Gagarin. Pervyy v kosmose (2013) - full transcript

GAGARIN: FIRST IN SPACE, is a feature film featuring amazing SFX, that celebrates the bravery and achievements of Yuri Gagarin - the first man in space. On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Gagarin blasted off in a Vostok rocket and he orbited Earth for 108 minutes. He was the cosmonaut who was selected from over three thousand fighter pilots throughout the Soviet Union. Once chosen Gagarin is fast tracked to train for the unknown and the trip of a life time!

"The earth is the cradle of humanity,
but you can't live forever in the cradle. "
K. Tsiolkovskiy (1857-1935)


Greetings, Sergey Pavlovich.


They sleep like children.

German, are you asleep?

Who can sleep here,
on these uncomfortable mattresses.

I still can't believe there's
happened in this way.

It's just happening.

The flight is still missing ...
then it would be nice to be able to land.

What name did you write
on the payroll?


What about you?

What happens?

We are in "Scorpio 3",
regime of darkness. Turn off the light.

Greetings, Sergey Pavlovich.

Those flights hinder work.

Do people work?

That's right, Sergey Pavlovich, work.

It is impossible to work
in these conditions.

- Turn on the lights. - Yes.
- I take full responsibility.

To all employees
of the cosmodrome.

Preparation announced
of the last seven hours.

Sergey Pavlovich, you can start.

Don't be in a hurry
check everything accurately.

Accuracy is above all else.
If there is any mistake, come and tell us.

It will depend on you, if tomorrow
We enter a new era or not.

Attention, employees of the cosmodrome.
Start testing of all systems.


It's time to get up.

How did they sleep?

Just as they taught us.

We slept perfectly.

Very good.

Gera, let's write a novel.

Between the two.

You are German, I am Yuriy.

Yuriy German, Soviet writer.

It's not funny.

Little Star.

- It looks like him.
- What are you doing here?

Come on, fire the advance.

Why you?

Were you a cosmonaut?

You were already there.
What did you see? Can you tell me?

Really. Don't cry anymore.

Or it will scare me.

Gera, no need
worry so much.

You will be next
and your program is more interesting.

Do you want to change places?


They will fly thousands but they will remember
only the first one, do you understand?

Do you know why you should return?


Because if you don't come back,
trips to space will be canceled ...


Cosmonaut comrades.

Is the time.

Our young eagles!


I didn't expect to see you here.

Yes, Yuriy, we are like that.

Good luck on the flight.

Please help.

Help us?

German, I will help you.


Let's go.

Today I dreamed of Yura ...
How will I be there?

I'm worried. I don't know.

I am worried. How will I be there?
Having two little girls.

They will survive. During the war
it was worse ... and we are all alive.

I am worried.

Will you be walking?

Why walking ...?
I'll go by bike!

Bring me my coat.

With your leg,
It will take you three hours to arrive.

Three and a half one way
and a half past three.

- I'm a little worried.
- The hand, the hand ...

Don't worry, mother. We breed
the children and we will raise the grandchildren.

This is life.

Do you understand?

I get it.

Look at them, they are sitting
like in a restaurant car ...

... on the Moscow-Vladivostok express.

Yes, they travel comfortably.

Grisha ...

Did you bring the gift?

It's like they were

Comrade Colonel,
Can you turn my seat?

I don't like traveling on my back.

Boys, turn your seat.

Do you have permission to film?

They told me to film
to the cosmonauts.

Are you a cosmonaut?

Cosmonaut ... something like that.

So it's okay.



Last night we went to the rocket
and Sergey Pavlovich saw us and said ...

"Why are you hanging around here?
Like boyfriends around the girlfriend. "

Yes, there are many boyfriends.

But the bride is one.

Right, German?

Well, I understood the answer.
You can continue.

Yurka ...

Don't let us down there
we will not disappoint you here.

The farewell is not
for a long time, guys.

Yurka, you represent us all.

...we'll be
like a flag.

Like a crystal!

Official comrades!

By decision of the State Commission ...

... all were included in the
space pilot training.

Congratulations, guys!

The Party, the Government and the Ministry
Defense of the USSR ...

... placed the responsibility on me
of its preparation.

As we say in aviation ...

�I am the driver
and you driven! Right?

- Thank you, Comrade Lieutenant General.
- Well, have a seat.

- And what experience does he have?
- Comrade Lieutenant General ...

...Permission to speak.

I talked.

How will we fly into space?

It is supposed to be on a rocket.

It won't be on a broom.

Official comrades!

Comrades officers,
I introduce you...

... our general builder,
Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov.

Sit down.

I ask you to sit down.

Young eagles, among more than three
thousand candidates, we chose twenty.

You are.

Well then, let's introduce ourselves.










































You, young eagle, tell us about yourself,
of your loved ones.

First Lieutenant Gagarin,
Yuriy Aleks�yevich.

Born in 1934, graduating from
the pilot school in Orenburg.

SUMMER, 1957.

Greetings, Comrade Colonel!



Where are the documents?
of the exclusion of Sergeant Gagarin?

They are not ready yet.

How are they not ready?

I can not decide,
Ivan Vikeyevich.

The student is very worried.

Anatoliy Grigoryevich,
What does "concerned" mean?

Cry or what?

Suppose you cry.

He says he cannot live without heaven.

What do you propose to me?

Fly well, with courage and confidence.

It only costs him the landing.

I know it flies well ... but it will kill
and destroy the plane.

