Ga joi Heung Gong (1983) - full transcript

Alan Wong (Andy Lau) is a Hong Kong youth who is bent to climb up the social ladder. With the help of a foreign businessman's mistress and mixed ethnicity woman Erica (Carroll Gordon), he joins a real estate company and he knows how to grasp on to opportunities and gets into high position. Later he meets Cheung Ting Ting (Chu Hoi Ling), a Mainland Chinese girl who illegally came to Hong Kong and sees her pities her and also falls in love in her. When real estate falls into low tide, many foreign businessmen leaves Hong Kong while Alan and Erica refuses to immigrate overseas. Out of jealousy, Erica informs the police that Ting is an illegally immigrant and she suicides forever. Alan and Ting disguise as Vietnamese refugees to escape however Ting refuses to do this. Uncle Fu (Ku Feng), a watchman who always wished to die in his ancestry home loses his life while helping Ting escape. Another youth, Lee Kin Fai's (Newton Lai) girlfriend, due to her family's eagerness to immigrate, was married to a cabaret manager who helps her family to Hong Kong. Fai loses his self-esteem and loses sanity after being injured in a boxing match. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Academic background is unim portant!

Experience is unim portant!

The most important thing
is to catch every chance

I was as stupid as you one year ago

But I took the chance to join Bimax Co.

And I i nvested a
few thousand dol lars in this Co.

Now I earn over $40 ,000 a month

If you want to foIIow me

Join this company

Please, no!

You are aII wet now, go take a shower!

O . K. !

Come on , go!

H ung , where is my mother?

She's gone to a mahjong game.
She asked us to eat alone

Wel l , she is
very considerate, knowi ng

that you are com i ng to-day

AIan , how is your busi ness?

I don't know what kind of cosmetics there are

But j ust no one bothers to buy it

It's always so difficuIt to start a career!

M r. Wong is back! How's your busi ness?

WeII , I've nearIy forgotten

Your cosmetics are just fine

Here is your $600!

Have you got any more stock?

Someone wants to buy my cosmetics?

Don't cheat me!

Why do I faiI every time?

Alan , your fate wiII change

Why don't find yourseIf another job?

Come on , try again !

J ust fits you , same stupid !

Would you buy it?

No more! Anything to get rid of fats

And to keep the shi n healthy?

The lotion

The face mask!

You . . .

So you were salesmen before!


I feel angry when I thi nk of it!

I lost a few thousand dol lars after trai ning

About this series of products

We used to seII them a year ago!

Do you know such ki nd of promotion?


Good morning !

I'm the sales manager
of Bimax Co. !

I would Iike to i ntroduce you our new products

They are free of charge!

And prizes and money award too!

Money award !

Take it, take them aII !

PIease take them , I beg you !

This. . .this oi ntment. . .

It's most suitable for you , try it!

You don't bel ieve me! I . . .

Let me show you !

Am I right? Please take them aII !

This lotion costs $200!

How much is this one?

$300. . .

This one $300 too!

Japanese briefcase!


A suit!

$ 1 50!

A pai r of shoes!

$79. 9!

A watch , $30!

A man !

Tel l me, how m uch?

Come out, your cIothes are stiII wet

Try that one on the sofa!


HeIIo, is David there?

H i , Erica!

You sti l l need man in your Sales Department?

One of my friends is Iooki ng for a job!


J ust over 20 , very smart

He's a good guy!

What's your name?

Wong Wai-l un !

He's Wong Wai-Iun !

He's a capable person !

I 'l l bri ng him to meet you !

Anders Co. got a job suitabIe to you !

''Hong Kong , a beautifuI strange island''

''You can't find another island Iike Hong Kong''

''FuII of contradictions''

'' It's tidy of one side but a mess of the other''

''Rol ls Royce and m i nibuses!''

''Try to make money and seek your ideaI''

''Be real istic and work hard''

''FuII of harsh on one side
and gay on the other''

''Big spender's paradise''

'' It's tidy at one side but a mess at the other''

''No one wants to Iazy''

''Today you wi l l
whoIeheartedly praise Hong Kong''

''Tomorrow you wiII
prophesize Hong Kong fi nished''

Ah-hung sings so wel l !

So there's always chances in Hong Kong

Ah-hung was a factory worker!

