Geng: The Adventure Begins (2009) - full transcript

Two best friends, Badrol and Lim went to Badrol's village (kampong) where he grew up, with intentions to experience some long-forgotten true Malaysian life in his Grandfather's durian orchard. However their simple holiday trip is cut short by the discovery of a clue that leads them closer to the legend of the mystery house deep in the forest. Together with their newly found friends, Rajoo the animal-whispering boy, Rose the village beauty, and her two mischievous twin brothers, Upin and Ipin, they work together to unravel the secrets surrounding the small Kampong.

It never ends.

Exactly! One war after another.

- World War, Cold War, Civil War, Gulf War.
- We now go live, state-side with news

- from our reporter Rokiah.
- There's no end to it.

- Hey, move!
- The villagers of Kampung Durian Runtuh

have reported on the case of
missing durian fruits in their orchards.

- I've seen this place before...
- In Malaysia,

- we live in peace and harmony.
- The villagers believe that this is tied

- to the mystery surrounding the village.
- We should all be thankful.

To get a better understanding
of this mystery,

I have Senini bin Khamis here.

Or better known as Tok Dalang.

- That's my grandpa!
- Sir,

when did this incident start?

Okay, is this thing on?

I can start, right?

It has been going on for quite some time.

What is actually happening
in this village?

Well, every durian season,
the durians go missing.

But this time, the peels are
scattered all over the place.

It someone stole the durians,
they wouldn't leave the skins around.

Look at that... and that!

If it was an animal, there would be holes.

But these were peeled perfectly!

I believe this is the work
of the Durian Ghost!

- Why do you believe that it was a ghost?
- Of course it was a ghost!

I've put out many traps
but none were set off.

I even have proof. Follow me.

Look at this. Look!

No persons or animals could've
made these prints!

But, isn't this a human footprint?

Nonsense! Look at this.
This toe is slightly longer.

But this is your footprint.

Oh, yeah. Not this one.

It's over here.

Look at this. It's different.

- This is definitely the Durian Ghost's.
- But, sir...

If it's a ghost, how
can there be footprints?

There you go. The "mystery" of the
Durian Ghost. Back to you at the studio.

- Wow, my grandpa is famous now!
- Hey, Badrol...

does he know that we're going there?

Yes, he does. Yesterday I--

Why are you bringing all those things?

You know the phrase,
"Prepare an umbrella before it rains"?

That's right. My umbrella!

Whatever, Lim. I'm going to bed.

I'll have to wait forever
before you finish packing.

Hey, Badrol...

where's my umbrella?




What is it?

Hey, mister...

what happened?

A tire was punctured.

How long are we to wait?

- Hello?
- Yeah.

- What's going on?
- One of the tires blew again.

- Where are you?
- Same place.

- Where's that?
- At Batu Lima.

Why does it always blow up...?

You're lucky you're my father.

What do we do now, mister?

We wait.

How long do we have to wait?

Not that long.

They'll be here tomorrow.

Tomorrow? How much further
do we have to go?

See for yourself.


Gosh, I'm so tired, Badrol.

When are we going to get there?

You said we were almost there.

Stop complaining. I'm tired too.

You're just tired.

I'm so thirsty.


Why did you stop?

Come on up.

Peace be with you, Uncle.

Peace be with you too.

Thank you, Uncle.

- What are you names?
- I'm Badrol.

This is Lim.

My name is Singh. Just call me Singh.
This is Pak Mail.

- Where are you boys heading?
- We're going to Durian Runtuh Village.

That's where we're going as well.

- Why are you going there?
- To see my grandpa.

He has a durian orchard.

Durian? Yummy.

I found a really big durian the other day.

- As big as this truck.
- Are you sure?

Of course. Why would I lie?

Boss! He thinks I'm lying. Here, look!

What do you think? Nice, isn't it?

I love taking pictures.
Wherever I go...

- I must bring my camera.
- Wow! Whose house is that?

It's huge.

- Hey, don't ever go near that house.
- Why, Uncle?

