Ghabe (2019) - full transcript

"Ghabe" follows a Syrian refugee during the summer of the 2015 migration as he falls in love with a majestic forest in Sweden and a mysterious local woman living on its border.

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- Hi.
- Hi.

- Good trip?
- Good.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Do they speak any Swedish?

No, only English.

Okay, okay.


This is Calle.

He has been so kind

to lend you his cabin
over the summer.



Well, this is my house.


Don't you want to see
your home for the summer?

It's not my home.

How was the trip?


Let's show them.

Thank you.

Come on.

Here is the kitchen.

Cups and glasses
and plates over here.

And here is the stove.

Electric, good stove.

You can make bread and stuff.

Doesn't work.

Does this work?

Yeah, it works perfectly.

Worked for hundreds of years.

You just go out in the forest
and chop some trees.



Come! can do so freely
without you worrying

someone else's property.

The nature is friendly,
very friendly,

but you need to be careful.

It's very big,
and you can be--

you can get lost easily.

- I'll take this bed.
- "I'll take this bed."

You always take
the bed furthest in.

At the refugee camp,
on the boat. Remember?

I wanted to give you
the better bed.

Take it. I don't care.

Have you seen that
all the houses are red?

Maybe they don't have
any other color.

It obviously has to do
with which raw material
was most easily accessible.

You mean in the past,
like a hundred years ago?


Maybe fifty years ago.

But they still paint
with the same color.

With blood.

They paint with blood.

Thanks for the comment, cousin.

Tradition. It must have
become a tradition.

What are you doing?

Sleep. You woke me up.

It is so quiet that
I hear my own thoughts.

You must have thoughts
to hear them.


Yusuf has almost stopped
smoking since we came here.

Well, I smoke less,

but there is not much
that can stress one here.

You mean it's boring?

- Exactly.
- In that case, I love boring.

"Safe" is what
they call it here.

Don't talk like that
in front of her.

You should not lie to children.

You should not lie to children,
but you can lie to adults?

What do you mean?

You know what I mean.

You all know what I mean.

Monir, we all know
what you mean.

But we are not here
to change the political
situation in the world.

We have come to a new country
and we must try and look forward

if we are going
to have a future here.

"Have a future here."

Their weapons kill
our brothers and sisters.

They live in wealth
and we in ruins!

Shut up!

Listen! Hate only
has the power to destroy.

Love has the power to create!
Read your Quran! Learn!

I do not want you at the table
if you spread hatred.

Fuck Sweden!


Where have you been?

In the forest.

- What's going on?
- I thought you had gone!

Gone? Gone where?

You know, illegal.
They will find you!

It's pointless!
What are you talking about?
It's only forest here!

Where would I go?
It was your idea to come here!

It was the right decision
to call me.

It's for his own protection,
even if he doesn't know it.



Where were you?

In the forest.

In the forest?
I know you were in the forest.

- Where did you sleep?
- What does it matter?

I am here now.

Do you know
there are bears here?

Bears do not scare me.
It's people who scare me.

Well, you scare me.


Why do you teach them
these savage rituals?

Because it will help them
to adapt to Swedish customs.

Why do we need to adapt?

Are people not allowed to be
who ever they want

in this culture?

Where is Farid?

He went to look at
the Swedes' strange rituals.

- Where?
- Over there.

Be careful. Apparently
they get very drunk on this
particular evening.

By the way,
I think you should use

flowers you pick,
not that you buy.

What are you doing?
Are you mad?

- What if they see you?
- Let go!

They are drunk and angry.
We don't want them to see us!

I think they look happy.

They get angry
if they see you!

What are they doing?
What is this weird ritual?

They call it
"in the middle of summer."

- "In the middle of summer?"
- Yes.

It is the brightest day
of the year.

It barely gets dark.

Look, do you know what
it's supposed to be?

Supposed to be?

Stop being so weird!

Don't you see? Come, come.

Look. A dick.

Ball, ball, and dick.

Clearly it does not
represent a dick.

Stop messing around!

