G Affairs (2018) - full transcript

When the paths of a gifted female student, a cellist, an autistic teenager, a police officer, a prostitute, a teacher and a dog are entwined the very night a human head is discovered, ...

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Do you know where you are?

I am where you are.

So where are you then?

I'm asking you,

do you know where this is?

One of our policemen says

that you recall a head

rolling into your flat.

What else do you remember?

Do you know that short-term memory

is different from cognition?


Since you know I have short-term amnesia,

how can you ask if I know my whereabouts?

Do you think I've just learnt what a hospital is?

Do you even understand short-term memory?

Please co-operate.

Stop playing with words.


Don't you cops nit-pick on words

to frame suspects?

What's your relationship

with the deceased?

Isn't this you?

Being there doesn't mean I'm guilty.

Isn't hiring a whore a crime?

I'm a teacher,

not a lawyer.

So teachers can be immoral and

can hire whores?

Oh yes, I nearly forgot.

You know Li Xiao-Mei

AND her daughter.



I've no further comment.

You must be afraid

that this shit will be made public?

Elite school teacher

and his female student

Digit, Data, Disk, Drive

Display, Decode, Debug, Delete

Digit, Data, Disk, Drive

Display, Decode, Debug, Delete

You killed her, didn't you?

Did you kill her?

You killed her, right?

What do you mean?

Stop acting innocent!

That human head

It didn't fall to the ground!

Where have you placed the body?

I found it... found it

Found it? So where did you hide it?

Where's the body gone? You retard!

I'm not a retard

Then tell me,

where's the body gone?

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

What are you doing for Master Lung?

Why is his phone in your pocket?

- Happy thoughts...
- Master Lung

Got to like it...

What're you saying?



It's G!

Hey, pick an alphabet.

What's your favourite alphabet?

Pick an alphabet?

Yes, an alphabet.


Tell me then,

and I'll tell you something.

Got to be my favourite?


Your favourite.

The happiest one.


Why is G good?

When I was a kid,

I thought G looked like a human head

with an open mouth.

It's scary.







You're such a geek!

Okay, G it is then.

But I hate G the most.

G G! G G!


is the Universal Gravitational Constant
or Newton's Constant.

What else?

It's the earth's cup size, Sir!

Since you like to make lousy puns,

then you must know what I'll say.

I don't know what's going on

except that you're using G to mock others.

But it's G

Isn't it obvious?

Are you forcing me to spell it out?


Kay and Yu-Ting, stand up please.

Stand up Up!

Gravity! Gravity! Gravity!

The students here get excellent grades.

But they're also really mean.

The boys are so horny.

The girls don't mind revealing
their bra cup sizes.

Of course you wouldn't mind!

You've nothing there to be laughed at!

The point is, she didn't fill in her own size.

My bust may be nothing compared with Kay's.

But I get the most attention in school.

My grades are good

and I sprint fast.

But what I'm really trying to say is

I'm not well liked.

I know they call me G behind my back.

G was meant to ridicule busty Kay.

But ever since her cup size grew,


became a joke just on me.

See how disgusting they look?

The future "elite" of our society.

Are you kidding me?

They are nothing but lowlifes.


You must know Chiu Yu-Ting?

...when you hate someone so much

that you want to kill her...

is that discrimination?

Deprivation of the right to live

is surely discrimination.


since that's already murder,

you can forget discrimination.

So now, for the boys.

Which of you jeered at the girls' busts

till they cry?

Everyone is in on it.


Punish everyone then.

Well, let's guess who's the snitch?

Who's got the balls?


they've all admitted to it.

But I don't find it funny at all.

Don and I didn't laugh.


He's autistic and laughs to himself all the time.

How'd you know if he laughed at them?

I didn't laugh.

Shut the fuck up

You snitched?

Trying to be the hero? Rat!

See, it's pretty clear.

The girls don't mind

and all the boys did jeer.

Then why did you ask me

to clarify this matter with everyone

in today's counselling class?

I meant to point out

that someone picked up the form,

found out who's G-cup,

and jeered at Kay about "gravity".

