George Takei's Allegiance (2016) - full transcript

Allegiance illuminates one of American history's lesser known chapters as it tells the story of Sam Kimura, transported back nearly six decades to when his younger self and his sister Kei fought to stay connected to their heritage, their family and themselves after Japanese Americans were wrongfully imprisoned during World War II. An important story told with great resonance and intimacy, Allegiance explores the ties that bind us, the struggle to persevere and the overwhelming power of forgiveness and, most especially, love

It still fits.

For cryin' out loud!

Are you Sam Kimura?

That's the
name on the buzzer.

What do you want?

Sorry, I didn't
expect you in uniform.

Every Pearl Harbor
Day, they drop me out

to prove I'm still alive.

I'm afraid I
have some bad news.

Your sister passed away.

I'm the executor of her estate.

She wanted you to have this.

I haven't seen Kei
in over 50 years!

I don't want anything from her.

What's in it?

I don't know.

A chance for forgiveness

After all these
years gone by

The service is at three,
First Presbyterian on Knob Hill.

You're finally
at peace, Kei.

Couldn't you leave
me that way too?

If I were at peace,
I wouldn't be here.

Come back, remember when

Open the gates, Sam

Back to a time that no
one speaks of anymore


I don't want to
relive all that.

You must return again

See what awaits, Sam

We used to be a family
in those days before

We were broken by the war

By the war

We can still get
back what we lost.

Look at yourself, Sam.

I'm not that kid anymore.

Welcome home, Sammy!

Hey, thanks!


Oh, Sis!

Oh, I can't believe it!

My little brother, our
first college graduate.


Why didn't you call
from the station?

I rode down with a
buddy as far as San Jose.

From there, I hitched.

I wish you wouldn't do that.

I wish you'd stop nagging.

Are you hungry?

Tatsuo, I'll take 10
bushels of artichokes.

Thank you, you do us honor.

Papa, look who's
back from college!


Now, we need 10 bushels.

Home, sweet home.

It can wait.

Right now, we're
having a party.

Won't you join us?

What's the occasion?

Japanese Summer Festival.

At this time each year, as
we celebrate the harvest

We hang a wish high
upon a wishing tree

If the wind's strong enough

To collect your
wish and take it

Tradition says that the
wish will come to be

Once again, I make a wish

to honor the memory
of your mother.

What's it say?

If you studied
Japanese, you would know.

For my daughter, a husband.

For my son--

Let me guess, law school.

I would settle for respect.

This time of year always
makes me think of Mama

She loved this day,
though her wishes were few

She was the heartbeat
of every celebration

You know, that
sounds a lot like you

Then maybe wishes
do come true

Wishes on the wind

Drifting through the night

friends and family

As they float
away from sight

Wishes on the wind

Are wishes that we share

Not only for ourselves,
but for the ones we love

Who will always be there


This came for you.

I already know what it says.

Me too, I opened it.


When are you
gonna tell Papa?

Later, I don't want
to spoil the party.

Keiko, where is
your grandfather?

You have eyes,
look before ask!


So, what is your
wish, Ojii-chan?

I wish not to
hold this anymore.

For my sister, I wish for
a cottage by the ocean

A quiet place that's
entirely her own

For my brother, I wish for
great journeys and adventures

To see the world till
he finally misses home

I wish that I didn't
have to play the good son

Waste years in school just
so Pop would think I'm smart

I wish that I didn't
have to play the mother

Though it would
tear Papa apart

I've got to make
a brand new start

Wishes on the wind

Dreams that touch the sky

Our heads are bowed,
our eyes are lifted

Hope is riding high

Wishes on the wind

And though they travel far

Somehow, some day,
they'll find their way

Right back to us

Right back to us

New dreams with
new mysteries

Some day, I'll unravel them

New roads with new histories

Some day, I will travel them

I will travel them

Wishes on the wind

Dreams that touch the sky

Our heads are bowed,
our eyes are lifted

Hope is riding high

Wishes on the wind

And though they travel far

Somehow, some day,
they'll find their way

Right back to us

Right back to us

Right back to us

Wherever we are

So Sammy, what do you
college fellas think,

will America join the war?

We have to, France
and England need us.

You gonna enlist if we do?

Of course!

You fought in the
last war, didn't you?

Eh, I got the
scars to prove it.

Um, Sammy?


We'll get your order
of artichokes to you

first thing tomorrow.

Thanks, Kei.

See you, Sam.

So, Isamu you get letter
from law school?

Perhaps I expected
too much from you.

You know, Pop,
I've been thinking,

maybe I'm not cut out for law!

Let's face it, Kei
was the A-student.


I grow this land from nothing
so you can go to school,

make a better life
in this country.

But what if
I don't want to--

Honor what you started,

You will study harder
and apply again.

December 7th, 1941,

a date which will
live in infamy,

the United States of
America was suddenly

and deliberately attacked
by naval and air forces

of the Empire of Japan.

I ask that the Congress
declare a state of war.

This will not
be good for us.

During Great War,
people in Salinas

tried to kill a
German shopkeeper.

They burned his store to ground.

We must keep our heads down.

Where are you going?

To hang up our flag!

They need to know
we're loyal Americans.

You'll just draw
attention to us.

It's not safe.

Nothing can be done, so
for now, we do nothing!

You can't be serious!

Pop, look

We're at war now

We've been attacked,
don't you see

We have to take a stand

We must wait and see!

I can't be hearing this

We've got to act now,
not wait for angry crowds

To burn our farmhouse down

Let's show everyone in town

Do not fight the storm

Do not fight the storm

Better to bend and submit

The nail that is
highest is hit

Do not fight the storm

Do not fight the storm

There's nothing
that we can do

That's not true.

We're here to enlist.

Sorry, fellas, the
army has classified

all Japanese 4C, enemy aliens.

But we were born
in California.

We've never even
been to Japan.

A Jap is a Jap.

We came to serve today

Just like the others

We want to be the first to
wave the red, white, and blue

Somehow, we'll find a way

This isn't right

We are Americans

There's nothing to discuss

Then who will speak for us

Do not fight the storm

This is Mike Masaoka,
national secretary

for the Japanese American
Citizens League.


Who put them in charge?

We Americans of Japanese
descent pledge to fight Japan

until the enemies of
freedom are destroyed.

The JACL asks that
everyone remain calm

and trust in the fairness
of the American way.

Kaito Kimura?

I'm Kei Kimura.

Kaito's my grandfather.

What can we do for you?

FBI. We have some
questions for him.

In a time of war, it
is necessary to forego

some civil liberties
to keep America safe.

Kaito Kimura, do
you correspond with

Japanese nationals currently
living in Imperial Japan?

Does he understand?

Governor, the JACL strongly
opposes evacuating our people

from their homes!

There must be another way
to guarantee our loyalty!

Do not fight the storm

Do not fight the storm

By order of
President Roosevelt,

all people of Japanese
ancestry have until Friday

to evacuate the West Coast.

The government will
transport you

to a relocation center.

