Ga-ga: Glory to the Heroes (1986) - full transcript

Our main character lands on a supposedly uninhabited strange new world, where he is instead greeted as a "hero" and treated like royalty. He soon finds out that heroism has a price: he has to commit a crime so that he may be publicly executed in a glorious ceremony. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


On board of
a penitentiary space cruiser.



And how.


Gotta family? We may
send it for a keepsake.


Good for a wall news-sheet.


Short and long-term shitfolks!

You are the manure of history,
but take it easy.

Manure is needed too.

The flower of mankind
would not bloom without it.

And that is why we all
make a single, great family.

Mankind, that mankind whose
laws you have violated,

is not rejecting you, riff-raff,
but is giving you a merciful chance.

Wow! What a great chance it is.
Each of you...

One by one, will be a pioneer in
the expansion of the human family.

Each of you

will touch with his shit-loaded foot the
surfaces of new, unexplored planets.

On behalf of the
whole community...

l know.

How you are thinking
that many of you will die,

freeze to death,
perish in fire...

Fall prey to alien
planetary monsters.

But remember this. Yours will be
the proud death of conquistadors.

And thereby you will propel
mankind by a tiny, tiny rung upwards.

lf you wonder why l reiterate this
so persistently, you should realize that

l am doing it with the confidence and
hope that you will finally believe it.

This is your only chance,

And now we shall say good-bye
to the one whose lucky turn

it is to set out for a trip to mankind lost,
a trip to the unknown planet,

whitch he shall have the
honor to possess for this brothers.

Return contrite!

You won't need it now.
lt was just a window-dressing.

Unless you land on an airless planet.
Then you may find it handy.

But no one could stand it in this
spacesuit for more than a few hours.

And you gonna stay there
longer much longer, you prick.

Drink cosmonaut.
After all you are still among people.

You deserve it.

For your benefit. We are drinking
to give you nice memories.

Sign here.

What is this?

The receipt for the spacesuit,
instruction booklet,

flag and the bill for
the farewell reception.

l did not get the flag.

That flag?!

l meant to give it to may kid.
The kid would rejoice.

He does not care.

After arrival at an alien territory,
hammer the flag home at a conspicuous

spot as the sign of taking the planet into
possession for the glory of mankind. Sign!

l still need
my instructions.

Cockroach, you've signed it,
so cut the bullshit out.

You get in there, you get to
alien planet and fix the flag.

Then you may collect samples, take
snapshots, masturbate or whatever you like.

And behave with dignity,
like an astronaut should.

Remember, that flag is vital.

After 29 days, if you survive
of course, you will board the shuttle,

turn the level and that
coffin will take you back to us.

Did you understand,


You are in the shuttle which
will take you to an alien planet.

While you are traveling ,
you are a free man,

so you have
the right of choice.

For your psychic comfort
l can synthesize the picture

and the voice
in four variants.




Normally, the fourth possibility is the
apperance of one of the famous scientists,

but since our flight coincides with the
anniversary of the discovery of America,

l have special offer for you.


There are four
buttons in front of you.

Press the one which
suits your free choice.

Your choice proves
you intelligent.

But not very original.
All guys choose the fourth button.

Now you are a free man,
and l am a computer.

lsn't it magnificent?

To be free and not to have
to decide on anything?

ln case l break down,
there is this tiny hammer.

You may use it to break the glass and
to turn on the breakdown-safe computer.

But watch this!

Unjustified use is punishable and in
that case you will pay for the glass.

And now there are only pleasures.

We'll take care
to keep you relaxed.

Die liebe ist schon

Mein susser ist gross,

lch fuhle mich wahl,

Die nacht ist endlos

Er, sagt mir im bett.

lch lass dich nicht los,

Ach Liebchen nain.

Ach Scweinchem nain.

lch lass dich nicht allein.

ln the twenty-first century,
mankind became so happy

that no one would opt for the tough
profession of cosmonaut any more.

But in order to satisfy man's
immemorial yearing for unknown worlds,

a solution was found.

lt was a social, valuable and
morally not irrelevant solution.