Let me add,

they're jeering at Kay about her sagging breasts.

We three aren't involved.

Yu-Ting merely helped Miss Lam.

She shouldn't be blamed.

That's why I reported it to you.

We're done with the boys' notion of G.

Time to talk about something unthinkable.


Yes, unthinkable.

Totally unexpected.


About the research on diseases Markus asked for,

what's "wai-ngaam" in English?


Stomach cancer?

Gastric cancer.

Gastric cancer

is often discovered late,

so you're no exception.

But it isn't hopeless.

Please seek treatment,

don't give up.

Mom told me

she wanted to name me Chung-Ting.

But the second I was born,

the incessant rain

suddenly stopped.

So instead, she named me


In Chinese, Yu means rain; Ting means stop.


Unexpected indeed.

Gastric cancer.

So, what is G?

Why is it a weakness?

G killed your mom, not you.

It's not your weakness, but your mom's.

My mom's...

Your mom died, not you.

She died of gastric cancer.

Why should they mock you?

They call me G

to mock at me,

not because of my mom.

There're many causes for gastric cancer,

but I'm very sure

it's this bitch

who killed my mom.

Miss, you can't smoke here.

You're Li Xiao-Mei?

How do you know my name?

I've known all along.


That's easy then.

Master Lung hasn't looked me up lately.

He promised me $50,000 for the abortion.

So where's he?

There's a child here,

let's not discuss this.


She isn't a child anymore.

The real child is the one in my belly.

Hey, where's your dad?

Mom, let's leave.

Leave? Does this run in the family?

Eat your fill and then leave?

You're a woman too, you should understand.

Do you think Master Lung cares?

Do you think I care?

I just need this resolved.

It's a life, you know.

Am I right?


wait here.

I will get the money from the ATM.

Trying to run off?

This is my name card.

Not even a fucking ID card.

Education Consultant?

Who cares!

Pretentious bitch.

Because of her, mom had to endure so much.

What's wrong with this world?

I should have killed her then.

Now it's tested.

The gun works.

Are you out of your mind?

Don't you cops warn before firing?

Can't you just shoot at the limbs?

Didn't you go to school?

Fuck you.

Who fucking cares about a Mainlander's death?

See anyone around?

No, right?

Let's go

Hey, are you just leaving him here?

Shouldn't we bury him?

Go on, take your photos!

But don't you dare touch me!

Take all you want!

Don't you dare come nearer!

Walk faster! Don't you whores have legs?

Whore Whore! Whore!

All you whores!

Master Lung, it's a good haul today.

I'll report the numbers to you at the station.

Just write it down yourself.

Where's the pimp?

This isn't a brothel so there's no keeper,
Master Lung.

The agent, moron!

There're three agents.

Two Hongkongers and

one Mainlander.

They rent the entire building.

The Mainlander is about 30-years-old.

Are these Steven's girls?

I've asked. No.

They've all just arrived from the Mainland.

Well, what else can they be?

Professional visa holders?


E your ass! I'm a G-cup!

G your ass!

Such thick pads! Go be a stuntman,
why don't you!

You guys head back to the station.

I'll stay to dig more information.

Got it.

Registered mail.


Hey! Let go of my hand!

Let go! It really hurts!

What're you doing?

It really hurts Let go!

Which school do you go to?

St Cassian's College.

Come here.

Get your ass over here!

The police has now
requisitioned your house, got it?

Requisitioned my house?


How about a drug charge?

House keys?

What do you want?

From now on, this place is mine.

Her time of death was 03:00AM.

I remember that sunset very well.

She said, all these years

she's changed a lot,

and so has the world.

The only thing unchanged

is nature.


at this young age,

many will tell you

how the world outside is like.

As we go on living our own lives,

many will continue to tell you

how big and complex

the world is.

So many challenges

and matters await you.

We go through so much,

but at the end of the day,

we come back to Mother Nature.

Just like the trees

and the ocean,

just like the birds

and the fish.

Mom, you say you won't give me answers

but will just ask me questions.


So what's the point of it all?

I remember

how mom is always teaching me.