Take only what you can carry.

How can we go and
where will they take us

We cannot say no,
cannot fight the storm

Bend like a reed
and the wind won't break us

How can we go

Do not fight the storm

We leave without bitterness,

for it is patriotic to
make this sacrifice.


I'll take the farm, the
house, the equipment,

- and the car for $2,000.
- Sacrifice.

- But it's worth $20,000.
- Sacrifice.

That's a lot more than
your neighbors are getting.

Sacrifice, sacrifice,
sacrifice, sacrifice!

Let this relocation be our
contribution to the war effort!

Do not fight the storm

What can we do

The world never hears
the cries of a few!

Do not fight the storm

Do not fight the storm

Nothing that we can do

The world is not as we knew

So keep your head
down till the storm

Passes through

We've known each
other for 20 years!

Two grand, take
it or leave it.

We leave our homes
with smiling faces,

grateful to be wards
of our government

in this troubled time.

Where they take us?

The tag says Heart
Mountain, Mrs. Tanaka.

You can't take
the carriage, ma'am.


Baggage only.

Wishes on the wind,
wishes on the wind

And though they
travel far, travel far

Attention all personnel,

evacuees have arrived
at the main gate.

All staff assigned
to orientation detail

should report to their post
to process new arrivals.

Security staff, report to your
stations, armed and ready.

Where are we?


I not ask why, I ask where.

This place is
called Heart Mountain.

You see, the mountaintop?

It's shaped like a heart.

All new evacuees

must proceed to the infirmary
for medical examinations.

Women to the right,
men to the left!

Oh, excuse me, could
I please have some water

for my grandfather?

Women to the right,
men to the left!

Here, for your grandfather.

Thank you.

Hey, you're even.

I beg your pardon?

The number on
your tag, it's even.

I'm odd.

Women to the
right, men to the left.

Please prepare to
remove your clothes,

down to your underwear,
for medical examinations.

You will all need to
remove your clothes.

Mom, Mom, Mom!

These women can't undress
in front of everybody!

It's not right!
Shut up!

Now, please go inside
and remove your clothes.

After sundown,

anyone using the latrines
must follow marked pathways.

Camp guards have orders to
enforce this policy strictly.

The dust is coming right
through those cracks

in the wall.

There's no running water.

I survived San
Francisco earthquake,

run farm in Depression.

We will make do.

Make do?

They're treating
us like animals!

Isamu. Gaman.


It means to carry on.

Hold head high.

Hey, where are we gonna eat?

With the others
in the mess hall.

Dinner is family
time, not a social time.

We will eat as family.

Where is washroom?

There's a latrine next
to the infirmary, Mama.

We share it with everybody else.

I no understand.

And there are no walls
between the toilets.

No wall?

There are
people all around you.

I cannot do!

I want to go home!


I want to go home!

It will all be all right

There's a way
through this night

Stay strong

On this long road

We bury our pain

There's a word we will say

To help get through each day

We will bear any nightmare

With a simple refrain



Sturdy and sure

Keep faith and endure



Hold your head
high, carry on


Dearest wife up on high

Looking down,
see how I am lost

And exhausted,
weak, and ashamed

Little baby, don't cry

Hear a sweet lullaby

Have I failed to protect you

Am I to blame

We know that there's
no turning back


If we hold together

There's nothing we lack

And our people will know

That wherever we go

Together we'll ever remain



Sturdy and sure

Keep faith and endure

We will carry on


Dignity, pride

As we stand side by side

Even when all
hope seems gone




What are you doin', old man?

He's just
hanging wind chimes.

Come again?

We bring from Japan.

Take it down!

It's just a--

It's just what?

It's just, with
your permission,

we'd like to hang this up.

Now we're talking.

Thank you, sir.



You dishonor Grandfather!

He was protecting him!

He calls attention to us!

He must know his place!

My place is in the army!

I can't sit around here
doing nothing, I'll go nuts.

Then make yourself useful.

That's what I'm
trying to do, Pop--


You are trying to be big man!
Look, I--

Think Isamu!

Then do.

I need some air.

Flag look like America,

sound like Japan!

"Don't fight the
storm," he said

And now look where we are

Bending and cowering

Can only get you so far

He tells me to
make myself useful

And do our family proud

Well, how the hell am
I supposed to be useful

When being myself's
not allowed

He clings to tradition,
afraid to try something new

"We don't call attention,
we think," but we never do

He wants me to
follow blindly

He wants me to
keep my mouth shut

But I swear from
this day forward

I am going with my gut

What makes a man
is his clarity

When he listens to his heart

What makes a man
is his bravery

When he plays a bigger part

What makes a man is
what he makes of himself

When he's doing
the best he can

I must be my own man

It's time we took action

And found a way
out of this place

I'll set an example

Help others to
see beyond race

And though my face
resembles our enemies in war

I am still American

Nothing less
and nothing more

I'll never be a scholar

Much as Pop wants me to be

And I'm not some
nameless body in a crowd

If Pop would only see
the soldier I could be

I'll finally find a
way to make him proud

I'll finally find a
way to make me proud

What makes a man
is his dignity

When he stands
for what is right

What makes a man
is his loyalty

When he fights
his nation's fight

What makes a man is
what he makes of himself

When he's giving
it all he can

For all our sakes

I'll do what it takes

I must be my

Own man


Break it up!

Just doing karate.

None of that oriental crap.




Mr. Odd.







Your place is
better than mine.

I'm stuck in a room with
10 other single fellas.

Makes my apartment in
L.A. look like paradise.

I've always wanted
to visit Los Angeles.

It's very glamorous,

poolside parties,
nightclubbing with movie stars.



I'm in law school at USC.

Well, was.

And your family?

Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't pry.

My folks ran a
Japanese language school.

The day after Pearl
Harbor, they got arrested.

I haven't seen or
heard from them since.

I'm sure they're fine.

I'm not.

Would you like to join us
for supper in the mess hall?

You buyin'?

Ojii-chan, are
you ready to go?


Thank you, Private.

Oh, you'll get used to the dust.

You sure?

I'm from Nebraska,
dust is a food group.

Oh, here.

This'll help.

You wanna
listen to my chest?

Oh, uh,


You're dismissed.

Oh, um, how can I help you?

My grandfather's got a
cough that won't quit--

I'm sorry, I don't
have anything, I--

Hey, what about--

That's for military
personnel only.


Rules are rules.

But if you need rubbing
alcohol, bandages,

or cotton balls, I'm your gal.

Oh, good to know, Nurse--



Kimura, Sammy.

Listen, if your
grandfather gets worse--

Have him take
two cotton balls

and call you in the morning?


You know, I tried to enlist.

You did, huh?

Got rejected.
Flat feet?

Yellow face.

So, I would have been
military personnel.

But you're not.

No, but if I were,

I could get cough syrup
for my grandfather?

But you can't.

Mm, no, you can.

They told me the
Japanese were quiet

Wouldn't put up a fuss

She probably likes to have
the power over all of us

Been standin' a
minute here already

She is under my skin

I should just throw him out

I need an angle in

Hey, come on, I'd do
it for your grandfather!

