George Reddy (2019) - full transcript

George Reddy is a biopic based on the life of a student leader, boxer and Gold medalist, who influenced the politics of Andhra Pradesh state in Osmania University between 1967 and 1972. He ...

Yup, So… what do you guys think…?

Well, to be honest, this looks more interesting to me. And similar at the same time,

like che guvera,Bhagat singh.

Ya ya.. it is kind of…!

Do you think these photos and videos are enough to make your film ? and why specifically him ?

Him because…I already wanted to explore the subject.

And also have some memories of my granny talking about george. So…!

I actually have one. So You see,

this article it was deleted from google. And I know the guy. I might get some leads from him.

You Might ?, how can you be so reckless muskan.

So what's the point you are trying to say. You said it got deleted from google.

Do you think he will cooperate and give you the information?

Sir, am going to india , not china, i can deal with it.

So that, why do you want to take a chance to your final project. Think about it.

May be you try something new, why digging into the past.

for now what I need is your support

i am confident I'll make it.


Are you sure…?

thank you, I will see you guys..!

what happened in their.

pack your bags, we are going to India.

Are you serious…?

Yaa right now…!

Ok, this is great. I will be right back.

Did you like to have some coffee.

Look muskan , even though other professors don’t like your presentation,

I would like to give you a go ahead on this.

Thank you ma'am.

How much time will it take…?

2 hrs madam

So, Peter you have everything ready to capture..?

oh yeah everthing is ready muskan.

george.., Stop ...

Stop ... Take The bag And leave...! george...


Why Are You Late George..?

The Boat got delayed.

Your boat is late everyday? Go and stand on your knees.

Whoever is late will have to do the same.

9*1. Who knows this?

Whoever knows, stand-up and answer
No one? So,no one knows the multiplcation table of 9?

Everyone write the table 10 times tomorrow.

A torn shirt? shame!
Don’t you know this is school?

Who are you to give him the shirt?

No... Mom.

George, sit here son

Please sit here, son. I’ll get you candies after haircut

You’re my good son, no?

Good boy

stay still, otherwise you’ll get hurt.

George where are you going..?

stay there, dont run.. George, stop. George.

bye Amma.


Look, Isn’t that him?

Bro, this is the guy who beat me up yesterday

Stay there. Why did you hit him yesterday? stay there,

I’m asking you. Stay! Why are you staring, run!

Why are you staring?

Get lost.

I will be there in five minutes

no…no…no…don’t touch.

oh… sorry..!

Madam, Come Little forward and take left.

Bheemanayak your article is good

thank you madam

He is my driver, and that’s peter.

your telugu is very good madam

just a little bit, I understand well.

Madam Tea or coffee ?

Ya, tea would be great.

Ok Madam.

why are you so eager to take pictures?

They might scold, so wait for sometime.

Madam your tea.

Oh.. I am sorry, can I

Yeah, please go ahead..!

yeah.. It’s ok.

Take it.

Oh...Thank you.

Tell me something about George that was deleted from the internet?

Turn left, get your foot on the other side, swing it, slide to the left, move forward, stand straight, yeah, right!

Are you ready?

What's your name.

George reddy


Who is this?

Bhagath singh.

Now where is he?

He is killed

again he can live?

death will come only once in life

Da, look. count the skippings. give me



Come here..!

what ?

Oh my leg, Mom!!



ya George..

Why stone sinks and but not boat?

when god is only one, why so many temples?

Where does sun go at night?

why stars and moon are moving?

Earth rotates in a circular motion, so do we.

then why our eyes are not rotating?

Mom, what do you do when you are scared of darkness?

George hold this

Ok ready, I am rolling..!

Your article was deleted, you did not tell me why it was deleted ? Why was it blocked on social media..?

I didn’t delete it. Someone blocked it.

Some one blocked it..?

So, that is the fear of people.

Yes that's what

Weren’t you scared? Why aren’t you scared? Shouldn’t you be scared?


Why not…?

Why should I be afraid of them, they should be afraid

ok then, Just give me whatever you have of George. Show me what do you have?

This is George Reddy's shirt

When my grand father visited my father in college, George gave him a shirt because he doesn’t have one.

These are George Reddy's glasses.

Do you know something, Madam.

George Reddy used to sit in university library and read hundreds and thousands of books with these glasses.

look at this, watch it once, Madam!

George reddy wore it.

And ya… how did your father meet George…?

I am about to tell you that

see this


everybody become friends in college, right

but my father and George became good friends in police station through this FIR.

How can I meet these people…?

I will take you to them.

Check out these girls, they look hot!

Are you going to college?

Get up!

I said get up!

Hey girl! What's your name?

Hey! Looking hot!

do you want to go to college together?

What do you say? Do you want to go & have some fun?

Are you coming back from class?

Are you studying properly?

Will you tutor me? What do you say? We will go sit in the garden and study

What do you want?

What happened, idiot?

Help me


Hey Dasthagiri, someone's here.


Hi, sorry, am I disturbing you?

The campus is for coming, going and roaming anywhere and anytime.

Hey Siril

-Come brother

Hey Siril, how are you?
-I am fine

Sit down, brother

-Is this it?
-Yes, this is it.

Hey Dasthagiri, he's my brother

Yeah, I know I saw him last time he came to the campus

Did you get anything to eat?

Pass it to me, I'll help myself.


-He's my brother

Raghu, Double Ph.D

What are you reading?

I have a physics exam tomorrow, studying for that

Did your mother make these? They're amazing

How's mother, dada?
-She's good.

-Hey, save some for me.
-I'm also like a brother to you, am I not?

This is why I like him, dada.

Your friends are great, aren't they?

Listen dada, You get freshened up and Take rest. I am going to Rajanna’s room next door

Haan haan, this guy spends half the time studying next door,

he's got lots of respect for me and my guests

Arey Dasthagiri, this isn't respect

Who would be in a mood to study after listening to my snore and looking at your face?

Keep quiet bro.
Bro, come sleep here, I'll sleep on the floor

Even I thought I could see the world looking outside the window. Later I realized, I only get irritated by it.

Enough, come and sleep


Bharat Maatha Ki

My friends and fellow students

For the third time

Thank you so much for electing me

I am proud to say,

Hindustan is my country

Some people infiltrated our country

We accepted them with love

We fed them along with ourselves and gave them equal rights. But,

Now they're saying you're different and we're different.

The cultures and traditions of our country are being stabbed to death

After releasing the knots of slavery our country had for generations;

The neighboring dogs..

The neighboring dogs, have eyed on our motherland.

You dogs, trying to ruin the economical status of my country

Be careful

If you have the guts

Come face us for just two hours.
Then we'll accept that you are all men.

All the incompetent leaders, ignoring this,

Your ruling has come to an end.

We are the rulers for the future generations

Let's show the true colors of this nation

My fellow students, who are born here, living here, fighting here for the nation. Get ready for the battle.

Bharat Maatha Ki

Sit down

Dear students,

A lawyer, A scientist, A police officer

A political leader

All the thoughts on how to take this nation forward,

Starts from this university

There is no compulsion of education here.