She practised si ngi ng at night

And now, she succeeded !

You'l l be the top boxer of Hong Kong

Maybe you'II be the best among us!

You used to be oppressed by others

And now you dressed so smart and drived a car

You'l l be a big boss sooner or Iater!

Big boss? That's not easy!

Wishi ng you have a good future!

Let's drink to our future!


''Hong Kong is a pretty but strange isIand''

''You can't find another island Iike Hong Kong''

'' It's fuII of contradiction''

M iss, please come over here!

-Please sit!
-Please sit!

What ki nd of fIat do you want?

-I don't know whether it's A or B!

What ki nd of fIat do you want?

These 4 and these 3 , I'II take them al l !

Sir, I am sorry

The offer is speciaI price and
one person Iim its to have one

FIat A isn't good ,
and Which one is better?

You heIp me to choose one.

-Yes, B is good

M r, these 3 and that 4 I give you order ok?

Good !

This wi l l be the largest estate in Hong Kong

Work hard , your time wi l l come!

Please teII me if I do anything wrong

Your customer yesterday asked me
to give you this money!

M r. Li , you've taught me a lot of things!

And I haven't repaid you

PIease take the money to
but somethi ng for your chi ld

Please don't!

You and ERI CA are good friends

J ust ordi nary friends!

That's fi ne, we'l l work together

And maybe you'II take care of me

What's happened to you?

come and hel p!

H urry!

Coming . . . !

What's happened?

Let me have a Iook!

Give him a hand !

Don't be afraid !

Be careful , sit down !

Come on , hel p him to take off his shoes!

Don't be so crueI , don't be afraid . . . !

It'II be al right. . . !

Don't move. . .don't move, wiII you?


Be careful !

Shut up and stand aside!

You feel better now? Relaxed?

It's al right!

You have to take a X-ray!

Don't move him !

Take a rest!

I 'l l aIright now, you can Ieave me!

Are you sure?


I 'l l give you a ri ng to-night!

I hate those who despise Chi nese medici ne

Don't provoke him , he's my supervisor!

I don't care who he is

I just receive what I have paid out!

Dri nk it. . . it's good for you , dri nk!

Wel l , feel i ng better!


Not at al l , you're hurt!

Don't eat anythi ng sour or hot

And don't have sex within 1 00 days!

I'm serious!

H urry up!

Take it easy!


Ah-fei . . . !

What's it?

The concrete has arrived !

No, the steel is not just finished

Forget about the steel ,
the weather is bad recently

And the com pany is worryi ng

We'II be accused if we are Iate

Off now, that's aII for to-day!

Pack up the tools, go. . . !

Pack up the tools, wash your hands!

That's against the Iaw

You don't understand the Iaw

Ta-fei . . . is the concrete ready? Pul l it up!

M r. Chan , please think about it!

The house can only Iast for 1 0 years!

Ah-fei , we're i n the booming years

This house wiII be rebuiIt
in less than 1 0 years

Go and have fun with your girlfriend . . . !

Beat him . . . beat him . . . !

Left bIow brother!

Fight. . . !

Good . . . !

Take me a chair!

Sit down !


Brother, you must keep caIm !

Have confidence, you'II wi n this match !

Be clam , don't be nervous!

Kick his head !

Good . . . !

Keep calm ! He's faIIing !

Good . . . !

Take a picture together!

Come on . . . !


I 've toId you that you'l l win !

You want to be a professional boxer?

You're a singer and I 'm just a site worker!

You'l l get rid of me if I fai led

I'II return to work to-morrow then !

Are you angry?

I n fact, I don't want to deaI with
those sharks

I took part i n about
half of the buiIdi ng bui lt!

H . K. wi l l col lapse if they don't use
the correct materiaI

You do feeI for Hong Kong?

J ust Iike my feeIing for you !

You reaIIy don't want me to fight?

I afraid that you'l l be beaten and
be crazy afterward !

Wi l l I ?

No one wiII make me crazy except you

You're crazy now!

Good-bye! Good-bye. . . !

-Let's pIay mahjong to-night.
-Good !



AIan , your phonecal l !



What's it?

I can !

What can I do for you?

I 've been waiti ng for you !

What drinks do you want?

