Getting to Know You (2019) - full transcript

- Oh.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Shut up. You shut up.
Come on. Give it to me.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh.

Oh, fuck. Oh.

- Oh, just, yes.
- Yes. Yeah, deeper, yeah.

Deeper, Donny. Deeper, Donny.
Aww. Aww. Yeah.

- Perhaps...
- It doesn't work.

Probably just as well.

- It would be an awkward moment.
- To interrupt.

Come on,
fuck me please. Oh, yeah.

Oh, my God!

Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Yeah. Deeper. Yeah.

Yeah, just like that.

Oh, oh, Donny.

Oh, deeper, Donny.

Don't stop. No.

I... I... I don't think
it'll be longer.

- Let me come. Let me come.
- Me too, me too, me too, yeah.

- Very simultaneous.
- Yeah.

Nicely timed.

Oh, my God!

How long do you think
we should give them?


Not a whole cigarette.

A puff or two.

Excuse me.

Go. Go. You go. Go.


I... I was just in the back, you know, taking,
um, uh, the... the phone reservations.

Checking in Sorensen.
I have a reservation for two nights.

- Ah.
- And this gentleman.

Um, I've misplaced my keycard.

Manning, 104.

You can take him first.

- Oh, no.
- Please.

You must be tired... traveling.

- Well, you've been something.
- Oh, fuck!

Just an expletive.

Forgot I was wearing it.

See you tonight.

Thank you so much.




Is it closed?

It's getting late, I suppose.

Um, the girl at the desk assured
me that everything was still open.


I'm starving.

Long trip?

London to Toronto,
then a local flight here.

Yeah, it's been a very long day.

You're not here for the reunion,
are you? No, you're not.


Yeah, high school reunion
this weekend.

Oh, really?
That... that's why you're here?


One of the stupider decisions in
a life of very stupid decisions.

And now I could really
use another drink.


- Where the hell's Cindy?
- Cindy?

Yeah, our waitress.

- I... I don't know.
- Shit.

All right.

Um, what... what can I get you?

Oh, what soups do you have?

You want the soup?

Oh, no, no, uh, perhaps salad?


Maybe you could suggest

Uh, I think the lasagna
is excellent.

- Lasagna sounds perfect.
- Great.

- Uh, this gentleman.
- Yeah.

Oh, uh, yeah, I was just wondering
if I could get a drink maybe.

Do I look like the
bartender too?

Just maybe a glass of wine?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll get it
for you when I get around to it.

Jesus. Cindy, come on.

Maybe it'd be easier for him if we, uh...
You mind if I join you?

Yeah, sure, yeah.

Glad to have a company.

- I'm Abby.
- Ah. Luke.

So the reunion didn't go well?

God, could not have gone worse.

I don't want to talk about it.
Maybe we should, uh, what about, uh,

maybe we could... England.

I spent a... a few years there
when I was younger.

Had a string of awful jobs, God.

I remember, uh, cleaning vomit off a
bathroom floor in a pub in Hackney.

Hackney, nice.

Oh, Meg, is it okay
if I go home a bit early?

I don't give a fuck
what you do, Cindy. Just...

Okay, great.
See you tomorrow.

Could I get a drink?

Oh, uh, actually I'd prefer...

put it on the tab for Room 1...

- Cindy.
- Yeah.

- I know you were.
- No, I wasn't.

I know you were,
so don't fucking lie to me.

I'm not lying.

- Okay, well, something's going on.
- Nothing. It's...

- Look at yourself.
- What?

You're happy.

No, I'm not.

I am not happy.

You were smiling earlier and so
something is making you happy.

Oh, you're telling me I'm not
supposed to smile now?

Do you think...
do you think I'm a fool?

You don't think I see
what's going on?

Everything I do here is for you.

Everything is for you
and for this fucking hotel.

It is not. It is for us, babe,
for our future together.

Come on. That is why I keep working,
I work my ass off every single day.

And I don't?

I do more to keep this place
going than you do.

- You would be fucking lost without me.
- Fine. Fine.

You think... you think I don't do anything
here? You think you don't need me.

Try... try doing this
without me. I'm leaving.

I'm leaving.



What do we do now?

- My room or...
- I'm in 602.

Oh, I'm just down here
and I... I have a suite.


- I am a gentleman.
- And I have a black belt.

You won't need it.

And they had a band of high school
students, current high school students,

- playing Frank Sinatra songs.
- No.

I mean, I don't know
if there's anything worse

than hearing a bunch of 16-year-olds
playing "I Did It My Way."


Why did I come?

Why do we ever go
to these things?

To see the one that got away.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

Anyway, enough about
what an idiot I am.

What brings you to a small town
in Northern Ontario?

My brother. He died.

I have to close down his house
and the funeral is tomorrow.

- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.

I hadn't seen him in years and, uh, my
parents had a divide and conquer approach

to raising their children
and, uh, yeah, it worked.

And he was, pick a euphemism,


Okay, if I raid your minibar,
do you mind?

Help yourself.

So you grew up here?

Yeah. My, uh, my dad worked
at the steel company

but, uh,
he had a gambling problem.

He found himself in a ton of debt, lost
the house, and the day the bank foreclosed,

he took off for parts unknown.

I was 16.

Mom walked out on both of us
years before,

so welfare paid for me to rent a tiny
basement room until I finished high school,

which the whole town knew.

- The good old days, right?
- But there was...

- Kayla.
- Kayla.


Who made it all worthwhile.

She did, indeed, man.
She was springtime, puppies, lollipops

and a whole lot of sex appeal
and I was, uh, Heathcliff.


Or so I imagined.

But, um, she wanted...
she wanted stability, you know.

She started talking about marriage,
a job at the steel company.

So, late one night
I just hitchhiked away.

And regretted it ever since?

Flashes of regret which grew bigger and
brighter as the failed relationships piled up.

Then I heard about the reunion
and I was blinded by the light.

- And so tonight.
- Heathcliff returned.

And look at him,
he owns his own home.

Well, a mortgage in,
uh, New York City.

- New York?
- Okay, Brooklyn.

- Still.
- And this really nice suit.

Yeah, it is nice.

I even sprung for the best suite
in this hotel.

What a man, you know, bow down you small
town folks, stand in awe, Ms. Lollipop.


Ms. Lollipop's married
of course.

- No.
- Two kids.

I made a complete fool
of myself. God!

I mean, really embarrassing.

You know, Jesus, I... I even looked
her name up online and nothing came up.

An idiot would have figured out
she was married.

She'd probably marry some
really great guy.

