Gabriel (2013) - full transcript

GABRIEL is both subtle and cheerful as well as a deeply touching story of friendship and love contrasted with elements of competition and conflict. Dynamic action and an excellent cast create huge potential to attract young spectators. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Coming up to the last lap,
ladies and gentlemen

Just a few hundred meters more
and we'll know who's won today's race.

Perhaps we'll see a new record
here at Kielce Racetrack?

The drivers are fighting to take the lead

before the final straight.

They're jostling for places!

Still waiting for the right moment

to make a move
without getting pushed off track!

It's a matter of seconds.
One mistake and you're out!

No.7 is battling at the head of the pack,

but they all still have a chance!

Approaching the last bends...
It'll soon be over!

They're on the home straight...

No.7 is in the lead,
but he's been overtaken!

Yes, indeed.
I don't think he's going to make it!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen,
the winner is No.4!

No.7 came second, and in third place:
go-kart No.2!

That was our last race today,
ladies and gentlemen.

We haven't got the final results in yet.
The judge is yet to announce them.

But we can already say that...
Yes! It's confirmed!

After today's defeat,
our favorite Tomek Nowak

has wiped out his chance
for competition victory.


Where's your dad? Is he late?

Or couldn't he make it?

What's the difference, anyway?

You wouldn't even recognize him
if he had come.

Thanks, kid.

No problem.

Know what...

Gimme a 16-millimetre spanner.

Well, that's it.


Why didn't you say you were racing today?
-Would you have come?

- I came last time, didn't I?
- But I didn't win.

Someone must have tampered
with your go-kart engine.

You're just guessing.
Perhaps I had a bad day?

A bad day, Tomek? You?

Move the transporter so I can get a car
into the inspection pit, will you?


We're going home!

Right now!

I won't tell you again!

Can I leave the table?

I banned you from seeing him, didn't I?

Didn't I forbid it?

You did.

- So why do you keep hanging out there?
- Cause I don't see why I shouldn't.


I don't have to explain myself to you!

I'm bringing you up.

- I'm responsible for you.
- Calm down.

Don't get worked up.
You'll get high blood pressure.

Thanks, granny.

Where do you think you're off to?

We haven't finished talking!

You call this talking?

Right, that's it.

- Good...
- Do you know where my dad is now?

What are you really after, Tomek?

You'd said you wouldn't see him
because he doesn't want to see you.

I don't get it.


Ask Hajduk.

He has a clinic in Kielce.
You know, by Kadzielnia Hill.

He has seen him at a course or training.

Well, your dad...
He could never sit still.

He was all over the place.

Even when he'd started a family.
Well, your grandpa didn't like it.

Nor did your mum.

So you don't know where he is,
or you just don't want to say?

I haven't got a clue, mate.


When your dad had disappeared
after the accident,

I went round to your house to explain
it all, clear things up, and make peace.

But your grandpa went mad
and kicked me out.

- Why does he hate you so much?
- How should I know?

Hey, aren't you meant to be at school?


Your grandpa will yell at me again!
Go to school! I've got work to do.

Six against one, right?

Can you handle that?

Think I'm scared of them?

- I just don't want to go to school today.
- So where are you going?

None of your business!

I'm going to play truant.

Play truant?
I always wanted to play truant,

but I was the teacher's pet,
so I'd have felt bad about it.

Can I play truant with you?


Oh, so you do recognize me...

- Where are you going?
- Straight ahead...

- Taking the dog for a walk?
- No, a hippo...

I didn't come over to you at the track
and you're upset?

I'm not that small-minded...

But you are upset.

I'm glad you came,
but why did you bring your friends?

So what if I brought my friends?

Anyway, just don't talk to me if you
don't want to. Bye.


- Can you do me a favor?
- What favor?

- Will you lend me your dog?
- Brutus?

What for?

I'll tell you if you promise
to lend him to me.

I can't see any issues.

What's wrong with him exactly?

Well... he's apathetic and has that...

sad look and his ears are droopy...

And he isn't eating.
He's got stomach-ache.

How do you know that?

Because... he keeps rubbing himself,
with his right paw.

His right paw?


Are you kidding me?

Next patient, please.


My dad's a vet too.

Sławomir Nowak.

Why didn't you say so,

instead of mucking about?

So you're Tomek.

How can I help you?

- I hear you've seen him recently.
- I do see him from time to time.

Last time was about a month ago.

