Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life (2010) - full transcript

Lucien Ginsburg, a rebellious French Jewish boy with a grotesque imagination, hates playing the piano like his father, a bar professional, and manages to be admitted to Montmartre Academy as a painter, where he befriends an SS officer who helps him survive the occupation. After the war, he chooses to become a performing artist and adopts the stage name Serge Gainsbourg. His unorthodox songs bring him success, even his parents's approval, and lots of lovers, yet his marriages are all utter failures.

May I hold your hand?

No, you are very ugly.

What happened?

My finger got stuck.

You can do better!


But no!

What is going on there?

I do not like the piano.

I'm not interested in music.

Why do I have to do it?

Just do it.



Interesting read?

It is about cowboys.

- Mom...
- Yes?

Can I have a revolver?

You're crazy!

Not a real, a toy.


War is not a game.

Play the piano.

I want a gun.

There are Hitler's soldiers everywhere
and you want a gun?

It's not fair that I pay
for your problems with Hitler.

Buy me a gun and play the piano.


What are you doing?

Just looking.

You are not just looking!

You are touching everything
with your stinking fingers.

What do you want?

Nothing, ma'am.

Get out of here.

# The day of Glory has arrived

# Against us, tyranny

# The bloody standard rose

# The bloody standard rose

# Did you hear in the fields

# A slaughter of our sons and sisters

# Blood, blood is everywhere

# Blood, blood is everywhere

Very well, Brochaut.

Smoking while on duty...

and perverting youth, Bravo!

But it was he who gave me a smoke.

What are you doing here
before opening?

It's for the lad.

He wants his star.

If you were late on a day like this...

you will be ashamed all your life.

Tell me...

Who do you think you are?

I'm Lucien Ginzburg
I'm a Jew.

My father is a pianist
at the nightclub.

You are in a hurry to use it?

It is your star. It is you who
want us to carry it.

You are very disrespectful.

Why are you not in school?

I left school. I'm in academy
of painting in Montmartre.

The academy of painting in Montmartre?

See you.

If they accept trash like you...

it can't be very good!

You should not talk like that.

Some people are very good
at Academy Montmartre.

For example, the SS general
Karl Heinz van Mayer.

He likes me very much.

Even offered me a biscuit.

What do you say?

I can present you to him.

It may be good for your career.

What are you drawing?

An adventure...

about a small piano player
to whom everybody say:

"We don't want to see your face!"

And he had no more work.

Even in the bars they shouted
"We don't want to see your face."

And as more they shouted
as bigger the face grows.

He could't do anything about it.

It just grew enormous.

And made his life a living hell.

He couldn't get away from it.

So he wanted to make it even bigger
and blew his cheeks.

So... Plop!

His voice exploded.

- He died?
- No.

It changed to something...

completely different.

Professor Flipus.

Who is that?

A scary man. But very elegant.

So the people love him.

They love him like
the ogres of Grimm's tales.

They love to hate him.

And when the piano plays
all are silent.

And what is he playing?

What women want, he is a seducer.

Sorry. We are going to sleep.

No, continue.

You play better at nights.

I came to to ask for permission,
I have to leave Paris soon.

I won't be able to come more.

I would like to take with me
a picture of you.

There are many models.

But I always wait your turn.

Would you like to pose for me?

I may become a great painter.

- May I get dressed
Mr. Big Artist?

- Not really.
- Go...

It's not the clothes.

If you are moving I can not work.

I'll stand like that?

- No.
- What?

This is the bra.

I don't know how to draw it.

Should I take it off?

Why do you obey?

Because it took you nerve to ask.

I'm very shy.

At last here is a guy who can talk
but he is so small!

I can't tell you where I'm going.

But I will write love letters.

And you will loose your heart.

What will you write me?

Perhaps something of Baudelaire.
Perhaps my poems.

You won't know the difference.

- Write then.
- No.

When the war is over I will find you.

I'll be very old.

No, I still will like you.

I think not.

I'll seduce women who look like you.

What a pretty girl!

I'm a boy!

Forgive me, little one.

You have a nice mom.

She's my model.

I am a painter.

- What is going on?
. It is Frail...

Madame Frail?

Well, I messed up...

May I offer you a drink.

So you excuse me.

What do you think about it...


He is...

is my model too.

My little model.


Bring us some lemonade.

I also had a son.

But with my profession
I could not take care of him...

I took him to a poor nursery

where they let him starve.

You my little,
are you dying from hunger.

Do not touch my dogs.
They are dangerous.

I know one of your songs.

- From start to finish? Formidable!
Come on, sing!

# It is the blue silk


- No.
- It's not that?

All the children sing the blue silk.

I do not.
My song is "Cocaine"

But this song is not for children!

There is no right age to be a fool.

