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1967 - Osaka

Hey, Ken!

What do they call
getting outta reform school?

Being discharged.

That makes it sound like you're getting
outta the Momoyama dysentery hospital.

Would be cooler to say you were paroled.


Thank you for your service!

You two been alright?

How'd it go, Ryu?

I was at the bottom of the class here,
but inside I wore the top-ranked armband.

And you still wouldn't even be able to use an
abacus if you got kicked outta school, right?

- Chabo never changes, does he?
- You been doing alright, man?

Get this, Ryu. This group up in
Kita, the Hokushin Alliance...

What the fuck are you
doing, eavesdropping on us!?

How 'bout I sit while I listen?

- Who do you think you are!?
- Chill out.

- Cut it out, Ko.
- Friend of yours, Ryu?

Yeah. We met at the Okayama Reform School.

Ko, huh?

You from Osaka too?

You got a problem with it?

- What did you say, punk!?
- Stop it!

All of you stop it!

You deaf or something!? Cut it out already.

- These guys are my friends.
- Fine, whatever.

How 'bout we just go to Minami? Yeah?

Who are those burdock roots?

The Hanshin Leisure Acceptance
Club or something. Bunch of shitheads.

Oh yeah?

Been seeing a bunch of them lately. Right?


Sorry for the wait.

Bon appétit.

Minami being Minami, we got punks outta Nerikan
building a group called the Hope Association.

They ain't got as many guys
as the Hokushin Alliance though.

25 or so.

Gimme more of this sweet juice, sis.

More for me too.

Get enough, Ryu?

I'm already getting flabby.

Ryu, I'm heading out.

Oh yeah? Well, I'll catch ya later.

Minami - Dotonbori

You know that watch you gave to Masaru?

- The self-winding one?
- Yeah.

Those guys in Kita shook him down.


Those Hokushin guys.


The guys that make the
chicken-flavored ramen?

What? No! That's Nissin!

Hokushin. The Hokushin Alliance.

You're talking about that self-winding
watch I won from Chu-San course magazine?


Let's go to Kita.

It's crawling with those Hokushin shitheads.

What goes around comes around, right?

Kita - Umeda underground shopping center


What are you lookin' at?

You call yourself a real Japanese man?

Have a drink!

What did I do to you!?

You ain't the first guy whose brains have
been turned into mush by my headbutt!

You stole our friend's watch!

Y-you can just buy these at Hankyu, right?

Guess you bought 'em
all, huh? Give 'em to me.


This ain't the omega, dumb-ass!

Wait, here it is.

Here's my omega!

Hey! Let's go, Ken.

These Swiss watches sure are something else!

What the fuck!? That was Swiss!

Who cares!?

It's just something they
got from the yakuza!

It's nice going up against
yakuza henchman, right?

The Hokushin Alliance has a
relationship with the yakuza?

- Of course they do!
- Seriously? I had no idea.

Yakuza or not, bring 'em on!

What time ya got? Tell me!

I'll go to Osaka station and check.


It's hard to say...

Come on...

I came to go bowling.

Not to drink this cola I don't even want.

That's just life! Everyone's got cola they
don't want! You just have to force it down!

- I've been waiting two hours.
- Saying that ain't gonna change anything.

I wouldn't have talked
like this at your job!

I thought we were friends?

If you're my friend, then quietly
watch over my reintegration into society.


Fine. If that's how you're gonna be...

I'll just have to find myself a
nice ivy league or Sukaman guy.

Wait, Kyoko. Don't be like that! Please?

Come on...

It's you. How 'bout some mitsumame?

- Did you come to bowl?
- Something like that.

Came to finish our graduation
ceremony from the other day.

Forget about playing pool on the second
floor. It's full of those Hokushin morons.

The Hokushin Alliance. Heard of 'em?

- Rumors.
- Hey, come here, come here.

If you're wondering why I'm working here,

I'm just waiting for a chance to smash 'em.

- Those guys...
- Tell me next time.

I'm here to join the Hokushin Alliance.

What the hell's he thinking?

I'm done trying to reintegrate into society!

Wait up, I'm coming too!

- Want to drink some hot cola?
- I ain't got time for that!

Come on, stop him!

Why do you have to do this?


- If you gotta hit someone, hit me!
- Shut up!

Get outta the way, you stupid bitch!

Is that it?

And what if it is?


Ours wasn't nearly as bad as this, was it?

I'd have apologized.

Come on, get up!

What the fuck are you thinking,
walking in here with your bitch!?

Hold up, Ryu!

Let's wait for the right time, okay?

I told you to stop, didn't I?!

Come on, bro, ain't that enough?

Bro, stop, stop, stop.

I'm the vice President of the
Hokushin Alliance. Name's Ezaki.

That's president Kuroki.

You've got more than a hundred
names left to go after him.

Might be hard for you to remember.

Ko, huh?

Josho Ko. Remember it well.


Call him Tomorrow's Joe.

That suits him since he can take a punch.

That took a lot more work
than when you joined, Kuro.

He'll be a good one to send
to shops that won't pay up.

Yes, sir.

Who are you?

Just ask anybody.


Let's all get along.

Come on.

You okay?

Let me think about that.

Those yakuza building them up are
from the Naniwa Promotion Society.

That's what they're doing?

What's that dumb-ass Ko thinking!?

He's making a mistake.

Ryu, Kuroki was there too, wasn't he?

The pretentious winger of
Nishinari Commercial High School...

What should we do?

What we should do is fight!

He's a bad dude now, huh?

You guys scared?

Man, that was scary. Ono-San sure is a pro.

Where are they!?

I'm gonna beat the shit outta them!

What do we got here?

Shut your mouth.

Here we go.

- Step outside!
- Go by yourself.

Ain't got no business with you losers.

Get your boss out here!

Get out here, Kuroki!

I'm Ezaki! The vice president!