No, thanks!

Maria, what drinks do you want?

No, thanks!

H i , Erica!


You naughty fel low!

I 've been eaten so much but
I stiII receive no response!

You're too dum b!

I don't worry about the 1 997 issue

I'm an i nternational man !

I can go anywhere I want to


Tokyo, Paris, Rome
Amsterdam , London

It's al l the same to me

Cheers for your around the world !


Open the cabi n !

I IIegal imm igrant, don't go. . .chase. . . !

Over there. . .don't run !

You can go!

AIan , how come you're here?

For you !

Take it easy!

Has anyone come to see this house?

So you don't come to see me, give you back!

You aIso wish that
I wiII seII the house, right?

I 'l l cal l you if the house is soId

You shouId know no one wi l l buy a house now

Is it nice?


How about me?

AIan , your car is too di rty!
Let me cIean it


I 'l l do it, let's dri nk!

What can I do for you in return

You troubIesome guy!

Who's it?

Don't go! Don't go!

Don't go!

Don't go! Don't go!

Don't go!

Don't go! Don't go!

Where are you?

AIan , give me a hand !

Let's caII the poIice!

She can't run

Let's save her fi rst, hurry!

We have to keep her here

Do you know this is offence?

I 'm responsi bIe for it, aIright?

We can keep her but
she can't Ieave this house

It's just Iike stayi ng i n jai l !

That's why we've to give her
something to dri nk

And something to eat!

Come on , have some food !

No! I have to leave now!

Leave? You'II be caught!

Maybe we'l l stay outside to-night

You stay here to-night, al right?

Alan , go!


AIan , it seems you don't l i ke these imm igrants

Hong Kong is ours, why do they come!

Hong Kong is yours?

Think about it

Hong Kong's success is our achievement

And now they come to share our success

Then you mean they don't have to work?

Some wi l l , but others go to rob

You can read this from the newspaper!

I don't care, pIease do me a favour

What's it?

But her a clothe and other necessities


I 'l l pay, Hong Kong man !

What do you mean?

Leave without saying a word !

And Ieave me here alone

You make me lose my face

You thi nk you are great now!

I phoned you but you just don't answer!

Who do you think you are?

I 'm just Iike a dog !

Shut up!

I hate myself, am I reaIIy great?

But many peopIe here are just Iike me

Wasting their time. . . !

Waiting for the day of closi ng down !

Come to my place to-night!

I don't want to be a dog agai n

I want to be myself


U ncle Fu , what are you doi ng?

Don't you know something big has happened?

They Japanese changed the history

They changed the words from invade Chi na
to enter Chi na

How can you ignore the happenings to
our country?

I nvade? Enter?

That's nothing big !

It's aIright as long as
they don't enter again !

Take one and look, Hong Kong man !

We'II not buy Japanese products these 2 days

So don't let me see you use Japanese goods

You used to eat Japanese i nstant noodles

Why don't you throw them aII out!

You bought them al l for me!

What do you want?

I want to ask the same question too

I'm j ust afraid that others wi l l see me!

No one can see you !

I have bought you something

Ski rt!

and shi rt, try them

Towel , tooth brush and paste!

Napki ns!

What's this?

It's for the menstruaI cycle,
ain't I considerate?

Fi lthy!

Where are you going?

I'm leaving !


Look at you , you'II be caught

Get changed and you can go!

Sir, over there!

Is this the right place?


What do you want?

What's it?

Let me go. . . ! What's happened?

You treat the fi remen as poIicemen ,
you're crazy!

They are just doing the routi ne checking

To check the fi re exits

AIan , you should have told her!

She won't l isten to me!

She behaves l i ke mad when seei ng others

She doesn't know!

Alan , be a great man

It's j ust a smal l bite!

I don't know why I Iet you have your way!

Bad Iuck!

Don't misunderstand him ,
Iook what he has bought you !

He won't i nform the pol ice!

But don't worry! He'II be al right!

Hong Kong has a beautiful night scenery

So sorry, I was too rash !

How is your hand?

I know I've given you a Iot of troubIes

I'II Ieave soon , I got an uncle here
in Hong Kong

This is his address!

It's aIright, you can stay as Iong as
you wish

I thi nk it's better to stay with my uncle

No one wiII search his place

It's useless even if he's your father

Can't he guarantee me?

