Geschwister (2019) - full transcript


What is this place?

Why? The food's good.
You can always get a table.

Where's Julia?
- With Rocco. At the vet.

What's up with him this time?
- Nothing! You know that.

That dog really drives me nuts.
- Don't tell her that. She needs him.

What's up with Dad?

He won't get any help.

He refuses to go to the doctor.

And Mum?

Same as ever.
She's looking after the chickens...

Call her sometime.
- Okay.

There you two are! Hello.

I'm sorry.
- Doesn't matter.

Can't stay long. Rocco has a stomach bug.
They wouldn't let him in, so he's in the car!

Will you just take off your coat?

Have you ordered?
Why on earth did we meet here?

Stefan chose it.

How's Christian?
- Good. We're going to Turin.

Really? Which hotel?
- "Inglaterra".

It's divine!
- Really? I've never been to Turin.

I'm so happy for you.
- Tobias, don't treat me like an invalid.

What did I say?
- We're just going away.

And I just said I was happy.
- I'm not retarded, you know.

We'll have another bottle of wine.

A bottle of sparkling water,
a burrata and the small tarte flambée.

Nothing for me, thanks.

I'm not sure yet.

Take your pick. It's all good.
- Really?

What will you do with Rocco?

I don't know yet.

I can look after him.

- Yes, why not?

At such short notice?
- Sure. I'll take time off.

But you know nothing about dogs.
- Oh, I'll manage.

He doesn't like being alone.
- Hang on, who'll go and see Mum and Dad?

I can't. I'll have the dog.
- Someone has to take him to the doctor.

Are you going to order?
- Yes.

What are you having?

Okay, he'll have what I'm having.
- Very good.

Seriously, though. Why do you assume I'll go?
- Oh, come on. Tobi...

What about Maren?
- Well, she's busy.

Three kids and a thesis. Isn't that enough?
- Well...

- Why? It's true.

Give him a break.
Can we not argue, just for once?

I don't want to argue.

What's "true" then? What?

Right, I'm leaving.

Oh, come on, Julia.
- Bye. I'm really sorry.

Take care. Rocco needs me.

Here we go...

How are the kids?
- Great.



Drive it!


Are you okay?

Now put the visor down, please.

So here you are again, Mr. Hoffmann.

How are you?
- Good... I'm feeling a lot better.

Your heart rate is back to normal,
so that's great.

And your blood pressure is down again.


40 percent left, 42 percent right.

No improvement.
- I just need a bit more rest.

It'll sort itself out.

You've been off sick for three months
and there's no improvement.

Just give me a bit longer. Please.

We've tried everything.
I think you just have to accept it.


I'm sorry.

What does this mean?

You're no longer fit to fly.

Have you thought of retraining, perhaps?
There are lots of options.

But I want to fly.

Out you go, Rocco.
Go and have a pee.

Come on, go for walkies!

Come on!

Move it! Come on! Move it!

Come on!

You can sit there, Rocco.

A cosmopolitan, please.
- Certainly.

- How?

- I can't.

Just look away.
- I can't.

Why not?
- I just can't.

There you go.
- Thanks.

Pilot, right?

Staying in town for long?

No, just for a night.

And tomorrow?

Barcelona tomorrow.

A beautiful city...

Yes. Very beautiful.

I want to get in there now.






Hi, Vicky, this is Dad.

Look, I landed just now.

Just going through customs.
I'll be right there.

Hey, this is Vicky. Leave a message.
- Oh, fuck!

Vicky... It's me again.
Rocco's at my place.

Could you take him for a walk?

Okay. Bye.

Are you there, Vicky?



Oh, shit, shit, shit.




Rocco, move it! Go away!

Why is Rocco here?

Julia's gone away with Christian...

It's only for a few days.

But you were away too.

Yes, but not for so long.
- Where were you?

Doesn't matter.

Exactly. Pour it in.

And ten drops of that.

What is this?

- Why? Is he sick?

You know what Julia's like.

Nothing's coming out.


It's alright.

That's a lot...

Rainer split up with Mum.

- Moved out.


Mum won't stop crying.

Well, maybe it's for the best.
They just argued all the time.

Well, maybe.

Come on, let's go out.
It stinks in here anyway.

Hit it crosscourt again.

Was it still in?
- Yes.