He said the same thing last year that there is no need to come to college

He will fail you, if he listen to this stuff

Let's talk about this person today

He is... Albert Einstein

Do you know Einstein?

Don't you know?

Guess no one knows

Dasthagiri... Stand up....


Will You solve This…?

Anybody else….?


I will continue tomorrow sir..!

Ok. Please carry on.

What is your name..?

George Reddy...

Good luck..!

Thank you sir.

George tell me this is your second time in M.Sc. right?

Hey, no dude.

I was in seventh grade for 3 years, I used to answer everything back them

People used to say I am good at studies too

Who is that stupid guy?

I will pull your teeth out, I'm telling you... I'm your senior dude

Who? you? senior?

We sit beside each other, you say you are a senior

Don't let anyone know this, they will spit on your face, it will be a shame

Don't you have some dignity in you, seniors will be like this.

But brother, you did a wonderful job with the problem

Yeah! you did a wonderful job!

Campus didn't change much... why are you showing me around from the morning

What did you eat... Moped is not at all moving forward

Leave my food out... what happened? did you loose something?

Hey listen, where do people sit and time pass here!

Where else...there will be near that chai place

What happened? you taking me around, tell me when i ask you?

Song Playing

You're right. What you did is absolutely right!

After a long time I'm seeing some courage being born inside you

The other day, we found a cockroach in the rice. Do you know?

How long should we tolerate this? We're done tolerating this

We can't take this any longer!

Why did you throw your plate in the first place?

Yeah, man! It was great.
-Useless fellow, change the song, please.

We can't change the song, man. We listen to what it plays

Koushik has been humiliated by everyone in the ladies hostel

Rajanna is announcing something!


Stop the song, man!

Listen to me sing now

Yes, that's the way.

Go for it!

It wasn't the men who were insulted here. It was Koushik's group

Rey, a girl threw her plate at you and you're still moving around shamelessly in the campus!

If a woman throws her plate at a man, it symbolizes the loss of your manhood! Shameful

You're absolutely right!

Raja, hold on!

These girls are going to kick your teeth out, if you ever think of the canteen lease.

Look at what they're saying about us.

The short one is talking trash! If we leave him...

Get him....

Shame on all of you! Thoo!

What did you say? Get him! Get him!

Let's go.

You hit us if we ask for good food! Come hold my ****

Dada, campus is for everyone… but only some are getting quality food in the canteen.


This is our hostel canteen dada...! We have a food every day here.

Get up...!

Yaa give

Hey Raajanna is sitting. come on.

Guys, bring me some salt..!
-OK brother.

when did you come dude..?

why are you so silent..?

Every piece of trash is eaten in these plates. Clean them properly.

Raajanna, dada.

Gave the lands beside cemetary… what are you doing here..?

You don't have porridge to have in your house, you want meals..

Dude, throw that dog food at them.

Dude, what happened, in this condition...?

Dude, what is this food...
why this difference..?

because we are poor? what is this dude?
why this difference between them and us?

why they are serving with a cloth?

Are we untouchable?

what are they assaulting us for? For howmany days are they gonna do this..?

They're shameless even after women spat on them.

What is this dude? See how bad they beat me up, just because I've asked them back.

These guys are cleaning all the plates that we ate on with salt..?

Eat, After you're done, we will clean those plates with our piss... !

what did you say..? Are you not happy with what happened..?

Brother, Beat them up! Beat them! Beat them...!

Wow, You beating him and he is falling,that too with a pappad..!

Eat! Eat! Eat! I'll clean it up with salt, you piece of trash… I'll clean them with salt.

You all ten people fight one guy..!? Pieces of trash.

You beat them all up.. Manipal Reddy

George Reddy

Brother, will you have some water

Piece of Trash. Here in campus, we always had all the subjects,

I thought we didn't have beating up people who have done wrong… it started today.

Brother, see they're over looking from that wall.

Who's that...?

There's no one there…! hahaha

You piece of trash… ha ha ha

What Kaushik, how are you?

what's up?

We have a problem in the campus, sir..!

What's new, all the same...!

Murthy.....sir...Ask for a chai...!

Hey...202...Chai for sir, Yes sir.

Just a while ago someone beat our guys in the hostel.

Did you guys fight..? Who beat you...?

Some new guy sir...his name is... George...

George Reddy.

George Reddy...!

Yes sir... That satya's men started talking non sense with my men.

My men beat up his men. He came and beat us up.

Why are you nagging...Tell me properly.

He threatened him...he beat him...

We want you take some legal action sir.

He will threaten you, you beat them.You threaten them, they will beat you.

I'll take the compliant but.. but day before your guys came to me after a fight...

I made them sit for half an hour. they compromised & left.

you guys will be fine, but we become idiots.

I will not take this complaint back sir.

Okay...will fry someone up...but only when I'm done with the enquiry...! okay...?

I'll take leave sir.

Please take care of our people. okay sir.

Gentle remainder about the stadium. Please think about it once.

Once again I will talk to you personally.

Brother, they're having a fight again in the canteen.

They held my collar for saying that the food tastes bad!

they are being rude even though they're wrong.

who? that Kaushik gang?

Yes brother.

He won't change brother, He won't change!

Not one or two, three, four years have passed by, but he didn't change.

To stop them we have to do something. There's no other way.

Where is Koushik?

I'm coming from there Satya, he and his gang ran away.

Arjun, shut the university down. Shut the VC room too if necessary.

Did you beat him?

Yes sir.


Make him sit here all night and send him off in the morning.

okay sir.

Go. Take all their signatures.

Okay sir.

Let's go.

Don't leave a class. Don't leave a block.

Dude, shut down all the classes.

Get out.

Dude, Go there.

Okay Arjun.

So, today we are going to start.

Greetings sir.

Greetings sir…!

Who are these guys?

You'll know after sometime.

Friends.., There is no problem if we get a grain of wheat in rice, we can take that out.

But, if we have insects! do you want us to eat that..?

Maaya, a girl threw her food to the ground, that bad is the position of Koushik's canteen.

Canteen Permission for someone who can't feed proper food.

He supports him because he gave him permission, They both support the one on the top.

as long as acts like these by poeple like them happen, this country won't change!

Even the word will get polluted.

Let's shut the classes off! Don't fear anyone. I am there for you.

Do you guys understand? these guys are Satya's men.

I use to come here for men till now.

Now I came first time for women.

Look, someone's going in. Look. You! Get out!.

Dude, There's no college, Get out.

What a college is this? All this fight for throwing a plate?

Thank god, if this would have happend at the time of election,

the whole campus would be in the lock down mode!

Did they come here to study? or fight?

Why are you asking me? go and ask them.

I'll ask them. That's why I'm going.

What are you doing?

You want me to leave my studies here..?

Half of our studies are happening under the tress. Hey.. manipal petrol is over. Fill it up and come.

You've ridden it as much as you want,now giving me keys after the petrol is empty?

