G:MT Greenwich Mean Time (1999) - full transcript

Six London school-leavers attempt to make it in the world, balancing the challenge of trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry against the pressures and tragedies of everyday life.

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[upbeat instrumental music playing]

[Hardy] Control yourselves.

This may be the last two minutes
of your school life

but, that's no excuse to go crazy.

Charlie Milner, sit down.

Sit down.

Wicked. Come on,
I had to get one last pic of you, sir.

Besides, the camera loves you.

[Elroy] Charlie, Charlie.

-[Hardy] Sit down, Elroy.
-Focus on this.

[Rix] What are you showing us, Elroy?
The size of your dick?

[Hardy] How about you, Rix?

Are you ready to leave
the confines of South London?

Discover your purpose,
justify your existence?

Oh, yeah.


[techno instrumental music playing]

[Sam] [whoops] We're free.
No more bloody school uniforms!


Show us your dentures, Sam.

Time to die?

-[all] Yeah.

I've seen things you people won't believe.

Attack ships on fire,
off the shoulder of Orion.

-[Hardy] What movie?
-[Bean] Blade Runner.

-[Hardy] Correct.
-"All those moments will be lost.

like tears in rain."

Enough, Elroy.
Very good, Sam.

Now sit down
before I personally retire you.


-"You talkin' to me?"
-[all] Taxi Driver.

Stupid wankers.

Thirty-four, 33, 32...

Charlie! Charlie!

[Hardy] Thankfully, a few of you
will be furthering your education.

Bean, you still planning
to go to music college?

Music college.

No, I get dizzy when I go
north of the river, sir.

[Hardy] I'm truly sorry
to hear that, Bean.

[Lucy] Enough, Charlie, get down here!

Come inside!

-[Charlie] Oh, Lucie, it's brilliant!
-Come on, Charlie, enough!

This isn't any fun anymore.

[train horn blaring]

-[Bean] Five, four, three, two...
-[Sherry] Charlie!

Charlie! Charlie!

[Sam] Charlie! For fuck's sakes, get down!

[Lucy] Charlie!

[Lucy] I thought you were dead.

-[Charlie] What, Luce?
-Such a prat!

-Do you wanna die, is that it?

-Ah, leave it out, Luce.
-Yeah, right.

-Just wait till you see the pictures!

[Charlie] Anyway, you're always
saying I'm better on top.

[Charlie and Lucy laugh]

Oi, oi... Now there's something
you don't see everyday.

A bird playing a guitar.

Shut up, Sam.

At least, she's got talent.
I think she plays beautifully.

[Sherry] Why don't you go and talk to her?

-[Sherry] Go on.

Tell her you like the music she's playing.

Ask her what it is.

I know what it is.

[Charlie] Yeah, go on, mate.

What have you got to lose?

Pride, ego, contents of his bowels.

Oh, listen to king dick over there.

[all laugh]

[Lucy] Go say something to her.

[Sherry] Yeah, please.

-[Lucy and Sherry] Yeah.

-[Sherry] Go on.
-[Lucy giggles]

[serene instrumental music playing]

Oh, come on, Sam. Leave him alone.


Cool music. It's good, I, I like it.

I play, um...

Well, I try, you know, an instrument.

-A trumpet, yeah.

-In a band with me mates in a garage.
-[Sherry] Sam, no!

Not, not garage music.

Do, do you want to come for a smoke?

'Cause we're sort of smoking and...

Ooh! Gotcha!

[Charlie] Oh, come on!

[all screaming]

No, no, no, no.
Don't shoot! She's innocent!

No, I'm not.

Do you want some?

[both] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Bobby] What, you want some of this?
Really? Really? Really?

[trumpet playing]

[Charlie] Down there, my furry friends...

[camera shutter clicking]

...is where we are told,
the real world begins.

We must walk amongst
the normal ones, learn their ways.

Discover our purpose, justify our lives.

Then and only then

will we be truly fulfilled.

So, what say you, my brothers and sisters?

Shall we go forth?

[Charlie] Come on, you wankers!
You know you want it!

You know you fucking want it.

[trumpet playing]

[background music distorted]

[truck horn blaring]

Oi, mate, will you do me a favor?

Just wait a minute.

Can you watch me bike for me?
I've gotta go and see someone.

Yeah, but, I'm only going to be here
for a couple of minutes.

Yeah, I'll be back before
you finish your fag.

I told you, I got a fucking puncture.

-[Controller] Couldn't you avoid it?
-No, I couldn't avoid it.

I've got the inner tube
in my hand, right now.

[photographer] To the left. That's it.
Chin up. Up, up. That's it. Down.

That's it, Alison. We're getting shy.

[camera shutter clicking]

[photographer] That's it, good. Good.

Young man, you're looking
in the wrong bloody place.

Your portfolio's on the table.

Look over to my right.

No, no, darling. That's my left. Jesus!

That's it, good, smile!

Think of the money, good.
That's what I want.

Keep going. Keep going. Keep that chin up.

That's good. You print them yourself?

-It's nice.

Start Monday.
Seven sharp, don't be late.

-You know, seven days from now?

-What? You mean?
-Yeah, yeah, now fuck off, see you Monday.

-[camera shutter clicking]
-That's it.

That's it! That's it!

[Charlie] I've got it. Yes!

[techno music playing]

[Bobby] ...Cutty Sark.

Yeah, there's a party Friday.
I'm so looking forward to it.

[Manager] See you tomorrow, girls.

-Be good.
-Oi, watch it.

Fucking letch.

Bet his dick's as small as his brain.

[club music playing]

-Speaking of wankers.
-Oh, when's he moving out?

Not soon enough.

[Bobby] Are you gonna bring him
to Cutty Sark on Friday?

[Rachel] No way.

-See you tomorrow.
-See you later.