That house was been abandoned
a long time ago.

- People say that place is cursed.
- Cursed?

Haunted. Have you ever heard
of the Durian Ghost?

There's been sightings of the Durian Ghost
around there at night.

So don't even think of going there.

- What's Uncle Muthu doing?
- Hey, what's Uncle Muthu doing?

Let's go look.

Higher, Uncle, Higher!

Boss, one teh tarik please.

- Get lost.
- Hey, don't you have any snacks?

I'm starving.

They are not here yet, sweetie.



Grandma is here! Yay!

Grandma is here! Yay!

- Grandma is here!
- I see my two grandsons are here.

You need to go home with Ros, okay?

- Okay, Grandma.
- Okay.

- Let's play tag.
- Okay.

- Tag! You're it!
- Hey, Salleh.

What's the matter with you?

My name is Sally.



- Whatever.
- Have you finished my dress?

Not yet, Mak Uda. The buttons
keep falling off.

They're absolutely devastating
to my beautiful nails.

Well, just get it done quick.
I'm planning to wear it to a wedding.

- Ah Tong.
- There she goes again gossiping.

Did you watch TV last night?

It was scary.

Tok Dalang was talking about
the Durian Ghost.

There's no such thing as ghosts.

It was a fox that ate those durians.

I've been living here for so long.

Grandma's been here even longer.

There's no ghosts. Even more,
no ghosts that eat durian.


You know, Ah Tong...

you never believe what people tell you.

I need to tell my old man.

- One day the ghost will come get you.
- Hey, Salleh!

Aren't you waiting for your snacks?

It's fine. I'm full just looking at you.
It's been a long journey.

Uncle, are we there yet?
It's been a long journey.

Oh, we're almost there.

Here we are.


That Mak Uda is always
talking about ghosts.

She's crazy.

Muthu, how much do I owe you?

Darn kids.

I don't remember where
my grandfather's house is.

Let's just ask someone.

You can't catch me!

Hey, get down!

Naughty kids! Always goofing around.

- Kids are supposed to play.
- What do you want to drink?

I have tea, teh tarik,
iced milo, iced tea,

iced barley, iced and warm water.

Food? Roti, egg roti, sardine roti,
butter roti, fried noodles,

fried Maggi, also with egg, nasi lemak,
fried rice, Pattaya fried rice and more.

Hey, stop playing around.

It's okay, Uncle.

- Do you know where is Tok Dalang's house?
- Tok Dalang's house?

Sure. Just walk straight ahead.

When you see Uncle Samad's
chicken coup, turn left.

Then when you see the bridge, turn right.

Wait, is that right?

I'm also confused. Do you understand?

Oh, no. You don't understand?

Hey, come over here Upin, Ipin.

No. You scolded us just now!

Hey! Just come here.

You two, go show them
the way to Tok Dalang's house.

Tok Dalang's house? Let's go.

- It's easy.
- Just follow them.

- Thank you, Uncle.
- Uncle Muthu.

Oh, Ros.

I've brought some grilled pulut
and curry puffs.

All right, Ros. Give me a second.

- What are you two looking at?
- What?

- Nothing.
- Come on, guys. Quick.

Ros, this is last night's pay.

Thank you. I'll be going now.

You're welcome, sweetie.

Hey, Upin... Ipin.

Where are you going?
Let's go home.

We're going home.
You're the one who's slow.

Don't be angry with them, Ros.

I've asked them to show those boys
the way to Tok Dalang's house.

- Just go with them.
- Jeez.

- They're always so annoying.
- Hey! Just go with them.

Pak Mail.

Pak Mail.

Pak Mail.

- Hey! Are you deaf?
- What?

I'm scared. People keep talking

about the Durian Ghost. It's scary.

It's nothing.

Nothing? Say it, don't spray it.

Fine. I'm going in first.

Hey, out of the way.

God help me.

Watch it or I'll come get you.

I'd like to see you try.

Bro... is Tok Dalang your grandfather?