I swear on
my mother's innocence.

Swear on your own instead.

It's true.
I'm not messing with you.

I also did not
believe it when I heard it.

Who told you that?

He who has the house.

Give it here.

What is that?


Come, let's go back.
Come, come.

They come here,

this fucking trash.

They live in there.
Think about it.

They come here
and live here with us.

This is our fucking house!


I didn't really mean to...

Monir! Stay here!

Hey, fuck.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to break your window.

Let go, Farid!

Behind! Behind!

Let me go!

Fucking trash!

Go home!


They took the guy
into custody.

They see it as self-defense

because they threw
a stone against us.

But if the guy
chooses to prosecute,

it may affect if you get
a residence permit.

Do you understand?

How the hell could you be
so damn stupid?

- It's nice today, Mom.
- Yes, very.

I'm going up.

Oh, it was cold!

Mom, wait a moment.

Can I go up first?

I really want to
get up first. Please.

How is Niklas?
Will he be visiting?


Sorry, what were you saying?

Will he be visiting?

I have no idea.
I think he's at some job
or something.

- Why do you ask?
- Nothing special.

I just think he's so charming.

And it would be nice to
have him here like last summer.

What are you doing
in the woods all day?

The food is ready!

Why do you speak like that?

Nobody understands
what you are saying.

The children have to learn.

All of you have to learn.

The forest heals me.

It scares the hell out of me.

The forest holds an
uncomfortable loneliness.

You hold an uncomfortable

The forest only
brings out who you are

because its quiet.

It's your head talking.

So you are wrong.

Be careful not to get lost.

Wait for me!

When are you leaving tomorrow?

- Do you have to?
- I can't stop it so good.

He's fucking jerking off
over there!

What are you laughing about?

I mean...

Come on, let's go.



Erik, come here!



What has happened?

I was in the forest.

Hello, Monir.

Okay, so this is
the situation, Monir.

I have talked to the man
that you assaulted

during Midsummer Eve.

He had made a police report
on abuse.

But during the circumstances

that a stone was thrown
by the same man,

maybe the case
can be dismissible.

But it will be noted
in your application
for residence permit.


Laila. Laila.

Look at me, Monir.

But it doesn't change
what you have done.

And you have to understand
that you can not behave
like this anymore.


So, I will let you know
if anything else happens

when anything happens.

Good-bye, Yusuf.

I feel bad about
what happened...

...and I have something
to tell you.

A confession to make.

Don't be afraid.

It's okay, I wouldn't be here

if I didn't want to talk to you.

My name is Moa.
What's your name?


Moa and Monir.

Come, sit with me please.

Why don't you look at me?

It's okay, you can just
listen while--

I just need to tell
you something,

so you don't have to speak.

Is that okay?



Do you remember the first day
that you arrived here?

I was there. I saw you.

There are those refugees.

I think it's unpleasant
that they are going to stay
out here in the woods.

Who knows
what they been up to?

Mom, be happy that someone
is lending their cabin to them.

I know who it is.

That bohemian Calle
or whatever he's called.

And the second time I saw you
was on Midsummer's Eve

and you were hiding
behind the shed

like you thought that
no one could see you,

but everyone knew
you where there.

I mean think about it.
Why hide up there when...

What are you talking about?

About those immigrants
who live in Calle's cabin.


They're over there
hiding behind the shed.

Don't look at them.

Why don't you invite them over?

What if they're terrorists
with bombs and blow us all up?

That would have been
a nice firework. Word.

Then I'm going
to go and get them.

You do that.

We thought you were all crazy
dancing around that...

- What?
- No, it's just my cousin.

...he just said
stupid things about that cross
you were dancing around.

Did he say
it resembled a dick?

Yes. Is it true?

I'm afraid so. It's--
it's from the Viking age.

They thought that the dicks
were a symbol of life.

Why did you come here?

After what I did, I mean--

Well, that's what
I've been trying to tell you.

I was--

I was swimming with my mother

and I heard something
in the woods.

I recognized you
and I found you...

strange, but interesting.

