Gas, Inspector Palmu! (1961) - full transcript

A rich widow is found dead of gas poisoning in her flat in Helsinki. First the death is thought to be an accident, but lieutenant Palmu notices that the murderer has made a mistake, and Palmu and his assistants Kokki and Virta start an investigation into who has broken into the apartment through the balcony door and opened the gas tap when Mrs. Skrof was sleeping.

It smells like gas over there.

- What?
- In the stairway, it smells like gas.

Gas? No, that?s no gas.
Or did you smell it?

- It's the broken sewer-pipe.
- No, it?s gas.

The old hag is
so cheap she won?t fix it.

It?s gas, say what you will.

Hello there!



There?s gas here.

It?s coming from there.

And the dog isn?t barking, either.

I don?t have a key to the second lock.
We must get the police.

Here it is.
Rich widower.

Put that cigarette out.

We must break it down.
Do you have a crowbar?

Yes, in the boiler room.

Open the windows in the stairway.
Where?s the phone?

We have one.

Written by Matti Kassila & Kaarlo Nuorvala
based on a novel by Mika Waltari

One minute slow.

The cathedral clock
is one minute slow.

It?s here again. Don?t you know
papers should stay in the duty-room?

You wouldn?t believe
I once fed that man from a bottle.

He was an
exceptionally ugly child.

I came to put you to work.

Sitting makes even
a young officer go soft, let alone...

I don?t have to jump around
to keep my brain active.

Forget about brains for now,
walking will do you some good.

An old lady, Mrs. Alma Skrof,
address Rantakatu 8A,

has probably been poisoned by gas.
As notified by constable Ara.

Mrs. Skrof...

I have her filed in my brains.

Rich, mean and cheap widower.

Houses, industrial shares.

Special hobby:
The Paradise congregation.

- Paradise... Preacher Mustap??!
- Yes, we haven?t caught him yet.

The race-driver Lankela
is Mrs. Skrof?s nephew.


- Isn?t his lifestyle a little...
- Yes, a little aerodynamic.

- He went out with Iiri Salmia.
- Who?

- A revue-star, don?t you know her?
- We?ll go and see.

I thought if I could kindly ask...

But don?t get excited,
this is an accident.

- Here you go, your paper.
- All wrinkled!

It has to be murder, or they wouldn?t call
the crime squad. Who?d leave their gas on?

- It?s not murder.
- I didn?t say it was!

- No, but you thought so.
- If you only had imagination...

I would cut it off,
or hand in my resignation.

- Gas, inspector!
- No kidding?


Hello, hello...
What has Ara gone and done?

Gas, inspector...
I mean in the apartment.

The door was locked from the inside
with two locks and a chain.

Did you use a cannon or a bazooka?

No, a crowbar.

It leads to the attic. I got the keys
from the janitor and opened the window.

- The attic-door was locked?
- Yes.

Only I have been inside.
That?s the kitchen.

The gas-line on the stove was left open.
I shut it off.

It took quite a lot of work
to open the windows.

That room was empty,
the old lady was dead in the other room.

Now there?s a doctor with her.

I said not to touch anything.
Even though it?s an accident.

The postman was the first to alarm me.

Take his name and address.

Please take his name and address.

Name and address...
I told you to stay home, boy!

Excuse me, excuse me...

The door will be closed.

- Sad case.
- Really.

Strange that she didn?t smell the gas.

Not exactly.
Surgery had left her

almost completely
without a sense of smell.

- And her hearing?
- She was old, but no organic fault.

I just wonder why
she didn?t hear the hissing gas.

All the more so
if this door was open.

Maybe she fell asleep immediately.

I had prescribed a mild sleeping pill.
She had been very nervous.

Before going to bed, she used to drink
warm milk that her stepdaughter made.

Does she live here?

Seems that Kirsti wasn?t home.

Obviously Mrs. Skrof
went to bed at 10pm, as usual.

She was punctual
about everything.

Perfectly natural explanation.
She was afraid of the draft.

Quite an arsenal.

She complained about her stomach.
She didn?t eat well and used to fast.

Lack of funds?

Religious reasons.
Her yearly income was 20 million.

Well, shut the window now.
The draft will blow your soul away.

- I guess I can go?
- One moment, doctor.

You call this is
a mild sleeping pill?

She wasn?t satisfied
with the one I first prescribed.

She wanted something stronger and
said someone recommened Pantopon.

- Who?
- She didn?t say.

I prescribed it
to her the day before yesterday.

Two pills missing, one the day
before yesterday, one yesterday.

- Pantopon is related to morphine. Right?
- Well, it?s strong.

But you must understand.
Mrs. Skrof was very stubborn, I had to.

I?m not blaming you!

Do you know where
her stepdaughter is right now?

- No, but thankfully she wasn't home.
- Thankfully?

Indeed. Well...

Maybe the accident wouldn?t
have happened if she had been home.

Odd that the dog
didn?t become restless.

Yes, the dog.

It was a senile old mutt.

Just barking and biting.
It only listened to Mrs. Skrof.

One more question.
Time of death?

Well, the rigor mortis is
not yet complete. Warm blanket...

I?d say between 11pm and 1am.

Now you?ll excuse me, my reception...


Goodbye, goodbye...



Was the pot in that position?

Yes. I made sure not to touch anything.
Because of that the milk boiled over.


How were the doors?
Which were open and which closed?

That one open, this one closed.

That closed, this open.

- How old?
- 64.

- What, who?
- Mrs. Skrof.

Why didn?t you open the door?

Couldn?t find the key.
And I didn?t break it down.

- But you did press this?
- Yes.

Well, I doubt there
were any fingerprints on it.

You did a good job, thank you.
Close the windows downstairs.

I don?t want to get pneumonia.
One dead body is enough.

Two. You forgot about the dog.

No, I didn?t.

- So, what do you think?
- It?s clear.

Sleeping pill and spilled milk
which put out the fire.

- An unfortunate accident.
- Very unfortunate.

Can you see
what that sign says?

"God sees everything."

So it does, so it does.

The police doesn?t see everything.
But he does see something.

At least he should.
What time is it?


The boys have finished reading the papers.
There?s a phone.

Call the murder squad.

Every murderer makes a mistake.
This one made two.

Hey, get the boys here...
Mrs. Skrof... Rantakatu 8...

They?re coming...the murderers!
I mean, the murder squad.

Well done.

Of course, you noticed
everything immediately?

The dog was lifted on the mattress.
That was the first mistake.

Smelling gas,
it would have gone under the bed.

- And its neck is broken, too.
- Is it?

Maybe it attacked
the murderer and was killed.

Second mistake is the milk.
Why wasn?t it cleaned from the stove?

