George Lopez: The Wall, Live from Washington D.C. (2017) - full transcript

[HBO] HD. George Lopez performs at the Concert Hall at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

[bright tone]

- 'Bout to get it started, man.
Gonna be good.

Here we go, baby! - Hey, George!

- All right!
- How y'all doin', what's up?

- What's happening?
Everybody all right?

- What's up, boy?
- Kennedy Center, man.

- Yeah, that's it.

- Hey, we're live on HBO
right now!

- Yeah, baby!
- You been to

the Kennedy Center before?
- This place is the greatest.

That's why it's named after JFK.

Where you from, Ben?

- From Koreatown, L.A., baby.
- What's up?

- Yeah, man, all right.
- K-town, dog.

- And your moms?
- Mom's from Seoul, South Korea.

She came here... 20 bucks,
you know what I'm saying?

- That's how we do it.
That's how the immigrants do it.

That's what makes America great.
- It is, man.

It's what it's all about.
Great right here.

I'm just glad
to be at the Kennedy Center,

you know, where
I came through the back.

I came in the back door,

but I chose to be stopped.
It was...

- I went through the kitchen.
Nobody ever stopped me.

- [laughs] You know what,
seriously, though?

We're meant to be here.
- Yeah, man.

- Homies. You're my homies.
- You got work to do, bro.

- What's up, Carlos Santana?
Hope you're watching, man.

- Yeah, man.
- Let's go.

- Ready to do this?
We're live right here.

Ladies and gentlemen...

[crowd screaming]

Welcome to the stage...

live from D.C.
at the Kennedy Center...

[cheers and applause]

George Lopez!

[cheers and applause]

- Hi!

[cheers and applause]

The Mexican flag right there!


[Valley accent]
I mean, oh, my God, hi.

[speaking Spanish]

[crowd responds, cheers]

I better be speaking
some Spanish tonight.

[loud cheers]


I'll sprinkle in some English...

for the seven Caucasians
that are here.

Thank you so much. [laughter]

[Anglo voice]
I married into the family,

so I have to be here.

This is one of
the greatest places

to perform anywhere
in the world,

the Kennedy Center.

I've been here...

[cheers and applause continue]

I know. I know, huh?

I've been here ten times

and standing here
looking at who's here,

this fucking place
has never looked like this.


Afro-Americano, Dominicano,

Boricua, Mejicano,

Chino, Latino!



- We love you, George!

We love you! - Thank you.

I love you too.
[speaking Spanish]

You might meet somebody
better, though.

Save it.


this is my fourth live...

But here's what happened today.

Like, you get in the elevator
and, you know, you're there,

and this lady's looking at me
and she's like,

"I know you." And I'm like...

I'm like, "Yeah."
She goes, "Yes, I...

God, I don't have a signal,
or I would Google you. Ah..."

She goes, "Yes, I know you."
You know what I told her?

I told her,
"I put in your driveway."


You know what
that fucking lady said?

"Yes! Yes, you did.


I never got a chance
to thank you."

I said, "Yeah,
but I didn't do it alone."


She said, "Can you put in
a fountain on Monday?"

I said...

I say what all the workers say:
[speaking Spanish]

You can do it.

So I'm doing this
special live tonight.

Then tomorrow... [loud cheering]

Then tomorrow I'm off...

and then Monday I'm putting in
the fountain [speaks Spanish].

Let me tell you something
about this fuckin'...

First of all, let me
tell you something about...

I know everybody is... but
Donald Trump... fuck that puto.

[loud cheers, screams] Fuck him.

Fuck him.

In case there was any
question, fuck him!

Fuck him today,
fuck him tomorrow,

and fuck him 3 1/2 years
from now.

[cheers and applause]

And if you voted for him,
fuck you today,

fuck you tomorrow,

and fuck you
three years from now.

[Anglo voice] Oh, my God,
it's so exciting.

So if you hear I died
tomorrow morning,

I didn't O.D., all right?

Listen, that's what you get
when you're an American.

You get freedom of speech,
you get the First Amendment,

you're wrapped around the flag,
everybody's created equal.

There are no minorities
because we're all equal!

[cheers and applause]

The word "minority"
needs to disappear.

If we're all created equal,
take "minority" out.

I don't wanna be called
a minority,

because that means
I'm less than you.

You're calling me a minority,
you think I'm less than you.

I'ma tell you something
right now.

You call me a minority,
you will lose

a majority of your
fuckin' dientes, all right?

I'll knock your fucking
teeth out.

How about that one?

You can smile like that.

There's tension in the air.

There's tension.

I'm a Mexican-American.

We're in D.C.

You got a guy that's president

that questioned Barack Obama's
citizenship for eight years.

He said he wasn't a citizen.
It's like, you know what?

You're not really orange,
so sit the fuck down.


All right?
Orale, spray tan. Orale.

Donald Trump is so orange,

the first time my tio saw him,
he tried to pick him.

He was like, "That's...