Glico! Stop it.

Glico, huh? Go put on that
athletic shirt and go for a run.

- What did you say!?
- Shut up!

Been a while, huh?

What do you three want?

Our center-forward was paroled,
so we came to pay you a courtesy call.

If you're the center-forward, then
let's see you do a proper header.

He just cut his head open during a game.
Wasn't split in half like a patrol car.

Might as well call you a linesman.

Your head's that fucked up, right?

Only thing left to do is to bust yours open.

You punk. You can forget about that!

Did you forget how you
discriminated against him!?

You think you're better than other
people just 'cause you went to nationals?

Back off, maggots!

Pick three guys and let's step outside!

What the fuck are you assholes doing!?

- Ryu! I got raped!
- With your panties on!?

- Stop it, Ken!
- You bastard!

- Ken! Stop!
- What are you...!

Go home!

You dumb-ass!

If Kyoko hadn't been there,
I'd have been out there going crazy.

Well, what can you do? Women
ain't nothing but a hassle. Right, Ken?


Besides, Ryu said to get out of there, so it ain't
like we're cowards or anything. Right, Ken?


What's your problem? You got
something you wanna say to me?

You never stop complaining
about stuff in the past.

- You sound like a woman.
- What did you say!?

You think I got scared and ran away!?

That ain't what I'm saying.

Shut up, you idiot! When it's
time to man up, I man up.

Does he want to die!?

Hey, move your goddamn truck!

- What did you say to me, punk?
- Sorry.

- You think you're getting off that easy?
- Come on, Chabo.

- Well, let's talk it out, old man.
- You think this is funny?

Pull your car over to that drive-in.

Yeah, alright!

Sorry, Ken, can you take the car home?

Let's go, moron!

Yeah, but...

Yeah, but usually there's nothing
but old geezers around there.

- He had a lot more fighting experience than you.
- All of a sudden, a straight right.

He said, "I go to the same gym as Numata."

You had no shot.

- Let's talk outside.
- Alright.

{\an8}Minami - Fuji hall

Wait up.

Been hard to sleep lately.

That's 'cause there's a lot of tension in
the air whether you're in Kita or Minami.

I kinda like this feeling though.

You should get a hobby like me.

Don't talk like the
teachers in reform school.

That's the Hope Association over there.

They all kids of tobacco shop owners?

Know who they're backed by?

The Japan tobacco and
salt public corporation.

You guys better not lose.

Losing ain't in our vocabulary.

Are those what I think?



What's your hobby, Kyoko?


Stomping wheat?

This is for you guys' ears only.

I'm thinking of going for the next
Nishino Ballet Company tryouts.

Isn't that great?

Yeah, yeah. I'm outta here, Ken.

Think I might actually be
able to get some sleep tonight.

Stay out too late and you'll
turn into delinquents like me.

You'll listen to me, won't you, Ken?

After I join the Nishino Ballet Company, I'm going
to dance in support of the red team on the kohaku.

- Doesn't that sound great?
- Yeah, it does.

Go for it.

Surrounded by

forests and Springs - tempura!

Quietly sleeping

the blue, blue, blue chat...

- Get a load of these Osaka Hicks!
- Want me to teach you the Yokohama step?

What? You all wanna die!?

Idiot! You kill one person and
you won't have long to live yourself.

I don't know what part of
Tokyo you crawled out of,

but it's about 100 million years
too soon for you to be in Minami!


Whenever something's going down in Minami,

Hattori's Hope Association
will be there. Right?

We don't need to see the
school arts festival out here.


Even Buddha's Patience ran out a while back.

What should we tell the school this time?

I was just thinking about heading home.

Heading home, huh!? Where were you off to!?

- It's that way.
- Are you really going home?

It's true. I'm going home.

Well, we're going to trust you today.

- You head straight home.
- Yes, ma'am.

- How's soccer going?
- Alright.

- Straighten up.
- Yes, sir!

Excuse me.

I feel like Lyami...

- Excuse me.
- Hurry on home.


that distant...

- Iced coffee.
- Yes, sir.

Oh, we stopped serving iced coffee.

- A lemon squash then.
- Yes, sir.

Lemme bum a smoke.

Bro! Got any long hopes?

We've only got short hopes and hi-lites.

- Hi-lites.
- Yes, sir.



What do you mean, "what?"

Don't show your face in Minami again!

Please stop fighting.

What I do is none of
your fucking business, scum!

Head exercises

Who is it?


- Sorry, were you sleeping?
- Nah, come on in.

- Get some sleep last night?
- How am I supposed to be able to sleep!?


You must be sick, huh?


Wonder if my eyes will
stay open 'til I die...

Things got a bit sensational with those
fuckers from the Hope Association last night.

Feels like things are
about to go down, right?


I'm having an important
conversation. How 'bout you knock?

Lemme borrow your
soccer cleats. I've got a game.


Nishi Junior High.

Nishi? You know you could
beat them playing barefoot, right?

If you'd spent all your
time playing soccer...

We're retiring after today's game.

- You're retiring already?
- I gotta go to cram school.

When you moved up to high school,

your homeroom teacher called
in sick for three days straight.

I've gotta do a little better than that.

Yeah, that's why I was
reading head exercises.




Concerning fifth period biology,
the outcome of our collective bargaining

with Fujita-sensei is that
we'll be boycotting lessons.

Concerning the removal
of uniform requirements...

Kuroki from the Hokushin Alliance, right?

He should clean out his desk
and never show his face here again.

Yeah, he's really changed.

That's just the type of delinquent he is.

You know how his family has a printing shop?

He forged 300 tickets
for my family's udon place.

Then he made the soccer
club sell 290 of them.

Matsunaga! Class is starting!

We're doing the lesson today no matter what.

Even the board of education is useless.

Every high school student in
Osaka is eating udon because of that.

There's a big problem with society. Ryu!


