Gadgetman (1996) - full transcript

♪♪ [rock]

♪ Standing here, my friend ♪

♪ Made the right connection ♪

♪ No more looking back

♪ We can see it all through ♪

♪ Fate has shown us the way ♪

♪ Troubled waters flow free ♪

♪ No adjustments here

♪ With the right connection ♪



[whirring continues]

[whirring resumes]

[beeping, honking]

[honking, beeping]



[clicking, beeping]

[door unlocks]

[electronic pulsing]

[hinges creaking]


[whispering] Be quiet!

I'm concentrating!

Nobody said anything about a dog.

[whispering] That's because they don't have a dog.

[stammering] What's that, then?

[deep voice] Where do you three think you're going?

[all three screaming]

[deep voice] It's okay, fellas.

It's okay.

Oh, I'm sorry.

[regular voice] I forgot about the throat mic.

See? It's all right now.

[beep] Gentlemen.


Meet Guy, my new security guard.


I told you you wouldn't get past me.

It's a robot?

A little more advanced than a robot, Sumo.

State of the art animatronics...

[whirring] in fact.

But how did you know we were even coming?


You broke radio silence?

No, I didn't.

You bugged us!

I had you on the screen

all the way from Sumo's house.

I think the name of the program is, um...

"My Town". [laughs]

He bugged you with your own computer program.

That's cheating, Dad!

You could have given us a heart attack, Prof.

Oh, he's actually pretty lovable, Chip.

Once you get to know him.

Watch this.


♪♪ [waltz]

It's brilliant.

It's only animatronics.

Maybe. But that throat mic is ace!

Certainly fooled us.

When did you test it, Dad?

Well, this is it's test run, actually.


Oh! Bernard! Help!


[clicking buttons]

[laughing] [whizzing]

Whoo! [panting]

Still a few--

[All] Adjustments required?

How much longer, Quincy?

Nearly ready.

On me.

[clears throat] Now to test

my remote controlled video camera.

First, we will...

zoom out.


[door opens]

I hope Guy didn't embarrass you too much.

Chip and Sumo think you're the greatest dad on the planet.

If we...

ever had to leave here,

would that bother you, son?

What would we want to leave for?

This was Mom's house.

It's not a case of want, Bernard.

But it might be a case of necessity.

I didn't want to worry you,

but the court case ended today.

I lost.

That's gross, Dad.

How could you? The bank stiffed you!

Bottom line is it might mean selling up and...

getting somewhere smaller.

They can't just take people's homes away from them.

It isn't fair.

If they'd have paid you properly

for programming their automatic tellers,

we'd have been millionaires.

Unfortunately, I settled at the time,

and the court says I have no comeback now.

We needed the money then for your mother's treatment.

Not that it saved her life.


Hey, it might never come to it!

The computer wallet I've been working on?

Almost there.

And then, of course...

there is the jet bike.

You finished it.

Yep! Oh, brilliant, Dad. Can I try it?

Absolutely not! It's pitch black!

No. We'll test it tomorrow when Chip and Sumo come.

Until then, it's under wraps.

Dad. No. Come on.

The cupboards are bare.

We don't want those friends of yours to starve.

Did you make a list of what we need?

Pizzas, burgers, fries, and beans.

I meant the essentials.

Those are the essentials.

[laughing] Okay.

[starts engine]



Something's died in here.


Oh, it's you, ya filthy--

Oh! Yo! What's happenin'?

What have I told you about taking those shoes off?

My feet were killing me.

Another minute, and we both would be dead.


Hey, come on. We've got a job to do.

This time tomorrow,

we'll be on a sun-kissed beach in Acapulco,

and our names will be out there

with all the other legends.


Al Capone.

Bonnie and Clyde.

The Undertaker.

Do you have to mention that name?

The Undertaker is a legend.


What time is it?

Five past, uh, something.

I never got 'round to getting the hour hand fixed.

The bank.

We've slept in for the bank!

Where is everybody?


I ought to...

Yeah, yeah. Why don't ya?

A bashing ain't nothing to what The Undertaker

will do to us tomorrow if we don't repay

the money we borrowed.


[engine cuts]


[whizzing, clanking]

Oh, come on, Dad. Not again.


Now I know it's similar to your birthday.

Or is it your grandmother's birthday?

I've told you to write your pin number down.

Yeah, I have.

I just can't remember where.

Never mind.

It's only a machine, after all,

and I did write the program.

Now, we take one McNeil wallet computer...

[beeping] and instead of giving information,

we program the card to request it.


You're a genius, Dad.




[whirring] 200 pounds, please.

Quite simple, really.

Ha ha!


[whirring continues]

[Professor] Oh, dear. What's going on here?

A few adjustments required, maybe.

Hmm. Oh, no.

Oh, dear. I don't understand.

[gasping] The machine shouldn't be doing this!

Donnie. What?

[Professor] Bernard! Come on!

