Georgetown (2019) - full transcript

Ulrich Mott, an ambitious social climber, marries a wealthy widow in Washington D.C. in order to mix with powerful political players.

It's your first time?

Yes and yours?

I am already a veteran.

I attended two dinners and a cocktail.


It is hard to describe.

They are always memorable.

Eleanor Price. I come from Reuters.

Ted Parsons.

Well, why do not you say so before?

- Congratulations. - Ditto.

Thank you.

It's an important night for you.

- No thanks. - It is.

Sure you're happy.

Rather relieved.

And grateful.

As it did?

I have not the foggiest idea.

What Mott know?

Ulrich knows all Georgetown.

A person indispensable in the embassy.

No, the word is not indispensable.

It is impossible to ignore.

It's like Lawrence of
Arabia with a Blackberry.

The last time I was here,
I sat at the side of Scalia.

Officiated the wedding
itself, what do you think?

Do you know his wife?

-I did not know you were married.
-Of course he's married.

This house is hers.

- Where is Elsa? - I'm glad to see you.

I sent the invitation of the
Department of Defense.

I do not know anything.
What do you work on?

I do not know. In the
apparently works miracles.

I've only seen a couple of times.

Have you heard what Iraq?


We sent reports from
there over two years.

And that's not asked.

In life he had seen such a thing.

At the end I was forced
to say: "You are crazy.

Meteos plan that stupid ass."

Always diplomatically, of course.

I said, "Ulrich, can not speak well

to the director of the
German intelligence."

And I said, "because I just did."

It is normal.

If we have to place a
microphone in a hotel room

or someone's car,

no problem.

But in the bath Madeleine Albright?

Please... What a stupidity.

Of course.

Then I went home and went to bed.

At the next day I
called to make an offer.

What did they say? Ah,
yes, I could not refuse.

And what happened?

When you go home from Madeleine Albright

I'd better not say anything
important in your bathroom.

- Please go ahead. - Thank you.

Oh I'm sorry.

I did not want to scare you.

You have not done it.

Usually it takes a nap before dinner.

He came to wake her.


He could have hired an caterers,
but prefers to do everything himself.

Sorry join the party so late.


-Ulrich promised to wake me before.
-It's her?


I needed rest, dear.

This man consents me too.

You know I hate to miss the cocktail.

Well, you're forgiven.

Sure you get get a day away.

Well, before you say anything else...

Ulrich and his wonderful achievement.

Nerd. I was just one more player

within a game very
complicated. It really is...

Sorry, I'm trying to make a toast.


By a woman and her freedom.

And by all who have come

to celebrate with us.

- Health. - Health.

It is hot.

I'm so hungry.

- Let's start with the soup. - Yes.

Yes it's correct,

They arrested one of
our employees in Iran.

A wonderful woman, married
with a daughter in the nursery.

We had been several days

without knowing anything about it.

They had been arrested and
were arrested for espionage.

Was spy?

No, we dedicated
ourselves to collect data.

He was an economist. It was a lie.

However, the government
did not respond to us.

You were all too busy
with the affairs of Iraq.

We could not communicate with anyone.

We were virtually alone.
Without any contact.

And meanwhile...

Thank you, Mott.

Meanwhile, the poor woman

He was locked in a cell Teran.

Soon after, a friend of
mine, a former ambassador,

He introduced me
to our illustrious host.

For God's sake, Ted.

I'm a second, and
you're embarrassing me.

No, Ulrich. Let me tell the story.

We were introduced and then
told me he would take care.

No no no no.

I said I would do what he could.

- Y? - Y...

Released 10 days later.

All thanks to him.

- Mott got it. - How?

Still she not told me.

A magician never reveals his tricks.

Come on.

- Please. - Nerd. Stop.


Please sentaos.


I hope you are good.

I can not. I can not
keep listening to this.

In the middle of dinner?

I do not care dinner.

I not even know there was a dinner.

I came to see you, mother.

I said you wanted to
let us pass time together.

No longer we do anything together.

When I come, it only matters,

their celebrations and
their pathetic stories.

He has done something exceptional.

Yeah right.

Well let me know when
you win the Nobel Prize.

-See you in Stockholm.
-Do not be childish.

After all you've been through,
you're leaving here alive.

He's my husband. It's our house.

Yes, I know I know.

Please, I want to know.

Trying to punish me.


Look, I'm willing to
do whatever it takes.

I will move to Washington.

I have no problem. I
will give classes here.

Or you could come to Boston.

I'll do anything to help you
if you stop doing this, please.

You do not understand.

Go if you want to be with us.

Can not you do this morning?

Yeah right. But I'd rather do it now.

You stay up until two o'clock

and you wake me when you upload.

Sorry to disturb your sleep

for wanting to pick up after our party.

Our party?

As if I'd let choice.

That's Amanda, right?

She has put you in a bad mood.

I do not know why you
keep inviting the bitter bitch.

Do not talk about my daughter. And
do not you dare smoke in my house.

What will this guy?

I have no idea.

Go crazy.

Mola your beret, man.

Say it?

It was good.

He ate well.

He seemed to be enjoying.

When was the last
time you talked to her?

Before I left home last night.

What time was that?

She went to bed

and I went for a walk after midnight.

How much do.

Does not like...

fumase did not like at home.

At the back, I found her on
the landing of the staircase.

Was that when he called emergency?


I called immediately.

I have the hope of...

