Gabriel's Inferno (2020) - full transcript

An intriguing exploration of seduction, forbidden love, and redemption, a captivating and passionate tale of one man's escape from his own personal hell as he tries to earn the impossible: forgiveness and love. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪♪ (Mozart's "Requiem Mass
in D Minor-Lacrimosa" plays)

Miss Mitchell?


I expect an answer to my
question, Miss Mitchell.

If you'd care to join us.

Is English your first language?

(chuckles, coughs)

Since Miss Mitchell
seems to be carrying on

a parallel seminar
in a different language,

perhaps someone else would be
kind enough to answer my question?

Dante looks into
the face of God and says...

All'alta fantasia
qui manco possa.

Correct, Miss Peterson.

EMERSON: All'alta...


qui... manco... possa.


After the Tuscan Guelphs
defeated the Ghibellines

in 1289 at the Battle
of Campaldino and Vicopisano...

Something funny, Miss Mitchell?

It was my fault,
Professor Emerson.

I was asking
what page we were on.

Hardly an appropriate question
from a doctoral student, Paul.

We began with the first canto.

I trust you can find it
without her help.

And Miss Mitchell?

See me in my office after class.

Sorry about that.

I'm, uh, Paul Norris.

I'm Julia Mitchell.

I'm sorry the Professor
was such a prick.

I don't know what's eating him.

You're new?

I just arrived from
Saint Joseph's University.

And you're here
for your Master's?

Yes. It probably
doesn't seem like it.

I'm supposed to be studying
to be a Dante specialist


So you're here for Emerson?

He's, uh, difficult
to work with.

I'm writing
my dissertation with him.

And there's also
Christa Peterson.


She's his other PhD student,

but her goal is to be
the future Mrs. Emerson.

She just started the program and
she's already baking him cookies.

She doesn't seem to be aware of the
University's strict non-fraternization policy.

Anyway, you better go.
Emerson hates waiting.

It's down here, take a left.

It's the corner office.

Good Luck.

EMERSON: I'm sorry I
didn't call you back.

I was in my seminar.

It's the first lecture
of the year, asshole,

and the last time I talked to
her, she said she was fine.

Of course I wanted to be there.

I loved her, too.

I don't know what time
because I don't know

what kind of flight I can get,
but I'll be there.


Just tell them I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.


JULIA: "I'm Sorry.
Julia Mitchell."

(phone rings)

Hey, Dad.

MAN: Those Canadians
treating you right?

Yes, they're all pretty nice.

Is everything okay?

Grace Clark died earlier today.

Did you hear what I said?


yes, I heard.

I knew you'd take the news hard.

She was like a mother to you,

and you and her daughter Rachel were
such good friend's in high school.

Have you heard from her?

Um... no, I haven't.

I'm not even sure when they
found out Grace was sick again.

I was over to
their house earlier.

Gabriel wasn't there.

Which has caused...
quite a problem.

Son of a bitch.

Are you sending flowers?

I guess, I'm not good
at that sort of thing,

but I could ask Deb
if she would help.

Ask her to send
something from me.

Grace loved gardenias.

Get Deb to sign the card.

Will do.
Do you need any money?

I'm fine.

I'm sorry about Harvard.
Maybe next year.


Talk to you later, Dad.

JULIA: "Dear Rachel...

I'm so sorry to hear
about Grace. I'm...


Frightened Rabbit.

Paul, hi.

How was your meeting
with Emerson?

I didn't go.


not good.

His office door was closed.

I think he was on the phone.
I left a note.

Let's hope that's
what was going on.

Otherwise, I'd say you just took
your life into your own hands.

Let me know if there's any fallout,
and I'll see what I can do.

Oh, my God.

Excuse me Miss Mitchell,
can you come here for a minute?

Yes, Mrs. Jenkins.

Have you had some sort of
problem with Professor Emerson?

Um, I don't think so.

I received two urgent e-mails

asking me to set up an appointment
to see him when he returns.

Professors normally prefer to
schedule their own appointments,

but he insisted I schedule it

and have it documented
in your file.

He said it was serious.

Can you meet him at 4pm
tomorrow in his office?





Hey, Julia.

Wanna go for coffee some time?

Um, yes, sure.

It'd be easier
if I had your number.

Now, Miss Mitchell.

Give him hell, Rabbit.

Please be seated, Miss Mitchell.

Move the chair.

I won't crane my neck
in order to see you.

Are you a comedian,
Miss Mitchell?

I expect an answer when I ask
a question, Miss Mitchell.

Surely, you've learned
your lesson by now?

Perhaps you're not too bright.