I'm dreamin'!

Put the money back.

Is that a hole in the wall firin' money

at that man and his kid?

[Professor, Bean chattering]

Put it in the bag! Oh, quickly!

[laughing] Oh, there's a whole pile over there!

Oh, Bernard! Come on!


I think that's the last of them.

[laughing] Wow. How much do you think's there?

We've got to put this back.

How? I don't know. Somehow.

We can't just stuff it back in the dispenser, Dad.

The banks don't have letterboxes anymore.

It's bad security. [sighs]

I can't think what went wrong.

This was an accident.

It just-- It wasn't supposed to happen like this--

[siren approaching]

Come on!

Dad, it's an ambulance.

[starts engine]

What are you waitin' for, ya moron?

Get after them!

Don't call me a moron.

Will you move?

Nobody calls me a moron.

I ain't moving until you take it back.

We'll lose them.

All right. All right. All right.

You are Albert Einstein.

Now will you please drive?

That's better.

[starts engine]

[tires squealing]

[tires squealing]

[cutting engine]

I got Foo-Foo! Here we go!

[squeaking toy] Yes.


How much? [laughs]

This is your lucky day.

No. It's going back.

Dad, what's the panic?

£18,000 of stolen money. That's the panic!

It was an accident, a straightforward accident.

Yeah. You think the police are gonna see it like that?

I programmed all the bank's machines.

I lose a court case against the same bank,

and the very same evening, I empty one of their ATMs.

And your picture's all over the papers.

[laughing] Oh, thanks. That's all I need.

Well, at least nobody saw us.

There'll be no witnesses.

Oh, no. Wait. Wait!

There-- There was a van...

parked right there by the bank.

A beaten-up old pickup.

[laughing] It could have been abandoned.

There were two men in it.

So? They could have been undercover cops!

Maybe there saw us do the bank.

Bernard, we did not do the bank!

[sighs] Oh, Lord.

Supposing they were the police.

Then they would have followed us, Dad.

You're right.

I didn't see anyone with flashing lights.

Did you? No.

No. And nobody tried to stop us, did they?

No. No. Good.

That means that we might have time

to put it back before they notice it.

Dad, we've been through all this.

There's no way you can put it back.

You are forgetting

who programmed these machines in the first place!


Maybe I hit the cryptic decipher key

when I was still in the cross-reference mode.

Dad. Or there could have been

a significant data release during transmission.

Dad. It could have corrupted the resource fork.

Maybe we should just keep the money.

I hope I misheard you, Bernard McNeil.

They robbed you, didn't they?

What, and you think the answer is to rob them back?

Yeah. [scoffs]

Well, I'm just glad that your mother

isn't here to hear you say that.

She'd still be here if the bank had paid what they owed.

Now, you know that's not true, Bernard.

All the money in the world wouldn't have saved her.

It would have just prolonged her agony.

I still say we keep the money.


It's going back.

And in the meantime, my boy,

you are going to bed.

Good night.




Given what comes out must go in...

Ha ha! Bingo!

[keys rattling]




Professor McNeil?

Oh, dear.

You're not the gentlemen from the bank, are you?

Now how did he guess that, Donnie?

Must be psychic, Lonnie.

Laundry call!


It's Saturday. I need your dirt--


This working all night has to stop.

"Dear Bernard,

"had to dash off early on business.

"Call your gran

"and have her look after you for the weekend.

Love, Dad."

What gran?

I don't know why we didn't just

lift the kid, as well.

'Cause I hate kids.

They're trouble.

How much did we get?

Nearly 19,000.

You're a genius, Prof.

Now we'll be able to pay The Undertaker back

and keep the change.

Why should we pay The Undertaker anything?

To save our skin.

That's always been your trouble, hasn't it?

You always think small-time.

Do not!

Now we've got the Prof,

we're bigger than The Undertaker.

Besides, no one knows about this place.

How could anyone ever find us?

[phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

It's probably for you.

You found it.

Yeah? Dolan Brothers. [groans]

[Man] Where have you been? You trying to hide from us?

No! Honest!

We were just about to call you!

[muttering on phone]

Hey! There's no need to call us names!

We're expecting the money.

Well, maybe we had better things to do

than rob banks!

If you're not out here within the hour, we'll break your legs.

Oh, yeah?

Well, maybe Donnie and me

may just do the same to you.

Only double!

[angry muttering]

[muffled cries]

Mm! Maybe you don't realize who you're talking to!

Only the guys who've signed up

the greatest criminal genius since--

[muffled] The money's burning!

Jack the Ripper! [muffled] Burning!

Yeah, that made you sit up!

[muffled yelling]


This guy doesn't need to rob banks.

The money! His cash machines throw money at him.

A regular professor.

[muffled yelling]

Shh! [muffled screaming]

He practically invented the cash dispenser.

I called in to the papers.

[muffled] Fire!

