Gabriel (2014) - full transcript

A troubled young man searches obsessively for his first love, risking everything in an increasingly desperate pursuit. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Clean machine.

Come here.


Look what I got.



Tough crowd.

You know,

I don't even like Twizzlers.

They're for kids.
But you know what I love?

Especially after a long night on the bus?

Man, I just need a cigarette.

Would you care for a smoke?


Lucy, what do you think you're doing?

It's okay.
We were just playing.

What do you mean "playing"?

Just-just fuckin' around.
We made friends.

Watch your language.

I'm sorry.

I told you not to get out of your seat.


Okay. Right here.

Shit, shit. Shit.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

Widmer, Widmer, Widmer, Widmer.

Where the fuck are you?
Widmer, Widmer.


Fats, would you calm down
with the phone calls, please?

Where the fuck are you? I've been calling
you for... I missed the first bus.

No, I overslept.

Well, I didn't know
you'd be waiting. Sorry.

I'm on the bus now.

I-I don't know. A highway.
How should I know?

Fatty, I got-gotta go. Everybody
around me is shushing me.

Yes, asshole. Everybody
around me is getting pissed.

Matt, fuck, I gotta go.
I'm-I'm-I'm hanging up.

Not on you, I'm just hanging up. All right?

What's goin' on?

Kristen and Maggie.
Hello, hello.

Kate and Pooja, how are ya?

Shawn and Rebecca?


Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

- Hey, could you keep it down? I'm trying...
- Hi. Do you know Alice?

Alice Norton?
This is Widmer North, right?

Yeah, but nobody named Alice lives here.

Do you mind? No, but look.
She wrote me this letter.

The back says, "Widmer North, 420
Connecticut College, New London"...

How old is that letter?

It's... It's a couple of years, I think.

This is a freshman dorm.

Excuse me?

I'm sorry to bother you, but I-I
could really use your help.

Can you hear me?

Listen, we haven't seen each
other for a really long time...

Alice and me... and I came a long way, and...

it's just really important that I find her.

Like, urgent.

Are you serious? What are
you... You're just heartless?

- Hi...
- Will you go away if I help you?

Yes. Immediately.
Like a puff of smoke, gone.

Wait there.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.



Fuck. Goddamn it!

- Fuck! Fuck you!
- I'm coming! Jesus Christ!



What the fuck?
I-I'm looking for Alice.

She's not here. Shit. Do you
know when she'll be home?

What happened to your hand? What?


I think I punched something.

You don't know if you punched something?

The-The house. I punched the house. Sorry.

D-D-Do you know
when she'll be back?

She's gone for break.

D-do you mind if
I clean this up a little?

You're a friend of Alice's?
Yeah. I'm her cousin.

Okay. Just give me a second.
All right.

You can come in.
Thank you.

Bathroom's upstairs.
Thank you.

You fall in?

Hey, where'd you go?

Sorry. Do you have
a Band-Aid or something?

Maybe in here.

So is Alice in the city?
I have no idea.

Do you know if she's
with her dad or her mom or...

Dude, why don't you just call her?

My phone died.


I have to go soon, so...


Do you have any of that, like,
peroxide stuff? Just quickly.

You're really thorough?

So, do you know if her dad still has
that place on Long Island, or...

I don't know.

Thanks, but,
could-could you do it?



Sorry. No, no. It's okay. It's good.

It's good. It's... a clean machine.
Clean... machine.

Clean machine...
Machine, machine.

Clean... machine.

Okay. I'm gonna
put this Band-Aid on you.

Thank you so much.

What is that?

Your phone is ringing.
Shit, shit...

You said your phone died, dude.
Yeah, I'm sorry.

It's a phone. Sorry. No shit!

You have to go like right now.

Okay, sorry. She's not my cousin. I'm sorry.

Just one second. It just... What the fuck?

It had to be a secret.

It has to be a surprise, and I
didn't know if you could be trusted.

What are you talking about?

I'm gonna ask her to marry me.

That's why I lied.
I'm sorry.

How come I've never heard of you?