Maybe she thought
to do it in the morning?

She was pedantic and the pot is tipped.
Who has touched it?

- I said right away it was murder.
- Oh, you did?

Well, you?re
a student and all.

Why the heck
do they blow the sirens?

Inspector, preacher Mustap??
would like to meet you.

Make a note. The first vulture
appeared at 10:07am.

My name is Mustap??, preacher
of the Paradise congregation.

I am deeply shocked
by this sad accident.

Mrs. Skrof was the foundation
of our congregation.

I?m completely torn
at having lost her.

But my soul sings a thankful praise
now that she has entered paradise.

- Inspector, the murder squad is here.
- Come in.

Inspect everything in detail.

They couldn?t open the
balcony door. Try to break it.

You might find something there.

I can?t understand why...

What a knucklehead.

There?s one person
without a clear conscience.

Excuse me,
my name is Lanne, judge.

I am Mrs. Skrof?s attorney.

I?d like you to visit me downstairs.

I feel it?s my duty to inform you
of some peculiar things.

Inform Kokki where we are.

- The name was?
- Lanne.

- This happened at a peculiar moment.
- May I?

First, I think it?s best to
shed some light on these matters.

Mrs. Skrof married late in life.
The man turned out to be an alcoholic.

The marriage had an tragic end
when he shot himself.

He left behind a daughter,
10-year-old Kirsti,

whom Mrs. Skrof kept
and brought up very strictly.

One can say Kirsti was left
without many things

that come naturally
to most young people.

On the other hand,

the nephew Kaarle Lankela
fully enjoyed Mrs. Skrof?s good graces.

Even if he is
the black sheep of the family.

If we want to avoid
the term "rotten egg".

During his "studies" this young man

succeeded in obtaining
a certain kind of fame.

He won a few titles in sports.

Mrs. Skrof paid so many of his debts

you would swear
she was in love with him.

Recently her favorite idea was
to get Kirsti and Lankela married.

She thought Lankela would settle down
and keep the family fortune intact.

What did the young people
think of such eugenics?

As far as I know,
they didn?t like it.

Then one unpleasant little detail...

Mrs. Skrof belonged to
preacher Mustap??s Paradise congregation,

even its board.
Do you know about it?

I know a thing or two
about Mustap??.

Expelled from the university?s
theological department.

Spent some time in America.
Shady dealings.

Then you must understand
how I agonized when Mrs. Skrof

left most of her estate
to the congregation in her will.

The congregation is to inherit?

No, fortunately.
A new will was made yesterday.

I?ll tell it in order.

About 9:30am Mrs. Skrof came
to me with the will in her hand.

Finally my eyes have opened.
Finally, like that!

And like that
and that and that!

She demanded that
I write a new will right away.

What had happened between
her and Mustap??, I don?t know.

Do you think Mustap?? knew
about the change in the will?

That I don?t know.

Now she wanted to leave her estate
to Kirsti and Lankela

on the condition that they marry.

I got her to remove the condition,
as they can?t stand each other.

And Lankela has
his own adventures.

They are told all over town.


Mrs. Skrof invited Lankela to her,
told him about her ideas of marriage

and promised to buy
him out of his obligations.

You mean Iiri Salmia?

She agreed to pay 2 million
to that person if they broke up.

Expensive person!

I finished the new will at 5pm and
was on my way upstairs to deliver it.


I?ll never return here.


They had had an argument after
Mrs. Skrof had brought up the plan.

She soon calmed down
and believed the girl would return.

She accepted the will, with the janitor?s
wife and Miss Hallama as witnesses.

Where is Miss Skrof now?

That I don?t know.
I?m very worried because of that.

You see, there?s a condition in the will
that if one of the heirs dies

before the will is divided,
the other will inherit everything.

Strange, though...that
Miss Skrof did come back last night.

- She did?
- Yes, the janitor said so.

Just a moment!
We?ll ask him.

Yes, I was talking
with the janitor next door...

It was around 11pm
when she came through that door.

- And she didn?t come back?
- Not in the 15 minutes I was there.

Thank you.

It?d be best to take the will to a safe.
It?s a very important document.

Would it be wise
to take a gun with us?

No, but maybe a flask.
You may have to wait.

Inspector, could you come upstairs?
There?s something.

Something you need to see.

Pretty good print.

Looks like it was left
by a tennis shoe.

Inspector, we?ve got blood stains here.

Be careful not to mess them up.
Take photographs.

A specimen for the laboratory.

There?s a chalk ring around it.

Inspector, I think I?ll...

Come down.
Go ahead

I?ll be out for about an hour.
Be here so I can call you, if necessary.

- What?s this?
- Phone number. This flat.

- Inspector, I think I?ll...
- Come along. Yes.

Inspector, I had
a brilliant idea on the roof.

Yeah, I saw it.
It blinded you so that you almost fell.

By the way,
I?m the head of investigation here.

So... The murderer
came through the balcony.

He had to get the key beforehand.

The dog surprised him
and he silenced it.

This idea came to me on the roof.
Maybe the dog bit him?

- Those blood stains...
- No wonder you almost lost your balance.

The murderer staged the accident
and left the same way he came.

Always a climber...
Why not just go out through the door?

Safety chain.

To make it look like an accident,
he put the safety chain on.

Did it hit you again?

I have a theory.

I had a lot at your age.
Good ones, too.

- Well?
- It could be a suicide!

How about the dog and its neck?

Mrs. Skrof broke it before the suicide.
Just out of spite.

- Is Mr. Lankela available?
- Both men are still asleep.

Throw cold water on them.
I?m inspector Palmu, crime division.

Please wait here.

Wake up now.
The cops are here.

What grants us the honor
so early in the morning?

I want to speak with Mr. Lankela.
In private.

Mr. Constable,
we?re like a pair of race horses

or even Siamese twins.

Where?s Lankela, there?s Kuurna,
and where?s Kuurna, Lankela can?t be far.

- A well-known saying in Helsinki.
- This is my business, Kurre.

But I was the primus motor,
the beginner, the initiator,

as my Latin teacher pronounced it.
God bless that man.

Mr. Lankela,
this is serious business.

But of course!

Please excuse me.
Hot milk will do me some good.

I learned it from my aunt.

But how did you
find it out so quickly?

Careful! Everything you say
can be used against you.

He has a qualified witness with him.

- Deny, deny it all.
- Stop it!

We?re not drunk anymore!

Were you drunk when you did it?

Please understand,
it was a moment?s inspiration.

I said to Kaarle:
"If we only had..."

- A key?
- Key? No. A top hat.

At least I didn?t
stomp on the flowers.

The old cop is sick.
And the young one is just dumb.

