Gachi bôi (2008) - full transcript

A comedy about a wrestler struggling with memory lapse.

Look out!

The chain stranglehold!

But it hangs loose...
like a necklace!

Red Typhoon's in trouble!

He's being stomped,
well actually, "tapped".

Meanwhile, referee "Hemorrhoid Hino"
moves meaninglessly!

Wasted... wasted energy, ! tell you.

"Asako Asaoka"

"Asako Asaoka"
We're the Pro Wrestling Club.

Take one, please.

I'll destroy you!

This is why pro wrestlers
can't get insurance!


That's far enough, Devil Skull!

Coquettish Valley!

Avast! You shan't interfere!

Look, it's the Egg Prince!

But he's afraid of heights!
The battle is lost already.

He's a third year business
major who can't get a date.

You superficial cutie!

Valley dodges a lariat attack.

She's a nice girl with
a mean lateral chop.

Ooh, that kick struck nothing
but air!

Egg's in pain!

But why?

For your safety, folks, please move
back to avoid the Egg roll.

Lateral chop!

That has no effect...!

Apparently, it does!
You spoke too soon, Devil Skull!

He's had 22 job interviews,
zero offers.

Valley tosses her boyfriend!
Love is cruel,

Here's the count!

Hurry... one, two, three!
It's over!

9 minutes, 32 seconds.
Love conquers all,

Victory to Red Typhoon
and Coquettish Valley!

Here we go!

Red Typhoon!

This ends today's show.
Thank you for coming.

"Hokkaido Prefectural University
Pro Wrestling Association"”

I'm beat.

Strenuous work, eh?

Hey, Numa!

That was a joke!

The Egg Prince can't look hesitant!

Oh, sorry.

You fell too soon.

Valley's kicks hurt.

Get with it!

I mean, you sucked eggs!

No pun intended?

My poor Toshi. Did my chop hurt?


Don't call me that when I'm in costume!

Why not? That's what your fans say.

Just don't.

What did the "Federation" say?

They turned us down.

Figures. We're not exactly
drawing huge crowds.


If only we had Sata.


"Drop Kick Sata"

"Red Typhoon"

Ow, ow, ow!

Help, my hair's caught in my mask!

Stop sighing.

You're our captain.

I know.

Is this the Pro Wrestling Club?

Yes, it is.

Finally! Boy, did I get lost.

Excuse me a second.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm Ryoichi lgarashi.

I want to join!

Wrestling With a Memory

Is everybody happy?


One, two, three!




Good work today, everyone!

What now?

A photo.

Thank God for lgarashi.

Everybody keeps quitting.

Actually, the school's threatening
to cancel the club.

We need to stage a great match,
and recruit more people.


I applied to the Federation
to raise our name recognition.

But got turned down.

Hokkaido University
Wrestling Federation?

He makes all our masks, too.

Wow. Really?

"Kimijima makes the masks."

So he makes the masks and
does all the play-by-play?

"Hemorrhoid Hino" likes puns.

And suffers from severe piles?


"Severe piles."

It's not OK.

Don't be writing that down!
Come on!

Erase that!

No, that's not it.

Show more pain.

You can't just say, "Ah!"

Like that.

I see.

It's a throaty "Ah!"

Next is labored breathing.

Wrong, wrong.


Pro wrestler breathing
has to convey fatigue.

Wow, you practice that, too.

You see, student pro wrestling
is staged.


Just for show.


Well, the outcome is not
necessarily predetermined.

But "safety first" is our motto.
So we stage every move.

It's a sport
designed to excite the spectators.

For example, in the ring
these two are a couple.

But in real life,
these two are an item.

Oh... I see.

Are you disappointed?

No, that sounds like fun, too!


The most important thing at our level
is neither strength nor endurance.

It's performance!


You're one to talk, Numa.

Don't disrupt the pace!

Better stretch or you'll get injured.

Not again!

Maybe you should've joined the
Photo Club instead of ours.

I've wanted to join ever since
I saw your big event last fall.