I-I've just been away
for a while. Living abroad.

Yeah, I was...
I was living in Belize...

Okay, I have to go now, so you do too.

Thank you.

I already told you,
he's not answering his phone.

Yes, they said they dropped him
at the station this morning.

Mom, how would I...
Never mind. I got him.

Yeah, he's right here.
He's standing in front of me.

Okay. See you soon.

What do you mean, what?

Do you have any idea how crazy Mom's being?
I can imagine.

So where were you?

What do you mean? I was on the bus.
Don't lie to me, Gabe.

Mom made me call Ellis.
I talked to him myself.

Unlock the car.

- He told me that you got on the 8:00 AM bus.
- Ellis told you that?

Unlock the car.

You realize that I'm the one that
eats shit if you're lying, right?

Matt, people are in and out
of there all the time.

Ellis has no idea what's going on
in that place. He sucks at his job.

I overslept, Fatty. I'm-I'm
sorry you had to wait.

Are you fucking kidding me?

You can't pull this kind
of shit anymore, Gabriel.

Don't call me that.
You're too old!

Gabe, Mom wanted to call the cops.

Do you have any idea how completely...

Just stop fucking yelling at me
and unlock the car. Please.


So I'm almost done with school.

One more semester, and then the bar.

Jump over that shit.

Kelly's coming out tomorrow.

She's excited to meet you, man.

You gonna marry her?

Slow down.

She's moving in.
That's scary enough.

You should.

Come on.

Is he all right?

He's fine.
He overslept.

- You scared the shit out of me.
- Sorry.

You overslept?

Are you trying to kill me?
As soon as possible.

You're doing a hell of a job. Thank you.

He's home.

You're so skinny.

What are you eating? Food.

Are you sleeping?

Do you have any, like,
peanut butter or anything?

I have cashew butter, but
you can't have any of it.

I'm making blueberry cashew muffins.

Do you read anything I send you?

You need good fats... avocado,
fish oil and blueberries.

For your brain function.

Can we, like, order a pizza or something?

I'm making dinner.


I'm still gonna be hungry.

Jesus, what happened to your hand?
I scraped it.

Was it an accident?

Did you clean it at least? Yes.

With what?

This is a mess.
Come here.


Did you even think to call me?

What are you supposed to do if
you're gonna be late? Call you.

Did you have your phone? Yes.

Did you charge it?

Gabriel, answer the question.
Don't call me that.

I've been home all of five minutes.
Would you calm down, please?

Okay. You're right.
I'm sorry.

I'm fine.

You look good. Two minutes ago you
told me I looked skinny and tired.

And good.

All of the above.

I missed you.

She would talk to them.
Not in public really.

But you could hear her
when you walked by her room.

She was always giggling
at the guy, like flirting,

and then just start yelling, like, "You shut
the fuck up! I'll do what I want, you slut!"

Like out of nowhere, at the girl, I guess.

That's fucking crazy, man. Yeah,
that's what they call it.

Planet garlic.
Your favorite.

Did you melt cheese on it?
Of course.

The cheese from Belize?
Where else?

Please pass the cheese from Belize.
Please, please.

Please pass the cheese from Belize.

Here, man, let me cut it.

What-What do you think
I'm gonna do?

Just give him the knife, sweetie. What...

What, you think I'm gonna hurt you?

Cut it out.

You think I'm gonna hurt me.

All right.

All right. No, no, no, no, no, no.

You don't think I'd do it?

Why the fuck not?

Ready? Ready?

One, two...

You're fucking hysterical.

Gabriel, get off the floor.

So, what time is Kelly getting out?

Early, like,

I'll call Nonny and see when she's coming in.

I'll pick her up too.

I wouldn't do that!

This is delicious.

I don't think it's spicy enough.

You hear me? I would never do that.
No, it's good.

No, it's too health-foody.
I'm not Dad!

Hate to disappoint you, but I'm not him.

- Where the hell do you think you're going?
- Smoke!

You up, kiddo?

You sleepy?

Where's all my stuff?

The shed mostly.

