Gabriel's Rapture (2020) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

You were my first kiss.

Beatrice, wait.

Wait! Wait!


What the hell
are you doing here?


- Hi, Julia.
- Princeton was great.

I'm back in town,
let's try to grab sushi.

Hope all is well.

I've come down with the flu
and am catching up on sleep.

I'll call you when I'm
feeling better.

- Julianne... Um, Julia.
- It's Gabriel.

I'm standing outside
your building.

I wish we could go back
to this morning,

and I could tell you that
I've never seen anything

more beautiful than you
in my kitchen, happy.

That I'm incredibly lucky
that your rescued me

and... and stayed with me
all night.

That I'm an idiot,

and I don't deserve
your kindness.

I should never have
let you go this morning.

I should have begged you
to stay.

I know I hurt you...

and I'm sorry.

Please, Julia,

we need to talk about your note.

There are things
I need to explain to you.

I want to fix this.

Please. Call me.

I left something on your porch.

Did you see it?

Did you read the card?

I want to make it all up to you.

I remember kissing you.
You kissed me back.

Didn't you feel it?

There is something between us.

You can't expect me to
uncover your true identity

and not talk to you about it.

All I'm asking for is
one conversation.

You owe me that much.

Dr. Emerson,

Stop harassing me.

I don't want you anymore.
I don't even want to know you.

If you don't leave me alone,

I'll be forced to file
a harassment claim against you.

I need a new thesis director.

Miss Julia. H. Mitchell.

P.S. I'll be returning
the M.P. Emerson bursary.

Professor Abelard.

No one has ever made me feel

as cheap as you did
Sunday morning.

I understand you're

angry and hurt...

and I'm the cause of
your pain, but...

that bursary was given to you
because you deserve it.

Don't punish me by
punishing yourself.

I've found you a new advisor.

Professor Katherine Picton
is a friend of mine.

She's agreed to meet you.

I'm sorry you don't want to
know me anymore.

Abelard truly cared for Heloise.

He also hurt her,
as I have hurt you.

But he was deeply sorry.

Read Abelard's sixth letter

and see if that alters your
perception of him and me.

I'll spend the rest of my life

regretting the fact that I wasted
my second chance to know you.

I will always be
conscious of your absence.

I won't bother you again.




Hey, gorgeous. Whoa.
Didn't mean to scare you.

- What's that?
- Junk mail.

Looking forward to
Emerson's seminar?

- Should be good.
- I don't know about that.

He's been in a foul mood
for days.

I don't want a repeat of what
happened last time he was like this.

I, uh, got you something
from Princeton.

Please don't give it back.

I know you don't have
a nice key ring, and...

I wanted you to know I was
thinking of you while I was gone.

Thank you, Paul.

I missed you too.

You're welcome, Rabbit.

Maybe we can grab coffee after?

Sure, that sounds great.

Miss Mitchell.

I need to speak with you
after class.


Sorry, Professor,
I have an urgent meeting right after class

that I can't miss.

Of course.

Please e-mail me
and set up a time.

Of course, Professor.

Another time.

Today, I will be...

Today, I will be examining

the relationship between
Dante and Beatrice.

what transpired when Dante met Beatrice

the second time
and she rejected him.

Beatrice represents many things
for Dante.

They meet twice.

My question is...

where was Beatrice,

and what was she doing in between
her two meetings with Dante?

Dante waited years for her.

She knew where he lived.

She knew his family.

She was friendly with them.

If she cared about him,

why did she make no attempt
to contact him?

I would say that
the answer is obvious.

Dante cared for Beatrice,

but Beatrice cared nothing
for Dante.

Their relationship was
entirely one-sided.

Yes, Miss Mitchell.

This assessment of Beatrice

is really arrogant and
self serving, professor.

Are you crazy?

Why blame Beatrice?

She's the victim in all of this.

Dante met her when she was
under eighteen.

It wasn't possible for them
to be together,

unless he's a pedophile.

Are you telling us that Dante
is a pedophile, professor?

Of course not.

He had true affection for her.

If she had ever had
the courage to ask him,

he would have told her that.

Everything in Dante's later life
revolves around sex.