And thus outer space filled with a
swarm of penitentiary space cruisers.

l was looking forward
to your arrival.

Where am l?

Well, this is our planet.
Australia 458.

And you?

After all, you would be sorry to arrive
and not to find a soul, wouldn't you?

Here you are.
Wake up.


That's a nice chippy
l've found for you.

This little tart is
good not just for starters.

How do you like it?
Front entry?

l am glad she suits
your taste. Very glad.

You know, it's such big
responsibility to choose well.

To suit the tastes of someone of whom you
know only that he is slated to be a hero.

- Well? ls she a good pick?
- Yes.

l am really happy. l am happy,
happy, happy, happy, l am.


l have a wallet for you.

Now l think it is the right to say
good-bye, for l don't want to intrude.

Besides, you have a miss,
so how should you need me?

Mhm, she is sleeping,
damn road.

They pay her and she is sleeping
on duty, silly asshole.

- Leave her.
- As you wish, as you wish.

Here are the keys.
Locker number 451 .

First go straight,
then turn left.

l would show you the way,
but it's against the regulations.

- What about her?
- She'll wait, why not.

Listen, sir.

Have no bones about it.

With this pidder you may have
it any way for you want, sir.

Every way. This way,
that way, another way.

Especially you, the hero.
lt is an honor for such a flozzy.

To be frank,
l envy her.

So, please do not
spare yourself at all.

Do whatever comes to your mind,
no inhibitions. Well?

Are you pleased with my job?

lt is great happiness, great joy for
me to do a service to the hero.

Glory to heroes.

l shall come to the ceremony
and l will be crying, weeping.

Do you hear?

Owing to you,
l already feel concrite.

Do you hear?
l am weeping.

Where do you wish to go?


l am here
to meet your wishes.

Maybe you want...
l don't know. Coffee?

Skinny told me to remind you
that you may do anything with me.

- l am hungry.
- Fine.

Will you buy me
a roll of bread?

A roll of bread?

We'll buy...
whatever you like.

lt's not far from here.
At the roadside.

- What's your name?
- Once.

For all of them.

Do you want me?


These seats are reclining.

Well, what's wrong?
Are you an impotent?

Do we have to make
love in the car?

No, but normally they fling themsleves
at me the moment we are left alone.

- Do you like it this way?
- No.

There are too many door handles
and other edges in the car.

That leaves me full of
bruises or like this, look.

Do you want to
go to my place?

Can we?

l have an excellent,
huge bed.

l hardly invite
anyone to my place.

Thank you.

Will you join me?


Go alone.

And buy me only a roll of bread,
will you?

Come on.
We'll have a warm dish.

l cannot.

lt's past midnight and
l have not come of age.

We'll go together.


Al usually
hangs around there.

Better not,
do you understand?

Who is Al?

My employer.

You know what?
You don't look a hero at all.

- You are quite different.
- Why?

Because you don't have a big
belly and a couple of dewlaps.

Four hamburgers to take away.

Sold out.

- Make it four sandwiches.
- Sold out.

What is not?

Layer cake and hot dogs.
Want some. They're fresh.

Four, to take away.


What is this?!

l am very sorry, sir.

You know,
l have such a shitty staff.

lt will never,
never repeat again.

You son of a...

Lodge complaints with
the manager. l am very sorry.

Here's to the hero!

You've forgotten
the hot dogs.

My sweet hero.
My pretty.

lt's me,
the whole of me for you.

Yeah. Spank me,
beat me.

Everything is paid for.

Get out.

l see. You want to have me
like an animal, amidst nature.

Ha, ha, the wild away.
lt's fantastic!

l don't want you.

But, my teddy-bear.
Don't be scared.

l can warm up
your little cock.

- Trust my experience.
- Get out.

An old man without balls.

Let me tidy myself, hero.

Where is the girl
who was here before you?

- Once?
- Yes.

That's where it hurts you.
That's what you want.

A young piece of ass.

An unridden pussy.

But do you think she can pull
it off, that titless amateur?