How old was his wife, Mr. Mott?

91 years.

Now we have to be brave.

I know that you left after
arguing with her. I'm sorry.

That does not matter anymore.

You want to talk about the organization?

I would like to be buried in Arlington.

I want to be buried with my father.

I think Arlington would be the
most appropriate place for it.


While I understand
perfectly what you tell me.

There are other issues.

We need to talk

over the house, the will and property.

They are already dealing with that.

I'll be in touch with you soon.

And we mourn and remember
as they should. I promise.

But now we have to do
something very important.


I have to find

to the man who murdered
your mother, my wife.

Over here please.

Come here.

We're about to enter a sanctuary.

The nerve center,

a sacred place.

This information is stored,

the options are weighed

and decisions are made.

Decisions that affect our lives,

both yours and mine.

Even the fate of nations.

Ah, no, I ask them not
to make any photographs.

A matter of national security.

No, no, nothing happens.

Do all the pictures they want.

Where they are?

- Akron. - Cincinnati.

Come visit your congressman's office.

A 50-year trainee
should know that is not so.

I owe it to my constituents, okay?

I think that if they do see

the importance of the work we do here,

We will serve them much better.

How long have you been
in the United States, Ulrich?

Just one year.

But I have passed
the university entrance

and just accept me into
the doctoral program.

How good. But I begin to wonder

If this job is best for you.

Gordon, it's funny you say that.

I could not agree more.

I missed making guide

or selling tickets for the Smithsonian.

My true passion is the
history of diplomacy.

Kissinger, Bismarck, Talleyrand...

Often genius. Talleyrand. Have
you read something of yours?

Anyway, I had happened

I could write political
speeches of Congressman.

Could you discuss this
issue with him during lunch?

No. I was referring to this site.

It may not be your place.

Am I being laid off, Mr. Nichols?

I encourage you to find a better where
you develop all those talents work.

- Gordon. - Dime.

- Can we review the agenda? - Yes.


Nichols. Office of Congressman Guyer.

I am your chief of staff.

Will give something like not
see me when they start speeches.

- In agreement. - Thank you.

Yes, exactly. So is.

When I told him what happened,

He left me absolutely surprised

with your answer.



Go. Thank you.

I guess it's Elsa Breht, journalist.


I'm Ulrich Mott. It is an honor.

His work is brilliant.

Religiously read the
newspaper Handelsblatt.

Wow, really? Thank you.

Work on Capitol Hill

while I finish a doctorate
in International Relations.

We could be one day for lunch.

Sure you could teach me many things.

Thank you.

To you.


Here's the car.

Thank you.

Can we meet again?


Mr. Mott, you know I'm married.

Yes and what?

Well... thank you for this lunch so nice

and have much luck.

Let me know if your situation changes.


I dont know. Nothing.

It's lovely you.

Not responding to my invitation.

Before he saw her
every week in the choir.

But he has stopped going.

Hello mother.

Who has come? I hear voices.


Well, the rescue team.

It takes weeks without
knowing anything about you.

You should not have brought.

What you wanted to do?

¿Sit there looking
like that of listless?

I'm not apathetic. Do not be ridiculous.

I just do not want you
to treat me like a baby.

Nobody is trying you as a kid.

- Just... - Hi, honey.

Come on. We have an
appointment to nail us.

And then Brzezinski will speak
at the National Press Club at 3.

And then we have dinner at La
Chumiere. Without question, dear.

I have already made the reservation.

Please, Mom.

It has arrived.

It has arrived.

New Year and the new millennium.

Many thought that this day
will mark the end of the world.

Say it?

It is a historic day.

- What? - you Are not watching TV?

Attentive everyone.
It is a historic day.


Ulrich Mott.

We left after taking a schnitzel.

Ve wheat, Ulrich.

Mozart, Schuman...

The Berlin Philharmonic
Orchestra at the Kennedy Center,

on Wednesday night.

They are all tickets sold,

but I've done with two entrances.

Do not ask me how,
because I will not tell.

Call me in an hour.

Please welcome the new millennium.

The future is here.

Your mother never ceases to amaze.

If only got half as good at her age she.


- May l? - Thank you.

There is.

Queen of the Society of Georgetown.

Hello, how are you?

Party seems to take one week.

Care, Sally Quinn.

What is your secret?

If you find out, tell me.

Your father was very
glad to see her well.

Heaven, I have to tell you something.

- What? - Remember when...

you told me I had to get me company?

At that time I said no.

I'm sorry.

You were right.

I also have to tell you something.

I have given the square

and Harvard.


Professor and respecting seniority.

-They just make me the offer.
-It is wonderful.


They do not know how lucky they are.

Is everything signed?

Well, I have to...

-No no no.
-No, I wanted to talk to you.


There's nothing more to speak of.

- Well... - It's wonderful.

And maybe meet someone there, sky.

Yeah, but it's not what
I'm looking right now.

I know things you have not
done very well in this area.

Mom, please.

He had thought the same

You could come with me.

I know you have a lot of
attachment to Georgetown,

but it could help you much
if you were there with me.


I do not need help.

But if you said you wanted...

Here I have everything I need.

- What? - Good afternoon friends.

I want to announce something.

Today this festival
has a special reason.

We do not want to give much hype,

but we do want to share

our happiness with you.

Please raise your glasses with me

to celebrate the good fortune

I had to commit myself in the marriage

with the extraordinary
and wonderful Elsa Breht.