She seldom spoke about herself.

When I think of her,

I recall her tutoring me.

I pick up her favourite book,

Dumas' La Dame aux Camelias.

She once told me

she read this book by the sea.

When she finished reading it,

she couldn't help but wept for a long time.

She said, in every era,

men, die in wars

while women, die in love.

That was the day Markus and I started.

Finally, something unrelated to G.


Markus's watch.


Was it the 2013 exam paper that you last tried?

I think so.

Alright, time's up.

Put down your pen.

Did my teeth hurt you?

Why is it taking so long?

In fact, I almost came.

Almost there.



Paper 2.

Good girl.

I never think about sex,

in fact, I even find it disgusting.

Me dating Markus

has nothing to do with sex.

But how we started

is ironically

somewhat sex-related.

That night at the hospital,

I cried till I fell asleep on his lap.

Waking up, I felt a thing hard in his pants.

It moved as I moved.

Then I smelled something pungent.

That was mom's last night.

As one life leaves,

another sign of life appears.

I realised then

that life and death is a natural cycle.

At that moment, I was healed.

La Dame aux Camelias



Alexandre Dumas

"I'm not shocked upon seeing

a prostitute's boudoir,

but curiously examine

every detail,

and find that these intricately carved objects

all bore

different initials

and coronets.

Looking at

one after another,

I recall in each

a separate shame.

Many may find it


but I sympathize with

these ladies of the night

and don't even want

to justify this compassion

to anyone.

One day, on my way to the Prefecture
for a passport,

I saw in a street,

a girl being escorted by two policemen.

I don't know

what wrong she's done

But she was weeping

as she kissed a little infant,

from whom her arrest

was to separate mother and child.

Since then, I've not dared

to despise a woman at first sight.

Why should we judge more severely than Christ?

Why, clinging to

the world's opinions,

which hardens itself

so that it may be deemed strong,

do we reject,

as it rejects,

souls bleeding at wounds

which may be healed.

Let me call out

to the people of this time,

don't despise the woman who's neither

mother, sister, daughter or wife.

It may seem arrogant

to make grand conclusions

from trivial discussions.

I believe everything comes from nothing.

Children, though naive,

are tomorrow's adults.

Our brain, though small,

contains infinite thoughts.

Our eyes, though small,

can see the horizon."

Hey, what're you doing?

"Loving mom strikes again"

"Join The Police, Fulfil Your Ambition"

"Why didn't the old lady
fight back with her breasts"

"What's conscience"

"White Orchid Revolution"

"Dark shadows fleeting pass"

"Revealed: The dark shadow is Master Lung"

"Dig out his family too;
akin to the international Waters Con Job"

"isn't it don't harm women and kids"

The plainclothes is a student's dad

I recognise him

Me too, let's call a meeting?

Report to Principal before
they know she's from our school

It'll be exposed anyway, meeting ASAP

Who'll tell Principal it's

Yu-Ting's father?

Her form teacher Markus should handle it

Why do students call him Daddy G

No one knows G's from this school

but they're seeking her out

Someone whom you know exposed you.

Most likely a student in this school

who dislikes you.

I don't blame you.

But in such a situation,

the school's reputation will be affected.

I didn't expect things to get so serious.

I'm sorry to have affected the school.


are you thinking I had someone film
and post it up?

I've always been a good student.

And I do well in all my commitments.

Why would I cause myself harm?

Once, a student attempting to show off

misbehaved online and got debunked.

The internet world may be infinite,

but when the school's affected,
you will be bound by its restraints.

You aren't the only good student around.

You have no privileges.

If you're of no use to the school,

we will forsake you in disappointment.

Before the press finds out,

talk to your father.

That's no point you being here,
why isn't he here?

Your dad asked me to be your guardian.

The school called so I'm here.

I was worried about you.

How funny,

you are my guardian?

Who the hell are you?


please don't act up yet.

Talk to your father first.

Yu-Ting's matters concern me too,
so do contact me anytime.

I am aware of her family situation.

Helping her iron things out with her parents

is also my duty.

What's wrong with you two?

