Genocide (1968) - full transcript

All the insects on Earth become wild and attack humans, causing Armageddon.







Screenplay by SUSUMU TAKAKU

Cinematography by

Production Design by

Music by











Directed by





Charly, what??s wrong?

Don??t send me
back to the front!

Charly, pull yourself together!

What is it?


I don??t wanna go!

Don??t send me back there!

I won??t go!

I don??t wanna go!

Drugs... gimme drugs.

Give him an injection.

-Captain! Come look at this!

A swarm of insects!

Starboard engine on fire!

Cut the engine!
What??s our position?



We don??t have details yet,

but it seems a B-52 bomber
carrying an H-bomb

has crash-landed somewhere
in the Anan Archipelago.

You will all commence with
Operation Broken Arrow at once.

Lieutenant Colonel Gordon...

I??d like you to assemble
a search party

to look everywhere
until that bomb is found.

Yes, sir.

These skeletons are crumbling.

Captain, take it slow.

Get away from me!

If you hadn??t flipped out,
we could??ve avoided that swarm.

Give me some water.

-Me too.
-Get away!

Where are we?

Joji isn??t back yet?

No, he??s still out
collecting insects.

You two just got married.
Why does he leave you alone all day?

He??s obsessed with rare insects.

Sure it isn??t an insect
with smooth white skin?

What??s that supposed to mean?

Stop it! Let me go!

Damn it!

What??s all this about?

I??m Lieutenant Colonel Gordon,
U.S. Air Force.

Some islanders
saw some parachutes falling.

That??s good news.
Where did they land?

On Kojima Island.
I??ll take you there by boat.

Over there!

-He??s alive.
-What could have happened?

He probably fell down that cliff.

-Let??s go inside.
-Come on.

Those are some nasty wounds.

Could they have died
while bailing out?

No, somebody did this to them.

-Someone killed them?
-I can??t be sure.

I??ll do an autopsy right away.

Who could do
something so brutal?

-I don??t want one.

Hey there!

Wanna buy a watch?
You can have it cheap.

Just 10,000 yen.
-That??s a U.S. Air Force watch.

Whered you get it?

Who cares?

Did you get it off one of those pilots
who parachuted down?

I don??t need stolen goods!

Suit yourself.


Where have you been?
I??ve been worried about you.

Going from island to island,
gathering insects.

Is that really
what you were doing?

What??s gotten into you?

Don??t go getting suspicious.

I told you:

I??m gathering insects for Dr. Nagumo

of the Tokyo Biological
Research Center.

I??m tired from hiking all day,
so stop getting on my nerves.

I??m sorry.

There are lots of ways.--

a man can get tired out, eh?

I hear you have
a plump white butterfly

on one of those islands.

Son of a bitch!

Stop it, Joji!

You??re choking me!

Joji, please stop it!

I??ve got something
important to tell you!

What??s going on here?

Nothing at all.

Is there a problem?

That??s him!

I hear you??ve got
a U.S. military watch.


Let me go!

Joji, have you done
something wrong?

I haven??t done anything wrong!

I??d like you
to come down to the station.

I swear I haven??t done anything!

Are you saying

you just found this on Kojima Island?

You??re lying!

You killed the pilot and took it!
You didn??t find it!

-You??re wrong!
-You killed two men to get it!

You??re a goddamn murderer!

I??m not! I swear I??m not!

Dr. Nagumo...

a telegram came for you.

What happened to it?

This insect??s poison
attacks the central nervous system,

causing madness and death.

There are many insects
we still don??t know much about.

This is one of them.

A young man named Joji Akiyama
sent it to me from Yatsushima.

This is from him.

He??s been arrested for murder!

Dr. Nagumo!

-I got your telegram.
-Please help us.

Joji??s innocent.

I believe him.

There??s no one we can turn to
here on the island.

I??ll do all I can to help.


thank you
for the poisonous insects.

They??re a previously
undiscovered species.

You mustn??t lose hope!

Hang on for Yukari??s sake.

Or did you really kill those men?

No, I didn??t kill them!

When I was on that island,

I saw the plane explode

and the parachutes open.

Then I...

I thought I??d sell the watch

and buy something nice
for Yukart

You were alone at the time.
Is that right?

Tell the truth.

Or would you rather
be tried for murder?

I was with a girl
named Annabelle.


There??s a reason for that,
I presume.

Don??t ask me to tell you more.