[R'n'B music playing]

-Hi, baby.
-Hey, darling. I missed you.

We've got to stop and pick up Sherry.

[electronic music playing]

[music fades out]

[music increases in tempo]

Come on, Luce. You know you want
to get into the tunes, girl.

Get up and grind it!

Do you always have to do that?

Yep, I do, besides it's my driveway.

Your mother's driveway

[electronic music playing]

[music increases in tempo]

[pauses music]

Listen, Sherry, right, look.
I'm trying to concentrate on this, yeah?

I only wanted to kiss you.

[electronic music playing]

Come on, Bobby, man,
you've got to build up a little more.

I'm not a bricky, Rix.

You know what I mean.

[funky bass playing]

Ah, for fuck's sake, I can't do this, man.
I can't work like this.

-[Sam] What's all this?
-[Bean] What?

I thought we agreed on a sound.
This don't sound nothing like it.

Can we stick to what we doing please?

We were doing what
we were doing, being creative.

-Well, it ain't commercial, is it?
-Try being a manager, Sam.

Why don't you let us deal with the music?

Look, whose gear are you playing on?

And whose house are you playing in?

-Eh? Who paid for that equipment?

-I mean, don't you want to sell records?

Don't you want to move out
of my mum's garage?

-[door opening]
-[Charlie] I put money in

all your pockets.
Each and every one of ya.

But, now there's been an eruption.

It's like fucking Belfast on a bad night.

That's Bob Hoskins, it's Long Good Friday.

[chuckles] Yeah.

Oh, yeah. I'd said I'd do
the photos today, didn't I?

-Yeah, but, like...

That was when I was an amateur.

[Lucy] What?

Well, now, I'm a professional,

I don't think you can afford me.

[Lucy] [squeals] You got it?

-[all cheer]

[Charlie] Come on, we need
an image to sell Friday night.

Look at the state here.

Rix, don't suck your cheeks in.

You look like you've been kicked
in the bollocks.

Oi, Sherry, man, leave it out, yeah?

Look, shut up.

Be still.

Now, focus on the glass pyramid
on top of Canary Wharf.

In that pyramid is the answer to life.

The universe.

Everything, never ask why again.

Now, you're in the lift, going up.

In front of you is a big red stop button,
what do you do?

[camera shutter clicking]

Do you go all the way to the top?

[camera shutter clicking]

Or, do you live out the rest of your life
in total ignorance.

[camera shutter clicking]

[trumpet playing]

[Brian] Fuck off, ref,
that was never a foul.

-Fucking wanker.
-Joke, innit?

Oi, Bean, will cut that shit out?

[plays trumpet loudly]

Fucking wanker.

What did I fucking tell you?

Mum, I'm trying to dry some pictures here.

Alright, Bean? Won't be a minute.
Just gotta finish these off.

I think you're gonna like 'em.

[Alice] Charlie, his dad's
thrown him out for good this time.

-Ah, that bastard, I'm gonna fucking...
-Leave it, leave it, Charlie.

Take the spare room, Bean,
stay as long as you want.

I'll sort the bed out.

-Thanks, mum.
-I'll get something for that eye as well.

[Charlie] What do you think?

We look kind of famous.


Yeah, now I've finally got
something to sell.

[scoffs] Nice is like rice.

Bland, come on, give me the sauce.

Give me, "Wicked, Charlie."
you know, "Well done, mate."

Alright, seriously,
Charles, they're great.

Ah! Ani!

Rix, man, sort your sister out.
She nearly ruined the bloody picture.

Ani, watch what you're doing, yeah?

[Sam] Right, that's it.

Ani, I'm gonna call Mum and she's
gonna come take you home right now.

[Ani] No! Please, no!

-[Lucy] There you go, Bob.
-[Bobby] Thanks, babes.

Mm. This is the life.

I'm late.

-How late?

Pregnant late.

[Bobby] Are you sure?

Yeah, well the indicator
seems to think so. Yeah.

-[whispers] What's an indicator?
-[whispers] Just women's stuff.

What's your mum gonna say?

A lot, I should think.

What are you gonna do?

-Don't know.
-Let's do it!

Last one in buys the beer!

[rock music playing]

# Falling in love with boys
Who make me wanna cry

# Falling in love with boys
Who make me cry

# Cry, cry
Oh, yeah! #


Oh, my gorgeous nephew.

How are you, Rix?

Jerry, Charlie.

Lucy, darling. Bobby.

Oh, dear, Bean. I hope you got
that doing something erotic.

What the fuck is Elroy doing here?

[Henry] Ant, I know you're
an A&R man, but, not in public, darling.

Use your nose for sniffing out new talent.

-[Sam] You know, Elroy?
-No, not socially.

He makes my guests very happy though
and that makes me happy.

Anyway, behave yourself.

Darling, Larry, how are you?

If it ain't me old school mate.

-What do you want, Elroy?

Nothing you can provide, Sam.

[Elroy] 'Cause I'm making
a dishonest living nowadays.

Trying to support my habit
of looking so fine.

Elroy, alright, bruv?

What are you saying, Bean?

How's my brethren
of the concrete jungle?

-[Bean] Alright, man.

[Rix] Sam, leave it out, be a manager.

We need a name to fit the image, man.

What's wrong with "Rising Tide"?


Alright, don't rush me.

It's like having a kid, innit?

A name ain't just for Christmas,
it's for life.

Yeah, well, talking of Christmas.

I bought some presents.

Rix! I thought we agreed.

No drugs!

Sorry, mate.


You got my entire life
In your hands

# I tried to tell you
But, you just won't stop

# Why don't you just fuck off #

[crowd cheering]


Too nice.

Must be fake, right?

[Rachel] Hands off, [giggles] sorry.

Hi, I'm Rachel.

-[whispers] Fuck's sake.
-I work with Bobby.

At the Building Society.