I beg your pardon,
Dr. Emerson?

It's Professor Emerson.

Even chiropractors and podiatrists
refer to themselves as doctors.

Would you stop fussing with that
ridiculous abomination of a bag

and sit in a chair
like a human being?

I'm sure you thought
this was funny.

I can explain...

I'm not interested
in your excuses.

I asked you to come
to the last appointment.

You didn't, did you?

You were on the phone
and the door was closed...

It wasn't closed.

I suppose this was meant
to be funny too?

It's not what you think.
I wanted to say I was sorry,

and it was
for your family, who I...

Leave my family out of it!

I see that you came here on
scholarship to study Dante.

I'm the only professor
in this department

who is supervising theses
in that field,

and since this...

is not going to work,

you'll have to
change your topic.

Find another supervisor
or transfer departments,

or better yet, university.

I'll inform the director of my
decision, effective immediately.

Now if you'll excuse me.

That is all, Miss Mitchell.

♪♪ (Chopin's "Nocturne in E Flat
Major, Op. 9 No.2" plays)

(water splashes)

(tires screech)

You'll catch pneumonia and die.

Get in.

♪♪ (Chopin continues on
car radio)

Thank you very much.

Where do you live?

45 Madison.
It's just up...

I know where Madison is.

♪♪ (Chopin continues)


(keys drop)

Thank you.

I'll walk you in.
One can't be too careful.

Would you like a tea?

May I take your coat, Professor?

Where would you put it?

That was rude. Uh...

Forgive me.

Would you like
English Breakfast or Lady Grey?

English breakfast.

You should change into
some dry clothes.

(Emerson clears his throat)

Why do you live here?

It's a quiet street
in a nice neighborhood.

I needed to be able
to walk to school.

This was one of the nicer
apartments I looked at.

Why didn't you move into
the graduate student residence?

I was expecting to go to
a different university,

but that didn't work out.

Where were you going to go?

Miss Mitchell?



What the hell
are you doing here then?

My father couldn't afford
the parental contribution.

The fellowship they offered
wasn't enough,

and the living expenses
in Cambridge was than Toronto.

I have thousands of dollars
in student loans.

I decided not to add to them.
That's why I'm here.

That wasn't in the file
Mrs. Jenkins gave me.

You should have said something.

This is a terrible
place to live.

There isn't even
a proper kitchen.

What do you eat here?

I cook soup and couscous
on the hot plate.

Couscous is very nutritious.

You can't live off of that.

A dog eats better.

Forgive me. Um...

I don't know what's
gotten into me.

You just lost your mom.

I can't be here.

I need to go.

(knock on door)

When was the last time
you had steak?

Uh, it's been a while.

I'm starving,

and you're
joining me for dinner.

Are you sure Professor?
I thought this...

wasn't going to work.

Never mind that now.


I could change.

But I have one condition.

Let's hear it.

Tell me why,

after everything
you've said to me,

should I join you?

Because Emerson is an ass.

But at least now he knows it.

I'll change.






May I?

Thank you.

Ah, Professore Emerson.
Cosi bello vederti.

Antonio. E 'bello vederti anche tu.
Stai guardando bene.

Grazie, grazie.
And who is this lovely lady?

Antonio, this
is Julianne Mitchell.


Semplicemente sensazionale.

I tuoi occhi sono come
piccole nocciole

al cioccolato.

Sei troppo gentile.

Questo ristorante è incantevole.


Please, this way.


And I have a beautiful
bottle of wine

from my family's
vineyard in Tuscany.

Please don't go to any trouble.

No trouble.
E 'fatto.

How did you come by
your Tuscan accent?

I spent my junior year
in Florence.

Impressive for only
a year abroad.

I started studying Italian
when I was seventeen.

I could order for you.

Thank you, Professor Emerson.

Best not to call me
"Professor" in public.

Mr. Emerson will suffice.


♪ Like the river and the sea ♪

♪ Like the flower
and the tree ♪

♪ Like the birds... ♪


♪ ...and the bees ♪

♪ There's you
and then there's me ♪

Are we ready to order?

Two of your finest and largest
filet mignons. Medium rare.

No, that's too much.

You can take home the leftovers.

I'm sure your couscous
won't mind.

And then I will bring
a beautiful tiramisu,

and an affogato with vanilla bean gelato.

Grazie. Sei troppo gentile.

Why did you start
studying Italian?

It's a simple question,
is it not?


I became interested
in Italian literature.

In Dante and Beatrice.

That's an unusual interest
for a teenager.

I had a friend who
introduced me to them.

Antonio is taken with you.

He's never offered me
an affogato on the house.

