Generasi 90an: Melankolia (2020) - full transcript

Abby never thought he would have to lose this quickly. In his sadness, Sephia was always there to accompany him. But could Sephia help Abby to express her loss?

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Please get some water, By.

The electricity went out.


Come on, hurry up, By!

Iya, Bu. Can.

I was born on June 30, 2000.

In 1999, Chandra Wijaya and Toni Gunawan
took home the gold medals

Summer Olympics from
badminton to men's doubles.

Indonesia brought home
six medals at that time.

An unsolved record
to date.

The mother of someone who is sentimental
and tends to be hard on herself.

Has worked as a public accountant.

Mother likes to stockpile things.

For Mother,

all objects have memories
that can never be released.

Father is someone who is difficult to predict.

Have been in various professions.

In the last five years,

choose to work as a mediator

land acquisition
for hotels and tourist areas.


- Checkmate.
- Mother and Father married on April 8, 1994.

That same day, Kurt Cobain was
found lifeless.

According to the autopsy, he was thought to have
died three days earlier.

Almost 12 months later,

singer Nike Ardilla died
in a single accident.

On the same day, Indah was born.



The best cheerleader, sweatshirt enthusiast,

and the center of all the commotion.

Representatives of a generation
living in an era of existence,


and the internet.


At the age of five,

Indah was diagnosed with
attention deficit disorder,

accompanied by symptoms of impaired
concentration of attention and hyperactivity

with all the bad possibilities,

which in the end failed to prove except
because he could never remain silent.

- Hey! Cell phone!
- Mom!

- My cell phone!
- Uh! What is wrong?

- Give me the spoon! Beautiful! Abby!
- Beautiful, my cell phone!

In fact,

I can't imagine
you working in a place like that.


you know what you want.

Because the most dangerous one ...

living people,

but don't know what he wants

- It's Bing.
- Oops!

The lazy one.

Too old to be expected.

Willing to accept the living,

it means being willing to accept the dead.

Thank you for the memories

which is left to us.

Bing was hit by a truck and died.

That said, he was having a crush on the neighbor's dog
at the end of the complex.

Father buried him
in a vacant lot belonging to his friend.


It's been five years with Indah.

According to some male friends,

Abby has everything
a teenage boy needs

to be able to have wet dreams over and over again.

Without trying too hard,

family life is quite fun,

full of repetitive rhythms and patterns.

- It's my last year in high school.
- Happy Birthday!

Adolescence is coming to an end.

And this is Kirana, it has been a girlfriend for a year.

That's right, By, the story.

The Indian has great
respect for the female cow,

because they consider
it the symbol of all life.

But it is one of the causes of
poverty as well as hunger in India.


- Uh, Mother.
- Eat.

The world's most delicious chicken soup is ready to eat!

- Dad first. For Dad.
- Thank you.

Ms. Indah.

Oh yes.

Beautiful, you said you want to announce something?

What is wrong? So serious.

So, here it is.

Two months ago, there was an NGO in Singapore

provide opportunities
for newly graduated students.

The plan is about to be put in place

in several regions
in Asia and Africa.

Because from the first, my
father often talked about

hunger problem in some places,

and if there is an opportunity to want to
help it will not be wasted,

Beautiful so for fun applying.

Uh, it passed.

Just interview

and if you can,

the contract is one to two years.

When else have this opportunity?

Beautiful actually doesn't want to say,

but Mother said,

better tell stories from now.

So that if you really want,
there will be many who pray.

If you only want to help starving people,
there are still many here, Mbak Indah.

No need to go far.

Sephia why did you arrive at this time?
I've been waiting for you!

Today there is a lot to buy.
Have to go to the supermarket first.

Have you eaten yet?

We have to look at the clothes first.
Come on! We can't waste time.

Come on! Hurry!



No need to pretend to sleep!

Looks like you were spying.


What is wrong?

Sobbing, huh?

Don't sulk!

Even though she really wanted to have Mbak Indah
at Abby's graduation ceremony.

Again trying to
postpone the interview .

Can you?

Do not know. Again trying.