Do you know where he's living now?

In Sandomierz. He's got his own practice.

But I don't know if he's still there...

because he got an offer from America.

He's supposed to be going to Boston.


In America?


Well then, thanks a lot.

You're welcome.
Hey, haven't you forgotten something?

- He's stressed out, poor thing.
- Sorry about this. Thanks for your help.

- To you as well, Brutus.
- Maybe you'd want to come to my birthday?

I'm going to a castle festival
with my parents.

- When?
- Tomorrow. It'll be great, you'll see.

I was going to take another guy,
but I just broke up with him.

So if you want...

Thanks, but I don't know if I can make it.

Sorry, but I've got to go. Bye.



happy birthday.

Come on...

What have you got to say for yourself?

What about?

You know perfectly well.
You weren't in school today...

and it isn't the first time.

Where have you been?

Right, no more going into town for you.

You'll go to school and come straight home.

No more computer,

pocket-money or...

No more... racing

If you start to behave properly,
we'll talk about lifting the bans.

Is that clear? Have you taken note
of what I've said?

He's not deaf.

Why are you interfering?

Where was he all that time?

- Perhaps he was out with his mates?
- What mates?

If you'd been at the parent-teacher
evening, you'd know your beloved grandson

avoids his classmates like the plague.
Or they avoid him.

Who does he take after?

After his criminal father, eh?

Sławek's not a criminal.
The accident wasn't his fault.

You're the only one who accuses him.


- Yes, hello?
- Hello. Is Dr. Nowak there?

No, he isn't. He's already left.
Can I help you?

- Well, when will he be in?
- Tomorrow and the day after,

then Dr. Lisicki is taking over the clinic.

Would you like to make an appointment?

You've run away from home.

What are you doing here? Following me?

Come on, maybe I'm just going
the same way?

This one isn't going to stop either.


All right then, smarty-pants.
What does your intuition say now?

It says you won't get anywhere.

Hitch-hiking's no good these days.
People are too afraid.

But, as far as I know...

trains have to stop.

What time's the next train to Sandomierz?

There aren't any direct trains
from Chęciny. You have to change.

In Kielce or Skarżysko.

- How much is the ticket?
- 21 zlotys.

Don't even bother, that isn't enough.

- I've got 8.20...
- Told you it wasn't enough.

Where am I going to get 21 zlotys from?

Two times 21.

Umm... that makes 42.

I think I've got a two zloty coin

So get yourself a drink
and go home to your mummy!

That's not really possible...

But with your fifty, we've got enough
for tickets and a Coke each.

I can't even remember when
I last saw a fifty zloty note.

Check your pockets.

- I know what's in my own pockets.
- I don't think you do!

How did you do that?

I knew you got it there somehow.

I'll get rid of them.

Come and get me, you peasants!


Have a look.
This one seems to be the nicest.


I'm choosing an engagement ring.

You haven't got a fiancé,
as far as I know,

and never had one.

Maybe I'll meet someone.

I'm old enough to think
about settling down, y'know.

If I meet the right girl,
I'll already have a ring.

You'd give your fiancé a stolen ring?

She wouldn't know it was nicked.

And gold's gold, isn't it?

Wait a sec, wouldn't it bother you
your finance...

Your future wife would be wearing a stolen

- Nah.
- No!

You could have just opened it, you idiot!

Hey? Oh!

- Oops, we'd better get going!
- Oh really?

Come on!

Hurry up!

Jesus, the case!

My God!

What the hell?

Oh, you've got sandwiches! Great!

What's in them?
If there's salami, I'd love one.

Hey, hang on!
How... did you get in here?

If I show you, will you give me
a sandwich?

So can I have a sandwich,
or shall I show you again?

Well, it's not Hungarian salami,
but it'll do.

Now... we can go.

Did it occur to you
to ask if I'd take you with me?

You gave me a sandwich,
and now you want me to get out?

- Isn't there a speed limit here?
- Yes, there is.

Been driving this road for years,
I know where the radar speed traps are.

- I'd still suggest you slow down.
- Yeah, why?

I stepped on something like this
while walking here before...

- It's oil!
- Edible oil?

Motor oil. Don't eat it.

I was joking. You think I'm stupid?

It must have leaked out of a tanker.

Or a plane...

A plane?

Well, a passenger one.

When that kind of plane makes
an emergency landing,

it dumps its fuel.

I really ought to thank you.

If you say so.