Do you think she is
a better treat than me?

Just tell me where she is.

Where should she be?

Her 1 0-hour duty was
over and they took her away.

As a minor she has
no right to overtime.

Hey, you! Listen,

give me a lift to the town, will you?
My boss is in the bar.

lt would be awkward to
show him you've rejected me.

Please, give me a lift.

You may dump
me off anywhere.

You said they took Once away.
Do you know where?

Home, to sleep. Why?
There is no exploitation of minors.

The regulations take care of them. Anyhow,
l have no reasons to complain, either.

l am happy.
We all are happy here.

The point is to do...
to like what you do.

Do you know
where she lives?

And what do you expect?
Should l play her mom?

You should have
asked Al in the bar.

You are really hooked.
The baby cast a spell.

Stay here.
lt'll be good.

An old fag.

Run, rush your hot
dog to that chick.

lnsert your dick in her
and spit out that drop of glue.

How comical you are,
puff, puff, puff,

when you move like monkeys
on a string, puppets.

What for?
What for?

You sell out anything for
not having to jerk it off alone.

Just to prod, prod,
prod, mangle, damn it.

What are you?!


What are you wise guys?

You're slaves.
Slaves of the vulva.

What are you?

Art. All that is rubbish
when you get a hard-on.

All is rubbish,
rubbish, rubbish.


You fucking sperm-makers,
who beg for being stroked and cuddled.

What do you want?

- l am supposed to live here.
- Have you a written authorization?

l have one.

No photo,
and the name is missing.

Because l have just...

- Sort of a hero, aren't you?
- That's what it says.

Occupation: hero.
Address precisely this one.

You don't look a hero.


You are without a lady.

No company at all.

You are not appropriately dressed
and here is the place only for heroes.

All heroes sleep here.

l am a hero.

You may go in.
You have an amiable look.

Do you prefer the right-hand
side, or the left-hand side.

You have come first,
so you may choose.

The middle side.

You are quite a joker.

l'll give you one on the
right-hand side. lt's quieter.

You know,

l am already losing hope for the
one from the middle side to arrive.

We've been waiting and waiting
for long years and all in vain.

The rooms are
up the stairway.

Good night.

lf you have coupons for meals,
l can serve you a warm dish.

l don't.
l'll collect them tomorrow.

Or l can make tea for you.

Without a coupon,
a gift of the heart.

No thank you.
Good night.

Traditionally, as every year,

whales landed in a huge mass on
our beeches to commit group suicide.

Organized, school package tours

marvel at this
educative wonder of nature

and use the opportunity
to touch the sympathetic animals.

The mysterious instinct which propels
our largest mammals to group suicide

is the object of
thorough investigations.

Didn't wake you up,
by the way?

No, no.
Take no trouble.

Having breakfast.

Health comes first.

Do you like eggs?

l know what
heroes like. Eggs.

My goodness.

We do take care
of the heroes.

As you wish,
of course.

Sorry, but it's
just out of kindness.

Well, well.

What is the human
mind not capable of?

But first of all eat.

When your stomach is full,
the world is more beautiful.

Very well, very well. You keep
eating, while l unpack the gifts.

Here we are.

A portable garrote.
Very easy to use.

Slices through the neck
like through butter.

This is...

a bomb.

You board a bus, you
leave the bomb behind.

You get off and
the bomb goes off.

Rush hours is the best time.
Very spectacular.

Here we have knives,
bodkins and daggers.

Use them as you wish.

And finally
the latest invention.

A rapid- fire...

automatic sub-machine gun.
500 rounds per minute.

You like it already.

And now a private gift from myself.

The slippers.

You know, years of practice.
l know that heroes brush it off,

but the slippers
is a vital thing.

lt's to prevent you
from catching a cold

and getting snotty at
some celebrated moment. Please.

Excuse me,

one more thing to
satisfy my human curiosity.

What crimes do you relish?

- l?
- Yes, you.

l don't.

Come on.
Never, on no rap?


Quite a jester.

Have you any toothbrush.


but l'll bring it later.