# The orchestra is playing

# A brilliant tango

# In my arms was my beloved

# And in my hand I took a knife

# And my revenge was cruel

# I was sad, I was a fool

# Murdered my gigolo

# In front of his companions

in his heart I put my knife

# Give me some coke

# To cloud my head

# Give me some coke

# To cloud my head

Your governess is Miss Laxe.

You'll get along with her.

We have a choir.

Every Wednesday afternoon.

The priest takes care of that.

He is very gentle.

You are in the country.
Here everything is calmer.

She has tits...

Can you draw more hair?

Not enough?

Not in the pussy, in the armpits.

I really like.

You're real peasants here!

You too!

Not bad. You draw quite well.

Can you draw Paulette Dubost naked?

The Germans are coming.

With that face you are lost.

Take this ax, go to the forest.

If they see you say you are
woodcutter's son...

...You pick up the branches.


Come. We must hide.

We have a cabin like in
The Last of the Mohicans.

Without fire to not attract the enemy.


What do they do here?

You left without eating.

We brought you sausage.

You did well to hide.

They checked everywhere
looking for Jews.

Why do you say that to me?
It is not my business.

Why do you hide then?
I have an appointment.

It's a secret.

Get going. She is coming.


When I have an appointment
I'm dating a girl.

How to think I learned... draw that pussy hair?

Lucien, I am cold
I waited a long time.

Forgive me for having made you wait.

Today I have to make you sit nude.

You didn't write me a lot.


But I draw you every day.

Could you undress?

I'm naked.

I am a little cold.

I can curl up with you?

If you want.

Lucien, I feel so good.

You want to marry me?

No doubt honey.

Kiss me on the mouth with your tongue.

Well, if you insist.

Then you will have to pose.
I'm not paying you for nothing.


Tell me a poem, it's turning me on.

Your eyes, do not reveal

Neither sweet nor bitter,

They are two cold jewels
made of gold and steel.

To see you walking in cadence,
makes me forget everything

It seems a snake dancing
to the tune of a cane.

Under the burden of your slumber
Your child's head

Is nodding with the softness
of a baby elephant.

And your body bends and stretches
like a fine ship

That rolls and dips
His oars in the water.

As the wave swells from
thawing glaciers

When the saliva from your mouth
rolls down your teeth,

I want to drink wine of Bohemia
Bitter and conquering

A liquid sky that scatters
Stars in my heart!

How nice!

Baudelaire in the morning.

I arrived too early?

At dawn, the light is beautiful.



I'm not a model.

Excuse me, in that case...

I stay dressed for now.

May I help you to settle in?

A good site.
The light coming from the left.

May I? That's perfect.


You always rise so early?

I do not sleep.
I play the piano.

- Me too.
- Ah!

What are you playing?


Ah, yes. I do not.

I play in a piano bar.

I have no ambition in this field.

It is only to...

buy paint.

Where do you play?

I would like to go to listen.

You'd rather not.

I can not prohibit.

And if you do not say where?


Then it will be more fun.

I'll find out.

And if you forbid it?

It will be even better.

I'll follow you in secret.

I'm not a jukebox!

You are makeing fun of me?

It is because you have blue eyes

your hair is exploding in the sun

Like a burst of fire

It is because

you are 20.

You are chewing life like a red fruit

that is torn from a tree, laughing...

Is it yours?


You think everything is permitted...

...that comes in your your head.

Grieving for a moment
ready to start again.

You play with my heart

...Like a spoiled child

requiring a toy
to reduce it to crumbs.

Strange - canvases of the master
scattered all around!


Hang those that are yours.

He spends all evenings searching
his name in the newspapers.

If there is no single
word about Salvador Dali...

it gets him mad.

I do the same.

But my name never appears.

It is a tragedy.


I can not draw you.

But I'm very easy to draw.



I want to kiss you.

So I can not concentrate.


How do you think Klimt worked?

Drawing irresistible girls...

sticking their fingers
in various places...

and yet his drawings are accurate...

with perfect lines.

I do not know.

I'm excited even when you are dressed


- Lucien...
- Yes?

I guess...


made love before drawing.

I'll finish later.

Not in the bed of Dali.

I would not dare in the bed of Dali.

Elisabeth, I can not sleep.

Count animals.

Think of an animal that soothes you.

Perhaps a panda.

Imagine a fat panda
crossing bamboo grove...

and disappearing.

Now think of a second panda
crossina a bamboo grove...

he looks at you.

And disappears.

A third...

So many pandas distress me.

Somebody is talking in my head.

When I'm not writing or drawing...

he speaks even more...

I do not know how to get rid of him.

It is not me.
It is another voice.


You are owned by the devil.

Some are.

They have it inside.

Do not laugh!

But "devil" means double

It's something to talk to.

All the great minds has a devil.

How do I sleep then?


Stop the painting and all nonsense.
I'll bring you luck.

But I love the painting.

Elisabeth what do you say...