You didn?t come because of Runeberg?

Listen, it might be the cigar.

Or the shaving kit.
Where are they?

- They should be somewhere...
- Mr. Lankela.

You might want to know
your aunt died last night.

So you might want to tell us
where you were and what you did.

- Who strangled her?
- Why did you think of strangling?

Just a natural thought
when I think of her.

I can?t say I?m sorry
if someone has ended her days.

- You knew her too?
- Yesterday I tried to reason with her.

Wait a minute.
Let?s put things in order.

Perhaps Mr. Lankela will begin.

- Drink, constable?
- Never before noon.

- You?ll have one?
- No thanks.

Then we?re left only with this youngster.
Are you of age?

So, Mr. Lankela?

Auntie invited me to her place
yesterday morning

and suggested I marry
her stepdaughter Kirsti.

That just didn?t suit me.

- So you said no?
- Kaarle has such a weak character.

It?s hard to say no to 2 million
waved in front of you.

What do you mean?

Well, I have debts.

Aunt promised to help me
get out of my present situation.

She really took out 2 million in cash

and promised it to me tonight
if I said yes.

She had 2 million at home?

Nothing unusual for her.
She loved to see money.

I believe it was for
her congregation?s new church,

but somehow the plans had changed.

And you left her thinking
that you were going to say yes?

I admit she might
have got that impression.

- And I had this plan...
- What plan?

None of your business!
Anyhow, it didn?t work out.

- Those ladies, those ladies of variety...
- Kurt!

A grog before noon
always makes me want to sing.

What did you do in the afternoon?

I drove straight to my mansion
to talk with my groundsman.

I?ve known for a long time
there has to be a change in my life.

I decided to move away from
the city to take care of my mansion.

I came back to the city around 8pm,

met Kurt and we gathered
some friends for a farewell party.

I can tell you the rest of the night,
although I passed out in between.

But I remember
the thing with Runeberg.

Start from the beginning.

Tell us everything that
happened to you yesterday.

I was working on the portrait
of bank executive Kallberg.

He hadn?t approved my loan application.

It?s still unfinished.
But I think I got the grin just right...

Get to the point!

At 5:30pm the door bell rang.
It was Kirsti Skrof.

She asked for Kalle
with a murderous look on her face.

She was very upset

and said she had left home
because of the forced marriage.

I tried to reason that Kalle wouldn?t
care for her. But this was no comfort.

She had her cry and hated everyone,
the old hag and Kalle, and me as well,

and said she would
never go back home.

I lent her money, she left to a girlfriend?s
place taking my inspiration with her.

As I couldn?t continue the portrait,
I tried to talk sense into the old lady.

I thought I could also ask
if she?d lend me the money

or buy my painting, "Temptation".

- What?
- "Temptation".

The most significant piece of art
I?ve done so far.

You see, my birth name is Af Kurrstr?m.
Kuurna is my pseudonym.

My family comes from
an old noble bloodline.

That explains everything.

My family became noble
in the 17th century.

One of my forefathers lent his horse
to King Gustaf Adolf,

so he could get away,
while my forefather was killed.

That silly man,
he didn?t know what he was doing.

How so?

He could have saved his head
and the whole of Europe as well.

Yet all he left behind
was a wife and a child.

- Who did?
- The forefather.

Get to the point!

She had a conservative taste in art.
She wouldn?t buy or lend.

- Who?
- The deceased. Mrs. Skrof.

- When did you go to Mrs. Skrof?
- About 7pm.

Was she alone?
Tell everything, precisely.

Alone? By no means. I found myself
in the midst of frightful ruckus.

- Rocks?
- Ruckus: commotion, quarrel, cat-fight.

Tell me everything you know!

Mrs. Skrof opened the door.

- It was Baronetti.
- What?

The dog?s name is Baronetti.

An unusually pleasant and friendly dog.

- Was that the ruckus?
- No, inspector. A mere overture.

A prelude.

The janitor?s wife was
doing dishes in the kitchen.

In the hall
was preacher Mustap??.

For once,
he got what was coming to him.

- What do you mean?
- Mrs. Skrof gave him hell.

I found them in the midst
of a loud, juicy argument.

How dare you!

God will punish you, Mrs. Skrof,
because of your heart of stone!

Shut up, you runt!
Shut up, shut up, I tell you!

And I tell you:
who are you to cast the first stone!

Just a few pithy lines
that stuck in my mind.

- Were you long there with him?
- No. They finished quickly.

- You old hag!
- Idiot!

- You sad bag of bones!
- You runt!

And it seems to me that...

...the preacher even cursed a bit!
But surely that can?t be.

Was the door to kitchen open or closed?

Sometimes open,
sometimes closed.

Watch out!
You?ll break the tableware.

- And your discussion with Mrs. Skrof?
- Hopeless. As good as nothing.

She was decided on the marriage
and there was nothing to do.

All of a sudden
she asked me if I knew Iiri Salmia.


- It would come up eventually.
- It has already.

You see!

She had stored 2 million for this
and asked if it was enough.

I thought so with even
a little something left for Kalle.

What do you mean?

I mean that Iiri is not for sale!

- Then...
- Then I left.

And Kalle came to the city.

Then our group spent the night
from 9pm to 3am in a restaurant.

Can you prove that?

We had 20 witnesses. Or 20 minus 1.
Osku passed out early in the evening.

That?s important to Kalle,
if his aunt was so sadly strangled.

So you didn?t leave
the restaurant the whole evening?

No. Or...not before 3am.
I believe we were a bit drunk then?

Hah! We were done
like yesterday?s meal.

As we came to the statue of Runeberg,
the morning birds were singing.

- We felt bad about ourselves.
- I?m not surprised!

Don?t throw the first stone,
as Mustap?? said.

We felt the need to help the city
decorate the poet?s statue.

So I said:
"Listen, Kalle..."

The gentleman, if he was one, shouted
like a wild-boar as he was taken away.

And we were off to bed.

But as true Finns
we exercised a bit on the way.

First, Kalle drove
and I was standing.

Then, I drove
and Kalle was standing.

Thus we were sober enough to go home
under the housemaid?s watchful eye.

You were together the whole time?

You figured out correctly
the plot of my story.

May I use your phone?

Bottoms up, boy!
I am a bit hungover, it seems.

The patrolman verifies your story.
You?ll face the consequences later on.

Mr. Lankela, your aunt
was murdered last night with gas.

Do you play tennis, Mr. Lankela?

- I do.
- Show me your tennis shoes.

What about you, Mr. Kuurna?


My shoes are not here.
I must have left them in the locker.

We?ll check that out.
One more question.

Where did you hurt
your arm last night?

