Georgia Rule (2007) - full transcript

Rachel comes to stay with her Grandmother Georgia for the summer leaving some obvious problems behind at home. Her alcoholic mother doesn't even stay the night before rushing back out to California to be with her husband. Rachel shakes up the town, a beautiful girl in the boring Mormon country. Then she reveals her deepest secret to one of her new friends, and her mother comes rushing back to find out if its true. In the midst of this crisis the three woman become closer than ever and start to understand each other more.

You don't know
where you're going.

Yes, I do.

- You don't know where you are.
- Yes, I do. I'm in hell.

Just get in the car.
You cannot walk the entire way to...

- This was your choice.
- This was not my choice, Mom.

What, to live with some old bitch
that you can't even stand that I don't even know?

You wanted me out of your life,
I'm out of your life, Mom.

You're impossible. You are impossible.

If you weren't such a nutcase,

we could have flown here
like normal people and been done with this shit.

You won, OK? You won.
I'm out of your life.

- No one has won.
- I'm out of your life.

Now if you please would just get out of mine.

- Go. Get out.
- All right, fine.


Hey! Whoa!

Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey!

Who are you?

Hey, I didn't mean nothing.
Just calm down.

My God, are you one of those
back-country sodomy boys?

I didn't mean any harm.

Can you help me up, please?

- Are you crazy?
- No.

I'm Rachel.

Harlan Wilson.

You got yourself a nice feel there,
didn't you, Harlan Wilson?

- Hey, that wasn't my intention.
- What were your intentions?

To see if you were dead.

Car trouble, Harlan?

Hey, I had one of these.
Till I crashed it. Can I drive?

- Beg your pardon?
- I found her sleeping by the side of the road.

Come on, let's go. Let's go.

- Says her name's Rachel.
- Yeah?

If she turns out to be sane...
you know, she's all yours.

- I gotta get back to work.
- Hey.

Is for horses. Better for cows.
Pigs don't eat it 'cause they don't know how.

- What's your name?
- Simon.


- I wasn't really going anywhere.
- That's where I'm going.

- Where?
- Anywhere.

- I was going there alone.
- Now you're not. Consider yourself lucky.

- I would if you weren't here.
- Mm. Consider yourself stuck.

- I don't like to talk.
- Perfect. I don't like to listen.

- Would you put your legs back in my car?
- Changing the rules?

There were no rules.
Other than no parts of your body outside my car.

- Well, then, can I talk to you?
- Put your legs down.

You didn't say "Simon says," Simon.

- I'm only going as far as Hull.
- Hull, Idaho? That's where I'm staying.

My luck.

Now, do you need to call someone,
or are you a surprise?

I would. My mother cut my phone service off.
She's a gem.

Nuh-uh. Ace is only low.
Not high. Georgia rule.

Everybody else plays the right way.
Why can't we?

So if everybody took a poop in the middle of Main
Street you'd do it too? 'Cause they said it was right?

- Probably.
- My leg is numb.

Hey, no quitting.

I got pains from my gluteus
shooting up and out my eyes

from sitting on the floor
with two boneless children.

Did you hear me say "quitting"?



- Mom?
- Wait. No, we can't go. I'm winning.

- Hello. You're not Mom.
- Hello.

Lilly. Come on in.

- Come on, boys. Erect me.
- She has gluten pains shooting out her eyeballs.

Where's Rachel?

I thought this drive would be good for us.
That we could talk, at least tolerate each other.

Where is my granddaughter?

She bolted from the car.

You look really nice, anyway, Lilly.

I should have put her on a plane.

- Still smoke?
- No.

Did I ask if you still dye your hair? I haven't had
a drink in years, in case you wanted to know.

- It's none of my business.
- Yeah? Heh-heh.

I brought you a gift.

- Oh, it's lovely.
- How do you know?

The ribbon and the paper. How's she gonna
find me? She's only been here once.

13 years ago. Same as you.

Rachel is very resourceful.
She'll find you when she needs you.

Why are children in your house?

They're my friends. Here, guys.
I watch them till their mom gets home.

This is Sam. This is Ethan.

- Nice to meet you.
- This is my daughter Lilly.


Traveled all the way from San Francisco, California,
smelling of smoke. But she doesn't smoke.

OK, Mother, caught me.

Save the lies for something
more important than cancer.

Why don't you go get the bags, you two?

Oh, um, you know what?
Everything but the Louis Vuittons.

They have "LV" written all over 'em.

- You travel with luggage you don't use?
- Oh, I'm just staying a minute.

I have friends. They're begging me
to come down to Salt Lake City and visit.

Good friends?

We keep in touch.

Well, it's worth the drive, then.

Bringing up the girl's bags.

I think they got rocks in 'em.

Everything's exactly the same,
except for the bird.

It's a glass... bedpan?

Heh-heh. Crystal bowl. It's classy.

- I thought of one for my mantel.
- Take this one, then.

It's a gift, Mother.

It's just there's so much on my mantel.

Well, look around,
because I'm not taking it back.

Thank you.

It's lovely. Nice, thanks.

- Well, this is Hull.
- Just drop me in town. Nice to know you, Simon.

- You don't know me, kid.
- I know you.

You do?

I had my dress hiked and my legs up,
and you didn't look once.

Not even for a second.

So now you know me?

No marriage ring.
What are you, 30? 40?

You're gay.

- All right, get out.
- I already asked you to let me out.

- I'm telling you.
- What? You can't tell me what I've already asked.

Get out. Just get out.

I want my panties back
when you're done with them.

Harlan found her sleeping
by the side of the road.

- Do you buy that?
- He's a wonderful doctor.

- Thanks for the sandwich.
- You won't make it to your friends' before dark.

- That wasn't really my goal.
- Accidents mostly happen at dusk.

- I would guess morning.
- Well, you'd be wrong.

All in God's hands.