She is sound asleep.

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

Treat yourself.

I am your face.

Do not you recognize your dirty face?

You've grown.

You have become disgusting.

What do you want from me?

I have something to propose you.

Who are you talking to?

With my face. It's nothing.

Elisabeth I can not sleep.

So you woke me up.

All the world's problems?

You would not understand.

I'm possessed by the devil.


If we make love will you sleep?


Well, Me too.

But seriously...

I think I need an exorcism.

Oh yeah?


I'm very good at it.

Show me.

You know Yiddish folklore?

A little. And a bit of Russian.

And jazz.

Please mind your manners
and no silly jokes.

Children are very fragile.

They are sick? Nobody told me.

The parents of tees kids...

It is difficult to describe
these children.

Sometimes they are like petrified.

This is not for me. Sorry.

Perhaps you could try?

Just for today, help me out.

Come on.



I'm Lucien, take the instruments.

Let's see what you have learned.

Now you.

No, I...

I'm lost when I have to improvise.

Do you play the piano
like your father!

I changed the chords of Django...

Django could not write music.

And then?

He was looking at his guitar.

Just watch the guitar...

and tell a story.

It's that simple.

With words?

No, only with notes.

In minor?

Django did not know chords and notes.

But knew how to play music.

See you next week?

About the guitar...


You work day and night.

And show me in a week.


Would you like to play
like Django Reinhardt?

He plays with two fingers.

The rest...

is not not needed.

The rest...

you can sacrifice.

Look... with only two fingers.


That's right.

It is necessary to sacrifice
some things.

I told you to stop painting.

And look...

how it all ended.

Have you seen your wife?

What about her? I like her.


You liked her before.

You're a bastard.

It is a Rubens,
she looks like a hippo.

With a "D" like a "marshmallow"

And as regards to hippolady

It's because I get everything in bulk

Oh, what suspense my hippolady

With a "D" like in "relax"

The springs creak under my hippolady

but it I feels good on your skin

This is no small thing
This hippolady

With a "D"
As in "Gigolo"

When I am with my hippolady...

I'm hustling for him

I sell everything about everything

And if you are a failure

You can say I'm a hot female

The tricks don't move me

my heart belongs to Antoine only

my feeling is so deep

that only he has made to the bottom

Antoine, the fanatic.

With me he is not so cocky

I'm your girl
I'm your girl.

Antoine is my true love.


The creation of Lucien Ginsburg.

It smells of success?

I'm going back to painting.

Stop the nonsense.

Oh, Boris Vian.

It's your opportunity...

he has come to listen.

I told him I'm singing your songs.

Just heard your last song.

Fine. Keep it that way, buddy.

Once upon a time a wooden leg

Was looking for an owner

She said: "If in fact
nobody loves me,

I do not care if I get
a bullet in the heart"

Arrived on the battlefield

faced the machine guns

later met a cannonball

whistling at full blast

She said "My friend, I like your mouth

Before you kill the Cossacks

be friend and make a detour...

before leaving for the attack.

But the problem is
I do not like the peasants.

And so I need your help,

dodge the Cossacks,
find me that French officer.

It's too bad.

Shut up!

If you can severe his leg,
and gangrene won't kill him

I'll be his trusted wooden leg


But I...

I need not think a little...

About what?

My stage presence.

Ah, yes, yes.

That bothers you.


You dance awfully.

I never dance.

In addition I have an ugly face.



Not so ugly.

You want to be run over.

No, just waiting a taxi.

Somebody has to stop.

May I wait with you?
Of course.

The street belongs to everyone.

I have a double that follow me.

I believe that.

You have one too?

It's a werewolf.

I am nothing without him.


All the singers have one?

All the poets...

- What do you do?
- We wait for a taxi.

Perhaps you can give us a lift?

"Freres Jacques" already are with me.

I love them.


Everyone is here.




And? - Sleepy.


I'm drinking


To forget the friends of my wife

I'm drinking, systematically

To forget all my miseries

I'm drinking too much

I see pink elephants

Spiders on the waistcoat
of my smoking jacket

Bats in the roof

of the lounge


I'm drinking...

in my spare time

for not to see my face.

I'm drinking without fun

for not to remind me
that it's time to quit.

- For love...
- I'm drinking...

And even more


- I'm drinking...
Those pink elephants

Spiders on my waistcoat


Bats hanging from the ceiling

All my troubles

- I'm drinking...
- I'm drinking...

I'm drinking...

I'm drinking

Coffee? A sandwich?

What time is it?

We are always on time.
Breakfast for the pianist!


We are real athletes...

our muscles are in the service
of the song.

I presumed the dance
is only for a scene

This profession asks
for complete dedication.

You will learn it.

I'll have a fight with my girlfriend.

She won't believe
you fed me with sandwiches.

We need the audience to believe!

You don't know her.
She's very jealous.