Abby don't sleep anymore, huh?


- Go to the supermarket.
- Not. I'm sulking.

- I'll buy you some ice cream. Abby!
- Do not want.

With Sephia.

Kirana is invited.


- Abby, wake up!
- Ouch! Yes!


Hurry, take a bath.

Five minutes.

Fix it, yes!

Phi, the liquid soap.

- Where? Yes.
- One?


Where's Kirana, By?

So it will follow, no?

Do not know. No news.


I agree.

This. For Mom to drink tea.

That's right, ma'am.

Yes Miss.

Since I tried to contact them,

but they took a long time to respond.

Yes Miss.

Please, yes, Ma'am.

Because I promised.
There is a family event.

Yes Miss.

Thank you.


Be patient. It's being processed.

Why don't you come?

Again went with his mother.

You should have said.

Ugly on me.

Phi? Why, Phi?

Very drowning. Still sick?

Not. It is okay.

This is funny.

I'll try, okay?

Seeing it is normal.

- What is wrong?
- You already have a boyfriend.

Good, no?

Phi, good or not?

So which shirt is this?

For Abby's birthday.


I can't accept your
request, Bayu.

I definitely prefer ...

miss you…

than I have to lose Indah.


- This one?
- Yes.

Not bad for spending Dad's time.


The interview has been pushed back.

So, you officially
have no reason to sulk anymore!

While Ms. Indah ...

always the place to ask the best.


and people who never tire of
giving encouragement.

Thank you, Ms. Indah,

to always be present

and provide support.

This graduation is for Mbak Indah.

Come on!

For Kirana and Abby.


all college entrance matters
made easier.

- Amen!
- Amen!

For Dad's beautiful son,


Hope the interview goes smoothly, honey.


I may or may not

don't join in the prayer?

Yes can.

Prayer is individual.

Must be from the heart.

Can't be forced.

I did.

Do not be sad!

In fact,

besides wanting to have work experience
that is rarely owned by many people,

Mbak Indah also wants to
try being away from home.

Yes, not because of anything.

Not that anything was wrong.

It was because I wanted to.

Want to be homesick.

Want to be able to miss Abby.

He said, everyone in the house…

will be missed even more when we are far away.

Thank you, Ms. Indah.

Already kept the promise.

Already bothered arranging the interview schedule
so that it could be postponed.

Mbak Indah promised.

Not. No hassle.

But can I, yes, still not pray?

Because I don't want
Mbak Indah to go far from home.

Yes. Yes, Bawel.

Yes, no need to pretend to be an adult.
Miss Indah missed.


Already registered.

Boarding in fifteen minutes .

Where are Dad and Mom?

Earlier in the parking lot.

Bringing the leftovers, he said.

- Oh yes.
- Your View-Master .

- Then, bring a jacket.
- Just this jacket, Mom.

- Enough, huh?
- That's enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, want to frequently replace the
rollers with new ones.

Later, don't rush,
then don't be left behind.

Don't miss the baggage.

Iya, Bu.

Don't eat it carelessly either.


Pray for Beautiful, yes, Mother.

- Dad.
- Be careful, yes, beautiful.

Pray for Beautiful, yes, Father.




Don't mess up Ms. Indah's room, okay?

Beware if the day after tomorrow, the
room is messy.

Who wants to mess up too?

Alright. Beautiful to go first.

- Once there, let me know.
- Yes.



Sephia, want to come?

Rain, By! Be careful, By.

You could be sick later.

We haven't eaten this satay in a long time.

Right when it rains.

You go first.

Let. Please.

- Your favorite tongseng.
- Anything I can help?

- What do you want to order?
- What are you?

- Tongseng.
- Tongseng.

Tongseng one. I… Mom what?

- I'll have goat satai.
- Goat satai.

Ten, don't use lontong.

- I'm tengklek.
- The news on the sidelines is back.

We just got the information on
the Eyebird AB013Q aircraft

from Jakarta to Singapore was
declared an accident.


The aircraft disappeared
from air traffic control radar

shortly after successful takeoff.

This news adds to the long
list of air transportation accidents

that happened in the last ten years.

