Okay?

- Just talk to him, Mister...
- That's okay!

Just shut up now, okay?

we'd have made it to Mogal Sarai
from Benaras in so much of time.

l'm a smart man; l've been received a
letter acknowledging my achievements.

l've even spent some time
with Gandhi.

Don't try to fool me, okay?

l can see your meter
ticking away rapidly!

why are you picking my brains?!

l don't even want any
money from you!

l'll pay you the equivalent
of the fare instead!

l'll think l've been on a pilgrimage;
that l've had a holy bath!

How can you wash away your sins
just like that?

You'd have to come to Benaras for
that and take a dip in the Ganges.

But you must come there.

l'll arrange a bath and a prayer
for you in the Harishchandra shrine.

Oh, sure...

...l'll come there; l'll bathe
and even shave my head bald!

But l will not drive any further!
Not anymore!

Listen, driver...! Listen...

l hope you've sent the telegram
to the right address.

we've been walking away
like mad-men!

There isn't a human-being
in sight.

Have the people here been
scared away by the snakes?

Real fools you have
here in Bombay.

The bloody cabby
dropped us midway.

These guys don't even recognize
a person for what he's worth!

As for Shiv...!
Let me get my hands on him...

...l'll straighten him out
by the ears!

Take a look at that, father!

Our shop...

He's named the shop
after you.

My name, my foot!
He's mis-spelt my name!

He's clubbed Shambhu
and Nath together...

...whereas, they should
have been written separately.

But we've at least found
the shop, haven't we?

You don't want to pray before
a closed shop, do you?!

we wouldn't have had to go about in
the hot Sun, if Shiv had received us.

The hot Sun is sometimes
good for health, Father.

l could punch you for that!

The whole of the market is shut...
there's not a betel-vendor in sight.

- Go and find out.
- The betel-leaf vendor, eh?

Go and find the house,
you idiot! You're a fool!

You're absolutely

And where are you taking
that box? Keep it here...

lt has our money, Dad.

who are you? Has Mahadev
( the Lord ) sent you?

- No.
- You will die!

You will die, too...
They're all dead!

You will also die! There's no one
now... they're all gone!

who are you?

l wonder what the ass
has gone and done!

what are you doing outside during
a curfew? Don't move... okay?

what are you doing?!
Go and sit down there!

l just can't figure out
what to do!

And all this had to happen today.
How will l go to the station?

- Open the door!
- who's that?

- The cops? who?!
- Open up!

They claim to be your father
and brother. Do you know them?

- Recognize me, you idiot!
- Father! welcome...

l wonder where they all come from,
to die in Bombay!

To die in Bombay?!

May you always lead
a happy married life.

Here you are, dear... it's the
holy water from the Ganges.

- How was the journey, father?
- lt was rotten!

why didn't you come to the
station to receive us?

l was actually about to come.
But, then...

That's enough!
Come to me, my son...

Hello! Kashi!

Do you know who l am?
l'm your grandfather.

And l'm the uncle.

- Allow me to touch your feet.
- Oh no! Don't do that!

No formalities. Sheila
doesn't care about these.

The city-bred hardly have
any regard for our customs.

Sheila! why must you keep your
threads and needles lying about?

She was stitching, you see...

So you left home to
live in this hovel!

- How's your work going on?
- Fine.

By the way... l've already taken
an appointment from the doctor.

An appointment with the doctor?

Yes. lt's for the pain in your
throat. You had written about it.

Oh yes. l did write to you.
But, l've only just arrived.

Let me relax for a few days.
The doctor comes later.

This is your house. You can live
here for as long as you wish.

- where's the toilet?
- Over there.

The toilet!
Right beside the kitchen?!

- l'm scared!
- Are you scared of cats?

The cat comes to your
house and scares you!

You must chase it away.

- Let's shoo the cat away.
- we did it! Sent the cat scurrying!

Now open your mouth... wide.


wider, please.

l'm not a buffalo. l can't open
my mouth any wider.

- well, all right.
- want to see anything more?

- No. That'll be enough.
- Go on, if you want to.

No. l needn't see any more.

You see...

- May l get up?
- Yes. You may.

l'm prescribing some medicines.

- May l put on my shirt?
- Yes. You may.

He had thrown up blood
in a coughing fit.

wait a moment... l'll ask
him about everything.

ls everything all right?

Seems so. But he must be admitted in
a hospital for some examinations.

Admitted to a hospital?!
ls something serious?

l could say for sure
only after l get a report.

He must go through
these tests right away.

The test first. And then a report.
And then comes the treatment.

The medicine-man in
the village is better.

He could tell it all
by the pulse.

Please do not mind him.

How long will he
take to recover?

l can't say. You must have him
admitted to a hospital.

The deity is over there.

You've brought me to sin!
lt was a rotten coconut!

The Lord will burn me alive!
And He won't spare you either!

The Lord is merciful. But incite
His anger, and He'll burn you alive.

He doesn't spare anyone then.
He even burnt his spouse Parvati.

But, pray to Him, and He will
even give you back your life.

Forgive Her, Lord.
For she does not know.

watch it!

This is sub-judice. The court has
ruled that the shops may continue... do business till the case is
decided. we can carry on business.

- Yes! That's right!
- You can't do this!

But the papers surely show
that you are the owner.

The papers mean nothing. That which
Katiya wants, is going to happen.

why? ls he the Collector?

Please eat your food.

But who is Katiya?

The local don.
He's a dangerous fellow.

He's trying to evict us.

They are 7 brothers. Every man a
scoundrel. No one can touch them.

who said so? For 200 years, the
English lorded over this country.

And everyone said that
no one can touch them.

Then came Gandhi. l was with him.
we fought for freedom and won it.

what a drubbing we gave the English!

My friend Sachdev used to
say things like that.

And look at what happened to him!

He was killed like a dog.

His wife, the poor girl,
lost her mind after that.

He kills people like flies!

Nitwit! Must you speak so
before a child?

Now what's the matter
with the brave boy?

