Geometry, the Movie (2020) - full transcript

Imran, Amani! Breakfast is ready.

It’s for you, it’s for you.

Thank you.


Amma sent a message.

Oh, what did she say?

She has sent us a parcel with desi clothing for us for the Eid! It’s addressed to your business.

She never forgets, huh!

Yes, you are lucky, you have such a loving in-laws.

I can’t deny that, Nadia.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same.

Hey, hey, hey, don’t go in there. Please don’t start saas bahu ki kahaniya.

How’s her health?

She’s doing ok. Since losing dad last year, she is no longer the lively woman she used to be.

Maa, is Nanu sick?

She is alright, Beta.

Why don’t you go and see her? Take Amani with you.

I have been thinking about it but I’m not sure how we’ll manage everything.

Manage everything?

Yes, you know that I don’t have enough leave saved. And if I have to take leave now, it's gonna be unpaid.

At this stage, when the income from your new business is not consistent, we can’t really afford that.

We will manage.

Also, I feel I have a good chance of getting a promotion. I have been working really hard for it.

I’m sure they can’t say no if you have to take leave to see your mum overseas.

Maa, remember we have our math quiz this Friday and I am really struggling with geometry.

I will help you tonight, I promise.

Are you dropping Amani at school today?

Yes, who else? You rarely have time to drop her to school these days.

Maa, can I ask you something?

Sure, honey. What’s up?

Can you pick me right up after school today?

Is there any problem at school, honey?

No, I just don’t like going to afters every day.

Why do I have to go to afters every day, Mamma? My friends don’t.

It’s just till you get to high school, Beta.

You know mum and dad been working really hard so you can go to private school

and then even to a good university, don’t you?

Ok, I'll speak to Dad, if he can pick you up at three, and then you can go to his office. Is that Ok?

Ohh, jee!

Good Morning, Dave!

Hello Nadia, come on in!

You want to discuss about my application?

Yes, yes the good news is, I am happy to offer the position to you.

Can I have a day to think?

Think! When I am offering the position to you?

You know there are three other applicants from within the firm?

Is everything ok?

It’s about my daughter, Amani.

I was having a conversation with her on the way to school today.

And, I realise that she’s seeking more attention from her parents.

Imran is working and busy in his new business.

Now with the senior role, it’s gonna bring more responsibilities for me.

I just need a little time to think.

Hmmm, I get where you are coming from.

Have a think and let me know tomorrow.
And, Nadia, you know I’m big on work-life balance.

So, I will be supportive of your decision, whether you take the new role or continue on your current one.

Always be other opportunities in the future.

Thank you, Dave.

You're welcome.

Is it something urgent, Nadia?

Yes, we can talk in the evening if you are busy.

Just another thing, I wanted to ask you if you can pick up Amani at three, she doesn’t want to go to afters today.

I’m sorry Nadia, I have to go to the bank.

They haven’t approved the Letter of Credit facility I applied for.

It’s for the import of building materials for Chang Constructions.

I’m betting big on this contract.

Ok, no worries. I’ll see if I can leave work early today.

Let me know how you go with the bank.

Alright, love you, bye.


So, how's your work going?

Good, no actually no, people just don’t take social media, ahh, people don’t take us seriously.

My client stood me up for our appointment this morning.



That’s annoying.

Oh, so annoying…

That’s annoying…


How’s Sally?

Not with that b**ch anymore.

No? What happened?

Nothing, she was just bit too controlling. Like, acted more like a mum than a girlfriend, I guess.

Anyway, enough about me.


Thank you.

What did you want to talk to me about?

My boss Dave called me in today and offered me the Senior Manager role.

Oh my God, that’s fantastic! You have been waiting this for what, two years ? Congratulations!

Wait, wait. I haven’t accepted the offer yet. I have asked for a day to think it through.

Ohh come-on, what to think through, gal?

I know, they are not paying you as much as man, I know, that’s so classic.