No. Sorry. Can't do that.

We've got him all signed up,

and we're cutting nobody in.

Oh, yeah?

Well, you'll have to find us first, won't you?

If it were me, Lonnie,

I'd cut The Undertaker in.

Yeah, but I'm not stupid like you, am I?

[muffled screaming]


Can you smell burning?

[muffled weeping] It's burning! Burning!

Burning! It's burning!

The money!

[whimpering, howling]


[brakes squealing]

Wow. That's the jet bike.

Let's have a go.


Come on.

What are we waiting for?

It hasn't been road tested yet.

Well, let's road test it.

No. I can't. My dad has to be there.

What for? To pick up the bits?

Some of his inventions do work, you know.

[Both] Yeah, with a few adjustments.

Then maybe you'll be safer

staying at your own house over the weekend.

Hey. I can't.

No way am I spending the weekend doing chores.

Good. Because the Peacekeepers have a mission.

What mission?

Hi, Bernard.

[mocking] Oh, hi, Bernard.

Act your age.

Thanks for those computer books you loaned me.

They really helped a lot.

I'll bring them with me tomorrow, shall I?

Is there something wrong?


I thought this was supposed to be a fun weekend.

So I'm caught with a girl now?

Chip and Sumo are staying over for the weekend.

As of today. Oh?

It'll have to be some other time, Frankie. I'm sorry.

Sure. I wouldn't want to intrude

where I'm not wanted.

So, what's the mission?

I'll tell you on the way.

The way where?


[static] Chip to Bean. Chip to Bean.

Hold on, will you?

Does he realize where he's heading?

I told you.

We've got a mission.

Not down there, we don't.

Peacekeepers go anywhere.

No one goes into the Wastelands.

That's cyber rats country.

Do you want to risk running into vermin?

Or worse. Psycho?

Yeah. Remember what happened to Andy Hardy?

I'd rather not, thanks.

Look, what better place to hide a kidnap victim

than a place everyone is afraid to go?

Kidnap victim?

My dad.


Don't be stupid.

Who would want to kidnap the Prof?

Bean, wait!

You moppet.

What have I done?

Why are you always slagging off his dad?

The Prof is all Bean's got.

Chip to Bean.

Chip to Bean!

Will you at least acknowledge you're alive?




[shouting, hollering]

What is that?

They've spotted him.

Oh, no. He's mincemeat.


Bean to Chip. Bean to Chip.

Status: okay. Repeat: I'm okay. Over.

Get him!


Bean to Chip. Bean to Chip. You receiving? Over.



[Sumo] Go ahead, Bean.

We've got you loud and clear.

What's happening, Bean? Where are you?

[Bean] I'm trapped, heading for the other gate.

Scratch last message.


I'm hamburger.

Say again. You're breakin' up.

Thanks, Chip.

Just what I wanted to hear.

[chattering indistinctly]

[kids shouting]

What's he doing, Sumo? Oh, sugar.

He's heading towards the water.

[all laughing, heckling]

[laughing, heckling continue]

I'm, okay. Leave me.

What? I said, leave me!


But you don't have a gran, Bean.

It's just you and the Prof.

[Sumo] He is a little absent-minded at times.

But he'd hardly forget that my gran died ten years ago.


But that still doesn't prove that the Prof's been kidnapped...

unless there's something you're not telling us.

You have to swear. You too, Sumo.

[Both] Deaf as door posts,

blind as bats, dumb as turkeys,

squealers are rats.

Remember, you'll be buried alive and worms will suck your blood

and ants will eat your eyes out.

[Chip] Yeah, yeah, we know.

Dad and me, robbed a bank in town last night.

[Both] Yes!

Okay. Supposing someone did want to kidnap the Prof.

How would they get into your house

if the Peacekeepers couldn't break in?

If the SES couldn't break in?

Dad only puts the alarms on at night.

Or if he's going out.

But the cameras are never off.

[tape rewinding]

There, there!

[Bean] There.

They've got my dad.

[Chip] He doesn't look kidnapped to me, Bean.

[Bean] And I'm telling you he is!

[Chip] Look, okay, turn down the volume.

We've got to go to the police.


We're going to find him ourselves.

Listen, Bean.

I hear what you're saying, but-- No buts.

The police could easily think Dad did it on purpose.

That's what you thought, wasn't it?

You swore the Peacekeepers' oath not to tell anyone.

Okay, okay.

[knocking at door]

[Man] Professor McNeil?

Who is it?

Police! Open up!

You better open it, Bean.

Before they knock it down.

Remember, you swore the oath.

Sergeant Munro, Detective Inspector Walker, CID.

Would you tell your father that we're here, please?

My dad's not in at the moment.

He's gone away.

For a few days.

On-- On business.

Well, for your father's sake,

I hope that business doesn't include bank robbery.

What's it to be, then, Prof? [beeping]

The easy way? Or the hard way? [beeping]

How did you do it?