That?s something you?ll never find out!

You only make
your situation more difficult.

Both of you might want to know
that Kirsti Skrof returned late last night.

- So, is she...?
- No. She was away the whole night.

Do you know where?

She said she?d go to
nurse Pihlaja, at Vuorikatu 34.

I?ve ordered the inspection
of your home immediately.

Before it is completed,
nobody may leave.

- You were fast.
- I thought that was the point.

Judge Lanne is waiting
for your visit, Mr. Lankela.

Oh yeah, the money...
The bloody money!

Let?s go.

Do your best!

Not sure that?ll be enough
without you around.

Anyone could have stolen the balcony
key and changed Pantopon to morphine.

And everyone seems to know
that Miss Skrof was away.

- Did you figure that out just now?
- I?m putting the pieces together.

What if Miss Skrof herself...

Or if the murderer tried
to get rid of her as well?

It?s necessary for the murder that
the murderer knew Miss Skrof was away.

- How about the motive?
- Mustap?? has one.

So does Lankela,
even towards Miss Skrof.

- Maybe we?ll find another dead body.
- Hold your horses.

Come with me
and you?ll see Miss Skrof alive.

Excuse me, is Miss Skrof here?

No, she?s not.

We were told she spent
the last night here.

- Yes, but what is this?
- We?re from the police.

- Oh, really... Really?
- This is serious.

- Was she here all evening?
- She was. Or not quite.

- She had been fighting with her aunt.
- I know.

- When did she come?
- After 6pm.

- But she wasn?t here all the...
- I know.

- At what time did she leave?
- Around 11pm. Then I went to bed...

I know.
I mean did she come back?

- Yes. Just as I was about to fall asleep.
- At what time?

And she was here until morning.

- When did she leave?
- About 15 minutes ago.

Thank you.

Some detective,
flirting with young women!

The manual says you should
make contact with chauffeurs and such.

Make contact, not come on to them!
And you didn?t take notes.

It?s all here.
Came at 6pm. Left at 10:30pm.

Came at 1am. Left 15 minutes ago.
We now have more suspects.

Yeah, all of them in skirts.

- Inspector Palmu.
- What seems to be the problem?

- I know how the murderer came.
- How do you know it was a murder?

It has to be. Why else would detectives
climb on balconies and rooftops?

And that woman is straight out of
a detective story. Rich, old and mean.

- What have you figured out?
- Come and I?ll show you!

The gate and the front door
are closed at 10pm,

but you can get here through
the yard of the next building.

This lock is an old piece of junk.
You can open it with just a nail.

- Every guy here knows that.
- You?re an observant lad.

You, I mean.

- What?s this street?
- Laivamiehenkatu.

- Rantakatu is over there.
- Thank you very much!

- Have you seen our janitor?
- How come?

Well, he went to the attic
straight away.

- Maybe to destroy an important clue.
- Your janitor?

Yes, he?s very mean.
He could do it.

And what has he done to you?

He didn?t let me
ride my bike on the yard.

A detective never lets
personal feelings influence him!

Well, maybe...
but he?s a nasty one, anyway!

Hey, my dad wants you
to come to our place. Kirsti?s there.

- Who?
- Kirsti Skrof.

- Finally we see her.
- Don?t get your hopes up.

Pentti, homework!

- Good day, inspector... Miss Skrof.
- I know.

- Good day.
- It was my fault, but I have no regrets.

- Do with me as you please.
- Kirsti, behave yourself.

No I won?t! For 14 years
I?ve been behaving myself.

For 14 years I?ve hated her!

She drove my father to suicide
and ruined my childhood.

Now I?m glad she?s dead!

She made me so ugly that
no man will even look at me.

Now she wanted to breed me
with her nephew, like a dog.

- Kirsti!
- That?s the way it is!

There, there...
The bad tooth has been pulled out.

Soon everything will be OK.

- I?m not a child!
- Of course not, of course not.

Look at my young deputy over there.
He?s feasting his eyes on you.

- Besides, you are to inherit millions.
- I don?t care about her money!

Of course not.

- I must look hideous.
- You are very attractive.

Could you tell us
something about last night?

Why did you come back here
in the evening?

After I?d told everything
to my girlfriend,

I calmed down
and realized I?d been stupid.

I had regrets
and decided to come back.

Did you see what time it was
when you came back here?

Yes, it was 11:18pm.

I looked at my watch
just as I came in.

But you didn?t spend the night?

Why not?

- I couldn?t get in.
- Why not?

The door was locked with two locks
and I only had a key to one of them.

What did you do next?

I wanted to reconcile,
so I decided to ring the doorbell.

Even though
I knew she was sleeping.

You mean that someone
put the safety-chain on?

- Yes.
- We?ll go up.

So, someone put the safety-chain on.

I became very sad,
because I realized

that aunt was so mean
she wouldn?t let me in.

And then?

Then I sat on the stairs.

Right here.

The same spot where I?ve shed
all my tears since childhood.

How long did you sit there?

About twenty minutes.

Did you hear anything during that time?
Say, from the attic?

Think hard.

Indeed... It felt like
someone was moving there,

or on the roof.

Was the dog barking
when you rang the bell?

No, it didn?t bark.
I?ve just realized that.

It would always bark
when the bell rang.

Show us how hard you rang.

Well, detective Kokki.

One of our best men,
unlikely as it seems.

- Let?s go, then.
- Is the...

The body has been taken away.

So, it was murder.
Cold-blooded, cunning murder.

Looks like the murderer
put the safety-chain on.

You have helped us pinpoint
the time of the murder.

Can you imagine
who could have...

- Do you know Mustap???
- Do I? All too well.

You don?t like him?

He?s disgusting.
But aunt was under his spell.

There was no way
you could reason with her.

- Not even when...
- When?

When aunt forced me to
attend his confirmation class

- And...?
- It was disgusting.

You fill my heart with compassion.
Poor fatherless girl.

You just miss a sensible man,
who can explain these things.

Don?t be afraid, Kirsti.

I will make you understand.
Don?t be afraid.

Aunt didn?t believe me back then.

A few days ago she asked about it
and seemed to believe me.

Do you think she realized
the true nature of Mustap???


- Other girls also had their stories.
- Well, well.

Do you know who recommended
the Pantopon medicine to your aunt?

No. But I fetched it
from the pharmacy.

Do you know where
the key to the balcony is?

- It isn?t here?
- So it was kept there?

Follow me.

Would your aunt
leave the kettle like that?

She was neurotically tidy.

All right, for now.
Gather your stuff then, and...

Inspector. Phone.

And spend another night
at your friend?s place.




I see...
Thank you!

All right!
Lankela?s tennis shoes are missing.

