G.O.D. (2001) - full transcript

A lonely truck driver teams up with a retired security expert to derail a sophisticated white slave trafficking operation.

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>> Excuse me,

you happen to have seen my wife?

>> Not sure.
What does she look like?

>> Bright eyes,
long hair, gorgeous.

>> Not a clue.

[soft music]

[radio announcer]

[dramatic intro music]

[birds chirping]

>> Your favorite breakfast.

Can I help you with anything?

>> No. It's a new shirt.

>> It's a new job.

>> Yeah, some kind of promotion.

>> I don't want to
hear you talking like that.

>> How can I not?

I'm going from
police sergeant in my country

to a security guard.

I feel I've failed you.

>> So who says you're
gonna do it for ever?

It's a new country, you've got
to start somewhere, right?

Isn't that right,
Sergeant Stanton?

>> Yes ma'am.
I'll make you proud of me.

>> Good.

Now move it out.

Lunch will be provided
at twelve hundred hours.

[dramatic music]

>> Let's both have a nice day.

>> You won't go too far.

>> Let the real cops
worry about it.

[dramatic music]

>> Don't do anything stupid.

>> Ray!

>> Ann, down!

>> Aaaaaaaargh!


[gun firing]

>> Ann, get down!

[automatic weapon firing]

>> Let's go!

[gun firing]

[automatic weapon firing]

>> Get in!

[gun firing]

[tires screeching]

>> Ann... Ann?

Oh my God.



[dramatic music]

[people talking]

>> Is that your final decision?

>> Absolutely.

>> Very well.

[dramatic music]

I have to take your gun.

I couldn't do anything.

They'll keep the other
branches staffed by us

if we let you go.

But, you can
always depend

on my referral.

Take it.

I'm sorry.

[dramatic music]

>> The dreams have
come back clearer than ever.

If I could only connect
my head to a tape recorder,

I'd play it back
for them frame by frame

and show the bastards
you had nothing to do with it.

I don't care about the job.

I just don't want you feeling
guilty up there, alone,

thinking you
sidetracked me for life.

I'll be okay as long
as there is a road,

a package and a deadline

and I get to work alone.

I just hope I can
finish paying for the van.

[dramatic music]

>> Look...

I won't ask you
for much anymore.

I know you want out.

But I can't miss
a sale like that...

and Wayne,

he's drinking
way too much to be trusted.

So you make the delivery
and you get a quarter.

What do you say?

>> You know, um...

This last year's been
the first time I've been able to

walk around without
having to watch my back.

It feels good.

>> What about your bills?

You think of the money?

Art school all paid for.

What do you say?

>> I gotta to do it
on my own, brother.

I'm sorry.

>> Hey.

What did you think of
Linda's paintings?

>> They're not bad
for self-portraits.

>> Say hi to momma.

>> I will.

[upbeat music]

>> Lisa, you are
just a dream come true.

>> Wow! Could you tell
my hands were shaking?

>> I couldn't have,
mine were shaking too.

>> Yeah, the thrill of
working with a big star.

>> You do have beautiful eyes.

Look, there's
someone I want to call.

Someone I think you should meet.

[upbeat music]

Adrian Kaminsky,
art dealer.

Lisa Belmont aspiring model.

>> It's a pleasure.

>> It's very nice
to meet you too.

How did you get
over here so fast?

>> Well...

I have my gallery next door.

That's how I know Nigel.

>> Old friends?

>> Actually he,
photographs some of my works

and I let him
exhibit some of his.

>> Sounds pretty

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Why did he
want me to meet you?

Are you single?

>> No.

He wanted me to
meet you because he knew

I was looking for an assistant.

>> How do you know
I can do the job?

>> Well, I don't.

But Nigel told me
that you were

trying to get into
business school.

Sounds like brains
and looks in one package.

You see, I need that.

So what do you say?

>> I guess,
I mean, I'll give it a try.

>> Good.

Let's have a toast!

>> Here we go.
Some lovely orange juice.

>> To the future.

>> To people who take chances.

>> Sure.>> Hm-mmm.

[electric guitar playing]

[alarm clock beeping]

>> This is Guaranteed
Overnight Delivery.

How may I help you?

[saxophone playing]

>> I got me a Polish.

White skin, a little plump.

Lots of meat
to sink your teeth into.

