George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing (2005) - full transcript

George Carlin continues making people laugh with his 13th HBO stand-up special.

Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you!


Thank you very much!
Thank you!

I'm a modern man! A man for the millennium!
Digital and smoke-free!

A diversified, multi-cultural
post-modern deconstructionist...

...politically, anatomically and
ecologically incorrect...

I've been uplinked and downloaded,
I've been inputted and outsourced...

I know the upside of downsizing,
I know the downside of upgrading...

I'm a high-tech low-life!
A cutting-edge, state of the art...

bi-coastal multi-tasker, and I can give you
a gigabyte in a nanosecond!

I'm new-wave, but I'm old-school;
and my inner child is outward-bound...

I'm a hot-wired, heat-seeking,
warm-hearted cool customer...

...and I'm voice-activated
and bio-degradable...

I interface with my database;
and my database is in cyberspace... I'm interactive, I'm hyperactive
and from time to time I'm radioactive!

Behind the eight ball,
ahead of the curve, ridin'

the wave, dodgin' the bullet,
pushin' the envelope!

I'm on point, on task,
on message and off drugs!

I've got no need for coke and speed!
I've got no urge to binge and purge!

I'm in the moment, on the edge,
over the top, but under the radar...

A high-concept, low profile,
medium-range ballistic missionary...

A street-wise smart bomb,
a top-gun bottom-feeder...

I wear power ties, I tell power lies,
I take power naps, I run victory laps...

I'm a totally ongoing, big-foot, slam-dunk
rainmaker with a pro-active outreach...

A raging workaholic, a working rageaholic;
out of rehab and in denial!

I've got a personal trainer,
a personal shopper,

a personal assistant
and a personal agenda!

You can't shut me up!
You can't dumb me down!

'Cause I'm tireless, and I'm wireless,
I'm an alpha-male on beta-blockers.

I'm a non-believer, I'm an over-achiever;
Laid-back and fashion-forward.

Up-front, down-home,
low rent, high-maintenance!

Super-sized, long-lasting, high-definition,
fast-acting, oven-ready and built to last!

I'm a hands-on,
footloose, knee-jerk, head case;


...and I have a love child
who sends me hate-mail!

But I'm feeling, I'm caring,
I'm healing, I'm sharing...

A supporting, bonding, nurturing
primary-care giver...

My output is down, but my income is up!
I take a short position on the long bond,

...and my revenue stream has
its own cash flow.

I read junk mail, I eat junk food,
I buy junk bonds, I watch trash sports...

I'm gender-specific, capital-intensive,
user-friendly and lactose intolerant!

I like rough sex; I like tough love,
I use the f-word in my e-mail...

...and the software on my hard drive
is hard-core - No soft porn!

I bought a microwave at a mini-mall.
I bought a mini-van at a mega-store...

I eat fast-food in the
slow lane, I'm toll-free,

bite-size, ready-to-wear,
and I come in all sizes!

A fully equipped, factory-authorized,

clinically proven, scientifically
formulated medical miracle!

I've been pre-washed, pre-cooked,
pre-heated, pre-screened, pre-approved,

pre-packaged, post-dated, freeze-dried,
double-wrapped, vacuum-packed, and...

I have an unlimited broadband capacity!

I'm a rude dude, but
I'm the real deal.

Lean and mean. Cocked,
locked and ready to rock!

Rough, tough, and hard to bluff.
I take it slow, I go with the flow...

I ride with the tide,
I've got glide in my stride...

Drivin' and movin', sailin' and spinnin',
jivin' and groovin, wailin' and winnin'...

I don't snooze, so I don't lose!

I keep the pedal to the metal
and the rubber on the road...

I party hearty!
And lunchtime is crunch time.

I'm hangin' in,
there ain't no doubt...

...and I'm hangin' tough.
Over and out!

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Way to go! Thank you!

Hey! I've got 341 days over and next year's
my 50th anniversary in show business... let's do a fucking show! Huh?

You know some people don't talk about' em
in public anymore? Pussyfarts!

So, anyway...

I said that on my last
HBO show and apparently

some people don't know
what a pussyfart is...!

...'cause I got some inquiries...

Here's the deal!

A pussyfart is like when you're making
love to a woman...

...who's got a little extra air
in her vagina...

...and every time you thrust forward
there's kind of a...

And the two of you,
just lyin' there, each

is wonderin' if the
other one farted...

And the man is usually thinking:
"Maybe she farts when she comes!"

"Maybe she took a shit!"

"Man, I gotta stay out of that
fucking bar!"

Another word you don't hear too often
is "Dingleberries!"

You know? You never hear it
in "Meet the Press?"

The dingleberry solution,
the dingleberry-gate... Nothing!

I guess this is 'cause
"dingleberries" is one of them

words you don't say too much
past your tenth birthday!

It't not a grown-up's word!
It's a kid's word!


Always sounded kinda Christmasy to me!

Won't you say there's a holiday ring to it?

"John, you may want to hang some
dingleberries over the front door!"

"And when Mary Ann comes over she
can kiss you under the Dingleberries!"

It is to be devoutedly wished
that she would kiss me...

...under the Dingleberries!

"Cornhole" is another word you
don't hear enough!

You don't hear that
nearly enough, you know!

It's a good word! A solid word!

It's a tough word! It's
a man's kind of word!

It's got a masculine sound!

Like "shotgun", and "ashcan",
and "tow-truck"...!


Everything's been sanitized
now, and cleaned up!

First with these fucking Christians,
let's just start with them!

Let's not leave out these
PC campus liberal assholes!

They're just as fucking bad
from a different direction!

But's everything's different!
Everything's been

polished up! It's "anal
intercourse", "anal rape!"

Bullshit! Cornhole!

I'm a big fan of the prime
time crime shows...

...I like all of them pretty
much, you know, I like

"Law and Order", and all
the spin-offs of that...

I like "CSI", and all of those spin-offs,
'cause they're forensic shows, you know?

And I'm just waiting for
one night to be sitting

there watching one of
them shows, and...

...the chief medical examiner turns
to the lead detective and say "Steve..."

"Looks to me like that after they
killed this guy the perpretators rolled

him over and cornholed him about
thirty or forty fucking times..."

"And there's a posthumous multiple cornhole
entry wound!"

In prison it's a social activity!

Yeah, it's right there
on the bulletin board!

"Checkers, handball,

Now, just to change the subject
a little bit...

Do you realize...?

...that right this second,
right now...

...somewhere around the world...

...some guy is getting ready
to kill himself?

Ain't that great?

Do you ever stop and think
about that kind of shit?

I do! It's fun!

And it's interesting!
And it's true!

Right this second, some guy is getting
ready to bite the big bazooka!

Because statistics show that every year
a million people commit suicide!

A million! That's 280 a day!

That's one every 30 seconds!

There goes another guy!

And I say "guy" because men are four times
more likely than women to commit suicide!

Even though women attempt it more!

So men are better at it!

That's something else you girls
are wanna be working on!

Well, if you wanna be truly
equal, you're gonna have

to start taking your own
lives in greater numbers!

But I just think it's interesting
to know...

..."interesting", that's a big word in this
show for me...

...interesting to know that at any moment,
the odds are good...

...that some guy is draggin' a chair across
the garage floor...

...trying to get it right underneath
that ceiling beam...

...don't want it to be
too far off center.

If it's worth doing,
it's worth doing right!

Somewhere else another
guy is going over and

getting a gun out of a
chest of drawers...

Somebody else is opening up a brand
new package of razorblades!

Maybe struggling with the cellophane
a little bit, you know?

"Oh shit! There's always something!
Goddam it!"

I just think that's interesting as hell!