But you could have told me
about the spill sooner.

You wouldn't have believed me.

Who knows, maybe I would?

Well, would you believe this?


- Who are you? I How did you get here?!
- I wish I knew...

That's right.

- You again?!
- Me again!

Hey! How did you get into my trailer?

When I got in, it wasn't your trailer yet.
It was just a freight wagon.

Now please excuse me.
I was in here all night, and I need a...

You're always on my back.
Did grandpa send you?

You're hilarious.

So why are you always around
wherever I go?

I've got this kind of intuition...


You're just spying on me.

Or you've GPS-tagged me, huh?

- Tagged you?
- Why are you laughing?

Stop laughing, you hear me?

Stop arguing, boys,
or I'll chuck you out of my cab.

- Damn it!
- What?!

Even the best professionals make mistakes.

Do you even know what it means?

I asked you three times
if you'd switched that alarm off.

I switched it off partially...

But we got a good haul anyway.

Do we? Pity we didn't manage to grab
your share...

Gimme a break already.

I will, when I find out
how you could be such a total moron.

Well, you're on your own from here.

Lots of cars stop here.
Someone will definitely give you a lift.

Thank you.

Good luck with your trip.

Hey, kid, what are you tinkering with?!

It was the ignition. Give it a try now!

- You know how to fix cars?
- Only if they've broken down.

How did you do that?

Years of practice.

- Do you happen to be going to Sandomierz?
- I am. Shall I give you a lift?

Would you give me one?

Of course. But I have to wait for
someone else first.

- So I've got time to eat something.
- I'll let you know when I'm ready to go.

Turn in there.

- What for?
- I need to buy water.

But you've just drunk a 1.5-litre bottle.

You should drink
three liters of water a day.

But it's still morning.
You've got the whole day ahead of you.

I'd rather get it out of the way.

- What have you got there?
- Nothing.

You need a gun to buy water?

Yeah, just in case.

What if someone attacks me?

What will you do to him
with a starting pistol?

I'll scare them.

But you haven't even got any cartridges...

Well, I'll just scare them just a bit.



Maybe I should take the suitcase,
just in case...

Oh no...

Can't you trust me for once?

How do I know you won't drive off?

That's what trust means.


Gimme a big bottle of still water.

Three fifty please.

I wanted still water.

That's all we've got.

Well, I've got something too...

I'd better check out the back, then.

OK, but please, pretty please,
make sure it's still water.

Sit down.

I'm just getting some water.

I'm gonna walk out of here

and nobody gets hurt. Hands up.


I know what I'm doing!
Get down on the ground!

- You won't hurt the kid, will you?
- Stop lecturing me, dammit!

If you move in the next five minutes...


If you don't move for five minutes,
the kid dies.

Dammit... I mean I won't touch him!

Just don't move! We're leaving...

Easy, easy.

Keep smiling.

- Get them!
- Down on the floor!

Keys! On the floor!

Not you, you idiot. The keys!

Let's go! Get in the car! Let's go!

Let's get out of here!

If in the next five minutes...

Anyway, you know what to do!

- That looked cool, didn't it?!
- Yeah, you were amazing!

You idiot! You were only supposed
to get a bottle of mineral water.

And you kidnapped a kid
and terrorized the police instead!

Do you only use your head
to pour water into it?!

Do you even realize what you've done?

We'll have all the police in the area
on our backs in a minute.

Oh no, sorry... you're a real gangster,
not some decent thief!

- Ain't you ever seen the movies?
- They'll never let us off with this.

Not after we had stolen those...

- sweets...
- What sweets?

You know I can't talk openly, can I?

I get it.

That was just kid's stuff,
compared to this.

Now it's a gun, kidnapping,
cops at gunpoint...

No, they won't let us off this time.
What's more, they've got our descriptions.

Don't worry, we've got a hostage.

Come on!

It won't be of much help.


Now we'll have to get a new car.

What a pity...

- It wasn't even yours, anyway.
- But I get attached easily.

You'll get attached to another one.
Come on.


- After all, I think they're over there.
- There?

- More to the right.
- Yes, more to the right!

- How do you know what we're looking for?
- The keys to the police car.

I saw him throw them.

Did you?

Got them!

Hey, where is that boy?

- What boy?
- The one who was just here!

I didn't see anyone...


I hate those damn things...

So do I.

What do you actually need me for?

You're our back-up, mate. Get it?