He certainly isn't sitting at
home alone on a Saturday night

waiting for Beatrice.

So he must have not
cared for her.

He needed companionship,
Miss Mitchell.

And if it makes it
any more... palatable,

those women were just
helpful friends.


More like pelvic affiliates.

Friends help each other.

They don't feed
sexual addiction.

His love for Beatrice
never diminished.

He simply despaired
waiting for her to show up.

And that was her fault.
Not his.

If that's love,
I'll take hatred.

I think you've made your point,
Miss Mitchell.

Oh, I don't think I have.

It's commonly known that
Dante's dalliances

were anonymous and tawdry.

That doesn't sound like someone
who would appeal to Beatrice.

Not to mention the fact that
he has a mistress named Paulina.

Who's Paulina?

Um, uh...

A woman in Philadelphia found
evidence of that relationship.

Anyway, if Beatrice didn't want
Dante and rejected him,

it was justified.

Dante was a self-absorbed,
cruel, arrogant slut

who treated women like toys
for his own personal amusement.

The language Dante uses

for his first meeting
with Beatrice is dreamlike.

For personal reasons...

For personal reasons,
he doesn't trust his senses.

He's not sure who she is.

One theory is Dante thought
Beatrice was...

an angel.

Beatrice is wrong in assuming
that he remembered everything

from their first meeting.

Wouldn't seeing her again
jar his memory?

Or was he too drunk to try?

That's enough.

Can we get back to this
Paulina mistress?

Paulina is irrelevant
and has no real bearing on

today's discussion,
Miss Peterson.

I disagree.
She was either

his mistress or his fuck buddy.

Class is dismissed!

In my office,
Miss Mitchell. Now!

If you were anyone else,
I'd have you expelled.

Your disrespectful attitude
is unacceptable.

On top of that,
I can't even begin to express

the anger I have over
what you said about Paulina.

You are never to
speak about her again.

Do I make myself clear?

Do I make myself clear?


I think you wanted me to
lose my temper and make a scene,

so you'd be justified
in running way.

You wanted me to behave like
every other abusive asshole

that has knocked you around.

Well, I'm not
an abusive asshole.

What happened today in my class
will never happen again.


I'll apologize to the class.

You will do no such thing.

That would only bring more
attention to us and lead to gossip.

Gossip neither one of us wants.

Is this a game to you?

You left a bra in my mailbox.

- I thought...
- Use your head!

I wasn't about to
leave it on your porch.

I started this clusterfuck
by changing my lecture,

but you finished it with the
equivalent of a hydrogen bomb.

We're going to pretend
this debacle never happened,

and hope that the other students

are too wrapped up in their
own lives to notice anything.

Have you returned the bursary?

- No.
- Good. And you won't.

Returning it now will only draw
criticism for the both of us.

Take the money.

Did you listen to any of
the messages I left?

But you don't believe me.

You seem to be the only person

capable of pushing
all my buttons,

and I do mean all of them.

Look at me.

Why can't you just tell me
what you want, Julianne?

Or do you only answer to Rabbit?

Fine. I give up.

Paul can have you.

So all of this agony
was for nothing?

- You were cruel.
- So were you.

- You hurt me.
- And you hurt me.

Is revenge everything
you dreamed it might be?

You're a coward.

I'm not a coward.

You're the one who's leaving.

You're sending me to him.

Like hell I am.

I'm just a student.

You have all the power,
you could destroy me.

You think I'd destroy you?
After our history?

You think this is what I want?

I'm miserable.

Seeing you again after all this
time and seeing you like this?

You never gave me a chance.

How the hell would I know
what you want

when you won't fucking
talk to me?!

Shouting at me won't
persuade me to talk to you!

Tell me that you want me,
or get out.

I've never wanted anyone else.

Darling, you all right?

I think so.


This is wrong.

You're my professor.

I'm going to protect you.

I promise you.

Come with me.

- Paul's waiting.
- Fuck Paul.

He's my only friend in Toronto.

I'd like to be your friend.

Gabriel, this is dangerous.

I love the way you
say my name, Beatrice.

I'm not Beatrice.

These delusions have to stop.