Katiya will kill all of us!

To hell with Katiya! Lord Rama
killed the 1 0-headed demon.

Our brave little boy will kill the
one-headed Katiya. won't you, dear?

- won't you kill him?
- Yes!

lt's you!


l had heard that people
get lost in this city.

Nice meeting again.

- l'm new to this city.
- l see.

Just came in from Benaras.

- Do you live here?
- Yes.

l thought so.

- You seem to be working.
- Yes. l'm a nurse in a hospital.

- l'm in a hospital too.
- what?!

l mean to say that l take my father
to the hospital every other day.

He's suffering from
an ailing throat.

we're here for his
medical treatment.

How haven't l seen
you in the hospital?

ls there only one hospital
in Bombay?

- Are you going to the hospital?
- No. l'm after the city sights.

l had asked my brother
to take me out to town.

But he apologized saying '' Kashi....''

l'm Kashi Nath.
People call me Kashi.

He gave me a list of the
bus-routes and told me...

- what's your name?
- Gauri; people call me that.

well... that's how l'm supposed
to go about the city.

Bus no. 80 to Bandra.
No. 84 Ltd. to Haji Ali.

Goodness! l must try out
the fruit juices at Haji Ali!

why are you laughing?

Let me give you
a tour of the city.

- Really?!
- Sure.

That'd be fun!

won't you wait till
the bus arrives?


That's the film star,
Amitabh Bachchan's house.

- You wanted to see it, didn't you?
- This is great, l say!

- would brother be in now?
- Brother?!

Brother Amit ( Amitabh Bachan,
the film star)

lt's like this; he's actually from
Allahabad and l'm from Benaras.

Both hail from towns on the banks of
the Ganges. Aren't we brothers then?

Oh sure... you're brothers indeed.

would you like to convey
something to your fans?

Only that religion and caste
be prevented from...

...leading to the division
of this great country.

Actually, this nation is
a home for all of us.

we must try to live together
like a family.

we must care for the whole house...

...and not just our own rooms.

Our rooms will remain intact, only
if the house itself is secure.

Looks like '' brother''
has recognized you.

why not? we're brothers, after all!

But it was fun, really!

- Don't look there! Please!
- why not?

what a shame!

Thief! Thief... Catch him!

Catch him, someone!

The swine was running away
with the purse!

- Your aim is amazing!
- what's so amazing?

That's how l knocked off a ripe
mango, amongst raw ones, as a child.

- with such a little stone.
- l see!

l had a coconut today... and the
idiot's head was even bigger!

- l had to find my mark!
- lt's really been fun!

You're right!
lt's really been fun...

- lt's over.
- Yes.

All the water in that
coconut is over!

- That's okay.
- Shall we move then?

Katiya's expecting us,
isn't he?

Yes. l had sent word.

l'm told that anyone who comes
to Katiya with a grievance... buried alive
in these pillars.

That's right! No one has ever
been seen walking out alive.

- Cut the nonsense! Just shut up!
- And where are you going?

The truth is that such people are
dangerous for the crooks...

...but they're straight
with decent folks.

we have nothing to fear.

lt's only that the pillars
reminded me. Or l wouldn't...

Shut up! You always remember
the wrong things!

Don't move! Freeze!

lt's a soldier who's
come to fetch you.

Just follow it quietly.

- lt's been tamed... Come along.
- Are we so easily dispensable?

what is it?

These people wish
to say something.

Actually... some thugs had come
to our shops, the other day.

what l mean is that some
folks came to our shops.

Decent folks, actually...

Our shops don't run now...

lt's very difficult because...

...they've piled up building
material before our shops...

- lt's an obstacle, you see...
- lf that were removed, we could...

Talk to him about the
legal angle, Gopal...

Go on... speak!
what are you afraid of?

- Not me, please!
- what he wants to say is that...

...even the Courts
have ruled that...

The soldier hates someone talking
loudly to my brother-in-law.

what l wanted to say is that
even the Courts have ruled...

Never mind that... The Court
has its own place.

we've been earning a livelihood in
your ''empire'' for 2 5 to 30 years.

Our shops are giving us
our bread and butter.

Anything that you decide...

The soldier also hates anyone
raising a finger at brother-in-law!

we will abide by any
decision that you make.

- He's right! Anything you say...
- Please consider our plight...

How many days had l given you
to have Gol Chowk vacated?

l was to have it vacated
in a month.

lt's already a month, isn't it?

Cut-off one of your fingers then.

Running errands? People give
doctors the status of God.

But l'd place the nurse
in the same category, too.

How much you care
for the patients!

ln fact, l think you nurses
ought to receive an award.

Let's skip this thing about me;
tell me about yourself.

what would you find in my story?

l was an infant when father found
me on the banks of the Ganges.

He was the one who brought me up.

ln fact, he loves me even more
than he loves his own son.

Brother Shiv would never
agree with me...

...but he loves me a lot, too.

They all love me. Father even wanted
me to study medicine or engineering.

But l was never really
cut out for studies.

And l now work in an
iron-products' factory.

Come to think of it, l'm very
'' qualified'' and ''elegant'' .

You mean, ''qualified'' and
'' intelligent'' , don't you?

But Dad doesn't understand...
He always calls me dumb-headed.

Do l look dumb to you?

Ripper - Naveen @ -=DrC=-

lt's a shame that you take
so much of time... open the lock
of your own house!

A burglar would open it faster,
without a key!

That can't be, father...

lt's an old lock. which is why
the key gets stuck.

Gets stuck, my foot!

Kashi's a strange chap...
l wonder where he disappears.

Didn't your wife know we're
returning from the hospital?!

She should've been here!

She's gone to fetch
the kid from school.

She must've been caught
in a traffic-jam.

Caught, indeed...
Get me a glass of water!

- well, okay. Please sit down...
- Go on!

what a strange city, this Bombay!

You have people getting caught
in buses and local-trains!

The deadly diseases would kill
a man only later...

