Garasu no naka no sho-jo (1988) - full transcript

GOTO Kumiko


MANDA Hisako

TSUGAWA Masahiko

DEME Masanobu

I'm home.

Welcome home. Why didn't
you go to the piano lesson?

I went to a fencing lesson
by mistake.

And you're supposed to be
home by seven o'clock.

The cram school was longer
than usual today.

Please call us if you'll be late.


The Girl in Glass


I'm sorry.

Do you always use this locker?

Do you go to Seiwa
Junior High School?

Don't you have strict rules?

Do you hide your uniform
here and go play?

I won't tell anyone, so
can you keep this here?

Steamed potatoes?

Yeah... something like that.

I have to go to work now and
can't take this with me.

I'll finish work at nine.
Meet me here at 9:10, OK?

I thought Father was coming
home today, right?

It's an election year so he
needs to visit many places.

That man has become
a bureaucrat.

Please study hard pr I'll be
the one who'll get into trouble.

Please don't call Father
"that man" in front of me.

I'm sorry. I'm used to
calling him... that way.

When you were his secretary,
you called him "Sir," right?

I married your father for you.

I'm the only one who can
raise you to be a great woman.

That's what he said when
he proposed to me.

He married me for you.

Didn't you love Father?

I wouldn't have married him
just because I loved him.

I could have spent more time
with him if I remained as his sectary.

Is that how it goes?

Mr. Eto is here.

Please be nice to Madam.
She's doing her best.

You're on her side, too?


What was my mom like?

She was beautiful.

You always say the same thing.

Please bring his clothes
with you.


When will Father come home?

He was supposed to come
home from Hokkaido today,

but he had to go to Kansai.
He'll come home next week.

Please tell him to call me.


I'm sorry. I can't wait...
I'll take it home.

Idiot! Why did
she take it home?


He's such a kid.

How silly...


Eat this.

I already ate at work.

What? Money?

Don't worry about money.
Eat first.

Have you seen a key
around here?

A key? Did you lose it?

I guess...


If I knew where I dropped it,
I'd go get it.

Where is the gun?

It's at a safe place.

Go get it now.

Well... I can't.

Why not?

Don't worry.

If someone finds it, I'll have
to go back to the Philippines.

Nobody will send you home.
You said you didn't want to

go back when our factory closed
down so I found this job for you.

Your visa has expired.
Who's helping you with money?

Thank you.
Thank you so much.


What a pretty dress.
Is it a designer brand?


I want to buy one, too.
Where did you buy it?

Forget it. It'll look
inexpensive if you wear it.

Excuse me...

We're told not to
talk to men so...

Excuse us...

You're home.
You were OK...

Is there something to eat?

We have ramen noodles.

How is Jose? I haven't seen
him for a while.

Did you find a job?


Mom was worried. Ed, Sanchez,
and Jose have been working hard.

If Dad was here we'd have been OK...

It's not Mom's fault. All
steel factories aren't doing well.

Don't talk so much.
Make some noodles...

You better decide
what you want to do.

You graduated from high school, so
you need to find a job to help Mom.

After I graduate from junior
high school, I'll go to nursing school.

You always say the same
thing... Idiot!

Thanks for waiting.

You're late.

Yasuko. Try harder.

Who knows the answer?
Miss Okinaka.

The best way to see around is
from the top of the bus.

You translate this.

Big Ben...


I visited Big Ben... stool.

Give me back my stuff.

I didn't bring it today.

Did you see it?

Where is it?

It's at home.

I'll go there with you so
please return it to me.

Hurry up.

Who are you?

I don't know him.
He walked me home to

make sure that I'd be safe.

Thank you,
but please don't do this again.

I came here to take care of
some business with her.

What kind of business?
Let me hear it.

Are you her sister?

No. I'm her mother.

I don't need to talk to Mom.


What's going on here?

I don't know who you are.
I don't need to talk to her.

Wow. She's a princess.

Because you're flirting,
a guy like him comes to you.

Mr. Sasaki will come here to
tutor you during the summer.

I'm going to Nasu with
Father for a week.

I don't know if he'll have
time this summer.

He always spends a week
with me during summer break.

You need to act like a Diet
member's daughter.

We all have to be good.

Is getting remarried

It's because your mother
passed away.

Why don't we have
her altar here?

Your father is thinking
about you.