My grandfather's dead.

So that just leaves mine.


Do you please have a poison?

Oh, oh, to kill rat.

Oh, try the camp kitchen.

Yes, thank you.

Camp food kill anything.


Now we're standing
far too close

He's certainly stubborn,
have to give him that

I can wait this out all day

I won't be leaving
till I get what I want

Why are we in here alone

But if she gets in
trouble, I'll feel bad

I should just be on my way

I oughta, I oughta,
I oughta, I oughta

I oughta get going

I gotta get back to work

Before I go

You gotta get out

I'm gonna come back to
see ya just so you know

There's something exasperating
and I oughta tell him so

He oughta

I don't wanna, but I oughta

Guess I oughta, just gotta

I oughta go

I should get back
to my grandfather

if you're not--
No, wait, wait!

Don't tell anyone.

Oh, thanks.

She's not half bad

What'd I just do

Oughta go

Excuse me, is this the
Wartime Relocation Office?

Mr. Masaoka,
I'm Director Dillon.

How's Washington treating you?

Well, all I've seen so
far are a lot of secretaries

telling me that the
congressman isn't available.

Be patient.

We've got 10,000
people still being held

at Santa Anita Racetrack--
I know.

And at Heart Mountain,

They've got dust storms--
I know.

I'm working on a
statement for the press.

Here you go!

With all due respect,
I can't say this!

It's for the good
of your people.

America needs to know
they're not the enemy.

Gentlemen of the press,
our people are not prisoners!

They live in clean
pioneer communities.

They take part in
wholesome activities,

like the Boy Scouts,
the Girl Scouts, and

Americanization classes.

The American people
can sleep well at night

knowing that Uncle Sam
is a benevolent master.

Yes, operator, I'll
accept the charges.


Ben, where are you?

We're still
at the racetrack.

We're sleeping in a horse stall.

Our mother is sleeping
in a horse stall.

I'm sorry, I'm doing
everything I can.

Do more.

Listen, I think I can get
the army to let us enlist.

What the hell
good's that gonna do?

It'll prove
that we're loyal,

just like any other American!

Right just like
any other American.

Hey, Tom, how's
that college degree

workin' out for ya, huh?

I still got plans.

You got nothin' but junk.

We'll get
all this cleaned up.

What's the point?

The next dust storm
will bury us again.

I started a petition for
the camp administrators.

You mean wardens?

I have a list of requests
to make life better here.

Now, what do you want?

It's already cold at
night, we need blankets,

we need medicine.

I've got a mattress
full of fleas.

Can your petition fix that?


Smell like pee!

They brought us here, forgot
about us, and left us to rot.

That is
not gonna happen.

Yeah, we're
at war with Italy,

but nobody's putting
Joe DiMaggio in a camp!

Look, I, hey!


If you got a
complaint, put it here!

Just sign this!

And remind the folks in charge
that there are people here

We must appear united!

If you want aspirin or
bedding without fleas

Or not to freeze

Then get organized with me

As a team, we'll get it done

We're not nearly finished
here, we have only just begun

So sign this!

It's time we got in the game

We just gotta get in,
gotta get in, gotta get in

Gotta get in the game

We can't sit on the sidelines.

Decisions should be
made by the elders.

Only American citizens
can be in charge, Pop.

Since we come here, young
people run wild like coyote!

Look, look,
look, I'm sayin':

That we gotta get in,
gotta get in, gotta get in

Gotta get in the game

We're stuck, who knows how
long, and sure, it's wrong

Alone, it's really hard,
but as a team, we're strong

There's no use placing blame

We just gotta
get in the game

It's more than
just the basics.

We have to find a way to
make life livable here.

No, no, enjoyable!

Fun, even.


This is not summer camp.

We need something we
can all do together,

something we all like!

Mrs. Tanaka, what is it that
you miss most about home?


Back home, I have
so many flower--

And vegetable!

Here, ground too hard!

You head too hard!


Uh-uh, that is
against the rules!

No oriental crap
allowed, remember?

That's why
we're petitioning.




We can use the mess hall!

Yeah, jazz it up!


We need something
we can all do!

We need
Buddhist temple.

We need Frank
Sinatra records!


What about baseball?


Gotta get in, gotta
get in, gotta get in

Gotta get in, gotta
get in, gotta get in

Gotta get in, we gotta
get in, we gotta get in

Gotta get in, we gotta
get in, we gotta get in

Gotta get in the game

It's a beautiful day
for baseball here

Block 13 up at
bat, gotta get in

The bases fully loaded and
two outs is where we're at

Gotta get in, gotta get in

Gotta get in the game

Strike one

Gotta get in, gotta
get in the game

Strike two

Toes at the plate,
toes at the plate

Hands up high, hands up high

Eyes on the ball,
eyes on the ball

Knock 'em to the sky,
knock 'em to the sky

Now, everyone get in

Home run

That's how we win

So we gotta get in

Gotta get in the game

Gotta get in

Gotta get in the game

We're stuck, who knows how
long, and sure, it's wrong

Alone, it's really hard,
but as a team, we're strong

There's no use placing blame

It's time we overcame

And got back

In the


Gotta get in the game

Would you help me out?

Oh, Mrs. Maruyama,
you were fantastic!

You should call the games!

Call them what?

No, it's what
an umpire does.

It's like a judge.

Oh, she like to judge!

Oh, don't forget
about the fleas!

Got it.

Oh, Nurse Campbell, I
could use your help.

I need some body bags,
lots of body bags.

Oh, are you
planning a massacre?

No, I'm
just kid, I wasn't--

Oh, no, no, never, gosh, no.

Oh, gosh, you said--

No, no, no, they're
for mattresses.

You stuff them with straw,
they don't rot or smell.

Oh, clever.


Oh, this is my sister.

Kei, this is Nurse Campbell.


That means
flower in Japanese.

It's pronounced ha-na.

It's close.

Not really.

Hey, Pop,
what do you think, huh?


That Frankie
gives me the itch.

I'll bet Nurse Hannah
could help with that.

Her temperature is 102.

You need to keep
her inside and cool.

Do you have any aspirin?

I'm sorry, check
back tomorrow.

There you go.

Thank you, Sam.

else do you need?

Can you get me
medical supplies for

thousands of people?

I can check to see
if the trucks are here.

Good enough.


I really
appreciate your help.

I'm sorry, Mr. Kimura, I don't
have anything more for you.

Nothing at all?

Make sure he drinks
plenty of water.

The water is
making him sick!

I filed a report.

Really, I'm doing
everything I can.

This is all they got.


What do you think you're doin'?

I asked Sammy to
get the supplies.


Well, it's a good
thing you're a nurse,

'cause it looks like
you got yellow fever.

Don't be ignorant.
That's not really how--

I can handle this.

I'm talking to you.
Come on, back off, she--

Remember who gives
the orders around here!

That won't be
necessary, Private!

He knows his place.

