Gaalodu (2022) - full transcript

Raju a poor person wanders as Galodu. Shukla loves the hero even though she is a rich girl with a good education. Why does the heroine fall in love with Raju? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[Narrator] 'Jail...'

'This is a sacred place too.'

'Because, it has seen the likes of
Mahatma Gandhi

and the birth of Sri Krishna alike.'

'There is no discrimination of caste,
creed, race, gender or age here.'

'Those who have sinned pay
a visit here...'

'and those who know
no sin also come here.'

[Gong beating]

Give me.

The Sun is here, get up everyone.

Come on, hurry up.




No! [Screams]

Oh God!

Adolescent moustache,
a skinny body and a teenage boy.

It has been hardly a day
since you came to this jail

and you have already hit a police officer.

Do you think you are a hero for being
sentenced for committing murder?

Why don't you speak out?

Do you follow the principle of either
silence or violence?

Take him away and give him
the darkroom treatment.

He should start speaking
like a parrot with that effect.

Sir, no need for such harsh treatment;
just give him a warning and let him go.

Weren't you the one
who complained about him?

Now, why do you speak in his favour?

Are you encouraging him?
Or making a fool of me?


the punishment for one murder
or several murders is the same.

He has the experience of killing a person
and I have a family dependent on me.

What if he assaults me later?
- It will be good riddance.


What is your name?
- Lakshmi, sir.

A feminine name suits you better.

It's not any other feminine name,
it is the name of a Goddess, sir.

Has he really killed someone?

He goes unpunished even
after hitting a police officer.

He must be having a mafia background
to be that gutsy.

It is said that he is more dangerous
than cyanide acid.

He is coming this way.
Come, let's escape from here.

One minute.

Please sit, brother.

Not brother, call him Sir.

Please sit, sir.

[Gong beating]


Sir, did you actually kill someone?

Why did you kill him?

After the murder,
did you surrender yourself

or got apprehended
or did you run away?

'Girls came from Peta,
come young people with enthusiasm'



"Beat it."

"Beat it."

"Let the shirt go wet,
And the pants get ripped off,"

"The head bursts apart,
And the blood boils."

"Play the DJ."

"Our own slob is here.
Sing hails for him."

"He is the people's man
Play DJ for him"

"Our own slacker is here.
Sing hails for him."

"He is the people's man.
The seats should break apart,"

"The screens should rip apart,
If he dance a step,"

"People from both states
should be rocked."

"Play such a DJ."

"Our own slob is here.
Sing hails for him."

"He is the people's man
Play DJ for him"

"Our own slacker is here.
Sing hails for him."

"He is the people's man."


"Slo...Slo...Slo... Slob!"

Pure Local with a good heart!"

"Slo...Slo...Slo... Slob!"

Pure Local with a good heart!"

"He is like the guy next door"

"His smile is like a child's laughter."

"His dance has the grace of
a superstar's dance."

"His sense of humour
fills the room with laughter."

"The Google search engine
searched for this global star."

"The YouTube algorithm crashed
due to his following."

"Beat it. Beat it. Beat it.
Beat it, you schmuck!"

"Play the DJ,"

"Our own slob is here.
Sing hails for him."

"He is the people's man
Play DJ for him"

"Our own slacker is here.
Sing hails for him."

"Here is the people's man."


"Beat it."

Hey, what are you doing here?
Get up. Go away.

Hey, sleepy head!

What are you doing inside?
The calf is drinking up all the milk.

I didn't notice it.

Where is he? Where is he?

He has been found dancing
along with the recording dancers.

I felt so embarrassed
among all the villagers.

He has not woken up yet.
- Hasn't woken up yet?

How dare you kick your father!
You, scoundrel!

Stop it, son.
Why are you troubling my child?

Mom, he is not a child anymore;
he is a fully grown-up jackass.

Don't you know that he gets irritated
if his sleep is disturbed?

Why did you disturb him?
What business do you have with him?


You have way too much attitude
for your age!

I can't deal with you anymore.

[Engine purrs]

Sarpanch's son is coming, guys.

Why are you scared?

He is here to play as well, isn't he?

Come, son. Please take my seat.

Hey, throw me a card as well.

Put in the money.
- Son of Sarpanch!

If you are the son of Sarpanch,

do involve yourself in welfare activities
but don't act as if you own us.

You will be encouraged to play only
if you bet your share of the money.


Son, he has extra cards behind him.
He is cheating you guys.

How dare you cheat us, you scoundrel!

The one who believes his fate
will face hardships...

and the one who believes in his hard work
will experience luck favouring him.

I don't believe in either of that,
I believe in myself.

If you want to fight, confront me but

if you want your life
to be spared then beg me.

Instead of that
if you hold my collar again...

I would lose my sanity!

I am the future MLA.

I have been seeing this since childhood;
when the whole world respects me,

you are the only one to treat me

I don't like it!

Come on, dude. Come on.

We must win the bet at any cost.
Come on, dude.

You must finish the beer before
the train leaves. Come on, dude.

The train is leaving. Come on, dude.

We must win the bet, dude.

We must win the bet, dude.


Hey Nephew, you seem very excited.
Is luck working in your favour today?

You wouldn't believe it.
He has beaten the Sarpanch's son.

Hey, dude.

The Sarpanch's son is dead.

The police are looking for you.

[Train horn blares]

My parents won't be at home tomorrow.

Do you want me to come?

To my home? No way!

Why do you fear?
I will be there with you.

That is what I am afraid of.

I am tired of expressing
my love through my eyes.

If you express your love physically then
that will lead to my pregnancy.



You are asked to love the trees
but not to make love under the trees.

I don't appreciate
your philanthropy, Karthik.

That is not philanthropy.
I was paying off my debt.

Have you taken a loan from a beggar?

How cheap of you, Karthik!

Your entrance into my life has made me
so cheap; what else do you expect?

My stomach is churning
due to the continuous walk.

Hyderabad has a lot of beauty
but no food, I guess.

[Folk song]

Give us the money?


Didn't we dance for you?

Oh, God! What is he doing?

Give me my money!

Rascal! I curse you!

I curse you back! Don't underestimate me.

He seems like someone who would
fish in the stream of urine as well.

There is no use arguing with him.
Come, let's go.


Hail, Nana Patekar!

Excuse me!

I am selling the fruits.
Do you want to buy it?

Item piece! How much?

1K for an hour
and 10K for the whole day.

Does your fruit have golden seeds?

Don't bargain. I'm very fresh.

Your saree is fresh, your flowers are fresh
and your fruits are fresh;

What do you mean by
you yourself are fresh?

If you are fresh then what am I?

