Garroter (2016) - full transcript

"GARROTER!" will have your head on a swivel long after you've watched it. Its realism and manner of tracking the assailant will chill you to the bone. It is the subtleties that will raise the hair on the back of your neck as you realize the horror on your screen might just as easily creep up behind you in real life at any given time and in any particular place!

- It's fucking
dead tonight, guys.

- He's sure to make
his dick hurt tonight.

I got bills to pay.

- Right.
- Mm, that reminds me.

The other day I was
with this John, right?

- Uh hmm.
- You could tell he was new.

He asked if I had protection.

I said, "Baby, I got
studded, I got ribbed,

"I got lubed, I've got flavored,

"I even got lambskin!

"What the fuck you need?"

He looks at me
and says, "Jumbo."

Oh god, please.

- I said, "Honey, that costs
extra, I am not that loose."

He paid good too.
- I bet.

Yesterday, somebody asked
me for a $50 blowjob.

I was like, "Bitch,
swerve on, hun."

I ain't no $50 blowjob.

You see this?

- Gonna give me more
than that, uh-hum.

Cinnamon yesterday Kit-Kat,

she tried to fuck
one of my regulars.

- Oh, you broke ho code?

- Oh, girl she
stole him from me.

- Uh hmm.
- Shit.

Keep that up, you're
not going to be able

to work this with us.

You're gonna have to
get your own pimp.

What do you think April?
- Hi!

- Yeah, you're gonna
have to find your own

if you keep pulling on ours.

- We'll see about that.

All right
girl, I'm out of here.

- All right, peace.
- Have a good one.

- Hope she got some lube.

She gonna get pounded tonight.

- So the other day
this guy kept going

"Oh baby baby," I said
"Honey, you need to stop

"calling me baby,
that is not my name."

He said "Oh, ah,
what's your name?"

I said "It's April!"

He said "Oh like the month?"

I said "It is May, asshole!"

- Yeah why do they even
care what your last name is?

- Oh I know.

- You know, sh...

I'm Emilee!

Who cares
- who cares what our name?

I, call me whatever
the fuck you want!

- Right.
- As long as you pay me

I don't give a shit.
- That's damn straight.

Show me the money.

- All right guys,
there's no money tonight,

I'm peaceing out,
- All right.

- So long.
- Take care you guys.

- Well here's one.

- Hey!
- Hey baby!

Fuck you
in your mini van.

- All right, I'm out of here.

- Have a good night.
- We'll see you girl.

- See you.

Fuck you.

Fuck this night, I'm out.

- You know, this is
bullshit, how many cars

do you think
last night?

- Speaking of blowing Jamie,
how many have you done tonight?

Very funny.

You know I have an idea, what
if I showed a little leg?

You think maybe that would work?

It worked in the olden days.

Yeah but,
they're all dead.

- Yeah that's true, and a
guy couldn't give two shits,

about a girl showing leg
when they can go home,

on their computer and jerk off.


- What the fuck?

You thief!
- Mother fuck!

Little fucking son of a bitch!

What the fuck, what the fuck!

Wait, wait, come here!

Here, listen, listen!

There is no way,

that my life is
ending, in some alley,

in the middle of
nowhere, by some fucker,

with a wire wrapped
around my neck,

and I got news for you,

it ain't ending for
you tonight either!

You ain't checking out tonight.

Oh, oh...

- Yeah, thanks to you.

I'm done.

No, that's too...
- Oh my god my shoes my shoes!

- Wait, I saved your life
once, I ain't doing it again!

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Amanda, Amanda!

What the fuck?

Open up!

Get your own ride bitch!

- Darcy thank you so much
for coming to see me,

you have no idea!

I've contacted
everyone, all the media,

no one is interested
in my story.

Thank you so much.

Well, I've
got a lot to tell you.

I tried to tell
you on the phone,

my brother, he's been accused of

these horrendous beheadings,
and if he's to go

to jail again it's gonna be
for the rest of his life,

and,, he may
not be the greatest guy,

but he is not a murderer.

- I get it, I do.

Please, go on.

- I don't know where to start.

I mean we were normal
kids, you know, normal,

you know, doing normal kid
things, going to school.

But then,


our mother, our
mother was a monster!

- Rachel do you want to
forget about his for now,

because I can always

come back later tonight--
- No just the, just the

thought of her just...

It's okay, go ahead.

- As long as you're
comfortable with it,

we can continue, okay?
- All right, this is too

important, I have to
get the story out.

I'm such an ugly crier!

No you're not!

- All right, go ahead.
- Whenever you're ready,

your mother, you
were talking about her.

- Yeah, her, you
would not believe

the things that she did to us
when we were kids.

Like, you would not believe it.

- You know what though,
you wouldn't believe

half of the things
that I have heard

in face to face interviews!

I mean think about it, I work
for Crime Scene Magazine,

not People.
- That's true.

- Trust me, I think
I can handle it.

- I think you could.

Where do we go from here?

My mother.

She was sick, so sick!

- Cancer, or...

- If only it was cancer, no,
she was sick in the head!

- How so?

- This woman was pure evil.

It didn't, we didn't have
to do anything wrong,

and, I mean she would
just hit us for no reason!


If she could be carrying
a book, or anything,

a bat it didn't matter,
she would just hit us

on the back of the head!

- For just no reason at all?

- No, she didn't need a reason!

She ruled the roost, I mean,
we all knew it, Dad knew it,

and I mean, he tried to, he
tried, he tried to help us but,

that, that didn't matter.

Oh and if we actually
did do something wrong,

then there was the belt.

- The belt?

Yeah, she would run into

our father's room, grab, the
belt off the back of his door,

and she would come storming down

like she was demon possessed!

- Wait a minute you
said she went into

your father's room?
- Uh-hmm.

- You mean your parents,
they had separate bedrooms?

- Yeah, if you were
married to a bat like that

would you want to
sleep with her?

- I don't know.

- Dad, Dad tried to, he
tried to be there for us but,

he was gone all
the time, so it just,

it was just us and her.

He left us to fend for
ourselves, he was, gone...

- I can't blame
him, for not wanting

to be around her.
- Yeah.

As soon as Danny, the, our
little brother turned 18,

he was up and packed
up, and took another job

in freaking Ohio.

- So, can we back up a sec?

Can you tell me what your

mother did to you?
- Yes, yes, once...

Just the thought of this
is really upsetting me.

Um, yeah she would beat us

with a belt, till
we had purple welts

all over our whole bodies.

The boys nicknamed
it the Welt Belt.

They got it more
often than I did,

I think she thought
she could cover up

bruises on boys, and
not so much on me, so...

- That's really despicable.
- Oh you think?

Oh, and get this, when
Dad was still around,

we had this horrible
neighbor, I mean you

probably had the kind
who will call the cops

for the stupidest ...

- This is the third
time that I've had

to come over here, and tell
you keep your kids' toys

off my property, and
that means keep your

son's balls off my grass!

This is gonna stop or
I'm gonna call the cops!

And I'm gonna keep
on calling the cops

every time your
bratty little kids do

something to bother my family!

Do you hear me Mrs Leno?

Or do I have to yell?

Are you deaf, and stupid, and--

- Oh, it's you.

You know what, go back
to the hole you crawled

in from you bitch!

Glad to help you with
the day's exercise, pig!

- Wow, I thought that we had
crazy next door neighbors

growing up!
- Right?

Well hey, would
you like a donut?

I've got a donut, I'll
split one with you.

- Sure I'll take part of one.

- Perfect.

Yeah, neighbors are a, our
neighbor on the other side,

they were, they were pretty
cool, at least the guy was.

- Right.
- Hi wife on the

other hand, yeah she
would parade around

her yard, in a bikini,
all summer long.

Yeah, and then she'd think
she sees Danny watching her

from his upstairs
bedroom window.

- Oh my god.
- Probably

Jacking off.

- Your brothers.
- Exactly.

Well she comes over,
and tells mother,

that she catches Danny red-handed,
peeping into her room.

Yeah the beating
that he took, um,

he spent two weeks
in the hospital.

Two weeks, the school
did not even notice.

- I mean how is
that even possible?

I mean didn't you kids
ever think about reporting

her for child abuse, or what
about your grandparents,

or neighbors, friends--

- You can do that, you can
do that now, but back then,

we just, we just
took our lickings.

Mom was a monster.

- Well um, when did
the beatings end?

I mean they did end

sooner or later--
- Yeah, oh yeah, yeah.

Jake, he got in
trouble for something,

I don't even remember
what it was exactly.

But I do remember what
happened afterward.

- Oh Jesus, what
happened afterwards?

- Oh, let me tell you.

Yeah the three of us were,

playing in the house and we
heard this pounding on the door.

Mother took her
time to get there.

She opens the door and
this man is yelling

and screaming at her,
she didn't say anything.

Then she just slams
the door in his face,

and she turns around, and
she comes storming down

like she just escaped
a mental institution.

She goes into Dad's room,
comes out with that belt,

and she's just snapping that
belt, she's coming for us,

and I, I tried to shield
Danny, cover him up,

but she went right for Jake.

She's just whipping him

with this belt, wham,
wham, whipping him!

I yelled at her to stop,
but no, she just keeps

whipping him and Jake
he, I don't know what

got into him, he just
grabbed that belt from her,

and they're wrestling
back and forth,

he yanks that belt
right out of her hand

and she's like in shock!

She grabs her heart, uh,
and she just keels over,

has a heart attack, falls
right on the ottoman.

Jake, he didn't
know what happened,

he looks at us
and, he's in shock.

He comes over, and we hug,

and we thought this is,
this is a good thing.

Her death gave us new life.

Does that make sense Darcy?

- It absolutely does,
but of the two boys,

which one was in
trouble more often,

or were they both just
equal opportunity victims?

- Oh no no no no, it
was not equal at all!

Jake was older, and
he always seemed to be

on the receiving
end of all this.

Mother would yell, "See
what happens to Jacob

"when you pull this shit?"

I swear that is the reason
that he went to the bottle.

I mean seriously
drinking, upwards of a

full fifth of whiskey in a day!

- Wow.
- Yeah, he went to calling

his favorite brand Jake Daniels.

Yeah when he was
drinking, oh he was nasty!

- I mean have you ever thought
about like intervention,

or AA, or anything like that?

- Yeah, he needed a 20-step
program, not a 12-stepper.

Yeah, when he drank,
he turned into this,

wife-beating menace!

He, he went to prison
two times, yeah,

for domestic
violence, and the cops

came to his house all the time.

- So after all this how did
you two end up reconnecting?

Wait, you know I'm
sorry, hold that thought,

what happened to your
younger brother, uh,

- Daniel?
- Daniel, you said, okay?

- Yeah, well Danny, he seemed

to get through this really well,

he got married, bought
a house, has kids,

white picket fence,
yep, going good for him.

- Well you obviously did very
well for yourself too Rachel,

I mean...
- Uh yeah, this is just

the perks of uh, being
a Real Estate Broker.

- Well it's beautiful.

- Yeah, yeah it is.

- It is, uh huh, so unless
I miss my guess here,

this is all about Jake, he's
the reason that I'm here.

- Yeah, Jake,
- Is that right?

- Yeah he vanished after his
two stints at Jackson Prison.

- Right.
- And I was, I was fine

with that, I thought he just,
just get his shit together

and go on with his life.

- So what made you decide to
try and find him again then?

- He's a suspect in a--

- I mean I get
that Rachel, I do,

and I know that you want me

to pass that information on

to authorities,
- Yes.

- But, I can't just
walk in there and say

"Hey I interviewed
his sister," you know,

"stop your investigation!"

- I get that.
- And I really do,

I want to help you.
- You know and I,

and I, I believe you.

- Why don't you give me
some more information,

like um, tell me about how
you two finally reconnected.

- Well Danny and I, we,
we never lost contact,

we've kept in touch, and
I've went to his house,

to see if he knew
where, where Jacob was.

- Well look what
the cat dragged in.

If it isn't my
little big sister.

- Really?

I even wore my
big shoes for you.

You act like you haven't
seen me in years.

- It sure seems like
it, to me anyway.