I've told you. It was an accident.

You hear that Donnie?

Yesterday the bank stuffed the Prof here for a million.

Then last night,

purely by accident, he emptied the piggy bank.


Please, choose the hard way, Prof.

Ain't every day we get a chance to torture someone.

What do you think, Donnie?

The red hot poker first?

Or should we pull his arms out of their sockets?

Well, personally, I think the red hot poker is becoming passé.

Arms out of sockets it is then.

How did you find out?

You know what CCTs are?

We are computer literate.

[whispers] Closed circuit television cameras.


He's not here.

I told you. I'm not a liar.

Then you won't have any trouble telling us where he is, will you?

I've told you, I don't know!

Your dad's is in a lot of trouble, Bernard.

My dad hasn't done anything wrong.

It was an accident.

We were trying to get money for the weekend.

Where were you planning to go, the Bahamas?

If you know something, you have to tell us, Bernard.

We don't want to have to take you down to the station, now do we?

Put out an all points bulletin on Professor McNeil.

147 to Delta Lima.

No, wait. You swore an oath, Chip!

Bean's Dad's been kidnapped.

[Walker] Kidnapped?

You jerks!

You'll be buried alive and worms will suck your blood

and ants will eat your eyes out!


I told you it was an accident!

You want to run that by me again, Prof?


I swear.

He ain't feeling the strain yet, Lonnie.

How does it work?

I'll-- I'll have to show you.

What do you think, Donnie?

I don't know, Lonnie.

He could be bluffing.

Please, you're pulling my arms out.

Let me down. I'll show you.

And then you can-- you can try it out for yourselves.

[phone ringing]

I'll get it.

[Both] No! Ow!

[ringing continues]


Hold on.

I think it's for you.

[Walker] I'm sorry, Bernard,

but it just looks like three men crossing a garden.

That's what I said.

[Walker] And that could be a bag full of money.

[Sumo] He doesn't look kidnapped.

I told you about the two men watching us in the pick-up, didn't I?

For all we know, your father could be doing the rounds right now,

clearing out as many banks as possible.

But he isn't.

Then where is the gadget your father used

to access the ATM?

It must be here. Somewhere.

Bernard, we have to make sure no one else gets their hands on it.

My dad isn't a thief!

Why won't you believe me?

I do believe you.

But from what I gather, your father is a genius

who has every good reason to hate banks.

That's a dangerous combination.

Please, give me a chance to find it.

To prove it to you.

I'll tell you what.

We'll give it till tomorrow morning.

Do the best you can.

But if nothing comes up by then,

or if we get another report of a bank being hit,

then it's out of my hands.

Do you understand me?

Yes, Mom.

This is my mobile.

Soon as that pocket computer turns up, you call me.

I'm trusting you now.

I just hope you don't end up regretting it.

Well, the first thing we have to do

is call Social Services, let them know of the situation.

In the meantime, I am going to get

a woman police officer around to look after you.

We're fine. Honest.

[Walker] I'm sorry, Bernard. It's the law.

But I've already called my gran.

She'll be arriving any minute.

This must be all very worrying for her.

I never told her.

She's pretty old.

I just said Dad had to go off suddenly...

on business.


But I'll be checking up on you.

Phantom Gran strikes again.

Do you want some policewoman babysitting us all weekend?

Come on! We have to find that wallet computer.

Come on, Dad. Where'd you put it?

Well, it's definitely not upstairs.

That can only mean one thing, Bean.

Your dad's got it with him.

Which means the kidnappers have got it by now.

Okay, Prof.

You've had your little joke.

It didn't work.

Was there a problem?

P-Perhaps, you didn't follow my instructions properly.

We did everything you told us, Prof.

But no money.

Just this.

Insufficient funds.

And it chewed Lonnie's card up.

Oh, dear.

Now how do you account for that?

I told you it was an accident.

Don't give me that again.

You're holding something back.

We're going to try again, Prof.

And this time, you better be on the level.

How can we try again? It chewed up your card.

Then we'll just have to get another one.

That's it, isn't it?

It's not just any old bank card we need.

It's yours.

What is it with girls?

Can't they take a hint?

Don't worry.

I'm not here to spoil your boys' weekend.

That's something, I suppose.

I'm just returning your books.

I won't be needing them anymore.

But why?

I thought you were getting into computers.

And I thought you and I were friends.

We are. It's just something's happened.

I can't-- [phone ringing]


[ringing continues]

Don't mention it.

Hi, kid. How's it going?

Missing your old man already, huh?

Who is this? Where's my dad?

Just a couple of admirers, you might say.

And your old man is right here,

safe and sound... for the moment.

This is private, Frankie.

Listen, kid.

You've got something we want,

and we've got your old man.

What do you say we trade?

W-What are you talking about?

A certain bank card.

Now that seems pretty fair to me.

Your old man for a piece of plastic.

