Getting Up and Going Home (1992) - full transcript

A middle-aged lawyer (Tom Skerritt) struggles to face his inner demons as he finds himself embroiled in affairs with three separate women.

It's April.


And I'm in love
with two women.

I'm also about to turn 50.


Time to get up, Jack.

When's he coming home?

Tomorrow night.

I love you, Kimberly Stevens.

And I love you,
Jack Montgomery.


Your tie.

You must be working late.

Hi, it's Lily.
Can you bring up my blue
suede boots tomorrow night?

They're on the shelf
of the closet in the back.

Much appreciated, kind sir.
Sorry I missed you.

Debbie, what are you doing
sitting in that chair?

Yeah, don't you wipe
that tear with me.

How you doing, old girl?

How's that eye, huh?

Yeah, the medicine is working.

You wanna get down?
Don't jump, don't jump.

Easy, easy.

It's tough getting old, huh?

Now you know how I feel.

Jesus loves you.

Repent. Repent, sinner.

Judgment Day's ahead.

Repent. Repent, sinner.

Judgment Day's ahead.

No, Mr. Montgomery has
no open time.

Look, I can refer you to
one of his associates.

Late night, huh?

Would you hold, please?

-Good morning.

Call my wife for me, please.
Tell her I'll pick her up
for dinner about 7:00.

Mmm-hmm. George Otis called.
And Kimberly Stevens.

Thank you.

And this just came for you.

No, nothing throws Kim.
She'll be glad to meet you.

Hi. I'm back here.

It's very impressive.

we bought it for a song.

Ah... Surprise, surprise.
We have a guest.

Jack Montgomery,
this is Kim. Jack.

-Hello, Kim.

And this is, uh, um...

Uh, Colin, yes? Stevens?

-I knew it, yeah.
-Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too, Colin.

Dad, I got the bookends
I made for you.
I decided purple.


I like purple.
You want to show me?


I have to call Australia.
Will you give me a minute?

Come here. Then I'll give you
a tour of the place.

Should have seen it before
we fixed it up.

It was like a whore house.

Really, it was.
A sink in every room.

The proud and raunchy

Would you like wine
or something?

Oh, wine is fine for me.
Thank you.

Would you like me
to open that?

Please. These little buggers
intimidate the hell out of me.
I end up drinking the cork.

Yeah. Well, you have
to get this thing right
in the middle of the cork,

otherwise you're in trouble.

You live in the city?

Uh, yes, yes. Well,
I have a house in the country.

Keep in an apartment here
during the week
for late appointments,

that sort of thing.

Uh, business appointments.
You know, being
a lawyer and all that.

So yes, I live here during the
week, and in the country on
the weekend, with my family.


-God, are you all right?

You really whacked yourself.
You okay?

Gave myself a fat lip there.

-Thank you.

Appreciate the dinner
on a dime.

Scott tells me that you're
a fantastic wife, producer...

Scott's blind. He loves me.

Your dreams.

That's a beautiful toast.

You should have been a writer.

Oh, I wanted to be, once.

But I also wanted to be
a tap dancer.


Do you still tap dance?


Only in the shower.

Are you sure you're all right?

You really whacked yourself.

That's okay.

You all right, Jack?

You all right, Jack?

Got that meeting with Alex,
got to put out the fire.

All right.

We're going to have to do
some fancy tap dancing here.

This is not my problem.

Alex, we all want to
work this out.

That's why we're having this.

You guys sit around with
your designer furniture
and your Italian suits,

which I am probably
paying for...

Alex, let's not trash the
suits and furniture, okay?
Let's just keep it personal.

You're a real stitch,
you know that, Jack?

Meanwhile, I am the one
that is stuck with
a $17,000 IRS bill.

Mr. Comedian. On your advice!

Alex, let's stay calm.

We're all trying to help you.

I hate feeling helpless,
don't you? I mean, we can't
even get out and push.

Thanks again for sending
me Phyllis's book,
for thinking about me.

Oh, I'm thrilled. So is she.

It'll make a great movie.

I really like stories where
the husband and wife don't
get together in the end.

That's odd, isn't it?

I would have pegged you
for a romantic.

I am a romantic,
with a very strong marriage.

But I think men walk best
on a long leash.

Have you been faithful
all these years?


Maybe I lack the energy.

I don't think so.

I couldn't be with a man
unless I loved him,

but then I guess
that's the difference
between men and women.

Okay, be honest now.

Is it true my husband
kicks your butt
in racquetball?

Your husband's
a lying cad.

And yes, it's true.

here we are, this is me.

Well, thanks again, Jack.

Would you like to come in?
Colin's gone off to
a friend's for the week,

and Scott's somewhere in
Saudi Arabia, so it's just me
and the chicken in the fridge.

I appreciate it, but I can't.
Thank you.

So we'll talk.


Thanks again.

Yeah. Bye.


I'll get the contracts to you
as soon as they're drawn up.




I have this problem,

uh, accepting an invitation
the first time.

Don't ask. I have no idea.

One of Scott's finds.

Uh, no comment.

Jack, did you do that?

Did you say that to Alex?

I'm sorry. Did I say what?

You told me to
take the money for the play

in one lump!

You asked me if you could
take the money in one payment.

You were desperate for it.
That's what I did for you.