- Do you know Tok Dalang?
- Of course.

Everyone knows that stingy old man.

- That's right.
- Just like his grandson.

Hey, Ipin. Look at that! Let's shoot.

Yeah! Bullseye!

You two brats!

You're going to get chased
by that goose.

Come catch us!

Just like Kak Ros!

These kids!

Run! A huge goose is coming!

Are those two your brothers?

Where are you two from?

- We're...
- From KL.

- Bro, we've arrived.
- That's Tok Dalang's house.

That's right! Thanks, kids. Thanks, Ros.

See you later.

You got hit by a slipper. Poor thing.

Hey, Upin, Ipin. Let's go home.

And go grab my slipper.

Peace be with you, Grandpa.

- Grandpa?
- Peace be upon you too. Just a moment.

Grandpa! It's Badrol. Your grandson.


My grandson?

Oh, Badrol!

- Grandpa!
- Oh, Badrol!

It's been such a long time.
Are you alone?

- Grandpa. I'm here.
- Hey?

Don't you recognize your own grandson?

Oh, now I can see you.

How you have grown.

Grandpa, this is my friend, Lim.

- Mom and Dad send their love.
- Peace be with you.

That's it?

What else, Grandpa?

They should have sent along
some money or a check...

Something better than sending their love.
Whatever. Come on in.


2007 Shadow Play champion!

Badrol's grandpa must be really good.

- I'm cuter.
- Hey, Lim. What would you like to drink?

Anything is fine.

- Just plain water?
- You just said anything is fine.

Allah is great.

Finished your drinks? Why don't you
two go for a walk around the village.

I'm going to the mosque.

We're tired, Grandpa.
We've been walking all day.

You're too young to be tired.
Just take my bike.

I can walk to the mosque.

I'll be going now.

The bike keys are by the door.

The other bike is in the garage.

Let's go unpack first.

- It's been a while since I rode a bike.
- I'm tired.

Come on, just for a little while.
Besides, we won't be walking.

What's wrong with this bike?

Great, it works.

Hey, what are you doing?
Go get your own bike.

- What bike?
- The one in the garage.

Here are the keys.

Still not tired after a whole day of
walking. Now he wants to go for a ride.

Don't be nervous.
You must be calm when you drive.

You have to imagine that
driving is like...

Everything okay?


You like eating my dust.

You're just lucky.

- I gave you a chance back there.
- Whatever.

- Yeah, right.
- Hey!

You've ruined my radio!

You call that a radio?


See? You've made Sapy angry.

Sapy! Go!

I thought it was going to eat me.

- I'm telling my dad!
- Okay, we'll...

- replace your radio.
- No!

Just tell us what you want.
We'll get it for you.


I want that.

You mean this?

Don't cry. We'll lend you
a radio tomorrow morning, okay?

- What's your name?
- Raju.

Where at tomorrow morning?

At Tok Dalang's house.

Okay. You promise?

Yes, I promise.

Sapy, when we go to Tok Dalang's house...

- Something's wrong with this boy.
- Okay, Sapy. Let's go home.


It's fast!

Hey, Badrol. Do you think he'll
come tomorrow?

Chill, man.

We'll be out tomorrow morning anyway.

- What are you worried about?
- Oh, yeah. That's right.

- Grandpa.
- Yes?

The other day you were on TV...

what were you talking about?

The Durian Ghost.

What's with the Durian Ghost?

It's like this.

There's an old house
deep in the jungle.

It's haunted. Nobody dares to go near it.

Oh, that's the house that Pak Mail
was talking about. Right Badrol?

If nobody dares to go near,
how do they know it's haunted?

Be quiet. What do you know?

What does the ghost look like?

It's horrifying!

It's eyes are glowing red
with razor sharp teeth.

If it catches you...

There was this one time, Pak Dollah...
You remember him?

He saw three of them!

That's three, Grandpa.

Have you seen it yourself?

That's enough. I'm going
to the orchard now.

Going to the orchard?
Aren't you scared?