- That's what your father always used to say.
- Uh-huh.

Everybody's hands but his own.

You never said anything bad about him
when he was alive.

Well, if I did, why would I say it to you?

Why say anything? Your granddaughter
takes off when she doesn't get her way.

She's easy to find, though.
Just listen for a scream.

If she doesn't show up in the next few hours,
call me on my cellphone, I'll turn around.

Thank you for taking her.

I hope it does her some good.

Did it do you any good?

- Ahem. You don't look evil.
- Makeup helps.

- Hmm. Where's my mom?
- Had to see friends.

Oh, right.

Did you hear the one where she's stopped smoking,
drinking and hating herself, too?


I'm hungry.
Got anything with sugar?

You're five hours late.

My mother dumped me 20 miles out.
I had to walk the whole way.

We eat at six. No exceptions.

You'll have to wait for breakfast.

Oh, there's apples on the table.

Mm. Can I tell you what's really going on?
So we don't get lost in what this really is.

I'd like to know.

My mother and stepfather don't like my life.
Maybe because I have one, who knows?

Anyway, I was stupid enough
to graduate high school in January.

I got into a trouble a few times while I was waiting to
go to college in the fall. So they had to get rid of me.

Banished for the summer in Idaho.

Locked up with the one person on earth
my mother can't jerk around.

That's why I'm here.

Try and jerk me around, Grandma.

Go fuck yourself.

No good night kiss?


You know, the only picture
I've ever seen of you is with me in it.

Holding this dog.

I got it for you so you wouldn't be afraid
at your grandfather's funeral.

You named it Grandpa.

I was four. Couldn't you have helped me
pick a name that made some sense?

It made sense to you.

My stepfather promised
to buy me a new car for school.

You know, if I can survive up here,
stay sane.

Oh. So your time here
won't be a complete waste.

Well, I'll miss my friends.

Oh, cheer up. Most friends, in time,
become as useless as relatives.

So, I brought seven novels. If I read them slowly,
that should kill two of the ten weeks that I'm here.

Oh, my God, what is that?

I don't want you
to take the Lord's name in vain.

The f-you lady won't let me say "Oh, my God"?
Got any sugar?

I will not tolerate blasphemy.

And the next time,
I want you to sleep upstairs.

- What if I want to take a nap?
- Upstairs. Georgia rule.

God, lady, you are weird.

I will wash your mouth out next time.

No wonder Mom hates you.

I'm glad you're here, Rachel.

So, do you guys have anything better
around here than Harlan Wilson?

Keep your dress on. I got you a job.

- A what?
- It starts Monday.

Just a brisk walk from here.
I'll wake you at seven.

- I'm not working.
- One more rule.

- You live here, you work.
- OK...

I know that you pulled your "Georgia rule" bullshit
with my mother before she fled.

But I'm not her.
And you can't tell me what to do.

Rachel rule.

Wash your dishes.

Are you asking or telling?

You finished, wash your dishes.

I've never really washed a dish before.

Morning. How are you?
Have you been practicing?

I don't know if I can afford this one.
It's for Izzy.

I'm trying to find something easier on his back.
I saw something...


- Morning.
- Morning.

Saddling up your truck?

I had it figured
that you'd done away with Simon,

buried his body and taken off for the city
with his cash and car.

And leave you alive?

Just how disturbed are you?

I prefer "unique."

- How old are you, anyway?
- Old enough.

- Old enough for what?
- To disturb you.

You're a dangerous girl, aren't you?

It depends on what you consider dangerous.

Safer to get thrown from a horse.

Well, you don't have to brush or feed me
after riding me.

I got a girl.

Have a good day, cowboy.

Fourth of July picnic this Saturday.

Bring the family.

- Mandy, stop us.
- Mark time. March.

- Who is that?
- I don't know.

Not from around here.
Move us.

Forward, march.

Fourth of July picnic this Saturday.

Music and games.
Petting zoo for the kids.

Pet a cow. Squeeze a pig.
Milk a goat.


Hi. I'm here to tell you
that I won't be working here.

Oh, Georgia called me about you.

- Well, aren't you a pretty little thing?
- Fern. Fern.

I'Il just be a moment, dear.
If you'll stay with the phone...

Very good, Violet. We don't want any accidents,
it confuses the animals. Come along.

The bathroom's right in here,
you know that, Violet.

I'm all right.

No lifting, Izzy.
I'm telling you, I mean it.

You're not a weightlifter.

How do you say?

Hearing the Basque language makes me feel better,
especially when I'm in pain.

Hear me as your doctor. I'm telling you, no lifting.
No feedbags, no hay bales, no more cows.

- I have to lift. I'm Basque.
- You're a Basque with a hernia.

- No lifting, not even your own hat.
- All right...

Ahem. Hi. I'm the new office girl.

You're Lilly's daughter?

It's a pleasure to meet you.
I am Istegui Argitalexei Sarronainda.

- But you can call me Izzy.
- Mm.

- Better.
- And you?

- I'm Rachel. From California.
- Ah...

California -
the land of fruits and nuts.

- Signing out.
- I mean it. Let Harlan do your lifting.

- You know Harlan?
- Yes. Hardest worker I've ever had.

He lifts like a Basque.

You tell Harlan that if he's up for a little danger,
then I'd really love a ride.


I will do that. Nice to meet you, Rachel.

- Slowly.
- Slowly, slowly...

You are the anti-Christ.

Violet Seymoure
is in the examination room for you, Doctor.

- Isn't she a beauty?
- Well...

- Same as Lilly.
- Sure.

Yeah, mm-hmm.

- He treats people?
- Unofficially.

Oh, this is such a relief,
knowing Simon won't be alone.

He's a veterinarian.
It's illegal, what he does.

They'd yank his license.

- What's that you're reading?
- Oh, just a book of poetry.

"The hounds of the crimson sky gave tongue,
but never a cry gave he."