Julianne, I've waited
six years to talk to you.

I won't wait any longer.

I'm taking you home...
with me.

What are you doing?

I'm texting Paul.

To cancel.

I'm going to make dinner,

but I need to step out
and pick up a few things.

Will you be all right?

Of course.

Promise me you won't leave.

I promise.



Are you pleased?

It's beautiful.

Allow me.

My dear Julianne,

if you wish to know
how I feel about you,

just ask me.

Yours, Gabriel.

No champagne?

You might find this
hard to believe, but...

I don't drink all the time.

We'll save the rest
for mimosas tomorrow.


You're very sure of
yourself, Casanova.

Your virtue is safe with me.

I won't let your darkness
consume me.

So you think darkness
can consume light?

That's an interesting theory.

I just threw some of my
darkness on those candles,

and nothing happened.

Don't be so damned

You know what I mean.

Julianne, I won't lie to you
and say that

I'm not attracted to
your luminosity.

But I have no wish
to consume you.

If I am the darkness, then...

Then you're the stars.

I won't let you fuck me.

I would never fuck you.

One doesn't fuck an angel.

Then what does someone like you
do with an angel?

Someone like me
would cherish her.

Try to get to know her.

Start by being friends, perhaps.

Is it too hard to believe that
I want to take my time?

That I want to know you?


Julianne, this is new to me.

Your prejudice is warranted
to some degree, but...

But don't deliberately
try my patience.

I know you're partial
to chocolate.

You need to let me feed you.

I'm not a child.

Then stop acting like one.

Trust me. Please.



The act of feeding someone is the
ultimate act of care and affection.

Sharing yourself with
someone else through food.

Think about it.

We are fed in the Eucharist.

By our mothers
when we are infants.

By our parents
when we are children.

By friends...

at dinner parties.

By a lover...

when we feast on
one another's bodies.

And, on occasion...

when we feast on
one another's souls.

Don't you want me to feed you?

You don't want to
feast on my body,

but at least feast on my cake.

- Last chance.
- I...

That wasn't so bad, was it?

May I?

See how nice it is
to be cared for?

See how nice it is...

to be cared for by me?

Spend the night with me.

What about our conversation?

We've had enough talking today.

We can talk tomorrow,

when both our heads are clear.

I want you in my bed tonight.

I will be the perfect gentleman.

Goodnight, Julianne.

You're leaving?

I said that I wanted you
in my bed and I meant it.

You're safe here.

I tried, but I couldn't
stay away.

I don't want you away from me.

Why did you take
your photos down?

I was ashamed.

You weren't before.

That was before I decided to
bring an angel to my bed.

No... Simon, no.



Good morning, Julianne.

I stepped out for
a brief moment.

Make yourself at home.
XO, Gabriel.

Good morning.

Would you mind?

Did you sleep well?

Once I was beside you, I did.

As did I.

You're shivering.

You make me nervous.


I never know if
you're gonna be sweet

and whisper something
that takes my breath away

or say something so mean
it breaks my heart.

I'm sorry.

There's no excuse for that.

I find you difficult
to talk to sometimes.

- You're only forthcoming when you're furious.
- That isn't true.

Then I need you to talk to me.

Why did you light candles
in your room last night?

I remember what you told me
about the darkness,

and I wanted you to see
Holiday's painting and...

And I was worried you'd run.

Thank you.

I'm a good lover in
all senses of the word.

Are you hungry?


You're seriously sexy.

Don't make fun of me.

I would never make fun of you.

All right.

You said we'd talk.

What happened the morning after
our night in the orchard?

My memory is a little...


I woke up before sunrise...




You left me there.


I was terrified.

That's where you went?

I didn't leave you.

What are you talking about?

I woke up early,
you were sleeping in my arms,

and I didn't want to
wake you up,

but I needed to...

relieve myself.

But I returned.

With apples for breakfast.


You were gone.

I came back to my room and I...

And I fell asleep.

Why didn't you try to find me?

When I woke up I asked
where Beatrice was.

Richard told me
I was delusional.

No one mentioned you
or your name, I...

I thought it was a dream.

How could you think that?