A stroke of luck!

Come on!

Damn. How many?

27 times.


Let's go, Stefan.
- Okay, I'll be there in a minute.

Where are we going?

The others might have to wait
in business class or...

Really? That sounds just fine...
- Okay.

Ever flown first class?
It's pretty amazing.

Once you've flown first class, you can't
go back to coach. I certainly can't.

Josi's flown with me a lot.

Vicky! Come and have a swim! Come on!

It's amazing!

Has it got bacon in it?

Oh, shit... Yes. Is that a problem?

No, it doesn't matter.

Dubai has the best one.

Come with me, if you like.

It's not bad at the Interconti
in Hong Kong either.

If you could choose,
where would you go?

What do you mean?

Wherever you wanted.
Mongolia, Russia...

Tell me.

To the beach, of course.

Wouldn't that be nice.

Dad, I don't want to live with Mum anymore.

I can't take it when she cries all the time.

I just want to move out.


Hey, you!

How are you?
- Good.

Look. It's my daughter.
- What?


No way! I had no idea.

Say "hello", Vicky.
- "Hello".

She's sweet. Do you look like each other?
- No.

Oh, come on. We do a bit.

Come on, I want to see.


A woodpecker.

Well, I'll see you later then.



It'll be gone in a minute.

It's better, huh?


If you get dizzy, do that a few times.
It often helps.

Don't get up just yet.
You'll need a few more minutes.


You're an absolute darling.

Hang on a minute.




I'm sorry. She doesn't want to after all.


Well... She changed her mind.

She doesn't fancy you.

Another time, maybe.




What are you doing here?


It's the middle of the night.

So? Who cares?

I care. Are you crazy? Open this door.
- No.

Open the door!
- No.

You can't hang around the streets
in the middle of the night.

What's your problem?
I'm going to a party and then to Bella's.

Really? Does Mum know?
- Yes.

Shall I call her?
- Go on then.

Fine. I'll call her.
- Go on then!

What's up with you?

I want you to come home with me.
- Bye bye.

Damn it, Vicky!
- Go to your own parties!

And worry about your own shit!

Just leave me alone, you loser!

You don't even have custody!

- Stefan?

Vicky didn't come home.

She said she was at a friend's place,
but she wasn't.

Has she called you?
- What? No.

I'm calling the police. I am!
- No... Jenny. Try not to panic.

Hey, this is Vicky...

Sorry, I'm looking for my daughter.
Have you seen her?


She was hanging out here last night.

At a... party.
- Party.

Really late at night.
With loud music. Boom-boom!


Hello! Could you open the door?
I need your help...

Excuse me. I'm looking for my daughter.
Have you seen her?

Yes, I know.



Yes... yes...

- Such an idiot! Such a loser...


Hey, you guys!

I'm looking for my daughter.

She was at a party here yesterday.
Have you seen her?

No, sorry, man. She wasn't here.
- Take a proper look.


Sorry, but we can't help.

Take this.


- She's here.

- Vicky. She's back.

Can I talk to her?
- I don't want to wake her. She's asleep.

I'll come by then.
- No, not now. Let her sleep.


Come in.



Who's that?

My niece.

She's an absolute darling. Like you.

How old?
- Seven.



What a great wine.

So smooth.

So, my captain.
Where are you off to tomorrow?

I can't hear anymore.

My ears. I can't hear anymore.

I get dizzy sometimes.

Is it serious?

Too much stress.

I thought everything would be fine,
but it's not.

I can't fly anymore.

Oh, come on. I'm sure it'll go away.

I'm not in the mood for this right now.

Come with me.

Come with me.

Come on.


There are two singles.
- Doesn't matter. We'll push them together.

We're getting a new one.

And? Everything okay?

It was just Tobi.

Is he there already?

And what did he write?

It sounds pretty chaotic.

How's your father?
- Oh, Tobi will deal with it.

What would you like to do tomorrow?
- I'd like to go there. It's beautiful.

Let's do that then.
- Okay.

Put that down for a second, will you?
- Okay, sorry.

Stefan's not stupid.
He'll call if there's a problem.

I know, I know.
I just find it hard, you know?

I really want to see the Fiat museum.
It's supposed to be great. - Really?

You don't have to come.
- But I want to.

I've reserved a table for 8 p.m.
- Have you?