-Dr. Nagumo!

Please help me!

Don??t give up, no matter what.
Got that?

I??d like to see the pilots?? bodies.

I??m sending them to the base.

Make it quick.

They??ve been badly bitten
by insects.

Cause of death was cerebral
hemorrhage from blunt trauma.

But the wounds to the jaw
aren??t from being struck.

Hard blows with a sharp rock
could have caused those.

I??d like to see the black airman.

Your friend??s guilty.
You??re wasting your time.

-He??s still unconscious?

but at times
he mumbles deliriously.

??Insects, insects...??



If he comes to,
he may be able to help prove

Joji??s innocence.

I agree.

Who are you?

Dr. Junko Komuro.
The Red Cross sent me.

Pleased to meet you.

I know Joji well.

He wouldn??t kill anyone.

Hey, sweetie.--

how about waiting on us?

Dr. Nagumo!

Joji??s doing fine.

I asked the police chief
to let you visit him.

Hey, Doc, welcome!

Thank heavens
for that plane crash!

Tourists weren??t coming here,

and I thought I??d have
to close the bar and hotel.

Hey, flyboy!

Was the plane that crashed
a fighter, or was it ??

No comment.

And the cause of the crash ??

Oh, I bet that??s a ??no comment?? too!

-It isn??t safe to go out anymore!
-Shut up!

??Shut up???

Come on now,

these guys are Japan??s allies.

We all gotta get along.
-And now for foreign news...

locusts have been
destroying crops and forests,

spreading rapidly
across all the states in India

Assam??s food supply
has been devastated

-That??s odd.
-Dr. Nagumo...

it??s not that unusual.

Don??t India and Africa
often have outbreaks of locusts?

But this isn??t locust season.

This is the first I??ve heard
of an outbreak out of season.

What a pleasant surprise!

What brings you here today?

What will you have?

-A brandy.
-A brandy?

Coming right up,
Miss Annabelle.


Insects! Insects!

Insects are nothing to be afraid of.



I can??t stand them!

What??s the matter?

A big man like you, afraid of a bug!

But I??m glad
you finally woke up, Charly.


Who??s Charly?

Colonel, Charly??s
regained consciousness.

-I see.
-But he??s lost his memory.

Lost his memory?

He must have hit his head
falling down that cliff.

In that case,
it??ll be hard to continue

with Operation Broken Arrow.

Do all you can to help him
get his memory back.

Yes, sir.

Operation Broken Arrow...

-Who are you?

I??m Dr. Nagumo.
I??ve come to prove Joji??s innocence.

Joji??s innocence?

Why won??t you testify
in his defense?


I don??t know
what you??re talking about.

He told me he was with you
when it happened.

I do know Joji.

I asked him to collect insects for me.
-You too?

For 20-odd years, these islands
didn??t belong to Japan,

so they reverted to a natural state.
It??s a rare environment.

You could say
it??s an insect paradise.

But people will soon return
in large numbers

and disturb the natural balance.

What will become of the insects then?

We can already see
that people will destroy them.

Are you a biologist too?

No, I just love insects,
because they never lie.

I don??t trust people.
-Why not?

You??re Japanese.
Can you have forgotten

what happened here two decades ago?

Of course not.
No Japanese person can forget that.

One of the Pacific War??s
fiercest battles was fought here.

Human beings are about to repeat
the mistakes of that time.


the world is indeed
filled with chaos and danger,

but we??re not about to wage
a final war of annihilation.

Are you that naive?

No, I just have faith in people.

Well, I don??t!

I take it the war
took its toll on you.

It left deep scars,
scars nobody could ever forget.

Scars nobody should ever forget.

One should fan
the flames of such hatred.


I??m going to have a baby.

-We??re going to have a baby.
-Are you sure?

Yes. Dr. Komuro examined me.

She says I??m three months?? pregnant.

What??s the matter?

It??s your child.

Aren??t you happy?

What??s going on?

I??m going to be a father...

and be tried for murder.

What??s going
to happen to the baby?

Why didn??t you tell me sooner?

You were away on Kojima
for so long.

I wanted to tell you
the happy news as soon as possible.

Leave them alone.

Insects have babies too.

That??s why I asked you
not to capture them.

That??s the only way
we can earn a living!

I??m being sent to Tokyo
to be tried for murder.

I??m done for!

Joji, don??t lose hope!