It's stiII nice to meet him !

Where do you come from?

River Am ur!

200 Km from USSR

A few thousand Km from Hong Kong

So far away?

Where is your famiIy?

Mother died when I was 6!

My father is painter

Died in the CulturaI RevoIution !

So you're an orphan too!

You are an orphan?

My parents Ieft me when I was born !

I grew up in an orphanage

You're Iucky that you know
who're your parents

Do you feeI coId?

I got used to it i n the North

Do you thi nk the USSR wiII accept you?

They wi l l , I think

But I want to stay in Chi na's Iand !

My father told me that if
you leave your country

You're l i ke a Ieaf fIoating on the river

Wait for me, I'II go inside

Who. . .who are you Iooki ng for?

Do you have a niece caIIed Cheung Ti n-ti n?

Cheung Ti n-ti n?

She has come!

U ncIe!

You . . . ?

Cousin , I 'm Ah-ti n !

Why didn't you write me a Ietter fi rst?

You m ust know this wiII give me troubles

Who has come?

Ah-ti n !

My cousin's daughter, you sti l l remember her?

She comes from the mai nIand !

You're Ah-chin's daughter? So tal l now!

I 'm your aunt!


Come in fi rst!

This is. . .

He's a good person , he takes me here!

PIease come in !

No, thanks, I have to go now!

I'II come to visit you agai n , good-bye!

Come in . . . !

I 'l l be right back!

Go. . . !

Go. . . !

Stop, come to meet your cousi n !

-He behaves Iike this when meeti ng new comers
-Yes. . . !

Afraid . . . !

Ah-cheung , no,
this is your cousi n ! Don't be afraid !

No, be nice

Your cousi n has something wrong here!

This wi l l happen periodicaIIy

Don't be afraid , nice chi ld !

He's over 30 and sti l l unmarried

We're to go to work i n the daytime!

Don't worry, I'II take care of him

Your cousin has come, are you happy?

Cousin !

Cousin !

Cousin !

Cousin !

H urry, it's scalding !


Let me try!

What are you doing?

Don't just eat, come and hel p!

You're nice, you'l l have a Iarger share

The food is com i ng !

Are you al right?

Certai nIy!

-Real ly not bad !
-Certai nIy!

I teach him !

Yes. . .you better. . . !

-The soup is com i ng . . . !
-Be carefuI !

Wah , heIp your father out to di nner!

I'II go!

U ncle, the meal is ready!

Take it easy!

The news report. First it is the locaI news

The British Prime M inister M rs.
Thatcher has arrived Hong Kong this afternoon

This is our station Iocation report

M rs. Thatcher, accompanied by
Hong Kong Governor Sire Yould ,

made a speech to our Press

i n the LegisIative CounciI

She em phasized that
her i ntention in this visit

is to show to the Hong Kong peopIe

the determination of Britain to take up,
responsibi l ity now and in future

This determination is very fi rm

untiI now, M rs. Thatcher said ,

everythi ng is going on smoothly

The British Prime M inister M rs,
i n the LegisIative CounciI

The questions evolved around

on the 1 997 probIem . On this.

Whether any sol id agreement has been arrived

OnIy the rich peopIe worry about this

It makes no difference to
ordi nary people Iike us

I am not afraid !

Health is the most im portant thi ng

You can't so anythi ng without heaIth

I 'l l teach you how to be healthy

Exercise to be strong

Let's eat!

Aunt, are you joking? You want imm igration?

We've such thinking a long time ago

When they are young , they wi l l be
easy to adapt

Ah-hung is my eIder daughter and
you're so nice

That's why I want to discuss with you

I 'l l do anythi ng for you , but. . .

I know this request is too m uch

Hel p us if you can

You have a funny famiIy

Why do you want immigration?

You know we are I ndonesian Chi nese

We went to Chi na i n 1 963
when they repeIIed the Chinese

And we went to H . K. i n 1 973 after
the CulturaI RevoIution

And now it's 1 933

So your fam i ly changes your home
every 1 0 years

What's so good about other countries,
I won't go!

I got no idea!

PIease forget about it

Situation may change for the better


Calm down !

We'l l keep you informed , you may Ieave!