Or I got the Italian.

Dark, thin, real hot stuff.

Good size buns on both of them.

Either way,
you won't be sorry.

>> Ah, Italian.

I said it before,
you're in the wrong business.

>> I shoulda been an actor.

>> Nope, a pimp.


>> Pimping's illegal.

>> Yeah, so is
slicing down the middle.


[saxophone playing]

>> Stop!

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

>> What the fuck are you,
the local vigilante?

You get the fuck
out of my face

and I won't put
any holes into you.

>> Pellet gun.

>> Argh! Oh!

>> Get up!

Aha! What's this?

You're lucky.
Bullets on the other side,

you would
have been a dead man.

>> I need my ID!

[siren wailing]

>> The wind must have
taken some bills.

>> Ah, the wind's name
is Reggie.

He only does that
when he needs a fix.

>> I have a feeling
he's gonna drop the habit.

[saxophone playing]

[seagulls cawing]

[piano playing]

>> Uh-uh.
Not in the gallery please.

New art should not
smell like old smoke.

Adrian Kaminsky.

>> Ray Stanton, G.O.D.

I need this filled out please.

>> Okay.

How long have you
been in this business,

Mr. Stanton?

>> Two years.

>> Why do you concentrate on

hazardous material
and special items?

>> Background in security.

>> Okay.

Do you carry a gun?

>> Not anymore.

>> Seems like
a whole different field.

How come?

>> I wasn't very good at
small talk in the boardroom.

>> Anyway, Mr. Stanton,
what you're picking up

is not hazardous but it's
definitely a special item.

While things are
packed in certain ways

so they can
take abuse during travel,

but because of the insurance,
they cannot be opened,

except by, us,

the shipping agent,
or the client.

Here's five hundred.

You'll get the rest
upon delivery.

And Howard
will be expecting you.

>> Cash?

>> Yeah, cash.

>> Fragile, 150 pounds,

I'll need a hand lifting it.

>> Wayne.

[piano playing]

>> This is very urgent,
Mr. Stanton,

so no unnecessary stops
and no other deliveries.

That's why we are
paying you the big bucks.

>> Understood, sir.

>> All right, good luck.

>> Thanks.

[truck engine starting]

>> Well, should be there
near five thirty.

I would give him five and you
keep the rest until I see you.

Because I'm not
gonna pay a delivery man

as much as I would pay
my brother, come on.

Tony, it's gonna be fine,
just relax.

All right. Bye.

Howard says that it's risky
to use outside help.

What do you think?

>> He looked
professional to me.

>> It's true, you have
a thing about truckers.

>> So are you gonna
do it once we get paid?

>> Do what?

>> Get the new Jag.

Put the top down,

put me on top.

>> Hmm.

On the interstate?

>> Yeah... And doing eighty.

>> You know you're crazy.

You have a death wish lady,
you know that?


But not in rush hour, Okay?

>> Okay.

[upbeat music]




[muffled screaming]

>> Why? Why? Why?

Aaaaaaaargh! Why?

>> Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!


I did not put you in there.

[melodious music]

Thank you. Cheque please.

>> So, I was supposed to be
some kind of artwork.

I knew it tasted funny.

>> What?

>> After we met,
Nigel served orange juice.

It tasted, funny.

>> So if they spiked it,
they got all the dosage wrong.

>> I didn't drink it all.

I poured it down the sink cause
I didn't want to ruin the mood.

This guy Adrian
had just offered me a job.

And then I felt tired,
like sick tired

and I sat down
on the couch for a second and

I woke up in the dark.

I have never been
so scared in my life.

>> Why would they do that?

>> Where are we?

>> A restaurant.

>> Like how far from the city?

>> Two hours north.

>> So as soon as we get
back we call the cops, right?

I mean, this bastard's going to
jail and I want my purse back.

>> I'm not going back right now.

>> What?

>> I have to deliver the trunk.

>> So you are one of them!

You were just curious what you
were carrying this time?

Look, if you think you can
put me back in that...

>> You're not going
to be in the trunk.

That's a butter knife.

>> So what am I supposed to do?

>> Call a cab,
call your mom.

Just don't call
the cops till after six.

>> Fine.

Excuse me!

>> Yes ma'am.

>> I was wondering if you
guys are going to the city.