- That's Ezra Pound, the poet.
- Born right here in Idaho.

Oh, but you probably
wouldn't know about that.

I'll be back the first Tuesday in August.

In August?

Ethan, Sam, this is Rachel, my...


- Do we have to like her?
- How old is she?

No, and forget about it.

I was just asking a question.

You could offer us some.

The kids are thirsty, too.

Want a sip?

I gotta finish here.

- How was work?
- I should have his license pulled.

We saw a pit bull and a peeing woman
all in the same day.

Are you anywhere near ashamed,
making these little boys work like this?

- Let me do it.
- No.

- I'm trying to help you.
- I can do it.

- Just let me...
- I'll do it.

Tell him to let me...

- Get him off of me. Brat.
- Hey.


- No fighting.
- Get him off of me. I didn't start it, he did.

- You started it.
- Shut up.

Punch her, Sam. Pull her hair.

- Gather your senses.
- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. You're hard.

You had ample warning
about the Lord's name.

Dude, it was a fight.
You don't pull a boner in a battle.

Go back and hit her, Sam.

- In your mouth.
- What?

Are you serious? The kid gets stiff on my leg,
and I can't use the Lord's name?

- You cannot use the Lord's name...
- She's trying to get me to eat soap.

No, give it to someone else. You guys
want some soap? She's giving out free soap.


Ah, she was raised in California.

No, no. Honey, honey, don't, no.

Fingers are for holding the fork,
the fork is for feeding your mouth. Georgia rule.


Paula Richards,
Rachel Wilcox my granddaughter.


Georgia's been so excited about your visit.

What now, Grandma?

You can take it out.
Grab a chair.



I'm done.
May I be excused?


Would you go out and get us some ice cream?
There's money in the jar.

- Rachel is working for Simon.
- So I heard. That's great.

So, is he queer, or what?

Simon is Paula's brother.

He lost his wife and son in a car accident
three years ago, and it takes time.

For a smart girl, you're good at stupid.

- Dog comes up out of nowhere.
- OK. Yeah. Rachel...

I would have shot him,
if he hadn't taken a piece of me.

Please, don't shoot a dog.
I'd have to deal with that.

You'll be all right soon.
Bring a cushion to the barbecue, though.

- The peeing lady's back.
- Every week.

My... Georgia wants me to help her out for the
Fourth of July barbecue tomorrow,

so I'm gonna take off.

First, there's some gauze in my office.
Will you bring that to me?

- Yeah. Sorry.
- That should do.

All right.

Is it in there? Harold, can you
get that tape started?

- I'm having trouble with that.
- I can't find the end of it.

Me, neither. Both of us need glasses.

- Find it?
- Yeah.

I used to have 20-20.
See anything in the dark.

Is that gonna scar?

Uh... yeah.

- Peach, cherry or apple?
- Which one would you like, Troy?

- I'll try the peach.
- Yeah!

Hamburgers, hot dogs!

Mrs. Seymoure,
is the music too loud for you?

You wanna move back, over...?

Hi, Bonnie.

- Nice shot.
- Yeah.

- See you later, Simon.
- Bye.

She'd be cute for you.

She just likes me
'cause I just neutered her dog.

That's nice.

What about the music teacher?

No, she's my landlord.
I can't date my landlord.

Georgia sent over a plate
and some pie for you.

You didn't alter it?
Poison it?

That's Bach. She's playing Bach.
I was expecting some ass-kicking country music.

We have our cultural side.

Couldn't tell from Harlan.

In a few months, he's going on a mission
for the Mormon Church.

- I'm not stopping him.
- No, but you could.

- Are you one?
- My sister and nephews are.

I'm taking a little break.

- And Georgia?
- Not a Mormon.

But she pushes a lot of their family values.

People do what they wanna do.

Sometimes what they don't.

I'm not sure Harlan could survive you.

Ach, come on. Don't preach to me
about what I can and can't do.

Or I will poison you.

Anybody can do anything to anyone.

Can't stop what's done to you.
Can only survive it.

Oh, please.

You're 17.

So you're a prisoner of Idaho. I feel for you.
You don't have a clue about surviving.

And you invented it, didn't you?

We can all tell.

The survivor.

You wear it so well in your walk,
in your face, in your eyes.

You've got a dead wife
and a dead baby.

And we're all so proud
you're still even here.

Do you know I was 12 years old when
my stepfather first started having sex with me?

I loved him.
He was nice to me.

We can all survive, Simon.

You just don't have to be
so damn sad doing it.

Hey, Rachel. Take a shot.

Three, two, one.

Good shot, Rachel.

Sorry, we're out of peach.
How about some rhubarb?

My girl's name is June.

- Whoa. What? Huh?
- Her name's June.

Is she pretty?

I've known her all my life.

I've never thought of
what you might think of her.

We'd said we'd get married
back in sixth grade,

and we will.

Simon says you might be
going on a mission for the Mormons.

Yeah. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm not looking forward
to cutting all my hair off.

It's gotta be above the ears for the mission.

Your hair will grow back.
How long do you have to go for?

Two years.

Long time.

Can you have sex on a mission?


Not until you're married.

So are you saying
you've never even had sex before?

You're a virgin, aren't you?

Have you?

That's funny.

Are you allowed to look?

Pardon me?

Look, I think we better
get back on... get on back.

- Have you ever looked?
- Yeah, in a magazine, I suppose.

It's getting pretty late.

- Would you like to see?
- Better not.

Is there a law against looking?

You can touch, if you like.

My turn.

- I think we should stop.
- Hey, that's no fair.

- I don't apologize for anything.
- OK.

Hello? Are you gonna invite me in?


- Should I be at work tomorrow?
- Why not?

I don't know.
I guess what I said about your wife and kid.

You were right.
They're dead, and it shows on me.

I just wanted to tell you that all that junk
that I said about my stepfather, I made it all up.