That's probably the most interesting
thing you can do with your life!

End it!

I don't think I could that, though!
Could you? God!

I couldn't commit suicide
if my life depended on it!

But I understand it, you know?
I think I do...

I don't wonder about it! I don't
wonder: "Why did he do that?"

"What was going through his
mind?" You know what I wonder?

Where do you find the fucking time?

Who's got time to be committing suicide?
Aren't you busy? I've got shit to do!

Suicide would be way down
on my list...

...probably down past lighting
my own house on fire!

Am I wanna try a little
self-mutilation first?

You know? Take a couple of
hunks out of my arm...

See if I like the general idea...!

Cause you gotta have
priorities, man! You know?

And you gotta have a plan, too, for
something like that! Gotta plan that shit!

People don't just run out the
house and jump off a bridge!

There are things you
have to decide!

Timing is important!
When are you gonna do it?

"Welll, let me see it now...!"

"Wednesday's out. Gotta take
Timmy to the circus...!"

"Survivors's on on Thursday!"

"Friday, I've got my colon cleansing..."

"Folks are coming over on Sunday..."


By God, that'll be just the thing!
Maybe Mum will find my body!

Serves her right for fucking me up
the way she did!

Then you have to pick a method!
How are you gonna do it?

Well, let me see it now...!
I'm afraid of heights, that's no good!

Can't swallow pills,
Don't like the sight of blood...!

Fucking ovens are electric...!

I'd lay out in front of a
train, except damn track

ain't coming through here
in thirty goddam years!

Maybe I'll just take a gun
and shoot myself in the mouth!

Huh... Suppose I miss!

People'll be laughing at me!

Suppose I live...!
I'd have a big fucking hole in my head!

I'd have to wear some kind
of dumbass hat!

Well, I guess I'll just hang myself!
That'll be good!

Gotta get a rope!
Oh, shit! There's always something...!

I've got a rope
in the garage...!

Ah! It's got a lot of
grease and paint on it!

Don't want to get that
stuff on my neck!

Wal-Mart is having a special
on rope this weekend!

No sense in spending a lot of money
to kill myself!

Then again, I can always
put it on my credit card,

and never have to pay
the fucking thing!

Eh, that's it, then! I'm hanging myself
and Wal-Mart is paying for it!

What's next? A note...!

Oh, Jesus!
Gotta express myself!

Hell, if I gotta express myself I wanna
be thinking a note or something, I guess...

Where's the pen? Can never
find a pen!

Told the kids not to move the pen
away from that telephone! Goddam kids!

I'll just kill them, too!

Make it one of them family
package deals!

Ah, here's a pen! I oughta jam it
in my fucking neck and get it over with!

Let's see now...!
Where do you put the date, upper left...?

I can never remember that...!
"To whom it may concern..."

Huh... sounds kinda impersonal...

"Dear Marcelle..."
Huh, leaves out the kids...

I know!
"Hey, guys! Guess what?"

"Keep on reading! How are you?
I hope you are fine!"

"I am not fine!"

"As you can no doubt tell from me
hanging here from the ceiling fixture!"

"You were the ones who
drove me to this!"

"I was doing just fine until
you fuckers came along!"

"I hope you're happy now
that I'm goddam dead!"

"Signed: The corpse in this room!"

"P.S. Fuck you, people!"

That would be a good note!

I don't think a writer could
ever commit suicide, do you?

A writer would be too busy working
on the note all goddam year!

Trying to get it just right!

First draft, second draft, third
revision, whole new ending...!

And finally turning it into a book proposal
and have a reason to live!

It won't work! I think
about stuff like that!

It's interesting to
me, like I said!

Certain things are interesting!
Suicide is interesting!

Life is filled with interesting things!
That's why I could never commit suicide!

I'm having too much fun!
Keeping an eye on you, folks!

Watching what you do! Human behaviour!
That's what I like!

Humans do some really
interesting things!

Like, besides killing ourselves,
we also kill each other!

Murder! And we're the only ones
who do that, by the way!

We are the only species on
earth that deliberately kills

members of their own species
for personal gain...

Or pleasure! Sometimes it's just fun...!

We're also the only species that deliberately
kill members of another species...!

...for personal gain, or pleasure!
That's what hunters do! They kill for pleasure!

That's us! Human beings!
Interesting folks! Murderous!

Here's an interesting form of
murder we came up with...!

Assassination! Do you what's interesting
about assassination!

Well, not only does it change those
popularity polls in a big fucking hurry!

But it's also interesting to
know who it is we assassinate!

Do you ever notice, stop to
think who it is we kill...?

It's always people who
told us to live together

in harmony and try to
love one another...!

Jesus, Gandhi, Lincoln, John
Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy,

Martin Luther King, Martha Rivers,
Malcolm X, John Lennon...

They all said: "Try to live
together peacefully!" BAM!

Right in the fucking head!

Apparently we're not ready for that!

Yeah! That's difficult
behaviour for us!

We're too busy, thinking
around, sitting around

trying to think up ways
to kill each other!

Here's one we came up with!
It's efficient, too!

Genocide! You know?

Killing large numbers of people simply 'cause
they don't look like you, they don't talk like you

and they don't have the
same kind of hats you do!

Did you ever notice that anytime you
see two groups of people who really

hate each other, chances are good they're
wearing different kinds of hats!

Keep an eye on that!
It might be important!

But anytime there's genocide
there are always mass graves!

Every time we kill some dictator
and go marching through his country...

...we always finds mass graves!
Thousands and thousands

of dead bodies of people
the dictator killed!

And everybody over here gets horrified!
"Oh, mass graves! Mass graves! Oh!"

Oh, shit! What's a guy
supposed to do with a

couple of thousand
people he just killed?

Dig separate holes?
Fuck that shit!

It's labor intensive!
Get real!

The whole idea of killing
a large number of

people at one time, in one
place, is convenience!

Efficiency! Throw 'em in
the fucking hole!

Look at it this way!
At least the dictator had

the decency to throw a
little dirt on them!

Give the guy some credit!
Dictator's a busy man!

Got a lot in his mind!

Like trying to figure out
who's planning to kill him!

So he can pick them up, put them in prison,
and torture them!

Here's another of
our interesting

heart-warming behaviours
we came up with...

...somewhere along the way!
Torturing each other!

You wanna hear a really cool torture
that the romans invented?

They also used it as a form
of capital punishment!

It's really creative!

They would take the guy in question,
stuff him in a burlap sack,

seal the sack up real tight and
throw him in the river, but...!

...and here's the creative part!
Inside the sack, with the guy...!

...they would put a dog, a monkey
and a snake! OK?

A dog, a monkey and a snake!
That's fucking creative!

Imagine being inside a
burlap sack in the water,

in the dark, sitting next
to a drowning monkey...!

...think he'd be moving around
a little bit?

The dog, he'll be going apeshit!
We know that!

And the snake? Well, he'd
probably be getting curious

about what all the activity
was inside the sack!

He might do anything!

Whatever he did, it would probably
involve venom ant its teeth!

You know what you'd be doing?

You'd be praying to God that the snake bit
the monkey and the dog ate the snake!

Then it would be just you and the dog!
Man and his best friend!

Drowning together! Maybe before you died
you could teach him a few tricks!

Roll over and play dead wouldn't be too
difficult, would it?

Just a thought!
Just a playful thought!

By the way, I assume
you've noticed that all

these activities I'm
mentioning, murder...

...torture, genocide...
These are all things human beings do!

Not animals! Those creatures
we feel superior to!

This is us!

Here's another one of our spiritually
uplifting activities!

We don't do this one much anymore!
But it used to be really big!

Human sacrifice!

I miss that!