No, no, no, not the salary and conditions.

I’m just confused and torn with something else.

You see, this promotion is like dream come true.

On the top, the extra income will really help when we only have one income at present.

However, I’m just feeling guilty that I’m not giving enough time to Amani.

Like today, on the way to school she said why she has to go to afters every day, her friends don’t.

Nadia, I’m sure you’re a fantastic mum!

Amani will understand when she grows up.

Plus, Hey, she would never want to have you, have you make such a big sacrifice for her.

Listen, Imran is living his dream, he is having his own business. Your career is as valuable.

Honestly, if I were you, I would jump on the opportunity.

And, hey, give it a try, it will find it’s way.

I have to head back.

Thanks for your time, Chloe.

No worries.

I will call you tomorrow.

See you later.

I can’t believe that we can’t get this loan today.

Probably, that asshole doesn’t like my skin colour.

Come-on, Imran. It’s not like that.

No, you don’t understand.

What the hell! Are you trying to kill us or what?

I get that this is a tough time for the business. But this is not how you deal with it.

I'm sure things will work out.

Just know that Amani and I are always here for you.


I'm trying my best.

How was your day?

You called me in the morning to say something.

Dave offered me the promotion today.

Wow, that’s great!

However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to take this senior role at this time.

I’m afraid Amani is not getting quality time from us.

Who are we doing all these for? It’s for Amani, right?

Imran, is this really doing all for Amani?

Or, it’s an excuse that we make to justify the rat race we have entered into?

Are these important to Amani?

Come on, Nadia, I had a full-on day, not in the mode for a philosophical discussion.

Excuse me!

Now a days it’s impossible to talk to you.

Even simple discussions come across to you as either an argument or a philosophical discussion.

Hi, Nadia.

Oh, hi, Good Morning, Dave.

You got a minute?


Hi, Jess.

Can I?


I wanted to apologise for panicking in the car yesterday. I feel so bad now.

That’s ok, that’s ok. Probably I was acting like a sook after meeting the bank manager.

Actually, my friend Mark, he works for NeoBank as Business Accounts Manager

I could talk to him about the LC facility, if you like.

Uh! I would really appreciate that.

So, you you decided not to accept the promotion?

Wow, that’s a big sacrifice!


Did you discuss it with Imran?


So, what did he say?

Not much.

What do mean, not much?

Chloe, I don’t know if it’s just us or this happens to all the couples over time.

But these days we keep more to ourselves than what we talk about.

You know, at the beginning things were so different,

we could talk for hours and still had things to talk about.

Then aspirations of better jobs, more money, bigger house… hmmm… life just got suddenly so busy.

I feel, the more we achieved in life,

the far apart we became in our minds.

Hey, that’s ok, whatever choice you make it’s a good one.

I hope so. Amani needs me,

I have to be there for her.

I really appreciate your time Mr. Chang. By the way, she is my Office Assistant, Jess.

Thank you so much for the opportunity.

I assure you the quality of products and on time delivery.

And, people in the business community look upto you as an example.

It’s a pleasure, Mr. Khan. I see myself in you, focused and driven.

But you know what, don’t lose that focus though.

Thank you so much.

Jess, you look stunning today.

Stop it, you.

Trust me, you can ask Mr. Chang.

Hi, can you pick up Amani from her dance class?

I would love to pick up, Nadia, but I’m on my way to meet the lawyer.

He has been nice enough to have some time for me.

Oh, Alright, sure don't worry, I'll take care of that.

Love you. And, Imran… I’m so proud of you!

Ok, love you.

Bro, let’s go and talk.

Bro, she's out of your league.

My league? Look at this food baby of yours.

Hey, come-on man, what’s this?


Congrats, congrats signing the contract with Chang Builders. Good start!

Thank you! Are you guys enjoying yourselves?

Yeah, very much.

Who's that girl, man? She's your office executive, right?

