G Storm (2021) - full transcript

Follows an investigator as he prevents a terrorist attack during a symposium held by Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption. He later finds it has links to human trafficking in Thailand.

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Probity is not a certainty.

Criminals resort to corruption

to influence fair competition

and cover up criminal activities

that will seriously threaten
Hong Kong's law and order,

affect our economy

and make our people suffer.

In 1974,

the icac was established.

It is the first department in history

that is entirely independent and
separated from the government structure.

In an atmosphere of greed
and with almost no backup,

the icac struggled

in the line of duty back then.

Icac officers were slandered by criminals,

cursed and attacked by those
with vested interests.

But they never gave up.

Since its inception in 1974,
through the 19805 and 19903

until the 21st century,

the icac cracked many
different types of cases.

Looking ahead,

the icac will continue
to work with perseverance

to ensure Hong Kong remains
a corruption-free society.

Because we possess it,

we must Cherish it.

I hope in the days to come,

our countries

can join hands to fight against corruption.

Thank you.

The brass is watching
the customs case like a hawk.

Other than officers from
the marine department,

it also involves transnational
money laundering.

The brass wants us to close file asap.

Yes, sir!

When we get back, I'll give you an update.

I want you to meet someone.

Hi, Emma!

Excuse me.

Meet the legal advisor of the
se Asia anti-corruption association

and chief justice, judge pong.

- Hello!
- This is our senior chief investigator,

William luk.

And our colleague Tammy.

I'll be in Hong Kong next week.

On the topic of trafficking sex slaves,

I will be hosting a forum.

Perhaps we can exchange views
on human trafficking and smuggling.

Icac has a lot...


Please find out if tonight's symposium

will finish early.

Yes, sir!

Thank you!

You're welcome.

Don't move!

Stay still!


Look at me!

Look at me!

I know you want to get out alive.

And you don't want

anyone here to get hurt.




You ok?

Out of my way!

Director yu

was killed at pacac.

The assistant director

will fill in for him in the meantime.

Cel, where are the
pictures from the informer?

Our informer wong I am-iuk

took these at sawadi club.

Come on...

What's up?

Speak Chinese.

You should have told me!

Cut the bullshit!

Start drinking.

Have a drink!

I can really sense your aura.

Come... bottoms up!

All set! Enjoy!

What took you so long?
We should punish you.

Show us a French kiss.

Wait... the phone is ringing.

Go kiss somewhere else.

Hello, honey?

Such a twist of fate!


I can't talk right now. Catch you later.

Hey gorgeous!

Kwong yat-long

barely spoke to that woman

and left in a hurry with the 2 chicks.

About that joint,

I think those Thai girls

are all illegal workers.

What happened just now

was such a close call.

The bouncer almost hit me.

Luckily I took off.

You suppose...

You can up my fee

- by $2,000?
- Stop!

Mr. Wong,

you accepted our remuneration.

It's time you do your job.

If you took any pictures,

send them over right now, ok?

You're right!

As your informer, I should
be more professional.

I'll send them right now.


Luk sir!

Carry on!

We have been monitoring
kwong yat-long's phone

for 2 weeks.

After he left sawadi club that day,

he called his colleague.


You're going to the western district
public cargo working area tomorrow?

I'll be there after lunch.

3 o'clock.

Come pick me up.

Tomorrow at 15:00,

he'll be at the pier

to check on goods from se Asia.

We take action tomorrow?

We just received these pictures.

It's still quite preliminary.

We know he's personally leading the team.

But if we jump the gun
and he caught on,

the lead will go cold.

Whether it's tomorrow

or next week,

kwong yat-long will be there himself.

That means something
important is on the boat.

Maybe it ties in with our case.

Why don't we take action?

Open it.


Yes, sir?

No need to check that one.

Yes, sir!

Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!


Call the police for backup.

Send them our live location.

Roger that.

Move! Hurry!

Get moving!


Move it!

Hurry up!

- Go...
- Hurry up!

68 total.

Play it smart.

Hurry! Move it!

Backup is 5 minutes out.



Don't move!


Get down!

Don't move!