I have to go. Thank you.

You're not going anywhere.

You haven't paid.

I can not pay, I'm broke.

Then sing us something.

- Okay.
But quickly.

I'm an inspector in Les Lilas station

people are passing me by
without a glance

There is neither sun underground,
nor jokes about streetlights.

To kill the boredom
I have pages of Readers' Digest

Not bad.


Where they write,

That people travel to Miami

while I'm minding my business
here under ground.

There is no worse job
than punching tickets in the cave.

And then?

I have to go.
Or my girlfriend will make noise.

Okay, you may go.

Just leave us the song...


Lucien Ginzburg.

Ah no, your name
sounds like hairdresser.

You should change it.

# I'm an inspector
in Les Lilas station

# Arts-et-Metiers direction Levallois

# I'm fed up working in this asshole

# Just want to run away
and leave my cap on the nail

# One fine day I shall run away
only God knows where

# I'll hit the highway
whatever it takes

# Even if I had to be carried
with my feet first

# I'm punching holes, small holes,
then even smaller holes.

# And smaller, and smaller

# And the moment will come

# When I'll take a gun

# to make a hole,
a last small hole

# The last smallest hole.

# And then I'll be put in a big hole
where they don't know

# About holes, small holes...

Thank you, it was...

the first concert of Gainsburg.

Written and composed by...

Serge Gainsbourg.

That's you?


I am a singer.

- Serge, we are going?
- Yes.

If you want a song...

write to my parents,
Chaptal street, Paris 9.

I'm an inspector in Les Lilas station

I don't see much art in it

My son is a star

A star

but every week he visits his parents.

And every time they say:
Your songs are trash.

Yes dad.

Anyway I'm proud.

I have several letters for you.

Give me them.

It is not my business...

but the envelopes are
so awfully adorned.

They don't look like business letters!

If your girlfriend will see them...

she'll het mad.


What do I say if she finds them?

Mom dreams that you leave her.

But to leave and to be unfaithful...

May I read them?

You can read those.

Those I shall keep.


You have any secrets? - No.

Those are business.

Then why do you hide them?

Do not insist.
- It is human nature.

To Adam and Eva God gave
all the garden of Eden.

He forbade only one tree.

And that was the only thing
that interested them.

I know, dad.

And now God says: "Leave me be!"

That's mother.
Hide them!

A family of idiots.

Lucien is here
and nobody says me that.

I arrived just now.

Will you stay for dinner?


I'll give you some borscht?

No, thank you...

your jars usually get open
and stain everything.


Why do I give it all to you
if your girlfriend throws it all out.

- How can you say that?
- Don't you know her.


Who is the girl who writes you?

You think I should tell you?

That concerns my work.
No, dad?

A singer?

I won't tell you.


You won't guess.

Her name is Juliette Greco.

Who is Juliette Greco?

I don't want you to go to her.

You're exaggerating.


Do you know any wife driving
her husband to Greco in the night

because he doesn't have a licence?

Next time we'll take a taxi.

Go in, what are you waiting for?

Let me be.

I'll have to get my courage.


- Enter
- Shut up!

Do you want me to tell you?

I am right beside you.

If you want to seduce Greco,
go on.


I am going to sell my songs,
not to seduce Greco!

That is why she invited you
in the middle of the night

just to hear you sing?

Leave me be.

Mr. Gainsbourg,

please go to the hall...

and wait.

I have a night off.


Are you cleaning?

I have a maid to do it.

This is glass, you are barefoot...

You can get hurt.

The only hurt one here is you.

You like this painting?

Eh... no.

I could say that I like it...

just to please you.

A rose. For whom?

I love your songs.

I love you.

Then we have something in common.

We love mutually.

Excuse me. I'm petrified.

I shall laugh...

behind the piano.

# You have such a blue eyes

# And your hair

# Challenging the sun

If I wanted to listen to Aznavour...

I wouldn't have invited you.


It is called...

La Javanaise.

# I did not suffer for you,
my love

# Before I heard of you

# Do not be so sad while

# We are dancing La Javanaise

# Our love will last

# While lasts this song.

I like that.

How do you dance it?

I don't dance very well.

Let me?

# Do not be so sad while

# We are dancing La Javanaise

# Our love will last

# While lasts this song

# April usually gets me
in the mood for love

Are you expecting somebody?

They are coming for you.

You're coming, Serge?

# I wanted to see in you

# This love

# Do not be so sad while

# Dancing la Javanaise

# Our love will last

# while lasts this song

You never sleep?

Never, Honey.


I'm not sleeping too.

I hear the voices in my head.

You too?

Hold me in your arms.


Serge, come?



Are we going back to Greco?

To Greco? Of course not!

Bring me to my parents.

She loves your songs.

My songs are on thing...

my face - another.

You are wrong.

I'll leave you with your parents
and go to Greco.

