Gabriel's Rapture: Part Three (The Gabriel's Inferno Series) (2022) - full transcript

In the sixth installment of the Gabriel's Inferno series Julia deals with the aftermath of Gabriel's departure while Gabriel goes on a journey of self-discovery. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


Here's to your success
at Harvard.

Thank you.


Are you satisfied
with your thesis?


If I had another year,
it would be so much better...

- Oh.
- That's the right answer.

Good for you.

You know, students think
they're far more talented

than they actually are.

You'd be a better student
and a better scholar

with another year of hard work.

Now... we can move on
to something else.

I don't like it when people pry
into my private life,

so I leave others alone.

In your case, I was dragged into
something by David Harris.

I'm not privy
to everything that went on,

nor do I want to be.

You'll have a fresh start
next year at Harvard,

and no one will have an inkling
of what transpired here.

But until then, it would be wise

not to draw
any attention to yourself.

You know, frankly,
female graduate students

are vulnerable with
respect to their reputations.

It's best not to give anyone
the slightest suspicion

that you haven't earned your

through hard work.

Professor Picton...

I swear I worked
very hard in the Dante seminar.

He didn't help me
with my essay or give me

any special treatment.

I'm sure that's true.

But you deceived me.

And frankly, I'm a bit put out.

I understand why I... I wasn't
brought into your confidence.

I'm sure Gabriel forbade it.

I'm annoyed with him, too.

But for reasons
I won't divulge here,

I owe him a debt.


I know the difference
between a Willoughby

and a Colonel Brandon.

I hope you do, too.

[Paul] So I'm headed back to
Vermont after graduation.

You can drive with me.

I can help you move.

Thanks but my dad's
going to help me move.

Well, we could go together.

We could spend a day
in the farm,

and then we could
drive to Boston.

Are you living in residence?

I can't get into residence
till August.

I need somewhere
to live before then.

Well, my friend's brother
goes to Boston College.

Let me see if he knows a place
you could sublet.

You would help me move
and find an apartment?


- I expect to be paid in beer.
- I think I can do that.

Who are they?

Oh, that's my sister, Heather,
on the left with her husband.

And the other girl?

That's Alison, my ex.


She was working in Vermont
and couldn't handle

the long distance.

We broke up a while ago.

You're a good person.

Maybe I shouldn't
have said that.

You should say
whatever's on your mind.

And for the record...

I've always thought
you were a good person too.

Should we turn on the movie?


- [door closes]
- I'm so glad you could come.

I wish I could have
taken time off work

to have visited
you instead, but...

I needed to get away anyway.

Wedding planning
almost finished?

Not quite.

These are for
Gabriel's apartment.

- Oh.
- [sighs]

I would have mailed them
to him, but...


Did you know that Gabriel
was in Selinsgrove

a couple of weeks ago?

He went to my parents' house.

One of the neighbors
called my dad.

Apparently he was up at
all hours playing loud music

and prowling around outside.

I don't understand
why he's doing this.

He loves you.

And that kind of love just
doesn't disappear overnight.

Maybe he loves his job more.

Maybe he decided
to go back to Paulina.


You can't believe that
he would leave you for Paulina?

I can believe anything.

You really think that he would
leave you for her?

Up until a year and a half ago,
they were still involved.

- She's familiar territory.
- [sighs]

We're going to need
something stronger.



- Shhh.
- What?

We're gonna wake up Aaron.

He sleeps like a log.

- [snoring]
- [laughter]


I just don't think that Gabriel
would leave you to keep his job.

I think he would have gone
up to you afterwards

and said, "I love you,
but we have to wait."

And he would have said it
in iambic pentameter

because he can.

He loves you.
I refuse to believe otherwise.

[slurring] If he loved me
he wouldn't have left me.

You want to call him?

I left him a message.

If he wants to talk to me

he has to do it face to face.

I'm not calling him again.




What if he sleeps with Paulina?

Oh, I don't think
he would do that

and expect you
to forgive him afterwards.

If he's with someone else
and you find out about it,

you tell me.



[heavy breathing]

I'm sorry, I forgot.

What did you forget?

How to enjoy a blow job?




[deep breaths]


[speaking Italian]




I saw you here last December.

[speaking Italian]

Bless you!

Bless you!


[birds chirping]



Come in.