- Are you gonna let me in?
- Come on in.

So what's up,
wait, let me guess.

You've been watching
the news reports,

and you want to know where
our big brother Jake is,

am I close?
- Yeah, actually you're

right on the money
with that one.

- Well come on in.
- Sure.

So, where are
Donna and the kids?

- She took the kids to the mall.

- Oh, that's probably
a good thing.

- Go and have a seat.
- Thanks.

- So, what makes you think I
know where Jake is, anyway?

- Do you or don't you
Danny, because you know

we're both a little too old to
be playing this stupid game.

- Take a look around sis,
I've been a little busy,

trying to raise a family,
provide for my wife and kids,

while our big brother was
off making license plates.

- So you don't know
where he is, fine!

- That's it then,
the end of our chat?

Huh, nice, real nice
Rachel, couldn't give

two shits about me could you?

- I do care about you,
you're my little brother,

but, you're not
the one in trouble.

- Would you like something
to drink right now?

- Oh please.
- Lemonade okay?

- Yes.

- Listen, I had a lousy
spring season at the nursery,

I got four mouths to
feed, I got bills to pay.

Like I said, I got troubles too.

troubles are fixable,

they're not with the law!

You watch the news!

- Yeah well, I tell you what,
if I did know where he was,

you wouldn't want
to see him anyway.

He's probably stewing up
there on his daily bottle of

Jake Daniels anyway.
- Up where?

- Huh?
- You said he's busy

stewing up there.
- Chill out sis,

what are you gonna do,
you gonna ride up there

on your white horse
and save the day?

Do you know where he is?

Just tell me.

- All these years, and suddenly
you're interested in him?

Stay the hell out of it!

He'll get what he
has coming to him.

- Wow you really don't
care about him do you?

- Don't put this on
me, Rachel Marie Leno!

- You know what, fine, I don't
know why I even bothered.

You know I would have thought
that you would have uh,

had some consideration
- Wait.

- For any of us.
- I'm sorry.

Come here, I'll fill you in.

I know you're
worried about Jake.

- Thanks Danny, you know it's--

- Sit back down.

- I am, I'm just,
I'm afraid for Jake!

- Well, you're
right to be, okay?

Our big brother
is prime suspect,

and he's way over his
head if you ask me.

- I'm just worried
about him, that's all.

Danny, you don't think Jake
is capable of this, do you?

- Oh hell no, he's scared.

That's why he's hiding out.

- Please, just tell
me where he is.

- Brewster house,
but he's wanted Sis,

and he's wanted in a bad way.

- Brewster house, man I
should of thought of that

a long time ago!

What are we gonna do?

- I'll tell you
what we're gonna do.

We're gonna cooperate
with the authorities.

If any cops come around,
we're gonna have to be honest,

and tell 'em about Jake's
not so glorious past.

- But just because he has a
violent past that shouldn't be

a reason for them to
consider him for this?

You think?
- Nah, that's not it at all.

- Well then what is it?
- Look,

when Jake sold the house he
was perfectly fair with us,

but you remember all
the instrument parts,

and the tools in the garage.

- Oh there was a
bunch of that stuff,

- Yes!
- Wasn't there?

Guitar fret board, there
was that big bass stand

in the back too, there was
a, there was a lot of it.

- -And the mound of piano wire?


The damn fool, tried to
score some cash on the side,

and not let us in on it?

He sold a shit load of it.

I mean, he probably
needed the money but--

- Yeah, but the killer is
using piano wire to decapitate

those poor girls--
- Exactly!

That's why he's
the prime suspect.

- We need to see him,

we have to convince
him that he's gotta

be questioned by
the authorities!

- Well we'll go see him, okay?

- So you guys went up
to the Brewster house,

um, but weren't you a
little apprehensive?

- Well I don't know
about apprehensive,

but I had to talk
some sense into Jake.

I mean if they pinned
these murders on him,

he'd go to the jail for
the rest of his life.

Michigan had the death
penalty, he'd fry for sure.

So yeah, so I just went
up to the Brewster house.

- Wait hand on a minute,
what do you mean,

I went up to the Brewster house?

What, just you,
are you kidding me?

- I had to go right away
and Danny, he had the kids

and his wife and it's like,
yeah, I just went by myself.

- So, Danny boy told
you where I was, huh?

- Yeah he did.

- So why the sudden visit, huh?

Look, let me guess.

The cops are asking
questions about me.

They're trying to pin
those murders on me.

All because I sold that piano
wire from the god damn garage.

Shit, I was gonna
share it with you guys.

I swear to god!
- You know what Jake?

- I wish that, I wish...
- If you were hard up for

cash you could have come
to your brother or sister

and we could have figured
out some way to help you out,

and then if there would have
been any questions you know,

would'a been all of us siblings
that they'd be looking at,

and the heat wouldn't
be just on you.

- Oh great, hind-sight's
always 20-20.

- I know.
- Now I got the law breathing

down my neck, and
they're probably gonna

put me in the slammer.

And I'm not going back there
Rach, no fucking way, no way!

- But it's multiple
murders that you're facing!

How do the cops know
about the wire sale?

Oh, Bonny.

I'm sure of it, ex-number
two, remember her?

If anybody wanted
revenge against me for

punching her lights
out, it'd be that bitch.

- Oh, Bonny.

- Well, here in the
last thumb fight,

the topic of that psychopath
killer popped up, you know,

and she said in this
really weird tone,

"Jacob," and you know I
hate being called that,

'cause that was mother
used to call me that--

- Yeah when she'd pull
out the Welt Belt I know.

I can't even look at a
belt without flinching.

- Tell me about...
- Shitty way to remember

a parent, right?

- So anyway, she goes
"Jacob, you have some real

"aggressive tendencies,
who's to say you're not

"the serial killer?"

And then she goes "Wouldn't
it be interesting if the

"police found out you
sold that piano wire?"

And me, you took it
for personal reasons.

So I didn't take
any chances then,

I left the east side and I
came here, where it's safe,

until the real killer's caught.

- And you told Danny you
moved here and not me?

- I couldn't tell you my story.

You get all
judgemental and shit,

- No I don't!
- You do.

Last thing I need is an
interrogation from you

as well as the cops, you know.

- Well, you know, I
kind of get it, but,

if you had nothing to do
with any of this, then...

- Well then a long pause.

If you think for one
second I had anything to...

There's a door you
can leave right now!

And don't come back this time!

- No no Jake, Jake, Jake!

You know you may, do
some awful things,

and you've got a bad
temper, but, there's,

you're flesh and blood,
there's no way I know

you are capable
of killing anyone,

unless maybe they
wanted to harm me,

or Daniel or Dad.

So now I'm sticking
around and we're gonna,

we're gonna get through this.

Blood is thicker than water.

Even Flint water
, Jacob.

- Right, what am I gonna do,

what am I gonna do next?

- Well, we're gonna,
we're gonna sit here

until we can figure out how
to get over this nightmare.

- You gotta be up
front with me Rachel,

at some point during
this conversation,

you must have had second
thoughts about Jacob.

Oh, I'm sorry, I meant Jake.

Don't apologize,

that was actually kind of funny.

But not even for
a fraction of a second.

- Yeah.
- He's really a decent guy

deep down, it's just
the idiot does not

know how to treat women.

- Yeah.
- I'm not a psychologist

or anything, but, if he
saw a therapist I'm sure

they would tell him that,
all this anger that he has,

that stems from the
abuse that he got from

our despicable mother.

- Well that sounds
right to me Dr. Phil.

- Excuse me.
- Okay.

Oh Miss Leno would,

don't don't please
don't slam the door,

please don't slam the door!

Please let me talk.
- All right.

Come on in.

- Thank you.
- Yeah just, follow me.

- Oh, I'm sorry, I
didn't mean to interrupt,

I didn't know you were--
- That's all right.

Detective Ryker I'd like
you to meet Darcy Miller.

- Excellent.
- She's a stringer with,

Crime Scene Magazine.

- Very nice to meet you.
- I called her editor, and,

it, she's the only
one that would come see me.

The fact that you showed
up here is actually,

pretty good timing.

- Well it's nice to
meet you Officer Ryker.

- My pleasure.
- Uh, it's not officer Darcy,

it's detective, that's
a distinction that he's,

he's worked long and hard for.

- That's true, thank you.

Um I thank you for that
distinction, I appreciate it.

Um, I want to ask you
a question Miss Leno,

and, and I don't mean to,

I don't mean to come off
like a dick, or anything,

but, why are you being so
cooperative with me right now?

Now last time, about
a week or so ago,

you were anything but.

You were almost combative.

So why all of a sudden
- Well because, because you,

-, it must be her?
- Well you were a dick!

You put me on the defensive,
you, had all the oddest

accusations about my brothers,
and I tried to keep my cool,

so, I, I slammed
the door on you.

But, look at this, you're
being very civil right now,

and I'll be very
civil, so we can just

get down to what we
were talking about.

I went and saw my brother,
I went up to his house.

- Whoa, whoa, wait wait, you
went to Jacob Leno's house?

It's uh, a week ago you
told me, you had no I,

wait a minute, you told me
you had no idea where he was,

you had, you, just, not a
clue and now all of a sudden

you went to his house.
- This, this is the attitude

I'm talking about, do, do
you want my help or not?

I'm, willing to help you!
- Of course I do.

But uh, all right, all
right, no attitude.

- Okay.
- We'll start over, um,

I'm sorry, please go on.

- Okay, thank you.

First of all, when you
speak to my brother,

you can not call him Jacob.

- Well what am I
supposed to call him?

- Well, you call him
Jake, I mean that's

a button you do not
want to push with him.

- Okay, okay.

You know something,
you could do yourself,

and your brother, and me,
a big favor if you would,

organize some kind of a
sit-down between the two of us.

- Well, that's exactly,
that's what I wanted to do!

- All right so let's do that.

- But I can't be responsible
for his attitude!

He is a serious whisky
drinker, and oh,

when he hits that
bottle, oh there's just--

- Just just, wait a
minute, wait a minute.

I've been on the
force for 39 years.

I've seen every kind of
crack whore, every kind of

psychotic junkie, you
name it, a lunatic pimp,

I think I can deal
with an alcoholic

okay, so don't--
- Okay.

- Hey, why don't you give him
a call, please please please.

- All right, okay.
- Oh, before you do it,

whatever you do don't tell
him that I'm here, all right?

I mean he doesn't need to--
- Detect--

- What?
- He's my brother,

you gotta trust me I
know what I'm doing.

- All right, you got your
- Can I, can I go get,

- phone on 'ya?
- I'll, can I go get the

phone, it's in the kitchen.
- All right, yeah.

Can you do me a favor
while you're up,

can you give me some
water or something?

- Oh, I am, I am so sorry.
- I'm dying of thirst.

No that's all right.
- I'm such a bad host.

- You're a good host, just--
- Just, just, just a minute.

- You're a good
hostess, don't worry.

An upset hostess.

- Yeah, a little bit.
- That's for sure.

Sorry about that.
- Long day.

I couldn't help but notice
that you're not wearing a ring.

- Oh, uh, widower actually.

- Oh I'm sorry.
- No, it's...

I'm sorry to hear that.

- A couple years ago.

- Yeah.

- Boy here comes the water.

Thank you, here let me get up.

Hey Rach what's up?

- Hey how you doing?

- Good, what's up?
- Yeah, yeah,

I'm sitting here
with Detective Ryker,

from the Detroit Police

- Jesus fucking Christ,

you're what?

Jake, I'm
gonna ask you something,

and if you want to hang up
after that, that's fine.

Um, do you want to go to prison
for the rest of your life?

I'm not
gonna go to prison

for something I
didn't do, and by god,

not for something

That shit's past man.

I took a long look in the mirror
and I'm, I'm set to change.

If I get out of this mess.

- That's exactly what
I wanted to hear.

So, why don't we go
ahead and have him

come meet you up
at Brewster house?

Aw man you
told him where I'm at?

Do you want to hide
for the rest of your life?

You're acting guilty,
you're not guilty.

All right.

- So, go ahead and
do this meeting.

All right.
- Yeah.