"That's the biggest
orange I've ever seen."

"Tio, that's not an orange."
[speaking Spanish]

"Where's that tree?
Where's that tree?

Because I'm going.
Where's that tree?"

The wall. Everybody's
talking about the wall.

They ask me, "How do you
feel about the wall?"

I say, "You know what?
We'll get over it."


[cheers and applause]

You think that's the answer?
A fucking wall?

Listen, people in Mexico,

they got the Internet
and airplanes, puto.

They got...

We can fly over the wall.

What about
the President of Mexico?

Donald Trump told
the President of Mexico,

"Stop saying that
you won't pay for the wall...

'cause it makes me look bad.
Just say you're gonna do it."

And the President of Mexico

[speaking Spanish]

[speaking Spanish]

And Donald Trump's like,
"Great, we agree."

I'ma tell Donald Trump
something right now...

"Hey, you wanna make
America great?

Fuckin' resign."

[loud cheering]


And take the fuckin'
rugrats with you, ese.

The stork and the two sons.

And the son-in-law, vato,

fuckin'...Jack Scary.


Latinos always hire people

when they work but
they're not as fucked up

as that four.

Least we have a skill.

Let me tell you something,

this wall right here...
30 million.

I'ma tell you something
right now.

I can do it cheaper, all right?

I just put a driveway in.

I'm putting in
a fountain on Monday.

I'm your man!

Really, I'm not... I'm not the
man, because we're assimilated.

Here's the thing.
I have a lot of respect.

I'm assimilated because,
you know, I was born here.

But I have respect for people
who come from other countries,

who come to America
who want to live a better life.

That's what made America

Your great-grandfathers.

Your great-great-grandfathers.

How can anyone seriously
stand there and say,

"Go back
to where you came from"?

Why don't you fucking go back
to where you came from?

"I'm from Connecticut." "No, no.

Further back."


Immigrants are not the problem
that America has, okay?

We're not the problem.

You have to stop blaming
America's troubles

on immigrants

because they do the shit
that nobody wants to do.

You think that we're lazy?
Let me tell you something.

First they say
fucking immigrants are lazy

and they're stealing jobs.

You can't be both.

So... decide which one it is.

'Cause you can't be lazy
and steal a job.

But if you wanted
to steal a job,

there's one about a mile away
you could fucking snatch.

Lazy and... we're not lazy.

Let me tell you something.
It's hard to convince Latinos

the shit that other people
miss work for.

Chronic fatigue syndrome.


"Que es eso?"

"I have
chronic fatigue syndrome."

"You're always tired?"


"And you only have one job?"


[cheers and applause]

Repetitive motion.

You're missing work because you
have to do a repetitive motion.


"My boss just expects
so much for me."

"Yeah, fuck, mine too."

Don't fuck with those people,

they can't be taking jobs.

Let me tell you something.
Just 'cause you don't

wanna work the hours they work,

don't say
that they're stealing jobs.

I got on an elevator
at 2:30 in the morning

and I said,
"Ah, you're working late."

[speaking Spanish]

Why would I even assume that
somebody at 2:30 spoke English?

Come on! [laughter]

[speaking Spanish]

"Can you please number five?"

Okay, five!" [speaking Spanish]

For $30 billion,

you could get Latinos in Mexico

to line up
and be their own wall.

"You get paid.
Aguanta right here.

"You want $500?
Stand right here.

"Line up! $500. 500, 500, 500.

"Don't let nobody pass,
or they're gonna get mad.

That man's gonna get mad."

After eight hours...
[speaking Spanish]

"You're next. Go right there."

The wall. That's the answer.

That's the big answer.
That's the big...

that's gonna cost $30 billion.

We're gonna build a wall.

Why don't you take
that $30 billion

and give some fresh water
for people to drink

and give everybody health care

and take care of the elderly

and fix the schools?

And then the rest of us
will throw a fucking party.

Wanna throw a party?
How much is left over,

18 billion? All right, then.

We can throw a nice
party with everything.

No. That's not the answer.

First of all, they say there's

11 million undocumented people
in the...

First of all, no one is illegal.

That's number one.
No one is illegal.

[cheers and applause]

And it's amazing to me
how documented

the undocumented are.


If you're undocumented,

you're not supposed
to have documents.

Well, we have documents.

What do you want,
my birth certificate?

From what year? Dime.

How old do you want me to be?

Orale. I'm gonna
make myself younger.

Stay right there.

Here, take this one and make
a copy for everybody over there.

11 million.
And the answer... is a wall.

11 million.
You know what that's like?

That's like putting
a condom on after you fuck.


It's out.

It's out. Ya salio. It's out.

"Put it back." "I...

I can't put it back."

"Well, turn the pillow over.
Come on, let's go."

You don't need less immigrants
in this country.

You need more... okay?
You need more.


Or... raise your own kids,
cook your own food.

Pick the grapes
for your own fucking wine.

