Gentleman (2022) - full transcript

Hyeon soo a CEO of a private detective agency visits a pension with a client asking for her dog While waiting outside of pension he is falsely accused of kidnapping the client. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Darn it.

- Go home and get some rest.
- Man, it's cold.

There go your friends. Say hi.

Hi, guys!


Prison isn't all that bad.

You'll be well-fed
and you've got a roof over your head.

It's all the same as being out here.
Don't sweat it.

If it's all the same,
why don't you go yourself?

To eat jail grub
with a roof over your head.

I couldn't go even if I wanted to.

It's full of punks like you.

Loving the spirit, Detective.

I like you this way.
You should always be like this.

Instead of sucking up
to the higher-ups like a coward.

See? You even sit like a suck-up.

Don't push my buttons, you little...

You're here.

- What is it?
- "What is it?"

You better watch yourself, you...

Wait a minute.
Is this how things are in here?

- Sit.
- Seriously?

Ms. Kim, are detectives
allowed to act this way?

I'm calling my lawyer. Give me your phone.

- I don't tolerate violence...
- Sit down.

Let's not make this
harder than it has to be, okay?

That's what I'm saying.

He could do it nicely. Like a gentleman.

He tries to beat me up
every chance he gets...

He's a bit out of line, don't you think?

Cocky bastard.

Hey, flip through it gently. It might rip.


If you're telling the truth...


...why don't you try me again?

Like a gentleman.


Some of these days,

you just don't feel like
taking cases like adultery.

Tonight, we're expecting more clouds

and thick fog around inner Gangwon
along the East Coast.

A friend I work with called me for a job.


Is this the fixer?

My damn ex has my dog.

She was saying
her ex wouldn't return her dog.

I need to get my dog...

So she asked me to come along.

That's how...

I ended up going there.

Could you come with me?


Hi, are you there?

Look towards the intersection
with Kookmin Bank behind you.

You see the Hi-Mart, right?

Yes, stay there.

What? My suit?

My goodness.

The more I get to know you,

the more I realize
how sophisticated your tastes are.

Hey, man.

I told you it's dangerous
to keep this here.

That'll be 30,000 won.

You should pay me for the work.

It's the least you could do
for the favor I did you.

Pay me now.

You get a kick out of that, don't you?

One second.

Hey, man.


In Korea,

over 500 cases are assigned
to each police officer.

I know!

That's why people like us
look for what the police can't.


But if I tail someone without any context,

I might stop or speed up
on the wrong occasion.

What I'm saying is,
I'm not up for jobs that make me look bad.

So think this over

and call me back when you feel

comfortable enough to talk about it.

Okay, have a good one.

What are you doing? That's dangerous!


For crying out loud...

So how old are you?


if your ex refuses to return your dog,
don't fight him.

Call me immediately.
I'll take care of it, got it?

Don't get scared.

It's 9:30 p.m. now.

If you're not out by 10 p.m.,
I'm going in.

I'll be out before then.

Man, I need more lucrative jobs.

Not getting some stupid dog back.

I mean...

Damn it.


Anybody home?

What the hell?

What the...

You bastard.

What are you?

Who the hell are you?

Damn it.

What the hell?

What's going on?

Damn it.

Put your hands up.

It wasn't me.

What wasn't?

Whatever it is, it wasn't me.

Damn it.

What do you mean? You got him yourself?

- He's sitting in the back with a mutt.
- It's not just one guy?

I meant he's sitting with an actual dog.

- What happened?
- Are you the prosecutor?

The road is completely blocked.
No one can get out.

It's not just junkies who are there.

A girl in the same place reported
being kidnapped.

Unattended lodge, man in a suit
in his thirties, big scar on his shoulder.

So I can do as I like
with this punk, right?

You just got out of suspension
after the incident.

You snatched a big one. Suit yourself.

- I'll be on my leave then.
- Sure. Have fun, sir.

- Sir.
- Jesus Christ!

Sit back.


There seems to be a huge misunderstanding.

I said sit back.

Damn it.


Just answer my questions.


How do you know her?

Know her?

All I did was

bring the girl to the place.

- It was your first time seeing her?
- It's the nature of the work I do.

I help a stranger, get paid,
and that's about it.

You should know better.

Have you never seen a fixer before?

What about the dog?

Have you never seen the dog either?

It's exceptionally friendly.

- Stop it.
- Look.

Give me one reason
why I should believe you.

A woman has been kidnapped
from a lodge in the Sokcho area.

The police say,
along with a missing Ms. Lee,

the suspect came to the lodge in a Jeep

and was arrested at the scene,
but Ms. Lee has not been located.

The police are focusing
on finding the victim.

The identity and motive of the suspect

will be confirmed
by further investigation.

- My goddamn life.
- This is Lee Yongseok from Yonhap News.


And I'm in the wrong bed.


- Neither of them has any ID.
- Here's one.

- This?
- Yes.

He's obviously the prosecutor.
He has a suit on.

He's obviously the prosecutor.
He has a suit on.

- Hey, you're up.
- Yes.

Have you seen a dog come in here?

No, I haven't.

Where could it be...

Are you in any pain, Mr. Kang?

What happened to the man who came with me?

That man?

His knee joint smashed into his femur,

which in turn fractured his pelvis.

That means his joint rotated 180 degrees.

He also has a subconjunctival hemorrhage,

as well as traumatic hyphema.

He also has proptosis,

and his spine and organs are damaged,

so he had excessive bleeding.

- What do you think?
- Will he die?

- No. He will live.
- Right.

He'll probably be unconscious
for about a week though.

- A week?
- Yes.

Anyway, get some rest.


Where did this dog go?

Thank you.

You're up.

I'm Chief Lee from the Gangwon PD.
We talked before.

- Detective, I need to tell you...
- I'm sorry.