Tea... Give me! Boxing competitons are happening in the campus it seems. Anyone is willing to give their name..?

Hey dhasthagiri give my name too please. Last year I forgotted.

You are like a boxing bag brother. You can only get hit, you can't hit back..

Why brother? Someone like you asked for a cradle even though there's no place to sleep

Eat,read and sleep it's enough.

Hey, he fights very well. Let's give his name..

Ignore his word.

Give me the bread slice.

Brother, why do you live with no self respect at all?

Give that!

The other day I was trying to understand the theory. I didn't understand anything.

If you've any doubts in that chapter... Let me know. I will tel you.

What? I'll ask if i see you. you said you will ask. why are looking like that now..


why are you going that side..?

I'll go straight and ask

Let me know if you have any doubts in physics.


Hi, tell me.

Haa.. haa..what... Maaya you're here? wanna have tea?

I didn't come here for your hospitality.

Why did you involve me in all this?

You're Maaya? nice to meet you.

I threw the plate without knowing. why did you blow that up...?

I can see confidence in your eyes.. Read some Che Guevara and bhagat singh books. You'll know new stuff.

Poor girl. She's shivering because of one fight. you're making her sweat by talking about revolution?

Good word. Books it seems, read.

What.. did you ask him? Did you ask him firmly?

let's go to Koti and buy some books.

Koushik, even for a small mistake, that satya's men are making a fool out of us.

Tell me, why do you mind that new guy, brother?

You're forgetting your status and making hero out of that George.

The Strongest won't win a war, but one who firmly waits for a chance.


The ball is in his court. let the ball bounce and come to our court.

Hey..Stop it. Why are you playing like a girls.

Play with this.

Kishan Singh's Gang are forcing to vacate the place.


You're writing against Kishan singh? How dare you..?

Idiots, what is the problem with you brothers this morning

Dude, what is my situation if it hits me in the wrong place.

You're cheating brother.

Dude, I will break your teeth.

Dude,read quickly and give me the book.
- yeah dude


Greetings brother

Where is your hostel?

This hostel.

What are you studying this early in the morning? what does your father do?

cutting... He's does hair cutting!
-He does cutting brother!

then why are you reading?

See he has a lot of hair, go cut his hair!


Brother, Brother, that's my book.
-dude wait!

What does your father do...?
-president brother.

oh! go there and read.

hey, hey...

Come here.

why don't you answer? What does your father do...?
-brother, my father...

Yeah. he makes shoes right?

Go make a shoe and come

Hey Come here.

Where is your hostel?
what does your father do?

what does your father do?

why is he looking at him?

You wait.

Do you have a father?

hey, you beat up a senior!

What do you think about yourself?

Day by day you are behaving like this campus is your own property.

you are all students here, but you are all behaving like rowdies.

I hate this kind of behavior.

You guys are repeating the same mistake for the bloody third time.

I’ve given you enough chances, I can’t take this anymore.

I want to teach you a lesson.

I am suspending you for one year, go get lost.

I should not see you in the classes or in the campus for next one year.


Sir, student's career is at risk. Forgive him for once.

Sorry sir.

Thank you sir.

Dude, traditions in campus and society are for us.

I have helped you, even though you are not from our party.

If you do these stupids stuff again, I'll rip your teeth off your face. Get out.

Greetings Laxman Brother.

Greetings Koushik. What are you doing here?

been in a fight early in the morning, it seems

Yeah... What else do we have to do?

Weather is too hot. Put some water on, it will fume.

Brother, Laxman...!

give me hand shake

No.. No.. go.

Watch and learn
-greetings laxman brother...

Looking at the manners,I think someone's gonna die..!

you have to take some action seriously

I wil do something about it.
-Greetings sir!

Koushik, this early? Any complaint?

we already gave a complaint sir.

There's no one in the campus who doesn't like sai. They beat his men up.

A fight in the canteen the other day. Then today they broke sai friend's face.

If you don't take a serious action. I'll take this to the higher authorities sir

I know every thing. I will look into it..! go.

sure, thank you.

thank you sir.

Hey, we caught George at the right time. He wouldn't fight anyone else from now.

there's no need to think about it too much

Tell our guys to be strong.

Whatever happens, I'm here.

Brother, this is George reddy's gang.

They are kids.

But let’s keep police out of this.

I have to figure out something do.

good morning sir.

good morning sir.

George Reddy.

what's happening?

You look decent but are into rowdism.

Sir, I am the one who beat them up, but atleast ask me why I did it.

That is not my concern.

Bringing weapon into the campus is similar to attempt to murder.

Type a rustication letter for an year.

ok sir.

Sir, no body is questioning in the campus sir.

sir, who did wrong here..? who are you rusticating sir?.

Those are the guys who created ruckus, those are the guys who shut the classes off, those guys do ragging

and you're rusticating george sir?

Is this justice sir?.

I'll have a talk..!

What will you speak sir, Lalan came into middle of the campus and played football, no one spoke anything

Isn’t it wrong to use weapon in the campus?

Everytime you're bringing up weapon. Do you know how many weapons there are in lalan's hostel..?

Now you're talking. what happened then..? why didn't you speak up then? tell me why didn't you.

That day before VC...

Hey don't shout...

Sir, strongest will be the powerful in the campus sir.

Okay! sir, we want to show our strength, we want to do our own bandh

If we get hot tempered, we will do the riot before VC's room.


leave this matter here.

I have to go to library to read. don't spoil your future for me.

Sorry sir.

What is this lallan…

What is happening..?

What's todays special in Dhoolpet game?

Do you not have any shame?

Get out of here.

Enough of studying. Have something to eat.

Brother, Kaushik and his gang are protesting asking for seats & scholarship for our people.

Down down.

Okay, I'll go there day after tomorrow.

Ramnayak, get up! Did you come here to sleep?

We can't let him get away!

Okay okay! Hey, get me one beedi and two teas.

Hey! Stand up.

Stand up!

Why should I?

I'm from Lalan's gang.

Who is that?

Wait right here, I'll show you.

Useless guy with useless news. Nobody understands him.

Brother, can you fill this form out for me?

Pass me the pen

They've opened a bangle shop next to the canteen, shall we go shop there?


Can you pass me that pen!

Where are these people?

Tell me five things that George was fighting for, just like crisp & five things you can tell me.

Only 5? I can name 500.

He stopped ragging against students.

He fought for everyone to get the same food in the canteen.

He's made sure that everyone who deserves a scholarship, got one.

There are many more things that George Reddy has done for the students, madam.

One of these days, George will face these people as well.

Come here. Come here, fool.

Greetings, madam.

Get him, get him now.

Hit him.. Hit him!

Do you not know who I am? Lalan!

Greetings, Koushik.

Arjun, Take it.

Thank you

What kind of people are they!?


Brother, did you see how that Arjun and Koushik are talking to each other?

Their people are fighting each other in public.


Rajanna, you had to talk to me about something?

What else is there? That Lalan and outsiders are always doing this.

What are they saying?

What is this? Do you know how many people are there?

