Genji monogatari (1966) - full transcript

Based on the classic novel by Murasaki Shikibu, written over 1000 years ago. Genji, the son of the emperor, has gained renown among the nobility of Kyoto for his charm and good looks, yet he cannot stop himself from pursuing the one object of desire he must never obtain: his father's young and beautiful bride. Following the tragic consequences of his obsession, Genji wanders from one affair to another, always seeking some sort of completion to his life.


I am finally born as a child of the Tori pot emperor

How Mika Can We Reach What Were A Single Cough Meat Again

I'm the Emperor of the Cold Spring

Our school was born with a woman from Fujitsubo

The point is outside of the increase

[Music] Head

Above me now

I am based on the people's heart

The one who has captured the people's hearts is as worthy as a true Mikado

Wasn't the end of many affairs when I was younger a way to know the hearts of the people?

M [music]



me yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah hey

Ah ah ah ah [music]


1 yeah



me What's the lineage of the Emperor

What was once an evolutionary Klein could be competed purely by Emperor Taijo

There is no owner [Music]


You can come here

[Music] Hmmm

ni me

ana me

ana yeah



ana ni


Ah ah ah


7 minutes

Congratulations on your throne

Thank you for Arga

[Music] I know the Opening Song Book

Nowadays, it's no wonder that such a recluse premise is used.

I am the evolution of Mondo Congratulations today

He came a lot, and my son or Ichi Aki always witnessed me

Congratulations on Kashiwai Emon Museum

The management is good enough for a man to love

I'm looking forward to your father

No, compared to when you were young

Very very articles and no

I can't beat youth [music]

4th Place of Emperor Kairou of Kiribatsu

I once waited for the waves of Qinghai as the two of you who still thought you were the lieutenant general

What was your reputation in that big survey of you at that time?

[Music] me


Yeah me

I'm from the shadow of Suzaku

I was asked to go to HISAKI

Again, I loved Urasaki, so I was reluctant to talk about it.

Finn's Request 4 Ginraku wins

Also, it was important for my current status to have the wife of No. 9 as my wife.

However, from the heart of Sannomiya, my feet gradually pulled eastward

The palace of no one should not behave in such a bridge

A little tree Who is the god of Emon Kashiwagi now?

What are you fuzzy


50 kinds 5 o'clock

Kashiwagi-sama, I can do it now.

I'm the only one by the side, and all the other wives have to go on a day too.

it's here

Did you play around shining you?

How is Sannomiya's illness?

Sannomiya is ill

I don't know, I don't visit you at all

It was rumored that adoptive mothers were not just ill

Just sick yes

Sound morning sickness


It shouldn't be like that

Such a thing


You are 50% bigger on

Got a ball

I'm a professional of 6 books. What will I do now?

Soy sauce in the territory

Useful for hungry children

You 6 camp

me yeah


Someone Someone's purple clothes on the purple

This is Michimitsu, is it on purple? On purple

So for the newborn

Please play with care

My thoughts are inexhaustible

Please see this sentence later

It is around Mr. Genji, as soon as possible

3 I heard that you are disgusting, how about you?

Ah, Samurai Osamu I forgot the fan around here last week.

Ah ah ah this is the wind is warm


Skillful family


There is a man

Say this is the one who divided my blood

This is the child Kashiwagi gave birth to.

The sound of Kashiwagi is not a shadow copy [music]

Make the same mistake

The woman who gave birth to the Emperor Kiritsubo's woman

It’s three cards now, but I’m not the father

It’s okay or you knew the underground

[Music] My mistake

Will it come back to me?

When I was little, I still remembered like yesterday

The day when three Fujitsubo women were set up







who's that

That person is the one who can become Princess Samanu Nakaimon, the urine barnacle of barnacles.

[Music] Your mother Kiribitsu changing clothes

You're alive

You had a beautiful shape of the throat

It’s like this, but two like this

Be happy and tomorrow


[Music] me

Yeah yeah yeah



[Music] General car

[Music] [Applause]

[Applause] You’ll continue to get down well

In the head

Is it a study of a woman's love writing? It has a reputation that you are quite doubtful from the day, but my wife's brother found such a place

Will be in trouble Is it on Aoi

My sister is so noble that I shouldn't ask my wife

Papa If this is not possible

I am delighted to have a best friend of you because of my marriage to Aoi

8 yo

Is it a rumor about a woman? Well, a woman is limited to Chiru.

The second wife is not stable for living

The best

It seems that the wife of Seinosuke, the father of the Fog of God, is a beautiful woman.

There is a lot of beer in the Aji City Kaji District Secretary, so a beautiful woman gathers at such a place.