No. If I see it, I'll fight them off.

Your grandpa is so brave.

I'm much braver.

Jeez! Grandpa!

I'll be going now.

Come on, let's go in.


- Where's the toilet?
- Gosh, what's wrong with you?

- Why didn't you go earlier?
- Come on, I can't wait any longer.

In the kitchen. Go there
and open the back door.


The wooden door.
Do you see it?

- Yeah.
- That's the one.

Oh, my God. I'm dead.

- That was fast.
- Shut up.

Can I borrow your radio?

You! I can't even use the
toilet in peace.

Out of the way.

Were there a lot of durians, Grandpa?

Of course. And big ones too.

But I only brought back one.

- Only one.
- That's not enough.

This is mine. If you want to eat,
go get it yourself.

Grandpa, how do we get to your orchard?

- You've forgotten?
- I know!

Oh, Raju. When did you get here?

- At four this morning.
- Go with them to the orchard then.

He knows the way around the village.

A nap sounds good right now.

Alright. I'll give you the radio later.

- Are you serious? Really?
- Hey, Raju.

- Didn't you say you'd lead the way?
- Yes, let's take my "car".

- Car?
- Car?


What are you waiting for? Hop on.

This boy is crazy.

Okay, Sapy. Go!

Hey, Raju. Does your cow
really understand you?

Of course. When I speak,
every animal understands me.

When they speak, only I understand.

- Yeah, right.
- You don't believe? Watch.

Sapy, stop!

Okay, watch. Sapy, go!

You still don't believe?
Sapy, stop!

Okay, Sapy, go!

What happened now?
Out of fuel?

Beep, beep, beep.


- Where are you guys going?
- We're going to the orchard.

Orchard? We're coming too!

- Going to the orchard. Yay.
- These kids again...

Sapy, go!

- It's not moving.
- Of course not.

- He only listens to me.
- Then tell him to move now.

Have you forgotten, bro?
Give me the radio first.

Fine. Take it.

Alright, Sapy, go!

Upin, Ipin, where are you guys going?

- To the orchard. Bye-bye.
- Bye!

Don't be too late. Come back to eat.

Hey, Raju. Play a song!

Upin, look over there.

Tapioca plants
Are the easiest to care for

We should do unto others
As they do unto us

With the train we go
To the shooting range

If we're not careful
We could get sidetracked

Let's fill this day with happiness

As we all sing along

Move your body and feet

Along to this joyful song

Never be lazy, never be proud

Winning isn't forever,
Losing builds character

Your heart's still young,
And filled with youth

Have principles
And mind your manners

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Ros, look!

You can ruffle a bird's feathers
Like birds of a feather, we stick together

So forget about yesterday
Tomorrow's a new day

Let's fill this day with happiness

As we all sing along

Move your body and your feet

Along to this joyful song

Prosperity comes when you start correctly
Live your life filled with kindness

Never forget your prayers
It's the pillar of faith

Be mindful of the future,
choose your friends

Acts of kindness
makes you a better person

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

We all plant tapiocas
As they are the simplest

We should do unto others
As they would do unto us

Let's fill this day with happiness

As we all sing along

Move your body and your feet

Along to this joyful song

Let's fill this day with happiness

As we all sing along

Move your body and your feet

Along to this joyful song

What's the matter with this boy?

Okay, bros. Get off.

Yay, we've arrived.

- We've arrived?
- Let's get off.

Wait here, Sapy. Eat some grass.
We'll be back soon. Don't run off.

You heard him.

- Welcome to my grandpa's orchard.
- Wow.

There's so many durians!

Of course.

My grandpa and I planted all
of these trees together.

- Hey, what are you doing?
- Climbing a durian tree. What else?

Nobody climbs a durian tree.

We wait for the durians to fall.

- What a funny guy.
- He doesn't know anything.

- You're embarrassing me.
- How was I supposed to know?

City boy.

- Yeah.
- So, what now?

- We wait.
- Okay, I'll wait.

When the first durian falls...

