Gaddalakonda Ganesh (2019) - full transcript

An aspiring filmmaker who wants to direct a realistic story, stumbles upon a menacing villain and to learn the nitty-gritties of the villain's character, he puts his and his friend's life on the line.

Hello sir.

Gani is here.

He let Abhilash go...

But Abhilash wants us to kill him.


He’s dead.

Bujjamma is all yours now...

And Gaddalakonda is mine.


Cinema is like the skies.

Cinema is an opportunity.

Cinema is happiness.

Cinema is an experience.

Cinema is victory.

Cinema is change.

Cinema is a cigarette that's lit up.

Cinema is like a black ticket.

Cinema is tears.

Cinema is poetry.

Cinema is a puzzle.

Cinema is...

A whistle!

That was superb! Take okay.

-Superb shot, sir!
-Thank you.

Brother, people usually
expect comedy from me.

Why'd you choose the serious stuff?

I believe you can deliver any emotion.

Very daring statement!

-Thank you!
-Sir, the director is coming.

-Please get ready.

Abhi! That was a superb shot.

Hey, thanks!

Alright, guys. Let’s get back to work.

Director will be here soon.

I'm already here...

It’s time for you to leave the set.

Another word and I’ll slap you!

Do you get what’s going on here, Producer?

I asked him to prep for the shot
and he’s shooting a short film.

You don’t fit in as an Assistant Director.

What makes you think you can be a Director?

We’re making a big budget film here...

And you’re shooting a short film
on the side.

Sounds like a new concept to me.

First apologize to the Director.

A coffee for Director!

Sir, Take it.

Please take it.

Just relax.


It was a mistake, sir.

I’ll never repeat this again.



I’m also sorry.

You’re sorry? Why, sir?

For this!

This generation feels they can get away
with anything with an apology.

Spot boy!

Bring me tea as well.

One is considered lucky to get
a cup of tea in this industry.

Don’t belittle what’s handed to you.

Good luck and goodbye!

You get to see a loser preach life lessons
only in this industry.

Losers who shut the clapboard today

are also the top directors of the future.

I will say this loud and clear...

I will become a director within a year.

I will make a good film.

I'll be watching you...

Let me see how you’ll become a Director.

That’s exactly what I mean, sir.

You’ll witness me becoming a Director.

You will see it for sure.

Damn it!

Being a top journalist,
I killed my pride...

Went out of my way to review that
director's films, just to get you in.

Look what he's done, uncle.

What did I do?

Uncle got you chance to learn direction...

You weren’t supposed to shoot there.

Forget it. Your academics are good.

Move to America and find a job.

He’s right...
Find a secure job and settle down.

Settling down is not my priority.

I want to live a happy life.

Wow! Is that one of the punch lines
from your film?

I don’t get the sense. Can you elaborate?

Making good money helps you settle down.

But doing what you
love makes you happy.

Well said!

I always knew you were talented.
But I loved what you did back there.

Mom and dad, this is my Producer.

- Hello, sir.
- Hello, ma’am.

I watched your short film a while ago.

You snuck behind our backs and
shot it without any resources.

I wondered what you’d do
with a little support.

I will make a film with you.

Take the advance...

1,16,000 rupees.

How can I ever repay you?

By giving me a blockbuster film.

Which hero do you have in mind?

I’ll stalk him for dates.

There are number of directors
who write scripts for a hero.

But this time, I wrote a story
with the villain in mind.

So there’s no protagonist in our film?
- There is, sir.

In my film, my villain is...

My hero!

I don’t want to mess with you...
You can watch...

I’m done with you.

Sir didn't miss any character...

He made films on terrorists
and ordinary men.

What do we do now?

A retired don in a farmhouse is boring..

We should find a gangster in action.

In that case, we should meet your uncle.

Why do you want to make films
on criminals and glorify them?

Filmmakers like you are spoiling
the society...

Being a journalist,
how could you encourage this?

If only he listened, I wouldn’t have
had to come to you.

Attenborough’s Gandhi was a hit film

Did that turn us into Gandhi?

Films like Bharateeyudu and Tagore
didn’t stop people from taking bribes...

Films don’t influence you, sir.

It entertains you.

I don’t have the intellect
to educate people...

So I’m trying entertain them.


I know a guy Vetapalem Veerraju.

Vetapalem Veerraju!


What a scene!
I enter the village and...

Boom! A dead body pops up.

What a frame! What a shot!

Vetapalem seems to be on a roll.

Excuse me. Did Veerraju kill someone?

Veerraju has been murdered.

- Bro…
- Yes…

He was supposed to shine
on the silver screen...

But he is on the pyre now.

Poor Veerraju!

He’s dead before watching his Biopic.

Rest in peace!

What are you thinking?

You’re thinking about the guy who is dead.

But I’m thinking about the guy who killed.

He killed a wicked man like Veerraju.

He is very dangerous.

Excuse me. What’s the chaos
at the police station?

They caught Vetapalem Veerraju’s murderer...

His men are demanding to release him.

He’s is not the murderer...

He’s a mad hermit who witnessed
Vetapalem Veerraju’s murder.

We arrested him to keep him away
from the raging crowd.

Buddy... He looks like an Aghora.



Hello... Hello...

Uncle Beardy!

He’s useless...
I guess he’s really crazy.


Who murdered Vetapalem Veerraju?

Err... How does he look?

He’s giving us weird looks. Let’s leave.

To the North of the village...

When the sun flared up naked...

When a deer ran for its life...

A lion that preyed set out on a hunt.

When he takes a breath...

The air freezes with
terror and shifts flight.

When he thumps his foot,
the Earth trembles.

He is not a human being...

He’s one of a kind...

Please spare me...

I’ll run away from all of this.

I’ll go far away from people.

Shut up, you brute!

When nobody knows about your existence...

What’s the point in being alive?

You deserve to die!

It was my fault...

I'll give you all my wealth...

Let me go.

Crazy fellow…

Usually, people earn a lot of money...

But I’ve earned a lot of fear.

The fear I see in your eyes...

That fear keeps me happy.

Kasi! I’m a man of small desires...

Hand me the gun!
I’ll shoot him at once.

Hey, you!

Stop! Don’t make a fuss.

Don’t stop me,
why are you still talking to him?

Lets just kill him!

Can I say the same about you?

Sorry, boss.

Please spare me...

I’m begging you.

What are you up to?

You pretend to be innocent
when you see me...

And act all macho when I’m away.

What did he say?

Gani can’t fool around with me.

Today I want you to dance...

And I want to watch it.

Basic moves won’t do.

I want you to do fire dance.

How do they say it...


It’s just like playing with fire.

Sir, where did the people go?

We just heard murderer's name...

And hearing it out loud,
everyone ran away.

What’s his name, sir?


Gaddalakonda Ganesh!

I've arranged everything for you
at Gaddalakonda.

Happy journey....

You’re leaving as an Assistant Director.
I hope you return as a Director.

Okay, bye.


I’d buy matches and you cigarettes...

I’d buy snacks and you alcohol...

I’d hire a hooker and...
- Hey!

You’d pay for her cab.

Hyderabad will feel empty without you.
I’ll come along.

I’ll come back soon.

Sir! Sir!



- Get in!
- Shut the hell up! Go! Go!

Get down.


We got him, You can kill him.

Who are you guys?

Boss is coming!


Welcome to Gaddalakonda!

Kondamalli! It's you?!
- Hey!

It’s Konda Mallikarjuna Rao.

Kondamalli and Sons, Tamarind Traders,

I planned a small surprise to make
the introduction interesting.

How was the surprise? How’s the josh?

- It sucks, just like your tamarind.
- Hey!

Tamarind isn’t just my profession...

It’s my emotion.


You want to click pictures and videos
of Ganesh without his knowledge?

Why do you want to make a movie on him?

Why don’t you make melodramas?

Make these type of films and
family audience will support you.


He’s not human...

He’s like a monster.

He has a lot of enemies...

Even if he doubts someone
is looking for him...

He will kill them.

What are you doing?

I’m recording your notes.

Hell no!

I didn't offend Gaddalakonda Ganesh.

He’s like a God to us.

We all need his blessings
to settle in life.

Who records such stuff?

Gaddalakonda Ganesh!

This name sends shivers down your spine.

But to see the second hero
of the film Kondamalli is also scared...

It’s surprising me!

Second hero?!

- Me?!
- Yes!

You are.

I don't look charming...

But I’m pretty talented.

Will you shoot a film with me?

Of course!

At the border of Telangana and Andhra...

In no man’s land...
Born in Gaddalakonda,

he tried his luck in the film industry...

From trading tamarind
to setting screens on fire.

A man with a huge fan following...

Konda Mallikarjuna Rao alias Kondamalli...

We congratulate you...

All the best, Kondamalli!

He might be Gaddalakonda Ganesh...

But we’re talking about
Mallikonda Malli here!

You’re making a film!
And I’ll help you do it!

I have a doubt...

Can the second hero sell tamarind?


Booze and eat as much as you can...

On the occasion of my release from jail.


Brother is on his way.
Come on, hustle!

Keep it here.

Who’s coming?
What’s all the fuss about?

Oh no!

I can’t believe you guys actually
paid him attention.

Hey, Gani!

It’s me. Nallamandu Babji!

Don’t you recognize me?

I’d hang out at Janata Bar
when you were a kid.

I’d give him 2 rupees if he opened
a beer can with his teeth.

This fool didn’t recognize me.

It’s been so long...

- How are you doing?
- I’m doing great.

Feel free to eat and booze...

Bill is on me.

No thanks.

I’m doing well with God's blessings...

You carry on.


No matter how much you grow...

Never forget your roots...

If you think you’re still humble...

Open this beer bottle for me...

I’ll give you 2 rupees like old times.

What do you say? Huh?


I can’t take it anymore.

You don’t stress about it.