- Congratulations! - Health.

Since I when you know him?

Lower your voice.

I'll thank you not hablases

as if it were a virginal teenager

fresh out of a convent school.

But if it could be my brother.

Or you had no choice.

Sure you have other suitors.

They are old and boring.

Mott is young and interesting.
I think it has a lot of potential.

In agreement.

Can we now stop playing these things?

I am, okay? You only daughter, Amanda.

Do you know something about him?

Amanda, I need your approval.

I managed to survive the war.

Got survive in this country

and learn the language.

I got to raise my daughter

and have a profession.

I think I will wonder marrying

with a fascinating man, delivered
and, yes, a little younger than me.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I want you to leave
my house. You go now.

Mrs. Breht,

let you explain.

Detective, I teach constitutional law.

So stop talking to me in
a condescending manner.

Explain to me why he
let a possible suspect

continue to live in a crime scene.

This is not a criminal investigation.

So far, we have only one woman

more than 90 years died.

I will question tomorrow morning.

And what the coroner
said the cause of death?

Head trauma that fits

with a fall down the stairs.

That I do not know.

No, we do not know.

And so we will carry out a full autopsy.

They only take a couple of days.

Mr. Mott, I want to remind you again

you can ask a lawyer.

I'm aware of that, but
I do not need a lawyer.


I wonder what happened after
he found the body of his wife.

I returned home hoping to
find her asleep in her room.

I did not imagine it was to
see her before the next morning.

So I was petrified when I saw there.

- They slept in separate rooms? - Yes.


He was 91 years old, detective.

Have you ever had conjugal relations

a woman over 90 years?


Well, me neither.

Did you touch the body
of his wife after finding her?

Maybe, to touch her
for a pulse or something.

Can I say one more thing?


As you know, I left for a while

just after my wife lie down.

I was out for several hours.

And where was it?

For a walk.

During several hours?

I have little time to exercise

during the day and after eating so much,

I need to move.

I have pretty clear that...

It was at that time,

between 11 and 2 am,

when someone entered
the house and killed my wife.

Mr. Mott, the lock was not forced.

That is normal. He does not believe?

I do not understand you.

No, I see no. You do not
understand what you are facing.

What do you mean, Mr. Mott?

I can not believe I
have to tell you this.

People able to carry out

such a crime

It is too sophisticated

to leave as useful
clues to the police to find.

Mr. Mott, you know what this is?

It is a complaint.


Filed a complaint that his
wife against you for assault.

Is there anything you want to tell us?

This is an incident

He held in New York a while ago.

My wife and I started to argue.

It is painful and I am
ashamed to remember,

but it was the typical
discussion that has

any married couple
that takes a long time.

That'd just made our marriage,

although we had the good
fortune to fix it after two years

very complicated separated.


because this story

since there is no evidence
that an intruder entered...

We need to open a murder investigation.

I get it.

Am I going to stop?

Not right now.

However, we have granted an order

to close his house until
the investigation continues.

You can not go back there.

And I ask you not to leave town.

Soy Ulrich Mott.

Can we see each other? It is urgent.

Mr. Mott.

Thanks for meeting me.

You're welcome.

Can we take a walk?

We have heard about Elsa by the news.

Sorry for your loss.

I'm having a hard time
and I think it can get worse.

What does it mean?

I hope they are just days away but...

The report of the coroner arrives at 11.

I give you more information then.

Thank you.

-They left this at reception.
-Thank you.

I assure you I have no desire
to stay longer than necessary.

Thank you.

Thank you. Goodbye.

He has made 250 thousand dollars.

In addition to other 50K

if liquid assets

They exceed 600 thousand dollars.

I understand that refers to the house,

it must be worth...

about one million.

Even more.

And that is also what is it?


Do not worry, detective.

We appreciate it.

I see.

Oh no. Communicated it now.

In agreement. Many thanks.

The coroner has determined
that Elsa has wounds

that fit with a non-accidental trauma.

They have opened a murder investigation.

Where is?

-Excuse me, ma'am?
-That bastard. He killed her.

- Madam, please... - Do not touch me.

Here is Mott.

Do not tell me you're not?

There is no one here.

Do you have any idea where he might be?

How do I know? It may
be gone from the country.

They should rescinding his passport.

Hey, hey, hey. Do not move.

- Ulrich Mott? - Yes.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can
be used against them.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you can not afford it, you will
be assigned a public defender.

Soon we go with the news of the day.

Just get the mail.

And here's my latest acquisition.

It's the most ingenious I've ever seen.

- Bye dear. - Goodbye.

See you.

Will we see you on
Sunday at the Scowcroft?

Go for the car.

It's lovely.


Have I done something wrong?

Not everything is perfect.

Thank you.

You are the perfect butler.

Is that what you want to be?

You know not.

And what are you waiting for?

An opportunity. I try.


And I am that opportunity?

You are my woman.

Vladimir Petrovsky.

It's a very good friend of mine.

He was a diplomat in the Soviet era.

Now she works at the
United Nations in Geneva.

Each creates opportunities.

Mr. Petrovsky,

I think we have a friend in common,

Elsa Breht.

Oh no. Sends memories.

Of course, I will tell you.

The motive of my call...

is that...

I was wondering...

I wanted to know...

Some time ago I quit
my job on Capitol Hill.

Directed study groups

members of Congress.

In international relations.

Now I have my own company,

an advisory firm

in which I myself
served as a consultant.