- Eight a.m., I don't know,
what do think, eight a.m.

at Brewster house, how's that?


- Can you uh, put Mr.
Daniels into the wee back

corner of your other place?
- Aww, you told 'em I

fucking drink too?

- Jake, really?

Yeah Jack,
the liquor is done.

JD's on that 24-hour vacation.

- Perfect.
- For now.

- Perfect, thank you.

- Thank you, good job Rachel.

- Yeah, you think I
would have put my brother

on speaker if I was
trying to protect him

or if I thought he was
going to incriminate

himself or anything?

- No, no, that's a good point.

Hey you made good points
for yourself and for him.

And it could turn out
to help him out a lot.

I appreciate it, I
appreciate the call, and um,

I'll get up there
bright and early, eight

- All right.
- O'clock tomorrow morning.

So I'm gonna get
out of here, okay?

- All right.
- It's a pleasure

to meet you.
- Yes, nice to meet you.

- Is it all right if
I set that down there?


- Okay, don't get up.
- Have a good night.

- Okay Rachel, thank you.

- Yeah, yeah.
- I'll find my way out.

- Ok, yeah thanks.

- I gotta tell you Rachel, I
mean I hope that you're right

about this and that
you're brother's innocent,

but, you remember how I said
that Crime Scene Magazine

only does cases on closed,
you know closed cases?

- Right.

- I just feel like this would
make a really fantastic story.

- I know, right?
- Yes!

- I'll make you a deal.
- Okay.

- If he is found innocent
on this, we will write

that story together.
- Do you mean when he's

found innocent?

Touche, awww.

Absolutely my fault.

Oh, I know you probably
need to get going too.

- Oh I probably
should it's late.

- All right.

* I can feel your
hands all over me

* Creating friction everywhere

* As I slip into
this dream of you

* When I wait till
you'll be there

* You're the one that

* Every time I close my eyes

* I never sing about--

This just
into the news room.

We've learned that
late this afternoon

the Garroter as he or
she is now being called,

has carried out yet
another decapitation!

This marks the eighth
victim, all have been female.

The Michigan State Police
is asking everyone,

males included to
restrict their travel,

to only going out if it's
absolutely necessary,

and please if at all
possible travel with

a friend or two, especially
if you are female.

The police are also
urging us to report

anyone suspicious
looking, even if you think

you might be over-reacting.

Our streets are
not safe as long as

this demented criminal
is still at large.

* I've been waiting for so long

- Hey Darcy, glad you called
you forgot your clipboard.

- No no no Rachel,
you don't understand,

did you hear that
there are eight now?

He's killed another
woman today and he,

he did it the same way, and
they have a name for him now!

They're calling him the Garrote.

- What Darcy, Darcy,
just, just calm down.

Please, please--

Can you pull over

or something?
- No no I did pull over!

Rachel someone needs
to stop him, this is,

this is insane!

They have a name for
him now, they're calling

him the Garroter because of the,

because he cuts their heads off!

Oh my god Rachel, I'm
just so scared right now,

and I don't, oh my...

Jesus, a cemetery, are you
kidding me, I hate cemeteries!

- What, a, a, a cemetery?

Listen, listen,

can, just-just calm down,

why don't you, why don't you
just come back to my house?

You know you can
get your clipboard,

and, you know if
you feel up to it

you can just spend
the night here.

- No Rachel, I really,
really appreciate that,

and that's really really
nice of you offering that

sounds great, but um, I
don't have any

with me and I have to work in
the morning, so I just um--

Yeah,, I'm
gonna be fine, really am.

- All right well, as
long as, if you're fine,

then, that's,
that's fine with me.

- I'll be, no no I'll be fine,
don't worry about it okay?

I'm sorry that I got all
girly for a minute there,

it's just um, really
severe, you know?

It really can get, I
think that I'm okay now.

- Are you sure?
- Okay, yeah, I,

I really think
that I can travel okay now,

and just talking to you just
made me feel better, I really,

Only if, only if,

only if you're sure because,
my house is your house, really.

I'm, I would like to have you.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

No and I really
really appreciate that,

and you know what
I think I'm okay,

I think I just need to go
home and get some sleep.

- Okay.

- Okay goodnight.

- Goodnight Darcy.

- Now what?

Jake Leno?

- Yeah the, one and
only I'm afraid.

- You're afraid huh?

What are you afraid of?

- Nothing.
- Detective James Ryker.

Friends call me Cap.

You can call me Jim.

- Okay Jim, do you want to
ask your questions out here,

or do you want to go inside?

- I wanna go inside,
show me your hideout.

Wow, no wonder you were able
to evade the cops for so long.

Who'd think to look for
you in a place like this?

Man this is old.
- Do you wanna

take a look around?
- Yeah, that's why

I'm here man.
- Let's go on a tour,

follow me.
- A tour, okay, lead the way.

- And uh, this is the kitchen.

- Oh really, I would'a
never figured that one out,

you know, the frig and--

What's the matter Jake?

No sense of humor?

- Not right now no.

- Fair enough, yeah,
I'll give you that one.

- You look pretty warm.

- Yeah man.
- We could either,

ask the questions here or
go outside on the patio,

it's nice and cooler.

- No, let's go out, looks
like there's a breeze too.

- There is.
- Yeah let's...

- Follow me.
- Okay.

Just out here.

- Hello?

Hello Rachel.

- Who is this?

It, it's John.

- John, John who?

John Leno.

- Dad?

Dad, really, this is yoU?

Why are you.
- Yes Rachel.

I, I know it's been

a really long time
since we've spoken.

But, I'm so concerned about you.

News travels fast.

E-Even as far as Toledo.

I-I know Jake is considered
a prime suspect in these--

- No Dad, no, no Dad listen!

Jake, Jake is gonna be fine!

We've re, we've reconnected and,

I actually set him up with
a detective this morning

and they had a meeting, and
while they had the meeting

Jake said that the
detective got called away,

because there was
another murder.

Yes so I think Jake is gonna
be in the clear, I really do!

Oh just a minute, hey hey
Dad, I'm getting another call.

Um, I'm gonna call
you right back, okay?

Hey good morning Jim.

Hey I already talked to--
- Rachel.

- I already talked to Jake.

- Are you sitting down?

- I, I, do I need to be?

Yeah, I think so.

- Well what's, what's wrong?

- He's up to 10 now Rachel.

Have you been watching
the news, or listening

to anything on the radio, or--

I'd, uh, I just totally
avoid the news,

just, it literally makes
me sick to my stomach.

Why do, Jim, Jim, you don't,
you don't sound right.

- I don't, I don't know
how to tell you this, um...

- Just, just just tell me Jim.
- All right, yesterday...

- Go ahead, just tell me.

After uh...

- Jim?
- About an hour after we

left your house, um,
- Uh-hmm?

- Rachel, um,

Darcy Miller was number nine.

- What, say that
again, I don't...

- He he, he killed Darcy Miller.

What, oh...

Are you, are you ser...


I'm so sorry.

Rachel, are you okay?
- I just, I, I just,

I just, I,.

What is going on?

that call go honey?

Dad can you come
over please?

Daddy please--
- Honey we're far apart.

I please I just
need you to come over.

W-What's going on?

He killed
my friend Darcy.

I need, I really
need to see you Dad...

C-Can we meet
somewhere half-way?

- Oh, well, I guess,

I don't know what's half-way!

Just a minute.
- Find a place honey

and I-I'll meet you there.

- All right, just a minute.

We're far apart.

I, there's
a, there's a place in,

New Port I think, it's
Kara's, can we do that?

It's, it's a Greek restaurant.
- Sure, sure honey,

- Okay.

- When do you want to meet?
- I don't know!

Can I bring, can I
bring the brothers,

can I bring Danny and Jake?

I think we all
- Yeah.

- Need to be together.

- That'll be great

if they can come.

I haven't seen them in so

long, sure honey.
- Dad, ok?

- Just let me know where.
- I need to, I need to

get myself together,
can I call back, two,

I don't, two o'clock?

Absolutely honey,
whenever you're ready.

- Okay, okay I'll call them.

- Okay, hey, I'll meet

you at two then.

- I, I really need you Dad!

- Hey Sis what's up?


Who got killed?

Darcy Miller.

- Darcy Miller?

- Darcy, she was the reporter,
she was here in my home

when I tried to call you.

That's the name that
Ryker with me.

Oh man, are you okay?

I was with Dad on
the phone when Ryker called me

and I was, talking to Dad.

- Oh fuck, Dad?

You talked to Dad?

Yes and
he called me here.


- He, I don't know,
I called him back,

'cause I'm so
upset, I wanted to see him

and he said he
would see me so...

And we're gonna meet.

Can, can you come with me?

- Oh, I don't know, I
haven't seen him in so long,

that I don't think that...

He, he want,

he wants, he wants to see
you, he cares about you Jake!

That's why he called me!

- Of course he does, sure.

I'll do it for you.

- All right can I come,

can I come get
you like at 12:30?

- 12:30's fine, I'll be ready.

All right, just maintain, okay?

All right.

I love you.

Bye bye.
- Bye.

- This is fucking surreal.

- John Leno, am I right?

Good to see you.

- Hey Dad.

So, how was your drive in, Dad?

- Yeah.
- Oh it was great, it's so

good to see you again.

- How long did it take?

- Hello.
- Oh hi.

- Hi.
- Welcome to Kara's.

- Thank you.

Thank you so much.
- Here's your menu.

I'll be right back.
- Thank you.

So, no traffic or anything?

- No it was good.
- That's good.

- No construction.

Well you kids look great.

- Thank you.
- Even you Jake.

- Gee thanks Dad.

- So where's Daniel?

You know, I
tried to get Danny to come,

but you know him tied up
at home, the family man,

the provider--
- The good son.

- You know, don't even
start that Jake, just...

- Let him go Rachel, he's right.

I was never there for him like
I was for you occasionally,

or your little brother.

I deserve whatever digs I get.

- You know, I was always the
example, as mother used to say.

A bad example.
- Right.

- I was Dad, was.

Always had a chip
on my shoulder,

and god only knows how
many bottles of booze.

I smacked my wives around.

I'd hit them, and I'd
say, and I'd yell and say,

be happy Welt
Belt you fucking bitch.

It's true, it's true!

Rachel don't
shush him, let him go,

it'll help to hear
what he has to say.

Go on son, please.

- I, I'm a bad person.


I know that.

Rach, when I told you if
I got into a giant mess,

I would change my ways?

Well, this morning
after the killings,

it looks like I'm
off the police radar.

After Jim, Detective Ryker left,

I had this like,
religious experience.

I stopped drinking.

I did.

Just like that, just stopped.

Now I, I feel like I want to
yell to the world and say,

that the asshole known
as Jake Leno is gone,

forever, forever.

- I am, so proud of you Jake.

I mean, you sound like
a different person.

- I hope so.
- Look at me, I mean,

you, are a different person.

- I hope so.

- Son you figured life out.

Only wish I hadn't
skipped out on you kids,

but I...
- Dad, Dad, don't

blame yourself one ounce
for that beast you were

married to, not one ounce!

How you were married to that,

excuse of a human
being I'll never know!

You both gotta
believe me,,

that woman tore my
insides apart every day.

When I would come home
from work and I would

see my children all
welted up like you were,

it made me sick to my stomach.

But what did I do?

I waited till my kids
turned 18 and ran

out of town like
a pitiful coward.

- I, I'm sorry Dad
but, I hated you

for the longest time
because of that!

You know, and I, you know,

I knew inside that you know,
she was destroying you.

Well I get it, now.

- You know what guys?

We can't take those years
back, they're gone forever.

- I know it.

- We can move forward.

- Right.
- Starting now.

- Right.
- At this lunch.

- Right.
- Today.

- A new Jake.

- A new all of us!
- Right.

Here's to beginnings!

- Right, you know what, I agree.

- In a way, I gotta
admit, I'm sort of glad

your brother isn't
here right now.

Part of what I wanted
to talk to you about

is concerning Daniel.

- Danny?
- What about Danny, Dad?

- Well I don't know if
it's a good idea to talk

about it without him being here.

- Let me grab these.