We can't tell the students and outsiders apart. That's how many they are. They're even harassing the girls.

As long as the outsiders are present in campus, this won't be resolved.

Who are all of you?

Hey, where did you come from?


Why aren't you saying anything?

What work do you have in campus?

Why are you harassing the girls? If I see any of you here again, I'll finish you right here.!

He's getting ahead of himself. I'll show him.

Where did you guys come from? Who allowed you in here?

Hey, show your man hood and come here. You were talking something until now, where are you going? Come here.

From tomorrow, if anyone wants to meet or talk to the girls, they should think twice.

Jyothi, don't go anywhere, stay right next to me.

Are you listening? If anyone is out of line, I'll beat each and every one of you.

Idiot, you complained to the VC about me? About me?

From tomorrow and I'll teach you what'll happen if you disobey me. I'll finish you all right here.

Get out of here!



Dada, I've heard they're troubling the students here.

The rich are ruling the campus.

They're even entering the hostels and ragging people.

And we need to shut this down as there is no other go.

I think you step up and do something about it bro.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Why do you care?

Fool, what happened?

If I see you ragging people here again, I'll strip you down and beat you.

You can eat something Village and stay there.

take this.

Did you come here to kill me?

Stay right here, I'll go study and come back.

Let's meet in the library then.

Okay, I'll leave now. See you later.

Okay, brother.

hey chotu...

Yes, brother.

Are you Kishan Singh's brother?

If there's ever a fight again. You can tell Balu about it.



I'll see you later!

Don't know what to do outside hence doing all these PH.D's.

Do you know another thing?

If I die, cremate me right here and I'll rest in peace!

Don't say that, brother.

The Government doesn't give us scholarships for us rest here.

We should go out and grow in life.

He is Raghu, my friend. And he is the new professor from today.

George Reddy has become a hero in campus. Outsiders are scared to even enter because of him.

It's not only that, Koushik. He's not thinking twice also before beating the upper caste people.

This isn't the campus I expected at all. It's very dangerous here.

Is there anyone fighting this with you?

What's your name? Which college are you from? I asked you. Tell me.

Who allowed you in here? Get out of here right now.

Stand up..

Stand up.

What is this?

Did you try cheating and get caught?

Stop it, brother!

What about our respect?

What's happened has happened. Let it go.

Do you think this is funny?

He told me this in front of everyone in the class. Let me see him outside and I'll finish him.

I'll show him who my brother is.

Explain it to them! They're troubling me since then!

Brother, let it go.

Look i am telling you, i'll leave the vehicle and walk away

Okay okay, let's go.

Look. Even I can't hold my laughter.

Brother, why is he making fun of him?

The exam results will be posted on the bulletin board of your respective college premises today at 3pm.

Move out my way... Give me space.

Who wrote their names on both sides to disrespect?

Hey I am telling you to move aside.

They didn't announce my name.

I think your parents does not put the name.

If you wrote the exam your name will come. Why would it come otherwise?

Each and everyone of us is losing respect. Shameful.

You've disrespected me in front of the whole class. Let me show you.

Fool, do you know who I am? Lalan

Get him. Get him

Idiot, I'll kill you.


Hit it.

I've been in tension all morning. I'm scared. I've not even been able to pee since then.

Let it go.

hey you shld be aiming for the queen.

What did she say to you?

I'm losing respect. I'm being disrespected by this kid. It's shameful.

He's come. He'll disrespect me again now. What happened?

What happened, brother? Nothing happened!

That's Rajanna.

Stop worrying and tell me what has happened.

Now I should tell you and lose more respect? You passed the exam and I failed.

My family is working hard everyday to make sure I study and I'm disrespecting them by not studying.

They're sacrificing even basic meals to get me new clothes and make sure I study.

I've disrespected them completely.

exams are like passing clouds.

To succeed in life you need three things.

A wishbone, a funnybone, and a backbone. u have all three of them

What are you looking at? Play.

You've helped me pass my exams. How much work is this for you?

Hey... your win is confirmed. Just play

Brother, they've beaten Ramana Master.

Who are they?

Lalan and the outsidesr.

Even yesterday, those outsiders made a scene outside the canteen.

It's hardly been 5 minutes since you passed. You're not even celebrating and already back to fights?

What celebration are you talking about?

Who the hell is this Lalan? What does he want?

As soon as it's 5 PM they're forming a group and sitting on campus. Who does he think he is?

Manipal, let's go break his legs. Let's go.

Hold on! Why do you want to fight?

Don't stop me.

As long as we're friends, it's my job to stop you!

Who are you?

Who the hell are you? What work do you have here?

Fool, I'm asking you. Tell me who you are. Answer me immediately!


Catch him from the back

Catch him

His shirt catches fire.

Hey, beat him, catch him that *****

Guys, come here.

Leave, leave lalan... leave him.

Hey fool, This is your college. If you want to study here, study properly

If i see the out siders in the campus again.. I'll break your legs.

Hey Satanna, there is nothing to worry.

I've already spoken to minister.

Sir showed us a nice place to stay outside the city. Why don't you go stay there!

Where should we go? Where?

You don't have any sadness or sorrow. Are you even a human being?

Our huts have burned down and we're in sorrow.

Do it fast..!

Please hold on,

He's asking us to leave!

Do you think I'm joking?

Their lives have burned down.


Nobody was inside the huts when it burned down, luckily.

What if there were infants inside? Then what?

You should have understood by now. How many times do I tell you?

I'm saying this for your own good.

S.I Sir,

Work is done. Collect your fee.

I'm trying to help you. Do you understand?


kishan bro..!

What happened..?

There is a big fight which was happened in the college.

What happened..?

lalan bro got hit very badly


I dont know the reason for the fight which happened but it's a huge fight.

lalan bro was beaten very badly and bruised.

Hey Kishan, Tomorrow there is a hearing in the court.

Lot of people hit him. It was a huge fight.



Find out who that guy was...?

Okay brother.

Professor from mumbai. got impressed by the answer sheet written by George and he has come to meet him.

I am really impressed George.

The Bombay university doors are always open for you.

looking forward sir.

here is the university number… do contact, all the best.

George, congrats.


congrats dada...


Idiot, didn't I tell you that you're not allowed on campus if you bring cameras?

Okay, wait. We're coming.

Hi Mr. Sathyadev…!

Greetings Sir!

Remember we spoke yesterday. So, I hope you remember George Reddy?

George… its been a while since I heard his name.

Yaa so, what I really wanna say is, why were you people against him

I never met him personly. I know him through fight he was involved in. that’s all I know.

What are you saying, are you indicating that he is a rowdy. I am Sorry. but George is a gold medalist.

Also, I heard he was offered scholarship in Mumbai University?

Seriously? God!

Madam, did he say anything?

Hey George, lets go for a drive…!

George, why do you want to get into this just before leaving.

Hey, you wait.

Brother, even I'll come.

Rajanna, It's fine

Hi George...


I heard you got an offer in Mumbai University for a job. congratulations.

thank you

Do you plan on leaving?

You belong here george.