We took two years running

and we have customers
with a similar profile to yours.

People need to have a
representative informal style

Washington continuously.


If there is a conference,

a meeting

or even a party

that may interest but which can not go,

we take care to be their
eyes and ears in Washington,

so to speak.


Of course.

It's amazing that no one
has gone before him, yes.

Ulrich Mott and Associates.

I will give you my private number.

No need to contact my secretary.

Can I interrupt the conversation?

- Of course. - Voucher.



Good night. Ulrich Mott,

representative Vladimir Petrovsky,

United Nations in Geneva.

Mr. Petrovsky them sends greetings

and feel unable to be here today.

If you please, I read his notes.

Then I will answer

all the questions they have.

I should talk to my husband

on that subject.

In Mott and Associates

They are dealing with those things.

I'll leave my card.

-Call me anytime.
-Ulrich Mott and Associates. I do not like.

¿International Symposia Solutions?

Shorter, shorter.

Global Solutions Group?

Group of prominent people?

No no no. Almost...

Eminent Persons Group.

Eminent Persons Group.

Eminent Persons Group. FOUNDER

Yes, it's gorgeous.

Look, here he comes.

I'll start preparing it.

What a beauty.

It's a very intelligent young man.

It is fortunate.

I wish I had had a grandchild.

Agency works in the
Defense Threat Reduction.

It is an excellent contact.

It could be of much use.


Okay, begins preview of the US case

contra Ulrich Gerald Mott...

Your Honor, there are
some problems that Mr. Mott

would comment before the trial.

What kind of problems?

Mr. Mott did not give me details.

I made it clear that it would comment
only here and there before me.

In agreement.

Thank you, Your Honor.

- Good Morning. - Good Morning.

I would like to bring
the following complaints.

The United States has openly violated

my rights under the Geneva Convention.

I'm still an active member

an army abroad and because of this,

I am honoring my uniform and insignia,

I have the right to address to me

with my full range.

Brigadier general Ulrich Mott.

Excuse me, said Brigadier General?

It is right.

Where does the United States Army?

No, Iraqi special forces.

Because according
to this drawback legal,

I am obliged to inform the government.

In agreement?

Are you ready to go?

Yes, Your Honor.

Do you have any document to
support it? The court will want to see.

You mean a test of my rank?

- Yes of course.

No need to ask. I will
provide it immediately.

Mr. Mott, would have been

helpful if we had said before

about his military rank

or whatever you call it.

Tell me,

Why should it matter to you my work?

I have not asked them to represent me.

And do not give very good impression

that something as basic as my work

the army has caught unawares.

I participated in the international
community for years thanks to the GPE.

Does the GPE?

Eminent Persons Group. My NGOs.

A non-governmental organization.

I understand.

Is there anything else we should know

and still you have not told us?


I've always been a commendable person.

I even went to the police when
they said it was suspicious.

I gave up with dignity

when they came to my house to
stop for a brutal and revolting crime.

I did it because I am innocent.

Why he left his house the
night when his wife died?

I went for a walk.

Yes because?

Why people out for a walk?

To give me air.

To do exercise.

To smoke a cigar

after spending all
night sitting at the table.

I have this habit.

Do you want to continue?

Mr. Mott, where did?

I wandered around the neighborhood.

And is there anyone who can corroborate?

If you are able to find a passerby

able to remember a man

ordinary strolling,

Yes, someone can confirm this.

If not, I seem to you

and the Supreme Court of Washington

They have to accept that people
go out for walks without further.

That is our mission. Thank you.

It is absolutely necessary

we move on

and that we include everyone.

- Excuse me. - Prime Minister.

Excuse me.

Excuse me one second.

What can I do for you?

I was very impressed
by everything you said.

Especially its emphasis

in the reform of the
Security Council of the UN.

You have all the reason,

It is essential.

Especially for those we care about


Thank you very much sir...

Mott. Ulrich Mott.

Work on the Eminent Persons Group.

I'm sorry...

Right now we are dedicated

anti-terrorism matters.

Maybe we could talk

some issues on which
we could work together.


Do you have any gap next week?

Embassy brings me the
agenda. I do not know if...

Let me give you my card.

Call the Embassy. Sorry.

As I was saying...

Yes. With Monsieur
Michel Rocard, please.

Ulrich Mott, of the Group
of Eminent Persons.

Ulrich Mott.

Well, I'd like to talk about
it personally Monsieur Ro...

Yes, we are good friends.

I asked him to call to arrange a lunch.

Is there?

It would be better if I
could talk to him directly.

Okay, I'll leave my number.

Where did you live when
you came to America?

As was?


The whole story.

Coming here after the war.

Your home ended up
knackered and had to leave.

It was exciting?

Did you have fear?


You were an adventurous woman.

When Tom left the army

and I suggested that we mudásemos here,

I thought he was crazy.

This was very different from Bavaria.

I liked. People...

did not treat me as if I were German,

either as an enemy or as a foreigner.

Everyone was extremely friendly.

That's what I like about America.


It is a very small state
on Nebraska, right?

All its inhabitants fit in Georgetown.

¿You knew everyone?

We all had relationship.


¿You knew Chuck Hagel, Senator?

¿Elsa? I'm Chuck. How are you dear?

It is a pleasure to
hear from an old friend

After so much time.

It would be a pleasure
to attend your party

in honor of the French
Prime Minister, of course.


I hope the caterers will match.