I like him.

He's kind.

You blossom under kindness,
don't you?

Like a rose.

♪ Like the fire
and the ice ♪

♪ Like the virtue
and the vice ♪

♪ Like the verdict
and the plea ♪

♪ There's you
and then there's me ♪

♪ Like the wealthy
and the poor ♪

♪ Like the battle
and the war ♪

(no audible dialogue)

♪ Oh, the one that
asks for more ♪

♪ Is bound to end up sore ♪

The fuck?

Julia Mitchell?
Is that you?


(both laughing)

I can't believe it's you.

You, too.
Rachel, I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry for everything.
About your mom and...


I got your email,

and the gardenias you sent
were so beautiful.

You remembered
they were her favorite.

How's your dad?

He's... so lost.

We all are.
That's why I'm here.

Why didn't you
tell me you were here?

I wasn't sure I'd be staying.

The first couple of weeks
have been really, um, rough.

Rachel, we need to go.

I'm making a home cooked meal,
and you're coming over.

I'm sure Miss Mitchell
has other plans.

Miss Mitchell? Julia's been my
best friend since high school.


I forgot you two never met.

Regardless, your attitude
is a little bit much.

Do you wanna do me a favor and
remove the pole from your keister?

Why don't we meet for lunch instead?
I'm sure The Pro...

Your brother wants you
all to himself.

He's Gabriel.

What is going on
between you two?

Rachel, she's my student.
There are rules.

She's my friend.
I say screw the rules.

Can someone please tell me
what's going on?

Gabriel Owen Emerson,
were you an ass to Julia?

You two will just have to
kiss and make up.

I'm only here for a week,

and I expect to spend
lots of time with both of you.


RACHEL: I... cannot believe
I just ran into you.

So I tried it,
and I applied it to my head,

and, of course, it did work.

So, a week later,
it grows back this big.

So, my first day of seventh
grade, I had a cowlick.

Which was the best idea
I'd ever had.


Gabriel, want to give Julia the
grand tour while I start dinner?

I'd like to show you something.

Your study is so...


That's my favorite chair.

Put these on.

This is one of my most
precious possessions.

A shrunken head of
a former grad student?


Is that Botticelli's
original Dante and Beatrice

and the fixed stars of Paradise?

Sadly, no.

That would be beyond the reach
of my small fortune.

The originals date from
the 15th century.

These reproductions
are from the 16th century.

I didn't know copies existed.

They were probably done by a
former student of Botticelli's.

Botticelli prepared
one hundred illustrations,

but only ninety-two
of them survived.

I have the full complement.

I went to see the originals
when they were on loan

to the Uffizi Gallery
in Florence.

Where did you get these?

Why aren't they in a museum?

They aren't in a museum because
I refuse to give them up.

And no one knows I have them

but my lawyer,
my insurance agent,

and now you.

RACHEL: Gabriel,
stop boring Julia with your antique crap,

and get her a drink.

Hey, what is going on
between you two?

Why is he acting so weird?

And why didn't you
tell him who you are?

I thought he'd remember me.

He doesn't.


what are we having
with the wine?



I'm so sorry.

Stop. Stop!

Stop, woman! Stop!
For God sakes.


You'll shred yourself
to ribbons.

This way.

Hold out your hands.

You don't listen, do you?

You don't do what you're told.

This is going to sting.


(hisses through her teeth)

I'm so sorry.

Accidents happen.

Is she all right?

Yes, but she hates couscous.

All right, then I'll make
Rice Pilaf instead.

There's something
you need to know about Julia.

I shouldn't know
anything about her.

She's my student.

Her friendship with you already
presents a conflict of interest.

She's been broken, you jackass.

That's why I haven't
seen her in a year.

She's finally
crawled out of her shell,

and you're
forcing her back in there

with your arrogance
and condescension.

So just cut it with
the Mr. Darcy, Mr. Rochester,

stuck-uppity bullshit.
Treat her like the treasure that she is.


(telephone rings)

Ugh, it's Aaron.

I've been trying to
get 'em all day.

Hi. I'm good. You are not
gonna believe who I ran into.

Did you know Rachel
got engaged this summer?

That's wonderful.
Aaron's great.

She ended
the engagement last week.

They're still together, but...

she doesn't feel like planning a
wedding now that Grace is gone.

That's why she's here.
To get away from it all.

I know the feeling.

Were you ever going to
tell me who you are?

You let me make
an ass out of myself.

I would have treated you
better, if I'd known.

Really? Would you?

And found some other
grad student to rip apart?

If that's the case,
I'm glad your anger was directed at me

and not anyone else.