Oh, look at your sad eye.

Only one.

That one's happy.

So, you're a musician, right?

Yeah, that's why we came here.
See if we could get signed.


you might be famous one day.

[gulps] Nah.

Can't think of anything worse.

Shit load of people you've never met
before knowing exactly who you are.

How about you?


What are the hours?

# Take a hold of you...

I dunno, man. Maybe I've been with Sherry
too long, do you know what I mean?


Keep yourselves busy, going to see people,
going to see bands all the time.

I mean, I'm only 22, man. I've...

I've been with her for a third of my life.

How does that movie go?

"Better to burn out
than fade away", though.


How could you tell Sam, Bobby?

I didn't.

I swear, I didn't.

Maybe Rix will be over
the moon about it, you know.

You lot have been together
as most married couples.

But, I'm serious, man. I'm really
thinking about getting rid of the woman.

It ain't natural, geezer.


[indistinct chatter]

Keeps stealing the talent,
before the rest can even smell it...

[Sam] Oi, Ant, check this out,
you ain't smelt this lot.

Gonna be large, mate.

-[Sam] Yeah.

So what are they called then?

Greenwich, GMT.

You're the first to see 'em.
First to hear 'em and all.

Here's my number on the tape.
All you have to do is just...

[Henry] Is my nephew
bothering you with his jazz jungle group?

[Ant] Jazz, jungle?
Bollocks. I hate 'em both.

I might have known.

Nice try, mate.

What do you think you're doing?

[Henry] Flogging your tape
at a party like an amateur.

He promotes boy bands, Sam.
You're embarassing me.

[crowd cheering]

[phone ringing]

Oh, leave it.

[phone ringing]



You what?

Oh, it's only 10:30 in the morning.

Yeah, yeah, I won't be late.

-I had a great dream, last night.

Reckon, he listened to the tape, you know.

-I knew he'd like it.

This was triple-X stuff.

Oh, my, hello, he's awake then.

Bob, leave it out, I've gotta get up.

You are up.

-Come on, you can't leave it like this.

I'm doing this for you,
do you want to get signed or, what?

Do that again,
but, shake your hips a bit more.

Bob, this is serious.

You don't have to boast to me, boy.


Ah, jeez.



Come in me!

-Come in me, please.

-Get off!


What are you doing?

Look, I'm trying to start a career. Not
have a kid. What's the matter with you?

Rix, baby...

Wake up.



I cut your dreads off last night.


Dyed your pubes blond.

[Rix] Hmm.



I'm pregnant.

[Rix] Hmm?


[slow music playing]


You're welcome.

We ain't fucking keeping it, Sherry!

[Sherry] This is about me, Rix.

-What's going on inside of me!
-[Rix] Oh, come on, Sherry, man,

-We can't do this!
-She told him then.

Mm, yeah. Took it well.

Why? I just don't get
you sometimes, Sherry.

I know.

That's the fucking problem!


I know when something's wrong, Luce.

Just don't want to lose you
to some skinny, rich, beautiful tart.

That's all.

What, you're jealous?

Alright then, I'll make sure
she's fat, ugly and skinny.

Mm. [laughs]

[Charlie] Look, I'll get me cheque today.

I'll take you out
for a slap-up meal, kebab or, something.

[car door closing]

-[Sophie] Darling?
-Sorry, mum, full house.

No problem, just popping in to change.

Darling, have you got any cash on you?

Jeremy and I have run out again.

That will do.

[Sophie] Hi, Kate. Hi, Lucy.


Got a beautiful cock.

I'd do life for you, sweet cheeks.

Sweet cheeks?

[car starting]

[bike starting]

[jazz music playing]


Close your eyes, you could be anywhere.






[music echoes]

The beach stretches for miles.

Mum's ashes are mixed with the sand there.

Sounds beautiful.

[techno music playing]

I'm told it is.

You've never been?


Dad wouldn't let me go.

[horns playing]

Maybe that's why you got sad eyes.

Have ou ever been to Ireland?

[in Irish accent] Well, let me see now.

Not that I'm aware of,
but, I could be mistaken.


Let's go together.


-It's not that far.


[Bobby] Bean, get your arse in here.

[electronic music playing]

You're a trustafarian, Sam.

-Wankers who live off daddy's money.

Look, I love my dad,
but, he was a selfish cunt.

Too busy making money
to give a shit about me.


He died of cancer for Christ's sake.

Show some respect.

He worked so you wouldn't have to.

Fuck the guilt trip, Henry.

How about dealing
with what I came here for?

-What are you talking about?
-The band, Henry, the sound.

[Henry] Oh, the last trumpet band
to sell pop records was the Tijuana Brass.

-Oi, Sam.

I'm warning ya, don't fuck with me.

-I promised your dad, I'd look after you.

And I have, like you were my own.

But, this is the end of the line.

How many times do I have to tell you?

It's called, "The business."

That's because, it's about making money.

You want your band to sell records.

Get a vocalist out front

and drop the trumpet
back with Rix where it belongs.

Otherwise, you can go on and be
a wanking amateur, like last night

but, leave me out.

Come on, Henry, chill out.
I was only fucking about.

You want to fuck about,
do it in the playground.

[music increases in volume]

Is there any danger
of us actually doing this today?

[tone switches from synth to piano]

[trumpet playing]

[trumpet playing]

[controller] Two-nine, where are you?

[electronic music playing]

[electronic drums playing]

[controller] Come in, two-nine.

I've got a job for you.

[increases volume of trumpet]

[controller] Now, why haven't
you picked up that parcel?

For 55, King's Wood Road? Two-nine...

You ain't no David bloody Bailey yet.

Two-nine, you want your last cheque,
you bloody better get this package

and quickly.

[Charlie] Yeah,
I'll be there in five minutes.

You make sure my cheque is signed!