Not without me!

That is music!


You'll sell it three times!

Two to your parents...

and third to yourself.
Write to Johnny Hallyday.

I prefer to die.

- Then to Sheila?
- Leave me alone!

I do not write for adolescents.

For those rereading "Lolita"?

- That's different.
I like to corrupt minors.

Let's do it.

You have to give them what they want.

Just make one and another.

Make the poisoned apples.

Maybe so.

Have a 20 year old...

and make her
into an object of scandal.

France Gall?

Ah, no.

I already have an appointment
with her father.

I won't go, France Gall...

You know her father?

Mr Gainsbourg...
ready to see the eyes?

Easy money.

Don't be a cynic, you could be
popular and demanding.

The taste of youth is a mystery...

They like to be surprised.

Not always.

- Smoke?
- No.

Without dad watching?

It's a pity but I obey him.

You like my songs?

My dad likes them.

- This is not an answer.
- Yes!

He has a good taste.

Everybody likes the songs he choses.

You don't want to vomit of them?


A professor of painting
once told me...

if your parents like your work
then it is a piece of shit.

Wouldn't you like a dirty song?

Look, it amazes you.

My songs are my work.

It is not to amaze me.

If my dad...

Let's hide something in there.

A story about a girl
who loved lollypops.


She is sucking them for money...

Is that for kids?


Sing for us.

# About love

# You have your own ideas,
when you like it and when no

# Poor you

# Alone and abandoned

# You'll wake up married

# Perhaps against your will

# The wedding night

# is too late to be sorry

# Sing and dance Baby Pop

# Like tomorrow Baby Pop

# Won't exist Baby Pop

# Will never come

# Sing and dance Baby Pop

# Like tomorrow Baby Pop

# Early in the morning Baby Pop

# You are going to die

Magnificent! It's a hit!

You'll get rich
because of my daughter!

Stop the music.

Stop the music.

I have a letter from the bank.

I sold my soul to the devil?

The good news is...

35 millons of francs...

Just for "The Doll of Wax".

Are you not happy?

Another singer?

She even doesn't know how to kiss.

She has to learn that the mouth...

in its function...

is the main sexual organ.

Her skin is pale.

Her hips are as cold as the winter.

Her pelvis doesn't move at all.

But that is not the case.

When we grew accustomed one
to another...

she started to play with

the clips in her hair.

It is a pity,
in the morning I realized...

that so much vine had got me down.

Will she return, who knows?

What are you doing?


This is where we live,
not a brothel.

You are not letting us neither sleep.

Nor work.

I am working.

You're laughing at me?

I can hear everything but the music!

Listening behind the door?

I just want silence.

Sometimes life presents us
unpleasant surprises.



I trust you my dog, mister.

My prince.

Excuse us.

Have you red the history
of Jesse James?

How he lived and died?

You want more?

Okay, listen to the story of...

Bonnie and Clyde


- Is it bad?
- Let's try different.

I'll start the sentences
and you finish them.

...and, Clyde had a bride

She's a beauty. Her name is...


They formed a gang...


- Their names...
- Bonnie Parker and James Barrow

- No, Clyde!
- Oh...

Bonnie Parker
and Clyde Barrow

I do not sing very well.

- But yes.
- Of course not.

With other authors is better.

You are embarrassing me.

That is very good.

You are joking.

The first time I saw you
I almost died of fright.

A joke?

You already started to flirt
with me.

No, it wasn't now.

It was 10 years ago...

I was a piano player in a movie.
You already was...

a big star.

I'm sure you don't remember it.


It was in
"Do you want to dance with me".


See, I remember.

You already frightened me.

I'm scaring or embarrassing you?

You looked fragile.

- That scares you?
- Yes.

I do not want to disappoint you...

or pain you in any manner.

I can't sing when you are nearby.

Neither do I.

I listen to my voice
and I don't like it.

Cancel it. I'm busy.

- Brigitte, you'll be back soon?
- Yes.


Say you can't.
Not now.

That annoyance.

You shouldn't give your number
to my agents.

Behave yourself.


Yes, Serge is here.

I adore him.

Yes, I love him very much.

I'll pass him the phone?



Want to talk to him?

I'll pass him the phone.

Your dad.

He want to talk to you.

Hallo? Dad?

Mom didn't believe me
you're with Brigitte Bardot!

Love you.

Me too.

Why don't you introduce us?

Are you ashamed of us?

Dad, I'll call you later.

What a laughter.

# Brigitte Bardot, Bardot

# Brigitte Bardot, Bardot

# Brigitte Bardot, Bardot

Let us go out.

Why. It's not you that
have you seduced a star!

You are my star, Love.

My Brigitte Bardot.

Oh, my love.

Go to the piano and write me
the most beautiful lovesong.

Say once more "Oh, my love"

My love.


Say "Oh, my love"


I wanted to leave you asleep.