- Sympathy vote.
- You did?

I needed to make a point.
I lie if it helps make the point.

I talked to your grandmother
about what you told me.

- Why?
- I didn't have any choice.

- You stupid ass.
- Don't hit me with fish.

Can't you tell what the truth is?
Everybody knows I lie. Nobody believes me.

- I believe you.
- Well, you don't count.

God, I cannot believe that you would do that.
You are such an idiot.

Oh, Rachel...

I went fishing with Harlan.
I'm gonna put these in the freezer.


I'm gonna ask you once.

I'll know whether you're telling me the truth,
because you are a part of me.

I don't understand you at all,
but I understand me.

I'll know.

I'm really tired.

Did Arnold molest you?

If he did, he'd be dead.

You'll be late.


- is only relative...
- Mm-hmm. what causes you to become it.

If it's not one thing, it's the other. Leave your name
and number, I'll call you back when it's neither.

I can hang up and call again,
hang up and call again if that'll help.

- Tact is not one of her gifts.
- Heh-heh.

- If it's not one thing, it's the other...
- Sorry.

...your name and number,
I'll call you back when it's neither.



So, what was all the commotion about?


- Harlan. Good morning.
- Good morning, Ms. Randall.

- Hey, how are ya?
- Your paper.

Oh, thanks.

- Is Rachel around?
- I think she's still asleep.

If I could wait, I'd appreciate it.

Hey, thanks for the fish.

Do you think June's pretty?

Well, I think I prefer the fall, actually -
September, October...

- No, I mean my girl. June Smith.
- Oh.


Yeah, I think those Smith girls
are quite striking. Yeah.

Not like Rachel.

- Well, no one's like Rachel.
- Harlan?

- Pancakes?
- Not now.


I'm driving to talk to June at her school.
I'd like you to come with me.

- Why?
- The only way outta this I see is to marry you.

- What?
- What?

I gotta tell June in person.

- Why'd you let him in?
- I think this is the only way God'll forgive me.

Oh, Harlan, I gave you a blow job.

It wasn't even a date.

I'll wait for you in the truck.

Thank you very, very much for breakfast,
Ms. Randall.

You know, no good deed goes unpunished.
I gotta change.

Meditation is the pathway
to your silent energy,

and by harnessing your silent energy
you will overcome your fear of flying.

This is John Gordon. I wanna let you know
that each day you can fuel up with silent energy

to improve your health, increase your energy,
reduce your stress and enhance your happiness.

So take a few deep breaths, relax and
allow silent energy to recharge and renew you.

Remember, you're too blessed
to be stressed.

Maybe I was just looking for someone to say no,
and I thought you were it.

But you touched me, and, you see,
that gives me the right to do anything.

- You were supposed to be religious.
- I should have said no.

If you could just... I have to repent.

- Repent for what? That's retarded.
- If you could just forgive me, everything...

OK. Harlan, you're forgiven.


Better now?

Abracadabra. I forgive you.

- Lilly.
- She's a liar.

- You drove all the way here to tell me that?

- Rachel!

Out, with a friend.

She was smoking crank in the ninth grade,
K and X, sneaking off to raves.

Do you have any idea
what I am talking about?

I knew something was going on,
and she lied about it all the time.

She's a destructive liar.

- Why are you here, Lilly?
- Arnold denied it. I asked him flat out.

Never happened. Never happened.

She's paying me back for banishing her out here.
It's as simple as that.

- Then why are you here?
- I'm here to choke the truth out of her.

Why do you think I'm here?
Where would you be?

She's supposed to be leaving for college,
but who knows now,

'cause she lied about sending
the application papers to Vassar,

so she's got nowhere to stay
at the damn college.

You hungry?

So, you don't drink?

Don't do drugs? Don't smoke?

You don't have sex?

Not until I'm married.
Well, you know, hopefully.

I don't get it. Why belong to something
so strict and boring?

Well, because it's true.

How can you know anything is true?

You choose to believe it's true is what I think.

You've gotta have faith in something.

I didn't say I didn't have faith
in anything, but I don't.

Yeah, I know.

One, two, three...

- Maybe I'll just say we kissed.
- Great idea.

No reason in hurting her feelings
if we're not even getting married.

No, no, we're not getting married.
I don't think so.

- Oh, is that her?
- Harlan?


- Surprise.
- I'll say.

I only have a minute.
I have to get back to choir practice.

- Hello there. Hi.
- Hi.

June, I want you to meet my friend Rachel.
She works for Dr. Ward across the street.

And, well, you know Mrs. Randall over on Hillview.
This is her granddaughter visiting from California.

Rachel Wilcox.
She's going to Vassar in the fall, in New York.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.

I kissed Harlan.

- That's what this is about, actually.
- On the mouth?

No. I wouldn't do that. Not on the mouth.

What does this mean, Harlan?


That's what this means. June, I just wanted to
come down and be 110% honest about all of this...

Just... Listen, the truth is, I took advantage of him,
OK? He had nothing to do with it.

I mean, I kissed him. And he wanted to make sure
that nothing came between the two of you.

And now it's over and done with,
and we're just friends.

- And that's all that happened?
- Yeah, that's it.

She, uh, gave me oral sex.

He's lying.

But we didn't kiss.



I mean...

June bug.

When Dad was dying, nearly dead,
did you ever miss a meal?

Eat late? Eat early?

No. Same time.


I could turn the radio on.

You're a minute late. Enjoy your meal.
I'm gonna go wait for Rachel.

Life is much less of a surprise
when it's all timed down.

This isn't a surprise, Mother.
This is a damn lie.


Come on, we're here.

So, the deal is, I can't see you,
talk to you or be anywhere near you?

I wasn't exactly in the bargaining position.

It's not fair.

She's gonna have everyone she knows
watching me from now on.

You're my only friend.

OK, fine.


