Geography Club (2013) - full transcript

"GEOGRAPHY CLUB" is based on Brent Hartinger's best-selling critically acclaimed novel: "What am I looking for?" asks 16-year old Russell Middlebrook of himself as he heads off on his newest adventure. Russell is still going on dates with girls, while Kevin will do anything to prevent his football teammates from finding out what he is concealing, Min and Terese tell everyone they're really just good friends, and Ike can't figure out who he is or what he wants to be. But the truth is too hard to hide - at least from each other - so they form the Geography Club. Nobody else will discover the truth about them as no other students in their right minds would ever join a club that sounds so boring. Their secrets will be safe from classmates. But are they? "Geography Club" is a smart, fast, moving and funny account of contemporary teenagers as they discover their own sexual identities, dreams and values and not merely live out their parents' desires and ambitions. Russell, Kevin, Min, Terese and Ike may not learn about actual places in their undercover social club, but they daringly explore the danger-filled, clique-mined landscape of Goodkind High School and courageously begin their journey in the exciting, still uncharted terrain of the human heart.

What am I looking for?

I have these sick shades.
Orange frames. I'll wear those.

Cool. I'll be wearing a green shirt with
a cartoon lizard on it. Don't be jealous.

Ha. Okay.

Look... It's really important
you don't tell anyone

For sure. Same here.

I mean, I'm not even sure I'm... you know?

Totally get it. I don't like labels either.


Geography Club


Hey, beatch... What?

Beatch is not a curse word, mom.
There is an e in it!

Oh, hey, sorry.

Um... what's up, man?

Nothing. It's just uh...

you know... whatever...

You go to our school?


Yeah, now that's weird.
Shit just got weird.

Are you ok?

I'm great. It's just I... you
know... at the park...

joy and sunshine...


Uh... I think I'm gonna head to practice.

Oh, that's right. You're...
you're on the football team.

Thanks for reminding me.

No, I... I mean... like
break a leg or whatever...

Break my leg?

Never mind.


Wake up! You're driving me bananas.

Wake up! You're driving me bananas.

Line up everyone!

Single file, please. Permission slips.

You get accepted into Yale or something?
Not yet.

But you bought a sweatshirt?

My Dad bought it for me.

Oh. Is he hinting at something?

More like bludgeoning me over the head.

Is that breakfast?

No. Ding dong was for breakfast.
This is dessert.

Hmm. It's all good.

? You don't have to say anything, but?

? at least tell me your name?

? At least tell me your name?

? It's the first time?

? It's the last time?

Why did you want us to sit back here?

'Cause it's cool to sit
at the back of the bus.


Hey, isn't that the kid who got
suspended last year for

jacking off in the clinic bathroom?

Yeah, but so what?

Wait, what are you doing?

Reading. Is that ok?

Yeah, no, it's... totally fine...

...if you never want to get laid.
What do you mean?

I'm just saying, you have
to have game, Russell.

Take it from me. Girls away from home

are right for some sweet, sweet loving.

I know.



Ah... Nothing, just... good morning and...


Morning, Gubber.

It's Gunnar, actually.


Very smooth.
You shut up.

Leave me alone.

Ah-ha-ha... Yeah, you tickle that
tinsel, boy! Good for you!

Man, he doesn't care where he's at!

That kid is ruthless!
Why you don't just let him...

Please, please. Let him"what" in peace!

Yeah, you can't even say it, can you?

Hey, Kimberly! You look exhausted. Maybe we
should... take a break or something?

And do what?

Not even if your balls pumped free vodka!

Don't even think about it!


She's wearing a promise ring, dipshit.

I promised my dad I'd be a virgin until 30.

Ok, I-I-I didn't say anything.

Oh, please. I know what you were thinking.

Hey, dude?

I don't understand this stuff,
can you help me out?

Uh, yeah, sure. Just outside.


Did I get everything wrong?
Nope... Um...

I think you got the date
right. I'm kidding..

That's wrong too... It's the 27th.

This is impossible.
Not really.

Um... So, what you're looking
for is hard black shapes

with or without an animal.

And judging by what you're
describing in your journal... basically found a
lot of rocks today.


This isn't a fossil?
No, rock.

But, that's awesome if you got
a rock collection at home.

I don't.
Yeah, I didn't think so.

So uh... I'm going to
tell you what's alright

and you're gonna describe fossils that...
you never found.

Yeah? Thanks, man. I... I just
cannot afford to fail this class.


No, they uh... won't let me to play
football if I have shitty grades.

No offense, but I would never
come on a science trip for fun.

You know what I mean.
It's just... not my thing.

Yeah... Yeah, sure.

You ready?

Ok. Umm... so let's see here...
Wait, I think you're describing a leaf...