How do you concentrate on work when you have such a stunning employee around you all day, man?

Huh, huh, that’s right.

And, how about the other one in red?

Hey, calm down guys. Chloe is the best friend of Nadia.

Hmmm, that’s good.

Just in case if you are interested,

Jess is already in a relationship and Chloe is lesbian.

Huh, huh, oh God!

I like it.

Beautiful colour.


What a necklace!

Thank you.

Hi, how are you?

Hey, we were talking about Chloe.

But I don't get all these lesbian thingy.

How do they do it?

So, how is the job hunt going?

Yeah, I’m still looking for something related to my profession.

That’s great! That’s very good.

Asha, are you still struggling to get a proper job?

How long have you been in Australia, four years now?

Yes, four years. Excuse me, ladies, I will just go get a drink.

Neela, what are you doing, why you are doing like this, so harsh!

Ok guys, did you guys get my email about the Association’s annual dinner?

I haven’t got a response from any of you.

I’m counting on each one of you to make some generous contributions this year.

Hang on, Ashraf, you have an interest in doing all these.

You like the netagiri, but we don’t. So please don’t count on us.

Come-on, man.

Look, Ashraf, people may not say it on your face, but they are talking about it all this time.

You have even a name, a free-rider. Come-on, yeah.

And last week at a party someone was saying, we can see Ashraf everywhere,

and when was the last time you invited someone to your house?

Hey, ok ok, carry guys, I will go check up on the kids.

Can I have some more wine please?

You are ok?


What's wrong? You can talk to me if you're comfortable.

These women,

they leave no chance to bring me down.


All of them, they are financially stable, they live a well-settled lifestyle.

Shekhar and I, we're still struggling.

That doesn’t give them the chance to say things like that.

They don't pay your bills.

Everything will be alright.

You see, I come from this small town.

I was just trying to make ends meet when Imran called me and asked me for an interview.

And, by chance, Nadia was in the office that day too.

She really liked me. She convinced Imran to give me the job,

and now look, I’m doing just fine by myself.

What are two gorgeous women talking about?

Nothing, Jess was just telling me how she got the job.

Yes, I think there's lot more to people than just money.

I really liked Jess then and I like her even more now.

Imran is always full of praise of Jess, she gives 110% to her work.

Sometimes I think it’s all about time and timing.

By the way, Imran said he will be dropping you guys back at home.

He was bit upset when I told him that you got a DiDi as your car was at the mechanic.

He said he could have picked you up.

You don't have to do that.

It’s nothing.

Now, let's go and get some food. I made Goat Biryani using Amma’s special recipe.

Is it spicy stuff?

I tuned them down a little to suit the Aussie palates.

Let’s go!

Oh my!

What happened?

Hey, Nadia! Hey, somebody must have spilt it accidentally.

Oh sh*t!

Don’t freak out.

Freak out ?

Baking soda and vinegar will fix it.

Are you sure?


Hmmm… oh, alright, thanks babe.
Can you help me with this…

Maa, someone has left their phone.

Let me see.

Whose phone is this, do you know?

I think, it’s Aunty Jess’s.

Okay Beta, go get changed and get to bed.

If you want, I can take it to her place, it’s on my way.

No, that’s ok, tomorrow is Monday, Imran will give it to her at work in the morning.


That’s alright.

Let’s have a break.


Ohh la la, XOXO, it must be someone special.

Let me just silent that.

Yeah, yeah, we don’t know anything, and we are not interested.

How she leaves her phone, she is so careless.

Specially when someone really wants to reach you.

Yeah, looks like it.

Oh well, continue with the cleaning, come-on. Thank you.

There you go.

Wow, it’s again, come-on answer it and tell them she forgot her phone.


I wonder what’s taking Imran so long?


Pick it up.

Nah. That’s that’s ok.

Let's go.

Everything ok?

Yeah, yes. All good. Do you wanna keep that over there.


is it something urgent, Imran?

Is that him?