These students need a leader to move in the right direction. And that is you.

Think about it. If we work hard, we can give these students a bright future.

Just think again.

George, think about it. You and I can give these students the guidance they deserve.


Thank you.

What did he say?

No idea, brother.

Let's go.

What happened, brother? What did he say?

Why are all of you silent?

I'll never forget the time we spent with you, George!

Have tea, brother.

all the best george..! Study well

He'll anyway study well. You all need to study well now, like me.

You're one to talk. You're studying so hard.

I have a small request from you people before I leave this campus.


A lot of people are looking for courage in the books

You should talk to such people for atleast 10 minutes.

Why are you packing your clothes? Where are you going?

You've read all the books George gave you and turned into a library.

I'm talking to you only! What happened?!

George likes me. He still has the pen he borrowed from me.

He's keeping my handkerchief and reading every book I gave him.

What proof you want, that he likes me?

Why the hell are you asking me this? You can directly ask him!

Come to Arts College tomorrow. George is holding a meeting!

Hey Lalitha Come to Arts College tomorrow. George is holding a meeting!

I'll be there.

Koushik, that fellow is holding a meeting everyday at different places.

There's a meeting near the Arts College. We shouldn't let it happen, Koushik.

We have to do everything, we can to stop that meeting from happening.

hello brother...!

Hi Sai, have a seat!

Take 50 of our men tomorrow to George's meeting.

To fight him?

To Support him.

What are you saying, Koushik? Why would we support him?

Jayanth, we're losing the election!

You're a mastermind at planning this, brother.


Who the hell is he, brother?

He came here recently. He is changing his colors everyday. What is his plan after all?

He wants a meeting near the Arts College, apparently!

Can anyone host a meeting without the president's permission?

It's not only him. Other's will gain courage from looking at him and do this tomorrow.

There's no meeting, nothing. Get out of here.

I'm talking to you guys, get out of here.

What is this opposition for everything we say, brother?

Let's go now. It's time for the meeting.

Ramu, get out of here.

Rajanna is here, look guys.

I was talking about you guys only!

Atleast you guys go for the meeting!

We don't want to attend any meetings, get lost.

The meeting is for you guys.

What happened to you people? Did someone threaten you? Did someone hurt you? Tell me, I'll break his bones.

I can't help but laugh at Rajanna.

He's coming...
Ramu, go, get out of here. Go Ramu.

Do none of you have any shame? He's working so hard to help all of you only.

Go sit in the hostel quietly now, you cowards.

No one will come dada..!

Didn't I tell you they won't come? They won't. Bloody turncoats all of them.

Didn't I tell you they won't come? They won't. They are like sheeps

These people need a beating. They won't come to their senses otherwise.

Idiots... They get scared of every tom and dick. ... Eunuchs!

does it seem like we are inviting them for a marriage?
Manipal, lets go and smash their heads.

Let's go!

What nonsense are you doing here..It's a problem If i come or don't come.

Don't talk shit.. I will slap you otherwise

Will you murder me and become rowdy rajanna

I"ll kill you if he is going to come between us.


Brother... Brother... Brother...

Brother, We made a game plan and took 50 members but they were 5000 members.

5000 members?

What.. 5000 members for George meeting?

Yeah Brother!

Who the hell is this .....?

Thanks for trusting me and coming here.

Will tell you one thing. Please remember it.

nothing can be created.. nothing can destroy anything...!

This sense of fear has not born today.

Nothing can kill the courage of retaliation from your heart.

The day after today…

A new way of thinking and a new identity..! Let's forget the issues and take a step forward..

Will this campus problems get resolved..?

Brother, I am going mad by seeing this crowd.

Operation and humilation is to death then assault is to fearlessness

even if the Injustice were being done, not letting us move, not letting us breath by putting a chunk of burning coal on the chest.

Its time to break this undemocratic silence.

If anyone tries to assault anybody in the name of religion and caste, I'll Slap them.

Chase them and hit if they fail to provide you good food.

If anyone tries to stop your research or scholarships or anything for that matter, Ask them firmly.

No one is teaching no one here in the name of mercy.

This university is running only with the taxes that are being paid by our parents with their hard earned money.

So, eradicate the thought of rich & the poor from your mind.

Study for your self confidence. Fight for your self respect

Death lies nowhere but in our self confidence

We are with you George! one person like you is enough for us.

Gully people. How many we have seen..

Have you ever thought you would see me like this?

I have started something similar five years back. Something new is going to start.

raise your voice...!

raise your voice...!

raise your voice...!

raise your voice...!

raise your voice...!

raise your voice...!

raise your voice...!

Before the truth dies…!

did you see granny? how your campus is changed?

ok bye.

say bye to granny..! bye .bye..!

you know I have something for you

This is the best pictures I got of yours and granny.


you look just like her

Do you have any recent pictures..?

Oh yeah, I have some pictures actually


I will send this to you.

Ma’am, I have a question

I heard that in your college days you guys were scared to go out. Is it true?

Most of the time. Wait I have something for you too.


George did this with his own hands.

Yes, my father used to tell me.

But, I never thought I will see Madam.

I am leaving university because of higher studies…

What is this bro, every day one guy comes & gives us sermon.

Did you see?

Why do we care if someone talks...?


We have enough of ours...!

Our campus should shine with culture, heritage, and ethics like it does every time.

stop…! people were praising us for our yesterday meeting. see now!.

from today onwards Arjun will look after you and party too.

Hail India…!

look… hey, look. oh, respected elder look.

how did he even born.

Till now those guys listened to Satya bro like sheeps. from now they will listen to Arjun.

When will they change… animals!

they will raise Voice when they want to change.

Go… go and ask.

Rey, go…go ask

to raise their voice you go and ask to raise their voice

I will ask them for sure I will ask them but not me. Sridevi

Sir came


why did you come here?

We want only the land which belongs to us but not any other land,

what’s the use sir by the land which doesn’t belong to us?

See, you guys used to stay in a hut.

Government sanctioned you a house instead of land,why are you bothered. let us go


Hey, they don’t care about us no matter how many days pass.


Sir, this time sathya is not in competition instead that brainless Arjun is competing.

Sit,Sit …. you also sit…! please sit

Nobody wins with this attitude.

you know what’s your problem is?… you are not using your attitude in a right way.

you should convert his attitude as your sympathy in people.


Ok sir, next time i will do as you said.

ok, good.

I will take a leave sir.

Dear students, there are three parties in the race for this year's election announcement.

VC gave permission to start their campaigning from tomorrow.

Koushik zindabad.

Arjun zindabad.

Everybody started their campaigning… look we are doing march past.

Hi Maaya, do you have any work, or did you just come to class like that?

what are you searching? Do you want anything…?

We need a flag for our party.


Does your party have any Agenda?

We would like to fight back injustice happening in our campus. Our flag should reflect that emotion.

Then red color flag is correct for you…!



yes brother.

Come here.

Maaya, give me your hair band once.

give me your hand.

fold your wrist.

Hey, stick this to that wall.