...but the crowds and the
pollution will get to him first!

They just don't consider
you to be human.

They push a man in the crowded
local trains, against his wishes...

...and shove him out
without his will, too!

Father?! You're returned
very quickly from the hospital.

l'll give you a blow!

Have l returned early or have
you returned late, you idiot?!

- where had you been?
- l was held up, Dad...

- Not you, too?!
- l'd actually been to meet someone.

- who's that you went to meet?
- Gauri... she's a nurse.

l was making friends with her;
she could be of help.

You're back, are you?
And could you see the sights?

Actually, l'd asked him to go
and see the sights in the city.

ldiot! ls he here to see the sights
or have me treated?!

l'm fed of making
the trip everyday.

Either have me admitted
in the hospital...

...or send me away to Benaras...

Have some water, father...

Really?! That's wonderful news,
my friend!

My father's terribly ill, Mister.
Please let us have a room.

l've already told you
so many times...

...that there's no room for
any more patients in the hospital.

l'll join you, too!

There isn't much work here.
lt can always be taken care of.

- The doctor has sent a note.
- Sent a note, eh?

Then have the patient admitted
in the doctor's house!

what can l do, when
there's no room?

l can't possibly have him
lying on my head, can l?!

- Have you got an admission?
- No; he says there's no room.

Couldn't you manage it then?

Didn't you tell him who l am?

l've fought the war for freedom
with Mr. Gandhi!

where's Shiv?

He's gone to talk to someone, too.

Talk! Big deal! Can't you
do anything else, but talk?!

lf you happen to know a ward-boy
or a maid in the hospital... could manage
to wrap this up quickly.

well, never mind...

Take this... and go
and show it to him!

Let me see how he still
refuses me an admission!

Go on... Hurry up!

- Mister... Mister!
- what is it?

- Take a look at this.
- what is that?

lt's a certificate of honor.

And what's this certificate
supposed to mean?

My father got this for the services
he rendered to the country.

lt's for him that we need the room.

Yes, Sir? ... Very well, Sir...
l'll be on my way!

My father had joined Mr. Gandhi in the
battle for the nation's lndependence.

why did he fight for lndependence?
what have we got out of it?

Those days of slavery were better
than these times of freedom!

The entire system has rotted!

And they bring certificates
of honor to the hospitals!

They should've sold it
in scrap instead!

Haven't l told you there's no room?
Please leave me alone!

There's no point in running
from pillar to post.

Bring a thousand Rupees and
l could pull a few strings.

lf it's okay with you,
come to the rear-entrance.

You've got admission, haven't you?
which room is it?

Answer me... which room
could you get?

Couldn't you manage it?
Useless chaps, you both are!

Didn't you show him
this certificate?

l did! l did show him
the certificate!

And he asked him to fling it
in the garbage can!

why did you ever have to
fight for our lndependence?!

what has our lndependence
given us?

when they don't care for the Gandhi
they pretend to revere, who are you?

Please calm down, Mister...

we have a man dying here...

...and that chap is busy
chatting away on telephone!

He's reading a novel!
And that pimp of his...

...asks for a thousand Rupees
for the admission!

- Sit down... please.
- Are we here for fun?!

ls this a pleasure-trip?!

They just can't understand
a poor man's dilemma.

They treat us like animals!

They've made a slaughter-house
out of this bloody hospital!

The poor will die here,
on a bench like this...

...but they still
wouldn't be concerned.

Hey, Kashi... what's up?
Calm down...

l've got the admission for Dad...
Let's go... Come on.

Come along...

Tell Mr. Bharat that his
work will be taken care of.

But the supply of currency-notes
mustn't stop, okay?

Here's Laxmi ( the Goddess
of wealth ), Savitri.

Laxmi? where is she?

lt's the Goddess of wealth...
the money, l'm talking about!

How often have l told you not to
give me the money you get in bribes?

l can very well manage
in the salary you earn.

- Get on with it, Pinky...
- There you go again!

l'm not earning it for myself, am l?
lt's only for my darling, Pinky... that she can have all the
comforts and luxuries in life.

But you don't ever
stop nagging me!

That's because l always
have a fear in my mind...

...that your ill-gotten wealth could
shatter the happiness of our family.

Stop it now!

what brings you here?

That's because some hooligans
ransacked Mishra's shop yesterday.

As for the police complaint,
we have already lodged it.

But this morning, a couple of thugs
beat up his son very severely.

lt was a brutal beating, Sir...
They've broken his hand...

...and even cracked his skull.
Please do something, Sir...

when we took his son to the
hospital, the doctor said...'s a police case;
that we should lodge a complaint.

Since it all happened because of
the complaint he lodged yesterday...

...we don't know whether we should
lodge another complaint or not...

That's not really the problem.

But l can't engage a constable for
every person's security, can l?

- You're right, Sir.
- well, suppose...

...l post some constables
on duty at the square.

The thugs would return and bash him
up, the minute the police leave.

Actually it's that piece of land
which is causing problems.

Vacate the place as soon as possible
and hand it over to Katiya...

...your problem will be solved.

The land and the shops belong
to these gentlemen, lnspector.

why don't you imprison those thugs,
instead of throwing these people out?

who's this man?

This is Kashi; he's
come in from Benaras.

He's Shiva's younger brother.

Shiv took his father to the hospital,
and his brother joined us instead.

lt's always better to
come in groups, isn't it?

- Greet the lnspector.
- Now this is another problem!

what's happened to you, dear?
You're bleeding!

The cursed blade! why don't
you use the pencil-sharpener!

And what are you asking
silly questions for?!

Look! She's bleeding...

Don't just stand and watch!
Call the doctor...

Call him up and tell him
that we're coming there...

Don't worry, dear...
lt'll be alright.

- She's hurt her finger.
- Must've bled a lot.

what will happen of my son?

we'll see about that later...
Shall we leave?

Here we are at last!

Hey, you! You'll get a punch!

They're terribly rash drivers.