He is thinking about you.

You have a phone call.

Please transfer it here.

No. This is for Miss Yasuko.

Father is calling me?

Hello. This is Yasuko.

You'll be back tomorrow.

Dinner together? I'm looking
forward to seeing you.

We're having a party!

Chicken, fried rice, soup, and
dessert. A full course meal.

Eat first.

Eat more.

We can't see the stars.

The air isn't clean here.

The South Cross.

What's that?

The South Cross. It's the star
we can see in the Philippines.

Do you want to go back
to the Philippines?

No. I can't find a job there.

When you eat and see the
stars, your immigration

problem seems so insignificant.



Here is the guy again...

I'll report to school.

No. He's actually my cousin.
See you later.

Give it back now.

I forgot it at home.
I'm sorry.

Give me a break.

That's my lunch box.

Go get it now.

Is that a real gun?

My friend is a bit... He goes
crazy when he doesn't have it.

Don't be embarrassed.
I know it's just a toy.

Come with me. I'll show
you something interesting.

I can't... I have plans tonight.

Cancel it.

No, I can't. He's a great man.

OK. It'll be done by evening.

It smells like the ocean.

Wait here.

Act crazy... You want the
gun back, right?

She thinks it's a toy, so she
doesn't want to return it to us.

She's strange...


Anyway, tell her you're
going to die without it...



I've never been under the sun.

I always had to wear a hat
even at the beach.

All I did was look at the watch.

Oh, really. She's strange.

Tell her.

Return it to me.

He's the one... If you catch
me, I'll give back the toy.

What did she say?

If we catch her, she'll return
the toy to us. So...?

OK. Tell her OK.

What should we do?

Scare her a little. Go.


Do you two play like this
every day?

Yes. Right, Jose?

His name is Jose? Do you go
to the same school?


So you skip school
every day?


What do you do every day?

Play cowboy with toy guns?

No. We're not kids.

Is that real?

No. It's just a toy.

Then I'll treasure it. OK?

Welcome home.

Where is Father?

He's in the back.

Where have you been?

Anyway, go see Father.

At your district, your
competitor is the man who

has helped me in the past...
so I told Morishita that

I'd help the son now.
Then he asked me to

write what I promised...
Why not?

You haven't said hello to
your father yet?

Hi. You look well. Have
you been listening to Mom?

Welcome home.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Hello, Miss. You've grown
up a lot since I saw you last.

Satoko, please call Mr. Eto.

Sure. A group leader is
waiting for you over there.

Please start first.


I better go now.
Talk to you later.

Are you going to take
time off this summer?

Summer vacation?

You promised you'd teach
me how to ride horses.

This session will last
longer... so.

Oh, horse riding... I can't
make it because of meetings.

You're too young.
Besides, if you get hurt...

You're a liar.


How are your studies going?
I'll make sure that you get

into the school, anyway...
but don't embarrass me.

Do you understand?

Get ready for a bath.


Yasuko, would you like to
take a bath with me?

You've grown too old to take
a bath with me anymore...

It's real...

Hey, have you seen a guy
who used this locker here?

I don't know.

Welcome home.

Where is your report card?

I'll bring it later.

It's pretty good.

Are you feeling OK?

Tell me the truth. Did you
see that guy again?


You told your friends that
he's your cousin, didn't you?


Tell me the truth.

Robbery at supermarket.
Arrested on site for firing a gun.

Investigating on the origin of
the gun.

They needed money badly...

I give up...

Don't worry. I know they
won't confess that easily.

What should we do?

Don't go to the shed for a
while. Stay here, OK?

How about the girl?

Don't worry. She thinks
it's a toy... so it's safe.

It's dangerous. If someone
finds out, she'll be in trouble.

I know.


I'm going to work now.
What's wrong with you?


I'm asking around if there are
any jobs for you.

We'll find something.
So, hang in there.

Comments, please...

You want it back, don't you?

We gave up... treasure it.
You know it's a toy.

Please take care of it.

You can take that thing back.

That thing?

I can go out in the afternoon.

So meet me at three
at the planetarium.

I told you I don't need it...

Where have you been?

Mr. Sasaki called and he'll
be here at three.

What? That's no good...

It's your job to study...

It's pass three o'clock now.

She's a liar.

Be quiet.

Such nice weather...
Please read.

A hateful thing.