I was hungover and
I was confused.

And I was strung out on coke.

Rachel didn't tell you?

Richard knew I was on something

when he picked me up
the night before.

He searched my room,
found my stash,

and when he confronted me,
I... I snapped.

The fight with Scott.

I spent the most
romantic night of my life

with a guy strung out on coke.

What a stupid, stupid girl.

You're not stupid.

I'm the fuck up.

I was planning on
killing myself that night,

and you changed that.

I thought you were an angel.

And that God, perhaps,
had shown mercy to me

and sent you to save me.

Why did you want to
kill yourself?

I can't tell you that.

I don't know what would happen

if I brought those
old demons back.

Are you still suicidal?


Part of my depression was
caused by the drugs, and...

part of it was caused by
other factors

that I was trying to
deal with in my life.

"Lo seme di felicita

messo de Dio nell'anima
ben posta."

Quoting Dante can't change
what happened.

I won't get involved with
a drug addict.

I've been clean for six years.

I won't get involved with
an alcoholic either.

My mom was one.

I admit I drink,

but I'm not addicted to alcohol.

I'm not that same naive
17-year-old girl.

No, you're a beautiful woman,

Stop saying that.
It's an illusion!

It was real.
It was everything.

As soon as I touched you,
I knew.

I remembered you.
My body remembers you.

It was only my conscious mind
that had forgotten.

I know I have hurt you.

And I know I have a dark side.

Will you let me show
what I can do?

Will you let me show
that I can be good?

I can be very, very good.

This isn't how I imagined it.

Finding you again
is so different

from how I dreamed.

You aren't who
I thought you were.

You came to me last night,
and it was all there.

Every feeling, every...

Every memory,

every sensation I had came back.

Tell me it meant nothing to you
and I'll let you go.

Your skin remembers me,

and so does your heart.

Remember your first.

Let me show you what I can do

when I take it slow.

Last night, you talked about
being friends.

Friends don't kiss like that.

I want to court you.

And I intend to kiss you a lot.

I won't be shared.

I'm not in the habit of sharing
what's precious to me.

I won't share you either.

You may not sleep with
anyone else,

even while I'm still...


What about Paulina?

Don't worry about her.

Is she your wife?


What about M-A-I-A,
the tattoo on your chest?

Please stop.
I can't.

Then neither can I.

Tell me who made you feel
so insecure about yourself?

Hm? Was it Simon?

You said it in your sleep
and you sounded upset.

- Tell me.
- No.

Why not?

Because it makes me sick.

He... He didn't force you,
did he?


We both have secrets
we don't want to tell.

I won't lie to you,

but I can't tell you everything.

I know I've disappointed you.

I wish I was the knight
rather than the dragon.

You can banish me,

or save me with a single word.

I should go.

I need to prepare for my
meeting with Professor Picton.

When will I see you again?

At your seminar next week.

That's too far off.

- Dinner?
- I can't.

You're still my professor
and I'm your student.

"The Figure of Beatrice: A Study
in Dante" by Charles Williams?

Katherine will be impressed
if you're familiar with it.

Thank you.

Goodbye, Gabriel.

It's Gabriel Emerson.

I need to speak to John

Tell him I'm on my way
to see him.


Julia Mitchell, I presume.

Yes. It's wonderful to meet
you, Professor Picton.

Please, sit.

Your grades from St. Joseph's
are impressive.

Thank you.

But if I'm to be your advisor,

I'll need more than good grades.

I fell in love with Dante
when I was 17.

Ever since then,
he's haunted my dreams.


My professional advice is to
stay away from her.


- Is she at least over 18?
- What?

Please tell me you're not
screwing a freshman.

Don't be vile, John.
She's a grad student.

Oh, good.

I can't state for sure

without first seeing the
non-fraternization policy,

but you're likely putting
your job in jeopardy

if you're sleeping with
a student.

- We're not sleeping together.
- Keep it that way.

No sexual activity whatsoever,

and it doesn't matter
if it's consensual.

Got it?

But what if we're involved
romantically and not sexually?

Are you kidding me, Emerson?

I'm dead serious.

Would our platonic relationship
violate that policy or not?