- I have dips.
- I don't want to play.

Oh, don't be mad again.

This is taking forever.
When will the durian fall, Badrol?

It's so hot!

And there's mosquitoes everywhere.

It's my turn now.

Yeah, you got it.


Yeah, got it.

Hey, Lim. Did you hear that?

- It's mine.
- Hey, wait for me.


Where is that durian?

Badrol, over here.

What kind of footprint is this?

It's the Durian Ghost, Badrol.

- Durian Ghost!
- What's wrong with you?

- There aren't ghost during the day.
- Then what is all this?

- You missed!
- It's the wind.

Oh, really?

I don't feel any wind.

None at all.

Hey, it's your turn, quick.

- You can't hit mine.
- Of course. What do you know?


Yay, I won! Raju lost!

What's the big deal?
You've only won once.

Don't be angry, Raju. Alright,
let's start the game again.

What's that?

What is it, Raju?

- That!
- What kind of animal is that?

- It's so cute!
- Let's chase it.

- Upin, Ipin, don't!
- Come on, quickly, Raju!

Oh, no.

You still don't believe it? These are the
footprints your grandpa mentioned.


That's the feet of the Durian Ghost!

What an angry looking ghost.

- Where are my brothers?
- In the hut over there.

- Hut? Where?
- They were there just a second ago.

Oh, look at that.

- Oh, so cute.
- I swear they were just here.

So cute. I want to hold it.

Don't run away!

Quick. Quick.

Chase it! Chase it!


Don't run away!

Wait! Wait!

There it is.

How do we get down there, Upin?

Hold tight.

- Oh, no!
- Turn right!

- Help us.
- Daddy! Daddy...

Oh, no. It stopped.

What a relief.

What are you doing, Upin?

- Fall, fall, fall. Ipin, help me.
- Don't do it, Ipin.

Quick, Ipin.

Think of the future, Ipin.

Oh, no.


Oh, my God.


Hey, thank goodness we didn't die.


- Always up to no good.
- We were just playing.

Where are we?

Let's go.

Where did it go?

It was here just now. Right, Raju?

Whatever. You guys only know
how to play around.

- Did you fart?
- No, I didn't.

- He's the one who farted.
- Hey, that's the smell of durian.

- It came from over there.
- Let's go.


What are these kids up to now?

There it is!

Catch it! Catch it!
Don't let it get away!

That sounds like them.

Hey, don't be afraid.

- It's so cute.
- It's fur is so pretty.

Here you go.

Delicious, right?


Can I have more?

- More?
- Give him more, Raju.

I don't have anymore.

Here, take this radio.

It doesn't like it.

What's your name?

Its name is Oopet.


Oopet, my name is Upin.
This is Ipin.


What are you?
Do you live here?

- What did it say, Raju?
- Oopet says it's not from here.

Then why are you here?


- Oopet, don't run away.
- Upin! Ipin!

Kak Ros!

Upin! Ipin!


- Oh, no.
- Run, Ipin!

What are you two doing here?

- Ouch! That hurts!
- How did you guys get here?

We were chasing Oopet.

Oopet? What is that?

The creature who stole the duri--

Thank goodness nothing happened.
It's fine if you're lost...

Where is my CD player?

- I'll give you back tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? I want it now. Where is it?

- Enough, let's go. Upin, Ipin, let's go.
- Kak Ros! Wait for me.

- Hey, where is it?
- Enough. Ros is getting mad. Let's go.

Which one of these is the way home?

What do we do, bro?

- This way. Let's go.
- Quick, quick.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah. Don't worry.

- We'll be there in no time.
- Really? How do you know?

I grew up here. Of course I know.

Hey, this looks familiar...

We're lost.


Yay. Lost. We're lost.

Raju. What does "lost" mean?

"Lost" means we can't go home!

Where are those kids?
It's almost Maghrib and they're not home.

Peace be with you.

And peace be with you too.

Dalang, have you seen my grandchildren,
Ros and her brothers?