Listen, you tried putting something on it
under the butt?

�He believes that due to his short stature
Do you have problems with your viewing angle?

But you say "fly well",
then on landing you don't see the ground.

Think of something, Grigorievich.

North-1, you can land now.

�Sergeant Gagarin, I have completed
flight training!

We already realized that.

For its unmistakable application
in flight exercises.

Also by determination, work
and Sergeant Gagarin's stagecoach.

The command under my command has arranged
allow Sergeant Gagarin ...

... fly on your own
with a new military rank.

Well, it has been promoted.

What was not prepared?

Yura, shall we smoke?

Of course.

Here ...

It seems that someone sat
on your document holder.

Now you can't smoke.
Did you advise him?

Comrade Commander of the Squadron,
sorry. I will buy you a new one.

Don't worry Gagarin
it is just a tradition.

I'll tell you something else ...

In five minutes you will be a lieutenant,
maybe you will get to colonel.

So remember,
Heaven does not forgive mistakes.

Did you write to him?

A candy?

Gera, a caramel?

- I do not want.
- Well, you don't have to.


Yura, come on.

Comrades, come on,
a little serious.

Comrade General,
they are filming us.

Okay, Americans film theirs,
Why not film ours?

- Our heroes are not worse,
they are better. - That's right.

Yurka, friend, remember,
you represent us all.

Yurka. Cheer up! Courage!

Let's go.

What happened?

Everything is fine.

German, are you my friend?

Brothers, thank you ...



Go Go.
It is all, friends.

Yuriy Aleksyeyevich, up
the reunion in Kuybyshev.

Proceed to the communication test.

It is understood.

# Valenki, valenki,
broken and old #

# Kolya, Kolya, Nikolay,
stay home and don't go for a walk #

August 10, 08:00.

Temperature, 25�.

Humidity 62%.

All ship systems
they work normally.

I continue with the flight.

Who is on camera?

First Lieutenant Gagarin.

How do you support income, Gagarin?

He supports it well, he jokes all the time,
when you have emotional problems ...

It is like a Cossack from the steppes,
he sings about everything he sees.

Sing ...

We are approaching the planet Mars.
The homeland is 65 million kilometers away.

I prepared the landing field.

Scientist, Irina Lebedeva.

I need to amartize.

How did you know I work today?
He has been there for ten days.

First of all, it is not "amartize"
it is "hammering"

Second, what was I thinking,
apart from the scientist Irochka?

In the future, comrade director.

They all have images of the past
and you from the future.

Hell, it's to envy ...
the future that awaits you.

Everything working.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Copy me?

It is understood.


- Hello.
- Hello.

Standing. Sign!

Preparations for the launch of the
ship Vostok and cosmonaut Gagarin ...

... have concluded.
No problems were detected.

- Announce the one hour countdown.
- Yes, sir.

Attention! We announce
the one hour countdown.

Cedar, here Alba-1, we announce
the one hour countdown.

It is understood. The countdown
an hour has been announced.

We are finalizing the preparations.
Now I will hear a noise ...

... will remove the platforms

Attention! We remove the wagons.

I don't hear any noise.
I only recorded the movements.

Yuriy Alekseevich,
now the wagons move away.

It would be interesting to know
if you can hear them?

No, I don't hear anything ...

I only listen to you.

Sergey Pavlovich,
there is no KP3 signal.

What does that mean?

It means there is ... a possible
depressurization of the cabin.

No contact signal
on the hatch cover.

Why don't they report,
how are things going?

Sergey Pavlovich, we are done
to install the hatch cover.

Is the lid straight or inclined?

No, Sergey Pavlovich,
everything is normal.

There is nothing normal.
There is no KP3 signal.

�You can remove and reinstall the cap
in the estimated time of preparation?

We will do it on time,
Sergey Pavlovich.

Yuriy Alekseevich, after closing
from the hatch, a contact has failed.

Now we will remove the hatch
and then we will install it again.

So don't worry.

It is understood. Everything is normal.

I am totally calm.

It's been a long time since this happened to me.
My whole body is sweating.

I worry, I worry.

What will happen to me there?

Won't it be too much for me?

Will I be able to fly?

You can. You are ready.

You are ready!

And don't think about this.

Can happen
an extreme situation ...

If the ship is depressurized,
you will die instantly.

But not everything depends on you.

Why think about that?

Why think about that?

Yura, did not fall
a screw on you?

What, is a screw missing?

Yura ...

Okay, we'll find it
when you land.

You did not forget to take

You are very pale.

What is it, old mouse,
Do you feel sorry for me?

Right now I should encourage Yura,
But it is I who needs encouragement.

Did they give you the music or not?

Not yet.

I hope to have it soon.

Understood, they are musicians,
They walk around here, over there.

They gave me one of love.

That's right.

Can I invite you to the next dance?


But you don't know how to dance.

So what? You will teach me.

I often see him on Chicherina Street,
What are you doing there? If it is not a secret.

Am I obligated to respond?

Does your girlfriend live there?

Yes, live there.

What is your house?

A large, gray one with columns.

Lie ... It's my house.
I live there.

Verified waterproofness,
It is according to the rules.

Everything in complete order.
Change. Have you understood?

It is understood.

Yes ... the image
It is not top quality.

Deplorable the image.

Interference, Comrade Director,
the body of the rocket has been activated.

UKV radio communication test.

You know what I fear?