So it's nearby if you want it, but...

we can get you some new stuff.

I was thinking we'd paint...
I like my old stuff.

You should get to know me sometime. O-O-kay!

I know. I've been going to
this group for families,

and we've been talking
about fresh starts and...

Ones that told you about
the magic blueberries?


And they also talk about...

setting boundaries and accountability.

Sounds like a blast.

Pretty fun.

That was the last bus.

Do you understand that?

Matty waited for three buses, and if
you hadn't been on that last one,

I was gonna have to get the police involved.

That was the plan.

Do you know what that would mean, Gabe?
You'd be arrested.

And you would be back in the system
with no... You can't just lock me up.

I'm not a kid anymore. That's not
what I want either, sweetie.

But we had a deal.
We had a deal.

You can't have me arrested for being late.
And if you ca...

I didn't do anything.
I'm not dangerous.

I didn't threaten you or slit my throat.

What do you call that knife stunt?
A fucking joke.

Yeah, that was really funny.

You're a funny guy.


You brush your teeth?

- Clean machine. You take your pills?
- Not yet.

You need to take some more
before bed, right? I will.

How about we take 'em now?

Where are they?
What do you mean "we"?

- You got 'em in here?
- What the fuck are you doing? I said I would take them.

Well, why don't we just...
get it out of the way?

Is that why you came in here in the
first place? Cigarettes. Great.

Threaten me with jail time
and then fucking drug me?

Make sure I'm drooling so you
don't have to deal with me?

I just want to make sure you're okay.

I'm fine.

Gabe, I am so happy you're home.

And I just want to do this right, okay?

Want some water?

Good boy.
Let me see.


Thank you.

Good night, kiddo.

I love you.

"I love you too, Mom."

New York, New York. Norton,
N-0-R-T-0-N. Alice.

It's, East 95th Street.

Shit. Okay. What about Jonathan Norton?
Same street.


Okay, what about the same name
but Shelter Island, New York?

Really? Fuck.

Some of the other stories
we're following this morning...

An earthquake of magnitude...

Morning, Fats.

Jesus, you're chipper.

Hey, you wanna drive me to the city today?

Go see Nonny, maybe take her to the diner?

What are you talking about?

Nonny's coming out here
to see you, remember?

Everybody's coming to see you.

Besides, I'm picking Kelly up from
the station in, like, 40 minutes.


You looking for something, kiddo?

Hi. Yeah, I wanted
to go for a bike ride.

Wow. I haven't seen
your bike in years.

It's probably in there somewhere.

Where's your coat?

You want some breakfast?
I'll-I'll be in in a minute.


Hey, Mom.

I think I'm gonna ride
to the station with Matt.


You better hustle.
He's leaving soon.

Do you want some eggs?
No, I'm gonna smoke.

This early?

Where's Fatty? He should
be down in a minute.

But you need to eat something, sweetie.

You ready?

Need anything from town? No. Thank you.

Drive safe.

Come on.


You know I love you, right?

You know that?

Kiddo. Of course.
I love you too.

I know it's not your fault.


while the Nets were blown out
at home by Detroit, 112-84.

In Milwaukee, the Celtics' fourth
quarter comeback fell short,

and they lost a close one
to the Bucks, 95-93.

Elsewhere, the Blazers
beat the Nuggets, 110-103.

The Lakers downed the Spurs,

And Atlanta lost in Sacramento,

In hockey, the Rangers cruised past
Pittsburgh at the Garden, 4-1.

And the Devils' struggles
continued out west...

as they fell to the Sharks
in San Jose, 2-0.

New Jersey is now 0...

Okay. Train should be here
in six minutes.

You coming?

Can I just stay and listen to the radio?

Look, I know you're gonna call me an
asshole, and you're probably right,

but I cannot leave you alone
in the car with the keys.

Well, am I allowed to sit and smoke?
Yeah, sure.

Thank you for not freaking out.

Fuck off.

There's the brother I know and love.

Love you too.



Well, maybe I don't...


You can't even spell the word
"commitment," let alone actually show...

Excuse me.