Stand still!

Don't move!

Hear that?




Luk sir!

Luk sir!

Luk sir!

Luk sir!


Why are you dressed like this?

I took luk sir's advice

and found a decent job.

What would you like, sir?

Iced coffee, please.

At first,

I wasn't sure I was cut out for it.

But now I know.

I'm mining.



Why did you want to see me?

After the shootout at
the container terminal,

did luk sir contact you?

Since he came back from se Asia,

I noticed he's not quite himself.

You're his good friend,

can you talk to him?

Wearing a suit to work is stressful.

Luk sir should know better.

He can't arrest them all.

He should think about himself.


Like me,

you need to work two jobs.

How can I do that?

I'm talking about luk sir,

not you.

You still don't get it.

Luk sir is more educated than me,

makes more money

and as far as looks...

Well, it's a tie.


Why am I at the height of my life
and he's going downhill?

What is he missing?

A spouse.


You know his birthday is coming up?


I couldn't figure out

what present to get him.

Now I know.

A family.

Let him get married,
and have a kid.

If it's a girl,
my son will take over.

We'll become in-laws.


These girls...

I've been checking them out.

What do you think?

30 something and works in a bank.


Not much in the looks department.

But check this out.

Nice boobs.

With her,
luk sir will have enough nutrition.

Does she...

Usually wear perfume?

I don't think so.

But someone who works in the bank

is likely a wear a bit.

That won't do.

Luk sir is allergic to perfume.


How about her?


She's a triathlete.

Her skin color

is the perfect match for luk sir.

They're both so dark,

behind closed doors,

you can't see me,
I can't see you. How exciting!

No way.

Luk sir likes it quiet.

Ask her where she's from.

What is she doing here?

We were trapped in the warehouse
waiting for a shipping date.

When we had a date,

a few men came

and forced us into a container.

After god knows how long,

they opened the container

and we realized

they arranged for us
to work in a night club.

If we make enough money,

they'll give us a passport.

Luk sir, we got it.

Please give us a minute.

Yes, sir!

From the foreign passports
we picked up at the scene

we confirmed

there were fake visas.

Most general staff could not
have spotted the difference.


without the help of someone higher up

they couldn't have done it.




you're both here.

I should buy the Mark six.

Do they have snowball?



when will you bring your boyfriend?

What boyfriend?

Was I wrong?

Since you won't bring a girlfriend,

I'm letting you bring a boyfriend.

Don't toy with me, dad!


What's so funny?

You said you'll bring your girlfriend.


You did.

Ok... whatever you say.

Ming is not gay,

I am.

I'll bring Billy next time.

What? Don't try to be funny.

I wouldn't dare.

Since I was a kid,

everything I did was wrong.

I'm not as smart as ming,

that's why I always admit my mistakes.

But the point is

you only do it when I punish you.

What's this?

You cut your face?

What happened? Does it hurt?

- It comes with the job.
- Does it hurt?

I climb up and down,
on and off the ships.

I'm not brilliant like ming.

He sits in the office in a suit.

You must have dinner with me tonight.

I can't.

Me neither.

No problem.

I want you to have dinner with me.

But I didn't say you must eat.


remember I told you I have two sons?

They seldom come together.

Take a good look.

Here they are!

They're both here.

Say hello to uncle shing.

Ching tak-ming.

Ching fei-hung.

Speak up!

I'm ching fei-hung.

Dad, I really must go.

- Hold on!
- What?

I don't spend much money around here.

Take some back.

I really have to go.


Hey, can I have a word?

I have an appointment.

Were you on duty the night
we busted the illegal workers?


Were you involved?

Where did you get the money?

Ching sir, am I a suspect now?

Where did you get the money?


The night horses.

Star of surprise in the third race.

I saw you at the container
terminal that night.

Last week at the race track,

I saw you too.

Says who? Where's your proof?

Arrest me if you have proof.


Don't point your finger at me again.

Since I was a kid,

that's all you ever did.

Let me know next time you visit dad.

I don't want to clash again.

The shootout at the container terminal

caught worldwide attention.

