Gaganam (2011) - full transcript

Flight No. SK 957, Star Jet bound for Delhi is set to take off from Chennai on a Monday morning. Terrorists in a team of five, disguised as passengers take over the Star jet flight, supposedly to effect the release of their leader, Yusuf Khan. The passengers' only hope is Major Ravindra from the National Security Guards who along with his team, Major Nawaz Khan and Major Menon, captured Yusuf Khan 2 years ago.

Where are you going?
- Shopping.

Janu, we are getting late.
- I'm coming.

Aunty, I'm going.
I'll call you after landing.

Take care of the house.

We need to go today only,
by the time we reach,

the child would be born and
would be going to school.

Shouldn't I tell everyone
we are going to Delhi in flight?

You boasted about going in flight.
- What else do I've to boast about?

Have you kept your certificates?

I'm sending you to Delhi
because of bad influences here.

Your elder brother has arranged
this interview after great effort.

Don't answer them arrogantly.

Even Gandhiji and Bose too worked
in their times.

I'm talking to you only.
- Is it?

- Mother!

What's this mom?
- Your certificates.

I kept it before God
and offered prayers.

You may not believe in God,
I'm sure you'll get the job this time.

I don't like to work for salary.

I didn't want to hurt him
so only I agreed.

I'm going mom.

I'm seeing article on
'Shining Star' Chandrakanth.- So what?

I'm a great of him.
Can I read it?

Why to see in newspaper?
Watch him live there!

Tell me director, I'm in airport.

BY then be ready with
everything for the climax.

I want to take a photo with him, sir.

Use a helicopter.

Take a photo with me first.
- Are you an actor?

There must be hundred people...

Get lost man!

Do you know who that man is?

Why not?
- Who is he?

Isn't he the man who acts as
father-in-law of the heroine in TV soap?

Silly woman!
He's Central Minister Suryasekhar.- Is it?

Watching him all the day on TV,
I thought he might be an actor.

Fasten the seat belt.

Sir, is it you?

I'm Subba Rao.
I'm your great fan.

I'm mad about fights in your films.

In a recent film you rip out your
enemy arm and hit him with it.

And then punch dialogue you deliver,

'If you put hand on me,
because you've one, I'll rip it out'.

How nicely you ripped his hand sir.

It really blocked my mind, sir.

You look more handsome
in person sir.

Guess, who is sitting next
to me in flight?

You want a clue?

My wife is asking for a clue.

The hero who lifts Sumo car
and rotates in air,

and throws it on ground
to blow it up. That hero!

She guessed it right sir.

My wife is mad about you sir.
Say hello to her.

Did you hear that?

He's busy now.
I'll take a photo with him later.

That's mine!

Do you still read such books?
I used to read in my teens.

Why do girls always read only
English novels while travelling?

We'll be travelling together for
3 hours, so just a friendly inquiry.

I would speak the same even if
an old lady was sitting in your place.

Are you a software Engineer?

I feel like that watching
your attitude.

I think I've seen you before.
- May be seen me on TV.

I'm great Astrologer, Gemology genius,
Dr. Narayana Shastry. PhD.,

You appear in astrology
program every morning, right?

Yes, it's me.

What is your specialty?
- I'm en expert in horoscopes.

Face reading or Numerology,
when I predict, it really happens.

That's my specialty.

From Manmohan Singh to
Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

nobody does anything without
taking my advice, you know that?

You know hero Prabhaas?

His first two films flopped,
third film was a super hit,

how could it become a hit?

I advised him to add another
'A' in his name spelling.

That film too got an 'A' certificate.

Are you going to Delhi?

No, she'll get down in Nellore.

What are you looking at?
This is also a type of meditation.

Isn't the heroine coming with you?

Tamannah would be perfect with you.
That too for 3 years only.

After that she'll fit perfectly
for your mother's character.

Had you been to Bollywood,
it would've been great.

You would've given the stars
there a run for their money.

What happened?

He tried to become an hero.

He's right.

Bhai! Let's decide after landing.

What's he doing?

It has a hijack message code from
which the control tower can know it.

Give it to him.

You can buy another one.

He gave it right,
why are you beating him then?

No more questions!
Both are true.

Who are you?
- We don't need to tell you.

If you all co-operate,
we'll not harm you anyone.

If not, just a press of button
can blow up this plane.

Hijack shock to India,
terrorists strike terror again.

Starjet flight from Chennai
to Delhi has been hijacked.

It has landed in Tirupathi
with hijackers in full control.

But we've not yet received
any information of human loss.

Minister Suryasekhar is also
travelling in the hijacked flight.

Still yet to know if it happened
unexpectedly or planned earlier.

Hijack which has rocked Delhi,
yet to know who is behind it.

There's information of impending
spate of hijacking many more flights.

Hijackers have refused to
negotiate with airport authorities.

A team lead by NSA Krishnamurthy
has reached Tirupathi airport.

Who are the hijackers, sir?

Who are the hijackers, sir?
What are their demands?

They wanted me to take the flight
to Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

What could be their demands?

US President is coming to India
next month, may be to stop that visit.

Is the kidnapped Minister safe?

Don't you know the difference
between hijack and kidnap?

Minister isn't kidnapped,
the flight has been hijacked.

They've good knowledge
in aeronautics too.

Let's talk about it later not now.

