G - Zombie (2021) - full transcript

G-zombie tells the story of a team of young doctors who invent a vaccine to restrict the spreading of contagious diseases until Zombies get in the way.

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Hello… Welcome to Irendri News…

Breaking New.

The savage villain for dastardly
defiling the innocent woman.

The Supreme Court has at last sentenced.

Recommending and sending the beast,
who will be hanged in a few days...

to the famous and renowned doctor in India Dr.
Aditya for treatment has become a hot topic.

Sara… Sara… Sara…

For last few days, at every nook and corner and on everybody lips,

this Junior doctor Sara’s name reverberated all over India.

She is the student of the Dr. Aditya.

Under his able guidance, she has
successfully carried out many experiments.

The Prime Minister our country has congratulated her for being

applauded by Cambridge University for her outstanding experiments.

Doctor Sara has declared that she will bring about
ground-breaking changes in the medical field.

Experts opined that in the years to come,
there will be only bio-wars.

Tell Sara…

I just wanted to speak to you about the
research I have submitted to you, sir.

I have read it, Sara. It’s very nice.

Your idea of immunity booster, so that people will
not get affected by contagious diseases, is very good.

Thank you very much, sir.

But only you can help us take this forward.


that criminal is going to be hanged on 10th.

So, we have very less time.

Ok, Sara.

I’ll update you by tomorrow.
-Thank you, sir.

What to do?

Is it necessary to take this much risk?

Sara is undoubtedly, a brilliant student…

Ok. I’ll call DGP and see.
He will give a right advice.

Is it necessary to tell
about this thing now?


How about taking his advice,
without revealing about this thing?


Yes, did you remember your best friend now.

How are you?

I am fine, brother.

How are you?

You already know…

My whole time is revolving
around hospital and research lab.

How is every one at home?

We are fine.
Everyone is in good health, brother.

I want a small suggestion from you.

I anticipated when you called me. I thought
what about him? Why is he calling me now?

That is...

If 10 members benefit and 1 bad guy suffers
injustice, as a consequence of one thing….

would you say it is Ok?

I don’t know what you are referring to…

but if 10 members get profited,
then anything can be done?

Moreover, you are saying that a
rogue will get victimized, right?

Don’t think too much…

Call me, if you need my help.


Find some time and come home.

Sure. I’ll call you again.


He is also of the opinion that it is Ok.

So, it looks there is nothing wrong,
even if we take some risks.


is it safe to send that criminal with them?

I have to send someone with them.



there will be no problem,
if Rudra accompanies them.

Rudra? What are you doing?

Hey, to hit the ball I deliver,
someone from top should come and play?

Hey, give that ball, buddy.

Hey, give that ball, buddy.

You said there will be 4, there are 6 here.

6 members??? Can you manage, bro?

I am not only a doctor...

I am a fighter too.

Hey, give that ball, bro.

Take it.

Hey, from where you have come? You have
come to our place and thrashing our friends?

You eve tease ladies?

You are not connected
with this issue… get out

Hey Ganesh, gulp him like fish.

Hey... you...

You are not connected with this problem.
If you poke your nose in this…..

Hey Somu, at least you beat him.

Hey, you come…
-Coming, bro…


you were saying something earlier… fish?
-I didn’t say anything, bro.

Cat?? Something you said?
-No… I didn’t say anything, bro.

Hey, who are you?
Why are you beating us? Hey, you only?

Hey, you wait, bro…


You don’t know, why I am thrashing you?


He appears lean like a broomstick.
How did he beat us like that?

He applied technique in thrashing us?

He can beat an additional 6
members apart from the 6 of us.

Where is this Rudra? What is he doing?

Let’s try one more time.

Hello Rudra!!
-Hello sir?

I need a small favor from you.

Tell me sir.

You have an idea about the
research done by Sara, right?

I know, sir.

If you go with them, I will have confidence.

Is it Ok?

Sir... but isn’t it risky?

See Rudra...

even if it is risky,
it is all for a good cause.

I will take with Sara and others.


If any problems arise there,
I’ll will take care of them.


you to accompany Sara’s team at any cost.

Is it ok?

Ok, sir.

Anything for you.

Sara, I am coming.

even you cannot stop me…
from coming near you…

A bag was there on that day…
flies are swarming around it…

searching what is inside
it… we found a scorpion.