Welcome, XOXO.


Is this the reward I get for all the sacrifices I have made?

Why is your number saved in her phone as XOXO?

How do I know why she has saved my number as XOXO?

Not a good enough explanation, Mr. Imran.

Nadia, are we going to stand here and talk about it the rest of the night?

Mamma, Baba, what’s happening?

Oh my god, how did I miss the alarm? It's late.

Come-on, Amani, wake up baby. Please.

So, you slept well?


Yeah! As much as you could, right?


So, I’m, I got some marmalade for you.

Good Morning.


How are you?



No, I’m good.


Maa, when are we going back?

Soon, sweety, soon.

Let’s go get something for you.

Uh-huh. Is there any, umm aunty I don’t like this, is there anything else?

Ahh, no I’m I’m sorry, it’s just that’s all we got. How about we go to shop together?


Thanks for your support.

No problem.

I can’t be more thankful.

You don’t need to thank me. What are friends for?

Imran, please talk to Nadia.

Shekhar, I have called her hundred times by now.

Amani misses her Dad, at least please let me talk to her.

Daddy, I miss you so much Daddy.

Please don't tell me Imran talked to you and asked you to call me?

Yes, he did, Nadia.

Tell him to stop calling my friends.

I don't want any suggestions from Imran.

I know what's best for me and my daughter. I can take care of her.

I'm not saying that you can't. It's just that…

I don't want to listen to anything.

I know what I am doing and I don't owe Imran anything.

He should have thought it twice before wetting his pants at the sight of a girl half his age.

How’s he going to explain that to Amani when she grows up?


Hi Nadia, how are you, sweety?

Fine, how are you and Ashraf bhai?

I called to ask you about Imran and what happened.

Neela, aren’t you a little too concerned about others’ business?

Nadia, darling! I’m just calling you as a friend.

I have a headache right, I'll call you later, Neela.

So, what’s next?

Well… honesty…

I haven’t thought this through. There’s already lot going on.

Imran, I’m not impressed.

You understand there are three lives here that need some certainty and they are waiting on your decision.

Don’t be so selfish.

I’m not being selfish, I don’t know how to come out of this, mess.

Mess? Our relationship is a mess?

Here it is, eat your noodles. Hey, I want this bowl empty.

Did you put more carrots?


Daddy used to put, give me all his carrots, because he knew I loved them.

Yes Imran, what do you want?

Could you please put Amani on the phone?

Listen, Nadia doesn't appreciate your random calls.

For God's sake, Chloe, I’m begging you.

She's my daughter too.

It's Daddy.


Hey, Beta.

How have you been?

I miss you so much, Daddy. What did you do?

Maa is so angry at you. Did you hurt her?


Did you hit her?

No. it's bit complicated, sweety.

Listen, I miss you so much,

and I will come and see you very soon. Ok?

How's your school?

It's good. I'm sad most of the time, but now that we've talked, I think I'll feel better.

Ok, Imran, that's enough.

Thank you, Chloe.


Allah. Allah…

My head feels a bit funny.

Yeah, it feels like you’ve got bit of a fever here.

Ok, lie down, come-on,

lie down on the couch.

Alright, ok, you stay here, I’ll go get the thermometer.

Hey, Nadia, are you far?

I am on my way back.

Amani is not feeling well. So, I took a temperature, and she’s like 39.8.


Oh my God! I’m not very far. I’ll be right there. Be there in 10.

Ok, thank you, bye.


How’s she doing?

Not quite…

Hi, honey! How are you?

I am not feeling well, Maa.

You’ll be fine, you'll be alright, ok.

Hey, Chloe, do you have any paracetamol?

Sorry! I, I’m into natural medicines.

But I have peppermint and lavender oil. You want to try?

No, that’s ok. The chemist is already closed now, I guess I have to call Imran.


I haven’t called for a sweet talk.

Amani is not feeling well. Could you bring her medicines over?

