Gajjala Gurram (2013) - full transcript

The film you are about to see
was born under the sound of the stars.

For those who have wronged us
and are no longer here

The film you just saw was based

on true events in France,
in the dead of winter 1996

from an investigation led by Serge Catoire.

Being is a fleeting illusion

What does dance represent to you?

It's everything.

Dancing's everything to me.

It's all I have.

If you couldn't dance,
what would you do?


When on a stage and dancing,

you feel free. No boundaries and judgment

there is just us, our body, our feeling

I find marijuana

is a great muscle relaxant.

When you feel dance differently,

it makes you more sensitive,

certain muscles and certain body sensations.

When I dance, I can be someone else

I could not be elsewhere.

That's it.


Does your family support you?

My mother, my father, and all.

- Do they know you dance?
- Yes.

- Do they come see you dance?
- No.

I'd rather they didn't.

- What would they say?
- They'd be a bit shocked.

Are you willing to
do anything to succeed?

What do you mean?

Would you...

Well, in a professional environment...

you want to please...

I'd do anything.

Meaning what?


I don't know what you might ask,

but I'm motivated and it's a big break

to work with a choreographer like you.

This could greatly help my development.

I'm ready for anything.

- So I can ask anything from you?
- Anything.

My worst nightmare?

To find myself alone.

With nothing and no one around me.

Do you have a motto?

"What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger."

Do you believe in heaven?



Because I want to believe in it.

And what's heaven like?

Everything's right.

How do you mean?

Only beauty. No problems.
No chaos over there.

I am from Berlin,

but I'm happy to leave.

It became too much.
The art scene there is too much

I really want to do what I love,

without... being fucked up.

There's a lot of drugs in Berlin.
It's too much.

My ex-roommate,
I don't talk to him anymore...

Before I moved out,
he started to take acid in his eyes.

Like actual drops.

So I decided to get away
from all that, because...

I don't want to
end up like Christiane F.

I like to blow off steam, and...

I have my own secret garden...

I like to visit it during parties.

I tried a rail of coke one time.

You asked me to be honest, so...

Yes, I tried it with a girlfriend.

My worst nightmare?

I'm very afraid of the dark.

Really intensely.

When you do things differently,

either it works or it doesn't.

In my experience it...

often didn't work out.

I jump right in.

If there's a problem, I'll fix it
and move right along.

What was the worst thing you did

to a guy in a fight?

I smashed his face.

He broke two teeth.

A cut on his forehead.
He passed out.

He was in a coma for two days.

- Are you sorry?
- Not really. That's life.

- Do you take drugs?
- No, no, never.

No drugs.
I'm more into women.

What do you think
about the other dancers?

There's a nice mix.

It looks promising.

How do you mean?

Well, the chicks are good-looking.

- Your cousin is your partner in crime?
- Yeah, we cruise chicks together.

Guys too?

Guys, well...

With guys... that depends.

I haven't worked with gays.

I'm a bit nervous, but...

it's not a problem.

I'm waiting for that first connection.

I've heard stories,
but I want to see for myself.

Sure, it makes me a little nervous

But I like the thrill of the unknown

As siblings we're close, obviously.

With dance we have something in common,

which... brings us closer.

We'll tour France and the U.S.
How do you like that?

I've been to New York before, so...

Well, that's awesome!

- We've never been to the U.S. together.
- Sure, but I've been to New York.

Really? With who?

You have to see the U.S.

Especially for black culture, it's awesome.


America... It's heaven on earth.

- Have you been before?
- Never.

I come from a hell.

Where is hell?

We're lucky in France, with support

dance is at an incredibly high level.

It'd be interesting
to bring it to other countries,

like America or other places
that are at a lower level, I think.

France really supports us.

With its radiant culture and music

it really gives us opportunities

to develop and do top-level work

with a French stamp on it.

Present: A Proudly French Film

God is with us!

Now let the party begin!

I'm in love with your kid!

- That's my Tito.
- He's great. May I dance with him?

Sure, go ahead.
I made sangria.

- Thank you.
- See you later.

So what did you think?

Fantastic! Fantastic!
Just the two girls in the middle who...