They want the bank card.

What do you say, kid? We got a deal?

Do you mind, Frankie?


Look, how do I know you've got my dad? [door opens, closes]

Convince him, Prof.

[muffled yelling]


Dad? Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine, son.

Sorry, kid. But these phones cost money.

Now what do you say?

Okay. It's a deal.

Tomorrow morning, dawn.

Sounds a bit early to me, kid.

I don't care how early it is.

That's the deal. Take it or leave it.

Now we call Inspector Walker, right?

No. No police.

I'm not taking a chance. The kidnappers have my dad.

We don't have your dad's bank card.

What are you going to do?

We're going to capture them.

Then we'll call the police.

We're going to capture them?

We can't wrestle with two grown kidnappers.

We can't.

But I know a gorilla who can.

How's it going?

[sighs] Nearly there.

I hope.

You'll do it, Bean.

Your dad taught you everything you know.

I mean, it's sure to work.

It better.

For Dad's sake.

I'm sorry for teasing you yesterday.

I didn't mean to say anything rotten about your dad.

Forget it.

But you could have been killed going into the Wastelands.


I won't do that again in a hurry.

Come on. Let's try it now.

You solved the problem with Guy then?

Yeah. As you suggested, the IMS needed bumping up.

Good. Do you need some more operating practice?

It looks very complicated.

I'm sure I'll be fine.

Don't want to run down the batteries before they arrive.

Will you relax?

I'm sure it will be a few hours before they turn up.

Look, they could arrive any minute.

And we want to be ready for them.

We don't know how dangerous they are

or if they're armed.

We don't want to take any risks.

All right.

Two of us will stay awake at anytime.

One of us can watch the security monitors,

the other one can stay up here,

and the third can grab some sleep.

Good Idea.

I'll take the first shift down in the basement.

You stay here.

We'll let Sumo sleep.

But we'll change at 0630 hours.





Come on, it's your time on the monitor.

Bean will need a break.

Five minutes, Mum.

Just five minutes.

Move it! Move!

I'm not your mum.

[door closes]


Right. I'll take over.

You get some sleep, Bean.

It'll be another hour until daylight.

I can't sleep knowing that my dad's probably tied up

in some cold, rat-infested cellar.

If he is in the Wastelands,

then he will be surrounded by rats.

Cyber rats.

This isn't a joke.

Now, do you know the drill when these men come?

Sure. We have been through it enough times.

[Bean] Sumo.

You're supposed to be on cameras.

I'm sorry, Bean. I was bursting.

Where are they?

I don't know.

Maybe they can't tell the time.

Maybe their pick-up's broken down.

How do I know? Okay, Bean.

Cool it. They'll come.

They want that bank card real bad.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have agreed.

[Lonnie] Ding-dong!

Quick. Stations.

Delivery for McNeil. [door opens, closes]


[electronic chirp, beep]

[buzzing] [unlocks]

Okay, kid.

We don't want any games.


It's a dummy.

You dummy.

I knew that.

What's happening, Shaggy?

Where's the picnic?


Where's the porridge? [laughs]

Get it? It was bears, not gorillas.

I knew that!

Did you know that, ugly?

Hey, I'm talking to you.


[roaring] [screaming]

[typing] [chirping, beeping]






[growls] [screaming]


[typing] [beep]

[Both] Yes!

Open the door! Quickly!

[door buzzes]

Well, well, well.

If it isn't the Dolan sisters.

You know them? To our sorrow, Bernard.

Where's my dad?

All right, that's enough, kid.

I said leave it!

It's okay, Bernard.

We'll take care of these two.


advise our two friends of their rights

before they say anything they might regret.

Come on, move it. Come on!

[no audible dialogue]

Did they tell you where they've got him?

I'm sorry, Bernard, but they're claiming

that your dad asked them 'round last night

about some building work that needed doing on the house.


They said they came back today to price the job.

That's a rotten lie. I told you why they came.

They need Dad's bank card to work his computer.

That may well be the truth, son,

but these two are old lags.

They're not going to confess to anything

unless we have solid evidence against them.

But if you let them go,

they could easily harm my dad because I squealed.

I'm sorry.

And I won't believe these two if they told me Loch Ness

had water in it, but it's the law.

I can hold them for six hours,

and unless I've got more proof for my superiors,

I'm going to have to let them go.

You don't believe my dad's innocent, do you?

I believe you believe it.

Fat lot of good that is.

You find me that bank card,

and then I'll know you're right about your dad.

And then those two will be going nowhere for a long time.

Don't worry about the pick-up.

I'll have forensics collect it later.

We need to find that bank card. Quickly.

Stuff the card.

If I don't find my dad before Inspector Walker

releases those two crooks, he's dog meat.

And how are you gonna do that?

He could be anywhere.

There's no point in us running around like headless chickens.

Who said anything about headless chickens?

We're the Peacekeepers, aren't we?