Is the Government ready to fulfill
any demand from the hijackers?

It depends on their demands.

Prime Minister said last month about
not giving in to terrorist's demands.

Can't you ask responsible questions?
Don't you've any responsibility?

We've an advantage,
the flight is still in India.

That's a good chance for our people.
- Why?

Why haven't the NSG commandos
arrived yet?

I'll come back to you later.

Don't worry unnecessarily dear,
nothing will happen to us.

We're in the abode
of Lord Venkateshwara.

No aunty, I came without
informing my husband.- Why?

We're having differences,
we're at loggerheads.

I thought a split would be better.

If I tell him, he'll not
accept it, that's why...

That's why I left a message
for him and walked out.

Now I feel guilty.

What's your name?

Where are you from?
- From Pakistan.

We came to Chennai for
her heart operation.

She was under treatment
for 3 months here.

With the grace of Allah,
she's fine now.

We're going back to our country.

From Delhi to Karachi.

Aren't you a Telugu man?
You can talk to me in Telugu.

Do you know to speak in Telugu?

I can speak in all the languages
seen on the currency note.

Look passengers...
- All are safe including the Minister.

How many of you are there?
- You may lose count of it.

I asked how many of you're
there in the flight.

Don't waste time asking questions
which I won't answer.

Light up entire airport so that
we can see every inch of it.

Nobody must come near the flight
without my permission.

Anyone breaking this rule,
we'll blow up the flight.

What's your demand?

Yusuf Khan!

100 passengers.

Along with hero Chandrakanth.

Are you from Chennai?

Look, we're in a hijacked flight,

we don't know if we can
go out alive from here,

so it's better let's all
stick together. Got it?

Should've finished that bastard.

Feeding him with three square meals
and looking after him carefully, why?

To hand him over to them safely.
Are we caretakers?

It seems they created trouble
for not serving them biryani.

The fun part is that a film was
released last month on it,

by hero Chandrakanth who is now
in the hijacked flight,

actually he arrests Yusuf Khan
in the film.- Is it?

You know how? Taking great risk.

Yusuf Khan is escaping
in a helicopter.

Our hero leaps from a tall building
roof into the helicopter and...

What's all this nonsense?

Ask me what happened after that.

What else? He would've got hurt.

He didn't but it hurt the
film's collections.

But one thing is good,
the man who acted as Yusuf Khan,

he's spitting image of Yusuf Khan.

You're planning something, right?

I know it.

Just five people,
they're nothing to you.

You're waiting for
the opportune moment.

They don't know that you're
a gentleman in appearance only,

but a Spiderman if you fly!

What is your name?

I don't have any name.
I'm just a soldier of Allah.

I'm hungry-

Please wait for some more time.
We'll arrange something.

Why are you doing this?

This is holy war.
- You mean?

Why are you scaring all these people?

It's an order from Allah.

Will Allah scare everyone
including me?

You're a gift of Allah.

All these people are our enemies.

But these people treated me back
to health and took great care of me.

All doctors are good.

How nice it would be
if you were also a doctor!

The time now is 6 pm, nobody has
eaten anything since morning.

Nothing will happen if you
don't eat for a day, Captain.

It may affect us
but there are kids...

If anything happens to the passengers,
it'll be a problem to you only.

We know, what to do and when.

Those are church bells,
there's a church near by.

A small request.

This is lent season for us,
very important days,

if you permit me,
I'll pray reading Bible. - No way.

At least give me a Quran if you've,
I'll read it.

All religions are same.

We'll also listen,
read it aloud, Father.

Jehovah is my protector...

Terrorists have demanded
the release of Yusuf Khan.

Where is Yusuf Khan now?

What's the past of world's most
wanted terrorist Yusuf Khan?

Watch tonight at 8 pm in a special
bulletin the dark past of Yusuf Khan.

Should we've to meet every time
in crisis only? - Can't avoid it, right?

We're meeting after 28! 11 Mumbai masts.

Food packets are being delivered now.

They want 100 crores in cash
and bring Yusuf Khan here.

They'll shift the passengers
into that flight.

What about this flight?
- We've promised to get it repaired.

They refused.

We're supplying power.

They're threatening to
blow up the flight.

How could so many weapons
get into the flight?

Anyone of them could've joined
hands with hijackers.

They would've taken the
weapons into the flight.

Yes, tomorrow evening 5 pm.

Midnight attack is right.

I was tensed seeing you silent,

then I remembered the punch dialogue
delivered by you sir,

it's then I understood the
reason for your silence.

What dialogue?

My vision may be silent,
if I react it's very violent.

When I think of their plight,
I'm worried about them sir.

What would our government do now?

It depends on their demands.

They'll ask an assurance
of passengers' safety.

Then they'll ask them to release
at least women and children.

Can't they do it first?

Why? You want to escape first?

They'll not agree to release anyone.

They know that people outside would
know details from released passengers.

Even now they'll eat only after
an hour once we finish eating.- Why?

What if the food is drugged?

We've checked the entire video
of Chennai airport security camera.

But didn't find any clue.

Have you checked the addresses
of all the passengers?

Two addresses are fake till now.

Can't they plan some
commando operation?

We can see that only in English films.

TV media says they've planned to
hijack ten flights simultaneously.

It's nothing but sensationalism, sir.

We can't ignore it.