I could use a lift.

>> Sure thing.
Truck's right over here.

>> Wasn't your boyfriend
gonna drive you?

>> He's not my boyfriend
and he's going the other way.

>> Well, let's go.

>> Right on up, honey.

>> I don't need your help.

Actually, I changed my mind.

>> What's wrong?

>> I changed my mind. Forget it!

>> Hey, we do you a favor,
you do us a favor.

Not to much to ask
for two hundred miles.

>> I said I'm not going!

>> It's all right.

We can exchange
favours right here.

>> Stop it!

>> She said stop it.

>> Get off of me!

>> That's a big nail clipper.

>> Go to hell!

>> You broke my leg!
You broke my leg!

>> Aargh!

>> It's Howard.

Not bad.

She'll be here around six.

When are you guys
picking her up?

Great. Thanks.

[melodious music]

>> Why do you still
wanna deliver the trunk?

>> Because I need the money.

>> They're gonna open it.

They'll wait till I leave,
wouldn't you?

>> Why?

>> Because I'm not part of it!

>> You will be
if you take the money.

How much will you get?

>> Five.>> Five bucks!?

>> Five hundred upon delivery.

I've already got
five hundred on pick-up.

>> So one thousand.

That's it,
that's all I'm worth?

>> The people who bought you

are paying a lot more, I'm sure.

I've got to
hide you somewhere.

They expect me to be alone.

[truck beeping]

>> All right.

>> This came with it.

>> They said they'd use
a combination lock.

Thank you, Mr. Stanton.

>> You're welcome.

[saxophone playing]

>> It's over.

>> Sorry, I fell asleep.

It's so dark in there.

Did you get your money?

But they'll come after you.

They'll, they'll
come to your home.

>> I don't have one.

>> Where do you sleep?

>> Here.

>> This is all you've got.

That's why you
needed the money.

[phone ringing]

>> Kaminsky gallery.

>> I just paid
someone five hundred dollars,

for a tree stump!

>> What are you talking about?

>> Probably oak or chestnut.

How the fuck should I know?

>> Funny!

Where's the girl?

>> Don't you think if I knew
that, I'd be on my way there?

Hey, my ass is on the line, too.

>> So the lock
has been broken, right?

>> You're talking about
the combo lock?

>> Yes! There is only one!

>> What I got was a regular lock
and an envelope with a key.

>> All right now listen,
just keep the rest of the money

until I sort this out,
all right?

And try to find something
to say to the clients,

I don't know, anything.

>> You've reached Austin's
machine. You know what to do.

>> Hi, it's Adrian.

Listen, I hate to bother you
but something has come up.

I really need you.

I'll be in
the West End at seven.

Please, please be there. Thanks.

[dramatic music]

>> I heard you,
it gets worse.

>> What if it's not him?

>> Same name, same face,
background in security.

That's his wife we shot.

>> Fuck!

Do you think he knows?

>> No. That's the thing.

>> Good!
Let's keep it that way.

Don't even tell
Linda or Austin.

We'll get him long before
he knows who we are.

[dramatic music]

[seagulls squawking]

>> What is this?

>> I need to
withdraw some money.

>> There's no bank here.

>> Mine is.

>> What if someone found it?

>> The locals
think it's haunted.

It's safer than a bank.

>> I don't get it.

You live in a cube van,

you withdraw money
from a hole in the wall.

What are you running from?

>> Roots.


>> They've been cut before,
it hurts like hell.

[dramatic music]

>> So what are you guys doing,
planning a robbery or something?

>> She's gone!

>> What do you mean
she's "gone"?

>> She's fucking gone!

The guy took her out of the box,

put another lock,
and kept the money!

>> So he knew.

>> How could he fucking know?

I found the guy
in the yellow pages!

>> He couldn't have known.

>> Maybe the guy
was nosy or something

and wanted to take a look,
but who gives a shit?

The girl is gone!

>> What if they've
called the cops, Adrian?

>> They would have been
all over us by now.

>> You know, he's right.


Maybe he was happy and he
kept the money or something.

But you know what we're
gonna do, we're gonna find her,

find him,
recover the money

and stop using the yellow pages.

>> I'll say,

>> Damn it!

This is my fault!

I should have
driven that package.

>> Don't worry about it.

We're gonna catch this prick,
swat him like a fly.