So should you.

What the hell
is his problem?

Have you lost your mind?
Don't lecture me, sis.

Don't let him use this.
He coulda shot you, Sam!

He was just trying--
Stay out of this!

Look, I am on your side!

Then leave us alone!

It's safer that way!

Hannah, don't listen to her.

No, no, she's right.

You need to go.


There's a line between
should and shouldn't

And I never have crossed it

Tried to hold myself
back, but I couldn't

I used to have judgement,
how could I have lost it

I've been willfully
playing with fire

Now it's drawing me in

With no net and
walking on wire

How could I let him
sink under my skin

But the rule is
stay far from him

Still, my heart skips a beat

Life in here may
be sink or swim

But he makes it
strangely sweet

There's a line between
should and shouldn't

But it's starting to vanish

If I could let
this go, I wouldn't

No one can tell me
which feelings to banish

Rules are rules

They always apply

I follow the rules

But should I

Should I

Rules are rules

But I don't know why

I follow the rules

I follow the rules

But should I

Should I

Should I

Should I

This is the third
time that I've submitted

this petition from
Heart Mountain!

It's 20 below in Wyoming!

They need coal, they
need blankets, they--

Who doesn't?

There's a war on.

Then let our boys enlist!

Mike, I've told you before.

Give us our own segregated
unit, like the Negroes.

We'll fight harder than
any soldier you've got.

We'll undertake the
most dangerous missions,

even if it means certain death.

Certain death, you
mean a suicide battalion?

Think of the headlines!

No one cares about one
dead Japanese American.

Spread us out and
the story disappears.

But hundreds of
casualties at once?

Hundreds of
Japanese American heroes,

sacrificing their lives.

That could change the way
this country thinks of us.

Your people would do
that, you'd do that?

If that's what it takes
to win back our freedom,

it's a price we're
willing to pay.

But there's
no way of knowing

which of your people are loyal.

We separate the
troublemakers from the rest.

How do we do that?


What is questionnaire?

The government wants
more information about us.

We live inside the
fence, use public toilet.

What they not know?

Whether we've been
convicted of a crime?

Are we willing to serve
in the armed forces?


Question number 27.

Are you willing to
serve in the armed forces

of the United States on
combat duty wherever ordered?

They're letting us serve!

No, it's too dangerous.

So we can't live
free in this country,

but we can die for it?

Isn't freedom
worth dying for?

You would put
on same uniform

as soldiers who
point guns at us?

We're all Americans!

Listen to this.

Question number 28--

Will you swear
unqualified allegiance

to the United
States of America--

And forswear any form
of allegiance or obedience

to the Japanese emperor?

They lock us up
then ask for loyalty?

We all still
have to say yes.


This time, they go too far!

That piece of paper there

It is an outrage

So many tens of thousand
lives destroyed for what

Pop, they could deport
you back to Japan!

They call it questionnaire

They took our farm,
they took our home

And now our
honor is at stake

But that, they'll never take

Never take


You will not serve unless
they force you in their army!

Our army!

We look like enemy!

They see disloyal, let
them accuse me or deport me

If they wish

They talk of liberty

All empty words

They promise justice
for our people

Look around

We are dead upon the
ground, look around

Pop, I have a chance
to defend my country!

I'm taking it!


You can't just run off--

Calm down, there's a
dance at the mess hall!

How can you go to a dance?

I organized it!

This is no time for fun!

Well, we need
it, for morale.

Should my allegiance
lie first with my family

I've got to calm
them, make them listen

If I refuse to bow,
will I harm them instead

He took a stand, there's
a time to take mine

If I go through with this

I may never see them again

If I deny myself

What kind of man am I


Some day, you'll understand

The path I've chosen

Today I answer no and no
to set my conscience free

My allegiance must lie first

With me

They're both so stubborn!

No worry.

But if Papa
answers no and no--

He cannot.

I take his

What about Sammy?

We can't let him sign up.

Keiko, always
think of other.

When you mommy die,
you grow up so fast,

take care Sammy, help with farm.

Why you no go to dance,

have fun?

Do American

That's for kids.

No one wants to dance
with an old maid.

You crazy!

How you can be old maid

when I still so young?

Japanese say.

A pretty lady?

Should not sit home with
old man on Saturday night.

That's not a proverb.

No, but should be.

Listen to Ojii-chan.

Keiko look at page

Paper very bad

Now, I look at Keiko,
see how Keiko very sad

But paper also change

I fold it up this way

A paper flower blossom

Just like Kei

Nothing blooms
at Heart Mountain.

You want bet?

Two dollar say

I make garden grow
in hard ground.

You're on.

You gonna lose.

You know why?

Let me guess.

Japanese say " Ishi Kara Ishi".

Mountain can be moved.

Stone by stone.

Ishi Kara Ishi.

Yamawa Ido Dekiru.

Yasahii Ogawawa

Tanima Wo Horeru, Horeru

These are trick questions.

We're damned if we answer yes
and we're damned if we don't.

I hear if you
answer no and no,

they send you away to Tule Lake.

What's Tule Lake?

Hard labor camp.

I blame Masaoka.

He's trying to get us to fight.

I'd rather be on a

than in a labor camp!

You would fight
for a country

that lock up your parents?

If we prove we're loyal,

they'll free the
others first, right?

I don't think so.
Do we answer yes or no?

No, no, we wait and see.

Hey, Frankie, what
are you gonna do

about this questionnaire, huh?

You want to find out?

Come to the dance.

Ladies and

and all the ships at sea,

you're listening
to Charlie Howard

and the Starlight Orchestra.

I cannot be with you

Though it breaks my heart

A world at war divides us

And so darling,
we remain apart

But when I close my eyes

It's only you I see

You're in my arms
and once again

You're dancing here with me

With you, I'd be better

With you, I'd be true

We'd be together

Your kiss is overdue

For now, I am lonely

My heart is blue

With you

With you

I cannot be with you

Your partner's
a little stiff.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, he's kind of
a drip.

Oh, that's good,
drip, yeah, I like it.

What am I doing?

Why aren't you at the dance?

I'm on my way.

Okay, you need to go.

What if I were sick?

Oh, are you?

Yeah, sick of this place.

Me too.

Hey, you think enlisting's
a good idea, don't you?

Of course.

I just want to
make a difference,

but my Pop, he thinks that I,

well, whatever I do, it's wrong.

It always has been.

I'm sure he just wants
what's best for you.


See, my mom died
giving birth to me.

Somehow, that's my fault.

When I told my dad I
wanted to join the army,

he actually locked
me in my room.

What'd you do?

Picked the lock.

I thought I would see
the world...

Europe, the Philippines...

Instead, I ended up here.

Me too.

I'm sorry.

Compared to you, I have
nothing to complain about.

No, no, no, we
all have it rough.

You should go to your dance.

We could dance here.

Oh, oh, no, I can't, I--

I wasn't asking you.