Before we discussed it here,
If the capsule should be detonated or not?

If it falls into enemy territory.

I am in favor

Do you know why? Because I fear that
the enemy knows what we are flying in.

That embarrasses me! And to you
It seems they are not ashamed!

How are things here?

Everything in order, Sergey Pavlovich.

Code 5, does it mean everything in order?

Yes, Sergey Pavlovich.

What about code 4?

Code 4, the depressurization.
Code 3, engine failure.

There should be no fault.

Remember that every word
of space is worth gold.

Suppose your child
it's on the rocket.

Suppose you
I sent it to space.

I would not send it.

I did send it.

Cedro, here Alba-1.

Cedro, here Alba-1.

Everything normal here.

To start operations
of the one minute preparation ...

... there are still a few minutes.

A few minutes to go!

Come on! Come on! Come on!


What a day today, guys.
There was never one like this on earth.

Here it is. Now it begins.

Prepare the keys.

Prepare the keys!

The keys are ready.

Cedro, here Alba-1.
One minute setup.

Have you understood?

It is understood. One minute setup.
Launch position. Ready

Cedro, here Alba-1. During the
launch will convey the details to you.

It is understood.

Key in position

� Key in position

Ready. Key in position

It is understood.

Put the key in position

Ready. The key in position

The tap is in the drain position.

It is understood.

Asta-retired teacher.

It is understood.

Ignition starts.

Initial stage ...

It is understood.

Intermediate ...


It is understood.



Cedro, here Alba-1.
We wish you a safe journey!

Everything is normal.

See you soon, dear friends!

It is too early to celebrate.

Boys, it's very soon.

Don't yell or Yurka won't be lucky!

I feel the vibration.

I feel good.

Overload released,
What next?

Cedar, here Alba.

Cedar, here Alba.

If you listen to me, answer!

Do something or I'll send you ...

Cedar, Cedar, here Alba.

- Cedar, Cedar ...
- What about communication?

Why is he not responding?

I don't know.

Gagarin's pulse is now 158,
before departure it was 66.

Is it your heart?

Sergey Pavlovich ...

... I know Yura's resistance,
it is not your heart.

Can you hear me? Answer it, Cedar.

So what?

Depressurization after ejection
of the overload.

Maybe Yura has connected
something by mistake?

Get outta here you know-it-all
go have a drink!

- Cedar, can you hear me? Answer! Cedar!
- Sergey Pavlovich ...

Where are those five?

Cedar, answer, Cedar,
Alba here!




A man...

A real man.

Do you hear me? Here Alba.
Answer! Cedar?

Alba, this is Cedar.
I listen to them well, everything normal.

Everything normal, the second stage works.
I feel good.

Can you hear me?

Detachment from overload
It has passed successfully.

I see the earth through the window.

I can see the land clearly!

I see rivers, mountains and places.

Visibility is good.

I see everything clearly.

Cedro, Cedro, here Alba,
Congratulations, you did everything right.

The view is great.

A beauty.

Yura ...

Give me your hand.

Not much missing.
Look, we're almost there.

I look forward to reaching the top.
Let's go.

If it gets dark ...

... we will orient ourselves
by the stars.

Well ... I'm a pilot and they taught us
to guide us through the stars.

And I am the wife of a pilot.

Come here, pilot's wife.

You're my wife.


Maybe I should pray for you, Yura,
when you fly ...

As some do.

When they fly over us,
my heart shudders.

Pray if that comforts you.

Maria Ivanovna ...

The commander's wife?

I asked him to guess my luck.
About you, about me, about us.

And what did he say to you?

He said you will have a flight.

It is nonsense.

I thought so.

I already have fifty
of those flights.

What else did he tell you?

He also said that ...
We will soon have a baby.

Is it true?

Well, it won't be so soon ...

Please! Please! I will have a child!
I will teach him to fly!

It will be a girl.

Even if I'm a girl,
I will teach you to fly! Urra! Please!

Alba, here Cedro, just separated
the second stage of the rocket.

Overload continues.


Stop the booth.

So how does it feel?

- Excellent!
- Yes?

And mentally?



What is that bun doing there?

Did you tie him up?

- I ask you, did you tie him up?
- I tried ...

Did you try?
Try making buns in your braids.

Look at the demands here!

Mo�o ....

This morning i went
to a blood draw.

I looked at the file.

There were 10 sheets and on each of
they had 10 different studios.

Determination of reflections of the
perspiration with the Minora method ...

... in hot air baths.

What do you think?

A hot bath ... is good.

- Do you have a match?
- There is nothing to fear.

Do you have a match?

What happened to you, first lieutenant?

I was discharged.



Did you do something or what?

They blew up my blood vessels ...
during the tests.

Wait, were you removed from the registry or ...


I was discharged from Aviation.

Listen, friend ... don't worry.

Go to the base,
there they will solve it.

Well, boys, I had no luck,
you will have it.

They will be like Laika.

Listen, before
it's too late ...

... let's write the report
and let's get out of here.

Enough boys
don't be nervous.

Now the main thing
is serenity ...

... and the desire to win
to medicine.

If we stick together
we will make it.

Medicine in the morning,
medicine in the afternoon.

It would be better to fly.

Knowledge never
It's enough.

Here comes the rocket.


Come on!

First cosmic ...

Second cosmic ...

Thank you, soldier.

Let's go to study.

That was good.

Let's go.

On earth we cannot answer
the question...

� Man can live in conditions
normal without gravity?