Cracked a big joke??

A very big joke?

That day bag…

-Hello, sir?


we are doing this.

Yeh… finally…

But on one condition…

Come on...

wait … wait…

-Tell sir…

You have to carry this experiment
in the place stipulated by me.

Keep it very confidential…
-Ok…Sure, sir.

Whatever happens, it should stay between us?

And one more thing…

Rudra will accompany you.


Sara, what happened, Sara?
- Say yes to sir.


are you there?

Hey, tell sir, it’s ok…
-tell ok…tell ok…. Tell ok…

Ok, sir.

Fine then.

I will make all the arrangements you need.

Hey, yes man… Yes….
Yes… lets rock it….

Hey, you already arrived…

Hi Rudra…
-Hi Rudra…


I thought someone else would come…
what bro, you came? Go, man…

Hey guys….

They might call it Fate …

There is a no connection between
me and your experiment…

but, I am coming with you tomorrow.


Madam, my name is Vaikuntam.


Madam, I heard your conversation
with your professor, yesterday.


Who are you? What do you want?

I am not calling you either to
frighten or to blackmail, madam.

I called you to explain my suffering.

My wife is pregnant.

I recently lost my job.

I don’t have money to buy medicines.

When I am clueless about what to do,
I saw you talking to your professor.

With great difficulty,
I found out your number, madam.

Now, what do you want?

Instead of taking so much risk and
testing on some other person...

please test it on me, madam.

Please, help me financially a little bit.

I’ll help you.

But for that you don’t
need to risk your life.

I have no hope in life, madam.

Because, I am going to die in a few days.

What are you saying?


I have cancer, madam.

I don’t know whether I will be alive
or not till my wife’s delivery, madam.

Vaikuntam, I will call you back again.

Ok, madam.

Who is he?

Some Viakuntam, it seems.

He says, he has listened to the whole
of my conversation with professor.

So, we have to take him with us.

But, can we believe him?


Professor sir told us to
keep all this secret, right?

If we don’t take him with us, there
is chance that information may leak out.

After that, it’s up to you.

First call and ask him to come…

Hello Madam?

Vaikuntam, I will tell you a place…

You come over there….

Ok, Madam.


no one should know about this thing.

Ok, madam.


because of the trust I have on you.
I am taking this risk.

To conduct this experiment,
I am sending you all to secluded place.

Okay Sir.

Sara told that she needs only
one day for the experiment.

I’ll use the body double and
manage the issue for one day.

He is a very notorious criminal.

So, please take care of them.

If the news is leaked to the media,
we all are finished.

Sure sir. I’ll take care.

Good luck.
-Thank you, sir.

He has come not only in
to my personal life...

but has set his foot in
my professional life too.

As the saying goes, the earth is round;
he has come back to me again.

See his style!

Giving buildup as if he is
the savior of this world.

Anyhow, why Aditya sir trusts him so much?

Won’t leave alone?

Arrogance hasn’t diminished
a wee bit for the jerk.

Oh God!

See how he is sitting,
just like a big ruffian?

How I sat doesn't matter?

This ruffian only will rescue you,
every time.

I will see,
how many days you won’t talk to me?

No remorse that relationship has broken.

If relationship broke, should I feel sorry.

Those days are gone, when men use
to grow beard, because of break up.

Can talk, right?

You can talk…. Why so much ego for you?

Oh!! Feeling like celestial nymphet.

What?? Where am I?

Who are you all?

Where are you taking me?

Tell me… who are you?

Tell…. Tell me…

Who are you all?

Ok… ok…

You freak... don't change…

Not like this….
I will put tape on your mouth.

Now, you talk.


I will kill you…

Had a good slap, huh?

Brother, please stop there.


I asked you to come alone, right?
Who is she?

Madam! she is my wife, madam.

She is pregnant.

Apart from me,
she doesn’t have any relations.

Hey bro, we are not going for picnic…

why are you bring whole of your family?

Ok… Get in quickly.


Move aside…
-Ok… will move aside…

How many months pregnant?
-7th month, madam.

Why did you bring her at
such a delicate moment?

Apart from him, I don’t have anyone in this
world. I didn’t stay alone, without him, ever.

You also didn’t like to
stay without me either, right?