Why not?

- Well, maybe I can

get your opinions,
before I talk to him.

- Sure, sure.

Tell us, we'd be
happy to, right Rach?

- Yeah, go ahead,
what is it, Dad?

- Well, it's a long time
in coming, this news,

and I'm gonna take a wild
guess that both of you

may have suspected this
for a long time now,

but, Daniel was adopted.

- What?
- Like adopted?

- Are you shitting me?

Danny boy is adopted?

- Yes.
- After all those years

and we teased him for
not looking like us,

or acting like us?

- No, I am, totally
speechless right now.

- Me too.
- I mean, was I adopted

too Dad, because let
me tell you, I would be

for real to know I'm not
related to that bitch,

and have her blood running
through me, that's for sure.

You weren't Rachel.

I knew I shouldn't
have said anything,

I shouldn't have spoke up.

Once again I have to ask
for your forgiveness.

- Well, now we know,

but the question is,
are you gonna tell Danny

or are you gonna
let it slide again?

- Right.
- I don't know,

I, I'll give him
a call later on,

if I don't chicken out as usual.

- You can do it.
- Come on Dad you can do it.

All right, eats.

Got the gyro.

- Mmm, looks good, thank you.

- Thank you so much.
- Enjoy.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

- Well, dig in guys.

- Well, I want some of that.

Can I taste some of that?

Mmm, good, huh.

That's right you
don't like tomatoes.

No I don't.

- They're good for 'ya.

- Hey, don't be so pissed at me.

I thought I had a
really hot lead.

Turned out my source
was full of shit!

- Oh, yeah that's
never happened before.

- No she seemed like
such a nice crack whore.

- Listen, we don't...

We don't nab this
motherfucker soon,

the next meeting we're
gonna have on a park bench,

is gonna be on the
grounds of some,

sunrise living
assisted facility,

if we remember where
the fuck it is!

And I'm being serious, they're
gonna put us out to pasture.

Both of us.

Both of us!

You want to know how
serious Rachel is about

making sure that her brother
is absolved of all this?

- Sure.
- All right.

She said to me, you got
no clues, all right?

All you got is a guy walking
around with a ski mask

in a trench coat, and
he's attacking hookers,

and topless dancers--


- Whoa!
- What the fuck?

- You okay?
- Oh my god I'm so--

- Hey, Jimmy, Jimmy!
- Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa,

do not shoot me!
- Easy now partner!

- All right all right
calm down, I'm not--

- It was just an accident!
- All right all right all

right I'm not gonna shoot
you, it's just, you just

nailed me with that
damn ball, and I didn't,

I did, anything I
did, all right, relax,

calm down, calm down, calm down.

- We were just kicking
it around a little,

me and my daughter--
- Okay, okay,

- It got over my head--
- okay okay okay okay,

relax, relax, relax, relax,
relax, it's okay, that's ok.

- It was all my fault, I just,

do you need some ice?

- I don't know, how
do you treat a smash

to the old coconut anyway?

- Old coconut?

- Uh-hmm, we're so sorry.

- She looks more like
your sister to me.

Uh, anyway, uh,

I'll be okay, I'm fine, I'm
fine just, do me a favor.


Take that ball,
- Uh-huh.

- And play somewhere else,
okay, like like, 150 miles in

that direction please?
- You got it, you got it.

- You got it.
- Thank you, thank you

very much, okay, yes.

- Whoa, dude, are you okay?

- Whoo, man!

Yeah, I got pounded man,
I lost my.

Anyway, anyway.

- So,
- Hmm, any bruise right there?

- No, you're gonna be okay.
- I'm gonna live?

- Ah, so, uh,

you were saying, about
Rachel Leno's idea?

- Umm, yeah, Rachel has a,

oh yeah yeah, so she says,

"You guys got
nothing, no leads."

- No fake right.
- No shit Sherlock.

You know, but she said
to me, "Why don't you,

"lure the killer into
his next victim?"

- Like a sting operation.
- Set up a sting operation,

that's exactly what she said.

- What did you say to that?

- Well, first I
asked if she watched

a lot of cop shows on TV, right?

I mean, but she got pissed!

She said, "Well, you
would've asked me that

"if you didn't think
it was a good idea."

And I said, "Okay, yeah you
know, I got to hand it to you."

It makes sense, right?

So, I said my partner and I,
we're gonna get one of our,

women of the night,

- Okay.
- One that owes us a favor,

for keeping her trick-turning
ass out of jail,

- All right.
- And, and we'll,

we'll get 'em to do the job.

- Smart move.
- Yeah yeah.

- Well, who we gonna lay it on?

Eight-Mile Trish?

- That's who exactly that
I was thinking, right?

- Yeah?
- So I said to her, yeah yeah,

but I said, "Ok we've
got just the person,"

she says, "Wait a minute."

She said "No no no no
no, you know how badly

"I want Jake, eliminated from
any suspicion in this case."

- Yeah of course, that's
her brother right?

- That's her brother yeah,

- Okay.
- Yeah I do.

So, she says, get this,
"Let me be the lure.

"Let me dress up
and be the lure."

And I said, "I can't let
a layperson involved in a

"homicide investigation,
especially if it

"brings them into harms way."

I said "No no, forget it."

- Of course you did,
- Of course I did.

- Yeah yeah.
- Yeah of course I'm sorry.

- What did you think I said?

- I'm just so sick
and tired of us being

on the wrong side of
the tracks on this case.

- Yeah yeah yeah.
- But you're exactly right.

- I mean we need a
break on this case.

I'm starting to think
maybe, just maybe,

Eight-Mile Trish is our answer.

- Yeah, all right, so
this is what I'm gonna do.

All right, first of all,
I think I'm gonna give

Rachel a call.
- Okay.

- Um, I'm the one that had
to deliver the news about

Darcy Miller's death.

- Aw, jeez...
- Yeah, yeah so, I'm gonna,

I'm gonna give her a
call, just tell her

I appreciate it, maybe she could,
she'd like some good news.

- All right bud.

Hey, Jimmy!

Hello Chief!

- Talk to me Bolden!

What's going on?

- Uh, well, not much,
we're setting here talking

over a couple of things, uh,

you want to speak to Ryker?

In a minute, I
want to hear a few things

from you first, without
you having the benefit

of receiving coaching from
your mentor, understand?

- Yes, I understand.

- Where are we with
this investigation, Al?

You guys got to
give me something.

I've got city officials
breathing down my neck

to get a break in this case.

I mean I thought I had
my two best detectives

on this job but hey, I can
always reassign you two.

- Well uh, we have a couple
of angles we're looking at,

in more detail--
- I don't think you realize

the gravity of what
we're dealing with here.

There's a psychopath out
there, in our community.

And we need answers,
and we need 'em now,

or the state of unrest
throughout this city is

going to reach a fever pitch.

- You know uh, Jimmy
and I were saying

that exact same
thing, and believe me,

we do understand the
gravity of the situation!

- Speaking of the old
vet, put him on, now.

- Hey Laura what's up?

- Ryker!

At least give me the
courtesy of referring

to me as Chief Edmunds when
your partner's in ear shot!

You don't
respect me, I get that,

I'd be plenty pissed
too if I was the man who

was passed over for the
Police Chief position

by a woman but you're just
gonna have to get over it!

- All right, uh, what
can I do for you, Chief?

- For starters you and
your sidekick can find

this insane killer before we
lose authority in this case!

- What, are you saying--
- That is exactly what

I'm saying, Jimmy, the
FBI is all over me now!

I mean it's the same old

what's the matter with Detroit?

You guys can't find a
Macy's Day parade float

in a haystack let
alone a needle, crap!

- Not funny, not funny at all!

- I'm not making this up Ryker!

Those aren't my words!

- Whose words are they then?

- That is totally
irrelevant right now!

Besides, do you
think they're wrong?

- No.

Look, we're working
on something,

we'll give 'em a little
something to chew on

in a little bit, okay?

Just, work with us.

Here, let me put, let
me put Al on for 'ya.

- Al, all right,
give me what you got.

What clue to chew on
is Ryker talking about?

- Well, we got this
really hot lead,

but we need to verify
that our source

is 100 % reliable before
we let the media in on it,

and uh--
- Just what I thought,

you got nothing, Al, give
me back to Ryker, now!

- Detective Ryker,
how may I help you?

- Jim you listen to
me, I am trying to keep

your reputation intact,
but at some point

I'm not gonna be able
to keep the wolves

away from this door!

Make something happen!

Find that haystack needle,

without sitting on
it and putting a hole

in your old cop ass
to match the other two

in your right side!

- Who told you that
story, Laura, uh,

I mean Chief?
- Uh, you did Jimmy!

Are you starting to
lose it Detective?

- No, I'm not.

We're not, we'll
be all right, look,

just give us a little
more time, we'll,

we'll have something
for you, okay?

All right?

- Jimmy you dick!


I'm a dick?

You answer your phone?

We're having a conversation?

I'm a dick.


We're here.


- Look they're outside


Hey, hey slow down!

Girls, what have
I told you about

undoing your seatbelt
before I stop the car?

Slow down!
- Sorry!

- We've gotta take it
inside anyway, okay kids?

Come on.

- Hey, what about me?

- Come on, it's
not your play date!

We'll go play at your house.

- Well, thanks a lot Doreen.

I'll be back around nine
o'clock, is that okay?

- No problem Danny.

You know the kids,
they get along great.

You know me, there won't be
any filet mignon for dinner,

at least not for tonight.

you're the best!

- Thanks.
- Thank you!

See you.

- Jeff, always good to see you.

- You too.

There you go.

I know it's three dollars,
you keep the difference.

Buy yourself a couple
six packs or something.

- Thanks man.

- But Andy!
- Yeah.

- Make sure you get 'em at
Meijer, like 500 % cheaper.

- No shit, thanks brother.

Hey Jeff, how are you?

- I'm good, how's
it going tonight?


- I'll get you.

I gotta that outfit.

You look a little empty
for someone.

- Flattery will
get you anything.

- Anything?

Isn't the saying flattery
will get you everywhere?

I guess, that depends,

on just how flattering you are.

* Mothers breed
butterflies like poetry

* Fly now momma make
a niggah heart crash

- I'm just getting started but,

how about when you get
done, we go do some dances.

That's a reason
to really.

Hell yeah, that's why I'm here.

Give me a sec, and
after this song,

I'll come and get
you a back room.

- I'll be sitting
right down here.

* You'll be sitting
with me in my tree

* So excited girl

* I see a lot of girls,
I just want you to go

* You look so excited girl

* Stand about five-six maybe
five-seven with the pumps

* Nice game

* Do not laugh what
they did with the primus

* You know that type
that got a temporary visa

* Just glad you made it
here, legal or illegal

- Oh hey hi.
* Fuck Donald Trump and

Could I get a
non-alcoholic beverage?

- Sure, no problem!

- Thank you.

* I'm just trying to take it
through the worst, bitches

* You're so excited

* Girl
* You're so excited

- Daria, what do you need?

- I need another O'Doul's Eddie.

- You kidding me?

Tin boss make a
wrong turn at Goddard again?

I know right?

That's like what,
four in a row already?

- No shit.

Tell him it's $15.

- No way!

- Tell him it's.

But warn him it's not a twisty,

he gets a scratch he'll
probably sue our asses off.

Here, you know what.

* You're so excited girl

* You're so excited

- That'll be $6.

- Okay, here you go,
you can keep the change.

- Are you, whoops,
serious right now?


Tips like these that make
me love my frikking job!

Dude, I fucking love
you right now man!

- I love you right back.

Oh yeah, um, who's working
the bar tonight, Eddie?

- Yep, Eddie's on now.

- Here, do me a
favor, give him this.

Tell him it's from
a secret admirer.

- No problem!

Hey Eddie!

That guy over there
said to give you this!

He said he admires your secrets.

- No he didn't,
he said to tell me

I have a secret admirer.

- Oh!
- You never met Jeff, huh?

- Uh-uh.

Well I bet you won't
get your

hauling beverages to
other customers again.

He took great care of
you too, didn't he?

- Hell yeah he did!