This is our shop...
but is today a holiday?

what holiday? All shops
on that side are open.

But brother had told me
that we'd meet here.

And all shops on this side
are closed, too.

- where could they have gone?
- They're all dead!

They're all dead!

Come closer... come on!

They're all dead...
l'm the only one alive.

You must've been sent here
by the Lord, right?

This shop here belongs
to Sachdev.

lt's our shop, you know!

what are you looking for?
what do you want?

You get everything here...
care for some bridal-wear?

The lady's a nut!

Running away, eh?! You're a nut...
And so is your whole family!

You're going to die, too,
you rascal!

l can't say why, but l always feel
as if l've heard her voice earlier.

This woman and her husband have paid
a price for living with dignity.

They're staring their construction
from today.

How about our business?!
what will happen to our shops...

what business are you
talking about?

we keep our shops open for not more
than a week in a month, in any case.

- So? There was at least something...
- when will the buildings come up?

This builder has a great reputation;
his buildings come up overnight!

- what?!
- l heard that being said...

He's going to die!
The scoundrel's going to die!

He's even digging a grave
for himself!

- Sawant! Take her away...
- You'll die a miserable death!

Curse be on you, you swine!

- You'll die... you surely will!
- Take her away!

You'll die thirsting for water!
Your sins will run their course!

There won't be a soul to sympathize
with your clan, you scum!

You have killed my husband...

...and l will kill you!

l will kill you!

There! The pitcher's broken
even before your funeral...

...l mean, even before you
can complete the ceremony!

You're going to die!
You will be wiped out!

- Father!
- How long have you taken to come!

l can't help it. l have to change
three buses to get here.

The nurse said that we'd
have to leave the hospital.

- why is that?
- How would l know?!

- Go and ask the doctor...
- Very well.

And tell him that my problem
is getting worse.

How are we going to manage?
Go and talk to him...

- Go on, will you?!
- l'm off, Dad... here l go.

Have you asked my father
to go home, doctor?

That's right, Kashi.

Your father is now in the
last stages of cancer.

l'm sorry, but it's too late...
Nothing can be done about it.

Can't we do anything about it?

with such a renowned hospital
and its qualified doctors...

Please take another look at him...

we have come to you
with great hopes.

You don't have to worry
about the costs, doctor.

we'd even sell everything we own!

But save my father...

Please save my father

Your father has just
another month or two.

which is why l felt that he must
spend the rest of his days...

...with his family.

Take him home.

You will have to be brave, Kashi.

who'd look after him, if you
were to break up like this?

Get a hold on yourself.

what did the doctor say?

The doctor says that you'll recover
with the medicines at home.

He says there's no need for you
to stay here anymore.

But didn't you tell him that
the pain is getting worse?

He's prescribed a medicine for that;
that will help you recover.

lf l stay here, l'd have the nurses
and doctors should l need something.

You'd recover faster at home,
with your own people around.

That is right, too.

Very well then... we'll return
to Benaras in that case.

Let's take Shiv and
his wife along, too.

The kid's thread-ceremony
is yet to be performed...

Besides, that road we're laying
to the temple in Benaras...

...l've also got to obtain
a sanction for that.

l've got to have the
school inaugurated.

l can accomplish all this in a
matter of a few months in Benaras.

My son...

Listen, son...

...death is a reality,
just as life is.

One has to accept it.

Be brave, my son...

l have already lived my life...

...and want to spend the rest of
my days with dignity.

That's all l ask
God to grant me.

You mustn't let this shake you...
You're my brave boy, aren't you?

Let's go... Come on.

Don't, my son... Stop crying...!

Let's go... Come on, my son.

Let's go... Get up.
Come on...

And look; don't tell anyone
at home about this, okay?

They'll be terribly worried.

Let's not tell anyone, okay?
Let's leave then... Come on.

Stand up... let's take our
things and leave...

Get up,... Come on.

You dare insult Katiya, eh!

That man... that rascal
is hitting me!

He's hitting me!

Listen, fellow...
Just get lost! Scram!

No! l don't want anyone
of you to interfere!

Let's get away, Kashi... that's
Katiya's thug; a vicious character.

Get him!

They're all dead...
And you will also not escape!

You're being funny, brother!

Our guys get beaten up
and you laugh at it!

what else can l do, but laugh?

Just imagine... man, all alone, beats up
1 0 of my boys in the marketplace.

- what a sight it must've been!
- Must've been a terrific sight!

l wish we could all see it, too.

Shut up! The day l strip you
in the marketplace...

...everyone will have
a sight to behold!

Let me have some chicken...
the leg-portion.

So, tell me now... what am
l supposed to do with you?

Just give me one more
opportunity, Sir...

l could even give up
my life for you.

He'd even give up his
life for me, he says.

Very well then...
l'll take your life.

Throw him the lion's cage.

Kashi...! Come on! Hurry up!
Let's go... leave that alone!

- Let's go! Hurry!
- what's wrong?

Have you had a fight with someone?

- wear this! Quick!
- But what's up?

l'll tell you later... Just don't
open the door for anyone.

what's going on, Shiva...
where are you taking Kashi to...

The chaps you've beaten up
belong to Katiya's mob!

He hacks people to pieces in
a crowded marketplace!

- This is not your home-town.
- l know that!

This is a city of eunuchs!

They beat up a woman and humiliate
her in broad-daylight...

...and all you do is to
watch the fun!

Anyone who helps her is a fool!
An ass!

And what have you achieved out
of it?! what's the big deal?!

You've saved her today... alright.

But what happens when they
beat her up again?

l'll give him a thrashing again!
l'll beat them up all over again!

lf something like this happens in my
presence, l'll beat them up again!

l just can't bear to
watch it silently!

lf someone were to misbehave
with your wife in public...

...would you still be
giving me the same advise?

what's all this?!
who are you?!

- where's he?! where's Kashi?
- He's not around.

Flexing your muscles, eh?
Encouraging thugs, are you?

- where's Kashi? we want him!
- But what has he done?