Well, thank you for coming,
Miss Mitchell.



How was your semester?

It was...


I asked to speak with you
to find out whether you've

had any other problems
since the hearing.

Dean Harris is wondering
if Professor Emerson

bothered you at all
after the hearing.

Did he call or email?

Why do you care?

You got what you wanted.
He left.

This meeting is an attempt
to ensure that you've been able

to proceed in your education
without interference.

He told me
to stop contacting him

and that it was over.

That's what you wanted
to hear, right?

on a successful year.

And congratulations
on being accepted to Harvard.

I don't regret my relationship
with him.

Both of you
were patronizing to me

throughout this entire process.

I understand the importance
of protecting someone

who needs protection

but the only people I needed
protection from were you.

[indistinct voices]

[church bells in distance]

Excuse me. Uh, I'm looking
for the Foro Romano

and the Museo...


It's on via del Portico too.

It's about a 12 minute walk.

- Okay.
- Uh, that way.

Well, thanks. You know,
I want to see it

before we head
to Florence tomorrow.

Oh. Florence is lovely.

Beautiful sights to see.

Yeah, well, my family
will be staying there

for two months, but I'm afraid
we won't have much time

for sightseeing.

Oh, how come?

Well, we're staying
with the Franciscans

and will be volunteering
in a medical clinic.

Franciscans can always
use a little help.

- Oh, I'm not Catholic.
- Oh, neither are we.

We just want
to lend a hand to good work.

Okay, I'm off.

- Thanks again.
- Sure.


[indistinct chatter]

[speaking Italian]


[kids clamoring]


[speaking Italian]



Thank you.
That's very generous.

It's nothing for what
I received in return.

You're leaving?

I have somewhere I need to be.


[birds chirping]



I need to see you.

- Congratulations, Julia.
- Thank you.


- I'm so proud of you.
- Thanks, dad.

Shall we head to dinner?

I'll get the car.

I like Paul.
He's a good handshaker.

He's a great friend.

Maybe he could be more
than a friend.


It's time to get up.


Come on. I know you're awake.

Is it time for school?

I think you're a bit
too old to go to school,

at least as a student.



What's the matter?

I never said goodbye.

I wasn't able to tell you
that I love you.

I've always known.


I should have been there.

I want you to stop
blaming yourself.

You know, I love
all my children.

But you...

You were my gift from God.

You've always been special.

There's someone I'd like
you to meet.

I'll let you two talk.

Hi, I'm Gabriel.

I know.

I wanted to meet you.

Grace told me about your work
as a professor.

I like Dante, too.

And you are?

Will you tell me about her?

About who?




She's smart.



She speaks several languages
and cooks well.


She's not very musical.

She can't carry a tune
in a basket.


Did you love her?

I think I love her now.

In a way.

We were friends
in the beginning.

When I met her at Oxford.

I'm glad I got to meet you.

It was impossible before.

I'll see you again.

I didn't catch your name.

Don't you know me?

I don't.

Although here's something
familiar about your eyes.

Of course, my eyes are familiar.

They're yours.

I'm Maya.

You didn't have to do that.

I know you love me.

And I'm happy here.

It's filled with light,
love, and hope.


How's your reading list
coming along?

I'm reading the texts
you've suggested.

Professor Marinelli's looking
forward to meeting you.

Of course it would be
beneficial for you

to meet other Dante
specialists in the area,

especially at Boston University.

I'm sure circumstances will
arrange themselves

so that you meet eventually.

But if they don't promise me
that you'll drop by

the Department
of Romance Studies at B.U.

before September.

I will.

Thank you.

I don't know what
I would have done.

You've graduated with honors.

Your thesis is solid and
hopefully will form the basis

of a fine dissertation.

I look forward
to watching your career.

Thank you.

I think you'll be very happy
in Cambridge.

You can drop me an email now and
then, let me know how you are.


This belonged
to Dorothy L. Sayers.

She was a friend of the director
of my dissertation.

I'll treasure it always.
Thank you.


Thanks, Tom.

[engine starts]

- We've arrived.
- Yeah, here we are.

Mom, Dad.


- This is Julia.
- Hi.

- Her dad.
- Call me Tom, please.

It's good to see you.

You too.

Um, Julia.

I'd like you to meet
my friend, Alison.