Their size matches
the tracks on the balcony.

Kuura has the Pantopon and
the girl hasn?t a trace of an alibi.

- Such a pretty girl...?
- Why, even the most charming eyes can...

- Not that I?m a miso... miso...
- Misogynist?

Just that!

- I?m going now.
- Just a minute.

Did you know your aunt
had two millions in her drawer?

- No.
- It?s no longer there.

- Then it may be a regular thief who...
- Who was your first suspect?

Excuse me. I forgot a certain letter
I brought this morning.


Back in the morning I smelt
gas when I opened the mail slot.

The letter was sent by
the Eternal Paradise Congregation.


Swift fellow.

Speak of the devil!
Thank you.

My conscience made
me come back.

So you mean you stole
the letter sent to Mrs. Skrof?

Such a coarse expression.
That act was an innocent one.

I was upset when
I heard Mrs. Skrof was dead.

I decided to take that letter
when I saw it in the drawer.

Well then...
Give me the letter.

I don?t have it anymore.
I disposed of it.

Did you?

It was private.
It had nothing to do with the murder.

What makes you think it was murder?

Well, the police investigation...

You seem to be familiar with that!

I answer for my actions
to God and men.

In my overflowing joy, I wished
once again to thank the dear departed.

For what?

For donating 2 million marks
to our church establishment.

- She gave you that money?
- She did.

Even after her death,
Mrs. Skrof reaches out to us...


I?m only happy to inform you that
Mrs. Skrof is leaving you penniless.

- Liar!
- Ask Judge Lanne.

If so, she was upset when she made it.
She?d have corrected it in the morning

Wouldn?t it be swell to know
who is getting the money now?

Who had reason
to fear the third will?

As swell as to know who lost
his head before the second will.

Why did she throw you
out of her place yesterday?

It was a mistake.
Gossip of jealous people.

A young member
of the congregation...

- A woman?
- The gender is irrelevant.

She misunderstood
my spiritual love.

A dirty story!
And probably not the first one for you.

Did Mrs. Skrof stash money on you
while throwing you out?

She didn?t.

I was here again in the evening.
At 8:30pm.

Then we were reconciled.
And she gave me the money.

- Can you prove it?
- By the grace of God, I can.

I met the downstairs lady
on the staircase.

I?ve heard you play tennis.

Correct. Not only the soul
but the body demands...

Don?t lead me to temptation!

Show me your tennis shoes. Where were
you last night from 11pm to midnight?

I sat next to the bed
of a sister of faith who was ill.

Let?s go.
Not you.

Plenty of sisters of faith here.

You have no search warrant!

I haven?t,
but if you wish, I can get one.

Look for your tennis shoes.


Sent by Alma Skrof
To: The Paradise Congregation, Mustap??

24th. Helsinki

OK, bring them along.

What is this envelope?

This morning
I got a letter from Mrs. Skrof.

Penpals, indeed!
But where is the actual letter?

- I destroyed it.
- Of course, that?s a hobby of yours.

Why didn?t you
destroy the envelope as well?

I didn?t care to.

- Let?s check your alibi.
- Sister Anna lives on same floor here

I stayed in bed the whole day.
Mustap?? brought me food.

Even at 10:30pm

he came to see me
and prayed for me.

He stayed until 1:30am.
He only left when I felt better.

- Any registered felony?
- None.

So you claim that he was here
from 11pm to 2am?

Yes, yes.

- Would you swear to it?
- For sure.

- Let me see your watch.
- Watch? I don?t have one.

- It?s being repaired.
- How did you know the time?

When Mustap?? came in,
he was sorry for not coming earlier.

- When he left, he showed me his watch.
- Did he?

Yes, and a beautiful watch it was!

- All right, thank you.
- Many thanks. Good bye.

- Hope you?re happy now.
- Happy? I?m overjoyed!

And you? re under suspicion.
No leaving town without permission.

By the way, you?re limping.
What?s wrong with your foot?

- The goddamn mutt bit me yesterday.
- What, who?

Mrs. Skrof?s dog.

- The case is nearly closed.
- No, it?s getting more complicated.

That woman was lying!

You noticed her eyes?
She?s a drug abuser for sure!

I did.
Remember to ask the neighbors.

Yes, I remember the envelope.
It was so thick.

- Could it contain cash?
- Money? Sure, why not?

At what time is
the last mail collected?

At 10:30pm.

Thank you.

Kokki! Stop, there?s Kokki.


That?s an interesting one.

Yes, so it seems!

Actually, I meant...

Inspector, Miss Vesa was here
last night at 11:30

with her boyfriend,
cadet Lepp?

They saw a certain man coming there.
From that stairway.

And getting into a sports car
and driving away.

Well, so what?

Don?t you see
which street we are on now?

This is Laivamiehenkatu!
There?s a portcullis with that lock.

You recall
the time back then?

My fianc? left at 11:30 sharp,
as his leave ended then.

Describe him.

Dark raincoat,
sleeves rolled up, hat over his eyes.

- Anything else?
- I don?t remember.

- I wasn?t really looking.
- Describe the car.

I really can?t remember.
I thought my fianc? could.

I want you and your fianc?
to come to the police station.

Have it done!

But inspector, a certain
other lady has been waiting.

What about that!

I wasn?t asleep yet,
even if I was in the bed. Then...

A dog barked a few times.
And the light was switched on.

- Where?
- Here, in this room.

How do you know?

It reflects on that wall.

My room is right here,
right under the body.

- Can you tell me the time then?
- Yes.

I looked at my watch.
It was 11:17pm.

And today while I was cleaning up
the balcony I found it right here.


It wasn?t there yesterday.
It must have fallen down from there.

I left it untouched. It may have
the murderer?s fingerprints on it.

- Thanks for your help.
- Thank you.

We?ll go down to see Judge Lanne.
The heirs are gathered there.

A cup of coffee and some sandwiches
would hit the spot. You?re staying.

Yeah, yeah.
Well, good thing I wasn?t hungry.

- Bottoms up!
- Drunk again, Kaarle?

I?d absolutely not sign it
if I knew I?d die before Kaarle

- But I?m so sure that...
- Race car drivers tend go belly up.

Luck is on your side there.

Anyhow he might appoint
his will to some bar floozy.

- If you were a bit younger I?d...
- Slap me like in childhood. Go ahead!

Damn you all!

Wait a moment.

- Have you found your tennis shoes?
- No. No idea where they are!

How about
the condition of your arm?

You didn?t recommend your aunt
Pantopon, by any chance?

I did. So what?

So you were aware your roommate
had Pantopon stashed in the drawer?

Of course. So what?
There?s also morphine.

