Gentle Costume (1975) - full transcript

A portrait of the everyday life of a typical middle-class family in parallel with the fall of the "Estado Novo", the 48-year dictatorship led by Salazar. The daughters' conflicts and ...

About your death.

It's about your death.

They accomplish the painful
duty of participating.

Accomplish, duty of participating.
Your death.

And if my father died?

If my father died, she asked.

Surprised as if for the first time
such idea had occurred to her.

But what she saw, was an old house
falling apart in slow motion,

and her father's lips slowly moving.

Repeating his last movements.

It was a projection, it was a ghost
imitating the echo of his own voice.

She knew it, and she wouldn't stop
dictating me about the meaning of it all.

I don't get you, you are always talking
about death and you don't die.

Maybe my stare, maybe it's not
that fixed and sharp stare

of the daughter that deserves
the father that she has.

I was always at your mercy.

He talked about death and he wouldn't die.

Lived for that, to
perpetuate his absence,

to celebrate it day after day.

To keep alive his recumbent statue.

Stop with the replicas you said.

I almost don't know how to speak,

I don't have my own words.

But I think, I think about your death.

I know I should hurry, that I
don't have a minute to waste.

I know that these are your final moments

and I search for a replica.

I steal from you a replica that
reduces you to my silence.

Contrary to what you think, your
pedagogic system nailed it.

This that I am is the result of
your education and of my obedience.

Everyday since youth you
would do her the dictation.

Spelled the words one by one.

Dictating words that she learn't to
spell without a single mistake.

Which made you proud, because
it was you who said them.

You were from the beginning the
main subject of our conversations,

of our thoughts.

You smile, you recognize yourself in
us, you recognize me as your daughter.

Fathers, don't upset your children but educate
them in discipline and correction.

Sons, honor your father
to achieve happiness

and have a long life on earth.

We debate, in its most tiny details,

this process that exists
between you and us.

We resort to jokes, to seriousness,

to love, to obstinacy,

to cholera, to hate,

to dedication, to the feeling of guilt.

We used our full efforts
from our head and heart

to settle that terrible process in
which you always thought yourself as judge.

When you are only one of the parts,

so weak and so blind as any one of us.

Weaker and blinder than
me because you are dead.

When he dies, I' ll grief.

The daughter.

The greased family comes to thank by
this means, those who came to watch.

Dead you are, already dead.

Your wife arranged masses for your soul.

Liberated herself from you,
betrayed you. You didn't like.

Fatally. And your daughter,
calm, arranged the rest.

Followed you to your last
address, buried you.

If my father died, she dreams.

It's like a prisoner that
intends to invade himself.

Maybe he succeeds.

That he will let himself be free.

But he projects to make
his prison a nice place.

Now, if he pretends to invade himself,
he can't think of remodeling the prison.

He can't think of remodeling the prison.

The President António Oliveira Salzar.

Died at 9 o'clock and 15
minutes, morning of today.

27 of July, 1970.

Gentle Costume.

Maybe it's my thing.

In the last hour, there is gonna
always be something that delays me.

It's obvious that if I already resolved
anything, something will be a delay.

Maybe it's the house, the maid, life.

See, with a day like this, already
the lights on, and there closed.

The others wait. Everyone
dependent on him.

It's our destiny.

We came to the world to this.

Always sacrificed.

Don't let the sun touch the
furniture, it burns everything.

We have to close this window.

I'm sick of saying this but
no one gives me attention.

This world is already
as it can't be seen.

And this plants,

they don't have water.

For how long have they not been watered?

I have to remember everything.

I would like to know what would
be of this house without me.

Go inside and see if he is
going to take too long.

If you are ready
it's best to leave.

In this house nobody has routine.

You never think what he means to do.

If I know, if I don't...

always this prison.

The others are right.

Don't give them any attention. And
they aren't less appreciated for that.

I have been sacrificing all my life.

Only God knows.

It's better not to talk.

He brought to our knowledge

a prudent and saving direction.

He accustomed us to the spiritual
concentration and the material renounce.

He cheered us to suffer with cargo all
the sacrifices that this hour demands.