You should work for my old man.

You've already been kicked outta school.
What's keeping you from becoming a tekiya?

Just hanging around
Minami and Kita is fine, but...

It's just a one sweet Chestnut
kind of place, but I want you do it.

Walk the chivalrous path.

You! You're not one of my
students! Get out of here!

Let's look at page 45 and
the seasonal migration of birds.

See that dove flying? Like the one on
peace cigarettes. Haha, that's just a joke.

So, migratory birds...

We're boycotting you!

Get out of here.

You shouldn't talk like that.

Matsunaga, I'll be thinking about
how I'm going to discipline you.

I'll be your substitute today.

The man's on top, and the woman's on
the bottom. Law of the lever or something.

Wait, that's physics, right?

I'm outta here.

I'll be leaving early today too.

What you gonna get?

Banana juice or something, I think.

Banana juice?

Come on, get something manlier.

Like Bavarian cream.

Okay, I will.

Was that Bavarian cream good?

What? I was just about
to go in and order it.

Was it good?

I said, "was it good?"

Yes, it was absolutely delicious.

That's great! Now pay for it.


- You're under arrest!
- Who are you?

The guardsman!

Last night I dreamed I got into
a fight with the Hope Association.

Who won?

I'd say me.

So, why doesn't the
guardsman carry a pistol?

You dumb-ass. He ain't a yakuza, is he?

I know that.

He ain't a cop either, is he?

Uh, what's a "guardsman" anyway?

A guardman's...

A security guard, right?

You kidding me?

A security guard?

- You're under arrest!
- Who are you?

The security guard!

Stupid, huh?

Go on home, Ken-Chan.

A small but sweet home...

Bill paid at the end of the month.
Tanaka's place is 200,000.

- Abacus!
- Here.

Turn the TV off!

I'm going home.

Did you go see your
probation officer, Tatsuo?

Yeah, last week, but...

Decide on a job?

Yeah. I went to a restaurant the other day.

I didn't think I'd really be suited
to working at a Sushi place, but...

Hey, dad...

- Can I borrow 500 yen?
- Moron!

Did you buy a Beatles record?

None of your business.

It is my business. I was an eye-witness.

You got something against us?

Nope. But I do have an interest in you.

I can't keep that up.

Wanna go dancing?

What should we do?

We don't like guys with
lewd looks on their faces.

You're the ones giving lewd looks.

I'm heading to my friend's place right now.
How 'bout we go once I'm finished?

Hey! What was that look you just gave me?

There's this go-go hall
in Kita called England.

- I'll be there if you two will.
- Should we just wait 'til you're done?

Hold on.

Maybe I'll see you there.

Get over here.

We'll meet you at the hall.

Move it.

That kid's done for.


You bunch of idiots!

Do you want us to beat the shit outta you!?

You're gonna pick a fight with us!?

You want some!?

You're gonna tell us it's
none of our business!?

You'll all be sorry...

Chabo's running late, huh?

Well? You had enough?

Let's go.


Hey, where do you live?

Don't want to take the
train back like that, do you?

Here, take a taxi home.

Ryu, you talked to Matsunaga from nishi
commercial about Kuroki today, right?

We talked about a lot of stuff.

That idiot gave you that speech again,
didn't he? "Walk the chivalrous path.”

Was it the Chestnut or banana this time?


That dude's an absolute moron.

I ain't your dad or anything, Ryu, but have you
thought about what you're gonna do with your life?

Maybe we'll be yakuza.

Maybe we'll be businessmen who
build bowling alleys or something.

Maybe entertainers down the line.

That's about all I can think of.

I know how you feel.

Well, for now, all I want to do is kick
those Hokushin burdock roots outta Osaka.

Matsunaga laughed at this, but...

Basically, just get the number
ones from every school together.

Matsunaga's a number one.
We're number ones.

Number one, number one, number one...
Get them together to do it, right?

Oh yeah...

You'll be the number one when I'm dead.

I'm fine being number zero.

Don't worry about it.

Number one, number two, number one...

If we can get ten guys together,
we can take out millions of Hokushin.

We'll be like Ibokorori.

Makes sense.

But if you got a group full
of nothing but number ones,

someone's gotta be the
number one of that group, right?

So how do you decide who's
the number one number one?

I guess we'll just have to fight it out.

- And who's gonna be the judge?
- You.

- I refuse.
- Me?

Anyway, wouldn't this number one
number one be like Kuroki all over again?

For now, the three of us should just be...

The no numbers.

The no numbers.

- Chabo?
- Chabo?

I'm going to kill those assholes!

- Chabo!
- Chabo...

- It was the Apache!
- Those punks!

Out back! They're out back!

They're gonna get what's
coming to 'em today!

We're gonna pay 'em back for chabo!

Beat 'em and solder 'em!

This one too.


Drop the iron and get over here!

You heard him.

Oh, he was your friend?

You assholes!

What the hell, assholes!?

- Apologize!
- Why should we!?

Stop, stop!

I'll apologize!



- Chabo!
- Chabo!



That's it! It's over! No more!

- Tatsuo!
- The Apache.

- What!? They came back?
- Yeah, we beat 'em up.

You did? That's great.

Oh, you're really hurt.

Tatsuo, take him inside
and get him fixed up.

That's what I was gonna do anyway.
Let's go, chabo.

Why do you call them the Apache?

They attacked at night throughout
Colorado. It's the name of a tribe.

- I've never seen 'em do anything like that.
- They do, they do.

At Tahata's place.

That's why I started calling them that.

Really? That's hard to believe.

Hurry up!

Hurry up! My old man's gonna show up.

Wait, hold on. What's that?
Don't take that.

- Please let us take one.
- Why?

It's worth good money.

Just between you and me...

Go! Hurry!

He's here! My old man's here!


You punks!

Take this!

- Some of the iron sank!
- No shit, moron!


