Gagarine (2020) - full transcript

Yuri fights to save his home town - which he shares with his namesake, Yuri Gagarin - from demolition.

It's him, it's Gagarin!

He's coming!

Yuri! Yuri! Yuri!

Do you know Gagarin? Who is he?

- The first cosmonaut.
- The first?

He went into space.

Then he received us in the Yuri
Gagarin social housing project in Ivry.

All together. Hip, hip...


Would you like to go to space?

Am I good enough?

Why's that?

You have to know lots of...


- You can learn them.
- Yes...



- I brought her for you.
- Sure!

I hope it works.

Why "Sure"?

They should pull this shithole down!

I told her about this place.
I can see you like her.

The way you look at her...

- You're a jerk!
- What?

You are.

Don't take it badly.


Oumar is here.

- Doesn't he owe you 30 euros?
- Yeah.

- Know Spinelli?
- The one who trashes his opponents?

Yeah. An Italian American boxer.

Pizza chef and underground boxer.

- Can I have a word?
- Go on, shoot.

My 30 euros.

For real?

We go way back,
you get on my case for that?

It's for all of us.

- What's it for?
- To repair this place for us.

With 30 euros?!

It's a start.

I bought new sneakers with it.

Keep the faith. Gagarin forever!

They're gonna tear this place down.

- Forget "Gagarin forever"!
- I won't leave.

Your attitude is all wrong.

Yeah, where will we go?

A nice little loft in Paris!

Forget it, Yuri, it's too late now.

Beat it, you guys.

- For real?
- Yeah.

So, Spinelli showed up three hours late,

to everyone's surprise.
Everyone bet on Jake LaMotta...

Get lost, you guys!

The moon and beyond...



When will you be back?

Call me.

Yuri, are you still there?

No, I got sucked into a black hole.

That's our first challenge,
then redo the wiring.

If everything's safe,
they can't demolish it.

She'll get us some great gear.

- No, I never said that.
- You did.

I said you had to pay for it.

Show me.

To fix an elevator,
you gotta go to the fuse box.

I know what to do.

Do it, then.

No, we need your help.
We're in a mess.

There are rats everywhere!

Move! Get outta here!

Big rats!

Yeah, Yuri fattens 'em up!

Then you eat 'em!

Diana has killed another old woman.


Shut up! Go back to the camp.

Are they your brothers?

My brother and my Spanish cousin.

- They bug me.
- They're like Martians.

There's an ogre in the cellar
who cooks you.

Go back to the camp!

It's dangerous here!


Don't worry, I'll find
the cash for the gear.

Just give me your number.

I'm against phones. I'll find you.

- Shit!
- Come on!

Get out!

You're crazy!

Hey, can you give us a lift?

- My turn.
- Do you want to?

- Look at the stones.
- Yeah.

Lots of 'em.

- Straight into the wall.
- Brake!

My sunshine!

My beauty!

Don't bullshit me, Gérard.

If you keep your white teeth,

you'll always be the queen!

You see?

You're my ray of sunshine!

I brought you these guys.
They need gear.

Have a seat, kids.

Come on in.

We need 37 halogen lights,
58 compact fluorescent lights,

- 25 neon lights...
- Who are these clowns?

I know and trust them.

I have jewelry.


I don't want stolen stuff.

It's not stolen. It's my mother's.

For real?

That's fake.

That's worthless.




That maybe.

What do you need?

Give us one hour in the pit
to take 15 kilos.

Ten kilos.

Give me the medallion.

Give it to me.

Your pal doesn't know what he wants!

There. Deal!

Ten kilos, okay?

Ten kilos.

Come on.

- Bye, Gérard.
- Come and see me some time.

Follow me.


There's lots of 'em.

All these demolished buildings...

It's like a graveyard for buildings.


Don't touch everything.

Aren't they like our lights?

These IP44 lights use so little juice.

Octopuses... with big tentacles!

Do they exist?

Sure they do.

They'll blow everything up!

Why would the aliens be aggressive?

When people don't speak
the same language,

they beat each other up.

That's just how it is.

I have a special, universal language.


Give me your hand.

You too.

Go on.

A dash.

Two dots. That makes D.

Two dots. That makes I.



A. That makes "Diana".

You really speak Morse?!

- You know it?
- Yeah.

I speak English, too.

I do.

I want to live in the US.

Like my cousin.

I'm fixing up lots of cars

to make some money
for my flight.

Why go there?