Do Latino lives matter?
You're fuckin' right.

If you ever wanna fuckin'
eat again, they matter.

You like strawberries?
"Don't hurt 'em!"

All right, then.

When I was 13, my grandfather
told me, "I got you a job

for the summer."
I said, "What is it?"

And he said, "You'll see."
And I'm like...

It's never good
when he says you'll see.

He said, "You'll see."
I said, "Doing what?"

[speaking Spanish]
"The van comes, you get in."

Said, "Oh, I'm not getting in."
"Yeah, you are."

It was picking tomatoes
in Sacramento for the summer.

And I said, "I'm not doing it."
He goes, "You are."

He said, "You're not Mexican?"
and I'm like,

"Yeah, but not like that."

[laughter] "All right?

Not like that."

Somebody told me
to go back to Mexico.

I'm fourth-generation.

I don't know anybody in Mexico!

Be wandering around... "Hey.

How's it goin'?"

"I know you." "Yeah?"

"You look like Cheech
fucked Chong."


I go to Mexico...
You don't realize

how American you are
when you go to Mexico.

You're right there
eating in a restaurant.

Everybody's drinking
and having fun.

Mariachis and shit.
You're the only one...

[Valley accent] "Hi, um...

there's a lot of flies...
in here."


"You don't have screens
for any of these windows.

"All right, uh...

"and can you tell that kid
to stop singing?

"I'm not paying for any
of those fuckin' songs.

And I don't want any gum,
God damn it!"

We can't go back to Mexico.

That's like taking a lion
from the zoo

who's only known the zoo life

and taking the lion
to the jungle.

That fucking lion would be...


How come it don't
smell like popcorn no more?

You hear another lion. [growls]

Fuck... I fuckin'...

I fucking peed.
Shit. What's that?

That's a lion.
Fuck, I don't sound like that.

He's mad.

Where's the lady with the bucket
and the meat and the kids?



Let me tell you something,
this is beautiful...

The stuff that people
have now is really ridiculous.

The way the world is, you know?

Everybody's got shit
you give to yourself...

Anxiety. Everybody has anxiety.

Except Latinos, we don't.

And we're the ones that should.
"Who's out... who's out there?"

You see people and you're like,
"Are you all right?"

"I have anxiety, all right?"
[murmurs] "Fuck...

"Fuckin' take it easy.

You're fucking giving me
anxiety... relax"

Then you have anxiety,
you either take a pill

or you go to the doctor,
and they let you

carry a fuckin' dog
everywhere you go.

That's the cure?
A fucking... Pomeranian?

"I'm better."




[grunts unintelligibly]

You know what Latinos
use for anxiety,

African-American people?
[speaks Spanish]

Right here.

[laughter, applause]

"Where's your dog?" "Huh?

My dog? Oh..."

"Oh! Chinga!
I sold him and I bought weed."

"The fucker
was giving me anxiety."

Chinga with the barkin'!

None of that stuff works.

this is a great country.

Everybody's different,
but you have to live.

Everybody's worried about
what the fuck they're eating,

what's in it.
You go to a restaurant...

"Hi, what kind of oil is that?"

"Culo." "Oh.

"Culo. Uh...

Is it fresh?" "Ah..."

"I'm making some right now."

I'm gonna let you in
on a trade secret.

I might as well tell you
guys, because...

like magicians, Mexicans keep
their secrets to themselves.

When you go to
a Mexican restaurant

and they tell you
that the tostada salad

is gluten-free...


It's not.
Look at all of... "Shh!"

[speaking Spanish]

I'ma tell you, gluten hasn't
hit the Mexican community yet.

But if it's free,
fuck it, we'll take it.

"It's free? It's free?

"Get the truck
and go get the gluten.

"The man said
the gluten is free.

"Go get the gluten!

And ask him if he wants that
chair that's on the porch."

[speaking Spanish]


Allergies. I was at Disneyland.

This little kid
was freaking out, crying,

throwing himself on the ground.

Swallowed his tongue.

Took his helmet off
and threw it in disgust...

because his dinner roll

touched the chicken.

That's what you're allowing
your kids to get away with.

His dinner roll touched
the chicken,

and the mom was getting him
another dinner

because he doesn't like it
when the food touches.

That's the fucking
problem with kids today.

That's the fucking problem.

Fuck him and his dinner roll.

[cheers and applause]

We wanted our food to touch,
'cause it looked like more.

Put it all together...
Put it like a mountain

or something,
it'll make it look like more.

Freaked out. And you know what?

Ask yourselves could you have
gotten away with that shit?

- No!
- Your mom puts down some food.

She walks by once.

She walks by twice.

[speaking Spanglish]
"What's... what happened?"



"I can't hear you. What?"

"I don't... I don't..."

"I don't like it
when the corn tortilla..."


"Touches the carnitas."


"Come over here.
You gotta hear this one."

And this is when you know
you're fucked:

"I didn't hear you. What?"

If they make you say it again,
you're fucked.

