Geurin rojeu (2005) - full transcript


What do you want?

Why did you do that?

I'm asking you why you did that

What..What are you talking about

Tell me! Tell me why you did that

It was you who told me
the president was looking for me

I only went to the country house
after you called me

But Why? Why?

You knew something was going to happen
to the president, right?

No..I really didn't know
president would..

Then who was it that told you
to call me?

Led me into the house and
let me become a scapegoat!

Tell me!
Hurry and tell me!

I don't know..
I don't know..

I thought a few thousand times
of killing you

I want to kill you,
the person who messed up my life

Tell me

Who was it that
told you to call me?

Who told you to give
a false testimony?

Tell me!

I..I will tell you

It was....Chauffeur Jung


Chauffeur Jung?

A poor guy trying to get a rich girl..
does that make sense?

Does it make sense?
Am I not right?

Are there other exits
like stairs or something?

No there isn't

- Put down the knife!
- Don't come over here!

Put down the knife!

Don't come over here!

If you come any closer,
she's going to die

Put down the knife!
You are going to be caught for sure

No, until I prove my innocence
I will not be caught

Surrender! If you carry on like this,
it will only add onto your crimes


There's nothing to be afraid of
even if a few more accusations
are added

Back away...back away

Slower slower!

Left! Left!

Over there! Go over there!

Keep going...keep going

Slower slower!

Keep following! keep following

Slower slower...stop!

Where did he go?

This is an emergency wanted notice
of fugitive Lee Jung Hyun

who escaped this morning

This morning on his return to prison..

after a fierce fight with
Officer An and Officer Choi

He escaped successfully

His whereabouts are still not known..


Ya! You...

What happened?

How come I haven't been able to find you?
Oppa has been so worried

Ya...Where are you now?

You know the president's
chauffeur, right?

The one who testified?

Seems like he escaped

- Go to Cha Yoo Ran's apartment.
- Again?

- Have to go see if she's alright
- Ok

Height: 180cm, Weight: 70kg,
Average build

This is an emergency wanted notice

of fugitive Lee Jung Hyun
who escaped this morning

Will he come here?

Just in case he does,
there are security guarding this room


The room next door is empty

Before Lee Jung Hyun is caught,
I'll stay there

There's no need for that

Soo Ah..

Don't forget that Lee Jung Hyun
attempted to kill your father

[Yoo Ran]

Just a moment..

Lee Jung Hyun came..


I thought I was going to die.
He put a knife to my throat

What did you say?

Whether I got hurt..
Whether I'm in shock..

Aren't you curious about that?

You will only call me
if you weren't hurt

What did you say?

I said it was the Chauffeur
who told me to do it

I'm going to your place,
it's too scary here

Where are you now?

I'm still at my apartment

Wait for me

I'll call you when I get over there

I knew something like this would happen.
That's why I told you to go to Shanghai

As long as Lee Jung Hyun is not caught
this will happen again

Do you understand what I mean now?

I know

But...I'm just going temporarily right?

You're going to keep
your promise right?

Of course...wait for me

Hyun Tae..Hyun Tae..

Are you ok?
Did you get hurt?

I'm ok

It's still dangerous here..
Let's go to

I was about to go over
to my mother's place

My brother is coming to pick me up

Before we came,
what did he say to you?

I don't know...
My thoughts are in a mess

Say whatever you can think of!
What did he ask you?

He complained to me

Why I testified against him in court

What else?

He asked for the Chauffeur's contact
address and phone number

- Chauffeur Jung?
- Yes

So you told him?

No, I said I didnt know

So he held a knife to my throat

Then you came in

It seems like the police are going
to be busy for awhile

Excuse me

We need to inspect.
Can I please see your identity card?


Please take out your identity card

We're so busy...and you..

Keep up the good work


Because of the fugitive,
we are in a critical period

- Ok..keep it up
- Sorry for the trouble


You have the potential
to become someone great you have alot
of time to waste?

That Chauffeur Jung didn't know
something happened on
the day of the murder

and continued to gamble,
didn't he?

He's for sure obsessed
with gambling

And he still doesn't answer his phone

Is he perhaps still gambling?

First, let's go to Chauffeur Jung's
house to have a look

- Its in Sang goo dong, right?
- Yes

Soo Ah...

I'm going to go crazy

I'm really going to go crazy

My thoughts are in a mess

Soo Ah..
Why are you like this?

Unni..perhaps oppa will come here?