- Hi.
- Hi, it's lovely to meet you.


Can't sleep either.

Dad had a problem
with one of the cows.


Ice cream?



I don't want to say goodbye.

We won't be saying goodbye.

We'll email and talk
on the phone.

We'll see each other.

I don't think you understand.

I want you to know.

Paul, I...

Let me say this.

Just once let me
tell you how I feel.

I'm in love with you.

The thought of leaving
you is tearing me up.

I-I know you aren't
in love with me, but...

do you think you could be?

In time?

There won't be drama.

I will treat you respectfully.

And I will never,
ever leave you.

Choose me.

And I'll give you a happy life.

You'll never have
to cry yourself to sleep again.

I'm not like him.

I'm not an inferno that blazes
and dies out.

I'm constant.

I want to show you how I feel
without holding back.

Say you'll be mine.

I'm so sorry.

Me too.

I had to try it.
I won't bring it up again.

I care for you.

You deserve a life with someone
who loves you the same way

that you love her.


Don't forget about your
interview at the coffee shop.

I won't.

Thanks for setting it up.

I don't know what
I would have done

without you all these months.

This is what friends do.

I hope we can still be friends.

Even though...

I didn't want to say
this in front of your dad,

so I was waiting
till after he left.

Then I thought maybe I shouldn't
say anything at all.

What is it?

I got an email from
Professor Martin yesterday.

- Emerson quit.
- What? When?

I don't know.

He said he'd still supervise
my dissertation.

At least that's
what Martin said.

I didn't want to upset you,
I just thought you should know.

- Where's he going?
- I have no idea.

I think Martin's pissed.
After all the shit

Emerson put the department
through, he up and quits.

Well, thanks again
for all your help.

My pleasure, Rabbit.

[engine starts]



Miss Mitchell...

[No Audible Dialog]

[No Audible Dialog]





[Gabriel] Read my sixth letter.
Paragraph four.

"The world,

"which is generally wrong
in its notions,

"thinks that I am at peace
and imagining that I loved you

"only for the gratification
of the senses.

"I've not forgot you.

What a mistake is this?"

[rain, thunder]

To my beloved.

My heart is yours.

And my body, my soul.


I will be true to you, Beatrice.

I want to be your last.

Wait for me.



- [horn blares]
- Julia!

Are you all right?

What are you doing here?

- I came as soon as I could.
- What?

Did you think
that I wouldn't come back

even after I resigned?

That's what a person thinks

when her lover flees
without so much as a phone call

and then sends an email
saying that it's over.

Sarcasm does not
become you, Julianne.

Lying does not
become you, professor.

So we're back to that, are we?

Julianne and the professor?

From what you told the hearing
officers, we never left it.

You're the professor,
I'm the student.

You seduced and dumped me.

- I sent you messages.
- What messages?

The calls you never made?

The letters you never wrote.

What about the letters
from Abelard to Heloise?

The photo of our orchard.

I put the book
in your mailbox myself.

I didn't know the textbook
was from you.

I only looked at it tonight.

I told you to read
Abelard's letters.

No, you said read my
sixth letter.

I called you Eloise.
Wasn't it obvious?

Eloise was seduced and abandoned
by her professor.

Your message was crystal clear.

Okay. Forgive me.
I need to explain myself.

We should go inside.

I need to change.


Are you changing schools?



Paul gave this to me.

He went there for
his master's, remember?

I gave you a sweatshirt once.

What do you think
about Boston University?

Katherine told me
to introduce myself

to the Dante specialist in the
Department of Romance Studies,

but I haven't got around to it.

I've been busy.

I'm the new Dante specialist
at Boston University.

That isn't the response
I was hoping for.



Here to stay?

It depends.

I'm a full professor now.

University wanted to be able
to attract

graduate students
in Dante studies

so they...

They cross appointed me
with religion.

Surprising, isn't it?

What is?

That a man who spent his life
running away from God...

Should become a professor
of religion.

I'm sorry
I missed your graduation.

Catherine sent me photos of you.

You looked beautiful.

[sets glass down]

The picture you used to keep
on your dresser.

The one of us at Lobby.

Did you take it with you?

How did you know that?

I noticed it was missing
when I went looking for you.

I wanted you with me.

The photo was a poor substitute.

You wanted me?