This doesn't change anything.

I am glad you're
Rachel's friend, but...

you're still my student,

which means that we need
to be professional,

and you will be careful how you
speak to me now and in the future.

Yes, Professor Emerson.

I have a bad temper,

I can be destructive.

It would be inadvisable for me to lose
my temper around someone like you.

Wrath is one of
the seven deadly sins.

I have all seven.

Somehow, I doubt that.

You're only a magnet for mishap,

while I'm a magnet for sin.

Sin isn't attracted
to a human being.

It's the other way around.

Not in my experience.

Sin seems to find me even
when I'm not looking for it.

I'm not very good
at resisting temptation.

Hey, Rach! I'm here.

What happened?

Gabriel is what happened.

Is he hurt?

(chuckles bitterly)
Oh, he's fine.

He's been here
less than 24 hours,

and he's shoved my parents,
made my mom cry,

and sent Scott
to the emergency room.

It'll be okay.

It's not okay, Aaron.

Gabriel shoved Scott
into a table.

Scott's not just
gonna forgive that.

My mom's
in her room, hysterical.

I can't even be here
another second.

I'll check on your mom.

My family is so broken.


(door closes)

You're a bit late for the show.

You're hurt.

You're cold.

Thank you.


Ever have a beer before?

Then I'm glad I'm your first.

What are you doing here?

I was invited to dinner.

I guess I ruined that.

Will you tell me what happened?

Will you tell me why
you haven't run away yet?

You smell like vanilla.

It's my shampoo.

It wasn't supposed
to be like this.

I didn't mean...

The prodigal son returns...

More like demon.

The demon Gabriel.

JULIA: You're all
the Clark's talk about.

Maybe Grace invited you over
because she knew

I needed an angel
to watch over me.

The sun is setting.

Would you like to go for a walk?

Have you ever held a boy's hand?

Then I'm glad I'm your first.

You're very quiet.

Talk to me.
I promise I won't bite.

Why did you come home?

I lost something.

And you're trying to
find it here?

What I lost is lost forever.

I came home for money.
I was...

I was fucked up even before I
destroyed everything and everyone.

Before you ever arrived.

This is it.

This is paradise.

You'll catch pneumonia and die.

You're Beatrice.

Who's Beatrice?

Dante's Beatrice.

Dante was a poet.

And Beatrice was his muse.

He met her when she was young...

and loved her from afar
his whole life.

She was his guide
through Paradise.

I'm writing a book about them.

There's a famous painting
by Henry Holiday.

You look like his Beatrice.

Your family loves you.

You should make up with them.

They aren't my family.

Not really.

And it's too late anyway.

You haven't had dinner.

For you, Beatrice.

Have you ever
looked up at the stars

with a boy lying next to you?

You're beautiful, Beatrice.

My brown-eyed angel.

I think you're beautiful, too.

Have you ever been kissed?

Then I'm glad I'm your first.

Open your eyes.


What are you thinking?

About how I waited
for you for so long,

and you never came.

It's okay because
you're here now.

Apparuit iam beatitudo vestra.

That's pretty.
What does it mean?

Now your blessedness appears.

But it should be
"Now my blessedness appears."

Now that you're here.

For the rest of my life,

I'll dream of hearing your
voice breathe my name.

Do you have to leave?


but not tonight.

Will you come back?

I'll be thrown out of
Paradise tomorrow, Beatrice.

Our only hope
is that you find me one day.

Look for me in Hell.

What's this for?

Aren't you going shopping
with Julianne?

It's Julia.
And no.

She's working on a project
with a guy named Paul,

and then he's
taking her to dinner.

Angel fucker.


Take it.

Buy something nice
for your friend.

Gabriel, I know
you have money to waste,

but jeepers, this is a bit much.

She carries a loathsome
excuse for a bookbag.

Spend the money on
buying her a decent briefcase,

because if I see that bag one more
time, I'm going to burn it.

Okay, I'll buy her a briefcase.

I'd rather buy her shoes.

- Shoes?
- Yeah.

She likes pretty things.
She just can't afford them.

She's pretty cute, huh?

Spend the money on
whatever you like,

but you must replace
the book bag.

I have an account
at Holt Renfrew.

Oh. I'll buy her
something fabulous.

Should I add lingerie
to the list?

How old are we?

Do you like her, like her?

She's my student.

Should I tell her that the
briefcase and shoes are from you?

Are you crazy?
I could get fired for that.

Someone will jump
to the wrong conclusion,

and I'll be hauled in
before the judicial committee!

Why are you wound so tight?

Are you having girl troubles?

And, by the way, what are with
those photos in your bedroom...