Motti do not understand anything.

Is the guest of honor will
Senator Hagel or Rocard?

Both of them.

And they know that?

Yes. Stop asking me questions now.

Estate get dressed and ready in time.

Otherwise I take care of myself.

- Will you come Michel Rocard? - Yes.

Hagel is the director of the
Armed Services Committee.

Will come.

Still you are taking the dog?

- Does the dog have? - Yes.

He became very famous
for the Oregon Trail.

Our home is not always the
place where we come from.

Well, not everyone is
suited to the climate.

The winters are bitterly cold

and the growing season is very short.

My father grew corn.


I think we can go past.

-Did I do the favor to pass?
-Come on, sky.


Dear, you sit here.

It's the best place.

Excuse me.


It is the first thing
that occurred to me.

Have you cooked?


Not wearing a patch last time we met?

A patch?

Well, I'd say no, no.

I think we should make a toast.

The person to whom we honor,

Elsa Breht.

I know it's not what I promised,

but I've noticed that

we would not be here and enjoying dinner

This wonderful evening was not for her.

And that's the most important
thing, do not you think?



Sorry to interrupt.

Are you a gentleman of refined taste.

Thank you.


As you know,

only 110 of more than 190 members

of the United Nations

They have designated these agencies.

And only about 30

They have established a
mechanism for national change.

And that's precisely where

GPE comes in.

To generate the progress we need.

CO-PRESIDENT: Michel Rocard

It's a very interesting presentation.

And more coming from a friend of Michel.

It will be a pleasure
to help in anything

in which it is involved.

Wonderful. Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Mott.

Or should I call Conde Albie?

Did you use my
assistant my family title?

I told him not to.

Not very democratic, is not it?

I'll talk to him the subject.

Thank you. Thank you.

University of Michigan.

A good center, but not the best.

Very little experience.


You do not know anyone
in the White House?

Not even your father
has friends on Capitol Hill?


just I moved from Michigan.

You remind me of the young Ulrich Mott.

You are hired.

Michel Rocard and Ambassador Mason

I was recommended to
speak directly with Mr. Soros.

I hope you do not mind,

but I have taken the liberty
to bring my own materials.

I did not want to send
them to any employee.

I want you to take a look.

So I said:

"That alone would have
worked at the time of Jackson".

- Mr. McNamara? - Yes.

We do not know eachother.

Ulrich Mott, of the Group
of Eminent Persons.

Excuse me, but this is
an extraordinary chance.

This morning, Mr. Soros

He recommended me to
put me in touch with you.

Do you have a second?


Of course. Sit down.

Board Members

President Bush,

We are at a historic
moment that will mark...

Now begins a new
chapter for our countries,

we would like to deem our home

a second Embassy.

A few years ago,

when I stepped away from the service...

Were you in the military?

You are right. In the French Legion.

But I'd rather not go into details.

Better not.

A fine,

I was exhausted, really.


But after I created the GPE.

Not only the best cricket
captain in the history of the sport...

You know what cricket?

He is also a member of
parliament fucking Pakistan.

Therefore we can not sit him

to the side of the baths, dammit.

The only thing I like is that.


he said Winston Churchill,

is the art of telling
people to go to hell

so you ask for directions.

With permission from the prime minister,

I prefer to think

What is the art

to help people

find the way to heaven.

Does the Ponzi Scheme?

One name

the next, the next, and
the next is removed.

It seems very unfair.

Ponzi stole money.

He is ruining people.

I gave lectures.

I is true, started from below.

And that? Is that a crime?

It may be so in Washington.

I had no companion at
Yale no senator's son.

I just went ahead.

-What about Elsa?
-What's wrong with her?

The used.

Your money, your contacts...

I did not use to Elsa.

How can you suggest such a thing?

She gave me everything for love.

He gave me the courage
to believe in myself.

She owe everything.

Which it makes the accusation

that has brought me
here even more ridiculous.

Mr. Mott,

It was ever

I violent with his wife?

It was?



Did I do things that I
am ashamed and much?

Of course.

Think of a marriage where
none have made a mistake.

Think of a marriage unapologetic.

The situation in Iraq is unacceptable

for Americans.

Our troops in Iraq have fought bravely.

They have done everything
we have asked them.

We have made mistakes,

but all the responsibility is mine.

I consider

the GPE is well positioned

and could have an important role

in rebuilding Iraq.

Let me tell you first of all

how grateful we are, Mr. Mott.

You and your wife have organized

wonderful events.

-We really enjoyed...
-Yeah, yeah, yeah...

but it's time to go further.

It's great to enjoy
with friends at parties,

but the time has come for action.

I get it.

And what kind of action has in mind?

It's all detailed in this proposal,

but mainly,

the idea is to gather

In one single place

all enemies of the United States

and liberate Iraq.

The Taliban,

El-Sadr to, to the army of El-Mahdi,


To all the world.

We may be at a neutral site,

such as Kurdistan.

And there we organized

peace conference most impressive of all.

A kind of mediation.

Assistance, guidance,

whatever you call it.

Thanks to the GPE.

Thanks to you.

You are right.

As director of the GPE,

I am oversee the process.

I have sent an identical
proposal to Kofi and...

Sorry, the office of the
UN Secretary General.

We discuss the issue on Thursday.

What are these medals?


Badges bearing.

I not stop looking at them,

but I'm afraid I do not recognize any.


are several honors
accumulated over the years.