The police and Interpol

are also following the case closely.

They already have knowledge

of some very important intel.

We're having this meeting
to give you all an account.

Since the investigation is still on-going,

I hope

you'll keep everything to yourselves.

Lau sir!


During the shootout

we found the bullets used by the criminals

were 9mm steel core.

Military grade.

Never seen in Hong Kong before.

We have reasons to believe

these firearms

were smuggled in.

According to Interpol,

these criminals

are headed by someone called king.

On Interpol's wanted list,

he's a red notice.

It's the same terrorist group at pacac.

10 years ago,

king was a drug lord
in the golden triangle.

After he was busted by the Thai police,

he escaped with the rest of his men,

and set up gang of kingdom.

He ran his drug trafficking business

and sold slaves along the
Thai-Burmese border.

Their usual mo

is to bribe government officials

and officers of the marine department

and smuggled them in using containers.

King is definitely connected

to the corruption case we're investigating.

We can almost be certain

this case involves more than customs.

But also immigration
and the marine department.

We'll broaden our scope of investigation.

But if king

is connected to the
terrorist attack in pacac

he didn't come to Hong Kong

to smuggle illegal workers
or simply to bribe anyone.

Luk sir

rescued her the other day.

Chief justice, judge pong.

In recent years, judge pong is committed

to cracking down king's human
trafficking business,

prosecuting and sanctioning him,

and freezing all his assets.

Naturally, king wants her dead.

In three days,

judge pong will arrive in Hong Kong

according to our analysis,

during her stay,

king is highly likely

to launch another terrorist attack.


I suggest we escalate
the terrorist threat level.

Due to the complexity of this case

that involves multiple departments,

I will set up an
interdepartmental task force

to prevent any terrorist
attacks in Hong Kong.

Lau sir,

effective immediately,

I'm transferring you to g4.

You'll be responsible for

judge pong's safety

upon her arrival in Hong Kong.

Yes, sir!

Luk sir,

I hope that

during your investigation,

if you come across any new information

report immediately to
the security bureau,

so Interpol will have more intel

on king's criminal activities in Hong Kong.

Yes, sir!

I don't care how you bribe your local guys.


but what are you going to do with my loss?


About the next shipment,

unless you have 50% more,

or there won't be any new shipments.

We are screwed here.

We must change the spot.

I'll take care of it.

Go get rid of Emma first.

Don't you worry about that.

If we don't take out Emma,

other than Hong Kong,

our business won't hold
water anywhere else.

Take out all the officers
who took our money.

I want a clean job.

No loose ends.

We have expanded our scope of investigation

and found out the officers involved

only started contacting
each other 2 weeks ago.

They're not related.

We have yet to confirm if they're friends.

After the shootout at
the container terminal,

they contacted each other
a lot more than before.

This is their access record
and phone log.

Did you check their bank accounts?

Any unusual transactions?

We checked all the
accounts under their names

and even those of their family members

but found nothing unusual.

Their assets commensurate with their pay.

If they were on the take,

it's highly likely they took cash.

This syndicate has been
running for years in se Asia.

Our investigation shows they're definitely

using Hong Kong as hub.

Maybe because they pay cash,

that's why we didn't catch on.


there are more people involved

than we know.

A lot more.

You're sure Hong Kong is a hub?

In other words,

there must be a go-between.

Did you check?

Show me the pictures

from sawadi club again.

Who's this?

Did you check?

Maybe she's the go-between.

Go look her up.

Ching sir! Can I have a word?

Close the door. Thank you.

What's up, senpai?

Where is kwong yat-long?

You want to bust him now?

We don't have a warrant.

We can only bring him in for questioning.
We won't get much from him.

I can have a casual chat
with him on the street.

You think kwong yat-long is stupid?

You'll just spook him.

The shootout at the container terminal
hit the headlines worldwide.

The clock is ticking.

If he got away,
the lead will go cold.


- Stand still!
- I didn't mean it!

I didn't mean it!

I put in the wrong gear.

- Target comin - ok! 9 up!

Lau sir!

Good afternoon, judge pong.