You are a century hero!

A century? I didn't even score a single
till now, that's why I am still single.

Stop blabbering. Come to the point.
How much will you pay?

I'll give you as much as you ask for.
Will you grant me a loan?

Do I look like a financier
or someone who sells her body?

What's wrong with that?
Both are business at the end.

Go and get yourself a job.
That'll be better for you.

She called me, smiled at me,
scolded me and went away.

There was only one mystic deer
in Ramayana

but here all ladies are
mysterious and mystical.

Super! God bless you.

Sir, sir, sir.

I don't have loose money for alms.
- Sir, sir, sir...

I take PhonePe
and Google Pay as well, sir.

I don't have a phone at all.
I carry only cards.

Hello, sir.
I have that option as well. See here.


This is like, the father had
no water to drink

but the son demanded liquor. Get lost!

Okay. No problem.


Do you want to swipe the card?
Here, swipe it.

What happened to your leg?

I broke it in an accident.

And your hand?

That too.

Is it?

So you can't run, can you?

I can barely walk. How will I run?

You are thinking foolish and rubbish.

This is what a jackpot
in the journey looks like.

Hello, sir.

Bloody beggar!

I curse you; may you have broken ribs,
may you die a horrible death,

Stop there.
You bloody thief! Stop right there.

Oh, God. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Did you get hurt?

Hello, beauty.
Please get me my money back.

Did you steal money from a beggar?
It is an interesting act.

Would you like to try it as well?


Madam! My money?

What is this, sir?
Why did you steal from a beggar?

Don't you have any sense?

Give him his money back.
Give it back or I shall call the police.

Hello, I didn't steal because of greed.
I am hungry.

You need food, right?
- Yes.

One second.


Hey, that is my box.

Why did you give him my box?
- Poor guy, he is hungry.

Leave it.

Are you full? Or do you want more?

It wasn't sufficient at all.

Hey, that is my favourite chocolate.

Will you give that too?
- Shut up.

He looks like a wild man.

[Temple bell rings]

Please go ahead
with the worshipping, dear.

I shall circumambulate the temple.

Okay, dad.

[Indistinct chatter]

You are a mere priest and not God.
So stay within your limits.

The temple belongs to the donors
and the offering belongs to the devotees.

You must give him as many times
as he asks for.

How do you reject a second offering?

Amu, I can't find my shoe.

They were here, weren't they?

It was a new pair.

Leave it, daddy.
Consider it as good riddance.

You think so?

Don't worry about it.
- Okay.

This water for drinking only.

Nallangi Dhanraj Goud. Who is he?

My sir.

That Dhanraj Goud must have set up this
water kiosk so as to wash away his sins,

but why are you being so frugal
in serving it as if you are his mistress

and it is your property
that is being served?

What are you speaking about?
Don't you have any manners?

Hey! My folks don't call me a boy,
they call me a jackass!

How dare you raise your husky voice at me?

How dare you comment on my voice!

Stop. Stop. Stop.

What happened, dear?

Please go ahead, dad.
My friend will drop me off.

How dare you hit me!
Even my husband hasn't hit till now.

I shall see your end today.

Hey, stop. - Just wait and watch,
I'm going to kill you.

Did you hit me?

Didn't you hit me as well?

How dare you hit a man!

I will. What will you do?

I am going to see your end. Wait.

Not before I do it.

Hail, Balayya.
- [Screams]

He seems like a crazy person.

Who are you? I have been seeing you
for the past two days.

First, you stole money from the beggar,

then you hit the priest
for not giving the offerings to you,

and now you are fighting with this lady.

Did you escape from the asylum
or are you a wild man like Tarzan?

You are right. All farmers look like
wild men to you city folks.

Are you a farmer?

Last year we didn't harvest
anything due to lack of rain.

This year he tried getting
the frogs married as it brings rain,

but the heavy rains flooded my fields and
also my house got demolished in the floods.

I have no job, no food nor any shelter,
that's why I came to this city.

But everyone is asking
for either experience,

or reservations to provide a job.

My hunger is making me do all these antics

but you find me like a crazy person
creating a ruckus.

Sorry, sir. I didn't know about you.
A farmer is the backbone of this country.


You want a job, is it?


I am a local resident. I will help you.

Thank you, madam.

What skills do you have?

I can drive a tractor.

So you can drive!
Do you have a licence?

I forgot that in my tractor.



Where are the certificates?

They didn't give them
as I didn't pass the exams.


Okay. Come with me.

Wait a minute.

It looks like my Dad's shoe.

Didn't you say you had no money?
Then how come your shoe is so posh?

These? I stole them from outside a temple.

Don't you think it is wrong?

Why? Someone stole my slippers.

Was it right on his part to do that?
So I did the same.

But I doubt the TC
must have stolen my slippers.

The TC?

Yes. I was travelling
on the train without a ticket.

He got agitated and fined me. I didn't
pay him and slept in a vacant seat.

He must have stolen it while I was asleep.

You are being honest
even though you are wrong.

That is your saving grace.


If you want an immediate job,

I have a vacancy for an office boy.
Will you do it?

Is that okay for you?

Cowboy, office boy, chocolate boy,
lover boy, office boy.

I like the rhyming. What should I do?

You have to serve tea and coffee.
You must stay here.

You will be provided with daily food
and a monthly salary.

How can I serve tea cups?
I'm from a wealthy family.

You are no longer a wealthy man.
You are no less than a beggar now.

Didn't you say that your home
got demolished in the floods?

Why don't you adjust here
until you find a better job?

You will gain some experience.

[Snaps fingers]

What are you thinking about?

I don't have good clothes to put on.
Can you lend me Rs. 500?

Yesterday, I visited a Jews palette.
I really liked the meals over there.

Where is that Jews palette?

Shukla, I love you.

Stupid, how many times should I tell you?

If I find you again with
these letters or flowers,

I shall directly complain to the police.

Why does everyone in our college propose
to you but not to me?

Hey, what are you doing here?

It's been a month. I got my salary.

This is your loan
and this is the interest amount.

Are you showing off?

No. Just flaunting my development.

By the way, they don't allow outsiders into
the college. How did you come in?

Now I'm completely sure, he is a slob.

Sir, your son's killer,
Raja is found in Hyderabad.

Who sent this letter, Mr. Murthy?

It is your son from Hyderabad.

He has sent you a letter instead of calling
you to remain disguised.

Bye, Dad.
- Bye, dear.

Hey, Shukla?

Hey! Are you late as well?

I got stood up by the person
who was supposed to drop me off.

What happened?

I am fired.


Take this cash and give it
to the engineer of our site.

Okay, sir.