"I don't like it...

"when the corn tortilla...

touches the carnitas."

"You don't like it...

"when the corn tortilla
touches the carnitas.

"Well, then you're really
not going to like it

"when my foot touches your culo.

Eat. Eat."

They say it like five times.

"Eat!" "I'm eating."


"Son of a bitch.

[muttering] Huh?"

Ivanka Trump, la cabrona.

Listen, in our culture, we eat.

We're not so concerned
with fructose


You know, now kids go shopping
with their parents

to make healthy choices.


I almost can't say it
with a straight face...

to tell you the truth.
Like, I know what I'm gonna say,

and I'm already laughing.

Like the little kid's like,
"Mom, this is great!

It has omega-3s."

Put it in the basket, Cameron."


There you are with your mom.
"Mom, mira.

This one is high
in saturated fat."

"Well, fuck it, so are you.
Throw it in there.

"Son of a bitch.

"He don't want to learn
in school,

but at the fucking market...
'saturated fats.'"

That was my nickname
for five years.

"Hey, saturated fat,
vamos, cabron.

Satch, let's go."

Our kids are... listen.

Our kids are kids.
You don't baby 'em.

Here's the difference,

our parents
and our culture shows us

that it's not all compliments.

It's not everything
you do is amazing.

It's not
you throw the trash away...

"Hey, high five!"

If you have a kid now,
you have to pretend like

that motherfucker does

is the best thing
you've ever seen.

At Thanksgiving,
he comes home, "Oh, my God!

"Did you trace the outside...

of your hand...

and did you make me a turkey?"

[weird laugh] "I did.

"I did. I put my hand...
I did my hand around it,

and I..." [mumbling]

"I'm putting on Facebook,
God damn it.

"I'm sending it to
'The Washington Post.'

They'll run it."

I gave one to my grandma.

She says, "What's this bullshit?

"Mira, make me one
like this, all right?

And stop using
my fucking eyebrow pencil."

But you don't have
a distorted view of life.

Not everything is wonderful.

Sometimes you make mistakes.
That's how you learn.

You know, kids wake up
and the parents are there:

"Good morning.

"You woke up awesome.

You're gonna have an awesome day
because you woke up awesome."

When did our
parents compliment us?

You take the car out,
you scratch it,

the next morning, "Hey!


"Fuckin' beautiful.

"You're a genius.
I don't know how you did it.

"Mira, I'm so proud of you,

"Mira, you're a fucking genius.

"I didn't know until right now.

"You scratched
both sides of my car.



"I wish I had
two of you right now...

"so I could choke one

and get the other one
to rub out these scratches."

We're not there on purpose.

You could take away
Planned Parenthood.

That doesn't affect Latinos.

We're not planned.

Planned Weddinghood...
Now, the weddings we plan.

You know, it's the difference
between somebody having babies,

like, you know...
Here's the thing.

You think that
there's a lot of Latinos

and African-American people.
We have big families.

We have seven, five kids,
nine kids.

We're make making people
for the future.


Don't get mad at us 'cause
you only had one kid...

and you'll fuckin'
lose him in the market.

Don't get mad at us.

Fuckin' Amber Alerts,
all of you.

You lose your kid,
and we have to look.

Fuck that. I don't gotta look.

I got my seven.
You're on your own, cabrona.

Hey... pay attention!

Take one of those...
Those Adderalls.

If a Latino kid goes missing,
no one notices, you know?

Three days go by,
and then somebody...

"Que paso con Ruben?"

"I don't know.

I haven't see him
como like three days."

"He fucking has my change."

That's all we're worried about.
He's got the change.

You get home... "It was awful..."

"I don't want to
hear that bullshit.

"Gimme the change.

It was a 20.
Give me that change."

That's the reality... listen.
That's the reality of life.

You live your life,
you have fun,

your doctor tells you,
you know, not to drink

and not to eat
and not to enjoy your life.

And you believe him.

That's why
we don't go to the doctor.

I don't want to hear that shit.

I had a uncle that had diabetes.

And I'm always the one
that they say,

"Take me to the doctor."

And the doctor says,
"You will lose your leg

if you continue to drink,"
and my uncle's like...

"What about Crown Royal?"

"He said...

Yes. "" Well, no, let him...

"I don't wanna talk to...
Let him tell me.

What about Crown Royal?" "Yes."

"Oh, because I thought
because it's good

that it was over the line,

"Wow, it is serious, huh?"

He drank.
They amputated his leg.

Everybody went to go see him.
He's in there laughing.

I'm like, "What happened?"
"Eh, hey, mira.

"Don't be sad about my leg,
I already walked a lot already."

"They can have a travel ban.
I ain't goin' nowhere."

It's different, you know?
It's the way to grow up.

I think it's the way to grow up.

I think that, you know,
life isn't like that.

You just need some adversity
sometimes and, you know,

none of the stories
of how we meet are amazing.

They're not like oh, my God,
that's a beautiful story.