I mean, I knew
you were following us.

I thought that if
you knew where I live,

then I might as well
do the same.

I'm going out for a while.

I was just so fascinated,

you know, by how
it must be for you

to experience all these things

that we, and me,
take for granted.

And we don't
even reflect about it.

I mean, have you--

have you even seen forests
like this before?

I have never seen
like this forest.

At first, they scared me.

But now I love them.

Let me show you something.

- Now?
- Yes. Why not?

No, I was-- thought were
taking a morning swim.

That's why I came here
to begin with.


No? Have you at least tried?

I don't like this water.

It reminds me of oil.

It's okay.
I can swim for both of us.

You just turn around
and keep your hands where
I can see them, okay?

Are you sure
you don't want to try?

- I'm sure.
- Okay, then help me up.

Are you okay?


- What's wrong with you?
- Sorry, I didn't--

Did you do it
on fucking purpose?

- I didn't know!
- You don't know him!


Stop, wait!


I told you to let go of me!

I don't understand why
you're always bugging me!

I'm an adult, not a child!

You didn't seem
like one just now

when you cried for mama!

How did you find me?

That woman from
the migration office

showed me on the map
what lake it was.

I thought you'd
probably gone there.

Did you have sex?

What are you talking about?

How do you have sex
when you're drowning?

You're doing weird shit
all the time,

like masturbating behind trees!

Who are you?
I don't recognize you!

So what? It worked.
She wanted to see me again.

Yeah, right.

It has to mean that
she is disturbed in her head.

I see no other explanation.

You want to fight again?
Okay, come on.

See! I have done nothing,
and you fall.

- I have not even touched you.
- How silly can one look?

Come on, behave yourself.

I'm going to
the city tomorrow.

I have to work extra.

I thought you might
want to come?

No, I'll stay here.

I can't stand
the city right now.


And what about Niklas?

Can you please stop
asking about my private life.

I don't want to talk
about Niklas right now.

Can you respect that?

I only care about you, okay?

But you do what you want.
You always have.

Monir is a grown man.

He can make his own decisions.

He keeps saying so,

but you don't know
what he has gone through.

I promised
to take care of him.

He has no one else.

He has found someone now.


The girl he meets
in the woods.

He masturbated behind a tree.

That's all their
relationship is based on.

If mine and Yusuf's
relationship at least had
been built on that--

I hear. I'm not deaf yet.

He is in love.
It glows around him.

Let him live. Life is now.

No one knows what's
going to happen tomorrow.

He is a good man.
Trust him.

Maybe you're right.

And what about you?

And when are you going to
start living yourself?

Well, when we get
a residence permit,

then I'll start living.

For now,
I'm going to stop him from
making any more mistakes.

What does it mean?

It means do you have
a cigarette?

"Do you have a cigarette?"


You have to learn now.

"You have to learn now."

You are not
the most ambitious, either.

No, but you have to be now,

so you can talk to the girl.

So you get to have sex.

Don't talk about her
like that.

Oh, how scared I am.

Look at the trees.
They are very beautiful.

It really is.

Good-bye, darling.

- Good-bye.
- Bye.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

And please don't walk around in
the forest by yourself, okay?

Good luck at work, mama.

Call if you need something.

Let's take a ride.

Why do we hurry
so much through life

when it's moments like this

that are worth remembering?

Maybe because
someone else wants us

to hurry for them
so they can spend their days

remembering moments like this.

I like that.

That wall is beautiful.

I love it.

Have you ever jumped from it?


You think it's possible?

I don't know. I don't know
if you could do it,

because then you would
have to swim across
the water to get back.

But whenever you're ready,

you just let me know,
and we'll jump.

That's right.

Sometimes you'll have
to make the jump and fall--

In love?

I'm sorry.
That was a bit corny.


There are so many stars

and galaxies in the universe

that they should fill
the whole sky with light.

Every single part,

make the sky white at night.

Not dark.
Do you know why?

Because the universe
is expanding

faster than
the speed of light.