It's none of her business!
I'll talk to dad myself

Stop treating me like a delinquent.

Didn't you say your mom's very proper?

She is.

She's highly-qualified

but gave up a Principal post

to care for my studies.

Why are you asking this again?

Nothing really...

...it's just that Mei seems rather...

Why the sudden questioning?

Do you despise me

like how all of them do?

Look carefully.

I am a former sex-worker.


What sex-worker?

You are just a whore!

Principal, must you be so blunt?

I've already admitted I'm a former sex-worker.

I came 'cos I care about Yu-Ting!

Mei and your mom are two extremes.

How observant of you!

Can you drop the attitude, please?

I don't despise you.

I'm just curious

why your father chose...

...such different women?

It doesn't make sense.

So what?

Do I have a choice?

Dad rebuked me for being nosy!

He says his house is under one country,
two systems!

Does one country, two systems make sense?

Does us being together make sense?

Does student sucking teacher's dick make sense?

Can you please calm down?

Even though I'm just a student,

but as a girl constantly bugged by boys,

- I know that
- "Do you want to see me?"

How guys feel towards girls...

...always starts from SEX.

Research shows, girls fall in love in two weeks

but boys do so in just seconds.

What can one know in a few seconds?

Like normal couples,

we behave sweetly towards each other.

But he insists he won't make love to me.

So we resort to only oral sex.

I know why he's doing this,

but sometimes, we both know it's not enough.

Once, distracted in class, he wrote

"Oral" Test instead of "Aural" Test.

I just want you to use the word "Quiz" more.

But, it's our aural test tomorrow.

Why are you obsessed with the word "oral"?

The whole class laughed their asses off.

Only I knew what had triggered it.

After that incident, we had to

find another way to say "oral sex"

without exposing our secret.

It's so gross to say it in Chinese,

terms such as "playing the flute",
"suck my dick"...

In English, we usually say "oral" or "blowjob".

Just that.

Anything else?

It really isn't any nobler in English.

How about "give head", "giving head"...

these seem subtler, less gross.


Even though he spouts quotes and idioms,

he's actually really shallow.

And his misdeeds outside caused us harm.

I really can't stand him anymore.

I almost took the bitch for mom,

seeing her wear a girdle like hers.

I missed mom so much, I cried.

Even their moans sounded the same.

I miss mom so much.

Stop it, how annoying.

How can it be G again.

Bingo, it's G again.


aren't you a G too, sexually?

Such a coincidence.

Are you saying I'm gay?

You are disqualified!

Do you deny it? Aren't you gay?

I'm close to you only 'cos I thought you're gay.

I trust that you will keep my secrets safe.

Yes, only I know your secrets.

What's wrong with being gay?

I wish they thought I'm a lesbian.

Then there'll be less gossip.

Hey, want to blow something?


Would you blow something stinky?

Of course it's tasty gum

You want it, don't you?

What flavour is it?

Who cares about the flavour?

Just chew it...

chew till it's hard, then spit it out.


It's nice, right?

You will be asking for more!

"This chick's the Ultimate Blowjob Queen.

I decided to give her a try the other day.

We chatted as usual at the door, and

kissed casually

but no shower blowjob?!

This whole time she chewed gum.

Is she the real deal?

As I started moaning

and sat down for her to suck,

all of a sudden, I "got it",

as she pulled out the gum

with her dentures stuck to it!

What the fuck How far can one go

for a blowjob?

Still think slurping sounds are the best?

Have you seen 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Sometimes, silence is golden...

The name "Gum Ping Mei" may be funny,

but I can't laugh at all.

Bad news spreads far.

Babe, how much for a two-times-blowjob?

I have a brother! How about buy-1 -get-1 -free?

It seems the whole world knew.

You do remember quite a lot.

The doctor really said you're amnesiac?

Apart from having cognitive disorder,

you are also fucking stupid.

You still don't get "short-term memory", do you?

What else do you remember about Mei?

Ah, you live here?

Yes, who are you looking for?

I just moved here

and wanted to greet my sisters.

Oh, most of them have moved out.