Ah-ming , what's it?

It's bad , our com pany shorts Iiquidity

And is goi ng to wi nd up

what shaII we do now?

How about my fam i ly?

Calm down ,

-don't shout
-It's such a large company.


what shaII we do now?

I don't know, we got no wages!

Listen to me, calm down !

Seek heIp from the Labour Department

See what rights you have got

Fi nd a representative among yourseIf

Who'l l be our representative?

Ah-an !

Yes. . . !

Brothers, we must co-operate!

Certai nIy!

Ah-pi u , Ah-sing , Ah-hung ,
Iet's go to the Labour's Dept!

You want to go?
I want you to be our representative

I've somethi ng eIse to do!

I've heard a Iot of big tal ks,
but now I wanna cal l some actions

Now gentIemen , Iet me warn you

if our saIes keep droppi ng down

We're goi ng to have troubIe

We can do nothi ng about the present situation

I 've got something more positive,
to suit the market

We've to analyze the psychoIogy
of the peopIe we are deal i ng with

PeopIe become so confused and i nsecure

that large part of thei r money
goes out of Hong Kong

Why don't we have them a bit

We aII know we've got a lot of reaI estates
in Lati n America

You are taIki ng about
immigration or reaI estate?

You may caII it.
I mmigration through buying Iand

or buying Iand i n order to immigrate

I know a com pany has a very good relation with
some Governments i n Latin America

So, our sIogan is

''One for aII and aII for one''

Payment, l ives, immigration ,
passport and permanent residence,

depends on us

We can heIp them to fi nd lands i n Latin America

and offer them the security
of another country and the Iarge chooses

of the econom ic investment possi biIities

A Iarge amount of capitaI is looking for
i nvestment outside Hong Kong

wi l l come to our pocket

I have to admit it's a briIIiant idea

I am pleasurabIy announcing that

The Department of I mm igration and
ReaI Estate I nvestment is now on effects

and M r. AIan Wong is in charge


Thanks. . . !

Congratulations! Thanks. . . !

Congratulations! Thanks. . . !

It's you?

Am I not welcomed?

PIease treat yourself at home!

What a nice place!

You shouId have i nvited me here

I saw there is l ight so I come up

You are so nice as to stay home

Have you noticed any difference about me?

No, j ust as pretty as usual

You stiII remem ber this dress

I wore this dress the fi rst time I met you

At that time. . .

We were both depressed

You because of your job and me, l ive affai r

You've succeeded but I look the same

Thank you for givi ng me the chance

Anderson has prom ised to
divorce and marry me

But it's a l ie

He cheated many women in this way

I was just one of them

I n fact, I got used to it

No one in this worId treat me nice

Classmates treated me as a monster
when I was young !

When I grown up, foreigners treat me as Chinese

Chi nese treat me as foreigner

When a man wants to approach me

Because I 'm a Eurasian

They feel that I 'm special !

But you don't have to bother what they thi nk

The most im portant is what you think

Go with me to another place, Alan

I want you !

Because of her that turns you so calm

She's different from us

She's another kind of person

Ah-ti n . We keep you here for your good

We won't hurt you

Yes, our relationship should be more close

Marry to Ah-cheung , you're so nice to him !

Yes, be our daughter-i n-law

Yes, you're an iIIegal imm igrant

You can't go eIsewhere

I can take care of him but I can't marry him !

Ah-tim , Iisten to us!

Catch her. . . !

Tie her up!

Ah-cheung , nice chiId , mother Ioves you !

Ah-cheung , you're told me you wouId l i ke
to have a wife!

That's it!

Ah-cheung , you are a man now

A man !

Go to sleep!

N ice chi ld !

Don't be afraid !

To have chiIdren !

Don't taIk so much , worship our ancestor!

Worshi p our ancestor!

Wife. . . !

Why don't you answer me?

You aren't good peopIe!

I 'm good and they're al l bad !

On the screen al l nice gi rIs are to be cheated

Wait for me. . . !

What's it? I 'm Ieavi ng !