Given your reputation?

if you're believed or not,

the employer would
still have to provide

evidence of a sexual nature,
unless your chiquita...

Don't call her that.

Unless she or someone else
files a complaint against you.

And if they can't prove it?

If they can't prove
you were fucking,

you'd likely receive a reprimand
for an improper relationship,

but I can't state for certain
without first seeing the policy.

- Thank you, John.
- And, Gabriel,

stay out of trouble.

No girls, no fist fights,
no public drunkenness, nothing.

Any lawsuit with the university
will expose your past.

Remember that.

Julianne, it's Gabriel.

What are you doing here?


Nice towel.

I'll change.

What's all this for?

Just a little something to
celebrate Katherine

agreeing to be your advisor.

How do you know she agreed?

She told me. She also told me
that you impressed her greatly.

I didn't think I would when she
said my subject was derivative.

Instead of comparing
courtly love and lust,

I'm going to examine
aspects of friendship

between Virgil and Dante with
the theme of courtly love.

So instead of lust and love,
it'll be...

love and friendship.

Sounds appropriate.

What about the
non-fraternization policy?

As long as we're
chaste and discreet,

I don't think
we'll have a problem.

Does that mean no kissing?

Do you want me to kiss you?

You can't be kissing me one moment
and grading my essays the next.

True. I'll ask Katherine
to grade your work.

Now, where were we?

Is this just an affair to you?


No, I... I want us to
get to know each other.

I want to spend as much time
with you as possible.

And once the semester is over,

we can see where this
is going, but...

that's entirely up to you.

I'm at your mercy.

This is a declaration of desire.

If we were lovers,
I would have kissed you like that

just to signal my intention
to take you to bed.

But for now, I can only declare

that I burn for you.

Let's eat.
I promise not to stay late.

I don't want you to go.

What was that?

I want you to stay with me.

Good morning.

You're not saying much.

You're half naked.

You want me to be wholly naked?

I'm kidding.

By that, Dante means...

They're beautiful.

Are you going home for

Yes. Are you?


Would you consider
flying with me?

I'd like that.

I don't like Thanksgiving,

but Grace made it nice.

We didn't really celebrate.

Why not?

During my last Thanksgiving
with my mom,

she was on a bender with
one of her boyfriends.

I decided to cook
a Martha Stewart recipe.

I put all the food on a tray
to carry it to the table.

And her boyfriend stuck out
his foot and tripped me.

Everything went flying.

Were you hurt?

I don't remember.

Sharon just laughed at me.

And then got bored and
went into her room to...

They didn't even bother
closing the door.

My God.

What's this scar from?

You can tell me.

Sharon hit me.

I fell and hit my head against
the corner of the kitchen counter.

I called my dad in the
hospital and said...

that if head he didn't come
and pick me up,

I was gonna run away.

And that was it.

I never saw my mom again.

I'm sorry that those things
happened to you.

I was pretty lucky, actually.

Sharon only hit me once.

No one hits me here.

And I have a friend
who feeds me.

You should have been
cuddled and adored,

and treated like a princess.

I don't believe in fairy tales.

I'd like to make you believe.

Do you have any scars?

You can't hit something that
you don't know is there.

I'm sorry.

It's difficult to know
what's worse,

being hit or being ignored.

I guess it depends on
the kind of pain you prefer.

Happiness is something I know
precious little about.

Why aren't you happy now?

"I bartered my birthright
for a bowl of pottage."

Yes, I can quote scripture.

I'm not a pagan.

Richard and Grace
were devout Episcopalians.

I only go to Mass when I'm sad.

Or at Easter or Christmas.

I still believe even though
I don't live like it.

I know that makes me
a hypocrite.

All believers are hypocrites

because none of us
live up to our beliefs.

But if you still believe,
you have hope.

Happiness is possible
for you, too.

I lost my soul.

What do you mean?

I have committed
the sin unto death.

Do you believe there's a
difference between right and wrong?

Of course.

But knowing isn't the problem.

It's the doing.

Only a creature with a soul

can tell the difference
between right and wrong.

You've made mistakes,
but you feel remorse.

You still have your soul.