- But I've got business in Sandomierz.
- Tough luck. You'll hang out with us.

How long for?

We'll see.

Why don't you just go and tell him our
plans as well?

I think there's a car park over there.

What are you doing?

Watching you steal the car.

- Who's this?
- No idea.

You were on lookout, not me.
He saw everything.

- What do we need him for?
- Two hostages are better than one.

We'll have half his school mates
here soon!

I knew this would happen.

I'll shake them off soon!

Just don't shake us off!


You idiot!


Told you I'd shake them off!

Where is he?



- How would I know?
- He'd always hang around with you, here!

You have to know something.

- I've got no clue. What's wrong?
- He's disappeared.

The police said they'd search for him
after he'd been missing for 24 hours.

I thought he might be here with you.

He came yesterday,
asking about his father...

of breaking into a jeweler's shop in
Kielce last night.

And now over to Krzyżtopór Castle,
and a trip back in time.

Well, now we know where he is.

Where anyone can become
a lady or a knight

and attend classes in ancient crafts...

I don't like their plans. We should
get out of here as soon as we can.


- What about your side?
- No point even trying. They locked it.

Can you handle that?

No, that's something
Raszyński's never taught me.

do you mind if I head off aside?

"Head off aside"? Who taught you that?

Go and keep an eye on him.

Go watch him!

Move it, kid. Hurry up.

Hey, did you step in something?


I'm always very careful.

It must be the kid.

- He was weirdly moving around the woods.
- Maybe it's that snake?

Snakes often secrete a pretty nasty liquid
when they feel threatened...

- What kind of snake?
- This one.

Open the door!


Open it...

Hey! Open it!

Open the car!

You scumbag!

Holy cow!

Did you see that?

They stole our car!

- Aren't you afraid it'll bite?
- No, it isn't poisonous.

- Where did you get it?
- In the woods. There're plenty of them.

Weird. You get out of the car and get back
with a snake two minutes later.

I often go mushroom-picking
with my granny,

but I've never even glimpsed a snake.

You just have to whistle softly.

- But snakes are deaf...
- All of them?

Yes, I remember that from school.

I had to quit school...


Pull over somewhere. We have to let it go,

or else it'll never find its family again.

Farewell, rescuer!

But you weren't there
when they spoke about that.

- About what?
- About them being afraid of snakes...

What's going on?

How come you always know where I am...

and always show up there?

Can you tell me?

I'll tell you someday.

Why are you doing all this, anyway?

- Because I'm here to help you.
- You're really weird

and mysterious...

but I like you anyway.

Sorry I was so unfriendly to you
back then, at the start.

No problem.

Let's go.

Well, I could do with some water.
Even sparkling water...

Give me a rest with your water.


We've got to... get ourselves
some sort of a ride.

The older kid said they were
going to Sandomierz, didn't he?

That way.

Think we can catch up with them?

Hang on, I'll deal with it...


Get out!

Come on!

Get out!

But... my waffles!

You're a pretty cool driver,
but can you slow down?

Why? You afraid of speeding?

What's that light?

The fuel gauge.

So what shall we do now?

- Let's go.
- What about that?


Ah, so it's this kind of sweets!

They took the case!

Oh really! What naughty boys...

Is it surprising? If I was them,
I'd have taken it too.

I was an altar-boy at their age.

It wouldn't even cross my mind
to take one's property.

OK, can stop recalling
your glorious past now...

They can't have gone far, anyway.

This time, I admit you're right...

- We have to give it back.
- I know, but who to?

Maybe... the police?

They'd start asking where I got it,
and how.

Then they'd send me back to grandpa.
You said so yourself.

You're right. Maybe we should call them
to come and pick it up?

Do you see any phones around here?

Hi boys.

Hello. Are you going to Sandomierz,
by any chance?

No, we're going to a festival
at the Krzyżtopór Castle.

There will be lots of people there,
perhaps someone will be heading that way.

- I guess you know each other?
- Yes... a little.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- We haven't met though. I'm Gabriel.
- Magda.

It was Magda who asked us to stop.

- Thanks.
- No worries.

How did you get there?

I hitch-hiked... with my friend.

Aren't you too young to travel this way?

Not at all, madam.
We're quite old, collectively.

What is in that funny case?

I've got emeralds, rubies, diamonds
and other precious things.

- What an imagination!
- Get in, and you can tell us all about it.

Can I try?