- I never stopped wanting you.
- [inhales]


Do you have any idea
what it's like...

to be left by
the person you love...

not once...

but twice?

No, I don't.

Forgive me.

How's Paul?

He's fine.

You should email him.

He said he hasn't
heard from you.

You've spoken with him.

Yes, Gabriel.

I've spoken with him.

He was there to pick up
the pieces.




I've taken up enough
for your time.

I hope you give me
one more conversation

before you say goodbye.

You didn't say goodbye
with a conversation.

You said it by fucking me.

You know
my opinion of that word.

Never use it in reference
to us again.

Julianne, please.

How's Paulina?

I saw her once.

I asked for her forgiveness.

- And I wished her well.
- Did you sleep with her?

Of course not.

Paulina's in Minnesota.

She reconciled with her
family and she met someone.

We agreed I would
no longer support her.

- She wished us well.
- She wished you well.

No, she wished us well.

She assumed
we're still together.

And I didn't tell her otherwise.

In my mind
you and I are still together.


There wasn't anyone else?

I was faithful to you
the entire time.

I swear on Grace's memory.


Why are you wearing
a wedding ring?

Read the inscription.

This ring has a mate.

I purchased them at Tiffany.

In Toronto.

I've been faithful to you
since you told me who you were.

These last few months...


Without a word.

And then tonight?

We don't have to have
this conversation now.

If you can stand it...

Please, let me see you tomorrow.


Will you let me kiss your hand?

I love you.




Good evening, Julianne.

You're stunning.

- As always.
- Thank you.

The tent is a lovely gesture,

but I would rather
have had a phone call from you

three months ago.

Where are my manners?

Did you hire a decorator?

Becca is a wonder
of New England industriousness.

Thank you.

You're not drinking.

I quit.

When you showed up
outside my apartment,

I didn't know whether
to hit you or kiss you.

You broke my heart.

I struggled
through therapy for a while,

but came out stronger
than I ever thought I could.

It was only through Catherine
and Paul's kindness

that I got through this.

Fucking Paul

You're not allowed to curse him.

Why didn't you call me?

I couldn't talk to you.

I was told the dean would
interview you

prior to your graduation,

and he would ask
if you heard from me.

You're a lovely woman
but you're a terrible liar.

I had to send messages in code.

Our last night together,
you wouldn't talk to me.

What was I supposed to think?

I thought I could court you
while you were my student.

And get away with it.

I was wrong.

Forgive me.

I thought you chose your job
instead of me.

My goal was not to hurt you.

I screwed up when I submitted
Catherine's grade for your work.

The administration was worried
you'd been awarded

that grade because you were
sleeping with me.

They were going to suspend your
grade while they investigated,

and as long as your grade
was incomplete,

you wouldn't
be able to graduate.

No Harvard.

My selfishness is
what led to all of this.

And when you confessed,

you provided the corroboration
the committee needed.

We had an agreement
to show a united front.

They were threatening
your future, Julianne.

Did you expect me to sit there
and watch it happen?

I agreed to their sanctions if
they brought the investigation

to a speedy conclusion.

I promised I'd do anything.


They told me to end things
with you.

To cease all contact.

If I violated this condition,
the agreement would be void

and they would reopen the
investigation into both of us.

That's when you sent
that cruel email.

I was sending it from
my university account

to your university account.

I assumed you'd realize
it was all for show.


Have I ever spoken to
you like that before?

I mean, have I ever spoken
to you like that

since I realized who you were?

Jeremy thought
if I took a leave of absence,

he would convince
Christa to drop the lawsuit

and he did.

But he said that if he found
out that I was still seeing you,

he wouldn't
lift a finger to help me.

- That's blackmail.
- That's academia.

You were willing to risk
everything to save me.

Thinking that I might
not forgive you.



I'd sent another message
before that.

Saying it was temporary.

No, you didn't.

I didn't get this.

I thought it was sending
it to Julianne H. Mitchell.

But in my haste I sent it
to to Jeremy H. Martin.

Which he brought
to my attention soon after.

I wish you could have told me.

- I need to go home.
- Julianne, please.

Please, look at me.

Stay with me tonight.



You can stay in my arms.

I missed you.

I would lie awake at night
wishing you were with me.

Me too.


Good morning.

- Breakfast?
- Good morning.

I was just going to use
the bathroom.