Because over there, you can be free...

you can be whoever you want.

Why go to the other side of the world?

What do you want to do?

What's your dream?

You wanna stay here till you die?

What do you want?
I'm not in the mood.

Beat it, bro.
I got nothing for you today.

Go on, go get it!

Move it, move it!

Go get it!

Oh, thanks.

- Is that good?
- Yeah.

- Sure?
- Yeah.

Get in position.

One, two, three...

C'mon, pull!

Yuri! Yuri!

Don't drop it. Concentrate.

- Okay?
- Yeah, you?

See the news?

Something bad will happen on earth,
between the sun and the moon.

If it all gets stuck...

it'll cool the whole planet.

- Bull!
- Go sit down, Emile, or you'll miss it.

- He's drunk.
- Already?

- You okay?
- Fine.

- It'll be great.
- I hope so.

Take the last box
and lock the car. Thanks.

- I'm into her.
- She's not into you.

- You jealous?
- You ready?

Are you?

Come on, it's not long now.

C'mon, girls, it's now.

Don't look straight at the sun.

Watch out.

Everyone, get a seat.

There's one for everyone.

Be proud of yourself.

You too.

It was all so sudden.

A big shock.
We couldn't take a thing.

We took the two kids.
My daughter wasn't even a year old.

And we fled.

Over the mountains.

We reached Istanbul.

♪ Istanbul, Istanbul...
I long for her kisses. ♪

There we got a flight to Paris.

It was snowing.

We had shorts and flip-flops.

We were lucky.

A few months later, we got a place here

at Gagarin.

40 years ago!

Thanks, it was delicious.

When did you last eat?

I didn't have time.

I put some in a box for you.

Take it.

- Were you here when we came?
- Here?

Sure. I helped out your parents.

They were beautiful!

So young!

It wasn't easy for her after.

Without your dad.

But still... I mean...

She's going too far.

She should take care of you,
even if she's in love.

Think they'll knock this place down?

I hope not.

I don't know, Yuri.

You're doing a good thing.

Here are all the plans.

- What's first?
- Building A.

Fabrice, go to A. We'll do C.

The ballasts are a bit burned.

- No?
- They're okay.

So, 14...

and 15. That's 15 out of 15.

85% of the electricity is okay.

Excuse me.

All the neon lights are
below 2,000 lumens.

It's all regulation.

Why only 85%?

The neon lights in the corridors

should be A+ or B, no C-.
And the ballasts aren't regulation.


Let's continue.

Ma'am, listen,
we can't stay here.

We've been here for 30 years
with six kids.

No-one understands, Dad.

What Mr. Tunsi means

is that they've refused to rehouse him.

We're angry, but we love this place.

It just needs renovating.

These apartments are
unfit for habitation.

- Calm down.
- Will you really

inspect these hovels?
That's what they are.

At the moment, we're inspecting
the common areas. That's my job.

They never listen.

Let's keep going.

Please talk to the council.

They'll evict us all!

- Butt out!
- I don't wanna go!

- Shut up!
- I won't!

- Stop it.
- He should stop.

Go upstairs.

I'm sick of it.


Always the same plumbing problems.

But that's how it was done in the '60s...

There's smoke everywhere!

It's downstairs!


It's from the basement.

- What did you do?
- Nothing.

- Nothing?
- Move.


Get up, Dad.

Report 1641D,
Buildings 1 to 10, Gagarin.

Square meters: 16,000.
Floors: 13.

The survey

was carried out
on 365 apartments,

overlooking the railroad.
It revealed

cracks and subsidence
of the lower structure of Building E.

Significant obsolescence
of sanitary appliances.

Persistent failures
of the evacuation system.

insulation, glue, frames, flooring.

Dust level: over 25,000 fibers/liter.

Excessively high risk.

After a thorough inspection,

the expert committee's
objective report

recommends evacuation within six months
and total demolition.

Put your social security number.
You have that?

- Yes.
- Well, write it.

And your insurance number.


Don't worry, honey.

They can't turn down
your housing application.

With Adam, you have priority.
Don't worry.

I need to get some stuff upstairs.
Can you hold her for me?

Have a safe trip.

Emile, what have you done?

It's not my fault. The box broke.

Pass me all that.

Careful, Emile!

Hold this!

You guys are useless! Hang on...


They took my home, not my mailbox.

We did six return trips
with Emile's stuff.

Seventh floor. The elevator was stuck.

You stalled. Start again.

It doesn't matter. Go on.