I should've been the first one there.

The tunnel was completely blocked.
We couldn't move an inch.

The suspect's in and out.

They say he'll be able to talk in a week.

We'll wrap things up in the meantime.

Wrap things up?

Wrap up what?

We found this at the scene.

Here it is. Have a look.

We asked forensics
to analyze the fingerprints.

We'll wrap things up soon.

By the way, have you seen the woman
who went missing at the scene?

You got a call.

Oh, let me take this. Sorry.

You must be in pain.

Of course you would.
The other guy was a mess.

Please get some rest.


But the fingerprints...

They may not be the perpetrator's, right?


Got it.

Chief, about the suspect's car
that was found at the scene.

It's unregistered.

I think we'll need
the fingerprint analysis

in order to identify the suspect.

Should I check the call history at least?

We better do that.

But then again,

- that's probably a burner too.
- Right?

When you probe into guys like that,
it's like sweet potato stems.

It's one girl after another
on their phones.

I was saying...

Going back to what I said...

Using unregistered cars and phones
should be considered an aggravated crime.

- Right, sir?
- They should rot for 40 years.

You're sweating bullets.

- Close up the curtains for him.
- Yes, sir.

He'll be awake in a week.
Let's resume the investigation then.

Take care.

- Detective Cha.
- Yes, sir.

Take care.

It's just a small dog, but...

It's big enough for two bowls.

Where are you?

Come on out.

Where is it?

♪ Come on ♪

When you woke up,
you were in Prosecutor Kang's bed,

and you realized
something was wrong after that?

If that's the truth,
you could've told the police.

And what if I did?

Would they have believed me?

People like you?

If nothing else,

I was confident

when it comes to finding people.


I'll find your mommy.


Why don't you have a list?

- We don't have a warrant yet.
- Let me speak.

Who keeps a list of customers nowadays?

- Chief, we don't have a warrant...
- Call the credit card company.

Or show us the CCTV footage.
Give us something to work with.

We have CCTV cameras,
but I don't know if they work.

I was asking him to cooperate.
You should have...

Come here.

What the...

- Grab that dog.
- Go get it.

Yes, sir.

My goodness.

I mean...


Delivery, firefighter, police officer...
What is this guy?

Let's have lunch
and come back with the forensics team.

Yes, sir.



Hey, Kim, when we get back to the station...

Who are you talking to?

Hey! Take it easy!

Going through the motions
is the one thing I hate the most.

You can miss the most obvious things
when you do it on autopilot.

Now, look.

We received a report about drug use,

and kidnapping was also reported
for the same place.

When we got there,
the reporter went missing.

We only found one suspect,
but there's no more evidence.

Strange, isn't it?

Let's be thorough.

- Hey, Kim.
- Yes, sir.

You should know better.

- I'm sorry.
- He's slow and overzealous.

He's a good kid though.

So did you find anything?

It doesn't look promising.

- There's a dog.
- It's a photo from Ms. Lee's home.

Go to the counter
and ask if a woman came with a dog.

Forensics, take the dog's clothes
and check for the victim's DNA.

Send the dog to a shelter.

It's a doggie.

- Did anyone come looking for me?
- No.

Why do you look so scared?

Who's scared? Take him.

What the hell? I can't touch dogs.

I'm allergic.

Darn it.

What? Come here.

Who brings a dog to an internet cafe? Huh?

You punks.

Are you crazy? Why did you run?

Watching the police searching
the mountain and my car on TV,

even I felt like I actually did it.

If I had stayed,
I might have confessed that I was the guy.

You can't be here.
Go and tell the truth, quick.

- Even if you're scared.
- To be honest,

if I go to jail, will you take the blame?

- Why would I?
- What do you mean, why?

You have no damn integrity.

- I swapped cases with you!
- You said adultery cases look bad.

- That's why we swapped!
- You should've said no!

Screw this!

Goddamn it.

Just try to think of it
as a good experience.

It's kidnapping and confinement.

- Do those count as experience?
- Call it work experience then.

- Whatever. I'm leaving.
- Dude.

I have to find that girl

before something bad happens to her.

The police can't investigate
before the fingerprints are identified.

What did they say that prosecutor got?

I'm so sorry...

A broken pelvis, popped-out eyes...

Anyway, I still have time.

I'll find that girl

before then.

Of course,

you'll be helping me.

I'm sorry!

You need at least two or three adults
to kidnap one adult woman.

We won't know if there's an accomplice
until the suspect wakes up.

- But it could be a one-man job.
- It does seem strange.

- And so does that guy.
- Look for Mommy.

Want to smell?


Can you bark?

Let's try barking. Come on. Bark!


There's a beach nearby.
The air's salty and humid.

Sorry, I didn't bring my card.

Prosecutor Kang Seungjun

from Seoul Central District
Prosecutors' Office.


That's you, right?

Yes, well...

- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.

You there! Dig!

Who ordered you to come?

- What?
- You can't come without a specific order.

A person's missing.
It's not about who finds her.

It's about finding her fast.

I'm not a huge fan of the system either.

But this case...

You should leave it to us.

That way, you can take on jobs
that are much more elegant.

Finding a missing person
is neither elegant nor crude.

This is why citizens lose faith
in public authorities.


- Fine.
- What?

Please continue.

He's not your guy.

There were more people.
Maybe I can catch him.

The evidence will tell.


we'll be in charge of this case.


I know you're stressed,

but let's not smoke in the mountains.

You two meeting for the first time?

Remember the two billion-won
prosecutor corruption case?

She got many prosecutors laid off
in the anti-corruption department.

Kim Hwajin from the Inspection Division.

Good background, competent,
gutsy, and fast promotion.

She let all of that get to her head.

She thinks everyone's beneath her.

She's the prosecutor
who busts prosecutors.