Dr. Nagumo will save us.
I??m sure of it.

Charly??s amnesia isn??t improving.

Colonel Gordon, why do you
need him to get his memory back?

Is it to prove Joji??s innocence?

I doubt it.

Joji??s no more
than an insect to you.

What??s your point?

You want Charly??s memory back

to figure out
where your H-bomb landed.

Are you a spy
for the Eastern bloc?

Can??t you people
see things any other way?

You divide everyone
into East and West!

Don??t dodge the question!

I??m just trying to prove
a young man??s innocence!

I??m sorry. I take that back.

But how did you know
about the H-bomb?

I??d heard that
Operation Broken Arrow

is U.S. Air Force code
for nuclear weapon-related accidents.

Please keep that confidential.

But what if plutonium
from the H-bomb

irradiates the surrounding area?

H-bombs are equipped
with 40 fail-safes.

No radiation will leak out.

Then why are you so anxious
to find that bomb?

I don??t have time
to argue with you.

In any event,
though our goals differ,

we both want Charly
to recover his memory.

Don??t worry.
There??s nothing to fear.

We??re ready, sir.

Then let??s start.

Hold Charly down.
Please begin.


The insects are coming!
They??re gonna kill me!

Where are the insects?

No! No!

Whyd you go in that cave?

Did something terrible happen?

Charly, try to remember.

It??s dark.

I can??t see a thing.
-Where? In the cave?

And then?

What did you do then?


There was a light in the darkness.


So insects killed those men.

It was a hallucination.

He??s a drug addict.

A drug addict?

He started taking drugs
to ease his fear of combat

and got addicted.

That??s why I think
he??s describing hallucinations.

-Poor guy.
-We??re fighting for freedom!

We??re spilling our blood
for freedom and independence!

Can you be certain
your war is just?


I??m going to go see
that cave for myself.

I??ll show you the way.

Where??s that bomb?
Where did it land?

Answer me!
Where??s the H-bomb?

If we don??t locate it
before the world finds out,

we??ll look like fools!
Now tell me!

Insects attacked our plane!
They made us crash.

Damn fool!
You??re hallucinating again!

It??s true!
Insects brought us down!

-Colonel, we found the plane.
-And the bomb?

We??re still searching for it.

That??s strange.
There are no insects anywhere.

So it was a hallucination after all?

I don??t think so.

I??m afraid.

The insects are gone.

This is used for raising
poisonous insects.

It??s recent.
Someone??s been here.

Dr. Nagumo!

It??s just a scratch.

Somebody??s been
up to something in this cave.

If we figure out what it is,
we can prove Joji??s innocence.

Joji! Don??t go yet!

Please wait
until Dr. Nagumo returns!


I??m resigned to it now.

-What are you saying?
-That??s enough.

Let me have
one last look at the sea.

I may never see
such a beautiful sight again.

It??s so beautiful.

I??m going to escape.

I??ll be damned
if I just let them kill me.

For your sake and the baby??s,
I??m going to make a run for it.


-Stop or I??ll shoot!
-No, don??t!

He??s getting away!


No, don??t!

-Why all the commotion?
-The bastard got away.

Joji escaped,
the cocky bastard.


help me, please!

It??s Charly.

His memory??s returned.

-Where??s he going?
-That??s none of your concern.

It is. He??s a witness
in a murder investigation.

We can??t prove Joji??s innocence
without his testimony.

We have questions for him too.
Go on.


Don??t shoot!

Please don??t shoot me!

There??s a bug.


what do you do
with the insects I catch for you?

Joji, just do as I say.

You can??t run away from me now.

If you leave, you??ll be arrested
and hanged for murder.

No reason to get so startled.

Oh, Dr. Nagumo...

Charly??s got some guts,
killing those MPs like that.


Charly??s ill.

I don??t think he has
that kind of willpower.

He??s a wild beast.

He??ll turn savage if left unchecked.

You??re the beast
for thinking that way.

Lay a finger on her again
and you??ll be sorry!

I get the picture.

Help us out here.

Don??t just stand there!

Hold him down!

You??re going to answer
my questions.

What kind of plane were you in?

Come on... talk!

Out with it!

A bomber.

And what was that bomber carrying?

Son of a bitch!

Stop it!

Who the hell are you?

Why are you asking these things?
-Shut up!

The U.S. Air Force is frantically
searching for that plane.

It must have been carrying
a pretty important payload.