Hand me the gun and I’ll fire
the magazine in his throat.

Hey! Go get beer.

Hey, opener! Times have changed...

I’ll give you 200 rupees instead...

Open the beer bottle.

It's just beer, right?

Yes, come...


What’s wrong?
Are you out of practice?

I haven’t forgotten a thing...

I didn’t want to remember few things...

But I had to remember.


Guys, how much did he agree to pay up?

200 rupees.

My blood and sweat.


Bet on me and you will win.

Bet against me and you will die.

Oh my goodness!

- Let’s go. Come on.
- I was right.

The villain in my film is my hero.

"I'm all about pouncing on"

"I'm all about firing bullets"

"Killing anyone who's in the way"

"And going beyond the limits"

"No toddy can get me high"

"No cheap alcohol can give me the rush"

"No weed can push my senses"

"But smacking someone is my thing"

"That fear gives me the high"

"The high that sucks
the breath out of you"

"That fear is the throne
in your heart I grace"

"Fighting is no big deal to me"

"I don't give a damn about my life"

"I worship myself as God
Watch out for me"

The paperwork for the contract is ready.

Hey, old woman! Stop!


She’s my mother! My mother!

Only after she is done,
we will begin our work.

- Sir, that document...
- Shhh!

Tell me!
What is this meeting about?

"I'm all about pouncing on"

There’s been an attack on Ganesh...

He was almost dead.

"Killing anyone who's in the way"

"And going beyond the limits"

Hey, you! Are you listening?

It's neither there nor here.

Your heart is where I reside.

"There's no truth or lie
My word is a testimony"

"There's no going forward or backward
My path is your ultimatum"

"There's no small or big murder
Every bullet I fire makes a statement"

"There's no life or death
Life is a chase"

"I'd strangle you with my mustache
if it comes down to that"

"I'd kill a dead body
if I'm not content"

"That fear gives me the high"

"The high that sucks
the breath out of you"

"That fear is the throne
in your heart I grace"

"Fighting is no big deal to me"

"I don't give a damn about my life"

"I worship myself as God
Watch out for me"

Who got you the land deal?

- You did it.
- Then why is he here for the inauguration?

- He’s a hero, so...
- If he’s the hero, who am I?

- The villain?
- I was just hoping for some publicity.

For a month beginning now...

You and your men...

Should get naked and sell these clothes.

It’s the best publicity you can get.

"I'm all about pouncing on"

"I'm all about firing bullets"

"Killing anyone who's in the way"

"And going beyond the limits"

To my surprise...
He’s much bigger!

More stronger!

And most dangerous!

Gani has two main men in his gang...


Gani passes orders and Kasi executes it.

Drinking is his weakness...

He’s out of the world and
into a bar at 9 dot.

Balijayya is the other guy.
Action films are his weakness...

I don’t mean the Rambo, Terminator...

He has a unique taste in action films.

There’s one more guy in the gang...

Kanthayya! Khanberi Kanthayya!

He does the small stuff like threats...

Ganesh owns this theater...

This is Operator Chalam... He’s unmarried.

Maybe that is why he screens adult films.

We should focus on
all these three people.

They can help us know
Gani’s professional side.

But to know his personal side...

We need someone closer to him.

Girls! Is she ready?

The groom’s family is on the way.

- Grandma...
- Huh?

I don’t want this alliance.

What’s wrong with you?

You’re always saying no to marriage.

I never said I didn’t want marriage.
I just don’t want this marriage.

Get married to Ganesh then...

You can live like a queen.

Ravan abducted Sita...

His grandma didn’t abduct her for him.

Shut up! This is the right choice for you.
Come on.

I’m not trying to boast but...

You can’t point a single
flaw in the groom.

Try pointing your finger and
he’ll chop it off.

That’s right.

You talk about chopping fingers.
What does he do anyway?

He worked under Peddi Reddy
until a while ago...

He murdered a guy at a fair recently...

He has his own gang now.

He’ll take good care of your granddaughter.

- Am I right?
- Hmm.

You’ve heard enough about us...

Tell us about the bride.

Does she cook?

Of course!

I run a small hotel, thanks to her.

She’s great at it.

Hey, girl! Do you know music?

Can you sing?

I don’t know what Mujic is.

But I can sing.

Then sing...

Kill it! Rock it!

It’s a song for God’s sake.
Stop saying that.

Ask me to sing well.

Rock the song!

What about dance?

Show them a double bonanza, dear.

Go ahead.

"Steal all that you can
Steal this beautiful treasure"

"Steal something out of other's reach"

"Steal all that you can
Steal this beautiful treasure"

"Steal something out of other's reach"

"I'm like the sea"

"You're my sailor"

"This is an invite
Steal all that you can"



Our families are here...
I don’t want to bother them.

I’ll do the rest after marriage.

I like her. I like her.

Shut up!

We’re looking for a wife for my son.

Not a stage dancer.

To hell with the alliance!

Hey, listen!
We can try a different song.

Don’t leave. Come on!
We can try a different song.

It’s no big deal.


What kind of a movie is this?

There’s nothing interesting.

Tik Tok videos are much better.

How was that Malayalam flick
we watched last time?

Wow! It makes me go weak in the knees.

Let’s watch it again.

Hey! Who the heck are you?

Bro, it’s you?!

Can you please move?

Can I have the Malayalam disc?

We can’t just keep boozing...

I’m high already. But he isn’t here yet.

He’ll be here soon.

He didn't come for us.

Hey! This isn’t a free ride.

Who’s going to buy the tickets?
Your uncle?




I’m not here for the movie.

I never expected to see you here.

Even I never expected you to come here.

Destiny brought us together here.

- Your aunt...
- Doesn’t have to know.

- And my dad...
- Doesn’t have to know either.

Don’t miss the beginning.

I’m worried I can’t finish
the script in time.

Stay strong when you’re losing...

Stay humble when you’re winning.

- When you’re in danger...
- Shut up when you are drunk.

I’m trying to get close to Kasi and...

You’re annoying me with Facebook quotes.

I’m not innocent like you.

Just see the show.

- Move!
- Hey!

Ranga! Take the order.

Excuse me! May I come in?

Thank you.

I notice you everyday...

You sit all alone and booze...

I want to give you company...
After all, we’re from the same village.

Hey... Sit.

He’s Abhi from Hyderabad.

Brother, order.

- Half brandy.
- Hey!

The bill is on us.

After all, we’re from the same village.

Any snacks?

Fish fry and chicken fry.

Non-veg! That is on us too.

After all, we’re from the same village.
Please don’t say no.

Swear on me.

Whoa! Look at you!

Sweet and cute gentleman.

You’re still steady.
- Bloody fool...

You think you’re bloody rich?

You think I can’t afford
my own drinks and snacks?

- Ranga!
- Bro...

- How much am I due?
- 32,000 rupees, bro.

Clear it.

After all, we’re from the same village.

Money is no big deal...
Friendship is more important.

He’ll clear my dues.

Come with me... Clear the bill.

- Hey! Congrats!
- Thank you.

Let’s click a picture.

Where are you from?

- Tell me where you’re from.
- Please, let him go for my sake.

Let him go!
What's the issue?

Tell me! Where are you from?

I’m going to ask you one last time.
Tell me!


I knew it.

He’s not here to marry your daughter...
He’s here to spy on me.

He’s one of Penchalayya’s men...

He’s here to watch me closely...

And find the opportunity to kill me.


Go tell him...

Ask him not to worry about killing me...

He should be thinking about
saving his own life.


Your issue is solved...

But who’s going to marry my daughter
after this incident?

Hey! Come here.

I said come here!

- Where are you from?
- I’m a local, bro.

But I’m leaving.
I’ll never come back.

Hey! What did you pursue?

I’m a graduate, bro.
I got a job during placements

I’m moving. I’ll be gone soon.

Hey! What’s your father’s name?

Subhramanya Murthy.

He works in the bank, doesn’t he?

- Yes.
- Wow!

He’s from a banking background.
What say?

Your name?

- Ravi. Ravi Teja.
- I like it.

Actually, I’m Mass Maharaja’s fan.

- Oh, really?
- Hmm.

One selfie?

Hey! Look at the camera.



No one can stop the wedding bells
from ringing.

- Don’t you think so?
- What can I say?

This wedding feels very weird to me.

Carry on...
Nothing I can do about it.

What do you think about an sexy song
for the second hero?

Think about it.

Hello, bro...

- How are you doing?
- Hello.

How did you like the African disc?

There was no audio.
I couldn’t hear anything.

Why do you need audio for these films?

Crazy fellow!
Audio is my favorite part.


Shut up!

Bro, what about the Japanese disc?

Give it to me.
I’ll watch and let you know.

You don't have it?

I put it in your vehicle yesterday.

It has ‘Sagara Sangamam’ label
on the outside.

But the real stuff is inside.

My family is going to watch
‘Sagara Sangamam’ today.

You got me into trouble.

‘Kalatapasvi’ K. Viswanadh’s movie.

My husband and I watched it several times.

There are hardly any movies
we can watch with the family anymore.

You’re right.



If you ever get me these discs again...

I’m going to smack you to the floor.

Get lost!

All doors leading to Ganesh are now closed.

Only God can get us out of this.

Don’t you dare mess it up.

Why are you taking her pictures?

We’ll be dead...
Ganesh likes her.

Her name is Bujjamma.

Her grandmother is a maid at Ganesh’s home.

She hopes to get her married
to Ganesh someday.

That’s some amazing information...

So if I manage to impress Bujjamma...
She will lead us to Ganesh.

If he finds out about this,
he will kill us both.

Oh no! She’s coming this way.
Come on... Hide from her.

Oh God! Ganesh’s feats
are going viral day by day.

The wedding he performed on the street
is trending in town.

Fearing Ganesh, no guy dares
to even look at me.

Girls my age are flooding their
Instagram feed...