Your brain may work
without gravity?

�I will not lose capacity
to act reasonably ...

- Under the influence of spatial fear?
- B3.

Those responses are still pending.

- And finally ...
- �6.

Will support the cosmonaut's psychic
from earth and from space?

Can you play Associate?

I know all the games!











The separation occurred!

The cosmic ship with a man
on board I entered orbit!

Now I do. Please!

How are you, brother Konstantin?
I mistreated you a little in these years.

� Congratulations on the flight,
Sergey Pavlovich!

You are a jerk. All my life I dream
with this and the one who flew was him.

I have never envied anyone,
but I envy him!

Did they forget?
We still have to lower it.

The descent is still missing!

Did they forget that they still
should it come down from orbit?

Did they forget?

We will lower it!


Nikita Sergeyevich,
Korolyov, he's online.

Give it to me.

How are things there?

Gagarin ...

Did you enter orbit?

Gagarin is in orbit,
the flight runs normally.

Well, well ... Very well,
Sergey Pavlovich!

Take care that everything is
of first class.

They don't just say that in your Odessa,
but also in my Kiev.

Everything will go as planned.

Now let him be dysfunctional
Comrade Levitan.

Nikita Sergeyevich, you must not shake,
you have blood pressure ...

What pressure, or nothing?
Now everyone will be under pressure!

Contact me with Malinovskiy!

Let me know
with Marshal Malinovskiy.

Malinovskiy, until when
Will the first cosmonaut be a lieutenant?

We will promote him to captain,
Nikita Sergeyevich.

How captain? �Prepare an order
to promote it to greater!

It is not allowed,
Nikita Sergeyevich.

Why is it not allowed?

In the Army there are 100,000 captains,
they will be offended.

Rodion ... Do you understand what the magnitude is?
of this event? It is interplanetary!

We will be forgotten,
but they will remember this forever.

Understood, Nikita Sergeyevich.

Very good!

Yurka, stop it!
You broke my wings again.

Boriska ... Boriska, stop!

I will make you a new plane.

Leave me!

Don't you want to be a pilot?


Leave me!


Mom ...


I want to eat.

What's wrong with you?
Be patient, dear.

I can not. I want to eat!

Be patient, soon your father
I will bring flour. Be patient.

Be patient.

The wicked lit the fire
cook our chickens.

Yura, I'm hungry!

Quiet, hide yourself.

The Fritz went to the latrine.

Stay here,
I'll be right back.

Yurka, where are you going?
Stay away from the house!


Let go of me, damn it, let go of me!

I will teach you ...
not to steal my things!

Run, Boriska!

Now you will be punished!
Hang you!

Damn, drop Boriska!

Let it go!


They deserve death!

Mom, he's hanging Boriska!

It's what they deserve!






- Son!
- Mom!


It's what I do to thieves!

They deserve it!

Hold on!

Hold on! Yura, help me!

Now, now ... hold on!

I have you, hold on son!

Boriska dear.
Boriska, son.

Calm down.

Calm down, calm down, calm down ...

It's over, it's over ...

Calm down, calm down.

I told them not to come close
to that house.

He could ...



# The homeland hears ... #

# The motherland knows ... #

# In what cloud ... #

# ... your son flies. #

# With friendly affection ... #

# ... and a tender love. #

# The scarlet star ... #

# ... of the Muscovite towers. #

# From the Kremlin tower ... #

# She cares... #

# ...of you. #

# She cares... #

# ...of you. #

The rocket exploded
on the launch pad.

Due to a loss
on the fuel line.

People died,
burned alive ...

The tragedy occurred due to technical failures
and elementary human errors.

They must know and understand
the possible consequences.

Sergey Pavlovich ...

So they postponed
launching the ship?

The rocket that exploded is not ours
section, but we also ...

... we have problems with the system
life supply and ejection.

We need additional releases,
before sending one of you into space.

Come "More sweat during peace,
less blood during the war. "


Sergey Pavlovich, I say that
it is better to prepare well.

Prepare for what?

It will turn out that the first to
the space will be the Americans.

Launching your ship
is scheduled for March ...

... but it's not a fact
that will happen.

Also, it will be a sub-orbital flight ...

It will not last more than 15 minutes.

We understand it, but
How will we explain to the world?

We can't lose to them!

Send me,
I am willing to die for it!

Do you think you are
the only hero? �Yes?

I am not the only one.

We are all ready to fly!

Of course everyone.

I am not willing!

I don't need human victims
without sense.

you are so much like dad.

I can stay tomorrow
with her, if you want?

What is this?

Yura wants to have a boy,
but I think I'll be a girl again.

What name will they give it?

If it is a girl, it will be Galochka.

A beautiful spring name.

Do you want to have a little sister?

Girls, I just found out ...

Great news!

- Which one?
- What?

Valyushka, don't worry, yes?

Now you can't worry.

Lenochka, Len, please
go play in your room, okay?

Yes, Lenochka, come on.

Go fast.


Girls, I figured it all out.

Out of twenty, they chose six.

Kartashov, he has fragility
in the blood vessels.

Now he has a bruise
in the back.

Varlamov became dislocated
the cervical spine ...

- Understood, who did you choose?
- And Yura?

It's on the list ...
Your German is also on the list.

We have to think
on how to celebrate it.

Don't you understand?

Sooner or later any of them
will be sent to certain death.

And what do you propose?

We should write him a letter ...