Dude, I have killed like, 3 spiders today.
This thing is crawling with them.

It's really not something to brag about.
They're living things, Gunnar.

Yeah? Counting the cats your
people eat for breakfast?

Yeah, that's a Vietnamese tradition.
I'm Chinese, asshole!

Ah... Kill it! Oh!



It's good.

I can tell.

Hey, we got a game going
on over by the bunks.


Uh, it's-it's not the state championship
but, it's gonna be fun.

Sounds cool.

Wipe your face up, it's embarrassing.

Shut up, brains.

I'm gonna faint... Too much running...

Hang in there, big guy. Last play.

Well, we're gonna lose.
We need more one touchdown to win.

No, he's right. This is impossible.
Guys, guys, focus!

I think I'm going to throw it long.

Then I'm going to take it to Russell.
I'm going to dump it off to him.

Think you can run it in?


All war! Ready?

? Setting up the boulevard,
girl you know you'll go far?

? It's like Hollywood Boulevard,?
? but you know who you are?

Set! Hut!

? Little American star?

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go!


Ah ha ha ha!




Come clean.


Brainy dudes do not have that kind of
athletic ability out of nowhere.

I ran track freshman-sophomore year.

Colleges like that kind of thing.

It looks like it's gonna pour?

Don't be a chick. It's just a little rain.


What are you writing?
Nothing, just... fixing your report.

Well, not fixing, more like
surgically repairing.

You always been this smart?

I'm not sure I'm that smart, actually.

Just gonna obsess with getting
into a good college.

My Dad has a plan for me.

And getting into Yale is part of that plan.

You're kind of a kiss-ass, huh?

No, I'm not! I...

Well anyway, why do you care
about football so much, huh?

Sure you're not just trying to live
up to your dad's expectations also?

Positive. Play 'cause I love it.

Whatever... if you gonna judge
me, I don't wanna help.


I'm not judging you.

Oh, wow!

? Wake up, you're driving me bananas?
? Wake up, you're driving me ba-?

? I
like it, I like it, I love it, I hate it?

? I do it to myself every time?

? I want it, I need it,
I have it, I waste it?

? Oh, change your mind?

? We built our cities on top of the sky?

? Change your mind?

? Iron ships that were too big too fail?

? Change your mind?

? We were so proud and
we said it out loud?

? And now were gonna get what's due?


Meet me in room 327 after school tomorrow.

It's Kevin, meet me at the gazebo.


Did you get Min's note?

What the hell is she doing?
Blackmailing us?

I don't know.

I know!

Well, can you go and find
out what she wants?

Why do I have to?
Russell... Please...

I got you next time, I promise.

Yeah... yeah, I'll find out.


You probably wondering why
I'm holding this baby.

'Cause you like to touch kids?

Yes, Jared, I like to touch everyone with
my uniquely powerful green lavendar aura.


Today we begin our first
long-term assignment.


I'm too young to be a mommy.

To me babies are like... marshmallows.

Though let's not discriminate.

In some cases, we birth
chocolate marshmallows.

Right, Ike?
Come again, honey?

They're soft, delicate things. We just
want to hold them and squeeze them...

Was that you, Nolan?


No, no, ma'am. It-it was not.
Then why are you missing a shoe?

But, you're also missing a shoe.
Both of them, actually.

Oh, well that's true, and I would
love to tell you all about

the spiritual advantages of
walking this earth bare foot... detention.

Anyway, today I will be assigning
you along with a partner

one of these babies to take care of.

You gonna watch it, feed it, clothe
it and at end of the quarter,

you'll do a presentation along
with your partner

telling us all about your experience.

Ugh... Dude, I can't believe we have
that work together on this thing.

We were at the same table.

It could be worse, Brian
Bund is a single parent.

True that.

What are you doing?
What? Putting it away.


You're gonna kill it.
I'm not gonna kill it.

Bad mommy.
I'm not a bad mommy!

You're a horrible mommy.
I'm a great mommy.


Nah... I can't decide. Ike?

He totally has DQF. It's the eyes.
What's DQF?

Drag Queen Face.

It is when a guy has naturally
thin eyelashes

and super pronounced cheekbones.

Oh! My dad totally has that.



I'm glad that you came.

Um... I don't mean to be rude
but... what is this?

Oh, well, let me explain.

Because the sign on the door
says 'Geography club'...

I know...
...but I don't see any maps...

Russell? I knew it.

He knew what?

This isn't a geography club.

That's obvious.
Oh... We're a group.

Like a band?

Like a secret support group.

For what?

For gay teens.

You have no right.

Russell, stop.
Why'd you do that?

Russell, just listen...

You tricked me and now
they know that I'm...