Any is the French Foreign Legion?

I remember he said he served there.

No, they are something else.

Ah. I see.

Let us return to the issue at hand.

Mr. Mott,

I guess you already
know that we do not want

any relationship with the Taliban,

the Sadrists, or other groups mentioned.

In addition, an ambitious plan,

if it is possible to carry it out,

He would have to be supervised

by the United States
Department of State,

the League of Arab States

or the United Nations.

Read the proposal, okay?

Perhaps the French
Foreign Legion to help us.

Thanks for your time

and concern.

If you have any other ideas, please

please let us know. Have our doors open.

Mr. Mott, how has he
gone? What did they say?

I see receptive. I have hopes.

Are we now to the office?

No, you go.

I'll take a fucking drink.

Where have you been?



Reek of alcohol.

And you reek of death.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

They laughed at me today at the embassy.

They've had a magnificent proposal

and they have laughed at me.

Is, Motti.

Sometimes I think

people laugh at me.

The whole city, everyone.

"Who does he think he is?

A simple nobodies from nowhere ".

"His parents were unsuccessful

and he is not one.

Just a joke with legs that laugh."

Hey, Motti, I believe in you.

I never laugh at you.

Prométemelo, please.

I promise you.


And here we have the
suite of the ambassador.

Ah, no, no, no. We
booked a regular room.

So is.

But I changed the reservation.

I hope you do not mind.

We deserve it.

Is, Motti.

What you are naughty.

I'll call you after the meeting.

Are you sure you're okay?

- Of course. - A taxi.

I came to New York
and before you were born.

Where you'll go?

Bergdorf, Bendel's, Chanel...

I have everything in six blocks.

And then I take tea with a friend.

- Behave well. - I shall return to 6.

We do not ruin.

Tell me honey.

How about for Boston?

Listen, I'm in New York

and I just saw the perfect
Chopard watch Ulrich.

No no no no. Listen, listen, listen.

He deserves it.

It will give a conference at the
United Nations on behalf of the GPE.

I'm so proud of him.

I thought you'd be shopping.

And I'd be at the United Nations.

I'm done.

Who is this?

A friend.

Fuck, are you crazy?

Your! How could you?


-Do not mount a show.
-Why have you done this?

Did you think it would be
many years without sex?

In my nostrils.

Only you had to avoid me this,

and I put it in my bed under my nose.

There has been no meeting
of the United Nations, right?

How would there be?

Who would I want to meet with you?

Do not ever talk to me like.

Liar. Liar. Liar.

Everything you've told me are lies.

I'm sorry.

If I had said that his
mother was staying here, I...

The next time you could call mother.

Come on, bitch. Do it.

Outside. Outside.

Go away. Worthlessness.

You're just a liar prostitute,

depraved and disgusting.

Oh boy.

You are going to take ages
to get it all. Let 'me help you.

-Or better, let's get your stuff.
-What do you say?

For now. For.

The suite is in my name

and you're no longer welcome here.

You do not have any idea where he is?

Did you have problems?

Typical of any normal couple.

And do not say that we
were a very normal couple.


I wish I knew where it is.

Did you file a complaint

the deceased, Mrs. Breht,

in 2006 against Mr. Mott?


He said the cast

your hotel room aggressively.

In addition, Mr. Mott

threw a bowl of soup on top

Mrs. Breht.

- Protest. - If admits.

Please forgive me.

The report says

I had soup in her hair

and clothing.

When the police arrived,

Have you found a lady over 80 years

outside your room

with all your luggage?


No more questions.

Exhibit presented No. 4,

the document was given

the daughter of Mrs. Breht

the day after finding it dead.


According to the testament
which have submitted,

Did he win something?

Yes. Between 250,000
and 300,000 US dollars,

besides the house of Mrs. Breht.

The test number 24,

helpful and presented by the defense,

confirms that Ulrich Mott Gero

He was named brigadier general

of the Iraqi army Nouri el-Maliki,

Prime Minister and
Defense Minister Iraqi.

And this here confirms

I have named the Sexiest Man

of the world. Certifies
Her Majesty the Queen of...


England and has sent through...


It was a fucking disaster.

We have destroyed.

He has been looking at doing nothing.

Well, tell me what you
think you should have done.

He has assault charges.

Already they have a probable cause.

Is something that mortifies
me and embarrasses me.

That's why I left the
country for two years.

Why not let them tell you?

Sure, and also how he ended
up being Iraqi brigadier general.

My credentials are totally authentic.

Despite this bizarre staging.

How have they been
able to let it go that way?

It is reason enough
to declare a mistrial.

He thinks someone murdered his wife,

but you have no idea who.

And let's not said where
he was the night of the 11th.

I have said a thousand times

I went out for a walk fucking.

Is not sufficient.

I'm sorry. This sucks.

Yes, indeed.

Is right. The thing does not look good.

If you have another theory
about what happened,

It should tell it.

We're running out of options.

I did not want to do this.

It could jeopardize
many innocent people.

People should not be
involved in this disgrace,

but if you want to know my theory

what happened, as you call it,

I advise you to talk as soon as
possible with Mr. David Weatherford.

- ¿Weatherford? - Weatherford.

It is the Undersecretary
of Foreign Affairs

of the State Department.

I trust him fully.

It has a number of materials,

After analysis

it properly, they will demonstrate

Who is to blame for the death of Elsa.

I warn you to be prepared.