You just be here for the ride.

[dramatic music]

>> Jesus! I thought
you left without me.

>> Not a chance, pal.

I need a guide
when I hit the tropics.

>> Man, it must be ages.

>> Trev, this is Lisa.

She's catching a ride to town.

>> Hi.>> Hi. Nice to meet you.

>> You too.

>> She needs a room
with a phone and a shower.

>> The phone lines
are busted ma'am.

The storm
knocked down the wires

and they're still trying to
fix them down the highway.

Actually, you just
missed a hell of a blackout.

>> It's okay,
no big deal.

>> You just make yourself
at home though, okay.

A couple of doors down.

>> Thank you.

>> Hey Donna,
look who's here.

>> Hello Raymond.

Long time no see.

>> Nice to see you too, Donna.

You look great.


You know, she didn't
know she was gonna go

for the whole day
and the evening,

do you have an old T-shirt
or something she could wear?

>> Just come on inside,

I'm sure we can do
much better than that.

T-shirts are for truckers.

Oh and you bums
wash your hands for dinner.

[dramatic music]

>> We got them!
Son of a bitch had lunch here,

with the girl.

Waitress said
they left in such a hurry

they almost ran
two truckers over.

What's wrong, buddy?

Ain't it the best news
all day, we got them!

Shove it down his throat
till he coughs up the money.

Then we can have some fun
with little Miss America.

>> Wayne, give me the gun.

Jesus Christ!

Wayne, you have
no idea what you're doing.

If the buyers had any idea

you were even
thinking about that girl,

they'd make
dog food out of you.

>> That art school of yours

didn't turn you into
some kind of sissy, did it?

>> Fuck it, I'm driving.

>> Oh, thanks.

You can tell
they're lonely, though.

I know more about Donna's niece
than I do about my own sister.

>> How old's your sister?

>> Adele just turned eighteen.

>> Are you close?

>> Yeah. She lives
with my grandma.

Not for long though,
she has her own room

and it's "off limits".

She's good.

Better in school
than I used to be.

Brrr... It's cold.

>> Take my jacket.

>> What?!
You have a gun?!

What do you have a gun for?

>> It's not real.

>> This isn't real?

>> No, it's a BB gun,
a plinker.

Compressed air...

>> Well, it can still
kill somebody, right?

>> Well, I don't know,
If you shoot them in
the eye or something.

>> What do you use it for?

God, it sure looks real.

It's great.
Where did you get it?

>> This, this guy gave it up.

>> Why?

>> He got into music.

>> Go show her the clothes.

Oh, don't get
soft on me, Trevor.

>> Jeez!>> What happened?

>> I thought it's gone away.

>> That's from
the truckers, right?>> Yeah.

>> It looks really bad.
What if it's broken?

>> No, it's just bruised.

>> From Trevor. He says
the ice is pointless without it.

>> He's right.
Ouch! Some more ice.

>> I want you to know
I don't normally hop into bed

with people I just met.

>> I want you to know
I don't normally fight

truckers over hitchhikers.

>> Really?

What do you do?

>> Run them over.

[dramatic music]

>> Shit! Where are we?

>> The guy's truck
is right there.

I'm gonna go in and see what
room he's in and see
if the girl's with him.

Why don't you stay here.

>> Whatever you say, man,
you're the boss.

>> I know that.

[dramatic music]

>> How can I help you?

>> Hey man, sorry to wake you.

My truck broke down
about a mile south,

so I figured I'd try
and catch some sleep

and fix it in the morning.

You got a room?

Is that Ray's truck out there?

>> Yeah, you know him?

>> No man, do I know God?

I used to work for the same guy
doing runs up North.

Is he still
the same quiet loner?

>> Not anymore.

The middle bungalow has just
become the honeymoon suite,

I tell you.

[pager beeping]

[pager beeping]

>> Ray, your pager.

>> Stay here,
don't open for anyone.

>> You know what I'm thinking?

It's dark along that road,

I should really
stay with the truck.

Company policy.

Tell that son of a bitch to drop
by and see me sometime
and tell me about her.

Yeah, yeah,
what's your name?

>> Peter,
sorry for the trouble.

>> Aah, no trouble.

[dramatic music]

>> Fucking shame.
What am I gonna tell my...


>> Are you alone?>> Yeah.