While I’m still in the telegram era,
no thanks to my grandma.

I post sexy pictures on Facebook and yet...

I don’t have a single like.

I hope no girl ever goes through this pain.

Forget about kisses and cuddles...

I can’t even get a hug from a guy...

Bring a sweet boyfriend into my life...

Do this for me and I’ll have him
break 101 coconuts for you.

Oh no!

Oh God!

Abhi! Bujjamma!

He hugged you... Why’d you slap me?

Hey, Tamarind! Is he your friend?



- You must’ve heard the name.
- Shut up!

Sorry, Bujjamma.
He’s new in town. It was a mistake.

But you aren’t new here, right?
Don’t you know who I am?

- Wait. Let me call Ganesh and...
- Sister! Sister!

You don’t have to tell Ganesh now.

I offer my sincere apologies.
I’m begging you.

You’ve been supplying tamarind
since I was a kid.

Stop calling me sister!

I supply to the whole of Gaddalakonda.

- Let’s go to Ganesh.
- Okay! Let’s go.

You hold on.

Sorry... I’ll never call you sister again.

You don’t have to apologize.

She must actually thank us for it.

- Thank you?!
- Yeah. Thank us.

She did wish for a hug...

God sent me as a blessing.

You can give me my hug back if you mind.

Please give me my hug back!

Stop trying to be Shahrukh Khan.

I can’t believe you’re such a flirt.

- Bujjamma...
- Wait. I’ll tell Ganesh.

I know exactly what to do with you two.

Sister! Sister!

You ruined it.

If she were really going to tell him,
she’d have done it already.

Even if she does tell him,
we’d only get closer to Ganesh.

In case she doesn’t,
we’d still get closer to Bujjamma.

Heads or tails, we win the toss.

Let’s go.

Just make sure you keep me safe.

I’m warning you beforehand...

No matter what the decision is...
I don’t want any bloodshed.

It should be a peaceful conversation.


Give brother’s crown.

Raise the sword!

We nominate Buchi Naidu as the
MLA of Gaddalakonda for this term.

Ganesh is on his way...

Let’s discuss further once he’s here.

This isn’t hooliganism to ask
for Ganesh’s permission.

It’s politics.

Buchi Naidu will be the MLA this term.

Hail Buchi Naidu!

Hail Buchi Naidu!

Hail Buchi Naidu!

My dad has been an MLA all his life.

He wishes to die as an MLA.

Let’s give it to him this one last time.

You’d say that now...

But once he is dead...

You will stand in his name.

I honestly don't wish for it...

Politics is just not my thing.

Let’s make him the MLA as long as
he’s with us.

This is a genuine request.


Are you worried about the fact
that your father is alive?

Do something...

Why don’t you kill him?

All our problems would come to an end.

What do you think?

Kill him!

It’s no big deal.
When he lies down on his bed tonight...

Just grab a pillow and suffocate him...

It only takes 2 minutes.

What say? Are you up for it?

What the hell are you talking?

- Hey! Watch your words, kiddo!
- Don’t call me a kiddo.

There you go again.

Like I told you, no matter
what the decision is...

I don’t want any bloodshed.

It should be a peaceful conversation.

Why don’t you say something
when they’re being offensive?

He understands he’ll be dead
if he does.

But you’re still playing a fool.

Buchi Naidu will be the MLA this term.

Everyone against it, raise your hand.


We never raise our hands on someone.

Only swords.

Ask him to stand on his feet...

He can think about contesting
in the elections later.

He will be the MLA for this term as well.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh endorses it.


You have put a lot at stake
for my father...

He’s the reason I am what I am today.

I’d go to any lengths for him.

Take good care of him.

Look after his health.

Health is a tricky word...

He enjoyed his young age to the fullest.

He’s now bed ridden now.

If he was a bit careful then,
he’d pass peacefully.

We humans never cease to amaze...

We went from wishing for a peaceful life
to a peaceful death.

One more thing...

Father insisted that I tell you.

Police higher officials are holding
an enquiry on you...

We can’t trust anyone...

People closer to you might
plot against you...

Be careful.

Hey! You got me to the temple.

Will Ganesh visit the temple today?

He’ll definitely come...

It’s his mother’s birthday today.

So will his mother come along?

She will not come...
Because they’re not on talking terms.

I mean to say she can't speak.

That is why she doesn’t come out often.

Lord, audience should go crazy
about my acting.

Come on... Keep walking.

We are walking, go find the priest...

I’ll find him. You watch your step.

Sugar tastes great with coconut.

Add tamarind as well. Idiot!

Hello! Hello!

Hey, Shahrukh Khan!


She’s calling you. Go!

You hugged me while I was alone...

If you have the guts touch me now.

Touch me.

Touch me.

Come on, touch me!

What if I do?


I have Gani with me.

Will you be my friend if I touch you?

And then?

Be friends and...

Hmm. And then?

Show me around your village.

First touch me.

Come on. Go ahead.

Hey! Don’t do it.

Guys! Go get him.

Priest, I’m done with the basic welcome.

Shall I proceed with the feast?

"In the empty avenues of the skies"

"Like the star sparkling bright"

"In the lanes of the pounding heart"

"Like the feelings that start flooding"

"In the times a blessing is showered"

"Like the waterfall flowing gracefully"

"World is astonished by the spectacle"

"It witnesses the
waves of life crashing"

"You're the poem
You're the story"

"You're the vision
You're the dream"

"You're the wealth
You're the mercy"

"Lead me to my destination"

"In the empty avenues of the skies"

"Like the star sparkling bright"

"In the lanes of the pounding heart"

"Like the feelings that start flooding"
- Don't move your hand.

This is a Kingdom. No drama troupe.

You aren’t supposed to do romance
in front of the King.

I'm the only one with dedication.

"When you call out for me"

"When you make a sweet gesture"

"Heart has nothing more to ask for"

"It's like a child jumping around"

"Is it the hug that feels
like a celebration?"

"My hopes seem to be taking flight"

"You're the poem
You're the story"

"You're the vision
You're the dream"

"You're the wealth
You're the mercy"

"Lead me to my destination"

Gani’s childhood photo.

Why do you ask about Ganesh all the time?

Why don't you ask about me?

These are just excuses to meet you.

"In all the paths we walk"

"I see our footsteps align"

"Won't the world bear testimony?"

"To our never ending tale"

"As we hold hand in hand"

"Let our friendship blossom"

"Let our hearts take
us to our happy place"

"You're the poem
You're the story"

"You're the vision
You're the dream"

"You're the wealth
You're the mercy"

"Lead me to my destination"

"In the empty avenues of the skies"

"Like a star sparkling bright"

"In the lanes of the pounding heart"

"Like the feelings that start flooding"

MLA’s son stressed that
we don’t trust anyone.

We should keep an eye on
the tamarind guy and his friend.

They offered me alcohol
at the bar recently...

They gave me adult disc and
caused trouble at home...

We should watch them closely...

Forget watching them...
Let me just shoot them.

You really think so?

Come on, I can handle these kids.

Alright. Deal it your way.

You’ll see...
I’ll show them hell.

With you by my side...
No one can kill the second hero, uncle...

What is this?
What the hell is this?

Hey, Tamarind! I’m talking to you...

Who is he? Why is he here?

I know what to do with you.
- Bro!

Bro, our suspicion was right...

They’ve made a big plan.

What? You want me to kill them?

Thanks, bro. They will be my first.

Love you, bro!

- No, bro. You’re reading it wrong.
- Shut up!

You think I can’t read?

G-A-N... Gun!

K-S-I... Kasi!

F-O-C-S... Fasak!

B-A-L-I... Bali!

What’s that to the corner?

So are you planning to have a shootout
and sacrifice our bodies?

Whom are you going to sacrifice?

Whom are you going to kill?

Our boss?

We didn’t mean shooting bullets.

It’s shooting with the camera.

Are you cooking up stories now?

We’re really here to narrate a story.

I’m a student from VISCOM.

I’m here to shoot a documentary
on the beauty of villages.

I’m supposed to click some pictures.

- Let's go.
- Where?

You were going to click pictures, right?
I’ll see how it’s done.

Capture that buffalo...

Hey! What the hell is this?

Just click the picture.


Don’t you know how to smile?
Come on, smile!

Why are you clicking pictures
without my consent?

Come on! Pull the film out.

I’ll burn it right here.

You look like a hero with a cigar
in your hand...

You might be cast as the second hero
in some film.

How many second heroes does your film have?

He’s nothing compared to me.


Sir, I was just kidding.

He’d be the second hero...
Sorry. Second villain...

- Second villain?
- Hold on.

Give me the camera.


You clicked great pictures without
inserting the film.

You seem extremely talented.

Come. I’ll make you click
some amazing pictures.

Hey, Thermocol! Let’s go.

Cut it.

Here you go.

Ganesh is here.
Hello, brother.

I was worried you wouldn’t come.

Please come.
Guys, give way.

Move aside...

Please come...
Feed her the cake, brother.

Eat it, sweetheart.

Amrutha, eat it.

Come on, sweetheart. Eat it.

Hey! Are you insane?
Why don’t you eat it?

Eat dear.

Shut up!

Stop crying!

Brother, please don’t mind.

She’s a little girl. Don’t be offended.




I watched a new movie called
‘Guava in the Gown’.

Phew! It was amazing!


Gani is dead.

But he’s nothing like the old Ganesh.

Take him away...

He’s dead!


You fired all the bullets at him.

You haven’t saved any for me.

This reminds me of an old saying...

When you have 4 bullets...

Fire two and save two bullets.

Bro, give me one chance.

I’ll kill him.


No alliance is working out for Bujjamma.
You have to marry her.

- Only one chance, bro!
- Hey, you! Drop it.

Come on, bro. I can’t wait any longer.

I haven’t held the gun or murdered
anyone since I got here.