Because, I didn’t lift your call for 1
hour… you torture my friends with your calls?

I was in library…

You always hang out with this useless batch,

Thought you may be with them so,
I called them.


don’t have time to take the call
and talk for these useless fellows!

Is it?

Wait…then what about this status?

My darling went missing for the past 1 hour… If
anyone knows about the whereabouts, please inform me?

What is this, bro?

You are disturbing me a lot, Rudra?

Sweetheart, Won’t your mummy call everyone and
inquire, if your daddy won’t receive her calls?

Are my mummy and you, one and the same?

Whatever be the relation,
love is same, right?


If my love is a distraction to you,
tell me, I will never disturb you again.

When did you ever leave me alone?

Within 1 hour after berating you...
you come searching me again.

Thinking internet is available for free, don’t
use social media for such petty things, bro.

Hey, Go man…

He will not change.

I am missing your love.

Aren’t you responsible for all this?


Rudra, what is this? Are you mad?
What’s wrong with you?

What’s wrong with me!!!

Does love mean that we have to
always be in each other’s arms?

I can’t be like that. I have a goal to
achieve. I can’t set it aside for you.

Ok. Don’t set aside. Now who said that.

I am getting disturbed the way you are tag
along behind me... showering your love.

So, what do you say now?

Please stay away from for few days.

Leave me alone.

We give our heart to you… you
instead give us the back of your hand.

Good bye.

What is this? They have placed siren here.

(Song Humming)

Who will bring him?

You can bring him….

Nothing…. I will bring him, myself…

Shall we get down.

Hello Madam.

Hello, Sir...

Come man…

Get up…. Come…


Hi, I am Acharya,
in-charge of this institute…

These are my assistants, Bunty and Chunty…







Priya, Arka, Prabha and...



He is Agneya.
-Wait bro…

I am Agneya, son of fire…
-What?? He looks different…

Can we make a move…?

I forgot to ask you bro,
why police siren is here?

Actually, this is an engineering college.

We re-modelling this into a Medical college.
Renovation process is going on.

Because it is situated on the city outskirts,
this much of security has become mandatory.

Well… this is the locker room.

You all have to hand over your cell phones here.
We don’t allow anyone to carry mobiles inside.

And you won’t signal inside.

If you want to call anyone,
you have to call from this landline only…

You are telling that there won’t be signal
inside, then why to keep our cell phones here.

Actually, Aditya sir has issued a directive
to collect all your phones and keep them here.



take out your mobiles.

And one more important information…

whoever calls whomsoever, their every call gets recorded
here and it will directly get relayed to Aditya sir.

Is it? Any more, bro…

does even our bathing in the
bathroom gets recorded, huh??

Of all the people here… who want see,
you taking a bath? Move…

Don’t want to see your performance, bro…

We are here to give performance, bro….
take it… let’s move.

Aditya sir has made all the necessary
arrangements you may require.

Especially, he has asked you
monitor that criminal very strictly.


Let’s move… we will see the lab.

man… you have become my inamorata….

We, ourselves have arranged everything
that you need for your experiment.

And he is Pavan.


Whatever lab equipment you may need further for
your experiment, he will assist you with that?

Then who are these people?

They are my assistants. Tittu and Phani.

-Hi, sir…

What is the next step, bro?
-Why are you still dragging him behind you?

Go tie him up there and come…
-Why?? You want freshen up….

Nothing, we will tie him and come…

You come man.

You come man… you are bothering
me from morning onwards.

You Idiot.

come…. come…


Give the rope….
-Take it.


He seems to have so much strength…




will you complete it today?
How long will you do it?

I’ll complete it today, Madam.

Ooh…angry for questioning.

Old woman is nagging always….

Hey you… will you just keeping rotating???
flies will go inside…close your mouth.

I have employed morons… I
have to do everything, myself.

Snacks… any item….

You can order your favorite food without hesitation…
-Looks its very big canteen…

Guys. She is Satyabhama…

the cook, who prepares food for us.

Satyabhama ma’am, I told you already….
These are the people.

Hello grandma…

What??? Grandma?? You black fellow.

Not black fellow…. Agneya, son of fire.

Anyway... how come they christened you,
away from the present trend, as Agneya?