I know... I'll work with them.
We need some fun now, everyone's tired.

Sure, it's hard
but for 3 days work, it's fantastic!

- Who you talking about?
- You. Come talk with me.

C'mon David!

You do this every time!

- Sangria?
- I don't drink.

- Oh, of course.
- You knew that.

It's cool, that's cool.

- A drink?
- No thank you.

- Are you sure?
- I don't feel well.


Thank you.

What is it? What do you want?

I told you to stop.
Remember yesterday? Please.

- No one sees us.
- Are you kidding me?

- Are you happy? What do you want?
- Just to be with you.

- When can I see you?
- You see me now. Go dance.

You! You!

That solo, every single time, it's so good!

Thank you.

- You're so good.
- You liked it?

I couldn't be happier.
Thank you guys, you're amazing.


- Sorry. - It's OK.
Your attitude is perfect.

- There's something between you and Omar.
- What are you talking about?

- Tough practice, eh?
- Yeah.

- I'm watching you. Be careful.
- Yeah, yeah.

Hey, daddy, sound is great!

- Not drinking?
- No.

- Try with her.
- I don't drink, you know that.

- Quit sulking.
- I'm not sulking, I'm just tired.

- Quit sulking!
- I'm not sulking! I'm just tired!

You're always tired!

- Help me down?
- Come on down.

I made sangria for the dancers.

It's alcohol, it's not good for you.
This is not juice, alright?

Leave him be!

Come, dance with me, Tito!

Dance with me!

Daddy, turn it up please!

And how was it?

It was great!
As always.

What are you up to?

Remember our dance?

This way, then like this...

Then like that.

Good! Do I get a hug?

One more?

One more?

Now you get tickled!

Where's your mom?

I'm getting changed.

- What was that before?
- What?

- With your brother?
- That's how Taylor is.

- Don't push him.
- He was pushing me!

- You and me.
- No.

- Gross. Why are you drinking that?
- Give it here then.


Selva... What's happening?

I'm worried for the kid.

Why? He went to bed, he's fine.

Is everything OK?

Not a care in the world.

It's not a good environment for a child.

Why bring that up?

He's very well.
He's happy, he's well raised.


Yes, he's a good kid.
She was right not to abort.

The sangria is amazing!
Pure awesome!

Did you ever have an abortion?

It's good to have a choice.

Don't you think?

Being born is a unique opportunity

You know mommy used to dance?

She danced. When I look at you,
I see myself when I was little.

I hope you'll be a dancer, like mommy.

- Yes.
- Did you enjoy these 3 days?

We don't see each other much, do we?
Today I made the effort.

- I'm a good mother?
- Yes.

Give me a kiss.

Close your eyes, go to sleep.

Eyes closed.
Go to sleep.

I'll come back because I love you.

I love you, Tito.

- That big flag is getting to me.
- I don't like it.

I like all flags,
don't get me wrong.

The colors and everything, it's all good.
But that same one in your face...

Change the decorations, please.

- All those crosses, it's heavy.
- You won't catch anything.

Don't get on your high horse.

God is great.

"God is with us."

What's God got to do with dancing?

No. I strongly disagree.

What about you?

Still the same.

How's your father?

Still in a coma.
We wait and wait.

How long has it been?

Nearly six months.

- That's really long.
- Yeah.

If things aren't going well,
for me it's complicated

to take drugs unless...

it's in a really safe place.

And I thought, with my friend...
It would be safe.


I thought it was safe with him, but you
never know where stuff comes from.

See that one? I did her yesterday.

- Yesterday, dude.
- Wow.

It wasn't all that.

I'd like to have two blondes.

Stop acting like I don't exist.

You're so fuckin' fake.

I'm not fake, you're boring.

Lesbian things never work out.
They'll miss fucking, for sure.

The little and big one together!
Oh man!

Aye, c'mon.

Since you asked if I'll marry...
Do you want kids?

No, I don't care, don't think about it.
Everyone asks such stupid questions.

Saying "Watch out, he's this or that way."
I really don't care!

A connection happens, I roll with it.
That's all.

On to better things. Next.