- They haven't been back since morning.
- Tok Dalang, have you seen Raju?

This morning he told me
he was going to your house.

I told him to feed the cow.

But now, the boy, the cow
and the cart is missing.

Listen, let's gather here after Maghrib.

- We'll go look for them at the orchard.
- Oh, okay.

- I'll come back later.
- Where can they be?

- Lim, hurry up and get the fire going.
- Hold on.

I found it!

Oh, what's that?

Is that a pistol?

- Don't disturb me.
- We were just asking.

What is Raju up to?

Wow, fire.

Oh, it's nice and warm.

You brought too many useless things.

Useless? What do you know?
You're just a kid.

A kid? Let's see.

Hey, what are you doing? Don't.
All my precious things.

What's this? You even brought
your robot?

What? Robot! I want to play.

Don't touch it!

What a mess! You'd better clean up...

What's wrong, bro?
Oh, no. I'm sorry.

It's okay. Hey, Badrol...

- come with me for a while.
- Where are we going?

Just follow me.

- I want to go.
- No, come here!

- But, we have nothing to do.
- Where is the tissue?

Just sit here quietly.

Raju, clean up the mess.


- This is far enough. Quick.
- Okay.

Hold this. Don't peek.

As if I have nothing better to do.

Hey, don't!

Sis, look at the moon.

It's almost gone.

What is that, sis?

- Hey, Lim. Hurry up.
- Be patient.

- You're so slow.
- What...

- Were you scared?
- Whatever. Let's go. It's about to rain.

You're right.

We'll get wet.

Oh, no, where are we
going to sleep, Badrol?

You're so noisy.

- Are you sure we're on the right path?
- Yeah.


What's that noise?

Quick, find the flashlight?

Why did you drop it, Badrol?

Oh God! Oh God! Save me. Save me.


Oopet, what are you doing here?

What is this creature? What's happening?

- Oopet told us to run!
- What?


Run! Run!

Kak Ros!

Run over.

Kak Ros, there's a...



- Upin!
- Lim!

Where are they?

- Badrol!
- Hey, Mak Uda...

These look like my grandson's marbles.

Don't tell me... the Durian Ghost...

Tok Dalang, don't say that!

What is that?

Don't eat me! Don't eat me! I'm skinny.

- You frightened us!
- Ah Tong!

What are you doing here?

I was going to catch the fox.
What are you all doing here?

My grandchildren and those city boys
are not back yet.

I'm worried, Ah Tong.
The Durian Ghost.

There are no ghosts.
How many times must I tell you?

Ah Tong, don't say that so loud!
The ghost will come.

Oh no! We're done for!

Where's the ghost? Tell it to come out.
I'll shoot it.

- Raju, what was that thing just now?
- I have no idea, sis.

I think it might be the Durian Ghost.

- Durian Ghost?
- Sis, where are we?

I don't know either.

It's so dark.

How are we going to find the way out?

I can't see anything.

Hey, Raju...

See if there's a flashlight in the bag.

There's no flashlight. But what is this?

Let's go, Upin, Ipin.
We have to find the way out.

Kak Ros, wait for me.

Quick, Raju.

You're so slow.

Which way is out?

What's that, sis?

What's wrong, Oopet?


Stop chasing me!



Oh, no! What do we do now?

Quick, this way!

Stop chasing me!

Get up!

Quick, hide.

Oh God! Save me!



Why me?


Get up, Raju!

Ipin! Watch out!


Run! Quick!

Straight. Over there!

Straight, in front!

Go, faster!


Quick, Oopet! Quick!




Who threw this away?

- Upin!
- What a waste.

What is that?

This belongs to Badrol's friend.

My God, what should we do?
My grandchildren...

Sis, are we getting closer to home?

It looks like we are going
deeper into the forest.

Hey, what's that?


What a beautiful firefly!

Sis, look at all those fireflies!

There's so many of them.

- They are so pretty.
- Quick, Upin, catch one!


They're so pretty.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Kak Ros, Oopet said he lost his
mother back in the cave.