- He'll be laughing tonight when he hears what I said.
- No.

Take my advice. If you should
ever plan a speech for years,

do not under any circumstances
actually say it out loud.

Well, I have to be up early to get started
on my brother's place so I should get going.

Oh, please, come on.
I mean, I hate hotels.

Can we not just...
we could watch a movie.

I swear I am misinterpreting

I see your wedding ring.
I respect it.

I just want a little distraction from
my utter humiliation this evening.

How about comedy?
You could probably use one, too.

Sure, yeah.

I just need a quick pee.

Oh, yeah, no, be my guest.

How is this my life?



I... I... I...

Listen, I...
I did not expect this.

Oh, I thought about that wonderful
speech you gave and, oh, oh,

it's this wine and it's red.

Red's my favorite.

You drink wine and beer?
I can tell you're from New York City.

Do you have any drugs?

I have always wanted
to try crack.

- Uh, no, I don't have drugs.
- Oh, my God, you're so right.

That night we had that fight,
why didn't I listen to you?

But it's okay because we're
gonna know, baby, aren't we?


Let's fuck like no one
has ever fucked before.

You know, fuck like
we're teenagers.

No, better than that.

I mean, you were good as far as teenage
boys go, but you're a big city guy now.

Come on, you must have
learnt a thing or two.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

I... I mean, you said...
you were very clear,

you're... you're... you're married with...
with children, two children.

But you think those kids
even like me?

They won't even notice I'm gone.

Now let's take those pants off.

- No.
- Oh, they're stuck.

Oh, God, this is a great suit.

My husband didn't even wear
a suit to his mother's funeral.

I've gone too long
without a man in a suit.

Undress me like the first time
we had sex.

- Oh, do they have porn here?
- Porn?

Let's watch porn when we fuck
and drink wine and beer.

And what else do they have?
What else do they have here?

Wait, um, you know...


I think, uh, you've been
drinking quite a bit already.

So, maybe you've had... maybe
you've had too much to drink.

- I think you've had quite a bit to drink.
- I'm just getting started, baby.

Well, I mean I got started a couple
hours ago but you know what I mean.

You always know what I mean.
You always have.

My God I never stopped loving you.
Where are we going to live?

Do you have a condom-minimum...

I have a... uh, no, I have
a, uh, townhouse.

Let's get rid of it
and get a condo.

Does it have a garbage chute because
I have always wanted a garbage chute?

Does your husband know?

Does... does your husband...
does your husband know you're, um...

I don't want to talk
about Kenny.

- Kenny?
- Yeah.

- Little Kenny?
- I know he's not thinking about us right now.

You married Kenny,
the paper boy?

- You know how he had that huge crush on me?
- Yeah.

So on his 16th birthday I thought
to myself, what the fuck...

am I ever gonna get the chance to make
anyone as happy as I'm about to make Kenny.

I mean, I really put a smile
on that kid's face.

Of course,
now it's more of a smirk.

But, wait until he reads
my "Dear John Letter".

- That'll wipe that smirk right off his face.
- Wait, you left... you left...

You left him a letter?

Well, yeah. I stopped off
at home on my way over here.

Burning bridges, baby.

Oh, and to change my shoes because
those pink ones hurt like hell.

I'm all ready to go vroom vroom.

You don't want to
talk to him first?

If he really loved me, he would have, you
know, come with me to the high school reunion

to show everyone
how happily married we were

instead of going
to a stupid bowling tournament.

Yeah, it's... but it's,
uh, it's a tournament.

Ah, I love your hands.

I love your eyes.

I love your lips.

Oh, I love your ass.

Mine's still pretty good, too,
isn't it?

- Yeah, it's...
- Slap it. You can slap it.

- Give it a pat.
- Yeah.

Wow. It really is.

And I don't do
any of that Pilates shit.

Hey, call me that thing you
used to call me in high school.

Come on, say it.
It always made me so hot.

Oh, my God,
what are you... oh, my God.

Say it.

I think I'll come
just hearing it.

And I... I haven't had an orgasm since...
well, since my birthday fuck, yeah.

Ooh, what a treat.

But with you I think I've come like
five times since I walked in this room.

Look me in the eyes
and watch me explode.

I'm so sorry I said no to that
beautiful speech you gave me.

I don't know why I did that.

Thank God you gave me that card because I
looked all over for you at the high school

and you know, I got a little worried that
maybe you were killing yourself over me.

No, I... I... I just
I... I drank.

Drank. Tequila?

- Yes.
- The tequila is free at last.

Free at last.

Let's... let's drink teq...
but you know, I, uh, I really...

- I really like... I like mine with ice.
- Really?

- I like mine with ice.
- This is cold.

- It was just in the fridge.
- So, I'm just gonna... I'm just gonna...

I'm just gonna head down the
hall, um, and I won't be long.

- Uh...
- Well, hurry.

I... I promise.

I'm just getting hornier.


And she's left a "Dear
John" letter for her husband.

I mean, he's away
to bowling tournament.

I... I don't know what to do.

I sympathize but I don't know
what I can do to help.

She's so drunk
I can't reason with her.

I... I need something drastic.

What if I set off the fire
alarm and then just disappear?

- That would be...
- Too much.

- And illegal.
- What else can I do?

- I don't know. This isn't easy.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'd just leave her there
to sleep it off

but she's left that note
and, uh, at the reunion,

she told me her kids were away
for the weekend,

but I have no idea
when the husband's due home.

Oh, no. And... and I thought you were finally
gonna get it together with your dream girl.

Oh, God! No.

I mean, she's still gorgeous and everything,
but a married woman with two kids?

That's not... that's not my...
and she's really drunk.

What can I do?

We... oh, no, that's no.


Well, I was thinking I could
call and pretend to be your wife.

I've already told her
I'm not married.

Men who play around
tell lies like that.

Big city boys.

Yes. I'm a player.

- Brilliant.
- Yeah.

But, you know, I... I... I don't
think a phone call would do it.

I mean, she's out of control.

What if you... what if you show up at
my room because you were suspicious

or you, uh, you wanted to join me at
the reunion and your flight was delayed?

Pretend to be your wife
in person?


You're right, I'm sorry that was... that's
too much to ask. I see that now. I'm sorry.

Ah, actually it sounds
kind of fun.

- It does?
- She's not gonna get violent, is she?

Oh, no, no, God.

She's so drunk a feather
would knock her over.

Would you?


Oh, now,
is what I'm wearing okay?

You look lovely. You know, I'm... I'm...
I'm proud to have you as my pretend wife.