Don't know...if this problem is solved,

I've made a vow to walk to
His abode and tonsure my head.

What's the bomb they're carrying,
it's very different.

This is not the bomb you see in films,

we can blow up this flight
with 250 grams of it.

How much they could be
carrying now, sir?

Though Yusuf Khan was born in Kashmir,

information says he went with his
family as kid to settle in Afghanistan.

The world came to know about this
dreaded terrorist after London bomb blasts.

After that...- The world is waiting
eagerly for the decision of Indian Govt.

Enough of it!

All of you sleep without talking.

Please don't forget to wake me up.

Why should I wake you up?

I got it sir.

Heroes always do it solo and
kill everyone single handedly.

Have you runaway from home?

You said sorry to dad
feeling sad now, right?

Are you eavesdropping?

You're shouting near my ear
and say I'm eavesdropping.

What's the problem in home
that has forced you to runaway?

My cousin is getting
married in Delhi.

Dad told me to wait for few days,
let's go together.

I didn't listen to him and
left home stubbornly.

Poor dad, he would've come to Tirupathi
watching the news on TV.

How many problems he had
to face because of me?

Anyway why am I telling you all this?

I expected a love story
but daddy sentiment.

Aren't you scared?

I do... do you snore?

You do, right?

Didn't you do anything last night, sir?

Oh no! I didn't do anything.

Without anything, media has written
about an affair with actress Kalashri.

What's this sir?

I'm asking about saving us and
you're blabbering something else.

What can I do man?
- Why not sir? You're a hero!

Can't you bash up just 5 men?

Do you've any sense?
They're terrorists!

So what sir?
You caught Yusuf Khan, right?

I beg you, please don't say it loudly.

If they overhear you,
they may think it's true.

Isn't it true then sir?

You silly man!

That's movie!

What about jumping from
roof top to catch him?

That isn't me, it was my dupe.

Then he's the original
and you're a dupe.

What we do in films
we can't do it in real life.

But what about love which you do
more in real life than in films.

What have I done to you man?
Do you understand the situation here?

They are terrorists.
Nobody can bash them up.

Agreed you can't beat them,

you changed the hearts of terrorists
in a film by talking to them, right?

Why not try that here?

They were junior artistes,
not real terrorists.

They'll listen to me.

If I talk to them,
they'll kill me and hack me.

That's also a big lie!

Can't you do anything?

Waste fellow!

That is...
- Shut your gob!

Discussion is going on.
- Still?

Are you discussing munching
cashews and savouries?

How important is Yusuf to you,
passengers safety is to us.

But we do have rules
and regulations.

We need to consider people, opposition,
media before taking a decision.

Prime Minister has just
returned from Germany.

So, Cabinet meeting is going on,

let it get over, till then, please release
women and children from the flight.

People would trust you.

We're not bothered about
trust of your people.

Are we going to fight elections here?

We'll not release anyone
till our demands are met.

If you don't release Yusuf Khan
before 5 pm today,

our guns will talk,
Minister may be the first victim.

He knows what we are eating here.

A small request.

Unable to enter the toilet.
It's stinking.

Can you please get it cleaned?

What if passengers get sick?

Let them first think about our demands,
we'll think about you then.

Why are you talking like a mad man?

Am I asking you to send me out?

What's the link between your
demand and cleaning the toilet?

You're talking too much,
go to your seat.

We know what to do and when to do.

Can we at least know your demands?

If your govt. releases our Yusuf Khan,
we'll free you.

We've demanded them to free
Yusuf Khan by 5 pm today.

What if they don't?

Cleaning the toilet may
not be necessary.

Who is this Yusuf Khan?

Though 24 hours have passed
since the flight was hijacked,

but the deadline set by terrorists
will end today at 5 pm.

Discussion at the highest level
is still going on.

Friends and relatives of the
passengers have reached Tirupathi airport.

Still thinking about what
to negotiate with terrorists?

Why do we need all this
science and technology then?

What do you want us to do?

The govt. trains us for
such operations only.

But the same govt. which trained you
wants you to wait.

What can we do for it?

How is my son Subhash in flight?
I don't know anything.

If anything happens to the
passengers in the flight,

this govt. must take
the responsibility.

He's saying something,
let's hear him.

Along with food packets
our commandos too would go,

as soon as air hostess
opens the door...

How? There are over 100 passengers inside.
One of them is a Central Minister.

My wife is in that flight.

Earlier six terrorists were releases
to free a Minister's daughter.

Now there are 100 passengers inside,
can't they release one terrorist?

You said it very easily,
but we've to answer to the people.

Tell them sir, it's better than
bowing before the terrorists.

Do you know what would happen
if it was in Israel or America?

They would've stormed the flight
and finished by now.

We're different from them.
- That's what I'm also saying.

Do you know how many died
to send him to jail?

If he comes out now,
he'll kill thousands.

Our leader Central Minister Suryasekhar
in the hijacked flight,

if anything happens to him
the consequences will be dreadful.

Elections are just 3 months away,

if they blow up the flight,
how can we face the electorate.

Not only that Minister's supporters have
announced state wide picketing tomorrow.

He knows nuclear science.

Countries around the world dread
if he comes out.

You're worried about elections,
pickets and answering to people.

We are not the deciding authority.
We just follow orders from higher authority.

We win always fighting the terrorists,

but we always lose to
your indecisiveness.

