Gewalt! Gewalt: shojo geba-geba (1969) - full transcript

A bunch of violent hippies kidnap and humiliate a young romantic couple, while a nearby yakuza gang observes the situation.

A 1969 Wakamatsu
Production Film.


Produced and Written by
Koji Wakamatsu

Deru Deguchi


Eri Ashikawa as Hanako

Toshiyuki Tanigawa as Kinuyo
Miki Hayashi as Fujiko

Goro Owada as Umasawa
Masashi Fukiyi as Ushimatsu

Kenji Miyase as Saruta

Sachiko lzu as Kikko
Noriko Manabe as Tonko

Directed by
Koji Wakamatsu

What is it?

He wants to pee.

Hold on.

You have to wait.


-He's going to burst.

Shut up!

You're annoying!

Okay. Stop.



Look at me!


Not cool, don't pee on me!

What's so funny, assholes!


Good feeling.

Let's party!


Who are you?


Who are you?


Who are you?

No! Stop!

Serves you right.

Strip them.

l will be the leader soon.

You're joking! lt's impossible
to be leader, you're small time.



No! No!


You are Hana-chan.

Hoshi. You are Hoshi?

You are clumsy.

l'm blindfolded so
it can't be helped.

You are a clumsy kisser.

Better next time.

l love you.

Me too.

Where is it?

Basement room?

l think we are in
the bottom of the lake.

Basement room.


Because it is cold and quiet.

We are blindfolded.

So we are in basement room.


Are you afraid?


l am with you now.


Can you hear anything?


The sound of the wind.

The wind on the lake.

lt sounds like the
ripples on a lake.

lt's a lie!

l'm cold.

l'm also.

You're wearing clothes, aren't you?

Nothing on my private parts.


-What fun!
-lt can't be helped.

-Don't do anything strange.
-Anything strange.

You touched my tits.

l wondered what that was.



You also bit my finger.

Yes, so we're equal.

We're equal.

Why are you touching me
in such a strange place.

lt wasn't me.

-lt wasn't me!

-You pinched me!
-l didn't!

No! Stop! ldiot!

Hoshi, what are you doing to me?

Asshole! Give me a break!


Not cool!

Why are you thinking about eloping?

Because l like you.

You uphold your
principles for me.

What are principles?

l'm not sure.

l can't be helped,
they are disciplining us.



we have to listen to the boss.



What does the boss look like?

Have you never seen him?

Because...l'm in
the lower ranks.

Are you really Hoshi?

Yes l am.

lt seems you are
a different man.

l'm holding you tight.

Scratch my back.

lt's you!

You see!

Higher up.


Yes, there.

lt was itching badly.


Thank you. Are you alright.

Well...where do l want.

My hip.

You have a tail.

Yes, it's a secret.

-You're joking?
-lt's true.

-You are not human.
-l am human.

Ow! ltching! ltching!

-l'm scared! -Please scratch.
-Because you...

-l can't stand it!
-l never touched the tail.

ltching. ltching. ltching.
ltching. Hurry. Hurry.

Hurry, Hanako!

-Hanako, hurry!
-OK, l'll scratch you.

Only once?


Are you sure? Try elsewhere.

No, nothing here.

lt disappeared.


-You cheated me.
-Don't be angry.

l like you, Hoshi.



Get off!


-Leave me.
-Please stop!



Hoshi! Hoshi!

-Come here.

-Oh, be quiet.



Help me!



-Shut up!
-Leave me!

l said please!

l doesn't matter,
you are with her, scum.


Hoshi, help me!

Hoshi! me!

Hoshi help!

Hoshi!...l am calling you.


Shut the hell up!

What have you done?


Eloped? that a
good or bad thing?

Bad thing.

Hey, did you listen to him?

-Good thing?
-Eloping is a good thing!

Hey, did you listen to him.

What can l say?

Eloping is not a
good or bad thing.

lsn't it?

Yes, eloping is not
a good or bad thing?


You are an asshole!

Hoshi, l am with you.

Shut up!