The Aztecs loved human sacrifice!
And they were good at it!

Well, they got a lot of practice!
For instance, around the year 1500...

...the aztecs sacrificed 18,000 people
in one ceremony! OK?

18,000 people in one ceremony!
Do you know what the occasion was?

They were opening a new temple!

Nothing like religion for
a little entertainment, huh?

Specially that old-time religion!

Do you know how the aztecs went about
their sacrificing? Here's how they did it...

They would do that right out
in public, right in front

of everybody, big town,
beautiful city square...

twenty, thirty thousand people
looking on! They would take the guy...!

...lay him on an altar, cut his
chest open, pull his heart out

and hold it up in the air while
it was still beating! Got that?

Cut his chest open, pull his heart out and hold
it up in the air while it was still beating!

Do you know what you call that?

That's fucking theatre!

And although the procedure
may have been a little too

crude to be considered the
first bypass surgery...! could easily be seen as an early form
of organ donor programme!

The aztecs! Human beings!
Just like us...

Not too long ago! 500 years!
Columbus had already landed!

That was just south of here!

By the way, those hearts
didn't go to waste!

Because right after
the ceremonies...

The royal family, naturally, would enjoy
another one of our amusing activities...

Cannibalism! Imagine that!
Chowing down on another human being!

You gotta be all out of beef jerky, man!
You gotta be really fucking hungry!

But it happens, doesn't it?
Still happens to this day!

A bunch of people?
Stranded in the wilderness?

Run out of pop-tarts?
Gotta eat something!

Might as well be Steve!

And how do you decide
who to eat first?

How do you decide who's
first on the barbecue rack?

Do you pick on the little guy,
'cause he's skinny and he can't fight back?

...or do you all gang
up on the bodybuilder

'cause he's got a lot
of steaks and chops on?

These are things human beings
have to consider!

One more of these charming
diversions of ours!

Necrophilia! Huh?
Now there's a hobby for you!

Fucking a corpse!

Takes a special kind of guy!
Don't you think?

But it happens, it happens...
More than you might think!

It happens among humans!
Animals don't do that!

Animals don't fuck their dead!

A rat would do a lot
of gross things!

But it would not fuck
a dead rat!

It wouldn't even
occur to him!

Only a human being
would think...! fuck someone who
just died!

We gotta be the most interesting
creatures on the planet...!

...and then we wonder why a UFO
doesn't just land and say hello!

Do you know the best thing
about necrophilia?

You don't have to bring flowers!

Yeah! Usually they're already there!

Isn't that nice? It's nice!
It's convenient!

Human beings would do anything!

Anything! I am convinced!

That's why when all those beheadings
started in Iraq, didn't bother me!

I took it right in stride! A lot of
people here were horrified!

"Oh, beheadings! Beheadings!"

What are you, fucking surprised?

It's just one more form of
extreme human behaviour!

Besides, who cares about
some mercenary civilian

contractor from Oklahoma
who gets its head cut off?

Fuck him! Fuck him!

Hey Jack! You don't wanna
get your head cut off?

Stay the fuck in Oklahoma!

They don't cut no heads in Oklahoma!
As far as I know!

But I do know this!

You strap on a gun and go
struttin' around some other man's

country, you'd better be
ready for some action, Jack!

You'd better be ready for some action!
People are touchy about that sort of thing!

Let me ask you this, while I have you
good, clean Americans here...!

This is a moral question...
Not rhetorical, I'm looking for the answer!

What is the moral difference between

cutting off one guy's head, or two,
or three, or five, or ten?

...and dropping a big bomb on a hospital
and killing a whole bunch of sick kids?

Has anybody in authority
given you an explanation of

the difference? I have not
got an e-mail on this... one would talk! We
haven't got a postcard,

not a fucking instant
message or nothing!

Now, in case you're wondering
why I have a certain

interest and fascination,
let's call it...

...with torture and beheadings, and all
of these things I've mentioned... because each of these items,
reminds me in life...

every time I... one of them occurs,
reminds me over and over again...

...what beasts we human beings really are,
you know...

...when you get right down to it,
when you get right down to it...!

...human beings are nothing more than
ordinary jungle beasts! Savages!

No different from the Cromagnon
people who lived 25,000 years ago,

in a place that seemed far
as it can (unintelligible)

No different! Our
DNA hasn't changed

substantially in a
hundred thousand years!

We're still operating
out of the lower brain!

The reptilian brain! Fight or flight!
Kill or be killed!

Now, we like to think we've evolved
and advanced...

...because we can build a computer,
fly an airplane, travel underwater...

...we can write a sonnet, paint a painting,
compose an opera... But you know something?

We're barely out of the
jungle on this planet!

Barely out of the fucking jungle!
What we are... semi-civilized beasts...

...with baseball caps and
automatic weapons!

And this civilization of ours,
that we're so proud of...!

This civilization, with its
so-called civilized behaviour...

Do you ever stop to realize how fragile
all this is...?

How fragile the whole struc...
How easily could

just break right down?
Just break right down!

Wouldn't take much!
Probably happen in less than two years!

Wouldn't take much to throw us right
back into barbaric times!

All you have to do, would be
eliminate electricity!

That's all! But completely!
Eliminate electricity! So...

No electricity, no lights!

You're back to candles, and
lanterns, campfires and bonfires...

Batteries couldn't
be recharged...

Gerenators couldn't be refuelled,
because fuel is pumped electrically...

So is water, by the way! So no
lights, no fuel, no water...

No computers! And
computers run everything!

And among the many things computers run,
and they operate on electricity...

...are all of the security systems in all
of our jails and prisons...!

...and nuthouses! So, suddenly...

...without electricity, all across america,
the gates and cell doors...

...of penitentiaries and mental
institutions would fly open...!

...and out would come all of our
old friends!

...the ones who've been away... camp!

Serial killers, mass
murderers, felony rapists,

armed robbers, carjackers,
home invaders...

Thieves, burglars, kidnappers, sadists,
paedophiles, sexual predators, pimps...

Pushers, pornographers, speed freaks,
crackheads, sick junkies...

All the ethnic street gangs! Black, Spanish
and Asian gangs, Japanese yakuza...

Russian mafia, and neo-nazis, white
supremacists, Sicilian hitmen...

Italian mobster, Jamaican
and Colombian drug gangs...

And those are just the ones
we caught...!

Let's not forget their counterparts!
Still on the outside! Right now!

Waiting to hook up with
their prison buddies!

So they can start a
new organization!

The American Federation of Sociopaths!
Just what the country needs!

Another special interest group!

Eight to ten million of them may be!
Counting all the parolees,

and all the probationers, and the ones
that have never been caught...

Eight to ten million!
Bitter, angry,

violent, sexually
hyperactive alpha-males...

...with nothing to do! No hobbies!
No medications!

No scruples! Just a bunch of bad guys
looking for a good time!

Maybe dropping by your house!
"Hi! Hope we're not intruding!"

"Got any beer?

Oh, good! Well, I've got about fourteen
hundred really thirsty guys here...!"

"How about women?
Got any women?...

...Oh, just your wife, huh?"

"Well, I think we could make that work!"

"Now boys! There's a lady here...
So I want you to mind your manners..."

"And wait your turn..."

Police wouldn't help you! They'd be
gone at the first sign of trouble!

They'd be home protecting
their own families...!

So would the Army and the
National Guard! You'd be alone!

You'd be on your own!
You'd be S.O.L. and J.W.F.!

"Shit out of luck and
jolly-well fucked!"

"Shit out of luck and
jolly-well fucked!"

After a couple of years
of living like that...

...beheadings will be the least
of your problems!

People will be lining up
to be beheaded...!