Have cashew nuts.

We need a helper,
there's lot of work in home.

- Greetings.

I'm from census dept.
What's your name?

How many elders?
- Two.

- Greetings.

I'm from census dept.
- What's your name?

Your age?

Who is that?
- From census dept.

Are you married?
- We're all bachelors.

What's the name of the house owner?
- There's no owner here.

Why did you come again?


Release Yusuf Khan
otherwise I'll kill her.- Stop!

I'll kill her. Free Yusuf Khan.
- Help!

Drop the guns down.

Free Yusuf Khan!
- Help!

Demands from one side and
pressure from other side.

Isn't there any end to it?

I don't know what to do.

Relatives of passengers are
picketing near PM's house.

Minister's supporters are
going on rampage here.

Terrorists are threatening
to kill the Minister.

Minister will not be harmed.

If they kill the Minister,
they know we'll enter the flight.

But our people are not ready
to take that risk.

Cabinet meeting is still going on.

Our people are bothered about
elections not the country.

My blood is boiling sir.

I lost my colleague in
catching Yusuf Khan.

How many more lives will
get sacrificed?

Isn't there any value to their lives?

Will you release Yusuf Khan?

It's not in our hands.

Did you see? If you go against us,
you'll die like him.

Sit down!

Your deadline ends at 5 pm only, right?
Why did you kill him then?

We are following the TV news,
discussion is still going on.

We're not responsible
for media speculation.

You're not giving any responsible reply,
we too can't go on discuss.

That's why I shot a man
who tried to escape.

This is just a sample.

If the response isn't
positive by evening,

the next body will be the Minister's.

Editor is going hammer
and tongs on phone.

Why? We are reporting fine, right?

What are you reporting? We are showing
what everyone else is showing.

Our TRP will rise only if we
something exclusive, right?

It'll be sensational if you manage
to get footage of the hijacked flight.

How can I sir? Too much of police,
can't even enter the airport.

Can't you see it?

Do something,
they've filmed in Rajbhavan too.

His name is Aslam,

he cleans the flight toilets in Chennai
before it leaves the airport.

But he's missing now.

Who is Yusuf Khan
- He's our leader.

Is he a terrorist?

No, our enemies say like that.

But he has killed many people, right?

No, he didn't kill.
Their sins killed them.

But many small children like me
also got killed, right?

It happens sometimes like
that in holy war.

You're a terrorist,
will you kill me too?


Aslam is traced in Red Hills,
Tamil Nadu police are after him.

Let's also go.

If we catch and interrogate him,
I'm sure we'll get a lead.

Till then continue your negotiations
with the terrorists.

How far is Red Hills?

Where is he?
- In a bar, sir.

Do you've a match box?

When did you tonsure your head?

Don't come near, I'll jump down.

Don't act mad!

Don't come.

If you come near, I'll jump.

Don't come near me, I'll jump.

Why is he calling me Ganesh?
- Please listen to me.

We know you're not connected
with the theft of jewels.

Your brother has told the truth.

No case has been registered on you.

We just want an information only.
Just tell, where's Raju? We'll leave you.

Don't die unnecessarily.

Think about your wife and children.

You haven't done anything wrong,
why are you scared then?

Don't come near me, I'll jump down.

I'm telling you, won't you believe me?

I told you not to fire at him, right?

Go back.

I don't have time to talk to you.

Just answer my questions,
it'll help you.

If not you'll hit the headlines
of tomorrow's newspapers.

Along with your photo.

That you've become approver of police.

Do you know what will happen then?

They may spare enemies but
never one who betrays them.

Not only you, your father, mother,
sister, they'll not spare anyone.

Tell me the truth,
I'll ensure your safety.

How many are in that flight?

I don't know sir.
I saw two people, sir.

How long you know them?
- For the past 6 months.

I met them in Mosque.

They said many things and
showed me many videos.

What did you take into the flight?
- I placed a parcel inside.

I don't know what was in that parcel.

Why would he answer
if you ask like this?

Don't you know you'll get
caught by police?

I believed them sir.

They told me to go
underground for few days.

They gave me Rs.2 lakhs and
promised me job in Dubai.

For the past 3 days I didn't know
where to go, and went hiding,

they gave me a phone number,

I came out to make a call
to that number.

But no such phone number
is existing, sir.

What's the size of the parcel?
- About this size.

Parcel may not have machine guns but
it can have pistols and hand grenades.

May be it had plastic explosives.
- I'm sure it had.

Don't let the officers know this,
the may get worried.

Is he saying the truth?

He's not smart enough to lie.

We discussed...
- With whom?

With Home Minister and
Prime Minister...

They suggested to discuss and...

That is...please tell him sir.

High command feels commando
action is risky.

We shouldn't attack them, Ravi.

They're threatening to blow
the flight if we launch attack.

Is your discussion any useful?

We can't take such a big risk,
we're facing elections in 3 months,

if anything happens,
it'll damage country's image.

I don't get one thing sir, won't the
release of Yusuf Khan damage the image?


Govt. has decided to release Yusuf Khan
to save the passengers.

Is it right to release Yusuf Khan
who has killed many thousands?

Till now you said Govt.
hasn't done anything,

now when it is releasing him,
you ask why?

Don't sensationalize issues
for your TRP ratings?