My dust, my dust that
accumulates in these furnitures.

I think that in my time
it wasn't like this.

So it is our obligation to fully
obey to become invincible.

Without a spirit of obedience,

We never perform our sacred
duties of intelligence.

And obeying to the boss, it's obeying
to the instinct of an eternal Portugal.

I don't wait any longer.

I don't have the age to
put myself through this.

And I? I don't have to subdue...

It's forbidden to enter
your grandmother's room.

Those drawers are such a mess.

But someone go tell her that.

Your father always gives her reason. It's
useless to talk and I already gave up.

Go inside, see if you find
out what he is thinking.

You are leaving? I am also
going, I also want to go.

I'm ready, I want to catch some air.
- You will stay there quiet.

It's not the weather to go out.
- Worse than a child.

Don't take too long.

Where are they?

Let me do this.
- Go inside because you can get cold.

Give me a spring. - And if you go to
your room, wouldn't that be better?

Hey, what time is it?

It's 10 kings to half a coin.

10 kings...

to half a coin?

Always a smile.

A delightful face to everyone.

When I walked in the gardens,

surrounded by maids.

What time is it?

It's almost time to lunch.
- Time to lunch?

What happened to him?

10 kings...

Who knows, I told you not to take long.

Poor one...

It's time to lunch.

The price was sleeping

oh, the rested sleepiness.

But in this, a gunfire.

Fired at they eye

of the father.

Little saint.

That we feel pity. Poor little saint.

That sleeps.

Blond child, without his father.

Without his eye.

So much pity.

He slept.

But he had an ominous dream.

Oh oh, oh oh.

I'm the grandmother.

Could go to the window...
- And look at the flowers of his garden.

Those are the only flowers he likes.

Carnivorous flowers.

And there was a miniature
plane flying over the garden.

A swallow. - A swallow... a
vulture, the raven of the city.

- And this plane enters his window.

It would be better if it blows up.

That doesn't solve anything.
- This one is against violence.

It's a waste.
- He is a pacifist.

I'm for the mass.

If he went to the mass

we would put a guy in a priest costume,
and give him the extreme unction.

Extreme unction?

A poisoned hole bread.

He and the priests...

It's a persecution mania.
- It's to counter my mother.

You think so?
- No, it's more than that.

Then everybody goes its away.
Mother to hers and dad to hell.

Naughty. You are already seeing
your father's beard burning.

The mustache...

For me it looks like a good poison...

a real poison...

A good blowpipe and that's it!

It's an ancient idea of mine.
- Hum.

It's fast and silent.

And the suspects?.

And I ask myself if
they would do the same for us.

Like, if we could manage it.

It would work better in
the thicket wilderness.

You don't see nothing straight ahead.

And far away, tan tan!,
and the war cried.

Those are the red skins.
- It's all the same thing.

Which side who knows...

Africa is very hot...


A silenced rifle is
much better than that.

It never misses the target.

And it's more discreet.

In our times it would be a
bomb, and that would be it.

Yeah, the red legion.
I never joined that.

One more place to serve.

I came here for the
defence of human rights.

Trust in the virgin...

Nothing more perfect was ever invented...

Easy to make, easy to
transport, easy to use.

Even a child learns.

Many entered and left my house. My mother
is so sad, hanged by my fathers jacket.

Him running down the stairs.

"Stop with that António, you
will hurt yourself, and us too."

"You could die António!" And he died.

The young must settle
things the right way.

You are greasing.
- Which way?

Ah, as always.

No, not today.

Even the weather changed. And for worse.

Rain, floods.

Some sun is a miracle.

It's the weather being confused. For
me, Fátima's miracle is enough.

The times change.

And the poisoned book?

The book that he will read from
the first to the last line.

Licks his finger to the
turn of every page.

Comes in the 'Arabian Nights'.
It is a story that I remember.

I know, he is dead
arriving at the last page.

The last page? That's waiting too long.

He is dead as soon as people
start talking about him.

Like this, he doesn't even know.

His mouth watering of anger.

Of the poison, like this.

Down in front of the photograph.

His own photograph.

He already guessed who it isn't.

The dogs of the national revolution!