Oh, my God, my kids are never
gonna believe I'm doing this.

Oh, I... I'm gonna take my
suitcase, make it more believable.

Okay, you go
and I'll be there in...

Fast, she's quite a mover.

Okay. I will see you
very shortly.


You don't have ice?

Uh, no, um,
they were out of ice.

Well, we don't need no ice,
do we, baby?

Come here, sit next to mama
on the big bad bed.

Uh, okay. Um, I just, uh, just think
I'll get myself another beer first.

So, um, Kenny,
what's he doing these days?

I assume he's not
still a paper boy.

Kenny who?
I don't know no fucking Kenny.

You know, I... I never got that
whole bad grammar's sexy thing.

This is gonna be even better
than that time we did it

under the bleachers at the
county fair and that was hot.

- Sizzle.
- Yeah, that was... that was something, yeah.

Oh, my God!
I can't take it any longer.

Fuck me now.

I wonder who that could be.

We don't want no room service.
Mama's got plans.

Go away!

Yeah, it sounds urgent.
I mean, there could be a fire.

The... the alarm's not working
and they're going room to room.

Well, then we'll die in the fire
fucking our brains out.

What a way to go.
Burning love, baby.

Yeah, I... I think I...
I better just go... go check.

It's a lady boner killer.


After you left I thought wouldn't it be
lovely to meet your high school friends.

So, uh, I booked
the next flight.

There is a strange woman
in your hotel room.

- It's my wife.
- Your... your wife?

- Yes, my wife.
- You said you weren't married.

You lied? How dare you?

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,
I just... I mean, I... I just...

I have no explanation.
I mean, I guess it's obvious.

Okay, I'm putting two and two
and getting five.

Ma'am, whatever your name is,
I owe you a big apology.

Well, it's... if you didn't know
he was married...

A huge apology.

- Really it's his fault.
- Men, right?

Because I am about to
break your heart.

Let me tell you what your
husband said to me tonight.

Your soon-to-be ex-husband.

He said, and I quote,
and I paraphrase,

he said, "Kayla,"
that's me, I am Kayla.

He said "Kayla, you're the only
woman I ever truly loved.

I think about you
when I wake up in the morning.

I think about you
when I go to sleep at night.

- I think about you when I'm happy."
- Stop it.

- "I think about you when I'm, um... I'm..."
- Sad.


"My biggest regret in life."
Biggest. You get that?

"Is that I didn't know how lucky
I was to have you in my world."

- Earth.
- Life.

"And I wanna... I wanna
turn back time with the clock

and this time
I never wanna let you go.

I wanna hold you so tight

because we belong together for an
eternity or for the rest of our lives."

And then... hey, are you listening?
Pay attention.

Then he gave me his keycard and he... he
put his lips to my ear, this ear right here

and he said, "Room 104,
I'll be waiting, baby."

- I didn't say baby.
- Yes, you did.

So you missy would be smart
to just take your suitcase

and wheel it back to the bus terminal or the
airport or however the fuck you got here

because I am not giving him up,

Well, I... I didn't expect this.


But I... I am not giving up my husband.
We... we've had years...

- I'm not listening.
- Wonderful years together.

- I can't hear you.
- I... I'm not giving him up

- for an ex-girlfriend.
- I'm not listening.

Kayla, my wife's right.
I can't leave her.

And our children.

Yes. We... we have to think
of the children.

Yeah, well, he doesn't love you.
He loves me.

- Kayla.
- We have plans. Tell her the... the condominium

and... and...
and then the garbage chute.

Fine. You can have him.

But you get the children.
All the children.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Kayla, you... you do not want
to be their stepmom.

Wait, stepmom? How... how...
how many are there?


- And I'll...
- Poor kids.

I'll admit they're...
they're difficult, especially Billy.

All you ever do
is criticize Billy.

He's trying his best. What about
that Father's Day card he made you?

And then you took them all to the
movie with the... the... the giant...

- Thing, giant bug thing.
- Bug thing, yeah.

- Yeah, that was...
- Yeah.

That was a good day.
That was...

We still have good days, baby.

- We can work it out.
- You think so?

I know we can.

Kayla, honey, I have to try,
she's the mother of my children.

Well, I'm the mother of Kenny's
children and I don't give a fuck.

- I just want to be happy.
- Well, you... you won't be happy with him.

You know how many women
he's given that speech to?

How many times I've walked into a hotel room
and... and found a woman with a dress half off?

Yeah, well, that's just because
he's looking for me in other women.

I mean, tell her.
Tell her, Luke.

You never stopped loving me.
Tell her.

Kayla, Kayla.

- I...
- I do.

Now, I wish I could say
what you want to hear.

We had our moment.
We loved each other.

God, we loved each other.

But my wife's right.

Time moves on.
We have to end it here.

But I will always cherish the
memories of, you know, the...

the best ones like the under
the bleachers of the town fair.

Are you breaking up with me?

Yes, I am.

- Again?
- It's really over this time.

Oh, fuck.

I think I left my husband

You know, in the morning you'll be
so glad things worked out this way.

- Will I?
- Definitely.

And I've, uh,
I've got your slippers.

I don't think I can walk.


Oh, I totally froze on that
"how many kids" question.


She can't drive.

No. She'll have to
stay the night.

- What if her husband comes home and finds the note?
- Oh, God!

Maybe you shouldn't have given
such an impressive speech.

Let's not talk about the speech.

It's quite hard not to.

The point is
how do we get her home?

- We?
- Well, I can't drive. I've had too much to drink.

You've only had
a half a glass of wine.

We could put her in a taxi.

It's a small town.

We have to destroy the note
before Kenny gets home.

We can't ask a cab driver
to do that.

Do we really need to care
about this Kenny person?

No, yeah,
but what about the kids?

Okay, I will drive
for the sake of the kids.

But they must be
pretty screwed up already.

There's no point in making it
any worse.

All right, let's get on with it.

Okay, I've got her handbag,
presumably, her car keys are in here.

And her driver's license.
We need her address.

Oh, she's lost a slipper.

Give me kiss baby,
just... just one kiss.

- Hurry.
- Got it.

Of course,
it's not just the sex.

Are you crazy?
I love you.

Wait, wait, I'm... I'm...
I'm still pretty, aren't I?

- Yeah.
- You're lovely.

- Do you really think so?
- Definitely. You are a knockout.

Okay, I don't... I don't think
that Kenny notices anymore.

How could he not?

- Oh.
- Evening.


- Thank you.
- You got it?