He has turned black because
of that fire only…

Ok… Ok… there are
some restrictions here.

I love neatness very much.

I don’t even come out of the room, fearing
that there won’t be neatness outside.

I even divorced my husband,
as he didn’t maintained orderliness.

Till the time you are here,
you have to maintain cleanliness. Got it.

Grandma, your OCD reached peaks.

Hey Black fellow, not Grandma….
Call me Satyabhama.

Pronounce 'Bha...'


Ok. If you want anything, inform my assistants. They
will in turn inform me and I’ll prepare the food.

Once I finish preparing, I’ll inform you.
Then come and eat.

Understood? Ok. Let’s move…


Hey bro, do you need all these arrangements
and build up for your trivial experiment?

-It’s Ok… come.

If temperature is normal, we can proceed.

We have virus ready.

Hah… Ok….

Is everything ok?


So, guys first we will administer
this immunity booster to him.

After 20 minutes,
we will inject virus into his body.

Ok Ok…

Shut up your mouth...

Why did you bring me here? Tell me….
Tell me…. Said death by hanging….

What is this punishment to me???

This is not a punishment…. It is our
benefaction to wipe a little of your sin.

Benefaction??? What are you talking?

I am petrified…please
untie me… please…

please take me to jail… please… please.

Go and shut his mouth…
-Take me….

Hey… Hey… what are you doing? Kill him?

Bro, it seems he is going to kill him.

Hey…. hey…. I asked you shut
his mouth…. Not kill him…

plastering a tape over
his mouth will be enough.


I feel very apprehensive… I don’t
understand what they are doing….

Don’t worry…. Ok.

So, Guys, I think it’s the
time to inject the virus now.

So, Guys, let’s wait for the
results until tomorrow morning.

Hey, what is that eating, as if the
world’s entire famine is in your plate?

No one will snatch your plate from you.

At least wipe your mouth…


Nasty fellow.

Hey, Jeshu, serve the food….

Sidhu, serve water to all….

Hey, serve to that pregnant lady…
-Ok Madam…

Eat to your utmost satisfaction….
And eat in pleasing manner.

Very delicious….

psst…this disgusting fellow…

Ma’am, can you serve some sambhar, please…
-Sure… I will bring it…

Serve it, bro…

Rudra, I want to talk to you…


Not here… come outside…

If I said, get out in a fit of moment… will you really
break our relationship and disappear from my life…

That day, when I didn’t talk to you for just 1
hour, you called all my friends and harassed them.

Is all that a hogwash?

Are all you boys like that?

Always big on promises and tall
talk… but forget very easily.

Even now, when I am speaking all this,
you are not able to understand my feelings…

When you say get out…
we have to go and again...

when you seek us…we have come, right?

Don’t cry…

Don’t cry…

You coward….

What happened??

What happened? Tell…

What happened?
-He screamed, bro…

Hey black fellow, why did you scream?

What is this? Remove your hand…

We have all submitted our
mobiles at the locker room.

Then what is this??

This is...

This is another phone… brought
along with me to view movies.

There will be no signal here… then
how did you think of seeing movies here.

Not to waste mobile data,
I downloaded movies using wi-fi at home.

Hence, able to see movies…

Enough of viewing movies… Now
sleep… We have a lot of work tomorrow.

Good night, bro…
-Fine, bro…

If this fellow does any extra things,
give him a tight slap.

Good night, bro.

You??? Now go to sleep…

All because of this fellow.

We would have married happily…
She has brought me here…

What insanity she has for these experiments?

At last, she has made me watchman….
All fate…

Good Morning, sir….
-Good Morning…

Wow!!! How sexy is the girl?
-She is very hot….

You rogues’ …wait I am coming…

Wow!! Wow!! Sexy!!
Feels the urge to eat her…


Rudra, please help me a little.

She says no one should disturb any one…

but she disturbs everyone…



Looking at them, don’t you reminisce,
we were like them once.


Where is every one?

Duh… no one has any responsibility?

I have to look after everything. I am waiting for the
experimental result…seems no one else is interested…

Aah…what did you say?

Nothing… thinking of going upstairs.

Hey Viakuntam, sitting leisurely and talking, huh?
-Wait… one second…

Ok. Let’s move, sir… One second…

you go to room… I’ll come just now.

You come, man.