He gave me $50 on a $6 tab
and said keep the change!

Oh, that's like, what,
almost a 40 % tip right?

- Yeah, 40 % exactly.

Idiots, I'm
surrounded by idiots.

- What's wrong?

You running from the
feds or something?

- Ha ha, very funny.

I'm an old man, you got
to be gentle with me.

Or on me.

- Oh, I'll be on
you in a minute.

That is if you're ready.

- Ready as I'll ever be.

- Okay come on.

- Hey Jeff!

- Hey Jimmie.
- Jeff, hey man, thank you.

Cheers buddy.
- Thank you.

- So, you're Jeff,
is that right?

Is that what I heard
Eddie call you?

- You did and I am.

What's your real name?

My names Nikki,.

- No no, that's
your dancer name.

What's your real name?

- It's Alissen.

Did you want to
know my last name?

- If you care to tell?

- It's Wonderland.
- Ha ha very funny

Alissen Wonderland.

Okay Nicki, will that cover it?

- Hell yeah Jeff.

That'll cover it.

You just raised
the bar for getting

anything you want
out of me kiddo!

I get off at seven.

And my kids, they're
with my mom tonight.

If you want, you could
have much more fun.

- Well, I'm married.

- So?

You want to bring your wife?

I'm game for that!

- You're funny, I tell you what,

are you hungry?

- Shit yeah I'm hungry!

I mean I burn a ton of calories

dry humping you guys all day!

- Okay, I'll tell you what.

I got to go pick up some stuff,

but I'll be back at
seven on the nose,

and I'll take you someplace
nice, for a good dinner.

- And that's it, really?

- Yeah that's it, really.

- Thank you for agreeing to
see me on such short notice.

I'm sorry about Darcy.

I can't believe
she's gone, she...

- Okay,

I'm so sorry.

- I should have made her
come back to the house,

I don't come
back to the house.

- Don't take any blame for
it, it's not your fault.

It's not.

Listen, I'll tell you something

a little on a higher note,
okay, all right, all right?

Talked to my partner
about your idea to,

lure the killer into
his next victim.

He thought it was brilliant.

- I don't think
you came over here

just to tell me about
my idea being great,

am I right?
- Mm, yeah.

Maybe not, um...

I gotta level with
you, this whole notion,

to get a layperson involved
in a police investigation,

it's totally against all
police protocol, okay?

You understand that the right?

- Yeah.
- All right so,

I talked to Al, he thought
it was a great idea, right?

We figured we'll get
one of our street girls

to just pull it off,
she'll be the lure.

- What?
- We'll give her $100 and--

- No no, no hey, you said
- No let me explain!

- That I could be the bait,
that was the whole point!

- I know but--
- I'm helping,

I'm helping Jake, and you
said it was okay with it!

- Yeah but
- So, you're going

back on your word?

- Listen listen listen listen,

I said it was a
great idea didn't I?

- Yes!
- Okay but I also said

that you got to admit this,
I also said it's crazy

that you even thought of
it, did I not do that?

- Yeah, yeah you did.
- Did I not say that?

- You're a good cop!
- Okay.

- Is that what you
want me to say?

- No, no no that's not
it at all, I just...

I don't want you
to be in danger.

Get that?
- Yeah, know what, I do.

Jim Ryker sir, I'm a big girl.

- Ah, yeah yeah you're huge.

Maybe about five-two.
- You know what I mean!

You teach me how
to be a prostitute

and I will be the best prostitute that you've ever seen!


- Yeah you, you ought to
know by now I'm willing

to do anything it
takes to get this guy!

He killed Darcy!

Enough is enough,
just teach me!

- All right.

Just let me give it
a minutes time okay?

- What's there to think about?

- Well, what's there
to think about?

Regulations, policy, practices,

the law.

I, I gotta be out of my mind

to even consider
letting you do this.

- Can this?

- All right, all right.

I'll let you do it.

Listen to me, listen to me--
- You won't, you won't be

disappointed, I
promise, I can do this!

- I'm not worried about that,

you're not gonna
disappoint me because

I'm gonna train you, but
I-I, you gotta swear to me,

swear to me, look
at me, swear to me,

nobody, nobody finds
out about this,

- No.
- Especially not my partner.

Bolden finds out about
this, I am royally

screwed, you got that?
- How, it'll be our

forever secret, I mean,
who am I gonna tell?

- Look.
- Really.

- Well exactly, nobody.
- Well I know, that's

what I'm saying, but,

I was thinking,
I don't know if I

thought this
through really well.

- Uh-huh, getting
second thoughts, okay

never mind, forget it.
- No, no,

it's not second
thoughts, it's that,

they're strippers,
they're prostitutes,

they're just young women,

- Yeah the victims,
yeah yeah so?

- Well...
- What about it?

Am I gonna be a,

who's gonna pull over if it's
me standing out on the curb?

- What, what?
- I mean we need to

get this guy to be,
really think that way.

- Wait, wait, just listen.

When you look in the mirror--

- I did and this is the point.

Do you not understand

what I'm saying?
- You gonna let me, you gonna

let me finish?

Let me finish for a
second, okay Rach?

If you don't see, when
you look in the mirror,

what I see, you're trembling.

- Yeah I know because
it, you don't get it.

- Yes I do get it,
- This is, this is very,

- I do get it, and you're
- this is very--

- gonna get it, many
times as a hooker.

That's a joke.
- I know.

- All right listen, when
you look in the mirror

if you don't see what
I and every other man

on this planet sees,
and that is a beautiful,

you said you were
gonna let me finish.

- Okay.
- That's a beautiful,

sexy, alluring,
attractive, what else

can I--
- But she has, but she

has to pass as a hooker that
someone's gonna pull over for.

- Well that's my job, okay?

You have to trust me, that I
can teach you how to do this.

- Oh, and then can you like,
change, my whole configuration?

- Really?
- Yes.

You know what?
- You--

- I'm gonna have to
dress like a nothing.

- What?
- No one wants to see that


- I'm gonna teach you
how to do that, okay?

- Okay.
- All right.

So now, what's next, right?

- Yes, I don't know, I've

never been to hooker
school, tell me more.

- Yeah all right, all right.
- What do you do?

- So Professor Ryker is about
to hold his first class,

- Okay, yep.
- You ready?

We have to get you
to look the part.

- Which, I don't look like.

- Do you have some,

some like hookery clothes?
- Couple days on the treadmill

and, uh, starving myself.
- No I'm not talking about

the way you look, I'm not
talking about your weight, okay?

- Okay.
- I'm talking about,

just the movement and the actual

physical look.
- Right.

- Okay, do you have some sexy

stuff, I mean some
sexy clothes, what?

- Well maybe.
- Maybe?

Okay well, I just had an
idea, that you might not,

because you're so straight
laced, and you're this,

- Oh I got a hooker
- realistic--

- drawer maybe.
- Yeah you have a

hooker drawer?

All right, well go
get your stuff then.

No you're, okay.

I kind of thought I had a,

and I went to a thrift shop,

um, I think it was
called Hookers Are Us

or something like that,
, okay and,

actually picked out
some things for you

to try on, I think
I have the size,

you're like minnow,
right, tiny size right?

All right listen, listen.

- Is that hooker.
- I just so happen to have

brought it in my truck, okay?

I'm gonna go out and
get it, all right,

and you're gonna do a
little fashion show for me.

We're gonna put--
- No I'm not.

Yes you are!

- Okay.
- It's gonna be fun.

All right?
- I know, I know we,

I know I have to do this.

- Hook, Hooker Hannah.
- I will suck it up.

- Hooker Hannah, right?
- Yes.

- All right.
- Hooker Hannah sounds...

- I'm, I'm going to get
it, I'll be right back.

Don't go anywhere.

Oh my lord.

- See I told you, seven o'clock.

- On the dot.

- So, what's up with the coat?

I mean, ain't it summer
where we're going?

- Um, I mean, this thing, I uh,

I own a nursery and,
sometimes I wear this

when I'm moving stuff around.

Silly huh?
- Um yeah, whatever.

Let's go.

So, it's still this
summer where I'm taking you.

I'm taking you to Aruba.
- What, really?

I'm taking you to dinner.

I got you back though, didn't I?

- Yeah, whatever.

What have you got?

Are you serious?

Get in here.
- I can't even get past you.


- Get in there.
- How many steps, I forgot?

All right, where
we going with this?

- If you expect me to try
on everything in this box,

you're taking it upstairs.

not that much in here,

but you know what, what is
that, your bedroom's up there?

- Yeah.
- Uh, how many steps

are there?
- Enough.

- Ugh, figures.

I can't just open it
, down there?

- No!
- All right, fine.

This where, this is where
you're trying the stuff on?

- Yes!
- Well get up here then.

Show me the way.
- I'm coming, I'm coming.

I don't know how many
outfits they have

at the hooker place.
- I...

I bought 'em out, yes.

- Ah, uh-hmm, excuse me.

Where'd that towel come from?

Yeah, let's see the outfit.



Whoa, you know?

- Too much.
- That...

Come on, turn
around a little bit.

- No.
- Well then,

turn around a
little bit.

I'm gonna see you go
back up the stairs.

Um, I'd like to see
that without the hose.

You know, all right,
try something else.

Take much longer
I'm gonna be done

eating all your bagels.

Good thing
you're eating bagels,

I can't eat 'em for breakfast.

You fell asleep, really?

- Uh well...

Try to make a combination

of all of this stuff
that we liked, okay?

'Cause I'm getting ready
to crash, all right?

- You don't like--
- One more, one more,

just, please, one more, try.

Let's just--
- This is the last,

this is the last chance.
- All right.

- Drool, really?

Hey hey!

What do you think?

- Perfect!

It's perfect!

- All right, I'm ready to go.

Tomorrow, let's go tomorrow.

- You have the boots too, yeah.

- I'm ready!

- You're ready.
- Yes!

- Uh-uh, not so fast.

- I'm not trying to--

- Lookit lookit lookit, all
the outfits you tried on?

- Uh-hmm.

- That's perfect.
- All right, I know,

I --
- Okay, but but,

there's still some work to do.

Okay I want to make sure,

1000 % sure that
you're ready for this.

- All right.
- I don't want anything

to come up that catches
you by surprise.

Got a little homework to
do on your vocabularies,

your manners, your walk's
pretty good I like that.

All right we're close.
- Is that the right amount?

Is that nice?
- What?

- Gutter mouth?
- Gutter mouth, you got it.

- All right.
- Okay, you want to

stay there for a while.

- Well if you want.
- No no, go go...

Oh, oh man, look what
I did to your couch.

You're gonna need
some ice huh?

- Yeah.

I was out cold huh?

- Yeah.
- Cold like it's right

up my ass, glass.

- Doreen, I'm sorry I'm
late, I ended up having

to go across town, pick up
some stuff for the nursery,

time just got away from me.

Were the kids good for you?

- They were awesome,
always are, no sweat.

I can round them up, but,
talk about sweat, look at you.

What is with the trench coat?

Check your calendar, you're
dripping, soaking wet.

- I know.
- It's the middle of summer.

It doesn't even snow in Michigan
in the middle of a summer.

- No wonder I'm
sweating bullets,

I always put this on when I'm

moving stuff around the nursery.

I know, what was I thinking.

Are the kids ready?
- They are ready,

they're in the basement playing,
I'll go round 'em up, okay?

- Thank you.
- I'll meet you out front, ok.

Good to see you again.

- Thanks Saleem, the meal
was wonderful as always,

now give our best to Mark,
I hope he feels better.

- Sure I'll do it.

* I got plenty of nothing

* And nothing's plenty

Have a
wonderful evening.

Thank you.

- Please Gail do it
again, it is by far

your best impression, it
cracks me up every time!

- Okay, but if I get arrested,

you're bailing me
out of jail, tonight!

- Come on very funny just do it!

I mean, nobody does a fall-down
drunk guy as good as you!

I mean, how can you not do it
after a compliment like that?

- All right, but
you know the rule.

You got to stay here until
I hit the ground, got it?

- I got it, yeah yeah,
my role's really small.

- Um okay.