I don't know... ok? I
don't know what I am

...and it's none of your
business anyway.

You're right. And whatever you decide
to do, I won't say anything.

About either of you.

Hey, you know what? Just because
you saw what happened,

it doesn't mean you get a say.

I'm really sorry, Russell. But please,
just come inside, check it out...

You stay out of my shit, alright?

It was nothing.

She just wanted to say that we've
got nothing to worry about.

For real?
Does it matter?

You're right... You're right!

Oh... Dude, I was flippin'out.

That day at the park... was that you?

Or is that just... some coincidence?

No, I uh... I recognized you from school.

You know, I was gonna say something,
you know. I just uh...

Freaked out.

And then you made me feel like
a complete idiot. Ok, then.

Russell... you know... I'm sorry.

I am. I just... Wait a second!
Ru-wait a second.

What's this?

I want to hang out with you.
In school and stuff.


But I don't want people getting suspicious.

You know, like,"What are they doing
hanging out all of a sudden?", you know.

So... you got me a jersey?

I got you on the team.

Good morning.

So I thought we'd ride to
school together today.

Ah... cool. Uh... what's that?

Ah, that... is Florence Carsi.

Wh... You-you named her Flo?

Yeah, after my grandmother Florence.

So lame.

It's not lame!

The air is crisp, my friend! Crisp.

Why are you so happy this morning?

No, nothing. You know, just Kimberly
said she'd go on date with me.

So what made her finally change her mind?

I don't know. I guess she just
finally came to her senses.

It's awesome, man!

Oh, and uh... Kimberly also said that
you have to come along as her friend

Trish's date or else the whole thing's off.

No way!
Oh, come on, Russell!

I don't wanna do that!

Why? Just 'cause she wears a promise ring?

Who cares, dude? Trish is hot!

I don't care! The answer's 'No'.

What the hell, dude?

Look, you have to do this for me.

All right, it's all that matters!

No, no, I don't wanna...
Please... Please,

I'm begging you as a friend!

If I go on date with Kimberly...
for the first time in my life

I'll have a girlfriend.

All right, do you know how
important that is to me?


Oh, dude, thank you so much!
No problem.

Thank you so much!

? Feelin'dizzy, itchin'
crazy, havin'seizures?

? feelin'lazy, cold
and clammy skin!?


Hey, how was the test?
Nailed it, babe.

Wait, what are those?

Threw out my mom's pills and
replaced it with holistic medicine.

Those are just the empty bottles.

She's gonna freak.
I know.


I just wanna observe.


I don't wanna say anything.
Not right now anyways.

It's cool. Whatever makes
you feel comfortable.

Theresa's singing the side effects
on the pill bottles

and I'm trying to guess the
drug based on the effects.


? Vomit that looks like
coffee grounds?

? swelling and waking all around?

? Nausea, chest pains, black
and bloody stools!?

It's Duproxin, my grandma takes it.

Good call, sexy.

Ok, girl. Your braids
are in dire need of--

No. She looks beautiful.


Ok, so... what's the gossip?

Did I already tell you about last night?

So my mom finds me in my room and
tells me she's gonna give me $100.


But says that I'm only allowed
to buy a dress with it.

That girls as pretty as me shouldn't
be wearing jeans all the time.

Ok, well maybe she's just
trying to be nice?

Or maybe she was just trying to be a bitch.

Do you think that's bad? Listen to this.
What? Ow!


So, after weeks of talking to this boy
online, we finally met up. Hmm.

So then I think: let's see
how far I can take this.

Then I'm all, I'm gonna put my hands
down his pants and see what happens.

And he's all,"Surprise!"
Big package?

Try no package.

He was totally a 'she'.
Wait, ok... I don't get it.

You see, this girl. Her name's
Samantha. She's a les.

When she told her parents,
they kicked her out.

She came back a day later and told
them that she was just confused

and to prove it to them, she'd go out
and promised to find a boyfriend.

I know. Tragic, right?

She said she didn't want a straight dude...

said she felt safer
with a gay guy instead.

I mean, I did tell her that I
was 80-20, but she didn't mind.


80% straight, 20% gay.

So what happened?

We went and got coffee. Talked for hours.
Bitch is fierce.

So I'm gonna be her fake boyfriend until
she figures the situation out.

That's awesome, dude!
That's really cool.

Alright, well, I got a test
I got to study for.

Oh... I can help you, babe.

Hey... um... just curious. What
made you decide to come back?

I don't know. You're not
gonna tell anyone, are you?

You know about us, too.

? You're the only star I see?

? Mother nature always let me down?

? But you don't [uh-uh, uh-uh,
uh-uh], you don't?

? Come on and get me high?

? Come on and get me high?

Let's do this.