Hey, how sexy is she? How curvaceous her
waist is? He has come and disturbed us…

Hey, what are you doing all of you?
What work you have with these people, go?

Ok, sir.

Guys, what I told you to do?


Oh my God!!!

Ok, sir.

You come with me…

However criminal he may be…
he is also a human, right?

Doesn’t he feel urge to
go to toilet in the morning.

What to do? I have to look out everything.

Yoo… you come, man.

I am coming… you proceed, sir.

Who are you?
Haven’t seen you the whole of yesterday.

I am a peon here, sir.

Had to drink a little because
of heavy work in the night, sir.

So, slept yesterday, sir.

Ok. I have a lot of work for you.
Come with me…

Ok, sir…
-Come quickly, man….

You come…

Hey what is his problem?

You untie those knots…
-Ok, sir…

What man, you have more black than me?

What happened to those eyes?
They have become so white…

Move… Move, bro…

What happened, bro?

Our experiment failed, bro…

Let’s run from here, bro…

Oh my God!!! What is happening here?

Did you see those legs?

Wow!! She is in different league…

Did you see her structure?Unnecessarily,
-He came at right time and disturbed everything.

What..? let's go... run...

What is happening, sir?

Actually, what did they do, sir?

Hey, first we will escape from here…
-Ok, sir…


-Sara, let’s run…

Priya, come….


What is this all, sir?
-I too don’t understand what is happening?

Sir, my husband…

Don’t worry… nothing will
happen to him… you stay here.

Come on...

Hey, who are you?

What is the matter? Go from here…

What is this?

Are they humans or daemons?

Why are they chomping on
human flesh like that?

I don’t know, bro…

We have to go silently into that room.

If we stay here for some more time,
we will also become like them.

Hey ditto...

without catching their attention,
you go to that room.

We will all come behind you.

What, if I walk in front,
you will all follow me?

It seems you have decided
that it will kill me.

Nothing will happen to you.

Oh God! There is no other way.

Now you go madam.

I won’t go… I am afraid.

I can’t go.

When life is at stake,
you have pull up yourself, madam.

Staying here for some
more time is dangerous.

Please go…


We will come behind you…

You go first….

Let's go.




What is happening actually, Sara?

I am sorry Rudra. I am really sorry.

All this happened because of me.

I don’t understand what is happening.

What are you talking, Sara?

Because of me…

you are all here … like this…

please forgive me.

Oh my God!!! What is happening here?

Oh my God!!! He also changed.

Tell Sara…

I just wanted to speak to you about the
research I have submitted to you, sir.

Your idea of immunity booster, so that people will
not get affected by contagious diseases, is very good.

It’s a great idea.

Thank you very much, sir.
But only you can help us take this forward.


We are thinking of going ahead with testing this
immunity booster on humans instead of animals.

What??? Human trials???

don’t you that it will be a big problem?

Sir, we are not planning to conduct
this experiment on common people.

We want to test it on criminals.

-On criminals???

Yes, sir.

It is correct to test it on these savage
beasts instead of those docile animals.

What is your plan, Sara?

I am thinking of doing this test on a rape convict awaiting death penalty,
who is undergoing medical treatment in our hospital from you, sir.

No way Sara.

Sir. Think once sir.

if he is not merciless bloody thirsty beast, will he commit
such an atrocious crime on helpless lady and murder her.

Is it justifiable to feed such callous persons 3 times
a day and then take away their life without much pain?

And some other weird judgements
are life imprisonments.

We are taking very good care
these beasts till they are alive.

At least for these kinds of experiments,
let’s use these criminals, sir.

In this way, we will be giving them a chance to
redeem their sins and benefit mankind at large, sir.

Please sir.

See Sara, I understood your point.

But we may have to face many complications
and practical problems with this approach.

By the way,
how you want to execute this project?

Sir, first we will give him immunity
booster that we have developed.

After 20 minutes,
we will inject virus into his body.

We will know whether the immunity booster
is working or not in 15- 16 hours.

Till then we have to keep him in observation.
-Suppose, if that test fails…

The person, who is supposed to die 10th,
will die two days earlier than that.

Sir, even if dies, I know you can handle this
situation. That’s why, I approached you.

Ok, Sara.

Let me think.

But I want some time.
-Ok, sir.