Smarter, tougher, braver.

It isn't a game this time, Bean.

We're not talking about animatronics.

No. No, we're not.

We're talking about my dad.

Okay. What's the plan?

We've got the kidnappers' names.

I want them checked out. You know the drill, Chip.

They claim to be builders.

They could have premises somewhere.

That was just a story.

Check it out anyway.

It's the only lead we've got.

What about me?

We need someone on the streets, Sumo.

I want every lead checked as we find it.

How come I never get to be at base?

You need the exercise.

Okay. Let's find him.


[All] Are active!

♪♪ ['90s rock]

♪ There's fine line between

♪ Putting good and bad together ♪

♪ If we share the path we find ♪

♪ We'll be there side by side ♪

♪ Standing here with my friends ♪

[no audible dialogue]

♪ Made the right connection

♪ No more looking back [no audible dialogue]

♪ We can see it all through

♪ Fate has shown us a way

♪ Troubled waters flow free

♪ No adjustments here

♪ With the right connection

[no audible dialogue]

[no audible dialogue]

♪ Fate has shown us a way

♪ Troubled waters flow free

♪ No adjustments here

♪ With the right connection

[static] [indistinct radio chatter]

[no audible dialogue]

[gas hissing]

You haven't left much for forensics.

[turns off valve]

There's no clue for anyone to find.

It's just a scrap heap.

Did you check the registration?

First thing I did.

Belonged to Mr. H. Gilbert.


Where have I heard that before?

His name's on Sumo's list, but we've got no address.

[over radio] Sumo to base.

Sumo to base.

Go ahead, Sumo.

McKinley Street is now rubble.


Thanks, Sumo.

Returning to base.

Roger that.

Another dead end like the rest of them.

It should be me out there looking.

He's my dad, after all.

You should be here at base

in case Inspector Walker phones.

She won't phone.

The police aren't really interested in finding Dad.

Look, you go and fetch your bike.

I'll finish this.

We're Peacekeepers, remember?

We've got to be ready to go anywhere.

Yeah, but where?

Okay, so we've had no luck so far.

But you're not going to be any use

if you've not got any transport

if Sumo does come up with something, will you?


That's more like it.


[grunts] Come on.

Just don't try the jets.


I'm sure it would have worked

if I'd have increased the velocity.

Dad's secret ingredient in high energy fuel

reduces the intense pressure required.

Maybe he just overcompensated for safety reasons.

I knew it. Knew what?

Gilbert Engineering.

What about it?

I knew I had seen that name before.

[hissing stops]

As I said, it was the name

of the pick-up's previous owner,

but we've got no address.

We have now.

Bean to Sumo. Bean to Sumo?

Go ahead, Bean.

State your location.

Returning to base.

Operation designated code red.

I repeat, code red.

Proceed to Roughsey Pass.

Keep a low profile and await reinforcements.

Roughsey Pass?

But that's-- Yeah, I know.

The Wastelands.

Bean, are you okay?

That's where I saw the sign-- Gilbert Engineering.

In the old workshop. Come on.

I say again, Sumo. Code red.

Peacekeepers on their way.

Okay, anyone wants to turn back,

now's the time to do it.

What are we waiting for?

[Bean over radio] Look out!

Against the wall!


Quick, Sumo, round the corner.

Six hours are long gone, Bean.

I expect that Walker would have let them go by now.

Then let's hope they have to walk back.

[unzips bag]

Good luck.

Be careful.


Bean to Sumo. Bean to Sumo.

I'm down on the ground now.

Sumo to Bean. Still all clear.

So far.



[muffled] Hmm?

Bean. How did you find me?

We used Guy to capture them.

You should have called the police.

We didn't have time.

Look, the Dolans will be back any minute.


Take it easy, son.

[gasps] You're getting there.

I thought I'd never see you again.

Come on.

No. Wait, wait, wait, wait.


[no dial tone]


Dad. No, no. Wait a minute.

Oh. Hmm.

Don't suppose we have time to wait for the engineers.

Come on. Let's go.


How did you get in?

This way. Come on!


Sumo to Bean. Sumo to Bean.

Come in, Bean. Over.

Go ahead, Sumo.

We've got company.

Coming your way.

I'll never get through there, Bean.

Of course you will. You have to.

Right, you first. No, you.

Sumo to Bean. Sumo to Bean.

They're right at the door.

Bernard, this is not the time to argue.

Hurry, Dad.

No, it's too late. Now go on, get out of here.

No, Dad. I'm not leaving you.

Move it, will you?

Please, Son.

If they capture us both, it's over.

Now go get the police.

Tell them where they're holding me.

Before it's too late.

[speaking indistinctly]

Naughty, naughty, Professor.

What kept you?


He was here.

Right there in that chair.

So where is he now, then?

I sincerely hope you're not wasting police time.

I swear I tried to get Dad out,

but the Dolans came back because you let them go!