Do you think they're here?

Were you ever a kid?

- No boy would miss such an opportunity.
- Right.

Thank you.

- This is for you.
- Thank you.

Let's go for a walk round the castle, OK?

Sure, I'd love to.

I'll grab a bite.

She fancies him.

When we catch 'em,

we'll take the case, drive 'em
to the woods and tie 'em to a tree,

and let 'em cry.

But they're only kids...

Kids... I was a kid too, and my father
would lock me in the cellar regularly.

That explains a lot.

Listen, the main thing
is to be inconspicuous.

- Ice-cream, ice-cream!
- What ice-cream?!

Sweet cream ice-cream!

- Good afternoon.
- What would like, young man?

How much are these strings of pretzels?

Five zlotys.

Hey guys, I've got a driver here.
Two guys stole his ice-cream van.

It's large and white, with flowers
painted on it. Keep your eyes open.

Likely the guys who kidnapped a boy
at a roadside cafe near Suków today.

It was on TV...

One sweet cream ice-cream.

Money, please.

- How much for raspberry?
- A tenner.

Why so expensive?
It costs four zlotys back home.

- It's magical ice-cream.
- What do they do?

If you eat one of these,

you'll grow donkey's ears.

Well... your marketing needs
a bit of work...

Hey, what are you doing?

- I think I saw one of them.
- Don't leave me here!

I'll give you a call...

Is he your brother?

No, he's a friend. The best one now.

He's nice... but a bit strange.

I know, but you can get used to it.

- So you're both going to see your dad?
- Yeah, it has turned out so.

Why don't you live with your dad?

That's why I'm going
there, to find out. He...

They had an accident.

A big truck swerved over from one side
and crashed into the car.

My mum was killed, but dad survived.

He went away after that,
and I've never seen him since.

I was going to ask my grandpa to take me
to see him,

but he'd never have agreed to it.

So I decided that if he
didn't want to see me,

then I didn't want to be pushy either.

Why are you going to see him now then?

I'm not hungry any more.


We've got to run!

But I thought you wanted to eat...

See for yourself!

Listen, go and ask your dad
to call the police!

- The police? Are you kidding?
- Seriously, we've got to run!

Catch him!

It's army only through here.

- We...
- We want to join up.

Password for recruits?

"A horse! A horse!" And what's the

- "My kingdom for a horse".
- Correct! Stand at ease!

You knights ain't seen
a couple of boys round here, have you?

- It's army only through here.
- What?

You heap of scrap...

- How did you know the password?
- Lucky guess.

Fine, but how did you pick
the right one? The options are endless...

But it was so easy.

"A horse! A horse!,"
any fool could have got that.

- Well, I didn't think of it.
- That's why I said: "any fool."


Don't do anything without me, OK?


Excuse me, excuse me.

- No more selling ice-cream?
- No.

- But we want to buy some.
- Well, I don't want to.

- You want ice-cream?
- Yeees!

Then take it. It's all yours.

- I think we've shaken him off.
- Probably not for long. Take that off.

- What shall we do now?
- Don't worry, I'll outmaneuver him.

- Outmaneuver him?!
- Stay here till I get back!


Gotcha! Game over!

This case is mine, my friend!

- I'm gonna rip your ears off!
- Has your attitude to children

anything to do with your childhood?

Stop being a wise guy!

He's a bit too smart for you.

- What shall we do now?
- Let's jump! You first!

- Maybe you first, and I'll follow...
- OK.

Your turn now, Gabriel!

- I was first though!
- How did you do that?

Think you've got away?
I'm gonna show you, kids!

Alright, give me the case.

- You look horrible!
- I nearly had 'em!

Can't you catch two little boys?

Let's split up here.

Go down that corridor, it
leads into the courtyard.

- OK, I'll take the case.
- No, I'll deal with it.

- What about you?
- I'll manage, I have my ways.


Just please make sure you get
where you wanted to get.

- He's gone in there!
- There he is!

- Where is he?
- Well...

- There's no way out of here...
- Told you he was a bit weird.

But we've got the case,
that's the main thing.


- I was gonna pass it to you.
- I'll take it myself.

- That way!
- That way, hurry up!

That way!

I ain't jumping again today!

Seems like a stand-off.

- Tomek!
- Darek?


You're out of danger now.

My god.

I heard what happened.
Your grandpa's on his way over here.

- Grandpa?
- Don't worry, he wants to help you.