I cannot be with you

The world is in our way

Unless we find
some other place

Where day is night
and night is day

I would take us there

How beautiful it seems

Just close your
eyes and suddenly

We're dancing in our dreams

Dancing in our dreams

With you, I'd be better

If nobody knew

With you

With you

I cannot be with

If I were with you

No one else could
see us this way

If I were with you

We would fight the
world every day

If I were with you, our
moments would be few

But I'd spend
each one with you

With you, I'd be better

If nobody knew

With you

With you

With you

With you

With you

With you

I cannot be

With you

You clean up all
right, farm girl.


but I don't really dance.

You're dancing now.


I'm more of a

kinda gal.

Nice flower.

Is that a page from
one of your books?


Um, it's--

Wait a second.

Is that the loyalty

It's silly, I know.

It's terrific!

And much better than
what I did with mine.

And what was that?

Let's just say I
put it behind me.

You are allowed to laugh.

It's still a free
country... sorta.

I guess I haven't found
much to laugh about here.

Stick around.

Thank you, thank you so
much for coming to our first,

but we hope not annual,
Heart Mountain Dance.

Yeah, that's true.

We have one more dance
before the curfew--

But first, places ladies.

We've got a little surprise
entertainment for you,

featuring our man in Washington,

Mike Masaoka.


My fellow Americans, give
me your tired, your poor,

your homes, your
businesses, your money.

Just mark yes to
questions 27 and 28,

and I will let you stay
right here in paradise.

Desert, swamp,
or dusty waste

They say location's key

Sure, you shiver
in this icebox

But cheer up, the
rent is free! Whoo!

And don't you love
to freeze in line

For soggy bowls of rice

Just put up and shut up
'cause you're in paradise

Is everybody happy?



When it's pitch-black
dark at night

The army might assume

That you're trying to escape

If you're running
to the bathroom

Let them aim their spotlights
down, but smile real nice

Just put up and shut up
'cause you're in paradise

Ain't it grand in paradise

The water tastes like rust

The bedding's filled
with crabby lice

Here's a little sound advice

You better take
my sound advice

Just put up and shut up
'cause you're in paradise

Say, does anybody
know where to get

good sushi around here?

Try Tule Lake!

There's no
water in Tule Lake.

It's drier than Mrs.
Tanaka's rice cakes!

That's not true!

Say, let me ask
you a question.

Why are Japanese American
kids so good at math?

I don't know.

Why are--

Why are Japanese American
kids so good at math?

Because they spend the whole
year in concentration camp!

Hey, that's enough!

Sorry, Sammy,
your Uncle Sam's

got a few questions for you.

Now they aim to separate
disloyals from the rest

All you have to do to pass

Is hold your nose
and answer yes

A no-no seals your fate, but
you will pay a heavy price

They'll grab you and send
you away from paradise

Ain't it grand in paradise

The snakes will let you be
if you feed them all the mice

But if you answer no twice

Lord, if you check it twice

You know, know you'll
go, go away from paradise

You don't want to take that
chance so answer yes-yes

Do the paradise dance

I see you.

I said I don't dance.
She doesn't want to!

That's right!




Hey, everybody, it's
for our own good, right


So we better just do
what we should, right

Put up and shut up

Just put up and shut up

Just put up and shut up

Just put up and shut up

Just shut it up

You're in


Ain't this paradise

If you love Uncle Sam,
put your skin in the game

There's a suicide battalion
that's calling your name

No, cut it out, that's
enough, that's enough!

It's a segregated
unit, hey, that's new

Masaoka needs
suckers, how 'bout you

I said cut it out!

Cool it!

Masaoka made it possible
for us to serve our country!

He's not behind
barbed wire, is he?

If you had any guts,
you'd sign up to fight.

Sign up to fight?

You mean volunteer to die.

Not after FDR locked
up my parents.


They shoulda locked
you up with them.

Stop it!

Don't you ever talk
about my parents!

Hey, stop!

Stop it!

Stop it!

It's almost curfew.

We should call it a night.

Come on, Kei.


You're not his mother.

I raised him.

Since birth.

If I'm not his mother, who is?

He's a grown man.

Then what does that make me?

You're a woman who wears
a political statement

in her hair.

I should go.

You are so much more
than somebody's sister,

or daughter, or granddaughter.

So much more.

Goodnight, Frankie.

There once was a little girl

Playing on a swing set

The one her grandpa built
by the sycamore tree

Near the rusty farmyard gate

While her mama
pinned the laundry

The little girl
would cry out loud

Push me higher,
push me higher

Push me, I can't wait

Her mama would
push a couple times

But there was
laundry still to do

So she learned to
use her own strength

Pull her own weight,
push on through

To swing higher

Higher than before


But scared to reach
for something more


Higher towards the sky

Until the day
she bent to kiss

Her mama a last goodbye

There once was a little boy
who loved that swing set

He had a licorice twist
from the store in town

And two knobby
skinned up knees

While his sister
pinned the laundry

That little boy
would cry out loud

Push me higher,
push me higher

Push me, pretty please

The girl would
push a couple times

But there was
laundry still to do

Then she watched
amazed as suddenly

He pulled his
own way through

To swing higher

Higher than she dared


He flew so high,
but wasn't scared


He could touch the sky

But then she knew that
he would also one day

Tell her goodbye

That little boy,
he seemed so sure

Was it something
never taught to her

How the years passed
quickly by

That girl's a woman,
still afraid to try

Is it too late
to start again

Get back that
feeling I had then

But now my life
is upside down

There's no more farm,
there's no more town

And no use asking why

But I won't let
it pass me by

Life won't pass me by

I'll fly

Get back on that swing


Soaring higher
up than anything


I want something more

I dreamed I'd reach
for greater things

My eyes upon
those golden rings

I'll take what chance
the future brings

And soar

Residents of
block 13.

Please report to the mess hall

with your completed

You don't understand.

What is it now?

I wanted to separate
out the trouble makers,

but this questionnaire
has completely blown up.

Calm down.

You've got your all Jap
unit, we've got our list.

Now go fight the Germans

and let us deal with
domestic security.

Are you sure about
this, Mr. Kimura?

I am.

Time to go.

Are the handcuffs
really necessary?

I've got my orders.

If he changes answers,
you'd let him stay, right?

My answers remain no and no!

How can you be so stubborn?

An honorable man
must take a stand

for what he believes.

Let's go.


No touching.

Hey come on, that's--

That's the protocol.

No touching.

What are you afraid of?

That I'll slip him a knife?

Give him a gun?

Search the place.

Search the whole damn camp!

We have nothing.

You took it all away, and
now you're taking him!



Back away, sir.

He my son.





There's gotta be something
I can do to help him.

I'm gonna enlist.


If we prove we're
loyal, they'll free Pop.

They'll free all of us!

You don't have
to prove anything.

I'm an American
citizen in a country

that thinks I'm the enemy.

I have everything to prove.

Papa, forbid it.

Ojii-chan, tell him.


A boy always obey his father.

No, I--

A man does not.

What are you saying?

When I you age,
I fight in war.

"When you papa you age"

he cross ocean.