OK, well...


Enjoy yourself?

Have fun?

Mom, what are you doing here?
Where's Grandma?

Went to bed. I waited up for you.

I have been sitting here for hours

thinking how is it that I'm ever
gonna be able to forgive you?

Sometimes I think the same thing
about you.

And then it occurred to me a while ago
that the only weapon I have left -

I've used every other -

is my love for you.

You could have phoned it in, Mom.

- I love you.
- Did you practice that in the mirror?


He thinks of you as his own daughter.
That's what I don't understand. He loves you.

The question is, does he love you
how he loves me?

- I want the truth.
- That's why you're here?

Yeah, say it. Say it!

He must have said it to you.
Why drive ten hours to hear it again?

He did say it, and I believe him.

I want you to say it.


I don't think you know the difference anymore,
what's right or wrong,

what is a lie and what is the truth.

Yeah, OK, that is my fault.

I just... I didn't wanna be like my mother,

with her good and bad and her rules...

- Tell me what you want me to say.
- He never touched you.

He never touched me.

He never climbed on top of me,

never put his hand on my thigh
when your head was turned at the table at dinner.

He never put his mouth on my body.
Never, Mom.

I said it.

I can't...

Not right now, Grandma.

I'm proud of you.

Yes, such a happy morning.

Yes, I have to cut your nails. Yes, I do.

They're getting a little long.

When did it start?

- When I was 12.
- When did it stop?

When a friend of mine
threatened to kill him.

That's when I was 14.

He bought me the Mustang on the condition
that I start again, so I crashed it.

Rachel? Ha-

Ham and cheese. One's for Simon.

Here you go.

Yeah, have a nice day.

If you're not in for breakfast in 15 minutes,
you'll have to wait for lunch.

Let's go, kids. It's open.

Go like this. Ready? Hold my hand.

You go like this. A circle.
You can use other colors.

- Good. That's pretty.
- Thanks so much, Rachel.

- Oh, you're welcome.
- We will not bite Mommy's ear again, will we? No.

- Bye. Thanks.
- Bye. Good to see you.

- Thanks, Mr. Wells. I'm sure we'll see you again.
- Thank you, Doc.


That is $25, sir.

No. Doc usually just sends me a bill
now and then.

Unless you've made prior arrangements,
then it's $25, today.

- Where's Fern?
- She's on vacation. I'm not really sure.

Cash or check?

- This is not the way we usually do it around here.
- Well, I'm new.

It shows.

I've written "paid in full" on your receipt.

I'll let you take these as a reminder.
They're copies of your previous unpaid bills.

- When's Fern coming back?
- No idea.

- I'll send you a weekly reminder until they're paid.
- Thank you.

- Welcome.
- I'm not happy, Andy.

Have a good day.

Amazing. I haven't got a nickel out of him
in four years, and you get $25 in two minutes.

I'm good at getting.

I'll be right with you, Mr. Lynwood.

How long have you been doing that for?

Since college.

It relaxes me. I just play for myself.

- Have you dated since your wife passed away?
- Hasn't entered my mind.

- You know, I used to date your mother.
- I know.

In fact, I was crazy about her.

Why didn't you marry her,
save us all the trouble?

Things don't always work out
the way you think they should.

But you know about that.

Wait. That's weird.
So you could have been my dad.

Your dad had a car. I had a cow.

Huh. It's always about a car.
Pizza's ready.

At least talk to him long enough
to tell him you're not talking to him.

Just pick up and hang up.

Pick up and hang up,
pick up and hang up and so on.

Do you have anything this size

that's serrated, hmm?

He's got thick skin.


You know what's hysterical about all this?

I signed a prenuptial.

I'm going to end up back here

with nothing and no one,
living in a place I am not welcome.

Who says you're not welcome?

Your face.

At least he'll be in prison.

Arnold is one of the best
criminal defense lawyers

in California, Mother.

He's not gonna end up anywhere but free,
happy, laughing and playing golf.

Go with this one.

So, did you know my real dad?

He was exactly what you wouldn't want
a daughter to marry.

Lilly was angry with everybody, even me,
when she left with him.

- How could you even stand her?
- She reminds me of you.

I know.


- Do you wanna hear something weird?
- Probably not.

When Arnold held me, I hated the sex.

But then, sometimes before,
when he just held me,

I felt loved.

And I... I mean, how can that be true?

Maybe the holding part was love, Rachel.
I'm not sure.

But I know everything else was a lie.

I'm gonna show you the top to this stupid thing
so we can finish it.

- I won't look.
- Here.

I'm not looking.

How can you do a puzzle,
if you don't know what it looks like?

It's like telling you how your life will end.
It makes everything in between killing time.

- Go home.
- I don't wanna go home.

You can't stay here. Good night.

Time for bed.

I found these in the closet.

I thought they'd be safer there.

Most people dig out presents they don't like
when the person that gave them comes to visit.

I don't keep flowers in the house.

It's two past ten, Mother. Go to bed.

Oh, come on.

There was a time you'd have dragged me
by hair for drinking.

I'm too old. So's your hair.

That's good.

These go here.

Here. There.



- Whoo- ooh-ooh.
- Come here. Let me take you to bed.

You don't get second chances.
Don't try and save me. I'm not savable.

Everybody's savable. That's the rule.

Screw your rules. I begged you, "Please, Mommy"
for help at Daddy's funeral.

And that's when I needed saving, Mother,
but, no, you wouldn't give me a cent.

- You were drinking.
- I was alone with a four year old. I was scared.

Arnold saved us. Arnold saved me.

I wanted you to stay.

I wanted you to die.

Not really.

Just a little.

Why do you need to hurt her?

Because you slept with my husband.

Rachel... Aah!


Grandma. I need help.

- I'll handle it.
- I didn't touch her.

- Don't touch me.
- Go to your room.