* I've got plenty of nothing

* But nothing, nuth, nu

* Uh plenty for me.


- What the fuck you
think you're doing man?

I should fucking kill
you, I ought to kill

you right here on the spot!

- Please, please don't kill me!

I, I was just kidding around,

I wasn't really
going to hurt her!

Did I hurt you ma'am?

- Are you out of your mind?

You scared me so bad I...

No you didn't hurt me but,

but how were you expecting
this to end for god's sake?

- Jesus honey just call 911.

- Oh please, please
don't do that!

I'll do whatever you want!

I'll mow your lawn, or
wash your cars, forever!

- Yeah like we're gonna
tell you where we live!

Gail what should we do babe?

- First of all everyone
calm down a bit!

Kid, especially you.

Take a few deep breaths.

Why, why did you do that to me?

- Stupid...

I don't know, no one
ever caught that guy

Killing people and all!

I don't know, I thought
it'd be cool you know,

to dress up in this
stupid coat, and mask,

and just try to scare
someone half to death.

I was never gonna
hurt you, before,

he tackled me I
was gonna pull off

my mask and yell punked!

- You're just, that's
the most lamest,

stupid thing I have ever heard.

Hey, wait a sec,
what's your name?

- It's Corey, Miss.

- Corey what?

- Oh, I'd rather not say,

'cause my dad would kill
me if this hits the news,

'cause he's like--
- Oh let me guess.

Your father's a
politician, that right?

- Um, no not exactly, but,
everyone in town knows him,

and I'm only 14, man he'd
kill me if I went to jail!

- I'll kill you, what's
your god damn full name?

- Barry, you calm
down too please.

Last chance or we
call the cops right this second!

- I, it's Corey, Carver sir.

- As in the steak houses Carver?

- Yes sir, that's the one.

- So you thought
it'd be fun just to

scare the shit
out of a woman eh?

How come you didn't
try me on for size?

- Well, I never saw you!

If I did I would have
never tried it on you!

Your, your girl...

- Our relationship
means nothing to you,

silver spoon
entitled little shit!

Why aren't you at home
playing video games anyway?

- Like those are
better, please Barry.

- How'd you get here anyway?

If you tell me you
got your own car,

I'll beat the shit out of you--

- He said he's 14.

- I, I rode my bike,
it's right over there!

Please, just let me go, please!

- Don't move!

I say we call the cops.

You tell him.

- So do you think you
learned a lesson here,

or do you think you'd learn
better if we called the cops?

- I wouldn't ask, please,
I can hardly breath!

I know so just--
- Go!

- Excuse me?

- That means get
the hell out of here

before we change our
minds, Corey Carver!

- Oh, oh thanks, thank you!

I'm sorry again!

I'll never do this again!

I, I think I actually
will, you know,

go home, play with my PS4.

You guys want to come?

I'm sorry, I'm just
kidding around.

At least it's not scaring, huh?

Thank you, okay, oh jeez...

- This world is a mess.

What's this guy, what,
what if he was an adult?

What if he was the real
guy that's going around

terrorizing the entire
State of Michigan?

First of all, you'd be dead,
and probably so would I!

I wonder how many other
copycats are out there?

No wonder the bodies
are adding up, Jesus!

- Barry, I just realized,

you, you, no idea what you're
getting yourself into, and,

and you just tackled him, and...

You-you literally
saved my life tonight!

- Never, never would I
hesitate to protect you!

- Hey!
- Hey.

- Can we talk for a bit?

- Sure!

- Were you serious
when you said you were

interested in my business idea?

- Yeah, of course I was.

- You want to go
eat something or?

- No I had all
that pizza earlier.

Didn't you get any?
- Uh, I totally forgot.

Lost my head there for a second.

I'll just hang out
here for a bit then.

- I'm cool with that.

- How many times
have we talked about

girls that we know who've been
victims of physical abuse?

- Tons, like,
practically every day.

- Exactly, and you
and I both know

first-hand what that
horror looks like.

And I want to do
something to make it stop.

- But, like what Faith?

- I don't know like,
open a shelter,

or start a place where
we can teach women

how to avoid becoming victims,

not any kind of victim.

Not a victim of spousal
abuse, or a jealous boyfriend,

husband, not having to
deal with mental torment,

or living with a mean
alky, none of that.

- I mean, I hear you, I just,

I don't really know
what I could do to help,

you know, it's not like I
really have a mind for business.

You know, but hey,
maybe I could talk

to teenage girls, you know,

the ones right out
of high school.

- Uh-huh, yeah, that'd
be perfect Hope and--

- And I have an idea!

I think it's good.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

- Let's hear it.
- If we're gonna go in on this

together, why don't we call
it Faith, Hope, and Charity?

- Oh my god!

Faith, Hope and Charity,
that's frikkin' brilliant!

That's it, that's what
we're calling it for sure!

And you know,

maybe we can stop
stripping for a living.

- Ah, that's

totally the idea.
- Wouldn't that be sweet.

- I'm so sick of doing this!

But you gotta admit,
where else can you

walk out of a job
on a Thursday night

with over 1000 bucks
in your pocket.

I'm sick of it but,
it might just be the

seed money we need for
Faith, Hope and Charity.

- You really like
that don't you?

- Heck yeah, and
speaking of cash,

who cares if strange guys
I'm never gonna see again

think all I am is tits
and ass without any class.

It makes me all the
more proud that I just

extract half their weekly
paycheck out of their wallet.

Those guys are like free ATMs.

- You're so funny.

But, you're right you know.

And you, are always
walking out of here

with the most money at
the end of the night.

Maybe it's because you
come off so confident.

I wish, I could be
more like that, I,

always sound really
pathetic and I'm like,

do you want another dance?

- Ah my girl, you're a pisser.

Well let's
get out of here.

- Um, actually, I have to run

to the bathroom real quick.

- Well that's cool, I can wait.

- You know what, I'm
gonna be a few minutes.

- Ah.
- All that pizza, so...

- All right, see you
tomorrow night Hope.


- Hey partner.

No no, that's
all right, I had to...


Oh no, really?


Yeah I know it.

Treasure Testing something
like that.


Uh-hmm, yeah yeah okay.

Yeah I'm on my way.

- That your troubled partner?

- Yeah, that's my partner,
my long-time partner.

You got a problem with that?

- Yeah I do, I got a
big problem with that.

- Oh yeah, well
what would that be?

- How long has this joker
been on a killing spree?

- Oh I don't know,
about three, four...

- That's just it, you don't
know, you don't know jack shit.

You got a trench
coat and a ski mask.

Other than that you
don't know anything

about this mother fucker.

Or than the fact that
he's using piano wire tied

to wooden handles to
behead his victims,

you've got nothing.

Stop me when I'm
saying something other

than the facts, Bolden.

- Wooden handles, oh.

Look, we're doing our best here.

Maybe that's why you guys
get the big bucks, huh?

So how long you been
with the bureau?

- 11 years, nine
months, and four days.

- Yeah but who's
counting, right?

- Yeah who's counting, right.

You fix the time of
death on this one?

- I'll give you an

exact time--

I'll give you an
exact time when we get

her back down to the morgue.

But for now, judging by
the stage of rigor mortis,

I'd put it real close to

four, six hours tops.

- That makes sense.

Club closes around two
a.m., this poor girl

is probably the last
dancer to leave.

- Yeah.
- Son of a bitch

knows his way
around these joints.

And so far he's
been able to stay

one step ahead of
the local efforts.

- Well you could add this
to the mix if you like.

The angle isn't nearly severe,
as the previous victims.

- And, and what
does that tell you?

- It leads me to
believe that this is

the same assailant
that garroted the heads

of the other women I examined,

and uh, I'm assuming
you're gonna be the one

making that determination.

- Well of course.

But tell me how you
came up with that?

- The closer to level the angle,

from the throat to
the back of the neck,

the closer the height
of the person wielding

the device is to
the victim's height.

In this case, she
was five foot eight.

Note the angle.

The other victims were
between five-four,

and five-six, again,
note the angle.

It's simple math.

All the angles are consistent
with the killer's height.

The angle here showed
that the killer is

approximately two inches
taller than this victim.

Therefor he, or she, stands
at five foot, 10 inches.

- Definitely adds up, thank you.

- Ah, I'm just doing my job.

- Aw, Jesus Al.

Another one?

Oh, who is this?

- Special Agent Sam Warden.

- Well it looks like we
hit the big time, huh?

Feds are back in town.

- Not a very glorious
distinction Ryker.

Not like you're hosting
another Superbowl or anything.

It's more like again.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- Truly it means that
neither one of you two

knew that the victim
was linked to the

sexual misconduct trial
of Congressman Waiverly.

And you, you and your partner--

Hey, wait wait wait wait,

my partner has a name, okay?

It's Al Bolden and he
and I have been partners

long before you became a
federale, okay Mr. Bigshot?

And I'm not talking about
Chauncey Billups either.

He doesn't get that
reference, obviously.

- Relax, Ryker.
- Because he's not

a Detroiter.

- As I was saying, because
this involves a congressman,

you are both officially
off this case,

effective immediately.

- Wait wait what, what?

- Off the case!

English not your
first language James?

I also speak fluent Spanish
or German, if that will help.

Oh really you

- Relax, relax,
he's right you know,

come on, come on, we
don't have shit to go on!

Okay, that killer is still
at large and in charge.

Look, we don't even come close

to the resources the feds have.

Just let it go!

- Let it go, just like that?

Let it go?
- We don't have any choice!

- You wanna let it go!
- Jimmy!

Come on, this is one
time when we're gonna

have to turn this
over to the A-Team.

- Ah, Jesus.
- Look I'm sorry,

don't take it personal, I
know I sure as hell don't.

- Stay back sir!

What a mess eh?

- What a mess.

How do you get these
fucking gloves on?

You laugh, prick.

This is his first time?

- No, well I'm
usually the one to--

- You know he's
pushing his luck,

he's pushing his luck.


Is your boy all right.

Oh jeez.

Fucking, what a pussy.

Big tough Detroit guy.

I'll be all right.

Big tough Detroit cop.

- Yeah I'll be all
right, oh shit fuck,


Fuck, I don't
even feel bad for him.

What a--
- Look, I swear to you

we're gonna catch
this sick fucker.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Right?


I'm gonna get out of here man.

- All right.
- Maybe now this

motherfucker'll will
meet his match yet.

- Yeah ...
- Hey I'm sorry.

- All right.

- Oh, shit, unbelievable.

- I'm sorry for Ryker, he's
got a personal stake in this.

One of his lady friends fell
victim to that son of a bitch.

- Wow, that explains
his jumpy attitude.

Things are a hell of a lot
different when it gets personal,

man I've been there before.

- Yeah.
- You know um,

you talk to him, you let him
know I'm sorry for his loss.

- Okay.
- And Al,

we're gonna nail this five-ten
piece of shit to the wall.

- How do you know he's five-ten?

- Just doing my job.

Nice, just
catch this fucker, will you?

Promise me.
- We will, do me a favor.

Why don't you get
on out of here too,

no need to watch more blood
soak through that bag.

- Okay.

Call Rachel Leno.

Come on.

Calling Rachel
Leno, mobile, press the phone

hangup button to end the call.
- Yeah yeah yeah, I know,

I know, I know the rules
already Siri, every time.

Come on, come on.

Hey Jim,
how's it going?

- Hey, hey, Rachel, Rachel,
we're going tonight.

- Yeah.
- We're going tonight.

Listen, if you have any,
any qualms about it,

let me know now I'll be thank--

- Listen, hey, I'm your lure
dammit, we're gonna do this!

I'm ready.

- Are you home?

- I am.
- All right, listen--

- I'm about to leave.
- What?

What, I'm
about to leave but,

yeah, tell me what's up?
- Listen, b-but we gotta

go tonight, I'm, I'm 20
minutes away from you,

I'm by the airport.

Can you, can you
cancel the appointment?

- That's fine yes,
I will cancel,

this is more
important, gosh yes.

- Okay all right,
I'll be there in

less than 20 minutes, all right?

- All right, sounds good,
drive safely please.

- I will, we're
going tonight kid.