Just think...

It's depressing.

Start the car again.

It always does that.

Go on.

Is your son coming for you?

Slow down a bit. Yes.

He's bringing the truck from Nice.

- It'll be great down there.
- Yeah, well...

I don't know if I'll be able to stand
the three kids full time.

I'm not used to it any more.

Park there.

You're doing well.

I phoned your mom.


She picked up? How is she?

She sounded okay.
Well, it was a quick call.

She'll get you tomorrow.

Know where we'll live?

In his place.

There's even a garden.

Don't worry, it'll be okay.

You'll be just fine.

And you'll come visit me down south.
We'll go swimming.

I love this song.

It's a love song.

What's it about?

"We're neighbors with the moon."

I'll miss you.

I'll miss you, too.











My Yuri...

It's tough with Frank
and the baby on the way.

I can't take you with me.

Stay with Houssam for now.
I'll call you soon.

I love you.




You're in the right place,
but it's closed. Go around.

Hang on, I'll pass it to you.

Look, can you go around?

Turn left and go around.

Do you think
I got nothing better to do?

Hang on, I'll try...

Is there another way?

No way! The son of a bitch hung up!

Here, go around.

- It's your shit, your problem!
- For real?

We're the last.
Gotta help each other.

Look what they're doing to us.

Gotta stick together
against those bastards!

Start to demolish the bathroom.

We'll put anti-squat doors in.

We should have done
six or seven apartments by now.

I want it all locked up.

- What should I start with?
- The bathroom.

What're you doing? We've told you!

I don't give a fuck!

Show us some respect.

Beat it.

Take your stuff and go.

What're you gonna do about it?

- I'll fuck you up!
- Oh, yeah?

You're fuckin' crazy!


Our ship

is docked here.

So we go down into this compartment
and we can see

in front of us
a mooring mechanism

specific to the Russian system
with a cone, a mast.

This module...

was the first element in orbit
for a few months

before an American joined it.

Here is one of the
extravehicular activity hatches.

Right opposite it is the second EVA hatch.

We're waiting
for Node 2's imminent arrival

for the next stage
of the station's construction.

An oxygen production system is hidden

behind these panels,
a carbon dioxide absorption system,

a water regeneration system
that provides

hot water

and cold water,
which we will use

to prepare drinks.

Yuri, you're always on voicemail.

I'm at Gagarin.
It's a sad sight.

Just as well we left.
It's dead. They walled it all up.

Hope you're okay at your mom's.

Our place is bigger,
but we don't know anyone.

No-one talks to you here.

Don't give me a hard time
'cause of what happened with my dad.

We'll always be blood brothers.

Call me.

That's the station's first module

that has been put into orbit.

It's a big room
where we store things.

But we also use it as a shower.

They'll see us!

Why are you here?

- Same as you.
- I'm doing nothing.

- You're so lame.
- You should go home.

Come here!


You stayed here all this time?

What is this place?

My home.

- Can you pick that up?
- Okay.

Melba toast...

It's out of date.

Did you build all this?

- Is it a collection?
- No.

It's crazy.

That's nothing.

That's the elevator's circuitry.

You took it?


I salvaged it.

- What's it all for?
- For the rest of the capsule.


Wanna see?


Are you alone?


Tomatoes don't grow in winter.

This variety can survive in the cold.

How does it work?

The most important thing in space
is the air. Same here.

It needs ventilation

so there's no CO2 bubble.

Water, soil, air:

the three vital elements.

The greenhouse
is a balance of all three.

What's that?

Wanna go up?

What is it?

A star chart.

It's beautiful.

You're looking at Jupiter.

You nutter!

Why are you here? Scram!

You bring gypsies here...

- It's my home.
- We're Roma.

Weren't you going to your mom's?

You're growing flowers instead?


- Really?
- Yes.

I'm doing just fine on my own.
I don't sell dope like you!

This place is a mess.

You have a whole building
and you grow vegetables!

I'd do some crazy shit,
but you just grow zucc...


What's that?
It looks like a sex shop!

It's for growing seeds.

It's like sunlight for the plants.

Ultraviolet light?

To tan the flowers?!

Go get a tan!

- Well, it might do me some good.
- Yeah.

Here I go.

That feels good.

It's vacation time!

That's it!

You're the nutter!

It sure feels good.

Can you stay a while?

No, it's late. My dad will kill me.

Won't you taste my tomatoes?

Learn to cook first!

I can't. We have
a family get-together on Saturdays.