? Don't care what you boyfriend says!?

5 minutes late!

Hi, Russell.

Hi, Trish.

I'll bet you're a great bowler.

I'm ok.


? I can't listen, signal's dyin'?


Here we go!

Thought we were getting cheese fries?

Yeah, they were out of cheese, so...

That's ok, Gunnar.

It is?

Look, I can go get a... slice of pizza.
It's got some cheese on it.

No, no, no, forget it! I'm not
even hungry... anymore.

You know, they're actually pretty good.

Give me.

Oh... oh, so... good.


Gotta love the burn.

Pure vodka.


They tell you I'm getting a car.

Well, it's not official, but
my birthday's coming up

and I told my daddy he
should get me a car.

So... he will.

I mean, he'd better.

It's my 17th birthday. I
think I've earned it.

Don't you think I've earned it?
I think you've totally earned it.

Yeah, I know, right?

Isn't he totally Pillsbury?


Uh... is that a good thing, or...

I'd tickle that tummy? You
know what I mean?


Excuse me, little girls'room.

Dude, she's perfect.

Yeah, totally.

Um... can we borrow your car?

Yeah, yeah, you can.

Here, just-- guys, be safe, all
right? It's my dad's car.

Yes! Thank you, Gunnar.
You are awesome.

Ah... I don't have my license...
It's alright, I will drive.

Where-where're we going?
Come on.

What are we doing here?

What do you mean?

Ah... don't you think it's
a little... creepy?

I like so it's private.
It's creepy.

Why would I turn on the headlights, silly?

I'm not doin'nothing!

So, um... what's... what's
your favorite movie?

I don't know. That's such
a hard question.

If you had to choose...

"The Case of Thorn Mansion"!

Mary-Kate and Ashley play detectives and
they solve every crime by dinner time.

What about you?

Oh, um...

"Dirty Harry."

Sounds great.

I love"dirty".

I can hear your heart beat.
You can?


You're nervous, I can tell.


Ah... I'm confused... I thought-I
thought that was a promise ring.

Oops. What happens in Vegas...

We're nowhere near Vegas.


Holy shit!

The homeless dude.

Let him watch.

Mm. Mmm. Mm, mm...

What's wrong?

I don't know.

Uh... nothing, I just...

I don't think that we should...


You know.

Why not?

Well, uh... I-we don't have
any condoms... so...

Well, I didn't say I wanted to
have sex with you, now did I?

Ah, no...

But if you do want, I have
some in my purse.

No, I can't.

You can't?


Oh, like you can't get it up?

Wha-? No!

I'm confused.

Uh... It's just um... I'm... I'm a virgin.

So uh... I wanted my first
time to be special.

You're great, but you... you just
don't... feel right...

I mean... well, I mean
this doesn't feel right.

You feel... you feel
perfectly fine.

I get it. I wanted my first
time to be special too.

Russell Middlebrook, you're a romantic.

What am I doing?

Let's go, Panthers!

So here's what happened.

I'm standing there, thinking,
"What the hell am I doing here?"

You know? I mean, sure, I've
played football before,

but this is a whole other thing.

Coach says he likes what he's seeing.

He's gonna take a chance.
He's gonna start me.

Say what?
I know, right?

So the game starts.
I'm freaking out.

Be agressive! Be, be aggresive!

Whoo, you ready?

I can not believe you
got me on the team.

Well, you happen to be the
best runner I know.

Come on!
That's where I got confused.

I thought that Kevin got me on the team so
that he could have an excuse to hangout...

And that's part of it, but... that moment, I realized he
actually thought I could play.

He believed in me as
a football player.

And, I don't know why,
but it got me pumped.

Anyways, before I knew it, we were
in the fourth quarter and,

at this point I'm feeling it.
Shit, I'm-I'm desperate to win.

But just when I thought that we
had the game in the bag...

Defense! Defense!

...they scored.



We needed a touchdown to win.

And we're running out of time.

In fact, we've only got one play left.

Middlebrook, you think you can do this?

I can do it.

Good. All one-on-one. Ready?

We won.

Wow, man!
That's insane!

I know, I know, I was going crazy!
Everyone there was cheering for me and...

...I just kept thinking,"This
night can not get any better."

But I was wrong...

It did.


That was incredible.

You're amazing, Russell.

This whole football thing
is bringing us closer.

I mean... sometimes he can be such an ass.

I start to think I'm kinda
over him... but...

...then he gets all sweet and
I'm right back where I was before.

I'd like to join the Geography club.

Hey, guys.

Well done, bro! Seriously, I
can't believe you pulled it off.

Mad skills, man, for real.

Guys, come on! The game was days ago.

Besides, it's a team effort.
Not that, dude.