It was reported that this time the Basarnas team

has been deployed to comb the location

which is estimated to
be the point where the plane crashed.


Until this news was revealed,

not yet certain the
cause of the accident.


My baby, sir!

Sir, please!

We, from the airline,

is waiting for
information from the scene.

So, Mr. and Mrs. please be patient.

Don't leave Mama!


How about this?

Why is it like this?

Tomorrow, we are asked to come ...

to complete the data on the examination of the body.

Let's go home, Mom.

According to reports, the plane did
experience interference at the previous airport.

Reported a minute after take off, the
pilot had reported

that the plane is moving out of control.

Mbak Indah must be fine.

Ma'am Indah is fine, right, Phi?

My son also carries
this thing in his bag, sir.

As of tonight, there have been several
coffins received.

This number certainly
does not reflect the number of victims.

because it contains pieces of the body

going through the identification process.

- Sir, be patient, please.
- Look, sir. Briefly.

- There will be a special team ...
- I want to see my child's stuff.

Ladies and gentlemen, especially the victim's family ...

- To your family, you can go to the hospital.
- Debris.

After that, we will let you

- Again, please be patient, Mr.
- Suitcase!

- Be patient…
- Oh God! I'm his mother, sir.


- Jenazah.
- Ya Allah!

Father and mother.

So, if there are items
that you know, Mr and Mrs

please report to us.


Yes, Emi!

Got Emi!

- Mom, calm down, okay? Beautiful is okay.
- It's Emi's!


If there is something you want to tell me,

You can tell anything to Sephia.

Already five names


Four boys ...

and another elderly person.

Maybe you think the timing isn't right.


The situation is not ideal. Yes, it's okay.

But you can't keep avoiding

What's wrong with you, Bayu?



So obsessive that
he couldn't understand the situation.

- Not like that.
- Isn't that so?

In your opinion, this is all ideal?

Yes, ideal for you.

But still not ideal for me, Bayu.

I like you.

But it's far ...

Long before you were with Indah.

But things are still not ideal, Bayu.

- Do you think I can?
- Yes, you can.

- I can't, Bayu.
- Yes, Phi.

You better leave now.

- Phi, you can.
- before I scream.

Yes, Phi.

You're not the only one sad.

I also.


Don't ever look for me again.

Or I'll report to the police.

Until the seventh day,
68 body bags had been received,

a total of 198 passengers on the Eyebird aircraft,

and 25 body
parts have been identified.

Identification efforts are
still ongoing and so far,

it is certain that there are no passengers
who survived this accident

Yes, Fellow Hendra.
If the weather allows,

the diver fleet
will be departing again today

to look for the
whereabouts of the second black box.

Previously, the search for
cockpit voice recordings,

which is thought to have sunk with
most of the fuselage,

failed due to weather constraints.


run from home to here?


Don't be like that, By! Abby!


I also don't know
how you feel right now.

But if you feel lost

someone who means a lot in your life,

meaning we feel the same way, By.

I want to be a substitute for Indah.

If that

can make you feel better.

I brought you lunch.

Makan, ya?



Come on, blow the candle.

Make an application.


This is my fault.

If only graduation day didn't need to
coincide with the interview schedule,

maybe now
Mbak Indah is still here.

If I don't make him feel guilty

and forced his
interview schedule backward ,

right now
he might still be here, Phi.

Already, By.

It's all not your fault.

It's my fault, Phi.

I made him go that day.

I got him on that plane.

I'm insincere he left!


It's not your fault, By!

Miss Indah loves you.

He wants to be there.

He wants to applaud the loudest.

By, listen.

Kita semua menyayangi Mbak Indah.

Kita mau dia baik-baik saja,

Tapi yang bisa kita lakukan sekarang,

menerima kenyataan…

Mbak Indah ada di pesawat itu dan
kita tak tahu bagaimana nasibnya, By.


menyalahkan diri sendiri

tak lantas membuat
Indah ada di sini sekarang, By.


Minggu depan, Merry
mau mengadakan acara ulang tahun.