- Why did you let her start again?
- I can handle it. Leave me with her. Go.

Let me look.

- Careful of the glass. Can you get up?
- Mm-hmm.

- I am getting up. Where we going?
- I'm gonna put you in bed...

and I'm gonna give you an aspirin.

I'm good. I'm gonna make this. OK.

I'm gonna...
I'm good...

- Whoa, I'm gonna throw up.
- Not on the rug.

Let me help. I've done this before.
Come on, Mom.

This is good. This is good.

Lilly, can you make it upstairs
without throwing up, please?

I am fishing.

It's just me and my dog.

And Rachel's not here,
and I'm not happy about it.

The doctor won't hurt you. It's OK.

I don't know, Melody.
He seems like a pretty calm pig.

Yeah, right now, but then, suddenly, he gets
all jumpy, starts running around and squealing,

and he disrupts the other pigs.

- You think it's stress?
- Pig stress?



I gotta get to work.
I got that lasso in for you.

- He doesn't think I'm pretty. He doesn't like me.
- No, he likes Trouble, on the bench over there.

Where's Rachel?

- At Simon's.
- Goody.

I told her to go there till you're better.
Where you going?

- I'm going for a drive.
- You're not dressed for a drive.

I'm thirsty, OK? I'm dying of thirst.

I'm waking up, I can't stand the feeling.
I'm gonna go buy booze, busybody.

- It wasn't a question.
- No more drinking in the house. Georgia rule.

Mother, let me go.
I don't care about your rules. Fuck off.

Get off me. Get off me!

All right, all right.

I called Arnold last night,
and I asked him for a divorce.

OK, Mother?

You lost your...

My mind?

I'll get the booze.

Go inside.

Thank you.

Have a nice party, Georgia.

"A in Science" for $2,000, please...

- Thanks for letting me stay over tonight.
- Well, Georgia thought it might be a good idea.

What's an Allosaurus?

- I think it's a good idea.
- "Heraldic Beasts", $400, please.

I found some perfume under the sink.

I didn't think you'd mind it.

- I forgot I still had that.
- It's next to your stash of toilet paper.

- Every time you change a roll, you see it.
- What's the Loch Ness Monster?

- No. Doug?
- What's an elephant?

- Do you ever smell it?
- No, I try not to.

Do you think she'd want you to?

- Erika?
- Who is Ginsberg?

"Poets" for $1200, please.

Poem containing the line "Perched upon
a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door."

- What is "The Raven?"
- Right.

- "Poets," $1600, please.
- Can I ask you a favor?

During the commercial.

Can I hold on to you?

- Hold on to me?
- Just lean against you.

I just like to feel somebody next to me.

- "Beasts" for $1200.
- This animal is on the Lopez family coat of arms,

probably because the name Lopez
comes from the Latin for it.

- What is a wolf?
- Kathleen. Yes.

Can I ask you another favor?



I'm gonna go to bed.
There are blankets and pillows in the closet.

You're gonna have to eat something sometime.

I'm gonna open the door.

- Oh, you cut your hair.
- It was getting in the way of my drinking.

All I remember are Dad's hugs,

his laugh.

After all of it, just good things.

Well, good.

Why did you try so hard
to take that away from me?

- Did I?
- Little things.

We loved to watch TV together,
so you took it away.

Television was a distraction.
Your grades were slipping.

Were you afraid how much
Daddy and I were alike?

How much he relied on me?
How little he wanted from you?

You know, mostly... I was afraid
you'd run off and marry an idiot,

lose everything you had a chance at,
just like me.

I blamed you for his drinking.

Oh. For yours, too?


You know what I don't understand,
along with all the rest of it?

I haven't got a clue.

If you ever really loved me.

Don't be ridiculous.

No, I mean, just ever.
It wouldn't have to include right now.

What do you think the rules were?

Why would I waste my time
on somebody that I didn't care about?

Yeah. I can't ever remember
you saying it.

Well, my parents never said it.

So how do you know if they did?

I don't.

I hate that you bought me so many.

You gonna drink the rest of them?


How could I not love you?


It's just Dr. Ward today.

- She just needs a little more exercise, more walks.
- You hear that, Bertha?

Come on. Hey.
Just have to cut out on the snacking.

Tell her she's fat.

You are fat.

See what I told you?
He's a doctor. It's not just me saying it.

- Thanks, Dr. Ward.
- Sure.

You look great with short hair.

- Where's Rachel?
- It's Saturday. I gave her the day off.

She went fishing with Harlan.

I need to stop drinking.

I'm in no hurry.

- How can I help?
- She's pregnant, is all.

Why don't you wait in the office?
This'll take a second.

She's got that California tan.

- You think it's real or a spray-on?
- I don't know.

- It's risky being my friend.
- Well, that's what I was coming around to is...

maybe we could be more than friends, you know,

if you thought you could ever sort of -

I don't know -

love me?

I'm kicking men, Harlan.

No, really. So I guess that's what
I was trying to say - kicking men.

Yeah, well, I'll be gone for two years
on this mission.

You can't kick forever, can you?

I promise I'll write.

I think they're going. Get on the cellphone.
Call the girls. Let's follow her.

More kittens.
As if this town needs more cats.

And that was my last patient.

Remember the clock tower?

- I do. Do you?
- Like it was yesterday.

We changed the clock back.

Yeah, yeah.

And the whole day,
the whole town was just a mess.

Except you. You weren't a mess.

Anyway, um...

I need Antabuse.

That makes you violently ill if you drink.

I already am violently ill.

I'm going to Rexburg later.
I'll pick some up.


Is that all you need?

How did I miss what I missed?

People get busy.

Too busy to notice
what your husband is doing to your daughter?

I don't know how you missed that.

You always tell me the truth.

Thank you.

- What was that?
- I'm sorry.


Thank you. Thank you.

I gotta go.

How long do we have to sit here for?

Smells like rain.