I am not having
this conversation.

Don't bark at me.

I'm sorry, okay?

Just... just don't
tell her it's from me.

She wouldn't accept them
if she knew.

She... she hates me.

Julia is not the type
of girl to hate anybody.

She's far too
forgiving for that.

But you're probably right.
She probably wouldn't accept charity.

Tell her it's for
a backlog of Christmas presents.

Or tell her it's from Grace.

PAUL: I'll show you
the Dante collection,

then my study carrel
which is next to it.

Well, not mine.
Emerson shares his with me.

Here it is.

Pretty impressive, right?

The carrel's just down here.

Can I ask you
a personal question?

Why didn't you go to Harvard?

I overheard Emerson
asking Greg Matthews,

the chair of Romance Languages and
Literatures at Harvard, about you.

He was wondering why they
didn't have enough funding

for their grad students.
He sounded pretty pissed.

He was checking up on me?
Of course.

Well, from what I could hear,

Matthews said to
send you back for your PhD.

Said you were highly ranked
in their admissions pool.

So, if it isn't too personal,

why didn't you go to Harvard?

I couldn't afford it.

I didn't want to come here.
I had no other choice.

I was hoping to finish
my MA quickly

and go to Harvard next year.

If I win a larger fellowship.

I can relate.

You should use
this carrel for studying.

Emerson is rarely here.
I'll give you my extra key.

Emerson hates me.
He won't like this.

I insist.
Please, Rabbit.

Thank you.

Do you like Mozart's Requiem?

Not really.
Emerson ruined it for me.

He was playing one track from the
damn thing over and over again

while I was cataloging
part of his personal library.

Lacrimosa, Lacrimosa,

I couldn't take it anymore.
It's so damned depressing.

I love Mozart's Requiem,

and Lacrimosa
is my favorite part.

Uh, I've got tickets
to a German film on Saturday.

Wanna go?

Is it subtitled?

Good, because I only know
how to swear in German.

♪♪ (Mozart's "Requiem Mass
in D Minor-Lacrimosa" plays)

(no audible dialogue)

(knock on door)

♪♪ (Mozart's Requiem continues)

(telephone rings)


Hey, Julia.
Got any plans tonight?

("Requiem" stops)


Hi. Yes.
Um, tonight? No plans.

Good, I want to go to a club.

You know I hate those places.

I can't dance,
and it's too loud.

It's so funny that you say that.

Gabriel said almost
the exact same thing.

Gabriel would come with us?

He isn't happy about it,
but he didn't say no.

I have nothing to wear.

Hmm, I happen to know a certain
delivery was made today.

That was you!?

Do you like everything?

It's too much.
I can't accept it.

The shoes are...

Julia, please.

I'm so happy that
we're friends again.

Apart from running into you,

and getting a chance to
get close to Gabriel again,

nothing good has happened
to me since my mom got sick.

Please, just think of it
as a belated birthday present,

and early Christmas gift
from me and my mom.

Thank you, Rachel.

Ok, so we're gonna pick you up at 9.
Be ready. Bye!

Gabriel, Julia is gonna come!


- Ethan.
- Mr. Emerson.

This is my sister Rachel
and her friend, Julianne.

Julia looks so beautiful,
right, Gabriel?

Really, really gorgeous.

Please, Rachel,

Isn't she beautiful?

You both look fine.

So, how was your date with Paul?

It was really nice.

Are you gonna see him again?

Tomorrow he's taking me

to a double-feature
at the Film Festival,

and then afterward,
to Chinatown.

Is he cute?

He's handsome and kind.

He treats me like a princess.

Angel fucker.


What will it be ladies?

We'll have two Cosmos.
You'll love them.

A double shot of Laphroaig
25-year-old, neat, please.

And a small glass of
spring water, non-sparkling.

Only you could make
a drink pretentious.

It's single malt whiskey.

I'll let you try it
when it arrives.

RACHEL: We're gonna dance.

♪♪ (dance music plays)

I can't dance in these shoes.

Just move your body.

You look great, by the way.
My brother is an idiot.

She's with me.

I was fine.
And he was nice.

He put his hands on you.

We were dancing.
I tripped.

I didn't hear you
asking me to dance.

That would rather defeat
the purpose of watching,

don't you think?

I promised you a taste.


I insist.

Let me feed you.

I can feed myself.

Of course you can,
but why should you...

when I'm here to do it for you?


That's awful!

It tastes like a campfire.

That's the peat.

It's an acquired taste.

You might decide it's a
taste you want to acquire,

once you've tried it
a few times.

I doubt it.