They've promised to bring
Yusuf Khan here by tonight.

After that we'll free all of
you as early as possible.

Congratulations brother!

What has happened now
to clap and feel happy?

In the excitement of going home
after he's released...

This is not a matter to
get excited about.

Do you know how many people
Yusuf Khan has killed?

Our govt. is releasing such
a dreaded criminal for our sake.

I don't mind if you don't feel sad,
but please don't feel happy.

Can you get the toilets
cleaned at least now?

Understand now, what if I had
done something listening to you?

There are situations and
circumstances to show heroics...

If anything happens to my mother,
I'll send an ambulance,

if anything happens to my motherland,
I'll come myself.

This is also one of your punch dialogue.

Greetings sir.
- Greetings.

What's your name?

You enter the flight and clean
the toilets as you do usually.

Just check how many terrorists are there
and the weapons they're carrying.

You've to observe this
while cleaning the toilets.

They mustn't get any doubt.
- Okay sir.

Anyway they've decided to release him,
why this surveillance now?

Let them do as they wish,
but we must also be ready, right?

Couldn't get a prisoner safely?

If press know this,
they'll haul and maul us.

Have you thought about what next, sir?

Does the press know about this?

Not yet but how long can we keep it secret?
- We must keep it a secret.

What if they find it out?

We've only one option to attack
before they know it and save passengers.

But how? Commando operation
is possible at night only.

Their deadline ends by evening 5 pm.

What am I to tell them?
- Tell them something,

tell them there's a little delay
in bringing Yusuf Khan here.

What if they don't agree?
- Make them agree.

Tell them there's rain
or some storm hit them.

Tell the same thing to press also.

I don't think it's practically possible.


We received information just now.

We want Yusuf Khan only
not any information.

Not like that, please listen to me.

It's snowing heavily there,
very difficult for helicopter to go there.

They've travel by road
for some distance.

It'll be night before Yusuf Khan
reaches this place.

You're lying!

I don't have any need to lie to you.

I don't think you've taken us seriously.

Look, we're helpless
if you threaten us.

You've waited till now,
just few more hours only.

We'll wait.
But we've a limit.

If you fail to produce Yusuf Khan by night,
you will be responsible...

If you try any commando operation,
we'll not keep quiet.

He's entertaining us even
in this serious situation.

Your govt. isn't worried about you.

They're not here to save you but
for Tirupathi temple offering.

Yusuf Khan is getting released, right?
What else you want?

Yusuf Khan should've been here by now,

but they're acting with tactics
like snowing and rain.

Didn't you cheat us coming like
passengers and hijacked all of us?

Isn't that cheating?

This is not for you,
we are waging a war. Holy war!

Why are you waging war
in the name of Allah?

What's so holy in war?

There is, that's why all women
are still safe here.

No use in going to America or London
after studying computers.

Go to Kashmir and see, you'll know
what your country has done.

You too go to Bombay,
Coimbatore, Hyderabad

and see women who have lost their
husbands for terrorist attacks,

and you can see orphans
and mass graves.


If Yusuf Khan doesn't reach here by
tonight, I'll one every 30 minutes.

Who will he start with?

If he starts with children,
you'll be the last man.

If he starts with seniors,
you'll be the first man.

Sit down!

Even if you're doctor,
why did you treat him?

That's my responsibility.

But he's a terrorist.
- But I'm not a terrorist, right?

As a doctor what he did is right.
You sit down silently sir.

Are you really a doctor?
- Why?

You don't appear like a doctor.

Do you want me to be with
a stethoscope always like in films?

I believe what you say.

Relatives of the passengers
are creating a problem.

Very difficult to deal
with them, sir.

I feel it'll be better
if higher officials talk to them.

At times I feel they are
right in their argument.

You mean?
- It means...

Think if I kidnap you for 10 days,

after 4 or 5 days,
you'll identify yourself with me,

you'll start liking me,

if anyone comes to save you,
you'll see them as your enemy.

This psychology is known
as Stockholm syndrome.

I'll never like you even if I stay
with you for 10 years.

Thank God, I'm saved.

A small request.

There are many old people here,
legs are paining sitting in one place,

if you permit,
we'll stand there for sometime.

But only two people at a time.


I've seen you somewhere.
- Don't you know him?

He's blabbering without knowledge.
You don't worry, carry on sir.

Go sir.

If you blabber again, I'll kill...

Will you beat me? Will you beat me to
prove yourself as action star?

My wife beats me, do you know my 4
years old son too beats me?

Will you beat me?

What does he know?

Leave it sir.

He's a military man,
he'll talk like that only.

We thought Yusuf Khan will come and
everything will go as we expected,

but should he meet with
an accident on the way?

I didn't listen to my father's advice,

I stubbornly joined IAS,

he told me I can never go
the toilet also peacefully.

I've captured flight footage in camera.

I'll send it immediately.

I've to be here for some more time.

I've got sensational news.

Our channel which brings news
as it happens to the viewers,

we bring to light truth
without any fear.

This exclusive bulletin is
one such sensational news.

This is the Starjet flight that
was hijacked three days ago.

We've news that the vehicle bringing
Yusuf Khan has met with an accident.

Some reporter has managed to give
a slip to security and entered the airport.

Before he comes to know everything.

One minute,

can I see that gun?

It's my childhood wish to hold a gun.