My name is lau po-keung,
chief inspector of Hong Kong.

I understand Chinese.

I'm responsible for your
safety during your stay.

Judge pong has an
appointment in half an hour.


No one told us you're going out.

Here is our latest schedule.

Other than your speech in 3 days,

we are not prepared for other engagements.

This appointment is to discuss the speech.

I hope you'll understand.

Judge pong,

your safety is my responsibility.

If you have any other arrangements,

please let us know asap.

I understand.

That's why I'm telling you now.

Please make the necessary arrangements.


You hear?

Check all cash transactions or e-payments.

Also check

his relatives or friends,


Make sure you check
to see if there are government officers.

Give me a detail report tomorrow.

Hey, give us a chance, ok?

Forget work. What do you say?

Happy birthday, godfather!

Is it my birthday?

Are you kidding?
You don't remember?

You're right!

I whipped up a few dishes.

Luk said you like fried
squid with broccoli.


How fitting for the occasion.

I bought him bbq pork.

It's your favorite.

Great! Go help mommy!

Sit down over here.


- Wait!
- Mommy!

I want bbq pork.

Just one piece.

I'm not being cocky.

I really think

my life is at its peak.

Each day I come home from work,

my wife has dinner ready for me.

My son is waiting to play with me.

This scenario is like a dream.

That's great!

When I was a punk,
I couldn't imagine.

Now I understand.

For a man, nothing else matters.

Having a family and be happy.

That's enough.

I'm afraid if you keep talking,

you're likely to cry.

Not really.

But I won't be here without you.

Can I kiss you?

Not in front of your wife.

She doesn't mind.

Hi, handsome! Bring it here.

I have a surprise.

- What is it?
- Come here.


You drew this for me?

It's so pretty.

Who's this? He's so dark!

Like a piece of coal.


That's me?

Not bad! Good job!

Come on, I did this.

I don't know what else to give you.

Just a little something.


Thanks, godfather!

No matter what,

even when work is stressful,

you need the support of the family.

Yes, I'm heading towards the dressing room.

Judge pong, you're on in 5 minutes.


there are three points in the last part

about inequality of African women.

Move that to the section on equal pay for
men and women for a comparison.

- Sorry!
- It's ok!


It's quite alright.

- Judge pong, two minutes!
- Ok!

It's ok...

- I'm so sorry!
- Get me some water.


Find out what's going on back there.

Get down!

Relax! Our car is bullet proof.

Back off!

Yes, boss!

Back off!

Dress his wounds.

Does this hurt?

How is my assistant Alice?

Please sit down and
let me dress your wound.


Don't be so uptight.

She cut her left hand.

We gave her 7 stitches.

We took her X-ray, nothing major.

Thank you, doctor.

How is Alice?

Please calm down!

Judge pong,

for you own safety,

the sb prefers you to leave Hong Kong.

Leave Hong Kong?

But please don't put us on the spot.

I'm sorry.

Can I see Alice now?

She's not in any danger.

But must stay a few days for observation.

I trust the sb is aware of

the human trafficking situation
along the Thai-Burmese border.


was one of the victims.

Her family sold her and her older sister.

Someone adopted Alice
and put her through school.

So she can live a normal life.

But her sister

wasn't so lucky.

I'm sorry.

Your colleagues are injured.

But leaving now

would be admitting defeat.

Judge pong,

shall I get you something to eat?
What would you like?

Egg waffles.

Please call me Emma.

You put your failure on the headline.

It will be more difficult to kill Emma now.

We still have the icac
problem to deal with.

Shouldn't we work more closely together?


So you're the boss.

What do you think?

So I'm the boss now?

I'm not quite used to that.

That's fine. If you want me to take charge,

I'll take care of both sides, but...

I want double pay.

As you have expected,

he'll pick up the pieces.

All the pieces?

I trust he can take out Emma,

but I'm not so sure

he'll make it back alive.

What's the situation?

The subject is still
breathing. Call an ambulance.


jumping off a building.


Traffic accident.

Burning charcoal.

Still in a coma in the icu.

It's too much of a coincidence!