And by the way, I'm a big girl.
I can look after myself,

so unless I ask for your help,
please leave me be.

Nonsense. Your naiveté
is hard to hide.

What's that supposed to mean?

Do I need to
spell it out for you?

You blush like a teenager.

And I can sense your innocence.

It's more than obvious
you're still a virgin, so...

stop pretending
to be anything else.

Especially in a place like this.





- Whoa!
- Sorry.

No problem.

Ladies bathroom?

Oh, it's on the other side.
Damn it.

Nah, I'm sorry,
I'm having, um...

text trouble.
Julianne, right?

Um, it's Julia, actually.

You don't happen to
speak Italian, do you?

I saw you came with Mr. Emerson,
so I kinda figured...

- Yes.
- Would you help me text something to my girlfriend?

She's Italian.
I'd love to impress her.

Gabriel's Italian is much better than mine.
You should ask him.

Are you kidding?
I don't want him anywhere near my woman.

So would you?


Mr. Emerson.


Why did you
give him your number?

He lives with a woman.
And now he's calling you Julia?

That's my name, Professor.

And I didn't give him my number.

I was helping him.

Dance with me.

Not a chance in hell.

Don't be so difficult.

I'm just getting started being
difficult with you, Professor.

Watch it.

Why don't you just stick
a knife in my heart

and get it over with?

Haven't you hurt me enough?


Am I so evil?

I have no wish to hurt you.

Will you do me the honor
of dancing with me?

I've been
a giant stronzo tonight.

Mi dispiace.

One dance.

♪♪ (Spanish jazz song plays)

(singing in Spanish)

I don't think
this is very professional,

us dancing.

I'm not being professional
at all with you tonight.

I only wanted to dance with
the prettiest girl in the club.

Don't make fun of me.

I'm not.

Your face is familiar.

Are you sure Rachel
didn't introduce us?

But you do
remind me of Beatrice,

from Holiday's painting.

Isn't it funny that you own it?


Your dress is lovely.

And those shoes are...


Rachel and Grace
are very generous.

Unlike me.

I never said that.

I was hungry and you fed me.

That was generous.

Promise me you'll tell me
if you're starving.

I won't let you starve.

I promise, but I'm okay.

I've had my fill of steak and...


I'll speak to the department

about increasing
your fellowship.

Really, I'm fine, Professor.
Thank you.

It's all right.
You can say it.

I was...

if you ever need someone
to talk to...

About Grace, I mean.

Not that it would be
very professional,

but I'll be around.

Um. Yeah, that's all.

Julianne, that's
a very kind offer.

Thank you.

I don't like to talk about
certain things,

I'll keep that in mind.

I've never danced
like this before.

Then I'm glad I'm your first.

What's wrong?

You have to stop
buying me things.

I may have picked it out,

but Gabriel's actually
the one who bought it.

What? Why?

Just open it.

It's Italian.

We both know you
and Gabriel have a thing.

For Italy.

I was not supposed to
tell you it was from him.

He would kill me if he
found out that I told you.

I don't need his charity.

It's not charity.
He hates your knapsack.

I have a lifetime guarantee.

I can just go get a new one.

This is way too expensive.

It's not like he's gonna
miss the money.

Professors don't make that much.

Julia. Gabriel's,
like, super rich.


So, you know my parents adopted
Gabriel when he was nine?

My mother found him wandering
a hospital in Sunbury.

His mother had just died.
Pneumonia, I think.

He was poor and starving.

My parents adopted him
after his family rejected him.

I'm so sorry, Rachel.
I didn't know.

So, a few years ago,
his biological father died,

and for some reason
left him a huge inheritance.

I think he's trying to
stick it to his old man

and spend the money faster
than it accumulates interest.

Gabriel pretends to be whole,
but deep down he hates himself.

I did tell him
to be nicer to you,

so I think his behavior
will improve.

He ignores me, mostly.

Uh, don't you notice
how he stares at you?

He does?

Gabriel has been
on the outs for so long.

He's finally letting me
back into his life.

If you refuse this bag he's
gonna know that I told you.


Okay. I'll take the bag.
For you.

Good. If you want,

you can pretend it's another
birthday present from me.

I don't really celebrate
my birthday anymore.


Have you heard from him?

Not since I changed my number.

I could run him over with my
car for what he did to you.

I wish Gabriel had taken
a page from your book

and learned a thing or two about
how to deal with heartbreak.

Can you watch over him for me?

If you see him start
to act strangely,

or if he gets
in trouble, call me?

With our mom gone,
I just... I worry about him.


I am so glad that you're around.

You can be his guardian angel.

So, Paul seems nice.