Great, now I'm sober...

I'm sorry!

I give up.

You two...

Come swim with me!

- What the hell?
- What's your problem!?

- Come on!
- Yes, sir.

Oh, is he here?


tomorrow's Joe just turned eighteen, and
the Sonezaki branch has the most people.

I think it's a little early for
him to be their representative.

On the other hand, he's been recommended
by Ono-San from the Ryujin Association.

I was thinking we'd take this
opportunity to vote on it. All opposed?

If you oppose it, give me a reason.

I'll make a note of it.

You two okay with it?

I'm totally in favor.

Then it's decided.

Starting next year, tomorrow's Joe
will represent the Sonezaki branch.

Alright, then...



Do your best.

For future reference, the Hokushin Alliance
and the Ryujin Association are now equals.

From now on, anyone who wants to be
a "pro" can take themselves over there.

If you do, then know that
I'll be taking your badge back.

Make sure you think long
and hard about that.

That's right.

Okay, what's next...

Uh, let's see...

This meeting is adjourned.

That's it.

We're here in Kita tonight.

Hey, miss Osaka!

Because the sun is burning red

make sure you sell all the tickets
for our dance party in January.

Yes, sir.

The hair of the lovers running on the beach

oh, it's already started.

By the sweet sea breeze

bodies tanned by furious love

Ryu ain't here yet?

Where the hell did you get
these dance party tickets?

- And with this as the theme song too...
- What a joke!

Look, jitterbug Jiro's here!

He won consecutive championships
at Mexican's go-go tournament.

You can tell he's not like the other guys.

The midsummer sea is the season of love

I heard he's Saburo Nakagawa's top student.


Ko, right?

Bodies tanned by furious love

hearts aflame, pounding with love

live on, not forgotten

because the sun is burning red

the midsummer sea-

From Ilwakuni!?


You two come here often?

This is the seventh time.
I'm her chaperone.

Meeting anyone tonight?

What should we do, Kemeko?

This guy's way better
than the last one, isn't he?

Maybe I should give him my phone number?

You want some of this, huh?



The new guy doesn't know his place, does he?

Doesn't seem like it.

Not much of a punch coming
from the president.

Shall we continue?

- Let's go outside.
- Alright.

Let's go!

Chabo, wait!

They're going down! Get downstairs!

Move it!

Oh, Joe!

Those guys from before went upstairs
with some others. Ten of 'em or so.

Well, about 500 guys are
about to be coming down.

Don't be stupid!

You're about to get hit by 500 men at once.

Put some bullets in their
gourds before that happens.

Counting on Va.

I was waiting the other day...

What are you doing!?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Use your indoor voice.

What the hell are you doing!?
Are you stupid!? Give me that!

Give it here!


What are you doing, moron!? Give it to me!

Ow! What the fuck is wrong with you,
you goddamned fool!? Give it to me!

Come on, find the bullets!

What are you gonna do when
the police get here!? Hurry up!

- It hurts!
- Blood, blood! Clean it up!

No, not there. It's right there. There.

What's wrong with you!? Where is it?

I'm sorry!

- It's this moron's fault!
- Idiot!

Something happen?

These guys are outta their minds!

Ryu, I'm taking her to the hospital!

Should I send these guys
to the hospital for him?

Let's do it.

What did you say!?

I'll slice your ears off.

Come to Nankao.

You heard him.

I'm leaving.

- Find the bullets!
- Yes, sir!

Ko-kun just tempted me, is all.

Did you forget that you're our girl?

You just decided that on your own.

You were wet down there, weren't you?

You saw!?

You hearing this, Ryu? I'm so ashamed.

I don't even know what to say.

What should we do?

Make a u-turn!

We're not gonna follow them.
They're nothing to the Hokushin Alliance.

Hey, it's off! It's off! U-turn!
U-turn! U-turn!

That's it! We're going back!

I understand! Stop already!

I don't feel so good, Ryu.
I'm gonna be sick.

Kyoko, do you understand my feelings now?

I understand!

I understand them too...

Guess they ain't coming.

We set up a fight with those
Hokushin morons, and they get scared.

Chabo, you only sound tough
when Ryu is beside you.

Remember what you did
earlier? Want me to tell Ryu?


Shut up, bitch!

You still wanna mess with me!?

What's with you? What are you doing?

I won't mess with you anymore!

I think Kyoko pissed herself.

I think Kyoko shit herself.

Better not say anything.
It'll hurt her feelings.

You're right.

Kyoko pooped herself!

You pooped yourself! You pooped yourself!

You pooped yourself!

Baby did it!

Baby pooped herself!

Hey, Ken!

- That you, Zeni?
- Yep.

- I'm heading home, Ken-Chan.
- Oh yeah?

Lemme know when you go back to
the hospital. I'll go with you, okay?

- Thanks. Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.

That your girlfriend? Didn't
expect you to settle down.

Don't worry about that.

She was there when I
fought the Hokushin in Kita.

She got shot in the arm.
Then the two of us...

Heard about that. Someone
pulled out a machine gun, right?

Yeah. That could have
been a massacre. Seriously.

That's a different world
than ours, isn't it?

Thought I told you not to
show your face in Minami again?

You again?

- We're going dancing at Fuji tonight.
- I'll see if I can make it.

Hey, you be careful. Even
Minami's full of weirdos these days.

Like those Hope Association guys?

Say you belong to the Hokushin
Alliance and then pound them.

I'll drop the name of our school.
It'll make even me look tough.

- Let's talk more at the bathhouse.
- Yeah!

- We're heading out.
- Take care.

It's too crowded around here.

Ko, this guy's our vice president, Popeye.

Dude really likes spinach.

This is Ko. He watched out
for me when I was in Nerikan.

Now you're tomorrow's Joe
in the Hokushin Alliance, right?


Tomorrow's Joe? You're the tomorrow's Joe?