'By the time I reached the site,
the engineer was gone.'

'On my way back, I saw a club.'

'I played poker to earn
an extra thousand rupees but...'



'I lost two thousand rupees.'

'In a bid to win back the lost money,
I started playing continuously.'


'I lost everything.'

I told your uncle everything.
But he fired me and ousted me out.

He was paying you a salary
on top of offering timely food,

then why did you get greedy?

I didn't get greedy, I needed the money.
I hadn't tasted wine in a long time.

Do you drink?

Yes. But not as regularly as smoking.

Do you smoke as well?

Don't ever meet me.


You are not a good person.

Why am I not a good person?

Tell me one bad habit that
you don't have.

Well, then tell me
one good habit of yours.

Not all good people have good habits nor
do all bad people have only bad habits.

Aadhya, come.

Shukla, listen to me.

Shukla, listen to me.

Sir, stop, stop.

Sir, get out of here.


Why don't you talk to him?

No way.


Why don't you tell her?


Come, come. What happened?
Are you hurt?

I see you are bleeding as well.

Nature always maintains a balance.

It punishes people like you
and blesses people like me.

What do you say? What is it?

Where do you stay?

Why are you circling me? What is it?

Today onwards, you are my caretaker.

Are you trying to blackmail me?
I'm not a crazy person to listen to you.

Why should I bear you?

I'll hang a board on myself which says,

this beggar has good legs
and he is cheating the public

and robbing them off under
the guise of sympathy,

and follow you everywhere.
Then you will not get a penny from anyone.

Hey! Hit me, I don't mind.
But don't hit my business.

What do you want?
I should bear you. Is that it?

Okay. Come.

See. - Is this your house
or have you come here to ask for alms?

Hey, mind your words.
Do you know one thing?

It's my dad's gift. Come.

Welcome. Welcome.

You and your house
don't deserve each other.

If you have such a lavish house,
why do you beg for alms?

It's my hereditary profession, bro.
- What do you mean?

Oh! You don't know English, do you?

This is our familial occupation.

This doesn't seem like
your family's occupation,

it seems like a shameful whim.

There are no dogs in here, then why did you
hang the 'beware of dogs' board outside?

To keep the beggars out.

You, silly!

It won't open with any key.
It opens only with voice recognition.

Now, you will witness my voice.

Please provide me with something, madam!

[Machine beeping]

[Door creaks]

No dogs but a board,
no keys and only voice recognition.

You have managed to live a lavish life.

I'm not managing it, I'm maintaining it.

Welcome to my house. Welcome, welcome.

Brother, this is my dynasty.

Why are there so many books?
Do you sell them?

I'm studying LLB.

It's my ambition to become a lawyer.
I'm practising it.

I don't care what you do
but stay away from me.

Brother, where are you from?
- My town.

Correct. I accept it.


This is not a mirror, bro.

Oh God, he is a true
blue village scientist.

You, insane person...
What the hell are you doing?

I'm sliding over it. Come, join me.

Is that it or do you have
something else to share with me?


Your cheeks are so chubby
like a sparrow nest.

Are you trying to flirt with me?

More or less yes.

I am very wealthy.

I can spend it very well.

We have a lot of lands as well.

I have all the patience to plough it.

Are you patient enough
or used to ploughing?

You, naughty!

So are you!

What are these?

What is this?


It's good.


The belt.




Every man should have
the heart to forgive the other person.

Everyone should have
a humanitarian perspective.

Hey, I am talking to you. Respond to me.

You... Hello.
- Brother!

Do you have voting rights?

I lent it yesterday to my friend, sir.
He'll return it to me tomorrow.

As soon as you get it,
you must vote for me, bro.

Sure, sir. What is your party's name?

Hi-fi party, brother.

Hi-fi party?

And the symbol?
- Wi-Fi symbol.

Wi-Fi? Hi-fi & Wi-Fi. Sounds nice.

"Hey Lassie, why oh why, believe me,
I am not a Coca-cola."

"Hey girl, oh my! oh my! Believe me,
I am not a Coca-Cola."

"Wi-Fi-like walking style.
Speaks a Hi-Fi talk"

"A lot of attitudes to go with it.
Making me dance to your tunes."

"Your eyes search like Google
Your looks are global"

"You move like an Eagle.
Shall I drop in your inbox?"

"Changes in weather are natural.
Fights in the youth are also natural."

"Changes in weather are natural.
Fights in the youth are also natural."

"Hey, modern lassi,
The tasty ear of corn,"

"Shall I become your earring?"

"Hey, modern lassi,
The tasty ear of corn,"

"Shall I become your earring?"

[Rap lines]

"Cyanide gestures,
Siren screams,"

"You are so sturdy, girl."

"Kalahari sand dunes,
And Kimberly trench"

"are staring at you."

"Your waist is such sculpted
that one would die for."

"Show me some mercy!
Oh, girl!"

"Don't run away from me, darling.
I shall bear your weight."

"I shall give my life for you.
Oh, girl!"

"Hey, modern lassi,
The tasty ear of corn,"

"Shall I become your earring?"

"Hey, modern lassi,
The tasty ear of corn,"

"Shall I become your earring?"

[Rap lines]


"Hey Lassie, why oh why, believe me,
I am not a Coca-cola."

Wow! A guava that
has been bitten by a parrot.

Lucky! It's delicious. Yeah, yummy.

Yuck! All these days I was thinking
that the parrot had bitten it

but it was instead bitten by him.



Have you gone crazy?

Open the door.

You are not going anywhere.
Shut up and stay.

Had you accepted
my proposal the other day,

your commitment would
have been with me alone.

But now you must face a group performance.

Hi-fi, dude!

No, bro.


What does B.R.O stand for?

Best Romantic Option.

Don't come near me.

I will scream.

No matter how much you scream,
nobody can hear you.

There's nobody here to help you.

Why do you think so?
I'm here already.

Debt is not your earning,
a punch doesn't define your strength,

similarly, rape doesn't
validate your masculinity.

Excuse me.

This time I shall work with full honesty
and won't commit to any wrongdoings.

Please trust me, madam.

Who is he?



Tell him that he may hurt my ego
but do not touch my shirt.


This is the only shirt
I have that looks good.

Bloody shirt!

You might be capable of
ripping off my shirt.

But I'm capable of ripping your tummy off.


Ew! Senseless fellow.

I never ever wanted to
see your face again in my life.

But you saved me
and now I'm indebted to you.

Hello, madam.

Heat along with the sun,
Water along with the rain

and my antics along
with your security are unavoidable.

Were you born on Saturday?
- How do you know?

You are hovering around me,
like a bad omen.

Hi, dad.