She's hooked.
Always something up her nose.

Real bad.


- So you said you want to marry?
- Yes.

- I heard correctly?
- Yes.

- How many times?
- Well once, of course!

I'd want four times at least.

Better to do it a few times.

New surroundings, new person,
new things.

You see how she acts at her age?

Honestly, I think he's
totally manipulating her.

He's a horndog,
he's tried with all the girls.

He's ambitious, why do you think
he's with the choreographer?

He goes with anyone.

With the choreographer, he just wants work.

We're lucky with all these women around us.

Brother! Omar! Wake up!
Get out of your little shell!

You don't drink, don't do anything...

I've had all the women here.

That David gives you venereal disease
just by looking at him.

- You're a bit hard!
- That's my friend!

He's nice, but...

he really should...

I'm sure he has herpes.
He looks so filthy.

Just looking at him...

- Stop this!
- It's also exciting, though,

- I'll admit he's an asshole.
- But he can be charming.

- Since you know, is he good in bed?
- Yeah, he's got it.

- Sometimes it's all just an act...
- No, no, really.

- Have you tried it together?
- No, but he did something next to me, and...

- Oh... alright.
- You have little orgies?

He was a champ, I was shocked.

Tell me about Gazelle.

Just a little, for my curiosity.


Some small thing. Don't need
all the pussy and anal details

Just something that gets her going.

- Your life is yours, mine is mine.
- Your life is part of my life though.

You're so annoying.

- I don't understand your attitude.
- No, I don't understand yours.

What does Omar have, that others don't?

- He has everything.
- Oh yeah?

He's got it all.

You know what?
I'd like to nail her.

You're like that with everyone.

Seriously, I'd like to nail her.

- You're really lucky, buddy.
- You're not as built as I am.

- That solves a lot.
- Maybe we could do a three-way.

Just tell her, "Tonight's the last night",

we're getting kind of boring,

it's not like it was before...

Groups are trendy, try wider horizons...
Then you make it happen.

- What's bothering you?
- You together. I don't like the guy.

- We act like friends, but no.
- What do you care?

Well, I'm your big brother.

I'm 20. I'm not a baby anymore.

So what?

It's disrespectful to me.

- Plus he seems awkward.
- Maybe he is with you.

- What does that mean?
- That's what it means.

You're not my father nor mother,
just a big brother.

- And so?
- You're 25, I'm 20. I'm an adult.

But what you're doing here...

you're too young for this.

- For what?
- What you're doing with Omar.

- And you know what we do?
- I see enough.

- I don't need details.
- You ever get a blowjob.

So what? Because I have
doesn't mean you can blow him any time.

- It doesn't work that way.
- After nine months, things happen.

- Nine months together already?
- Didn't he tell you?

That's funny to you?

Bizarre things must've happened here.

Honestly, I get this eerie vibe.

Ritual sacrifices or something.

How? Like religious sects?

Yeah, you can imagine!
Walk in here with this huge flag flying?

This is unreal!

I don't like the mood of this group.
Everyone's acting weird.

This school building amplifies that.

It enhances weirdness 10 times, I think.

Even if they're weird, I'd fuck them.

I'm telling you.

- Strange or not, I'd bang 'em good.
- You're right, you're right.

- Even if a ghost shows up...
- On the flag!

Then we fuck it on the flag!
Ghost or not, it gets fucked!

I'm fed up of fathers and brothers
dictating to us

who we can go out with.

- There aren't only men in life.
- That's for sure.

Some women are pretty cool.

For example?

Well, look around,
there are some hotties here.

Don't you think?

And me?

You know, I told you already.

- Why talk about it then?
- We're not, it's just...

You'll do really dirty things.

I'd like that.

I'm beating up those two
guys up tonight, I'll bet.

- They asked for it.
- That's for sure.

I'm starting to feel no pain.

I could do crazy things.

You're too impulsive,
that's your problem.

- Control your cock.
- Look, you only live once.

When you have such a big one,
you have to use it.

It's a gift!

I should share it with others.

They must use strap-on dildos.

I don't like this talk.

Psyche, I'd fuck her.