Anyway, l'll kill you.

The boss's orders.

But l won't kill you normally.

The boss said you have to be
kind to him when you kill him.

Do you understand?

Fuck the woman!

There are 4 women. Hold them!

For such a loser like you it is...

divine retribution.

Only today we will call you boss.

This is the boss's orders.

All members naturally feel
like they want to become boss.

At least before you die,

due to boss's good
graces we can allow you that.

Do you understand?

OK, let's begin.



So, let's begin.

So, boss...this way.


Hoshi, go for it!

Excuse me.

l am a club hostess.
My name is Kinuyo.

Hey, hold me tight.

Hey....Please fondle me.

Hey, boss.

My dream has come true.

You are the boss,
even if it is only pretend.

l wanted to be held by the
boss at least once in my life.


l'm overwhelmed.


Promise me...

a ring, a dress, a handbag...

Kinuyo is happy!

Before l had hard times...
at least....




Hoshi! l am calling you!

What are you doing?

You're husband became the boss.

So please tell him to get me down.

He doesn't care about you anymore.

He is busy now.

Hoshi you are an idiot,
a brute and you have a tail.

A tail?

Are you sure?

You're a liar. was a secret.

lt's a lie! lt's a lie! lt's a lie!

l'm sure it is a lie.

What shall we do if it is true?

Don't do it noisily
like a horse, asshole.

Did you hear a voice now?

Yes, yes, yes...



Boss, please give me a clue.

You are only the boss today.

Are you okay.
Do you want the next woman, boss?

She's dead!

He's escaped!




-Over there!

He's a beast.

lt's tail!
He choked her with his tail.

With his tail. That's rubbish.



l thought it wasn't good to
overhear the boss having sex.

-Why is he boss?

-He's not.
-Pay attention?

Which is it? Why do
we call him ''boss''.

l don't know.
lt was the boss's idea.

Ah! l'm so confused!

Shit! Asshole!

Come back!

You can't get away from us!

What will happen to your woman?

l'll tear her to shreds!

No! We will help you both,
so come back!

We will help you!

We'll ask the boss to help you!






lt comes out!

lt comes out!

l am not human!



lt comes out!

l left you in the lurch,

so l should be punished.


Lots of....


Hey, what's going on now?

l'm lost.


l'm sure there is
a lake somewhere,

there is a fish in there,

a water bug and a water spider.

That boy has quite a backbone.

He is brave to walk
alone at this time of night.


Will you try?

-What's wrong?
-Don't you like shooting?

What did you shoot?

l got it!

l felt the recoil!

Hey, look after the customer.

Boy, this is the president's garden.

don't be a peeping Tom.

l am looking for a pond.

There isn't one.

So, would you like a
photo as a souvenir.

Demon comes!


Quickly, do something!

-Don't come here.
-Shut quiet!


You are alive?

You are still alive?

Can you see? Can you see
everything from up there?

l just wanted to go for a walk.

There was nothing.

There is no lake.

Everywhere is dried up.

there are no fish, no birds,...

no bugs, no beasts, no snakes...
nothing lives here.

l don't know why.

Maybe everywhere is poisoned...

the whole area.

Can you see?

Can you see everything
from up there?

Where l walked?

Where l went for a pee?

Where l went for a crap?

Can you see, Hana-chan,...

from up there?

You saw it.
You saw it all from the beginning?

You're laughing, Hanako.

Hanging around looking for
a lake is stupid. You idiot.

Yes, l understood...

why didn't you tell me!


Here is the scar of a dead town.

Hanako, you were right.

Here is no sunshine,
no sign of life.

The darkness of a basement floor.

Chilling to the bone.

Getting so cold,
like a big underground room.

Enough talking in your sleep!

You would not know that she
has had a terrible experience.

l don't know how
many times to kill her.

l pity her.

We had a nightmare,
and so felt like going mad!

She cried and yelled all night.

Kill me, kill me!

She didn't mention you anymore.

Just said, kill me.

Her voice is scarcely audible at last.

We listened to her all night!