She's nice.

I don't even like hotels.

Which one's your car, Kayla?

- Kayla.
- I'm not telling you. I don't want to go home.

It's okay.

Thank God one of us is sober.

I don't want to go home.

I want to go to New York City.
He promised me a garbage chute.

Yeah. Well, you'll feel differently
in the morning. Come on.

It's this way, Kayla.

Do you remember that time when
we had sex in my parents' bedroom

just because we thought
it'd be really naughty?

We were teenagers.

I love teenage sex.

Oh, my God! "Come here,
hot bunny fuck girl."

Hot bunny fuck girl. That's...

Do you remember the time that we
would read all those magazines

and do anything
no matter how kinky...

Can we, uh, move things
along a bit?

Do you remember the time
we did it in the woods?

Oh, sorry.

Let's just get her to the couch.

Let's have a quickie for old time's sake.
Your wife won't mind.

- She will mind.
- No, she won't.

You tell her you'll mind.

Yeah, Kayla,
I would mind very much.

Let go of him.
Come on, he's not yours.

Okay, uh, the note,
then we're out of here.

Yeah, well, I'll check down here
and you do the bedroom.

On the pillow, that's where I'd leave
it, not that I've ever thought of that.

Of course, not.

I'll go upstairs.

Kayla needs a drinkypoo.

- Oh, I... I don't think that's a good idea.
- I do.

He loves me
more than he loves you.

Maybe. But you know, Luke and I,
we have a history and those kids.

Well, every time he fucks you
he's gonna be thinking about me.

So, think about that, bitch.

Why, I guess I'll just have to
live with that, Kayla.

Fucking Tupperware.

- Oh, Kayla.
- What am I here for? A drink.

- No note on the bed.
- She wants another drink.

Kayla, why don't you let Abby
make your drink?

I think you should sit down.

- Come on.
- Pow.

I don't want to sit down.

God, this was so hot
in high school.

Now I just think
who's going to clear it up.

Come on, this way.

Right, well, I'll, uh,
I'll clear this up, shall I? Yeah.

Over here. Why don't you, uh,
sit down here with me, Kayla?

See? I'm sitting down.

You keep leading me to couches.

I think that's your subconscious
telling me you want to get it on.

There's Kenny.

Kenny. Hi.

I'm sure you don't remember me.

I sure as hell do remember you.
Luke Manning.

- What...
- Uh, this is my wife, Abby.

How nice to meet you, Kenny.
We were just, um...

We were just having
a little afterparty.

It was, uh,
it was quite a reunion.

Luke Manning's wife.

I always knew
he'd marry a looker.

It is really nice to meet you.

Luke, maybe we should
get back to the hotel.

It's been a lot of fun but the
party's got to end sometime.

You're... you're not
going anywhere.

Well, maybe we could...
don't, don't you want to have a look around

at Kenny and Kayla's
lovely home?

Um, I'm sure they won't mind
if you go alone.

Kayla is a lovely
little decorator.

Okay, I'll just... uh, yeah.

I'll give myself the tour.

Luke Manning.

I want to catch up with you.

Abby, uh, get back here now.

Maybe you do want to hang out with us for a
bit, you know, um, get to know Kenny better.

I mean, he, uh, he really is
a... a fascinating guy.

A fascinating guy.

Honey, if it's not obvious, we won tonight.
Best bowler in the league.

That was amazing tonight.

- That seems unlikely.
- No, really. It was spectacular.

I hate bowling.

Well, that's because you don't
understand the skill that's involved.

Well, I hate anything where
you have to wear ugly shoes.

- That's a nice trophy.
- Thanks.

The other guys were gonna go out
and celebrate and I was like, "No."

I'm gonna take that
long drive home

so I can get back
to my little Kayla.

It's her special weekend,
right, the big reunion.

Oh, I was hoping to be back here for
the party but it looks like it's over.

Yeah, well, this party
ended a long time ago.

Well, on that note...

Yeah. Yes, on... on that note.

Oh, Kenny, I... I've heard so...
so much about you over the years.

What? Wow.

I didn't think Luke Manning
would remember me.

I was a little younger.
I had a paper route.

- And I got to tell you, it was pretty scary stepping into...
- Sorry.

...Luke Manning's shoes, uh,
when I started dating Kayla

because, you know,
he was a legend, so smart.

And he was always in trouble and
all the ladies loving him, you know.

So how's it worked out, Luke, since other
than marrying, uh, this, uh, pretty lady?

- Comfy sofa. Really nice.
- Yeah, they're kinda.

Well, you know, I, uh,
moved to New York.

I work for a publishing company.


Aren't they kind of
on the way out?

No, no, not quite yet, no.

Books? I think they are.

I've been doing some reading.


Did you tell him, Kayla?

I didn't.

I own six trucks.

- Six.
- Six?

Yeah. Probably gonna buy
two more in the spring.

That's incredible.
I... I don't have any trucks.


So you're the best bowler
in the league?

- Not many men can say that.
- Nope.

Oh, I love a trophy.

This one is so, so big. Big.

Wait a minute.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding
the situation here,

but I show up unexpected,
I find my wife dressed like that

with her hand
on her ex-lover's leg

and then this pretty lady
comes out of nowhere,

never met her before
and sits beside me.

What's going on here?

Are you guys
looking for a foursome?

No. No, no, no, thanks.

We're just catching up,
you know, and, uh, but, uh,

Abby and I really, we...
we have to be going now.

You know, long... long trip.

Yeah, we're...
we're leaving now.

This, I want to make it clear
like you understood.

Like, if you're looking
for a foursome, I'm totally in.

I find Luke very attractive.


Well, this night has been a lot more
exciting than I thought it would be.

I can't believe he thought
we wanted a foursome.

You've been a great sport.

Oh, well, my brother lives...
lived on this street.

I have the keys.
Do you mind if we...

Of course, not.

Those are pretty good.

- Was he a photographer?
- They're mine.

I'm a photographer.

He must have got them online.

I assumed he never
thought of me.

We hadn't communicated for years
apart from Christmas cards.

And he only ever signed
his name, Josh.

I always sent some stupid cheery note telling
him how the kids were and nothing real,

not I'm restless,
I'm pissed off, I miss you.

Now it's too late.

How did he die?

Heart attack.

Yeah, I think he'd had
health problems for a while.

Apparently, he's on
disability pension.

Neighbor found him.

And I called her.
She said, uh, he kept to himself.

She didn't really know him even
though he'd lived here for years.

I don't even know who his
friends are, if he had any.