I became familiar with a prostitute in Kyoto a few years ago. The delicateness of humanity is completely unattainable by women in upper society.

And if the country daughter father says that Matsuzono is also a famous species

I heard that the substitute daughter's reputation as a deficit entrance was also heard by investing in education for money

I wonder where I've been to a woman with that kind of evening look

Light genji how are you

It's hard to say in front of sanctions

My only ideal woman

Good good good shining sword


What a hot thing it is a big hit of glowing trees

Figure with mah

This is this hot on Aoi

If you can relax a little

I suck both main agonism and middle affairs, and I'm in the first place.

Thank you

Was it so, or is it hot and will brain death occur again?

The house of the god of t is flowing

I heard it's cool. I asked.

How many keys

Many points are rare overwork

Alright right before this this light


A group of people who are in a difficult situation is a tax, and the farmer in the territory has come to appeal to the key.

Politics would be useless if these people's ideas were not taken in correctly. That's good. Ryoto is the difference in the amount of Louise.

In any case, we cannot provide enough hospitality by visiting

I am sorry that my father Seinosuke's women are making mistakes.

I'll be listening to the pi and the complaint of the farmer in the Imperial Palace, so it's over

Since the people of the territory are working as a company, I actually hope that Mr. Kawachi will hear it.

Thank you for listening to the Emperor

I would like to thank you for the inn tonight. I'm in that pair of houses in the west.

Yes, that was my wife's princess, who my father had with me.

The glowing you are the moon. Yes, the chopsticks are difficult because they are beautiful because they are beautiful.


I'm waiting


Today is the day of the rain, so if I remove it now, it will feel like I'm going to die on the day after I die.



Are you okay?

It doesn't seem to be noticed from here

That's the open cicada in Yosuke's house

She's a beautiful woman with the first middle class

I heard from the god of the horse that I made four children

Rescue center

Well that's a long bath

2:4 x I called you General Lieutenant You are also Lieutenant General

I'm also a stadium of this f haha ​​Abe comes in

Ah ah ah ah, it's worn out as it is. I'm wearing a coach clothes of this size.

It's limited to soft foods for women

I don't think you should die from the top in the morning


You light genji idiot

I have been thinking about my age, so let's have a deep and deep connection to my thick dark cage.


Ah, the age is that his lieutenant general is taking a chat, please forgive me I am a wife of a person, but is there a change in love

I'm also a light source. I have never been rejected by any woman in the palace.

I don't know about Miyanaka. A woman has a woman's heart, so I'd like to know the woman's heart.

The woman is weak, and you may be a Fukushima merchant from your house, but I was summoned to have made it to the heart of the woman.

I don't know on my day that it's a big mistake and it's not because of a change with you


Those who got it

I don't know Don't seem to think that the old woman goes beyond falling in love with me

However, even after the dawn, we don't show any kind of understanding

It seems that the fulfillment of love was not unpleasant, but at the same time he seems to be always attracted to something and thinking.

Is it a person who says that it is a regulation of Mrs. Chugoku? I would like to confirm that again

It's a love I've never remembered

[Music] Entertainment or the day gets better

Sky Cicada is a tree of fangs of the god's sister of key

It’s a good defense tonight

I was surprised to see your fangs.

I won't play

How do you feel about Caiman?

That girl is a corrupt woman

Lovely and gorgeous people

You lost again, mother, I'm doing something tonight, I don't know if it will be a barrage

1 u

It's worth about 500,000-let's take a rest

It's hot so let's open it a little

8 people are bad n

I won't laria, this sweat

Come on, the light has gone out

I will look for the Lieutenant General

It's an aircraft

Empty cicada inland sea

Shining you

I've been to the onshore spirits for a long time, and the spirits are much older than me

I'm approaching Article 5 on this day as I'm going to visit 6 quires, but my heart is in the white flowers that bloom on the fence.



[Music] It’s an unmistakable house of house

I was fascinated by Yugao's inn, but for the time being

[Music] You think too much about things

The cities are out of balance

That's what happens to the love of two people, but my daughter is also big, and I'll let you go to Isesaimiya and go with me.

I think that

What will happen to me who was left behind?

It’s a pain to love your hands

This is the two stars I wore

This is Jai's letter of ownership.

Kalki 3 Both the members of the 6 quires of this claim and this property

Yours I don't need anything

You can even get the title

Even if I have it today, please give me Okaya in March.

Please don't reveal yourself yet I'm not 3 minutes

But living with Sonata is the whole world.