Do you know the Norton's? Are they home?
Hold on a second. What?

Mr. Norton. It's very
important that I find him.

Do you know if he's home?
No. He's out of town.

Do you know where?
I-I'm on the phone.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I have another
address for him in Shelter Island.

Peconic Road? Do you know if he's there?
Yeah. That's it.

Yeah? Thank you. Thank you so much.
Okay. All right.

Hey, how much to get to
Shelter Island? Where?

You know, the Hamptons?
I don't go out there, man.

I just need to know how much. I don't know.

Maybe 300 bucks. 300 bucks? Jesus!

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

You have 300 bucks?

No? Yes?
Fuck yourself!

Hey, Rosa.
You're there.

It's-it's Matt.

I'm good.
How are you?

Okay. Yeah. No, I was... I was just
making sure she's on her way.

All right.
You take care now.

All right. Bye.

I'm going to...
Going to, 9C.

I'm going to 9C,
Mrs. Archer.

Hello, how are you,
Rosa? I'll see you soon.

Hey there.
Can I help you?

I'm going to, 9C.
Mrs. Archer.

Well, I'm sorry,
Ms. Archer's out.

I-it's okay.
She's my grandmother.

I can't let you up if no one's home.

But Rosa should be back any second. She
just took the dog around the block.

Listen, I've been here,
like, a thousand times.

I'm sorry. I can't.

All right, you got a cigarette at least?

- Sure.
- Gabe?

- Fuck.
- Hey, there she is...


One? Counter or table,

Table, please.

I gotta use the bathroom.
Straight back.


Coffee? Chocolate milk shake, please.

You got it, boss.
Chocolate milk shake!

I can sit here? It's okay?
Wherever you want.

What'll you have?
Hash and eggs, please.

Hash and eggs.

- Hey, you remember me?
- No.

I-I used to come here a lot.

With my grandma and my dad and my brother.
We'd sit in the corner.

I remember you.

You make the best hash.

Well... Could you melt a piece
of cheese on that, please?

Cheese from Belize.

Wow. Thank you.

This is amazing.

You're the man.

They don't make it like this anywhere else.

This is the place.

All right.


It's mine.

What are you doing?

I'll call your mother.
No. No, it's okay.

I'll call her from the car.

Go back to bed, Rosa. Okay.

Good night.

Put the picture back.

We'll get you another copy, okay?

Did you take anything else?

N-no. No.
Come on, man.

You did not come all this
way just for a photo.


What do you need that for? To buy things.


Come on.

That hurts, man.

Mom called Ellis.

Did you hear me, Gabe?


You're not Dad.

Listen Gabe, I really want to help
you, but you have got to talk to me.

They want to send you back,

and then you won't be able
to come home again.

I really don't care.

I'm not doing what they want anymore.

Okay. And how do you plan
on getting away with that?

I'm just gonna live...
like a normal person.

I'm gonna get a job and a wife and a house.

Just... live.

Start my life.

Those are all really good
goals, man, but you have got...

No. No, Matt.
You think I'm a fucking idiot.

I know you do and I'm not. I...

I know what I'm doing.

I know what I'm doing.

Listen, Gabe.

This is it.

This is your last chance.
Do you understand that?

There's a girl.


Yeah, never... never mind. No, no, no.

What girl?

Just a girl.

She loves me.

That's great, man.

Who is she?

You remember Alice?
From Stockton?

Yeah, but that was, like, five years ago.

You're still in touch?

Yeah, we're in love.

Gabe, you... you haven't
seen this girl in years.

How can you be in love?

You are just like
the rest of them. Just...

I have to pee.
I'll take the next exit.

Just pull over.
I'm gonna piss myself.

Dude, we're in the middle of the highway.

Jesus Christ.
What are you...





Stop! Stop it!

I'm trying to help you.

I don't want it.

I don't want you.

I hear 'em.

Jesus. What happened?

You win. What do you
want me to do?

What should we do?

Who's that? Gabriel, I'm
asking you a real question.

Don't call me that.

Gabe, this is Kelly.

Why the fuck is she here?