I committed a mistake, Rudra.

you thought of doing good to the society.

But unexpectedly, things have taken a
different turn… It is not your fault.

Can we do anything to control this?


Sir!!! open the door, sir…open sir…

Open sir.

Hey bunty…
-Tell sir…

All these days I have been
providing you livelihood and food.

If any untoward thing happens,
will you sacrifice your life for mine.

I’ll do anything for you, sir.

Then why are you behind me…
come and be in front of me.

No…. I am afraid…


Come out.

Hey, in such a big building,
you found only this restroom to hide.

The smell is stifling from the morning…

Let’s move from here…

Sir! no… If we go out we will die, sir.

Don’t know whether they will kill us or
not. But this obnoxious smell is killing, man.

Hey, move man.
-Sir! No…sir.

Let’s move.


Don’t cry…


I am still alive?

You are alive, Ok?

All this happened because of me.

Without informing you,
I had removed his shackles.

First stop crying and sit down.

Without heeding to Aditya sir’s warning, I brought
all of you here, with the intention to do human trials.


I am responsible for this mishap.
Very sorry…

Don’t think of what had happened…

Let’s think what we can do now.

First you stop crying, else I’ll kill
you before those zombies attack you.


What are Zombies, sir?

Nothing…the experiment,
these people conducted failed.

That criminal died as a result of test
failure and now he is killing everyone.

You said he and others died…
but they are killing us….

I am unable to understand it, sir.

Though they may look as
if they are living….

actually, they are dead.

Even after death….

the inability to think or speak.

insatiable hunger...

incessant urge to kill other
living beings and eat...

are some of the characteristics of Zombies.

What shall we do now?

Should escape.

We have to stay away from them...

and need to protect ourselves from them.

Sir! Grandma is alone on the top floor, sir.

We have to rescue grandma at any
cost from these zombies, sir.

Priya is in danger...

You guys are go to upstairs and
Keep Grandma in a safe room.

Okay Sir.

I will come there with Priya.


Hey Bunty…

Hey Bunty…

Hey Bunty… Get up.

Bunty, what is all this?

Bunty, what happened, man?

Vaikuntam… You go
upstairs along with Priya.



SIr... sir... He is coming.

Sir, run.

Whatever, Satyabhama has to do… and
it should be neat, this is the norm.

Hey, who are you?

I haven’t seen you around here. Who??

Do you have something in your mouth?
Why are you not talking?

The way grandma talks,
even humans think of killing her.

Why will this zombie leave her out?

What is that dress you are
wearing as if coming from a jail?

You gluttonous,
didn’t I tell you to eat in a proper way?

What is that sauce on you?

Why are you coming this way?


Aforetime you told that you will
sacrifice your life for mine, right?

What happened now? Why you have so much
hostility towards me now, you scumbag?

Go, man…. Go.

Oh God! I screwed.

Even after death also,
she is not leaving me….

Oh my God!!
She is not an ordinary old woman.

Stop you... Old hag.

What happened, Priya….
let’s move Priya….

Oh my God!! As if one is not enough…. He is bringing
2 more zombies with him, this way…. I’ll kill you.

Nothing will happen Priya… keep moving…

Lets’ move…. Let’s move…

Move fast…quick…. Move.


Guys fast.

Come fast.

Guys fast, they are coming….

Keep moving,
ma’am… move quickly… move quickly…

Come fast.

Fast… come on...

Guys fast…

move quickly…

Even in such a precarious situation and
time also, what is this romance, bro.

It is better to die than watch this romance.

What bro? What are you doing?

Shh… they can’t see in the darkness.

They are moving based upon sound.

So... we have to go to any safe place now,
without making any noise.


you told that they can’t see in darkness,
then how did they follow us?

I think…they followed
the sound of our footsteps.

When we stopped running,
the sound of our footsteps, also stopped.

In the absence of sound,
when they were confused where to go...

some sound emanated from ground
level at the same time...

So, they all went there.

Sir, what do we do now sir?

If anyone else is also surviving somewhere like us, how
will come to know that they can’t see in darkness?

Yes, how will they come to know?

I will go and tell them
-Is it necessary to take so much risk?

We came out of jaws of the death now.

My heart is beating at the rate 102.