Katanya, sekalian pesta perpisahan
karena dia mau kuliah ke luar kota.

Oh, iya.

Ibu membelikan aku gaun.

Katanya, berjaga-jaga kalau aku mau pergi.

Kamu mau pergi?

Kamu mau?

Kalau tak mau, tak apa-apa,

Tak terlalu ingin juga.

Intinya, kalau kamu tidak pergi,
aku juga tidak pergi.


Kamu tetap mau pergi?

Kalau mau, nanti aku antar.

Ikut masuk, tidak?

Tidak perlu kalau begitu. Untuk apa?

Kamu tidak ada kabar.

Maka itu, aku minta diantar Papa ke sini.

Ya, tak apa-apa.

Aku cuma cemas saja.

Mama menyuruh memahami
kalau kamu masih sedih,

tapi susah.

Maka itu, aku ke sini.


Kita lolos seleksi. Sudah tahu?

Bulan depan sudah mulai
pendaftarannya, By.

Mau bermain lagi, tidak?

By, aku harus melakukan apa?

Ya, tidak tahu!


Maafkan Kirana, By.

Abby jadi pendiam sekarang.

Diajak bicara, mengangguk-angguk saja.

Kirana jadi bingung harus melakukan apa.

Mau bermain lagi, tidak?

Aku menginap di sini, ya?

Dari Sephia.

Dia bilang…

Abby mau menginap di rumah dia.

Mas? Tidak apa-apa, Mas?

- Abby? By!
- Kenapa, Mbak?

Ini kursi pesawat.

Aku baru saja mengalami
kecelakaan pesawat, Phi.

Iya, intinya begitu, Tante.

Tadi, sebenarnya Kirana datang ke sini
mau mengajak Abby pergi,

tapi Abby tidak ada.

Tapi, Tante,

nanti boleh bilang ke Abby
bahwa Kirana mampir ke sini?

- Ini mobilnya Kirana.
- Eh?

Kamu… Mobil dibawa ke sini
sudah bilang pada Ibu?

Tidak. Kirana tidak bilang, Tante.

Kalau misalnya bilang, Kirana tidak akan
diizinkan, Tante, untuk bawa mobilnya.

Ya sudah. Kirana pulang dulu, ya, Tante.

- Hati-hati.
- Iya, Tante.

Kamu benar bisa pulang sendiri?

Bisa, Tante. Bisa.


Kamu mau atau tidak…

jadi Mbak Indah sekali lagi?

Maksud aku,

kamu mau atau tidak

memakai gaun itu sekali lagi?

Indah tidak akan memaafkan aku soal ini.


Kita sama-sama
kehilangan orang yang kita sayang.

Kok sepi?

Papa lagi ada acara di kantor,

lalu tadi, Mama ikut.


Kirana buatkan. Spesial.


Kirana tahu Abby lagi sedih,

tapi yang perlu Abby tahu,

Kirana akan terus menemani Abby
sampai kesedihan Abby hilang.

Sampai Abby tidak sedih lagi.


Kirana tidak tahu caranya bagaimana,

tapi Kirana mau.

Ini. Punya Kirana masih banyak.

Terima kasih, ya.

Sudah mau mengerti.

Kamu sangat baik.

Sejak kapan Mbak Indah mulai merokok?

Proses advokasi sudah sampai mana, Bu?

Jangan sedih lagi, ya?

- Hai, Tante.
- Kirana.

- Sudah dari tadi?
- Sudah.

Tadi, habis minta diantar Abby ke sekolah.

Sini, aku bantu.

Kamu makan malam dulu saja di sini
sebelum pulang.


Itu sepertinya Papa aku.

Tante antar.

Aku ikut.

Dah, Kak.


Sebelumnya, kami sampaikan belasungkawa
yang sebesar-besarnya atas kejadian ini.

Maksud dari kedatangan kami ini adalah

untuk membantu Bapak dan Ibu

menyelesaikan hal-hal
formal yang dibutuhkan.

Seperti menandatangani
dokumen-dokumen ini.

Saya tidak akan menandatangani berkas itu.

Klausul pelepasan itu merugikan kami.