Now.., tell us what it was!

Hold it.
That won??t make him talk.

what are you going to do?

-Annabelle ??
-Back off!

-Annabelle ??
-Just shut up and watch!

When these insects bite...

within minutes
your cranial nerves are paralyzed...

and you go crazy and then die!

-Stop! This is too cruel!
-Get back!

No human being would do this!

That??s right,
a human being wouldn??t...

so I??m letting the insects
do it for me!

Are you out of your mind?

Who did this to me?

Who tattooed
these numbers on me?

You know what these numbers mean?

They marked me for death
at Auschwitz!

My parents and siblings

all died in Nazi concentration
camps during the war.

They suffered more
than any soldier.

They were tortured to death!

Nazi soldiers
made me their plaything,

then branded me for death!

Now you tell me
to trust in people?

I don??t trust human beings anymore.


-What was that plane carrying?
-An H-bomb.

An H-bomb?

Please, quickly!

-Where is it?
-I don??t know!

Tell me where the bomb is!

Take the bugs out.
I??ve got more questions.

Not so fast!

Get away from him.

You got what you wanted.

Now it??s time
for my little experiment.

Hey, let??s go tell the boss.

The old man already went to bed.

-What do you want this late?
-A shot of whiskey.

You??re a pain in the butt.

I thought I heard
a shortwave radio.

I couldn??t sleep.
I was fooling around a bit.

I exchange messages
with a foreign lady friend.

It??s my one hobby.

A fitting hobby for you.

Good night.

What is it?
The door??s unlocked.

??Colonel Gordon: There are
Eastern bloc spies on the island.

They??re after the H-bomb.??

Call the base. Tell them to step up
our underwater search efforts.

Get out!

He??s gone totally nuts.
Things will get interesting now!

I don??t know if having the baby

is such a good idea now.

You mustn??t try to get rid of it.

But I??m afraid
it won??t have a happy life.

You mustn??t lose hope.


the baby isn??t just yours.

Joji??s happy about the baby,
isn??t he?

Yes, but he??s ??

-What are you doing?
-Let me go!

Yukari, run!

Don??t you recognize me?

Please.., drop the gun.

Dr. Nagumo!

Charly??s got a gun!

He??s dead.

Genocide.., genocide...



the extermination of mankind.

The insects are singing
about destroying humanity.

He??s been bitten.

The bites are festering.

What??s this about?

He depended on me.
I feel I let him down.

It??s unbelievable.

I don??t understand any of this.

Insect eggs.

The insects laid their eggs
inside his body.

Their eggs? That??s bizarre.


Insects don??t lay eggs
in human bodies.

The pilots in the cave
looked exactly the same.

They might have been
filled with eggs as well.

Their bodies were flown home.

We could have a problem here.

We??d better bury the body quickly.

We found poison in Charly??s blood.

A poison we??ve never seen.
Here??s the analysis.

That??s poison
from an insect on this island.

I??ve analyzed it
in my lab in Tokyo.

That reminds me:
Charly said something odd.

He said a swarm of insects brought down
the bomber, but that??s impossible.

Insects can??t fly at 30,000 feet.


but something abnormal is
going on in the insect world.

Why did Charly mention genocide?


The extermination of mankind.

Are you listening?

Our government wants
those poisonous insects at once!

Not yet.

You??re not sending a single one
until I??m satisfied.

You??re delusional.

Who do you think
is paying for your research?

Don??t forget that the Eastern bloc
is paying for all this.

We??re taking them.

I don??t care
whether I live in a free society...

or a communist one.


I just want to breed vast numbers
of insects that drive people mad...

and scatter them all over the world.

You??re crazy!

Who??s the crazy one?

Your plans for germ warfare
are just as crazy.

Go and see.


If he tells Colonel Gordon,
our work is ruined. Catch him!

It??s me!

It??s me ?? Jojil

I??m so glad you??re safe.

I??m sorry I made you worry.

-Are you hurt?

Those two men from the fishing boat
came looking for you.

What??s wrong?

Joji, where have you been
hiding all this time?

At Annabelle??s house.

I was afraid of that.

No! No!

We??re going to have a baby,

and yet you ??

You knew about her?

I was wrong.

Please forgive me.

But I don??t love Annabelle.
I hate her!

-You??re lying.
-I??m not!

She??s not even human.

She??s insane.

She keeps poisonous insects

and injects their poison
into other insects

to breed poisonous new species.