Take these eggs back, you can have chicks then

Chicks wiII give more eggs.
Then eggs wiII become chicks

You wiII have a farm then

And no one can oppress you

Dam n it, I'II ki l l him if this happens in
the oIden times

Oppress a gi rI when she's in danger

Damn it, it's just Iike bandits

God , you are bl i nd

How can you torture such a nice gi rI

You have had enough torture to our generation

Torture me then if you haven't had enough

Our houses are destroyed by m i l itarism ,
Si no-Japanese War

We're to wander outside our houseland !

O Gods, why don't you stop torturing us?

Can this worId accept one more girl

When can the Chinese

enjoy peace and freedom !

U ncle Fu , may be we should
fi nd her a I . D. card !

You know how?

I know a person

What better idea have you got?

Yes, disguised a Vietnam refugee!

It's risky but the chance of
getti ng imm igration is high

How m uch?

Over $ 1 0,000

But it's faster!
More and more people are usi ng this channel !

I'II thi nk about it

M iss, you are free now!

Hong Kong is a strange pIace!


It seems we've forgotten something
after each meal

What's it?

Do we need food coupons?

Hong Kong does not need this!

Hong Kong is too free

Everybody can do what they Iike!

Or Hong Kong wi l l not be so prosperous!

When father was arrested and
I was sent to River Am ur

Father toId me that I must be
brave to speak the truth

But it's always so pai nful to speak
the truth

And father died because of this

You and U ncle Fu treat me so nice

I don't know how to thank you !

''You're my beIoved country''

'' I grow up under your protection''

'' I was fi l led with dreams
but now I feeI sad''

''It's al l affected by you''

''I 've given up everythi ng''

''You make me face reaIity''

''The Victoria Park and the tunnel''

''Repulse Bay and StanIey''

I'II be Ieavi ng Hong Kong very soon

This is my last show

Thanks for you support these years!

I hope we can meet agai n

'' I was fi l led with dreams
but now I feeI sad''

''It's al l affected by you''

''I have given up everythi ng''

''I hope you'II remain as you are''

''A bridge between East and West''

''Hong Kong's freedom wiII never. . .''


Ah-hung !

Sorry for keep you waiting !

I got a news for you !

-Let's go i nside!

Come i n !

What's it?

Look, if I got the open boxi ng cham pion

I can go to AustraIia to coach

Which means we can imm igrate to Austral ia

Don't just consider others,
plan for yourself

Your boxing years won't Iast Iong

You're too fool ish ,
your affai r is my concern

How can I ignore it!

Can you go now? Let's Ieave together

Boss is i nvited us to meal !

Then I 'l l not wait for you

Excuse me. I've to practise

My chance to wi n is great. Good-bye!


AIan , you've come. You want to fight with me?

Let's go to have a cup of tea

What's it?

H ung wants me to teII you they are
going to the States

She is marrying her boss!

Be carefuI ! Be careful . . . !

Have you got aII the beIongi ngs?


What are you afraid of. . . ?

''Ta-I , Ion-don-piu . . .''

''Ta-I-pi u , ta-I-piu . . . !''

''My l ife is so harsh !''

''I can't find a good husband''

''But other women have''

''My husband onIy know how to pIay drum''

''PIay drums!''

''Lon-don . . . !''

''Ta-pi u . . .ta-pi u , ta-pi u , ta-pi u !''

''You useIess guy, Iook at me''

So happy!

When Alan comes

Let's play before him agai n !

-Get out, take a Iook over there!

It's bad , go!

Open the door. . . !

M r. . . pIease open the door!

Please open the door!

Please open the door!

Open the door!


Someone reported that there's an
i l legaI immigrant

They have cheated you

Open the door!

I'II get the key, where is the key?

it's bad , wait, I 'l l fi nd it!

He's pIaying a trick!

Where is it?

Don't go. . . !

You want to Ieave?

Let me go!

M r. !

He's fai nted , what shaII we do now?

I'II watch him , you'l l go up!

Heart attack can easi ly get one's Iife

Why did uncle Fu do this?

Why did he accept an iIIegal imm igrant?

Why do you do this?

I can heIp you . She'l l bri ng trouble to you !

Are you crazy, you must thi nk!

Do you know how long have
I've been Iooki ng for you?

You asked for it!

J ust you two?


Do you know our price?

This is $ 30 ,000!