Guys who came after me
are seasoned killers now.

Friends mock me for being such a loser.

I need a boost in my career graph.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- Shut up!


let’s have a token system...
Allot tokens to everyone.

You commit a murder when your number comes.

That’s better... No more fuss.
What do you say?

I have a better idea.
Let’s register a company...

Get you all dressed in uniforms...

And place a hoarding that reads
‘Visit us for the best murders’.

- Superb, bro.
- Tokens, my foot! Bloody idiots!

You need guts to commit a murder...

Having a gun won’t cut it.

Yeah, right. Watching adult films,
that’s what real men do, right?

- I don’t need you telling me.
- Hey!

Are you out of your minds?
What’s the matter with you?

He started it...

How dare you try to kill Gani?

Well done, Kasi!
You did a great Jon.


I want you two to get rid of the body.

That’s the punishment for creating chaos.

Gani! I totally forgot to tell you.

Weddings and murders go hand in hand.

Hey, first get rid of this old woman.

She doesn't let me kill in peace.

I’ve been hoping to murder someone
on Gani’s orders since 4 years.

Gani bro noticed my passion and
gave me the name ‘Bullet Raja’.

But you directly pointed a gun at me.

I admire your guts.

And could you please edit Taj Mahal
in the picture with my wife?

I promised to take her there
when we fell in love.

Damn life!

We drink to forget everything.

But memories hit you hard
when you’re drunk.

It’s him... One second.

Hello, brother.

I’m nearby.

I’ll be there...
I’m starting right away.


First time he called me directly.

Thanks to you.

What’s the matter?

Remember Modi sir’s Surgical Strike?

Ganesh bro will carry out the same
on the opposition leader tonight.

He’s killing them all.

Kill who?

He can’t give names on the phone.

Whatever... None of my business.

You wanted to show the pictures
to your wife, right?

Hold on.

Come fast...
Ganesh is waiting for me.


You didn’t give birth to a hero...

But a second hero.

I won’t let tears in your eyes.

Hey! The black box I asked you to hide...

- Where is it?
- It’s safe.

I need it urgently... Give it.

I can’t even do my laundry in peace.

What’s in it?

Spy mic.

My uncle’s a reporter, remember?

He gifted it to me.

If we plant the receiver in the player

and give it to someone...

We can listen to them up to 600 meters
through this antenna.

They are available online now.

You sound like the anchor
from TSM Teleshopping Network.

What do we need it for?

Ganesh has planned to kill someone tonight.

If we give the receiver to ‘Bullet Raja’...

We can listen to the murder LIVE
through the antenna.

Is it happening right now?

I’m not done with my laundry yet.


My second hero is doing his laundry
whilst a murder is in play.

Here... All your photos are on this.

Wow! We can watch photos on this?

You can watch movies as well.

Keep it for tonight and
return it in the morning.


Thanks, boss... I’ll leave then.

It’s time. Brother is waiting on me.

Don’t forget to return it.
I have a lot of work to do.


Hey! Let’s go.
We should stay within 600m of him.

What about my laundry?

Burn them.

Burn them to ashes.

It can’t be pouring now.

Rain is on our side. We’ll get it done.

What’s the matter?

Boss called me directly for the first time.

What is it about?

You’re so desperate to hold a gun, right?

Boss wants you to handle the gun
in today’s plan...

- Really?
- Yeah.

You want to shoot people right? Do it!

Thanks, bro...
Does this mean I’m promoted?

- Yeah.
- So who are we going to kill?



‘Just two minutes.’

Who’s Prabhakar?

He’s a goon from the other village...
He’s their rival.

He has a guesthouse in Adarsh Nagar...

He’s coming there tonight.

Our men have surrounded his guesthouse...

Our men have spotted him.

Go fill fuel in Ganesh bro’s vehicle.
We’ve got to rush.

- Get going... Come fast.
- Okay, bro.

I know where Adarsh Nagar is
on the Khammam Highway.

Shall we go?

If we go right away,
we’ll lose the spy mic signal...

It’s better we follow his car.

You always do this.

- What is it?
- Brother...

it’s ‘Bullet Raja’ speaking...

Leave Adarsh Nagar guesthouse right away.

What are you saying?
Gani and his gang are coming to kill you.

Oh no!

‘Bullet Raja’ leaked Gani’s plan
to Prabhakar.


You leave me hanging all the time. Why?

Gani’s men are at the tea stall.

They have punctured your car Tyre.

Escape from there somehow.

If you get unlucky, chances are
I might kill you.

Hang on..

He delivered a super twist.

This will be the biggest twist in my film.

I’ll definitely be the second hero.

Lord, make sure this murder is hassle-free.

It’s not a police siren....
Just an ambulance.

You can enter.


I can’t hear anything.

Because they are not talking.

Brother, Prabhakar is not inside.

He’s really not in there.
We’ve looked everywhere.

He must've escaped.

What the hell are you talking about?

What the hell!

Prabhakar must have escaped.


Our men have surrounded the house...

We’ve punctured all his vehicles...

How did Prabhakar manage to escape?

How? How is it possible?

I think he escaped in the ambulance.

You didn't stop the ambulance?

We thought it must be an emergency...


An emergency, huh?

What about our emergency?

What about our emergency?

Prabhakar’s murder is equally an emergency
as saving a life is.

Got it? Got it?

Prabhakar is a genius...

He escaped in the ambulance.

Ambulance must not have gone far.
Shall we go get him?


Will you catch Prabhakar?

- Yes...
- It’s Prabhakar.


He says he’ll catch Prabhakar.

Hey, Balija! Heard that?

He thinks he can catch Prabhakar.

Balija, he doesn’t get it yet.

Hey, Bullet!

The sketch wasn’t meant for Prabhakar.

You were the target.

Brother! Brother!

- Come. Come.
- Sit down!


What was it again?
Prabhakar is a genius, huh?

Ganesh is the boss.

You can’t be loyal for
at least 10 months...

But you dream of firing bullets
and become a don.

Brother, I want a gun to kill...

You were annoying!


Remember one thing...

It is the desperate one who’s often
affected the most.

It was a mistake...

I got greedy for money...

I didn’t plot against you...

He just wanted me to tip him off...

That’s all I did... That was it.

Oh, yeah?

You confess to tipping him off.

What about your murder plan
for me at the function?

He’s cleaning, brother... Go this way.

He’s coming your way.

You used your daughter’s birthday
to kill me.

What do you say now?
- It was a mistake, brother.

I’m begging you...
I swear on my daughter.

Please trust me for once.

Trust is life, kiddo.

You can’t earn trust once lost.

Please let me go, brother.

Please! I’m begging you...
Trust me.

Please, brother.
- Don’t cry, man. Just don’t.

I might feel sorry for you.

Alright... I won’t kill you.

You’ve been longing for a gun, right?

Take it and shoot yourself.

Come on, do it.

Take it!

Shoot yourself!

Poor guy!

They killed ‘Bullet Raja’.

We can’t stay here for long...
Let’s leave.

Come, let’s go. Come on!

We found Prabhakar.


We found the Titanic!

You can’t face me at the market…

So you used Penchalayya as cover...

But you were with a woman this time…
You should show your face…

How could you be such a coward?

Penchalayya planned the attack
at the function...

He led from the front...
I haven’t done anything wrong.

I swear!

It’s wrong,

Killing you for Penchalayya’s plan
is wrong...

But I'll catch him soon...

And he’ll blame you for the attack...

I’ll have to go looking for you again.

I’d still kill you then.

Killing you now will save me time.

My Headmaster told me this
when I was a kid.

Time is money!

I’ll do it your style…
I’ll wear this mask and kill you.

They killed Prabhakar.


I didn’t bring you guys here
to kill these losers...

If anyone ever tries to plot against me...

He’ll kill us both. Let’s run away.


It’s a serious scene...

Let me watch till the end...
I mean, let me listen till the end.

Dump the bodies at the outskirts.

Hey, what’s that?

Let’s leave. Come on.

- Please!
- Wait.

It’s an music player.

You can listen to songs and see pictures.


It has a mic attached.

- So what?
- It has a receiver.

We can listen to everything he talks.

Do you like the ending now?

Let’s get out of here!

Generally, police informers and
reporters use these.

They follow their targets closely
to gather information.

If I’m right...

Someone is listening to us right now.


I don’t care who is listening to me...

You’ve listened to me talk till now...

I'll give you 10 minutes...

Listen to whatever you want...

I’ll kill you in the 11th minute.

Wherever you are...

I’ll hunt you down and kill you.

He’ll kill us.

He will kill us.

I am coming...

You are going to die.

We can’t be here when they come...

Pack only important stuff.

Mom and dad will find me dead
when they’re back from the pilgrimage.

Poor guys!
They’ll go looking for me.

They don’t even get to see me
one last time.

They found the mic...
But they don’t know us.

I’ll guard your life with mine.

Let’s go.

Where will we run?

They’ll find us somehow and kill us...

You’re from a different place...

You can just disappear...

But I was born and raised here...
I have to live here.

But they’ll kill me here.

I was tempted to be the second hero
despite knowing the stakes.

I should blame myself...
I must die!


Let’s die in his hands if we must.

But not like cowards.

Let’s go.

Lock it.

Sir! Sir! Please listen to me once.

- Please don't kill me!!
- Sir, please!

You were right about not shooting them...

They’ve brewed a huge plot.

Someone powerful must be behind them.

Why are you still talking to them?

Let’s just kill them.


He’s telling the truth.

Nobody sent us...

I’m a movie director...
I’m here on that business.

Yes, sir...
I’m the second hero in his film.

Film director?

Which films did you make?

I’ve made few short films...

I got the chance to debut
as a film director now.

That is why I came to your village.

Yes, sir. I’m the second hero in his film.

When you’re lying,
at least make it sound obvious.

What’s a movie director doing
in our village?