She??s the one
who made Charly go mad.

If we don??t stop her,

she??s going to kill
everyone on the islands.

I have to let Dr. Nagumo know,

but they??re watching,
so I can??t get near him.

They??re here.

Open up!

Open the door!

-Where??s Joji?
-I don??t know.

-Where??d he go?

You bitch!
If you don??t tell us ??

-Tell us!
-Check over there.

My baby will die!

Lying bitch...

Where did Joji go!
Tell me, you bitch!


Come here, you!

Go tell the old man.
I??ll take his wife hostage.

Shit! She got away!

Where??s Joji now?

He uses huts around the island
when collecting insects.

He??s probably in one of those.

He may get hurt
in his haste to get away.

We??ll get Dr. Komuro
and set out at dawn.

I need to wrap it.

I saw it with my own eyes.

Annabelle used Charly
as her guinea pig.

He was writhing in agony...

and on the verge of death.

So she used him as her guinea pig.

He spoke of exterminating mankind.

It was a strange thing to say.

Insect behavior has been
abnormal all over the world.

The damage they??re causing
is spreading.

Planes everywhere are flying
into swarms and crashing.


the annihilation of mankind,
the screaming of the insects.

I can??t believe
it??s all coincidence.

But Charly was a drug addict.

We can??t imagine the hallucinations
he might have seen.

Was it all his imagination,

or was there something else to it?

I want to find out.

But how?

I??m going to let
those insects bite me.

I??ll hallucinate just like Charly did.

Dr. Nagumo!

But you??ll go mad and die
like Charly did!

Dr. Nagumo, you mustn??t!

No, I have to try.

If this is injected within ten minutes,
it should neutralize the toxin.

Are you sure?

It works on guinea pigs,

but I don??t know
about human beings.

We don??t have much time.
Joji, get that chair.

Tie my legs tight.

Make sure they won??t come loose.

What time is it?

6:50 p.m.

Joji, put one on my chest.


Hurry up!

Give me the antidote at 7:00.

Go on.

I feel dizzy...

I feel like throwing up...

Not yet!

In exactly 10 minutes.

Between my bones.., the insects...

They??re wiggling between my bones.

They??re coursing through me...

The light... it??s coming...

They??re running...


The insects are singing.

They??re talking.

??The Earth doesn??t belong
to human beings alone.

We don??t care

if mankind destroys itself
with nuclear weapons,

but we refuse
to let you take us with you.

Destroy the human race!


Exterminate all humans!??

Dr. Nagumo!

Dr. Nagumo.

It??s hard to believe.

I heard insects?? voices.

Yet we have to believe it.

They??re sensitive creatures.

They fear nuclear destruction
more than we do,

so they??ve turned against us.

Downing that bomber

was their first attack
on mankind.

So the three crewmen,
including Charly,

were the insects?? first victims.

Another one
may be dying somewhere.

Weren??t there just three parachutes?

No, I??m pretty sure I saw...

four parachutes.


Wait a minute.

One of them came down really fast,

and it glistened in the sun!

Now I get it.

That??s what Colonel Gordon
and his men are after.

The H-bomb.

One of those parachutes
was the H-bomb.

We should tell
Colonel Gordon right away.

No, we have to stop the insects first.

I??ll take you there.

Doctor, call my lab
in Tokyo right away.

Have them make
large quantities of antidote.

All right.

Take me with you.
I??m tired of being alone.

Son of a bitch!

Hold it!

Hold it right there.

You??re coming with us.

You??re going to take us
to the H-bomb.

-I don??t know where it is.
-Don??t give me that!

Go on!


Dr. Nagumo.

I??m right here.
Care for a drink?

No, thanks.

Go ahead.
It??ll be your last drink on Earth.


I hear you did
an experiment on yourself.

I want you to do it again,
but without the antidote.


The extermination of man.

That??s what I??ve been waiting for!

The human heart
holds nothing but hatred.

Our history is a cycle of hate and war.
We know nothing of love.

We only know hatred!


You don??t know what hell
those camps were or how I feel.

Pull out the bed!
-Listen to me!

Don??t move.

I keep my poisonous insects
in the basement.

You??ll be my fourth living subject.


It was you
who killed those airmen?

That??s right.

I was hatching eggs in that cave.

The two of them showed up,
so I used them as guinea pigs.

But that experiment was a failure.