I don't want to sleep.

Do you have croissants?

No, but I have three songs.

One about motorbikes.

I don't like bikes.

A pity, you may look well on one.


a song about love?

I do not know.

You like "Barbarella"?

She's a...

comic hero.

Is that how you see me?

# C'mon baby to my comic

# Let's talk in bubbles,
and make noises like...

# Pass out swings and uppercuts

# Make...

# Then some BOUM, or HUMF
and even a SHEBAM

# Let's enter the buildings

# make WHIM while flying, then KLING

# Don't be scared, take a CHRAK!

# I'm here - CRASH

# And to guard you - TCHLACK!

# Close your eyes

# Hold me

And the last song?

Say you're mine.

I am very much with you.

This is my first love song.

- Listen.
- Yes?

We have to record it in secret.

Is it obscene?

Don't come in now.

Brigitte Bardot is talking to Lucien.

Why here?

Why here?

There are photos with Lucien.

He wrote a song
and her husband is mad.

He forbade her to sing.

Beware of married women?

Shut up!


Hello, Mr.

Hello, Mrs.

- Excuse me for the trouble.
- It's okay.

It's okay?
May I offer a glass of water?

- Thanks, but I have to go.
- No.

- Something to eat?
- Yes.

No, thank you.

This song is very beautiful?

Nobody before sung about love
like this.


- Lucien, What are you thinking?
- About what? - The house.

- About the house.
- I'll buy it.

You'll live alone?

I'm not alone. I have friends.

- Calle de Verneuil.
Doesn't Greco live there?

Yes, it is a good place.

Don't you want to spend Christmas
here? Will you come.

I'll make a party with many friends.

Well, as you wish.


I'm not interested in this girl.

You promised me Marisa Berenson...

But she's a charmer.

After a relationship with Bardot...

do you think I would see her?

We know about Bardot!

Go back to your table.

Well, if it is for the film...

I can behave...


I did not know that dinner was over.

I thought you got bored with me.

It is not a reason to leave me like...

Like a child?

Boring, dumb, stupid.

Is that how you see me?

Of course not.

Ms Bourguignon, is very tired.

How did you call me?

It is not your name?

Bourguignon, it is a kind of a roast.

I don't know your name.

I know that you don't want
to make a film with me.

If the producer didn't con you...

you wouldn't have come.

No, wait.

Look? This is beautiful.

You said that I have the legs
of a child...

and a dress of a baby...

- This looks good to you?
- No.

You look beautiful when you cry.

You look lost.

You look at me
and talk about someone else?

Yes, I have a husband. Also a fool.

I know foolish husbands.

Your legs are beautiful.

And your dress is beautiful,
well, I don't know...

if it helps in this cold.

You're just saying it
that I stop crying.

I saved your life.

I'm always on the edge.

What do you mean?

I am always close to the death.

My cradle stands beside my coffin.

Stop those inflated sentences.

Don't you understand them?

They are beautiful.

You tell them to many girls.

I'a wounded animal not knowing
how to enchant you.

You have to speak more slowly
for me to understand you.

Told you I could lose...

an intention to kiss you.

What a pity...

because I have one.

Serge, may I look?

No, not yet ready.

Let me see.

No going well.
I'll jump in a river.


Like your countrywoman
Ofelia in "Hamlet".

You're beautiful.

I'm very, very happy!

That is a tragedy.
I don't know how to draw any more.

Could you stop playing with a gun...

while we are going on the sand.

It could go off in a slightest pit.

- Is it loaded?
- Obviously.

You have any intentions to use it?


If Alain Delon touches my bride...

I'll kill them and then shoot myself.
Reasonable enough?



And now what?

We are stuck in the sand.

Do something, shit.


What a beautiful car.

Lincoln Continental.

The same as Alain Delon has.

It is good to have a big car.

We could take Kate's things.

You finished the shooting?

We could go by car...

I had my scenes. Sure.

Could somebody be with Kate?

- Can you guard her?
- What?

No, stay with me.

I don't have time.

It is important.
A film with Alain Delon!

And what we are doing now?

You know...

I came here since I was a kid.

# Before switching on gas

# She thinks about her canary

# Before saying bye to life

# Once and for all

# She takes the cage
going to the balcony

# And the cold wind of the winter

# Embraces her

# It causes chills

It looks bad to me.

Of course not.

You have a superb fragility.


I didn't speak about the song.

It was about your clothes.

- I don't like it.
- But...

Perhaps you could give it
a more neglected look.

Open your shirt.

Let the hair grow a bit...

and a bit of beard.

You're upset?

You are not going to teach
elegance to a roasted meat.

Let's return to the song.

# Meanwhile in London

# The night slowly descends

# Upon the table with a sleeping girl

# You can read scribbled in pencil

# These few words: "Canary".

# He is on the balcony

No, you don't have to go.