Yes. Now l still
want to give you money.

Count it, please.
Here are coupons for meals.

Kindly sign
the receipt, please.

Right here. The money
and the wallet is yours.

lt's for drinks
to keep you at ease.

Shall we go?


To the scene of torture.

Things used to
be much better, sir.

Wherever a hero appeared,
there was a retinue,

marchpasts, horses in a parade,
people where throwing flowers.

Now, you see.

There's technocracy.
And the spirit is almost gone.

l am not complaining,

but is it right to save at the
expense of heroes. lt's not nice.

l still have another gift for you.
l've almost forgotten.

lt's a pendant for keys.

You press here
and it's moving.

Funny, isn't it? And the
keys won't get lost. Please.

Last night there was a
young girl at the airfield.

Later she's got lost.

There are too many of
those tarts hanging around.

Once there was an idea to stone
adulteress. l bet people would like it.

The idea was dropped.

But if it was up to me,
sir. l would show them.

Do you know where l
could find that girl?

- Pardon?
- Her name is Once.

So you want her?


Certainly, you may.

A hero may anything.

You are lucky. All of
them take care about you.

Gifts, girls and all that.

l envy you...

That you are a hero...

And take
whatever you want.

l could not do it.

l am simply not bold
enough. Do you understand?

Oh, we have made it.

lt's a nice place.

Now take a look around.
You'll like the idea.

Now, there is a mess.

But soon they will deck the
stand with a red carpet and flowers.

lt will be beautiful.
Spectators will come.

They haven't
cleaned it up again.

Where to, where to?

We are going there.
You'll stay here with us.

Where do you
want to run? What for?

Here, sir,
here. Please.

No. Not this.
We don't need it. No.

We have all we need here.
And what have we here?

Wow, it's almost history.

A whip for initial flogging.

lt's outdated.
We give up. lt's barbarian.

But, you know,
some heroes like it.

What else have we got.
A blackboard. lt's not for you.

And look, it's a device
for crushing shin-bones.

You hold it like
this, bang, crunch!

And the
shin-bones are gone.

You won't feel a thing.

Formelly, we used
more traditional methods.

For example,
we anaesthetized with herbs.

But their taste was awful.

Now, we have something
better, more advanced.

A small injection
and it's all over.

A prick, an injection,
and you won't feel a thing.

You see, it's technological
progress. l am very much for it.

To say the truth,

it will be beautiful here.

Well, how is it?

Do you accept everything?
ls everything all right?

- Have you any...Remarks?
- What?

Have you any reservations,
wishes? ls everything proper?

ls it?
So sign here, please.

lt's a formality.
Regulations, you know.

- What am l supposed to sign?
- Sorry. lt's the regulations. Order must be.

Here. Sign that you agree to becoming
a hero and that you accept everything.

- Specifically what?
- Don't you know?

That you will commit a
crime and we will punish you.

We'll impale you.

Well, will you sign?
My hands are freezing.


l see, you are irritated.

Don't sign anything.

No, what for?

As a matter of fact,
l am against red tape.

You'll sign everything
at one stroke at the end.

Slang, bang! l can do
anything for you. Let's go.

You do realize that it
is actually against the regulations,

but l could reserve one for you.
Which one do you prefer?

- Right of left?
- What?

Hush, come over here.

This is the right one,
over there is the left one.

- So what?
- Look, sir.

Here is a concrete-lined hole,
just to avoid digging it over again.

Farmers bring a pale, sir,
and a malefactor is impaled.

Afterwards, the pale is
put in the hole and it's standing.

And the malefactor rides it
deeper and deeper by his own weight.

what a ceremony!

Sir, the whole stadium will be
watching you, while you're high up there.

What would it be
without men like you.

Though, on the other
hand, you know, sir,

the fate of a hero is
hard-earned money, don't you think?

And what am l?
What am l?

A mere bureaucrat, sir.

What about
the middle pale?

You're quite a joker.

Well, which one do you choose.
The right one, or the left one?