And I am now paying
through the nose to Uncle Sam,

and I think it's only fair
that you guys are
liable for half of it.


Jack, we agreed to make
a settlement of some kind.

Why? He was ready not
to declare certain earnings.

Jack, maybe I should
take a look at the return.

Barry, this is garbage.

Let's just take five
and cool off.

Let me just
tell you something.

You try to get out of
paying the complete,
entire bill,

I'm going to sue your ass off,

even if my partners decide
they would rather kiss it.

I'm very cool.

I'm going to the country,

But you just got here.

Have a good weekend.

You calling me
a hypocrite?

All right, so I'm in love
with two women,
but I can handle it.

I can handle it, Deb.

I can handle it.

So I ask Helen, "Can you
sum up in one sentence
what the problem is?"

And she says,
"I don't feel loved."

So I ask Herbert,
"Can you love Helen

"the way
she asks to be loved?"

-And he says, "I'm
just not that kind of guy."

-Oh, no.
Here comes the husband.

Hey, George.

Yes, well, in your...
But in your book,
Dr. Rozenski,

are you discouraging
your readers from, say,

expecting any possibility
of that great love?

-Who is this guy?

That's the Love Doctor.

Uh, yes and no.
Let me explain.

Oh, well, you'll have to
explain in one minute,

'cause we are taking a break
and we'll be right back.

Lily, there's a lawyer
here to see you.

Oh. I know who that is.

Jack, you're here
awfully early.

Didn't I tell you this was
a two-part interview?


What? What did he say?

-He said, "Okay."

Okay, all right.
Well, why don't you
go and have a drink,

you know, come back,
and then we'll all have, uh,
dinner together?


He made
reservations at Antonio's.

George, will you please
give him the damn mic?

I made
reservations at Antonio's.

Uh-huh, good. Um...

I'll try.

Oh, uh, okay. Here we are.

We are back once again
with Harold Rozenski,

doctor and also author of
Love, Miracle or Myth?

I am exhausted.

Oh, Debbie.

She peed.

Oh, no.

Come on.

There are some
rags in the trunk. I'll...

She doesn't like
riding in the back seat.
Come on.

-Oh, shit.

What's the matter? Here.


Jack, you know,
I know it's painful,

I mean for all of us, but...

Isn't it time? She's 15.

I know how old she is.

She's practically blind,
she has arthritis.

She still scarfs
down her food,

and the vet says
as long as she's doing that,
she's all right.

Oh, I'm going to take a bath.

Your hair's shorter.
I like it.

Oh, just for the trip.
It'll grow back.

Andy wants me
to bring some pictures
of the family over

to show his Dutch friends.

How about his? New Year's Eve?


You are so beautiful.

Oh, pooh.

You are.

My nose isn't that big, is it?

Hmm, yeah, it is, I'd say.

No, it's not.

Listen, tomorrow,
why don't we get away?

A "what the hell" day.
Hop in the car
and just take off.

Go somewhere, like we used to.

We can't do that.
I've got to pack for the trip.

I woke up,

you were gone.

Well, I've been manicuring
this one line for,

oh, I don't know, three hours.

I'll just scrap
the whole damn poem.

The perfectionist.

That coffee?

Last of it. Yeah, have it.

I just came down
to see if you were lonely.

Need some comforting
or something.

Oh, no. That's...

That's Debbie's job.

She had a hard time
climbing up here.


Beautiful night.




I think that we should
think about a separation.

Maybe a divorce.


You want some toast?

Uh, no.

We can fix it, Lil.

We can fix it
if we're just honest
with each other.

I'm being honest.

We don't have a life together.

We've talked
about this before.

Don't we?
What about last night?

It's great in bed.
It's wonderful.

But it seems that our life
depends on that.
There's nothing else...

Bubbling there.

Lil, we have
a great life together.

We've got children,
we've got careers.

We've got a grandchild
on the way.

If it's good in bed,
that means it's all right.

For you, Jack.

But there is a lot more...
Look, okay, I'll tell you.

When you came into
the radio station yesterday,

it was in your eyes.

That look of
galvanized determination,

ready to push,
make all things right.

The perfect weekend...

And the lovemaking
was your proof.

Reassurance to yourself and
to me that you still love me.

All right, lately
I've been in low gear.

I'm going through
some churning

at this time in my life. Um...

Maybe I should move back here.

Living in the city
might be a mistake.

It has nothing to do
with living in the city, Jack.

We're not growing anymore.
We're just going on.

What do you want, Lil?

I don't know.

I know that
I want to be adventurous,

I want to challenge myself.

You can't do that with me?

I don't think I can. No.

I love you, Jack.
I'm sorry. I don't want
to hurt you, but...

Is there someone else?


Is there?

No. There is no one else.

I hate
what's happening to us.

Lil, let's try.

Let's try.

I'm sorry. I know
what my crying does to you.

I didn't do it
to have you sling
your arms around me.

-I'll try harder.

We should separate before
we come to hate each other.

Twenty-six years.

This doesn't change them.



I'm going to get
your blue boots.
They're in the car.

Let's see, I think
I've got everything.
I hope. Um...

Barbara will take one look
at you and she'll know
that something is up.

Come on. Smile. You can do it.

Come on.

-Oh, for heaven's sake.

Now you look like your mother.

-My mother?