Don't worry kid, I'm harmless.

I cooked something, do you want some?

Come in then.

Have a seat.

Where's your family?

Family who is never home isn't family.

A sister was sick and had to quit.

So she handed the place over to me.

Beware of the cops and don't answer their door.

Do you attend music school?

There's none in Hong Kong.

I'm just at a local school.

Is it St Cassian's College? Yu-Ting

Do you know her? Is she your classmate?

Be careful, you may turn deaf.

That's how classical music
with high dynamic range sounds.

Can you understand it? Isn't it boring?

I think simple is boring.

You must be smart if you listen to this.

But why are you last in class?

I won't be continuing with school.

It has become meaningless.


What's after 1-2-4?

Why can't it be 7?

Why 7?

Add 1, then 2, and then 3 to each digit, that's 7.

Or why not 1-2-4, 1-2-4, 1-2-4?

See, what's the point of studying?

When I first came to Hong Kong,

I thought having a family would make me happy.

I realise now that with my background,

it's no difference from being alone.

She thought her mom died because of me.

She hates me so much she wants to kill me.

Come over when you're free, we can eat and chat.

It's alright.

I've a girlfriend.

By the way, thanks for the food.

Your girlfriend...

can't be Yu-Ting, right?

What's your relationship with Chiu Yu-Ting?

I would like to play her a piece of music.

Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 in G.

The very first note is G.

The first time I played perfectly with no errors

was in fact to Mei.

Since the first meeting,

she'd come over from time to time.

She would talk about herself endlessly.

But that day, she was different.

She was sad, so I played for her,

hoping she would like it.

I never imagined,

that a woman who's been through so much,

would get so emotional.

I thought she'd be numbed by now.


St Cassian's College is one of
Hong Kong's elite schools.

We won't tolerate scum like you.

Is whoring the worst sin?

Why am I getting fucked

and abused by you?

I can't be a mother!

Why can't I become a mother?

I'm human!

Did I do anything wrong?

I'm just trying to be a mother, is that wrong?

What gives you Hong Kong people

the right to despise me?

Are you better than us?

Am I not human?

I'm human too!

I need to work.

Why do you treat me this way?

Why do you treat me this way?

I have no friends at all.

If you aren't a loser,

you can be like me, you don't need any friends.

Only losers need friends.

Only losers look for friends

to talk crap, gossip and fool around.

I don't need to vent.

When I feel down, I play the cello.

Things of value can't be found in the real world.

They can only be found in nature,
films, literature and arts.

They've disregarded Hong Kong
ever since I was little.

One's in SE Asia; the other's
in the Mainland earning money.

Music is all you care about, never your family!

You're the one leaving, not me!

So who's ditching the family?

Can music make money?

You don't know shit!

What's the big deal about making money?

Should I buy flats all over like you?

Then live in them all or just leave them empty?

Where the hell is your home?

Home is where the family is!

Then why're you both living apart?

Get the fuck out!




Sit, Gustav.

Gustav, good boy


Isn't it Guts-tav?

You must be Guts-tav?

That's not an English name.

It's Gustav, not Guts-tav.

He's Gustav.

But this Goo-something is you, right?

Can a dog go on an online forum?

Oh, only a fanatic dog will attack everyone.

Gustav? Goo your ass

Are you done looking?

Don't you just love backing Yu-Ting up,
you fucking loner?

Even her whoring mom has more
friends than you in Hong Kong.

So you guys must be

the moral extremists.

Didn't you say don't harm women and children?

How about harming the dog?

You must be used to it anyway, fucking dog!

Wanna flee, dog?

Trying to flee?

1! 2! 3! 4!

5! 6! 7! 8!

9! 10! 11!

37! 38! 39!

40! 41! 42!

Guts! Guts!


- 49!
- Guts!

51! 52!


Was Don calling the dog

or encouraging me to fight back?

But his shouts woke me up.

Hit all you want, I won't flee like my parents.


He's Gustav, not Guts.

Bad times? Well, I won't leave.

I'll stay in this school

till I have mastered the piece

and play it perfectly for her.