I’m here to make a movie on you.

That is why I was collecting
information on you.

Yes, sir. I’m the second hero in his film.

Shut up!


You’re making a movie on me?!

I want to tell your story.

I’m in love with your character...

Your heroism is extraordinary.

Is the movie like ‘Nayakudu’ and ‘Sarkar’?

Nah! I’m not a classy director, sir.

It’s more like ‘Don’ and ‘Dalapathi’...

Leave them.

Hey! They’re one of us now...

They’re here to make a film on us…

Make sure they get what they need.

It’s a movie on Gaddalakonda Ganesh...
It must rock!

- What say?
- Whatever you say, sir.

The house looks really worn out...
He must’ve occupied it.

- Who is she?
- That’s Ganesh’s mother.

Hello... I’m Abhi.

Everyone in the village resents your son...

But I’m here to thank you...

Whilst you brought him to the world...

His story brought my film to light.

You must watch my film
first day first show...

You gave birth to a powerhouse.


Hey... ready?



It’s not a photo shoot...
It’s a video recording.

Killing a fellow human being is barbaric,

atrocious and anarchic.

Did you ever feel the same?

When you kill a man,
what’s your state of mind?

Do you have any thoughts?

You kill a hen if you’re hungry.

Your kids think you’re a great father.

But the chicks feel you’re the monster
that killed their father.

Murder is like killing a hen…

It’s fair on one side and
unfair on the other.

You get to choose...

which side you’re on.

Have you never felt this is wrong?

I’ve never killed whenever
I had a feeling of guilt.

That is why you guys are still
alive and kicking.

Amazing morals and ethics!

How many have you killed till date?

I mean, how many murders
have you committed?



10, 11...


21, 22...

- 9...
- 14...


We killed 14 men at a carnival once.

Approximately 48 people.

If I had killed you two last night...
It’d have been a half-century.

Psst! Bad luck!

When did all of this begin?

- At what age?
- I was very young...

I got into it when I was young.
- Whoa!

So you spent your youth killing people.

You’re a blessed soul.

What do you mean, huh?

Sorry, sir.

It’s been 30 years…

I think it’s longer...

Nah! Gani isn’t that old...
He just looks older.

Was I born in ’84 or ’86?

I guess it’s ’89 or ’90.

I don’t know the details...

I used to work in a bar back then...

A full bottle of Old rum costed 38 rupees.

A pack of cigarettes costed 1.70 rupees.

In those days.

It’s alright if you don’t remember
the year...

I’ll give a new intro to your flashback.

Because the villages, names,

characters and timeline in this story...

They’re a work of fiction.

Full bottle rum costed 38 rupees...

A pack of cigarettes costed 1.70 rupees...

Those were the days.

Father died when I was a kid
from a drinking problem...

Mom sent me to school by selling coconuts
and flowers at a temple.

- Bye, mom.
- We have to pay to go to school...

But we’re paid when we go to a bar...

That is why I’d be in the bar
most of the time.

- Bring me half brandy.
- Okay, bro.

Why didn’t you open it?
Where’s the opener?

Sir... Sir... Don’t hit him...
I’ll open it for you.

They promised to pay 2 rupees
if I opened the bottle...

2 rupees turned to 20
if I thew the bottle on a car...

Peddayya supported us...

So we backed him up.

20 rupess to throw a bottle.

200 rupees if we break a neck.

500 rupees if we break a hand.

1000 rupess if we break a head.

Stop it.

You started smashing bottles
when you were 5...

But you did the same till
you were 17 or 18...

Not happening....

I’m making a movie…

A hero needs a heroine, right?

Don’t you have a heroine, I mean...

A girl in your life?


- Gani, what are you saying?
- No!

- Gani, listen...
- Hey!

I said no, right? End of story.
Get the hell out.

Get lost!

When he insisted there was
no girl in his life...

It is clear there was someone.

Who is that girl?

Where is she?

How does she look?

The second hero in the film
finds all the answers.

Naughty boy! Continue...

Who is that girl?

Gani wants to see you.

Right now?


I lied to you this morning...

There was a girl in my life...

It’s her.


No matter how important a settlement was...

We’d skip everything for a Sridevi film.

- ‘Beauty Queen’ Sridevi...
- Hail!

- ‘Beauty Queen’ Sridevi...
- Hail!

- ‘Beauty Queen’ Sridevi...
- Hail!



- Movie was mind-blowing, bro.
- I’m going to watch it a few more times.

By the way, Shoban Babu was getting
a little too touchy.

I really didn’t like Shoban Babu
getting intimate...

It’s just a movie...

Still, he should maintain his distance.

This is so not happening.
Let’s go to Madras and give him a warning.

Hey! Forget about ‘Reel’ Sridevi...
Kite is slipping away.

Catch it...
Sridevi I won't leave you.

Run faster!
Hey.. Sridevi!

Devi... Devi...

Sridevi, listen!


Hey! It’s Sridevi!

So this Sridevi took her place.

What happened after that?

Hey! Get out of here, everyone!

No more classes here... Get out!

- Who are you people?
- Get out!

Get out of here...

Everyone’s switching to computers...

What will I do without this institute?

You’re right.

What will I do without this?

Hey, Type master...

We’ll also be taking classes from tomorrow.

- You guys will learn typing?
- Yeah.

We’re a different type.

- Let’s go, guys.
- Hey, Gani!

Who is he?

Ganesh bro, this is really heavy.

We can bang heads really hard with it.

Dear, you shouldn’t bang heads with it.

But the letters on it...
Do it.

What are you guys doing in our area?

There are no girls in your area?

There are girls in our area...

But we heard there are no men in yours...
So we’re here.


We should smack them.

Do it.

Sridevi is my neighbor...

I’ll help you out...

Me too... I’ll cooperate.

- Please let us go, bro.
- Don’t hurt us.

Now that you know where she lives...
Problem solved!

Not so soon!

That’s when the real problem started.

One day King Shanthanu was playing
on the banks of river Ganga.

Bah! Devi...

looks like the crows are nicking
the antenna again...

Go check on the terrace.

- Grandma...!
- Yeah?

Is the picture still blurry?

Everything’s been blurry ever
since I saw you.

Right there. Hold it.

Bah! Lost it again.

What now, grandma?

Uh-huh. No picture.

Yes! I see it. I see it.

Fix it right there.

Hey! Hold it properly.

Why don’t you come upstairs?

You can get a clearer picture.

Guys your age invest time
in employment exchange.

Not in chasing after girls.

SI posts were announced recently...

You’re tall. Why don’t you apply?

What do you plan on doing
with your life?

What’s your aim?

Are you passionate about anything?


I wear bell-bottom pants, big boots
and tuck my shirt in.

I don't know fashion?

She thinks I don't know fashion.

That’s fashion.

I’m talking about passion.


Kapil Dev is passionate about bowling...

Bappi Lahari is passionate about music...

Mithun Chakraborthy is passionate
about dance...

Find out what your passion is.

You might not find the love of your life.

But you’ll learn to live.


A guy in college is teasing Sridevi badly.

Stop teasing her.
I will see your end.

I hit people for money
when I was a kid.

But after your pep talk, I wondered
why I’m hitting him now.

That’s when I realized...

The high of breaking bones
for the right reasons...

That’s my passion.

The high of smacking someone arrogant...

That’s my passion.

Gavaskar's six...
Bappi Lahari composing a tune...

And me breaking people bones…

We all share the same passion.

That passion saved you today.

I’ve lived with the same passion
till today...

And I’ll continue to do so.


I can’t live without you, Devi.

You’re the only girl I loved ever
since Sridevi.

I’ll treat you like a Princess.

Hold my hand once...

I’ll never let it go.

I’ll hold on till my last breath.

- Look... There she is.
- What happened?

No one was answering my calls
at your college.

Why are you late? Get in.

I don’t mean to brag but...

She’s an angel.

You’ll see for yourself.

You can ask her anything you want.

I have no questions.

I like her.

Ask if she feels the same about him.

Girls in our family get the final say.

It’s totally her father’s decision.

What do you say, dear?
Do you like him?

Whatever you say, father.

He has a Government job
in the Police Department...

He makes good money in bribes...

Be generous with the dowry.


Bah! Devi...

It’s the damn crow again!

Please check it.

Apologies for the signal interruption.

I was going crazy thinking
about the alliance...

You aren’t stepping out.

I thought I’d move the antenna to see you.

You didn’t need much time to impress me...

What took you so long with the antenna?

After marriage...

I can't stay away from my family...

I couldn’t care any less about them.

You were the only thing on my mind.

When you said you’d treat me
like a Princess...

You made me feel like a princess.

I forgot about everything you’ve done...

You made me feel like you’re mine.

I can’t live without you.

I can't live with you.

I feel the same, girl...

I can’t live without you either.

I couldn’t eat or drink
in the last 2 days...

I even missed a Sridevi film.

When someone is feeling low...

They say they couldn’t eat or sleep.

But you say you can’t drink.

Now tell me this...

When you love me,
what’s the whole fuss about Sridevi?

Sridevi will decide your fate now.

What do you mean?

We’ll get married only if one of Sridevi’s
songs plays on ‘Chitralahari’.

And in case it doesn’t?

Over to Delhi!

The groom got transferred to Delhi.

How can some TV show decide my fate?


That’s not fair.

That’s what you get for admiring Sridevi.


"What would time bring into our lives?"

"There's none that can predict this"

"What would time bring into our lives?"

"There's none that can predict this"

"Is it all an illusion?"

"Is there no light in my life?"

"Is being hopeful a disappointment?"