OK. Let's do it. Mandy, get ready.

Give us a break, Grace.

Let's go.

Car won't start.

Whoa. Oh.

- She's gonna ram us.
- Oh, my God. Get out. Go.

Hi. Want to introduce myself.
Rachel Wilcox. Nice to meet you.

- Grace Cunningham.
- Howdy, girls. How you doing?

Look, I just drove over to tell you
that Harlan and I, we're just friends now.

Nothing's gonna happen again.
I promise. Scout's honor.

So you guys can go and do whatever it is you do,
have your summer fun.

And tell June that we're apart,
even if we're not,

'cause nothing's gonna happen,
and whatever's happened has happened already,

so that's the end of it.

Fine. Then why don't you just go home
and leave us all alone?

OK, I tried to be nice. Let me put this a different way,
'cause you're not getting it.

If you call me a name,
if you throw something at me ever again,

if I see you talking to Harlan, yelling at Harlan,
having anything at all to do with Harlan,

I will find all of your boyfriends,
and I will fuck them stupid.

OK? Get it?

Thanks for your time.
Have a good summer.

I am gonna pray for her.


Hi. I'm looking for my wife.

- Whose Ferrari is that?
- My stepfather's here.

Hey, nice car.


Just how badly do you hate me
to have to live with this lie?

I don't hate you.

- You're on private property.
- Hi, Georgia. I'm...

Just give me a moment, OK?

I shouldn't have agreed to pass you off

to someone who you don't know
because I didn't have the patience.

I should've taken the time.
I should've been there.

What are you doing here?

- What am I doing here?
- Yeah.

You called me to tell me you're leaving me,
and then you hang up?

And you wanna know what I'm doing here?

If I had touched my daughter,
I wouldn't be here, would I?

Come on, honey. Please. You...

You know me better than anyone on earth.

- She told me...
- What did she tell you? Huh?

That she wasn't using drugs
when you found LSD in her room? Huh?

That she wasn't stealing from you
when I found your emerald ring in a pawn shop?

Or that she hadn't been drinking
when she crashed her car?

How many lies have I told?

Oh, please. You're a lawyer.

I am fighting for my life, goddammit.

Don't speak to her like that.


If this was something I couldn't change -
an accident, an illness - I'd accept it.

She would not lie
about something like this.

Would I?

I don't know.

Honey, please. Please.

Put this in your mouth,
get in your car, and drive.

I love your daughter, and I love Rachel,
and I would never do anything...

- What are you doing?
- You do not take the Lord's name in vain.

You do not fool around
with little girls. Drive.

I'm not moving.
I am staying right here.

- Swear to God, I never touched her.
- Save it for the appeal.

If you don't put that in your mouth soon,
I'm gonna dismantle your car.


I'm leaving. All right?

I'll be here until Lilly's ready
to come home to San Francisco, OK?

What if he's innocent?

Well, it felt really good anyway.



- Can I talk to you?
- No.

Can you talk to me?


I'm at the only motel in this town,
next to the Halfway House Caf?.

Lil, just hear me out, please.

Rachel will get over her anger and take back this lie
one day, but where will you and I be?

What kind of life will we have led
until that happens?

I just don't want you to regret not believing me.

But I need you here with me, now.

I don't know who to believe.

You have to believe that
I wanted her to go to rehab, but, uh...

you said no, remember? You said
you didn't wanna get into your own demons, right?

That's true.

- Can I get you anything?
- No, thank you.

Nothing? No baked potato special...

- You're just gonna sit there?
- It's fine.

I'll take care of you. Thank you.

I'll do anything
to show you how much I love you

and how easy it is for me
to forgive her. OK?

We'll find our way through this.
I know we can.

Rachel. Oh...

I didn't know where you were.
Are you OK?

I'm fine, Grandma.

I want you to stay there at Simon's.
And I think probably your mom's gonna call.

- OK?
- Yeah. OK, I'll talk to you later.

I have to go. I'm cooking Simon dinner.

I love you, sweetie.


- Who is it?
- Me.


- I need a bathroom.
- OK. Are you OK?

This way. Make a left.
Right here on the left.

I'll get you water.

Here you go.


It's always so much easier to believe what you need
than what you know.

I need Arnold.

He has me convinced.
And you have me convinced.

He finally got his Ferrari, huh?

Help me understand.

I need to just tell you what I feel,
because all I saw was how much you loved him.

How much he loved you.

How much he loves me.

And I thought, "How lucky we are."

I just can't fit what he's done
with who I always thought he was.

I came to tell you I believe you.

I like your hair short.

And that none of this is your fault.

None of this is your fault.

I really did just say it to make a point.


Simon believed me.
Grandma believed me.

Mom, I just wanted to see if you did.

Oh, please...

I screwed up with Vassar.

I screwed it all up, and I knew
I wasn't ever coming home again.

And I wanted both of you
to pay for my mistakes.

You can be mad at me if you want.
And tell him I'm sorry.

He's not even angry with you.

He's ready to forgive you.

I might need a little time.

It was good. Thank you.

You're welcome.

When my mom was too drunk to cook, I used to
take whatever was in the fridge and put it in a pot.

What's going on?

Same old thing.

Your mom called.
She wants to say good night.

I'm here, home, at Grandma's.

- Would you come over?
- No.


Well, good night, then.

Please come back to San Francisco.

No, Mom, not right now.

We can't leave it like this.
We have to talk.

Can you call me in the morning?

Yeah, OK.



You need help, Rachel.

That's why I'm here.

You nearly destroyed your mother
with all this, you know.

I'll pay for your therapy.

Too late.

All right, I'll tell you what. I'll leave my Ferrari here,
we'll drive your mother's car back to San Francisco,

and you can have mine for telling her the truth.
How's that sound?

I'm uncomfortable with you in my room.

And Gonzales
will have himself a base hit.