- It's mother?
- Oopet...

how did it happen?

When he woke up, he tried to find
his mother. But he got lost.

No wonder you were in the orchard.

So you're the one who
ate all those durians!

- Oopet asking us to help find its mother.
- What? Find his mother?

How can we find its mother
when we're lost as well?

- But we have to help him, sis.
- He must really be missing her.

Fine, we'll help him look for her.

Don't worry, Oopet, we'll look
for your mother together.

Yeah, you'll see her again soon.

Hey, Upin, there's a firefly
in your hair.

Lower your head, Upin.

- I caught a firefly!
- Let me see! Let me see!

- No way!
- Just let me see it.

Let me see!

It flew away.

What's that?

Okay, okay.

That sounds like the ghost...

Brother Badrol and Brother Lim!




Run, Lim!

Help me, Badrol!

Are you okay, Lim?

Uncle Singh!

You kids...

You guys are making things
difficult for us.

Let's go.


Yeah. Hey!
Why did you bring the boys here?

I found these boys meddling around.

Let us go, you poacher!

Tie them up at the back.

Okay, boss. Here, boss,
you have a missed call.

Give me that.

Oh, no. This is business.

- Hello?
- Hello.

- Yes.
- Everything okay?

- Oh, Mail. Are you done?
- Yes, we're ready to go.

- Have you got everything ready?
- It's all here!

- Bring them over.
- Okay.

I have an animal.

- It's huge.
- Is it a bear?

- No, not a bear.
- Is it an elephant?

- No, it's not an elephant.
- Just send it.

Okay, I'll send it tomorrow.

- Okay.
- Do you have my money?

Okay, good.


After I receive it, I'll send the money.
Don't fool around.

- Of course. Tomorrow.
- Don't try to trick me.

You just prepare the money.

Okay, okay.

You stay here and keep an
eye on these boys.

Such a nuisance. It's always me.

You think I'm your slave
and have to obey your orders? Please!

It's so itchy.

Is that a girl?

No, it's a guy.

Lim, look!

Hey, Singh!

- Are you done?
- Not yet, boss.

- You told me to tie up the kids.
- So full of excuses.

- Go do it now.
- Okay, boss.


You scared me.

- Why aren't you guarding the boys?
- I helped tie them up.

If you're so worried,
go guard them yourself!

It's not like they can escape or anything.

That darn shorty! I'm so annoyed!

Don't be angry, Sally.
You'll get wrinkles.

Ros! Help.

- Kak Ros, wait here.
- Okay, be careful.

Oopet, climb in and open the door.

Go on, climb.

Okay, pull it.

Let's go.

Come on.

Only one more box.

Ros, quick. Help untie this.

Ros, there's a pair of
scissors in my bag.

Quick, quick.

Hurry up and untie us.

- This?
- It belongs to my little brother.

Hold on.

Raju, what is it trying to do?

Oopet, no!

Carry those things properly.

- Hey, what are you all doing here?
- Run! Quick!

Catch them, Singh!

Boss, watch out!

- Why you!
- There's no place to run.

Oh, no.


- Singh, help me!
- Boss, are you okay?

What do we do now?

Over there!

Quick, go inside.

Where is Raju?

Boss, they went this way.

You go check over there.

Just you wait. You're done for
once I get my hands on you.

What do we do, Badrol?
I don't want to die here.

Be quiet. Look.

Where are you hiding?

A cucumber ghost!

Ghost? Where?

- A hobgoblin!
- Brother Salleh?

Hey, it's Sally!

- Sis! Help me!
- Hey!

- Open the door!
- Singh, they are in here.

Hey! Ouch!

Lim, quick!

I know you're here!
There's nowhere to hide!

You're all going to get it.

Run, Oopet!


Just you wait.

Quick, Oopet, quick!


Let go of my brother.

If you want him, come and get him.

Good shot, Ipin.

You're really getting on my nerves.

You missed.

Is that all?

- Throw some more.
- Go on.