We didn't...see.

At midnight...

from faraway...

bullets come at us.

lt was only one bullet, but she got hit.

lt intentionally missed her heart.

Still alive!

Still breathing!

lt's such a cruel murder.

lt must be one person to
carry out such a cruel murder.


Boss shot her.


l felt the recoil...l felt the recoil.

l shot her.

l am the boss!



Don't kill me!

Help me!

No, don't kill me!

Help me!

Please don't kill me!


Why are you looking
at me that way?

With that disgusted face?

lt's better to die than
have sex with a beast!

lt came came out...see.

At the front of Fujiko.

-Where? Where!
-Shut up! Calm down!

Why don't you kill him!

One girl finished,
two more to go.

He needs two more
girls to have sex with him.

-Untie me! -l'll kill him
when the girls are finished.

Why don't you kill him right away?

Boss's order.

Where is the boss. Where?

Over there.

-l don't want to!
-ls he boss?

-Are you sure?
-He is the boss even if it's a lie!

-Which is it?
-Either or!

Don't yell!

He is the boss!

-Hurry up!
-Somebody rip off the tail!

Hurry up!

-Come on!


Hurry up!

Rip off the tail!

lt came out. lt came out.

Help me!

Don't die. Don't die Hanako.

l'll show you good things soon.


Please stop!



Boss, it's not possible anymore.

lt's not possible boss,
it's bad for your health.

Give me a break!


When you're done, call me.

Boss, l'll be waiting!

Hey!...She's running away!

There! There!

Over there!


l am the boss!


l am the boss!


No, you are the boss!


l am the boss!

l am the boss! ! !

Don't shoot me!
Don't shoot me! Please!


l am here.

l am ready!

Good feeling!

l can't see. l can't hear!

l don't care anymore.


do it!

l am still alive!

l'm not dead yet!


l did it!

Oh, l did it!

Boss, where are you?

l'm the only survivor!


Boss! ! !

Are you sure you're going
to make me middle ranking?

Boss! ! !

Are you sure you're going
to make me an executive?


Boss! ! !




Where are you?

Where am l?

Take a guess?

l understand.

At last you've gone to the lake.

lt's like l see you.

Hoshi's swimming.

No l'm not, Hanako.

l'm really...

in the basement room.

-You're lying.
-l'm telling the truth.

Blood is dripping.

l can't see anything.
l can't hear the wind.

lt smells so bad.

Can you hear...

what l am saying?

l can hear you, but...

please speak louder.

No, l can't...

because l am dying.

lt's okay. You are dying.

l am watching over you.


you are really here. Come here quickly.

Help me.

l want to come, but l can't.

l'm not human anymore.




lt's horrible. l am still alive.

Hoshi, is dead before me.

lt cannot be helped, forgive me!

l want to see you soon.

We can see each other soon.

But...l am ashamed.

-About the tail.

A very big tail came out.

l have a big tail even if l am dead.

Bite it!

Even if l bite it, l cannot rip it off.

Use a knife to chop it off.

Even if l cut it, it will not come off.

lt keeps growing back.


l don't like you with a tail.

Are you sure you don't like me.

l think so.

lt's natural.

lt's a lie, Hoshi.

lt doesn't matter.

You are angry?

Please say something.

l'm not angry.

Do you love me?

l love you.

Me too.

Even with my tail?

l love you...

l feel awful.

lt hurts!

Quickly, please help
me some way or another!

tail why did it come out?

''Falling star.

tail why didn't it disappear?

''Falling star''.


Are you dead?

Oh, it smells like crap!

Shame on you!

l feel disgusted that l
raised such cowards.

The boss's estate is not broken

just because sometimes we have
a big house cleaning exercise.

Young men with steady nerves....

-All together!
-Everybody's watching your back.

Boss, let's take a picture.




look at him!

tail why did it come out?

''Falling star.

tail why didn't it disappear?

Falling star.

Symbol of the dog.

Symbol of the beasts.

Why is Hoshi's tail scary?

Falling star.

The End.