Mom, why don't you lift my call?

Sorry, sweetheart.

I was busy with my staff meeting.
You know that, right?

Hi, Sweetie.

Dad, dad.

I have a surprise for you.

What, baby?

From today onwards, he is our driver.

I don't need a driver.

You are always on call while driving.

That's not only dangerous for you
but also for others on the road.

Dad, don't think much.

He helped me, dad.

Is it a request or a demand?

It's my order.

If the daughter has decided over it
then the father can't do anything about it.

What is your name, son?


Were you really named that
or did you name yourself?

That is my name.

Okay. Be careful.

- Sir?

What is it, sir? What can I do for you?
- He is our driver.

Instruct him about everything and
show him the outhouse where he will stay.

Okay sir.

Madam, your food is ready.

I am Brahma.

I am a workaholic.

I am Rajini.

I am an alcoholic.

He seems to be a troublesome person.

I am the senior cook here.


Hey, you are a cook but
why do you behave like a dog?

He is delivering pan-India punches on me!

I am all-in-one, brother.

Outside the gate, I'm like a watchman

whereas inside the house, I'm a gentleman,

and after work hours,
I'm just another common man.

You don't like a common man,
you look more like a comedy man.

That's okay.
Your age demands that energy.

If you are in my good books,
I'll show you heaven.

But if you try to fool around with me,
I'll show the hell.

Like this!

What is this?

The curry has no salt,
the pickle has no spice,

the rice is undercooked
and cold as well...

and on top of that,
it has grains of stones.


Sir and Madam are the same food,
without comment and with a compliment.

Try this onion as a side dish.

He is overacting already!

Why haven't you melted the ghee, mom?

I have poured water on the firewood,
the curry is hot anyway.

Please adjust this once, dear.

Ew! I don't want it.

How rude of you!
You would crave good food one day!

I didn't realise that a curse of
a mother is this powerful.

I was once eating royal food
but now I have degraded to eating this.

I can't stay hungry as well.


What are you looking at?

That is the only piece of cloth you'll get.

You may use it as a spread or as a blanket.
Your wish!

The outhouse is full and you may find
a comfortable place for yourself to sleep.

Get lost!

Son, your uncle is having guests
at his home.

Please give that pillow under your leg.

Only pillow is enough?

Take this cot as well.

Take this, you old hag.

He broke my hip.

What the hell are you?

I curse you,
you will see hell while you are alive.

To hell with you!

God! The bad luck has
surrounded me like a Wi-Fi network.

[Mosquito buzzing]


The cold and mosquitoes out here
are not letting me sleep peacefully.


Mom, what is it?

What is it, mom?


What are you doing here?

I am not able to sleep outside
due to the cold and mosquitoes.

How did you get in?

You don't stay on Mt. Everest.
It was a fairly easy climb.

You are not a sane person.

I know that.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?


What do you want?

I want the bedsheet.


Did you climb up a building for a bedsheet?

How long are you going to behave this way?
Wouldn't you change your behaviour?

I'm not a date in the calendar
that I keep changing every day.

Give me the bedsheet and I shall leave.


Take it.



Shall I ask something else?
Will you give it to me?

Wha...What do you want?


Hey, don't come near. Stay away.

Go away.

It's okay. Don't say no.


Don't come near me.


Listen to me, no. Don't.

He didn't feed me well.
I was hungry.

Did you ask for this?

Yeah. What else did you think?



Bloody fool.

It was right here.
What happened to it?

Oh, God!

She looks tense.

What happened, girl?
You look very tense. What happened?


Shit? I did it in the morning.

Not that. Did you see him?

I haven't seen him since this morning.

I can't find my diamond necklace.


What? He stole your diamond necklace?

I knew it. He looked like
a robber from his face.

You recommended him for this job
without even a basic enquiry or interview.

He might have crossed
the necklace road by now.

What is the ruckus?

Didn't he leave already?

Hey, give my diamond necklace back to me.

Which necklace?
- Don't act.

He is not acting.
He is living the character.

Hello! Had I stolen the necklace

I would have already sold it
and made a fortune for myself.

Why would I be sitting near
the car doing my job?

I don't believe you.
You too don't believe him.

Urgently make a call to 100
and call the police.

They shall take care of him
and send him packing in 108.

What happened?

He stole your daughter's necklace, sir.

And he is being over-smart
when confronted.

What is this?
- What is this ruckus?

Not a ruckus madam.
We have a wolf in the skin of a sheep.

He stole your daughter's necklace, madam.

Which necklace?

The one which Daddy gifted me
on my last birthday.


Yes, exactly.

Oh, baby.

I took it last night to wear it to
my friend's birthday party. It's with me.

Bloody fools.

I think something is burning on the stove.

This is common here,
don't worry about it.

Come, let's go.


When an elderly man dies,

the whole village cries for him
but only the gravedigger laughs.

That is neither his fault
nor his shortcoming.

That is his nature.

Lord Krishna was blamed for
the missing Shamantakamani.

Sita doubted Lord Rama when
he was doing the Ashwamedha yagna.

Even the Gods weren't
spared of illation and dishonour.

I am after all a human being.

How she feels?

Aren't you asleep yet?

Don't you know who is in my room?

Who is there?

A journalist or a terrorist?

Oh! The sadist!

Bro, what happened next?

Oh, shit!

Hey. Get up. I am getting late to college
and my scooty has a flat tire.

Get up.

Don't worry.

Sudha. She slipped in the washroom.

This doesn't look like
an injury due to skidding.

Is it?
- Yes.

Something different injury.

Everything is okay?

Yeah. Everything is fine.

By the way, Lahari. Are you only worried
about your business?

Wouldn't you look after your kids?

Anyways, take a rest for one week.

If you serve them cold drinks,
who would drink tea and coffee?

Nobody would drink tea and coffee,
that's why I am serving cold drinks.

Do your work.
Don't deliver punches.

You don't know about me.
What are you starting at?

I am Srikakulam.
My region is my caste and my strength too.

Not backing down!

If you drink that much,
you are not going to back down anyway.

- Mom.

Baby, are you up? Go, get ready fast.

What is this function about?

Oh, I forgot to tell you.
Do you know Mr. Lingaraju?

He is one of the top
10 business people in India.

His grandson likes you.

Your father also liked their proposal.

We are planning to officiate
the relationship today itself.


Coming, Ravi

Go, get ready fast.

Ma'am, juice.

How is the pain?

It has worsened.

I think it has eased.

I'm not talking about this pain.

- I'm talking about this pain.

I didn't get you.


I don't like this match.

I have a boyfriend.

- Yeah.