A chance at redemption.

Will you stay?

I won't let anyone hurt you.

Least of all me.

When is your birthday?

Ah, come on.
Don't deprive me.

When is your birthday?

September 1st.
You missed it.

No, I haven't.

Are you free next Saturday?

We can celebrate it then.

What will we be doing?

Let me worry about that.

Are you accepting
my invitation or not?

I am accept with gratitude.

Please don't tickle me.

Please don't tickle me.

I want to see you Friday night.

- After your lecture?
- Mm-hm.

I'll have to come up with
an excuse for Paul.

We're going together.

Did we or did we not have
an arrangement

that excluded sharing?

We're friends.

He asked me to go.
I didn't think it was wrong.

Do you want me seeing
other women as friends?

Going to public events
with them?


Then extend me
the same courtesy.

Being a grad student
in a strange city is lonely.

Please don't make me give up
the one friend I have,

apart from you.

Then I really will be isolated

since I can't be around you
all the time.

Julianne, I'll concede that
you need a friend.

But he needs to realize that
you are no longer available.

He's far too invested as it is,

and that could create
a problem for us.

I'll tell him
I have a boyfriend.

And his name is Owen.

Look at him.

A vest and a pocket watch?

How old is this guy?

I bet he has a personal
portrait in his attic

that's aging rather rapidly.


Looking forward to this.

Who's that next to
Professor Martin?

Professor Singer.

- Professor.
- She's the worst.

She's known as Professor Pain.


She's into S&M.

You should check out her website.
It's pretty hard-core.

Better yet, don't.

Stay away from her.
I do.

I feel so overdressed.

You look nice.

Your boyfriend's a lucky guy.

Professor Martin invited me to
the faculty dinner after,

and he said I could
bring a guest.

Want to go?

As friends?


"Lust in Dante's Inferno:

The Deadly Sin
Against the Self."

one might wonder why lust

would be a sin against the self

since it is always directed
toward another,

the use of another human being

for personal, sexual

Evil can only feed off of

like a parasite.

If all the goodness of
a creature were eliminated,

then the creature in question
would no longer exist.

In making the connection
between Beatrice and Virgil,

Dante is expressing his notion

courtly love...

is tied to reason
rather than passion.

But what of lust?

If love is the rabbit,

then lust is the wolf.

Dante says so explicitly

when he identifies lust
as a sin,

a sin in which passion
overtakes reason.

In Dante's philosophy,
lust is a misplaced love,

but a kind of love nonetheless.

For this reason,

it is the least evil of
the seven deadly sins.

In contrast to lust,
which is a mortal sin...

is love.

Dante argues that a lover is
related to his beloved

as if...

his beloved...

were a part of himself.


Come sit.

I've ordered Sangria
for everyone.

Looks like Emerson and Singer
are at it again?


They had an affair.

And from the looks of it,
it never ended.

They dated?

Singer doesn't date.

She's into pain and control.

That means he's into...

S&M. Yeah.

Excuse me. I need to use
the ladies room.

Please don't come to dinner.

Go to my place.

The concierge will let you in.

I'll explain later.

Do as I ask. G.

My phone was off.

I'm Professor Singer.

It's a pleasure to meet you.


Do I make you nervous, Julia?

No. If you'll excuse me.

Did you like watching
what I was doing to Emerson

under the table?

Because I saw you looking.

- I...
- I think I've made you blush.

In fact, I think I've made
you blush all over your body.

I think you want me
to tease you.

You'd make a very pretty pet.

I'm not interested in being
anyone's pet.

Feisty. Ooh!
I like a feisty pet.

I'm a human being,
not a fucking animal.

Human beings are animals,
my dear.

We share the same physiology,
the same reactions to stimuli,

and we have the same need
for food, drink,

and... sex.

I know what an animal is,

and I have no interest
in being fucked like one.

If you change your mind,

come and find us.

Us? Not a chance in hell!

- Shh.
- Let go of me!

It's me.

I saw Singer follow you.
What did she do to you?

She invited me to become
her pet.

This is what I wanted to avoid.

You're like a lamb to her wolf.

She only noticed me

because I caught her
molesting you under the table.