- Uh huh.
- All right, see you soon.

- All right, bye.

Tigers are
going to the World Series!

Yeah right.

God, hell of a time

you pick to have
the gate locked.

- I'm sorry.
- Jesus Christ I'm...

where are you going?

- Oh, I'm sorry,
I'm just, I'm so,

so hyped up, I'm sorry.
- Well you can sit down,

right here, sit.
- I got here fast, right?

- Yes, closer.

- Listen Rachel, we
gotta go tonight.

I'm not gonna lie to
you, what we're doing,

what I'm doing, is totally
interfering with the law.

Wait, look,

you are the law.
- Yeah yeah, we, uh yeah,

I am the law, yeah yeah.

- Then how, how are
you interfering?

That doesn't make any sense.

- It's not, not about our plan.

Look, we were taken
off the case today.

- What?
- You watch the news,

or hear any of the report?
- No, what?

- He killed another
dancer, late last night,

early this morning.
- What?

- Yeah I was, I was called down

to the crime scene by my
partner, Bolden, and uh,

- What is it?

- I saw her headless
body, Rachel, and uh,

I just, I puked my guts up.

- Oh.
- All over the alley and,

I haven't done that in
39 years on the force.

I, I don't
know, I'm losing it or,

I'm getting too old
for this shit I think.

You know, I just...
- But hey Jimmy wait,

Jimmy what?

Jimmy wait hey, they can't
take you off the case

just because you're human and
puked, I mean, that doesn't

sound right.
- No no no no no, that's

not why, that's not why,
the FBI's involved, okay?

When they say you're off the
case, you're off the case.

You got no choice, it's just,

- Well, I don't,
- it's as simple as that.

- Why don't we just
let them handle it?

You know, then we don't
have to do this whole,

charade thing here.

- Rachel, I have
a strong feeling

that I understand this
killer's line of thinking.

It's just, it's starting
to make sense to me.

Think about it, he's got
this pattern that he's on.

He's only killing
prostitutes and strippers

- Well but,

Darcy wasn't either of those,
why would he kill Darcy?

- Okay, that's true, and
Bolden and I were talking

about that, Bolden
my partner, and,

we're figuring maybe
he's just changing his

MO up a little bit
to put us off track.

- Okay yeah.
- Okay,

does that make sense?
- Uh huh, uh huh.

I, I, I'm telling you,
I've got a line on him,

I know exactly, I think
I know exactly where

he's going next, and
I think he's gonna go,

you know, he goes
country, urban, country,

not country like hyuck
hyuck, but you know,

just away from the city.

He's due to hit tonight
again, I know it!

Look, if you don't want to do
this, I totally understand.

I'm gonna--
- Hey hey hey,

no, I'm all in on this, we
spent too much time on this,

it's just, I don't want
you getting in trouble.

- You're worried about me?
- Yes.

- Listen, people have a
way of turning a blind eye

when the bad guy goes
down, you understand?

- Yeah, I know what you mean.
- That's a chance that

I'm gonna take, and it's not
gonna be a chance for you,

because if push comes to shove,

I'm just gonna say I duped
you into it or conned you,

or some other, whatever.

- And I'm just gonna
act like I never,

heard any of that crap?

- What crap?

Look, I just want
to make sure that

you are perfectly
prepared, I don't want

any scenarios coming
up that's gonna,

I don't know, put
you in harms way.

Remember, I promised you with
my life that no harm would

come to you.
- You did.

- And I'm not gonna let
any harm come to you.

- Thank you, thank you Jim.

- So, very frankly,
I have to tell you,

you could use a little
more hooker helper.

- Seriously?
- Yes.

- Well, give it to me teach,
serve me up a heaping portion,

Another, another lesson, ok.

This is what I was
gonna do first okay?

- All right.

I was gonna
put a wire on you.

Just run a wire, just
- Okay.

Like up through
the back or whatever, okay?

- All right.
- And, then I got to thinking,

if he detects it, I may
not get to you in time

to come to your aid and--

- Yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah, yeah, from where I'm

sitting that is not a good
idea, let's, n-no wire.

- Okay, okay, no wire.
- No wire.

- So, here's my other idea.

And you gotta forgive me for
pacing, but I'm just like,

I'm just,
- I get it.

I'm antsy, okay?

So, this is what we're gonna do.

We're gonna get, I'm
gonna get, a few girls

and we're going to
- Whoa!

- Drop them off where I think--

- No no stop!

What do you mean, girls?

This is supposed to be
my solo performance.

- Yeah yeah yeah.
- Hannah, Hooker Hannah,

this is my time.
- Yeah yeah yeah yeah, it's

- What are you talking about?
- Your time, it's your time.

All right, it's gonna be
your time, okay, I promise,

just, just hear me
out for a second okay?

- Okay okay, okay.
- All right.

I'm going to get
three other hookers,

so there'll be four total, you
count, you're my main hooker,

- Okay, okay.

- We're gonna get them
to, to, drop them off

at the same, the same spot,
- Uh-hmm.

- And eventually they're gonna
dwindle down just to you.

Let me explain a little bit
about how prostitutes work, ok?

- Okay.
- They're, prostitutes are

a lot like, like piranhas,
- Right, 'cause they,

chew men, take big
bites out of 'em?

- No no,
- What is it?

- Yeah and that's a
good one though no, no.

Because they travel
in packs, okay?

I would say they travel in
schools, but I don't want

to insult piranhas, 'cause
they're a lot smarter

than most of the
hookers I've met.

- Oh well ha ha ha, very funny,

I like the little fish story.

- Thank you.
- I'm not a cop, but,

this whole thing is, are you
overthinking it a little bit?

- Why do you say that?

- It kind'a sounds like you're
maybe trying to protect me.

Because if that's the case
Jim, I am psyched for this!

Real, I haven't even slept since

we first even brought
this up, and I'm,

I've been prancing around my
house like Sally Strumpet.

Shades up, I'm--
- Shades up?

I guess, I...

I'm right, I can do this
Jim, I really, I can.

- You, you just
amaze me Miss Leno.

You truly do, and yes,

that's mostly why
I was concerned.

I was, wanting to
- I, I thought so.

Make sure you were protected.

All right, so uh, we'll
just go with plan A then.

- Yeah, yep.
- Okay, sounds good.

- Lets, lets, I'm all brushed
up on all my expressions.

- Yeah you sure are.
- And I can, I can guarantee

that he'll think he picked
up the hookeriest hooker

that ever walked the seediest
sidewalk in the deep.

- All right.
- Right.

- I like that.

- I don't, there's one,
one thing that's been

kind of bugging me.

- And, what's that?

How am I gonna
know if it's the real killer?

I mean his car's--
- All right no, that's,

that's, that's a good question.

Look inside, and look
for a trench coat.

If the dude's wearing
a trench coat,

that's more than likely
our guy, 'cause he's the

only psycho that's
gonna be wearing a

trench coat in the
middle of the summer.

- But what if he only
wears a trench coat

when he kills them--
- Rachel, Rachel, Rachel!

You're getting cold
feet, no no, I can tell,

I can tell.

You can't afford to do
that, you can't act scared.

If you act scared, this could
all turn out really badly.

I'm not scared
because I'm prepared,

I just asked a simple question.

It just, it seemed logical
- All right all right,

- to me.
- Then, okay,

then let's do this, just be
an observant little hooker.

- All right.
- Every time a car pulls by,

and there will be a lot
'cause you're gonna look hot,

every time a car
pulls by look inside,

look in the back seat, look
on the instrument panel,

to see if there's anything,
it could be either

a switchblade, I mean

- Right.
- Just keep your eyes open,

it's, it's, you've got to be
aware of your environment.

That's prostitution 101 honey.

- All right, I knew that.
- Just know where you're at.

- Speaking of being observant,

- Hmm?
- Yesterday when you were

at my house you
said something like,

I must be out of my ever-loving
mind to be having me do

this, you remember, yeah.
- Yeah you know exactly,

that's exactly what
I said yeah, so.

- You came, you were acting
like you were mulling the

whole idea and, running--
- Yeah, right right.

- But you showed up to
my house with a box,

full of clothes that you
bought at a consignment store.

You knew all along, that I was
gonna be the lure, you did.


- Now that's the kind of observant hooker I'm talking about.

Exactly, just like that.

Very good, touche,
Hannah, and uh,

busted, okay?
- Well, thank you very much,

Professor Limp Pimp.

Is that a good one?

- That's very good, I didn't
even teach you that one.

That's good.
- I practiced.

- That's good, all
right, so look.

Let's just go over
a few details.

- Right.
- Okay, just as a means of

a little bit of a review.
- I, I, I know I,

I totally agree, but before
we re-enter, whore world,

Whore world, yeah.

- Yeah, there's something
that came to mind

to me the his morning and, I
mean it was a couple years ago,

but it still--
- Wait wait wait wait wait,

a couple years ago, has
this have any relevance

to what we're doing here, I
mean, we gotta stay focused.

- Yeah, I would not
have brought it up

unless it had something
to do with this!

- All right.
- I know how important

this is!
- All right, all right,

calm down, jeez!

Such a uppity whore!

I'm sorry, please do continue.

- All right well it was--
- Wait wait wait wait,

before you continue,
and I'm sorry

to interrupt you
again but, can we,

can we change
environment a little bit?

I mean I'm so sick of
sitting on this beige,

and brown blah sofa already.

I mean I need a
change of scenery.

- I get it.
- It's not a, it's nothing

against your decorating,
- I get it, I get it,

- I just...
- I could use some fresh air

or something, you
know what, the patio

- Yeah can we do that?
- Outside.

- Can we go on the patio?
- Yeah let's go to the patio.

- Thank you.

I'm not gonna need
this out there do I?

- No, no.
- Okay.

- After you.

So, as I was saying before
I was so rudely interrupted.

I was on a date
with my boyfriend,

who shall remain
nameless because,

well I don't want to swear
like a sailor right now.

I'm saving that for tonight.

But we're on a date and
we're going on his boat,

that's basically the
only thing we ever did,

was go out on his boat.

So we're at the
marina, and this time,

instead of going
out on the water,

he decided he wanted

to take me inside the
boat storage building.

I was really looking
forward to hitting the lake,

and I only went
because I didn't want

to burst his bubble.

He needed to brag
about a boat he figured

he was going to buy as
soon as he won the lottery,

whoo, like that was
ever going to happen.

He was trying to
impress me and I,

I let it go on for a
while, but then he tried

to take me to a really
dim corner on the

side of the building.

I was very uncomfortable,
and I turned to leave,

but he pulled me anyway.

As he was pointing
out one of the yachts,

I turned around and saw

a man wearing a trench
coat with a hoody,

and when I looked
back he was gone.

Ignored me
so I took off running

towards he entrance.

Some workman must have
heard me screaming,

'cause I practically
ran him over!

He wouldn't listen to me either,

probably because asshole
was making gestures

with his hands like I was crazy.

I just ran the rest of the
way out of the boathouse.

- For fuck's sake Rachel!

You waited this long
to tell me this story?

- I'm sorry, I think
I must have just

pushed it into the
back of my mind

thinking that maybe it was
just a nightmare or something.

But it really did happen Jim!

- If this, if this
was our guy, that guy,

that you saw, think about it,

that was what two years ago,
two and a half years ago?

- Uh hmm.
- And nobody would have

reported anything, you
know what I'm saying?

- Yes.
- It must have been a dream.

Tell me, in your dream, did
you file a police report?

- No!

We were trespassing,
that's the last thing

we were thinking of!

We didn't want to get caught!

- Yeah I guess that makes sense.

Well, uh, what am
I supposed to say,

thanks for sharing the story?

- Well, you could
contact the FBI,

you know, tell 'em you
got an anonymous tip, and,

go from there.
- Yeah yeah, I'll do that.


In the meantime, you
and I have a lot more

John talk to take care of.

All right?

- All right, I'm not
dressed for John talk,

unless you count the shoes.

- Well that's fine.

Hello, hi Doreen
what's up my friend?

- Hey Danny, um, can
you come by please,

I really really
need to talk to you.

There's something that's
really been troubling me

for a while, and I really
really need to see you.