Look, dad shouldn't get upset nor the
relatives should dishonour my family...

but this match should not get fixed.
Can you do that?

You have done me a lot of favours.

Do one thing.
Get me the number of that guy.

[Cell phone rings]

- One minute.

I need to talk to you.

I am Shukla's boyfriend.


We have been in a relationship
since five years

and we have a commitment
for the next 100 years as well.

But how can I believe you?

Look up.

She is crying, right?

Yeah. She is crying.

I have one more piece of information.

Even if you get married to her,
we shall continue our relationship.

So, whether you become
the villain in our love story

or a saviour of
our love story is up to you.


If you want to play,
play kabbadi or play football

but don't play with people's lives.

Do you know what would happen
if the truth is found?

How will they know it?

By conducting an enquiry.

That's why I called him from your phone.

This is mine.

Is this one is canceled.
- Next one.

Come on, let's go.

What's wrong with him?

What happened?

He didn't like the girl.

As soon as I saw him, I got the sense
that he is not a worthy person.

Now I must remove
all the decorations as well.

Don't worry. You will get a better
person as your partner.

What did you tell him?

Did you warn him or request him?

A bit of both.

I can't thank you enough for your help.

By the way, I have never
seen you use your phone that often.

I don't believe that
you have a boyfriend.

Who told you that
I don't use my phone?

He is the person I like.

Mr. Rajinikanth?

He is a married man.

He is married...

but you are not, are you?


"Your eyes glitter like Diwali lights."

"Your smile spreads out joy."

"Your voice is like a lullaby."

"They should belong to me."

"You should become one with me."

"They should belong to me."

"You should become one with me."

"You are as pretty as the moonlight."

"The flowers of your friendship
have blossomed love in my heart."

"They should belong to me."

"You should become one with me."

"They should belong to me."

"You should become one with me."


"You made my days colourful, My princess!"

"I shall worship you all my life,
My Beloved!"

"I disappeared in your magic, and
reappeared with your arrival."

"I strive in your thoughts, and
My breath swing high and low with that."

"The sky told me, that a beauty far greater
than its own beauty now belongs to me."

"And showed you to me."

"You are my dream girl."

"You reside in my heart."

"You are my dream girl."

"You reside in my heart."


"I see you for a glimpse in my thoughts.
Oh, pretty lady!"

"But I want you to spend another
hundred years with me."

"You gave wings to your desire in my eyes
with your smile."

"I will call the time
passing-by by your name."

"Our lives are filled with happiness,
we should travel all around the world."

"Our world should
revolve around our love."

"What magic has she done...?"

"What spell has she cast on me...?"

"What magic has she done...?"

"What spell has she cast on me...?"


These are the toppers in our caste.

After filtering out, I liked this match.

If you and your wife
could give your opinions,

we shall finalise it immediately.

[Police siren wails]

SI sir?

What happened?

He is wanted in a murder case.

Baby, what happened to you?
You are looking so dull.

Are you still thinking about that guy?

Not at all. A person who kills another
person isn't worthy of human life.

I hate that guy.

You have no character, no qualification;
how did that girl love you?

Did she lose her senses?
What is this bullshit?

She has the range of flying on the plane

and your standards are so low that

you can only watch
the flights flying in the sky.

She is like the Kohinoor diamond and
you look like the mine where it was found.

How did she love you?

Girls fall for the boys who follow them
or those who have a huge following.

You are a slob who is good for nothing.
How did she even fall for you?

I was asleep. She woke me up
and I kicked her. Thus, she fell down.

Woke up? Kicked? And fell?

Who woke you up? Whom did you hit?
And who fell down?

Tell me something, Slob.
Do girls like someone if they hit them?

Girls value their modesty
more than their lives.


I saved her from being raped
in her college.

Maybe you had the intention of
raping her yourself.

Since I am inebriated,
this seems more convincing.

She has to forget me.

Use your LLB experience
and tell me a solution for that.

What nonsense!
That girl loving you itself is a wonder,

but you rejecting her is a great blunder.

It's amazing.
I can't believe it, you know.

I am wanted for a murder case.

Murder case?

I am bound to be incarcerated someday.

You are truly revealing yourself.
Is this your true self?

I thought you were only characterless
but you are a crazy person too.

She is a good girl, brother.
She even loves the person who hurt her.

If you are contemplating of a girl then one
must take this issue very seriously.

Do one thing,
why don't you leave her house?

I can leave the house but
making her forget me is more important.

Complicated content. Section 143
must be used in reverse in this case.

Wow! You have bought me
to such a romantic place.

I didn't know about this side of yours.

Are you planning to do something?

You are expecting a lot from me.

You have proposed your love to me
but I haven't accepted it yet.

I'm better than you in terms of
both glamour and education,

and I need not speak
about my financial status.

Neither are brilliant
nor are you Bill Gates.

Why wouldn't you accept me?

That is why I wouldn't accept your love.

I might not be as well placed
as you are in society

but I too have a dream girl in my mind.

I have clarity on how she should be.

Tell me what you expect from her.

I'll try to be that way.

You can't tolerate
the smoke of cigarettes.

She should accompany me
while I am having alcohol.

But you are a milk baby,

how can one expect you to drink alcohol?

I love playing poker.
I can't play alone, can I?

And you don't know how to play, do you?

Look, you are more of committed nature,
I'm reckless in behaviour.

We are not at all compatible.
You are quite opposite of my nature.

Earth and sky, fire and water,
me and you are not made for each other.

If I lose my sanity...

Shall I tell you something else,
I can't live a normal life like others,

I like to live differently.

For example, every couple has intercourse
after being married but not me...

I expect it to happen before the marriage.
Do you approve of that?

I thought you are not a good person

but now I realise that
you are unfit to be called a human being.

Who is that?


Hey, get lost.

Do you think smoking is an exclusive art?

I drank half bottle from
Daddy's collection.


I don't know how to play poker.
But I will learn it if you teach me.


What was the last requirement?

First night before the marriage, right?
That's why I came at this time.

I love you, I don't mind serving you
my body as well.

Hey, Slob!

- Hey,

You were a sweet angel,
how did you turn into this witch?

Shut up. You made me transform
into this slutty avatar.

[Thunder crashing]


"My dream-filled eyes and your
mischievous look, let them unite today."

"What did the solitude say?
That there's no light."

"That this light belongs to you
and has invited you."

"The unstable youth is driving me
towards you."

"It pushes me to find solace in you
and calm the fire within."

"The friendship that bound
both hearts together,"

"Now wants to savour
the unification of their bodies."


"This body hasn't seen the light of sun rays
falling over it but today it's on fire."