So let's get back to suicide,

which now seems like a
reasonable alternative...!

Suicide is an interesting topic to me...!

...because it's an inherently
interesting decision!

To decide voluntarily not to exist anymore!
It's profound!

You know what it is?
It's the Ultimate Makeover!

That's why I think it
belongs on television!

In this depraved culture we live in...?

...with all these reality shows?
Suicide and television would be a natural!

I'll bet you can have an All-Suicide
channel on cable TV!

I bet you! Shit! They've got all golf!
What the fuck! Huh?

Goddam! Jesus!

Do you ever watch golf?
It's like watching flies fuck!

If you can get a bunch of
brainless assholes and insist

them to waste a sunny afternoon,
on that kind of shit... know you can get some people
to watch them suicides...!

All day long! 24 hours a day! Nothing but
suicides! Must-die TV!

You can get a lot of
people watching that shit!

You can get a lot of people
volunteering to be on it, too!

Just so their friends can see them on TV!
People are fucking goofy!

You can get a lot of volunteers!

You can get all of them leftovers
assholes on "Let's Make a Deal!"

They'll be lining up around the block!
Pushing each other out the way!

Putting on them funny capes
and caps and headpats

and make them up call
themselves "Captain Suicide!"

Guys will be competing for
most unusual methods!

People will be jumping
off them silos, lighting

themselves on fire, putting
rat poison on their taco...

Drinking "Mop-and-Glo",
sticking mothballs up their ass...

You'd probably have some weird
fuck show figure how to

kill himself with dental
floss and a Stinger missile!

People are fucking goofy!

I bet you could find you a married couple!
In this country? Shit!

I bet you! You can
find a married couple!

In one of them trailer
parks or something...

...who'd be perfectly willing
to sit in a love seat...

...and blow each other's head off
with shotguns!

...while a love song is playing!
People are fucking nuts!

This country is full of
nitwits and assholes!

Did you ever notice that?

Oh my goodness, yes!
Oh my goodness, right!

Nitwits, assholes, fuck-ups, scumbags,
jerk-offs and dipshits!

...and they all vote!

They all vote, yeah!

In fact, sometimes you get the impression
they're the only ones who vote!

You can usually tell us they've doing the voting
by looking at the fucking election returns!

Man, sure it ain't me out
there wasting my time

in a meaningless activity like that!

You know those people on
the Jerry Springer Show?

Those are the average Americans!

Oh yeah? Believe me!
Below average can't get on the show!

Can't get on! Below average just sit
at home watching that shit on TV!

Getting ready to go out and vote!

Filling out the sample ballot!

People are fucking dumb!

You can say what you want about this
country! And I love this place!

I love the freedoms
we used to have...

I love it! I love that!
You know?

I loved it when it didn't take
a fucking catastrophe

to get us to care
for one another...

I love the fact that we're on camera
all the time from all angles...

But you know? You can say what you want
about America! I say, I love this place...

I wouldn't have it any other way, I wouldn't live in any
other time in history, or any other place, but...

...Say what you want about America!
Land of the free, home of the brave...

We've got some dumb-ass motherfuckers
floatin' around in this country!

Dumb-ass motherfuckers!
You know? Yeah!

Now, obviously, that doesn't include this
audience! I understand that!

You seem intelligent and perceptive,
but the rest of them...

Holy jump and fucking shitballs!

Dumber than a second coat of paint!

And this ain't just rant and raving!
This ain't just blowin' off steam!

I've got a little evidence
to support my claim!

It just seems to me, seems to me...

...that only a really
low IQ population could

have taken this
beautiful continent...

...this magnificent American landscape,
that we inherited...

Well, actually, we stole it from
the Mexicans and Indians, but...

Hey, it was nice when we stole it!

Looked pretty good, it was pristine...!

Paradise! Have you seen it lately?

Have you taken a good look at it lately?
It's fucking embarrassing!

Only a nation of unenlightened

...could have taken this beautiful place,
and turned it into what it is today...

A shopping mall! A big fucking
shopping mall!

You know that?

That's all you've got here, folks!
Mile after mile of mall after mall!

Many, many malls!
Major malls and mini-malls!

They put the mini-malls in
between the major malls!

And in between the mini-malls
they put the mini-marts!

And in between the mini-marts
you've got the car lots,

gas stations, muffle shops,
laundromats, cheap hotels... food joints, strip clubs
and dirty bookstores...!

America, the beautiful! One big
transcontinental commercial cesspool!

And how do the people
feel about all this?

How do the people feel about living
in a coast to coast shopping mall?

Well, they think it's

They think it is cool as can be!
'Cause Americans love the mall!

They love the mall!
That's where they get to

satisfy their two most
prominent addictions!

At the same time!
Shopping and eating!

Millions of semi-conscious americans,
day after day, shuffling through the malls!

Shopping, and eating! Especially eating!
Americans love to eat!

They are fatally attracted to
the slow death of fast food!

Hot dogs, corn dogs, triple
bacon cheeseburgers,

deep-fried butter dip and
pork fat, cheese whiz...

mayonnaise, soup, barbecue,
mozzarella, paddy malts...

Americans will eat anything!
Anything! Anything!

If you were selling saut?d racoon
assholes on a stick...!

Americans would buy them and eat them!

...especially if you dip them in butter
and put a little sauce on them!

This country is big time, pig time!

Forget the bald eagle! You know what the
national emblem of this country ought to be?

A big bowl of macaroni and cheese!

A big bowl! 'Cause everything in this
country is king-size!

King-size, extra-large and super-jumbo!
Especially the fucking people!

Have you seen some of the
people in this country?

Have you taken a good look at some of these
big, fat motherfuckers walking around?

Big, fat motherfuckers?

Oh, my god! Huge piles of
redundant protoplasm!

Lumbering through the malls, like a fleet
of interstate buzzards!

The people in this
country are immense!

Massive bellies! Monstruous
thighs and big fat fucking asses!

And if you stand there for a minute,
you look at one of them

and you begin to wonder...

"How does this woman take a shit?"

"How does she shit?"

And even more frightening,
"How does she wipe her ass?"

"Can she even locate her asshole?"

She must require assistance!

"Are paramedics trained in this field?"

And standing right next
to her, of course,

with a plate full of nachos
and a mouthful of pie...

...her clueless fucking husband
Joe Sixpack!

...with his monstruous swollen beer belly
hangly dangerously over his belt...

Beer, belt, buckle!
This guy ain't seen

his dick since the
Nixon administration!

And if you stand there, and you
look at the two of them,

you begin to wonder to yourself...

"Do these people fuck?"

"Is this man actually capable
of fucking this woman?"

It doesn't seem structurally possible...!

...that these two people can
achieve penetration!

Maybe they're into that
soul-to-soul lay or something!

I'm telling you, the people
in this country...

...are every half... everyone of them is
50 pounds overweight! They're gargantuan!

And in the summertime!
God help us!

In the summertime they all wanna
wear short pants!

Jesus Lord, protector of all that is
good and Holy!

Deliver me from fat people
in short pants!

They all got short pants, big bellies,
fat thighs and dumb kids!

Everyone of them has got
two dumb-ass kids with them!

And the whole family
is wearing T-shirts!

And everyone of them's got the
same T-shirt! "I'm with stupid!"

Apparently, in this country, the Stupids
are an extended family!

And besides of wearing them T-shirts,
everyone in the family has got on a backpack!

They've got a backpack,
strapped to their back,

so they can carry around
lots of stupid shit!

And the reason they've got to carry
this stupid shit strapped to their

backs is because their hands must
remain free at all times to hold food!

...and to get that food up to the mouth
where they can shovel in...!