"We were at the Smithsonian
at the butterfly exhibit...

"and the butterfly
landed on our fingertips,

and that's how I knew
he was the one for me."

They'll tell you how they met.
You don't even wanna know.

"Hey, you wanna know
how me and your mom..."

[laughter, applause]

"Let me talk. Mira.

I wanted to fuck
her older sister."


"But she said no.

"So then I went one down.

And that's your mom."

"And thank God that she say yes,

because the next one
was your Tio Larry.


That's how we live. Listen.

We don't live sheltered.
We don't live with fear.

You know, kids are...
They're afraid of clowns

and they're afraid of,
you know, mariachis

and they're afraid of
loud noises.

People who grew up poor,

they're afraid of shit
they can't see.

Their dad's car coming down.

[speaking Spanglish]

Mexican monsters
that nobody's ever seen.

ICE. We're afraid of real shit.


Fucking ICE.

I'm telling you,
it's affecting...

On Father's Day I had a party.

I said, "We need to get
ice over here."

Fuckin' everybody took off!

"Come back! Ice!"

[yelling in Spanish] "Ice!"

Now we have to say, "Hey,
let's get some frozen water."

"In cubed form," you know?

Frozen water.

So, in the neighborhood
that I live in,

I set my alarm one day,
and I didn't know the code.

I forget... I'm dyslexic,
so I don't know the code.

And it's going off...
Beep, beep, beep, beep.

Goin' off.
And I finally turned it off.

I go inside, watching TV.
20 minutes later...

[knock knock knock knock]

Open the door. L.A.P.D.

Like, a white cop
and a Latino cop, you know.

And I'm right there
and they look at me

and they're like,
"Hey, I know you."

I say,
"I'm putting in a fountain."


There was this awkwardness,

like the dude couldn't believe
that I lived there.

Well, it's a nice house.

I mean, come on,
I'm George Lopez.

[loud cheering]
Where am I gonna live?

Where am I gonna live?

So... the Latino guy is like...

"I know... can we see some I.D.?"

I'm like, "Ah..."
I look at the Latino guy.

I don't believe it either."

So I let 'em in the house.

I'm walking to find my wallet,
and they're looking around,

and there's nothing
in that house

that looks like
a Latino lives there.

Because we like nice shit,
you know.

So the cop is looking around,
and I'm looking at the cop

and I'm looking at my house.
I'm like,

"Fuck. This..."

He goes, "You get that I.D.?"

"I can't... I can't...

I can't find it."

And then I remember.

So I opened up the refrigerator.

I had corn tortillas,

flour tortillas,

frijoles de la olla,

salsa with a mayonnaise jar with
the foil and the rubber band.

Wedding cake from
like five fucking years ago.

With the candle still in it.

And they were like,
"Sorry to bother you.

Enjoy your day."

[cheers and applause]

Don't apologize
for being successful.

Live your life
and don't worry about it.

Don't worry about
everybody bringing you down...

All the haters right now.
It's all haters.

Be successful.
Don't worry about it.

Don't worry.

That's what we're made for.

That's why we don't
get the positive shit.

You get the...
"I'm gonna go to college,

and I'ma graduate."
"I'll fucking believe that

"when I see it!
Vas a ver, cabron.

Mark it down right now."

That's how we grew up.
We're not allergic to shit.

You know, we can eat peanuts.
Are you kidding me?

A Latino allergic to peanuts?
[speaking Spanglish]

Salted... we do more shit
with peanuts

than a monkey could, I mean...

We got different ways
to eat peanuts,

and we're
not allergic to peanuts.

Chile peanuts, roasted peanuts.

Different flavor...
[speaking Spanish]

Just eating peanuts...

We're not allergic.

Now, if somebody
has a peanut allergy,

the whole world has to change
for that one person.

When they fly on a plane,

no one in the airport
can have peanuts...

because of that one person.

You're on the airplane...

Peanut-free flight
because of that one person.

You're drinking,
having a good time.

"Hey, can we have some peanuts?"

[low voice] "I'm sorry,
there's a passenger

"in coach

"in the middle seat

"that has a peanut allergy.

In 23A."

"Fuck him. Gimme the microphone.

[blows] "Orale. Hey, 23A.

"Go hide in the bathroom,

"because we're gonna be
eating some peanuts right now.

"All right?
And next time, go Greyhound

with all the other
fuckin' nuts."

Why do we have to change because
somebody has a fucking allergy?

They have peanut-free schools.
No peanuts in the school.

You can take a gun,
but don't bring no peanuts.

You don't even need a gun.
Just walk in with some walnuts.

"I'll crack these
motherfuckers right here.

"Get on the ground!
Get on the ground!

"I'll crack... I'll crack it!
And don't try to run,

"'cause I threw cashews
all over the parking lot.

"Want me to throw some fucking...

"Want me to put some
almonds in your shirt?

Want me to put some almonds
down your shirt?"

