G O'Clock (2016) - full transcript

Alex is a paramedic who saves lives on London's gay chemsex scene, but can he save himself from it?

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What's happened?

I know you.

No, you don't.

What's his name?

Uh, it's Jake.



What's he taken?

Look, you're not gonna get in trouble.

G. I mean... GHB and mephedrone.

Do you know how much? For how long has he been taking?

Since yesterday. But I don't know how much.

Eight breaths a minute.

Let's get him on the truck. See if we can get a line.

Get a line?

An IV line.

Are you gonna be 0K?

Yeah. We've never tried G before.

Well, don't fuck around with what you don't understand.

Come in.

Thanks. Shoes off? Where should I dump my stuff?

Through here, spare bedroom.

Ooh, hello!

Yup! Things are really starting to turn.

Just the way you like it, babe.

Well, why else invite all these boys?

There's this one guy I am gonna smash the shit out of later.

ls that so? Got any shorts?

Do I have any shorts?

Got any Viagra?

Yes! Of course, my love.

And I need a fucking bump!

Come on, baby, in the kitchen!

Oi! Where's the plate?

(Man) Over here!



Of course you two know each other.

Yeah, he saved my friend's life the other week.

Yeah? She does that.


Leigh and Jake are here.

It's G o'clock, bitches!


Gina colada, babe?

Don't mind if I do.

So you do G?

Yeah, of course.

But unlike you, I'm experienced enough to handle my shit responsibly.

Oh! You think so, do you?

I know so.

Prove it.


Tonight you're gonna stick with me.

We're never gonna do this more than once an hour.

And I'm gonna make sure...

... you have a good time.

ls that a promise?


This party is officially closed. No more guys allowed!

Well, what about these guys?

Nine inches?


Hiya. Got any shorts?

Have I got any shorts?

Save me.

It's G o'clock, ladies!

It's OK, I've got it.

I'll check on him every ten minutes. He just needs to sleep it off.

Yeah, yeah, don't worry. I will too.

Do you want a wee line?

No, thanks, I'm done.

I can't believe he went under.

Well, what did you expect?


G o'clock.

What the fuck, Tony?


He's not breathing.

(Tony) What do you mean he's not breathing? Shall l call an ambulance?

Shut up! Don't call an ambulance! What d'you think will happen to me?

(Tony) I don't give a fuck! I don't care what's gonna happen to you! Is he dead?

I can save him...

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