So, do you--
- Relax, are you

all right, did something
happen to you or--

- No, no no no, not,
nothing like that,

I just, well it's
personal, and it's

really really important,
could you please come over?

Sure honey,
sure, I'm less than

five minutes away,
is that all right?

- Of course, of course,

and Danny, thanks
for caring so much.

I'll see you in a bit.

- Okay bye.
- Okay bye-bye.

Thank you for coming
Danny, have a seat.

- Wow, I mean, you had me
pretty shaken up on the phone,

what's wrong, I mean
something with the kids?

- The kids are fine, Danny.

- Okay.
- I'm in love with you.

- You're what, what
did you just say?

- I just can't handle you
not knowing any longer.

I've been in love with you
since the day I met you.

- But I'm happily
married, for god's sakes!

- I know, I know, what
am I supposed to do?

What are we supposed to do?

- We?
- Yeah hell, we!

Don't you feel the
same way about me?

Don't you love me too Danny?

- What makes you think I
feel the same way about you

as you feel about me Doreen,
I mean I'm happily married.

What are you doing right now?
- But I am too!

- I know, that's why we
don't need to do anything,

but continue being
neighbors, friends!

Trust me I'm
flattered, but I can't!

- No, that's not right,
you told me you loved me!

You told me that you did!

Listen, I'm happily married!

- I am too!
- That's right, you are too!

So there's nothing
we need to do,

but continue being
friends, neighbors,

I'm flattered, trust
me, but I can't!

- No that's not right!

You told me you loved me,

- Get off me bitch!
- You don't remember?

You told me, what did I do,

to make you turn away from me?

Please, make love to me!

- Are you crazy,

get off me!
-, Now!

- I never told you I love
you, not like love-love,

like a friend, like a neighbor,

like somebody sweet enough
to watch my kids, and again?

What the hell are you
talking about again?

I have never made love to you!

I have kissed you on
the cheek maybe once!

Maybe twice!

Jesus, I gotta get out of here!

- No, no!

- Get off me, what is wrong
with you, what are you doing?

- If you leave me Daniel Leno,

the first thing I'll
do is call your wife,

and tell her look,
you came over here

and tried to rape me!

And the next thing I'll
do is call the cops!

Is that what you want?

- You do whatever the hell
you want, you sick bitch!

Oh my god are all women
filthy whores on this planet?

Time for Daniel to go to
work, isn't it, mother!

- Now I'm just gonna
ask you a question.

- Okay.
- A simple question.

- Uh hmm.
- It's gonna tell me

a lot about you.

- Okay.

- So what do you think
about the Lions chances

of making it to the
playoffs this year?

- Seriously, you really

- want to know my opinion?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Well,
- I gotta hear this.

- Since Megatron is
gone, the offense is

just gonna have to
rely on Stafford,

it's all gonna rest
on his shoulders.

Or should I say,
his passing arm.

- Wait wait,
- What?

- Really.
- Yeah.

- Yeah wait wait wait,

are you into sports too?

I mean, is this a mirage?

Am I really, are
you really here?

- What?

- You know about the Lions?
- I don't like--

Oh, yeah, well I also
know about the Tigers,

and the Pistons, I
follow them sometimes.

But the Wings I like, yeah.

- That's it, I have
officially just died,

I've passed away, and I'm
now in man-cave heaven.

I can't believe you know
all that about sports.

That's just wrong.

- Come here, I wanna
show, I wanna...

- Show me something.
- I just want to show

you something.

It's about right here.
- What do you want to show me?


Yeah I do like that.

What was that all about?

- You make me feel safe and,

I trust you, I trust this night.

- Wow.

We're gonna get this
guy tonight, right?

- Yes.
- Okay.

That was a fantastic dinner.
- Oh well do this again,

- Yes.
- After we get this guy.

- Celebrate.

I still can't believe
that bit about the Lions,

you're just, oh yeah,
- Really?

- You, you're incredible.

Right, let's do this.

I'll pick you up
at, say 10 o'clock.

- Okay.
- It'll be getting later

into the night and we'll
still have a little

time to talk about things.

- All right,.
- All right?

- I've got my, boots set aside.

- Yeah you've got your,
you, believe it or not

sexier out fit than
that, it's all set

and ready to go, right?

All right.
- I understand.

- You know this
whole hunch of mine

might end up being a
giant waste of time.

I just want to, thank you,

from the bottom of my heart,
for even daring to do this.

It's crazy, you know.

- Jimmy, besides Jake,

you are the only reason
that I'm doing this.

- All right, with that
in mind, remember,

if you feel in your gut
that this is our guy,

after you look through
his entire vehicle

- Right, I know that.
- And make sure...

Don't just nod!
- I remember the training.

- All right, okay, okay I
trained you well, right?

- Uh-hmm
- Know that I'm only

far enough behind, so
that he doesn't feel

like he's got a tail.
- Right.

- Okay?
- I know you got my back.

I know that.
- I got your back

like green on grass, honey.

- Aw, that's, that's funny.

That's funny?

All right, so, so,
you feel ready?

- Yes I--
- You comfortable,

you're confident, you're
- Yeah.

- Cocky even?
- I am, I took some

cheat notes too, I've got
some little cheat notes

in my--
- Cheat notes?

Looking for cheat notes

for what?
- Well, some of these terms,

- Let me see.
- Yeah, some of those terms

you gave me were a little,
I don't know what they mean.

Why didn't you
Google them or something?

Which terms?
- Then it'll be on

my computer!
- Gimme a term.

What is motherfucking

- Mother fucking, you
don't know what that is?

- Around the mother worlds...

- What around, around the world?

- Yeah.
- You want to know

what that is?
- Yes.

No I don't want to know what

it is, never mind.

Never mind, no, just never--

- It's, it's full
service, that's all,

it's, it's you know,
it's, look, and,

I mean everything, okay?

All right, show me--

- What if someone says
yes when I offer that?

Do I just, tell them to leave?

What do you mean someone?

You're gonna, you're
forgetting what we're doing,

you're not going
out to get laid,

you're going out to get the
- Okay, okay.

- Garroter, or the Gare-otter.
- I'm just in character

here okay.
- All right all right,

Hooker Hannah, all
right, show me how you

operate the switchblade,
let me see that.

- What are you talking about?

- What am I talking about?
- Yes, you didn't tell me

anything about a switchblade.

- Oh, oh.
- I would'a remembered that.

- Okay well, I was
talking about this.

Oh my...

- I want you to know how

to work this, this
could save your life.

- I won't need this right,
'cause you've got my back.

- Good point.

You made me laugh to tears too.

Watch it's very simple, it's
almost like prostitution.

Out, and in.

Out, and in, you get it.

I'm taking this seriously.

- All right, I want,
- I don't know if you're

taking this seriously.
- I am, I am.

I want you to show me that
you know how to work this?

- Okay.

- Let's see what you got.
- Teacher,

out and in, getting out...
- Yeah but just,

yeah don't from
there close to it.


But yeah, but you don't have

to jab it in me!

- Well how I was.
- I know I can tell what

you're feeling, right.
- Well how--

- Retract it retract
it, pull it back.

- Is that how you do it?

- Yeah, it is--
- You're gonna stab somebody,

you don't...
- It is, but I just didn't

want to be stabbed tonight.

- I--
- Would, I, stop it,

you know what you're doing,

mark it up, all right.

Open up your purse.
- I want, oh yeah.

- Just open up your purse.
- Sounds like a good idea.

- I want to show you something.

- Don't mess with the hairbrush.

- No I won't, move this
hand out of the way,

I want to show you something.

No, the other hand.

They say white boys can't shoot.

- Jump.

- Oh that's right, that's right,

you know all of it don't you?

All right, we gotta have
some kind of a sign,

okay, that I know
you're okay when you're

encountering somebody.

So if everything's all right,

I want you to just step
back from the car and,

I don't know, kind of like
wave your purse twice.

- Do I have to go...
- Yeah yeah exactly,

twice like that, twice
means everything's okay.

- All right.
- And what I'll do is I'll

counter that with, I'll just,
I'll hit my flasher twice.

- Okay, all right.
- Okay?

- Okay.
- Simple right?

- Yeah, I got it.

- You all right?
- Uh-hmm.

- You can do this you know.
- Yeah, I know it.

- You know why?
- Why?

- Because you have
the greatest teacher.

- That's...
- You're the best whore

I ever created.

You are.
- All right, I, well

I've dressed the part, I...

- You look fantastic.
- Yeah.

If I
was in the market,

I would certainly
lay down a couple...

- How much?
- $100, yeah yeah, that's

what I would do.

You, you look great there.

- Oh...
- Yeah, you look,

you're looking great
everywhere, so you look,

you ready to, you're
ready to do it.

- All right, so you're
just gonna drop me off,

and I'm gonna go.

- Yeah, that's it.

- So I should like right
now, I'm gonna get out.

- Last chance, to
get out of this.

- Nope, I can do this,
I want to do this.

We have to do this.
- Let's get this guy, okay?

It's time, we gotta put the
State of Michigan at rest.

All right gimme a kiss.

Gimme a kiss.
- Whore's don't kiss, right?

Oh yeah, take that back.

- All right, save
it for afterwards.

We're doing this.
- Get out of here.

Yes we are, go.
- All right.

Do I have to walk like a hooker
to, or just, like myself?

- Don't even ask any
quick questions, please.

- Okay.
- Make me worry about you.

- What if I trip and fall?

- Well, then you'll be perfect.

You have, nothing can
go wrong at this point.

- All right, I'm ready.

- All right, go, beat it!

- You beat it!

- Oh, gimme gimme gimme,

I hope you don't get hurt.

- Hey, hey there,
how's it going, babe?

- Uh, you know what,
I don't want any

of what you got, just go!

- Fuck you, asshole
bitch, god damn it!

What can
I do for you John?

- I'm Robert.

Not to me you're
not, you're just another John.

- What's a John?

- Really?

Let me see your badge, cop!

- I'm not a cop,
I'm just going--

- Yes you, yes you
are, I can smell a dick

when I'm four feet away from it!

- Okay, I'm Sergeant Roberts!

You better get your
game off of my street,

you smart ass little whore,

- Yeah?
- If you know what's

good for it!

When I come back, after
making my donut run,

if you're still here
I'm taking you downtown!

- Hey, like you usually
do, beat it donut man!

- Well, hello
beautiful, what's a nice

girl like you doing alone on
the side of the road like this?

- What?
- I said hello there!

Right, what, what are you
searching for back there?

Your virginity?

'Cause I promise you're
not gonna find it.

- Huh?

I don't always hop into
cars just like this,

but I thought you
looked a little,

I don't know, different?

I'm Tina, what's your name?

Or what name are
you using tonight?

- No no no no,
what are you doing?

What are you doing?

Not so soon, not so soon,
you didn't even look!

- And what's with
that, stocking?

You can't be that
hideous, maybe uh,

scars, acne, what is it?

Ah so, you don't like Tina,
then you can call me Angel.

Or you know what you can
call me whatever the fuck

you want, I don't care,

as long as you're happy.

Make the customer
happy, that's my motto.

- Rachel, Rachel!

- But seriously, can you
actually see from that thing?

Hey, I'm not hitting the
road with you if you're

wearing that, stupid ass,
stocking on your face.

So, you're not going
to say anything?

That's fine, I like the
strong, silent type.

So, why don't we just
get down to business, huh?

Do you want a BJ, or you want a,

a whole freaking party tonight?

You gotta give me
something so I know

what to do with your ass...

Huh, how about uh, I just
throw something out there

and if it's something
that you like

you just nod your
head up and down,

or shake your head side
to side if it's no, okay?

Oh, how about a
little 50-50 action?

Or how about, around the
mother fucking world,

you look like someone
who might like that?

Seriously, if
you're, if you're not

going to say anything
then this party's

gonna be over, 'cause
I don't have any

guarantees but I am the best
thing that you'd ever had.

All right, fine, maybe
I just have to take

matters into my own
hot little hands, huh?

Oh, so help me,

I will cut you!

I swear to!



Jim, it's him,!


Daddy, oh.