What you do?

It's my time to serve

My strength to give

My blood to offer

So others might live

We'll win back our freedom

I know it somehow

We must sacrifice

Pay any price

It's my time

Our time now

I, Mike Masaoka,

do solemnly swear to
support and defend

the constitution of
the United States

against all enemies,
foreign and domestic.

That I shall bear true faith and
allegiance to the same;

So help me God.

They're tearing
apart our families.

Turning us against each other!

This has got to stop!

It's our time to rise

Stand up and fight

Stand strong together

Stand for what's right

We've suffered in silence

But this we avow,
we'll even the score

We're silent no more

It's our time, our time now

It's my time to live
a life of my own

But that doesn't mean
I must spend it alone

I won't be bound by
what others allow

My choices are mine,
alone to define

It's my time

My time now

Promise me this

You will look
after my sister

I will promise you this

If you come back to me

I will come back, you'll see

Think of the day

When the war is over

Nothing will stand

In our way

It's our time to rise

And walk through that hell

We will be heroes

With stories to tell

This is the chance

We hope they'd allow

I understand

What makes a man

This is my time

And we'll face this together

Our time and we're changed now

It's our time

It's our time now

August 1st, 1944.

Pisa, Italy.

After three weeks
of non-stop combat,

the all Japanese American 442nd

captured the high ground
in the hills of Tuscany.

Nowhere is their
bravery more evident

than in the actions of
Private First Class Sam Kimura

who rescued several of
his fellow soldiers.

Including this
reporter's brother,

Private Ben Masaoka.

I heard from my brother.

Get this.

"Dear Kei.

Greetings from censored.

Can only write a
little because censored.

The 442 is censored.

Love, Sammy."

At least I know he's okay.

What's that?

My draft notice.

I'm supposed to report
for induction next week.

How can they
force you to fight?

I won't go.

Not unless they free
our families first.

But you can't
resist the draft.

It's not right.

They'll put you in prison.

This is prison!

They threw us in here,
made us all disappear

Without charge, or
cause, or reason

Now we're ordered to fight

Have our blood
spilled despite

The way that
they've treated us

So this is the plan

Resist, take a stand

They can hang us
all for treason

Let our families go home

And we're ready to serve

Be drafted like the rest

We've a righteous cause

There are rights and laws

Let's put them to the test


We'll face the fire


If they require

We enlist

Then we demand
they understand

People name the price


For now or never


We stand together to insist

Before we fight

They do what's right

And we pledge to sacrifice


We won't fight until
our families are free!


You need to be careful.

This doesn't concern you!

I promised Sam I
would keep you safe.

I can take care of myself.

And so can Sam.

I'm just trying to help.


You can't even get us aspirin!




This is the guy
who saved my life.

Thank you, it's an honor.


How about a statement
for the press?

Tell the world why you're
fighting for America.

I'm a regular guy,
just a Yankee G.I.

Who's fighting
for his country

See, soldiers like me

Want our families free

Mine's at Heart
Mountain Camp

How do you feel about
the draft riots

at Heart Mountain?

Draft riots?

They're being lead by a
resistor named Frank Suzuki.


You know him?

Sorry to say I do.

He's got them burning
their draft cards

and refusing to fight
for their country.

What do you say about that?

In war we unite, we
don't run from a fight

In shame or humiliation

American values are
what lie at stake

We stand for what is right

Life and liberty

This will set us free

And we're ready to fight


It's now or never


We stand together to insist

Before we fight

They do what's right

And we pledge to sacrifice

We all must sacrifice


And Fight


And fight


And fight

I am fighting to win
back my family's freedom.

For that, I'm willing to
make the ultimate sacrifice.

We are loyal Americans,
putting our lives on the line.

We condemn these
draft dodgers.

They dishonor our troops,

and are a disgrace to all
freedom loving people.

We condemn agitators
like Frank Suzuki,

and his followers.

They are cowards, and traitors.

They must be punished.

We must defend life and
liberty by any means necessary.

Okay, Kimura.

We're only letting you
out of the stockade

on account of your son.

My son?

Is he...

Nah, he's on the
cover of Life Magazine.



He's a hero.

Doing his country proud.

Can I keep?


Maybe you'll learn something.

What is this face they show

Upon the cover

This noble soldier

An example to his men

I am fighting for the honor

of all Japanese Americans,

especially my
grandfather, and father,

who've spent their lives

proving their loyalty
to the United States.

I look forward to the day
that I can see them free,

along with my sister, Kei.

I never thought I'd
miss her nagging me,

but she's a lot nicer
than a drill sergeant.

Come on.

I know a place
where you can hide.

I'm not hiding.

Don't argue!

They'll be here any minute.

You have to let me go.

Not yet.

There's gotta be a way!


If they hang me for treason--

Don't say that.

It could happen.

There isn't time to say

All the things I want to say

They're coming for me soon

I know, I know

If this is all the time
we get to spend this way

No, I don't accept that

I cannot let you go

I want to capture this

Remember how it feels

I want to burn
it in for good

Why did you choose a fool

Who'd die for his ideals

If I had to do it all again

I would

Kei, if this is all we get

I'm still so grateful
that I met you

This is not over

We are not over

You are my future,
not my past

This is not over

We are not over

This moment will
not be our last

Always the optimist

That's what I
learned from you

You gave me hope
when I had none

We'll take each day

I feel it in my soul

Our story isn't done

Imagine nothing left
standing in our way

You told me once that I
was more than who I thought

I found my place
because of you

Don't make me out to be

Some hero that I'm not

On your own, you have the
will to see this through

This is not over

We are not over

You are my future,
not my past

But I can hold you now

And you will hold me then

There is no question

Not whether, only when

I see such strength in you

That I might believe it too

I believe in you

This is not over

We are not over

You are my future,
not my past

This is not over,
we are not over

This moment is not our last

This moment is not our last

There he is!

Hands in the air!

Don't shoot, don't shoot.

On your knees,
both of you.

She didn't do anything.

She didn't do anything.


What am I supposed to do

Pick up the
pieces without you

The world is upside down

And they have come
and torn my heart away

I'm done with standing by

Now it's time to do or die

I will fly

Any news?

They're still
in the stockade,

but their trial's in
a couple of weeks.

We've got to help them now.

Well, what
can we do to help?

They've taken our men

So to see them again

We must tell the
world their story

We'll write letters
to newspapers

across the whole country!

People need to know
they're not traitors.

How will we get
that past the censors?

I'll think of something.

The time left is short

So they need our support

Together we'll make a stand

I need bandages.

What happened?

There's this guy in the
stockade, Frank Suzuki.


If he doesn't
keep his mouth shut,

he's gonna get himself killed.

Well, bring him here.

I can't do that!

No, this isn't what
we signed up for!

This isn't what we do.

Bring him here now.

All clear.

Hurry up!


So here is the plan

Smuggle out what we can

Or go out in a
blaze of glory

Does anyone have any
friends who can help

We can bribe a guard or two

We will not relent

'Til the word is sent

This is what we must do


Let's face the fire


We're climbing higher









Try to breathe slowly.