Let’s all leave this place as soon as
possible, as they cannot see in the night.

Why should we bother about what
happens to others? Let’s go.

You are always like this.


you don’t go.

Be careful please.

What happened to all of them?

Why is no one traceable?

Are they alive?

If they are alive how to communicate to them
that these creatures cannot see in the night.

All of you listen to me.

These zombies cannot see in the night.

They are moving depending upon sound.

If anybody is hiding anywhere, please come
to room no. 202, remember don’t make sound.

He tells us not to scream.
Then why is he screaming now?

Madam, did you listen.
They can’t see in the darkness.

We will go upstairs slowly. Come on.

No… I won’t come, I am afraid.

If we don’t go now, we can never go.

Even then we will die. Please listen to me.

Will go slowly, let’s go Madam.


Somehow we should escape from them.


Madam, you go.

Hey, what you all did?

You killed everyone.
-Calm down … please calm down, Sir.

It’s not his fault. I did this experiment.

It’s not the time to argue
whose fault it is and fight.

We now have to think how to get out of here.

Seriously, can we escape from them?

How many exits are there for this building?

Only one… entry and one exit.

We don’t have the option to even jump over the gate.
We have only one option that is search for the key.

Now where are the keys?
-Watchman will have the keys.

Oh god!

Is there any spare key?
-Bunty only knows about it.

we should get that key from the watchman.

He is not now a human being to give the key,
the moment we ask him.

Who will take that risk?

Why are you looking at me? I will not go.

If you want, you take the risk.

In the position we are in now… we will die,
if we don’t take risk.

If we take risk,
then we will have outside chance to survive.

Knowing fully well,
who will volunteer to die?

Sir, I will go.

No Viakuntam, you stay here.

He and I will go.

Oh my God!! he won’t leave me.

You both go to locker
room and contact Aditya..

Tell him what has happened
and search for spare key.


In case we won’t come,
at lease you may escape from here.

Come on.

He will kill me today.

Come... slowly.

I have a doubt.


If anyone provokes you a little, you act
aggressively like a cobra, ready to strike...

but now, when he held you by the scruff
of the neck, you remained silent.

Is all this necessary now? Let’s move.

No, you should tell me.
If I die suddenly, I will miss the clarity.

If you set aside who has committed the mistake…
who is responsible for this? We all are.

We are responsible for the
death of all these people.

That’s why I remained silent.

Otherwise I would have blasted that fellow.

Let’s move.

Come on…

Where did they all go, bro?

You collect those bottles.

He asked me to take the bottles.
Don’t know what he is planning?

Where are they?

If any sound emanates, they should all come.

Where are they?


Aah… Priya… Priya… Priya,
what happened?

Viakuntam, what happened?
-Priya… Priya…

I think she is in labor pains.

Priya… Priya…

Priya… Priya…

Don’t scream…. Don’t cry.


Try to control.

You please shut her mouth.
I will go to lab and bring medicines.

Wait… I too am coming….


-I can’t bear, Viakuntam….

Priya… Priya…. don’t scream.

Priya… Priya…

Priya... Priya…


What’s up?
what happened to all these zombies?

Where did they go? Unable to understand.

How to catch that watchman now?

Aah…I know where the watchman will be.
Shall we go?

Let’s move.

Oh! Why didn’t I receive,
even a single phone call till now.

Come on… lift… lift.


Sara!! what is happening there?


We will jump the gate and escape from here, sir.
-Have you lost your mind?

Don’t you know the siren will go off,
the moment we climb the gate?

Sir, I cannot bear all this.
We will jump the gate and go from here, sir.

-Come on sir, please sir….

Listen to me…hey Jeshu…
-Sir, please sir…

Jeshu, listen…It will be a problem…
-No sir, leave me, I am going sir.

If we stay we will die here.

I am going sir.
- Listen to me… No…

Sir… sir….

Hey, what happened?

Save me Sir.




Sir… Sir… Sir… Quick….
-My leg is coming out, sir….

Sir... save me.

-Slowly, sir….

Get up, come on….

Sir sorry sir… sir sorry sir…sorry,


You didn’t listen to me, see now?

Sorry sir…

What is this, bro?
Seems no one is willing to let me live…

Will you kill me?


Both of you go to locker room
and try to call Aditya Sir.