- l trust your choice.
- Thank you very much.

l shall appreciate it.

Lunch time.

What now?
l'll have some exercise.

Will you jog with me?


As you like.

One more thing. Later,
my colleague will contact you.

You won't hesitate
to sign everything for him.

And, sir, please
don't be afraid at all.

The anaesthesia is complete.
The pales are smooth and sharp.

My regards.

l've recognized you at once.

You heroes radiate
something elusive, inimitable.

something l sense a kilometre
apart. l am from television.

- Did you know l was coming?
- l know life. Hero or no hero,

everyone is keen on a piece of ass.
You would come here sooner or later.

- l want to go from here.
- One moment please.

- How about a shot?
- Not now.

You may tell me in secret when
you are going to commit a crime.

You see, we want to
show to the people your true,

as it were, repulsive image.
Please, let me persuade, will you?

l haven't made
up my mind yet.

One way or another,
we are waiting.

To your success.

One more thing.

Will you agree to an
interview while you are impaled?

The important thing for me is
a ladder, because if you agree,

l will have to climb the ladder
at the scene of torture

to reach you high
up there the pale.

And l suffer from vertigo.

How will it be? Would
you like to hold an interview?

Sir, You know,

l am even prepared to climb that
damn ladder, especially for you,

though for me it's a big trouble,
trouble, trouble.

Mister hero,

mister hero,
excuse me boldness,

but l and my husband
would like together...

Together with hero,
at one table.

- Just for a moment.
- lf you don't spurn it. Please. . .

My daughter.

She is blind,
poor thing, a cataract.

Such misfortune.

Today is our
child's birthday.

Our life is modest,
but sufficient.

Yes, quiet and happy.


And l sometimes
ask myself whether

we deserve to live in
such magnificent times.

The cataract is curable.

Yes, it is a pity that our little
child cannot see this wonderful world.

- Can't she shave a surgery?
- lt's very expensive.

- We cannot afford it.
- How much?


Very much.

Even the heroes
don't get that much.

Well, if you have any change
money left before the ceremony,

money you won't need anymore,
we will accept it with gratitude.

Maybe one day we'll
raise enough for the surgery.

Don't make our hero
worry with our problems.

He has his own worries.

Will you write a
dedication for our child?

This is our
family visitors' book.

Look how many heroes have had
their layer cake in our company.

Well, l'll be going now.
Thank you.

- And a small gift for you.
- What?


You'll need it to grease
the pale before the ceremony.

They always promise it,
but when it comes to the real thing,

they forget such trifles.

And this is important for you.

Thank you.

We thank you.

Bow to mister hero.

Do you fancy the baby?

l can send her for
you along with breakfast.

You are so lonesome.

And she has no excess
of pleasures, either.

The pale is coming into

the anus of the hero,

bursting through the sphincter...

...penetrating the rectum...

piercing it...

passing through the midriff.

Let's see how it
looks in practice.

The hero should hold straight,

for if he kicks away,

the pale may pop out...

through his belly.

And in that case he'll
have to be impaled again.

l am waiting for you.

Unobtrusively, because l
did not dare disturb you...

in that your secluded
place for heroes.

l just wonder why
you are so abstinent?

- What?
- l mean your sexual abstinence.

So, why didn't you
have a go at her?

Do you mean Once?

Yes, yes. That baby with
little tits. Didn't you like her?

l did.
She is very pretty.

So why did you not copulate her?
Tell me, are you ashamed?

Listen, sir, the time of
obscurantism and superstition is over.

You need a touch of eroticism,
female body, warmth.

it clears up your mind.

Please have a fling
with her, please, will you?

Why do you care so much?

They take me to account
for satisfying the heroes.

This is my duty.

All right.
l'll do it for you.

l am very pleased.
Thank you, sir, thank you.

No, no need, it's very
close, round the corner.

You know, the ceremony
is getting close and

l always get the shivers
from there to here.

You may laugh at me,
but l fell really moved when

l envision you up there in
convulsions, while l'll be watching.

l'll get me binoculars
and l'll be watching you,

watching until you breathe your
last. Until your last breath.