I've never laughed so hard.

It was really exciting.

The drop kick!

Sata's drop kick was amazing.

You all were having such fun.

But I was too chicken to join.

After seeing your last match,
I got the courage.

And here I am.

- We do have spectators after all.
- Hallelujah!

What did we do last fall, anyway?

The first match was Egg Prince versus
Marriage Blues Yamada.

Then Coquettish Valley and Red Typhoon
versus Drop Kick Sata and Devil Skull.

A tag team match.

Third was a battle royal won by
Oh My Baby.


Fourth was...

That's some memory.

Wait a second.

Are you lgarashi,
the 3rd year law student?


He's a total brain!

He is?

Passed the bar exam last year!

I heard about you!

Just the first stage.

What's a super achiever
doing in our club?

Here, eat this.

Go ahead.

You like fish?


And here.

You needn't...

Come on!

Quiet! He's way more
important than you.

Thanks a lot.

I can't eat all this.

You're a wrestler now.
You need your "fight-amine".


You're pathetic.

Good one!

"Fukagawa Public Bath"

Hi, Dad.

How was school?

It was all right.

Good. I'm closing up.

I'll help.

No, you've got studies.

I'll manage.

You're back.


You've been out late recently.

I'm working on a paper.


Excuse me.

What, again?

Just keep going.

I'm sorry.

After two months, he's a frightfully
slow learner.

Are you really the lgarashi?

It's only been two months.

- Sorry.
- That's okay.

Next, wrestler breathing!

92 cm.



Next is your neck.



Your family runs a public bath,
do you always help them?

Well, not since I was a kid...
more than ten years.


My father wants me to focus
on my studies.

Business is really slow.

But whenever I do well on a test,
he lets everyone in for half price.

Sounds like he's very proud
to have such a bright son.

I wonder.

Your calf.

Here are his measurements.

OK. I'll get to work on it.

Thank you.

Do you really think I'm ready?

You'll do fine.

It's just a local event.
Don't worry.


Who'll be his opponent?

He will.

Wow, I'm fighting Devil Skull.

Could you stop using our ring names?

Like yelling "Miss Coquettish!"
across campus.

It's embarrassing.

Come to think of it, you do only
use our ring names.

He uses my real name.

It's written on your jersey.

Oh, yeah.

Plus it's easy to remember.

"Asako Asaoka" is like...
"John Johnson".

So true!

Hey, I got a laugh!
You need your "fight-amine"!

Still doesn't work.

Except with lgarashi.

What kind of mask will you make?

A reptile.

A reptile?

He moves like one, don't you think?

Tee-hee..Tee-hee... Yes!

What's with you?

I thought my mask was dorky.

But it can't be as bad as a reptile.

I present "The Count of Croak"...
"Poison Arrow"!


Strike a pose!

Now just one second!

Come on, "Poison Arrow"?
That's great!

Why am I the "Egg Prince"?

The characters look alike.
But it's gibberish!

And that mask!
Look at the detail!

But mine...

is just this!


I couldn't help it.

Your face wasn't inspiring.

Is that true?

Come on, tell me.

I hate you all!

He's such a pain.

Back so soon?

Sata's here.


Drop Kick Sata! Right?

I didn't recognize you!
You look so different!

I'm lgarashi.
Let me get my camera.

Who's he?

Ready? Say cheese!

What do you want?

Nothing. Just returning from
a live gig.

No doubt.

Pro wrestling's too dorky
for you, right?

Gimme that.

Hurry up.

Let's go.


She disapproved?

She said she'd break up with him
if he continued such a "dorky" hobby.

So he quit.

He started a band to be cool.

To be "cool", huh?

Okudera was crushed.
He really looked after Sata.

You always carry that?


Must be important.

I bet you're hiding something.

Let me see.

Last year's flyer?

During that match...

Devil Skull came tumbling over me.

I was slightly injured.

You took me to the first-aid room.

That was you?

Truth is...

since that time...

I've had feelings for...

Excuse me!