Ibu jika tidak mau tanda tangan,
nanti kompensasinya bagaimana?

Saya tidak akan tanda tangan!

Kalau Ibu tidak mau tanda tangan,

mungkin Bapak mau mewakili
untuk tanda tangan?

Iya, Pak.

Cuma butuh tanda tangan
di sini dan di sini, Pak.

Tanda tangan saja, Pak.


Bapak-Bapak dengar sendiri, ‘kan?

Istri saya sudah menolak.

Sebaiknya Bapak-Bapak pulang saja dulu.



Ini memang bukan hal yang mudah,

tapi Indah juga tidak mau
melihat kita seperti ini, Bu.

Tidak mau, Bu.

Pengacara bilang,

kalau kita tidak menandatangani

berkas itu,

kita masih bisa ajukan gugatan.

Aku akan melakukan apa pun

supaya Indah dapat keadilan.



Tolong, Bu. Dengarkan saya, Bu!


Ini yang terjadi pada kita.

Kita harus menerimanya.
Kita harus ikhlas, Bu.


Anak kita

jadi korban kecelakaan pesawat

karena kelalaian operasional,

kamu mau aku ikhlas?

Tidak, Mas.

Aku tidak akan ikhlas!

Kalau kamu mau ikhlas, silakan!

Jangan paksa aku jadi seperti kamu!

Kamu tidak mengerti

rasanya anak yang kamu kandung,

kamu lahirkan,

kamu besarkan,

hilang begitu saja!

Kamu tidak mengerti rasanya jadi aku.

Kamu tidak mengerti.

Kamu tidak akan pernah mengerti!

Hari ini mengurus berkas-berkas lagi?

Kirana itu cantik, ya?



Cocok dengan kamu.

Aku mau putus dengan Kirana.

Aku mau terus bersama kamu.

Jadi, sekarang dengan adiknya?

Bayu, sudah.

Pantas kamu menghindar dari aku.


Adiknya kamu ambil juga. Iya?

Sudah, pulang.

Sama saja kamu dengan Indah.

Sama-sama murahan!


Abby, sudah!

Ini mau kamu, ‘kan?

- Apa?
- Ya? Ya sudah!

- Abby!
- Hei!

Ada apa kamu dengan Bayu?

Sebaiknya kamu tidak usah tahu.

Ada apa dengan Bayu?

Aku yang mengenalkan Bayu ke Indah.

Aku dan Bayu…

kenal jauh sebelum hari itu.

Aku menyukai Bayu,

tapi aku tidak pernah bisa berani untuk

mengungkapkan perasaan aku ke dia.

Indah hamil

dan Bayu bilang itu kesalahan Indah.

Bayu bilang dia
lebih memilih aku daripada Indah.

Dari dulu, aku janji tidak akan pernah
punya keinginan apa pun soal Bayu.

Bayu pacar Indah.

Dan Indah…

Indah itu segalanya.

Indah teman,



Aku baru menggugurkan kandungan.



Tapi waktu mereka putus

setahun yang lalu,

Bayu jadi sering datang lagi.

Aku ternyata tidak pernah
bisa menolak Bayu.

Aku ingin ceritakan semuanya ke Indah, By.

Tapi tidak pernah bisa.


Aku tidak ada maksud untuk
menyembunyikan apa-apa dari Indah, By.

Aku mencari waktu yang tepat, By,

tapi tidak pernah sempat.


Hei, Sephia

Malam ini ku takkan datang

Mencoba tuk berpaling sayang

Dari cintamu

Hei, Sephia

Malam ini ku takkan pulang

Tak usah kau mencari aku

Demi cintamu

Hadapilah ini

Kisah kita takkan abadi

Selamat tidur, Kekasih Gelapku

Semoga cepat kau lupakan aku

Kekasih sejatimu

Takkan pernah sanggup
Untuk melupakanmu

Selamat tinggal, Kasih Tak Terungkap

Semoga kau lupakan aku cepat

Kamu bodoh!

Abby, masa Kirana dibilang, "Bodoh?"

Coba lagi.