And it's not the galaxies

that are moving that fast.

It's space and time that is
expanding between them.

Eventually there will be
no stars in the sky.

- Do you believe that?
- I don't know,

but what I know is

that they just
figured this out.


Imagine that humankind
just figured out...

something basic like--
like that,

why the sky is dark at night.

We have been called
for a meeting.

- What?
- With the migration board.

They will announce
their decision.

Here, read.

Here's my house.

Feel like home, Monir,
if you hear a car coming,

you just run out the back door
and hide in the forest.

And hide in the forest?

Wow. That's quite
a welcoming phrase.

I'm sorry,
it's just my mother.

I don't know how to put it,
but she's...


She's a racist.

Monir, she's not a racist.

She's just afraid of things

she doesn't understand.

That is the definition

of being racist.

No, she's ignorant maybe,
but she's not a racist.

Same things. Racist.

Monir, you can't keep on
calling my mother a racist.

Okay, then introduce me.

No, I can't. Not yet.

You see? Until you can,

your mother is a racist.

You have to give her some time.

She's a really nice woman
once you get to know her.

"She's a really nice woman."

- So was Eva Braun.
- Fuck you!

I'm sorry.
I was out of line, okay?

No, it's not okay!
You called my mother a Nazi.

- You don't even know her!
- Okay, wait! Sorry!

You are the one who wants me
to run in to the woods

if she by any chance
would come here!

What do you think
that makes me feel?

I can tell you!

Kind of reminds me

of not being welcome
in this country!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I'm sorry, but--

I don't even know

if they will let me
stay or not!

I'm sorry, I--

I just called
your mother Eva Braun.

Really? Now it's funny?

I'm sorry, it's--

I was just thinking,
if she knew

that you were in the house
with me-- sorry.

I'm sorry.

Monir, you have to tell me
your story first,

so I can understand it, okay?

I was outside in the sun.

I cannot remember
what I was doing there.

My parents were in the house.

I think my mother
was calling me for dinner.

I remember someone
was shouting.


...I thought
it was my mother.

But then I realized
it was someone else.

And then it came, that sound.

Buzzing sound.

Like a huge bee.

First, I didn't notice.

It was not to loud.

But then it came closer
and closer.

I will never forget
that sound.

And then that voice

telling me, "Run! Run!"

And I run.

And I run.

I was running like--
like a wind.

Suddenly, I can fly.

I can fly.

I was thinking...

...the angels are lifting me
to the heavens.

But then...

...I fell down
in the ground again.

Everyone was in the house...

...except me.

Except me.

Monir, don't forget the meeting
with the migration board.

- Meeting? When?
- Tomorrow morning.

- You know what's
going to happen--
- I have not forgotten.

- You know what happens
if you don't show up.
- What happens?

Don't worry, Farid.
I'll get him home in time.


I really like Farid.

I will tell him.

He will be happy.
Not many people do.

Well, he really cares about you.
He loves you.

- You know that?
- I know.

But it's just sometimes

he can be so overprotective,
you know?

Yeah, I know exactly what you--

I think my mom is home.

Is it okay
if you just wait here
and I go and check?

Why? I want to meet her.

- You met Farid.
- Please, Monir?

Hi! There you are!

- Where have you been?
- What are you doing here?

I asked him to come.

He came by in the city
to leave some things and...

He was going
to return the things
I forgot at his place.

I don't want to intrude.

I understand
if you need your space.

Niklas, can you please come?

Close the door behind you.

Niklas, you can't just
show up here without notice.

Do you remember
last time we spoke?

- Yes.
- And what did I say?

That you wanted time to think

and be alone over the summer.

So why are you here?

The summer is soon over
and I haven't heard from you.

I haven't received a Snap,
an SMS, nothing.

I have been missing you.

Stop it!

What are you doing?

Hello? Hi, who are you?

- What are you doing here?
- My name is Monir.

I'm with Moa.

Hi. Nice to meet you.


- Moa!
- Hi.


- What are you doing here?
- Who is this?

Why are you kissing this guy?