Here's what you need
to understand about Latinos,

if I haven't already
explained it.

We love this country.

We will never hurt this country.

We love this country.

[cheers and applause]

That new immigration law,
the RISE Act?

You have to already speak
English to come over here.

You have to already have a job

and provide to the economy
before you can come here.

Fuck... I was looking
at that shit.

I'm like, "Fuck,
I'm only one of three.

God damn!"

They're trying to keep us out
of this country, but they can't.

This country
was made by immigrants

and continues to be
made by immigrants,

and all of it makes it great.

That's what makes America great.


Not some fuckin' fat
wobbly-haired fuckin' puto.

Not that... [laughter]

Donald Trump,
let me tell you something.

And let me tell you, huh?

He wants to crackdown
on immigration?

He don't like immigrants?

Well, then, stop marrying them.

Stop marrying them, vato!


[cheers and applause]

She doesn't speak English.

Does it bother anybody

that the First Lady
of the United States

doesn't speak English?

And it hurts to watch her try.

[thick accent]
"And then my husband,

after he'll get it, he'll..."


[with accent]
"Pobrecita. She can't talk.

"She's trying.
[speaking Spanish]

"But she cannot talk.

How come somebody
don't talk for her?"

[speaking Spanish]

[unintelligible, harsh voice]

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger's
at home...

[with accent] "Get it out!

Spit it out, do it!"

You know how hard it is
to learn English?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's
been in this country...

50 years, and he don't
fucking speak English.

He tries to talk slow,
like you won't know.

"And then we got..."
[muttering with thick accent]

You see that commercial
for that app "Mobile Strike"?

[with accent] "Download it now
in the app store!"

"What did he say? Up store?

"Que es eso, the Up store?

Download it in the Up store."

No, no.

We make America great,
people who sacrifice.

Listen, health care?

You can have health care, okay?

Let me tell you something.
If this country

wants to elect somebody
who's racially insensitive

with no political experience,
here I am.

[cheers and applause]

Here I am.

Here I am!

George Lopez for president.

[cheers and applause]

I golf.

I got a kid I hardly talk to.

Under the Lopez Administration,

in my first 100 days,

I will make Taco Tuesday
the law.

[loud cheering]

For everyone.

For everyone!

You want health care?
It's free for everyone.


The Latinos are passing
it to you... we don't need it.

[speaking Spanish]

"I don't want to know what's
wrong with me... take it."

I will legalize...

marijuana. [loud cheering]

And put pharmaceutical
companies out of business.

Same shit.
Not only will I legalize it,

if you vote for me,
I'll come over your house

and smoke it with you.

[cheers and applause]

Look at this guy.
"I hope that's the truth.

"I hope that's the truth.
Is that jokes,

"or is he telling the truth?

I'ma go right now."

Everything during the day

is all medicine commercials.

Nothing's about having fun.
It's all about medicine...

Asthma, AFib, heart disease,
colon cancer.

There's a test where you can
shit in a envelope

and send it in the mail.

That's how lazy Americans
are getting.

You don't even wanna
go to the doctor.

No, just shit in the envelope
and put it in there.

And then they'll open your shit
and they'll examine it

and send that shit back to you.


That's how lazy Americans are.

You don't want us here? We work.

We don't have a chair
that helps us get upstairs

or a walk-in fucking tub.

Your nephew helps you.

Our elderly fall down too,
but when they fall down,

they don't fall down
in an empty house.

They don't fall down
in a nursing home.

They fall down in a house
surrounded by family,

because that's how you take
care of your elderly people.

You don't take care of
your elderly people

by putting them
in a place for Mom

and fucking nursing homes
and convalescent homes

and never visiting them.

That's what I did
to my grandmother... I know.


Take care of those
elderly people.

They took care of you.

If you got a grandmother
that's in her 80s or 90s

or a tia, take pictures of them,
take videos of them,

because when they're gone,
that generation is gone.

That real hard-working,
you don't need a man providing,

put your kids through college...
Those ladies are gone.


What are they
going to be replaced with?

What are those stories?

"Remember when we
used to do pilates?

In 2012 we started."

They got good stories.

They got good stories.
My grandmother...

Amazing stories.

My grandmother tried to
homeschool me one day.

One day.
My grandmother was like,

"Mira. Today...

we're gonna study
American history."


"Hey, start getting ready
to write it down.

"Mira, my sister, you know her,

"when she was young...
[speaking Spanish]

She went with everybody."

"Write it down."

"How's that American history?"

"Well, she's American,
and it happened a long time.


Nobody teaches us
that we learn by ourselves.

You know,
you learn by your mistakes.

When you're riding a bike,

you're riding
a bike by yourself.

You hit your head
on the sidewalk,

you know: slow down.

No helmet, no pads,
no supervision.

You're riding. [thunk]

You learn. You learn.

To swim... you almost have
to drown to learn how to swim.

You know that.

That's what the kids learn.

Nobody teaches us about sex.