I'm very sorry!

You're home.

What're you hungry for?



"Rookie Poison Arrow!"

And now for today's first bout!

A 30-minute singles match!

Welcome to the blue corner...
Devil Skull!

Wait a second.
I don't see Devil Skull anywhere!

Where could he have gone?

He emerges... from a sushi shop!

HWA's man of power!

Able to squash a 5-cm curd of tofu
in his bare fists!

The man with a chain that serves
no purpose.., enters the ring.

In the red corner, making his
wrestling debut...

The Count of Croak...
Poison Arrow!

From where will he make
his grand entrance?

Oh, from the grocery store...
holding a cantaloupe!

What's that for?

He is indeed a mystery.
A man who passed the bar exam.

Smart enough to decipher
cryptic legal code.

But ignorant of the fact that
pro wrestling is a dead end.

Thin and lanky as a French fry...

179-cm tall but almost lighter than air...

he alights onto the ring of death...

as helpless as a newborn lamb.

Think he can pull this off?

Sure. This one's for laughs.

They feel each other out.

But they don't lock up!

Poison arrow's running away!

Why'd he enter the ring then?

Devil Skull is in hot pursuit!

Poison keeps running!

This is falling flat.

Look! Federation's here.

Yeah. I asked them to come.

They look bored.

All right. Looks like I'll have to
save the day.

Break a leg!

Poison Arrow cowers.

What could be the meaning of this?

Devil Skull wants to shake hands.

He wants to be friends.

Well, Poison Arrow?

It was a trick!
A cheap shot by Devil Skull!

It's what he does best,

Ooh, a head lock!
The squeeze is on.

To the ropes.

Nice tackle by Poison.
The action is picking up.

It's wide open for Poison Arrow.

What's the matter?

Poison suddenly stops dead
in his tracks.

What could be the problem?

Shall we continue?

Hello? We haven't got all day.


What happened?

Asako, hurry!

What, did he fall?

No, it was a complete disaster!

He just froze up.

And forgot the game plan.

Toshi improvised and tried to end it
quickly with elbow blows.

But he wouldn't give up.

Igarashi then ran smack into Toshi's face.
Blood was everywhere!

The crowd went wild.

What, for 20 minutes?

Yes! Toshi was so worn out that
he finally gave up.

Toshi! Are you all right?

Holy cow! Way to go, lgarashi!

The crowd is pumped!
Bring on the main match!

Hold it!

Why didn't you stop the fight?


Because what? It was dangerous!

But the crowd...

Safety first, remember?

Hey. It's show time.

Numa, to the ring!

Yes, Sir!


Devil Skull... I'm so sorry.

I wrote everything down but
my sweat erased it.

All you had to do was give up.

I've always hated losing.


I knew it.

Just what do you think you're doing?

Excuse her.

She's my sister.

You recognized me?

Don't be stupid.
Only you move like that.

I see.


Pro wrestling?

They don't know?

Akane, don't.

Know what?

My brother...

can't learn new things.

After last year's school festival...

I had an accident.

You suffered some damage to your
frontal cortex and temporal lobe.

It could affect your memory.

I remember everything before
the accident.

But not much afterward.

You mean "nothing" ”.

Everything's gone by the next morning.

Is that true?

The photos and memos.


Is that why you use everyone's
ring names?

I knew them before the accident.

My father wants me to help out
with the bath after I graduate.

He says it's my only option.

But I won't be "helping".

People will be helping me.

Stop it.

That's why I want to do what I like
until graduation.

- Let's just go.
- No!

I'm sorry for making
things difficult.

For ruining the match.

But doing this with you all
is my only real joy.

Even though I won't remember it.

Don't tell the others.

I beg you!



You guys were great.
Especially "him".


"Poison" something.

"Poison Arrow"?

Yeah, he put on a great show.

Too dangerous.

I agree! He's kind of
our secret weapon.

Let's plan a match together.


At last, we're in the Federation.

Aren't you glad I didn't stop the match?