I knew I couldn't do it

I stab you with the shining garbage

I just love you like this

Things that are enough

Cow milk

Delicious rice

What a fulfilling life it's like not being inside a wall Loggy

The story of the person next to you 5th Taoism of height cleaning

Everything is new and unusual to me, the sound of the next Karusu

It was a surprise at first, wasn't it, ha ha?

I know that such a rewarding sound was not in my past life

Arisa I can hear some voice I live in a recession in the countryside

Before erasing

That's what I'm talking about with my neighbor next door and the department that came over the wall

What does the economy mean

You know the recession

The most scary thing for Bingo

When it starts, you won’t be able to eat rice either.

Let's remember the cake well

Everyone is alive, they work to live.

Let's go to a happier place and talk about it

I came with a lethargic evening glory accompanied by a ruined Beth

At first, I was terrified, but when I finally got home

Admitting what the evening glory is and fighting

can faintly take a look at the tyranny



me yeah yeah

yeah yeah

The corporal is looking for such a woman with a good ana.

N to see er cani

[Music] ni

Until now

me tar


big e

9 minutes

It’s my mistake to bring you here



me [music]



Ah ah


[Music] me

me me

me me

Only the love of the overlay overflows with black hair

I left in a

Being hit by constant hydrofluoric acid

But I by the evening look

The folk sierra that women also love with their fingers

Then, depending on the cicada, the woman and the man also had the accounting to choose the man.

Through these two experiences, I was taught that

In that case, even after fujitsu is in operation, it is not possible to select and sell it on its own.

Why choose yourself

Grace oc disturbance

I've decided on 6 so I visited the Otorobe room

Is this a folding screen?

Old woman




Listen to everyone, I'm the one who misses what I can do

It is said loudly that the cherry blossoms are mysterious

I lie and listen to my wishes

Please know the guide to the canon yellow


I will drop in at a barnacle with some wind.

Then, the ward that guides me

It's a kit


This is a bad thing, so this is a bad thing

I come here often because I think it's not possible.

But they have to be this good Mikiota

That's right, please have a heart 2005

Has been in black letters and has suffered so far

My mother died when I was young [music]

My mother is dark

I didn't have any good feelings [Music]


[Music] I got sick and fell down because of a violent impulse.

When I finally joined the spring, I visited Holy in Kitayama to express my thanks to the casino.

Koga is already a mountain gate

People with high virtue can benefit and live in such places. From the autumn of last year, Hara also stayed at home.

more I'll make it easier with this fire

I don't want to mess around. I wonder if I had leaves. I missed my recommendation because I wanted to feed the dog well.

Even though I finally lost my wings,

It’s a really light house, isn’t it possible to eat at booths?

What a cute lady with a gentle heart

You're Mr. Garu Genji. It's a rain of gilet with full width.

Then, this sound thin Miko is on the purple that is hit by the woman of Fujitsubo.

I got a young purple top and my body finally regained brightness, but fate didn't smile at me yet

In response to the wisdom of Fujitsubo

I've been to most of the people you called. Today I have a big story, so you should be able to see Toun.

Did you meet the young barnacle?

Let's still look at it. Oh Myou is this

Baby is a new skill

Maybe you've found you since you were young

This child looks the same as you

I wonder if everyone is like this when they are small

Today I want to listen to the ensemble of Japanese and Sonata

Get used to one song


I wonder if this is you

Come to Daito Mu

I have something I want to talk about. Sorry.

Please don't face the child [music]

Mikoto looks like a male

I want to retire on cryo day and give you respect

[Music] Instead

Please rub to these 2 schools Tohashi if you promise

I'm everyone in the 2nd ward live

I think these three pieces are so cute that they are irreplaceable.

Please understand



This kind of music [music]

Randen's Flower Feast Day I was walking around the barnacles

Which extremity of the exhalation valve is facing

If I notice that one of the doors is empty, I can't control my liking

I stabbed the inside of Hosoden [Music]

[Laughter] [Music]

[Music] Listen



Nobody looks creepy

It is a knot wrapped around

8 call me and i'm not afraid

Shogaku no Samurai

Take me as a good egg of thom

I hate you

It's the style of sound that can be done after the next emperor.