Do you know what the prosecutors
in the Inspection Division called her?

Kim Hwajin the crazy bitch.

Isn't that just plain swearing?

Yes, but it's a nickname too.

They couldn't swear to her face.

But the crazy bitch didn't stop there.

She dug into the stock manipulation case
worth 50 billion won too.

She was going above and beyond,
which brought her here.

She was basically exiled.

Go ahead. Take a nice, hot shower.

You live in a nice place.

I'll be borrowing this for just one week.

She said it was her ex.

So log in to her account
and look for old photos.

Collect any mentions of him or his ID.

Grab anything that can be evidence.

Where she'd go, who she'd meet,
her close friends.

Find everything.

Excuse me.

I think I found it.

He found it!

- Is that her friend?
- Can I get back to my game now?


Send her a message.

I'm Kang Seungjun, a prosecutor
at Seoul District Prosecutors' Office.

I ask for your cooperation in
the investigation of your friend's case.

- Give me a call.
- It's not scary enough.

- You little...
- Failure to cooperate is

obstruction of justice.

It may negatively affect
future employment.

Leaking information
about the investigation

may also affect you negatively.

Send her the article link and a photo
of Prosecutor Kang's business card.

Let's take a quick break.

Suit yourself.

Should we continue?

Where was I?

Yes, that's my daughter's friend.

After entering college,

she started hanging out
with Juyoung and her boyfriend.

It wasn't like her

when she asked for shoes
worth a few million won.

I scolded her for wanting expensive shoes.

I should've realized it then.


Sir, you have to catch those bastards.

Give me the exact address.
Am I at the right place?

Yes, I told you. Look harder.

Nice ride.

How much does it go for?

- I asked how much it is.
- I don't know. It's not mine.

What a moron.
Flexing with someone else's car.

Later, I heard that
Juyoung's bastard of a boyfriend said

that they could get some nice shoes
just for pouring drinks for older men.

They thought it was a part-time job.

They had no idea what it meant.

They all look suspicious.

Everyone looks the same.

What about the guys from the lodge?

- I don't remember their faces.
- Hey, think it over.

Can you think of anyone
who would be out to get you?

One second.

These scumbags.

You should eat.

What do you want to order? Ramen?

Then how about tonkotsu ramen...

I don't feel so good.
I'll come back. Goodbye.

If you aren't feeling well,
maybe a rice dish would be better.

Is she the girl you were talking about?

Yes, that's her.

There's one we're in together.


But no matter how much I think about it,
she has no reason to go missing.

She only went to school, cram school,
and her part-time job.

I looked into it and I heard

that she came here
before she went missing.

And the valet spot here was vacant.

So at first, I took photos
of suspicious-looking people.

- But as I kept shooting...
- Hey,

did you tell the police?

- No.
- Of course not. He's a stalker.

- That's a fact.
- Please.

If you denounce me like this,

I will have to sue you for defamation.

Watch your words,
and I'll say it once again.

Never have I done anything

- that deserves your interrogation.
- Hold on.

- Please give me my camera.
- Isn't this Juyoung?

So it is.


Anything else you know?

That jerk here is the manager.

His name is Son Myungho.

The bastard.

Damn it.


I'm going to give you hell
if you don't answer me properly.

Don't step on my damn shoe.

I don't give a damn
about your damn shoe, punk.


Which one's your girlfriend?

Answer, you punk.
I know you saw her at the lodge.

Did you kill her?

Why would I kill her?

Then did you hide her?


I sold her off.


I said I sold her off for money.

You sold a person...

Who did you sell her to?

Michael Kwon. Who else?

Who's Michael Kwon?


- I told you not to step on my shoe.
- You little...

Hey, get him!

Get him!

- Damn it.
- Are you okay?

Damn it! Lift it!

- Come here!
- Get in!

- You bastard!
- Asshole!

Stop throwing things, you punk!

I already ate.

I know that look.

What look?

Criminals always look at me like that
before I arrest them.

Did you do me wrong?

Or did a little birdie tell you?

That I'm a crazy bitch?

I see now how very annoying you are.

Do you usually ask people to show up
outside work hours?

Are we ever outside work hours?

About the suspect.

I don't think he planned the crime.

As a person who went to commit a crime...

he was sloppy.

But you know, we have the suspect.
So let's put him aside.

The problem is the missing Lee Juyoung.

Looks like she was planning something.
As if she was going to run away.

When you arrived,
what was the suspect doing?

Someone else was there, correct?

So Juyoung disappeared after saying
she was going to see Son Myungho?

If we catch Son Myungho, don't you think
we'll get something out of him?

About the suspect...

- Shouldn't you let him go now?
- Wait.

Why is he in this photo?

Who is it?

The person Myungho named was Michael Kwon?

Are you sure?

That's right. Michael Kwon.

An ex-prosecutor who worked
at the anti-corruption department.

The current CEO of Hwanyu Law Firm.

Kwon Dohoon.

In 2017, he needed money
to open a law firm after he resigned.

So he started lobbying
every judicial figure out there.

Weird, right?

He needed money,
but instead of business figures,

he lobbied people who worked in law.

He thought involving
a few critical figures

would bring him a huge profit.

And he actually made it happen.

How much did he make like that?

- At least 50 billion won.
- 50 billion?

By manipulating the market
and evading taxes,

he may have made tens
and hundreds of billions.

It could be even more.

Anyway, he also stood out
in how he offered sexual favors.

He didn't offer the usual escorts
from fancy bars, clubs, or brothels.

He offered regular girls.

He made them sign a contract
through his assistant, Ms. Jung.

Or turned them into drug addicts
by spiking their drinks.

Eventually, that created victims.

According to their statements,

when they opened their eyes
after passing out,

they were with men.

And one of the men she named was...