Shut up... or you'll be
cut to pieces!

lf you want the kid back, bring
Kashi to us and take the kid away.

Or we'll make mincemeat
out of the kid!

My son... !

Oh, get lost!

what can they do at most?
Kill me, isn't it?

l'd even die, but l'd never
leave father alone!

You don't know about this, brother.
But the doctor says father is...

Are you his own flesh
and blood then?

l'm his own son!

l care for him, too!

Try to understand this, Kashi!

Your presence here will
endanger our lives, too!

They are capable of doing anything!
And just don't worry about Dad...

l'll take care of him!
Here's what you must do...

Keep this money. There's a train
leaving from here at dawn tomorrow.

Take the train; it's not safe
for you to stay here anymore!

l must leave now.

Even after knowing that
Kashi's life is in danger... still left him there,
all alone?!

That too, in a city where
he knows no one?!

Had you gone mad?
You bloody coward!

So what if he's not
your own brother...

...he means much more than
what brothers really are!

He'd give his life for you!

He's turned out to be a
better person than you are!

when you left for the city to
achieve something in life...

...he was the one who cared
for me in the village.

He did everything
a son should do!

Kashi has a heart of gold...
My son, Kashi, is a real gem!

l will not stay here anymore.

l will return to my son.

l'll even breathe my last there.

And l don't need people to carry
my bier to the cremation ground!

Kashi alone is enough
to do that for me!

For how long will you sit there
like a bloody statue?

who will bring back your son?

They've said that they want Kashi
in return for your son.

And since Kashi is not here now,
how will your son return?

what will you do, if something
happens to your son?!

O Lord! You've always
been merciful towards us...

- where can l find Katiya?
- why do you want Katiya at this hour?

l want him...
Let's go and find him!

- But what's happened?
- They've taken my nephew away!

They want me... they'll get me!
Let's go and find Katiya.

- But Katiya...
- l'll tear the scoundrel apart...

...if my nephew suffers
as much as a scratch!

Relax, Kashi... the kid will
be okay; God will protect him.

Besides, you just can't walk in
on Katiya like this.

lt's difficult to tell the
movements of even his brothers.

But you can meet his
brother Antya tomorrow.

He visits the City light Club every
evening to collect the spoils.

This is where you will
find him, Kashi.

- l'll find Antya here, won't l?
- of course; he comes here everyday.

Two tickets, please.

Don't let the joint mislead you.

lt isn't what it appears to be.

Let's go inside... the
real fun lies there.

Leave me alone, Chandru...
Else, he'll go away!

Easy come, easy go, baby...
Nothing comes out of it!

- what's wrong with you?
- Nothing.

Do you know that girl?

- That isn't the same Gauri, is she?
- No.

Here you are, Sir...
Today's collection.

So little?

Have you been stealing the dough
or are the collections really low?

Anrway... go and deal with Gauri.
And you keep the money.

How will we manage if you
continue like this, Gauri?

The bosses at the Club
will throw us out...

...and without the money, how will
l be able to treat your sister?

what'll l do? Nothing...

And there are so many more tests
that have to be carried out.

Tell me now, whether this
is true or not...

A lame-horse is always
shot dead, isn't it?

what do we do with the humans?

Aren't you ashamed to speak
like this about your wife?

Not at all.

Okay. You'll get the kid.

But you'd have to fight
Akram Khan Paqhtuni for that.

To get my nephew back,
l'd fight anyone.

Uncle! Uncle!

That's a terrible character!

He kills a man and then
plucks his heart out!

That's what they say about him.

He'd need a real heart
to pluck out mine.

- My son!
- Uncle!

lt's good that you've stopped him.

Or you'd have been six brothers
instead of seven!

l'm happy to have witnessed
your acts of bravery.

You will also be happy to know...

...that you shall henceforth
work for my gang.

This is a laborer's hand, Katiya...

...which can even mould raw iron.

This is strength l've earned from
money earned with toil and sweat.

l don't need to live on the
crumbs somebody throws to me.

Rather than live the life of
scum in the filthy streets... should rather live among
real men; like a tiger.

Even a caged-tiger is nothing
more than a mere dog, Katiya!

You want me to be a mere dog
at your feet, do you?

A dog which barks and
bites at your will?!

You could say that...
So what's wrong?

Should you work for me,
you'll soon be famous.

You'll receive handsome rewards.

Besides earning a lot of money...'ll be a
widely respected man...

...and people will
be terrified of you.

Only cowards, who have water flowing
in their veins, terrorize people!

lf you're really fond of
flaunting your manliness...

...stop depending
on your dogs, Katiya!

He walks into our den
and humiliates us!

That's enough!

l'll now have to plan
a death for him.

- Yes, sister?
- what's wrong?

You seem to be lost in
your thoughts these days.

what's up? Had a tiff
with Kashi, did you?

Not at all. There's nothing
of the sort, sister.

Didn't you tell me that
Kashi's going to visit us?

when is he coming over?

He'll never come here
now, sister... Never.

But why?

- He saw me at the club.
- So?

l hadn't told him that
l dance at the club...

And why didn't you tell him?

You should've told him...

...that it's not
out of your will...

...but to save your sister
that you dance at the club!

l knew something of the sort
would happen one day.

And you...! Hadn't l already
warned you?

why are you spoiling your life
for my sake?

l wish l'd die...

Don't say that, sister...

lt's still not late...

Tell Kashi the truth...
l'm sure he'd understand.

l'm sure he'd never desert you.

Please hear me out, Kashi...

what else can l now listen to?
Haven't l already seen enough?

Try and con the Almighty now...

He's innocent;
He'll believe your tale.

But it is you l want to
explain the truth to!

we had to go through all this
because of Chandru.

l wanted to tell you everything
on several occasions...

But for fear of losing you,
l just couldn't...

l'll leave now, Kashi.

l'm taking my father back
to Benaras tomorrow.

The doctor has given up hopes.

He wants my father to spend
the rest of his days in peace.

But l will return
to take you away.