>> Are you alone?

Hmm, finished it, eh?

If you shoot me,
you're gonna get your buddy too.

>> Funny thing is I don't
give a fuck about my buddy.

Now back it up, real slow.

Wayne, pick up the fucking
gun and handcuffs,

it's embarrassing.

[gun firing]

[car engine starting]

[knocking on door]>> Lisa! We can go now!

>> Ray... What's all
the noise about, man?

>> Oh! Some drunk kids
messing around the van.

They're gone now.

>> But... You guys
are going now?

What's... What's going on?

>> She's not feeling well...

[dramatic music]

[tires screeching]

>> Are you gonna tell me
why we're headed North?

>> To visit a friend.

>> We're chased by what seems
like some crazy nightmare

and you need to socialize?

>> He's an ex-cop.
He could help us.

>> I'm not gonna
waste your time or mine.

My buddy just got shot
by that guy with the cube.

Where did he leave and when?

>> Look, mister...

Guests only tell me
when they arrive.

They don't tell me
when they leave, I mean...

Even so, I couldn't tell you,
it's hotel policy.

>> This change your policy?

>> South.

They're going downtown.

Some emergency with the girl.

[gun firing]

>> My policy.

>> What happened back there?

Someone tried to
break into our room?

>> They came after us.

>> Who?

How?... How many?

>> Can you drive this thing?

>> No!

>> Then you're gonna
have to ask him.

>> Ask who? Ask what?

Holy shit!
We kidnapped somebody?

>> You have to find out
who he is and who's after us.

>> What if he won't tell me?

>> There are a pair of pliers
in the red box. Use them.

>> I, I can't torture someone.

>> We need to know
and we can't stop.

>> I'll torture him.

[dramatic music]

>> I've never done this before,

so I'm probably
not very good at it.

But I can't drive the truck
and he's gonna get real mad

if I don't find out
who you are...

And who else is after us.

Stop it!
I have to do this.

[muffled screaming]

I forgot about this.

>> Okay! Okay, I'll tell you.

Sweet God! I'll tell you!
Are you trying to kill me?

I'll tell you!

>> That's for scaring me half
to death in the motel room.

You'd better tell me who
you are and everything else.

>> Oh Jesus Christ.

>> His name is Austin Kaminsky.

He went out looking for us
with this other guy Wayne.

He was sent by his brother.

>> Adrian Kaminsky.

>> Right. Mr. art dealer.

>> Good!

>> What's good about it?

>> Well, it's only them,
at least for now.

>> They wanted
my eyes for transplants.

If they used only one,
I'd be put to work in a factory.

If they used both,

it would be
in a brothel for diplomats.

[phone ringing]

>> Yeah hi, hi boss.
Sorry to wake you.

[dramatic music]

>> Wayne.

You guys all right?

>> Yeah.

>> Did you find them?

>> Yeah. He had the girl.

>> Good.

So, bring her back
and get rid of his body.

>> They're gone.

He killed Austin.

>> What do you mean
killed Austin... How?

>> I don't know.

I was supposed to get
the gun and the cuffs and

and he did something, and...
and Austin's on the ground...

and... and now
they're all gone.

>> Okay, Wayne!

You're not drunk are you?

>> No.

>> Good!

So you're gonna drive
back right now and tell me

exactly what happened,
from the beginning, okay?

>> Okay.

[seagulls squawking]

[knocking on door]

[melodious music]

[knocking on door]

>> Get your hands up.

>> Eleven, twelve,
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.

Not bad
for an old man.

>> Jesus, Raymond.

You trying to
get yourself killed?

>> Is that how you greet people?

>> Well...

Last time a cube van showed up
in this neighbourhood,

Ron over there had his
house completely emptied.

They even took
the TV antenna.

Good to see you though.

What are you doing here?

>> A friend needs advice.

>> The blonde in the van?

Is she hungry?

>> Always, why?

>> Well, the fridge is empty.

You're going to have to...
catch her dinner yourself.

[techno music]

>> Hi, Adele?
Lisa's sister?>> Yes?

>> Linda Phan
from Kaminsky Music.

Your sister's just made
the short list in auditions

for a rock video.

She asked us to get you

because she'll be a while
doing the test shoots.

>> She never told me.

>> Oh... She kept it
as a surprise.