They have the best vongole in the city.


That sounds nice!


Can you give me some change?

How much do you need?

Look. Stefan just sent this.

See? He's fine.

The two of you together... So cute!

Look at that expression!

Remember that?

That was so nice.

Christian? Hey, Christian, you old goofball!
It's really you!

- No way! What are you doing here?

Have you two met?
Of course you have.

Livia. Come here!
Some old friends.

My wife Livia from Turin.

Hi, I'm Livia.
- Hi. Christian.

How long are you staying?
- Just a few days.

Dinner this week?
- Sure, whenever they want.

Come over whenever.
- If we have time.

You have to, damn it!
Here's my number.

Call me, you old sap!

See you soon.
So great to see you.

Ciao, see you soon. Goodnight!

Want to go?

Sure, why not?

My feet are in agony...

You have to wear them in.
- Yes, but not here.

It's really strange how some people
can just turn their life upside down.

Just abandon everything.

I'd go to Spain though.
- Food's no good.

Okay, France then.

Well, hello!

Who do we have here then?

Who do we have here then?

Come here.
- Julia, it's dirty.

Hang on.
I have something for you.

Aren't we lucky?
It's Rocco's...

He's so cute.

You're so cute.

Shall we get a taxi?
- I'd rather walk.



It's alright, it's alright.
Just stay calm.

Where are his owners?

He's a street dog.

What shall we do now?

He's not hurt. He'll be fine.
- We can't just leave him here!

He's having trouble breathing. Taxi!

Fucking Italians!

You're not seriously taking him with you?
- Help me.

Julia, he's bleeding.
- I asked you to help me.

Help me.

Be careful with him.

Dogs aren't allowed in the hotel.

Hold him, please.

Hold him.


Christian, will you bring him here?

Come on.

So, lay him down here.

Lay him down there, will you?



I'm calling a doctor...

No doctor will come at this time.

Get off there!

It's all dirty...
- Come here, dog.

Come here. Come to me!

My darling.

How are you feeling?

I have something for you. Come.

Come with me.
Good dog. Come on!

It's feeding time!

Come here.

You're feeling better, huh?

He's much better.


What's your name then?
What's your name?

You're called Nero.
Oh, isn't that lovely. Nero!

You can't call him Nero.

Why not? We're in Italy, aren't we?

We have to let him out.

We can't keep him locked up in here.
He's not used to it.

He's not locked up. He can do what he likes.
He just needs some peace and quiet.

And the lead? Who's that for then?

Come here. Come.

Good doggy. No!

Nice and calm.
There's a good doggy.

Very good.

Aren't you a good doggy?
- Let him off for a minute.

You can't keep him on the lead.
- But I'm not!

Well, then... let him go.

Come here, Nero.




Now he's gone! He's gone!

Why did you tell me to let him go?
- It's only a dog.

You'd have left him lying there.

What are you trying to say?
- Nothing.

Go on. Say it!
- If I hadn't helped him, he'd have died.

Are you starting that again?
Is it my fault now?


There's Nero! Nero!

Signora, where are you going?

You can't go in there!
No! You can't go in there!

There you are.

There you are!

You're such a good dog.

A good doggy.

Yes, a good doggy.

Hello, Nero.

I'm so happy to see you.

How lovely...

Come here.

Come here now.

Nero, Nero...


His eye.

What is that?
- Probably a blind spot or something.

Think he'll get on with Rocco?

Let's see.

Now then...

You need a bath first, you little stinker.

Come on. Come on now, Nero!

Hold him properly or he'll slip out.
- It's not that easy. Okay...

Where's the shampoo?
- I think it's over there.

No, no, no... Christian!

Come back now!
- Okay, okay.

I can't hold him on my own.
Thank you, darling! Thanks.

Right then, shampoo time.

Oh, now it's nice and foamy.

Oh, this is fun. That's enough!

I've got him. I'll turn the tap on.
- Okay.

Hang on a second. Right... Got it?
- Yes.

There! Isn't this nice?
- A nice bubble bath.

Look, he's a totally different color.
Look at that color!

Look at all that dirt coming out.
- I know! So much dirt...

So, let go.
- Oh, careful. Don't slip!

And now let's use this.
- Yes, conditioner! To make his fur all soft.

My Nero, you're such a lovely dog.
I love you so much.