Oh, beautiful! After 26 years,
they're still laughing.


-Hi, kids.

-Oh, wonder kids!

-Thanks for taking me.
-No problem.

Mom, I don't need anything!

You're pouring out of your
shoes, honey. I mean, you
know, we're water retainers.

I was the same way when
I was pregnant with you.

So you need them,
all right? You do.

-Got your ticket?

Oh, I might go to Italy
for a few days

if I can get an interview
with this Italian poet.

And let me know
when you're coming back.
I'll pick you up.

I can take a cab.
It's all right, thanks.

Okay, uh...

Give that to Andy
for his birthday

and give him
a hug for me, will you?

-Oh, no! My passport!

Let me out.

Oh, gosh,
I wonder where I left it.

Brian sold a song.

-You did?
-A jingle.

Hey, that's great.

Paper towel commercial.

I mean, very profound work.

That's okay, that's okay.

I mean, it's better than
painting houses, huh?

Not to mention the dirty word,

but are you two
gonna get to the altar?

Don't mention the "M" word.

Spooks her.

Look, either you're in love
or you're not, you know.

What's marriage
got to do with it?

I got it. Oh, boy.

Come on,
we're really gonna, be late.


Oh, boy.
Take care of yourself.

-Okay, go on. Get outta here.

-You be careful.
-We will.


Dad! How's the bachelor?

Just, uh, checking in. If you
get too lonely, call me.

Jack, it's me.

It's been over a week.

You must be
really busy at work.

Your secretary's being
extremely creative
making up excuses for you.

Maybe I should
take up racquetball, huh?

-Oh, here.
-Thank you.

Hi, stranger.

What are you doing?
Are you nuts?

Well, Lily's out of town.

What's going on, Jack?
Why haven't you called?

You shouldn't be calling here.
Is that clear?

Is that clear, Kim?

Can you come over tonight?

Scott got called away.

Emergency summit
in Philadelphia.
Gone for two days.

Meet me at my place at 10:00?

No. In Roma at 10:00.

See ya there.

Now, this is
more than just an affair.
There's love here.

I know that.
That's what makes it so hard.

What if she doesn't know?

Can't take that chance.

So you
wanna just stop?

Cold turkey?

I don't want, Kim.

Well, I can't. I'm compulsive.

When I stopped smoking,
I almost murdered
poor little Colin.

And that was
just for a cigarette.

Don't joke.

I'm sorry.
I'm just a little thrown,
you know?

Now, listen to me.
Lil is my whole life.

I don't even remember
a life before.
I can't let it go.

But you can let me go?

I'll take that for you.

Scott wants me
to cut down on my work.
Can you believe that?

I mean, he's the one
with the trips.

And today, on the phone,
he told me he wanted me to be
more available to him.

I can understand that.

I'm a damn good wife,
you know that?

And a good mother.

All the conferences at school,

teachers telling us
what to do about Colin
because he can't... Whatever.

I'm there,
I'm handling all that.

Kim, you have so much. Why...

Because 100%
never seemed enough to me!

I'm sorry.
That sounds terrible.

Come home with me tonight.


I can't.

Please, Jack.

I can't, Kim.

I love you.

I love you too.

Jack? Hi. I'm in here.

My God, Lil.

Well, when did you get in?

Why didn't you call me
so I could come get you?

I was going to go to Italy,
but I changed my mind.

I, uh...

Too expensive, you know?

-Oh. No, thanks.

I've got...
I've got my coffee.

Plane was hours late.
I was exhausted.

So, I... I thought
I'd stay here for the night.

Of course, now I can't sleep,
wouldn't you know.

Well, how are Andy and Lisa?

Andy is
so happy with his job.

They love their house.

They're on a canal. Shutters.

I mean, it's beautiful.

Their marriage...

They are so dear together.

Oh, it's good to hear that.

Well, I took a raft of photos.
I'll get you copies
when I get them developed.

Andy loved the watch.

Aw, that's great.
I'm glad he did.


Well, I think I'll turn in.

Okay. God, I never thought
I'd be homesick for the Times.

Oh, what the hell
is going on, Lily?

Aren't we supposed to
talk about this,

besides Andy's shutters
and the

We have talked about it.

No, we haven't
talked about it.
We've talked around it.

All right, so no anger, right?

Jesus, I feel neutered.

I don't want your anger.

Well, there is
anger there, Lily.
There is anger there!

I'm angry that
you're just willing to
throw away 26 years!

I'm angry about... Damn it.

That you won't even
give me the respect

to fight about it.

Aren't you angry?

All right, you want...
You want me to be angry?

I don't like you
sailing in here
at 3:00 in the morning

and bulldozing me.

I am not good at
street fighting with you.

Oh, you are.

We've had plenty of rounds,
and we've thrashed them out,

and we've always come up
with some kind of agreement.

Well, I'm not angry about
anything now, Jack.

That loving politeness.

That's what we've got left.

Now that he's pissed off,
we're pissed off.

Wilson sides with you,
and he's willing to
go to court on it.

It's basically moot because

Alex has picked up
Withers' account and left.

He's going over
to Arkin and Wendell.

Lily wants a separation.


I'm sorry to hear that.
When did this happen?

Before she left for Europe.

Tough stuff.

Tough stuff.

When my separation
went sour... No, toxic,

I was devastated.