It's the visitor who lingers
when you're in a rush.

Read more slowly.
This is a classic poem.

This is Okinaka.

Who called...?


Your father and I are going to
the wedding tonight

so please stay home.

Please serve a cold drink
and get ready for tonight.

Sorry, Yoichi.

What's wrong with you?

Let's talk at the police station.


Sorry. I couldn't go...
Oh, this is Okinaka.

Are you Mrs. Okinaka?


This is Kugahara Hospital.

Please tell Mr. Okinaka to
come to the Hospital.

Sorry. I was busy.
Who called?

It was a wrong number.

Please don't tell the Madam
about this.

I was told not to let you
answer the phone.

Kugahara hospital...

Mr. Okinaka is home.

Welcome home.

Is Yasuko awake? A chef
wanted to make you sushi.

Please be careful.

Can you give me a kiss?

I need to talk to you.


I knew you'd be there.

I'm such an idiot for waiting
for you for two days.

Thank you for coming
with me today.

Where are we going?

I'm scared to go alone.

Tell me where we're going.

Ms. Okinaka. Stop...

How pretty...

I'm Yasuko.

I'm Okinaka Yasuko.


My Yasuko is a baby.

Let's go back to your room.

Excuse us...
She'd better go now.



Don't look at me.

I'll walk ahead of you
so follow me.

You can't even walk...?

I don't know what happened,
but don't be so sad.

Was I heavy?

My arms and legs are shaky,
and I'm very hungry.

Did you eat enough?

I'm full.

I'll finish it for you.

Those are my chopsticks...


Oh, nothing.

May I have another one?

It was really fun at the place.


You know the shed...

May I visit there again?

I think I'll keep it.

You don't mind, right?

There are things that you
don't want to know...

I was waiting for the right
time to tell you, so...

Do you know why I didn't
tell you about your mother?

Have you thought about that?
You should have...

I'm very sorry.

You don't have to apologize.
You couldn't have married

Father unless my
mother was dead.

Otherwise, it'd have
been a scandal. Right?

It was better for you, too.

Your mother wasn't capable
of being your mother or

the diet member's wife anymore.

I am still taking
care of your mother.

What's wrong with that?

She was just a bad luck to you?

It was unfortunate for your
mother to be married to me.

She isn't without time. You
need to think positively in life.

What's the meaning of life?
How could you say that?

Leave her alone.

Dear Father, I've followed
your rules until today, but

something has happened in
me. I'm confused.

I'm disappointed that we
don't have time to talk.

Please let me have time alone
to think. Please...


I have something to tell you.

Don't say anything.
Come with me.

We're real, too. Right?

I'm dizzy.


I don't want to sleep tonight.

What's wrong?
Are you cold?

The stars are beautiful.

You can see it better.
Do this...

Help me.

Not all of them.

Don't worry.
I won't do anything.


What did Jose do?

His visa expired and
now he's an illegal worker.

You'll be in trouble, too.

I don't care about me, but
you know he'll starve

if he goes back to his country.

He also refurbished a gun.

Jose doesn't do that kind
of things.

Your son made him do it.

I don't believe you.

Is it true?

Good morning. You've
never cooked before?

Yes. I learned how to cook
at school.

Do you expect to get married...?

My husband will cook for us.

I don't want a wife who
doesn't know how to cook.

Oh, I see. Teach me.
I'll learn how to cook.

This is the best shelter.

I know. We haven't used
this place for a long time...


Nobody believes us.

That's fine with me.
I could die with you.

We can't find her anywhere
...not at her friends' house.


We better ask the police
to search for her discreetly.

No. The election is coming
up so we better not...

I have a bad feeling
about this...

Don't be silly. Yasuko is my
daughter. I believe in her.

I've raised her like my own
daughter and sacrificed much.

Our focus now isn't on you
or your feelings, understand?

You have a call from
the police chief.

Oh, the police chief...

Is your daughter home?

I heard your daughter was
with the boy who's a gun dealer.

We're still working on the case
so... We don't know anything yet.

I also heard that someone was
at your summer house... so...


Yasuko is with a man.

With a man?

You're with her every day.
Didn't you notice anything?

It's your fault.

You always blame me
for everything.

Go. Hurry up.


Don't bother me.

The freshwater fish is great to fry...

Do you mean steamed fish?

No. No.