I wish for julienne

Yeah because he loves me

Good good good

Ah ah


[Music] Not blue

I took on the role of a sunny day

4 days

From bloomers to my wife's Aoi thighs

Is throwing a smile on me

Fearing the support of the car on the side of Aoi from the battle for the place of the car

Saying that there is someone who secretly casts eyes on Nagae from the shadow

I don't know that [music]

What are you doing on Aoi

Childbirth day

Ah ah ah [Applause]


[Applause] ni


[Music] ni


Not included car

ni ni

[Music] me




me me


Various [Music]


[Music] Ah ah

I'm not in the gallery

Ah ah ah ah how many years have moms been

[Music] Aaan


yeah yeah

[Music] Ah ah

Ah ah ah ah


Ah ah ah ah ah ah

It seems to be for women

Let's live [Music]



me [music]

dea me

me yeah yeah yeah

Ah ah ah ah ah

Ah ah

Yeah yeah yeah



[Music] [Applause]

[Music] Entered


Who is this person

Climbing to the car


I'm grateful for the wind

[Music] [Applause]


Ah ah


People and banners Because it is something that you want to get out like this, ingredients

Blue heart sure


The name of the disease was

Please say the sound clearly [Music]


Rokusho [Music]

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Take a rose, oh oh ni


Good good yeah yeah

me [music]

Good good good me

me me



Yeah, this is the birth of Toko-kun.

A dog

Good good

Well, isn't there a change so quickly?

I have a dreadful dream

What smell does it smell like

Commissioned when sesame

With the smell of death

The funny thing is that we don't do 50,000 things.

I'm not good at it

Aoi is gone last night

Mononoke no Gori


Welcome back

Mr. Aoi's misfortune and the joy of the young man

Which do you want me to say

It's a motor that won the day

From tonight you can be sanctioned by me

What hinders me I'm on purple like a darling

I'm unhappy

My misery cannot be saved unless Iwa is my wife

How good it is

Do you say this is the only way?

There is no way to seek the truth other than the shredding of Inose.

The change in my life was that the Emperor of the water base Kiritsubo was destroyed.

I'm blind to the stake that I haven't lost my powerful backing

Emperors of this scale are playing high later

Now there's no such thing as a hindrance between the two

It’s good that I can paste it as I wish


No, it’s not out of the way I’m done with the setup so far

Thank you for making one mistake together. Please forgive me for making one mistake new 3 times and why there is something wrong

Let's get my chest coming

Shows that I also do not suffer


H me

Yeah yeah yeah



At 6 o'clock, it is finally said that the shrine will be heterosexual, so I asked the bar to ask the shrine,

At last, the shrine abandoned me

But not all of us who have forsaken me

Fujitsubo Onmata


[Music] good



[Music] tan

Yeah yeah yeah re

Hmm x good method


Please wait

What is this all about?

It will be Tenso 3-figure with only 5 units

Then show me to you

I'm the only one who will give up

4-1 It's all Genji-no-kun

What did you eat? There is no place to be upset.

I should be happy to send Nakamiya

Ugh [music]

M [music]

me [music]



[Music] Don't let the loneliness of your body fall into the storm of lust

There is no otsukitsu and the Emperor's 9 No Narrative Commission tells him

Suddenly asked with the four ministers that would have destroyed

Yeah that person on this men's day


Light genji this body

pal propaganda

It's a mansion



The light of light genji has also been lost.

Bach From now on, ignition of the right minister's house to where I flew

I'm standing up, I'm Mino and Gare

Sumo will be run [Music]

I'm gone, no one will visit

[Music] Boone

Where pine garden

There are complete entitlements for farms and other documents that are illusory.

[Music] Please manage this carefully and wait for my slope day

[Music] Ubi thinking

What is your treasure?

Save home

Please meet me in the mirror [Music]

Shall the god shape enter the person shed?



Hmm pr


[Music] car


Yeah yeah yeah

M [music]


moon sounds

4 minutes


That's 3

Hakko's mirror

It was here to stay

Naegusa Yumemaru p

Dear thing


Good good good


teame [music]

Pical days are good

Ask gimme pome

[Music] me



[Music] wh



I will pick you up [Music]

Yeah yeah yeah [music]

To tell the truth, Suma no Ura is a big place that does not set a caria a little far away.

One day I've finally come to spring

The admission of the person who visits me is that the entrance to Akashi was with my daughter.

Anyway, my product 1

Please see Bach Hahaha

To us, it’s delicious. For more competitions like me, Nagi has more spoon Nahahahaha.

Directly using workers, I'm sorry, fatigue and fish shop 5

I don't have to worry about relying on someone like you as the ruler because I'm going to rub my chest

Even if I tie it, I do as much as I can and I also do road education everyday.


After all, this kind of thing is not a hands-on education, Mr. Hikari said he was a master of hands-on education.

Seeing one near me and using my daughter

It may be a drawback that there is no weakness like Kyojo.


I was able to say hello to the following Kimi-sama


I'm sorry for my daughter

Mr. Tagen will be the third daughter of the pot soon

p yeah yeah yeah

roo par


re ahahahahahaha



tan al


Ugh [music]

Well, it seems that Kyowa Denki's entrance is lined up well.