I'd do her good.
Her moves really turn me on.

- Right on the floor.
- Serious. Wet or dry.

On bare knees.

No lube, nothing.
Wet or not, I wouldn't stop.

I don't stop for anything.

If she bucks, you slap her, no choice.

It's party time!

That type? Right to
the back of her throat.

No mercy.

- She has to cry!
- She has to cry.

I love her.

Despite her flaws, her moods

I love her.

You going back to her?

I hope so.

Too bad she's expecting a baby.

From another.

Not her "sweet butterfly,"
as she calls me.

- She's pregnant?
- Yes, she's pregnant.

- From another?
- Yes.

Imagine, the man of your dreams...

loves another.

- Little Lou pretty hot.
- She takes in the ass?

Sure, I think so.

She's deep into that.

Dry or with lube?

Dry, man!

You catch her,

spread her arms apart...

- Get real.
- That's how it works.

Dry. - Dry!
- No lube.

I don't like that.
I prefer shea butter, you know it?

- Shea butter is the best.
- It really slides nicely.

I have to pull her hair.
That's the best.

But I bang her, I fuck her...

That one? Oh...

She's good.

- You light her right up.
- Such a nice little ass.

I take care of business.

But, she's not all that.

- Yeah, I see that.
- I'm way into Selva.

- When she walks, I want to screw her down.
- The way she looks and speaks...

- I'm crazy for her.
- You're nuts...

I get it, though, you want to show her who...

Show her I've got this horn, you see?

With her, some day, after rehearsal

you follow her to her room.

You show it to her.

Just show it.

Just show her.

- You mean my cock?
- You have to.

- She'll go right at it.
- That's it!

Then you have to put it
in her ass directly.

- Don't even hesitate.
- No hesitation.

I'm not mad, but you're not listening.

So after a while...

I'm just not into it.

- What?
- All the waiting.

- A little wait is good...
- It's better to wait.

You're young. You're rich.
You'll get plenty of cock.

- You're crazy. - You don't have
to do everything immediately.

Take your time.
Don't be like the others.

I'll have David in two days.

- David won't go with you.
- You'll see...

- Selva won't let it happen.
- Who cares about Selva?

Not sure you understand but,
who cares what Selva thinks?

Who is she anyway?

With David, hop hop, then it's done.

Do as you wish.
You always do things your way.

- I told you that from the start.
- That's why you're still a virgin.

Not for long.

- Sure, with David it won't be.
- That's right.

- You can tell he's a virgin.
- It needs to happen.

He must get his ass reamed.

With a stick.

A big bat.

You know, they scream at first,
then they want more.

I stay away from that back door.
It's not my thing.

- If it smells like shit, I stay away.
- Stop all that!

Not the ass.

You know what you do?
You lick it.

- What?
- The asshole.

- No way.
- Lick.

- Put your tongue in it.
- Even if it stinks?

Don't worry, dude.

- That's nature!
- Seriously?

Just part of the job.

Does shit ever come out?

No, but things happen.

Just part of the job.

You go there,
you know what can happen.

If it happens, don't be surprised.

It's a gamble.
In, out, in, out...

I put Tito to bed.
I can't take any more.

- Pass me a cig.
- Your kid is a sweetheart.

We're good when we start out, we're young.

And then...

you get fucked in some corner,

then you get pregnant.

What then?

Your worst mistake needs to become
your greatest success.

I don't even know when
the van is coming tomorrow.

And everybody dances happily.

The only success in my life
is this sangria.

It is really good.

There you have it.

For France, people!

We'll blow the Americans away!

Annihilate them!

It's war!

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It's hot in here!

Booty parade!

- Lou, do you want my glass?
- No thanks.

You know what?
The sangria is halal.

Oh shit.

I feel weird.

Go drink some water.

Selva wants it?

Give me some coke, please.

Give me some coke.

I don't have any.

Ask the junkie.

- Sweetheart, please give me some coke.
- I have none left.

- I heard you did.
- No more, leave it be.

Everything alright?

- All good.
- Give me a light.

Daddy? Daddy, look!
Look, look, look...

Over there, watch.