What time was this, Bernard.

Just before we phoned you.

[Munro] Chief, this is a windup.

Well, if I know the Dolan brothers,

you can bet your last button they're miles from here by now.

Don't worry, Bernard.

I'll put more officers onto it.

You-- Next time, you get your facts right.

We've been racing halfway across town on a wild goose chase.

Now move.

I don't like the look of him.

He seems so down.

Yeah. Munro didn't have to tear him off a strip like that.

It's not his dad that's missing.

And I think Bean's right.

I think they are more interested in protecting the banks

than they are in finding the Prof.

Yeah. Banks suck.

[Chip] Oh, no.

Does she never give up?

[Chip] How come you knew there was something wrong?

I didn't know anything about any kidnap.

I came because I heard Bernard had a narrow escape

from the cyber rats, that's all.

I suppose your boyfriend told you that.

You never said you had a boyfriend.

Well, you never asked.

My sister's got a boyfriend.

All they do is cuddle on the sofa.

My mom's boyfriend's great.

He gives me money all the time to go to the shops.

[sighs] What about the police?

They still think the Prof's a bank robber.

And what about this bank card?

What about it?

Have you looked everywhere for it?

Of course we've looked everywhere for it.

If you haven't found it, pea-brain,

you couldn't have, could you?

You sound like my mum talking.

We've looked everywhere.

Have you looked in the dust bin?

In the laundry?

What are you talking about?

It's a bank card we're looking for.

Have you never thrown anything out by mistake?

Or put something in the wash with something in the pockets?

Chip, you check the dust bin.

Searched everywhere, did you?

I guess I owe you an apology.

Don't worry.

It's all for a good cause.

How long have you... you know,

had a boyfriend?

Actually, I never said I did.

Chip just assumed it.

And anyway, would you care?

Of course not.

Not even a little bit?


But don't think I'm going to get jealous

or any silly stuff like that.

You're welcome to go for anyone you want.

Well, what if I said

you can be my boyfriend.

I like you.

It's just...

Chip and Sumo don't like girls hanging around.

Bernard McNeil, you're a big boy now.

Don't you think it's about time

you do things for yourself, rather than worrying

what Chip and Sumo might think?


We're mates. We have to stick together.

We're always there for each other.

I don't think I could have got through

these last two days without them.

You and I could be mates, too, if you wanted.

Didn't I just help you find the bank card?

Yeah, I suppose so. [door opens, closes]


I didn't know rubbish could smell so bad.

[Chip panting]

What's happening? Did I miss something?

Yes. No.

We, um, found the bank card in Dad's washing.

Well, what are we waiting for?

I'll go ring Walker.

All we want is to be rich and famous, Prof.

Now that's not a lot to ask, is it?

You still can be.

How? We ain't got your bank card.

You don't need it.


You never did.

The card only gives the computer information.

Now, I can program that information

directly into it.

You wouldn't be winding us up again,

would you, Professor?

Because if there's one thing I hate, it's being wound up.


I thought you said your grandmother was here

looking after you.

Yeah, she-- she's here.

In the bath.

Maybe I should have a word.

No, please.

She's very old.

A hundred.

Heart attack material.


I didn't want to worry her about my dad.

Gran, everything all right up there?

[deep voice] I'm fine, honey.

She's got tonsillitis.

[clears throat]

[high voice] I'm fine, Bernard dear.

I'll be down in a moment to heat your milk for you.

She still thinks Bean's a baby.

In the laundry. Huh.

I'm surprised you boys thought of looking there.

A simple bank card.

Doesn't seem feasible somehow.

The principle is simple, really.

The electronic strip.

Is that what you're interested in?

My dad is still out there.

It's okay, Bernard.

I've got every officer under my command looking for him.

We'll find him.

Trust me.

At least we've got proof now

he isn't working with the Dolan sisters.

Sorry about the voice. I couldn't get--

That's okay.

[Sumo] Bean! Chip!

We're getting a signal in My Town.


It's Dad.

[Frankie] How do you mean?

He's sending a signal.

Using the wallet computer.

How will that help us?

It's not just a signal, Sumo.

It's a message.

Works on the same principle as the telephone.

Breaks your voice down into electronic pulses.

Sends them down the wire.

And rebuilds them at the receiving end.

[Boys] Frankie?

It's the password for My Town.

I couldn't think of anything else.

What's wrong with Chip?

Ay. Or Sumo?


There. [beeping]

He's telling us where he is.

Looks like Inspector Walker doesn't know the Dolans

as well as she thought.

They're still using the warehouse.

Everyone is aware of the danger

of this mission, right?

Right. Right.

Peacekeepers go where danger lurks, right?

Right. Right.

Once we get through that gate,

there can be no turning back.


Right. Right.

Okay, communication check.

Bean to Chip. Bean to Chip.

You receiving? Over.

Receiving you loud and clear. Over.