How do you know? You
don't even know how to cook.

It's common sense.

What should we do?

They're looking for me.

Tell them you don't know
anything. OK?


You don't know anything.



I know a shortcut to
the station from here.


It's our secret, OK?

You're definitely Madam's daughter.


Your birth mother.

What do you mean?

You're insensitive.

My mother is a normal
person. She was suffering,

because she knew about
father and you...

She's not like me at all.
I wouldn't have endured it.

I don't care what anyone says.
I can't stand this anymore.

I failed as your mother now?

Are you happy?

I don't have any complaints.

Even now?

If you become a good girl...

I don't think you're happy.

You'll understand how I feel
when you're older.

You're not being honest.

Jose said that Yasuko has it...
so I can't do anything.

Where is Hirota Yoichi?

We haven't found him.

Seems like he got alone
with Yasuko a lot.

Come back home with
Yasuko now.

How terrible...

Where is it?

You think it's a toy,
but it's a real gun.

You can't carry a gun in
Japan. It's against the law.

If you're caught with the gun...

I'll have to resign...

You could just say that you
thought it was a toy.

Give it to me.

If someone finds it, you can't
say you didn't know...

Tell me where it is.

I don't know.

If you tell me where it is,
I'll handle the situation.

Is that the only thing that
you wanted to ask me?


Don't you want to know
who Yoichi is?

Stop. I don't want to hear
about the guy.

Come in. Hurry.

Etsuko went to see Jose.
I don't think they'll let her see him.

I think they'll send Jose back
to the Philippines.

There is nothing we can do for him...

No matter what you do,
you'll always be my son.

I want you to stay healthy...

I know you want to help Jose,
but you can't...

Don't be so nice to me. I just
wanted to earn money...

Sorry. If our factory was still
here, you wouldn't have to...

Don't apologize.
It's not your fault.

I'm home.


I have a favor to ask.

Miss Miki is on the phone.

Can I talk to her?

I was told that you can talk to
friends from school.


I'm Yoichi's sister.

Oh. I'm fine. Going to the
beach? I better study...

My brother will be waiting
for you at the planetarium at noon.

Thank you. Please say hello
to Natsuko. Bye.

My friends are going to the
beach tomorrow.

Why don't you go? You'll
have to go in your father's car.

Can you slop here for
ten minutes?

No. We aren't supposed to
stop anywhere.

Please. I just got my period.

I want to be with you.

We can meet again.

Are you Hirota Yoichi?




Wait. Wait.

Father, please help Yoichi.


You can work something out.
Please help him.

If I can't see him anymore,
I'll kill myself.


Do you love him that much?

You're my only daughter.

I can't allow the guy to be
with you.

He's the only one for me.

Sure. We can make a deal.

Give me a kiss first.

I'll help him. Tell me
where you hid the gun first.

That's not fair.

I don't have any reasons
to help him if you don't...

Wait. I'll tell you...
Please help him.

Coffee for you.

No, thank you.

Let me speak with him.

This is Mr. Okinaka.

He'd like to speak with you.

We found the gun.

Yasuko told us where it was.
She thought it was a toy.

However, it doesn't matter.
She'll be charged as well...

Yasuko has nothing
to do with it.

Thank you. Would you go to
the Philippines with Jose?

Since you're Japanese, I'll
give you an assignment to go.

I'll guarantee the living
expenses for you and your family.

He's sparing you from going
to the detention center.

You should be grateful
for his help.

How about Yasuko?

Yasuko will be fine. He's
helping you out to be fair.

Are you going to
the Philippines?

Jose is being deported
because of you.

Don't you think you should
go with him as a friend?

Yasuko said that she
wouldn't see you anymore.

You should move on and
start a new life there.

Will you go there?

I'll go to the Philippines so
that I can see the stars with Jose.

Great. Thank you.

Please forgive my brother.

May I have my stuff?

For me?

It's important to have a good
education... and family.

We need to raise our children
to be considerate to others.

You must be the sister.

My brother is leaving for
the Philippines today.

He told me not to tell you...
but I feel sorry for him.

Thank you.


Why are you leaving me?




Watch out.


You didn't have to come here.
I came here for you.

Sorry for the trouble.
I don't know what to say.


The Minister of State
Okinaka Sugitaro

May I borrow your lighter?



Don't bother me.

The End