>> And she wants me there?

>> As soon as possible.

>> Cool!

[techno music]

>> Hey!

Hey! Open up!
Jesus Christ!

Somebody, open up!

Come on!

>> Keep that up and I'll retape
your mouth myself.

>> I've gotta pee.

>> The key's
in the tool box... Christ!

[seagulls squawking]

>> You know,
before my wife divorced me,

all we ever did was

talk about the restaurant
we were gonna build out here.

Seafood, live music, the works.

Then she just left.

And I, let go.

You fight
to keep what's yours.

[dramatic music]

>> Thanks.

>> No problem.

>> So where are you taking me?

>> I don't know.

>> He doesn't say much, does he?

>> Neither should you.

Or he'll put
the tape back on your mouth.

>> I'll trade that for a few
more words with you.

>> I heard
all I needed last night.

>> Listen, that's
my brother's stuff.

>> Then why did you
have to be there?

>> Babysitting.

Wayne's big enough
to take orders,

but he's way too little
to follow through with them.

>> So he sent you both.

Kind of like...
The muscle and the brain?

>> I guess.

So how can you say
you're not part of it?

>> Look lady!

Have you ever wanted
something really bad,

but you just
seem to be a nickel short?

You know, the whole
world's riding on a fucking...

nickel and you just,
you have to stretch to get it.

[dramatic music]

>> Then... I tell them:

"You're in the middle
of a warehouse district...

blocks of noisy machinery
and not a damn residence,

and you're afraid...

of one little scream?

What's that gonna do?"

When I was eight

and I screamed every night,

they didn't hear me
down the hall.


Men are pigs,
don't you think?

It's nice that you have
a sister who loves you.

I don't think mine did.

She always played
with boys if she had a choice.

I think women should stick
together more, don't you?

You know, you're even
prettier than your sister.

And I'll make you a promise

that I won't
let them hurt you.

Mind if I seal it
with a kiss?

>> Whatever you
guys were talking about,

I want you to
know what's happening.

You see, your sister
is a part of this agreement

which we paid her some money
against future work, right?

But she's gone...

and she didn't do her part.

So we need you to help us talk
to her when she gets back.

Are you agreed with that?

>> Yes.

>> Good.

I'm sorry about my secretary.

Sometimes she goes too far
on her lunch break.

[dramatic music]

>> Don't ever, ever touch
the merchandise again!

>> What do you care?
They won't remember a thing.

>> I'm trying
to be a professional.

You want to stay
the same wondering whore?

>> Fuck you, Adrian!

>> Oh, obviously

with what I've seen
I'm not the first choice, am I?

I've never stopped you
from anything.

But please,
don't touch the merchandise.

>> The buyers are my contacts.

>> We've gotta
get the both sisters.

Just think of the cash.

>> And the Jag?

>> Uh-huh!

Are you interested?


[soulful music]

>> Music sounds good up here.

>> Do you miss the city?

>> Nah, I got
everything I need.

>> Do you always
catch your dinner?

>> Never.

>> So this is your first one?

>> No. They, they always
have them here.

>> What is he talking about?

>> The market down the road.

>> That's it. I'm leaving.

Just kidding.

>> Hey! I know that jacket.

Jesus, Raymond.
That was years ago.

>> Well, the jacket
and the flashlight

are the only two
things I kept since the bank.

>> Well, why don't I
throw these into the sink.

>> I'm not done.

>> Okay. You guys
take your time.

I'll bring back dessert.

[soulful music]

>> What did you mean
"after the bank"?

>> My wife got killed
in a bank robbery.

Things kind of
changed since.

>> I'm sorry.

Were you there?

>> Yeah.

[dramatic music]

All right!

My private reserve.

Don't anybody dare say no.

Ladies first.

>> Thank you.

>> You bet.

>> That's enough.

>> A toast to... old friends.

>> To new friends.

Was he always this tough?

>> Ray?

He used to practice
staring in the mirror.

>> Practice what?

>> Looking tough.

They said,
it's all in the attitude.

>> Did it work?

>> Yeah, no mirror
gave me trouble since.

>> You guys
make me miss my family.

Let me go call my sister.

[men grunting]

>> Gentlemen!



You were referred to us
because you are professionals,

and very well
respected in your field.