No, don't fucking call me that!

She came out here to meet you.

That's fair. Yeah.

Matt gets to bring strangers
home whenever the fuck he wants,

and I can't even make a phone call. Stop!

Why the does he...
Why do you get to start over?

Why do you get to start your own family?

Does she know about me?
Do you know who I am?

Yes, I told her all about...
No. I asked her.

Do you know who I am?

Yeah. Yes, I've heard all
about you, Gabe. Good.

Good. You got all the juicy details
about the psychotic younger brother.


Just about how you grew up together...

and how Matt wishes that
you could move back home again.

Did he tell you about our dad?
He tell you that part?

Come on, man.
Did he?

Yes, I know about your father.

- Gabe, slow down.
- So you know they fucking killed him.

- Did he tell you that part?
- Just stop.

Nobody killed him.

We miss him.
Yes, you did.

You and Mom, you let him wither and die.

Treated him like a piece
of shit, just like me.

Dad killed himself
because he was fucking crazy.

Matty, stop.

That's not gonna happen to me.
Fuck you!

I'm not letting that happen to me.

Gabe, please.
No. That's not gonna happen.

- You'll see.
- That's not gonna happen.

Just give me a squeeze. What?

Will you give me a squeeze?

Harder. Harder. Harder.

We're all so happy you're home and safe.
We really are.

Please, just relax, okay?

You think I deserve to die?

No. Of course not.

Yeah, that's what they say.

I deserve to die...
And it's not fucking true.

I deserve love.

I deserve love.

I deserve love.
That-That's what Dad needed.

That what Dad needed.
He just needed love.

I would have done that.
I would have done that.

I was too young. Can you just take a breath?

I didn't know any better. I was too young.
Take a breath.

You knew better.

You could have loved him and you just
hated him to death. Take a breath.

You killed him.
You killed him.

Okay, stop. Stop. Stop.

Stop. Stop.

Just breathe.
Just breathe.

Breathe with me.

And you just let go.

All right.

Just breathe. Okay?

That's good.

I'm sorry.
It's okay.

No. I'm sorry. I don't... I need Nonny.
I don't need this.

She's asleep, sweetie.
No, I need her.

I don't want this.
I need Nonny.

Please, please.
Okay. I'll go get her.


Will you just sit down?

Sit down.


And I'll be right back.

Maybe I do deserve to die.

Nobody wants you to die, Gabe.

It's not about what you want, asshole.

You already get whatever you want.

You're the one that deserves to die.

See, I still got all that
male aggression thing in me.

Yeah, maybe I should die.

Enough's enough, you know?

Yeah, I've had enough.

Hey, look who's here.

Where's that boy?

It's so good to see you, love.

You look like a vagrant,
but it's still good to see you.

You're shivering.
You got a chill?

How about we get you a nice hot shower?

Good idea. Take some of
that stink off you too.

How does that sound?

You decent?

You wash your hair?
Shampoo and everything?

Looked like you had some nests in there.

Brought you some clean clothes...


a bandage.

You need some help with that cut?


Know how you did this to yourself?

Look at me.

You're no longer a child.

You're responsible for your actions.

You could get into real trouble.

I know you took something from me.

Not everybody is going
to be as forgiving as I am.

You finish getting dressed and
I'll be right outside the door.

Your hair.


Thank you.

Of course, love.

When you're ready we'll go downstairs.

Your mother's making us some gerbil food.

You know it's the best thing for him, Mom.

You'll be surprised.
He'll have...

And here we are.

The clean machine.

You smell so clean.

Are you hungry?

Breakfast or dessert?

Breakfast, please.

Okay, coming right up.

Here, love.
Why don't you sit next to me.

Okay? Right there.

Who else wants pancakes?

I'll have some.

That's two. Kelly?

Yes, please.

Ruth? I'm starving, so I guess yes.

Okay. That's five orders of famous
flapjacks, coming right up.

Kelly? Buckwheat flour, I might add.

I'm really sorry I was rude before.

No, don't worry about it.

I just... I...

I get kind of scared sometimes.