Hey… let’s move

Come on…

Sir, are you able to reach him?

What happened,
sir… Is the call got connected?

Oh no!


Slow... Slow.

Where is he?

How to know, where he has kept the keys?

Go and ask him!! He will say, “here,
take the keys and place them in your hand”.

Oh!!! There the Keys!!!

Do one thing.

You go and hold him… I will
come next and grab the keys.

Duh…You want that creature to
macerate and kill me, as I hold it...

while you escape and survive…
-Ok. Come on

If you want, you hold him….
I’ll snatch the keys…

Looks today is our last day.

Let's go.

Check there.

Arka, you look in this. I will search here.

Ok. Search quickly.

Sara, here it is. We found it.

Come on.

You missed a golden chance, you nincompoop.

This is the only good thing you have
ever done in your life. Let’s move…

Agneya, Sun of fire!!!

-Uh-huh…Let's go.

He is coming this side only.

What to do? There is no incoming
and no out going from the morning.

How can we control everything?

Let’s move.


Why are you here?

Zombies will come.



You go upstairs.
-Where are you going, bro?







Oh my God!! Has she too become a zombie?

She seems to be fine…

Oh my God. She is alive.




why did they leave her alone?



where have they all gone?


I am unable to understand anything.






What happened, Sara?


It’s me.

Yaa…Tell me

You know my student Sara, right?

She wanted to do an experiment…

for testing the efficacy of that drug, I have
sent a convicted criminal along with her.

What?! How can you send like that?

What to do? She is a brilliant student.

If it is successful,
it will be a huge breakthrough.

That’s why sent him.

No… it’s not correct.
-No… I don’t mean that…

How did you think they can handle a criminal?
-I have sent Rudra also.

So what? what can Rudra alone do?

Ok… what is the problem, now?

As of now nothing… but, I didn’t receive even
a single phone call from them from yesterday.

I see.

the land line over there is also not working.

I am tense and jittery.

You have committed a blunder.

You should have informed me,
before taking such a big decision.


Please help me out this time.

Ok…ok... I will send my team.
You don’t worry.

Ok. Bye.

Viakuntam… Viakuntam…

Priya… Priya….
Priya… Please save Priya Sir.

Viakuntam… nothing will happen to you.

Viakuntam... Please stay with me.

She is very good person, sir…




Please save Priya sir.

Priya doesn’t have any
connection with this, sir.


Sir, please save Priya.

Sir… save Priya…


Viakuntam nothing will happen to you.


Please save her.

She is a very innocent girl Sir.

Viakuntam… please Sir.

Save us, Sir.





She is my wife.

She doesn’t have anyone except me.

Do you have severe pain?

What should I tell to Aditya Sir, now?

Inform that we are alive.

Bhambola Jigibela bembela

Zombie create commotion Jumjula

Fear not like demons

Sing the morning raga

Why pitter-patter revenant Be aggressive

Beg on bended knee again and
again You young maiden...

Yella Yella Halla Halla
Game will commence gal...

Running wraiths... Pursue you this night.

Chasing with choppers
Tearing off tactics this

Running wraiths... Pursue you this night.

Chasing with choppers
Tearing off tactics this

Shall give you heebie-jeebies
for the heart to shudder

Leave you not, today’s your doom

Lady scream helplessly

Hankering spectre my habit

Nipping off neck my volition

Beg on bended knee again and
again You young maiden...

Yella Yella Halla Halla
Game will commence gal...

Bhambola Jigibela bembela

Zombie create commotion Jumjula

Fear not like demons

Sing the morning raga

Why pitter-patter revenant Be aggressive

Golimar mar mar...

Golimar mar mar...

Your frail and softy neck
I will chew like monster

Your peachy fluffy face
I will maim as an Ogre

Your frail and softy neck
I will chew like monster

Your peachy fluffy face
I will maim as an Ogre

Your warm mellowly Blood I shall drink

Vandalize as varmint in the
dark Crumpled nerves my snack

Making human a contagion this life

World witnessing destructive work

Beg on bended knee again and
again You young maiden...

Yella Yella Halla Halla
Game will commence gal...

Bhambola Jigibela bembela

Zombie create commotion Jumjula

Fear not like demons

Sing the morning raga

Why pitter-patter revenant Be aggressive