You will accompany me
to Benaras, won't you?

l'd have been happy, had
you too accompanied us, Shiv.

This thing about the land
is yet to be sorted out.

Besides, my son has his school too.
l can't come over just yet.

well then, brother... Forgive me
for any mistake l must've made.

why must you say that?!

You'll see that l'll call you back
the moment this thing is sorted out.

And you... why did you have to
take Katiya on again?

- Couldn't you keep quiet?
- And do what? Be a slave to him?

- Lick his feet?!
- There you go again...

l hate this habit of yours!

Just forget the past.

You must never fight when
you set out on a journey.

Take good care of your
wife and your son, okay?

You'll come to me at Benaras,
won't you Munna?

Bless you.

what are you guys up to?!

Let him go! Leave him alone!
what has he done, after all?!

Leave him alone!

Listen! Please listen to me!

Listen! Please!

The window! Use the window!
Hurry up!

Let him go!

Someone save my brother,...!

Help! Don't hit him!

Let him go! Please don't hit him!

Please save Kashi!

Let Kashi go, Katiya...
Please spare him!

Please don't hit him!
Please let my son go!

No...! Please don't!

Please set my son free!

Your father's a bloody dog!

Do you see that, Kashi Nath?!

You had claimed that you didn't
want to be a dog at my feet.

But look at this...

...your father is wagging his
tail before me, as a dog would!

He's even licking my boots!

And a dog's offspring can only
be a dog; never a lion!

Your father's a dog;
and you're a son-of-bitch!

You're a dog, no less!

l could have killed you the
other day, if l so wished.

But granting you death then...

...would have been a reward
for your bravery...

...and not a punishment!

This... this is your punishment!

Just look at his state...
this is what your punishment is!

You will curse yourself every time
you take a breath, hereafter!

Your life will seem to be a burden
and you will long for death!

when you've had enough,
come to my doorstep...

Should l feel charitable then,
l'll grant you death, too!

Go on, you filthy dog...
Go to your puppy!

- Father...
- My son!


How's your father now?

- Look, Kashi...
- what's going on over here?!

what are you both doing here,
so late in the night?

Nothing; we were only sitting here.
Let's go, Kashi...

How can you do this?
Don't you respect the law?

we stay in the neighborhood
and so...

This girl? She's the one who
dances in the seedy joint.

Dances, eh? Lock her up then...

Don't! Please, don't!

Please don't hit me!

Stop it, Kashi...! Let him go!

Leave him alone, Kashi! Please!

And what will these guys do?
Kill me, eh?!

They can only hang me, isn't it?

l'm rather die...but l can't
live the life of a coward!

l can't be impotent!

How can l tolerate anyone
touching you in my presence?

l'd hack them to pieces!

where were they, when those swines
made a dog out of my father?!

ls it a sin to wish to live
with honor and dignity?

All we want is to lead
a life of respect!

we had only come here to
have my father treated.

And they made a dog out of him!

They revere him, back there
in Benaras; they salute him!

And what happens here?

Out here,...

No, Kashi... Don't cry.

He's a very nice man, lnspector...
Please let him go.

Let him go is not the problem.

The problem is that when
you're in love with him...

...why didn't you drill
some sense into him?

why did he have to
mess with Katiya at all?

This is what he gets out of
messing with Katiya, right?

Had he worked for Katiya, he could
have quietly enjoyed himself.

Quietly? Like you, isn't it?

Shedding all his shame
in the process, right?

Great! You dance in a seedy joint...
and talk of respect?!

Of course l dance... that too,
in a club.

l earn my money with
sheer hard work...

...and don't earn my livelihood
from sin, like you do!

You earn your bread and butter
from the Government...

...but you're a slave to Katiya!

Just you wait...!

Now where is my register?

Once l file charges against him,
he'll be thrown in for 7 years!

Very well then... go ahead
and file the charges!

Just you open that register
and start writing. Go on!

The constables attached to
your station, held my held!

Your constables got drunk
and misbehaved with me!

They not only grabbed my hand...
they even tore my clothes! Look!

They even ripped
open my clothes!

write that! Open your register
and record my statement!

You will record it...
You certainly will!

l'll assemble some women here
who will stand witness!

File the charges...! Go on!
what are you staring at me for?!

There's no problem there...
l'm the one with problems.

Hey... let him go.

we've even tamed that muscleman
you got from Benaras.

we publicly made a dog out
of this chap's father!

lnspite of all this, your shops are
still open and business goes on!

- But the Courts...
- what Katiya says is the law!

My brother had his special man's
finger cut, all because of you.

Could you still dare do this?

lt's not a question of daring;
it's our necessity...

Cut the dialogue!

- Tell us your name.
- Ambikaprasad Satyanarayan Tiwari.

- How much does your shop measure?
- lt's 1 0 feet by 1 2.

- Pay him 50,000.
- But it has stuff worth 1 ,50,000!

lt's 40,000 then.

Quietly take whatever Katiya is
giving you and just get lost!

Don't worry, boss...
l'm keeping a watch on them.

Anyone who opens the shutters
of his shop...

...will have to lose his life!

You don't wish to be
a dog at my feet!

But look; your father is
very much a dog for me!

He's even licking my boots!

Your father is a dog for me!

Your father's a dog for me!
He's licking my feet!

Your father's wagging his tail
before me! He's licking my feet!

Learn to contain your
temper, my son.

You came to see whether
l was still alive, right?

So that, after l'm dead... can finish Katiya
and go to prison.

But you must learn to
nurture your temper.

when Gandhi was thrown out of
a train in South Africa...

...he didn't waste his fury
on the Ticket Collector.

ln fact, he preserved
all his rage...

...and turned into the foundation
of his struggle for lndia's freedom.

He eventually won lndependence
for his nation.

That is exactly what you
will have to do, Kashi.

Killing Katiya is not the
solution to our problems.

Because Katiya is not
our enemy.

lt is actually the terror he
strikes in people's hearts...