Not yet.

And this


This is your new "Nana".

This is a surprise for you.

Nana is your name?

You know what you're doing?

Excuse me?

You wanted like Pygmalion...

take a girl
and sculpt to your desires?

You're doing exact opposite.

Your English girl says:
"You should dress like this...

"Comb like that"...

and you obey like a fool.

A fool that has chosen his master.

Get lost, I don't need you any more.


You prefer her to me?
Are you okay?

Yes, exactly.

And don't come back no more.

What do you say?

I like my new image.

I see...

Are there news from London?
Still raining?

Sit down.

Listen to this.

# I love you

# I love you, yes, I love you

# Neither do I

# Oh, my love

# Like a wave

# Undecided

# I'm coming and turning back

# Between your hips

# I'm coming and turning back

# Between your legs

# And then I stop.

# I love you

# I love you, yes, I love you

If we publish that...

we are going to the prison.

Me like producer, you like an author.

I can take a risk...
but not for one song.

So, I propose...

take your umbrella,
return to London...

and bring me ten songs like that.

This will come out first.

It would be a scandal.

Perhaps it will be.

Enormous scandal.

Honey, now...

I would like to move on
to something serious.

You started to work on your record?

The symphonic one you told about?

I am marrying a British girl.

She is beautiful?

She's not bad.

Looks like me?

Not a bit.


You know...

we'll have a baby.

It is okay with me.


Right now.

What's your name?


Melody Nelson.

It is good that you could call us.

To what hospital?


What is this awful thing?

I have my own from Hermes.

We don't have time.

A cream coloured blanket of Hermes.
Bring it quickly.

Let's put him on the trolley.

I don't want to lie down.

If I go in lying down
I won't come out.

I'm responsible,
I want to deliver you intact.

Come on.
I want to go out on foot.

I'm the one who's paying.

You're an idiot!


You're scared?

They told me it's benign.

You have to smoke less,
and stop fooling around.

- And the press?
- It is a secret.

Then what's good to fell ill?
Give me a phone.

France Soir, please.

I have news.
Gainsbourg had an infarct.

Almost died.

Now it is better.
He's preparing a disc, rather dirty.

Is it better?

Bring me my cigarettes.


I told you I don't want
to see you any more.

Let's smoke a pipe of peace.

Let's get out of here.

Pack your bags.

I can't.

They want to take a picture
of me in my deathbed.


You didn't tell me that.

I wouldn't like to miss it.

The martyrdom of Saint Sebastian.

Camera flashes like arrows.

Mr. Gainbourg,
it's still a fresh thing...

how do you intend to recover?

I would like to increase...

the amount of alcohol...

and cigarettes I consume.

# Mister Sun

# Because I don't admire him enough

# Denies me his fire,
but I spit on his fire

# Because I have a date with you

# The light I prefer

# Comes from your jealous eyes

# The other things don't worry me

# Because I have a date with you.

# Mister landlord

# Because I left all broken

# threw me out of his house,
but I spit on his house

# Because I have a date with you

# Because I have a date with you


we are in a hurry.

You'll be late to the stage.

You want to be crushed?

I'll wait for a taxi, shit!

Hi beauties.

What do you do here on the ground?

I have a concert in thirty minutes.

I don't know how to get there.

I sold my Rolls Royce. I have left
only the cap of the radiator.

Don't touch me!

# Paint your lips really bright

# Grease your hair

# Let's dance a...
# Nazi rock, nazi...

# Dance the...

# Nazi rock, nazi...

# Let's dance the...

# Nazi rock, nazi...


Even the girls don't cry
so much for this dog.

You didn't cry so much
for your father.

Take yourself in hands!

Look at me.

Comb your hair.

Do you want that little
Charlotte see you like that?

They are used to how I look.

Why don't you operate your ears?


Eh Gainsbarre, you look like us,
like a cabbage head.

I am a cabbage head.

Half man, half vegetable.

What did you do?

Now I see more clearly.

Why are you still up?

And you?

Put down the things in their places...

and go to bed. Shit!

Next time play in your room.

This is mine.

Your things are scary and horrible!

You are scared of professor Flipus?

Don't be scared, it is made of paper.

Why Flipus?

Reminds my brother.
It makes me flip over.

You don't have a brother.

Before I was born
my mother had another child.

But he didn't live long.

All my life I feel him watching

from his grave...

Is he watching us too?

Because of him
I can't go to bathroom at night.

That's why she pisses on the carpet!

- Eh!
- That's not true.

That's okay, Sparrow.

And you...

you're an informer.


You hear something?


What are you doing?

Flipus is ill,
we are operating him.

What does he have?

Something serious. He's dead.

No. He's lost.

We have to releave him from suffering.


you're a complete idiot.

Calm down, Sparrow.

Kate, Charlotte...

- Let's go. - No...
- And not a word!