But I'll tell you something,
it turned out for the best.

That's right.

Judy and I have something now

I never even dreamed of
before with Doris.

I keep thinking about all the
"what if" stuff, you know.

What if I... Why didn't I...

What if I had done
this, or that?

Listen, I got a call last week

from someone who asked me
to recommend a co-chairman
for a seminar.

Somebody dropped out
at the last minute.

This summer at Brimley.

My alma mater.

You interested?

Get away.
Clear your head out a little.

Huh? A little sabbatical.

I don't know.

This has got to work out.
Just got to work out,
all of it.

It's just for the summer.

It's no good for me here.

A possibility I will go nuts.

Brimley? Why Brimley?

Uh, there's a faculty position
open this summer.

I went to school there.

That's where I met Lily
and married her.

-Is she going?

-You're going alone?

It's my fault.
I've been terrible for you.
Ungiving and moody...

No, no, none of that now.

Jack, turn around.

Okay, girls, come on.

The next exhibit.

A teacher from Colin's school.

Jill and Janelle,
no more talking.

Here we go.

These are muskox.
Anybody know
what they eat, huh?

Well, I'm sure there'll be
lots of Brimley girls

with long, dirty blonde hair,
gleaming white teeth
and perky breasts.

Oh, stop it.

I'm just gonna go there
to teach, Kim.

Oh, yes, sir. Professor, sir.

Uh, teacher
from Colin's school?

Wasn't her.

You turned on my life.

I almost wish you hadn't.

I know
there'll be other women.

I'm not gonna be threatened.

You have
the summer to yourself.

I give my men a long leash.



At my age, scared.

Well, Deb...

This is where it all started.

Nothing's changed.

Well, almost nothing.

The toilet's a bummer
sometimes. Just fill the tank
up with water and it'll flush.

Um, the air conditioner
does work.

It has two settings,
freezing and off.

You mentally stable?

Relative to what?

My last sublet.

He offed himself,
can you believe it?

Right in the bed,
he gassed himself.

The oven. I took it out.

I can understand why.

But there's a microwave.

Look, I'm stable.
You don't have to
worry about that.

How big is the microwave?

Just joking.

I'm leaving the
number of my shrink
on the wall. Just in case.

I have lots of friends here.

I'm going to
leave her number anyway.

Okay, uh,
these places deliver.

And don't order
anything but pizza
from the pizza place.

Okay. That's it.

You okay? Any questions?

Uh, I think you covered it.

Good, you'll be fine.

Uh, listen,

don't hesitate
to call if you feel
the least bit depressed.

I promise.

-So, have fun.
-Hmm, thanks.

-Nice dog, by the way.

I read your thesis
on copyright law
when I was a student here.

-Quite excellent.
-Well, thanks.


Well, maybe a little.

Don't be.
They're gonna love you.

Want an introduction?

Uh, what do you think?

Ah, sometimes it
breaks the ice a little,

or you could just
dive right in.

Well, I think
I'll dive right in.
Get it over with.

All right.
Good choice.

Jack Montgomery.
Copyright law.

When I was a student here,

I met a girl
not too far from here,

about a block, uh...

And I was smitten with her,
but I was too shy to ask
her out for a date.

So I, uh...

I found out where
her dormitory was

and I sent her a telegram.

Um, the telegram.

"I met you today,
I hope you remember

"My speech was confused,
it was a curious timbre.

"I loved you instantly,
but you were distant and cruel

"If you don't
join me for dinner,
I'll drop out of school."

Well, I did get a date,
but I didn't get the girl.

A very good friend of mine
did, however.

I was over at his apartment,

oh, a month or so later
and I...

I noticed there was
a telegram on his desk.

And I looked at the telegram
and, by golly,

it was a telegram
from that girl.

And I read it and it said...
You guessed it.

"I met you today..."

"I hope you remember."

It was that moment
that I decided

to specialize
in copyright law.


All right, let's get to work.

You're good, man.
You're really savvy.

I don't know,
but that was fun!

Good, good.

So, Friday there's a
summer faculty party.
I guess I'll see you there.

-Bring your wife.
-Nah, she's not here.

Oh, yeah?
When's she coming up?

Oh. Uh, we're...

We're separated. Just.

-How are you doing?

Well, you know, I mean,
the reason I asked

is I've got a friend
just split from his wife,
and she's an iron lady.

I mean, really, really, ugly.

Uh, well...

Look, if you get lonely,
you know, this is the place.

It's a real merry-go-round
of parties, always.

Stale cookies, sour wine
and hungry singles.

Separated, divorced
or just shopping.

That's not what I need
right now. Thanks.

Well, feel free to call on me.
As your teaching assistant,

I'm here to make sure
you have everything you need.

How old are you?

Thirty-four. Why?

You been married?


Still looking for Miss Right.


Catch you at the party.

Hey, Jack.

You made it.

-Glad you came.
-How you doing, Ted?

Eh, pretty stiff event,
but there's a few
interesting people.

Let me introduce you around.

Hey, Lynn.

-Oh, hi!
-How you feeling?

How are you, Ted?

Lynn Rogers,
this is, uh, Jack Montgomery.


-Nice to meet you.
-You, too.

Jack is a guest professor
for the summer.

Very cool guy.

Oh. How's it going?