[electronic music playing]

[tire screeching]


[slow electronic music playing]

[ecg beeping]

[Lucy] You have to come in
a bit closer, if you want him to see you.


[Lucy crying]


Charlie, Charlie, look at me, man.

Charlie, Charlie, we're all here.

Bean, Sam, we're all here for you. We
ain't going no place, you know that right?


[Bobby] Alice, he'll be fine.


[ecg beeping]

Tea. [sniffs] He said, tea.

I made it last time.

Charlie, it's your turn.




Nice equipment, mate.

[Sam] Don't suppose
you got that Virtual Fighter?



You never fuck about, do you, Charlie?

You always go the whole hog.

[haunting instrumental music playing]

Can I have some assistance, please?

-It's alright.

-I'm alright.
-Oh, baby, look, I know how hard

this must be for you after
losing your dad and all that...

[Sam] Look, no, I've, I've gotta go...


[somber instrumental music playing]

[trumpet playing]

[phone ringing]

[Rachel] Hi, this is Rachel.
I'm not here right now.

You know what to do, so do it, bye.

[rain pattering]

[Henry] We discussed this...

My boys close
the show or, they don't play...

[phone ringing]

Listen, my friend, when you learn
how to speak English, call me back.


Listen, I, er...

I heard about Charlie.

I'm really sorry, darling.

I know how you must be feeling.

Good... cause I don't.

I'm not the one with bolts in my head.

Anyway, I'm not here
to talk about Charlie.

You said, I mess about...

Well, not anymore, I'm really serious
about the band. I want to make it work.

[sighs] Samuel. Slow down, your best
friend is lying in hospital right now.

Yeah, but, there's
nothing I can do for him.


And that's what matters, isn't it?
It's what you do that counts,

it's not what you say.

You taught me that.


but, you know...

This is different.

Henry, I'm going to make GMT
a commercial band if it kills me.

I promise. I won't let
anything stand in my way.

Rix, Bean, nobody.

All I need is...

a bit of advice, a desk, a phone.

I'm dead serious, Henry,
I won't screw this up.

You're right, we do need a vocalist.

Though, how do I do it?

[rain pattering]



I want us to keep it.

[somber piano music playing]

Rix, I know...

it's terrible what happened.

-But, it doesn't change--

It ain't just Charlie.

I love you.

And I want you in my life.

Come on, it'll just take
a couple more days.

How many times? No.

I know you don't mean that.

Yes. I bloody do.

[birds chirping]

[Bobby] Please, tell me, this is a dream.

Charlie's tough, he'll fight this.

People make miraculous
recoveries all the time.

Is that right?

We gotta be strong.

Give him hope.

Hope? He smashed his spine so bad,
that he can't breathe for himself.

Don't mean shit.

What it means,

is that he can't feel
shit from the neck down.

That's what it means.

Well, I ain't giving up
on him even if you are.

Bean, look...

I've been through this before, I've heard
all this "gotta be positive" crap.

It didn't work.

-So have I.
-Bean, you were four years old

when your mother died.
What do you know?

[Sherry] Okay,
that's enough, both of you, alright?

[Sherry] Charlie's accident
is affecting all of us.

Look, I weren't going to say anything
but, Henry's offered us some studio time.


Well, that's great.

Yeah, he also reckons we need a vocalist.

Yeah, well, he's wrong, we don't.
That's not what we're about.,

[Bean] We're experimental. We play jazz,
jungle shit, not that pop vocal shit.

He's wrong, is he? Well, how come
he's rich and you're skint, eh?

Yeah, er, Sam, I don't know
about a vocalist either, yeah.


-We'll discuss it later.
-No, we won't, there's nothing to discuss.

We'll sort it out.

I saw Rachel with someone yesterday.

She kissed him, I can't believe it.

Was that what this is about?

Holding back the band because
you can't keep your girlfriend?

Oh, leave it alone, Sam, he's hurt.


Charlie fights for his life in hospital

and all he can think about is his dick.

-No, I was just...

Let's just calm it down, yeah?

Fucking hypocrite.

What did you call me?

What did you call me?

I called you a fucking hypocrite!

You're always trying
to us what to play, Sam.

You don't know shit about music.
You're just a no-talent cunt!

[intense electronic music playing]

[Sherry] Sam, stop it.

I wish it were you
in the hospital instead of Charlie.

He's brilliant, he's got talent.
You got nothing but, your daddy's money.

-Bobby, get back here.

Bean, wait, come on,
let's sort this out, yeah?

-What the fuck do you care?
-What do you mean, what do I care?

Can't you see what
he's trying to do, like he always does?

We don't need him, Rix.
Let's get our stuff and find someone else.

Bean, I can't do that.

I'm not asking you
to stop fucking him, Bobby.

-Alright, that's enough.
-Rix, come on.

Half the stuff in here's his, Bean.

Besides where
are we gonna go? Think about it.

Who else do we know in the business?
Henry, his dad, his life's been surrounded

by music.

What about our sound and what we created?

I don't believe it,
you're both selling out to that slag!

No one's selling out, Bean.

Fuck all of you!


[Bobby] Bean, don't do this, come on, man.

[Rix] Come on, Bean, we'll sort it out.

-Bean, we can talk about it.
-Just leave me alone!

-Bean, mate, come back.


[trumpet music playing]

[Bean] What the fuck do they know?

Middle class tossers.

I make the music.

I mean, they weren't even nothing.

Vocalist, my bollocks.

-[car honking]
-Fuck off.

[engine revving]

[electronic music playing]

[Elroy] Homesick, Bean?

[cardoor closing]

Tired of swimming pools, huh?

The real world is good,
I've moved up, rude boy.

Wanna ride?

Right, left up here, guys.

Don't wanna go too far.

Course you do, mate. Thames Valley's
the Rolls Royce of spinal care.