Of course, if you are not busy with Jess.

I wouldn’t bother you, but the chemist is closed now.

And, listen Imran,

unless you have a very good explanation for what you have done, I do not want you to be around.

Hi, Chloe.

Thank you, Imran, for bringing the medicines over.

Sorry, but, look if she doesn’t get better soon, I will let you know.

Ok, so, what I should do, like I just put some cold towel on her, just to keep her cool.

And, I need to leave at 11, so… just… ahhh…

I will be right back. I’m just gonna make sure that I can get a GP appointment today.

Ok, yeah, you know where where it is?

So, you through the roundabout, you turn the first left and yeah just across the street.

Don’t worry, I’ll find it.

Good luck.

What are you doing?

I was just worried, I stayed around, just in case if you need any help.

I don’t know why you had to do what you did.

All these years of…

I’m sorry Nadia, I’m sorry, I really am.


Please let me explain...

No. Not, Imran, not now. It’s too late.

I've worked so hard.

I know.

I moved to this city to get a job, a secure life, settle down.

I, I just...

I don’t know where I’ve crossed the line…

I understand Jess. I know everything.

And, trust me, it's not your fault, it's that Imran.

He is trying to exploit you…

No, he is not like that.

It is hard to explain,

I feel like a home wrecker.

Hey, hey, hey,

it’s ok…

Hello, Amma!

Hello, Amma.

Beta, how are you doing?

I don't know, Amma, things been really tough.

I can understand, Beta. How is Amani?

She is also holding up fine.

But she misses her dad all the time, and she wants to go back to him.

See, this is what I am saying. For the sake of Amani, please go back.

Amma, how can I? You know what he’s done,

how can I forgive him after all that?

Look, things happen, Beta, and the best way to deal with them is forgiveness.

If you can't do that, then at least live under one roof for the sake of Amani. Till she has grown up.

Amma, no one knows me better than you do and you know I’ll not do that.

Remember Amma, when our relatives would ask if you were happy having a girl, and not a boy?

Abba would say,

Inshallah, my little daughter will grow up twice a man.

We will talk again, Beta. Take care of Amani and yourself.



if you consider me as a good friend, I will ask you something straight.

How did you end up in such a big mess?

You have a wonderful family,

a lovely wife and a beautiful daughter. I don’t understand.



Shekhar, I have been dealing with some personal issues for some time.

My last job, prestigious to the people outside,

it was killing me inside.

I couldn’t take the pressure anymore.

Then this started suddenly.

I would wake up at the middle of night flooded with anxiety and fear,

fear of death. They call it, they call it panic attack.

As a man, it was hard for me to talk to others about it.

People would think I was going mad, not a good thing for the career either.

Moreover, I couldn’t even discuss about it to the person closest to me.

The spark in our relationship faded,

seems we are just going through the life, not living it.

Nadia brushed aside, every time I tried to talk about this.

Imran, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you are suffering with mental health.

I found something in Jess that brought the spark back in my life.

Imran, I do not want to be harsh,

but your life is your wife and your daughter.

What if Bhabi would do something like this, would you be able to accept it?

Yeah, I know.

I know.

The mind can be a monkey, hurling through the jungle gets seduced by the realm of senses,

swings from one desire to other.
Lao – Ze!

Thanks for coming…

I’m so sorry.

I know it doesn’t mean anything,

nor will it unwind things. But I’m so sorry.

At a least I can do, I’m leaving, leaving the town, this city,

I’m just a small-town girl.

We all have reasons for doing what we do,

or at least we convince ourselves of the reasons.

Hey, thank you.

So, your mum wants you to go back?


well, this is how Desi mothers are. You know, to them, separation is like something to be ashamed of.


I don’t know what to do, Chloe.

It would have been so much easier, if it was just Imran and I.

But I have to consider Amani and her future. You know…

I feel for you, my friend.

And, Amani is having a hard time.