Hey, stick it properly.

Hey, stick here.

What the hell are you looking at?

lets stick those.

We might be product of our past. But not prisoners of it.

From past three years you served like slaves and you take us for granted you will see CheGuevera .

My aim is to make Arjun step down from that position, and i need your help for that.

Jai hind... Jai hind.

No matter how much sound a grass hoper makes it won’t ever become a lion.

From last three years, students are expecting our win and their loss.

In between small parties are getting prepared for the race. we should kill them in the first stage itself..!

Vande Mataram...

Do you know which Is that one flag flying in the country and the college ?

The flag of dominance.

Its not the flag but the agenda is important.

Are they even talking about that ? No.

because they only seek dominance.

If not him it let it be someone else and viceversa.

Thats how they want to rule one after the other.

To put an end to these attrocities is our ajenda.

Bro, pan.

You keep listening to the songs.


Hey, donkey

tell her, she keeps hiting all the time.

Not going to college but sitting at home like a women.

These days students are clapping even for the newbie beggers.


Party gets the energy only when there are chunk of people behind it.

Claps for a couple of words.

This is not we want.

We want.


Sympathy? How?

That abcd gang, not just us

But they've beaten whoever supported us. They'll hit you too.

They'll hit you for no reasons.

So, you call this politics?


Tell laxmana


Did you notice these chaos?

That guy inspired women to question back

This chubby man earns sympathy by hitting his own gang with his team.

Hey Arjunaa this university is being turned into a battalfiled.

koushik zindabad.

koushik zindabad

PS Zindabad

You dont worry bro. this time we will win for sure.

Hey stick it fast.

Hey Ramakrishna what are you doing...?

Hey Sai what work do you have here.get lost.

Why this over action.

Hey stop it.

Hey stop it.

Hey, Stick it fast.

This time the competition is between three guys sir.

The elections here are going way beyond the political elections.

they are provoking each other sir.Fights may happen at any time.

Its better to have security in our campus.

If anyone breaks the rule. I will suspend them.

They show the sky & the moon

but give us peanuts in the end.

Enough feeding them like pigs.

We've done a mistake by giving them the power.

Its high time to rectify our mistakes.

We don't want any customs.

Development. I'll achieve that.

I'll be with you.

Inspite of the freedom we have made ourselves

and the party prisoners.

Look at the other independent nations

Look at their development.


Because They've believed in their own religion & tradition.

if the same opportunity is given to you...

You will misuse that too. Spit.

You're misleading the people in the name of our country.

Mind it. Be careful.

Do you have the courage?

I repeat Arts college or Engineering college?

To all those agents who care for the neighbouring countries, Be careful.

does problems get solved by throwing questions.

is this what we need right now?

there is emotional politics.

Are you trying to be the winner by creating hatred.

That is the reason why the strong suppresses the weak in college elections.

Hence these fights in university.

Don’t fall in this bloody trap.

Remind all the students about the good work they do.

Tell them, even though the flags are different but the agenda is the same.

Raise your voice...!

what have you done brothe?. How many days...!

You need our students votes only during elections?

What have you done when we were on the roads for mess fee hike

You say elections are for change after you win you change your agenda .

After all these years what have you done with the power you had.?

when we ask for scholarships aren't you the one who asked our caste & religion

what have you done when students are suffering from ragging ?

Did anyone bother when we complained about maggots in the rice ?

we are the one who cast our votes to make you win but you give scholarships to your group of people.

what kind of justice is this ?

Do you work only if you have power or what ?

Hey Nitin.


you stopped sticking posters just because they are asking questions ?

that ABCD group people pasted their posters on ours .

hmm.., not only that,they are planning to hit us also.

In an hour all the posters of Arjun should be plastered with cowdung .

Arjunaa! its raining questions in the campus.

all these response is because of that newbie Reddy fellow using the same slogan "Raise your Voice "

Even before the response begins,

we should be ready with one answer to all the questions that have been asked.

I thought George is only man of words.

Will wait for the right time.

even a small mistake happens we will put him a check.



Tomorrow elections.

Get everyone by 8'o Clock.

Go safe son , don't get in to fight on the way .

Bro, you go and drop him .

kill you !

Hey, come on time tomorrow morning

Bye george.

we need to wake up early ,eat fast . whomsoever it may be

whatever block i gave you go and tell them again, understood? they will forget..

they will cast their votes to whomever they want .

hey, lets go sambar will get over in hostel.

what am I saying and what you are saying?

Hey, lets go, enough of cat walking as if going to marriage .

bro, just a minute.

What happened?

will go for urine please don't mind!.

Go fast and come.

what have you done till now.

Hey, watering the entire earth or what ? finish it off .

if don't go , shorts will get wet.

ok do it.


enough come fast.

Almost done wait.

Rajanna, tell me who threw dung on the poster.

how would we know who threw the dung?

tell me the truth. who did this..?

Hey you wait. shut your mouth.

what are you talking?

tell me the truth raajanna. you guys only did it ...!

who told you ..? who told you ?

Hey... Don't.

Hey you wait. wait.

Yes i did it, whomever you want to tell, go and tell them. get lost !

Hey, Keep that cycle aside. keep it .

Brother!, See Rajanna threw cow dung on your posters

Yes brother, when i asked him he said "whomever you want to tell go and tell them. get lost !"

not only Rajanna dont leave anyone in that group.


how can you be so cool when the things are getting heated up because of elections.

why are you not saying anything?

It’s a long night my dear friend. Just wait and watch.

who did this and whom you are asking?

despite throwing cow dung on our brother's posters you asking questions ?

who is your brother ?

Hey, Don't talk anything about him .

hey, Mind your words.

Hey, I will rip your guts off

hey, Stop .. Stop .

Stop ... wait for a minute .

Hey, I will break your jaw if you come and ask me the same question.

Hey, stop!.

hey, you.

Hey Don't Don't.




Brother, Police came and took them all to station.

They are beating everyone.


Night everybody were fighting in the ground.

Mother, I will go to station and come


let's go.

we are enquiring about the case. will catch him in few days sir.

No sir… will catch him sir.

he cant go anywhere sir.

one minute sir…



who is this?

sir, we made him to sit outside whole night during that mess fight that's him only.

I will call you again.

he came to take his friends.

is it?

won't he ask?

Many people were come


Voting has started from 8'O clock in the morning.

maximum number of students have participated in voting.

Think before you vote brother.

What's your name?


PS Party George Reddy has won with a majority of 2730 votes .

Kill him. Hey, Kill them.

He won't spare our lives.

all these days we got cheated by beleiving this guy.

He is the one who burnt these huts and did settlements.

let's leave from here and save our live's.

We should see their face's after we won.

Hey,leave that topic.

Most importantly we should see koushik and laxman's faces, they are down.

leave that topic.

Brother.. those kishan singh people came and threw our luggauge outside.

Throwing out. They are beating everyone.

Manipal, start the bike

we wont leave from here even if we loose our live's.

our fathers contructed this campus.

this land is our ancestoral property

hey leave .. Leave me..

you will get effected you are playing with poor people curse.