Uh, listen, uh,
let me round up my date.
I want her to meet ya.

Ted doesn't give the wine
at these events four stars,
but this isn't bad, is it?

-No, it's not bad.

The cookies are good.

Uh, no, thanks.

Oh, oh, no.
These are for my kid.

I don't stuff myself.

Believe me, I'm...
I think it's important to put
your best foot forward.

You know, I've gotten rid of
the toxic people in my life,

and I'm a positive person
as a result,
a very positive person.

That's good.

Especially since my divorce.
Ted tells me you're separated.

He did?

Well, we'll probably
get back together.

That's what I thought.

Where is Ted?

-Good morning, my friend.

Saturday, it's sunny,
and that means softball.

You need to get out, Jack.

What position you play?

I haven't played
baseball in...

Softball, softball,
not baseball.

What are you, a polar bear?
It's freezing in here.

No wonder you're so depressed.
This place is macabre.

All right, well, we'll get
some java on the way. Come on,
come on, get dressed.


I think your next door
neighbors are going at it.

What the hell you looking at?

Here we go. Great.
Little higher.

Nice warm-up. Come on.

Hit the target.


Aim for the top of my glove,
all right? Here, not here.

-Don't worry,
I'll find the ball.

-What's your name?


Hey, batter, batter!

Come on, Jack.
Come on, you can do it.

Right here. Come on.
Right here.

I find you very attractive.


Strike one!
-I'm so sorry.

I shouldn't have said that.

Come on, no more, batter!

Way to go!

Did I do it or what?

Oh, man.

A lot of runs this time.
Where did you learn
to play ball?

Uh, my dad.
He was a baseball nut.

And five brothers. Hey, Ted,
good catch out there.

Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.

Yeah, not bad, not bad.

Where did you get this guy?

Uh, I'm not allowed
to tell you.

-So don't.

Jack's guest teaching
at a seminar,

but when he's in the city,
Jack is this very
distinguished lawyer.

No, you're kidding.

That's fabulous.

Wish I had
a distinguished lawyer.

Why would you need a lawyer?

Mmm. I did.

My divorce.
My lawyer was too busy
with his own divorce.

-Way to go!

Oh, yes!


This is the nest
of the separated or divorced.

Have you noticed?

Well, add me to the list.

Oh, no. No!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't laugh.
What stage are you in?

I'm, uh...

Oh, wow.

That's terrible. Was it ugly?

Mine was very ugly.

Of course,
he was having an affair.
Pushing me to do the same.

Well, I did.
Mainly just to even the score.
What is the score, by the way?

We're down four.

Yeah, anyway, we're in court
and I'm claiming
he was unfaithful,

and he's claiming
that I had three lovers.

Actually, it was two,
and one of them was impotent,

so, I mean,
he shouldn't count, should he?

Oh, I shouldn't think so.

Exactly, see?
You should've handled my case.

He hurt me.

And he's malicious.

I was just vengeful.

All right. You're up, slugger.

-Get one. Homer.

Just get on base,
don't try to murder it.

Oh, eat my shorts, Ted.
You just get on base,
I'm gonna whack one.

I can find out for ya.



Oh, that's impressive.


Here you are.

Here I am.


Well, I just came by
to see if I could
call you sometime, um...

Maybe see ya?

You are seeing me.

Yeah, I am.

Well, I thought I might, uh,
be able to take you
out to dinner.

That is, if you're
not involved.

No, no, no. No, no.

Those three lovers
are not hanging around.

Two. No.
No, they're not.

Well, let me give you a card.

I play gigs for extra money.

Hotel lobbies
and cocktail lounges.

Could I take you out
for lunch today?

Oh, I can't.
I have to pick up my kids.

Or maybe some
other time then, okay?

-Some other time.

Listen, I have something
to tell you.


I don't remember your name.

Uh, Jack.

Look what we got here,
Deb. Come on,
let's see what we got.


It's from Kim.

She says she loves me.

-Mmm, goodnight, honey.


Yeah, hello?


Oh, God.


-Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Whoa, yeah.

-These stupid brakes...

So, you never called.

Uh, well, I've been
kind of busy with my class.


All right, you didn't seem
very interested.

I'm not.

I mean, interested in getting
involved, but, hell,
I'll have dinner with ya.

How about tonight?


I'm working.
I told you I'm a working girl.

How about after?

I can't. I've got the kids,
the babysitter...

Oh. Anything kicks
out of your schedule,
you give me a call, all right?

Let me take a look here.

Let's see.

Can't, can't, can't, can't.

Can't, can't, can't. Monday!

There's a recital reception
for Vladimir Spivakov,
he's a Russian violinist.

I go ape
for Russian violinists.


Listen, could I shower
and change at your place
after exercise class?

It would save me a trip
to go home, and...

Yeah, I'm just three
minutes from here,
behind Swenson Hall.


-Dinner after?


Okay, never mind, never mind.

Spivakov, 7:00-ish,

my place, shower,
put that in the book.

Some things I can remember.

-See you then.

-Fix those brakes.

Hey, hey!
Get down from there.

Come on, get down, Deb.
That's not... Ah.

Would you like
something to drink?
Some white wine?

wine would be great.
Do you have any ice?

My refrigerator gets tired
in the summer.
It refuses to make ice.


-We've got ice.