Is the name Gustav too pretentious?

I will call you Guts from now on.

People view Hong Kong a certain way.

But Hong Kong is rotting.

There're many ghettos like this.

And because of Master Lung,

all kinds of dubious dealings

and scumbags...

None of your business.

...gather at my place.

Don't move!

His lackeys are like crooks more than cops.

Hygiene inspectors

Undercover cops

Triad big brothers

Drug dealers

Mainland nouveau riche


Political thugs

Legislative Council members

Advisors for the rich



Human traffickers

Escape drivers



Any crook imaginable has been here.

Master Lung may be the Hong Kong police,

but all his deeds are arrestable of fences.

Comparing to corrupted cops being shamed online,

the bad deeds here
will draw 7mil people onto the streets!

But I don't actually hate him.

Though his deeds are not righteous,

he hasn't done anything really evil.

He just makes money in the underworld.

Shut up

Sometimes he even mediates their disputes.

I'm on the phone!

As rotten as he is,

he has his principles.

I even admire him somewhat.

Please vote for Candidate No. 7

Every society has an underbelly.

The darker the underbelly,
the prettier the top layer.

Just look at the Mainland.

People who control the rules of the underworld

are men like Master Lung.

I don't know if I belong to the aboveground

but Master Lung keeps me out of his affairs.

Many think Hong Kong is getting better.

As a long-time red-light district resident,

I can tell you for sure,

Hong Kong is getting worse.

You've done wrong.

I found him out,

so I reported him to the department head.

Head? Where do you think the head is?

The head is now over here!

There are people you mustn't catch.

When you catch them rightfully,
you've done wrong.

Everyday, Master Lung does this one thing

religiously after work.

What a highly disciplined man.

And I know discipline is a

key factor to success.

Much like performing music.

I'm at the Gym, send a girl up.

Anyone will be shocked

at the many bribes Master Lung accepts.

But what he does after work
is the real crazy shit.

I can't pretend not to see it.

But whenever the girls' and my eyes meet,

I get goose bumps.

To calm myself,

I play the cello

and pretend they don't exist.

Those girls are probably more shocked.

At times, they stare at me with eyes wide open,

as if flirting with me.

Some seem to pity me.

What the hell is this? Madness!
What's going on?

Am I making background music for them?

I wonder which is crazier,

him fucking in front of me playing cello

or me playing cello watching him fuck?

Drug-dealing makes money.

Whoring makes money.

Murder and arson make money.

In Hong Kong, even a cop

shooting upskirt

beating innocent citizens

taking bribes, lynching

molesting girls

or raping witnesses makes money.

Even a corrupt Chief Executive who orders

to shoot citizens makes money.

Only music-playing can't make a living!

And then those old jerks

call us wasted youths

Whenever I fuck, you play the cello.

Whenever I play the cello, you fuck.

Well, I need an audience.

Isn't fucking in front of people

shameful to you?

You're fucking selfish.

We share a common space, okay?

Certain acts need an audience

or you won't know if you've done

them well or right.

Doing everything under wraps

is just like masturbating!

So do you think you've done right?

You do realise cello-playing is fucking useless.

So why still do it?

Do you adults

do everything solely for benefits?

My father also said cello-playing is useless.

You do know it is fucking useless, right?

If you think it's useful, play it for people.

Don't just keep jerking off here.

I just want to practice more.

Until fucking when?

Tell you what,

when you have guts
to play to an audience, I'll leave.

You cops really like to shirk responsibilities.

Fucking bullshit! You can tell that

those I fuck with are all scum.

Well, but you fuck me up too.

Wow, that's really heavy duty.

I never meant to fuck with you, okay?

"The world is yours, as well as ours,

but at the end of the day,
it is yours." (Mao Tse Tung)

Am I doing right? It's your call, audience!

So, you do know Don?

Don and Yu-Ting are of the same level,

both are as famous.

Isn't he from a higher standard?

He's much older than you.

Being 2 or 3 years older

doesn't mean he will be in a higher standard.

When I say they are of the same level,

I mean they're equally well-known.

Are you talking about someone else?