Yeah, we heard you nailed her.

Who told you that?

Don't be embarrassed, man.
That hoe's one naughty bi--

She's not a hoe.

What the shit?
Can't just degrade another kid's

female like that! It's not cool.

Sorry, man. She's not the hoe. I am.


Everybody in town's talking about it.

Everyone knows?

They were there.

The game.

Right, yeah.
What else, man?

No one's ever gonna forget
a play like that.

Yeah, of course.
Not even my parents.

They wanna meet the new star.


Dinner at my place Friday
night, you around?

Kev's mom is a dope cook.

I mean, a woman's place is
in the kitchen, am I right?

You're retarded.

Yeah, sounds good. Count me in.


And we ended up having to
buy a cake, right?

Kevin was only... 3 at the time.
Oh, no, wait, he was 4.

Oh, wait, no, no, he was 3, right?

Anyway, the pushy point was that
he never would have noticed

that I overfloured his birthday
cake, but the guests certainly would have.

The party is only as good as its host

and the host is only as good as her cake!

Yeah, I totally get it.

No one likes a stale treat.
That's what happens

when you use too much flour,
it gets all tough.

I didn't know that.
Oh, that's why I use mixers now.

I make room for it. That's the truth.

Baking from scratch, it's
just not worth it.

I agree.

Hey, have some more.

Oh, thank you.


Yes, sir?

Where have you been hiding, son?

Ah... Excuse me?

Where you been hiding?

All these years...

I've never seen you on any
football team before.

Oh, uh... heh...

I-I haven't been hiding. I
just didn't think I could do it.

He didn't think he could do it.

We got a nickname for you, son.



After The Flash, comic book
character famous for his runnin'.

Wow, that's... th-that's
a really cool nickname.

Kevin thought of it.

You did?


Hey, Flash?
Yes, sir?

I like you, son.

Thank you, sir.

Hey, maybe you should come to church with
us this weekend. Meet the whole family.

Uh, what do you mean 'the whole family'?

Your uncle Glenn's comin'to town.


He's introducing us to his
new boyfriend, Eddie.

Your uncle says... he may be the one.

Says he's pretty sure of it, actually.

So you coming, Flash?

Ah... yeah... yes, sir. I'd love to go.

Atta boy.

Why is he doing this?
Doing what? You guys are overreacting.

If Brian comes back today, we'll
tell him he can't join.

No club is allowed to turn anyone away.
We're obligated to take him.

I thought no one would want to join.

Is that why you guys named
it 'Geography club'?

No, we chose it because it's boring.

We didn't think anyone would actually come.

Anyways, I don't see why
you guys are so scared of.

And maybe we should open this
club up, make it known.

No, no way!
Why not?

I don't want the whole school
knowing about me.

For real. I already get messed
with and I'm 70% straight.

We get to be ourselves here.

Shouldn't we let other kids
have that same thing?

Oh, shit.


I don't really care about the Geography.

I already have an A in Geography, so...

Thought about joining this club for
a while just to make friends, but...

...I was scared.

Little people laugh of me, I'm not stupid.

Thing is... I don't wanna go
home after school.

I'm scared of it, actually.

So I play cello. I play it
when I'm nervous.

It's what I do at night,
homework and cello.

When I'm nervous and I don't have
my cello, my fingers twitch.

Well, I just didn't want to
go home after school so...

I'm not going to force you
be my friend, though, so...

Don't worry about your secret.
I'm not gonna tell anybody.

So be honest... do you think I'm
a good football player, dude?

Yeah, absolutely.

Like, do you think maybe one
day, I can win the Heimen?

It's called the Heisman, you shit tard.

Shut it, alright?



Have you seen Ike? He left
his phone in my car.

Ahm... Nope.
Oh... Ok.


Are you coming today?

I don't know. Maybe... See you later.

Let me guess. One drunken night and
suddenly she thinks you two are dating?

Ah-ha... What a fem!

Now be careful 'cause this is
gonna make my hands magical.

Would you just relax?
They are magical.

Would you just stop?
Pink or black. What's your favorite?

Stay still.

I'm not moving.
Stay still!

Hey, did you guys read this?
The school newspaper?


Well, everybody is reading it today.
Mrs. Toles gave a controversial interview.

The health teacher?

What did she say?

It talked about her feelings
on sex education

and how she was for condom machines
in the school bathrooms.

It also talked about that time she
put condoms on cucumbers in class.

Today, we're gonna be working
with wide variety of vegetables.

We've got cucumbers and then of course,

we have squash and zucchini.

We want to fairly represent those who
were... genetically fortunate.

As well as those who were probably
blessed in other areas.

I was going to bring some radishes
to put at the bottom.

Alright, but listen to this...
Wait, where's Russell?