The perfect crime! Five tomes, five!

And you? Any ideas? You
don't say anything.

Well, when he went to the
cinema we could project...

He would never go to the cinema...

We have a doctrine and we are a force.

As a force, we must rule.

We have a mandate of a
powerful revolution.

With no oppositions and with
the country's consecration.

Adepts of a doctrine.

And we care being intransigent.

In the defense, and the directing of
the principles that constitute it.

In these circumstances,
there are no agreements.

No transitions or
disagreements are possible.

He wasn't spoken of yet.

When Gomes da Costa entered Lisbon,

following the 28th of May.

I went with my father to the avenue
where the troops celebrated.

We hardly distinguished the old general,

but my father who
believed in his abilities,

of saving the republic,

and the democracy, yelled:

"The time's are of the army."

Salazar, Salazar, Salazar!

I am the president of the republic
and the minister of the navy.

The faithful and the soldiers.

People from the Minho and Portugal.

We mark today 10 years,

in this same city.

From the orders of Gomes da Costa,

optimism and bravery were not virtues.

Because they came
directly from the soul,

as a demand from the own's nature.

The Portuguese army started

the triumphant right, without a fight.

Glorious, without blood, because in
the truth, the voice of command.

Was only the military expression

of an irreversible order of the nation.

And the new age began.

Here's now what happened.

To the souls haunted by doubt
and negativism of the century.

We search to bring back comfort

of the great facts.

We don't argue God and the virtue.

We don't argue the
nation and it's history.

We don't argue authority
and it's prestige.

We don't argue family and it's morals.

We don't argue the glory
of work and it's duty.

We won't leave here without knowing

who has the courage to follow us.

- Everyone!

Death is the operation of
surprise to the enemy.

True acts of bravery from the boys.

We had several casualties, and now we
enjoy some well deserved vacations.

I'm ready for what's to come.

I'm used to the weather.
We get used to everything.

And this life of adventure
doesn't stop pleasing.

The heat is worse, the cracking heat.

Every time I can I shower with it.

First burning then freezing.

Nothing is better. As soon
as I am in my room, limp.

Wouldn't withstand the clothes.

Now for example, I am...

What impresses the most is the
majesty of the landscape.

This is too big for me.
You have no idea.

Everything grows quick and a lot.

It's the heat. We spend our days drinking.
I am starting to gain the addiction.

It's a way of forgetting the fear,
the weaknesses and the fears.

We remember Oliveira? Died in an ambush.

Betraying friend, you never
know when the treason attacks.

We must always be alert.

Everything about that
on papers is little.

It doesn't even give a small idea.

If you see the photograph that I
have here, you would die frightened.

You'll see it after, close to me,
so you won't get frightened.

I go forward and I don't want
to think in anything else.

Going away from here
alive, the future is ours.

Show here!

No! It's for me.

For me!

Show me!

Don't be silly!

Let me see, c'mon!

Let me go!

C'mon don't be silly!
- Drop it!

Ok! This joke's over.

C'mon let me go!

Show it!

Let go!

Don't be silly, show me.

Let go!

Let go! What are you pulling?

Let go!

Let go. Let go!

Don't look at me like that.

That was your fault.

Why did you mess with me again?

Am I not sick of telling you
not to mess with my life?

It is your fault!

Isn't the letter for me?
The letter is mine!

Are you jealous? You
are capable of that.

Why did you want to read the letter?

To laugh, to joke?

You think I don't know what I'm saying?
You are a pit of poison!

You came to this world
only to upset others.

Those who treat you well, that like you and that
sacrifice for you and fill you with pampering!

Oh, so sorry, you are upset.

You don't do anything for
anybody, you don't like anyone,

you are a dog that knows no owner!

And I have the obligation to deal with
the girl that even makes fun of me.

Isn't it enough my life, the
relationships that I have?

Dealing with girls all day.

From morning to night! Insubordinate
girls that think they are somebody.

That think they know more than the old.

That contradict the professors,
give them lessons!

They should go home to study and not
walking around who knows where.

Reading everything they shouldn't!

Then at home they are as her.

She likes disorder, chaos.

I don't even want to see.