"The delicate body
which can't tolerate a scratch,"

"today it's on fire and
the breath flows like huge waves."

"Wrap me in your warm hug."

"All heaven is easy on the whirlwind."

"I come here as
a wish granted by Vatsayana."

"When two hearts unite,
every day is a festival."

"My breaths are with your desires."

"The moonlight becomes scorching hot"

"and the night becomes bright
as the sun when you are with me."


"Do these thousand springs belong to me?"

"Is this the privacy that
you wanted for us?"

"Come, oh my dear friend,
Let's do the night out."

"I shall serve my beauty to you."

"Both the lips together,
took a short breath,"

"let the desire rise,
the doors be closed,"

"us standing faced each other,
hugging each other,"

"forgetting the spindles, and tasting
the nectar of youth for the first time."


Didn't I tell you that
he is a Stuartpuram guy.

Look how he has trapped your wealth
and your daughter both.

My problem is not losing
my daughter or my wealth.

It's my prestige!

I thought my son-in-law would be a foreign
return or the son of a rich businessman.

But I got him instead.

Don't worry. Give him a cheque of 10 lakhs
and ask him to get it withdrawn.

You propose that he is a cheat.
What if he runs away with that money?

That's what we want.
And that is his weakness as well.

Hey, Slob. Was that a cigarette?
Tell me, was that a cigarette?

What are you hiding there?

Are you afraid of me?

I'm not afraid. I pity you.

Pity? What did you say?
Why do you pity me?

Am I a disabled person? Or do I look
like a flood or famine-affected person?

Why do you pity me?
What makes you feel pity for me?

Tell me. Tell me. Look at me.

Why did he look at me like
an upcoming Sharath?

Anyways, you had your
stomach full yesterday night, didn't you?

Why didn't you wash your plates?

Due to your laziness
or was it your way of showing attitude?

I can tolerate one's attitude
but I can't tolerate laziness. I can't!

Sin is a disease and
Laziness is misfortune.

This is written in Ayurvedic scripts.

So, you will do better in life
if you avoid laziness. Understood?

Don't grind your teeth!
Don't you grind your teeth in front of me!

If I again find you grinding your teeth
or giving stares to me,

I will smash your skull with this!

[Deflating tires] - Shall I serve
sweet to you or shall I serve hot?

Oh! Why is she flattening the tyre?

Girl! Hey, girl!
What are you doing?

I was checking the air.

That didn't seem like checking,
that was more like leaking it out.

I need to go to college. Wake him up.

Bloody! He didn't wake up yet?

The sun is already up in the sky!
You, sloth!

I shall see your end today.

Only one of us would survive in this
dynasty henceforth and that would be me!

I shall kick him wide awake.

He is sleeping as if he belongs
to the demon Kumbhakarna family!

Hey! Hey, driver.

Oh my God!

Brahma! Brahma? What happened?

What happened?

I think, I peed.

Ew! Get the water cleaned.

Please help me, girl.
Girl? Girl?

Go to the bank and withdraw 10 lakhs.

He has gone with the cheque
but wouldn't return with the cash.

He would definitely spend it.

Once he returns empty-handed,
we should beat him up and throw him out.

Stop, Mr. Slob. Stop. It's me!

My sluggish friend,
please drop me near Sai Baba's temple.

Not for what you think.
I have passed my LLB.

Need to pay my tributes there.

Brother, did my suggestion work for you?

It got reversed on me.

Reversed on you?

You have a mark, brother.

Not on your clothes, a birthmark. Okay.

What happened, brother?

You have money in hand
and a club in front of you.

Won't you try your luck?

You have changed a lot. Good.

Hello, sir.
- Hey, how are you?

I am low on collection, Guruji.

You must have dedication while begging.
Turn this way. Show me a demo.

Sir, madam...
- Louder.

Sir! Madam?
Give me alms.

Sir? Guruji!

Did you see?

Continue like this. Okay?

I'm thankful to you, master.
- Carry on. Go.

Did you see that, brother?

If one begs in front of God,
they are a devotee.

But if one begs on the steps of the temple,
they are called a beggar.

Do you see this?

This is sacred ash inside the temple
but just ordinary ash outside the temple.

Are you wondering,
why am I lecturing you?

To make you realise the difference between
you and that girl's status in society.

The difference between
devotee and beggar,

the difference between
sacred powder and ash;

Take any step while keeping this in mind.
Okay? Think it, my dear boy.

Is it correct, sir?

He brought the entire money back.

Did he?

He didn't take one rupee out of it
nor did he commit any mistake.

Do one thing. This time give him cash
and ask him to deposit.

I shall arrange goons on his way.

They will steal the cash
and we can blame it on him.



He's gone.

[Singing a song, "Nee bullet bandi.."]

Hello, can you drop me to the market.

Okay lets go.

I'll take care about you.

Why were you acting as if to win
an Oscar award?

How can I get an Oscar
when you are there?

Stop your performance.

No, Sir.. sir.. we can't perform
in front of you.

I mean... Are you expecting me
to beg you or am I afraid?

[Brakes squeal]

Sometimes even
the eclipse cover the Sun and

even Lord Shiva stuck
with bad luck sometimes.

Same thing happened to me.

Today your body will bounce back
and become a breaking news.

It become a breaking news.

I am Brahma.

I know everything.
See what is in front of you.

Get ready to get punish.


[Vehicle approaching]

Get the bag.

My body is getting heated up and
I am getting a lot of pimples.

Is it?

Do you want butter milk?

This heat can't go with buttermilk.

I need shake milk.

I didn't get a message that
the money is deposited.

You lost the money or spent it?

It was my mistake to give
a huge sum to you.

I can believe even
an enemy but not you.

Don't be silent, speak.

Counter File, the server is down, so they
said they might be a delay in message.

[Phone chimes]

What are those wounds?
- Nothing, It's just a small accident.

This fellow looks like
the fight master of KGF movie.

Oh God! I have to be careful with him.

I have not seen anything
and don't know anything.

I spoke unnecessarily.

Now if he sees,
I will finish.

What were you blabbering
in top of your voice?

I don't have high pitch
Sir to raise my voice.

You said you are Brahma
who knows everything, right?

Sorry Sir, my mistake.

Ok, what now?
- Whatever you say.

What if I feel hungry?
- Please give order, I will get it.

If I want cigarette?

I thought you quit...
I will get it if you want.

If I want beer?

I will serve you personally.

Looks like you are on right path.

You made me, sir.

Sir, I will get you orange juice.
Please sit here. Please.

Hey, did you send the bullies
or some idiots?

Even 10 people could not drag
money from him.

I am not surprised that he fought 10 people
but how did he change?