Green rolling fields, out of
the big smoke, you'll love it.

[helicopter whirring]

[bell ringing]

[Elroy] Twenty-four floors of concrete.

No one comes up here, unless I say so.

A toast

to the day we dark up that pussy bad.

Teach that wanker, Sam Jackson,
some fucking manners, yeah?

[helicopter whirring]

Here you are, man.

Smoke it.

If you're gonna help me with my business,
you gotta sample the merchandise.

Go ahead, go ahead.

Go on, man, go on, go on, go on.

Hold it, hold it, hold it. Yeah.

You're going up, man.

Fuck mine.

[electronic music playing]

# Unknowable
Alone among

# Unknowing others in the club

# Unbearable I bear this love

# So broken, lovelorn and low

# Yes it's true
Read the signs

# You're supposed to come
After me baby

# Read the signs
Can't you read?

# You're supposed to come
After me stupid

# And the love you wear

# Will in time become you

# And the hurt I'm bearing

# Will in time succumb to you
To you #

Backing vocals.

Succumb to you
To you

Excellent, Iona, thank you.

Well, what do you think, Rix?

What do you think?

Well, she's wonderful, no doubt.

We didn't even discuss this.

You just mentioned
that we should talk about it.

[Iona] I'm sorry, but, um...

I'm a bit hoarse today, so... whatever.

No problem, babe, sounds great for me.

Babe? Since when did she become babe?

[Henry] This was
my suggestion, it's not...

If you'd have given me the tape earlier,

I'm sure I could've got alot more done.

Who said you could
give her my sounds, man?

[Iona] It's cool... [laughs]

Er, yeah, I wanted to surprise you.

Yeah, you got me.

[Iona] Middle eight
needs a bit of work as well.

Um, the bass messes
with the vocal a little bit.

But, that's cool because we can...

You can't just go around giving out
my sounds for people to fuck with, Sam.

[Henry] Switch her talkback off.

Besides, where's Bean?

[Henry] Look, I called her in here...

I gave her the tape,
paid for the studio time

and I'm basically telling you,
you need a vocalist.

Now, if you're not happy with her, fine.

But, at least, give her the courtesy
of some thanks for effort.

Alright, Henry.

Alright, listen, things are moving
a little bit too fast for me here, right?

The first thing I know,
we're offered studio time.

The next thing I know, Bean's gone
and we got ourselves a vocalist.

So excuse me, if I'm just trying to get

a little bit of control
over my own fucking sounds.

But, I'm going to ask you again, Sam.

-Where the fuck is Bean?
-[Sam] Yeah, I called him.

I sure as shit didn't have to
after what he said to me.

But, I did, and he wasn't interested.

Said he was going somewhere.

Fuck this anyway, I mean,
why don't you call him?

Yeah, I tried.

[Rix] Told me,
I'd sold my soul to youse lot.

Told me to fuck off basically,
slammed the phone down

In the meantime, why don't you
atleast get in there and talk to her?

You've got to admit,

the girl can sing.

[Henry] Iona, that's fantastic, darling.

[Sam] Rix, look at her.

She'll sell.

She's got, "Fuck me" written all over her.

Come on, get in there. Make it work.

Go on.

[footsteps approaching]

[Bobby] You never told me
you'd spoke to Bean.

I've tried him loads of times, he wouldn't
even talk to me, what's he doing?

Leave it out, Bobby, eh?

Look, this is it, you've arrived.

The little girl's dream, I mean...

at least smile.

You've hardly said a word
to me since Charlie's accident.

Let alone kissed or, even
made love to me, Sam.

I'll leave you guys to it.

No, please, not at
the rates you guys charge.

I don't think
this is the time for this right now.

[Bobby] I just wanna know
what the problem is?

Prob... [sighs]

All this, is for you and Rix.

There is no problem.

-I thought this is what you wanted.
-I want you.

In case if you haven't
noticed, that's all I ever wanted.

Well, in case, if you haven't
noticed, this is what I want.

What am I, Sam?
'Cause I really got to know now.

If you don't want me,
then I don't want this.

I mean it, Sam, I'm out of here.

All I've ever been is a fuck to you.

Leave it out, Bobby,
you know that's not true.

I just wish I'd fucked you right back.

[electronic music playing]

[Elroy] Here you are, look,
there's our man there.

He's got eight grand in the boot.

Go over there, give him the shit
and bring me back the cash.

Remember, smooth like a magician.

Why do I have to go then?

Why can't you go? You know the geezer.

'Cause I pay your fucking wages.

I give you a roof, man.

[exhales] Besides,
I'm showing you the business.

So get up, don't talk,
just swap and walk. Alright?

Go on, man.

[tense instrumental music playing]

[chuckles] Yeah, yeah... nice one.

Come on, let's move.

Oi, do you want a lift?

-I've got a very smooth ride.
-Hi, Mick, how's Mr. Man United?

Oh, aye, top of the league as usual.

Nice shirt.

Take it off so you can get
a closer look if you like.

[nurse] Slow down, Mick,
I've told you before.

[indistinct announcement over intercom]

[Charlie] Chat up lines
ain't working, Mick?

Mate, it's a long life.

Last chance, mate.

They'll throw him out, if he don't chill.

Yeah, I'm a bad boy.

You can spank me if you want, Lucy.

How you doing?

Did you sleep any better last night?

I dream about you.


I made...

love to you,

every night.

Like everything's normal

just for a moment.


It is...


[hip hop music playing]

-[Bean] You alright?
-[man] Yeah, not so bad.

Nice one, Bean.