Result information,


And putting ourselves in the worst,

It could cause geopolitical conflicts.

Ask him for my statements.

Ask him by Zarathushtra.

Let's go there. Is he.

- ¿Weatherford? - ¿It Volker?

She is Durant, my companion.

- Hi. - Hi.

Have you read this?



You'll see.

Say it? Say it?

- Hello? - Hi Is Elsa?


Motti, are you? Where are you?

I'm busy.

I do not think I go see in a long time.

Yeah, but where are you?

There is not much coverage.


I do not know if you want
to know about me, but

I'm doing the most exciting work,

frightening and important
thing I've done so far

and I can not enjoy it without you.

I miss you so much.

I just wanted to tell you that.

Yeah, yeah, okay. But where are you?


Have you heard of such Ulrich Mott?

Should not?

- Yes, I think we should. - Why?

Because it seems that he alone

He is trying to stop the insurgents.

"Urgent. Ulrich De
Mott, Villa Zarathustra,

Sadr City, Iraq.

Undersecretary for
Foreign Affairs alone.

Not spread.

14 November 2006. Baghdad.

I am one of the few that is contacting

with the two leaders of
the national insurgency,

al-Sadr y Hakim.

Also with the jihadist

Abu-Ayeeb to el-Masri,
leader of El-Qaeda ".

This just arrived.

He is the director of a small NGO.

But he has on the board to Soros,

Robert McNamara...

It seems that you are working as a kind

representative of Muqtada el-Sadr.

Wait to?

He says he intends to
alienate the Madhi Army

of violence to achieve a state of peace.

"I am thinking in accepting the offer

of on-Sadr enlist.

I hope to reach a ceasefire. Ulrich ".

Who the hell has
authorized the enlistment

a German army Madhi

and given permission to
negotiate on our behalf?

No one.

It seems that he is
doing on its own initiative.

Well, leave it, dammit.

"December 7, 2006.

Villa Zarathustra, Sadr City.

Dear Mr. Secretary,

thanks for the message of encouragement.

Sorry I could not talk to you,

But the brothers are very strict.

Do not accept secular intrusions

let alone during prayers."

Is there no way to contact him?

Are you running Mott
this organization or not?

It takes a while without
getting in contact with me.

All I know is that it
is in the Middle East.

If they give him, you can
ask him when I get paid?

You will not believe it.

The weirdo-Sadr leads to the teeth.

It does not fit very well
and sometimes lisp.

He meant the word "murderer"

and he ended by saying "corned".

When angered, they
pass those things much.

I'm working on me

to leave two things clear.

Must securely hold dentures

and sign peace with the Americans.

Though not necessarily in that order.

Mrs. Breht,

what her husband is doing is amazing.

It seems that runs a diplomatic mission

alone and on her own

from an enemy nation.

This is terribly
counterproductive and dangerous.

Moreover, it is an unprecedented act.

Not understand how

Could you make something happen.

Ulrich do not know.

"December 26

2007 Villa Zarathustra.

As you know, I made a proposal

to capture Sunni
insurgents and Shiite militias.

The memo sent it

to Secretary General Annan in 2004.

The document reached the Iraqi embassy.

That was the basis of my mission in Iraq

when I arrived in Baghdad in 2006.

A mission that still work,

although sometimes afraid

not live to finish it."

We have analyzed your mail from Iraq.

I knew that David would
help us. He is a good man.

It is being played. They
are classified documents.

In fact, we wanted
to ask you about that.

You sent those messages.

Why do not we handed
them over to the beginning?

It was a small test, Mr. Volker,

He has passed with flying colors.

A test since.

He speaks several missions...

Wait. A second, one second.

You're not recording this, right?

No, we just understand this.

Very good. Continue.

The missions carried
out on behalf of el-Sadr...

My friend, yes.

He wrote that came to antagonize

some of the insurgent factions,

groups allied el-Qaeda in Iraq.

Groups who did not want el-Sadr
came to a peace agreement

with the United States

and they would have blamed

to have reached.

Yes. Okay, Mr Volker.

He has done very well.

Already he has his nose in the matter.

Move on.


Mr. Mott,

Why do not we account directly

who believes

who murdered his wife?

We are their lawyers

and just we want to help.

But you only presents conundrums.

We have done a huge research

and he tells us to follow up.

We have spent hours

studying these things.

Oh boy.

Do we have to go through all this again?


classified information,
disseminate only what is necessary...

Do you think you've got all that

releasing insider like that?

God, you two are hopeless.

I'm afraid I'll have to
defend myself from now.

Have a nice day.

You will receive the order

Greengrocery every week.

- I have fix it. - Voucher.

And if you want to change something,

the number is in the kitchen.

- Voucher. - I'll come back next month.

I have vacations.

Call me if you need anything.

-I could return sooner if...
-Enough. I'll be fine.

I've left a few casseroles
in the freezer case.

But if you hate stews.

My God, my God.


Sometimes he called me.


It notes that it is far,

but also it seems to be close.

He did not pick up the phone.

Please, you deserve
better. You know what?

-I give a fuck where you are.
-He's in Iraq.


He's doing extraordinary things.

I not stop thinking about that day
in New York. No laps I miss him.

I do not understand how
you kept her composure.

That's already happened.

And it was not always easy.

When I go from here
could ...? No better not.

Nerd. Talk Talk.

Knowing that you would
give me another chance

I give me strength sufficient

to withstand what is ahead of me.