Hahahaha was

That's about 8th place, osho


Cal refueling humans can neglect with the bank and physical strength

Kyoto Day I can't work as a man because I eat all the sweetfish, Nappa and the sea


Now, enjoy it in Thailand


This is a delicacies that I have never seen


If there's no Genji-kun in any play

You may feel lonely

I still had that, and I thought so.

Don't you think so

Do you think yes

When I died

I feel the name

Who will it be for?

Is it because of the sadness of autumn?


I'm going



Yeah ame



Hungry child a

I'm fine

It looks like something's shining

re Marugenri no Kimi

Is voice is voice

The voice of the father

[Music] ni


[Applause] yeah



Why was it like this in Osawa

Ah ah ah, don't change the voices of the 4 groups

c Intuition is 3ds

Ushirou Wow


[Music] wh

Tomi correct light tan

see me the Ninomiya 4a

Why do you make promises with me for a long time based on Mr. Genji

The basement parent who passed the current situation wakes up the child

Forgive me for making mistakes.

me pong can be fixed

Let's welcome you to the ventilation

It seems that it is also the original swing

tan n ame


[Music] Meaningful

Yeah yeah yeah yeah to part

The wish of Yan tree is actually in love with his button mountain

The former is probably better

I will return to the three roles and there will be 8 days 2 target number of operating

When it's not there

All the weaknesses and towns are forgiven

To reach the point of insult [music]

Run to do 50% towards the future

It's better to know that that is more important.



Yeah yeah yeah

par yeah yeah yeah

Good good good n ame


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah me


dee me

uh yeah yeah yeah


Yeah yeah yeah


ame mem

me me

me eme

me me

ame ano ko ni

bea me

me rar

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Udon me


To my intuition, I am Kyoto Yen

How are you ever

You can go up to Emperor Suita

Even that possibility is quiet

Compassionate Naoki Asahi

West 2 Daddy Makoto and a hand to some attracted women

But in a fulfilling life with purple on

I'm happy enough [music]

Ema this next hill

Should I just take the next floor up?

[Music] [Applause]

[Music] me

wh uh

H me

Kun me

2 [Music]

me me

One One One One One One One One


ni me

Foot is my cup

Please accept one

Thank you for your cooperation today.

The frame is not called birth

The woman who sometimes removes the saddle and steps off the road

I'm going to the hospital


Look at this

Is not it cute

I am very similar

I wonder if it's a little like that

No, that shouldn't be the case

This is a bad habit of old people.



Ah ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ni

Ah ah [music]

Good good

Ah ah ah ah [music]


here you go

Ah ah ah ah

So hahahaha

Ah 2


me me

goo 2

Ha [music]


[Music] [Applause]

none Kashiwagi got stuck in the groom

I went to Oniwaka

And then, Onna Sannomiya 6


My condition has deteriorated and I am asked to love spelling

I am worried about you

Please forgive me about the shy mysterious daughter

Dad please make me a hole

Young empty wishes

Let's do a lot of things

Is not through

Azusa wants to survive with her words



Kushida answered the wishes of the house

The one who cares for you has been disturbed since you died

Let's stop Amanumabe's princess teya as a 3 of Thailand

I asked for a princess failure

It’s the same when I’m dead.

Please forgive my name


23rd floor no tune 7

Yumi together


al [music]

The view of the detergent with the autumn breeze is something you will never get tired of

Haginoue soup was like that seen in the wind

I wonder if I can put a watermark

Akashi no Niko's Alpha after my daughter

I gave it to Nakanomiya of Kinjo

Redeem my day is weak

Your sea mother is a tough one

If you don't have that kind of bloodline, it's useless from now on.

Who is the mother's teaching

Taku City

I wanted to bring a worker's house into a stagnant house

That was one of his wishes.

And all live with hope

I couldn't fulfill all my wishes

Thanks to you day

Only one thing

I'm visiting you, but it's best to be up and up.

After hearing from a while ago, chatting with something

I am a little tired, and the woman of Akashi is about to go to the court a

I want to take my mother's hand after 5

I'm getting a little bit tough

Turned off

Then I'm not going to akira


[Music] Oh yesterday

M [music]


me suga cheek

[Music] Nee mom



Somehow ni

Young man [music]

Red soup

Solo exhibition is luck


Not exhausted

Ah yes the city


me [music]


ee [music]



Libya has a nice smoke

Citizen of the prefecture

Touch af sky

[Music] [Applause]


[Music] [Applause]