I can't.

I saw your
grandfather's garden.

I can't believe he got
anything to grow out here.

He and the other
farmers are donating

the surplus to the army.

He says you
owe him two bucks.

Any other symptoms?

Morning sickness.


Don't tell anyone.

Does Frankie know--

Frankie doesn't know.

What's wrong?

You need to stay calm.

What's happened?

He's been hurt.


I'm trying to
have him brought here.

I have to go to him.

I can't just sit here.
No, let's wait.

He might need an ambulance.
Let's wait.

How far is the hospital?

Listen to me!

Stop and think a moment

You have to stay and rest

There's a child
who needs you now

You have to do what's best

You don't understand us

Or what they put us through

This is no concern of yours

I'll do what I must do

Years inside here taught me

The world won't
set things right

It's up to us to
save ourselves

I'm ready for the fight

I am stronger than before

Braver than before

This courage I've discovered

I've never needed more

I have learned to
move a mountain

In the middle of a war

There is no returning

I'm stronger than before

You won't do this alone now

I know where I belong

You've always stood
for what was right

While I stood
for what's wrong

When I stepped
into this prison

Who knew what lay ahead

I thought I'd face the enemy

But I fell in love instead

I made Sam a promise

That I'd look out for you

So I will help
get Frankie out

It's what I have to do

I am stronger than before

Braver than before

I swear I'll
stand beside you

To even out the score

I don't know
how to thank you

No thanks are needed, Kei

I do what I have to

I guess we're both that way

After all that's
happened here

We cannot pretend

That we aren't
bound together

We will see this to the end

To the end

We are stronger

Stronger than before

What ever this may cost me

Doesn't matter anymore

We are women who
move mountains

In the middle of a war

We are stronger than before

And I will face

Within this place

What lies in store

We have grown stronger than


I'll issue an order to
have Frankie transferred

to a hospital outside.

From there, I can get him
to my parents in Omaha.

You'll go to
prison for that.

I know.

Back away from the prisoner.

It's all right.

That's an order!

Oh, Kei!

I'm all right.

Stand down.
No, stop!

Stand down!

Oh, no!

What's the plan, Sarge?

See this?

Now there are 200 men
trapped behind that ridge.

And two battalions have
tried to reach them,

but they're surrounded
by the Germans.

They're sending us
in to rescue them.

That's an uphill push
through enemy territory.

Loaded with landmines.

It's a suicide mission!

Send in the kamikaze Japs.

Shut up!

Hey, I call
it like I see it,

and I say it's a
suicide mission.

I said shut up!


On this side of the line,
we let those men die.

On that side of the
line, we save them.

Now we go at 0500 hours.

Get some sleep.

Damn it.

You okay, Sam?

I can't feel my hand!

How am I gonna shoot if
I can't feel my hand?

Damn it.

Listen, Ben, if
I don't make it--

You're gonna.

You're a hero, remember?

You've been reading too many

of your brother's articles.


What did the soldiers
from Hawaii say?

Go for broke.

Damn right.

Is that a picture of your girl?

Let me see.

Come on.


I didn't expect her to be--


A nurse.

Her name is Hannah Campbell.

She's from Omaha.

Ben, if I don't come back--

Cut that out.

Listen to me.

I want you to find her.

I want you to tell
her that I was...

Hey, forget it, huh?

Get some rest, Sam.

With you, I'd be better

But what can I do

With you

With you

With you

With you

I cannot be with

I can't
see a damn thing.


If you can't see where
you are, neither can they.

Stay close, keep moving.

If the Germans
see our faces,

they'll think the
Emperor sent us.

Hold your fire
'til my command.

One muzzle flash,

and it's like we
turn the lights on.

Not yet.

They're just guessing.

Hold your fire.


Come on, Sam.

Hold on.

Hold on!

Hold on!

Hold on!


Go for broke, go...

New letter from Sam?


Same one.

I must've read this
about 20 times.

Every time I look
at his handwriting,

it reminds me how I taught him

when he was little.

My hand on his, guiding it.

You do bad job.

Sammy still in hospital?

I guess.

I haven't heard anything.

No telegram from Army
means he is fine.



What did you say?

You forgot Japanese?

Hana, flower.

Of course.

Why you grow flower
in vegetable garden?

Just happened.

Sometime flower surprise you.


My dearest Kei.

Greetings from the
federal penitentiary.

I'd say I wish you
were here, but, anyway.

I have great news.

Because of the
letters you wrote,

there's talk of
letting us out early.

Maybe even a pardon.

I may see you very, very soon.

Which leads me to
another pressing matter.

Will you spend all
your days with me

A family of our own

As we start our lives anew

Oh are you the one
who stays with me

Through seasons of my life

Keiko, will you be my wife

Will you commit
yourself to me

Knowing we were meant to be

We will have our day

There is nothing
standing in our way

All that's left between
us are some vows to say

Just you and me and
nothing in our way

He asked me to marry him.




Frankie, marry.

Just in time.

At 8:15 am
Tokyo time,

the B-29 bomber, Enola Gay...

A single atomic bomb on the
Japanese city of Hiroshima...

Described as
incomprehensible devastation.

And we pray this promises
a quick end to the war.


Swing with me


They're coming home from
Germany, Manila, and France

Yankee soldiers who stood up
to give freedom a chance

And the Fuhrer and the
Emperor out of the way

So it's time to hand
it over to the USA

Now it's liberty
and freedom, woo

They fought for Uncle
Sam, and for me and you

Four, and four,
and half the beat

It's the four, four,
two count, victory swing

The JACL applauds the
government's decision

to allow Japanese Americans
to return to civilian life.

Each evacuee will
receive a bus ticket

and 25 dollars.

We leave with high hopes
for a bright future,

secure in the knowledge
that we have done our part

for the war efforts.

Driving out of we camp,
we built a special crew

The decorated
heroes are the 442

We thought you were the
enemy, you proved us wrong

Now just get back
home where you belong

The whole messy business,
whoopsie doo!

You fought for Uncle
Sam, wow, good for you

Now your families
get to sing

With the 442 count,
victory swing






I'm holding for the army
personnel department.

I'm looking for a
forwarding address

of a Hannah Campbell.

She was a nurse
stationed at Heart...


I know you're not allowed
to, but could you...

Thanks anyway.

Hail the conquering hero.

How's Washington treating you?

All right, I guess.

Think you'd
like to live here?

The JACL needs a community
organizer in D.C.

I'm on my way to
address the members now.

I'd love to introduce you.

I can't think of a man
who deserves the job more.

A war hero who led
his platoon in battle.

We had 800 casualties
to save 200 men.

Those men would've done
the same for you, Sam,

you know that.

It was a bloodbath.

Wave after wave of us.

I tried to look out for Ben,

but that mission--

My brother died
for a just cause.

A noble cause.

If you want to
honor his memory,

then help me build a brighter
world for our people.

You're a true American hero.