He isn't answering his phone.


Alright, anyway.

"Not one student complained to me about
my condom exercises," said Mrs. Toles.

"In fact, three students
came up to thank me."

So what is this have to do with us?

"As a health educator, it's my job to
teach all the students," Toles said.

According to Toles, that even
includes gay students.

"There are gay and lesbian students
at every high school in town,

including ours."

"Just last week I talked to one of them
about a support group for gay teens."

"The world is changing every day

and I think it's a phenomenal
idea," Toles stated.

"When the school board found out
that she'd given this interview,

Mrs. Toles was... suspended."

Now I'm guessing that none of you
would have gone up to Ms. Toles

and suggested a gay support group.

Guys, there are others
like us at this school

and they're looking for a place to go.

I'm not ready to be an outcast.

For real, there's no acceptance
for a 50-50 guy in this school.

You guys are being so selfish right now.

I mean, I don't even know if I can date
a girl who only cares about herself.

Wow. I can't believe you
just brought it there.

Gently grab the ankles of
the child with one hand

and raise it so that the child's
bottom is off the diaper.

Dude, this is retarded.
Just do it.

Why me?
Because you're the mom.

I'm the mom?

And then, so that means you're the dad?

Uh, how am I the mom?

Um... 'cause you have man boobs,
Gunnar? Isn't that obvious?

You are such an asshole.

Uh, ok, let's see... take a... take a wipe
and clean where the baby's soiled.

Hey, you know what'd be cool?

What's that?

Kimberly's parents have this really
cool lake house and...

she thought it we would be totally cool
if we went up there this weekend.

Trish will be there too, so... wouldn't
that just be the coolest?

Hmm. Um...

Yeah, just-just keep the baby's
bottom up while you're wiping.

Russell, please.
Yeah, 3 or 4 wipes.


Why don't you wanna go?

I just don't.
Trish is so hot and she's into you.

Yeah, I know but, she-she's too clingy, and
everyone at school thinks that we had sex.

Yeah, I don't see what's wrong with that.

Well, I'm not going. So, whatever.

Ah... as you use the wipes, you're
gonna take like, the dirty ones

and-and put 'em into the soiled-

You know what? This is so unfair!

You know, the one second, we're best
buds, and then the next

you're Mr. Popular Football Guy...

...and you not even notice
that I lost 10 pounds.

I'm wearing skinny jeans, dude!
I did notice.

You did not notice!

Look, Kimberly is the one thing,
Russell, the one thing that I truely

have going for me right now and you're
too self-obsessed to even give a shit.

Fuck you, Russell!

Man, that is one high-tech baby toy.

I'll go to the cabin with you.

No, you don't have to-
No, no, it's fine.

Yes! Sweet!

See this sports bra?

It's my sister's.

Look at him. He loves this.

Take it. Don't be a pussy, dude!

Put it on him!


It's how we roll. Be
a team player, bro.


Oh, wow.

Aw yeah!

Hey, that is some talent.

Yeah, let's get him out there.

That's enough, everybody!

And we are here.

Hmm. This place is tight!

Yeah, it's been in my family
for like... a lot of years.

Isn't this awesome, baby-cakes?

I mean, is tonight gonna
be magical or what?

Yeah, totally magical.

Ah hey, won't don't you ladies go inside
and we will be right behind you?


Don't be long, boys.
Yeah, we won't.

What the hell, dude?

You're acting weird.
Oh, sorry. It's-this has been a bad day.

Alright, just... just be cool, man. Ok?

Alright, Gunnar. Whatever you say.

I'm serious, Russell. Don't
screw this up for me.

Who's ready to start drinking?

Any of you lightweights?

Better not be, because... I
don't make light drinks, bitches.

Hey, Trish?

Isn't Mr. Donaldson like, totally bangable?

I guess.

Oh, come on, he's such a lickable muffin.

A muffin isn't something
you lick, Kimberly.


This bag is rude.

My hands are cold. Am I
gonna get frostbite?

Shut up, dick.

Let's just take some shots.
Great, I love shots.

Uh, I don't want one.

Can you give me something else?


You're not drinking, sweety?
I can't.

You can't?

Why not?

Um, football... I'd get
kicked off the team.

Oh, that sucks.
Here's your Dr. Pepper, lame ass.

To getting trashed!

Oh, yeah!

This thing is wigging me out!

What is it?
It's called the bass.

Oh, my God, that's so trippy.

Ok, who's turn is it?


Mm-hmm. Trish just dared you to
touch Gunnar's dick, remember?

Oh, is really big.

Now it's your turn.


Say 'dare'.
Um, dare.

I dare your to make out with me.


Is it my turn now?
But the game's over.

I pick dare.