Probably would end up showing the letter.
She even talks bad of the cousin!

Nobody is good enough for her.

Only her is good, only her is intelligent.
To be a mother you need intelligence!

The letter was mine, sent
to me, and she rips it!

If I did the same to her stuff, I
would like to see if she liked it.

What she has is caress.
I her caressed too much!

If she had my educations...
an iron fist!

She came late, that was her luck.

Only thing I know is that
I am always the victim.

In this house I am always the victim!
The victim!

Always the victim.



So, what does he say?

Oh, what can he tell?

Pretty stuff...
- Thank God he still has health.

If he doesn't take care of his own
health, God won't help him much.

In the papers it comes every day.
- It's a matter of saying.

He is in good health,
that's what matters.

In the papers it comes everyday
asking for a godmother, if I had time

and were younger, of course... - Oh woman,
who hears you would think you are full of work!

But still has time to read the paper.

Capable of dying with the work she has.

That of the godmothers
is a good story...

Only one more drop...

I have also been by that and
I don't have any godmother.

Grandmother or godfather!

Always distracts him from the black...

Poor ones from the wilderness.
- There you are with your nonsense...

Pass me the plate.

Eat plenty, I don't want anymore.

They are dangerous women, I
don't know what they have.

The boss was there.

It's a spell... It's a spell...

Spells she uses!

Oh what a talk... To have
in front of the mother,

The daughters...
- Shut up and eat.

You never learn. Don't forget the pills.

It's unpalatable.
- She never does it as I say.

We should fire her. Out, out!

They are a plague, so shameless!

No one would miss them.

The better we pay them,
the worse they work.

Out, out!

They are filth.
- Oh nanny...

I don't see the joke.

I don't want fights at the table.
At least today let me eat calmly.

We save by one side,
they spend by another.

Can't have money like this.

I can't eat this.

Stop with the oddities.

Saved from gluttony, that's what it is.

But look, it tastes fine to me.

Maybe it's because we are celebrating.

Well, celebrating... I don't
have the age to that.

And for a little treat?
- Those he always has age.

I must be sick.

I can't eat this.
- You have been with a lack of appetite.

So many preoccupations...

One day you will end bad
with those jokes, you know?

Don't you want to go to
window, see whose outside?

And you, you should behave.

Looks impossible...

You don't even respect this day.

I want a little more...

You can't eat more, it
isn't good for you.

Poor thing, not even today
that we are celebrating?

When do you take me outside?

Let's go for a little walk...

You can take it.

At the shadow of the
routine, and the boredom.

That the sweet life of family


we will be an exemplary couple.

Children we will have

those who we'll teach

the good Portuguese.

Chain and medium, what came of wrong,

awaits them.

To be always innocent,

oh, I wanted it so bad.


a little wire of voice.

Of the past, the lesson
is good practice.

Because, those who are
similar to theirs...

doesn't degenerate.

And see, what humbleness,

has its award.

They obey,

we in charge.

I'm married!

I'll have children,

9 months from now...

I am...

The mother!

My womb grows!

All my body leaves the shadow.

This house exists to wrap me.

Today I am more important
than yesterday.


I have a son to educate.

Know by heart the screams I'll give.

The father's terror seeing this victory.

I feel the chain of milk empty my son..

So... I also demand being
a part of history!

I rocked the cradle.

For the first time, I spelled the names.

The diseases without medicine.

Shred the third.

And at night, to make them sleep,

transmitted them what I
was taught centuries ago.

But I tremble with the
revolutions and the storms.

With a lot of wind and light.

Everything I do,

running and thinking,

two times,


I know there are dangers.

But it's dangerous to name then.

I know there are addictions,

but why should I speak of that?

So I save this half innocence.

The rent and the knitting.

The patience...

I let it jump?

Yes father, yes!

Careful with the chandelier,
it's better you not, don't!

It can hit a wall and damage
it, it can break a glass...

It's better not, it's better not.

And half is spilled.

No champagne, makes the head dizzy.

I'll get something even better.

Also bring a glass,

so you can drink champagne with us!

So you go to sleep happier.

If this is champagne...

Go on or you'll lose your strength!