It's okay. But thank you for apologizing.

You want something to drink, Gabe?

Juice maybe.

Do we have Five Alive?

Sorry, man. Do they even
make Five Alive anymore?

I used to have Five Alive.
I loved that stuff.

That's what we used to have.

Five Alive.

Five Alive.

I went to the diner.

Fats, I went to the diner.

I remember that place.


Did you get hash and eggs?

With cheese on top.

Cheese from Belize.

I bet you covered it in ketchup, right?


I think I'd like to move to Belize.

When I'm better.

Belize, please.

I found my backup stash.

Why don't you tell me what happened today?

Nothing. I'm fine.

You haven't been acting fine, kiddo.

I'm not going back there.

Gabe, you need help.

They take really good care of you there.

And I...
No, I need you.

I'll take my meds and I won't
leave the house without you.

I really thought that could work.

I was so excited for you to come
home... I won't end up like Dad.

Don't do that.
Stop that.

I spent a long time trying
to fix your father.


Hating the doctors.

Thinking I knew better than they did.

Back then, those zombie drugs you
hate so much were even worse,

so he was always a little out of it.

And none of them worked,


eventually they tried...

zapping his brain a little...

Electroshock, which was horrible.

But when you were born,

Where the... He was up at Mount Sinai.
He was all the way uptown.

And they wouldn't let him out.

And so as soon as they let me take you home,

we went up to see him.

We took a cab from hospital to hospital...

with you all wrapped up in a little blankie.

And when we got there,

he wasn't doing so well,

but when he saw you,

and he smiled...

this... burst...

And I got my hopes up again and I thought,

he'll come home.

And then he'll play with the baby...

and he'll get better.

But I was wrong, Gabe.
I was so wrong.

We got home and he didn't get better.

He just...

I would look at him and I would see...

I don't know. Not a man.
I would just see... pain.

That's all there was.

And I can't watch you go through that.

And I can't watch that happen to you.

And I can't fix you.

Gabe, are you listening to me?

You know I love you so much.

You only love yourself.

We all love you so much.

You're lying.

Tomorrow we'll all take
you back together, okay?

No. No.

No, no. I'll be good.
I'll be better.

Look. Look, look.


I didn't do anything wrong.

What the fuck?

Jesus Christ!

Gabe, what the fuck are you doing here?

You just can't get into
my bed and surprise me?

Yes, I can. That's what I just did. I just...

- How did you get here?
- I drove.

No, I mean, why are you here?
How did you find me?

You look amazing.

I missed you so much. Gabe, what the fuck?
This is so fucking weird.

What are you doing?

You know, I thought you'd be
a little happier to see me.

You just broke into my house and got
into bed with me while I was sleeping.

Obviously I'm a little scared.

You think I'm scary?

No. I'm not...

I'm not saying you're scary.

I'm just trying to figure out
what the fuck is going on.

Let's go to the beach.

Gabe, my dad's here. If he see's
you, he's gonna freak out.

No. He went out.

Okay, well, you have to be gone
by the time he gets back.

No. I-It's okay.
I have a plan.

I decided on my birthday.

There was a bunch of fucking
crazy people eating my cake,

and a bunch of fat nurses telling me
happy birthday as if they gave a shit,

and I decided right there
that I should be with you.

'Cause that's what families do.

You know, normal families, they
spend time together and be happy.

Gabe, we're not a family.

I... I thought you were
living at your mom's house.

No. Shit.
I'm getting ahead of myself.

We-We gotta go down
to the beach.

Gabe, it's freezing cold outside.
I'm not gonna go to the beach.

No, see, you're getting it all confused.

I just started thinking, what
would they want me to do?

Like what would a normal, boring
person do in this situation?

So I just started showering and washing
all my stuff and smiling all the time...

All that shit that they think is important,

that makes 'em feel safe, you know?

I just started acting like everyone else.

Like I'm supposed to act.

Like-Like... Like an adult.
What are you talking about?

And I asked them if I could come home
for the weekend to surprise you,

and they said yes.

They said yes, so here I am.