He is putting a tender
to attract my daughter.

Do something.

Might he didn't commit any mistakes because
he is in relation with your daughter

But, he will have one black mark
in past definitely.

This is his shirt having his village name
and tailor details.

Game over.

Why did you bring me here?

If someone jumps from there,
then they go to heaven in 2 minutes.

That's why I brought you here.

Hey stop.

Are you mad?

Leave me.

You will know my worth when I die.

What do you want?
- I want you.

If you compare, I am lower to you.

But, you still don't like me.

That's fine.

Hey, mad girl. I have a murder case
on me in my village.

I will be in jail someday.

Oh good, new script to avoid me?

No, this is the truth.

if we get married, you will spend your
time between home and jail.

Already, your father knows this.

He is planning an evil plans
to trample me.

[Police siren wails]

Take him and encounter.

Not required Sir, waste of bullets.

Your honor...

as per law abusing is a mistake, beating
is a blunder and killing is a crime.

I request you to sentence him to death
for the crime he committed.

Objection your honor.

Respected justice.
- Yes, proceed...

Thank you, your honor.

As per law abusing is a mistake,

beating is a blunder
and killing is a crime

but the accused has not killed.

The death of Ajay happened
in an accident.

Your honor, we have witness
saying this is a murder.

Your honor, don't you know that
the witness of close friends

and relatives will not be
considered in court?

Even followers are equal to relative

so we cannot consider them as witness.

Your honor, majority of people
in the village are victims of this accused,

please allow me to prove.

Permission granted.

Namaste Sir.

[Screaming in pain]

You are a teacher who teach how to write,
why is your hand twisted?


I heard about demons only in stories...

But, I saw in real in this person
for the first time Sir.

He has no sympathy that I am a teacher
and he did this to me.

I was very hurt by him.

Even death sentence is
a small punishment for him.

Ok, you may go.

Mr. Justice, did you hear how he made
a teacher who teaches values to students?

Considering his negative attitude,

I request the court to
please punish him befittingly.

Objection your honor.

If you don't mind,
can I ask you a question.

Go ahead.

Which is the country
in the world to follow Hinduism?

Without confusion, it is India.

Your honor, it is Nepal with
80% Hinduism and 20% Buddhism.

Nepal is the largest
Hindu country in the world.

Many of us are unaware of
this fact including our lawyer.

Taking his opinion is also a time waste.

He is stressing that the teacher
was beaten, if you know the reason,

you will know the actual
character of my client.

With your permission,
can I get another witness?


Your honour,
she is a student of the same school.

Dear, why did your brother hit the teacher.
What is the reason?

What Shanthi you are not coming
to school from a week?


Sir, she attained her puberty.

Oh is it, can I know in detail?
Can you show?

Show me.

Sir, this is one incident
that I could share...

there are other incidents that
I cannot share and shared with my brother.


Ok, you may leave.

So your honor...

Now you know my client's character.

Raju didn't murder Ajay also.

There was a fight,
while Ajay was beating Raju,

he accidentally hit the electric pole.

This is the evidence.

This post mortem report says
Ajay consumed alcohol.

From his childhood,
Ajay was jealous of Raju.

The whole world bends it's head to me,
but you never bend your head.

I don't like it.

There is no doubt.

After hearing to the arguments, though
the intentions of accused are right...

he was the reason for
a person's death

and hence under IPC sec 302, 303
accused gets lifetime imprisonment.

I thought Murder story will be boring
but there is a great love story in this.

Whatever it is,
everything is closed now.

Nothing is closed.
The lady waits for her hero forever.

This is 5G generation.
Girls are good at changing boyfriends.

Why will she wait for a person in jail.


No you are wrong. She will wait
for him like Sita in Ashokavanam.

Wake up. It is 6 AM.

We didn't sleep Sir.
- Wake up... Wake up.

Take this Prasadam.


You can wait for a Priest in temple...

But, not God.

God will not come.

"I am reduced to a loner
without your presence."

"Without you in my sight,
my tears overflow my eyes."


"I am reduced to a loner
without your presence."

"Without you in my sight,
my tears overflow my eyes."

'I don't mind serving you
my body as well.'

"This love hurts you more than death."

"Why do people still believe in it?"

"This break-up has set
my heart on fire."

"Who shall douse it?"

[Crow cawing]

Hey Peacock. So nice.


Why so excited?

Don't you like birds?

I like.
- Which one?


- Crow?!

What is there in a crow to like?

What is there in a peacock?

It is our national bird.


And symbol of dance.


Do you know how many
specialities about crow.

You know if one crow dies,
100 others come.

It is a symbol of unity.

Crow doesn't feel jealous
about other birds.

It has self satisfaction for what it is.

There are a lot of idioms
in Telugu on a crow,

a lot of moral stories
have evolved from crow.

There are many good
moral stories about crows.

Even lord Shiva is afraid of
Shani who drives a crow.

Also, we still believe that
our ancestor come back

as crows to take our offerings.

That's the speciality of a crow
and I like it.

I love it.

Bye girls.

He is seeing positivity in a negativity.


What is there in him that
you cannot forget?

I'm vexed with these exams.


No use even after studying so much.
If we get 100 marks also there is no use.

Columbus discovered America.

Graham Bell invented phone.

Edison invented bulb

and Wright Brothers invented flight.

All are men.

Did a lady invent anything?


A man did covered everything
in this world

but it is a woman
who gave birth to a man.

A mother.

This guy is interesting.

"What is the point of
this life without you?"

"This birth was for you
but the next birth will be for us."

"I am reduced to a loner
without your presence."

Biryani from restaurant.
Sorry.. I only cooked... Just.

Brahma do you go to astrologer?

He asked me to change
my name for growth in life.

He gave you two options
One is Prabhas.

So Prabhas has Boss (Bhas) in his name.

You want to be a boss?

No Sir, nothing like that...
you are my boss always.

I need to be happily married.

You managed well.
What is the second option?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

If put name as Pawan
can you be Power star?


What is in a name? You are mad.

How can you say that madam?

What is in a name?

Can I say a small story as
an example to you?

Once upon a time,
Dhirubhai Ambani, a rich person...

shared his wealth equally to two sons.

One fellow lost everything.

The other is ruling the country.

You know the person's name?


Mukesh and cash in his name.

Anil has nil in name
so he became nil and dull.

This guy is funny but told us the truth.

Thank you sir.

[Vehicle approaching]

He is your leader after me,
your next generation leader.

Narayana family is the main reason
for this meeting.

From the times of our ancestor,
we have been serving all.

No one suffered because of us.

I know how it will be to lose a son.

No other family should lose
because of us.