She's goading me.

It's... It's a game for her.
I can't react.

Well, I can and it's disgusting.

Please. You're shaking.
Tell me if she hurt you.

Hurt me? No.
I handled it.

But tell me,
did you let her hurt you?

What did Paul tell you?

Enough. Are you into
that sort of thing?

This is not the place
to discuss it.

Do you still want her?

No. No! Never. It was just
a couple of encounters.

It was over a year ago.

Is she one of the women
in your photos?

Fuck, no! Those were
women I liked.

I can't explain this here.


I don't understand why anyone
would not choose kindness.

Life is painful enough.

Go to my place.

I'll meet you there later.


I feel like I have no idea
who you really are.

And that hurts.

Not feeling well. Sorry.

I'm going home.

You're still here.

I was worried you wouldn't...

So was I.

You looked so beautiful tonight.

Sorry, I had my boots
on your sofa.

I'll take them off.

Please. Let me.

I've been admiring them
all night.


It's okay to voice
your pleasure.

It reassures me that
I don't repulse you.

You don't repulse me.

I'm glad to hear that.

Are you into...

the kind of pain
Singer provides?


But you were with her
and you let her hurt you.

She didn't hurt me.

She left no scars, only regrets.

Not all scars are physical.

I can't be with someone
who hits.

It is not in my nature
to be violent with women,

but rather to be seductive.

Ann was an exception.

Why her?
Why that exception?

I was in a dark place.

I thought she could
help me and...

And I was wrong.

And I figured that out quickly.

What if the darkness comes back?

You dispel the darkness,


I can't bear the thought of
someone hitting you.

Promise me you'll never
go back to her.

I'll never ask for
anything but that.

Nobody has shown me
such kindness.

Your family has.

Just open your eyes.

My beautiful innocent angel.

I'm not that innocent.

I'm a virgin,
but you can't have this idea

that I've never
done things before.

I mean...

I had a boyfriend
and we dated for years.


And we did things.

What kind of things?

I don't want to know.

Did he hurt you?

He was impatient
and manipulative.

He told me I was frigid.


It wasn't all his fault.

Did you love him?


Kiss me.

I want to kiss you all the time,

but I don't want to
make you feel pressured,

so sometimes you'll need
to take the lead.

We have to stop.

I'm sorry.

Never apologize
for your desires.

You're beautiful and sensual.

But we have to stop.

Happy Birthday, Darling.

Please do me the honor of
gracing me with your presence

at the Royal Ontario Museum
this Saturday evening at 6:00.

Yours with affection and
deepest longing, Gabriel.

Good evening, Miss Mitchell.

Your host is
waiting for you upstairs.

And I'll take your coat.

Thank you.

Hello, handsome.

You look stunning.

Gabriel, we're in public.

A corsage?

I missed your prom.

How did you arrange all this?

I donated a large sum to the
Florentine exhibit last spring,

so I called in a favor.

A flirtini, please.

Tonic water with
a twist of lime.

I have wine at home for us.

It's so quiet in here.

You are a vision.

It's going to take
all of my self-control

not to spirit you away to
the Victorian furniture exhibit

so I can make love to you
on one of the four poster beds.

Thank you.


I agree.

Does this please you?


You're a work of art.

Happy birthday.

Thank you.

Is this all right?

Don't stop.

Every part of you is perfection,

but damn...

Professor Emerson,
are you an ass man?

Please don't call me professor.

Why not?

Because I don't want to think
about the university policies

I'm breaking right now.

I'd hardly call this an ass.

I'd have to create
a whole new word

to describe it in all its glory.

Julia... we have to stop.

Your lip is swollen.
I'm sorry.

Does it hurt?

It only aches in your absence.

You're killing me.

But it'll be a sweet,
sweet death.

Don't worry.
I'll get the tape of

our tango against the wall
first thing in the morning.

You better.

It's beautiful.

Happy birthday.

I love it.

This is the nicest birthday
I've ever had.

And it's not over yet.

Let's start with dessert first.

Chocolate cake.

I'll get the candles.
Don't move.

- Hello.
- Hello, Jules.

How did you get this number,