Mister, you're an artist?

- You are a famous painter?
- You are Picasso?

No, guys.

I'm a French singer.

I wrote songs. French songs.

I love you, I you neither.

I wrote it.

I know Brigitte Bardot.

I... I...

I fucked her.

I know "Marsellaise".

- I wrote that too.
- Are you that famous? - Yes.

Why do you look so angry?

They ask what will you sing.

I can't explain sexual songs.

Why? Don't they fuck?

For them reggae is not a fun.

It is holy music.

Say that we shall sing
"La Marsellaise".




a French war song.

One, two, three, four

# Come, children of the Fatherland

# The day of glory has arrived

# Against us about the tyranny

# The bloody banner is raised

# To arms, citizens, and so on

# To arms, citizens, and so on

# To arms, citizens, and so on

# To arms, citizens, and so on

# Do you hear into the countrysides

# Of those ferocious soldiers wailing?

# They're coming right into your arms

# To cut off the throats
your sons and wives

# To arms, citizens, and so on.

# Sacred love of the Fatherland

# Lead, support our avenging arms

# Liberty, cherished Liberty

# Fight with thy defenders

# To arms, citizens, and so on

# We shall follow their way

# When our elders are no longer there

# There we shall find their dust

# And the trace of their virtues

# To arms, citizens, and so on


They'll kill you!

Fucking, Gainsbourg!
You're dead!

La Marsellaise...

Let's go!

My Jamaicans...

this is not their problem.

They come from Kingston.

They are scared of police.

And the bomb threats...

in their hotels.

I'm not giving up!

I returned to "La Marsellaise"
the original meaning.

I'm asking you to sing with me.

# Come, children of the Fatherland

# The day of glory has arrived

# Against us about the tyranny

# The bloody banner is raised

# The bloody banner is raised

# Do you hear into the countrysides

# Of those ferocious soldiers wailing?

# They're coming right into your arms

# To cut off the throats
your sons and wives!

# To arms, citizens,

# Form your battalions

# Let's march, let's march!

# So one impured blood

# Waters our furrows

# Form our battalions

# Let's march, let's march!

# So one impured blood

# Waters our furrows

Recording a parody
of "La Marsellaise"...

Gainsbourg, without any doubt,
figured out a good business.

Looking in the mirror,

Gainsbourg wants to create
a society with his own face.

Dripping eyes, beard's growth
of three days...

hanging lips.

When I look at Serge Gainsbourg...

I'm feeling myself an ecologist...

...fighting the pollution of his
personality and creations...

that smell of exhaust pipe.

The most delicate aspect of
this odious chaos...

is antisemitism.

If there are propagators...

there are also...


Serge Gainsbourg is provoking
the antisemitism...

for his own financial gain.

Jane left.

Little Charlotte lives with her mom,

but my mother is in heaven.

And my dad...

will still be proud of me?

I saw you in "puppets".

Jane because I'm too crazy.

# First I shall
with my native tongue

# Reveal your thoughts

# But already you are

# Floating in the tides of the seas

- Miss! Mr. Gainsbourg
wants to invite you to a drink.

This old fool?

# I think about you like
about target

# Divided in four parts,
my beauty

The old idiot came himself.

I warn you. I'm completely mad.

Need a dad?

I want to be saved.

That's how life is.

Please stop.


You'll go when I'll you.

You comply with my estetical needs.

Your diaphanous beauty...

and the despair of your tragic figure.

You understand what I'm talking about?

That you want to sleep with me?


But I say it in more poetic way.

By what I see...

you're so drunk
that you can't harm me.


in a horizontal plane,
could anyone complain about me.

I'd like it better
if you'll be my daddy.

This manuscript is written
and signed by Rouget de l'Isle.

And dated on August 7, 1793
in Choisy Le Roy.

We are auctioning this manuscript
of "The Marsellaise"...

qualified by Rouget de l'Isle
as an "old silly poem".

Let's go with this "old silly poem".

The starting price is 40.000 francs.

- 50.000.
- 53.000.

- 55.000.
- 100.000.

- 105.000.
- 115.000.

- 120.000.
- 125.000.

- 130.000.
- 135.000.

On the left. On the right.

Sold for 135.000 francs.

It is rather costly.

Almost ruined me.

I thought it will be a girl.

Looks like mother,
that is better.

Do we call him like dad.

King Serge?

No, Lucien the Second.
Called to reign like dad.

And don't forget Navarre.

# The sun shines seldom

# And the happiness is rare

# And the love is wandering
all through the life

# The sun shines seldom

# And the happiness is rare

# But everything changes
when embraced by the tune

# The walls of the maze

# Are opened

# To infinity

# The sun shines seldom

# And the happiness is rare

# But everything changes
when embraced by the tune

I love Gainsbourg too much
to return him to life.

I prefer his inventions to the truth.
Joann Sfar