...with all the rest of the disgusting
shit they ate that day!


Another reason for the backpacks

is these people are gonna
buy even more stupid shit!

They ain't got enough
stupid shit at home!

They just had a stupid shit sale,
they're gonna buy more!

They are gonna go out the
parking lot and stuff this

stuff into the big, fat,
ugly, oversized S.U.V....!

They've got plenty of room
in it for the stupid shit

and lots of room left
over for these big,

fat, ugly motherfuckers
to get them home!

Stopping, of course, for jelly roll
and fried dough!

These people are efficient, professional
compulsive consumers!

It's their civic duty! Consumption!
It's the new national pastime!

Fuck baseball! It's consumption!

The only true lasting American
value that's left...!

Buying things! Buying things!

People spend the money they don't
have on things they don't need!

Money they don't have on
things they don't need!

So they can max up their credit
cards and spend the rest of

their lives paying 18% interest
on something that cost $12.50!

And they didn't like it when they
got at home, anyway!

Not too bright, folks!
Not too fucking bright!

But if you talk to one of them about this,
the guys will be sitting down, rationally,

you talk to them about low IQs, and their
dumb behavior, and their bad decisions...

...right away they start
talking about education!

That's the big answer to
everything! Education!

That's why we need more
money for education!

We need more books, more teachers,
more classrooms, more schools!

We need more testing for the kids!

They say: "Well, you know,
we tried all of that

and the kids still can't
pass the tests!"

They say: "Oh, don't you worry about that!
We're gonna lower the passing grades!"

That's what they're doing
at a lot of these schools!

Now they're lowering the passing
grades so more kids can pass!

More kids pass, the school
looks good, everybody's happy,

the IQ of the country steps
another two or three points...

...and pretty soon all you need to get
into College is a fucking pencil!

Got a pencil? Get the fuck in there!
It's Physics!

Then everyone wonders why 17 other countries
graduate more scientists than we do...

"Education!" Politicians know that word!
They use it on you!

Politicians have traditionally hidden
behind three things:

The flag, the Bible
and children!

"No child left behind!",
"No child left behind!"

Oh, really? Well, it wasn't long ago they were
talking about giving kids a head start!

Head start? Left behind?
Someone's losing fucking ground here!

But there's a reason, there's a reason,
there's a reason for this...

There's a reason education sucks,

and it's the same reason that
will never, ever, ever, be fixed...

It's never gonna get any better!
Don't look for it!

Be happy with what
you've got!

Because the owners of this country
don't want that!

I'm talking about the real owners now,

The real owners! The big,
wealthy business interests that

control things and make all
the important decisions!

Forget the politicians!

The politicians are put there to give you
the idea that you have freedom of choice!

You don't!

You have no choice! You have owners!
They own you!

They own everything!
They own all the important land...

They own and control the corporations,

they've long since bought and paid for the Senate,
the Congress, the State Houses, the City Halls...

They've got the judges
in their back pockets,

and they all own all the big media
companies, so they control...

...just about all the news and
information you get to hear!

They got you by the balls!

They spend billions of dollars every year
lobbying, lobbying to get what they want!

Well, we know what they want!

They want more for themselves,
and less for everyboy else!

But I'll tell you
what they don't want!

They don't want a population of
citizens capable of critical thinking!

They don't want well-informed,
well-educated people

capable of critical thinking!

They're not interested in that!
That doesn't help them!

That's against their interest!
That's right!

They don't want people who are smart enough to
sit around the kitchen table and figure out how

badly they're getting fucked by a system that
threw it overboard thirty fucking years ago...

They don't want that! You know what
they want? They want obedient workers!

Obedient workers!

People who are just smart enough to run
the machines and do the paperwork,

and just dumb enough
to passively accept...

...all these increasingly shittier jobs,
with the lower pay, the longer hours,

the reduced benefits,
the end of overtime...

...and the vanishing pension that
disappears the minute you go to collect it,

and now they're coming for
your social security money!

They want your fucking retirement money!
They want it back!

So they can give it to their
criminal friends on Wall Street!

And you know something? They'll get it!
They'll get it all from you sooner or later!

'Cause they own this fucking place!
It's a big club! And you ain't in it!

You and I are not in the big club!

By the way, it's the same big
club that used to beat you over

the head with all day long and
they tell you what to believe...

All day long, beating you
over the head in the media,

telling you what to believe,
what to think and what to buy...

The table is tilted, folks!
The game is rigged!

And nobody seems to notice,
and nobody seems to care!

Good honest, hard-working people!
White collar, blue collar...

Doesn't matter what
colour shirt you have on!

Good honest, hard-working
people continue...

These are people of
modest means...!

...continue to elect these rich cocksuckers
who don't give a fuck about them!

They don't give a fuck about you!
They don't care about you!

At all! At all! At all!
Yeah! You know?

And nobody seems to notice,
nobody seems to care...

That's what the owners count on!

The fact that Americans
will probably remain...

...wilfully ignorant of the
big red, white and blue

dick that's being jammed up
their assholes every day...

Because the owners of this
country know the truth!

It's called the
American dream...

...'cause you have to be
asleep to believe it!

But, say what you want
about American folks! Yeah!

You can say what you
want about Americans,

you can call 'em smart,
dumb, ignorant, innocent,

naive, gullible. easily-led,
whatever you want...

You're gonna have to deal with them, 'cause
you're in the television business now!

You've got the All-Suicide
Channel on cable TV!

You need these people as viewers,
you need people looking in!

You gotta worry
about your ratings!

You're gonna have to be thinking
about sweeps months!

Most folks know what sweeps months are!
Those are the more important sweeps

ratings, months of the year when they
pull out on the biggest attractions

and their highest stars, trying to
pump out their ratings a little bit,

get their local stations to
adjust their advertising needs...

You're gonna have to compete with
the mentality of Network television!

And I think, on an All-Suicide Channel...

During sweeps months? You're gonna have
to go mass suicides!

Big, public events where hundreds of people
kill themselves all at the same time,...

...right on Live TV!

And I've been wresting with the way to do
this! I've been trying to figure this out -

I swear to God! This is the truth! I've been
trying to figure this part of it out...

...for six months now, and I only recently having,
so I'm gonna tell you about it... Now!

We're gonna have to get lots and lots
of people to kill themselves on demand!

How are we gonna do this?
That's the question!

How are gonna get large numbers of people to
commit suicide at a time and place of our choosing?

And I mean large numbers! Because
don't forget! Besides sweeps,

we're gonna have to be thinking
about 24-hour a day programming!

So, to make this work, we need
organization! We need a system!

Can't just sit around the studio all day long and
wait for people to drop by and commit suicide!

What we have to do is build a large pool
of hopeless people!

Suicide volunteers! People with no hope!
People whom society has given up on,

faith has given up on, or who
have given up on themselves!

Rock-bottom, dead-end, totally
fucked-up people with no hope

and no reason to live! And we
got our share of them, folks!

Think of it as a pyramid, that
will give you a visual fix-on!

Think of it as a pyramid! The
pyramid of the hopeless!

We're gonna start building this pyramid
at the very base, naturally,

and the bottom layer is
gonna be... homeless people!

God knows we've got plenty of them! Nobody
gives a fuck about them, nobody's got a plan,

nobody's got any money, nobody's
got a programme, nobody gives a fuck!

...about homeless people! We don't
know how many we have, even!

We know 500,000 of them are veterans, 'cause
we're so good to the veterans in this country...

...and we know about 1,400,000 of them
are children! we got a million and a half children,
then God knows how many more we've got!

Totally fucking hopeless!
In the pyramid they go!

And the next group we're gonna put in
here, these are the people in prison!