It?s a weakness of mine.
At times, life can be so hard.

20 hours of sleep per pill,
no nightmares.

It?s also assuring to know,
that when necessary, you can...

No sound, no blood.
No task for the cleaners.

Let?s go, Kalle!
I can lend you 100,000.

Mr. Lankela demanded a pre-withdrawal
from his inheritance. But I couldn?t yet.

But where did Kuurna get the money?
Isn?t he completely broke?

No, he?s very wealthy.
The bohemian artistry is just an act.

In fact, he takes
exemplary care of his finances

By the way, where were you
yesterday from 11pm to midnight?

I was at my club.
I left after midnight.

What is the name of your club?

The Silent Pole-Vaulters? Club.

What was the hurry
with those two new wills?

What do you mean?

Let?s go.

Why was Judge Lanne lying?

He left from club at 11pm,
not midnight.

Do you know the most vital
question at the moment?


Has the murderer
got what he wanted or...

- What?
- ...will we have another body?

Our murderer is cold-blooded.
A race car driver should be, right?

I think... I think
Lankela?s impression was just.

Anyway we?ll check his alibi.

- Are we going to the hotel Metropol?
- Butler, please.

Shall I get a car? I can
count time from hotel to crime scene.

Butler. Inspector Palmu speaking.

Well, oh well...

There was lots of alcohol
at the party.

As always,
but yesterday even more.

- And Mr. Kuurna didn?t feel well?
- Yes.

Mr. Lankela and another man
attended him to the lavatory.

What was the time,
you remember?

Around 11pm.
Can?t say exactly.

How long were they away?

I can?t really tell you.

I was elsewhere
and it was quite a hassle here.

Though Mr. Kuurna felt better later.

Notice anything in Lankela?

Don?t know.
He was more quiet than usual, maybe.

Can you ask those youngsters
to come here. Thank you.

We took Kuurna to throw up
with Lankela but we left him in the WC.

I can?t say for sure
when he came back.

- You see, I was pretty wasted too.
- And Lankela? He left with you?

Oh, Lankela. I guess.
No reason to stay there, right?

How long was either one of them away?
You can?t tell?

It?s very hard.
People were coming and going.

And as I mentioned,
I was also quite plastered...

- He sure was absolutely steaming.
- Hush, don?t interfere now.

All right.


- Not bad.
- I mean the time you checked.

Ah, yes.
22 minutes sharp.


This last performance
starts every evening at 11pm.

Lankela came down
from the cabinet, 11pm sharp.

He was standing by the door
for a while.

- Only a while.
- How do you know?

The doorman told me.
He?s a pal of mine.

He didn?t see him later.
And didn?t know where he went.

This Iiri here also
lives in the same house.

Room 312, I know.

Come in.

- You stay here.
- I see.

Excuse me.

Come in.
Yes, I am the same.

You?re looking for Irina Salmi?


That?s me.

You knew we would come?

Yes. Mr. Kuurna said
the police would come shortly.

Really? What did
he ask you to tell us?

The truth. Only the truth.

That Kaarle Lankela was here
with me last night.

- I?m not a fool.
- That?s just what he said.

- What?
- That you?re not what you look like.

- Not so dumb.
- Show me your passport, please.

I don?t understand why police
examines this little case so much.

Little case?
Is that what you call it?

- Well, a dead dog is no police matter.
- Dog?

Kuurna didn?t mention that Lankela
is suspected of his aunt?s murder?

God have mercy.

Irina Salmi.
Born in Vyborg.

Lives in Stockholm.

God almighty. What did
Mr. Kuurna mean by this?

Now I?m angry at him.

So you claim Kaarle Lankela
was here with you. What time?

He came right after my show
and stayed half an hour or more.

- You swear it?
- Sure I do. I had just ordered my tea.

Hey, don?t press the button.

Did you bring tea here
yesterday night after 11pm?

- Yes, I did.
- Who was here that time?

- She was alone.
- Thank you, that?s all.

She couldn?t see Lankela
because he was in the bathroom.

I didn?t want her
to see a man in my room.

You don?t believe me.
Think I?m just a bar girl.

Every night,
a different man, you think?

See my passport. I?m married.
I have a husband in Stockholm.

I know what you believe.

Just the same as all men do,
what they want to.

They?re all insane.
Out of their minds. Like the police.

Mr. Kuurna was totally wrong
saying this one?s not dumb, dammit!

They say
you?ve been dating Lankela.

Sure they say!

And who are "they"?
Envious women, you say?

No, they are men.

The very same men
who would pay a fortune for...

I should have known this.

But I?m still upset that
grown up people are so childish!

Erm, well...

I?lll tell you.
It?s no secret about Lankela.

I admit I was seeing
him for one month.

He sends flowers.
Long calls. I say no.

But he?s persistent.
Here I am alone.

So I meet him. He?s very sweet.
I like him, but not love.

But he fall in love.

He wants to marry.
I?m already married and love my husband.

Get divorced, he says.
I say no, no and no.

No effect.
He comes more and more crazy.

He?s particularly crazy.
He?s a race car, you know.

- A race car driver?
- Exactly.

I tell him, it?s all over now.
He won?t believe it.

He came yesterday, a bit drunk.
Demands, demands.

Finally, I could think of nothing else.
I say: you too poor!

I want a wealthy lover,
you have no money.

That helped.
I thought he?d kill me.

But no, he just shook me,
punched and then left.

I cry here. So very sad.
Not easy to do so. To tell a lie.

- Any contact from him afterwards?
- No.

Thank you.

You?ll need our permission
to leave the city.

Forgive us for disturbing
you so late.


- Charming woman.
- Or a charming liar. If she lied...

If the girl and the cadet
are able to iden...


Yes. If they know Lankela,
this Iiri goes down as well.

And where is Kokki?

What is Kuurna aiming at?

It?s almost like he tried
to get Lankela under suspicion.

Well boys, we?ve
worked overtime a bit!


Forensics said Mrs. Skrof had either
plenty of Pantopon or morphine.

Lankela was able to get the morphine.

He could also move
according to the schedule.

Good, boy.
Very nice work.

I see a stain here.

Come in.

Have a seat.

You asked to meet me.
How can I assist you?

With the truth.
Your pole-jumping failed.

I was nervous
and made up an alibi.

- I didn?t realize it wasn?t necessary.
- Wasn?t it?

But I swear I?m innocent.

Honestly I was at the club,
even if I left early.

I walked for an hour,
to sober up.

You see,
my wife doesn?t approve...

You expect me to believe that?

It?s the truth.

Inspector. That doll...I mean
the girl and the cadet are here.

Tell them to come in.
I must bother you again soon.

You met Lanne?s wife.