It all worked out in the end.
Another drink, Mr. lgarashi, Sir?


No, thank you.

Then eat!
You need your "fight-amine".

- Not again.
- Give it up.

But look.

That's funny.

How does he manage to laugh at
that every time?

Beats me.

Because it's funny, right?


You're easily amused.

It's a good pun!

Let's do something!

Hey, I've got a great idea!
Come on!

Relive your childhood!

Climb in here!

And then what?

Say "cheese"!

What is it?


"Read your diary!"

"Read your diary!"

"On the table."

"To Myself Tomorrow"

"It all began with..."

"An accident..."

"loss of memory..."

"Forgotten by tomorrow..."

My handwriting.

"I'm in the pro wrestling club."

"Go to practice."

"A shack behind Building 2."

That's it.

You're late.

Numa's about to demonstrate
his newest move.

Show us!

If you insist.

The "Coelacanths"?

You're way cooler than them!

"University Tag Team Stars -
The Coelacanths"

Look at this place!


Look, The Coelacanths!


Thanks for coming.

Thanks for having us.

Don't mention it.

You're Poison Arrow?

Uh... yes.

I'm Kanemura of The Coelacanths.

But today I'm Federation representative.

Put it there.

Loved your match.
Today should be fun.

Got a minute?

Here comes the signature move!

The Mohican Lariat!

Sales at the convenience store
where he works have plummeted!

With a haircut like that,
it's no wonder.

Hold on, Poison Arrow's not finished!
What tenacity!

He lunges at the beast!

After all the pain he's endured?

He won't say die!
He just keeps getting up!

But here comes the Argentine
Backbreaker! This could be it!

This is unscripted?

Isn't that a bit risky?

Ooh, that backfired badly!
1 bet that hurts.

Poison's got him in an
Achilles Heel Hold!


No, no! Too weak!

A miraculous victory
for Poison Arrow!

What? How did that happen?

That Heel Hold was crap!

Persistence pays off!

With a scrappy fighting style,
we have a brand new hero!

Today is all we have.

The sky is blue.

Let me hold you.

Resist if you wish...

But I..

Love you.

Come back!

With you, we don't need
the Federation!

Igarashi's wrestling for real?

On the surface.

But actually, his opponents
are being told to lose.

Igarashi doesn't know.

He's the only one not faking.


They keep asking him to
improvise his fights.

"4 wins, 0 losses!"

It's Federation orders.

I've protested.

But Hino only cares about
winning fans.

Igarashi is real popular...

fighting so hard with his skinny body.

And winning.

What's wrong with that?

It's dangerous.

He'll be fine. He trains, right?

Why would my returning
prevent Federation matches?


you can draw crowds without them.

That's not true.

Okudera says you're a natural.

Come back.

Look, I can't, all right?

If I enter the ring,
she'll break up with me.

This is his fifth match.
Maybe it's time he lost one.

I see your point.
That's no problem for us.

Igarashi thinks it's real.
Do we ask him to lose?

No need to. He can't beat us.

What, a "shoot" match?

It'll be exciting.

It's too dangerous?

We'll go easy on him.


It'll be a tag team match.

If things get dangerous,
you can lose it for him.

But anything can happen.

We're doing this for him.

Losing sets up a comeback.

It'll boost his popularity
even more.

OK, we accept!

They're all-stars!

Do you know how big this is?

Kind of.

All of Hokkaido's most popular
wrestlers will be coming.

To our school?

Yes! And we all get to take part!

Be more excited!

I'm sorry.

Oh, leave him alone.

Thank you.

This is intense.

Those Coelacanths are amazing.

I don't get it.

Why are they treating us so well?

They're holding the match here
and you're all entered. Why?

It's thanks for the popularity
that lgarashi has brought them.

Mr. lgarashi? No, "Lord" lgarashi...
thank you!

Now you're a "Lord".

Yes! Tonight we drink!

Walk on your own!

Be careful.

Of the Egg Prince?

No, your upcoming match.

The Coelacanths want to ride your
popularity by beating you.