It's not like you can hit us.

- How dare you.
- You want to fight? Come on.

- Upin.
- Let's go.



You darn boys!

You think you can get away?

You darn kids are so annoying.

- Where is the way out?
- Quick, move the boxes away.

Kak Ros! Let's go, Oopet.

Get out. Quick.

- Wait for me.
- Quick, Raju!

- Raju, where's Oopet?
- What? Oopet?

I got you. So this is your mother?

- Hey! Let them go.
- What are you going to do now?

Upin, Ipin, hurry.

No! Don't eat me.



Oopet! Get up, Oopet!

- Oopet!
- Lim, hurry!


Quick, Singh. Faster, faster!

Run, boss!

- This way.
- Go inside, boss.

- Quick, get inside.
- We can't go in there! There's...

Get out of the way! Get in there, Singh.

Get in here!

Watch out!

- Quick!
- Run!

Pak Mail.


Hey, over here!

What are you doing, Badrol?

- Run!
- Boss!

- What about those kids?
- Just leave them! Save yourself first!

Quick! Run!

Upin! Ipin!

Quick! Run!

Oopet is so happy to see
his mother again.

Come on, Ipin.


We can go visit your home, Oopet?

What's wrong, Oopet?

- Oopet's mother said we can't follow.
- Why not?

Then how can we play with Oopet again?

This place is dangerous.
We shouldn't have come.

No one has ever come this far before.


we have to say goodbye now.

- Badrol!
- That sounds like my grandpa.

- Ros!
- They're looking for us.

- Badrol!
- Oopet, quick, run!


- Badrol!
- Quick, run!

Run! Run!

Oopet, don't turn around. Go home!

It's okay.

Don't be sad, Oopet.
You can finally go home.

We'll see each other again someday.

Stop crying. That’s embarrassing.

Don't forget us.

Go now.


- Bye, Oopet.
- See you again!


See you!

- Badrol!
- Raju!

- Lim!
- What happened here?

Where are my grandchildren?

What kind of mask is this?

Don't wear it. It could be cursed.

Hey, stop playing around.



- Badrol!
- Upin. Ipin.



- Grandpa!
- Oh, my darlings.

Are you all okay?

- We're fine, Grandma.
- Grandma!

We were chased by a huge snake!

- It had big sharp teeth!
- Okay, dear.

The most important thing is that
you are all safe.

- Raju, I was so worried!
- Dad, where's Sapy?

What? Sapy?
You're the best at troubling others!

- I can't even ask about Sapy?
- No!

- Hey, this belongs to you?
- Thank you very much.

- What a headache.
- Hey, Salleh! What are you doing here?

Grandpa, this is your Durian Ghost!

- Him? The ghost?
- He was pretending to scare the villagers.

- He's one of the poachers.
- Yeah!

So that's what you've been doing.
No wonder you couldn't finish my dress!

It wasn't my fault.

I was just following the others.

You're just following is it?
Now you can follow me to jail.

Jail? What did I do wrong?

Of course you're wrong. It's against
the law to catch protected animals.

I didn't know. I only followed
orders from Pak Mail and Singh.

What? Pak Mail and Singh?

Who are they? How dare they
scare the villagers like that.

- Now you follow me.
- Why me?

- Hey, be quiet.
- Badrol! Look what I found.


- Brother Lim, crack it open. Quick.
- Okay.

- Where's Raju?
- Raju is over there.

- Raju, come let's eat some durian.
- It's okay, bro.

- Here, you can have it.
- Really?

Of course. We're a gang.

We're all a gang.

Sis, look.

- What is this place?
- Yeah, boss.

This place looks unusual.

- We'll be rich if we sell this.
- You're right, boss.



Ipin, how did Grandma get here?

Hey, Tok Dalang! What are you doing?

- Fall, fall, fall. Uda, help me out.
- No, Mak Uda!

- Quick, Uda.
- No!

- Uda!
- Think about the future, Mak Uda!

Mak Uda!

Subtitle translation by Yves Liu