Is there any chance

that let me go home?

A Georgetown.

With you.

No no no. Good...

Today I experienced one of those moments


and exquisite in all my life.

I spent all night watching

at Camp el-Sadr.

In the desert it gets
very cold at night.

Tension and doubt

Calan you to the bone.

I wondered why he was doing this.

If there was any real
reason for me to be here.

And I heard music.

El-Sadr found, God knows how,

A recording of the
Prussian military march

and he puts it through
the speakers of the camp.

I have no idea how he knew

I love that song from childhood.

And let alone where he could find her.

The men were put into training

and I paid tribute.

I said I belonged there.

My efforts

They had not been in vain.

Who had made a difference.

And I thought that...

It was at the time

that it was me home.



I was getting the mail.

One second.


Okay, so better.

Yeah, come over here.

I have said dozens or
even hundreds of times.

I am not guilty of murder

my wife, Elsa Breht.

I have understood
that no longer represent

to Mr. Mott. Where is the defendant?

Your Honor,

Mr. Mott refuses to talk

me and my partner

for several weeks,

so we can not follow.

What you are happening literate?

Mr. Mott has begun a hunger strike.

Now is very weak

and they have admitted to the hospital.

Therefore, we have sent a request

to declare him unfit for trial.

The court will have to
make a decision in respect.

Of course.

- Thank you. - I'm sorry.

- Thank you. - You are welcome.

Do you really going to
help you get away with?

We have to wait for the evaluation.

-If you are found unfit...
-he is faking. It's obvious.

I pretended everything.

That does not know. I do not even know.

The more I know about
him, the less I understand.

Everything he says is a fucking lie.

Can be.

But what about what Iraq?

How the hell did what he did there?

Can you explain it to me?

I do not know.

Can not you do this morning?

Yeah right. But I'd rather do it now.

You stay up until 2 am

and you wake me when you upload.

Sorry to disturb your rest

for wanting to pick up after our party.

Our party?

As if I'd let choice.

That's Amanda, right?

She has put you in a bad mood.

I do not know why you
keep inviting the bitter bitch.

Do not talk about my daughter.

And do not you dare smoke in my house.

If great.

We can talk? By phone no.

Is not safe. It has to be in person.

Who? Who are you talking about?


Well, as you can.

We can see us now.

No, that's nothing.

Shut the fuck up.

Can not you give me a single breath?

Do please drag you to your bed.

Go to sleep.


See you where ever?

Yes, excellent, excellent.


Who was?

That's privileged information
and is not within reach.

You're late.

Already Halloween?

I should have dressed as a cowboy.

Which majo.

Drink something.

I'll ask another.

How old?

If you're still with her.

Well, if she's still with us.

Elsa is fine, thanks.

And yes, our
relationship is going great.

It's a great woman.


It would not be who
I am if not for Elsa.

I am aware that I owe to her.

Although I have clear

now I'm much better than her.

It's not his fault, of
course. Each takes its way.

She gave me wings
with which I learned to fly.

I have big projects.

Great adventures.

Vast horizons to explore.

And it would take me a
good soldier beside me.

What do you say?

Like old times.


I did not know that mediocre powders

I had become a good soldier.

I know it took a long time

no sign of life and I'm sorry.

I understand how difficult
it must have been for you.

He was doing a job
difficult but necessary.

-I could not get in contact with you.
-Do not.

Of course not.

But I warn you. It
can not be like before.

From now on we have
to be extremely discreet.

You may need to give you
a couple of classes respect.

Even on surveillance detection.

Now I have a lot to lose.

Not only Elsa.

Many people might be at risk

if my reputation is compromised.

You know what?

He'd better not take the risk.


The old woman was right.

You are pathetic.

- Where have you been? - Working.

Ah, yes, trabajándote
one of your little friends.


One of your friends filthy Sodomites.

Shut the fuck up.

Amanda was right.

I should not have left back.


Do you have the courage
to mencionármela tonight?

He is having had the courtesy to invite

and allow it codease
with very powerful people

in my triumphant night?

And on top before you go try dinner,

as niñata

American malcriada it is.


I do not want you here. Go away.

This is my home.

I live here

and you'd have to take
years and in the cemetery.

-But you're here.
-You should not be here.

And all thanks to the charity
of Ulrich Mott Gero, Count Albie

and Brigadier General
of the Republic of Iraq.

Brigadier general, of course.


The great general brigadier,

the star man in the ass.

So sad. Denigrating to feel better.

The wonderful American rescue.

What a coincidence, right?

Often lucky.

You do not know what I went through.

I am more important than you think.

You are not able to understand.

Nor endure you no longer need.

I'm better than you.

You can not stand it no
longer your fucking butler.

I know you're not my butler.

You know?

You're a fucking motel receptionist.

Yes, a receptionist at a seedy hotel.


You spent two years in a crummy hotel

TV, breakfast and heated pool.

Yes. I've found everything.

I've seen all your documentation.

I have seen your tax returns.

All. Moron.

You gave them the address of this house

as your permanent residence.

Poor fool.

Two years working in a seedy motel.

I do not know what you're talking about.

Ah, excuse me, in Villa Zarathustra,

with your leader and all those troops.


You're an Idiot.

Do you hear me? Moron.

Moron. Crazy.

The men were put into training

and I paid tribute.

I said I belonged there.

That my efforts had not been in vain.

Who had made a difference.

You should have come
home with that uniform.