Thank you so much and congratulations.

Thank you.

No speeches, no speeches! Let's drink!

That this day happens for many years.
- This is tea with sugar.

Happy birthday to you,

in this lovely date,

many good fortunes,

plenty years of life!

Portuguese people! You
know what you want?


Portuguese people! Know
were you are heading?


"A Mocidade Portugesa" plays.

"A Mocidade Portugesa" plays.

"A Mocidade Portugesa" plays


We owe you hope!

We owe you peace!

We owe you the present!

But from today,

the debt turned bigger.

We owe you certainty.

We owe you the happiness.

We owe you the future.

In the name of all of us,

in the name of everyone who is to come,

following us, stronger and healthier!

Praise you, Salazar!

For keeping your promise.

Thank you for all the centuries to come.

Thank you forever! Praise Salazar!
- Hurray!

On those times, my house was an island.

You would still see fields from the balcony, and
the silence would only be broken in the winter,

with the noise of rain
against the windows.

And in the summer, with the noise
of the electric cars in the rails.

We had little money,

but grandmother would
send stuff from the farm.

And we didn't need sacrifices

for managing the house.

With our first daughter
the troubles came.

She ended up in and intern school.

And by that time, my father got sick.

Was a year, before he died,

in the greatest physical misery.

We didn't want her to
see him in that state.

We had him locked in the room.
When she came from vacations,

she only say the coffin.

Went to be buried on
the day the war ended.

But the room remained closed,

with bags and old furniture.

And we only opened it when grandmother
stopped being capable of managing the farm.

And came to live in the city.

Never got used to this life.

So, absence that
transforms in resentment

when we say anything to her.

Don't do this. Don't touch that.

But her life is now another.

Mister President of the Council.

The Portuguese Nation

here represented in every it's
activities and organisms.

Comes to claim today.

Its profound gratitude.

Because you could predict the
calamities that threatened the world

and to prepare and strengthen
the country to beat them!

Because arrived the hard times.

You defended in the middle of so
many contradictions and dangers.

With the help of providence

the honor and integrity of the nation!


Mister President of the Council,

you can trust the Portuguese people

like it knows that it can profoundly

count on you!

My lady, a poor man is here, asking
for something you could give her.

Have patience, today I can't.

It can't be every day,
every hour, every moment.

Have patience. They
don't leave us alone.

One penny today.

Two tomorrow.

If we pay attention, at
the end of the month.

It's a wage.

The problem with it

is maybe the most distressing
for being more theatrical.

Because it makes the foreign think

and even the nationals!

That behind that misery that sports

makes difficult the transit in the city,

there is a misery that hides itself.

But that keeps spreading.

And although, that's a wrong thought.

That isn't the index of misery,

because it's more of an addiction.

Because the majority of those
who ask, don't need to ask.

Maybe when it's a blind... a crippled...

We see, we know it's true,
we aren't being fooled.

Even so there are those who
disguise, that pretend.

You would never know...

This case however, doesn't have
the seriousness that is assigned.

Save your you exploitable theatricality.

And it can be solved
if there is good will.

By the following method, first:

Severely punishing false beggars.

Going like that, door to
door, disturbing each one.

You never know, it could be a thief.

I'm sick of you telling
you not to open the door.

Second: Returning to precedence.

Your homeland, the poor
that aren't form Lisbon.

And third: putting the rest,

the real ones, in the
exiles created for that.

But they prefer vagrancy, alms.

Some have more money
than you, or than me.

What they don't like is working.

And without work, you have
nothing, accomplish nothing.

Isn't it?

You ever saw someone have
something without working?

The living room needs waxing.

Those curtains are black.

And the carpet, how long
has it not been beat?


I'm going out, I'll be back for dinner.
Don't be late for dinner.

In this house in we never
eat at the right hours...

This toilet leaves a smell... Don't forget,
today you should scrub the staircase.

Advices for the domestic staff.

Advices for the domestic staff.

Don't talk to me about the worker that
works self-consciously on his task.

That spends his life
complaining about ironing.

That think it is menial.

It's a foolish creature.

And rather unhappy.