I dare me to just freaking
do it already.

Do what?

What's... what's going on?
Oh... I have to go.

I don't get it.
It's not you, Trish, I promise.

Russell, wait.


Don't worry about Trish.
You did nothing wrong.

Oh, for sure. Yeah.

Ok, good, 'cause I-I didn't
want to hurt her, you know?

No, tota-- no, I know, and you shouldn't
have to do anything if you don't want to,

you know?


No... I'm the one that's nervous.

What do you mean?
I really... I really like you, Russell.

Ah, I mean, I only got with Gunnar
just so that we can chill.

This is so messed up.

Gunnar, we're going.
Get off me!

I told you I didn't want to come here.
Ok, then leave.

You're driving!
You wanna go, then walk home.

Gunnar, please...
Walk home!


Hey, you around?

Thanks for coming to get me.
Of course.

What's up, kid?

I suck.

What are you talking about?


I led Trish on... and then I hurt her.

And, Gunnar thinks I'm a tool,
her flake or whatever.

I can't believe what I did to Brian Bund.

I'd... I just didn't want
to risk anything.

You know?

If Jared and Nolan hate me, then we can't
be friends in public, and that's kil--

Listen, hey...

Don't you worry about that. That's ok.

It's ok.

No, it's not.

I'm a joke... I'm just a joke...

You're not a joke.

Goodkind High's #1 HOMO
Russell Middlebrook

Sit down. I'd love the company.


You're off the team.


Can't believe we didn't see it.

We almost let a girl like you into our
group. Who'd have thought it?

You know you can't technically
kick me off the team, right?

Oh, we know.

But who's gonna stop us? Later, bro.

Hey, it gets better. Believe me,
after a while you just move on.

Why are you being nice to me?

I guess I know what's it's like
to walk around scared.

I hurt you.

So what?

Just because people don't understand me
doesn't mean I don't understand them.

So, we're cool then?
Definitely not.

You're gay...

I'm kidding.

I couldn't find you in the cafeteria.


Mind if I join?

Come on.

What're you eating?

It's a... fluffer nutter.

You've got a little bit of
it on your... lip.


Also peanut butter.

No, banana.

Banana? Sweet choice.

Look... Gunnar... I'm really
sorry about Friday night.

Me too. You know, I didn't mean be
so uptight all night. It's just...

I can't help it.

I just really, really wanna have
sex at some point before I die.

You're a virgin?

Yeah, so what?

I love virgins.

Hi, Min.

You still mad at me?

After Brian opened up to us, you
go and do something like that?

Oh... Sorry about that, Chief.
It's ok.

Nah. See, I don't hit chicks,
so my bad, man.

What are you doing?
Taking Kimberly's flyers down.

This garbage does no one any good.

What if it could?

These flyers suck, but... what
if we made some of our own?

What are you talking about?

You said it yourself. You're
sick of hiding, right?

Look, this is our chance to finally
make ourselves known.

With the Geography Club?

No... Goodkind High's first gay
and lesbian support group.

So the controller's simply going
to pass the information along.

The controller? Like the
game controller?

So... you gonna beat us up, or is Brian
the only one who gets that honor?

I'm really sorry.

If Brian's good I'm good.

I'm good.


What are those?
Flyers. At least they will be.

We're to make this club a thing, guys.

And if I don't wanna be out?

Well... then you can join
again when you're ready.

Sorry, babe. We gotta do this.

You got a purple?

Ok, let's do this.

Someone wants orange.

Meet me in the sports equipment shed.


What do you want?

Please, don't be pissed at me.
I'm not pissed. I'm hurt.

Hey. They wanted you off the team, ok?
There was nothing I could do, alright?

Hey, I'm really sorry.

I don't care, Kevin.
What do you want me to do?

Look, I'm part of a club. Or-It's
more of a support group, I guess.

What do you mean? Like you're
an alcohlic now?

No, I'm not an alcohlic, Kevin.
It was a joke.


Ah... It's other gay kids. We just...
we just hang out and stuff.

And it's nothing official or
anything. But uh...

...we just posted flyers announcing our
first meeting tomorrow... after school.

You should come.

You know I can't do that.

You need more help than anyone I know.

I'd be kicked off the team.

Oh, is that the most important
thing to you right now?

It's my life!

Hm... it's your life?

Hey, we can still be together!

Ok, listen. We can. We just... you know,
we uh... we just have to keep it a secret!

Calm down, just calm down!
I don't get it, Kevin!

I have a dad that is... that is
pressuring me into going to Yale

and living the same life that he did.

And that includes having a wife.

You have the only parents
in this entire town...

...that don't give a shit what you are.

It's not about them.

This is about me.

I don't want to be gay, Russell.