No...maybe he's here already.
I have to go outside
to have a look

Soo Ah, are you crazy?

- No, oppa has definitely come
- Soo ah ya!

Soo Ah...
why are you like this?

Grandma..I want to ask

Who is it?

Who is it in the middle
of the night?

You know who I am right?


Don't move and answer
my questions

How did you know I was here?

You don't need to know that

If you want to live,
then answer me truthfully

What...what do you
want me to say?

It was you who ordered
for someone to give me
a phone call, right?

What are you saying?
Why would I do something
like that?

Why did you do it?

There should be a reason right?

Why would I do such a thing?

The person that hurt
the president was you

The person that hit me on the back
of my head was you

And the person I saw
in the fire was you as well

Is that right?

What are you saying?

You should be the one
who is clearest on that

After Director Suh came, I left

After he came, he was told off
by the president and left

Director Suh?

Are you sure?

Ah..let go of me!

After the incident,
I lost my job already

I'm already having such a hard time.
What do you want?

Don't accuse a good person

Why did the president
yell at Director Suh?

I was listening outside

The president yelled at
Director Suh angrily

And then after Director Suh left

I left as well

How would I know?

Was there anyone else?

This is all I know!

If you dare lie,
you will die

I can come back anytime,
do you know?

I know..I know

I am sorry about before


About..when I said..

"A poor guy trying to get a rich girl.."

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I've already said everything?

What's this? He's at home

What did you mean?

You've already said everything?


That...Jung Hyun..

When? When!

Just then..just then...

Lee Jung Hyun!

That way!

Where did he go?

He must be still in the vicinity

Even if he escaped,
he can't have gone too far

There are so many police but
why are there none around here

Call the police and tell them
to send some people over here

The boss said

that we have to catch him
before the police does

Is that important now?

Go up and ask what
Lee Jung Hyun asked him


Director Suh?

Are we going to go
to his house this late?

If not will we find him at
the company at dawn?

I guess..

Looking at you I thought
you were smarter

If you are talking about looks

I'm much better off
than you, Sunbae

-Hurry and step on the accelerator!
- Yes!

- Oh you've come, Director
- Good morning

- Would you like a cup of tea?
- Yes, sure

You are...

Please be quiet

There are people outside.
If I was to shout..

Before someone comes in,
you will be in danger

Please sit closer

Please stay like this for awhile

I'll go after I ask a few questions

What do you want to ask?

On the day of the incident

You went to the
country house too


I know all about it

Please tell me the truth

What were you doing there?

Who is it?

Don't make a sound

Come in..come in

I thought you dont like peas..

so I made chrysanthemum tea

Yes thank you

I heard that the president
was angry with you that day

What was it about?

It was business related matters

Because of my mistake

The company lost alot of money

So he yelled at me

You're not suspecting..

that I did something, right?

Perhaps...I cant be sure

The president was especially
angry that day

Looking at him who was different
than his usual self

I also thought there was
something wrong

But what the reason was..

Are you trying to say
you dont know anything?

Well...I wonder who does know?

Ah..Maybe Secretary Cha..

Excuse me but..

Is it possible to ask Secretary Cha
to come over here now?

I can't do that


Can't you go find her later?

I can give you her address

I know her address as well.
But it's no use

I know it's too much
of me to ask but..

Please ask her to come over now


Please connect to Secretary
Cha Yoo Ran's office

It's me
Is secretary Cha there?

What? Where?

Shanghai branch? Today?

Was she sent there officially?

Yes I know

What was that?

Secretary Cha has been sent
to the Shanghai branch

She's leaving today

Shanghai branch?

What time is the flight?

Do you know that I've been
wrongly accused?

At the court

I felt that secretary Cha

did not have good feelings
towards you

Anyway I'm sorry for not being
able to help much

That's enough

You've already helped me alot

Turn yourself in

By yourself, you won't be able
to find out the truth

There will be one day

When I will return to
prison myself

But only when I can prove
my innocence

Can you please turn around

Please keep it a secret
that I've been here

That's what I wish for as well

Hang on

Come in for a second

Yes Director

What is it?

Help me sort the files
for the meeting

and take the cup away


Everyone at the company
has been shaken up

You know Lee Jung Hyun right?

Of course I know...

Its hard to predict
people sometimes

Its hard to predict someone's
fate as well

He went to the company?

He's much more daring than expected

He makes me speechless, that guy

Are you ok?