You're famous around Minami. Right, guys?

- Hattori-San!
- Hattori-San!

Please introduce us to tomorrow's Joe too.

Come on!

What's the big deal?

- These guys are the subordinates.
- They call us the guns of rage!

No one else calls them that. They're
just trying to make themselves sound cool.

They wear these stupid geta too.

They're not stupid. When you wear these
you feel how great mankind has become.

I guess even the boss of the Hope Association
has trouble finding good help...

At least one of us is a boss!

Hattori-San! This is bad!

What's wrong?

My geta are broken!

Are you stupid!?

No, there was this guy wearing the
same beige geta as the guns, and...

Don't fight over something like that!

It was a guy from the
Hokushin. It was tomorrow's Joe.

Tomorrow's Joe? He's sitting right here.

Let's move out!


That's him!

- Get up!
- Move it!


This is him.

You're the one calling himself tomorrow's!?

That's Joe!


- You wanna die!?
- Do it! Do it!

Who are you talking to?

Say your name so I can
pay you back for that!

Are you okay?

We're in Minami every day.
Bring it any time!

That's right.

- The pigs are coming!
- That must hurt!



- Been waiting long?
- No.

I wasn't sure you'd come.

I did have to think about it.

I don't think we should
see each other anymore.

Why not?

I had no idea you were the daughter of
a family that runs such a high-class hotel.

I didn't want you to find out
that my mother is a geisha.

Don't talk like that.

I'm glad we could see each other though.

I don't think we'll be
able to meet like this again.


I'm going somewhere far away.

Somewhere far away?



What will you do in America?

You know how my family runs a hotel?

I'm supposed to take over
after my father someday.


I'm going to study hotel management.

What about school?

I may drop out.

I'm going to the bathroom.

I'll go with you.


You suit each other, Joe.

How about I treat you to something?

Vice president...

I'd like to give you an allowance.

Aren't you supposed to
be Ono-san's favorite?

You don't seem to know your place.

I'm the vice-president, Ezaki.

- How about I take your place, Glico!
- Try it!

I'm on a date. Be considerate, moron.

What did you say!?

Please stop!

Try me instead!


You want me to beat the shit outta you!?

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

He was nothing special. That's
why he was the vice-president.

Clean up this mess!

Wasn't tomorrow's Joe supposed to be a hero?


Did you see the movie already?

Sis, we should hurry in. Come on!

Was it interesting?

I'm one of Zeni's friends too.

Zeni? From that school?
Did something happen?

Let's go, Kyoko.

I'm going home.

Huh? Wanna get some coffee first?

- No thanks.
- What?

Ashiharabashi. Ashiharabashi. Take care
not to forget any of your belongings.

Chabo, which one of those
guys do you want to beat up?

Those gun guys look pretty easy to take.

I don't even see them as humans anymore.

Let's get in there!

- Thanks for the other day!
- Hey.

I'm on my way back from
selling all the iron.

Oh yeah? How much do you
weigh now with all that money?

- Not that much.
- You want in on this?

Don't come into Kita and disrespect us!

This is the Osaka loop line!
It ain't Kita or Minami!

You think this is a time to be farting!?

My geta's made of iron, fool!


Shinzo Tsutsumi-kun - expelled
from Daito Technical High School


- Ho!
- Let's kiss, bro!

Eat it.

This one's fine.

- Want something to eat, bro? It's right here.
- Appreciate it.

This here's my hometown.

You're from Fukuchiyama!?

Oh, no, sorry.

So, he called both the president
and vice-president out here.

What does he want with you?

Did you hear anything, Kuro?

If it's something to do with
Ono-San, you'd know better than me.

It might be, "you've been
working so hard lately, vice president."

"Here's a nice professional
woman as a reward."

Yeah, that would be nice.

I don't care about looks. Maybe I can
get him to let me have a go with one too.

Your balls still haven't
dropped. You'll just get a kiss.

You know 8 mm? Ozashiki show?

There are plenty of places
where girls can get customers.

That means you can't take
them with you to Kanto.

That's the difference between a man and a woman.
A woman can make money no problem, right?


I wanted a girl from the new place
in Koriyama, but I couldn't get her.

Next time you're here with Ono-Chan,
I'd like this place to be full of girls.

Mama's places need lots of good girls.

So go find some women.

Not like that twiggy who's
popular now, though.

Tight asses. Big tits. Good women.

I'm gonna go see to a customer.

Kuro! You got a problem with it?

Let's do it, president Kuro!

I can bring a few girls from my school.

Are you new?

My name's Kudo.

I was running with some
young punks in Hanaten.

The vice president brought me in.

You're in junior high?

Yeah, but how many of them are on the
Osaka prefectural police's list like me?



Since the president has some thinking to do,
why don't you go get the vice president?

Yes, sir.

- Well?
- It's fine.

Now that's what I call a great
junior high school student.

What happened?

You've gotten good.

I remember your face from the first time.

We've been through a lot.

Did Ono-San get you to come here?


I'm the girl who sleeps with
the Hokushin vice president.


- Well, I'm the vice president now.
- Oh, that's right.

I'm saving a lot of money now.

I always look forward to seeing my bankbook.

Vice president, Ono-San wants you.

Yeah, alright.

- I'll see you after this, Ako.
- Okay.

Kudo, yours is bigger than mine.

Who do you think is responsible for how
much influence the Alliance has in Kita?

I completely understand that. But we-

if you understand, then quit
your complaining! Got it?

You guys are below even the lowest of the
lowest of the low in my benefit society.

I gift-wrapped Kita for you. Open it!

Hey, when's your next presidential election?

Kudo told me what you said.

If you want me to find women,
then I'll find as many as I can.

Joe! Shut up!

I don't need your moralizing.

Ono-San, shouldn't I be president of
the Hokushin Alliance going forward?