# You and me
What does that mean

# Always what does that mean

# Forever what does that mean

# Always what does that mean

# Is it getting better

# Wrote her a letter

# Asking questions

# Steps in sessions

# I mean we'll take it slow

# I'm ready to love

# When you talk

# You make me cringe

# Silver me to the messenger

# Let her go don't question her

# Forever what does that mean

# Always what does that mean

# Forever what does that mean

# It means we'll manage
Master your language

# And in the meantime
I'll create my own

# It means we'll manage
Master your language

# And in the meantime
I'll create my own

# It means we'll manage
Master your language

# In the meantime

Hi, Bexby called.
Outisde in ten, yeah?

Ah, man, I've just been down there

Listen, I don't give a fuck,
you got to pay to play.

-[Bean] Usual?
-[Elroy] Yeah.

[video game sounds]

-Oi, cash.
-Oh yeah.

Oi, Bean.

Don't be ripping me off, man.

Respect, man.

[slow instrumental music playing]

# Take your time

# I've taken mine


# I wanted you to know


# And now you know

# Please can I go now

-[taps keyboard]
-[Rix] Stop.

Stop, sustain the note, Iona.

Iona, sustain the note.

The G, sustain the G.

It ain't too hard.

-I've got eight words to sing.
-Well, then, cut some words.

-Fuck you.
-[Sam] Whoa, relax you two, you chill out.

We're two inches from
a deal with Polygram,

you're both tired,
let's just call it a night.

No, let's call this a waste
of time, Sam. It ain't working.

Rix, don't give
me this, you guys are clicking.

You've worked on
some great songs. You both know it.

You've just gotta finish them.

See you tomorrow, three o'clock.

-Good night.
-Good night.

[door closing]

[Chris] Right, I'll move back in then.


-Leave me alone.

You stand still
when I'm talking to you then.

[Rachel] Leave me alone,
'cause I don't want to know you no more.

Well fucking stand still then.

[Sam] Oi, not so rough, eh?

-Piss off, you nosy git.

[Rachel] Oi.

Stop it, leave him alone.
You're gonna hurt him now,

stop it, alright?

Wait, I'm only helping you out.


You're Bean's mate.

-Yeah... and you are?

Fancy meeting you here.

My pleasure.

[Rachel] You...

-[exclaiming in pain]

Get off me hair!

Fuck off!

[Sam] Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, easy, easy.

I think you got him.

Go on, piss off out of it.

He's had enough, eh?

Reckon his balls are in his throat.

[Rachel] Sod off, Chris
and I'm going to change the locks,

-so you're never coming back!
-[Sam] Whoa, easy.

-No, it's me should be thanking you.

Are you alright?

Oh, look, you're bleeding.

[Sam] Wasn't supposed to be like this.

We were the heroes.

Not the villians.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

I mean, that happening to Charlie.

How much time you have

or don't have.


The thing is, we've just...

Got to be there for him,
you know what I mean?

Just let him know that he's got us.

Whatever happens.

What about Bean?

He's such an amazing muscian.

Had a bit of a thing for him.

Tried to call him a few times, but...

never called back.

guess he dumped me.

Oh, he dumped me too.

Things got a bit heated after
Charlie's accident and he just walked

and then I tried to stop him from throwing
it all away but, he just wouldn't have

none of it.

Life's too fucking serious sometimes.

[ship horn blaring]

Dawn already.

I talk too much...

Kept you up all night.

No worries.

It's what weekends are for.

Mm, it's your fault,
you're too easy to talk to.

Time to, er, go and face the day then.


[trumpet music playing]

Bean! I told you I had associates
come, you're supposed to be out.

Come on, get the fuck out, man.

Going, I'm going.

Look at you, you're fucking wasted, you...

-[knock at door]
-[Elroy] Shit!

Alright, look, go and hide.

Go and hide.

-[knock at door]

Bollocks, man.


Say nothing. Nothing.

-[opens door]
-[man] Yes, Elroy!

[indistinct chatter]

Who the fuck is this?

Look, look, he's safe,
he's alright, man.

Man, I don't tell you,
say me no like no surprise, man.


Especially the white ones.

He's alright, Ricky, man.

I've known him since school,
we're lifers, you know.

Never trust a white boy.

That's what my mother show me...

Saw them history tattooed 'pon wi' skin.

[slurring] Let's get
this straight, right now.

I ain't never fucked anybody over
in my life that didn't have it coming

to them, you got that?

All I have in this world
are my balls and my word

and I don't break 'em
for no-one, do you understand?

Wha' you say, boy?



[Elroy] What the fuck is that?

A motion picture, fool.

Don't show everybody see,
you're ignorant, man.

Watch it now.

No come to me for nothing, you understand?

Me will call you.

No talk business with I.

Never ever call my name.

You understand me?

But, you know...

anyone fuck up...

and you me a deal with.

Look, Ricky, man, look, he safe, yeah.

[Elroy] I'm just looking to expand
my empire a little, that's all, man.

Yeah, you want it, me got it.

I just want return 'pon my investment.

I want you to move this for me quick.

[Ricky] Yeah?

Alright, no problem, man.

Al right, D, come we go.

-[Elroy] Alright, thanks, man.
-[door opening]

[door closing]

Oi, I thought I told you to keep it shut.

Look at that, man.


Shit, I want to make some dough, you know?

Gonna buy me a beamer.


a big fuck-off Merc.

In fact, I'll buy them both.
You know it makes sense.

# Take your time

# I've taken mine

# How did it come

Has it kicked yet?

Not yet,

but, I felt hiccups the other day.

Must be something else

watching part of you growing, Sherry.

Yeah, well, it's...

It's what we do, innit?

See, nearly finished.

Look, Lucy, I really don't...

[Lucy] Doctor says you eat well,
you'll be out of here sooner.

Doesn't he look great
without that thing on his head?

I thought it was rather fetching, mate.

[Charlie] It's a cool track, Rix.
Sort of hip Carpenters.

What did you say her name was?

I don't know.

But, I'll tell you, man,
it ain't the same without Bean and Bobby.