According to the police record,

these people died within
36 hours of each other

under dubious circumstances.
The police are still investigating.

Tammy, let me see.

Tell the police

to beef up security near the icu.

If he wakes up,

send someone over to
take a detailed statement.

Yes, sir!

Luk sir,

I found out about the woman

you suspect was the go-between.

Her name is chumook.

Se.asia Chinese, 35 years old.

I checked her account through the Interpol.

Nothing unusual.

She flew into Hong Kong

on a direct flight from Costa Rica.

Though her background looks clean,

over the past few days

while we put a tail on her,

we found her in frequent
contact with this guy.

The facial recognition system

identifies him

as siu cheuk-ah,

southeast Asian Chinese,
male, 48 years old.

He has Costa Rican
and Canadian nationalities

and claims to be a businessman.

Clean background, no rap sheet.

I checked with Interpol,
his name is not on their wanted list.

He doesn't even have a traffic ticket.

Looks like he pays cash for everything,

so there are no e-payment records.


The officers under investigation

were probably paid in cash.

In other words,

these two are likely involved in this case.

Alert the relevant consulates

and dig up everything about them.

At the next meeting,
I want their reports on my desk.

Yes, sir!


Can I have a word?

What's up, senpai?

Do you need help?

You're sure?


Did you place your bet last night?

Star of surprise was running again.

I don't gamble.

Last time

my colleagues made the bet, I chipped in.

Keep making it up.

You wanted to see me about this?

You could have asked me on the phone.

You saw the news.

Several people died

in customs and immigration.

They don't know each other.

What a coincidence!

What are you getting at?

You chipped in with your colleagues
to bet on a horse.

What a coincidence

you made money from it.

In this world,

there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Trust me.

I can help you.

With what?

Tell me what you have done.

It's about your bloody case again!


Remember this place?


We came up here each
time dad gave us a beating.

That wasn't how I remember it.

I remember the only time
dad gave me a beating,

I came out here

and you brought me something to eat.

You were always full of tricks.

Even though

we have different mothers,

as brothers, no one
has to be right or wrong.

Let's take care of the problem first.

Turn yourself in.

I'll help you become a state witness.

I really don't know anything.

Don't go home.

I'll find you a place.


- Luk sir!
- Luk sir!

Find out for me

siu cheuk-ah's current location.

Are you busy?

- Did you find out?
- Tm commercial building in kowloon bay.

Where's ching sir?

Luk sir!

What are we doing here?

Last night, lau sir showed me

a confidential name list from Interpol.

Other than king's name,
there's another name

identical to one of siu
cheuk-ah's passport names.

I suspect he's the money
man behind the scene.

Though we have no proof,

we're running out of time.

I'll go up and feel him out.

It's too dangerous to go alone.

Don't worry!

One more thing...

Don't tell ching sir!


Is Mr. Siu cheuk-ah in?

We have no one here by that name.

What about miss chumook?

May I have your name?


This way.


Mr. Scotland?

Or is it Mr. Siu cheuk-ah?

I'm sorry, you are...

To meet the human trafficking demand,

criminals abducted young women

from poor countries in se Asia

and sell them around the world for profit.

To ensure the operation runs smoothly,

they collude with
terrorists for protection,

bribe local officials to
issue fake passports,

to ensure their operation
is conducted legally.

If I were the money man behind the scene,

would he have done it like this?

I don't know why you're telling me this.

But if it's that serious,

why don't you arrest him?

Because he's under deep cover,

and owns several passports,

for in case things go sideways,

he can easily go on the run.

He's also very smart.

In appearance, he doesn't get involved

and will find someone
to take the rap for him.

Someone like her.

If things go sour,

he can pass the buck and wash his hands.

But the problem is

I know what's going on.

You have two choices.


I put a bag over your
head and bring you in.


turn yourself in.

Here's my card.

- Hello?
- Luk sir?

I'm at 122 queen's road central.

My wife is in trouble.

Come quickly.


What happened?

We'll talk upstairs.

What's going on?

We'll talk upstairs.

What happened to your wife?

Let's talk upstairs.

What the hell happened?