Your skills,
however, are needed

for exactly the opposite
of what you're used to.

We're going to keep
someone alive and safe.

Her name's Adele,
she's eighteen,

and she's very scared.

Now, some people are after her

and tomorrow at twelve

I'm going to help her
leave the country

for a quieter place
and a better future.

Your job,
is to guarantee that,

until then, she's safe.

Short of an act of God,

nobody and I mean nobody,

can come near her.

Not even
angels in her dreams.


Now, show me your hardware

and we'll work out your spots.

[dramatic music]

>> What about me?

>> Who's that?

>> I hired her.

>> She's gone!

She didn't get home today,

Grandma thought
she was with me!

>> How would they know
about your sister

if she wasn't living with you?

>> I told the photographer
all about her.

How pretty she is,

how she'd be
really good at it too.

It's all my fault.

>> Let's call the cops.

>> No.

>> What do you mean, no?

They could ship her out too.

We gotta hurry.

>> They're holding
her for ransom.

>> I'm going to the gallery.

>> She's not at the gallery!

>> What did we agree on?

>> She's not at the gallery.

He's not that stupid.

He has a warehouse
in the West End.

>> Wait Ray.

Why should we believe
anything you say?

>> Because I'm not
going to jail.

Adrian is.
I, I wanted no part of this.

>> Unfortunately you
are part of it!

He's wasting our time.

>> No he's not!

>> How do you know?

>> He went for a pee,
but he came back.

>> Well... you are
either brilliant

or you're completely fucked up.

How do we get
to the warehouse?

>> We?

>> Well, you can't do this
with just his help.

>> What do we have?

>> 508 transceivers,

your C2 MagLight,

8-22 binoculars

and the shotgun.

>> Kinda thin.

>> Well, I'm retired.

Anyhow, we're not
trying to start a war.

Thing's are bound to break
wide open anyhow.

Thing's are bound to break
wide open anyhow.

[dramatic music]

>> Okay.

Remember, no microphone.

Earphone picks up
bone vibration,

so you can't whisper.

But you got both hands free.

Take it.

>> No.

Got this.

>> You didn't tell me.

>> I didn't feel like a speech
about firearm safety.

>> Huh!

How about this?

>> A flashlight I could use.

>> Ray...

Do it, so we can have a nice,
quiet lunch after. Okay?

[dramatic music]

>> It's a no smoking area.


[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

>> Freeze!

Who are you?

>> What seems to be the problem?

Don't you like my work?

>> Enough playing.


[dramatic music]

>> Ray...

Big guy,
six foot three, heavy built

just turned into the alley.


Ah, damn!

You wait fifteen minutes

and if we're not back,

call the cops.

[dramatic music]

>> Hands up!

And definitely
away from the case.

>> I call it "spray and pray".

>> Navy SEAL talk.

>> We all have our baggage.

You must be pretty good too,
if you got past the others.

However, they're just
migrant workers, journeymen.

You see,
I make a living at this.

A very good one,
all the toys.

But I also feel that
technology is highly overrated.


I left when they
gave us tracking devices

because I hate bosses over my
shoulder or clipped on my belt.

Men of our caliber
can do without bullets.

[dramatic music]

You afraid of the dark?

>> Only of those in it.

>> Not me, man.

[dramatic music]

[gun firing]>> Aah!

[gun firing]

[dramatic music]

>> Aargh!

[gun firing]>> Aah!

>> God damn it, Ray!

Can you hear me?

>> Loud and clear.

>> Jesus, where were you?

>> Taking out the garbage.

>> Big guy just walked in.
Could it be Wayne?

>> What's he look like?

>> Six three, dark hair,
average mountain size.

>> That's him.

>> Must be on top of you by now.

>> I haven't seen anyone yet.

[dramatic music]

>> Too bad you're not staying.

You'd have had company.

>> Shit!

>> What's happening, Lisa?

>> This sports car just went in.

>> That's Adrian's.

>> Oh shit, they didn't
tell me what to do for that.

I'm gonna call the cops now.

>> No, no, no.

They said wait fifteen minutes.

>> And then what?

>> Lisa, you've gotta
let me go in there.

>> You're crazy!
I can't do that!

>> My brother's never done
anything stupid before,

but with your sister, he's gone
way overboard with this one.

Let me go in there.
I can talk to him.