The information's on the funeral home's
website but who knows who'll see it.

Who's this?

I don't know.

Does she even know he's dead?

How come the two of you
grew so far apart?

He was quirky, liked to argue.

He had a mean streak.

Old stuff I don't care about now
but back then.

"Until the last hour comes you never
know how much you can forgive."

- Charlotte Bronte.
- You're in publishing.

Actually, it's my mother.

She, uh...
she loved the Brontes.

She was a romantic type.

Hmm. Says the man who came in search
of his high school sweetheart.


You said your mother left
when you were little.

Did you ever see her again?

A few times.

Awkward meetings, you know.

She had a whole new family,

smiley face people who just stared at
me like I was from a distant galaxy,

you know, one where
people drank too much,

got fired from their jobs,
slept with too many women.

Generally, fucked up
our lives forever.

Maybe not forever.

Yeah, maybe.

I should look for anything
personal, letters, tax returns.

I've hired someone
to clean out everything,

take anything of value to a
charity, get rid of the rest.

I can't handle it
when I'm this tired.

I think I'll come back tomorrow
after the funeral.

Right. You okay?


It wasn't just me, you know.

He could have tried harder.

He had my number.
He knew where I lived.

And now he's gone and I have all
the guilt for the rest of my life.

It'll get easier.

And is that a good thing,
the day I stop missing him?

I hope she made him happy.

- I'm going up.
- I'm this way.

I guess this is it.
You'll be heading home tomorrow.

Actually, I'm... I'm booked
to stay another night.

I thought Kayla would need a day
to pack

and tell everyone the happy news
that she was coming home with me.

It'll cost more than it's worth
to change the flight.

So, we, uh, we might see
each other again.

- Breakfast?
- Yeah.

Uh, it's late so, um, 9:00?

- Nine.
- Yeah.



Excuse me.


- Hi.
- Yes, Sir.

I'm sorry. I'm, uh, I'm due to leave tomorrow
morning but I'd like to stay another night.

It's Manning, 104.

- Yes, I can do that for you.
- Thanks.

Luke Manning.

I didn't know
you were staying here.

It's Ted. Ted Simpson.


Rega rega boom boom win win win.

Come on, join in,
join in, join in.

Rega rega boom boom win win!
Rega rega boom boom win win win!

I don't... I don't
remember that one.

You know, uh,
not that I was watching

but I saw you and Kayla talking
last night pretty intense.

And then you just disappeared.

I figured that you had
slipped off together

but then I saw Kayla
knocking back the shots.

So I figured whatever
you were offering, she said no.

Guess you crawled away to lick your
wounds while she got the last laugh, huh?

I, uh...

- Hi.
- Hi.

- This is, um...
- Luke's wife, Abby.

Nice to meet you.

That is your old high
school friends, baby?

Yes, they are.

You brought the wife?

Uh, uh, I'm... I'm Ted.
This is, uh, my wife, uh, Angela.

You remember Angela,
don't you, Luke?

Oh, I remember you.

Angela. Hi.

- Nice to meet you, Angela.
- Hi.

- Join us.
- Oh...

Oh, it'll be fun to catch up.

- Uh...
- Why not?

- Two chairs.
- Sure.


You find a better party
last night?

Oh, I got in late...

- And we were just...
- Having such a good time together, weren't we?

That we forgot to go back...

Don't know when our waitress is
coming back with our order.

Oh, we have a plane to catch.

So you're the one
who landed our Luke.

- Yeah.
- Wow.

I didn't think any woman would ever tame
him, especially when Kayla couldn't.

You do know about Kayla,
don't you?

Of course, I know about Kayla.

They were like a
Taylor Swift song.

But you don't get second
chances with a girl like Kayla.

So if you blow...
the first one, no coming back.

Am I right?


Excuse me, are you actually saying
these things in front of my wife?

'Cause I think you should show
a little respect here.

And let me tell you something
about Abby.

She's a world-class

- Oh, I'm really not that good.
- You are.

And she's... well, you can see how lovely
she is and she's quick on her feet.

I would even say inventive.

She's generous with her time,
compassionate, an amazing woman.

And I am very lucky to be able to sit
here today and say this is my wife.

I'm really sorry.

- Uh, we were being a little rude.
- A little rude.

It's all right. He's...
he's very protective of me.

So you're obviously
not missing Kayla?

Not at all.

Yeah, finally.

- Ugh.
- Could we order?

I... I ordered scrambled.

- I can't do everything.
- Scrambled.


I think we should have
picked another hotel.

I'm very glad I picked this one.

Rega rega boom boom win win win!

Rega rega boom boom win win win!

I think I've got it.

- Hon.
- I really hope you come to the next reunion.

- Time to go.
- I hope you get that promotion.

Give me a hug.

- Show me the next bit.
- Yeah.


I totally understand why you
wanted to ditch the reunion

to spend a night in a hotel room
with a woman like that.

Join in to the beat.
Rega rega boom boom win win win!

Excuse me, sorry. I'll do this.

- You try cooking.
- Cooking?

Rega rega boom boom win win win!

I've forgotten how small
this town is.

- Everyone knows everyone.
- I've only lived in cities.

Just London? I realized that,
uh, I don't know you very well.

Well, we haven't been
married that long.

No, I had a lovely gap year in Paris, a
horrible job in Manchester, but mainly London.

You, apart from the pub
in Hackney?

Yeah, uh, well, uh, after I escaped
this place, I went everywhere I could.

I couldn't really settle.

- You never married?
- No.

Not even close.

It gets lonely.

There's lots of ways
to be lonely.

I hope my brother had someone.

You know I'm gonna try
his neighbor,

the one I spoke to
on the phone.

Maybe she knows who the woman
in the picture is. Yeah.

Still got time
before the service.

Sure, let's go.


Hello, I'm Abby Sorensen. My brother
Josh lived across the street from you.

- We spoke on the phone, I think.
- Yes. Hello.

I, uh, I just wanted to
let you know

that his funeral is at 11
this morning at Binders.

On Cartwright.

Yeah, I didn't, uh, know him
very well at all.

It was just a chance that I
stopped by last week and found him.

His mail was delivered to me by
mistake and the door was open.

So, I just thought I'd leave it on the counter
for him while he was out but, um, he was...

I don't know if anyone else is gonna
show up, which seems a little sad.

Well, we'd better get going.
Nice to meet you.

- That's...
- The woman in the photo, yeah.

That's weird.


You don't have to stay.

I owe you.

You've gone way beyond the call of duty
for a random guest at the same hotel.