I'm referring to the retard,

that autistic guy, Don.

Retard? His IQ is definitely higher than yours.

He has Asperger's.

You seem to know him well?

The cyber cafe chain Gigaboy

is owned by his family.

He's an idol.

GTR! You're so cool, Don!

You mean they're lovers?

They aren't lovers.

How about you?

You said you want to play her the piece.

Are you going after her?

Yu-Ting already has someone she likes.

And Don is most likely gay.

Everyone in school says so.

How so?

Don's GTR only takes boys.

For a fact, even his close pal Yu-Ting

hasn't sat in his car.

Those idiots worship him like a god.

They flatter him only because he's rich.

But the girls...

Sir, Don isn't normal.

Will you get into his car?

Retard, I've sent you some addresses.

Fix them up like the rest, understand?

I understand.

Tell the girls at the door

Steven sent you

and they'll let you in.

Remember, don't fucking
say Master Lung, say Steven.

It's not Master Lung, it's Steven.

This idea of yours is fucking better than porn.

Right, retard?

Oh, that's a big one.

So you aren't retarded after all.

I told you, I'm not a retard.

Zoom in on that woman!

Zoom in!

How did you find this?

Lung... no, I googled Gum Ping Mei.

Do you know why I keep downing water?

Downing water?

Because you aren't well?

When you aren't well, drink water.

Drink water and you'll be well.

When you aren't well, drink water.

Drink water and you'll be well.

...be well... when you aren't well again,
drink water again.

Drink water and you'll be well.

My throat's been hurting.

A sore throat means you aren't well.

When you aren't well, drink water.

Drink water and you'll be well.

Downing water means you aren't well

When you aren't well, you must drink water.

Drink water and you'll be well.

Downing water means you aren't well

The doctor says

it's gonorrhoea pharyngitis.


Gonorrhoea means you aren't well.

When you aren't well, drink water.

Drink water and you'll be well.

Gonorrhoea means you aren't well.

When you aren't well, drink water.

Drink water and you'll be well.

Gonorrhoea means you aren't well.

When you aren't well, drink water.

Drinking water doesn't help!

Do you know what's gonorrhoea?


Gonorrhoea means you aren't well!

When you aren't well, drink water!

Gonorrhoea means you aren't well!

When you aren't well, you must drink water!

Gonorrhoea! Gonorrhoea!


"Are you coming over tonight?"

"I'll never come again."


Over here... found it?

I found it.


It didn't fall to the ground.

Didn't fall to the ground?

Yes, it didn't fall to the ground, I found it.

Put it down and raise your hands!

Don't fucking move!

Don't fucking move!

It didn't fall to the ground.

Everything's here, nothing's missing.

Don't move!

I wasn't sent by Master Lung.

Steven sent me.

Found the head.

I know the head is here.

I'm asking you where's the body?

Answer me! Where's the body?


G-l-G-A... what's that?

What's that?


What is Gigaboy?




Digit, Data, Display, Disk, Drive

Digit, Data, Display

Decode, Debug, Delete, Digit

Digit, Data, Disk, Drive

Display, Data, Delete, Decode

Son of a bitch! You fucking with us?

The body's not at Gigaboy!

Not at Gigaboy... it's disqualified...

You've been helping Master Lung, right?

Filming the whores secretly for money, right?

Fuck you

Do you think everyone dares to hire hookers?

Upload these videos, they'll be a hit online

Fucking retard!



Mainland bitches can't be trusted!

Can't be trusted!

Let General teach you a saying today!

Rotten wood can't be sculpted!

Can't be sculpted!

What "General"?

Why is his phone with you?

Did you betray General, steal his phone

and kill the woman?

Listen carefully, I'll say this only once.

Do all as you're told, got it?


Quickly move her body into the car,

then drive it to the shop.

Then return to 6G and find her head.

Your head?

Her head! Stupid!

The whole head!

I want the entire head intact!

Nothing missing, got it?

The whole thing, nothing missing.

If you make a mistake,

I'll disclose all the bad deeds
you've done for me!



Will you obey all General's commands?