Let me teII you cIearly

Our pIan is to teach you

What a Vietnam refugee shouId know

And a boat wiII take you out

Certainly if you have l uck

You'l l be saved by foreign shi ps

Or you'l l be taken
to the closed camp by Hong Kong

You won't be sent to China , right?

The worst is
you'l l meet typhoons or bandits

Certai nIy every chance is equal

Thi nk about it and then answer me

We have aIready made up our m i nd

Chan Kwok-chuen Street!

Chan Wong-kwan

Yuen Chi-fong Street!

H ung Pong Road !

The Anders I nvestment Co.

cIosed down suddenIy to-day

The employees discovered this when
they come to work

The situation is in a mess

Later on , they went for heIp at Iabours Dept.

The owner of the Co. was told havi ng left
Hong Kong

This ends our news for to-day!

Ah-fei !

I would have heIped you if I can

I'm leaving Hong Kong 2 days later

This is the deed , seII the house for me

If you need money, just spend it

Go, don't brother about me, go!

Go, each one of you !

Beat him !

Ah-fei , harder!

1 , 2 , 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8, 9 , 1 0!

Winner is Ah-fei !

Whether Ah-fei wiII wi n the next match !

is judged by you !

Go away. . . !

Ah-fei , look, $30,000 ,
how about the next match?

Al right, stake one me aII !

Beat him . . . !

Ah-fei wi ns again !

Ah-fei , we have got more than $70 ,000!

We'II make a fortune if we wi n $ 1 50 ,000!

And we'II have $70,000 each !

AIright, stake!

Good , I'II go!

Ah fei , I know you hate me

But for my fam i ly, I have no choice

When I was i n the U . S. ,
I couIdn't forget you and H . K.

Now, aII my famiIy is in the U .S.

I have aIready fuIfiIIed my duty

So I decided to return to you

I don't care about the future

I'm wiIIing to stay with you

Because my Iove is here

I wish I can meet you in Hong Kong

Ah-H ung , you reaIIy want to see him?

He has Iost his feeIings after a shock
at the brain

But I have feeIings

We want to see Li Ki n-fei

Which one?

Bri ng them to room 4A

FoIIow me!

Wake up!

Let me heIp you !

Thank you !

Why is he hurt so seriously?

Our boat was swaIIowed by the wave

onIy we two were left behi nd ,
& then I fainted

When he tried to rescue me,
he was hurt Iike that

WiII you escape this time?

We can't stay here!

He is in trouble. He had kiIIed a pol iceman

Get up. . .come down for a good news

A. U . S. fIeet is passi ng Hong Kong to-morrow

We'l l start to-morrow, maybe we can meet them

Good . . . !

Pack up and get ready

Don't miss this chance!

Good . . .we can go now. . .
go and pack up!

Ah-ti n !

You heard about the good news

We'l l leave for the U .S. to-morrow

I n fact, I can go aIone!

And you can find me afterwards!
It's too dangerous

That's why I won't let you go aIone

We may never meet agai n !

After this, we wiII be
abIe to Iive our own way

Si nce you are here

U ncIe Fu is happy!

I have never seen this before

He treated you as a Iost reIative of his

If U ncIe Fu is here,
wiII he agree to our leaving?

U ncle Fu Ieft his homeland when he was young

Is there anything worth his remem brance?

I thi nk U ncIe Fu wouId l i ke to buried here

Because that piece of land opposite

The river and the hiII are aII he's dreaming of

Chi ld , this picture is al l I 've left for you

PIease work yourseIf up and fight for freedom

Ah-ti n !

Ah-ti n !

Ah-ti n !

Get ready on board , hurry!

Come out!

Ah-tin . . . !

What's it?

Ah-ti n !

Ah-ti n !

What do you want? Crazy!

Come out!

Sit over there. . . !

Be carefuI ! HoId on


Sit over there. . . !

It's you?

Have you seen Ah-tin?

She's supposed with you?

Ah-tak, the shi p is leaving !

H urry up!

Can't we wait Ionger?

No or we can't make it!

Good Iuck!

Excuse my unexpected departure

I Ieft home for the sake of freedom

so I won't be a stateless exiIe any more

Father said anyone can decide his own fate

You've done much for me

I 'l l work myself up
without getting you i nvoIved

When I do, I'II come back to you

Tin Tin