... to Kamanin.

From us wives ...

Asking that on the first flight
be sent a bachelor.

For example, Bykovskiy ...

Or Nikolayev.


I personally am against it.

It seems to me that
is not correct.

There lived a poor gentleman ...

It was quiet and simple ...

He looked sad and pale ...

- Intoxicated and upright in spirit ...
- Brave and upright.

Ada, look, German is
longer than Bykovski.

Yes, yes, come on German,
just a little bit more. Let's go.

He had a vision ...

Impossible to understand ...

- And a deep feeling ...
- And a deep feeling ...

It penetrated his heart.

Stop, stop!

Let's take it out carefully!

The head, hold the head,
take him to the stretcher.

It's all, take off his shoes.

Loosen the camouflage.

�Very good,
German Stepanovich!

�The result exceeds in
two minutes to Bykovski's!

Come as you try.
All right, German.

It shows that man
wants to go into space.

What are you talking about, Grisha?
And who does not want?

- You ...?
- Maybe you don't want to?

So far, it is the best result
of the detachment.

Two hours and six minutes.

Very good!

Very good!

�Ada Ravgadovna,
Nelyubov is losing his pulse!

And why don't you take care of it, then?

Stop! Open!

Help us!

Come on! Come on, over here!

- Head up.
- Take it easy! Over here, to the stretcher.

- Carefully.
- Gray!

- Grisha.
- Gray!


He recovers, he recovers,
recovers, recovers!

Salt aromatic!

- Gray!
- Higher your head.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah ...!
- Come on, Grisha!

- Come on!
- Hold on!

- Come on! Come on!
- Sveta, don't get upset ...

- Calm down.
- Come on! Come on!

He's coming to himself, Grisha!


Very good. It's better.
It comes back to itself.

There it is.

How much?

More than all, Grisha,
two hours and eight minutes.

So am I the best?

Grisha, you almost died,
they had to revive you.

Was nothing.

You mean what ...
am I not the first?

You know, Grisha,
we did not decide.

Here, we are all first.

Spring, here Cedar,
I can not hear you.

Spring, here Cedar, over.

Alba-3, Alba-3, here Cedro.

Alba-3, can you hear me?

It is understood. I hear it
with satisfaction.

How does the flight take place?

The machine works perfectly,
the flight proceeds normally.

I continue with the orbital flight.

Greetings to the blonde.

You are not blonde
Are you redheaded.


I'm blond.

Do you want to listen?

We see how it approaches
the ladder ...

The plane door opens.

Down the ladder those
young heroes, cosmonauts.

On their smiling faces
there are traces of tiredness.

Traces of tension with which they had
to face incredible difficulties ...

It's just what I thought!

- Wait, someone already made the flight?
- Silence silence.

... between 10 and 15 victims.

When an unknown force ...

No, why don't we know anything?


... increasing its mass
in dozens of times ...

Where is the release
of the government?

Must be...

The people of our country,
with love, pride and admiration ...

- They look at those young heroes ...
- Must be...

- Which opened a new era ...
- Must be the reservists. the history
of humanity.


They just heard a radio theater
from the literary club ...

... lovers of science fiction,
"Prometheus". Greetings from the future.

- It was a radio theater.
- I already knew.

No. I thought no one told us anything
and we are here like ...

Lyoshka, I seriously believed it.

Too bad it was theater
and not reality.

I was happy for them,
for your return.

Do you really not want to be the first?

I want. Of course I want to!

I would do anything
to reach the end.

There is something I do not understand, you want to be
the first ... and you are happy for others.

I don't know ....

How do you not know?
How does that combine?

I don't know, work it out for yourself.

How do I solve it?

Why do we not choose the best?

Of course. Clear,
Gera, come on.

And you, call the others.

Mars, bring the hat here.

Boys, come on
everyone here!

Grisha, prepare the pieces of paper.

Please take a pencil.

Well, young eagles!

We will fly a lot,
I'm sure.

Comrade director,
allow me a question.


We will fly into space
on a rocket or how?

It won't be on a broom.

Let's see, young eagle,
tell us about yourself.

My name is Mars.

Well, consider that Mars,
It's in the hat!

Come on, put the pieces of paper
in the hat.

Put everyone.

I haven't written yet ...

Everyone, everyone, everyone.

- Did they all write?
- Let me put it on.

- We already have contact.
- Bring on, boys, bring ...

I'm still missing.

- There it is.
- Another piece of paper.

So, let's go.

Titov, German Stepanovich.

Thank you.

- All right.
- Go on.

Mars Rafikov!

I recognize that letter.

Sure, he voted for himself.


There will be a winner.


- Yurka!
- Yes, Gagarin.


- Again, Yurka?
- Yes.

I told you.

- Gagarin.
- They go 25.

Tempo, tempo.
High, higher.

Stop, stop, stop, stop!

Gagarin, make it higher,
higher. Let's go.


So, let's continue ...

With joy, with joy.
Gladly, boys.

Stop, stop, stop, stop!

Boys, every person
You must have a dream.

I have a dream ... which one?

- A very nice accordion!
- Right.

- Gagarin, do you have a dream?

I have it!

Which one?

So, share it
with us.

Talk to me, Dad.

I want to go to the city,
and enter the technical school.

Take off.

There they provide uniform,
coat, shoes, a bed.


They feed three times a day
and they provide a scholarship.

What do they supply?

A scholarship, money.
Seven rubles monthly.