I just wanna play football, you know.
And I just wanna get a scholarship.

I just wanna be normal, Russell.

Hey... but I also really like you... ok?

No... I-I can't, I can't do this, Kevin.

Either we're in a relationship...
or we're not.

What does have to be that way?

It just does!

If you really care about me, then you will
come to this meeting tomorrow after school.

Ok? And if you don't come then... I'm done.

I am done... with this whole...
bizarre thing.

Or whatever it is.



Gay + Lesbian Support Group
After School in Room 327

Hey, guys.

Guess what?

Mrs. Toles is back and she's
gonna be our sponsor.

She is?
She said she'd be happy to do it.



You have everything you
need for the meeting?

Yeah, but why, where
are you going?

I'm going to get some work done
in the teacher's lounge.

This is your thing. Let it
come from you guys!

Own that.

You go in there and
everyone will know.

Hmpf. That's the point.

Who died?

Those guys think they're
so tough, huh?

They are tough.
Well, they don't have what we have.

Yeah? What's that?

That's not even a real word.
Yes, it is. Come help.

Put some chips in here.

Hey, guys.

Uh... Made you a sign for your club.

Listen, I told Kimberly not
to make those flyers.

Thank you.
But, when she refused...

...I dumped the bitch. Oh, and then
now I'm dating her best friend, so...

What? Did she flip out?
You have no idea.

She throw her fish at me.
Her fish?


Here. I'll go hang this up.

She throw... her... fish.

Big-mouth Billy Bass!

Alright, that's awesome.

Listen, dude. I'm really
sorry I was an ass.

Oh, me too.

Thanks for coming.
Of course!

But hey, listen, man, you
could have told me.

You know, we've been best
friends since kindergarten.

I love gay Russell!

See that? You see what just happened?

I did see that!

Aww, you guys are gonna
make this gay boy cry.

This 100% gay boy.

We know, Ike.
Yeah, no shocker there.

Shut it! Come on, eat some chips.

And juice?

Like it, Gunnar?

I'm nervous.
Me too.

This is surreal.

I know.

Should I go start us off?

Go for it.

Sorry, I'm really nervous...

I got your back, Russell!

Umm... My name is Russell
Middlebrook... and...

Welcome... to the first official
Goodkind High GSA meeting!


Just want to say thank you to
you guys for coming out and...

...supporting a cause like this.

It means so much to all of us.


Sure you wanna do this?
Yeah, man, of course!

People might think you're gay.
Ah... who cares? It's hilarious.

Let's do the shit! Boom!


? Take a breath?

? You feel it in your chest, I?
? know it's what you need?

? You're not alone, you feel it in your?
? bones, let go and follow me?

? Can you hear the other voices?

? calling you out tonight??

? Can you hear the other voices??

? Go on and make it right?

? Word for word, believe
in what you heard?

? back when you were young?

? You say,"Hey, stay just another?
? day, we're dancing on the sun"?

? Can you hear the other voices?

? calling you out tonight??

? Can you hear the other voices??

? Go on and make it right?

? Can you hear the other voices??

? Can you hear??

? Can you hear them??

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh.

? Come alive, come alive?
? Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh?

? Come alive, come alive?
? Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh?

? Come alive, come alive?
? Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh?

? Come alive?

? This road is never ending?

? I am the lonely one tonight?

? Can we just stop pretending?
? I'm the only one?

? I'm not the only one?

? I see your glimmer up ahead?

? Outrun the stars to follow it?

? You take my hand, I glow?
? Am I the only one,?

? who's ever told you so??

? Oh, I been walking in a straight line?
? ?

? But you, you got me running and?
? it feels so right ?

? I come alive the times we get together?

? There's a light I love,
could be forever?

? Come alive, I need you
now more than ever?

? Come alive, I need to know it's forever

? Every time we see each other?

? there's a light I see,?
? see like no other?

? Come alive, I need you?
? now more than ever?

? Come alive, because we are together?

? Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh?
? Come alive, come alive?

? Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh?
? Come alive, come--?

? You drive me out of my mind?

? But I don't want no other kind?

? Cause with one touch I know?
? That you're the only one?

? Yeah, you're the only one!?

? I see your glimmer up ahead?

? Outrun the stars to follow it?

? You take my hand, I glow?
? Am I the only one,?

? who's ever told you so??

? Oh, I been walking in a straight?
? line ?

? But you, you got me running and it?
? feels so right ?

? I come alive, the times
we get together?

? There's a light I love?
? could be forever?

? Come alive, I need you?
? now more than ever?

? Come alive, I need to know it's forever

? Every time we see each other?

? there's a light I see,
see like no other?

? Come alive, I need you?
? now more than ever?

? Come alive, because we are together?