Don't worry. I'm going to win.


do you think you could go reserve
the gymnasium tomorrow?

I completely forgot.


It's easy. Just go to the school
festival committee office.


Get a grip, Egg Prince.

Look out!

Easy, easy.

I'm done.

But I barfed on these flowers.
Forgive me, flowers!

Are you OK?

Help me get him up.

- Come on.
- The flowers...

What kind of flowers are they?

Whenever Egg Prince gets drunk,
everyone draws on his face.

Asako Asaoka is the manager.
She takes care of everyone.

Kimijima does the play-by-play
and makes the masks.

Devil Skull and Coquettish Valley
live together.

Red Typhoon is captain.
Hemorrhoid Hino...

Got it!


Training camp starts today!

Don't worry, I'm taking my notes.
Cover for me,

Why does it hurt you, lgarashi?

Got it.

Put your whole body into it.

Bend your knees...

twist... and give it everything.

Like that.

I see.

Our timing's off.

I'll adjust to you, all right?

Do it.

"Warning: No Peeking!"

Watch closely now.

First throw your opponent
toward the ropes.

Then you turn and run to
the ropes yourself.

Just as your opponent returns...

you do this.

And your opponent falls.

I don't know.

What do you call it?

"The Spring Breeze."

Let's eat.

How about "The Autumn Breeze"?



I can't.

You've already taken off your shoes.

Show me the drop kick.

Just this once.

Thank you!


That's the one! Wow!

What gives?

He's admired you ever since
seeing you wrestle.

Who, me?

All right, already.

You try it.

The trick is to jump high.

And build energy in mid-air.



We're being watched.

Who goes there?

Igarashi's sister?

How's my brother doing?

He's working real hard.

He's different on days
he has wrestling practice.

He's cheerful.

I see.

That's why I haven't told Dad.

He'd put an end to it.

After our mother died...

the three of us worked
as a good team.

But after my brother's accident...

it all grew awkward.

It's been...


I've never heard him speak
outside of the ring.

Did you really speak?

You are man of few words.

Hold it!


A bit early to be drinking.

Akane's running shop.

Then it's in good hands for once.

Very funny.

Ryoichi still hitting the books?

Scored highest on his last test.

Wow, so he's on his way
to becoming a lawyer?

Count on it.

Count on it.

"Red Typhoon"


What've you got to say?

The school orchestra reserved the gym.

I asked you a while ago, didn't I?
But they say you never came.

What were you doing?

I asked you, right?

What's that mean?

- My memos...
- You wrote it down.

I never saw it.

So? Can't you do anything
without a damn memo?

That's enough!

We'll hold the event outdoors.

It's his attitude!
He should apologize.

I'm sorry.

You screwing with me?
Don't give me attitude!

It's too late!

He has a reason!

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

But please...

let me wrestle.

Forget it.


If he wants to do it,
why don't you let him?

Our motto is "Safety First".

It'd be like going in with
a ticking time bomb.

I'll be OK.
I've gotten much better.

I've won all four of my matches.

Your opponents...

all lost on purpose.

You haven't gotten any better.

That much you should know.

On purpose?

Is that true?

Get up.


Get up. Come on!

At least take the hits!

Stop it!

Nothing has changed since
the day you arrived!

Well, come on.

Charge me!

Give up.

I won't.

Do it!


Why didn't you tell me?

You could've at least told me!

You're right.

I haven't a chance, do I?

I thought I'd improved.

But I guess nothing's changed.

Last year's school festival
was really great!

It looked like so much fun.

I remember...

I got tangled up with Devil Skull
as he flew into the crowd.

You took me to the first-aid room.

Truth is...

since that day...

I know.

This is the fourth time.

I'm sorry.


I'm in love with Okudera.

This is the second time...

I've told you.

I see.

Why didn't I write that down?

Something so important.

Forgive me.

"Miss Asako..."

"and Red Typhoon"

You're home.

What happened?

Take those off.

What are those bruises?