There we go...

That whiff of street dog
might linger a bit though.

Oh, sorry!
I'm going to fall in!

Why don't we just cancel?

We can just watch a film.

No, it's fine.

He can be pretty hard work.

Likes the sound of his own voice.

But it's nice of them to let us
bring the dog. Hold it open.

Go on.

Right, come here.

Now you have to be really quiet, okay?

There we go. Good doggy.

Hello, friends!

Greta, Luca, say hello!

Do you have a bowl?
- Of course!

I was at an old school friend's party
last summer.

We were divided up into colors.

Each color represented a stage of life,
so you knew who was friends with whom.

School, university, wedding, kindergarten...
- Sounds really annoying.

No, it was really fun!

I just latched onto blue.
I didn't know anyone anymore.

They even did it with the food:
pancakes, curried sausages, oysters.

It was terrible!

She hated it:
Germany. They love their lists...

Good. Very good.

Such a pity
we've all lost touch with each other.

How's Marion?

Don't you see her anymore?

Unfortunately not.

She's on the lookout.
- Isn't she with anyone?

Fabian's at a boarding school in England.
It's insanely expensive!

How much do you pay?
- You don't want to know.

And I have three...

Fabian is huge.
Half a meter taller than me.

He could be a basketball pro.

If the English weren't so clueless
about basketball!

How's your... What's his name again?
- Leo.

Exactly, Leo!
He must be huge by now too, right?

Any brothers or sisters?
- No.

Probably for the best.
A bit more peace and quiet, right?

Leo has been dead for three years.

He'd be 12 now.

Christian doesn't like talking
about Leo's death because...

because he's worried I won't cope.

We don't want
to make you feel awkward...

Nico, what did she say?

You're not. Don't worry.

He's worried I could break down
in front of you.

It's happened before.
And it was... Well, it wasn't pleasant.

Hello, you... You are such a cutie...

Come here then. Hey, you.

Come here.

Good doggy.

So good.

Here you go.

Christian would have left you there.

But fortunately we saved you.
- Leave that fucking dog alone for a second!

Julia loves blaming me for everything.

It's convenient.

Mum. What's going on?

Nothing. Come on, you're missing your film.

Come with me.

Could I have some more wine?
- Sure.

There you go.

Still working for Clifford?

It'll be eight years soon, right?


You're a partner then?


How about a treat?

Come on then.

Come on.


Look, I have some bones for you.

What shall we do tomorrow?

I don't know.

Fiat? Or Palazzo Reale?

Sure, why not?

I'm so sorry.

I'm... so sorry.

I miss him so much.

I just can't cope.
- Yes, you can.

No, I can't cope!

I don't blame you.

I don't blame you.

I know, I know.
Neither of us are to blame.

Neither of us are to blame.

Look at me, look at me.
- No!

- No!

Let's go for a walk.

Yes, let's go for a walk.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.



Oh, shit!

It's still not working, Dad!
- Yes, I can see that!

It's so dark. I can't see anything!

Ouch! You jerk!
- Hey, give me that!

All you do is crap anyway!
- Just give it to me!

I'm coming, darling! I'm coming.

Hey, give it to me!
- Be careful up there. I'm coming.

You're full of crap!

Dad, Basti knocked something over.
- You total snitch!

Stupid Lara!
- You're so annoying!

Oh, fuck!

Shit! Everyone keep still and stay quiet!
Damn it!

Everything's fine.

Come and sit down, Basti.

But I have to do my homework.
- You had all afternoon.

Stop, don't step in that!
- I'm not stepping in it!

Yes, but... Right... Cornflakes.

Time to call it a day.
And change that. It's wet.

Get in now.
- But I'm still hungry.

No use being hungry.
You cleaned your teeth, so no more food.

Take this, Basti.

Hurry up now. Lie down again.

So, off to bed.

Let's tuck you in and... goodnight, okay?
- Okay.

Leave the door open!
- Of course.


Like that?
- Yes. - Okay.


- What's up then?

I can't go to sleep.

Time to sleep.

The Little Bell.

I can hear a little bell,
ringing bright and clear

The day is now over
and night is drawing near

In bed I will say a prayer
and off to sleep I fall

The good Lord...

... up in heaven
watches over us all...




Sorry, I had to work late.