We need you, 120,000
people need you.

I just want to go home.

I need you.

Ben's sacrifice can't
have been made in vain.

I won't let that happen.

My family's
in San Francisco.

I need to see them.

Of course.

Friends, colleagues.

My fellow Americans.

There are many who believe
that I betrayed my people.

In some of the
camps, the internees

burned me an effigy, and
then urinated on the debris.

But I, and I alone, held
the fate of 120,000 lives

in my hands.

I confronted
government officials

who wanted to deport us,
to have us sterilized.

Did I make mistakes?

Sure, who wouldn't?

But I will dedicate
the rest of my life

to winning the battle
against racial intolerance.

I will lobby the U.S.
government for reparations

for the millions of
dollars lost in property,

businesses, and income.

And I will secure full
citizenship for our elders.

I feel certain that the
crucible of history will prove

that everything I
did, everything,

I did for the good of my people.

There once was a little
girl, her name was Hana

That's right, that's you.

Oh, it's okay, baby.

Look, we're home now, see?

And her mama was so excited

Uncle Sammy was coming home

Would you like to
meet your uncle?

He's a hero.

Oh, oh, oh!

Oh, Hanako, please don't cry!

You have to be brave, just
like your Uncle Sammy.

You'll soar higher,
higher than I dared


You will reach so
high, and not be scared


You will touch the sky

My little girl,
the world is yours

And nothing will pass you by

Oh, look.

There's grandpa.

Say hi, little girl.

We call him Ojii-chan.


That's Japanese for "grandpa".


Today is big day.

I must clean up for Sammy.

Be careful with her, Papa.




Look at you!

I can't believe
it's really you.

Neither can I.

A farm girl, in this big city.

The apartment isn't much.

Ugh, come here.

Where's Pop?

And Ojii-chan, hm?

Ojii-chan passed
away, in camp.


I'm sorry I didn't
write you about it,

but I didn't want to upset you

while you were recovering.

No, I understand.

There is so much I
wanted to tell you.

Did he die peacefully?


In his garden.

He always said we
should bury him there.

So I fertilize ground.

Before you go in,
there are a few things

you need to know.

Papa isn't well.

Tule Lake was hard on him.


He's much better now.



Your leg?

The doctor says I'll
make a full recovery.

Purple Heart.


Papa, I told you, you
cannot leave the baby alone.

She not alone.

The baby?

You have a--

A baby girl.

I'm an uncle.

Her name is Hanako.

Hana for short.

In honor of Nurse Hannah.

Oh, Hannah.

Have you heard from her?

I tried to reach
her after the war,

I tried to call...

Hello, Sam.

Welcome home.

Go ahead.

It's okay.


Come on, don't be like that.

Please, it's a new
start for all of us.

No, it's not.

He had his chance,
when he was drafted,

and he chose to be a traitor.

Don't call me that!

My men died, all around me,

and you spit on the
graves of everyone!

That's enough!

Oh, it's okay.

Not here, not in my house.

Your house?


Frankie is honorable man.

Like you, he stood up
for what he believes.

He is nothing like me.

Nurse Hannah died for it.

Papa, no.


It was an accident.

Nobody meant to--

What are you saying?

She's gone.

Hannah's gone.

What, no, I
don't understand.

It's not the way--

It happened
so fast, Sam.

She was trying
to help Frankie.

Frankie, you son of a bitch!

No, enough!

War is over!

Frankie is family now.

I am proud to call him my son!


Well, take a good look, Pop.

Is that the son
you've always wanted?

Is that the man you
wanted me to be?

It wasn't Frankie's fault.

Just pretend I died on
that battlefield, Pop.

Or better yet, pretend
you never had a son.

That's how it's felt
my whole damn life!


I know what she meant to you.

You can't imagine
what I've been through.

I understand.


But what?

All over this country,
GIs are coming home

to cheering crowds.

I have shrapnel in my leg,

a Purple Heart on my chest,

and I come home to
you married, to him!

Hannah is dead because of him.

Hannah was just
looking out for me,

the way you asked her to!

I was fighting for freedom

while he was
fighting against it.

And what about you?

You called for Frankie's
arrest by any means necessary.

What did you think would happen?

Where are you going?

To Washington.

Mike Masaoka's offered me a job.

Please don't abandon us

We want you here, Sam

They left us nothing

Now I need you by my side

How can you go and
leave your family

How can you turn
and just walk away

You've got your Frankie now

He's not my blood

I've no allegiance to
a traitor like that man

How can you still
not understand

You heard what Papa said

The war is over

It's time to start again,
together like before

How can you go

You saw my daughter

She is your blood, think
of what you'll miss

Don't talk of family

How can you go

The Kei I knew would
have protected her

Sam, all I ask today

How can I go on
living like this

Just stay

First a prison
camp, then a war

I was there too

I was in love, Kei

I love someone too

You need us also, Sam

Family's all that you've got

This family I fought, there's
blood on both your hands

A house full of cowards
and traitors like you

You're the traitor, turning
your back on your family

If this is family, there's
nothing here for me

Then go on

I don't need you anymore

You're not the only
one who's sacrificed

Who did I do this for

You are not a hero,
you're a coward

What makes a man is
not what he takes

It is what he leaves behind.


What makes a man
is not what he gets

But what he gives
back to mankind

What makes a man

Is what he makes of himself

When he's giving
it all he can

That's what makes a man

That's what makes a man

What makes a man

Giving it all he can

That's what makes a man

Giving it all he can


What makes a man


I don't want to
remember anymore!

That's all there is, Sam.

You left, and never came back.

All those times
I've reached out--

I fought two more wars.

I was tired of fighting.

Not even if it meant seeing
Papa again, one last time?

Pop never thought
I'd amount to anything.

He resented me from
the day I was born

to the day he died.

Open the envelope.

My issue of Life.

After all these years.

Papa kept that
to the very end.

Is this his handwriting?

My Hero.

Oh, Papa.

You were my hero too.

You sacrificed
everything for us.

And I never even thanked you.

I'm so sorry I wasn't
there to say goodbye.


You still cared
after all this time.

I loved you so much.

I missed you terribly.

I should've told you
when I had the chance,

now it's too late.

It's too damn late!

A chance for forgiveness

After all these
years gone by

I made a wish
that we might have

A chance to say goodbye

A chance to be open

For your heart
once more to sing

I also missed you terribly

Wishing more than anything

That we could
just undo it all

Change our ending in advance

There's still a chance

For hope to soar again

Still a chance

Make one more wish and then

There's a chance

For it to catch
the wind and dance

But we cannot know
how they ever go

The wishes heaven grants

If I could say to you

Not a chance, but two

You decided to come.

I'm so glad.

I have something
that belongs to you.

Where did you get this?

From my mother.


Life has given you
a second chance

Still a chance

Still a chance

To learn from
what has passed

Still a chance

To find our way at last

Still a chance

For love to hold you fast

From darkness into dawn


Our hope is never gone


Hold your head up high


Surf the internet with browser of future