No, no, it's here.

The first floor,
the door to the left.

l'll find it.

Enjoy yourself.

My heart is with you.

Do you always
leave the door open?


Only when
l expect someone.

Were you
expecting a hero?

l was expecting...

So now we
can lock it up.

Oh yes.

Shall l undress?

He was raping a minor,

he has raped a minor.

The evidence.

Yes, sir.
The evidence.

The evidence.

Protect the evidence
and the minor.

This is exactly what
you'll be stuffed with.

We've brought it earlier
for you to get used to it.

But you show
no enthusiasm.

You are sad hero,
aren't you?

Everybody is sad.

But you have to commit some crime.
After all, you are a hero.

Well, think of something, you little
flag, come on pussy, come on.

Excellent, very good.

But the boys
were not ready yet.

Now come on.

Bang it,
pussy-face, bang it.

l told you.
Did you hear? Bang it.

You saw it inspector.
He tore away the arm of a

representative of the authority,
who was discharging the duties

connected with the execution
of his official functions.

Have you the evidence?

The inspector is asking whether you
wish to send a print to your family.

Well, and so we have
worked it out somehow.

A rape of a minor and

a heavy mutilation of a
representative of the authority.

This is something.

Still this is not
exactly what we want.

We do appreciate
your efforts,

l assure you, but all of your
crimes so far are not spectacular enough.

They are parlour stuff.

No, we are not
finding fault with you,

but just tell us what
use can be made of these.

After all, they are posed photos,
good for the gutter press. lt's a cottage job,

while we are living
in the 21 st century.

Television rules
the imagination of the mob.

Blood, live action, plenty of dead.
Do you know what l mean?


You don't trust me,
and l sense it.

But our intentions are pure.

Just think.

You commit a nightmarish crime.
Best in broad daylight,

while the crowd is watching.
Mass media are on the scene.

Can you realize the great
benefits which the community derives

from witnessing the exemplary
punishment of something hideous.

How rare and edifying it is
to watch a crime which is punished.

Could l not be punished
for nothing. As simple as that.

l know what you mean.
l am also sensitive.

l don't even catch fish.

l abhor blood and violence.


Will you have coffee
with fresh milk?

Thank you.

Of course we could
do without a crime.

But punishment without
a crime is immoral.

Don't you think?

l trust that you can bring yourself
up to some jolly good crime.

You know, something
spontaneous, with a luster.

Blood, raw flesh,
entrails out.

This is what impresses
people, you know.

Something which
is stomach-turning.

Sentimentalism works
well on villains.

Will you do it?

- l'll think of it.
- Well. So sign here.


- What no?
- l won't sign.

- Why?
- l don't want to.

Are you comfy
in an armchair?

So look to your side.

That stool is
for normal citizens.

So far you've been sitting
in an armchair, you understand?

To be a hero, it obligates.

You see?

An intellectual will always find a
common language with another intellectual.

What did you
write here?

Ga, ga.

Ga, ga?

The sound that children make.

l see.
Children make ga, ga.

Good. Very good.
Ga, ga. Well.

lt can be.
l am not a formalist.

After all, an act
of good will is what counts.

Now look.

People really adore you.

There is another hero.

You will meet. He will
be next to you on the pale.

But he is more cooperative.

And...who will be
on the middle pale?

The middle pale
will be unoccupied.

But we are not losing hope.
We are waiting and ready every year.

May l leave?

Of course, of course.
You have signed. You are free.

- And the girl?
- Which girl?

The one l raped.

She is free too.
We are all free people.

You know, sometimes a thought comes
to me that freedom is conscious heroism.

Look how
churlish it is!

l understand when
bedclothes are bloodstained.

But to deflower her on the floor?!
Even walls are stained.


They say he banged her so
hard that they had to smash windows.

Heroes, heroes.

Haven't you seen a girl?
Young and slim?

Milord, girls here
change every hour.

l am also a girl.

l mean the one which
that pervert banged.

l know nothing.
l am not authorized.