We've news that the vehicle bringing
Yusuf Khan has met with an accident.

What's happening?

Will you tell me or not?

A small problem...

A small accident on the way...

He's fine.

Doctors are checking him.

Is it a joke?

Please answer my question.

You too have a family like us, right?
are you right in doing this?

Oh he has killed him unjustly!

What was his mistake?
- Why did you kill him unjustly?

We are not here to judge anything,
Yusuf Khan must come here,

anything can happen till then.

If you've courage fight face to face,

you all are cowards!

I'm not a man to get scared with guns.

I would've died in Kargil war.

Angels, please help him!

Angels, please appear before him.

Christ, who has called you,
may you be with him.

May angels take you to the Lord!

May the soul who died today
reach your holy feet, amen.

Are you happy now?
A man lost his life because of you.

Something like this could've happened
even if you'd attacked them.

It would've some meaning.

Now, it's complicated.

Taking time to decide and
then taking wrong decision.

What else can I do?
You can understand only this language.

We had promised to release
Yusuf Khan, right? What else you want?

If you behave as you wish,
it's not good for you.

Don't waste time thinking
about what's good for us.

Think about the safety of
your people's lives.

We'll throw a body every 30 minutes
till Yusuf Khan is here. Got it?

Are you threatening me?

I'm warning you, if you kill
any one passenger from now,

you will not get even
the body of Yusuf Khan.

We can bring Yusuf Khan only after
the doctors give the clearance.

Do what so ever you can do!

Why are you getting tensed?
What if he kills another passenger...

I'll shout like this only.

If not you take charge.

Face PM and press,
and discuss with them.

I've killed my son.

My son...

Leave me...leave me please...
My son...

Terrorists have challenged the govt.

They've killed a passenger Subhash
brutally and threw his body out.

Answer the call.

Same anger, talk to them
in the same tone. Go.


You must believe me.

It'll take 10 hours.

What did he say?

He wants proof that Yusuf Khan is alive.

He wants to see him on TV.

Meanwhile other terrorists groups have
welcomed the release of Yusuf Khan.

Do something.


We must attack them
when they least expect.

We don't have it now.

Even if they get any
suspicion of attack...

No more food packets too till
we provide the proof.

This is not the time to discuss
who is right and who is wrong.

What was that film's name?
- Which film?

The film in which you told me
Chandrakanth catches Yusuf Khan.

Kashmir is our dream.

Anyone who is against this
is enemy of Islam.

It's not sin to kill such an enemy.
It's responsibility, holy war!

Holy war!

You're gouging out eyes for dreams.

My motherland is more important
than my life.

Don't Muslims read Hindu paper,
aren't Hindus eating Mughal biryani?

Our victory to India is more
powerful than your holy war cry!

He's a spitting image of Yusuf Khan.

I want this actor, film's director,
cameraman, make-up man here.

We had intercepted Yusuf Khan's
phone calls, right?- Yes.

You've entered the airport
without permission,

that too in a police uniform,

that's why I'm quite,
if not you would feel the heat.

A passenger died because of you,
you know that?

Safety of passengers is your duty,
you failed in your duty,

taking the truth to people is my duty,
I'm did it perfectly.

Is it for people or TRP rating?

Vietnam war ended because
of a journalist's photo.

Princess Diana was killed
by one of your folks.

What sort of man you are?

Will you do anything for sensation?

Don't you've responsibility
in safe guarding the country?

Won't you help the govt.
In such situations?

We are not govt. servants.
Media is always opposition.

It's not out job to work for the govt.

I'm not saying for govt.
but work for the country.

It's not journalism to peep
into bathrooms and bedrooms.

I don't want your advises,
it's better for you to send me out.

If not...

What will you do man?
Will you complain on me?

Will you file a case on
for stifling press freedom?

But you can't go out from here.
- I must go...

If you create any problem...

Even your body will not be found.

Arrest him.

My phone...

How could you find I'm not
a real police?

This red colour must be
on top, you fool!

A small request.

People here would've families.
And responsibilities too.

But I don't have anyone.

Except Jesus!

My only responsibility
is to serve God.

If you want to kill anyone,
please kill me.

Tell the dialogue once.

Hello elderly man! When are you
getting your daughter married?

We mustn't keep banana plant and
unmarried girl in home for long time.

Go to your position.
- Okay sir.

Get it ready man!
Watching fun around. Do it fast.

Unmarried girl...banana plant...

Go fast!
- Okay sir.

Nasty people come to act.

What's this man?
See where did he go way?

Go and see where he is?

People come to take my life.

Where's the manager?

What did they tell you
before bringing here?

They said ad film shooting.

You?- Told me to come with make-up kit
to transform a man into Yusuf Khan.

That's okay,

I was waiting in bus stop,
they've brought me to Tirupathi,

snatched away my cell phone too.

I've a story discussion
with Mohan Babu.

Moreover I've a problem with my wife,
she's suspecting me unnecessarily.

That I've an affair with Parvathi.
- Who is Parvathi sir?

Why do you want to know?

She's a maid servant
in heroine's house.

What's your name?
- Ranganath.

From which place?
- Srisailam.

What have you done?
- B.A. Mystery...sorry History.

Do you know to speak Hindi?
- No sir.

Just delivered the dialogues by heart.
That's all.