- I didn't want it.
- Everything's fine now. Come on.

It'll be all right, you'll see. Come on.

We'll do better next time.

There won't be next time. I don't want
to have anything to do with you.

Don't exaggerate.

- Things won't be so bad.
- We got fooled by some whippersnappers.

Mediaeval knights put us in the stocks.
They took away all our swag.

And you say things won't be so bad?


we'll end up sharing a cell?


So you're saying the robbers
ran after your mate, and he disappeared?

- If he disappeared, then where is he now?
- It was a lie...

There was no mate. I made him up.

No more interrogations! Tomek
must be tired. He's been through a lot.

We have a few more questions...

Enough for today.

- Come on, Tomek!
- Well... perhaps we can postpone this?

So how are you, Tomek?
You have made some trouble, huh?

Now maybe you'll tell your grandpa
why you ran away?



wanted to meet my dad...

Or to see him, at least...

I can take you there if you want,
it isn't far.

But only if your grandpa agrees.

- Go ahead...
- Thank you!

All right, all right. Enough.

Just don't forget to come home.
Granny's waiting for you...

And so am I.

Excuse me, can I have a word with Tomek?

Will I see you again?

Sure. If you want to, that is...

What do you think?

- Thanks for everything.
- No problem.

So where's Gabriel?

- He just vanished.
- If you see him, say hi from me.

I will, definitely.

- Are you coming or staying, Tomek?
- Coming.

I've got to go.



Won't you come in with me?

He's your father, not mine.

What if he doesn't want to see me
any more?

Sometimes guys wait so long
that they just give up waiting entirely.

But how do you know unless you try?

It's up to you.

I think you'll be able to manage
on your own from now on.

- Where did you spring from?
- You know, I have my ways.

That was all very exciting.
We don't get much entertainment.

We just get one mission to complete,
and then we disappear when it's over.

- What do you mean, disappear?
- We're gone.

Good luck.

- Hello there.
- Hello. Is Mr. Nowak around?

- The clinic's already closed.
- That's not why I'm here.

So what's it about?

I'm his son...


I knew you'd come one day.

- Sławek!
- I'm coming.

Excuse me...

Who's this?

It's Tomek, your elder brother.

Where did he come from?

He's just come to visit us.

Well, you must have lots to say
to each other...

- Now, girls, say goodnight nicely.
- Goodnight.

- Please make a bed for Tomek upstairs.
- OK.

- Goodnight, Tomek.
- Goodnight.

I don't think your wife's too pleased
that I came.

She is rather surprised.

We're just about to move out.
Elvira got an offer to move.

It's a big chance for her...

and it means new opportunities for me too.

I know. You're off to America.

How do you know that?

And how did find me at all?

I searched around a bit,
and there's always Google, dad.


But it can't have been easy
with our common name...

and I've moved around a lot...

Were you running away from me?

From you?

Rather from myself.

No, it's just that...
I couldn't really find my place after...

Why did you leave me?

It's hard to explain...

I don't know...

I guess I wanted to forget.

I wanted to go away,

slam the door behind me,
and start over from scratch.

Did it work?

Right... I've been wanting
to tell you for a long time.

You were too young
and everyone felt I shouldn't tell you.

You had a brother,

but he also died in the accident.

I wanted to tell you someday,
but I didn't really know when or how.

He was a wonderful boy.
He would look after you a lot.

And he loved you very much.

Sleep now, and I'll drive you back
to your grandparents' tomorrow.

Well, here we are.

Now that we've met, I think
we'll be seeing a lot more of each other.

That depends on you, dad.

Will you come and watch me race?

I'll try.

Well, bye then.

Bye, son!

They're driving hard, pushing the limits
of safety...

This is a tough, masculine fight.

Even though these drivers are so young,
they're ramming each other very hard!

Fighting for a good attack position.

It's easy for someone to get bumped
off the track in a struggle like this...

But here comes No.7 into the lead!

He won't let them steal his victory today!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen!
The winner is go-kart No.7: Tomek Nowak!

Bravo to the winner!

He's a clever lad. Really sharp.

Talents need honing, though.

So if you'd like to,
and you've got the time,

I have nothing against
you teaching him further.

We're still awaiting the official judge's
announcement of the results...

To be honest,
I like it when he comes to my workshop.

He'll fly high!

We have the official announcement.

Today's winner is driver No.7:
Tomek Nowak!

Here I am.