Just don't feel right.

It does sound right, though.

I reckon if Bean was here, he'd agree.

Oh, we'll see.

No, Lucy, please, no more,
I'm trying to listen.

You can listen to it
in a minute, your food's getting cold.

[turns off music]

I said, I don't fucking want anymore!

Rix, it's getting late.
I think we better be going.

Rix, wait.

I'll meet you down there.

I'll just get rid of these things.

[Sherry] See you later, sweetheart.

Sorry, man.

Don't even say it, mate.

[sighs] She's gonna leave me.1

-It's too much.
-No, man, listen, Lucy wouldn't.

Rix, look at me.

I can't even hold her hand.

All the things I was.

All the things she loved...

are gone.

Do you know what I mean?

She's 22 years old, how can
I ask her to deal with this?

[solemn instrumental music playing]

I gotta go.

I gotta miss the traffic.

You know, life don't seem so precious...

Till you realize you don't have one.

[Sam] We've been over this before.

[phone ringing]

No, no. You're well off-side, mate.

What's that about?

Pissing contest. I won.

We was in the hosital yesterday.

Charles and Luce, man,
they're having trouble.

You seen them lately?

Yeah, er, caled them a couple of days ago.

What can I do for you, mate?

Look, Sherry ain't working, yeah?

We need a down payment on the flat.

There's a kid to think about now, and...

I've got no money coming in, Sam.

So you need an advance?

That's it, yeah.

That's rich.

You slag me off for getting a singer.

You threaten to walk out on a major deal

and now you ask me for money?

[Rix] Oh fuck it. Fuck it, Sam.
I don't know why I bother.


You can't have it both ways, Rix.

You can have money, mate.
You know whatever you want.

-I'll even lend you myself.

I'd rather get the advance from the deal,
if it's all the same to you, mate.


All I need

is your signature.


and you can have
all the nappies you want, mate.

-Hi, baby. Just coming.
-Hi, Rix.

Sorry, did I interrupt something?

[Sam] No, no, no.

It's fine.

And I'll get you a cheque in the morning.

[breathing heavily]

[mumbles] Lucy.


No, it's me, mate.

Fancy a game of football?

[wistful instrumental music playing]


[patient] Come on, do you mind?
Some of us are trying to sleep, down here.

[Mick] No, we don't mind, mate. Carry on.

Right, close your eyes.
Can you see me running?

I'm making a run for it.

I've got Giggs and Beckham on my tail

and Posh Spice screaming
[imitates Posh Spice] "David, David,

-don't mess your hair up."
-Yeah, I see.

Right, boof! Off my right foot,
the ball arcs away, higher and higher.

[Charlie] The crowd roars, drowning out
the screams of Giggs' frustration.

Out of nowhere, team
mate Milner emerges. Unmarked.

He's after the ball, but, he's got a lot
to cover if he's to be on the receiving

-end of that one.
-Come on, Milner! Come on!

Got me eye on it, nothing
exists, just me and the ball.

As it falls back to earth,
I'm there to meet it.

[Charlie] Oh no, just out of reach.

[Mick] He leaps, soars,
airborne, nearly horizontal.

[Charlie] But, I strike, connect...

A guided missile straight for the net.

[Mick] The crowds go silent, jaws drop.

Beckham falls to his knees.

A religious moment, then...

Goalatsio! [laughs]

Nice one. [laughs]

[solemn instrumental music playing]

[cyclist] Yeah, safe.

[hip hop music playing in car]

[Elroy] [laughs boisterously] Yeah!

-Oi, this is rude, you know.
-The rudest.

Well, I knew we was doing good,
but, I didn't know we was doing this good.

Oh yeah, we're going to be travelling
first class from now on, brethren.

Get inside, man, we got
some serious flexing to do.

-How much?
-Oi, oi, I'm the accountant in this firm.

Anyway, I swapped my old ride,
plus a little cash on top.

How much?

Eight grand.

Don't worry, you just the cash coming in.

# Before you get the wrong idea

[piano music playing]

# Thursday night you tried
A brand new angle

And you chose to follow
Gigolo's example uh-huh

# Dead flowers wilt
As our love will

# No getting through to you

-[Sam] This is new. I haven't heard this.

This could be
the single we're looking for.

Get us a tape, I'll give it to Polygram.

Come on, I need the lot.

-What else are you hiding, Rix?
-[Rix] How about this?

Oh, you'll love this one, geezer.

[jazzy instrumental music playing]

I don't know, guys, sounds a bit busy.
Better without, Iona.

Leave it.

This is wicked.

Sam reckons its a bit too busy.

Yeah, well, what does he know?
He's just a manager.

Yeah, well, we can't use it,
so take it down please.

Take it down, you know
we can't use it, Rix.

[Iona] Yeah, well, yes, we can use it
and we're going to, so put it back on.


[hip hop music with trumpets playing]

Who is this?

-It's bad!
-It's an old mate.

-Actually we were partners.
-Well, let's get him in then.

Let's get him in.

# Take a little time
To know me better

# Take a little time
To treat me better

# Take a little time
To know me well

# Uh-huh

# Take a little time
To know me better

# Take a little time
To treat me better

# Take a little time

# And tears are waiting

# Tears are waiting
Tears are waiting

# For you

# Yeah #

[unlocks door]

Rix, mate.


Long time, brother, I mean...

what can I get ya?

[Rix] Oh, nothing, nothing, man.

Thanks though.

[Bean] I should have called you, man...

I shouldn't have said
what I've said to you,

I was upset.


Yeah, listen, listen, Bean...

Bean, mate...

We got the deal.

Good money.

One of the tracks is yours,
man, I tell you they, they...

They reckon it might be a hit.

[both laugh]

I don't need that shit no more, man.

I make twice in a week, what you slags
earn in a year, boy. You get me?