"The river tumbles with
the crashing tide"

"The moonlight turns
the flowers into silver"

"When my beauty is flaunting itself"

'Oh, this charmer is a naughty one"

"This treasure is all yours, handsome"

"The river tumbles with
the crashing tide"

"The moonlight turns
the flowers into silver"

"When your beauty is flaunting itself"

"Come to me, girl
Your man can't resist the temptation"

"My handsome self is indeed naughty"

Your man can't resist the temptation"

"My handsome self is indeed naughty"

"You're a visual treat, I swear"

"A hug from you gives me solace"

"As your cheeks turn
red upon my touch"

"As your cheeks turn
red upon my touch"

"As my youth wishes for your company"

"Would you grace my side?"

"Embrace me for love and comfort"

"I forever cherish you in my heart"

"As you throw a glance,
you set me on fire"

"My drapes sing the
songs of melody for you"

"I long to be your better half
when I peep into your eyes"

"I long to be your better half
when I peep into your eyes"

"Shall I marry you when the
sun dawns with a bright hue?"

"This river is proof"

"My hometown is the witness"

"I fill my breath in your presence"

"The river tumbles with
the crashing tide"

"The moonlight turns
the flowers into silver"

"When my beauty is flaunting itself"

"Come to me, girl
Your man can't resist the temptation"

"My handsome self is indeed naughty"

"Oh, this charmer is a naughty one"

"This treasure is all yours, handsome"

Sridevi wanted to marry me...

While Peddayya was planning
a murder Gaddalakonda MLA.

Sridevi’s family found out
about our relationship.

It was really chaotic.

Sridevi convinced me to leave town.

We wanted to elope and get married.

Right about then...

- Alright, leave after this murder...
- No.

I'm quitting it now.

You’ll find many people like me...

But I’m all that Devi’s got.

Please let me go.

Let's go Kasi.


Tell me...

Gani wants to quit...

Anything you can do about that?

He’s going to the railway station.

Find him. Go this way.

Check in the compartment...
- Okay.

Check there.

- Did you find him?
- No.

- They are not here also.
- Okay let's go.



Devi, I’m here!


Devi! Where are you?


I can’t suffocate you for long...

I’ll take my hand off now...

Come with me without calling out for him...

I’ll make sure Gani is alive.

If you call him or yell out his name...

I’ll also make sure he’s dead.

Make sure Devi doesn't recognize him.

You never saw her after that?

Only after she told him to forget her...

They let Gani go.

Who did it?

After harassing me for 3 days,

they let me go.

He is Gaddalakonda’s sitting MLA.

He’s bailing you out.

I don’t know why you chose to forgive me...

But you’re the reason I’m alive today.

I’ll look after the politics
in Gaddalakonda hereafter.

You look after the settlements.

One more thing, Ganesh...

Peddayya tipped off the Cops.


Your Honor...
This case needs no evidence...

That’s because the accuser’s mother
is the witness.

Ganesh killed brutally while
his mother was watching.

Judge sir...

My mom is mute...

She can’t speak.

9 x 2 = 18

9 x 3 = 27

9 x 3 = 27

In this case of Gaddalakonda Ganesh
and Peddayya alias Ramachandra Murthy...

Due to the lack of strong evidence...

Ganesh is declared not guilty
and the case is thus closed.

Because I claimed my mother to be mute...

She hasn’t spoken to me ever since.

If you had found Sridevi that night...

You wouldn’t have been the same person.

Life is so unfair, bro...

We can only hope for a better life...

You never know what hits you.

How’s your research coming along?

I’m done, uncle...
Script is almost ready.

I’ll have to start shooting.

Did you find the information on Ganesh?

Of course, uncle...

He told me all about his murders
and other crimes...

I’ve recorded everything.

Okay... Come back soon.



- Is IG available?
- Who are you?

This is Reporter Madhav Rao speaking...

One moment, hold on...

- Hello...
- Hello, sir...

This is Madhav Rao...
- Yes, tell me...

The information you wanted
is on tape and video.

I think you can proceed now.

I came looking for a gangster’s story...
And surprisingly, I found a love story.

I’m your lucky charm.

Is that why you chose to ignore
our love story?

I don’t want to interfere
in between you two.

I’ll get into trouble.

Few love stories are meant for movies only.

They cause pain in real life.

True... It’s painful.

You used Balijayya, Gani and me
for your story.

You took advantage. Am I right?

if I wanted to take advantage of you...

I like you, Bujjamma...

But film is my first love.

I’m committed towards my craft...

So I can’t commit to our relationship.

Does this mean the end of our story?

Let me put it in your words...

Is this the interval in our love story?

Or the end?

Not all stories on paper transcend
on the silver screen.

This isn’t the interval

or the end.

It’s a beautiful love story that’s shelved.

Let me see how you’ll make a movie
after hurting me so much...

Hey! Hey, Bujjamma!

Guys! Abhi is leaving to Hyderabad

He’s making a movie on me...

Enjoy the food and alcohol...

Have fun!

“I’m a little good”

“I’m a little evil”

“This is who I am”

“Even the moon is flawed”

“I cause terror”

“I create chaos”

“Mess with me, kiddo”

“And I’ll break your bones”

“Set my heart on fire”

"Kiss me on the cheek"

“Bottoms up and forget all worries”

“Shoot your glances”

“Set things straight”

“There’s no right or wrong in this game”

“Oh, my swaying waist”

“It grooves to your gaze”

“Your height is a super hit”

“Your route is a super hit”

“Your head weight is a super hit”

“This movie is a super hit”

“Your mustache is a super hit”

"Your machismo is a super hit"

“Your whistle is a super hit”

“Your style is a super hit”

“I’m a little good”

“I’m a little evil”

“This is who I am”

“Even the moon is flawed”

“I cause terror”

“I create chaos”

“Mess with me, kiddo”

“And I’ll break your bones”

“Mess with me once”

“I'll destroy your life”

“It will be the end of you”

“Peoples fear is your strength”

“Your courage is your wealth”

“I win everything I set my eyes on”

“Your height is a super hit”

“Your route is a super hit”

“Your head weight is a super hit”

“This movie is a super hit”

“Your mustache is a super hit”

"Your machismo is a super hit"

“Your whistle is a super hit”

“Your style is a super hit”

“I’m a little good”

“I’m a little evil”

“This is who I am”

“Even the moon is flawed”

“I cause terror”

“I create chaos”

“Mess with me, kiddo”

“And I’ll break your bones”

Get lost!

Hey, Abhi!

Who’s the hero in your film?
Pawan Kalyan or Mahesh Babu?

Hey, old woman!

You know Ganesh since he was a kid...

Who would play him better?

My choices would be Ramarao
and Nageswara Rao...

Thank god she didn’t say Chittoor Nagayya.

You choose someone.

What do I know about present heroes?

Ask Bujjamma.

She watches TV all the time.

It’s your story.
Why would they cast someone else?

You must be the Hero.

Bujjamma, that’s a superb joke.

Ganesh playing the hero...? Action!

Hello... I am not joking.

Ganesh is nothing less...

He’s tall, dark and handsome.

- He looks like a hero.
- Hello.

Not everyone tall becomes a hero...

You need talent to act...

You need to have the guts
to stand in front of the camera.

Once I make up my mind...

I’ll face anyone and anything.

I’m the hero in your film!

This is fixed!


I’m the hero.

Gani, what are you talking about?

With this...

The whole world will know
who Gaddalakonda Ganesh is.

People will know...

They will know me.

No... Just listen to me once.

Hey, you!

You listened to the story I narrated...

But why should I listen to you?

I’m not asking if I can be your hero...

I’m the hero in your film.



Guys! Director says okay.


- Ganesh!
- Hero!

- Ganesh!
- Hero!

- Ganesh!
- Hero!

- Ganesh!
- Hero!

What does he think of himself?

He can’t be a hero overnight.

He might be good at killing people.
But movies are a different avenue.

Why don’t you compromise for your debut?

I am in this industry because
I can’t compromise in life.

How can I compromise with my films?

Angst kills both ideas and opportunities.

Oh. I see you are also preaching now.

Even an adult films operator
is out to teach me.

This theater also belongs to Ganesh...

He wanted to renovate it into
a wedding hall...

But I requested him to postpone the plan...
Asked him to wait till I die.

Dirty or Divine...
Movies should keep playing...

This heart beats only as long as
the projector runs.

I'm crazy about films.

My dad worked as an operator
in the same theater...

That is when my movie madness begun...

That madness drove me to Madras...

That madness made me
an Assistant Director in 6 months.

And Director in 6 years...

I got a movie offer...

The story that meant the world to me...

The story that was coming to life...

Shooting presumes in 10 days...

And the Producer said
his brother-in-law is the villain.

I wanted to cast Mr. Ravu Gopal Rao.

I tried convincing him...
But he never listened to me...

I didn't want to listen to him...

I left the office in a rage.

Damn! What did you do?

I thought I’d find a new producer...

I thought I’d find some chance.

But I never got that chance.

Before I die...

I wish to hold the megaphone
once and say ‘Action!’


My hope died before I did.

I’m hopeless now.

Every opportunity comes with hardship...

We try to lose the hardship.


We end up losing the opportunity.

There’s no director that hasn’t suffered...

Audience should watch your film, smile,
cry, applaud and whistle.

With tears rolling down your eyes.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Listen to me...

Adjust for once...

You’re asking me to compromise
because you didn’t.

- Uh-huh.
- Am I right, uncle?

I’m not asking you to compromise...

I’m asking you to adjust...

If you quit film making and find a day job,
that’s compromise...

If you make this film from
a different viewpoint...

That’s adjustment.

Why do you care about the hero?

You’re a Director!

You can create heroes!

You can create wonders!

You can do miracles!

Don’t depend on someone else.
Believe in yourself and make this film.

I’ll make you proud...

You might not have directed a movie...

But you directed my life.

I’ll forever be grateful to you.

Best of luck.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh!

He wanted to make a film on him
like he’s some celebrity.

Now Ganesh wants to be
the hero of this film.

I’m worried his craze for movies
is out of bounds.