I agree.

May I take care of the current president?

Go for it.

As the president is seriously
injured, I'll do my best in his place.

Good, good.

Ono-San, I have a favor to ask.

Is it possible for you to return Ako to me?

I'll be sure to replace her
with a nice, young girl.

Fine, take her.

Ako! Want to go for a drive?

Go on.

Fill it up.

Where are we going?


Are you bringing me back?


Oh no...

The president just got
them to let you go, Ako-San.

He negotiated it with Ono-San.

It was an emotional talk.


That wasn't what you wanted?

I need to use the bathroom.

What's she doing, bro?

Should I go after her?

It's fine.

What the hell are you doing, chabo!?

Oh, Ryu. You're here?

No shit!

You're acting like a real
punk now. Are you stupid?

You gotta put this in there.

This will work better.

Thanks, man.

You two are seriously useless.

The Hope Association...
Get the fuck out of here!

Go squat at the end of the street!

Minami's just full of
smiling faces, ain't it?

That's right!

- You'll get yours next time...
- Idiot!


Our guys will be paying a
visit to your place tomorrow!

Branch, main group,
doesn't matter. The answer's no.

Well? Go crawl back to Kita.

We're a crazy bunch, right?

You're really the one they call Popeye?

- Can I go to the bathroom?
- Nope!

Oh, uh, hello. I'm Hattori
from the Hope Association.

I really wanted to set up
another meeting, but...

Uh, how do you like Minami?
It's great, right?

Uh, um, want some candy?

You know these, right? They're in
the commercial with the tigers, right?

I was thinking I'd go to a
dance party they invited us to.

Um, you know Julie, right?

He's from Kyoto.

Well, a friend a mine
knows him, so they invited us.

It's on the 17th, no, 18th. They thought it
would be great to have some fun together.

Uh, want me to get you an autograph?

So Hattori finally got taken down?

What was the name of that
old guy they called in from Tokyo?

I heard it's cockroach.

He's got no brain, but he's got a
face like he's lived millions of years.

I only saw it once, but it's the truth.

What about that Hokushin
guy, tomorrow's Joe?

That guy plays dirty, bringing
in cockroach like that.

When I'm in Kita I just act like
I have nothing to do with all this.

The Hope Association is just as bad.

Why did they come to Minami anyway?

They weren't just gonna let those
Hokushin burdock roots take it.

This is our Minami!

Our precious Minami.

Hey! Have some yakisoba with us.

No thanks. I'm going to
printemps next door.

Oh yeah?

Sorry, I'll be right back.




Ken-Chan, how 'bout we have some more?

Nah, I'm heading out too.

Zeni got out of the hospital, so
I thought I'd drop by his house.

Oh, okay. Go on.

Don't worry about it. It's on me.

- Really?
- Yeah, no problem.

All by myself...

Hold it.

Who are you?

Tomorrow's Joe.

You good-for-nothing Sukaman!

If you're gonna be in Minami,
then keep your mouth shut!

Stop that! Who do you
think you are, Zenigata Heiji!?

Your little toys don't scare us.

Ken! This might make Ryu go
to war with the Hope Association.

Kaneda, you know zeni, don't you?

Yeah, I just saw him the other day.

So you don't know what happened?

Zeni's dead.

What? Come on, let's go!

It happened right here.

That idiot modified a gun.

Some punk took it from him and shot him.

The Hope Association...

Let's go.

We're going, right?

We're going to find the Hope Association!



Bring it on!

What the fuck are you doing!? Idiot!

I'm gonna send you to the
lowest level of hell!

Treasure Minami more!

Call your boss!

Get Hattori here!


Do you have important
business in Minami today?

One of Ono-san's guys has a
little debt we need to collect.

Soon that'll be your group's job.

Whatever you need us to do...

We'll do.

Don't forget about hunting for
women like we talked about. Bring 'em in.

I won't forget.

- Hattori-San!
- What's wrong!?

It's bad! Ryu, Ken, and whatever that other
guy is called! It's really going down!

How many times do I have to tell you!?

Handle it yourselves, moron!

Yeah, but they look scary
and they're really mad!

You guys are pathetic!

I know you took the trouble to come
down here today, but can I step out?

How about I send three
or so of my guys along?

I can't accept that!
The Hope Association can still...

Damn you...

Excuse me, cockroach-San...

Could I ask you to help?

Please. Please help.

Hattori-San! They're right here!

You know you aren't allowed
to start anything in Minami

without the Hope Association's permission!

You bastard!


- You asshole!
- Bring it!

Zeni's dead!?

Ken'ichi Kaneda-kun - dropped
out of Daito Technical High School

Can't forget the taste of that mitsumame?

Did you come for more pancakes?

Lately I've been having Brandy
in our new Souemon-Cho territory.

Lately I've been having honey.

Soon I'll be having
Brandy in our new territory.

You've moved up in the world.

What can I say about my former friend?

I won't let you do
whatever you want with Minami!

Famous last words, right?

How 'bout I make it clearer!?

Make it to the top of your own
group, then I'll see what you've got.


Well, I'm definitely giving
him the flying vacuum knee.

How the mighty have fallen.

These guys are asking me
to be Hattori's replacement.

Yeah, I agree.

Do it! I'll be vice president.

Chabo's right.


Hattori's in the hospital.

We don't even know where Popeye is.
We can't count on anyone but you, Ryu-San.

And most of all, you're the only person in all
of Minami who's been able to hurt cockroach.

I dunno...

How about we call our
group the Peace Association?

That's a great idea.

We should make short peace
the only cigarette we smoke.

Hey, give me your cigarettes.

Give 'em here. You too.

I'm confiscating them.

From now on, we only smoke short peace.

Yes, sir.

Oh yeah, me too.


- What's going on here?
- You got business with the Peace Association?


We'll take back Minami from those
Hokushin burdock roots if we do this.