Pro wrestling of all things?
An injury could make things worse.

How do you expect to survive then?

Give it up.

You don't have that luxury
with your condition.

That's exactly why I want to do it.

Without a memory...
I have no life.

By tomorrow, I will have forgotten
everything about today.

Who I met... what I ate...

what I saw... what I read...

what I heard... all of it.

Even talking to you now, Pop.

You call that living?

But my body remembers.

I read about what I did,
and my bruises are the proof.

The soreness in my muscles
almost makes me remember.

Wrestling is the only thing
that proves I'm alive.

Suit yourself.

Why is this happening?

Why so glum?

He's got brains, unlike me.

Could've been something.

A first rate lawyer.

Defending the innocent.

A man worthy of respect and admiration.

Sometimes he'd come home,
bringing clients to our bath.

I'd say, "Free baths for everyone!"

Even passers-by, free of charge!

I'd dive into that shallow water
with a big grin on my face.


You have a visitor.

It's much more relaxing
in here this time.

Everyone came after training,
didn't they?


you won't remember any of this
tomorrow, will you?


It's hard to imagine.

We've got use of the gymnasium
after all.

Hino begged and pleaded
with the orchestra.

You may not remember it.

But you can burn your match
into everybody's memory.


Did that sound kind of cool?

It did, huh?

"Burn into everybody's memory."

I thought of that at home.


"57th Hokkaido Prefectural University
Autumn Festival"

The timing's off.

Look ahead and puff out your chest.

"Poison Arrow & Red Typhoon
vs. The Coelacanths!"

It's tomorrow?

Come watch.

I couldn't sleep.

I'm off!


You won't believe it!


I couldn't sleep last night.

I still remember everything.
See ya!

Good luck!

Sorry I'm late!

- I'll say.
- Why?

Something unexpected.


Truth is...

I overslept.

That's nothing new.

Sorry! Where's lgarashi?

He hasn't arrived yet.

Oh no.


Where am I?

What happened?

I don't know. When I woke up,
I was riding a bus.

You fell asleep?
Where's your notebook?

You always have it.

What're you talking about?

Must be on the bus.

I'm so confused!

Wait right there.
I'll bring it to you.

"Battery low"

What do I do?

Don't move!

Please leave a message
after the tone.

Something the matter?

It's lgarashi!

We're starting!

Thank you.

The chair!
He's tied up in the chair!

Meanwhile, Devil Skull...
is resting!

Perhaps exhausted from all his
job interviews!

You think something happened?


You OK?


is this an important day?

I've a feeling it is.


I'm in love with you, Coquettish!

A sudden confession!

The main event is next!


Drag out this match.

Egg Prince is already into
his confession bit. It's over.

What do we do?

I love you.

This is so sudden.

I love you!

What about Red Typhoon?

I love you!

Me, too!

Oh no! Coquettish Valley has given
her heart away to the Egg Prince!

Not so fast!

A mystery guest?

This is highly unexpected, really.
I'm totally in the dark here.

Who the heck is he?

Who are you?

We've got to stall.


This is one wild fish!

There it is!
"The Spring Breeze"!

Stop that!

This makes no sense at all!

The match is over!

15 minutes, 32 seconds.
The party-crasher wins!


I'm sorry I'm late.

"To Myself Tomorrow"

This is from everyone.

Good luck.

And now for the main event!

A tag team match to be fought
until a victor emerges!


It was really far.

Welcome to the blue corner,
Red Typhoon and Poison Arrow!

In the red corner...

The Coelacanths!

Play-by-play by Kimijima with
color commentary by Arai.

I'll go first.

Poison, you first!

Kanemura wants Poison Arrow.

How will the challengers respond?

Poison answers the call!

If it gets dangerous,
give up quickly.

The two most popular student
wrestlers square off!

1 give the edge to The Coelacanths,
by a considerable margin.

Here we go.

It's been 3 months
since the accident.

But I have no sense of time.

When I think it'll be like
this forever, I get a chill.

Dad seems to avoid me.