I can talk sense into him.

I can stop this
from happening, Lisa.

>> Forget it!

Just forget it!

>> I shouldn't even talk to you
until my boss gets here.

But there's one little detail
I'm sure he wouldn't care about.

My mickey!

That was a silver-plated,
monogrammed gift,

you stupid son of a bitch!

When this is over,

I'll personally make sure
you join your wife.

>> What about my wife?

>> Nothing.

We'll just finish
what we started.

>> You son of a...

>> Shitheads...
Now you're lopsided.

Gotta fix ya.

>> Don't bother!

Face down on the ground!

Do it!

Spread em wide.

>> Gun on the left side.

>> Well, well, well!

A houseful of guests.

Well obviously,
you know the routine,

so you and Wayne
are going to trade places.

Thank you.

Do it!

>> Maybe they're
FBI or something.

>> Nah, they would
be all over us by now,

but we should be careful.

Linda! Take Adele
to the other room.

I wanna thank you for getting
rid of the other guys outside.

See, I didn't pay them yet,

which is good
considering the incompetence.

I'll start with you for your
lack of professionalism.

Wayne has his own reasons.

>> Who shot her?

>> Beg your pardon?

>> My wife.

>> Ah... Your wife.

Wayne has a big mouth,
doesn't he? Hmm?

Well, doesn't matter.

Well, I'll apologize
if it makes any difference,

but I doubt it, right?

But I'm the one
asking the questions now.

So where is Austin's body?


It's a funny thing, but Wayne
has a thing about chains

and I suggest
you don't encourage it,

but then it's really up to you.

So what do you say?

Where is Austin's body?


>> Aah! Oh!

>> Mr. Stanton.
I don't have much time.

Whatever you're gonna say

has to be confirmed
with your colleague here.


Okay Wayne, the other knee.

>> Don't!

>> You said he was dead!

>> How would he know?

From a rearview mirror?

>> You fucked up, man!

>> Shut up, Wayne.
You both fucked up.

Oh, now,
what's up with the gun?

Where's your girl?

>> The girl's with me.
It's over.

Adrian, you have gone too far.

Take a look around man.
People are dead!

>> Come on man.

We're brothers.

We're supposed to be close.

>> That's close enough.

>> You're not gonna
shoot your brother.

>> No, but I can stop him.

[gun firing]>> Aah!

[gun firing]

>> That was my brother!

[gun firing]

>> Way to go, Adrian.

>> Things got
a little bit out of hand.

>> The hell with you!

It was supposed to be
simple and clean fun!

>> It still can be.

Just drive to the airport.

Our client
is landing at seven.

All we need...

is a good delivery.

>> The clients are mine.

It's my delivery,

and I don't like
being pulled by the hair.

[gun firing]>> Aah!

>> What about us?

>> Let her go!

>> Oh, the lost
and found merchandise.

You're late.

We got a replacement.

>> Not if I can help it.

[gun firing]>> Aah!

>> Get the handcuff keys.

Where are the others?

>> Dead.

>> Ray and Norm are dead?

>> No, no, just Wayne
and the last one.

Adrian was just bleeding.

>> You stay right here, okay?

[dramatic music]

>> Oh my God.


>> Thank you.

[gun firing]

>> Linda's got your sister.

>> Not anymore.

>> What do you mean?

>> She took
the BB gun for a toy.


Oh, Ray.

[dramatic music]

>> Freeze, asshole!

Adele, run away!

>> Mr. Stanton.
Agent Rittman, FBI.

>> Yeah and I'm the pizza guy.

>> No Ray,
that badge does look real.

I think I know the name too.

>> Why should I believe him?

You worked with them.

>> Against them.
You've heard of undercover.

>> You paid me client money.

>> Agency funds.

There weren't
any clients this time.

>> How come you're so late?

>> We thought
you were one of them.

Had to leave you alone
so we round you up together.

But you're hard
to keep up with.

>> Do I have to
return the money.

>> It's complicated,
but I can work on it.

So what happened here?

>> It's complicated,
but you can work on it.

>> Textbook first aid.

So, what next?

>> I need a job.

>> I think I'll sell the van.

>> Don't. That's your home.

Maybe I'll come
visit you sometime.

>> Sure, my doors are open.

[police sirens wailing]

[dramatic music]