...which is even more lethal than
the cancer that has struck me.

lt is fear that has
stifled all voices.

lt's rendered them hollow!

You will have to instill
confidence in the people...

...and make them so brave...

...that even a child may take on
Katiya, when the need arises!

Katiya will die on his own...

...and we'll never have
another bully again.

Just learn to contain
your anger, my son...

what are you doing here
at this hour?

Are you drunk?

Lock the shutters.

- Have you had liquor, brother?
- Sure! l've had liquor indeed!

After ages, l've done something
l felt like doing

l've made up my mind, Kashi.

l'll give up everything here
and return to Benaras.

Give up everything? This shop...
this land of yours? Everything?

Do you still think everything
here belongs to me?

lt's gone... l've lost
everything, brother.

lt's all over for me.

l'll now manage in the piece
of land l have in Benaras.

Land? You have no land there.

we have fields in
Benaras, don't we?

A coward can't ever own
any land, brother.

what nonsense are you talking?

You're running away from this
land because of Katiya today.

There'll be another bully tomorrow.
How will you protect your land?

Stop lecturing me!
You're preaching to me, eh?!

l've personally seen terror
in that square there!

l have even borne it!

Okay... l can't indulge
in hooliganism like you do!

Fighting for one's rights
is not hooliganism!

Rights, my foot! which rights
are you talking about?!

Even our documents have
begun to gather dust!

lt's sheer nonsense!

All that talk about rights and
justice is nothing but nonsense!

There's only one law that prevails
out here... might is right!

That's it! '' Might is Right'' !

You're lucky that Katiya should
have had his eye on your shop.

Had he eyed your wife,
you'd have deserted her, too.

Aren't you ashamed to
talk like that?

She's my wife...!
The honor of our home...

- She's your sister-in-law!
- And this land is our Mother!

will you abandon the land that
gave you your bread and better?

The land, because of which
you got married...

...and which helped you
bring up your son...

...could you ever desert
such a piece of land?!

lt's not a piece of mere land...
lt's your honor itself!

lt's your self-respect, brother!

And there's nothing more precious


l've made a vow.

l'll die, but l won't leave my shop!

But no one has taken your shop.

lf you open your shop, all the...
other shops will be in trouble!

Hey!...who's opening their shop?

His shop.

-Yes it's me who opened...
-what will you do about it?

-Come in the middle.
-Start counting.


-You hit first!
-No one will interfere!

Today it will be you!

l said no one will interfere!

Hit me....l said hit me.

l'll take a lade.

-Hey he's about to come.
-Close the shop.

Nothing will happen.

-where is he?....There he is!
-The rascal!

He's come....see!


You're for real!

-Look Shiva. we understand.
-we understand everything.

But tell us one thing.

Us shopkeepers...will we run our...
business....or fight those thugs?

Do you have other strong people...
in Benares Kashish?

Bring 1 0-1 2 of them here.

we'll give them what they want.

Yes we'll give them a place to stay.

we'll raise them.

First you'll raise them...
Then when they become thugs?

You'll raise thugs!

we have to do what needs to be done!

Nothing will go wrong for you.

Your brother is a strong man.

l don't even have a brother. fight.
Your shop will go.

Dama Kaka...for us its no go.

why won't you listen...
all of us will go together.

-ls the shop running?
-Their all closed!

we can't fight those thugs!

-And the police won't listen to us!
-They will listen.

The police will listen to you.

They will have to listen.

what will he do now?

Yes l've sent the picture.

Also have sent all the details.

why won't you people understand...
she's my daughter!

She's missing since noon..
no news as of yet!

Barricade the city!

Put the whole police force on this...
if needed!

But l need my daughter back!

what?...forget the commissioner...
l'll even talk to the minister!

-what did they say?
-Keep calm.

Nothing will happen to her...nothing.

l'm really scared.

This is all your fault!

-lf anything happens to my daughter...
-Nothing will happen to her!

She has died!

-She's been murdered.

The police does nothing without proof...

Here take this.

when did it happen? How did it happen?
who did it?

Make an inquiry.

-Have to make a case.
-we'll lnspector?

who knows how many kids have...
died on the streets.

who never had a case.

And the ones who had a case...
Their file never got opened.

You're kneeling after finding out..
your daughter's been murdered?

The person you have made angry...
is the one who killed her.

-But why kill her?
-why kill Pinky?

what did she ever do to anyone!

why?. The hand was cut off...

...from the person who only...
wanted his right...why?

His wife was killed at your police station...
She turned mad. then got no justice. why?

A person is treated like a dog. made to..
look like a fool...why?

People ask for their rights...
kneel before the authorities... you bribes...they can't even eat..
why?. why?

No telling how many people have suffered..

why?...because the law and justice...
sit enslaved!

And while all this happens...
this is the way it will be!

You are responsible for this murder.

An office as yourself make life difficult...
for a man.

Your daughter has paid for you're...

why didn't l die before seeing..
all this!

The death you want because of this...

this is how we live day to day.

Pinky...take care of your father.

wait Kashi.

You did the right thing.

This was the way to convince me.

l'll fight with you.

whether l keep my job or not.

-whether l die or not...
-l promise you...

Katiya cannot remove you from the land.

Hey...look at him.

Greetings. you know...
yes its Shiv Rath.

Yes it is Shiv Rath...but we are...
going crazy because of the shops.

This is all because of the lnspector.

lt's not because of me...
but because of Bhole-Nath.

He has sent Kashi as our savior.

Sir, tomorrow we are starting our...

-lt will be calm won't it?
-Of course it will.

within 2-3 days a new police station...
will open here.

This is why l'm going to Delhi.

And l promise you, Katiya and all...
his men will be arrested.

Now you will have to take blessing's.

At night we have planned a religious...

l want you to come for sure.

we will a lot of fun and play.

A religious function with fun and play?

Here take this.

Here are some passes that were forgotten...
at the police station.

A new club is opening...Go there...
and have fun and frolic!

OK l'm going.