Come on, I need to ask you something,

but it's gotta be on the beach.

Shit. Gabe, it's my dad.

It's fine. It's fine. No.

Gabe, what the fuck is that?

What? It's...
It's just in case.

Just in case of what? In case of this.
In case of him.

Gabe, don't point that at me.

What are you gonna do to him?

Alice, it's self-defense. It's
just protection, you know?

Gabe, nobody's gonna hurt you.

Of course they are.

No, they're...
Al? You up?

Can we get out the window?

I got doughnuts.

Tell him you're sleeping.
No, I'm not...

Hey, hey. I... Get that knife away from me!

I am not sitting around wasting
the whole day with you.

- Gabe, please put the knife away.
- What the... Fuck!

- It's okay.
- Alice, get in the hallway.

Gabe, please put the knife down. Get back!

Back! Back!
Gabe, calm down!

- You know him?
- It's Gabe.

From Stockton, Dad?

Jesus Christ.

Get back! Get back!

Gabe, calm down.
Gabe, it's okay.

Calm down.

Come on, come on, come on.
No! Gabe!

I'm not going anywhere
with you with that knife.

If you put the knife down,
then I'll go with you.


Dad, if Gabe puts the knife down,

will you please leave us
alone for a few minutes?

No, Alice.

- Please.
- No.



If he leaves the knife here.

Gabe, will you leave the knife here? Please.


Then we can go to the beach. It's
what you want to do, right? Yeah.

Yeah, I'll put it away.

All right.
Okay. Five minutes.

Five minutes, okay?


Okay. He's putting it away.


Okay. We're going
to the beach.

He put it away.

You okay?

You're freezing.

Yeah, I'm-I'm sorry I had to do
all that, but it's gonna be okay.

I promise.

What are you doing?

You can't act like this, Gabriel.

You can't do this.
This isn't okay.

You know you're the only one
that's allowed to call me that?

You and Dad.

'Cause you're the only ones that
really love me. Do you know that?

My God, Gabriel.

Do you understand my dad probably
already called the cops?

You're gonna get arrested.

Do you remember when we got married?

What are you talking about?

I've just been having these flashbacks,

like déjà vu or whatever,
of when we got married.

Do you remember?

You kissed me on the beach,

like where everyone could see.

And then I said I love you.
I whispered in your ear.

Do you remember what you did?

You grabbed my hand
and pulled me into the ocean.

And we went under and I
proposed, and you said yes.

Do you remember that?
It was amazing.

See? There it is.


Holy shit.

They've been... telling me
that I'm a piece of shit.

That I'm worthless.

Who tells you that?

But then I've been thinking about
that moment when we got married,

and-and I realize,
you know, I'm...

I'm not worthless.

I'm pretty... I'm okay.

Of course you are.

I mean, as long as...

As long as I have Alice, I'm okay.

As long as Alice loves me, I'm fine.

Yeah, I think I knew even then
you were gonna be my wife.

Gabe, what are you talking about?

Shit, wait. Wait, hold on.

No, my... Gabe, what are you talking about?

Please don't do this. This is how
you're supposed to do it, right?

No, don't...
Don't do this, Gabe.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Alice Elizabeth Norton, will you marry me?

My God.

Like not kid stuff underwater,

but-but for real.

Aboveground, in front
of God and everyone else.

I want to be your husband.

A-Alice? Say something?

Gabe, you're not...

You're not making any sense. Please.

You need help.
No. No, no, no.

No, I just...
I just need you.

Just you.
Gabe, No.

No, don't.
Don't, don't, don't.


Don't be like them. Just... Please.
I just need...

We can live forever.

And be happy.

No. I ca...

I can't help you.

You need...
You need real help.

You need doctors and you need medicine...

and you need people
who know how to help you.

I don't know how to help you.

But I love you.

That doesn't mean anything.

It means everything.

I'm just...
I'm so full of love.

I just... I just need you
to love me back.

I don't love you, Gabe.

Things are different than they used to be.

We're not kids anymore.

It's not gonna be like that ever again.

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