With these long sentences
they've been given...

Many of them deserved,
I'll grant you that!

I'm sure half the people in prison are
in there for things they really did...

That's not a bad average,
one out of two!

But nobody gives a shit about these people,

nobody's gonna hire them if they do get out!
They're never gonna get out, rehabilitation doesn't work...

And the judges give them these fucking
draconian sentences, 40, 50, 60,

70, 80, 100 years sentences,
life-term, double life!

One guy, about a month
ago, was given three

consecutive life-terms,
plus two death penalties!

How the fuck do you serve that?

Even David Copperfield
can't do that shit!

In order to do that,
you have to be a hindu!

And then you've got the people on
death row! They ain't going anywhere!

In the fucking
pyramid they go!

Now the next layer,
this group is self-selected!

Self-selected! And a bit controversial
to some of you, I guess!

These are these people who
claim to be depressed! OK?

Apparently, in this land of plenty...

..this richest nation in the history of
the world, we're so proud of saying that!

Some supermarkets have
100,000 items in them...

...we have 19,000,000 Americans
claiming to be depressed,

and some of them
taking medicine for it!

Sometimes the medicine makes
them want to commit suicide,

and that depresses the shit
out of the rest of them!

Then you have these people who
only think they are depressed,

'cause they saw the commercial on TV
and the doctor looked like a good guy...

The music sounded kind of peppy,
and what the fuck!

Some of these pills are probably
just pick me right up...!

Totally fucking hopeless minds...
In the fucking pyramid!

Up at the very top we are gonna put
the people who are truly sick!

The terminally ill, unfortunately.

No hope for a lot of them!
Hundreds of thosands of them,

there's no cure for what they have...

There's no cure 'cause
nobody's looking for one!

There aren't enough people sick, so there
ain't no money in the fucking cure...

Then there's people who've got... There's a cure,
but they don't have the money for it,

or there's a cure but they're too far gone,
or there's no social means to get to it... these people ain't going anywhere,
they should be allowed to commit suicide...

In the fucking pyramid they go!

Now, think of what you got here, folks!

Think of yourselves as the
executive vice-president

of programming at the
All-Suicide Channel!

Think of what you have to work with
in the pyramid of the hopeless!

You've have homeless,
imprisoned, condemned...

...depressed and terminally ill people!

And I'm gonna bet you anything!
In this depraved culture of ours,

bet you anything...

...with the reality-show mentality we have,
on the All-Suicide Channel

you could get five hundred...

...of these hopeless people, to hold hands
and jump into the Grand Canyon!

I'll fucking bet you! You can get that
done in this country right this now!

I'll bet you! For money! You gotta give
them something, you know, you've gotta...

Oh, shit! They're Americans!
They're for sale! Give them a little something!

Americans will do anything, but you gotta
give them a toaster, don't you?

Give them a little prize of some kind!
Everybody wants a gizmo! Give'em a gizmo!

Give them a cellphone,
give them a laptop!

Give them a cellphone which
takes the picture of a laptop!

Give them a laptop which takes
the picture of a cellphone!

Give one of them three-wheeled vehicles,
give them an all-terrain vehicle!

Give them one of them ride-on lawnmowers,
give them a snowblower,

give them an outdoor barbecue,
or a jetski...

Give them one of them things that they
buy for themselves when they're trying

to take their minds off of how badly
they're getting fucked by the system...!

I know what you do!
Just before these people jump,

you give them a hat
with a camera in it!

And you tell them
it's Jump-Cam!

Tell them you send the
video home to the family!

T-Shirt! Who don't want a T-Shirt!?
Everybody does! Give them a nice T-Shirt!

"I commited suicide and all I got
was a stupid fucking T-Shirt!"

Alright? Now!

If you wanna really raise the
profile of this promotion,

get some of those Evangelical Christians
to volunteer for it...

And you call it "Jump for Jesus!"

"Jump for Jesus!" They would buy it!
They would go for it!

Hey, you gotta be fair
about these Christians!

They've come in for a lot
of abuse these days...

You do have to be fair! All a Christian
really wants out of life is to die!

And go see Jesus!

Give them a helping hand!

Do the Christian thing!

Tell them it's a shortcut to heaven!

Mention the word "martyr!"
Works on the Muslims, works on

the Catholics, might work on
these folks, you never know!

Hey! I know...

Give them a little encouragement!

Go on, you fanatical fucks!
He's down there! He's down there!

He's down there! He's at the
bottom of the Canyon!

Look for the man with
the glowing head!

Oh, you're gonna have a lot of
fun with a channel like that!

But you know something, folks? Maybe you don't
wanna be on cable! It is a limited audience...

You might wanna widen out,
get more people looking in!

You're gonna have to go to one
of the Big Broadcast Networks...

And I don't know about you, but when I think
about suicide and Broadcast Network television,

I'm thinking Fox, Huh?

I'm telling you, Fox!

If the people at Fox aren't sitting around
and having meetings about an idea like this,

they ain't doing their goddam
jobs over there...!

You put this thing on Fox,
get Budweisser to sponsor it!

Budweisser and a whole
bunch of car companies,

so people we think about drinking
and driving at the same time...

Ain't that fun to watch the sporting
events on American Television?

"Drink this, drive that, fuck you!"
They don't care!

They don't give a shit about you!

And then every now and then
they qualify the whole message!

"Drink responsably!"

So you put this thing on Fox,
and if you do, if you do

or in any Broadcast Network...

You're gonna have to bring
in that younger audience!

Everybody knows that!

That's what the advertisers are
looking for, it's 18 to 24 year olds

You're gonna have to get young
people interested in this!

You know how you get young
people interested in suicide?

You don't call it suicide!

You call it "Extreme Living!"

They would go for it!

Listen, young people are attracted
to suicide in the first place!

Did you know suicide is the third leading
cause of death between 15 and 24?

It's the third! Ninth in
the general population!

That'll give you an
idea of how popular

this after-school activity
has become...!

...among our teenage folks!
Especially these young boys...

...these adolescent males,

and a lot of them, you know?
A lot of them...

They kill themselves when
they're jerking off...!

They don't mean to!
It just happens!

You know about that? Yeah!
Some of you know! I can tell!

A lot of people don't know that! A lot of
people never heard of that, you know?

It's just one of those things
Americans can't handle!

"We can't handle that!
We don't talk about that!"

It's not on "Larry King" "Laverne Dane"
and "Barbara Walters!"

You ain't gonna see it in People magazine,
but it's out there, folks...

It's out there! And it's
extremely common!

You just ask any teenage boy
you know, who trusts you!

Ask him what he knows or
what he's heard about...

...cutting off your air supply

just at the moment you're
about to have a sexual release...

He is gonna tell you an
interesting story or two!

The kids call it "scarfing", 'cause
some of them use scarfs to do it!

Or screw the kids! Just get on
the internet! Do it yourselves!

Google in the words "auto erotic asphyxia!"

"Auto erotic asphyxia", is the practice...

...of cutting off the oxygen to
the brain at the last moment

during masturbation in order
to heighten the orgasm...

and when I say "common"... A thousand
kids a year die this way! OK?

A thousand of them die! So think
how many of them are...

...trying to pull this off! If you pardon
the little pun I'm throwin' in

...just to lighten the mood!

But here's the way it works! Apparently!
I've never tried! It sounded risky to me!

Well, jerking off is all I need!
You know what I mean, folks!

I ain't trying to double
my money! Fuck that shit!

I just jerk off, wipe off my chest,
get up and go to work, you know? That's it!

Nothing fancy! At our house
we're simple folk!

But here's the way it's
supposed to work!

And this is why it's such a big
attraction in the first place!