I’m okay with casting you as the hero.

Wait... Hold on.

Stop it, guys...

Director has something to say...

You have to give an audition.

- What’s that?
- Testing.

I want to check your dialogue delivery.

Any film dialogue is fine.

O, Sher Khan!


Not one by one...

Send 100 men at once.

A hundred men!

Oh no!

I didn’t expect him to be so bad...
This won’t work out.

I mean acting is a tough job.

I forgot the next line, damn it.


- What?
- More men...

I don’t mind more men...
Make sure they’re no less.

Sher Khan, send them!


The dialogue doesn’t have to be intact.

We’re making a realistic film, sir...

Say the same dialogue in your style.

Make it natural and casual.

In my style?

- Natural, huh?
- Natural.

Extremely natural.

- Watch this... Watch me.
- Okay. Okay.

Ready? One more...

Whoa! He thinks he’s got it?

Watch this...

And action!

Hey, Sher Khan!

Why do you send them one by one?

Are you out of your mind?

Wow! He sounds great.

Don’t you get I want to face
100 men at once?


You dimwit.

Your soldiers are dying and
you’re still sitting on the horse...

I’ll chase you down and kill you.


I’m not Kala Bhairava. It’s Ganesh.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh!

I’ll show you hell!
What do you think?

Ganesh bro! That was amazing!

What was that, sir?
No, seriously?

How does Gaddalakonda Ganesh fit
into Magadheera?

You asked me to say it in my style, right?
That’s my style.

Look my guys are excited.

You have a bad taste.


He, Shahrukh Khan!

Bro, it’s Sher Khan.

Not Shahrukh Khan... Pardon me...
It’s Sher Khan. Sher Khan.

You need to train in acting.

Muni Manikyam, he is a senior
acting teacher...

I'll call him...

Director sir, we’re always behind Ganesh...

We will also learn to act.

- We’ll give him company.
- Yeah. I’ll also join.

I know I don’t need it...

Still, life is a never-ending lesson.
So I’ll join.

Okay. Interested people, give your names.

But we go on floors only
after Master approves.

He will approve. Why wouldn’t he?

We’ll force him to approve.

Introducing one and only Muni Manikyam sir.

Your acting teacher.

Good morning, teacher...

You thought that was a welcome gesture?

It is a yoga posture.

So my dear boys...

In the ‘Rangasthalam (Dais)’ of the world...
We’re all actors.

But Ramcharan starred in ‘Rangasthalam’.

Why did you include us?

Shut your mouth and listen up, okay?

Idiot! Scoundrel! Rascal!

How dare you!
Smoking in front of us?!

You! Come forward!

How dare you smoke in front of me?

Hey! Let him go.

Let him go...
Please. Please.

Hey... No. No.

Ganesh sir, please spare him.


It was a mistake, Master. I’m sorry.

Guys! Cut him some slack
until the training ends.

Does that mean you’ll kill me
after training?

Please don’t do that sir...

I’m begging you.

I’m begging you.
Please don’t kill me.

You guys thought I was scared? Huh?

I just enacted the emotion of ‘fear’.

He who fears can never be an actor.

I’m an artist!

How many people can you scare?

10? 100? 1000?

We’re entertaining millions of people...

An artist is more powerful
than a factionist.


Gani... Say the word, I'll kill him here.

Not now...

So your classes begin at 4 am.

Your training starts at 4 sharp.

Whoa! That’s too early, sir.

If 4 AM is too early...
3 AM sounds better then.

Sharp 3 AM. Got it?

Got it, sir.

These illiterates didn’t get it, sir.

I’m talking about acting...

Not over acting.

Shut up and be there at 3 AM. Got it?

- Yes, sir.
- Yeah?

Yes sir.


Okay sir.


Now, in slow motion.

Stop showing off... Step back.


More anger.

I want to see anger...

Extremes of anger!

Tons of anger!


Gani sir...

Cool... Cool.

It’s okay... It’s okay.

Sir, are you okay?

Show me compassion. No anger.

Love! Love!

They’re the top villains
in the Telugu film industry...

Some of them don’t even speak
the language...

But they know body language.

That is why they’re successful.

Sivaji Rao Gayakwad!

Born in Maharashtra, worked as
a conductor in Karnataka...

Became a super star in Tamil Nadu.

Language was not a barrier from him...

That is why he made the film ‘Basha’, sir.

Abhi, can you handle this?

Sure, sir.

Come here.


‘Bhasha’ means language.

‘Basha’ is a movie.

‘Bhasha’ means language.

Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth.

Sorry. ‘Basha’ is a film.


I have a small drill to practice
body language.


I’m not done yet! I’m not done yet!

Gani, he’s crossing the line.
Just stay calm.


a² + b² + 2ab

Simple formula... You must be knowing it.

For example...

- Sir?

Let’s begin the show.

- Anger!
- (a+b)²= a² + b² + 2ab

- Lust!
- (a+b)²=

a² + b² + 2ab



a² + b² + 2ab


So, guys!

If you want coffee or dosa...

If it’s an enquiry or a threat...

Be it public or private...

You must follow this formula.

Choose fast.

You want her or me?

(a+b)²= a² + b² + 2ab


What the hell are you talking about?
You fool!

Whole square...

I get it, sister.

He means he wants to hire us both
at a wholesale rate.



a² + b² + 2ab

60 rupees, bro.



Twinkle twinkle little star.

Jack and Jill went up the hill.
So what, bro?

Give me my money.
- Hey.


a² + b² + 2ab

Hmm... Got it, bro...
You can go.

If we had focused so much in school,
we wouldn’t be into these jobs.

Couldn’t you find someone else to bother?

Damn it!

These are your coaching results.

First on the list...



- I’m here.


Suri! Gundappa!

Samba! KK!

Seshayya! Yadanna!



- Abhi...
- Sir?

We can never get them
to give an expression.

I don’t want them anywhere near
the shooting area.

They’re a bunch of wooden face morons.

Coming to Ganesh...

He’s ferocious.

He’s ready now...
You can start shooting.

Why are you wiping the scar?

Director asked me to cover it up.

It’s Ganesh bro.

It’s his debut.

He’ll have all kinds of silly demands.

We won’t comply...
We’ve seen many debutants in my time.

I know, right? Well said.

Uncle, come here.

- Me?
- Come!

Uncle, I want you to direct the first shot.

- Me?
- Yes, uncle.

Say ‘Action’ and bless me.

Hold it, uncle.

On lights!

Clap in!

Start sound!

Roll camera!

SK Productions...
Production no. 9...

Opening shot...
All the best to all of us.

Thank you.


Ganesh! Gaddalakonda Ganesh!

What do you think?



This is enough.

This is enough for my lifetime.

He’s a debut director.
He’s showing off.

Nothing I’ve never seen before.

Welcome, writer sir.

It’s a really nice character.
I want you to do well.

You’ve turned a writer into an actor.

You should bring the best out of me.

Who’s that?

Bombay villain, sir.

He’s memorizing his lines.

Bombay villains have no lines to say...

Except for ‘Who is he?
Where is he from?’

‘Kill him, guys!’

- Am I right?
- Who is he?

Kill him, guys!

Didn’t I tell you? So obvious!

You’re talking to a writer.

Sir, the next shot is yours.

Go get ready.
- Okay. Okay.


Ma’am, your shot is ready.

I’m not ready yet. Wait for me.

Valmiki was an ordinary man...

He transitioned into a sage and
penned the Ramayan...

So I want our film's title to be 'Valmiki'.

You should name orphanages
and schools after sages.

Not films.


I’ll throw a huge party for whoever
comes up with a nice title.

I have an idea, bro.

‘De Thadi Pochamma Gudi’ (Catchy Telugu Phrase)
What do you think?


Kanthayya, no phrases for us.

Think of something else.
- ‘Ganesh!’

‘Gaddalakonda Ganesh!’

There’s already a movie called ‘Ganesh’.

How does ‘Seetimaar’ (blow a whistle) sound?

When Ganesh bro is on screen,
everyone would blow a whistle.


It sounds fantastic…

Hey, director! That’s our title. Finalize it.



If he put the title 'Valmiki',
youth will know his greatness..

Director, the current generation should
know the greatness of Ganesh.

Bro, I’d go with ‘Seetimaar’ any day.




Is it so hard to make a movie?

Sorry, Abhi.

I didn’t know you have
to go through so much.

Thanks for understanding.

I hope you understand my feelings too.

I’m here because I know your heart.

Don’t you get it?

Can’t you give a romantic look?
- Take 1!

Will you come?

- Feel the love, man.
- Take 9!

I didn’t expect you’d come.
How’d you manage to, now?

I want romance!

I’ll be there if you show up.
Director sir, this is final.

- Take 21!
- I want love!

- Take 45!
- Feel from inside.

Take 50!

50th take.

When you see a girl in front of you...

You must be feeling Ilayaraja’s music
in the backdrop.

I’m a Rajkoti’s fan.


- Rajkoti!
- Whatever!

You must be feeling a little romantic.

I hate you and your beard! Holy shit!

Can’t you express love?

Can we do one last shot?

How many takes are you going to take?

Clock’s ticking away.

It’s a back shot anyway.
Use a body double.

I’ll send the costume.


Imagine the Devi you are in love with...

She is here for you..

Standing in front of you...

She came here only for you.

Imagine her as Devi...

For once... Think of Devi's memories...



I’m here.

I left everything behind
just to be here with you.

I can’t even imagine my life without you.

I’d lose anything behind for you...

I’ll never let you go.

I’ll hold on to you until my last breath.

Don't leave me, Devi...

Never leave me again.

Cut it!

- Superb!
- Fantastic!

This is your career’s best shot.

You did exactly like I told you.

Thank you!

They might be cheering you now...

But I was the first one to see
a hero in you.

Amazing acting!

If I were in Devi’s place...