I just did the role of Yusuf Khan Sir.
That's all.

I don't have any connection with him sir.
It was a lousy film, sir.

After the film's release
even kids are laughing at me sir.

I didn't want to be an actor, sir.

I wanted to become a police officer.

I was jobless, a friend who worked
as assistant director,

he said I'll look perfectly
like Yusuf Khan with make-up,

and took me to this fool...

took me to him sir,

he was my make-up man,
I don't know anything sir,

right now I'm doing a priest's role,

wearing dhoti, applied mark on forehead,
just only one dialogue,

banana plant and unmarried girl
in home, keep them or not for long...

I forgot the dialogue in tension, sir.
I don't know anything sir.

We'll not harm you,
just do as we tell you. Okay?

Turn him into Yusuf Khan.
- Okay sir.

You don't worry, you're doing
a great service to this nation.- Okay?

Are you the director?

That is...- Tell him that you're not
and I'm the director.

Yes sir, he's the director.

We'll put up a hospital set,

in that film a scene on Yusuf Khan
I mean Ranganath on bed, that's enough.

What's the concept, story and screenplay?
I must know it, right?

Can I know why you're
making us do this?

It's enough if you do
as you're told.

As a director I must know what to...

I must know what I'm doing.
- We can't tell you the details now.

You'll know after it's over.

Go man!


Don't talk to me.

Go away...mummy, tell him
to go away. I'm scared.

- What happened?


For God sake please go away,
she's scared of you.

Please go away.


Tears are our foremost enemy.

Second is sentiment.

We've to move towards Holy war
after killing them. Got it?

This is holy war, a command from God.

This is holy war, a command from God.

Greetings sir.

Will this work out, Ravi?
- May work out, just a hope,

many world leaders had
doubles for security,

Saddam Hussein too had body doubles,

it's been two years since the
world has seen Yusuf Khan, 835.

Not only that we've no other choice.

Yusuf Khan will be lying on bed
holding today's newspaper,- Why?

We must have proof that it
has happened today only.

What happened today?

Shoot the news paper for long time
and then show Yusuf Khan.

Where is the creativity, sir?
Why a news paper?

Show a lion or tiger
and pan to Yusuf...

I've stopped it.

He must look into the camera and say this
is holy war, a command from God. 844.

I didn't get what you said now.
How can people understand it?

I had called you here because
you've made a film on Yusuf Khan,

you would know in which
angle Yusuf will appear good,

the entire episode must appear
like a TV news report.

Yusuf Khan must look into
the camera angrily and...

Are you the director or me?

If you direct the entire scene,
why am I here then?

You may a commando
but I'm the director.

Leave the performance
part of it to me.

Listen to me...
- I got ruined listening to a man.- Who?

Just before climax prior
to the commando action,

he wanted an item song by Namitha,

I begged him not to insist for it,
he didn't listen to me,

he wanted it and what's the result?
We're finished!

If you're so knowledgeable,
how could Yusuf Khan speak in Telugu?

If you think so logically,
we can't make films in India.

Did you see film 'Roja'?
- I did.

Don't terrorists speak in Telugu?

Audience have accepted it.
It's okay if the do.

Till then we must make such films...
- Do what you've been asked to do.

You're taking a big risk.
He's very bad actor.

This is holy war, a command from God.

Our job is over,
we'll take leave now.

No, all three of you must be here only.

We too have work,
it's not fair to detain us.

But when will he be here?

He needs another scan, as soon as
doctors clear him, he'll be here.

He'll be here by tomorrow night.

This is the flight that
will bring Yusuf Khan.

On seeing Yusuf Khan,

terrorists will shift the passengers
from this flight to this flight,

we'll attack them
when they're passing midway,

Amongst so many passengers
and crew...

To succeed in this mission...

There's a retired Colonel
in the passengers list.

We've to send a cell phone
inside for that purpose.- How?

Oh no! I did it once!
I can't do it again sir.

I'm terribly scared, sir.
Please leave me, I'll go back to Srisailam.

How could you dream of
becoming a police officer?

After watching films.
Police come in the last scene, right?

I thought its easy job.
But I got disqualified there too.- Why?

I faint quite often.

Yes sir.

They asked me to go around the ground,
I fell unconscious unable to do.

When will this all happens?

When I'm tired or scared,
or if dogs chase me.

I think I'll faint now, sir.

You're police man, how can you cry?
- Police?

' Y0u!

You're a police officer from this moment.
- Really sir?

I'll get you an appointment
order immediately.

Concentrate on what I'm telling you.
- No sir, I'll resign.

Will you be a junior artiste
all your life?

Living for living sake
is not life at all.

If you listen to me,
I'll make you a hero in one day.

You'll never get such a chance again.

Everyone who laughed at you
in Srisailam will salute you.

I'll do as you order sir.

Today is my birthday.

Is that why they're releasing
Yusuf Khan today?

Nothing, prisoners get released
on VIP's birthday, right?

Look, lives of hundred people
are in your hands. Got it?

I know sir, my father was
a police constable.

He died while on duty.
I'll do it correctly sir.

We're planning a rescue
operation tonight,

we need Col. Jagadish's help
who is in the flight,

food packets will be
delivered today morning,

one food packet will have
a red rubber band,

there will be a cell phone in it,
it must reach Col. Jagadish,

and please inform about this
to Colonel before itself,

Why did you take so long?
- I've a problem.