I did.
Almost wanted to believe him.



I?m afraid we can?t
be of much assistance.

But we did see him!

You?ll see six men dressed alike.
Look at them very carefully.

- Let?s go.
- I?m absolutely sure I?ll recognize him.

Gentlemen, line up, please.

Go ahead, please.

Get in line, everybody.


One moment.

- It?s him.
- You can?t remember him.

- But you saw as well...
- Lights!

Please wait in the lobby.

I think it?s inappropriate
to treat man of spirit like this...

Are you absolutely sure?
Now tell everything from inside out.

Thing is that we
were just...kissing.

When we kissed again, I closed
my eyes. And when I opened them...

Just a minute.

Did he get into the car twice?

Indeed. Yes he did.

What did he do in between?

Oh, I don?t know.

About the car then,
was it dark or light?

It was a dark brand.
Some kind of a roadster.

- It screeched a lot when leaving.
- So the engine was powerful?

No, he shifted poorly.
Maybe he was nervous.

Was the man tall or short?
Any characteristics?

Rather tall, I?d say.

- No, more like short.
- Tall!

Now I remember.

- He limped when he walked.
- Limped?

- I feel like a martyr..
- Have a seat.

Yes, I feel like a martyr
confronting a lion.

Even your metaphors limp.

- The truth. Cough it up.
- Truth, what truth?

The truth about the money
you claim Mrs. Skrof gave you.

I got it from her.

Not exactly as I said earlier,
but in a letter.

- Though it?s the same.
- The same?

Why didn?t you say so right away,
instead of telling stories?

I?ll tell you.

Because you knew that
the murderer sent you the money.

- Murderer?
- Yes, you figured it out earlier.

You figured out it was murder.
Therefore you escaped.

But it?s my money.
She gave it to me.

I mean,
the money is the congregation?s.

Will you give them willingly or...?

I will not.

Mrs. Skrof sent them to me
to buy land for the church.

And you can?t prove
your weird accusation.

You?re cunning for a shepherd.

We will meet again.


Mustap??s alibi
seems quite strong.

Anna?s neighbor was awake all night.
They were praying very loud.

Is that so?
May he thank his Lord.

Ask Lankela to come in.

You race horse...
Trot forward!

If you can?t keep away,
at least keep quiet.

Well, Mr. Lankela...
Your affairs are not in order.

It looks like we have reason to
suspect you for your aunt?s murder.

That?s the way it is.

You really believe that silly girl.
Even in my dreams I wouldn?t...

No. It?s not only
the girl we believe.

I?ll tell you all the facts
that make us believe it.

Your aunt was killed with gas,
after she had taken a sleeping pill.

You recommended
Pantopon to her.

You had the opportunity
to put a morphine tablet on top.

You knew that

the gate at Laivamiehenkatu
can be opened with a nail.

To use that route
to get to the fire-ladder...

Then from there to the balcony.

Give me a match.

Yes, this is the same type
that was found on the balcony.

The murderer came at 11:17pm.

In 22 minutes, one could easily go from
the Hotel Metropol and kill at Rantakatu...

As you can see
from this chart I?ve drawn.

The worst thing is that
your alibi is very bad and vague.

You weren?t in the cabinet.
Where were you?

You won?t answer
because you can?t!

Your finances have not
been all that good lately?

I believe
those troubles are over now?

You may believe
whatever you want of me...

Your nerves are shot.

Not that common
for a race driver, right?

At least you handled the situation
in Mrs. Skrof?s apartment,

when you heard
that key turn in the lock...

By the way, I?d like to know
what you were thinking then.

Did you realize immediately
it was Kirsti coming home?

An ordinary man would?ve run away,
but you went towards the danger!

You went to put
the security-chain on.

Then the doorbell rang!

Silently, you lifted the chain
back to its place.

But maybe it was still possible
to hear through the door?

That kind of a situation
is a test on a man?s nerves.

Isn?t that so?

So Mr. Lankela,
it is time to end the masquerade...

Take off the bandage
and show us your hand!

Bite marks!

Did I forget to say
that the dog bit the murderer?

Kaarle Lankela, I?m arresting you
for the murder of your aunt. Kokki!

I?m ready to give my friend
an alibi under oath.

We?re not in court yet.

Mr. Kuurna, do you think
you should still follow your friend?


Let?s go.

I understand
you did not expect this.

But I do hope it makes you think.
About everything!

A little conversation
about your friend would be useful.

Not now. Can you come
later in the evening?


Welcome. I plan to work
through the whole evening.

So it was Lankela.
The chart that I drew says...

And my chart says
it?s now time for sauna.

You should go tell Miss Skrof
she can move to her aunt?s apartment.

- Can I tell her about Lankela?
- Tell her what you want.

Use your own head.

But be back by 5pm!

Thanks! I?ll be happy
to move back to my old room.

You might like to know that
Kaarle Lankela was just arrested.

Arrested? Dear Lord...

Wait, I?ll come with you...
You can?t talk here.

After sauna, a cognac really...

...hits the spot!

What struck you now?

- Kuurna!
- Yes, he should be here soon.

I mean that it can be Kuurna...
It must be him!

Why would he kill Mrs. Skrof?
He has no reason.

He loves Kirsti Skrof,
but hates Lankela.

- But he?s Lankela?s best friend.
- So it seems.

But in reality he hates him.
If you only knew psychology...

...I wouldn?t mix it
with my investigations!

Kuurna has always had
a male inferiority complex.

He hates and fears other,
stronger men. Like Lankela.

Now he wants to revenge.
To show his intellectual superiority.

But the murder was staged
to look like an accident!

And would A kill B
just to get even with C?

Answer me this...
What did he have against Mrs. Skrof?


Is that so?

Thank you.

Horse... That?s it.


Kuurna?s ancestor
gave his horse to his king.

- Lankela is Kuurna?s king.
- Now, listen here...

It?s clear as day.

Kuurna wanted Lankela
to end up under suspicion.

And then rescue him...
To give his horse, that is.

He wanted his revenge on Lankela,
but also arranged to get him free!

You forget about one thing,
and that?s Mrs. Skrof.

What the killer had against her
is what?s crucial.

You never can win.
No matter how hard you try...

Punctuality is
the courtesy of kings!

About those kings...
Your friend?s situation doesn?t look good.

I believe that soon you?re
going to have to let him go.

No one believes in his guilt,
not even you.

- Except Kirsti Skrof.
- What?

- Have you told Kirsti?
- She knows everything.

- I hope you didn?t let that fool...
- What now? Speak up!

About an hour ago Kirsti called
and asked for sleeping pills.

I went and gave her
one morphine tablet...

I?m afraid that...