What does the "V" stand for?


You, uh, promise not
to tell anyone?

Of course!

It's Virgil.


You're studying to become
a Dante specialist,

and your middle name is Virgil?

Don't laugh.
It's a family name.

After my great-grandfather,
a dairy farmer from Essex, Vermont,

who I can guarantee you
never read Dante.

I think it's a beautiful name.

Little Rabbit.

Isn't this cozy?

Slumming with M.A.
students, Paul?

Two coffees, Christa?
Pulling an all-nighter?

Oh, you have no idea.

One for me and one for Gabriel.

Oh, Professor Emerson to you.

You've never called him
Gabriel to his face.

I dare you to do it
the next time you see him.

You dare me? Funny.

After our meeting, we'll probably
head over to Lobby for drinks.

He likes to go there after
work to, you know, unwind.

You're not his type.

Excuse me?

I said, don't believe the hype.

As if they'd let you in.

That's enough Christa.

I just meant you have to pass

some kind of
standard I.Q. test first.

And from what Gabriel says,
you're not very bright.

Oh, really?
And what else does Gabriel say?

Paul. Miss Mitchell,

you're looking smart, as always.

Miss Peterson.

Now, where were we?

I'm sorry.
I should never have kissed you.

It's okay.
I've wanted to kiss you

since the first
day I saw you, but...

Julia, the kiss doesn't
have to change anything.

Just think of it
as a moment between friends.

Would that make it better?

You've been nothing
but nice to me.

I'm nice to you
because I want to be.

Don't feel obligated to do
anything you don't want to do.

I'll be your friend
no matter what.

And if one day, you want more...

I'm not ready.

I know.

(sighs) Looks like Emerson's
giving Christa hell.

You should have given her hell
for how she talked to you.

I try not to lower myself
to her level.

I like to think goodness can
expose evil for what it really is.

Not that I think I'm good.
I don't think I'm good.

I'm not making any sense.

Of course, you're making sense.

We talked about this
in my Aquinas seminar.

Evil is its own punishment.


"Dear, Miss Mitchell,

you are the recipient

"of the M. P. Emerson Bursary

in the amount of $5000
per semester."


Shh, Julianne.
Julianne, it's just me.

What are you doing in my carrel?

Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.

I borrowed Paul's key.
I'm so sorry.

I'll get out of your way.
I'm sorry.

Julianne, it's all right.

You're welcome to be here.


Are you ok?

What happened?

I think you grew light-headed
when you stood up too quickly.

It's warm in here.

I don't mind you
using the carrel.

I'm glad Paul offered it.

Is he here?

He's at Princeton
presenting a paper.

Ah, yes, that's right.

That's a fine briefcase
you have.

Thank you.

There appears to be
something alive in it.

May I?


Oh, this is, um... nice.

R? Who is R?

It's a nickname.

Why not B?


Have you had dinner?


Join me?

Are you sure?

I am not the kind of person
who makes idle invitations.

If I invite you to dinner,
then I'm sure.

Now, are you coming or not?

You can talk about
your thesis proposal.

Thank you, Professor.

♪ So, in time ♪

♪ The color fades ♪

Their Caesar salads
are quite good,

as is their Neapolitan pizza.
But they're quite large.

Are you the type to share?

I mean, would you share with me?

Or order whatever you like.

Perhaps you don't like
pizza and salad.

I'd like to share with you.
Thank you.

Are you cold?

Thank you.



So, let's hear it.

I see the wheels turning
in that little mind of yours,

so out with it.

I can't accept these.

What makes you
think they're from me?

You can accept them.
And you will.

I don't think this is very
professional, Professor Emerson.

It looks like
you're trying to buy me.

Buy you?

If I wanted you at all,

I certainly wouldn't
have to buy you.

Watch it.

I meant...

you are not the type of woman

who could be bought, are you?

Why do you do that?
Provoke me?

I don't. I'm not...

You are my professor.

And your best friend's
older brother.

Can't we just be
Julianne and Gabriel

for an evening?

It might not
seem obvious to you,

but I'm trying to be human here.

You are?

You wish to be professional,

then act like it.

Accept the bursary,
like a normal grad student,

and be profoundly grateful.

I don't want to play Héloise
to your Abelard.

I would never seduce a student.

Then thank you.

Never be ashamed to accept a gift
when there are no strings attached.

Grace used to say that.

(cell phone vibrates)

Paulina, what is it?

Excuse me.

I'm sorry.
I gotta go. I...

The waiter will
pack up your meal.

Good night, Julianne.

I'll see you on Wednesday.

If I'm still here.


- Hey, Ethan.
- Hey.