As Garrett Randall steps in -

OK, here's the deal.

If Mom goes back with you, loves being with you,
can't live without you, blah-blah-blah,

then that's the end of it.

That's the plan?

Well, if she decides that I'm lying about lying,
then you owe me.

Owe you what?

- I'm not gonna take you to court or anything.
- Oh...

I won't sue you. No newspapers.

Just write her a letter
saying you're sorry about what you did to me.

- That's it, huh?
- And a check for ten million.

Hmm. Oh. Right. That. Of course.

You always bragged about how much you were
worth while we had our "father-daughter time."

Like that would impress me enough
to think it was all OK.

I really hope you weren't lying.
I hope you're worth 20 million.

Because if she decides you're a piece of shit,
which you are, she gets ten.


I'll see you in court.

Along with the videotape.

What are you talking about?

- You know, I hate this smell.
- What are you talking about?

Remember Tommy?
The one that stuck the gun to your head?

What are you, wired?
You have a tape on, is that it?

No, nothing. Honest.

All right, that's enough, Rachel.

The thing is, I had him record us.
He has a videotape of us.

Oh, really?

You, you're all sweaty and grunting and pushing.
And me, I'm 14.


Look, as long as my mother's happy,
you win everything. I won't even hold it against you.

- Keep my mother happy, OK?
- OK.

You were thinking?

I have a little money saved.

I'd be glad to pay Rachel's way through college,
you know, if that's ever a problem.

Or if she doesn't need it,
I could let you have it.

Use it for a down payment on a house,
if that's ever a problem.

Mom, I'm leaving in the morning with Arnold.

Thank you.

Go back to the couch.

I love you.

- Please, Simon.
- No.

It's not like you're family.

I'm never gonna have sex with you,
all right? Ever.


It's not like I haven't thought about it.
You know, it's hard not to.

You're good at it, this attracting men thing.

And you're beautiful and funny and bright.
Goddamn him for this!

This has nothing to do with him.

He tried to take away all the things
that would let you love me like a friend or a father.

This has everything to do with him.

This is about knowing the difference between
right and wrong, between the truth and a lie.

He took that from you.

And if you can't tell the difference,
then you can't trust anyone.

And if you can't trust, you can't love.

What's it like to be so sure of yourself?

It's good.

Tell me about your wife.

Describe it for me.

Describe what?

How you loved her.

When I touched her,
I felt the best part of me being touched.

It's just a different kind of love, Rachel.

Do you think you'll ever have it again?


Maybe. I don't know.


Thanks. For saying no.

Where's your car?

Around the corner.

For safety reasons.

If I could lock the windows and doors
and keep her from you, I would.

I'll wait for her right here.

You know I know.

Come on, Georgia.

I don't care what Rachel says. I know.
And that must eat at you.

Having something that disgusting, criminal,

known out here, exposed,
out in the open.

If my daughter wasn't in love with you,
I would kill you.

I've been calling Rachel for over an hour.
It's still busy.

Thank you.

Would you give this to her? I didn't seal it.
You can read it if you want to.

I don't want you to go.

I'll call you when I get home.

I noticed the glass bedpan on your mantel.

Yeah, I found room for it.

Thank you.

Hey, boys.

Come say goodbye to Lilly.

- Bye.
- Bye, Lilly.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Who is it?


Why didn't you answer the phone?

I just woke up.

Simon's at work already.
Did they leave yet?

I thought I could let it go, but I can't.

Rachel, you lied to her.

I put together a puzzle
without looking at the box.

- Look at me.
- Why?

Look at me. You have to tell her the truth.

Simon says I don't know the difference
between the truth and a lie.

- Can a lie ever be right?
- No.

And what happens if I tell the truth?

We're gonna press criminal charges.

But it's gonna take the three of us.
Come on, get dressed.

- What makes you think we'll catch them?
- Well, we'll try.

Simon and Harlan are in the truck.
She gave me this for you.

- No, no. Go get dressed.
- OK.

You can read this on the way. Hurry.

- What makes you think she'll believe me now?
- We'll make her, you and I.

- Maybe I should've driven myself.
- Then I would've been tailgating you.

What's your hurry?

Sending someone back
for your car is ridiculous.

I might not even do that.
It's all too much trouble.

Can't leave your car parked
on some side street in Idaho.

Pull over. You know you want to.
It's the right thing to do.

Rachel can have it if she wants.

- Rachel?
- Mm-hmm.

You love that car.
You waited eight months for that car.

I don't hold any of this against her, honey.
I want her to know that.

Come on, let's go. Let's go.

Pull over.

What? What's the matter?
You sick or something?

Did you think your Ferrari
would be payment enough for her?

- What? That's not what this is about.
- Get me outta here. Pull over.

- Come on, honey. Please.
- Pull over right now!

All right, all right! I'm off. Stop it!

Honey, stop. Lilly, stop it!
All right, I'm doing it! I'm pulling over!

Goddammit, Lilly.

Talk to me.

Will you please turn around?

Turn around!

All right, fine. Keep walking.

There's your life.

Back in Idaho. With your mother.

She seduced me.


You lying son of a bitch!

What did you expect me to do
while you were in your drunken stupor?

And guess what.

She enjoyed it.

You wanna take this to trial?
You go right ahead. I welcome it.

You're going to jail, you sick bastard.

You can bet on it, pervert.

"Dear Rachel, my mother always told me the
hardest things to do in life are to trust, to have faith,

and to forgive."

"So I want you to hear the strength in my voice
when I say I forgive you,

because I love you."

"That simple and that complicated."

"To forgive is to move forward.
Georgia rule. Love, Mom."

I'm sorry, Mommy.

Oh, bunny. Oh, bunny.

I love you.

I'm so sorry.

Ms. Randall.

I think you should know
that I'm in love with your granddaughter.

And, well, when I get back from my mission,
I fully intend to marry her.