Central Prosecution's chief.

Those men

are already out of control.

- Where are you going?
- It's Son Myungho!

Hold on.

We should go to a safe place first.

Do you know any place nearby?

Was it nine years ago?

I was walking down this alley
to find a building to jump off of.

But then this mute man came running to me.

He smiled and poured me
some soju into a paper cup.

Looking at his face,

it was a bit embarrassing.

I was trying to kill myself
for not having the cool life I wanted.

After that day, I promised myself.

That I will


get street food elsewhere.

I realized, looking at his smile,

what being a cool person was all about.


Then, he's definitely not the guy.


What do you think? The...

- The suspect at the hospital.
- Prosecutor Kang.


Are you hiding anything from me?

Why would I hide anything from you?

You keep saying he's not the guy
when you caught him,

and you went to catch Son on your own.

And why are you so desperate
to find Lee Juyoung?

The police will find her anyway.

The police can't find everyone.

You know, over 500 cases are assigned
to each police officer in Korea.

That complacent attitude
creates innocent victims.

We have no time to waste.

Imagine if Lee Juyoung is found dead.

- Then let me ask you a question.
- Fine.

Let's say the Juyoung you're looking for

is with Kwon Dohoon.

What will you do in that case?

Will you continue investigating?

Of course I will.

I have to. Whether Kwon's involved or not.

That works out.

I'll join you.

Jeez, man...

Two days before Lee Juyoung disappeared,
Kwon and Son met up.

And Son admitted
that he sold her off to Michael Kwon.

If we find Kwon, we'll find the girl.

So what exactly is your plan?

If Juyoung was indeed sold off to Kwon,

he'll keep her until the party.

- We'll arrest him on the spot.
- Arrest who?

I know you're out there,

but we can't just arrest the chief.

Why not?

With your strong passion
to find Lee Juyoung

and the intel I've been gathering,
it's worth trying.

What, are you worried about Son Myungho?

For now, we should let him roam
instead of arresting him.

You need to wake up.

Change up the passcode, will you?

How vulgar is that?

The investigation

will be done my way.


Here are our photographer,
tail, and hacker.

Say hello.

- I can't be bothered.
- What a brat.

I'm Cho Changmo, spy cam specialist.

Not spy cams. Regular cameras.

- She's a prosecutor, for God's sake.
- I'm Cho Pilyong.

- My God.
- I like to laugh a lot.

Don't take it the wrong way.

- Do you want something to drink?
- No, I'm fine.

You're fine.


- Is this how you do things?
- What?

Is there a problem?

I just find it

kind of funny.

You don't mind, do you?

About five years ago,

the IT scene had it going on.

The cream-of-the-crop hackers
came to Korea from all over the world.

Korea is known for IT, after all.

Kim Daewoong, the Indian-Korean.

From China to East Asia,
there was no server he couldn't penetrate.

He tried to hack the White House
but got arrested instantly.

Now he works for
the National Intelligence Service.

Another up-and-coming genius
was Woo Taesik from Gwangnaru.

He was lost in the dark
with other dark web developers.

But he found the light
and became a pastor.

When the NIS arrested Taesik
and Daewoong, they asked them.

"So are you the cream-of-the-crop geniuses
of the IT scene?"

But then their answer was...

"Haven't you heard of
Yirang from Dongdaemun?"

Using public Wi-Fi can be dangerous.

Do you want to watch
a video of him tailing someone?

- Changmo.
- Never mind.


You better turn it back to normal.

He takes really good shots.

Let's roll.

Hi, Mr. Kim.

I'm one of those people
who wish you the best.

But do you really need to
go this far for a score?

It's not to score. It's to catch bad guys.

I told the higher-ups I'm on leave,
so they won't need me.

- But let's keep this a secret for now.
- Okay.

What about Prosecutor Kang?

Keep digging.

Wait, there are more boxes.

Based on our discovery,
Son Myungho's a supplier.

The key figures are
Kwon Dohoon and the chief.

After finding evidence of Son
supplying girls to Kwon,

as well as the date
and location of the party,

we'll round them up at once.

This is Kwon Dohoon's family tree.

If we find accounts and cars

under their names,
we should look into them.

What about Kwon Dohoon?

He lives in Pyeongchang-dong.
He leaves home at 6 a.m.

When his eyes are on a prize,
he sucks it completely dry

and abandons it ruthlessly.

Hobbies and people alike.

He's been hooked on tennis lately.

He goes to the tennis court at...

Today's racket was sent
from the Wilson headquarters in the US.

They customized the balance for you.

Your counterpart ranks 53rd
in Asian points.

When it comes to tennis,

you play against your opponent, of course,

- but it's really a match against yourself.
- Still, please take it easy.

He has an international competition
next month.

Is that how Nadal plays?

You do your best for small matches too.
That's class and respect for others.

You should know that too.


It's weird.

My serves just aren't working.
Mr. Choi, right?

Let's stop here and play again next time.

You only have one set left.
We should finish up.

Should we?

Excuse me.

Come here for a second.

For one second.

Come closer.

Come all the way here. Closer.

Come to the front a bit more. There.

Wait. What was that for? Sir.

Let's wrap it up here.

- That's a bit harsh.
- Let's go.

Let's go.


You know.

Just one of those days when
even things that usually work out, don't.


Are you okay?

- Someone told me.
- You okay?

I have to overcome that period
to improve my skills.

I'm letting that idea sink in.


I have to stay humble
every day, every moment.

Wait, what's this?

- I am so sorry.
- My goodness.

Mr. Kim.

You can't drive like this.

Please help me.

- Mr. Choi, are you okay?
- Help. Call 911.

I'm so sorry about this.

His leg is completely bent.
How will he compete now?

Mr. Kim, I have to go. See you.

Spy camera glasses.

A fountain pen recorder.

That's a GPS tracker.

And this is...

a USB.


There's no legal or illegal way
to catch bad guys.

- As long as we catch them.
- I'm just amazed that you still use them.

- You know who we're dealing with, right?
- Yes.

I do.

But they...

- don't know who they're dealing with.
- Let's see.


You see this?
It's an appreciation plaque camera

with nine megapixels
and Dolby-quality sound.

You can record for 90 hours
and it's water-resistant.

Believe it or not, I assembled it.

Hey, when are we going to catch him?

Good morning.

Do you think Kwon Dohoon is a kid?

He's the CEO of a huge law firm.

Don't worry about the main road.

Look carefully in the small alleys.

Yirang, go to JD Collection
and mark Son Myungho.

There's no time.

Our job is to find Lee Juyoung.

Just look for her.




See anything you like?

What if I do?

She'll do it.

Whatever it is, it's a shame.

Can I pick out my shoes now?

The party will likely go on
for at least two days.

Cross-check it with Kwon's schedule,
and we'll find the date.

Yirang, can you hack the
chief's assistant's computer?

I already did but got nothing.
I guess it's managed somewhere else.

What do we do then?

We have to go into the Central District
Prosecutors' Office in person.

Prosecutor Kang.

You have to go yourself...
to Central District Prosecutors' Office.


- Prosecutor Kang?
- Yes?

You have to go yourself.


What do you want?

You want a donut?

That's not suitable for your dog.

When Malteses age, their hearts get weak.

How old is it?

- Ten years old.
- That means...

It will start to cough slightly.

Let's see.

I think this one...

I apologize.

My baby...

got abused so much

by its former owner.

By any chance,

are you interested in volunteering
for abandoned dogs?

Don't buy.


I've never met an animal lover
who was a bad person.

What does he do?

With a face like that,
he doesn't need to work.

What if he is a bum?
I can take care of him.

He's in, right?

Haven't we met?


I'm from the anti-corruption department.
8 p.m. appointment.

- What?
- Didn't the director mention it?


- What a turn of events...
- I'm at your office.

But your assistant has no idea.

The medical center?


It couldn't be helped.

No, it's not her fault.

She doesn't seem like that at all.

All right.

Don't worry about it.


Funny seeing you here.

So, what brings you...

Oh, I forgot. I'm such an idiot.

Sorry, I'm kind of out of it these days.

I'm sure you heard about
the Geumcheon-gu development.

Basically, the government
is planning a big project.

Come closer.

It's a bit embarrassing,

but people in my department are involved.

Oh, my.

I see.

Anyway, my schedule's a bit thrown off.

Since it's a confidential matter,
I can't talk about this meeting.

Which means my timing has to be right.

If it's okay with you,

could you print me out
the director's schedule?

Well, that's confidential.

- How about I give you my personal number...
- How long do you need?

- For the month?
- I'll print his next four months.

You smell so nice.

- I'm not wearing any perfume.
- I knew it.

It's the smell of an animal lover.

Don't buy.



Put it where people can't see it.

Who displays this crap in the office?
How tacky.


After work, he doesn't do anything special
other than play tennis or have dinner.

I tracked down the people you suggested.

This man especially frequented
the Yangpyeong area.

Is that where the party will be?

Look into it with Pilyong tomorrow.

- What about the guy we're tracking?
- On it.

Do we have a date?

For the director, it's either

September 7th and 8th
or the 15th and 16th.

If the two are meeting up,
Kwon would be off on those days.

So once we know Kwon's days off,

- it's game over.
- In a way.

Hi there.

Did you send a plaque to my office?

Prosecutor Kim, your eyes are sparkling.


You didn't?

It's not my first time
receiving special treatment.

My goodness.

That's why I look up to you.

What the heck?

Is it off?

Damn it.

You're available on those days, right?

Of course it's safe.

The security of our VIPs
is of utmost importance.

How can you feel free
with security cameras around?

Sure thing.

It's my job to find out
what my precious friends want.

What's more,

staying classy is...

the most important thing.

Mr. Kwon?

He has a business trip on the 7th and 8th.

He's free on the 15th.

Would you like to book a consultation?

- We have two days.
- Hello?

It's being reported.

You have to be
in the object's perspective.

The object...

Just this time. Just this one time.


She'll do it.

Where could she be going?


What's going on?

Hey, check the black van.

Hold on.

Isn't this Ms. Jung?

The date isn't today, is it?

The testimony clearly says
they hung out at the lodge for a day.

- We need to secure evidence.
- The main door's locked.

It'll take time to unlock it.
I'll send you the address.

How about we wait for a delivery man?

That's not a bad idea.

But we have no time.

I'm almost done.


let's see.

We're losing connection soon.

The 11th floor.

Four, five, six...

The unit is between 1140 and 1145.
Bring up Changmo's screen.

Forty-one, forty-two...

It's Unit 1142.

It's under Ms. Jung's name.

There's our evidence.

No matter how I look at you,
you just don't strike me as a prosecutor.

It's rare to see someone
with so much hands-on experience.

It sounds like a compliment,

but that expression...

It's a compliment.

Thank you.

Sit tight.

I'm going to see a prosecutor
who investigated Kwon recently.

Check a vehicle for me.
A Mercedes Sprinter, 76 N 8983.

Mercedes Sprinter, 76 N 8983.

It's registered under a Kim Taesung.

- Who is it?
- It's the crazy bitch.

- He's Kwon's driver.
- Do not lose the car.

Got it?

Damn it!

What on Earth? Is your leg okay?

Move out! Quick!

Hold tight. It's that car.






The black Mercedes!

- Quick!
- What do you want me to do?

Follow the car!

Kwon Dohoon, that bastard!

Catch him fast.
If he gets away to do politics,

many people will have a headache.

Can't we do a search and seizure?

We already did. They found nothing.

Do you think he hid it
on a USB or something?

I bet they're losing sleep,
worried about losing it.

They're geezers.

They think good computers
are the safest and easiest route.

That's why we kept sending spies.

We're sure they have a computer
for that sole purpose.

You're doing great,
but I think this is too close.

Should I back up a little?

I guess you've never tailed anyone.

Get out!

Hold on.


They're also included
in the documents you took.


About the team members
who joined after you left.

They're like Horcruxes.
They're all over the place.

But that guy, Kang Seungjun.

He's the only one who was sent
to the anti-corruption department.

- All right, I'm going.
- Wait!

Kang Seungjun.

How did it go? Not yet?

I can't wait anymore.
I'm calling the cops.

- What are you doing?
- We have to find Pilyong.

I can't track him since his phone's off.

And you want to call the cops now?

Where's the evidence that Kwon took him?

He went missing tracking him.
How could it not be him?

Pilyong's phone was pinged
around Yangpyeong.

From Toegyewon to Meokgol to Hopyeong.

- The car was definitely headed there.
- So where is that?

From now on,
I'm leading the investigation.

It's one day.

One more day, we can find Lee Juyoung
and Kwon Dohoon to wrap this up.

Tell me the final destination,
and you all can go home.

Before that, if something happens to him,
will you take the blame?

How can a prosecutor be so irresponsible?

Do you think they're crazy enough
to kill any random person?

Don't jump the gun.
That's how you'll find Lee Juyoung.

Isn't that so, Prosecutor Kang?


Hold on.

Why is this so small?


Do you hear me?

Some kid tailed me.

I have no idea

where he came from.

He won't say?


- I think we have to call the cops.
- No, you can't.

I came so far.

Call the police.

You picked up.

Your friend is here.
You should pick him up.

You know where I am, right?

We have a location in Yangpyeong.

What should we do now?

If something happens to Pilyong...

So you just focus on finding Pilyong.

- I'll find Lee Juyoung.
- I have to tell you something.

I'm scared.

- And I kind of want to pee.
- Damn it, man.

- Go take care of it. Make it quick.
- Okay.

But what if we fail?

You idiot. Spit now for good luck.


Go piss.

I don't feel like it now.

You dingus.

That tea looks like typical green tea,
but it's silver tip, a very expensive tea.

It's made with tea leaves
grown in a limited area in India.

The leaves are silver,
hence the name "silver tip."

Try it.

It's nothing special.

I understand.


who are you?



You have a nice pad.

So where's Pilyong?

It's past his medicine time.

If he doesn't take it,

- he keeps giggling.
- Don't change the subject.

I asked who you are.

I assume we had a nasty encounter

back when I was a prosecutor.

If you want to blame it on something,
blame your crime.

Don't follow me all the way up here.

Do you ever have parties here?

Some spicy ones?

To hold a party,
you'd have to invite guests.

Then you'd have to prepare.

Isn't that right? As the host?

Where is...


I didn't see this coming.

You had another reason for tailing me.

So did you find anything
while tailing me that whole time?

Is what you're really looking for


Someone was hiding in the study.

I thought you were just thugs.

But you're more troublesome than that.

You bastards! Let go of me!

Let go of me! Let's talk this out!


Get in here!

Go upstairs!

Who else is here?

To the room!

Mr. Kwon Dohoon.

You're under arrest

for kidnapping, assault, confinement,
and violating the Commercial Sex Act.

Long time no see.

You know me, right?


I don't know these thugs,

but I know you well enough.

Come with us.

Gosh, you're so tactless.

I was going to arrest him after our talk.

They're saying
the girls came for a part-time job.

They deny using violence too.
We should investigate further.

You shouldn't have...

stormed in like that.

I didn't have a choice.

What about Lee Juyoung?

We'll keep looking.

Look at me.

I still don't get it.

Why the hell did you do that?

Why did you pretend to be Kang Seungjun
even to the end?

To prove your innocence
by finding the missing Lee Juyoung?

I guess you still don't believe me.

The night Juyoung went missing,

Son Myungho was caught on CCTV in Seoul.

Son Myungho wasn't
even in Gangwon-do that night.

I guess you can't say it yourself.

Should I say it?

Contrary to what you said,

you got into Kang's vehicle
without resisting.

As if you were the culprit.

After making him lower his guard,

you probably looked around
to check things to get rid of.

What would you have spotted first?

First, the dashcam.

When the police arrived,
the dashcam was gone.

Right, something else
went missing as well.

Prosecutor Kang's ID.

To be exact, his real ID.

A deliberate trap.

A deliberate accident.

You impersonated him with a purpose.

Thoroughly and methodically.

What I was most impressed with was...

Neither of them has any ID.

...the fact that you accessed
the prosecutors' office website

and swapped his photo with yours.


Your plan started falling apart
when you met me.

While proving your innocence,
your entire plan

got revealed.

What if you hadn't met me?

You would've proceeded
with your plan with ease.

While impersonating Prosecutor Kang.

You don't know him?

If you were a prosecutor,

there's no way
you wouldn't know Kwon Dohoon.

So what was your plan?


Lee Juyoung...

just got arrested.

You weren't looking for Juyoung,
but for Kwon Dohoon.


For what reason?

Is it because of her?

Are you the man

who can take care of anything?

Then why couldn't you help yourself?

Who is this kid?

Well, actually...

Prosecutor Kang did it again.


Are you the victim of this case?

I passed out.

When I opened my eyes,
I was at some vacation home.

I'm not interested in these anymore.

Let's go.

I knew it.

I want revenge.

Hey, forget revenge.

- Let's go. He's expensive.
- How much do you charge?

I'll pay you.

I'll make money

and pay you myself.