Wow, that was record time.

With my schedule,
you have no choice.

Mmm. Pate?

Uh, no, thank you.

-Hmm. Okay.

Yeah, you look...
You look terrific.

Thanks, so do you.

I mean those clothes
really come off on you.

I mean, you look great
in them, is what I meant.

Well, we better get going
or we're gonna be late.


-Oh, uh...

Mmm. Slow, slow, slow.

I wanted to kiss you
the moment you walked in.

I don't wanna
fall in love with you.

You won't.


Oh, hi.
I have been trying you.

You've been very busy, huh?


Uh, how are you?

I'm fine.

Jack, um...

There's a little house
that I saw that was for rent.

And I just... I decided
I would take it in the fall.

The agent wanted to know
if we wanted to rent ours.

I didn't know, I...

He said maybe even sell it.

Jack, what do you think?


Hi, what's up?

I just wanted to see you.

Wanna see me for lunch?

I, uh... Play, uh...

-Oh, geez.
-Let me just listen, okay?

No, no, no, no, no.
I'd be too self-conscious.

I'm not gonna
let you stand there
and watch me play. No.

I'm a fly on the wall.

-That was nice. Mmm.

I could fall in love with you.

Don't say that.

-Why not?
-Just don't.


Because we just met.

And it doesn't mean anything.

Well, it means
I care about you.


-Where are you going?
-Ugh, Jack, I am...

You go too fast,
you push too hard.

This was a summer fling,
a romp, a roll.

In August it's
back to the city,
those were the terms.


I don't get it.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.


Mom, it's a man!

-What do you want?

It's all right, honey,
he's a friend of mine
from school.

Go play, all right?


So you do sleuth work
on the side?

She's very pretty.

Where's your son?


-Tough day at the playground.


Look, I apologize
for the other night,

and I promise I won't say

what I said again.

I'm not inviting you inside.

Why not?

Because every guy
that comes through this door,

including the plumber,
the kids wanna
make into Daddy.

Okay, how about a walk?

All right.

You gotta carry a wrench
to take a walk with me?

I was fixing the refridge.

And yes, maybe I do.

I happen to be good
with refrigerators.

And, um...

Most appliances,
leaky faucets,
showerheads, toilets...

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Mr. Fix-It.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Can I ask you
a personal question?

You drove all the way
out here, you should at least
get your mileage worth.

What are you afraid of?

In two sentences?

Getting hurt again
and hurting my kids.

I understand that.

Did you ever love
somebody so much
that it scared you?

Dick was my first and only.

I was... I was so very young,

I used to watch this guy sleep
and I would just cry.

I guess from the fear
that something so intense
and so perfect could end.

And it did.

They say you're lucky
if you find that kind of love
even once in your life.

Have you?

I think so.

Yes, I have.

I'm glad for you.

How do you feel
about frozen yogurt?

You're not gonna
compare intense love
with frozen yogurt, are you?


Just all this talk
about the past
is making me hungry.

We can take my kids.

-Kids? You think they're,
uh, safe?

Mention frozen yogurt,
they won't even notice
that you're there.

My treat?



Okay, don't forget
to put that ribbon
on there, too, okay?

Okay, new deal.

Now, Tchaikovsky
wants to copyright
1812 Overture

and it's never
been copyrighted,
but he cannot do that.


-Because he's dead.

Yes, that's true.

But if he wasn't,
the work was first
published in 1880,

so the protection rights on it
would've expired anyway,

50 years max
after Tchaikovsky's death.

All right, now...

If Joe Schmoe,
on the other hand,
wanted to copyright

his 1992 arrangement
1812 Overture,

this he can do. Why?

Because the 1992 arrangement
is a new creation.

Excellent. Yeah. That's right.

So, college agrees with you,

What you laughing at?

The look on your face
when you saw me
in the back of the class.

I was surprised.
I certainly wasn't
expecting to see you.

Of course you
were surprised. That was
the whole idea, silly.

Number 7.

Come on in.

Oh, my God.

Hey, Debbie, look who's here.

Hi, Deb, how you doing?

Hey, how you doing?

Can we come in?

You guys stay there,
I'll be right back.

Heads up!
-Excuse me.

Here. Check it out.

Jack, I think there's someone
knocking at the door.




Oh, hi.

I'm sorry, I was taking a nap.

Thanks for the thought.
Here's the receipt.
Tell them to take it back.

What? Don't be silly.
You need a refrigerator.

Would you slow down?
And I'll get a refrigerator
when I'm ready.

Quiet. People are trying
to sleep here.

What is this? Siesta time?
It's 4:00 in the afternoon.

Zip your fly.

A refrigerator.

How romantic.

You knew this
was gonna happen.

You said it.

I knew there would be others.
I didn't know there
would be one...

With a refrigerator.

God, this is so silly
for me to be upset, you know,

you take your chances,
you pay the price.

I never should have come.

Kim, I'm sorry, I...

What's her name?

Please, tell me her name.


-How old is she?

Oh, that's nice.

Will you stop this?

I love you very much...

Oh, I know, you're doing
all the things with her

you couldn't
do with me, right?

Shopping, dining with friends,
staying all night,

and making love again
in the morning?

Oh, God, I can't believe
I'm saying this.