Never mind.

Packed yet?
- No, not yet.

Of course I'm the one who has to go.

Julia is a total mess.
And Stefan only cares about himself.

If it was up to them,
they'd rot away down there.

Have a swig of this.
- Thanks.

I would've got loads of my essay done here.
Who knows if I'll have any time down there.

I'll have to see what the situation is first
and how long I'm needed.

I have to figure out what's going on.

You'll be here all alone for a week
with the kids. How will you cope?

I'll manage.
- Really? Not that one, it's too tight.

Have you got any money on you?
- Yeah, sure.

Another one?

You do everything right.

You're the best.
- Yeah, I know.


- Hello.

Hello, Mum!

Hello! Mum!
- Hello! Nice to see you.

What's going on?
- We're renovating.

Dad's sitting in the garden.
I'll be there in a minute.

Did you choose all of this?
- What?

Did you choose it all?
- Yes.

It's a bit of a change, isn't it?

Yes. I felt like something new.

Turn it off now, will you?


What's going on with the window?
- Bigger...




It's pretty crazy in there!
- Your mum's just bored...

Close the door, will you?


How's the car?
- Runs like a dream. Thanks.

And the sunroof?
- The kids love it.

I told you.

So what's up with your leg then?
- Oh, nothing.

What does the doctor say?
- It'll get better.

Look at the bird house...

Not a single bird in it.

Why not?

It's positioned all wrong.

They need the morning sun,
so it has to point east.

I've told the carer a hundred times already.

And I can't see it from the house either.

I'll fix it for you, Dad.

I'm going to check on the apples.

Come on, give it a rest now.

Are they yours?

What's up with the chickens?


You have to take out the eggs.
And the pen looks really...

Well, that was the carer's job.

What? The carer's supposed
to look after the chickens?

I just asked him to and...

How long has Dad's leg been like this?
- I don't know.

Not long.

What is it exactly?

A stabbing sensation.
And it feels a bit numb.

What does the doctor say?
You went with him, right?

Yes, of course.

So, what did he say?

Tobi, your dad just needs
a bit more peace and quiet.

I don't get what's going on.

The carer calls me
and quits just like that.

The fridge is nearly empty.

Dad's hobbling around with a walking stick.
- We have the Indian though.

What Indian?
- He brings us our lunch and dinner.

What are you doing?

I'm tidying up.
- Leave it be.

That's my room.

I'm nearly done.

Where are the clean sheets?
- How should I know?

I told you to leave it be.

Go and clean your own house.

Hi, yes.

It's on the list.
I told you that.

Have you got the piece of paper?
It's in front of you?

Okay, now look under Wednesday.

Radetzky Street, exactly...

You see?

No problem. But I've got to get cracking.
I can't talk right now.

Okay, bye.

- Sorry. A bit late... But it's still hot.

And this here is on us.
- Great.


Where's Akki?
- He quit.

That's a pity.

- Ciao.

"Everything you touch will turn to gold".

That's what it says:
"Everything you touch will turn to gold".

- Hello.

I'm here about my father,
Pit Hoffmann.

Hello? Akki?
- I don't work for your father anymore.

Okay... What can I do
to persuade you to come back?

Nothing. I'm not coming back.

It's an emergency. None of us
live here anymore and we have to work...

I don't care.

Your father is a nightmare.
I just feel sorry for you.




Excuse me,
I'm waiting for Dr. Schütte.

I just started my shift.

Dr. Schütte has left for the day.
- What do you mean?

Well, he'll be back tomorrow.

You can't be serious.
I've been waiting here all this time.

My dad is sick. You have
to do something to help... Sorry...


No, it's their turn next week.
We have to drive today...

Can't you just sort it out
on your own for once?

Please don't scratch the walls.

Dad fell off the ladder.

- Everything's fine.

Excuse me...


What are you getting up to here?

I put up the bird house.

Did you hurt yourself?
- Nonsense!

It had to be done.

What are you doing?

Get your hand off me.

You have a temperature.
- Oh, please!

Let's pack your stuff and go to the hospital.
- You can go on your own.

Come on, you're behaving like a baby!
- Stop talking to me like that.

You have a weak heart and a swollen leg.

He turns up here every six months.

And plays the big savior.
- You need to be checked out.

You're telling me what to do?
You, of all people?