It'll be a nice change of pace, won't it?

We can walk through Minami
with a bunch of guys at our backs.


If I don't, then we won't
be able to deal with them.

I'll be the president.

Vice president, huh?


So, what happens now?

There's something we gotta do.
Let's throw a dance party at Fuji hall!

The Peace Association's go-go tournament!

Show me that again.

You paid for it, so I'll leave
everything to you. Sound good?

Didn't have much time to prepare,
but lots of people showed up.

How much do you think we'll make?

Ryu-San! A certain moron is here.

Only two of you, huh?

I didn't come to fight.

I've been kickboxing lately.
How 'bout you be my opponent?

You got a problem with him?

You don't give up, do you?

No way you're popular
with the ladies with that face.

You're just a shake, you degenerate!

Where are you from?

Leave her alone!


Stop it!

He picked on all of you,
right? One punch each!

Peace Association, Koi
Association, whatever you're called!

What the fuck are you doing to Hattori-San!?

- Which group were you in?
- The guns?

No, we're the guns.


We used to be the guns!
Now we're the short Peace Association!

Take pride in being a member
of short peace, you idiot!

- We are former members of the guns! Now-
- Alright, alright, that's enough.

They used to be in the Hope Association.

Look at this! It's just dangling off!

I bought it from Takashimaya!
It's a real Swedish-made chair!

Just look at this!

This goes for at least 50,000 yen
at Hanshin department store!

Why do I have to deal with this!?

I opened the place up for you today!

You're gonna pay me back!

- If I pay you back, then we've got no problem?
- Yeah, that's right.

Just look at this...

Now it's a reclining seat.
My poor Danish chair...

You just said it was Swedish!

It was actually made in China.

Why the hell does it matter!?
It was your fault!

My old man's asleep, so keep it down.

Hurry up. Don't make any noise.

We're not taking this kinda thing, thief!

But all of us are thieves!


Go, go, go, go!

Come on!

Hurry up!

Look what I found!

Got an ammerhay?

Esyay, esyay.

Well then, eakbray the assglay!

If anyone comes, eatbay them up!

Et'slay ogay!

Stop, stop!

What are you doing, man!? Don't go
crazy, moron! It's already open, ain't it!?

You guys are scaring me.

Now I'm having second thoughts.

You guys are seriously scary.

So are we good?

For the trouble.


You make sure to make a receipt out to the
Peace Association. Stamped and everything.

Yeah, I got it.

Should we split it, Ryu-San?

There are lots of ways to use coins.

Split 'em.

Hey, I got you a present.

I don't want it. Who
knows where that's from.

Wait, Kazuko!

Ryu, chabo...

Don't you think this is wrong?

You're no different from the Hokushin Alliance.
I don't want anything to do with you anymore.

Just let her go.

It's impossible to understand women.

That's right!

Ken! Hattori has an intestinal torsion.

We really twisted him good, so now we
can proudly walk the streets of Minami.

Ryu, this looks like a bunch of
kindergartners out on a trip.

This is the Peace Association
we started the other day.

More like the Violet or
cherry blossom class.

Ken, our group's the
strongest one in Minami.

We've got nothing to be afraid of.

The next step is attacking Kita.

Do you smoke?

I want you to know, peace
cigarettes taste much better than hopes.

One of my friends said he was shaken down
by the Peace Association the other day.

Oh, that's terrible...

If only he'd been wearing a name
tag that said "Ken's friend" on it...

Anyway, we shook down a
bunch of guys, right?

We've been working really hard.

You're missing my point!


Does walking through Minami with this
kind of crowd make you happy? Well!?


What are you thinking? Huh?

Whenever we saw a crowd of
morons or a bunch of burdock roots,

we said the three of us would
teach them a lesson, didn't we?

Peace Association?

You gonna have a badge with a dove on it?
You gonna hold a peace conference?

Come on, don't talk like that...

Let's have a cup of tea or
something. My treat, alright?

Why don't we go have some tea too?

He sounds just like Kazuko.

You think they got back together?

Gee, I wonder...

We gotta beat Ryu up at least once!

Get it together, president!

He did disrespect us.

That's right.

What is it?

That'll be 2,800 yen.


In Kita and Minami!

In Tennoji and Sakai!

In Kawachi, Senri, and Takarazuka!

In Neyagawa and Sennan!

Bring in women from all over Osaka!

Give it everything you've got.

- Moron!
- Idiot!

- Trash!
- Udon!

Watch out for cops and guidance
officers. Especially old Nakatani-

especially old Nakatani
in the Dotonbori station.

Get those Osakan women!
The best of the best!

Finally, I'd like to thank those who came
to support us tonight from the nukebenten.

As well as the yao circuit club.

Give them another round of applause!

I can shake guys down just fine,
but I dunno about finding women.

Don't worry. I found a fine one.

That's all!

You're still coming?

Go down to the public employment security
office and get yourself an honest job.

We've got no use for you anymore.

It's good that it didn't rain today, huh?

Kazuko-San wasn't there.

Some high-schooler at the
pharmacy wearing a turtle neck

said that she left with
some man wearing a badge.

That's what I heard from him, at least.

Must have passed right by her.
If only I'd been a little faster!

Was it the Hokushin?

Yeah, yeah!

That must be what happened!

I get it!

Why's it always me?

Hey, the Hokushin took Kazuko!

They're supposed to be
having a meeting in Kita today.

I heard the Ryujin Association's
making them look for young women.


Let's all go to Kita and look for Kazuko.

You'll all help? Please find her, okay?

You too, Ken. Please help us look.

I don't want anything to
do with the Peace Association.

Ryu, let's go. Please find her. Please.

You two think about what I said!

Excuse me, I'm with Yamamoto pro in Tokyo.
Have you ever thought about becoming a singer?

Who, me? I have no ear
for music, so I dunno...