- I'm not kissing this guy.
- I'm her boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend.
What are you talking about?

- Have you lied to me?
- He's not my boyfriend, Monir.

- Have you lied to me?
- Niklas, can you please
leave a moment?

- No, I'm not going to leave.
- Can you just leave?

Hi, my name
is Karin Frossmark.

A refugee has forced
himself in...

What is she doing?
I haven't done anything!

- Mom!
- A refugee? Seriously?

- Mom!
- So you've been
fucking all summer

with a dirty fucking refugee?

Yes, I have and he's
fucking good at it, too.

Stay away from her!

Now they are starting
to fight!

- Monir, what are you doing?
- I'm protecting you!

You're not protecting me.
You're scaring me!

I was right.

You are ashamed of me.

You are ashamed of me.

You cannot admit it,

least of all to yourself.

But you're ashamed of me.

You're like the others.


What's going on?


You're lying.
I'm not stupid.

Have you been in a fight
with someone?

Answer me, Monir.

Stay here.

Tell me what's going on!

You are not my guardian.
I'm not a child.

Wake up!
Tomorrow is the meeting!

"Wake up.
Tomorrow is the meeting."

I don't give a shit!

They will throw you out idiot!

Let them throw me out.

I don't even want to be here.

You want to be here!
All you do is for yourself!

You are selfish, selfish!

You are a child!

You do not know
what's best for you!

I promised your father
I'd take care of you!

And you'll do what I say
without discussion!

Who do you think you are?

You mean nothing to me.

You are nothing to me.

And my father never liked you.

And he never asked
for your help.


You are free.

Fuck it all!

Fuck your life,
your future, everything!

Do what you want!

I've taken you here,

but you're a dog!

An asshole! An idiot!

Get out of my sight!

- Hey, have you heard from him?
- Nothing.

I have called him for an hour,
and no answer either.


What are we going to do?

I have to go and look for him.








Hey! Hello?

Police. Can you come
over here please?

- Do you live in here?
- Yes.

Can we go inside and talk?

Can we just go inside
for moment?

What took you so long?

We are border police.
We are here on another matter.

But he hit me
and threatened us.

Do you want to press charges?

- Do you want
to press charges?
- No.

Could you do me a favor?

Can you two leave
for two minutes?

Moa, you stay here.

Moa, this is the case.

Monir didn't show up
for his meeting

with the migration board.

His application
for residence permit
has been rejected.

You know him, don't you, Moa?

- Yes, you do.
- You know where he is.

We know that he's not
in his home, Moa.

Moa, help us to help him.
Come on.



Can I come in?

What are you doing here?

I thought you'd be here.


Why are you here?

You know why I'm here.

No, why?

Because I love you,
that's why.

And that other--

- Good?
- I love you.

You're a crazy Swedish woman.

Okay, Monir, listen.

Whatever happens,
I will always love you, okay?


- How did they--
- Monir.

You have to give yourself up.


You told them!

Answer me!

- Don't touch me!
- If you come now,

nothing bad
will happen, Monir.

If you stay,
you still have a chance!

How do I have a chance?

How did I ever have a chance?
They bullshitted you.

I have no chance.
I have no chance.


Police! Don't move.

Police! Don't move!

Stay-- stay where you are!

No! Stay!

Drop the knife!

Drop the knife
and stay where you are!

- Drop the knife!
- Monir!

Drop the knife!

Drop the knife!


Don't stop!


Come, come, come.

Drop your knife!






Farid, Farid, Farid, Farid!


Calm down.

Farid! Farid!



Calm down!

Calm down.

Calm down.

Watch your head
and get into the car.

Hey! Stop!



No! Let me go!

Monir! No!

I just want to say good-bye!

- Calm down!
- I promised!

- I just want to say good-bye!
- Easy, easy, easy!

- Let me go!
- Calm down, calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down. Calm down.

Calm down.





No. No.

- Come.
- I want to fly.

Do you want to fly?
Let's fly.

- Do you like this place?
- Yes!

Your father loved this place.

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