Take my tune as a birthday present, Rix.

Sorry, I ain't got no card or, nothing.

Brought you a tape of it, man.

I wanted to see what you thought.

You got to get out of this place, Ben.

Yeah, boy.

Listen, Rix, why don't you chill, man?

Skin up and get to know
some of your brethren here.

My what?

Your brethren, you know
what I mean? Your people and that.

"My people"?

These ain't my people, Bean,
they got nothing to do with me.

You was my people.

We was best mates.

-Don't fucking lecture me.
-Look, I know what Sam did

was out of order,
but, he said he's sorrry.

What the fuck are you chatting about?

He's called you, man.
He's tried to sort things out.

-Never did.
-Oh, come on, Bean!

You've got to let it go.

Shut it, right.
I said he never called, never!


Never called?

-Don't matter.

Don't matter.

I've got what I want.

I'm where I wanna be. These are
my people. This is my home, you get me?

That's where I was going wrong, see,

hanging with you cunts.

You remember a cunt,

called Charlie?


Man, get the fuck out of my house.
Don't fucking need you!

-Don't need nothing.
-[Clinton] Whoa, man!

[dog barking]

[indistinct announcement on intercom]

[indistinct chatter]

Okay then, Charlie,
just coming up slowly, alright?

You might feel a bit dizzy, alright?
But, Hanna's gonna hold you there,


You're free of the bed.

Now, we're just gonna
come around slowly. Okay?

Like I said, Hanna's got tight
hold of you. You're alright.

[breathing heavily]

[Charlie] I just don't wanna do this.
Not... not today, alright?

[nurse] No, I know you don't,
love, but, we gotta start sometime.

No, just put me down. Put me down!

Put me back in the fucking bed, you slags!

[Mick] Whoa, whoa, can't you
see he's not up to it?

-[Charlie] Just fuck off! Put me down!
-[nurse] Why don't you wait outside, Mick?

No, he's got his whole
fucking life to deal with this!

Now just leave him alone, will you?

-[sobs] Just fuck off!
-[nurse] Let's put him back to bed,

come on.

We'll have a bash
at it again this afternoon.

That's it nice and slow.


[whispers] Oh shit.

[club music playing]

[Sam] Rix, man.

I've got news, man. Good news.

Polygram sign the contract,
tomorrow. We've done it, mate.


-"Nice"? What the fuck is that? "Nice"?
-Have you seen Bean lately?


Well, I've seen him.

Rix, I don't need this right now.

Oh yeah? What do you need?

You obviously
don't need to get laid, do you?

[Sam] You shut your mouth, Rix.

-What the fuck's going on here?
-He was in love with you, you know.

Now this arsehole's got you

and his music.

He wasn't interested.


You never even called him.

You sold him out.

For what?

For the latest trainers?

For the newest sunglasses, Sam?

-This is bollocks.
-You swim about in this shit

like a gold medalist, mate.

-Come on, Rachel, we're leaving.
-You know what breaks my heart?

You used Charlie to kick Bean out
of your house, out of our lives.

But, you never even once
visited him in the fucking hospital.

Fuck you!

-He's like a brother to me.
-Oh, yeah.

I'm glad I ain't your brother, Sam.



You lied to me about Bean.

Rachel... he was a total loser.

# Take a little time
To know me better

# Take a little time
To treat me better

# Take a little time
To know me well

# And tears are waiting
And fears are waining

# Tears are waiting for you

# Tears are waiting
Fears are waning

# Tears are waiting for you

# For you #

-[Mick] Look out!
-[Charlie] Shit.

[Charlie] Maniac, what are you,
trying to run me over on your last day

is that it?

No, I'm trying to think
of things I'm gonna miss,

but, fuck me, I can't think of one.

Oh yeah?

Well, what about the breasted wonder?

Oh, fuck that!

I'm gonna pay for that.

Big, fat ones without
teeth, all I can get.

I'd rather be fucked
and bankrupt, than just plain fucked.

[Charlie] Yeah, true.


That's what it's all about. Balance.

Few people find it,
but, I'm telling you...

-It's all in the fucking balance.

Gotta hold on, Charlie!

Find your balance, like I have

and you'll have no problems, mate.

Yeah, it's gonna be
dead around here without you.

How's about me and you, eh? Head to head.

The last one down to the exit's
a fucking Millwall supporter!

I am a Millwall supporter.

Exactly, that's why
I'm getting out of here!

[Charlie] Man United lost two nil.

He'd be gutted.

Though that ain't why he did it.

He lost his balance.

Didn't even last a week out there.

Fuck mine.

He must have felt

so alone.

[somber instrumental music playing]

I wonder how fast he was going?

[thunder rumbling]

If someone as positive as him can't
make it, then, what chance have I got?

[Rix] No, Charlie, mate, no.

You and Mick, you're not the same.

He was alone, you've got family.

People that love you,
nothing can change that.

-[thunder rumbling]
-[rain pattering]


Well, you've been my mate
for as long as I can remember.

That's one thing this happening
didn't take away from me.

You gotta get me out of this.

This ain't no life.

Not one I wanna live.

Rix, look at me, man.


I'm not flipping out.

No tears.

Just telling you straight,
where I'm at, alright?

Just telling my best, mate.


that I can't do this.

Don't ask me.

You don't ask me
to do that, Charlie, 'cause I...

'Cause I ain't gonna do it.

I can't even wipe my own fucking arse.

[Charlie] What are you doing?

For fuck's sake, Rix.

Rix, get off, oi!

For fuck's sake, get off.

[Louise] Wait, Rix,
you can't take him out there!

[Rix] It's alright, he just
needs to get out of there.

Two minutes, Louise.

[Louise] Okay, two minutes.

[dramatic instrumental music playing]

-Thanks, Rix.

Happy new year, mate.


[both laugh]

[Rachel] