Gentleman (2020) - full transcript

The movie "GENTLEMAN" revolves around the character Bharath who is suffering from a rare disorder called Beauty of sleeping syndrome. Because of this, he tends to sleep 18 hours a day and ...

[Enacting Yakshagana]

Hey wake up

Hey who are you?

Hey who are you?

Hey who are you?

Hey wake up

If one sleeps well

any disease can be cured

But what if sleeping itself is a disease?


Today we will be discussing on the same

Sleeping beauty syndrome

This sleeping disorder is found
in one in four crore people

The one suffering with this syndrome

Sleep everyday for 12 hours
or even more

say about 14 to 18 hours

Some sleep for two to three days a week

And there are examples
of people sleeping for months

Is there any particular reason for this disease?

We can't say that for sure

But this is one of the oldest syndrome

According to scholars, Ravana's brother Kumbhakarna
also had the same problem

It's a big challenge in medical field ever since

What about patient’s life style, Sir?

The one who is asleep will be asleep

They won’t be aware of
what is happening around them

Someone has to look after
their food intake and motion

He can’t be completely independent

They might go to depression
due to this laziness

Some are the other way round

They are physically very active

They are ahead of everyone in dance, studies and etc

Is there any such patient in our country Sir?

Have you treated them?

I have got to know about three cases in India

Among them one died recently

Natural death

One more is in Puna under observation

Third one is from our Bengaluru

Let me show him

He is Bharat Kumar

He is my patient

He sleeps eighteen hours a day

When Bharat was six years old
he faced this for the first time

I am proud how his family handled the situation
after reckoning about Sleeping syndrome

Even Bharat is always enthusiastic

For all these years
he has been following my instructions

and medicines without fail

Now Bharat has set his sleeping routine
from 10pm till 4pm the next day

He is efficiently using his waking hours

I really appreciate Bharat
and his family for this


Take this

Sir, your water TDS level is 300

actually it should be below 50

you must install a purifier

yes sir, I will send you the quotation

I am an Indian Woman

In India, people give first importance to mother

Because she takes care of her family

Hence, the expression
'Honor your Mother as God'

How is it uncle?

Come here

You look like little Mother India

You are telling me what I taught you?

Uncle, shall we click a picture in this fancy dress
and upload it on Facebook?

Instead of textbook and notebook
you see Facebook, is it?

Go study

You had it!

Oh my uncle! You are sweeter than chocolate

Oh my uncle!
Wake up enough sleeping

You are disturbing me!

Leave me, uncle

Oh these two started again!

Bharat, you are not done
with your sleep yet

Go get ready

Varu is not leaving me, sister-in-law

Varu, get up

Go to your dad and change your dress

Hurry up


please turn on your hotspot

Don’t know what kind of practice is this?!

He uses net in washroom

Goes to nature watching Youtube

Don't speak dirty during prayer time

Good morning Sir

It is good evening

Sun will kill himself
if he listens to you

He is already dead for me

It has been 3650 days seeing the sunrise

Hey enough of your lecture

I had asked you to plan for Deepavali offer

Did you do it?

Sir, check the third drawer

Are you going to work over phone or

planning to come to the showroom?

I will be there in 20 minutes sir

Twenty minutes?

Hey you are doing part of the work
in part time job

I will leave in 5 minutes
and reach in 15 minutes sir

Good good

Keep your collar neat


Come here

Take it

No thanks

Brother, though I'm awake for 6 hours
I can manage my expenses

This is not for you

I am giving this to get me my tablets

Take it

Okay I will leave sister-in-law


Bye uncle

Bye baby

You both gel well!

You can’t sleep without tablets

And he sleeps so much without tablets

Wake up O Indian!

Wake up O Indian!

Wise man said wake up
But didn't tell us what time

Therefore, our boy didn't wake up

Wake up O Indian!

Doctors advice us to sleep for 8 hours

But our hero sleeps for 18 hours a day

Wake up O Indian!

Our sleeping beast gentleman is sleeping
Keep quiet please

Wake up O Indian!

Our sleeping beast gentleman is sleeping
Keep quiet please

Since the invention of mobile phone
Sleep has taken a back seat

Today's generation is ready to die at 30

While the world is running without resting

A man is spending time asleep

Like banks lend loan

Ask him if he can lend sleep on loan

Wake up O Indian!

Our sleeping beast gentleman is sleeping
Keep quiet please

Wake up O Indian!

Our sleeping beast gentleman is sleeping
Keep quiet please

His life is spent snoring!

He has to enjoy his youth in 3 to 4 hours

He is fortunate in taking long nap

He is the sleeping beauty in real life

Wake up O Indian!

Our sleeping beast gentleman is sleeping
Keep quiet please

Wake up O Indian!

Our sleeping beast gentleman is sleeping
Keep quiet please

Wake up O Indian!

You bring him home
no matter where he is

All thanks to you

Thank you

Why thanks Sir?

You pay me... I drop him

What is there in that?

Okay sir I will make a move

Take care

When motion becomes slow

Life becomes slow too

Have some juice

If you had given me a cup of coffee
My stomach would have got lightened

You have given bitter gourd juice

Stomach will become harder

I am just following your daughter's time table

Go scold her
Don't yell at me

Hey get up

It clears motion

Dad coffee, tea, cigarette
is all addiction

There is no use of it

They are a type of poison

You have to quit

I successfully built my family and a house

But I am unable to quit my habits

I made a mistake making her a dietician

You didn’t tell me your opinion about the match

I checked his Insta
His style is good

But his lifestyle is not good at all

He uploads pictures of
having coffee in the morning

Night times he psots party pictures

He is a party animal

He doesn’t need a smart girl like me

But a smart phone with 4g network

Bye mom


Bye dad
Okay bye

Stupid people post everything on social media

This is not social media
but an open book

Good morning ma’am
Good morning

How many appointments today?

The list is getting ready ma’am

Okay send them

Hello everyone
I am Dr Swamy Prakash Rai

Reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist
at Srushti hospital

Well, I am going to tell you about

Egg freezing and female fertilisation

As you all know

When sperms count goes down in men

We consult sperm banks or sperm donors

Where as in female’s case

It’s quite difficult

When egg cells become weak in female

It is hard to find egg banks or egg donors

Hence, there is a high demand for egg cells

That’s why we receive egg cells
from potential donors in our hospital

We freeze those egg cells

I would like to say you can collect egg cells
from our hospital

And bring joy in infertile patients life

You can have a look at those profiles

It’s good!

Come in

Uncle I want two pizzas

Why not?! I'll buy four


Brother, sister-in-law
Varu has a surprise gift for you

What is that?

Happy anniversary

Say it in Kannada

Happy seventh wedding anniversary
to our sweetest couple

Thank you

It's beautiful!

But your uncle is not in this?


He is sleeping here only

I am sorry

I am a laggard

Please have a seat

I am actually early today

I saw your profile on matrimony

More than others your profile was very catchy

So I thought of wheeling you in

Excuse me Sir

One pizza


One French fries

Okay thank you sir

I forgot that you are here
Order for yourself please

Your order

I will have one veg salad

Hot hot pizza

Cheese is too good here

You bloody!

How was the trip?

It was awesome!

How much for this?
Give me 30 rupees

Grandpa, I'll fetch some water

Hey start
Let's go

Who are you?

leave me, leave me...

I love you

Johnny can tolerate anything

Except humiliation

Hey bloody idiot!

Let me tell you one story

Chapter one

A farmer had a chicken
which laid golden egg everyday

He was restless to wait for egg everyday

He decides to cut open the chicken

There was no egg nor shit

This chicken resembles the same

It gives you golden egg every month

Give me
Nothing will happen

Our company has witnessed
a great success this year

Complete credit goes to your team

No matter how good the team work is

There will be one best player in the team

Your team has such a person

Just like Dhoni
Later comer but good finisher

He is none other than... Bharat

Hey Bharat, come here

Yes sir

All the best
Congrats Bharat

You hit a jackpot

There you go

Sir, thanks a lot

It could not have been possible
Without you guys

I knew I am irregular to work

But I never thought myself a useless fellow

This is a priceless award

But boss can name a price


Make my half salary full salary

Come to the shop on time tomorrow

Collect your full salary


we are going to miss one customer

Hold it sir
One minute

I will bring that customer to our shop

Meanwhile you think about my salary

Hey Bharat
Customer is everything to him

Come here

People do it in parks and theatres

But you are doing it ina footwear shop!

You and your desires!

Dude, usually love proposals end up with slipper

So I came to start it at footwear shop

How is it?

Ma'am, can I help you?

Do you have this pattern?

Let me check the stock

Dude, I searched entire shop
I found only one

Is it okay?

This is not the design I am looking for

I want exactly the same design

Madam, give me
your address and phone number

I will place a special order
And deliver it to your home

I've seen you before

Yes once at the restaurant

Not once, twice



You didn't tell me about the second time

Uncle, where are we heading?

I'll tell you

I know where we are going


You need me to send location
of where you fall asleep

You found it out, you beauty!

Hello sir, can I help you?

Sir, do you have slippers in this design?

Sir this is out dated

Do you have this design?

No sir

Sir this is a handmade one
We don't have this kind

We don't have this kind
Excuse me
Tell me sir

This is a Bombay item
This is out of supply currently

For whom you are searching for this slipper?

I will tell you

Sir, do you have this design?

Sir this is a classic style

You don't get it in shops
You need to place an order

You please go to Gafur khan

I don't take single order

I don't have time

Brother, its my first love

I am afraid I will lose her
If I don't get her this slipper

Love matter!

Not love matter
Love slipper

Girls usually demand jewels and ornaments

Your girl is asking for slippers
She must be a gem of a person

Look, you need not worry

I will take the order

Brother, have a look

Doctor, we are trying from past ten years

We got your contact at last

And don't worry about money sir

Please help us sir

Calm down Desai

You have money
We have solution

When egg cells are weak

We take egg cells from egg cell donors

We then infuse it to sperms
and culture it in lab

We call this In vitro fertilization

So with this
we can make you bear child

I am there for you

I will arrange a donor for you

But one thing

This should be highly confidential


These are the profiles of egg cell donors

Depending on the way
you want your child to be

You can customise your donor

Madam parcel

Thank you

Are you out of your mind?

Why did you order a slipper like this?

Why would I order a slipper for you?!

You can't even walk properly
wearing flip-flap slippers

You will break your leg if you wear this

You mean this is not for me!

For whom else did you order?

Do you have someone else in your life?

I am innocent pertaining to this matter

You be innocent or not

I just need to know the truth

What the hell you are talking?

I am Ram you are Sita
He is Lakshman

Oh this was ordered by my uncle

He has ordered a ladies slippers in his sleep

What the hell!

The clinic seems deserted!

One Kilo!

I must work out harder from tomorrow

I checked yesterday

Probably the weighing machine is broke


Please come in

Please come

I was expecting a delivery boy

You have come instead

I just wanted to see you

I am healthy


I searched for this everywhere

I couldn't find it anywhere

Are you crying?!

I am quite an emotional person

You girls cry when you find slipper

You cry when it torns out

We guys don't cry even if
you beat us with your slipper

Thank you so much
from the bottom of my heart

I'll make a move


May I see a trail?

I mean.. I just want to make sure
the slipper fits you

I wonder how it started

I wonder how it went beyond words

I wonder how my heart went crazy

Without a single word

I wonder how the light bestowed

I wonder how my dream came true

I wonder how the season changed

Without a single word

Let our eyes express thousand words

No one else made
such an impression on me before

My soul has manifested into a flower

But still there is some kind of agony

No one else turmoiled my emotions before

When cool breeze is blowing
I hear your whispers

Secretly nurtured love
is the treasure I cherish

You be wherever you are
My thoughts circle around you

My soul can find you amidst crowd

Tell me how can I live without your love?

My soul has manifested into a flower

But still there is some kind of agony

No one else turmoiled my emotions before

You should not hide anything
from beloved and doctor

Go express yourself to her

Truth is bitter, doctor

How can a sweet loving girl
will like bitterness?

How long do you think you can hide it?

You tell me

How many days do you need to diagnose me?

I am trying my level best

Rest is left to god

At least

Help me to balance my sleep two to three hours

I will balance her for the rest of my life

I've seen the world asleep than being awake

My life which has not seen sunrise till now

Is now going to witness love

Some how

I must keep that alive

You can Bharat

You are like a child

Fine, time's up for this child to go to sleep

I will make a move

Give me the password

Give back my cell

Why do you want it?

Please make him delete
my photos from his cellphone

How dare you take photos of girls?!

Beat him with slipper I say

What is going on here?

Thank god you are here sir

Sir he takes photos of girls

Give him third degree treatment
He will learn his lesson then

You thrashed me with your slipper!

You used this slipper to beat me right?

She thrashed me with this slipper

I will kill you



Don't you have minimum common sense?!

Can't you see coming?!

Hey fruits

Catch it


Give my key
I will leave sir

You gave us fruits

You have us sweets

You gave us water

We are indebted to you

For your help

Let's take one


I'll have to call the police
Please return my key


Bharat, please help me

They are refusing to return my key

Please do something

What is he doing inside the car?

He must be looking for a joint

Boss, time's up

Her parents will be waiting

Please return the key

Bro, we asked for just one selfie

Let her give one
We will send her off

Just one selfie
Please give one

Why should I?

I don't even know them

Please return the key

We don't give a damn to others
When we are in normal state

We are high on holy grass

Do you think we will listen to you, bro?!

Just one selfie

Go give them

Here she comes

Hey come on! Selfie!

If you had shown courage here
Instead of holding my feet the other day

I would have accepted you

Don't miss like last time

Same place bro

Tomorrow evening
Nagarbavi Iman garage

Tomorrow evening
Nagarbavi Iman garage

Hey dude, he's the one
who interfered last night, right?


yesterday night matter
You didn't forget!?

I've not forgotten yesterday's incident

But what is going to happen now

None of you going forget it

What do you want?

A group selfie with you all

What if we don't pose

I will beat hell out of you

Are you mad!?

Not mad

I am gentle


There is one sleeping beast
inside this gentleman

If I don't introduce him to you

There wont be any value for this character

Bros, come on

Okay doctor?

All okay

But that guy in first row

Has less bloodstains I feel

How about now?


Hmmm so?

Why girls text 'Hmmm'?

Does it mean they are running out of words?

So what if we run out of words

We will meet for lunch tomorrow

I'll introduce my parents to you

Be at home at 1 o clock exactly

I will share you my location

No! 5pm

5 pm is not lunch time
It's coffee time

Come at 2

Let's conclude the deal
I will come at 3


Don't be late

Hi Bharat

I love you

Bharat, will you marry me?

Let me know your opinion

He hasn't read my messages

Nor he is answering my calls

God knows what he is dreaming!

Leave him


Where is he going taking so much trouble?

To see an alliance
Take this

To see an alliance!

I've seen people taking
flowers and fruits to prospect's home

This is the first I am seeing
Someone taking paste, brush and soap

What did you just say?

I said, his future wife is very fortunate

Well, your sister can become fortunate

Hell no! I don't have a sister

Even if I had one
I wouldn't prefer such fortune

Alright, take this

I think he will take bath too

Ask him where is he

Food is getting cold

If food gets left over
You will have to eat everything

My life itself is getting left over now!


Bharat, what is this?

What is wrong with you?

Sorry, the stock got delivered late yesterday

I kept the phone to charge and slept off


You call this a serious reason!?

Please come

Papa, this is Bharat

He is a very sensible man

Pertaining to time?


Serve her

Hey what is this?

You have sent a voice note
for not answering your call


'I love you'

'You are fast and furious
I am slow and steady'

'I think we make a perfect couple'

'Will you marry me?'

What is this!?
Shut up


This is not a formal meeting

It's a dating!

Resignation letter!

With the girl I am in love

Since I am unable to find time
to be with her

I am resigning my job

Who quits job for their beloved?

People quit their life for love

My sleeping syndrome has become troublesome

Loneliness is very boring

Dream without you is very irritating

Tell me again who are you?

The newspaper is still left unpicked on doorstep

The life has given me a tough question paper

Is unity possible
without indulging into each other eyes?

Let our eyes express thousand words

No one else made
such an impression on me before

My soul has manifested into a flower

But still there is some kind of agony

No one else turmoiled my emotions before

Listen! You are drunk in the middle of night

And singing on the middle of the road

Don't you think it is wrong

Sir well

How drunk you are?

Sir, I measured it before drinking

I am your good time

Why do you keep an eye on time?

Nothing like that

We get stocks to showroom
So I want to reach in time

Don't be so wary
Stand straight

As the saying goes
There is a woman behind every successful man

Which great man is behind this puking?

Which idiot ramped me from behind?!

Control room
Someone has dashed our officer


He had a girl in the back seat

He will see hell today

I will show you what Traffic police is

You think you can have
a good time in cell?

I will show you hell

Show him, sir

Sorry sir

I will beat you to hell

Mom, I am going to stay at Nisha's home

I will come in the morning, okay?

Sir, you do your job
We will stay here

I hope you are not tensed

Madam, I am getting tensed now

Look, girls should not stay in police station

You please be quiet
I will talk to him

Sir, I've one request to make

There was no intention behind it

Behind what?

Sir, it was my fault
I will stay here

Please let her go

No way

I will not let her go
In this pain

Sir, you are already screwed up
Don't get screwed more

It is an offence to keep woman
at the station at night

They are already screwing us
in the name of 'Me too'

Send her

You need not stay at your friend's place
You please leave now

I will not go

Please, don't mount up tension

You please go home now
I will manage it

Shall I come tomorrow morning?

No need

I will come out and call you

Take care
Call me



give me the lock up key

It is open

Why am I here?

He went to sleep

Do you both have any deal?

What's the use?

Call the back doctor

Sir, I know only front doctor

Split on the face

Look how peacefully he is sleeping

Beat him and wake him up

You should beat when he is awake

Wake him up

Just a minute sir

Brother, get up

Sir, he is not waking up

Why is he not waking up?

Sir, I didn't do anything

Sing a song to wake him up

[Singing a Kannada song]

I asked you to sing to wake him up

Sorry I got confused
See I will sing now

[Singing a Kannada song]

Why is he not waking up?

Go bring hot water

Pour it

I don't think our office
does so much work at home

Go that side


Hey Saroja

Did you iron my uniform?

Turn on the heater
I will wake up after five minutes

You come to bed

Sir I am not your Saroja

This is our lock up
Here is your tea cup

I am not at home!

You will make this your home

Sir, his cell phone is on


Hey idiot! I told you to call me
as you reach home

Madam, your idiot has lost his consciousness

Please take him

What? You have him locked up!


She disconnected the call

Sir, his brother is calling


Sir, she has brought media along with her

Sir, what is this?

Is this how you torture for a small mistake?!

Madam, I've not done anything
He lost his consciousness

Sister, they kept him awake
then beat the hell out of him

I pleaded them to leave him
But they beat the hell out of him

What is this!?
He is dramatising the scene

We used his money
Do you think he will keep quiet

Sir you beat him to comma

What wrong did he do?

Did you have any past grudge?

Did you do it for not bribing you?

Sir, was it accidental or
A contract killing?

Answer us sir
Speak up

Give me a break to speak
Don't keep bombarding questions

Sir, excuse me

My name is Gurumurthy
I am Bharat's brother

Actually he is not in comma as you think

The thing is

He is suffering from one disorder

He sleeps for 18 hours a day

He will be awake for six hours a day

That's why this has happened

Sorry sir

Thank god
I am safe

Sorry, the stock got delivered late yesterday

I kept the phone to charge and slept off

Just one selfie
Please give one

Shall I come tomorrow morning?

No need

I will come out and call you

Madam, you simply wasted our time

If you had told me before
I might have accepted you

I felt woman is important in life
Only after seeing you

I had no courage to tell the truth

Fearing I might lose you

Your weakness should not become my weakness

Rather failing in life
It is better to fail in love

Please Bharat
Don't call me hereafter

Even if you try
I will have to block you

Today is January 26th

Make a list of girls
who need to be taken to the hospital


Hot burger is here!

Ask my dad to return home tomorrow

Why so urgent?

You clever girl!
There you go

Look, dad is calling

Talk to him

Tell him I am taking good care of you
Tell him I got you burger

Hello dad

It's your mom speaking

Hello mom

Hello Varu

Give phone to uncle

Varu, we will be late

Mom, I can hear you tell me

Mom, can you hear me?!


Hello mom

Call got disconnected
Is it!?

Let's talk to them
when they come back home


Tell me

Sir my brother and sister-in-law
Met with an accident

Go over there

Sir the accident case

They are over there


Mummy, get up

Dad, wake up

Mom is not getting up

You get up please

Dad, wake up

Why are you crying, uncle?

Why are you crying, uncle?

Why are you crying, uncle?

Why dad is not waking up?
Why mom is not waking up?

Why dad is not waking up?

Where can I see doctor?

He will be in right cabin on first floor


Can I take bodies
of my brother and sister-in-law?

This is a medical legal case

After we are done with
the procedure and post-mortem

We will be allowed
to hand over the bodies, mister

Doctor, I've sleeping syndrome

If I sleep
This child will become alone

I have no one

Please try to understand

I can understand your situation

Look, I am helpless

Doctor, please

Sir, doctor is calling you

Hey hurry up
We are getting late for the reception

Hesragattha is quite far from here

Function will be over
by the time we reach

Yes I am coming

Bharat, food is ready

You can have dinner, okay>

Take care of my baby girl

Go bring her from school
If we come late home

We will make a move now




Mr.Bharath, this child had nothing since four days.

Water content has gone
rock bottom in her body

She is totally dehydrated

Look, her sugar level has gone low

Don't you have minimum common sense?

Being father is not enough
You have to take some responsibility

Take good care of your child

Bring these medicines


Sorry uncle
You got scolded because of me

No Varu

I must apologise

I slept without looking after you

Bloody sleeping disorder

Its okay uncle

I will get well soon
and look after you

I will not trouble you

My daughter is a good girl
She goes to school without miss

She always comes first
Isn't it so, my child?

Bye uncle


Where do you want to go?

Vidya vahini school stop

Vidya vahini, where is it?

Shankar Mutt

Shankar Mutt?

We don't go in that route
This is a different one

Get down at the next stop
Take some other bus

Okay uncle

Step aside

How dare you fight in the public?!

How dare you threaten me?

yes dear,

no no i will come soon

little more time

I will call you back

Get in

Get in

be quite

We will teach you a lesson

Uncle, can I use your phone?
I need to call my uncle

Who are you, little one?

Uncle, I am lost
I need to call my uncle

Can I use your phone?

Take it

Call him

Sir, your daughter has come here to see you

She's not here for me

She is looking for her uncle

Did he answer your call?

No. He will check missed calls later

Is it?
Give me the phone

Your uncle will call back

Your uncle will call back
Be with me till then


Sir, I have a missed call from this number

Police inspector speaking

Your daughter was lost
I have her with me now

You can take her from the station

Sir, my daughter

Sir, my daughter


What is this?!

How can you be so careless?

Poor people are far better than you

Sorry sir

It's okay

Make sure this will not repeat again

Thank you


Take it

Write down your details in the registry

Okay sir

Varu, you should have told me

I would have dropped you to school

You are always asleep

Dad had told me not to miss school


She's the most brilliant and
favourite student for our staff

I will not make miss her school hereafter

But you please take good care of her

If there is some problem from my side
Please co-operate

Don't worry Mr Bharat

We will take of your girl in our limits


Looking at your situation

My honest opinion is
to assign a proper guardian to her

Excuse me

What can I do for you?
Get me sketch pens and colour pen

Uncle, I've these already
Why did you buy again?

Because you are good at drawing

Can you draw me awake?

No I will not

Because you are always asleep

No. I promise

You draw me this time
I will be awake

Promise? Promise

I asked for a teddy bear the other day
But you bought this now!

Sir, your softy


There you go

Why are you buying all these for me?

I want you to be happy always

Oh my uncle! You are sweeter than chocolate

Oh my uncle!
Wake up had enough sleeping


you will listen to me, right?

Yes uncle

Will you obey all my words?

I told you already

You will get friends, teacher
And food on time

Stay here, alright?

No uncle, I will stay with you

I will visit you everyday

No uncle, I will come with you

You have promised me

What can I say?

Look, I've promised my brother
That I will look after you

Please try to understand

Please Varu

If you leave me here
I will search you and come to you

They will take good care of you

I will come with you

Who will look after you?

No need to look after the one who is asleep

Please uncle don't leave me

You have promised me

Please uncle don't leave me

Please uncle don't leave me

Varu listen to me

Please uncle don't leave me

Please uncle don't leave me

Varu what're you doing?

Aunty, I prepared rice
You prepare curry

Then we both will have lunch

Go wake up your uncle
Let's have lunch

Let's not give it to uncle
I don't talk to him

Let's both have

Okay, I will put clothes on clothes line

You go play, okay?






What happened?

Why are you here?

I left you so that your weakness
should not become my weakness

But the same thing drove me to you

Being a woman

I am not able to leave you
and the child in this situation


Don't talk to me

Once again my heart
coming for you journey

Has just begun to get your gift of love

My heart is getting surrendered
to you constantly

My fingers long for a hand to hold it

I want to surrender to you
for the rest of my life

I dreamt losing you in a early morning

With you the sunset looks amazing

Once again my heart
coming for you journey

Has just begun to get your gift of love

You gave me harmony

You're my mesmerizing wonder

You're entry gave me breeze

Forgive my mistakes

That too with love

Day is nightmare for me

Through light on me

For decieted life

You are my last hope

My heart is getting surrendered
to you constantly

My fingers long for a hand to hold it

I want to surrender to you
for the rest of my life

I dreamt losing you in a early morning

With you the sunset looks amazing

Uncle tata

Uncle tata

Hello, where are you?

I am right here

Varu is missing

She was here

You look over there
I will look this way




Did you see this girl?

No sorry

Did you see this girl?

No sorry

Go over there

Did you see this girl?
No sir

Did you see this girl?
No I've not

Did you find Varu?

No, she is not here


Bharat! Are you okay?

Sir, I need to file a missing complaint

Go over there

Sir, I need to file a complaint

My child went missing in Wonder la

She was playing before me

Don't know where she went

Please be seated

Write down child details in this

Sir, shall I distribute sweets?

Yes go ahead

Sir, what's the occasion?

Today is my daughter's birthday

Happy birthday sir


What brings you here?

I took my child to Wonder la

She was playing in front of me
Don't know how it happened

18 hours!?

Sir everyone rests to relax

But resting itself
has become a disease to him

Sir please

find her soon


Nagappa, take missing complaint

Send information to every station

Okay sir

File an FIR if you don't find any clue

Bharat, you will get your child back

Don't lose hope

Thank you sir

Thank you

It is common to stumble into each other in crowd

But I saw fear in his eyes


There was no match between
his clothes and his cheap hat

As per my analysis

He was alone

In that case

There must be some motive

How can you say he was alone?

He might have had his family with you

He ordered only one cup of coffee
in that cafeteria

That means

There is a possibility that he was alone

Nagappa collect his details

You need not take that risk

Can I've details of this account holder?

Take it
Thank you

This is his house

God was not fair in his part

He was a polite man

Such a man met with death!
I am unable to digest the fact

He was hit on his head

Calm down

I think that lady was telling the truth

There is no point in pursuing
our investigation with Nani's lead

We are not getting any clue

I am worried where is Varu

I hardly spend few hours awake

I can't snap out of my sleep

What a waste life I am leading!?

Investigation is like an old lighter

You have to keep triggering it

It sparks once in a while

I am not trying to console you
Without understanding your condition

Sir, I am grasping your point


I can console you that
You will find your child


We can't console that the dead will return

My wife used to scold me all the time

I prioritised work than her

On the day my daughter took birth

I was not there with her
I proved her complaint

May be out of that anger

She hand over our baby in my hand

She went to heavan

When I came to know
the baby has serious health issue

I felt petrified

My job seemed meaningless

I thought only I have
all the problems in the world

You are with me

If I am getting minimum satisfaction in my job

That is only in
helping genuine people like you

Don't lose hope


Look at this

She is my daughter


Her name is Vardhana

She is just six years old

She is an innocent child

She is missing for a month
I am searching her every where

I am not able to find her


I beg you

Please let me know if you spot her
I'll be thankful to you

Sir what happened to your child?

Do you doubt anyone?

Is it out of vengeance?

Heart is trembling

Heart is filled with dead silence

Kindness is fading away

The world is full of
vengeance and treachery

Life is a pain selling shop

Pledge your identity here

Wander with your memory

Don't stop

People tend to kill each other

Bloodshed is beyond measurement

Damaged path has to be restored

Tomorrow dwells in the house of today

Mankind is crumbling in the hands of evil force

Vengeance will last forever

The world gives no damn to your agony

Rebuild yourself
You are your own inspiration

Surge forward
Hearts of evil men will beat to hell

Sir, drink some water

Care for a cup of tea?

Oh my uncle! You are sweeter than chocolate

Oh my uncle!
Wake up had enough sleeping

Oh my uncle! You are sweeter than chocolate

I told him to relax
But he has done something wrong

That's why he chased you

He doesn't do anything properly

Give me that gun here

Sir I beg you

I am showing my honesty

Shoot me
Kill me

Send him underground for few months

Get in

Lock them up

Sir your tea

You are awake only six hours a day!

You try to be adventures on top of it!

Tell him Nagappa
not to step into our shoes

You missed our only clue

If you had called me
I would have found your child

Don't you have minimum common sense?

Finding clue is like
Finding chaste woman amidst prostitutes

You idiotically missed it

Bharat, if we go through criminal's list
We can find him out, right?!

Sir, three months back
he was beaten up for harassing a girl

I locked him up for two days

I was the one who made the entry
in the register book

Because of him
the police stepped into my house

He spoiled our reputation

You are behaving
as if the house is on fire

Where is your grandson?

I've not seen him from past 20 days

Get lost I say

You keep shouting here

Your son goes behind all the girls in town

My grandson is a gentleman I say

Go inside
Go check the house

My grandson is a gem of a person

Did you find out anything?

Yeah checking

Bharat, these medicines are used
to stimulate ovaries

To mature the follicles

This is a drug given to infertile woman

The question is not what this medicine is

The question is why this medicine
was with your brother

Actually I know a doctor
We can

Due to consumption of junk foods
Smoking and drinking habit in women

Their egg cells are becoming weak

Menofor helps in increasing egg cells count

Anasthetic drug and sedative agents
are used in illegal activities

Is this drug used likewise?

People who are into women egg trafficking mafia
Use this drug

What does Women eggs trafficking mean?

Like how healthy sperms are cultured
When man's sperms are weak

Likewise, when woman's egg cells are weak

They get egg cells donated

They culture it with sperms in lab

As per statistics

53% in Australia

61% in the US

63% in Spain

30 to 35% in India

There is a demand for egg cells

Because of this demand

Women egg cells trafficking started

As per my study

In 2004 and 2005

Britain women bought egg cells from

European and Middle East countries
due to their infertility

These countries became famous
as 'Fertility tourism countries'

Poor women were allured with money

Or sometimes kidnapped

They were infused with high dosage Menofor
and stimulated ovaries

Increased egg cell count

They used to sell those egg cells
for thousands of pounds


do you think this kind of illegal activity
is taking place in India?

As I told you earlier

I am not sure wether this is taking place
in full fledge in our country

But there is a huge demand for Indian egg cells
in India and abroad as well

If you can get lakhs of rupees
by selling egg cells

There are great chances of mafia

If that is happening

Then it is very dangerous for women's life

Doctor, thanks a lot for the information

As per investigation

While your brother and sister-in-law
Were going in wrong way

They met with accident
by dashing an ambulance

And we have got relevant proof too

The case got closed

But out of curiosity

When I studied this case

Few dates arose in me

Actually they Were coming on a double road
way back from Hesraghatta

They could have taken a U-turn over there

Why did they take one way in wrong route?

What was the urgency?

Actually, when I checked their call records

They called only you that day

Your child received the call

They met with the accident
before they tried to convey you something

And the other thing is

What post-porter report is saying?

It says its a normal accident
and normal death


If you go in detail
on bruises on their bodies

We will see something else

So we are not getting any clarity


The sticker found on your brother's shirt

Is a lead to the unknown

How did that sticker
ended up on your brother's shirt?

Or as the doctor said

Is there any link with egg cell mafia?

Or is there any co-relation
with your child's missing?

If we pursue our investigation
with this proof

We might find some lead

What is this sir?

Who are these people?

I thought this one small clue

Is leading me to my child

But it is leading me to
my deceased brother and sister-in-law

Do I have to find the reason
behind their death?

Or should I find my child
who will be looking for me?

I am not able to comprehend anything


though your aim is two

But you are looking for only one means

If you crack one
You will get answers for two

Don't worry

I am with you

I will not spare them

I will not spare anyone

They have not provoked an angel

But a sleeping beast

I will show the sleeping beast
hidden inside this Gentleman

Are you Sherlock Homes to give you details?

You will know who we are

Tell us to whom you supplied
this batch number medicine

Look, this area SI is my friend

Get out before I blink my eye

Sir I am just for name sake
The real owner is someone else

Seeing you beating the hell out of me

It appears he is behind all this

Where can we find him?

You can get him in his office afternoon

I'll tell you

My job is to supply medicines
to Srushti hospital

I don't know what they do with it

Dr Swamy Prakash

Famous gynaecologist in India

In order to reach him

We need a strong proof

He is a master mind

He is committing crimes
without leaving any clue behind

Death takes birth with birth

Like wise clue takes birth with every crime




I've got an emergency call
I must leave instantly

Keep me updated

Check January 26th

Not day.. Night


Open the second window


Zoom into the ambulance

Sir there are so many girls

People who are into women egg trafficking mafia
Use this drug

Same date
Check December footages

Sir, that Johny is not seen in this

Check nearby dates


Zoom in

Zoom in further


Sir, if we trace this ambulance
We can catch hold of him

When ambulance takes right

It goes via PES college

From PES college to Nayandalli

It has to come over there

If we check traffic control CCTV footages

We can get his complete update

We have proof now
We need not wait any longer

I'll go to hospital from ACP's office
and meet him

You find out ambulance's location
And inform me

That's enough

Yes that's the one

Check Nayandalli signal camera

Sir we have camera's till this point

Sir, they have taken right at 8th mile

It means they went to Hesraghatta

May be they are conducting
illegal activities nearby that location


Please help

Why did you kill
my brother and sister-in-law?

Where is my child?

You impotent

I am asking you

Why did you kill
my brother and sister-in-law?

Where is my child?

I don't know how Johnny is related to you

But I will not spare you both

Hey innocent boy

I'll tell you two tales

Chapter one

Wolf fable

There was a dense forest

A wolf was dwelling in that forest

Wolf loved to hunt down deers

Especially teen deers were his favourite

Poor deers were crying

Who is bothered about their cry?!

You know what

One abducted deer

Because of one idiot wolf's mistake

Deer flew away from the forest

You remove your cloth

You are listening to the story attentively

Can you guess the twist?

You don't know?!

Let it be

I will tell you

While the deer was on run

Two sparrows entered the scene to rescue it

Sir please save me

Let's go to the hospital

Call Bharat and tell him we will be late

Wolf was in shock

Sparrow rocks


The wolf was afraid what if the deer
reveals the secret to the king of the jungle

Wolf was not ready
to quit because of two sparrows

That's why

Hey hero

You know who those two sparrows were

[Singing Keerthana]

You interfered in my business

Your life comes to an end now

You may leave now

I will send them off

Rest in peace

I will give her good upbringing
And get married to her when she grows up

Where is the child?

Why did you kidnap the child from Nani?

Sir well

This Johnny can forget praising
But not humiliation

Nani insulted me in front of public

That too in front of girls

I felt outraged

While he was taking his child from Wonder la

You made public beat me
For ragging some girl

Look, I am abducting
your daughter in front of you

I will give her upbringing

And get her married

Where is the child?

I will not give her to you

I will give her upbringing

I will marry her when she grows young

What to do sir?!

No one is willing to love me

Am I not human?
Don't I have right to love?

Feel the feeling
Feel my love baby

I'll tell you a story

Chapter two

Lion fable

Lion in police uniform

Four to five kidnaps in a month

50 to 60 egg cells

If two lakh rupees for one egg cell

Crores of rupees turn over

Sounds trendy business, isn't it doctor?

How much you are expecting, officer?

Just give and take policy

I want your gang man Johnny

I didn't expect it from you

Why not?

Why not?

They salute me to remind me
I am a police man

But only my daughter calls me dad


When she calls me dad

Her breath touch my breath

It gives me a new birth

It is an addiction to get called dad

If I

Don't listen to it everyday

I feel agony

It's a kind of turmoil you know

I was lost in her laughter, playfulness

But her one step

Pushed me to hell from heaven

Doctor said my daughter has
severe heart problem

Why did God bestowed such problem to her?

For the first time

For the first time

This police man started to feel fear

I was not brave enough to listen
to my daughter's heartbeat

I decided to save my daughter

I found a donor

But the blood group didn't match

Rare blood group

Bombay blood group

They are one in a million

Who among one in million
will agree for transplant?

That day

I lost hope

Untill I found Varu

That day the police in me died

And the father within me
emerged like a pheonix

I planned it that day

I could not trust anyone

Except my friend Nani

I made him kidnap Varu

I thought my daughter got saved

I thought my daughter became immortal

But you came to the station
to lodge a complaint

I thought of deceiving you somehow

But god turned mutiny on me

My kidnapper friend Nani died unexpectedly

I had no other way
but to join hands with you


every clue you gave me

Were perfect than CID's work

So I encouraged you in every step

Don't lose hope

I am with you

Don't lose hope

You chased Johnny the other day

And missed him

I was far frustrated than you

If you had called me
I would have found your child

But the medicine you found
in Johnny's home

It got linked to your
brother and sitter-in-law's death

So I diverted you in that path

I started searching for Johnny


Meanwhile you showed me the proof
of Johhny's nexus with the doctor

I had a call from the doctor

I've got an emergency call
I must leave instantly

I have only three days left

Just three days

I trembled from within

But that which made me grow hope was

Your phone call

We got proof

Then I diverted you towards the ambulance

I'll handle doctor

You find out ambulance's location
And inform me

I used your video as bait

I made a deal with the doctor

I reckoned Johnny's adress

To achieve my aim
I made you his target

You have provoked a sleeping beast
without realising

If you don't send him to heaven

We both will be in hell

I thought you are a sleeping beast

You are a beast in strength too

You have done a dirty job

But you are bragging
as if you are a soldier


Both are same

Guarding the border

Guarding my daughter
Both are same

What about you?
What are you doing?

You are doing the same

Got it?

Look Bharat

You are a patient

You sleep for 18 hours a day

Remaining six hours is not enough

You can't look after your daughter anyhow

I know

You can't withstand the truth

That's why

I will send you to your
brother and sister-in-law's place

By the time they console you

Your child will join you