So, just tell me what you want.
I'll do it.

- Yeah, it would be nice not to sit there all alone.
- Okay.

I'm sure more people
will show up.

Oh, my brother had a real
talent for pissing people off.

People change.

I bet he made a ton of friends since
you last spoke to him. It'll be packed.

- Front row?
- Yeah.

The funeral director said he'd
arrange for a minister to come, so.

I should have flown his ashes back
to London. I wasn't thinking. God!

It was such a shock
when I got the call.

At least my friends would have been
here, it wouldn't have been so empty.

Sorry. Sorry, sorry,
I'm here. I'm here. Here I am.

Okay. Many apologies.

Apologies. I just had some...
some car trouble.

I was just taking care of.
Uh, what are we doing here?

Uh, yes, yes, yes.

Um, we are gathered here today to pay
our respects to the dearly departed

who I unfortunately
didn't know that...

Holy shit! What, Luke Manning?

What... what the hell
are you doing here?

I did not... I did not expect
to see you here.

That was... I apologize.

You're right. I'm sorry. That was, um...
uh, wow. Where was I?

I'm not really sure
who I'm speaking to

since there's no one here who
knew my brother except for me.

So... I guess I'm speaking
to myself.

We hadn't been close in years.
I... I can't pretend we were.

But there's, um, there's something
about the shared flesh...

All those little memories
of growing up together,

the times our mom would give us
whipped cream on our cocoa as a treat.

The night we got a puppy,
Mr. Slippers.

Going for long walks together
when our parents argued.

I always struggled to keep up
with his long legs.

Really no one... no one knew mum
and dad the way the two of us did.

He protected me sometimes.
He hurt my feelings sometimes.

And then he moved away
and moved again and again

and somehow ended up here,

some job he probably didn't like
any more than the others.

But we all get tired of trying,
of change.

I went on with my life.

I didn't think of him enough.

Maybe I thought someday in the
future he'll come into town,

we'll go out for a drink,
forgive and forget.

He'll be back and he will
love me and I'll love him

and we'll both feel so much
less alone.

I know.

I never thought about the phone
call coming from a stranger saying,

"You will never see him again,
you'll never hear his voice,

you will never even see his names
scrawled at the bottom of a Christmas card

that you shove in a drawer
and forget about too soon."

All the way here I was, um,

I was hoping his death
was some kind of trick,

a way to get me here
to... to reconnect.

I mean, how can it be that the
only thing that gets me on a plane

to see my brother is his death?

My... my son and daughter
never even got to meet him.

Even now, I... I keep thinking, uh, if I
just look up at the... the right moment

I'll see him out of the corner
of my eye grinning at me

as he slips away
from his problems.

It's like we all dream of
slipping away sometimes.

But he's not there, is he?

He's right here.

My one and only big brother.

Okay, beers all around.

Beers for everyone because today
we are celebrating a man's life.

I should really get home.
I don't even drink, hardly.

You're gonna have
one little drink.

One little drink's
not gonna kill you.

Come on, just hang out
and let's have some fun.

I still can't believe it.

My best friend in the whole world who...
who didn't look me up

when he got to town by the way.

I never even thought you'd still be
here, especially as a...

What? Oh, yeah.

Well, you know,
I mean it was either this or real estate

and I'm just not very good
at commission work.

And what other job
do you get a free house?

And, oh, did you know this?

This is one of the few professions
that has zero unemployment.

Zero. So, no regrets.

Not a lot of people
can say that.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

So, you gotta fill me in.
I'm still confused.

Are you here for the reunion?

Are you here for the,
um, sad event?

I couldn't make the reunion personally because
someone died last night, needed hand-holding.

But I guess every job has
its overtime, right?

Well, a little bit of both
as it turns out.

Um, I did... I did
stop in at the reunion for a bit.

Yeah, yeah. I was wondering
if you'd stop in to see Kayla.

Oh, I gotta tell you, she is still pretty
special and she married Kenny, the paperboy.

What... oh, my God!

I would have just sliced off my
right nut for a shot with her.

Oh, excuse me, ladies,
that was rude. Testicle.

Oh, but just between us,
I've been giving them marriage counseling.

- Yeah.
- Oh.

And it's not going well.

Not going well.

But I mean you guys look like
you're doing okay, you know.

I mean, obviously, the Missus here is
dealing with the loss of a loved one,

which is very tragic but, um,
that's why we need more beer.

Jimmy, beep-beep,
we're empty here.

Just... just keep them coming,
all right.

And, uh, I don't know,
some food. You guys hungry?

Some food, like the... the saltiest
and the greasiest you've got, okay,

because today... today, we are
pretending that we are immortal.

To Jesus. He's my boss.

Oh, yeah.

Come on, you two. Come on.

Everybody, come on,
let's get up and dance.

Everybody let's get up here.
Come on.


This is it.

Okay. Let's get you seated.

Let's get you out of here.

You know what I hardly
ever drink but this...

- Okay.
- ...salty food is just making me so thirsty.

Listen, I'm, uh, you stay right here.
I'll be right back.

Hey, guys, I just have to say

And I know that you went through
that really rough patch back

when your dad took off and then you
had all that stuff with your mom

and then I... I was...
I just got worried about you, you know.

I was worried you would...
you'd fall down and...

and then you wouldn't be able
to get back up.

That's why you'd understand
I'm so thrilled

to see that someone like you
could be so happily married

because, look, I see it,
you love her so much,

it's just your eyes, they just shine
when you look at this lovely lady.

Oh, it's... it's amazing.

Excuse me.


Abby, I'm sorry about that.

It's fine.

We're pretending to be
a couple so, uh...

Just, uh, he... he still talks to
Kayla so I... I didn't want him...

If she found out the truth,
her feelings would be hurt.


I'm gonna get some fresh air,
check my emails.

Can I confess something to you?

Ah, I mean, I'm not Catholic
but if you want to talk.

I was having sex with Josh.

Okay. I don't know who...
oh, oh, the departed.


-Oh, whoa, and are you married?

- No.
- No?

- Never.
- Oh, okay.

Well, I... I mean, listen, if
two adults wanna, you know,

I'm... I'm not very judgmental,
I'm Anglican.

I didn't love him though.

Oh, you didn't love him?

He could be really
mean sometimes, oh.

But I don't love anyone.

And sometimes it's just really nice
to be touched, you know what I mean?

Yeah, I do.

I hid it from everybody.

That day I went over there.

He didn't leave the door
unlocked. I had a key.

And I found him lying there.