Screw it up and you're dead!


Come on, even if I screw up, you're a cop!

Did I kill her? Did I?

Go Before it gets worse! Just go!

Hide the body and find her head.

Nothing missing.

Have u seen 2001: A Space Odyssey?


She's also completely silent.



Master Lung was afraid I would debunk him,

that's why he left so hastily.

He must have made Don do the rest.

How's work?

Not bad.

Since you came by the school

Let's not talk about that.

Feeling stressed out lately?


so I'm here to relax.

Prestigious school teacher

...gets on with student

...and her hooker mom

Surely you don't want this publicized?

I have nothing more to add.

Where's Chiu Yu-Ting?

You're worse than a piece of shit!

How did a scumbag like you become a teacher?

You fucking phony!

You fuck your own student?

You know her mom's a hooker,

and you still hired her services!

Chiu Yu-Ting missing must be your doing!

Fuck you, where's Chiu Yu-Ting?

Say it! Did you kill her too?

I don't know! Yu-Ting said she's very sad,

she wanted to go away for a while.

Her father Master Lung abuses Mei every day.

That's all I know.

You pervert!

You want a blowjob?
Can't get erected without one?

I'll blow you till you explode!

How about taking on mom
and daughter at the same time?


Are you reaching orgasm?

Are you coming yet? Come! Ejaculate!

I took her to my church group!

They deserve salvation! They accepted God!

Trust in the Lord and be saved!

He's able, He's able, I know He's able

I know God's able to carry me through.

He's able, He's able, I know He's able.

I know God's able to carry me through...


Mom... died a while back.


She petitioned repeatedly in Beijing

but in vain.

So she lobbied signs on the streets

but got arrested.

She was then injected with mental drugs

and died.


Ah... good girl...

You played better than the last time.

It's beautiful, thank you.

So then... you must have seen Mei?

I was at the corridor listening
but didn't see her.

Somehow, I sensed it was you playing,
so I knocked.

And I met her sister instead.

She said her name's Yan.

I wondered then why she was there.

And she seemed to know me?

It felt strange

But as I was leaving,

I saw something at the door.

I opened and read it.

"Maybe the tainted can never be cleansed.

Take this $300 back for a new chair.

Remember to keep your purity... forever.

- Mei"

I didn't know how to thank her.

I thought she needed money for a new life

and that I was showing her some respect.

People say life's like a dream,
but I say life's just a dream.

In a brief moment,
you are joyful and excited.

For a brief existence,
you are sad and miserable.

Kings are to be worshipped,
beggars are to be despised.

Icy cold on the mountain top,
treasures at the sea bottom.

When you wake up, your life's over.

That's how I joined the trade

and danced for more than 10 years.

This is considered music too, right?

Sure it is.

As long as it makes people happy, it is music.

Hopefully she's now where she wants to be.

She said she really wanted to go home.

But no one's there anymore.

I'm going to see your mom.

She was diagnosed on 15th Dec 2014,

but he goes looking for her in 2018.

What's the point?

Everyone said he changed;
he and Mei were mismatched.

I think he and mom were the real mismatch.

People define regression as a form of mutation.

Actually, the good times are the illusions.

What we call regression,

is actually returning to our original state.

But it seems it's due to me that he and Mei...

I'm sorry.

You weren't wrong.
All you did was practice your cello.

Yes, all I ever wanted was to play it well.

To me, doing my best in what I want to do most

equates to doing everything well.

Nothing else matters.

Really? Nothing else but playing the cello?

To play it for you.

That's it.

Do you know why they call you G behind your back?

'Cos Mei's a "prostitute" (sounds like G).

Why are you laughing so cheekily? Tell me!

So why do they jeer at me?

They're mocking you

'cos you're flat-chested.

The bustiest, Kay, is G.

And you, the flattest, are G too!

Go to hell! I'm not a G-cup!

It's obvious you aren't.

So why fancy me?

Pick another alphabet, what am I?

It's still G.

My favourite piece is Bach's Cello Suite

No. 1 in G Major.

The first note

is G.

And the last note?

It's also G.

Let's go.