How good!

When my father sent me to study,
I had to pay for it.

I should beat you up.
A beating.

That's right.

But when was that, Dad?

Long time ago.

Listen, Yura.

Come here.

Life is ... like a carpenter.

First cut you down with an ax.

That hurts.

Then it passes you the jack.
It also hurts, but less.

Then he scrapes you with the rasp.

Then with a soft and smooth sandpaper, to
that there are no knots or protrusions.

Tell me, what is more beautiful?

The column or the raw material?

The column, of course.

Yura, I can make millions
of columns like that.

But, the trunk has its character ...
its unique streaks and divine grace.

As if it were part of one,
as they say.

Why go to the city?

For the city, then?

Did you decide?

I decided!


Presented the report
last September ...

I presented the report of the day
and at night I was already flying.

During flight,
I see the polar twilight ...

... in autumn, in September,
it's like a fire.

Like an atomic fire ...

Or like the wings of an angel.

And I fly towards the fire ...

Looked up...

... and I only see the darkness ...

...and the stars.

Suddenly someone ...

... through that fire ...

...he told me...

"You will be the first
to get there. "

I believed him right away.

But was it not God who told you?

Of course not.

It was a voice.

We are pilots.
We believe in voices.


We believe.

Because we can't trust
fully into the technology.

And who can we trust?

In himself.

German, what if we really hear
those voices there?

For thousands of years,
people watched the sky.

And they dreamed of arriving
to the stars.

Watch, Yura.

At first sight
it seems chaos ....

Precisely in this chaos ...

... is the key
of harmony.

Somewhere in there is the answer
to the mystery of our existence.

We are on the threshold
of the universe...

... and we need to give,
just one step.

Mom, what are the stars?

It's the light, son.

Like that of a lamp or what?

They are souls that shine.


Yes, the souls of the righteous.

Of the innocent children.

Why are they so beautiful?

People call them
little tears of God ...

Or the dew of God.

If God existed,
the Germans would not be here.

You know, I read here
who built a cabin ...

... that will allow travel from
the earth to the moon. �Yes?

Yes, they built it.

It was not necessary,
What fool would fly so far?

I would only travel to an unconscious
or a reckless one.

Leave the family on earth
and fly so far.

Mom, they won't send
a fool into space.

There is advanced technology there,
they just wouldn't trust her.

And you, you won't fly, will you?

Mom, you know, I'm a military man ...

Where am I ordered, there I will go.

What will become of Valya?


What about Valya?

She is the wife of a military man.

The wife of a pilot.

You know
She is the wife he was looking for.

She understands everything.

Listen, we walked half a day through Moscow,
Could we stop to smoke?

I will also smoke with pleasure.
Let's take a rest.

Why don't you turn it on?

What ...?



Do you have chrysanthemums?

Yes, of course.

My wife loves them

- Please.
- Can you?

- How much does it cost?
- 60 kopecks, are you going to take it?

They say the final group
is already defined.

Where do you get flowers like this?

He will be the first ...

You are double.

And me, just the understudy.

Grisha, you know that everything can change

For the official decision,
still a week away.

Why are you nervous?

Ten days to go ...

And with us they play
the cat and mouse game.

They don't even trust us
to steer the ship.

They made up a code.

What am I?

� A qualified pilot
or a monkey that presses buttons?

A monkey will not be able to pass
to manual piloting.

But, you can.

If one trusts you, you would pave the
way to space since launch.

And you, go to Kamanin and ask him to
send into space instead of Gagarin.

What is wrong with them?

Where do you think they are?
Calm down!

Come on, separate!

Boys, what's wrong with you?

Better, let's buy flowers
for our wives.

They love me without the flowers!

I will go shopping.

What's up, little one?
Did you wake up?

Valyusha, let me ...


Let's go.

Over here ...

What is it?

What eyes!

What do you want to tell me?

When Lenochka was born,
you were afraid to hold it.

I learn fast.

We landed.

It's for you,
so that it does not extract me.

What is it?

Who will fly?

I don't know.

Maybe me, maybe someone else.


Day 14.

It's time.

Please take care.

Be careful.

Valyushka, take care of the girls.


Yura, promise me
everything will be fine.


As I understand it, the final decision
it was taken and there are no objections.

The first to fly will be Gagarin.

There are objections.

Comrade Marshal, let me express
my considerations on this matter.

Yes, please.

The point is that both candidates
they are well prepared.

Their biographies
they are also almost impeccable.

Why "almost"?
They are both peasants.

Yes, Gagarin is from Smolensk,
son of peasants ...

... the mother is a milker
in the koljoz.

German is from Altai, his father
he's a village teacher ...

In fact, your child's name honors the
Pushkin's hero in "The Lady of Spades".

Yes, what a strange name.

Yes, but Titov is stronger
physically and it is more resistant.

- Comrade Marshal, they have stung.
- Let's go.

What is the problem?
We agreed.

Sergey Pavlovich, I am
agree with you that ...

... for a second flight,
we will need a stronger ...

... cosmonaut and the most appropriate
is German Titov.

What worries me the most is stability
psychological in adverse situations.

Nikolay Petrovich ...

We don't know how a man
I will endure weightlessness.

It is something that you know well.

More than that, we cannot
be 100% sure of success.

Your hesitations about to leave
they can only make matters worse.

If you have specific objections,
expose them.

Okay, I'll be more specific.

All exercises
of training...