I looked down at him and his arm was kind
of twisted and he looked kind of cold.

And I knew he was dead.

But still...
I still didn't love him.

But I miss him.

That's kind of like love,
isn't it, missing someone?

Yeah. Yeah, it is.

It absolutely is.

I thought so.

So we do movie nights
on Tuesdays. Yeah.

Um, I don't do bingos because that's
for the Catholics and I respect that.

Okay, uh, Tuesdays.
I love movies.

- Great. And we should do dances.
- Yes.

- Yeah. And you should organize them.
- Oh, no, I'm not organized.

You'd be great at it.

And I have a lot of bachelor
friends who'd love to go.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Gotta go, buddy.
- What?

Oh, yeah.
Um, it was so great seeing you.

- Look me up next time, would you?
- Definitely.

Okay. Awesome.

Oh, and I'm being serious.

If you need anything, if you need
anything at all, you give me a call.

- Thanks.
- All right.

- Good to meet you.
- Bye.


Just restless.

Well, they seem to be
doing fine without us.

You want to get started
on your brother's place?


Oh, I don't know
if we're gonna get this done.

I'm on the first plane out

Are you?

Yeah, I... I didn't want to waste
any more time here than I had to.

Well, I get why someone would want to
leave this place as quickly as possible.

"Hi, Josh, hope all
is well with you. We're fine.

The kids are really growing.
Time flies, doesn't it?

I hope you have
a nice Christmas.

Love, Abby.

PS, Peter says hi."

"Peter says hi."


Oh, God. Oh, I fell asleep.

I'm so awful.

No, not at all.

I... I... I think I finished
everything that needs to be done.

I have a shoe box of the things
you probably want to keep.

And there was a stack of Christmas
cards signed "Love, Abby."

He kept them.

Thank you for everything.

Hey, you didn't ask me to carry a drunken
ex-lover home in the middle of the night,

so, I think I still owe you.

Anything you want...

...just ask me.


Yeah, I... I should have
called earlier. Sorry.

It was, uh, yeah, it could...
it could have been worse.

Everything okay at your end?


I should pro...

Good. Good.

I should...
I should probably, um...

Yeah, okay, sure.

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.

Thank you again.
You've been really kind.

Are you hungry?

We could...

I have to be up really early
tomorrow, so.

I think we'll just call it
a night.

Well, hello and hello.

I thought it might be nice before you leave
town to get reacquainted while I'm sober.

And I think you owe your
hot bunny fuck girl that much.

Wouldn't you agree,
Mrs. Manning?

You know I think
I'll have a drink after all.

Cindy, can you make us
three vodka martinis?

Three vodka martinis
coming right up.

If you don't know how,
Luke here will show you.

He's real good with his hands.

Isn't he, Mrs. Manning?

Don't worry, I make
a great vodka martini.

Actually, I don't want...

Don't be ridiculous.

Everybody wants a vodka martini.

So, tell me all about your life
in the Big Apple.

You two lived there long?

- Oh, uh, how many years is it now?
- Twelve?

Yeah, 12.

- And you have kids?
- Yeah, three.


What are their names?

I think we've answered
enough questions, don't you?

Maybe not quite.

See, I may drink too much on occasion but
that doesn't mean I'm stupid when I'm sober.

So let me tell you something
about Luke Manning's wife.

When Luke Manning's wife hears
the beautiful speech

he gives to his high school
girlfriend, she's not amused.

She is so mad that she
rips my heart out of my chest

and eats it
right in front of me.

But you, huh,
you were amused, ergo,

see, smarter than you think.

You're not Luke Manning's wife.

No, I'm not.

Cindy, these look delicious. Why don't
you get started on the next batch?

- So who are you?
- I'm just a friend.

- Not even that. A hotel guest.
- I can explain.

This has nothing to do with...

Oh, you'll get your turn.

This is a damn good
vodka martini, Cindy.


Are you in love with him?

I don't even know him.

- That doesn't answer my question.
- Actually, it does.

No, it doesn't. Who are you?
Fucking Dr. Phil?

Kayla. You're missing out
the most important thing.

At the reunion you told me
you were married with two kids.

Now, I'm not a homewrecker.
I would never...

I would never get between a woman
and her husband and her kid... kid.

Maybe the specific
circumstances matter.

FYI, the specific circumstances
are that I'm fucking miserable.

Look, if you're
telling the truth,

if the only thing stopping you
is Kenny and the kids,

then I'm here to tell you, I am willing
to go wherever you want to take me

and... and that covers everything
from an hour in your hotel room

to back home with you
for the rest of your life.

I mean, I'm... I'm willing to,
uh, start with option A

and give you a chance
to think about option B.

And I'm sure you'll recollect the
one area I never disappoint...

Is in the bedroom.

Do you two want to...
I need to pack.

Please don't go.

Luke, we meant everything
to each other once.

I mean, I know I'm all smudgy
around the edges from too many years

in this fucking town married to a
paperboy, but we can make it happen again.

If we really want it,
we can get it back.

Hey, Cindy. How's it going?

Can I go home early?

Could you please make me
a coffee before you close up?

It's been the longest
24 hours of my life.

But it's gonna be a fresh pot.

I could really use a coffee.

I mean, seeing as there...
would you like a coffee?


Ah, can I get two coffees

Okay. But FYI, my coffees are
not as good as my vodka martinis.

That's all right.

Luke never did like to tell people
anything that would hurt their feelings.

Kayla, I don't know you, so maybe I
should mind my own business but...

Well, you seem pretty involved,
though I'm not exactly sure why.

So, say whatever
you have to say.

Do you really wish you were on
a plane with Luke right now?

Yes. God, yes!

What if it... it didn't work out
with Luke?

You'd be left all alone.

I'm alone right now.

Having other people around the house
doesn't change that if they don't love you.

The... the time I had with that
man even if he was just a boy then

was the luckiest time
of my life.

And if I've lost him for good, it has
nothing to do with Kenny or the kids

or because I got drunk
or I'm not 17.

That's because of you.

And since you've been giving me
unsolicited advice, let me give you some.

You have a chance with that man,
you grab it now fast.

That man falls in love with you,
you do not walk away.

He's too good to lose.

Is what you have at home really better
than what you could have with him?

Because, uh, you and I
may seem really different

but something about you
really reminds me of me.

I think I need these
more than you.

Where is she?


Here's another one.

- Who the hell are you man?
- I'm just a guest.

- I'm a guest at the hotel.
- He's... he's Room 104. I don't even know him.

- Sorry.
- It's okay.