First of all, thanks for helping me
with my girlfriend the other day.

I scored major points.

Glad I could help.

I could use your
help again, though.

Give me your cell.

- No, actually, it's Mr. Emerson.
- What?

Ok, so he's inside, super drunk.

He does not do well
with getting cut off.

I need to get him into a cab,

so maybe you can come inside,
persuade him to leave?

I'll try.

He's with one of his students.

Yeah, not sure
what I can do about that.



Are you kidding me?

Don't they teach you how to
carry a tray in waitress school?


Miss Mitchell.

To what do I owe
this unexpected delight?

Can you help me get a cab?
I need to go home.

Of course.
Anything for you.

And I do mean anything.

But first, a drink.

I already have one!

Does it pair well with couscous?

I'm sorry. I shouldn't
make fun of your poverty.

It's past your bedtime.

You shouldn't be
in a place like this.

Time to get me home then.

JULIA: Okay.

After you.

On second thought, I can walk.

Then I have time
for another drink.

No! Let's go.

(elevator dings)


You picked me up,
you naughty little kitty.

I didn't pick you up,
I'm dropping you off.

And if you keep this up,
I will drop you.

Good night, Professor.

I've lost my keys.

But I've found my glasses.

I feel sick.

Come on, Professor.
Let's get you to bed.


What's so funny?

You, Miss Mitchell.

You're taking me to bed,

but you haven't even
kissed me yet.

Don't you think
we should canoodle first?

I haven't even had
a chance to pet you,

you naughty little kitty.

And you're a virgin, aren't you?

You've never canoodled
a day in your life.

I'm taking you to your bedroom
so you can sleep it off.

- Now come on.
- Then kiss me good night,

and I'll go to bed
like a good little boy.

Please don't hurt me.


Beautiful Julianne.

Sweet like candy.

I'm sorry, Julianne.

I'm sorry I was a bad boy.

It's all right.
Come on.





(vomiting continues)

Are you gonna be
all right for a minute?

(Gabriel grunting, retching)

(Gabriel panting)

Gabriel, you've
thrown up all over yourself.

Do you want to
stay like this or...

Let me.


Please don't leave me.

I'm not going leave you.

Sleep now.

Ti amo, Dante.

Eccomi Beatrice.

(cell phone vibrates)


Who the hell is this?

Who's this?

It's Paulina.
Put Gabriel on.

He's, um,
indisposed at the moment.

Listen you little slut,

roll him over and put the phone
in his hand, I'm calling from...

Please call back tomorrow.

(hangs up)


You found me.

You remember?

I thought you had forgotten me.


I missed you so much.

I should have waited.

I love you.

I love you so much, it hurts.

"I'd given up hope,
until you looked

"into my eyes last night
and finally saw me.

"Apparuit iam beatitudo vestra.

Your Beatrice."

What the hell are you doing?


I asked you a question!

What the fuck are you doing
in my clothes?

Don't you remember last night?

No, thankfully I don't!

And get the fuck up
off that floor!

Don't you dare speak to me
like that, you lousy drunk.

Who the fuck
do you think you are?

I should have let
Gollum have you!

I should have let you
fuck her brains out

in front of everyone
on top of the bar at Lobby.

What are... What are you
talking about?

Hau ab! Verpiss dich!

How did you learn
to swear in German?

Bite me, Gabriel!

What are you doing?

What does it
look like I'm doing?

I'm getting the hell
out of here before I take

one of your stupid bow ties
and strangle you with it!

Who's Gollum?


I saved you from fucking her!

Did you and I have sex?

In your dreams.

That's not an answer.

Of course you would have to
be drunk to want to fuck me.

Who said anything about fucking?

Whatever happened,
consider yourself lucky you don't remember.

Julianne, just please...

tell me... tell me
I wasn't rough with you.

You didn't hurt me.

You wanted someone to put you
to bed and keep you company.

You were actually
more of a gentleman last night

than you have been this morning.

I think I like you better
when you're drunk.

Julianne, I think
very highly of you.

You're beautiful,
you're innocent and sweet.

But what happened
last night can't happen again.

I apologize for kissing you.

Oh, that?

I'd forgotten all about it.
It was nothing.

I'm just glad I didn't hurt you.

You hurt me.

You hurt me.

Why did you sign the note
the way you did?

You begged me to come after you.

To look for you in Hell.

Well, that's exactly
where I found you,

and you can stay there
for all I care.


You were my first kiss.

I fell asleep in your arms
in your precious orchard.

Beatrice, wait! Wait!

Wait! Beatrice!

I'm not your Beatrice anymore.