Kokki! Call Mrs. Skrof?s doctor.
He lives nearby. Car!


- Well?
- It?s all right, inspector.

We got here in time.
She didn?t inhale much.

Thank God!
So she?s there?

Give me the letter.

- Letter?
- Give it to me now!

"Dear inspector Palmu..."

"Lankela didn?t kill my stepmother,
I did it.

I got a morphine tablet
from Miss Pihlaja.

I put it on top of
aunt?s Pantopon-tube.

when no one saw,

I took the balcony key
and put it in my pocket...

I opened the skylight
and went onto the roof.

I used rubber boots
so that I wouldn?t slip."

So you told her
absolutely everything?

But you told me to use my head...

So I did.

In any case she?s now made up
a story that?s rock solid!

You can?t take her confession seriously.
She?s clearly hysterical.

Palmu here...

Have Kokki bring Lankela
to Mrs. Skrof?s apartment.

He is to be released,
he?s innocent.

Don?t you understand that she?s
in love with Lankela? Always has been.

With that confession
she tries to save him.

I took the letter because
I had a hunch what would be in it.

You seem to take
an active part in this case. Why?

Because people are stupid!

And you kept Mrs. Skrof?s murder
a secret from Iiri Salmia. Why?

So the truth
would be known.

The truth?

That Kaarle was seeing Iiri Salmia.
She bit his hand when they fought.

She did...?

Go open that.

What on earth have you done?
Is Kirsti really...?

Calm down. Luckily we managed
to save her from trying to save you.


She tried to frame herself.

- Can I... Can I go to her?
- Wait... I?ll go first.

Silly girl!

You almost gave this old policeman
a stroke by scaring us like that!

Of course, I knew you would
try confessing, but this way...

Does that mean you
won?t release Kaarle after all?

Of course we will,
but for other reasons.

His blood-type doesn?t match
the blood on the roof.

There he is,
as you can hear.

Kirsti! What have you done!

Please don?t start fighting.

Let?s go.

Do I have to take you
on my lap again and spank you?

Like I did back when
we were kids, remember?

You can take me
on your lap but don?t spank.

The movies are for that, boy!
Where?s Kuurna?

- He left.
- Left? And you let him?

Yes, but Matilainen is
on his heels like a bloodhound.

Inspector... The blood-type
doesn?t exonerate Lankela.

Why must it be
the murderer?s blood?

Of course it doesn?t! I forgot to
mention that the maid told yesterday

that Lankela
was in Salmia?s room.

She was too embarrassed
to admit it at first.

- So why was Lankela arrested?
- Tactics.

With no results.
The murderer?s still loose.

Yes, but Matilainen
is breathing down his neck.

- I was right, the murderer is...
- Oh yes.

You had that damn good horse story.
You should tell it to Kokki as well!

- What is he planning now?
- Probably a career change.

Yes I am.
The killer?s loose and we?re just...

- He?ll calm down.
- Once he gets older.

- That?s it!
- What is?

The letter in which
Mustap?? got the money.

It was stamped yesterday,
but sent the day before. Why?

It was dropped to the mailbox
after the last mail collection!

When was that? 10:30pm.
When did Mrs. Skrof go to bed? At 10pm.

So she didn?t send the money.
Who did?

The murderer. Why?
Just to be malicious.

Who?s that malicious?
Kuurna! It?s all clear now!

- Well, it?s about time!
- And the horse story still fits!

The one where
the ancestor gave it to his king.

How much did you have already?


The hell you say?
We?ll be there right away!

And you get in there,
even if it means climbing the wall!

This is all we needed!

Take it easy, there?s no rush.

You could?ve used
just used the elevator.


I couldn?t resist
the temptation.

It was his own fault.
He started arguing.


The ancestor.
The man from the thirty years war.

We?ll let him be for now.

It?s you who should
answer this question:

Why did you kill Mrs. Skrof?

A crazy accusation.
You can?t prove it.

I know exactly how you did it.

Just as I know that you
were in love with Kirsti Skrof.

And you knew that
she was in love with Lankela.

You also knew Lankela would eventually
realize he was in love with Kirsti.

Iiri Salmia was just a phase.

You knew you?d have to
lose Kirsti to Lankela.

Like you knew you?d lose
to him in everything!

On the other hand,
you couldn?t stand the thought

of a bitter old woman interfering in
their lives and ruining everything.

How easy it would be
to get her out of the way.

Her death would be beneficial
and no one would miss her.

It fits in perfectly with
your super-man morality.

You didn?t believe
that you?d feel any guilt.

But it turns out you forgot
that God sees everything!

You know exactly what I mean.
You?re tangled in your own circles.

You thought you?d help
Lankela by killing the aunt.

By doing so, you thought
you?d give your horse to your king!

Isn?t that so?
But what happened?

You didn?t help your king...
Instead you ran away!

No wonder your ancestor
started arguing!

In that sense this matter is clear.

You?ve tarnished the crest
of your nobility.

You?re a devil.
My vision of your soul is correct.

- The Janus face of a Finnish snoop.
- Janus?

The two-faced Roman God.

Two! That?s it!

You loved and hated
Lankela at the same time!

All that psycho-babble
is in vain!

You can?t prove a thing.

- So you think.
- Show me...

Show me one piece
of evidence that points to me.

Well? You can?t as there is none!
Against Lankela you have several.

Now you?d gladly see him
serve time for his aunt?s murder?

It?d be good for him to see
that everything isn?t so easy.

- Friendship turns into hate?
- Mind your own business, you fool!

I?m paid not to do it,
Mr. Nobleman!

Please remove that lout.
He gets on my nerves.

He stays.

What did Mrs. Skrof say to you about
your relationship with Lankela?

None of your business.

You hesitated
with your story yesterday.

That started bothering me.

The noose is tightening...

What did Mrs. Skrof say to you?

She said that
my relationship with Lankela is...

Is what?


It was then that you made
the final decision to kill her?


But you won?t get me in jail.
You have no evidence.

- I do.
- Where?

In your painting.

How could you know
the kettle was off balance?

Or about the kettle
to begin with?

It had been removed
when you visited this morning.

Kurt Kuurna. I?m arresting you
for the murder of Mrs. Skrof.

Let me go!

Let me go!

What the hell
were you thinking, man?

You won?t get away
with this that easily!

And pull down that ghost!

Be a man...

You?ll get through this.
Though it won?t be easy.

Kokki, take him away.

Now we?ve got to hurry!

I left the coffee pot
on the stove!

It?s smoke, inspector Palmu!

My memory seems to be going.

Better start
working on my memoirs!

Translated by probleema & laiskissa
Technical work by corvusalbus

Checked & revised
by Veikko