Oops, you forgot
your cream and sugar.

Okay, thanks.

Meg, his car's out front.

You. You are fired.

- You can't fire him.
- Yes, I can.

An employee sleeping with your
girlfriend is not a firing offense.

I bet it is. I'm going to
call the Ministry of Labor.

You always want to make up
all the rules.

You never think about anyone
other than yourself.

Ah, this is all going wrong.

Just, um, just listen
to me first.

I... I can... I can fix this.

I have, um, I have a, uh, I have
something I need to say publicly

and you guys are gonna be
my witnesses.

All right. This is...
this is my public apology.

I know I have neglected you, Meg
Danson, but I see the error of my ways.

I will even give up this hotel,
which I have sweat my soul for,

because nothing matters to me
more than you.

I love you.

I'll always love you,
Meg Danson.

So, um, please
accept this apology

and tell me you love me, too.

I love her, too.

And maybe I don't have a hotel
to give up,

but that doesn't mean
I love her any less than you do.

Meg, we can just leave.

The only thing that matters
is that I'm with you, Meg.

I was crazy to think that we
could all still work together.

But I have to go with him.

I didn't mean to fall in love
with someone else.

But sometimes it just...
it happens.

Come on.

We can get our things and we
could just leave right now.

I'm sorry.

That... that was awesome.

I used to be awesome.

You're still a very
beautiful woman.

I know.

But beautiful though you are...

I love Megan.

That's okay.

I love that guy over there.

He's a lucky man.

He doesn't love me.

Not anymore.

Oh, sorry.

Come on.

It's just... I thought
that would work.

Sometimes speeches work.
Sometimes they don't.

Sometimes it's a
matter of timing.

- Maybe I should go out...
- No, you should go home.

So should I.

Otherwise it is just downhill
for both of us, okay.

Come on, I'll walk you
to your car.

Take my advice.

Well, this is me.

It's been, uh...

I will never forget
this weekend.

You sure you don't want to get some
more of that delicious junk food

from the vending machine?

Oh, I need to pack.
I have to be up at six.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Oh, my God!
I'm so glad you came.

I knew... I knew
you couldn't just leave.

I... I knew
you felt the same way.

You have my suitcase.

Um, yeah. So...

Thank you. I should have
thought of it earlier.

That's fine.

So, bye again.

What you said just now
when you opened the door?

- I was...
- I have never led you on.

- I never said you have.
- I'm married. I never hid that.

- I wear a ring.
- What are you accusing me of?

Maybe I shouldn't have gone to your room last
night but you said you were a gentleman.

- I'm a gentleman.
- You wanted company.

- I haven't laid a finger on you.
- Yeah, because I'm married.

I know. How could I forget.
You're reminding me every three seconds.

You... if you wanted a married woman
with kids, you could have Kayla.

- I don't want Kayla.
- She's crazy about you.

- Huh, we're strangers.
- Never said we weren't.

I just wanted everything
to be clear

because this is the last time we're
ever gonna speak to each other.

It is clear. You're married. I'm a
gentleman. There's nothing else to say.

No, nothing.

- Nothing.
- Fine.

I don't know if I've fallen
in love with you

but I... I... I... I...
I want to have sex with you.

I... really want to
have sex with you

but I can't.

I should go back to my room
right now, but I'm...

I'm not ready to give you up.

Is there anywhere we could go

and we could be absolutely
certain we wouldn't...

- Do anything?
- Yeah, do anything.

Wow. This is, uh, yeah,
I really appreciate this

and we... we just wanted.

Oh, no, no explanations

Just happy to help out a friend.

So here's the key.

Uh, just remember to lock up and put
it under the mat when you're done.

Yeah, we still do that.

- Thanks.
- Okay.


Anyway, so there I was...

so there I was behind bars in the
town jail feeling like an idiot.

A lot of your stories
have you feeling like an idiot.

They do.
Thanks for pointing that out.

Anyway, there's these two cops,

and they're... they're really
laying into me, you know,

"We know who you are, kid.
You're gonna go to prison for this."

They even threw in a few nasty
remarks about my dad's unpaid debts.

And then the two of them just go out,
I don't know, for donuts or something.

So I'm sitting there all alone
locked in a cell

and I'm petrified, you know.

I don't even have a parent
who'll take custody of me.

And then who should walk in,
but Greg.

- The same Greg?
- Yeah, Father Greg.

He strolls into the station, he sees the...
he sees the weed on the desk.

He sees I'm all alone.

And he just...
he walks straight up to it

and he shoves it in his mouth as fast
as he can and he eats it, all of it.

He's just... oh, God!

And then the cops come back and they...
they see the weed's gone

and they say,
"Where's the marijuana?"

And, Greg, he stands up
as straight as he can

and he says, "I ate it."

And these two cops they just,
uh, they just started laughing.

I mean, what else could they do? They...
they unlock the cell, they let me go.

I mean, they couldn't admit that they... they
were stupid enough to leave the evidence out.

Wow! That is friendship.


I should have stayed in touch
with him.

I will from now on.

These are amazing.

I'm proud of this one.

- I love these.
- Thank you.

Wait, let me take one of you.

- Would you email it to me? LukeManning@...
- No.

I don't... I don't want to be
having a fight with my husband

over how to load the dishwasher and thinking,
"Well, I'll email Luke or I'll go to New York."

Sorry, I... I didn't mean
to be presumptuous.

- You haven't in any...
- You're not being presumptuous.

I love you.

I think you feel the same.

Let me tell you about marriage.

I don't think I want
to hear this.

Marriages have good years and bad
years and mine is having a bad one.

I think huge.

Just getting on each other's nerves,
spending too much time apart,

but it doesn't give me
permission to walk away.

You know, if we... if we were having a good
year, I probably wouldn't even be tempted.

What we have is more than that.

Don't put it down
to restlessness.

- I didn't mean...
- I could move to London.

You wouldn't have to
disrupt your kids.

My kids are disrupted by my
coming here for two days.

You have no idea how easily
children get disrupted.

You do, I'm sorry.

My flight.

I have to go.

Are you sure?

No, I'm not sure.

That's why this is hard.

Just say it once.

I love you.

You, uh, you had space
for all your brother's things?

Yeah, managed to squeeze
everything in.

You want a... a snack
for... for the trip?

There's a few things left
in the vending machine.

I'll get something
at the airport.

Taxi's here so... bye.

You know, it doesn't seem right.

The only person I kissed
on this trip is Kayla.

Love someone.

Love her with all your heart.

She'll be so lucky.