I heard your girlfriend died too.

It was his wife.

Are you okay with that?

I'm over it.

Just like you said,

- I can't even help myself.
- It was your own problem.

Maybe it's because it was your problem.

Simply put, Son Myungho

is a party broker
for high-ranking officials.

Kang Seungjun was one of the officials
getting sexual favors.

I wondered who was behind it.

I couldn't find that out.

First, I hacked
the Prosecutor Office website

to find out the connection
between Kang and Hwanyu Law Firm.

That's when I discovered
the truth behind the case.


First, I wanted to find
every person involved in the case

using Kang's identity.

Who received favors?

How were they provided?

Okay, here we go.

- Hyunsoo, smile.
- Hold it.

Ready? Hold on.

Stop smiling.

You, be quiet.

So you used his identity
to find out who was involved.


I was going to kill them.

All of them.

Did you really think that was possible?


What will happen to them now?

Ms. Kim, I don't think
we have enough evidence to...

We need a decisive testimony.

There's one person
who can give us the testimony.

Ms. Kim, what should we do
with Ji Hyunsoo?

What are his charges?

Hacking, damaging electronic records,

and breaching Article 366
of the Criminal Act.

He'll be sentenced to 3 years at max
or fined up to 7 million won.

Is swapping photos
also damaging an electronic record?

Then it should be breaching Article 277
for fabricating public electronic records.

What else?

Other than impersonating a prosecutor
abetted by Lee Juyoung, nothing else.

- Let him go.
- What?

We can make excuses for charges like that.

Can't we?

Son Myungho.

Tell them everything
you saw, heard, and received.

Having fun?

You seem to be having a lot of fun.

You must run

every investigation in Korea, Ms. Kim.

I wonder why you were there.

I think it's all over.

I'm not sure it's time for tennis.

What do you mean?

- What are you saying?
- Get to the point.

I'm working overnight again.

I have to review
every turd you've defecated.

Or you could confess here right now.

That's our Ms. Kim. Blunt as ever.

I guess I was like that once,
shooting daggers out of my eyes.

What about now?

You only live once.

I started to think
about living the glamorous life.

I understand you though.

When you dwindle, you feel desperate.

Then you start losing class.

Since life gets tough, right?

I'd love to see it sometime.

Your so-called class.

Let's take it slow.

- Slowly.
- If you're not confessing, I'm leaving.

What is it that you really want?

If I say this,
you might think I'm superficial.

But only losers say that.

Why do prosecutors work so hard?

They want to work
in the main offices and get promoted

to find a place
where they can wear the pants, right?

And occasionally,

they can take them off when they want.

Who do you think, Mr. Kim?

Are you happy

where you are?

The position is yours.

I guarantee it.


It's a tempting offer.

But you know what?

I'm going to arrest you soon

and get there on my own.

I'm sorry, but how?

Son Myungho's been released already.

What do you think?

It's a much bigger deal
than you think, right?

A little girl like you
should've stayed in your lane.

Did you think you'd be any different?

You're proven innocent,
so you got what you wanted.

Why are you making me such an offer?

It's because

I like a clean slate.

But I wonder...

Why did you let those thugs go?

That can't bode well.


I have no idea who you're talking about.

I'm sure you have

a better idea than I do.

Give me some credit, you crazy bastard.


Are you saying I teamed up with them
to dig dirt on you?

If you want to know what they have,
you ask them yourself.


I'm off to my busy day.

I'll do as I like

with the thugs.



Have we...

met somewhere?


It's been a while since I held a gun.

I might just

pull the trigger by mistake.

You got me this time.

I admit it.

Next time I get you, I'll...

Son Myungho said he'll testify.

I'm impressed, Ms. Kim.

Hey, let's go.

Hurry up.

What are you doing? Get out.

You can't take them all!

- You don't need that!
- These are...

- You don't know what you're doing!
- Don't you think this is over the line?

Ms. Kim, we can't keep this up.

It's all over.

It's not over.

I'll transfer this case
for a fair investigation.

That's right.

A fair investigation.

I truly want that too.

That way, I can prove my innocence.

How are those thugs doing?

I genuinely love a clean slate.

When you're free,

let's have tea.

I'll have it ready.




I know what you're worried about.

But if you stay under the radar,
it'll be fine.





I got the word out,
but it hasn't traveled one bit.

What about the chief?

What did he say?

You know,

he yelled

- and threw some things.
- But still...

Not everyone cares enough
to yell at you for wanting to quit.

I'd yell at you right now.

Consider it done.

Breaking news right this minute.

A former high-ranking prosecutor,
Kwon Dohoon, the CEO of Hwanyu,

was involved in market manipulation
worth 50 billion won.

- The current prosecutors...
- That's yesterday's news.

Now that they have their defense,
they're using the media.

Three years ago, he was found innocent...

Still, it feels rewarding
to see it on the news.

This is all thanks to
my work with media companies.

I'm planning to travel.
Do you have any recommendations?


This is an explicit video of Mr. Kwon
sent by an anonymous whistleblower.

Reporter Choi Taejib with more details.

As you can see,
it is a seemingly ordinary, luxury lodge.

- Hi, this is Kim Heejin.
- However, the incident here

has been a nightmare for the victims...

But we never sent them the video.

Ms. Kim, the deputy chief wants you now.


He wants all the documents on Kwon and
the chief of the Central District office.

- Hello?
- What are you doing?

- Get ready to go to Seoul.
- Why?

If you had decisive evidence,
you could've been straight with me.

- We'll talk later. Get ready.
- Where am I going?

The Supreme Prosecutors' Office.

The prosecutor general, senior secretary.
They're all coming.

I'm hanging up.

Ms. Kim, should I prepare for a briefing?



We have enough people. Don't come. Yes.