I'm afraid Gabriel's in it.

This house is inconvenient
with only one bathroom.

Even my little house has two.

I thought you lived here.

No, I live in Norwood.

This is going to be
an adjustment

to keep house for our professor.

And he's a little bit
particular, but I like that.

He's lending me books.

I just started Jane Eyre.

Gabriel is lending you books
from his personal library?

Isn't that nice?

I don't know why
he bought this house.


Oh, he plans to renovate
and make it more comfortable.

But he refuses to hire
a contractor

until he gets your approval.

My approval.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I need a shower.

First door
at the top of the stairs.

I left some things for you
in the vanity.


You're stunning.

Thank you.

When I told you
my relationship with Paul

didn't go beyond friendship,
what I said was true...



He wanted more.

He told me that he loved
me and we kissed.

Is Paul who you want?

You ruined me for other men
when I was 17.

I've never had romantic feelings
for Paul.

I'm sure that distressed him.

I broke his heart.

I took no pleasure in doing so.

You know...

Those days in Italy with you...

were the happiest days
of my life.

That's why I returned.

I even went to Assisi.

To become a Franciscan?


I visited the Basilica.

Your doppelganger led me
to the crypt

where I was confronted
by my sins.

I had made an idol of you.

I told myself I needed
you to save me.

I began to realize I'd been
given chance after chance and...

through no goodness of my own,
I'd been given love.

And grace.

And had thrown it away.

I realized you couldn't save me.

And I found peace.

God wraps the world
in second chances

and sticky little leaves.

My experience caused me
to focus on God

but also to love you more.

I've always been
attracted to your goodness.

I love you more deeply now
than before.

I thought I knew
what was best for us.

What was best for you.

I thought we had all the time
in the world.

Forgive me.

Please, tell me
I haven't lost you forever.

I never stopped loving you.

I hoped you would
come back to me...

that you still loved me.

I want more than
what we had before.

Tell me.
I'll give it to you.

I want to get to know you again.

I want to be your partner.

Teach me.

I promise I'll be your
most willing student.

I want to have the chance
to make things up to you.

To treat you the way I should
have treated you all along.

You were always generous in bed.

But selfish in other ways.

Which is why I won't make love
to you until...

I regain your trust.

So, you want to wait?

I'm aching to be joined
with you, body and soul.

But when I'm inside you,

I want you to know,

that I would never leave you...

That I'm yours.

And you are mine.


When I make love to you,
I want to be your husband.

Come again?

Richard showed me the kind
of man that I want to be.

I want to make vows to you
before God and...

and stand in front
of our families and...

make promises to you.

I can't contemplate
marrying you.

I need to learn
how to be with you again.

Frankly, I'm still angry.

My intention is not to rush you.

I've missed the connection
we had.

I haven't felt whole without it.

I haven't either.

Our last time together...

you told me it felt
like I'd fucked you.

Next time I have you in my bed,

I want you to know
without a doubt,

that our union is born of love

not lust.

That goal can be realized
without getting married.

If you don't think you can
trust me enough to marry me

then maybe you should let me go.

- Is that an ultimatum?
- No.

But I want to prove
myself to you.

And you need time to heal.

Withholding sex so I'll marry
you is manipulative.

I'm not withholding sex.

Shouldn't I be allowed to wait
until our relationship

is repaired and have
that choice respected?

But... what about make-up sex?

Isn't that customary?

Oh... is that what you want?

On our honeymoon you will find
me a most attentive lover.

All my arts will be
at your service.

I will endeavor
to undo all wrongs.

When I take you to my bed...

- as my wife.
- [gasps]

How can you be so cold?

Does that seem cold to you?

Does that... does that feel
as if I don't want you?


Can you deny this?


My arms were full.

Even when I was alone.

If you were to tell me that
you'd fallen in love

with someone else
and that you were happy...

I'd let you go.

Even though it would break me.

I will love you
forever, Julianne.

Whether you love me or not.

That's my heaven.

And my hell.

You love me.

Is that a question?

Why do you only believe
I love you now?

You love me enough to let me go

even though it would
break your heart.


Would you let me accompany you
to Rachel and Aaron's wedding?



[piano music playing]

My dad's here.

I know.

I called him.

Why would you do that?

I want to marry you.

I need to make amends
with your father.