Hey… Go outside go !.

Kill them all.

hey, If i see you again i will break your head understand.

why you don't go to college or what ?...!

you will come here and sit after fighting with everyone! waste fellow.

hmm, not letting us eat food also.

dogs dont read, and don't let people read who are along with them...!

how many days will you fight like this ?..!

*blabber* Shut up!

rey, lallu...

from tomorrow you go to college...!

confirm, two questions will come from this chapter.

Hi Maya..

ok george bye.

and where is your friend...?

she left to hostel...!

ok, you didn't go or what...?


why you have some work here?

just like that,I want to see the rain.

yes who doesn't like rain?. everything turns green with a drop of water....!


when i saw you first time in the canteen

i was very angry with you.

I didnt understand why did you give books on cheguvera and bhagat singh to read .

but i understood how you behave after reading those books.

after understanding you i wanted to tell you one thing .

oh... maaya , this is your's right? I forgot to give it to you.

kill him ... come stab him .

hey kill him stab ..stab him .. from backside .

its fine mother

don't worry it's ok

GOVT behaviour should change. they can't profit from us.

Stop .. stop .

there is no food for farmer who grows rice .

no clothers to cover.

this is it... this is all we have take it take it take it .

Lands are being tilled but we are getting no fruits..

There is no secuity for the elders,

What is it called when the direction of the orbit is the same as the direction of the earth's rotation?

It is called Posigrade.

What is the angle of inclination for the satellite following an equatorial orbit?

Zero degrees inclination.

What is the maximum speed of the satellite in an elliptical area?

The speed changes depending upon the height of the satellite, high above the Earth.

What is the time period taken by the satellite to go around the orbit called?

It is called Sidereal period

and the Sidereal orbit uses external forces such as the Sun and stars, for your reference.

Ok George, we'll let you know.

Congratulations George. The panel is very impressed. I wish you turn out be a great asset to our project.


Those Boys fought among themselves

Greetings Sir

what if those people betray you..?

If they betray us? will our boys let them go!!

this is not looking like a small fight.

Take it. and explain it to him properly.

called you to make you understand.

understood sir...! those students pressurising alot.

I, even filed a petty case under pressure.

whats with those george friends sir ?.

it will be a problem if he comes back to college.

everyone are waiting for you.

hey brother came .. how are you ..?

how are you Rajanna ..?

Hi George..

bharat are you fine..?


Hi George..


i am waiting for you, how is your hand..?

its fine now ..!

how is it now brother?

its fine now .. are you going to college?

is everything ok ..?

hey, give me my book

How many days will you take? I didn’t write it well myself.

brother has sent Stupid people

You shld have stabbed 3 more times…

Get out of my way, monkey!

It’s been 3 months that fellow died.


What did you say?

Who the hell are you?

Speak louder if you have it in you!

Who the hell are you?

Say what you have to, to my face!

What happened to you, *******.!

******* I’ll kill you and bury you right here in the campus.

Come to me! I’m right here.

Stay right there! If I don’t break your head today, I’m going to change my name!.

Hit me! Come hit me if you have it in you!

Why do you want to fight with scum like him?

I’ll kill you right where you are.

***. I’m letting you live because you’re a student.

Try threatening me again..

I’ll cut you right where you stand

Get out of my sight!

Slap him brother

If we kill this one guy, the whole university will be better.

What do you want? Get out of my sight!

The police are refusing to accept any complaints against this guy!

What do we do?

First, we should complain to the VC.

That’s already been done, brother.

The VC isn’t who we should be complaining to..

Hey man, you just got here. Why do you want to start fights again?

HEY! How many times should I tell you not to get involved in these matters.

Let it go. He’s not worth.

Let me know who to meet. We shouldn't leave him.

Who we need right now isn’t the VC.

Dear friends, I don’t intend on speaking to you about the injustice that I have been put through today.

It’s about the farmers killing themselves.

Our leaders have time to eat but,

They don’t have the time to think about the farmers working hard to provide us with this food..

We fought for a week regarding the insects in our food.

We shut down our campus and even rounded the police stations for a week.

But, did anyone think about the farmers who poisons themselves using pesticides?

Did you even question it?

You’re right, George!

Even my father is a farmer.

He recently drank pesticides and killed himself.

I watched him struggle but couldn’t do anything to help him.

Let’s question them. I am with you George, we are all with you.

Let’s do it together.

Farmer’s rule, must live on.

Justice for the farmers! Farmers Zindabad!.

Arjun bhai...

Arjun bhai...

What happened?

Lalan, What are you doing at this time?

I’ve lost all respect because of that kid!

What face do I have to show at college?

I’m ashamed to go anywhere in the college .


I was born and brought up here!

Kishan Singh’s younger brother. Lallan.. Lallan Singh is my name!


He’s ruined my reputation on my turf.

He’s made a fool out of me.

People used to wet their pants at my sight. Today they’re questioning me.

I wake up get treated like a woman.

Lallan is a panzy, they say.

Is this college belongs to his family??

He’s helping anyone in need. Is he that big of a man?

It’s either him or me.

You’re not understanding, Arjun bhai.

I would’ve died, but I’m alive today.

I’m not showing my face anywhere.

I’m unable to swallow even a morsel of food.

This time I'm going to contest in engineering college elections

Understand my frustration, Arjun bhai.

Did you see that, Arjun? His hunger. His urge.

If everyone gave everyone what they wanted, the war of Kurukshetra wouldn’t have happened

and this nation wouldn’t have been born.

“His empire was so overpowered that he loved the pride”.

Kurukshetra set the stage for the defeat of the Pandavas or the defeat of the Kauravas.

This is what the Pandavas asked for.

Today, he’s only thinking about this college.

Let’s go.

Save the Farmers!

We’ll fight for them till our last breath!

We’ll fight for them till our last breath!

Farmer is the backbone of the nation they said.

But look at this condition today.

He is committing suicide on the same soil that he want's to use till

Let's maintain two minutes of silence for the same system which is no more.

They’ve put barbed wire to strangle the students.

As a political leader, let me know what I can do to help you.

All these problems can only be solved by one person, sir.

I need to meet him once.

Greetings, sir


Student leader George Reddy would like to speak to you for 2 minutes.

I need to urgently leave to Delhi, no time for this.

System down down…

The Government’s attitude must be destroyed.

The nations future is in the hands of our students.

One picture please.

There’s a lot of wrong happening on campus, sir.

It’ll start off small but eventually be a big headache, sir.

The press is also making it a big deal, sir.

If they have the will to scream..

Law and order is in your hands.

Save the Farmers!

Save the Farmers!

Save the Farmers!

The Government’s attitude must perish

Justice to the farmers!

To face this repression. power must be ours. Then we transform our life

Rajanna, we must tell the students of all states what we are fighting for.

Hyderabad - Regional News

The Osmania University turmoil of the last two days has hit the peak today.

Student union leader George Reddy protested against the system.