Only to her the job becomes unbearable.

Only to her the day seems eternal.

And the week infinite.

So, to iron the apron doesn't
require any science.

Come one comes in the
absence of the Lord,

don't overcharge the memory with names.

Because in truth, you
have much more to do.

Moreover, who can memorize
every name there is?

For sure you would confuse them.

Even more, can't read or write.

Can't hear anything with this
noise, then it's me who gets deaf!


Only appear after they have been
called three or four times,

Because only dogs go after
the first whistle. - Maria!

And when the mister yells:

"Who is there?"

None of the servants is
obligated to respond,

because "who is there" is
not a name for a person.

If they wish to leave
the house they work,

and if they fear offending the boss because
they are too timid for that subject,

the best is to become

from one day to the other,
the most naughty possible.

So they think of firing them.

And leaving, give the worst information,

so that no one dares to
offer their services.

You know and I know, shut
up and I'll shut up too.

Let me pass miss.

I'm sad with no adventure,
luminous and precious servant.

That endures the family dictatorship.

Well put and virtuous.

Spent my life serving.

And more years I'll
spend in other's home.

When I leave from here,

if I leave... I'll be sick of enduring.

And old, ugly.

Alone I am, I'm quiet.

Among 5 people superior in money.

And in facade.

It's a bad habit for a servant
not listening to the lords...

Working so hard and well,

would deserve some distraction at night.

But like me there is no one,

that is demanded, night
and day, to be at hand.

Oh what a hell of a life this of mine...

How can I seem hollow?

Alone in the kitchen, straightening.

And ironing the clothes...

It's about time to take a day
off and to make it understood

the authority of
demanding and overcoming

and advancing, and abolishing
the property where it exists!

What do you have in your
house if I get fired?

If all this goes to ashes...

Goodbye home.

But I don't want it for nothing...

For the work you have done,

some other life you deserve.

People who don't respect and cast out,

fires you quickly.

There is no gain in working.

Those who are in charge and
do nothing, are bosses.

I am no one. (A Maria = nobody)

Don't laugh.

That stuff doesn't bring money...

I'll pretend to lose.

Another day I'll win, and you'll win.

Because it was from you I learned,

everything I told you before.

The concept of nation,

is inseparable, on the
Portuguese matter,

of the notion of civilizing motion.

Dealing with groups of people,

of different races, languages and cults,

this unique economic involvement.

Nationalizing action

can't loosen up

of the effort from the
hand of the populations,

taking advantage of the helpful elements
of cultures that found in its path,

attenuating the tribal
exhibitionism and rivalries.

Making everyone participate
in the common work.

Waking the national conscience.



Someone to burn this hut!

It's him captain. -Are you sure?

Didn't you hear me calling you?
- I did.

Why didn't you answer?
- I didn't felt like it.

You didn't feel like it? It will soon.

Tie his hands behind the back!

Two whites no, two blacks!

What does he say?
- Are you the chief?

Yes I am.

I should slit your throat!
- Quiet, sit down!

Where? -The ground.
It's dirty.

Sit down!

Only a feeling,

is at the same time big and profound,

to flood the soul in this moment.

The firm determination

of defending the national integrity.

And it's this determination that
has to be interpreted everywhere,

as a valuable and striking affirmation,

of our people's will to live.

I explained some days ago,

the obligation of deserving our dead.

But seeing the spectacle,

that God made us watch,

of a united and eternal people,

that compresses it with it's
a thousand representations,

near the place of power,

before this standstill of souls,

that totally offer themselves,

to hear the echo of the same anxieties

of the beyond-the-sea wars.

That are now also enjoying
this moment of peace.

And by the legitimacy of
their national participation

before all this,

that is beautiful,

and big, and unique! You don't
have only to deserve the dead,

we have to try to be the best.

Oh! I forgot the umbrella...
- True!

Maybe it'll rain and we
forgot the umbrella.

Do you need anything else?

We were going there but
we won't take too long.

I need to be obeyed in my home.

I think the father doesn't have
much to complain from me.

I have a clear conscience.

I think I have been an obedient
daughter. - Don't say anything!

I don't want to see my home
transformed in an ash of butts.