Hei, Sephia

Jangan pernah panggil namaku

Bila kita bertemu lagi

Di lain hari

Hadapilah ini

- Kirana?
- Pulang dulu, Tante.


Selamat tidur, Kekasih Gelapku

Semoga cepat kau lupakan aku

Kekasih sejatimu

Takkan pernah sanggup
Untuk melupakanmu

Selamat tinggal, Kasih Tak Terungkap

Semoga kau lupakan aku cepat

Kekasih sejatimu

Takkan pernah sanggup
Untuk meninggalkanmu

Hei, Sephia

Hadapilah ini

Kisah kita takkan abadi

Selamat tidur, Kekasih Gelapku

Semoga cepat kau lupakan aku

Kekasih sejatimu

Takkan pernah sanggup
Untuk melupakanmu

Selamat tinggal, Kasih Tak Terungkap

- Semoga kau lupakan aku cepat
- Phi!

- Kekasih sejatimu
- Phi!

Takkan pernah sanggup
Untuk meninggalkanmu

Kamu kenapa?

Hei, Sephia

Jangan pernah panggil namaku

Bila kita bertemu lagi

Di lain hari

Aku mau di sini.

Aku tidak mau kamu
punya hubungan lagi dengan Bayu.

Kamu bisa membuat aku pelan-pelan…

mengikhlaskan Mbak Indah.


aku mau tetap di sini.


Ini semua salah.

Dan selamanya…

aku tidak akan pernah bisa jadi Indah.

Aku mungkin bisa

membuat kamu mengikhlaskan Indah,

bukan menggantikan dia
di hidup kamu, By.

Aku tidak bilang
kamu bisa menggantikan Mbak Indah.

Aku bilang,

aku mau tetap di sini.

Dan kamu jangan pernah
punya hubungan lagi dengan Bayu.

Tadi, dia memang sempat mampir,

tapi langsung buru-buru pergi.

Tidak tahu perginya ke mana.

Beberapa hari yang lalu,

ada nelayan mengirimi kami

barang itu.

Seperti di foto yang Anda berikan.

Satu. Dua. Tiga.

Ayo ulang!

Ayo! Satu, dua…

Bu, bolanya!

Hebat sekali dia, Bu!

Sekarang di sini. Ayo.

Ayah bilang ia baru punya lebam
di wajah pada umur 23 tahun.

Terlambat dibanding teman-temannya.

Suatu hari, ia bermaksud
menolong seorang ibu yang kecopetan,

tapi ia malah dikeroyok.

Ayah bilang, aku akan menjadi
lebih kuat dibanding dirinya.

Ayah tidak pernah

mempersiapkan diri Ayah di sini.

Harus tiba-tiba kehilangan anak Ayah…

dan sampai sekarang,
jasadnya tidak bisa ditemukan.

Tapi ini hidup.

Harus dihadapi dan harus berjalan.

Ibu tidak pernah
bertanya apa pun tentang Sephia.

Seperti Indah,

Sephia juga hilang begitu saja.

Tadi, ada petugas yang datang.

Memberikan ini.

Katanya, ada nelayan yang menemukan.

Bendanya memang sudah rusak,

tapi tidak apa-apa.

Setidaknya ada yang ditemukan.


Maafkan, ya?

Kalau Ibu…

dan Ayah…

seolah absen dari hidup kamu
beberapa bulan ini.

Ibu yakin kamu…

Kamu tahu.

Kamu mengerti…

bahwa kita semua bingung

bagaimana keadaan seperti ini
harus kita hadapi.

Selamanya ikhlas…

akan jadi pekerjaan yang tak mudah.

Sepanjang hidup, kita akan terus belajar.




Kita semua.

Hari ini tepat enam bulan
terjadinya peristiwa kecelakaan.

Keluarga korban yang masih bertahan

melakukan proses advokasi
berkumpul membuat acara peringatan.

Mereka masih menunggu proses hukum
yang berlangsung.

Ibu memutuskan kembali bekerja.


Ia membuang semua benda dari gudang.

Father quit his job.

This will be our last time to the beach.

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