This is not a good time
to ask him about marrying me.

I'm not going to ask
his permission to marry you.

That decision rests with you.


Hey, Jules.


We should find a quiet
corner of the bar.

I don't want an audience
for what I have to say to you.

Just for the record,
I love both of you

so I'd really like if you
didn't injure when another.

[phone vibrates]

- [Gabriel] Hey, love.
- How did it go?

I gave your dad the chance
to curse me and say that

I'm a no good coke head
who doesn't deserve you.

But by the end
of our conversation,

he begrudgingly offered
to buy me a domestic beer.

You must love me if you're
willing to give up

your pretentious European
imports for appalling bathwater.

If I was still drinking, it
would be the least I could do.

I'm across the hall
feeling lonely and sad.

In case you need anything.

I'm lonely too, Gabriel.

Isn't there something
we can do about that?

I need to go.

I love you.

Good night.


[tub squeaks]


You'd make beautiful babies.

Little boys and girls with big
brown eyes and big cheeks.

I thought you'd made your
decision about having children.

If we were married...

I'd consider having
my vasectomy reversed.

I don't know how successful
that reversal might be,

but I'd like to try.

With your blessing.

I think it's premature to have
that conversation.


I volunteered
with the Franciscans

in an orphanage in Florence.

Did you like it?

I found my niche.

Telling stories
about Dante in Italian.

When Grace found me,

I was at an age that was
considered unadoptable.

But she wanted me anyway.

I've been blessed.

[whispering] I see Quinn made
himself quite comfortable.


- Wanna go get some ice cream?
- Yeah?

He spoils him rotten.


May I have this dance?


Gabriel's toast to
Grace was very moving.

It's the first time
he's called us Mom and Dad.

I'm sure that Grace is watching
and that she's very happy.

Part of why she's happy
is the transformation

we see in our son.

You've brought that about.

Thank you.

I can't take credit for that.

Some things are
beyond all of us.


Well, I hope
that I'll be able to ask you

to dance at another wedding
in the near future.

We're taking things
one day at a time.

Well, don't wait too long.

Life has a way of taking
unexpected turns.

We don't
always have as much time

as we think we have.

- May I?
- Oh.

Is my father making you cry?


He's just reminding me
about what's important.



- Don't tempt me.
- I promise I'll be gentle.


This is a stunning reversal
of this ritual.

We have waited a respectable
amount of time.

Do you trust me?


Then marry me.

Gabriel, I...

How could this be wrong?

I'm trying to be strong
for both of us

but when you look at me
like that...

Perhaps a compromise.

Thanks for last night.

It was important to me.

For me to.

You were serious about
waiting until the wedding.

You weren't complaining.

Gabriel, I would welcome
your proposal.

Oh, Gabriel.

You didn't need to go
to so much trouble.

I would have been happy
with this old blanket

that we used before.

I like spoiling you.

May I?


[Gabriel Moans]

Do you have any idea
what you do to me?

It's beyond words.

Feel my heart beat.

You do this to me.

I brought you here because
this is where it all began.

You changed my life that night.

You brought beauty to my life
the instant I met you.

I still can't believe
I have you in my arms

after all these years.

And that you love me.

I've always loved you, Gabriel.

It's an announcement
from the Uffizi Gallery.

Your Bottecelli illustrations.

But what about the legal issues?

They were always part
of a private collection.

I own them legally.

And now I want to share them.

I always thought those pictures

should be available
for people to enjoy.

What you're doing
is very generous.

You taught me not to be selfish.

And you taught me
to accept gifts.

Then were a matched set.

The day we met,
I picked an apple from a tree.

That apple represented what my
life was like at that time.




A magnet for sin.

Has a man ever asked you
to marry him before?

Then I'm glad.


I'm your first.


This apple represents
what I've become.

Full of hope

and love.

I want to be your first

and your last.

I offer you my heart

and my life.

- Marry me.
- [laughs]

Be my wife.

My friend.

My lover.

And my guide.

Be my blessed Beatrice
and my adored Julianne.

Say you'll be mine.




I've wanted you forever,
since I first saw your picture.

I wanted you before
I even knew you.

I wanted you when I didn't
even know your name.

Only your goodness.

- I love you so much.
- I love you.


Dear Paul,

I hope this email finds
you well.