Well, never again.
Never again, do you hear me,

do I leave myself
wide open like this

for some cute thing
with long dirty hair
and hoop earrings.

What you want
is impossible, Kim.

Scott and I simultaneously,
each in his own compartment.

It's a...

It's a thrill. It's a drug.
There's no future in that.

What if I could change things?

What do you mean by that?

You know exactly what I mean.

No, I don't think
you want that.

And what do you want, Jack?

I love you.

You told me the same.

Answer it.

No, I don't have to.

I don't care, answer it.

-Go on.

Jack, it's me.


I'll be there in two hours.

-Right there.


-How is she doing?

She's still hemorrhaging,
and they're monitoring
the baby.

Well, I have the same blood
that she has
if she needs a donor.

I just spoke to the doctor.
They're gonna decide
by tomorrow whether...

If they're gonna operate
to try and stop the bleeding.

Maybe go in early
and take the baby.

And where is she now?

She's sedated.

They're working
on her in there,
but we can't go in right now.

You okay?


She's gonna be fine.

Just fine.

Barbie's got more
determination and stubbornness
than you and I combined.

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, you should
get some rest.

You want a sleeping pill?
We might have some.

Well, I'll be in Andy's room.
I'll be down the hall
if you want me.



Stay with me, please?

-Yes. Bri?

We have a granddaughter.

-How are they doing?
-They're fine.

Barb... Barbara
had a C-section.

Seven pounds, one ounce,
20 inches long.

-Oh, thank God.

-I'm a grandfather.

-Hey, boy. How you doing?
-Oh, honey. How are you?

Did you see the baby?

Oh, God, she's so beautiful.

How you feeling, darling?

-I think I missed
the whole thing.

Can you tell her
not to do that again?

You know she never listens
to us anyway.

Hi, Daddy.

Hi, baby.

You won't believe
the first thing she said
after she came to.

That was not the first thing.

Okay, okay.

Not too long after
she delivered the baby,

she said...

"Would you marry me?"

I told her I'd get back
to her on it.

Well, you better
water these pumpkins
a lot this week.

We're gonna have a party
this Thanksgiving.

Jack, um...

The real estate man thinks
he has a buyer for the house.

If... If we're interested,
you know.

I didn't know what
your plans were.

Well, I spent almost the whole
summer away,

trying to think
it through, and, uh...

Succeeded in coming up
with absolutely nothing.


Was it a good summer?

Oh, there were good days,

bad days, like real life.

How about you?

The truth?

It was hard.

Sometimes lonely.

It's driven me to think about
a lot of things.

What I wanna do.
I mean, it's been...

A good part, you know.

Period of adjustment.


I have been invited to come
back and teach a class
this fall.

That's great.

People wonder why
the educational system
is going down the toilet.

Oh, stop it.

That's very flattering,
you know.

Oh, I am considering it.

Well, more like
fantasizing it.

Why not?

My career, why not.

Your career.
If you enjoy it, do it.

I mean, you must be good
at it, or they wouldn't
want you back.

Well, it is seductive.

I gotta get to the studio.


I'll put your name
on this too, okay?

I appreciate your being here.

Ah, somewhere on...
On a turnpike,

I don't know, I'll be back
about 8:00, I guess.

How's Debbie?

Glad you called,
but it's a different kind
of problem.

Why? What's...
What's wrong with her?

I'm afraid she's got
hip dysplasia.

It's very hard for her
to carry her own weight.

Well, she is eating
better, though.

I can help her out.

She's got a lot of discomfort.

I think it might be time
to put her to sleep.


Just came by to...

She's not doing too well.
They want to put her down,
but I just...

I'm sorry I haven't called.

I've been through a lot
lately, and I...


I'm leaving at the end of
the week, and I just came by

to see if you were here
and to...

Tell you I missed you.

You're killing me
with this stuff.

Wanna stay for dinner?

That's it, yeah,
pull it right in.

Like that?

Ah, and when you
throw it forward,

throw it, point your
elbow where you're
going to throw it, okay?

-Let's see it.

-Oh, never mind. I don't
have to tell you a thing.

All right, who wants rare?

I do!

Well, too late.

High one, okay?

Well, um, Jesse, the new guy,
that lives down the street...


He chased all the girls,
and looking down their pants,

so she... He had to go
in the office,

and everybody was
talking about it.

So, um, we, um...

We made this little plan
that we'd tell our teacher

that, um, Jesse was just
doing that for fun,

but he was doing that
on purpose.

Lucy was really mad.
So we decided...


-Time to get up.

Kids will be up in a few
hours, and they
shouldn't see anything.

It was a great day.

You have wonderful kids.


What if I was to say

I'd stay here, move up here.

Are you saying that
or just testing the waters?

How would you feel about that?

You're testing the waters.

It's been
a preoccupation of mine
all summer.

Well, why don't you ask
yourself what you want?

What if I say I want you?

What if, what if, what if,
what if.

All right.

I want to say "I love you"
and you to believe me.

Stop it. I mean it.

Stop playing with me.

Why can't you believe me?

Why should I believe someone
who says they want me

when they don't know
what they want?

And what about me?

What do I want?
Is that... Do I love you?

Do you care?

You needed somebody
to grab onto, and there I was.
Instant relationship.

It was a wonderful summer,
but now it's over.

You are

so damn cavalier, Janet.