Sumo to Bean.

[breaking in and out] Testing one, two, three.

Try again, Sumo. You're breaking up.

Sumo to Bean. Testing, testing, testing.

Receiving you.

Right. Lets move out.

I was beginning to think

this silly game would never end.

This isn't a silly game.

Bean's dad's life could be at risk.

We have to be fully operational.

I'm sorry.

I really do want to help,

but you just all seem so organized.

We could do with all the help we can get.


Peacekeepers are mobile!

What happened to Frankie?

That's girls for you.

[all shouting, chanting]

[clamor continues]

There's hundreds of them.

We'll just stand our ground.

Easier said than done.

Hey, folks.

Look. It's the boy and his magic flying bike.

Magic swimming bike. [murmuring]

Hey, leave him alone.

The bike works fine.

If you're a fish.

[crowd laughs]

You going somewhere?

That's my business.

Maybe you don't know.

But this is the Wastelands.

Only cyber rats go through here.

You're a big shot while your mates

have my arms pinned behind my back.

Go on, fight me yourself.

[Crowd chanting] Fight!

No. No fight.

The rat run.

[Crowd] Yeah!

[Crowd chanting] Rat run!


I thought you said this would only take you five minutes.

Something tells me he's winding you up again, Lonnie.

[whispers] Will you shut it? [beeping]

You better not be, Prof...

because Donnie and me are your only hope

of you ever getting out of here alive.

[Crowd] Yay!

[Dolans chuckling]

It's just the local kids, Prof.

Nothing for you to worry about.

[Crowd chanting] Rat Run!

Get him!

Cut it out, you!

And where were you going?

In there.

If you're going in there, forget it.

The Undertaker's been visiting.

[Boy]The who? Come on!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

[indistinct chatter]


I think this is a really stupid idea, Lonnie.

I'm almost finished.

Look, this gadget is worth millions.

This is the main chance we've been waiting for all our lives.

I'm not throwing it away

just because you're losing your nerve.

And if he is just playing for time?

Well, if he is...

it'll be the last game he ever plays.

It's gone dead, Chip.

You'll never get in there now, Bean.

My dad's in there, in case you've forgotten.


Don't be crazy.

There won't be water to break your fall this time.

[Both] Yes!


[clang] What's that?

Will you relax?

It's just kids playing.

Now sit down, be quiet,

and let the Prof concentrate.




[beeping continues]


Bean? No!

Run! Ah!

Well, well.

What have we here?


we'd better get it right this time,

hadn't we, Prof?


Please, don't hurt him.

I'm afraid we can't guarantee that, Prof.

It's finished.

And it'll work without your card?

You have my word.

Yeah? We had your word the last time.

Yes, but the last time you didn't have my son.

Aah! No!

The deal was that you'd let me go.

We will, Prof.

Just as soon as we've made the few million and reached Acapulco.


[tires screeching]

[tires screeching]



You, get a move on.

Please! Please don't hurt him!

Tell him to stop kicking me!

Mexico, here we come!

Inspector Walker. Thank, God!

I don't think you're going anywhere near Mexico.

It's okay, Dad.

It's the police.

Going somewhere, boys?

[choking] Dad!

The game's over, kid.

Your dad's coming with me.

From now on, The Undertaker's in charge.

You're The Undertaker.

It took you a while, didn't it?

Take the kid for a ride.

One way only. No. No. You can't!

Go with 'em.

Make sure they do it properly.

What about us?

We kidnapped the Prof in the first place.

Yes, you did.

So maybe I'll let you live.

Sounds fair to me.

Couldn't be fairer.

I'll send you boys a postcard.

Yeah. Bring us back a stick or rock.

Back door! No!


[all shouting]



No! Aah!

Yes, Dad! Outstanding!

You're dead, kid!

Come on-- Come on, son.

That's it. Hah!

Dad! [laughs]

That was the bravest thing I ever saw.

And that was the greatest bit of speedboat racing.


Friends of yours?

[all cheering]




This is Mr. Gillies from the bank's head office.

Seems the bank would like me to advise them

on certain security matters regarding their ATMs.

A very generous contract.

Look, we made the papers.

[Professor] Really?


[click] [whirring]

Oh, no.

Oh, dear.

[roaring] Aah!

Bean, that's enough.

Look, Dad. No hands.


[growls, roars]

[kids laughing]

[Professor] This is not a laughing matter!

♪ There's fine line between

♪ Putting good and bad together ♪

♪ If we share the path we find ♪

♪ We'll be there side by side ♪

♪ Standing here with my friends ♪

♪ Made the right connection

♪ No more looking back

♪ We can see it all through

♪ Fate has shown us a way

♪ Troubled waters flow free

♪ No adjustments here

♪ With the right connection

♪♪ [guitar solo]

♪ Fate has shown us a way

♪ Troubled waters flow free

♪ No adjustments here

♪ With the right connection