Wait, isn't that exactly what
Hidekazu Nagai said before he joined us?

What? Hidekazu Nagai!?

- Hidekazu's with your production company?
- That's right! Why don't we talk over dinner?

Wait, hold on!

I really can sing, actually. Want to hear?

I love you, but I must go

what should we do?

Come on, let's go.

Hey, wait! Wait!

Hey, sweetheart!

- Hey, sweetheart!
- Hey, baby!

Well, well.

Buy me a drink?

Yeah, if you'll go out with us afterwards.


Let's go to a place I know.

Don't come in here without money!

Get out of here, losers!

What the fuck!?

Kinta, tell me where we're going already!

It's right over there.


What do you want, kinta?

There's gonna be a battle here tonight.

Fighting doesn't make you any money.

I've got a proposition for you girls.

And what's that?

You know what it is! Selling yourselves!

How bout we have some fun with them?

Sounds good.

Which high school are they from!?

They're first-years at mine.

We came to get you.

We're friends of jitterbug Jiro.

Jitterbug Jiro said he
really wants to meet you two.

Jitterbug Jiro's coming?

Shut up!

What are you doing?

Ain't no different from
being with jitterbug Jiro!

No luck, huh?

Not a clue.

What about Takao?

I think he went to the
go-go hall with some girls.

That guy's hopeless...

You haven't found her?

Are you really looking that hard?

What's with this guy?

He wouldn't say anything.


I brought him along!

You morons think I know the
name of every girl I brought in!?

Where's your boss?

Maybe he can't hear you.

Where's your boss!?

What did you do with Kazuko! Give her back!

Quit your crying. Be a man.

Give her back and take
down that flag of yours.

I'll kill you!

You know that Kazuko those Peace
Association idiots came to get back?

The guys say she has that
bus conductor girl personality.

That's Ono-san's type, isn't it?


Guess I'm late.

All those girls you collected
are contributing their shares.

You don't have to worry about the future.

My stock has gone up
remarkably thanks to this.

Does that mean...

You'll finally be the chairman?

Well, what happens, happens. And when
it does, I'll be counting on you again.

Of course.

And thanks to you, Ono-San...

I can do whatever I want in Kita,
Minami, or anywhere else in Osaka.

I want to do that all across Japan.

- What would you like to order?
- Hot coffee.

Anything to eat?

If I say coffee, I want coffee!

I already ate at home, fool!

Night-blooming flower

Sorry for the wait, Yoshiko.

You know...

What happens next, right?

I want to see your trousseau...

How does that sound? Hm?

Look at me, Yoshiko.


That's Kyoko, ain't it!?


Here you go. Bon appét-eat!

Osaka the same as always?

I heard the Hokushin
Alliance has a grip on it.

No way!

Thanks to us, they're
just barely clinging to life.

There are only five or six of those rats
still crawling around Minami and Kita.


That's great...

So, I just saw a movie...

Kyoko, right?

I missed her so much that I saw it twice.


I'll wipe the Hokushin out.

Chabo and I will do it together.

Our show's gonna start soon.

Why don't you stick around for it?


But I'm gonna head home.

I can't really relax here.

Let's meet again in Osaka!

Who is that?

That's a friend of mine.

The biggest idiot in all of Osaka!

"The Hokushin Alliance will be making
a fresh start as the Umeda Association.”

"We will continue to hope for the safe
and happy development of Osaka."

"From the Umeda Association's president,
Tsunekatsu "Tomorrow's Joe" Ko."

That's Josho.

Oh, his name's Josho...

They're spreading all over Osaka.
Guess this is their professional name.

Like real yakuza, huh?

Ono from the Ryujin
Association founded the Ono family,

so his Umeda Association will
make the perfect yakuza reserve army.

They were so cute back when they
were called the Hokushin Alliance...

Hokushin, Umeda Association,
it's all the same.

We'll crush 'em for sure this time.

Hey, can't you do something
about that music?

You bastard!

Why me?

The boss says do it, we do it.


Do it!

Kill me!

Yeah, we'll kill you!

Ken! Who did it!?

The Umeda Association?

Don't go after them.

Just let it go.

Here, clean yourself up.



Driver, take this guy to the hospital!

Ryu, chabo...

- Minami's a great place, ain't it?
- Yeah, it is. Go on, get in.

- Get him to the hospital!
- Got it.


What the hell?!

I knew you'd be here right away.

Come to get a beating?

Let's settle this man-to-man.

I'll take you on.

And who am I fighting?

This guy.

Good enough for you, right?

Are you kidding me!?

He's a perfect match for you!

All he does is stick to
the backs of others, right?

You're nothing but a hanger-on!

Come to Nankao.

Kudo, call Ono-San.

Tell him that the Umeda
Association is about to

knock off those two worthless
Minami flies down at Nanko tonight.

Yes, sir.

Looks like another letdown.


Do you think I'm just a hanger-on too?

You don't, do you?

Don't be stupid.


We talked about this before,
but I really want to be a singer.

Squealing girls, good
food, a big house to live in...

I've got some confidence in my singing.

So I think I could be good at it.

When I met Marie

Maybe even a hanger-on
can become a singer...

Not a chance, right?

Son of a bitch...

Guess it ain't gonna be man-to-man.


I'm gonna look for a weapon.

Where are they hiding?

They'll show themselves sooner or later.

The night is long.


Oh, he killed him...




I won't forget that kudo punk.

When he gets out of prison I'll have
him start the new Umeda Association.

As an Ono family soldier, I could handle-

idiot! Find yourself some guts first.

Why are you velling like that?

Let's hurry home, Ono-Chan.

Sorry, baby.

Come on, drive.











Kaneda! Hey, Kaneda!

Gimme a hand in warehouse 3!



Want me to arrest you?

What the hell are you doing!?


Gimme a beer!

Subtitles by nitroblast