What you are doing?


It's hot as hell.

- Damn it, he's here.
- Something's happening.


I'm going.


Now it's a party!


What's going on here?

It's a party.
Don't worry.

Go have fun. You deserve it.
Dance, my beauty.

A party...

What have you done?

What are you talking about?

I didn't do anything.


I didn't do anything.

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

- She's not feeling well?
- I don't know.


Are you alright?

You're all too drunk.
I'm going to bed.

Hey, do you want to clean up?

What is it?
Not feeling well?


Anyone else feel strange?

What have you done?
What's in the sangria? I'm not well.

What are you talking about?

I didn't do anything.

- What have you done?
- What's with everyone?


That bitch spiked the drinks.

Something is in the sangria.
It wasn't me. I drank it too.

- That's why I feel so bad.
- It wasn't me.

What did you put in there?

- There's the bitter bitch.
- I drank it too!


Listen to her!
It was someone who didn't drink it.

I know who it was!
It was Omar, that son of a bitch!

- Get real!
- It wasn't him!

- He didn't drink sangria!
- You put LSD in it?

- I'm fucked up because of you!
- Why did you do that?

- What did you do?
- It wasn't me!

It was him!

Let him go!

Stop! Stop!


Open up!

Let me go!

- LSD is acid?
- I don't know!

- Is there an antidote?
- Coke.

Give us, we need some.

I have nothing, go away!

- So it was not you?
- No.

- For sure?
- We're all taking off.

We're all high, don't you see?

- You alright?
- No! Are you crazy?

- Have you seen your son?
- Oh fuck.

Don't drink that!
You can't drink that. We're leaving.

- No mommy!
- They're all crazy here.

Mommy, no!

Please calm down!

Stop tugging! Come!

Come on.
Stop it now.



No, mommy, you're mean!

- No, I love you and want to protect you.
- You don't love me!

You're mean!

Listen to me.

You don't touch that.

It'll kill you if you do.

- No mommy!
- Don't touch.

Don't leave me alone!

Open the door, Mommy!

I can't. I'll come back,
I'll fix this, don't worry.

I'll be back. I love you.
Calm down, please.

What are you doing there?

- I'm protecting him from you.
- From us?

From all of you!

Fuck you!

Fuck yourself, stupid hooker!
Useless bitch!



I'm talking to you.

Do you hear me?

I need you.

I'm sorry.

What's wrong with you?

- I'm not feeling well.
- Did you drink too?

No I didn't drink.

Why don't you feel well then?

Are you alright?

They put something in the sangria.
It was Emmanuelle, I don't know

What's with everyone?

What's with all of you?

Why don't you feel well?

- Can you keep a secret?
- Yes.



Can you keep a secret for me?

Can you please do that?

Of course.


I have a little something
growing in my tummy.


I'm pregnant, Selva!




What will you do?

I don't know.

Who's the father?

I don't know.

I don't know who it is.

I'm fucked up.

Aren't you?

No, we're fine.

You're fine?

- Could you leave us alone?
- Why?

She's being weird.

You didn't drink anything.

No she didn't.

She doesn't feel well.

- I don't feel well either.
- Could you please...

- Strange. Why didn't you drink?
- Because I'm not feeling well!

- You drugged us, didn't you?
- No, it wasn't her.

Dom, please!

- You did it.
- Stop it now.

You're talking nonsense.

- Are you crazy?
- You did it.

You're all sick.
Go dance.

I threw Omar outside, because

Because of you.

- Why didn't you drink?
- She's pregnant!

- Give us two seconds.
- Pregnant?

Pregnant, you fake bitch?

False bastard.

Stupid cow.

Little slut.

Call an ambulance, please!

Will nobody help me?


What is it, Lou?

What have you done?

You're really a bitch.

You had some all that time.

- Give me some.
- Leave me alone.


- Wait!
- Let me go!

Leave me alone!


I'll kill you!

Dom, I'll kill you!

Mom, there are cockroaches!

This is a nightmare.

What's happening?
What's going on here?


Can anybody...

Do you want to see my anaconda?

Where is Dom?
Where is Dom?