You know how you learn
about sex?

You come home
early from school one day.


And you put your books down

and in the back of the house
you hear, "Ay...

[moaning] "Ay...



You go around the house.
You look through the window.

It's your tio taking
his socks off.

[moaning] "Ahh... ay!"

"Tio!" "Ay!"

"I thought you were
in here making love."

"Shit, I wish... I can't
even take my socks off."

We don't go to the doctor.

When women have babies,
they've had babies before.

It's not as new to other people

like they're pregnant,
they're like, "Oh, my God!"

They go get an ultrasound
every hour.

"You've been here..."
[imitating electronic sounds]

Latinos are pregnant, they're
like, "You're pregnant."


All right, ah..."

"Don't you want
to know what it is?"

"No, I got clothes
for either one."


"I don't need vitamins,
because I still got vitamins

from the other kids."

It's not as exciting.

You know,
everybody documents everything.

You know, moms still work out.

When the baby's born,
they give them prenatal.

They clean their nose
with that... pfft... you know.

Little white kids,
they talk... seven months.

You go in the room,

they're leaning
against the chair, "Hey.

"Come on in. Yeah.

"I'm seven months yesterday.

"Yeah, my mom told me
you were comin' in.

"Come on in.

"I been talking for
about a couple of weeks,

"I don't know, ten days maybe.

"Yeah, I know, she's making me
wear the helmet

"'cause the top of my head
isn't formed and...

I'm self-conscious."

"I'll be driving in a month."

You go to a Latino house,
you knock on the door,

a Latino kid opens the door.

He just stands there
with that look on his face.


"Is your dad home?"

"My dad?"

"Is... your dad home?"

"He's not here.

"He was here, and then he left.

"That's why... that's...
That's why he's not here.

"But when his car's here,

"that means that he's here,
but right now...

"but right now... but right now
his car's not here.

So that means
that he's not here."

"How old are you?" "29."

[laughter, applause]

"Don't tell him
I got outta the crib."

We're taught respect. Listen...

Therapy is not for us.
We don't go to therapy.

Do we need it? Yeah.

We don't feel comfortable
telling a stranger.

We'll wait till there's a party

and the mariachis are playing

and they're getting ready
to cut the wedding cake

and just say, "Let me tell you,
everybody, something.



"Nobody loves me."

"Tio." "No, no, no.

Let me talk."


"Tell him you love him,
and take him to the car."

We don't go to therapy. I tried.

You go, you know,
and if you go early enough,

you can hear through the...
You know, you see somebody...


[voice breaking]
"My father never told me

that he loved me."

That's it? I open the door.

My father told me
he wasn't my father.

How 'bout that one?
You don't see me cry.

And fuck him...
He'll never see me cry.

They all drink and,
you know, they all over-drink.

My grandfather...
I love my grandfather.

He taught me a lotta things,
but when he drank, he was mean.

And since I was an only child,
he would look for me.

And he didn't speak English,
but when he was drunk,

he'd try to speak English.

And I had to sit there...


"Who do ju thing ju are?"

"Who do you thing j'are?"


Then my grandmother
would try to jump in.

[speaking Spanish] "Chut up!

Chut ju mouse!"

"Chut up you fucking mouse!"

And then he would hit me.

[thwack, thwack]

In my temple. [thwack]

[thwack] Like 40 times.


And every time...
I was like eight...

And every time
I'd be like, "One day..."

[thwack, thwack] One day."

April 4th, 1988.


He died.

We're having a ceremony there,
the open casket.

The mortician says, "Would
anyone like to say good-bye?"



Fuck you and fuck Erik Estrada.

That puto.

Come and get me, vato.
I can knock you out.

Spite. That's what motivates me.

Somebody says,
"That's not healthy."


I think I'm doing all right!"

Find love and be happy

and find somebody that you love

and be honest and be truthful
to them,

because love is the most
difficult thing to find

in this world.

I know, because
I'm by myself right there.

[whistles through teeth]

And my grandmother, she knew.
When I was 12, she knew.

"Cochino, I know
what you're doing in there."

I said, "What?"
"You don't think I know,

but I know."
She didn't know medical terms.

She would say shit.
I knew what she meant.

"I know you're in there
throwing your

[speaking Spanglish]
all over the room."

[mouthing] What?

"Your tres leches
all over the place."


My grandmother got sick.

I hate when elderly people
get sick.

But we keep them in the house.

All those places,

all those nursing homes
and stuff like that... listen.

Filipino, Asian people,

Middle Eastern people,
Indian people,

Latinos... we all run
the health care industry

if you've been
around a hospital.

Maybe not all of us are doctors,

but we're the ones that are
there in middle of the night.

[crowd whooping]

So, when you end up
in a convalescent home,

if I were you,
I'd be shaking hands

with every Latino,
person of color,

because in the middle
of the night,

when you're in there...
"My heart.

My heart!"

This is the last thing
you're gonna see.