... Titov complies with more precision
and no stupid questions.

Sometimes Gagarin manifests
you doubt its suitability.

Be more specific.

Specifically, ejection.

And furthermore ...

During a flyby,
on a calculated landing ...

Gagarin said:
"The site is high risk."

There were other facts.

I get it. Regarding ejection,
According to yes, he did it perfectly.

As for your moment of doubt, it is
precisely what I like about Gagarin.

That means a balanced mind,
if you want to know.

Just born
Gagarin's second son.

He is sober, a rational man.
Moreover, Titov ...

... lost her son,
a few days after birth.

As per yes,
He wanted to hide this fact.

Fearing that this could influence
in a decision against him.

We need that, after the return, the
cosmonaut, tell us the whole truth.

The future will depend on that
of the space program!

During the war, Gagarin was
in occupied territory.

Do you know what? It's time to finish
with Stalinist prejudices!

Comrades, we are before
a transcendent challenge.

Why don't we calm down?

What is the difference
who will be the first?

The main thing is that it is ours,
a Soviet man.

- Golden words.
- So?

Khrushchev liked it�
Gagarin's photograph.

Here, the genius of the Soviet man
the conquest of space began.

Beautiful words.

That was our first victory,
the Sputnik.

Back then, the boys and I
we received the lieutenant stars ...

... and we listen on the radio ...
It was an indescribable feeling.


And then we argue all afternoon,
When will man fly?

Do you see how the stars are?

That man is you
and exactly on you ... everything depends.

Sergey Pavlovich ...

... I will do my best to
the flight was successful.

I will strive,
as they taught me.

Do you know what is written here?

"People, remember me
with a prayer. "

It was written 600 years ago.

Do you think someone will remember?
of us in 600 years?

It is important,
Sergey Pavlovich?

Yura, do you think?

In what, Sergey Pavlovich?

There is no guarantee that technology
work at all stages.

Of course we will put you
in orbit. But...

... on landing may arise
unexpected situations.

I get it.

The brake mechanism,
maybe I can't stop ...

... a device that flies
at 8 km / second.

For that very reason.

If the automatic system does not work,
you will orient the ship by the sun ...

... and you go to manual piloting.

The code is "125".

Understood, Sergei Pavlovich.

The pressure in compartment 1 and 2,
in the manual system it is 150.

How does the flight take place?

Understood, Spring.

The flight proceeds normally.

I'm in a good mood.
I continue with the flight.

I find myself ...
about the United States.

Out the window
I see the stars go by.

The view is very pretty.

I continue the flight
in the shadow of the earth.

Sergey Pavlovich ...

The Ballastics communicated to us
that the ship's orbit ...

... has strayed
about 100 kilometers.

What does that mean?

It means if it doesn't work
the brake mechanism ...

... the ship will continue in orbit ....

... and will slow down due
to the atmosphere.

In a calculated orbit,
it is possible to descend in a week.

In this case, the ship can only return
in a couple of months.

And the reserves of provisions
and oxygen will only last ten days.

Does Gagarin know about this?

No do not know.

- But, we can communicate you.
- It is not necessary.

There is no guarantee
of an adequate answer.

I need the parameters
TDU pressure gauge.

Here Alba-1, report on
the parameters of the TDU pressure.

Speak Moscow!

Speak Moscow!

All radio stations work
of the Soviet Union.

We transmit a statement
from the TASS agency.

�About the world's first flight
from a human being to space!

On April 12, 1961 ...

... the Soviet Union placed
in orbit around the earth ...

... the world's first ship, the
Vostok satellite, with a man on board!

The pilot-cosmonaut of the
spacecraft, from the satellite Vostok ...

- ... is a citizen of the USSR ...
- Everything will be fine.

... the pilot, Major Gagarin,
Yuriy Alekseyevich.

And as Tsiolkovskiy said,
"the planet is the cradle of humanity."

But, it is not a suitable place
live in a crib.

I have met my acquaintance,
a space specialist.


Is there any hope that we will fly
into space, at least in 10 years?

Do you know what he answered me?

Yes, that hope exists.

Our man is in space!

Boys, we are in space!

Mommy Mommy!



- What?
- Mom!

- What happened?
- Mom!

Our Yura ...!

- What happened to Yura? Was he killed or what?
- No.

Turn on the radio!

Yura, it's on the rocket,
is flying in space.

What has he done?
He has two little girls.

- He is a citizen of the USSR.
- What have you done?

The pilot, Major Gagarin,
Yuriy Alekseyevich.

The launch of the space rocket
multi-stage was successful ...

Where are you going? Mom!

I'm going to Moscow.

Where Valentina ...

... and her daughters.

It's in slippers. Mom!

Gagarin is in space!

What happens?

Our man is
in the space!

Our man is
in the space!

We are in space!


- Miss, miss!
- Come with us!

You are in the wrong place.


Because you wait
to the wrong man.

Does he know nothing?

We are the first
in the space!

Gagarin, the pilot!

- Come with us!
- Gagarin!


My boyfriend!

Come on! Come on!

Come on, quick!

Where are we going?

Where are they all going!

Where are they all going?

Are you stupid?
Of course to Red Square!

- Where else?
- Girls, take me with you!


Please, girls!


You are Gagarin,
The Carpenter?

Yes, Gagarin, why?

One such ... Major Gagarin
I flew to the moon.

To the moon?

Is he not your relative?


Yes, major.

My son is first lieutenant.