You know that?

Just keep busy,
keep moving.

Fill your book up.

Don't feel a thing.

You got your kids.
You built your fortress.

What the hell do you care
about anything else?

You're gonna wake up the kids.

-Help me.

I can't make decisions for you
that only you can
make yourself, Jack.

So, what... What do we do?

Go home.


Whatever that is.

Thanks for everything,
by the way.

Ah, no problem.

Guess I'm not gonna find
me another

softball partner, right?

Yeah, I guess so.

Listen, you taking 'em up
on that fall gig?
You should, you know.

You're not half bad.

Thank you.

I don't think so.
My partners would frown on it.



Thanks for everything, huh?

No problem, man.

Be good, Deb.

Hey, Deb, get in there.

-Move over, now.
-I'm driving.

-She wants to drive home.
-She'll be glad to get home.

Yeah, she loves driving.

She knows she's going home.

Oh, yeah, and I'll send you
those test scores.

I need you to sign them,
all right?


-Okay, take care.
-You too.


Oh, Debbie, you're going
to have to diet.

Ah, I should've had
that knob fixed.


Did you do this?

Happy birthday, Dad.

Oh, my...

Actually, it was pretty cool.

They had these little
paper towel rolls.

Pixilation animation,
it's called.

And these little paper
towel rolls were dancing
to my music.

You got paid for that, huh?

Yeah, a little bit.

This is my wife, Kim.

-Hi, Kim.

-Nice to meet you.
-Glad you could come.

Jack, you look terrific.

You rested? You don't even
want to see your desk.

It's a mountain of work.
How did it go?

Oh, happy 50 by the way.
And 50 more.

Ah, thank you, Oliver.

It was a great experience,

You looking forward
to coming back to work?

-Well, actually...
-Here's your drink, love.

Oh, thanks a lot, sweetheart.

I have to tell you, Jack,
these friendly,

schizophrenic separations
make me very nervous.

I mean, it's so much easier
for everybody

if the couple really
hate each other.

I'm sorry, Judy, we never
really considered that.

I'm only kidding.

What happened to you?

I love your house.

Yeah, it's nice, isn't it?

I've been surprising you
a lot these days, haven't I?

Yeah, it seems so.

She's lovely.


Yes, she is.

-Well, how are you?
-Fine, really. Great.


Work is driving me nuts,
of course,

but Scott and I are having
a renaissance.

We've rededicated ourselves
to each other.


He's even taking Colin and me
on a working vacation
to Caracas,

wherever the hell that is.

And I owe it all to you

and Lily.

I'm glad. I really am.


Birthday boy.

-Thank you.
-Oh, Scott, good to see ya.

I was just trying to persuade
Jack to do a walk-on
on my little movie,

but he's playing hard to get.

Did she tell you that
we're going to Caracas?

She did. It sounds great.

Listen, when I get back,
we play. Hmm?

That's... That's a good
idea, Scott. Yeah.

Listen, I've got to
restock that bar out there,
so, uh...

Get out the case of...


Not hungry, huh?

Not eating anything.

Well, that's all right.
You'll have a big breakfast
tomorrow, right?

We're starting.
We're ready to do the cake.

I'll find him.
Oh, honey, use the plates
in the hutch, okay?

Oh! Wonderful party.

Oh, thank you.
I'm glad you could make it.

Did you know Jack and I
are working together?

No, I didn't know that.

Mmm-hmm. He's doing
a little legal work for me.


He's just... Brilliant.

He really is, isn't he?

Have you seen him?

-Oh, I think he went into
the kitchen.

Okay. Thanks.
I'll see you later on.

Oh, Larry! I'm such a klutz.


-You all right?

It's a great party, you know.

I always wanted to
give you a surprise party.

What are you doing out here?
We're just about to
cut the cake.

You didn't water the pumpkins,
Lil. They're dead.

Oh, God. I'm sorry.

The nights we'd
come out here...

We used to come out here
and make love in the summer.

Wonderful lovemaking.

Except for the spiders.

I remember.


How could you
let go so easily,
selling the place?

Oh, come on.

Not easily. It's not easy.
It's not easy letting go.

I saw you in there.

So happy. Effervescent.

Cinderella at her own ball.

I saw you as though

looking through a window,
standing on the outside.

You have your own light, Lily.

You don't need me, do you?

It's not that.

Our needs for each other
have changed.

But I can't let go.

Jack, sometimes things just
give out, you know.

They just get worn out.
And you have to let go.

'Cause they can't be repaired,

no matter how much
you want to keep them.

I don't want to
settle sensibly.

We don't have to
short-change our lives.

We deserve more than that.

I love you, Lily.

I will always love you, Jack.

That will never change.

We've had 26 of the best years

that anybody could
possibly have.


We don't think...

Let go, my dear Jack. Let go.

You'll be okay.



What do we talk about
at a time like this?

What do we say?

Just be a matter of seconds
after I give her the shot.

Are you ready?


Oh, my God.

I heard you were back in town.

Yeah. For the year.

Well, good for Brimley.


Want to have dinner tonight?

Oh, I can't tonight.

But let me check my book.

Very funny.

I can't Tuesday,
but how about Wednesday,
Thursday or Friday?


Which one?

Well, how about
Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday?

Put me in your book.

Some things I remember.

Smart ass.