Ask the manager.
He is in charge.

Once you're going,
give this to Al.

Tell him l've
found it under the couch.

l read in newspapers that if you
get it in time, you can stitch it back.

l am looking for a girl,
a very young blonde.

No hard feelings, please.

The hot-dogs which l recommended
to you last night were quite fresh.

l ate them myself.
l assure you all we sell is fresh.

- l am looking for a girl.
- There are no bitches around here.

This is a reputed facility,
without them bitches.

What about the man?. His name is Al,
the manager. They say he stays here.

l don't know.
l only serve the guests.

l only make hot-dogs.
Bitches are not my province.

Are you looking for me?

Are you Al?


Once, a slim
blonde is working for you.

All of them work for me.

Are you missing
the little girl?

l am looking for her.

No reason for shame. Tearful
feelings are hard to come by now.

l am looking for her.

You are looking
for one little baby?

Your requirement are
not too high for a hero.

But you don't
want to be a hero.

l want to find Once.

Just for nothing?
Just with your head up?

l understand you, but there
is no way. Nothing for nothing.

You have to stick in the
mud here, like all the rest.

What do you mean?

You see, the natural course
of events is like this.

A crime, a reward, a punishment.

You are particularly lucky.
A big crime, a big reward, and...

But by common sense,
there is no need to worry.

Everyone meets his predetermined
end. Just think of others.

Small meanness, small sins,
small satisfaction and they die anyway.

This is what we call the
weekday heroism. We all are heroes.

But you are a hero
with a pomp, with honor.

l envy you.
Do you believe me?

Let's make a deal.

Your turn now.

You see, l am a pimp.
l prey on others' prostitution.

What do you want?

What do l want
for the want?

- For Once?
- Yes.

She's an excellent,
young product.

- A bagful.
- Of what?

Or two bagfuls of money. l can
take twice as much for you, for example.

l am not your whore.

lt's misunderstanding.

l don't deal with whores. l deal with people,
and only with those who wish it themselves.

All right.

l'll get the money for you.

Do you like our planet?

- lt's hideous.
- Don't say. ls yours any better?

Good day.

This is a hold-up.

This is a hold-up.

All l want is money. Stay
quiet and you'll be all right.

Shut up.

Get the bags
and pack the money.

Throw the gun here.

ls it enough? Yes!

- There is no more.
- Will do.


One bag is yours
and the other is mine.

We, heroes,
must help each other.

We, heroes...

Well, well.

The money.

One bag is no good.
There were to be two.

Enough for you.

Let the girl out.

Two bags.

A portable garrote.

Easy to handle.

You needn't have
taken sugar wool from me.

Here ls the money for
your daughter's eye surgery.

A whole bag,
a whole bag.

But it is enough
for ten surgeries.

Our benefactor!

lf there is anything left, donate
it to the whale protection fund.

A miracle, a miracle!
My daughter can see.

She's recovered her sight.

She can see.
My daughter.

A miracle, a miracle.

Mister hero,
the pales are ready.

lt was a crime of a genius.

To kill a partner to
take over his spoils.

We all admire you.

You were magnificent.
l may offer you a concession.

Do you want?
Do you want?

We shall impale you
together with the girl.

And we'll send the photo coverage
of the ceremony back to your family. Bravo!

You, did you make sure

that the flag is fixed well on
the surface of the virgin planet?

Don't talk.
Take off.

l won't take off, unless l am
sure that the flag is fixed well.

What a junkyard!

The flag is the most important.

This is breakdown computer
speaking, cockroach...

You pay 40 guilders penalty,

convertible to 1 00 days in jail for
breaking the glass without a reason.

We will not take off anywhere, because
our penitentiary cruiser is still too far.

All you must do is to sit down on your ass,
wait and rejoice at being alive.

Take off, fool.

Have your guilders?

Come on.

Come on.

l am just reviving
up my engines.

Come on.

Take off immediately.

- Course for the Earth?
- No,

the nearest planet
without people.

l read you.

The nearest planet
without people.

...and they lived
happily ever after.

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