Let's talk upstairs.

You borrowed from a loan shark?

They nabbed your wife?

Come here.


Luk sir!

What happened?

You know after I gave birth,

I had ppd.

This psychiatrist

has been helping me.


Tammy told me you
haven't been yourself lately,

that's why...

I see.

I know you care about me.

I'm sorry I tricked you.

You're up next. We'll talk afterwards.

Mental illness can be quite serious.

You should nip it in the bud.

Listen up...

You're my informer,

we don't know each other that well.

Don't care so much about me, ok?

Don't talk like that.

I only want what's best for you.

I stick my neck out as a snitch.

I have a wife and a child.
Who wants your money?

I'm trying to help because you're my pal.


Luk sir is rather unstable.

Look, shit happens.

You can't stop it

or run from it.

I know how you feel.

I really do.

It happened to me too.

6 years ago,

my wife also died in an elevator.

Now I am-iuk was blown to bits.

People around me are dead because of me.

I really missed my wife.

I can't help it if you carry
the world on your shoulders.

Icac should be a desk job.

Reading files,

serving coffee.

And what are you doing?

You carry a piece and
wear a bullet-proof vest!

Who are you? 007?

Next time, shall we let
you operate a submarine?

Maybe drive a tank.

Let me show you something.

Fresh from Interpol..

These are accounts

frozen by judge pong over the years.

It's confidential.

Pretend you never saw this.


Come on

Danish bakery on Caroline hill road?

Yup, your favorite hot dog.


Go easy on it, they
need to last a few days.


Just a bite. Don't be so stingy!

Don't steal from a beggar!

Did dad say anything?

Get off it! You don't visit him that often.

If he should ask, I'll tell him

you changed jobs

and will be out of town for a while.

The lies you told as a kid,

I could cover up for you.

I really regret

over the years

why didn't I try to get
along with you and dad?

Never too late to start now.

But if you choose to run,

your life will be over.

I took money from kwong yat-long

to move the container safely

to the container terminal.

That's all I know.

Nothing else.

Excuse me!


Have you seen him?


- look around!
- Yes, sir!

Double check.

Is this no. 17 & 17a sun
chuen street in tai hang?



We searched the streets nearby.

Target is within 100m range.

Get a warrant

for access to the dash cams.

Yes, sir!

What's up, senpai?

I want you to look at something.


I'm sorry.

I noticed something wrong about you lately.

So I asked them

to tap your phone

and found your location.

You knew?


He's my brother.

Over the years,

I didn't do much for him.

You're with the icac.

How can you cover up for him?

You probably don't want

to see anything happen to him.

The only thing you can do for him

is to tell him to come in.

Ching sir,

you've been with the icac long enough.

It's not easy.

I'm sorry!

But for the time being,

I need you off the operations team.

I'll have someone take over for you.

Trust me.

I will

go by the book.

I won't let anything
happen to your brother.


Zone a clear.


You didn't change your number.

Have you been waiting for me to call?

You survived the hit in pacac,

and the g4 saved your neck a few days ago.

How impressive!

We've been partners for so many years,

have you counted the
money you took from me?

Now you suddenly grew a conscience?

You're too naive to think you
can whitewash your crime.

During your upcoming speech,

king will be there to root for you.

As long as you don't freeze our assets,

we can forgive and forget.

Then you're even more na'I've.


Your egg waffles.



This way!

Mr. Siu,

you came to turn yourself in?

Mr. Siu is here to report a case.

Luk sir,

in our company server,

- I found these...
- One moment...

On behalf of my client, I wish to clarify

I'm providing the following information

to help facilitate your investigation.

If you have any questions

for my client,

please direct them to me.

There's no need to ask him.

These usbs

contain different information.

This one... financial statements
for the last few years.

The figures inside and
our cash flow records

do not match.

This one...

Contains my boss, chumook's

travel itineraries

over the last 3 years,

including Thailand,


Costa Rica

and different places in Eastern Europe.

On each of these trips,

she went alone.

And this one...

Contains all her emails.

You'll find

her correspondence with king prayut.