We don't talk much.

I don't even know what to talk about.

He continues to boast about me
to the bath guests.

But it's me of the past.

To him, I am finished.

I fear I'll be a burden on Dad
and Akane my whole life.

I want to die.

School started today.
I saw a pro wrestling match.

I remembered last year's autumn
festival, and got excited.

I guess I still wanted to try it.

I know wrestling moves
I don't remember learning.

My body remembers
who I was yesterday.

I feel alive.

I won again today.

I wish Dad could see.

But I can't tell him.

Dad found out today.

I feel bad for worrying him.

And for being a disappointment.

I'm sorry, Dad,
that I turned out like this.

Tomorrow's my last match.
But I'm OK.

I've friends who've helped me
fill volumes of notebooks.

I'm a lucky guy.

Give me your hand!

A little further!

Poison desperately reaches for
Red Typhoon's hand.

He's overmatched.

I'm ending it, OK?

No, I can still go.

The champions make the switch.

Did you hear that?
Trapped in the corner!

Typhoon's being stomped!
How much can he take?

Stay away, lgarashi!

Poison Arrow enters the ring!

And gets punished!

The challengers are wobbly!

- Look!
- The Cobra Twist!

That's his specialty!

Give up?

Poison keeps it going.

That's enough.

I can go.

You can't win.

Oh! Double whammy!

Uh-oh, here it comes!
There it is!

The Coelacanth "Victory Pose"!

The HWA Team looks helpless!

Kanemura's taunting Poison again.

He's not done toying with him.

Poison takes to stomping!

He builds speed...

That was brutal!

Poison, doubled over in pain,
tries to stand.

I don't believe it!


Kanemura climbs the ropes.
For what, I wonder!

Continue the count!

Give me a second.

The ref seems to have another problem.

Poison buys more time with a
small act of terrorism.

But for what?
To receive more punishment.

Knee Drop and a Leg Drop!


He's in tatters!

Give up!

Give up!

You did great, lgarashi!

Just give up!

They plan to add insult to injury.

Give up!

Poison Arrow is lifeless as he's
lifted high into the air!

It looks like a Brain Buster!

Straight for the jugular!

The clincher.

Now for the count.

The ref's still not giving the count!

The Coelacanths want it!



I don't believe it!
Poison shook free!

He's got guts!

What's more, he's back on his feet!

Where's he find the energy?
The motivation?

Even Kanemura's surprised!

Poison's not done yet!

Could that be the closer?

The count!

Free again!

Another escape!


Watch this move, folks!


Poison looks unconscious!

Finally! Red Typhoon reenters!

Only to get pummeled badly!

Off the ropes...

We can win this, lgarashi!

You can do this!
You've trained more than anyone!

Don't you remember?

Well, I remember.

I remember how hard you've worked!

Everyone does!

We all remember!

Believe in yourself!


What is this?




"Shut up! Stop!"

I said shut up!

Hold that! Don't let go!



The count!

A count of 2.9!

Poison came so close to winning it!

Can he still go?

Oh no! He's pinned!

You rock, lgarashi!
You're my hero!

"Poison Arrow"

Ryuta Sato


Osamu Mukai

Riisa Naka

Daisuke Miyagawa

Shigeru lzumiya

Produced by Chihiro Kameyama
Shuiji Abe Yoshishige Shimatani

Executive Producer Kenji Shimizu

Producers Masahiko Oda
Chikahiro Ando Naomi Akashi

Based on the theatrical production
"The lgarashi Legend" by Ryuta Horai

Written by Masafumi Nishida

Music by Naoki Sato

Theme Song "Hirahirahiraku
Himitsuno Tobira" by CHATMONCHY

Director of Photography
Takahito Kasai

Lighting by Kota Sato

Sound by Shinji Watanabe

Production Design by Kay Itsutsuji

Edited by Hiroaki Morishita

Presented by Fuji Television Network,

Production Company ROBOT

Directed by Norihiro Koizumi

© 2008 Fuji Television Network,