The poison acted too quickly,
so their suffering was brief.

I??m also the one
who shot at you in the cave.

You??re as toxic as your insects!

Hurry up and move the bed.

Open the trapdoor.

Hurry it up!

What is it?

There it is!

The H-bomb!

They??re getting away!

Stop where you are!

Stop or we??ll shoot!

Too late!
The insects are gone.

Still don??t believe it?

I don??t care about insects.

I just don??t want those spies
to find the bomb.

This is all happening

because both sides persist
in your senseless arms race.

Don??t you understand?
-Shut up!

Burn this house down!

Everyone out now!

I??m afraid.

The insects
are killing the monkeys.

Oh, no!

Don??t look.

What??s going to happen to us?

We haven??t done anything wrong,

but we??ll be killed anyway.

Maybe I deserve to die,
but you ??

-Don??t talk like that.

I??ve caused you nothing but worry.

I??ve done nothing for you.

Please forgive me.

If I were reborn into this world,

I??d marry you all over again.

I know you??re a spy, you bastard!

You??re a disgrace to Japan!

Where are Joji and Yukari?
Tell me!

Okay, I??ll tell you. Please stop.

They??re one island over,

near where the H-bomb came down.

Is that the truth?

Yes, Matsunaga
contacted me by radio.

Matsunaga, Yokol, come In.

Answer me!

Matsunaga, Yokol, come ini

/f you can hear me, respond!


Over there too.

And there too!

Are you all right?

We have to do something!

Don??t try to stop me!

Matsunaga, Yokoi, answer me!

Answer me!

Joji, Yukari!
Answer if you can hear me.

Dr. Nagumo,
have you located them?

There??s no answer.
Did you contact Tokyo?

Yes, but nobody would believe me.

Humanity??s facing extinction,
and now this!

We??ll leave for the island at dawn.

Joji, Yukari! Answer me!

Get inside here.

What about you?

I have to protect you.

I??ll fight them off to the end.

You have to survive
no matter what!

Joji, I want to die with you!

What are you saying?

You??re carrying our baby!
You wanna kill the baby too?

Have our baby, all right?

Get in!

Once it??s safe, get off the island
as fast as you can.


Watch out!

Stay down there!

Yukari, you must survive!

Live on without me!

This is the aftermath.

There??s a hut over there.

How did this happen?



Yukari, hang on!

You survived.

Where??s Joji?

Don??t look.

It??s better not to look.

Don??t look.

Dr. Nagumol

Come with me.

What is it, Colonel Gordon?

Look at that.

-Is that a tornado?
-No, insects.


You still don??t believe me?
It??s the revenge of the insects.

I understand now.

Nagumo, we need you.

Come with us to the base.
-I don??t have time.

I have to evacuate the islanders
and destroy the insects.

You??re coming with us!

What are you doing?

Nagumo, we need you.
Get in the jeep.

-Dr. Nagumo.
-I??ll be back.

-Evacuate the island right away.
-WhatlI happen to us?

Can we destroy the insects?

I don??t know,
but we have to try.

Hurry up!

I promise I??ll be back.


Yukari, where are you going?

To have my baby
somewhere without any insects!

To have Joji??s baby!

It??s too dangerous!

In your condition
you??ll die out at sea!


have a seat.

-I don??t want to kill you.
-What do you mean?

You??re an expert on insects,
aren??t you?

You want the antidote.

You catch on quick.
That??s right.

You aren??t the only ones who need it.
The islanders do too!

Not anymore.

Why not?

They??ll be dead in a few minutes.

The H-bomb??s about to detonate.

When we send a signal on
the detonator??s frequency, it??ll explode.

It??s our last resort to keep it
out of enemy hands.

That??s crazy!

Thatli kill everyone on the islands!

It??ll rain radiation on the rest of Japan.
What will the Japanese do?

Certain sacrifices
must be made in war.

Detonating it will wipe out
the insects before they can spread

and keep the bomb out of enemy hands.

It??ll also protect our military secrets.

It??s a small sacrifice
to save the whole world!

Superpower arrogance is what it is!

All ready, sir.

-No, don??t!
-Don??t interfere!

Try that again and I??ll shoot.

-Don??t do it!
-Back off!

Hold it!

What the hell are you doing?

I refuse to be responsible
for destroying the world.

I??m not going to trigger
a nuclear war!

Colonel, watch out!

We??ve flown into a swarm!