I'm sorry it took me so long
to answer your last message.

Grad school
has been kicking my butt,

and I feel so behind in
everything, but I'm loving it.

One of the reasons I don't
have much time to read

is because I'm engaged.

Gabriel has asked me
to marry him, and I said yes.

We'd hoped to get married
quickly, but were unable

to book the Basilica in Italy
until January 21st.

I'm sending your invitation
to your apartment in Toronto.

We're also inviting
Catherine Picton.

I'll understand if you can't
or don't want to attend,

but it was important to me to
invite the people I care about.

With affection, Julia.


Gabriel didn't want me
to mention this,

but he's the one who persuaded
Professor Picton

to supervise your dissertation.

Surely he isn't as bad
as you thought.


Dear Julia,

I was surprised by your news.


Thanks for inviting me
to your wedding,

but I won't be able to attend.

My father had
a heart attack a few days ago

and is in hospital.

I wouldn't be your friend
if I didn't ask you

if Emerson
is what you really want.

You shouldn't settle
for less than the best.

If you have any doubt about it,
you shouldn't marry him.

I promise I'm not trying
to be an asshole.

Yours, Paul.

[birds chirping]

- Oh, wow.
- [laughs]

- This is so beautiful!
- This is ridiculous!

Oh. Are the guys there?

You look pretty.

Thank you.

Let me help you with this.

Are you ready?



I'm glad you asked me to walk
you down the aisle.

I didn't want to get married
without you.

I should have... I should have
kept you when I took you

away from Sharon the first time.

Never should have sent you back.


I forgave you long time ago.

We never need to speak
of this again.

You're a good girl, Jules.


If you have any doubts,
I'll call a cab

and take you home right now.

No doubts.

Gabriel may not be perfect,
but he's perfect for me.

We belong together.


[priest speaking Italian]

I am my beloved's.

And my beloved is mine.

I am my beloved's.

And my beloved is mine.





How did I ever find you again?

Heaven smiled on us.


How did that get here?

Open it, Mrs. Emerson.

A magic key

to a secret garden

or a wardrobe
that leads to Narnia.

Very funny.

Welcome home.



We were happy here.

I wanted us to have a place
we could escape to.

Somewhere with fond memories.

- [Julia Gasps]
- [Chuckles]

I believe I owe you something.

And what's that?

Make-up sex.

And just so that you know...

I have a lot to make up for.

In fact, I think
it will take me all night.

All night?

All night until the morning.

While you're
getting ready for bed

I want you to think about
all the ways I'm going

to please you.


May I?

Tell me what you desire.

The night is yours.

I am yours to command.

No commandments.

Just show me that you love me.

I love you with all four loves.

But tonight is a celebration
of Eros.


Thank you for your gift.

My gift?

Your body alluringly wrapped up
just for me.

And your shoes.

They must be very uncomfortable.

Hardly noticed.

And why is that?

Cause all I could think about
was making love with you.

Your body recognizes me,

It knows my touch.

I'm going to take all my time.


More vigorous activities
will come later.

After we are sufficiently


Mi a more...

Mio Angelo...

Mia vita...

Where shall I begin?

Shall I start here?

Or here?

What about here?

Or maybe here...

All I want is you.

You can have me.


Don't you want me to wear them?

Save them for later.

When we christen the wall.

Do you trust me?


I've waited such a long time
to hear you say that.

And to know that you mean it.

Of course I mean it.

The past is behind us.

[deep breaths]


Behold thou are fair, my love

Thine eyes are as doves

Thy lips are like a thread
of scarlet

And thy mouth is comely

Don't make me wait.

My husband.

My darling angel...

I love that look.

What look?

Your eyes closed.

Your eyebrows furrowed.
Your lips pressed together.

You only make that look
when you come.

Really, Mrs. Emerson.

I've missed that look.
It's sexy.

You flatter me.

I will love you forever.

Yes. Forever.


- I love you.
- I love you.

[birds chirping]


Are you all right?

I'm wonderful.

You'll catch pneumonia.

So will you.

When I touch you...

When I look into your eyes, I...

I see our history.

And our future.

It's breathtaking.

I spent so long in the shadows.

I'm looking forward
to being in the light.

With you.

We're in the light now.

And I love you.

And I love you, Julianne.

In this life...

and the next.






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Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.