Butts... or having faith be a follower.

My faith is keeping me going.

Reading of the book of Leviticus.

In those days the Lord said to Moses:

You shall talk to the children of Israel

and you'll say:

If you walk in precepts,

if you keep my commandments,

and if you practice them,
I'll give you the rain.

And the earth will germinate,

and the trees be full of fruits.

I will remove savage
beasts from the land,

and the sword won't
enter your territory.

Your enemies will fall by your sword.

You'll eat the older
fruit among the ancient.

And when the new ones arrive,

I'll put the old aside.

I'll walk among you, I'll be your God,

and you will be my people.

Says the omnipotent Lord.

If they fulfilled these principles...

It's always the same thing...

Never respects the other's opinion.

I don't want to see my wife and
daughter messing with priests.

My gosh, saint Jesus!
- Don't challenge me!

Always the same thing!

I always fought

against that cancer of the society
and I'll keep fighting till I die.

God may have mercy on your soul.

If the government concedes privileges
to that scum, don't count with me.

We were going to the mass for...
- Died as a hero!

Fulfilled his duty as a soldier!

Wait a moment.

His duty as a soldier!

Died with a clear conscience
or died in the name of others?


The mass doesn't help.

It's all to discount from our sins.

Sins? What sins?

Have judgment! This house...

It's a house of mad people, an asylum!

I believe that every man is born
with the same duties and rights.

I believe that for the woman,

the same thing applies.

I defend the freedom of speech!

The several creeds that redeem the man.

And the share made by the people,

of those that have everything
to those that eat nothing.

I am worthy citizen...

and aware.

A Portuguese of birth.

Democratic root.

Today, with the experience life gave me,

I know what it can be put
to practice, or not.

Everyone working is a duty.

But... there are works and
works for each one to do!

The superior spirit, clairvoyant,

cult is not a mule!

Strong figure...

Everyone working is a duty.

But I won't bake breads
for my baker to read.

A soldier doesn't sit in a coffee shop,

neither me, a pacifist man, goes to war!

Oh no one is a democrat in his land.

That man and woman be equal,

there can be no more law adjustments.

But I live among four, except
the tureen that doesn't count,

I am the one in charge. If I
didn't impose and indisposed,

if I didn't claim and cried out,

If I didn't undo what they weave,

and I didn't have them under my wing,

what would be of me and them?

Oh no one is a democrat in his home.

Miss? Miss?


Hey, miss!

A dead body!

Oh what did this girl do...

What she thought!

I had a feeling! Miss, wake up!

Look the father!

Go, go!
- Oh girl, what happened?

Take it out!

Take it out!

Oh my god, what did she do?

This isn't something normal to do!

Take it out!

Do something instead of
looking to each other!

For what are women worth?

It's better to call for a doctor.

What a shame, what a shame.

She needed some slaps!

She has the age to start behaving.

Is this the example you
give to your sister?

Linden tea, linden tea for the nerves!

Is this what your praises are for?

How will you tell this
feat to the superior?!

Don't massacre her more, get out of here go inside,
she will be okay if God wants. - My poor thing...

Why did try to kill yourself,
did you have any reason?

I don't know, I believe so.

Woke up with that idea
so I put it practice.

Can you explain better?

I don't think I can explain better.

It was a moment of weakness.

Wasn't it hard?
- No.

Never had an idea seem so simple.

To put to practice.

Maybe I had a dream.

I usually dream a lot but
I wake up more tired

then when I went to sleep.

Not this time, I was full of strength.

Did you want to celebrate that?

Yes. I believe it was a celebration.


And now, how do you feel?

Well. All back to normal.

Life doesn't seem to be more than this.

Thank you Lord that you spared me.

Good she didn't notice.

Slide the window Maria.

The statue that since today
is a part of this palace,

doesn't try to be a consecration.

It wouldn't be enough for that.

And there is no monument that can rival,

what Salazar raised with his own hands,

by restoring, rebuilding
and redeem this country.

The 30 years of government
that we celebrate today,

Stand out and individualize themselves

in the history of Portugal for
being the era of Salazar.