It does not match,
then they sent another.

To get older, my son
it must go a long way.

I heard on the radio that he was "older".

No. He is not my son.

To the moon?

Attention! abandoned
the shadow of the earth.

Like an illuminator,
I can see the sunrise

The object is spinning.

The object works
likewise in the sun.

Now I see the earth.

I am on the sea.

The direction of movement over
the sea can be determined.

Spring, are you in touch?

That's right, Sergey Pavlovich.

Let them tell Cedro
you should be prepared ...

... to move to the regime
manual piloting ...

... if the TDU doesn't work
in the next two minutes.


Spring, Spring,
here Alba-1.

Cedar, permission is granted, if
necessary, go to manual piloting.

Have you understood?

It is understood. I'm ready
to switch to manual piloting.

Sergey Pavlovich.

Kamanin does not agree to inform you
Yuriy about the orbit detour.

What does he understand?
of orbital mechanics?

Gagarin knows very well
manual piloting will do it well.

The TDU has worked.

Everything is normal.

Cedar reported,
that the TDU has worked.

The automatic system worked!

The next to fly into space,
it will be us!

The journalists!

Why you?

�Because we must be the first
to see it all and tell it!

�In the coming years
We will go, the doctors!

Okay. Come on Zoyka!

Now recite my poem
over space!

At that time,
under the gloom of the pines ...

... green refreshing air.

We were thinking of a blue rocket ...

And we dreamed of flying
to the stars!

Sergey Pavlovich,
there is no separation.

The brakes work,
132 meters per second.

But maybe it's not enough
for the separation of the ship.

I know that might not be enough.

Why does he say
that everything is normal?

� means that everything
It must be normal!

In any case,
we have a reservation variant.

The booster system will burn out.
during entry into the atmosphere.

You are enjoying it!

I'm flying!


I'm flying!

- He likes it, Mom!
- Fly! Flight!

There is no signal from the orbit.

Then I entered the dense
atmosphere layer.

The signal was lost
over the Mediterranean sea.

Despite the deviation from the course ...

... our territory,
according to the trajectory of the ship ...

...we have a reservation....

... of 8,000 km. territorial
of the USSR.

Keep in touch
with all the PVO points ...

... according to the trajectory

Sergey Pavlovich,
the first secretary is on the line.

Tell him that we will inform you
in five minutes.


What is this?

Akademgorodok, Nikita Sergeyevich.

- And that?
- Artek, Nikita Sergeyevich.

And that?

Plates, Nikita Sergeyevich.

Excuse me, comrades,
Do we rest?

Do not worry,
Nikita Sergeyevich.

In any case,
We are the first in orbit!

I need him alive, here.

It will be exhibited worldwide.

I will prepare a reception for you,
Who will be remembered for 100 years!


Be careful, you're not carrying
a bag of potatoes.

I will arrive alive and well.

Look at that! Look at that!

Something falls from the sky!

- Won't you be a Martian?
- No, we better go.

We run!


Please stop!

I am one of you!

I am Soviet!

The weight of the satellite ship, with
the cosmonaut pilot is 4,725 Kg.

Regardless of weight ...

Why are they together,

What is war again?

Bite your tongue.

A man flew into space.

Systems that supply ...

People, this is Aleksey Ivanovich!

Ivanovich, are you not happy?

He is your son...

- Your son flew into space!
- Yes, I flew!

Stop it!

Enough already!

Yurka is not in space.

�Aleksey Ivanovich,
It's very important!

Yurka is in space!

- Aleksey Ivanovich!
- We must celebrate!

- Okay, leave him alone!
- Please, Ivanovich!

- Aleksey Ivanovich!
- Why do they get involved?


Where are you going, Ivanovich?


- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!

�We were with you,
Sergey Pavlovich!

- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!

Oleg Genrijovich!

Oleg Genrijovich ...

Calm down! Calm down!

Sergey Pavlovich,
I was under pressure for three years ...

Like they took away my soul,
I feel empty, empty!

Everything normal!

I landed, alive and healthy!

Well, let's get it.

Keep in mind!

Do not touch the cosmonaut
with the hands!

Yes, yes, yes, not hugging or kissing!

It's an order!

Or they will respond with their heads!

Celebrate the pilot!


Gagarin's space flight divided his life into two parts. Before the flight - The search for your dream and its fulfillment, a dream of freedom. After the flight - The pressure of circumstances, the selfish admiration of millions and the impossibility of belonging to himself.

Yuriy Gagarin reached the rank of Colonel in the Air Force, was appointed deputy director of the Cosmonaut Training Center. He died in 1968, while carrying out an experimental flight, on board a MiG-15UTI.

Until the end of his days, he dreamed of making a second flight into space, but the Party and the Government of the USSR with different pretexts postponed that flight, fearing that he would lose a living symbol of socialism. , the cosmonaut N�1, of which the entire world was proud.

... be the first to do that
that generations of people dreamed of.

Be the first to dial
man's path to space.

Name me a mission
more complicated ...

... than the one that touched me.

That responsibility is not before one
nor in front of dozens of people ...

... nor before the community.

That responsibility is
before all the Soviet people.

Before all humanity,
before his present and his future.

I tell you, my dear friends,
See you soon!

As people always say goodbye,
before leaving for a long journey.

As I would like to hug you all,
acquaintances and strangers ...

To the far and the near.
See you soon!

Translated and synchronized by Kpucumo (PrimeWire linker)