I’d talk to Abhilash,
change the story and marry you.

We can’t change a few stories.

True love has the power to change anyone.

You can never keep still, can you?

Hey, Bujjamma!

You! Come here.

He’s calling you. Go!

I got hurt... Feed me.

- Huh?!
- Feed me!

'True love has the power to change anyone.'

Oh no!


There might be men guarding you
at all times...

But you need someone by your side
to look after you, Ganesh.

Be it any Kingdom...

If the Queen isn’t by the throne...

The King will have no glory.


You must have watched Godfather long back.

Seetimaar will rewrite history tomorrow.

My photography will speak volumes of it.

Lucky team!

We haven’t compromised a bit
on the production.

Hello, everyone.

How are you doing?

I’m so sorry.
I’m still learning Telugu.

Thank you.

You’re a Telugu girl, right?
Why’d you pretend to be from the North?

Isn’t that why you value us?


I’ve trained many heroes...

But this training...

I can’t forget it in my lifetime.

I’ll cherish it forever.

They said I’d be the side hero.

But I was sidelined...

I might have failed as an artist...

But I’m proud to be Abhilash’s friend.

All the best to the entire team.

Hello, everyone.

I don’t want to say anything
about the film.

Just watch it.

Gani, you must rock!

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Gaddalakonda Ganesh here.

It’s Gaddalakonda Ganesh!

Gaddalakonda Ganesh!

Ganesh bro...

My director Abhilash made me a hero.

But Bujjamma was the first to see
a hero in me.

- You’re so jealous!
- Get lost!

Hold on...

I don’t know how I can ever repay them.

So I’m going to gift a house
to Abhi in our village.


And I’m going to marry Bujjamma
and take her home.


Gani, you’re a sweetheart.

Hey, old woman... Are you happy?

He agreed to the wedding, Bujji.

I always predicted this.
You’re my sweetheart.

We’ll get married soon
after the movie releases.

I’ll be hosting a party
at the same venue.

My dear...

Why do you look so upset?

You heard Ganesh, right?

I have nothing more to say...

If you don’t marry me..

I’ll end up dead before
your debut film releases.



The movie Ganesh bro acted in...

I’m sending 4 tickets each...

Beers and biryani will be served.
Get going.

We’ll break your bones
if you miss the movie.

Hey! The whole world is waiting
for Avengers.

A Hollywood film is about
to hit the screens.

How can you expect us to
screen some debutant’s film?

Collect the tickets.
I want you to watch all 4 shows.

Hurry up.

Everyone must watch all 4 shows.

Seetimaar! Seetimaar!

This title has been ringing in our ears.

This movie introduces famous gangster
Ganesh as the hero.

And let’s say... Ganesh! Ganesh! Ganesh!

A superstar has arrived.

Today we’re seeing the theatres filled
with his mesmerizing fans.

Coming to the collections,
it’s breaking records.

Go inside...
I'll bring my parents and Bujjamma.

The movie is mind-blowing!
You stole the show.

Bro, Abhi is running away with Bujjamma.

I saw them going away in car.

I fell in love with Devi a while ago...

I was fooled and betrayed.

I had feelings for a girl again
after so long...

A fool betrayed me.

I was a loser back then.

But now... I’m Ganesh.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh!

Guys! Search everywhere
and get him to me. Go!

I’ll kill Abhilash.

I was a hero only for the film’s sake.

I’ll remind everyone
I’m a villain in reality.

Ganesh, please calm down.



Old woman!

You should’ve controlled her
instead of me.

What is this, Gani?

You’ve never raised your hand on a woman
in all these years.

Because a woman has never raised her voice
in front of me in all these years.

Just because I have make up on,
everyone thinks I’m a clown.

They don’t have the same fear anymore.

I’ll show them.

I’ll show them what I am.

I’ll make sure they fear me again.

Once you witness Abhi’s death...

The name Gaddalakonda Ganesh
must send shivers down your spine.

Call Vamsi and get the MLA on line.

MLA passed away, bro.

I didn’t want to upset you during
the release.

I can’t believe this happened to you...

Brother has left us.


Get me a ginger tea.
My throat is sore from all the crying.

Okay madam.

I can’t believe this happened to you...

He’s the hero in the film ‘Seetimaar’.

Oh, really? He looks handsome.

Brother, you’re the hero
in the film ‘Seetimaar’, right?

Yes, he’s the hero in the film.

What a film!

Your performance and action
were just amazing.

It was rocking. You killed it!

We’ll watch the movie over and over again.

I can’t believe this happened to you.

Hey! Make sure the funeral is grand.

Your father has a lot of followers
in the area.

I don’t want any compromises.

Let me know if you need anything.

Don’t talk about the followers, bro.

They surrounded him when he was alive.

And now that he’s dead, no one showed up.

They don’t admire him, bro.

They just fear him.

When they fear our existence...

They’d obviously wish for our death,
not wellness.

That is why I hate these
gangs and politics.

When they fear our existence..

They’d obviously wish for our death,
not wellness.

Brother, one selfie.

There he is.

He's calling again... Talk to him.

Tell me.

Bro, I’ve watched your film three times.
Three times!

Watch it 30 times if you want.
Why the heck are you telling me?

Bro, it’s the SP.

How’d you do it, brother?

What do you mean how? I just
followed the Director’s instructions.

Uncle is that beard original?

Come. Come pull it. Come on.

Guys, I don’t want to answer
any more calls.

Hang up!


Abhi is going to Tirupati
to marry Bujjamma.

Ganesh bro...

Hey! Go back. Go back.


How dare you elope with a girl
I was going to marry?

I won't spare you.

Let’s get some clarity, Gani.

I didn’t elope with the girl
you were going to marry.

You were going to marry the girl
that loved me.

I know Bujjamma long before you do.

But I know what’s in her heart.

You want Bujjamma only out of ego.

You said such things and made me go mad.

I made you a hero.

A hero!

People who resented you
are now cheering for you.

People who were disgusted by you are
now clicking pictures with you.

Film is so powerful

it changes your life.

Your ego, hatred and anger...

Don’t stand a chance.

But film prevails.

Film gave you a life.

If you fool me once, you’re smart.

But if you fool me twice,
it means I’m a fool.

What are you guys still looking at?
Kill him!


Ganesh bro...

Who is she?

Raju’s wife.


My daughter wanted to see you.

I haven’t stepped out
since Raju’s passed away.

When your movie released,
your men made sure we get to watch it.

Me and my daughter had a lot of fun
after a really long time.

She recognized you from a distance
and wanted to see you.

It was Ganesh uncle in the movie. Look.

I'll see you later.

- Doesn’t she know?
- No, bro.

Everyone thinks Prabhakar killed ‘Bullet’ Raja
and you killed Prabhakar.


My daughter had something to say to you.

What is it, dear? Tell him.

What is it? Go ahead.

You look really good in the movie, uncle.

Hey... Stop!
Go back...


You look so good in the film.

You looked magnificent
on the silver screen.

I couldn’t take my eyes off you.

People were raving about you.

I stepped out, as I didn’t want
to cause bad omen.

I always want you to do something
people appreciate you for.

Don't do something
where people will cuss you..

Hope you live a long and prosperous life.


I lied in court because
I’d be sentenced otherwise.

But I never expected
you’d stop talking

and punish me so many years.

How could you be without talking to me
for so many years.

My son...!

You made a mistake by running away
with Bujjamma.

I felt it right to kill you.

You ruined my image in Gaddalakonda.

I felt no wrong in killing you.



My mother never spoke to me all these years...

But today she spoke to me…

I killed Bullet Raja...

But his daughter give me a kiss.

Now I wonder…

if it’s right to kill you.

I heard film brings you money

I heard film brings fame…

But I’ve never heard it gives
so much love.

You showered me with all this love.

Its feels like I should
give your love back.

You didn’t come here to tell my story...

You’re here to change it.

Take good care of Bujjamma.

If you hurt her by any chance...

(a+b)²= a² + b² + 2ab

Director sir…

Do you have Rajamouli’s number?

I’ll text you.

Let’s go.

Got you finally!

Any last wish?

Forget about my wishes...
I’ll fulfill your last wish.

Gaddalakonda is yours now.

Take it.

I don't have that courage...

I can’t put my life at stake.

I watched your movie recently...

You were great in it.

I want you to help me out now...


Cut it. Take okay.


You did great in your debut film.


Ganesh, you have to change costume
for the next scene.


You're a Villain. Stop laughing.

What did I tell you?

Hold the gun at exactly 45 degrees.

You are holding at 43 or 47 degrees.

If you hold it at 45,

bullet shoots straight into the stomach.


I don’t think that’s right...
Let’s do something.

Hold it at 49 to 49.5 degrees.

Bullet will directly hit the heart.

- Okay?
- Done.

Let’s shoot.

- Whatever you say.
- You got it, right?

49.3 degrees.

Start camera!


This is Gaddalakonda Ganesh’s
criminal record...

Audio and videotapes with his confessions.

Thank you.

I’ve been waiting for really long...
Thank you very much.


Turn the geyser on.


You promised you wouldn’t
think of Ganesh ever again.

You promised you wouldn’t mess with
Ganesh’s ever again...

She destroyed the evidence.

- Hello...
- Hello...

May I speak to Ganesh?

Sir is in between shot... Who are you?

Tell him it’s Sridevi.

No dates boss.

We are shooting a sequel movie...

Not possible.

I'm not asking if you will act
in my film...

I'm saying... You’re doing it!

I was just kidding...
Don’t you get it?

I watched your movie ‘Seetimaar’.
It was great!

I want our movie to be a bigger hit.

By the way, who are they?

Cute boys!

Cast them in our film.

Okay, guys? Let's keep in touch...

See you soon.

There are no standards anymore...

Sometimes I feel the art of cinema is dying.

I will inform powerstar about this issue.

He will see their end.