You know, as a kid, I, I went the through the sh*t of a broken family.

I stayed at my mum’s house during the week, and at my dad’s on the weekends.

Bit unsettling for a young girl, lots of stuff to work out.

And, they kept hating each other, like, they,

I felt they were using me as a mean for getting a revenge on each other.

My mum developed such a hatred for men that she never remarried.

Did that impact you in a way that you see or relate to men?

You mean, if it turned me into a lesbian?

No girl, you don’t just one day turn into a lesbian because something happened to you, no.

That’s who you are. That’s who I am.

Just, just, I know more about lesbian and you know more about straight people.

You know I didn’t mean that.

I know, listen, it’s alright. Sorry. Come on, give me a hug, I’m not a petal.

Oohhh... hey, 18 years of friendship hasn’t turned you into a lesbian yet.

Not yet!

Aye, you’re one tough straight woman.


Ok, I’ll talk to Imran on the weekend.

And, as Amma said, if we can figure out a way to live under one roof, till Amani is 18 or so.

Will try that.

Whatever, whatever choice you make, I’ll support you.

Thank you.

To that.

Wow, are we going back?

Yes, I need a little chat with Daddy.

Thank you, mommy. You listened to me.

Are you happy?

Yes, very happy!

Thank you.

Are we getting out?

No, we're going back.

What happened, Maa?

We're going back.

Do you understand?

I’m sorry, Imran. I didn’t mean to destroy this beautiful life that you had.

No, it's my fault, Jess. Really.

I'm embarrassed.

Everything seems meaningless to me.

I just want my family back.

All the best for the future.

It was nice knowing you.

Hi, Dave.

How’s everything, Nadia?


And, home?

And, home?


Well, well, please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any support from work.

You can request flexible work arrangements, and you can access the employee assistance program.

I will. Thanks, Dave! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work.

Least we can do.

See Shekhar, how much it takes to build something and then how little to destroy it.

Come here.

It was good to have you. The house is going to feel really empty now.

Thank you, thank you so much.

I'm gonna miss you so much guys.

It’s gonna be really hard, but thanks for always being there for me.

You will miss her?

Love you so, such a good person.

Let’s go.

Aye, get your shoes on.

♪♪ In every waking hour, ♪♪

♪♪ I can feel it taking me to the edge ♪♪

♪♪ And like a wave, against the cliff face, ♪♪

♪♪ I know it will break over my head ♪♪

♪♪ I hold out my empty hand, praying for the road to end ♪♪

♪♪ I'm calling out, my fears and doubts... drowns ♪♪

♪♪ It's gonna take me down, deep into the darkness of the ocean ♪♪

♪♪ Where I can't get out, I just need you to understand ♪♪

♪♪ In every waking hour, ♪♪

♪♪ I can feel it taking me to the edge ♪♪

♪♪ And like a wave, against the cliff face, ♪♪

♪♪ I know it will break over my head ♪♪

Maa, I’m hungry.
♪♪ I know it will break over my head ♪♪

♪♪ I know it will break over my head ♪♪

What would you like, Beta? Burger or Fried Chicken?
♪♪ I know it will break over my head ♪♪

Fried Chicken.

Fried Chicken, it is.

Did you get your term report?

Yes, Maa. I hope you won’t be angry.

I didn’t do well in math. I struggle with geometry. I got a D.

Angry? You see, Beta,

I never missed an A, but that didn’t stop me from failing badly in my life’s geometry, did it?

I thought I had my life figured like a straight line.

Now, I feel I have figured nothing.

Maa, I don’t get what you are saying.

Don’t worry sweety. I just want you to be happy.

♪♪ I hold out my empty hand, praying for the road to end ♪♪

♪♪ I'm calling out, my fears and doubts... drowns… I drown ♪♪

♪♪ I just need you to understand ♪♪

♪♪ I can’t forgive you, these secrets you have kept ♪♪

♪♪ In every waking hour… ♪♪