[cheers and applause]

"What happened to the lady?"
"Oh, the lady?

"She die.

"But we got married last night,
her and I, before she die.

"I got the marriage certificate.

I keep all these documents
Wait a minute."

It goes by like that, too.
It goes by like that.

You know?
So, eat, have fun, you know,

don't be a vegetarian,
don't be a vegan.


Have you...
That's not helping you.

"I can only have
400 calories a day.

"That's why I don't breathe,

[inhales] "That's 20."

We eat.

Lettuce? We don't eat lettuce.

Latinos work
in the produce industry,

but we don't eat lettuce,
all right?

You don't work all day
picking lettuce

and on your day off
make yourself a fucking salad.

That's not...


[speaking Spanish]
We don't know...

we don't know what kale is.

But I think it's a little boy

your tia watches
three days a week.

"When does kale come?"
"Oh, kale? Viene...

"Right now,
he change the schedule...

"Viene los Monday,
Wednesday, los Fri...

El kale?"

That would almost be like
if you're a prostitute

and on your day off somebody
put a dick in your cornflakes.

You'd be like...

"It's my day off.

Take that dick
out of my cornflakes."

We ain't looked at the shit.

Milk. Let me tell you something.

Milk... whole... we all grew up

on whole milk.

God gave women the ability

to have milk
to feed their children

from the beginning of time.

Milk was created
to nurture our families.

And now milk is bad.


Whole milk...
Nobody drinks whole milk.

If you go to Starbucks
and you say,

"Can I have some whole milk?"
"Get the fuck out of here.

"Son of a bitch.

We're working!"

When you grow up poor,
you don't want 2% of the milk.

You want the whole milk.

I want all the milk.

I don't want 2% of it.

Then people have peanut
allergies and nut allergies

and they're allergic to milk,
but then there's almond milk.

What the fuck is that?

Even you don't even know!

"I'm lactose-intolerant."
"No you're not... you can't hang."

[speaking Spanish]

You wanna be another asshole
in line bitching about milk?

"Is this 2%?
Because I can only have 1%.

"Is this 2%?
You're not the manager.

"Are you the manager?
Hi, is this 2%?

Because I can only have 1%."

I got outta line.
I grabbed that dude's latte.

I spill half.
"Here, motherfucker.

"Now it's 1%.
Get your ass outta line!

You don't look like you're a
2% anything, you fat bastard."

I didn't say it. I tweeted it,

'cause then it doesn't count.


Let me tell you...
My grandfather's brother

had a ranch in Mexico.

We used to go.
The most disgusting thing

I've ever seen was
my grandfather milking a goat.


And that goat wasn't clean. Ugh.

[speaking Spanglish]
In his eyes.

He didn't even wave 'em off
with his ears anymore.

He was like, "Hey..." [mutters]

And my grandfather's
milking this goat,

and we're like... [gagging]


He had that much milk.

Even the goat came out
of the barn and looked...

"He's not gonna
drink that shit, is he?"

He tried to warn him. [bleating]



We make America great.

Everybody that gets up
and works hard every day

makes America great.

It's already great.
It's the greatest place to live.

Go live somewhere else!


We love this country.
We're not terrorists, okay?

Latinos aren't terrorists.
But I'ma tell you right now,

if we were, we'd be the best.

The number one ingredient
in making a bomb:



"You want 10 tons."

"We're doin' a big yard."


"And we're putting in
a fountain."

We can't be terrorists.

Because terrorists
take responsibility.

Latinos? "No.

"It was already like that
when I got there.

"I didn't... I didn't do it.

It was like that."

They'll be talking on the news.
"What happened?

"I heard a boom, and then
somebody yelled, 'Raiders!'

and they ran off."

That's how you know we did it.

So, try to build a wall.
Go ahead, try to build it.

Use taxpayer money
even though you said

you were gonna get Mexico
to pay for it.

Mexico ain't paying for shit.
I coulda told you that.

We can't even split
a fuckin' check.

You get the check:
"I-I don't even eat.

"What's this bullshit?
I didn't even eat!

Kale... I don't eat Kale,
vato, I don't eat kale!"

I'ma tell you something
right now.

As long as George Lopez
is alive...

And my cholesterol level's
pretty high, so I don't know...

But as long as George Lopez
is alive,

I promise you,
I will never, ever

let anyone disparage
Latinos or Mexicans

as long as I'm alive.

[loud cheers and applause]

- We love you, George!

- I love you, baby, thank you.

When Donald Trump announced

he was running for president,

he called Mexicans rapists
and criminals.

When I see him, I'm gonna
rob him and fuck him.

[laughter, applause]


And let me tell you something.

You better build that wall
in one day.

One day,
you better build that wall,

because if you leave all that
material out there overnight...


[cheers and applause]

[rock music]

♪ ♪

[cheers and applause continue]

♪ ♪


[cheers and applause continue]

[cheers and applause continue]

♪ ♪

[bright tone]