Learn to die if you want to live! Fight for your every right. Is the motto he’s taking up

There’s no competition for this years election. It’s an easy win for George.


George bro will win, this is a guarantee.

What’s your name?


Which college do you attend?

engineering first year!


engineering first year...!

You idoit.

Do I look crazy to you?

You scum, bloody scum. Come here, you. Come here.

Engineering students should support me. What do you think of yourself by supporting him?

If I happen to lose these elections,

Ask him what will happen next.

Are you men?

Remember my name. Lallan.

Dear friends, I write to you during these testing times.......

who are the nourishers of the nation grasping at straws but there seems to be no solution..

To their problems I as a fellow students and a sympathizer of the charity, request you to join.

Leave the matter to me, leave the whole arts college matter to me.

Just concentrate on the engineering college issue and leave the rest to me.

What’s this nonsense?

I’m being serious, leave me alone.


Why? I shouldn’t talk?

Don’t you dare, speak!

If you say anything else, I’ll forget our friendship and end you right here.

What’s this guy saying?

What’s this madness? What’s happening here?

Since he wake up, these guys haven’t studied and this guy.

He doesn’t have any clothes to wear, he will never get a scholarship.

Someone like me doesn’t have a brain is what people like him think. Isn’t it?

Don’t we know why he’s here at the campus? What has this campus ever done for him?

What has it given him?

He had 22 Stabbes on his back. You’re the reason for this to happen.

His silly mother just wants one thing for him. For her son to study well.

She helped him to overcome these struggles. Won’t you let him live peacefully?

He’s always involved in fights for this college.

Death falls upon us only once.

Until when will you pressure us into keeping our mouths shut?

A small fire can burn down a forest in a day.

Now is our time, the fire in us is burning.

According to Section 144 of Campus Law, any students roaming in groups

Legal action will be taken against those responsible for any undesirable events or unrest.

“Learn to die if you want to live"

"Fight every step of the way for your right”

“Learn to die if you want to live"

"Fight every step of the way for your right”

“Learn to die if you want to live""

"Fight every step of the way for your right”

“Learn to die if you want to live"

Sir, should I take action against them?

"Fight every step of the way for your right”

“Learn to die if you want to live""

"Fight every step of the way for your right”

“Learn to die if you want to live""

"Fight every step of the way for your right”

“Learn to die if you want to live""

Hey Lalan inspite of getting beaten all the boys roaming with George Reddy only.


For the first time in my life, I’ve trusted you and you’ve let me down

Arjun, do you mean our Lallan?

What happened? Why’s he quiet? Tsk Tsk Tsk….


I was born here, brought up here. I’m Kishan Singh’s brother! Lallan… Lallan Singh is my name!

He came to my turf and ruined my name. Claiming Lallan is a kid, Lallan is a coward.

Arjun, what must Lallan ask him? Give him one chance to prove himself!

Why are you quiet when this simpleton is insulting you, Lallan? Have you lost your tongue?

You’ve ruined our whole name, Lallan?

Looking at Lallan like this is making me sad, Arjun!

I’ve said it then, I’ll say it now! Lallan… Lallan Singh is my name!

I've become cheap to everyone.

What happened?

What happened?

Right here!

It’s right here. That George has insulted me right here.

I’m telling you right now, brother! He shouldn’t win this election!

I’m going home.

Lallan is threatening students because he’s not getting anyone’s support in the elections.

He’s not even part of our problems.

In this situation, any obstacle is a big problem to us.

The Police have cut the power to the the campus

We should have Rajanna go to Delhi University and calm this debacle down!

George, be careful, okay?

Okay Mom.

if anybody does anything arrest them.

Who are you? leave me i will see your end.

Hey Murthy, is it Rajanna? where did you get him ...?

On the way to the canteen.

hey give me that… son of a .....

hit him, hit him harder.

hey leave me i will see your end. who are you?.

ok sir, hit him, hit him harder.

Leave me if you have guts.

he got lots of attitude take him to warangal jail.

hold him tight he is a dangerous guy.

what is the reason for calling me..?

I heard about your fight.

If you join us our fight will get much more better.

Srikaakulam farmer protest is my inspiration.

I am doing the same thing by staying with people.

Tomorrow you might take my path or I might take your path.

but my fight is in very good shape.

laal salaam.

laal salaam.

You use guns to fire after George's death.

I heard 1200 people died fighting for your problems.

What did you gain out of it?

Is this George's gun.


Why does a student leader need a gun?

if george used this gun the history would have been something else.

Can I keep it?

Anyways I believe you don't need anymore, So...



What are you going to gain out of this documentry?

We can change history.

Let's go...

I will take leave mother.

Food... I will eat in the canteen

take care everyone. if anyone

I told them to switch off the current.

You stay there and watch and make sure no one's coming.

ok sir

what is he doing?

get hold of him constables

“Learn to die if you want to live"

"Fight every step of the way for your right!"

"Fight every step of the way for your right!"

sir, its very difficult to control this George.

if he announces meeting thousand's of people are coming.

he will get support from every university to make the riots happen.

If this one campus students behaves in this way, then what about the situation of the whole nation.

eventhough he is a good man one day he will stumble on law & order one day.

Sir, forgot to tell you.

there is an information that george met up with naxalites.

I suspect there are weapons in the campus.

save me save me...

save farmers.

save me save me ...

Being students,we support George reddy.

save me save me

save farmer

raise your voice...

raise your voice...

leave this..

Dear friends, the fight which we started in our univeristy is gonna lay path for the whole country.

these are the letters from all universities students in our support.

from tomorrow's sunrise and with student's support.

this fight is going to cross our campus walls to society.

hold your breathe and remember what i said.

“Learn to die if you want to live"

"Fight every step of the way for your right!"

“Learn to die if you want to live"

"Fight every step of the way for your right!"

“Learn to die if you want to live"

"Fight every step of the way for your right!"

its your responsiblity to get all the girls.

You going to hostel?

yes George.

what happened with Rajanna's bail?

Maaya, lets go..? its getting late.

no it didnt come. I spoke to lawyer yesterday. He said he will meet again.

do it fast.

remind me tomorrow i will talk to him.


which way are you going?

i am going towards canteen.

Manipal will drop you both.

I will drop you.

No no we will manage

No no police are everywhere in university. Why risk?

He will drop you ok ?…

ok .. lets go

come to canteen after dropping them

ok i will come to canteen.

keep it with you , i will take it once you return.


lets go..

do you want?


where are you going Ramnayak?

brother getting hungry canteen will get closed if it's late .

come brother will go.

No no you go, I will come later.

Brother come we will go.

I will come you carry on.

Brother come we will go .


Bye brother.

I will come, you go.





Engineering college guys have beaten me.

lets go.

lets go...

finish it off brother, dont leave.


Hey run .. leave me.

Run ...


They killed him

They killed him mercilessly

How could they do this?

How could they even do this?



Brother please..



Nothing happened to you George...

Please George!

Nothing happened to you George...

Please get up George

Hey Ramanayak, could you please tell him to get up once.

George, please get up once for us.