Okay, got it. Later.

The road is slippery.

So the car bumped there and there
before falling there.

- Did you find the bodies?
- The bodies?

It rained yesterday. There weren't any.
Probably swept away.

- What about the dashcam?
- The dashcam?

I don't think it'll work.




Get out.

Get the hell out!

After injecting women with drugs,

they sexually assaulted them
while they were unconscious.

That fact that high-ranking officials
have recklessly committed such crimes

comes as a shock.

- Hey, what's that?
- This?

It's not very like me,
but I'm going to read a book.

That's a great idea. Hey.

- It's fiction, right?
- Of course it is.

Here I go.

"At first, I didn't know
it would be like this."

At first, I didn't know
it would be like this.

Because every case
starts with a small coincidence.

Remember the food cart
we went to together?

There's a mute man there.

One day, he didn't look well.

I didn't see the lady
who was always there, either.

It turns out, they invested
their life savings of 50 million won

in the manipulated stock
that created an uproar that year.

Then the lady passed away suddenly.

And the man had to
come back and sell fish cakes

without any time to mourn her death.

At the time,

I didn't really know how to react.

I told you investing isn't for everyone.

Then a few days later,

people charged with stock manipulation
worth 50 billion won were listed.

One was found innocent.

And then another, innocent.

I felt something
just burning up inside of me.

Victims we didn't expect kept turning up.

So I changed my mind.

Can you organize a team?

By pouring in all the little power I have,

I decided to screw them over big time.

I want to kill them.

We aren't hitmen,
so I don't think we can kill them.

It was riskier than we first expected.

But we decided to do it.

"I know you want to kill them all,
but we can't.

I'm trying to screw them over big time.

Do you want to join me?"

First, we needed a person
who was knowledgeable about this case.

A person who knew everything
about this case.

And more than anything,

a person who would still have
unfinished business with Kwon Dohoon.


You're reading.

Keep reading.

Kim Hwajin...

the prosecutor.

The case looks complex, but it's simple.

Approach Prosecutor Kim,
who led Kwon's case,

by impersonating a prosecutor
to obtain his bank accounts

and all kinds of investigation details.

Next, we all work together
to track down the accounts.

The end.

Of course, we handled everything else
that needed handling like gentlemen.

Prosecutor Kang, I did call the police.

If I had known you were suspended,

I would've tipped you off.

The road is completely blocked.
No one can get out.

Please call the police.

Yes, I got it.

We did have a few unexpected twists.

But they were fun surprises.

Isn't that the beauty of this job?

Don't buy.


- I think we have to call the cops.
- Do something.


Are we going to keep going?

You just find the computer.

I'll mark Kwon Dohoon.





By the way, I edited the videos
on the computer

and sent them over
to the broadcasting companies.

The faces of your precious friends
look nice and clear in the videos.

Right, Changmo?

And the money you sent
to the chief prosecutor.

You recorded it in great detail,
down to the thousand-won digits.

We're taking the insurance money, okay?


We. Are. Taking.
The. Insurance. Money. Okay?


How ridiculous is this?


nice approach.


Reporters are calling off the hook.

- How should we respond?
- Tell them it's groundless.

- The situation's too volatile...
- Okay, well...

How much will it cost this time?

First, I'll do my best to hush them.

I asked how much,

and you act like a smart aleck.

It's not about you doing your best.

It's my money that hushes them. Get it?

You may go.




Where are you?

Why do you ask?

Let me ask you something.

I don't care who you are and what you do.

How were you so sure

that I'd work with you?

I read the article.

Your interview.

What did I say?

"I love working
in the inspection department."

Usually, you say
you love being a prosecutor.

But all you think about
is inspecting prosecutors,

which is why that's the first thing
that popped out of your mouth.

I knew you wouldn't say no.

I didn't mean anything by that.

That's why I always say
the context is important.

If I know the context,

I can tell if it is
your subconscious talking or not.

I used that information to throw a bait,

and you took it, no questions asked.

Why are you willingly telling me this?

Good question.

Originally, our plan ended
at Kwon Dohoon's account.

And honestly,
we didn't expect that last twist.

I watched you from the back,
and you looked so cool.

So I'm grateful.

You know, I'm not the type to owe someone.

What about the woman?

Your girlfriend who died.

- Or was she your wife?
- Who?

That woman.




And in Jesus Christ,
His only Son our Lord,

who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the Virgin Mary,

suffered under Pontius Pilate...


In Jesus Christ, His only Son our Lord,
who was conceived by the Holy spirit...

Come with us.

- I'm praying.
- It's the prosecutor general's order.

You must come back right now.

Let me seek forgiveness first.

Was crucified, dead, and buried...

Mr. Kwon,

you are under arrest
for market manipulation, bribery,

embezzlement, kidnapping, confinement,

and breaching the Commercial Sex Act.

- I'm dead meat.
- Follow us.

Long time no see, Mr. Lee.

Let's take a walk.

Here's the next story.

Ms. Lee Juyoung, who was charged with
obstruction of justice and assault,

was released on probation.

Ms. Lee said in a media interview

that, in conjunction with the victims,

she'll focus on revealing
the hidden facts of Kwon's case.

She also thanked the citizens
who supported her release.

They're ready for you.

May I have your attention, please?

The train departed from Switzerland
is arriving in Monaco soon.

Have a lovely trip in beautiful Monaco.

Mr. Ji.

Your luggage has been safely moved.

The money will be confidentially deposited
in the casino in Monaco, as you requested,

and then sent to the victims in Korea.

We'll escort you outside.

- We still have more.
- Really?

We should go.

Hey, think about it again.

- You need money to be gentle!
- I'm okay with it.

It's not okay!

- Do you realize how much that is?
- Just go!

They're so loud.

Welcome to Monaco.

Let's go.