- Oh, okay.
- Come along!

It's blocked that way.

- It's blocked.
- Which way, then?

That way.

- There are ghosts.
- Ghosts?


They're not ghosts.
It's the construction workers.

Looking for the intercom?

Call your sister.

It's my pal Yuri!

Call Diana.

He wants to have kids with Diana.

It's the guy from the projects.


- Is he your guy?
- Shut up.

What'll we do with them?

- For the meal.
- It's over.

- You're too late.
- They'll keep.

I know him from the projects.

Do you know him?

Wow! So, you've become a gardener?

I fucked up your lettuces!

But I found
this amazing music downstairs.

Listen to this.

It's too loud. We'll get caught.

What is it, Dali?

Dunno, I picked it at random.

- Hey, do you know spinning dervishes?
- No.

You don't?

Look. I need some space.

Watch. Give me some space.

My grandpa did this
for three days non-stop.

I swear to God, three days.

Now you're in the moment.

You okay?

Not coming up?

Don't look down.

Look up.


Hang on.

Out of the way.

- Let's go down.
- No.

- You afraid of heights?
- No.

Yuri Gagarin.

Gagarin isn't afraid of heights.

Forget it.

- Come on.
- What?

- It's a technique.
- What?

Don't worry.

- What do I do?
- You go up.

You won't look down now.

Like this?


Your foot.

Keep going.

We'll see the Eiffel Tower soon.


The place is empty.

It's dead.

Fifth floor, second window from the left,
that's Emilio's place.

He plays trumpet.

Every Sunday night,
he plays for everyone.

At 11, the dealers show up.

If the lookouts are late,
they get fined.

At 6pm twice a week,
the women go jogging.

They do stretching exercises.

It looks like Basic-Fit!

We've arrived.

Come here.

- Like this?
- Yeah.

Mind the step.

We'll sit down.


Go on... Careful.

- Alright?
- Yeah.

Hang on.

Open your eyes.

See that?

Heard of celestial suburbs?


In space, it's the suburban area

around the stars.

Like around the sun.

They shine less,
but stars don't survive otherwise.

Is that Morse code?


Let us at least get our things!

- What happened?
- They came in the night.

Let us get our things!

What's going on?

Can I have a word?

You can stay with me.

No, my dad's calling me.

We're moving on.


I have to go.

But why?

Am I disturbing you?


What's that?

It's 'cause of those fuckers.

It's 'cause of those sons of bitches.

Sit down.

They screwed me.
And that other fucker.

He's not even 20, man.

He came to my place
and started hitting me.

He brought his dogs.

Sorry, I'm ashamed.
I'm a sad sight.

I bust your balls, make a noise...

Anyway, I'll tell you something, pal.

If it carries on like that,
I'll jump off the roof.

I swear I'll jump off, pal.

He's there!

What's that?

Calm down!

Look at this!

Put your knife away!

It's him! The dealer!

- I'll fuck you up good!
- Like hell!


Oh, Ghislaine!

How are you?


- You can't go in.
- There's someone inside.

- There's no-one.
- Seventh floor.

We're setting up
the demolition explosives.

You have to go get him!

There's no-one!

No entry!

Did you check it all?

- Of course we did.
- It's all empty.

- Don't push. I get it.
- Out!



How's it going?

It's good to see you.

- You good?
- Yeah, you?

You didn't even say hello just now.

Don't lie.

Lights out!


You scared me. How are you?

Did you miss me?

- Are you with Yuri?
- No.

I don't think he'll come.

It's too hard for him to see this.

Start the countdown.



two... one...

What's going on?
Go see what's going on.




It's him...

It's him.

It's him!

Come on.

Come on.

- Shit!
- What's going on?

- Come on.
- Where is he?

- Where is he?
- What is going on?

What is this?

He's on the roof!


Hang on in there.

I spent 20 years in Gagarin.
Staircase C, by the day nursery.

Eighth floor, railroad side.

I came here
because I was broke and in debt.

When I arrived, I was a shocking sight.

I may have moved out.
I know it's my home,

but inside, I know it's not.

It's done us a lot of good
because it's much bigger and so on.

But it's still weird to change
your environment like that.

I grew up in Gagarin.
I'm proud of that.

I have a militant view of Gagarin.

Gagarin has become a photo.

Once he's been destroyed,

I'll imagine us rebuilding Gagarin.

I know he's a building,

but when I talk about a building a lot,

I think of it as a "he".