In many of their emails,

they mentioned a name

I believe will be of interest to you.

Emma pong.

Welcome to today's event.

When I was little,

my father was already
a very outstanding judge.

My aspiration

was to become a judge like him.

But only after I became a judge,


my father was on the take.

Luk sir, we found out...

We found out a subsidiary

under a company owned by chumook and king

has been running in se Asia for years.

We found a record

that details unverified transactions

with an offshore company.

It's likely they use this
account for money laundering.

Among the stakeholders
of this offshore company,

one name has been deleted.

Experts recovered the name

and it turns out to be

your guest speaker,

the chief justice in se Asia

Emma pong.

The spirit of the law

is equality and justice.

My father broke the law
for power and money.

At one point,

I considered exposing him.

But in order to protect our family name,

I chose not to.

In fact,

I chose to protect my father instead.


I went down a path of no return.

If siu cheuk-ah is telling the truth,

he wants to get away unscathed.

What time is it?

2 o'clock.

Hurry over to the cultural center.

Judge pong is an important witness.

Call lau sir.

No answer. He's probably working.

Later on,

my father died in an accident.

To protect his reputation,

I chose to carry on

until I found out his
death was no accident.

It was fabricated

by the people who bribed him.

- What is it?
- Icac!

Judge pong is now an important witness.

- We need to bring her in.
- Let her finish.

I thought I was protecting him.

But I killed him.

That's why I have decided to come clean.

They are responsible for
the human trafficking in se Asia

and the shootout at the container terminal.

I abused my authority

to cover up for these criminals.

When I tried to freeze their assets,

they decided to take me out.

Stop her!

Or she'll be in danger.

- Get the car!
- It was a terrorist called king prayut.

Sorry, the event has been cancelled.

Please leave in an orderly manner.

Thank you.

Because of the special circumstances,

we must take you away.

Are the roads clear?

Call eod.

Are the roads clear?

Can anyone answer me?

Don't move!

Or it'll blow.

Are you ok?

Sir, you must leave at once.

Icac! He's an important witness.

Eod. It is my duty to ensure your safety.

You're in danger. Please leave.



Mr. Siu cheuk-ah,

you said you have never
met Emma pong and king,

so you don't know what they look like.

Then why are you so
sure you have never met?

As your boss's secretary,

so many people come and go before you,

how can you be sure
you have never met them?

Mr. Siu,

you don't have to answer that.

I watch the news.

Let's forget the judge for now.

King is the top 10

most wanted man in the world.

Of course I know what he looks like.

Have you seen an extraterrestrial before?

How do you know I'm not one of them?

As chumook's employee,

do you have proof of income?

Sure! I'll submit that later.

As an employee of a company,

you're just a salary man.

Why do you have so many passports?


Are you ok?

Call an ambulance for my client!


We're in the space theatre.

Evacuate everyone within a 500m range
of the space museum.

We need backup.

Are you ok?

I'm fine.

Go in!




Where is Emma?

Where is Emma?


You're bleeding.


Are you ok?

There was an explosion at the space museum
and the cultural center.

A&e should be swamped today.

Sir, please don't move.
I need to put on this oxygen mask.

I'm feeling much better now.

In the case of bribing officers
of the marine department,

I declare the defendant siu cheuk-ah

is found not guilty.

The second defendant chumook

is found guilty of bribery
and soliciting murder.

She is sentenced to 15
years of imprisonment

and may post $10m bail pending an appeal.

Outside the high court,

we apprehended a woman armed with a knife.

Are you ok?

Call an ambulance!

The police confirmed

the woman who killed chumook

is a south Asian noonok sasinee.

Her younger sister

was killed at the
container terminal shootout.

The police believe


smuggled back to Hong Kong for revenge.

This morning, icac discovered

siu cheuk-ah, the man
stabbed to death by chumook

was the mastermind behind a
multinational human trafficking syndicate.

Coming up on the news...

If only luk sir could see this...

Yes, he would have said...

Ok, get the next case.

He'd say it with his usual scowl.

He would also have said...

Icac cases are confidential.

Icac cases are confidential.