He's going to the airport
to find Cha Yoo Ran?

Do you perhaps know
the flight time?

Yes we will find out ourselves.
Thank you

- Give Cha Yoo Ran a call
- Yes ok

This is Kim Dong Wook

Ya! Are you ok?

Where are you now?

Cha Yoo Ran has been sent
to the Shanghai branch

Check for me whether
it is true or not

If you can, find out
the flight time as well


Dont be sorry

I will definitely find out're alone..

If I drag you into this too...

I'm ok....thanks


Hyung, it's me

This woman continues
to not pick her phone up

Keep trying

Sir, emergency..

please send some people
to the airport

I'm still on the way

But I really dont understand
why you want me to leave
so quickly

It's not that

I want to spend a few more
days with you

Don't worry. I'm going
to Shanghai in a few days


Approximately when?

As soon as possible

I need to go there for business as well

And if Lee Jung Hyun gets caught,
I'll call you back straightaway

Use this opportunity to learn something

You're not abandoning me right?

If you do, I'll kill you

Don't say useless things

Who are you to me?

Ok I know

When you arrive

Call that number I gave you
and meet up with Kim sang moo

He will arrange everything for you

Be careful..I'm hanging up

Excuse me, we need to do an inspection

Thank you for your trouble

What are you doing!
Hurry up and let the car go!

Thank you, please go

Thank you for your trouble

Lucky.That my brother,
after losing his jobs
started delivering fish

Dong Wook ah, let's separate here

Let's go together!

There's a lot of police inside the airport

It's too dangerous for you to go alone

I don't want you to be in danger with me

Go back!

I can see you again, right?

I told you to keep calling Cha Yoo Ran!

Ok I know

Where has all our men gone?

Yes, Executive Manager Kim

Where should we meet?

Where? In front of the lily pool?

I haven't seen it yet

I'll ask someone

Still not picking up

Look carefully

If we find him a moment too late.
Something might happen

Executive Manager Kim

What? Who?


Where do you want to go?

Over there!
Dont move!

Ya!Who are you?

Where is our car?

The car that Lee Jung Hyun is in
is easily recognisable

It's the car of a newly wed couple

Executive Manager Kim?

Speed up!...Speed up!

Stop the car!Stop the car!

[Work in progress. Access forbidden]

Yes, it's me.
The bridge has been closed off, right?

Lee Jung Hyun

You've been surrounded

Get out of the car

Don't carry on and hurry up
and get out

Hurry and come out

Don't come over here!
Don't come closer!

Stand there!

Lee Jung Hyun

Calm down!

I understand how you feel

So how about we talk over this
from the beginning

-Take the gun away!
-Let's just shoot him in the leg!

Take your gun away!

Lee Jung Hyun!


Don't come over here!

Lee Jung Hyun! Stay still there!

Stand there and don't move!

Calm down

Don't come over here!

I could've been happy as well

Mother...Soo Ah ...

We could have been happy
just like others

Isn't that right?


Jung Hyun ah

I will love you like I did when
I first gave birth to you

Lee Jung Hyun

This name has been engraved
into my heart now

Once it's been engraved
it can never be erased..

It will never be erased

Oh Soo Ah

This name has been engraved
into my heart now

Once it's been engraved,
it can never be erased

Now I'm engraved
into oppa's heart

Oppa is engraved into my heart

I love you oppa

I love you Soo Ah

Mother gave this to us

The ring mother was wearing
was remade into two rings

One for you and one for me

No matter what happens
now we are one

We came out of mother's fingers

Even if things get hard or you want to die.
Please endure it

Until we can hold each others hands
with the rings on them

Fugitive Lee Jung Hyun,
on the 3rd day of his escape..

appeared today at Incheon airport

After being recognised,
in the process of attempting to escape

and after a fierce battle

Fugitive Lee Jung Hyun committed suicide
by jumping into the Hangang

Although the route of Lee Jung Hyun's escape
was already in control of the search party

But Lee Jung Hyun escaped with a car
and headed towards Bang hwa bridge

This scene is from the 40-min long chase

Lee Jung Hyun's car arrived
at Bang Hwa bridge

but under the strict
blockage by the police

Lee Jung Hyun jumped into the Hangang
to put this case to an end

However, Lee Jung Hyun's body
still has not been found

Search parties are looking
for his body now

What is this?

How...How can it be like this?

Soo Ah...

Soo Ah...where are you going?

No...this can't be..

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