What's the problem?
- Little problem...

What's the problem?
What did you do for so long time inside?

If you faint again...

I'm dead scared sir.
I'm not used to this.

We've all our hopes on you.

Why are you crying like
a baby irresponsibly? Look at this!

Did you see? They were all
ordinary people like you.

People who came to buy
vegetables in market,

children who were going to school,

women who were visiting temple,
look at them carefully,

people who did this have
hijacked that flight,

if we leave them,

they'll plant bombs in the bus you go
or in train your father is travelling,

if your mother or sister was in that flight,
will you behave like this only?

Don't you get angry seeing this?

We've been fighting with them
for 4 days now,

you are our only hope now,

don't get scared,
we are with you.

Okay sir, I'll come trusting you.

Remove your leg.

Remove your leg.

Doubt cleared?

We love 'Shining Star' Chandrakanth!

If he comes out safely, we'll get
our heads tonsured in temple.

But just a small fear.
- Scared of fainting?

You won't faint and
you mustn't faint.

Anyway what do you do
when you faint?

Last time a man placed an iron
rod in my hand, I recovered.

Then, we'll take you in a wheelchair,
hold the handle tightly.

The problem isn't that,
you're still Ranganath.

You must transform into Yusuf Khan.

You must show the same body
language as in that film.

I'm scared on seeing you sir.
Ask my director to say, I'll do it.

Was my film rotten?

Let this get over, I'll see your end.

If I see you anywhere near Filmnagar,
I'll squeeze you out.

I'll kill you.

You're not Ranganath now
but Yusuf Khan.

You're now the world's
most dreaded terrorist.

Do you know at the mention of
your name entire globe shivers?

You've killed many mercilessly.

If you've headache,
you use bullets as tablets.

At the mention of your name,
even dead bodies will shiver.

Overacting with me...
making faces... Shut up!

Tonight as soon as Yusuf Khan arrives,
you'll be shifted to another flight,

while shifting I'll give you a signal,

all of them must sleep on ground,

I think you will understand this.

Inform all passengers and
hijackers mustn't know about it.

I trust you can do this.

Not only that number of hijackers
in the flight,

and the weapons they're carrying,
we must know the details.

You say hand grenades,
what if they detonate it?

I'll not give them so much time.

They'll get alerted.

We must think of a signal
which will not alert them.

That's our signal!

Take it out!

Sit in your seat.

Where's the cell phone?
- Inside the socks.

Sources say Yusuf Khan's flight will
be reaching Tirupathi anytime now,

and we expect hijackers would release
women and children after that.

Flight carrying Yusuf Khan
will land at 8 pm,

we must get into that flight by 8.10 pm,
that's 10 minutes,

the countdown begins with the first
passenger getting down from this flight.

They're releasing Yusuf Khan, right?

We must be ready for any eventuality,
we mustn't trust them blindly.

Let anything may happen to us,
we mustn't lose this battle.

If we've to blow up this flight
in 10 minutes,

I'll have the remote with me.
- If everything goes on well.

This is our last and final warning.

Can I ask you a thing?

Do you think they're carrying
just one hand grenade?

If it goes off, nobody will survive.
- How then?

Okay, keep it secret.
Trust me.

Greetings sir.

My address is with make-up man,
if anything happens to me...

Please inform my parents, sir.

I'll feel proud if it happens
while on duty.

Nothing will happen to you, go.

Ask all of them to get down.

Take your hand bags and get down.

Mummy, my doll!
- Dear!

Stop! What happened?

I forgot the gift given
by Subhash uncle.

Dear, I too have a gift for you.

One press of button and
all of you would die.

Act as if you're having fits.
- I'm not getting it, sir.

Just act like that.

If he comes near, he'll kill you.

Are you mad?
He may die without medical help.

Don't come near.

I must get into that flight.
If not I'll kill everyone.

Ranganath, act as if you've fainted,
let anything happen don't move.

Hey! Look at him!

He may die.

What happened?

We didn't find the bomb.

We checked thoroughly all the 5 terrorists.
It's not with anyone of them.

It's not in the flight too.

I'm sure it'll be somewhere
here only.

Who gave you this dear?

Uncle gave this as gift inside the flight.
- Take her away.

Is there time to defuse this bomb?

No time.

Can we clap now?

Did I overact?

No, you can join the
duty immediately.

Take care.

- Bye.

Please do come to my country.
- Definitely.

Let's meet again.

If we don't have such things.

Can you please give your phone number?

How could you come so late
from shopping?

It's not Parvathi,
she has nothing to do with it.

Flight was hijacked, right?
I'm in Tirupathi.

They took away my cell phone
and gave it back just now only.

I'm talking to you after
they gave the cell phone,

I don't have any affair
with Parvathi, my dear...Believe me.

No my dear...

They took my cell phone
and gave it back just now.

I didn't have time to call you,
that's why I didn't call you.

What?- I was here for two days,
this is union rate card,

who will pay me sir?
What's this sir?

Can I take a photo with you sir?



Put your hand on my shoulder sir.

You're a real hero sir.
Click it.



You've been blessed with a grandson.

What great news! Lord Venkateshwara.

Your husband?- Yes uncle.

Are you the owner of this flight?

The colour is not good as per
the building almanac.

Better to change it.