-wow...That was fun.
-The dance was great!

where did they go?

Hey Dhamoo-Kaka...come here!

Everything will be OK.

Be calm...all will be fine.

what happened is terrible.

Katiya is very hurt because of this.

Because of this, he has come...
to meet you himself.

People will talk...

...that Katiya has done this deed.

But everyone knows, that whatever...
Katiya does...

...he does it openly.

He does in front of everyone.

And does in broad daylight.

This is a fatal incident...

Dead people will get RS.20,000...

...and injured people...Rs 1 0,000.

l give right now.

Not 2 years later as the government does.

And another thing...

you never know when death may grip you.

This know one knows.

Those who are living...

should remember this!

That this incident could happen to...
them as well.

Let's go.

Let me go!

-Let me go!

You dare lay your hands on Katiya!

Lay my hands?...l'll pull your heart...
out you bastard!

You dare lay your hands on my brother!

l'll bash you over and over!

l'll bash you over and over!

l'll tear you apart you bastard!

l swear, by tomorrow sunrise...

forget tomorrow...l'll burn now!

You'll burn me alive?

-Come on..Let's go...
-Let the bastard go!

lf all 7 of you are of one father...

l swear upon the Ganges...

l will kill you in your own house!

l'll kill all 7 of you...all 7!

-l made your father a dog!

You also...

-wash your face brother in law.

The dirt will come off from...
this hot water.

But the disgrace that's on your face...

-The disgrace will be washed by blood!
-Kashi's blood!

l need his blood!....His blood!

No telling which mole Kashi...
is hiding in.

Looks like he ran back to Benares.

we'll look here.

what happened?

who did all this?

After l swore to kill all 7 of you...

...all 7 of you started wandering...

Not wandering separately...

...but looking for you as your death!

Death is awaiting you here.

Talk...want to die alone...
or with your brothers?

Tear him apart!

why are you all ashamed?


This is Anthes party.

He loves throwing a party.

He loves wining and dining people.

Go ahead and drink.

lf you won't drink...Anthe will...
not like it.


Hey Anthe, everyone is at your party...
but no one is wining and dining.

You tell them.

They will listen to you.

Just like you listen to me.

He's a good brother.

A very good brother.

He respects me very much.

Listens to me.

Does not do anything...

...without asking me.

But today!

But today...he's died without...
asking me.

Died like a dog.

Now what do l do with you?


-This is what was your fate!

Didn't you think of me before dying?

Didn't you think of how l would feel?

You should have asked me!

l wouldn't have let you die!

Katiya has said...

if anyone helps in lifting this...
dead body...

his whole family won't be spared.

Call the municipality to lift his body.

4 men please step forward...

lt's time to give shoulder to...
the body.

Please 4 people step up, it's time...
to lift the body.

Panditji, according to the rituals...

four men are needed.

There are no men left here.

There are no men left here!

They have all died!

No one can do anything!

You will have to do this alone.

All alone.

l don't need four men!

Kashi is sufficient to lift my body!

Boss, Kashinath will seek police...
protection when he spreads the ashes.

lf you say so...

Take the handcuffs off Kashi!

Hey...Kill the bastard!

Look...lssue an arrest warrant on Katya...
and all his brothers.

Him, all his thugs, immediately!

Not the police...

Not the police...

lf you want to help....
don't interfere.

Keep away from this fight.

Kashi, those people have gone mad!

They kidnapped the boy by hiding in..
your house!

l don't know...
All they can do is kill him!

Let him die!

But Kashi...
They will kill the shopkeepers...

Let them die as well.

But now l don't need the police.

The one who will survive...
will be the one who is self sufficient.

Not by the crutches of the police...

ln this either we will win...

...or we will have a clear loss.

Those who have guts...

will be the victors.

He will live who deserves too.

where's the boy?



Don't beat my uncle!

You didn't do good Kashinath.

Not right.

The day l gained conscience...

l never cried.

But now you've made me cry.

First you hurt me, then you put...
salt on my wounds.

You didn't do right.

Takes a long time...

to put fear into a person.

My life has now gone...

...but not you!

we were seven brothers.

All of us lions.

Out of which you killed four.

Not four but five.


what are you doing?

lf you kill him, they will make...
a statue of him.

People will worship him!

Kill those who revere him!

So people will once again fear you!

Keep quite kid!....


This is the first time you've talked...

You will receive peace in your soul soon.

And my vow will soon come true.

The vow your brother took upon...
your death.

That while l don't take care...
of your murderer Katya...

l will stay here...

on their scraps!

ln shame.

with this naked body!

But sister...

the day has come to cover it!

Because l have the destruction of...
Katya in Kashi's eyes.

Katiya's destruction!

Come outside!

Look your master has come...your master!

Come and see your master!

Katya came to give your land back...

on that same land he crawls like an ant!

Your prophet is asking for water!

ls there anyone to give him water?

l made his father a dog!

...and him a bull.

He fought alone for you...

is there a supporter of him left?

who will give him water?


Look Kashinath...Your supporter has...
brought you water.

Let her go.

He asked me for land!

He asked for this space!
we will kill him on this land!

How will you kill

-You're dead yourself!
-You'll kill him?

Alone...alone he destroyed your empire!

-what do you have left?
-All your thugs have left you!

He killed all your brothers!

l'll make you dance on this very spot...
in front of all to see!

Make you dance now!

Let go!

How will you make me dance?

Making a man of yourself by tying...
him up?

He will get up...he will!

He'll make a cabaret of you!

And you will dance!

Hit him...Hit him!

Hit him!...Hit him!

Get them...get them!

Hit that bastard!..Hit him!

Bark!...Bark you dog!

Leave me alone...l'll beat his rascal...
he will bark!

No one will interfere!...l'll kill...
them all!

Leave me alone!

Bark!....Bark!...Get up!

Get up!....Bark!

Bark!....You dog you will bark!

Go son, tell your uncle...

we have to spread grandpa's ashes.



Grandpa's ashes.

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