The 30 years of his government,

have been profound transformation,
wide in the field of things,

by a miracle of action.

But they weren't of a lesser projection

in the field of ideas,

of habits and costumes.

And that by the work of permanent
teachings, by the word and by example.

It was created a new
style of public living,

a style of composure,
dignity and moderation,

and that is after all,

the style of Salazar's own attitude.

The Master among some disciplines
that for 40 years helped him

erecting the country over the
biggest political crisis

that the nation knew over it's
long centuries of history.

His word of honor was
always clear, timely...

They are sitting in the living room.

He has his eyes fixes in the television

and an old dream of power and strength
passes through his aged head.

The room is dark.

She listens do the noise
of cars in the street.

Echoing by the thick walls
and the closed windows.

Remembers of the
purchases she has to do,

the money that is scarce.

The servant who she just argued with.

To keep a habit of confrontation

that confirms her in the place
of Lady and owner of the house.

He stands, looks through the window,

closes the blinders and sits again,

silently. Voices are
heard from the stairs.

Water in the pipes.

A door closing.

She is the mother, he is the father.

Every night they sit in that room,

one in front of the other,
without looking at each other.

Sometimes they talk of a luminous era,

but only the walls hear what they say.

And it will be lost with their death.

To the soul haunted by doubt
and negativism of the century,

We searched to bring back comfort

of the great facts.

We don't argue God

and the virtue.

We don't argue the
nation and it's history.

We don't argue authority
and it's prestige.

We don't argue family and it's morals.

We don't argue the glory
of work and it's duty.

These were the last images captured of

Professor Oliveira Salazar

by our cameras.

They did it.

I fought for the rights of my children.


I leave them an honored name.

But... I never got the trust of mine.

I wanted to be firm, I was hard.


maybe I won't be more
to my daughter eyes

of a tyrant.

Follow my advice,

follow my examples,

what you seem innocent,

can seem to me a crime.

What for you is without consequence,

can be my coffin lid.

The inequality, the injustice,

you think it was you who found that?

The absolute freedom never exists.

Life is being contented
with the possible.


Knowing to wait.

I worked.

I have done my duty
with peace with myself.

Was there something you didn't have?

However, it seems you accuse
me with your silence.

You look at me like an enemy.

Just as they leave infancy

they start to help me.

With what right?

Paternity is a career

that a fine day we get imposed with.

Without wanting to know if
we have vocation for it.

Throwing all down is what you want.

You are still a child.

You don't know what you do...

or what you say.

I lose my strength...

Joy, and even hope.

I fought so much so that
you had everything.

And here I am.

Weak, impotent,

reduced to simple substance.

Sad is the victory,

that a child has over
his father's reason.

Instead of being happy, he should cry.

Because that victory will
cost him in the future.

It was all for your own good.


only want their children's good.

Don't forget this.

I am not excusing myself...

I am not excusing myself...

I am not excusing myself...

Being radical is picking
things by their roots.

I restart. Start from the beginning.

The.. his.. to.. Ry..

Of.. any..

So.. cie.. e.. Ty..

Was.. since.. always..

The .. his.. to.. Ry..

Of.. the.. battle.. of.. classes.

Free.. man.. and..

Slave.. Patrício..

And commoner.. baron.. and servant..

Artisan and.. apprentice..

In a.. word..


And oppressed..

Fought in.. eternal..


A fight.. without truce..

A fight.. deaf.. of declared..

That always... concluded..

As by.. transformation..

Revolutionary.. of all society..

As by the common ruin..

Of the fighting classes.

In the first times.. of history..

We see.. almost everywhere..

With a.. complete.. organization..

Of the society.. in distinct classes..

In.. a variable hierarchy..

Of social conditions..

In ancient Rome, we have the
Patrícios, the knights,

the commoners and the slaves.

In the middle age, the lords,

the vassals, the artisan masters,

the apprentice, the serfs..

Miss come watch the soldier!

To every of those classes.

Built by the society's ruins,

Our era is the era of bourgeoisie...

The history of any society

was always the battle of the classes.

The history of any society

was always the battle of the classes.

Translated by Frederico Cintra
Torres (deusautista) for kg.