Hey Taylor, look at your sister!

Look at her!

Why'd you do that?

Why did you do that?

- She hit me!
- Look!

We threw out the wrong guy.
Omar didn't poison us, she did.

- You drugged us?
- Yes, it was her.

- What are you talking saying?
- And she says she's pregnant.

Who are you pregnant with?

By who?
Who would want you?

- You lie! Ever since the audition!
- Who did you fuck?

You're pregnant?
You're the accomplice!

Not at all!
Keep your mouth shut!

I don't know what you're talking about!
What are you talking about?

It's David's son!

Leave me alone!

Come on, do her!

What will you do?

You'll hit me again?
She hit me!

Come on, kill yourself!

Shut up!
Back off!

- Come on!
- I'm taking you for an abortion!


- So, now the baby's dead.
- Kill it!

Now kill yourself!

Come on!

Do it! Do it!

- Stop it!
- No, we won't stop.

Please stop.



Don't do that.
Do not do that!

- Leave me!
- It's not your fault.

Leave her!
Leave her, Eve!

I don't want you, don't you get it?

Come on, let's get out of here.

I'm sorry, Selva.



I'm sorry, Selva.

Hey, Tito...

Please stop shouting.

We'll go away together.

I will find the key again, don't worry.

Open the door.

I lost the key.

- Go find it.
- I lost the key.

Go find it!

I'm afraid!

Let me out, I'm scared!


I'm afraid.
Please open the door!

Everything's alright.

Something is moving in here.

This is a party...

There are surprises, balloons...

Mommy! Mommy!


The key is here somewhere...

- Come on, you son of a bitch!
- You pig!

Come with him.

Come on, get it done!
Finish him!

You dog!

Give me a knife, I'll kill him too!

That's enough, stop!

You're sick.

As punishment.

You don't want to play with me?

What are you doing?

- Give me that!
- What are you talking about?

- The lipstick!
- That hurts!

- Let go damn it!
- That hurts!

There, for fuck's sake!


You little fuck.
You mess with me?


Leave him alone!

Please help me.




Selva, come with me.

Oh shit, Tito fried up!

Oh fuck, I killed him.

Fried up! Gone!


- Stop screaming!
- Music!

- Music!
- I'll get my ghetto blaster.

Yeah, I'll put it on.

Open, Tito!

- Selva!
- Open up!


Come on!

- What are you doing?
- The blood...

The blood, the blood...


Get out! Get out!

What do you want?

What do you want?

Get out.

I don't want to see you.

I don't want to see you!

Leave the girls alone.

Baby, don't cry.

My little baby.

Everything will work out.

- We're at home.
- Daddy, I'm scared.

- What's going on here?
- We're at home.


- You get out.
- Get lost.

Get out of here!

Get lost!

Don't do that.
Get away, damn it!

You wanker!





It's too dangerous!

Gazelle, wait.
It's too dangerous!

I'll kill myself!

I only want to protect you.

I'm coming, Tito!


Wait for me, Gazelle!


Hold me close, Gazelle.
I know we can't do that.

Let me go.

- I'm sorry, Gazelle.
- Let me go.

- We go away together.
- Look at what you did to Omar!

Only you that matter.
Tell me you love me.

Let me go.

What you are doing?

- I love you, Gazelle.
- I'll tell mom and dad.

I just want to go.

- I love you.
- No!


Let me go!

- Help!
- I'm here, don't scream. I'm here.

Let me go!

- You're a liar.
- I'm not. I love you.

You're disgusting.

We'll go wherever you want.
Want to go to New York?

- Let me go.
- I want to be with you.

- You can only be with me
- Everyone's watching. Please, not here!

Not here!

What's wrong with you?

Hold me close, Gazelle.

You're my everything.

Come with me.

We'll go to the room, Gazelle.

We'll go to the room.

The room.

You're everything to me, Gazelle.


Do it! Do it!

Do it!

Do it! Do it!

Living is a collective impossibility

Look at this.



She's gone.

Death is an extraordinary experience

Nothing happened.

- What?
- Nothing happened.

What are you talking about?

Don't tell dad.

Don't tell dad.