Apparently it is true!
Medically, phisiologically speaking...

...that if you can cut off your air supply,
the oxygen to your brain...

...just at the moment you're about to have
an orgasm, the orgasm is about...

...I don't know! Let's
say 500 times better!

Something like that!
It's incredibly intense!

So, what you gotta do,
is stand up on a chair,

or bucket, or some kind of thing... put a rope around your neck,
and you start jerking off...!

And while you're pulling your pod,

while you're pulling your pod,
you have to arrange... almost strangle yourself
just before you have an orgasm...

And by the way, while all this activity
is going on, you gotta maintain a hard-on!

...which ain't easy, 'cause you might
just be getting ready to buy the farm... you'd better be fantasizing
about someone you really like...!

...or some thing you really like,
I don't know what that my be!

Maybe getting fucked in the ass
by a Game Warden, who knows?

Hey, I'm not here to judge!
We are all different! To each his own!

So let's recap...!

Standing on a chair, rope around your neck,
peter in your hand...!

Now you have to time it just right!

So that before you come,
you almost die!

And sometimes you miscalculate...!

You don't know if you're coming or going!

No way to know!
No way to know!

And the parents of these kids are
to embarrassed to tell the police!

So the put the kid's dick away and
they say: "He had poor grades!"

"His girlfriend left him!"

"Oh, well, no wonder, lady!
Look at his fucking hobbies!"

Then they blame it on
Heavy Metal, you know!

I don't know if you remember that,
but from that old incident, there...

...some years back - Judas Priest,
or one of them headbanging bands,

somebody played a song and after that
they killed themselves, and so they blamed...

...suicide, and Heavy Metal...

If it's murder, they tend to
blame Rap these days, but...'s never the parents!

Did you ever notice this?
Parents apparently play no part... the development and outcome
of these kids! Parents...

You know, they can raise a kid apparently,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15 years,

but if he turns out fucked up!
Boy, they have nothing to do with that!

"Must be those kids at the parking lot he
hangs around with!"

Parents gotta be among the most
full of shit people in the world!

Well, they always have been!
Top to bottom! Front to back!

Listen, in fairness,
it comes with the job!

If you wanna be a parent, you gotta be
full of shit, at least half the time!

Look at it this way!
They have it both ways!

If the kid turns out to be a loser,
they have nothing to do with that...!

But boy, if he's a winner,
got a scholarship or something like that?

Man, they're are the first ones out there
raising their hands, trying to get a little credit...!

It's a nice state of mind if you can
talk yourselves into believing it...!

But these are the kind of things I think
about when I'm sitting home alone,

during an electrical storm, waiting for
the parole officer to give me a call...

...and these ideas come
floating into my head!

Just floating right in! Unbidden!

I'm not asking for these things!

I'm a vessel!

I'm a mere vessel!
In come these thoughts!

And some of them
are a little offbeat!

I'm gonna grant you that!

I was thinking about these younger
women who got buried today!

You ever think about them?
Probably not!

But I was thinking about these younger
women who died three or four days ago,

got buried today...

And some of them had a bad heart, you know?
Some of them had a bad kidney...

...but a lot of them had
perfectly good pussies!

Good pussies, nice tits,
reasonably tight assholes...!

Going to waste!

In the ground!

It just seems a shame to me!

That some fine young pussy...!

...should be rotting away six feet under!

Because you'd think, in this era...

...that if you can donate a heart... someone who needs one...

...there oughta be a way to recycle
some of these pussies...

And get them to people
who need them!

Some old guy living up in
the mountains! "Whoa...!"

"Holy shit! Look at this
fucking thing! This is great!

Thank you very much, sir!
I appreciate this! Thank you, thank you!

Thank you! God bless you!
You're doing God's work!

I hope you know that! Don't you?

Hey, this is better than
Publisher's Clearing House!

Listen here, buddy...

You ain't got a red-head of one
of this, by any chance, don't you?

No, I didn't think so! I never had one
of them myself, thank you very much...!

Listen here, this is the
real thing, ain't it?

This ain't one of them storebook pussies
you see at the old bookstore?

Huh? What's that? Oh, OK!
Hold on! Just a second!


Jesus Christ on a cracker!
That's the real fucking thing!

I'd recognize that son of a bitch anywhere!
That straightened out my nose hairs!

I'd better get this sucker home and get
into the refrigerator quick as I can!

The "Save-A-Pussy Foundation!"
Give the gift that keeps on giving!

Fuck the whales!
Save the pussy!

But you wouldn't
wanna save all of them!

Not all of them!
Some of them are worn out!

Oh, you wouldn't want one of them
big old rubbery things! That ain't no good!

What you want is something nice
and tight, but flexible!

Maybe they have an age limit!
Or a mileage check!

You know, you figure out the
average length of the average dick,

the average number of thusts
per event, the average number

of events per lifetime...
You've got that lady's mileage!

And you women, I don't want you to think
I wanna leave you out of the fun!

We're gonna get you a nice
set of cock and balls, OK?

We'll get you something nice just
after rigor mortis sets in!

Tell the truth, ladies! Wouldn't
you like a nice set of cock

and balls without all the
bullshit that comes with them?

Huh? Fucking-A!

We'll get you something nice
to keep it on the nightstand!

It's really easy to
find in the dark!

And if your mother comes over...
Put a hat on it!

Well, somebody's got to think of these things!
Apparently, I've been appointed!

I was dancing with a woman!
She told me she had a yeast infection!

I said: "Bag me a fucking loaf of bread!"

A couple of corn muffins,
a jelly doughnut, I don't give a shit!

I'm always in the market
for quality baked goods!

You couldn't squeeze a birthday cake out
of that thing by any chance, could you, huh?

No, no, I didn't think so...
No pressure, honey! No pressure at all!

Why don't you just turn around and give me
a nice pineapple upside-down cake?

And a dozen oatmeal cookies!
Skip the raisins!

X-nay on the aisins-ray...!

Well, I think it is certainly
apparent by now...

...that one of the things I enjoy in life
is excess...

I like things that are excessive!

I like excessive behaviour,
excessive language, excessive violence...

It's fun! It's interesting! It's exciting!
I like it when nature is excessive...

That's why I like natural disasters!

All these natural disasters
that have been going on....

I fucking love them!
I can't get enough of them!

Oh, when nature is going crazy,

throwing things around, scaring people
and destroying property..

...I'm a happy fucking guy!
I'm a happy fucking guy!

I look at it this way!
For centuries now... has done everything he can

to destroy, defile and
interfere with nature!

Clear-cutting forests,
strip-mining mountains,

poisoning the atmosphere...

...over-fishing the oceans, polluting

the rivers and lakes, destroying
wetlands and aquiferes... when nature strikes back,

and smashes man in the head
and kicks him in the nuts...

I enjoy that! I have absolutely no sympathy
for human beings whatsoever...!


And no matter what kind of
problem homans are facing,

whether it's natural or man-made...

I always hope it gets worse!
Don't you? Don't you?

Don't you have a part of you that secretly
hopes everything gets worse?

When you see a big fire on TV...
Don't you hope it spreads?

Don't you hope it gets completely
out of control and burns down six counties?

You don't root for the firemen, do you?

I mean, I don't want them to get hurt
or nothing, but...

I don't want them putting out my fire!
That's my fire!

That's nature! Showing off and having fun!

You know something else I like?
Those spring floods in the Midwest!

Aren't they great? Like clockwork!
Spring floods in the Midwest!

But I'm starting to notice,
I'm starting to catch on

that every year it's
the same story!

Another flood, in the same place,

with the same people on the
same river... Same fucking people!

And these people will not move!
They will not fucking move!