Take a look at yourself!

You're 39 and you've achieved nothing.

You're still a student.

You let your wife keep you.

Who paid for the house?


Of course.

15 tequilas, please.

It's my birthday.

Happy birthday.
- Thanks.

To me.

To you.

Tobi! Tobi!
- You guys are such assholes!

Go on, fill it up! And you too!

I am!

Right then: on your heads!
- Hang on!

Three, two, one. Go!

Little paper!
- Little paper!

Little paper!
- Little paper!

No, hang on: trousers down!
- Trousers down!

Trousers down! Trousers down!

Trousers down! Trousers down!

Drink up!

Drink up! Drink up!

Trousers up!
- Trousers up! Trousers up!

Can I have a round for everyone here?

Hey, let's move on.


- Ciao.

Take care. See you around.
- Bye, bye.



Dad wants to go to the hospital.
You have to drive him.

Has something happened?
- No.

Why now all of a sudden?

It's what you wanted, isn't it?

Come on then. Drive.

Does it even have a valid MOT?

Hi, Julia.

No, not yet.

They're checking him out now.
They're hard at it.

No, you don't have to come.
I'll call you.

Okay, ciao.

Mr. Hoffmann?
- Yes.

Come this way, please.

When can I talk to a doctor?
- Tomorrow morning, after the round.

We'll have the results then.
- I'd really like to talk to a doctor now.

Your bed's ready.

Shall we put this on?

You're lucky.

You have a room to yourself.

What's the bathtub doing there?
- It wouldn't fit through the door.

Has to be sent back.

Dad has a nice room.

With a view of the park...

Let's visit him tomorrow.

Shall I warm it up again?
- No, no.


Dad's not doing so well.

When he's out in a few days,
he'll have to see the doctor a lot more.

And take his pills again too.

I have to be able to talk to you about it.
You have to stop being in denial.

Maren called and asked
when you're coming back.

That's not so important right now.

So you'll stay a bit longer?

Dad said we had to bring in the apples.

Or they'd rot.

I'll put on a sweater.
It's a bit chilly.

Hoffmann. Hello...


I understand...

Okay. I'll be there soon. Okay.



Wake up, Mum.
We've got to go and see Dad.

Can he hear me?

He might not realize you're here.
He's on strong painkillers.

I'm sorry.
- Okay. Thanks.



Can you hear me?


3 400 GRAMS

Excuse me...
- Yes?

Can you come now?
- Yes.

Great! And now breathe in.

Take a deep breath.

Don't force it! Don't push!

The baby's coming.

Good! We can see the head.

We can see the head.
Don't do anything. Just breathe.

Breathe. Great!
Just breathe and don't push.

Just breathe.
Take five breaths.

And there we go!
The baby's here.

Look! Great!

Take your coat off, Basti. It's hot in here.
- Not right now.

Will you put that computer game down?
- No.

There you all are.
- What...

Shit, sorry.
- Hey.

Did I miss anything?
- No, nothing.

Hi, Mum.
- At least say hello, okay?

They're stuck to their screens.


Hello. Everything okay?
- Yes.


- Thank you.

Oh... Hello.
- Hello.

- Thanks.

Isn't she cute?

She's got red hair.

Like Vicky.
- It's from me, from my beard.

You don't have a single red hair.
- Well, maybe not anymore.

Basti, put it down and come and say hi.
- But I'm on level 4.

Do you want to hold her?
- Sure.

Then you hold this.
- Oh, thanks.

Don't look underneath.
The price is still on it.

So beautiful.

Feel how heavy it is.

She's falling asleep.
Can I hold her?

Hello, hello.
- My God, the poor little thing.

- Well, I hope I...

I hope I don't love her too much.
- We'll keep an eye on you.

Asleep. Want to hold her?

So cute.

Careful now.

Want to hold her?

What a cutie.
I think she looks like Julia, don't you?

Everything go well?
- Well, it was a bit...

Did everything go smoothly?
- Yes, there were no complications at all.

I was a bit worked up.
- We got lost on the way here.

Not true.
- Really?

No. I took a wrong exit
and then there was a dead end...

Exactly. We nearly got stuck in the dead end.
- We were on time, weren't we?

How much does she weigh?
- 3.4 kilograms.

Subtitling by SUBS
Rebekah Smith