So I decided to...

take back case on Narayana's son
and release him...

I need your help for this.

[Door creaks]

Enough, let's go home.

You go.

I have a place to go to.

Sir, he is here.

Why did you come?

Don't you know?

For our daughter?

She is tired of liking a criminal.
She went to US.

She said she will settle there.

If you come back here,
you will go back to jail.

Get lost.

Madam did not go anywhere...

she is crying for you.

These people are forcefully getting her
married next week.

I don't know where she is...

But you have to save her somehow.

[Cell phone rings]

Yes, tell me.

He came out of the jail.


Take any serious decision.

If he will come at ceremony,
then everything will be ruined.

Don't worry, this time
they will delete his profile pic too.


Hey, are you crazy?
If you do, then You may die.

I don't have other option to save her.

Where are you?

That I am...

Hey... Hello, hello.
- Who is that?

Hey. Hello.

Do you in shock by seeing me here?

I have been in search of you
since your elope,

to kill you wherever I found you..

Exactly, I reached you,
the police has arrested you.

I thought to do your encounter.

Kill that bloody bastard.

No need sir, waste of bullets.

Exactly the judge
has sentenced to death.

Objection your honor.

His arguments changed
complete judgement.

You killed my son
and this hanging is not enough.

I know, even if we go to every court,
he won't be hanged.

That's why, I became God
in village's mind by releasing you.

No I will become demon after killing you.

Hey, boss.

I caught him. Beat him.
- Remove it.

[Brakes squeal]

What is this?
He fell down by single hit, come on.

Hey, if anything happens to him,
then we will be in trouble.

Catch him. Let's go to the hospital.

[Ambulance siren wails]

You are so fortunate,
they came to kill you, but they saved you.

We have only one weapon,
that is brahmastra.

I don't have any other option to save her.

As you said,
I filed an attempt to murder case on her.

You just sign it.
I will handle everything. Okay?

Damn it.
My daughter tried to kill him?

She did on failure of her love proposal.

The complaint and case has filed.

One day after tomorrow,
she should appear in the court.

Her wedding is in days.

If she failed, then she will become
a criminal, not a bride.

What happened? Huh...

What is this?

Are you playing in court?

Sorry sir. I filed a case on her with love,
not in anger.

We like each other, as elders do,
her parents also didn't accepted,

they fixed her marriage forcefully.
So, I did this sir.

What is this? Is his words are true?
- Hmm, it's true sir.

Hay, she is so young, still minor.

Then how could you do minor's marriage?
Don't you know this?

Your honour! She is major.


I am Sanju from USA.
She is going to marry me.

He gave me this document
for Visa paperwork.

That birth date is clear in this documents.
Please check your honour.

Are you here for justice?
What your expecting?

I don't want to live sir.
But, I love to live with her sir.

Do you wanna marry her?

Only one daughter, crores property.
He trapped my daughter sir.

Imagine yourself in fathers position
and think about it sir.

Look, court believes in evidences.

Though she is rich, she loves you,

there is a sincerity in her love.
What about your love?

We will get oxygen from medicinal
and non medicinal plants.

Love is also same sir.

The love doesn't show differences
in rich and poor.


It's not about one and two times,
I poked myself six times for her.

This shows that how much I love her.

- Great, my friend.

Superb. Wonderful.

You're the first lovers in the Law's
history who came here for justice.

As both are majors,
the court saw sincerity in their love.

The court ordered Police department to
take care of expenses from Government funds

and to witness their wedding on
their favourite place.


Sir... I like this place sir.
Make it here and now.

Marriages can't be done in the court.

This is the place for justice sir.
There is no purest place rather than this.

What? Respect court orders.
I want to give Grand wedding party.

Grand wedding! We all know what
you will do after going out of this court.

But, Your honour,
he has so influence in the society.

He can do anything to stop this marriage.

A small request,
let them marry here in your review sir.

This will be a great day in their lives.

It's impossible to do now.

Your honour, everything is ready sir.
You just grant us permission, is it okay?

Alright. Claps, claps. Sir agreed.
Bring it here, bring it... Congratulations.

[Chuckle sounds] How it is?

Super song. Dance is not good.
Try another one.

Shit, damn it,
you are saying same thing from hour.

If song is good,
then you not okay with dance,

If dance is okay,
then you have a problem with song.

Then what would you like?
Song will be song. It's so irritating.

Hmm, uh. How it's looking?

Something is looking different.

I decreased my belly fat.

What decreased? It's like a sack of rice.

I am saying about something
is missing in dance.

There is no heroine, how can I do?

Do you wanna heroine?
- Yeah..

Really? You just do dance,
she will come and join you.

Ah, super bro. What a energy! It's...

Hmm, you worked hard.

My legs are paining, come and press it.

I worked hard. I put my effort in dance
and his legs are paining. Oh God!


Okay, ready.

[Humming a song]

Hey, press it.

A faithless dog.


What happened? Why are you laughing?

Sir said that you're a faithless dog..

If he said dog to me, then what
he will say about you by observing you?

Hey, are you pressing or hitting?

Look, if you say like this,
then I will go to my village.

Summer, rainy, winter,
in the same way, you will also change.

Hmm, if you blackmail me,
then I will inform to madam.

Wow, madam, she is working under me.
How could she help you?

It's time to college. Take the car.


Bring. Go and wash the tyres,
move the steering.

Shit, position has changed,
but post is same.

Come soon.

Yeah, coming.

Where is your neck chain?

I am going to college, so, I didn't.

Huh, In this world, neck chain
has importance after mother.

Close your... wear it.

What I have to close?

Huh, hmm, door.


I am so tired.

If you do night outs at night,
then you will get sleep in morning.

Getting body pains.

Hey, don't you have pain?

You worked hard, I felt amuse.
Why should I have?

[Brakes squeal]

Whatever may happens,
you should not step out.


I am sorry. We can kill a person,
but we can't kill his virtues.

If you open your mouth, then my respect,
fame will be ruined.

I thought to kill you,
but you saved me. You are so great.

A good person never do mistakes.
I brought up my son in a wrong way.

Everything will goes correct
with right people.

That's why your life is so good.

Be happy.

I felt scared.

What do you think that I felt cool!
Come on.

Roll. Camera. Action!

"Your eyes glitter like Diwali lights."

"Your smile spreads out joy."

"Your voice is like a lullaby."

"They should belong to me."

"You should become one with me."

"They should belong to me."

"You should become one with me."

"You are as pretty as the moonlight."

"The flowers of your friendship
have blossomed love in my heart."

"They should belong to me."

"You should become one with me."

"They should belong to me."

"You should become one with me."

Pack up!