They repaint, put down new
carpeting and wallpaper

and they move right back
into the same fucking

house, on the floodplain,
next to the river...

...and then they wonder why
grandma's floating downstream

with a parakeet on her head!

Fourth time, again!
Fourth fucking tine!

There's no learning curve
with these people!

It's very hard to
feel sorry for them!

Every year! Same people!
Same rowboats!

Out there, paddling around...
Rescuing a chicken!

What the fuck kind of a life is that?
"Well, our kids love it here!"

Oh, really? What have they got?

And while they're showing all
that shit on the screen,

the announcer is saying to me...

"It's been raining steadily
for three months now,

the ground can't hold
any more water,

the river is cresty higher than
it has in two centuries,

the levees are washed away..."

...and I just hope it keeps raining!
And raining, and raining, and raining...!

...and raining, and raining,
and raining, and raining...

...and raining, and raining, and raining,
and raining, and raining!

and it rains steadily for five years!

And then, after that,
for ten years it's cloudy!

With occasional showers!

And the river never returns
to its natural banks!

And becomes a completely new river!

And the borders of three
states have to be changed!

And all the maps and atlases
have to be redrawn and reprinted!

And no-one's couch
ever completely dries out!

For years and years, every time they
sit down, there's always a little "squish!"

"Dan, Linda! Come on in you guys!
Have a seat!" (Squish, squish)

I like that! I'm an interesting guy!

I always hope that no matter how
small the original problem is,

it's gonna grow into bigger and bigger proportions,
until it gets completely out of control,

and I'll give you a
concrete example...

Let's say a water main breaks
in downtown Los Angeles,

and it floods an electrical substation,
knocking out all the traffic lights

and tying up the entire city,
and emergency vehicles can't get through!

and at the same time, one of those month-long
global warming heatwaves comes along,

but there's no air conditioning,
there's no water for sanitation...

So cholera, smallpox and
dysentery break out,

and thousands of people
start dying in the streets!

But before they die,
parasites eat their brains!

...and they go completely fucking crazy,
and they storm the hospital,

but the hospital can't
handle all the casualties,

so these people rape all the nurses
and set the hospital on fire...!

...and the flames drive
them ever crazier,

so they start stabbing social
workers and garbage men...!

And a big wind comes along,
and the entire city goes up in flames,

and the people who are still healthy,
they get mad at the sick people

and they start crucifying them!
Nailing them into crosses,

trying on their underwear,
shit like that!

Then everybody smokes crack,
and PCP and they march on City Hall,

where they burn the Mayor
at the stake, strangle his wife,

and take turns sodomizing
the statue of Larry Flint!

And at this point,
it looks like pretty soon

things are gonna start
to get out of control!

So everybody panics, and tries to
leave the city at the same time,

and they trample each other to death
in the streets by the thousands,

and wild dogs eat
their corpses...

...and the wild dogs chase the rest
of the people down the highway,

and one by one the dogs pick up
the old fucks and the slow people,

'cause they're in the fast lane,
where they don't belong!

Get the fuck out of the fast
lane if you're an old fuck,

if you're a slow fuck!
Get over on the right! And then...

And the lucky ones,
the lucky people who managed

to make it all the way outside of town,
they discover when they get there,

that big sparks from the city
have lit the suburbs on fire...!

...and the suburbs
burn uncontrollolably,

and thousands of identical homes,
of identical fires with identical smoke...

...killing all the identical
soccer moms,

and their identical kids named
Jason and Jennifer...!

And now the fire spreads
on the farmlands,

and the farmlands burn intensely,
at 425 degrees,

creating millions of
baked potatoes, and... the farmlands burn,

thousands of barns and
farmhouses begin to explode

from all the heat and
metamphetamine labs!

...and the meth chemicals run
down into the rivers and streams,

while wild animals drink the water
and get completely geeked on speed!

So bears and wolves
amped up on crank

start roaming the countryside
looking for people to eat!

Even though they're not
really hungry!

And the fire spreads through the forests,
and the forests burn furiously,

and hundreds of elves
and trolls and fairies

come running out of the woods,
screaming: "Bambi's dead! Bambi's dead!"

And he is! He is! Finally
that fucking little

cunt Bambi is dead! Dead!

Now, hundreds of regional
fires come together

into one huge
interstate inferno...!

...and all twelve of the western United States
are burning out of control....!

Except Utah, where the
mormons don't love fires...

And the fires spread
across the great plains,

toasting the wheat, cooking
the cattle and producing...

hamburgers, actually!

And it leads to Mississippi,
and rinses thru the South,

blowing up stills, interrupting lynchings

and killing millions of
in-bred people, and then - turns north-east and
heads for Washington D.C.,

where George Bush can't decide
if it's an emergency or not!

I can't decide this!
He doesn't know!

It's hard work!
You know?

He can't decide because
Dick Cheney is in prison! So...

...instead he takes a nap!

He puts his empty fucking brainless
head down on the little pillow

his mother gave him at Christmas time,
and he takes a fucking nap...!

So the fire moves to Philadelphia,
but it's a weekend,

and Philadelphia is closed
on the weekends...

So the fire moves to New York City,
and the people in New York

tell the fire to go fuck itself!
"Go fuck yourself!" And it does...!

And it does! So instead it burns
Long Island and Connecticut,

killing all the rich white assholes

and completely destroying
their evil faggoty golf courses!

And while all this is going on, Canada
burns to the ground, but nobody notices!

And now the entire North American
continent is on fire,

producing a huge thermal object,
and creating an incendiary

cyclonic macrosystem that
forms a hemispheric megastorm...

...breaking down the molecular
structure of the atmosphere

and actually changing the laws of nature!
Fire and water combine!

Burning clouds of flaming
rain fall upward!

Gamma rays and solar winds
ignite ionosphere

creating a huge cloud
of ionized plasma!

Bolts of lightning twenty million miles long
begin shooting out of the North Pole, and...

...the sky fills up with green shit!

And then, suddenly,
the entire fabric

of space-time splits in two...!

A huge crack in the
universe open!

And all the dead people from the
past begin falling through...!

...Babe Ruth, Groucho Marx,
Davy Crockett, Tiny Tim,

Porky Pig, Hitler,
Janis Joplin, Alan Ladd...

My uncle Dave!
Your uncle Dave!

Everybody's uncle Dave! An endless stream
of dead uncle Daves falling thru the crack!

And all the dead uncle Daves gather
around the heavenly kitchen table...!

They light up cigarettes and
then they begin to talk!

They talk about how they
never got a break...!

How their parents didn't love them
and their children were ungrateful!

They talk about how the government
screwed them out of money,

and they just missed
out on a big job...!

They say the Jews own everything,
and the blacks get special treatment...!

And all the hatred and bitterness,
drips out of these people,

and forms a big pool
of liquid hate...

...and the pool of liquid
hate begins to spin!

Round and round it spins,
faster and faster!

And the faster it spins,
the bigger it gets...!

...faster and faster,
bigger and bigger,

until the whirling pool of hate is
bigger than the entire universe,

and then suddenly it explodes
into trillions of tiny stars...

And every star has a trillion planets,

and every planet has
a trillion uncle Daves...

And all the uncle Daves have good jobs,
perfect eyesight and shoes that fit...

They have great sex lives
and free health care,

They understand the internet,
their kids think they're cool,

and they all love
their neighbours...

And every week, without fail,
uncle Dave wins the lottery...

...forever and ever,
till the end of time,

every single uncle Dave
has a winning ticket,

and uncle Dave is finally happy!

Now do you see why I like it when
nature gets even with humans...?

Thanks for coming
in here tonight!

Thank you! See you later!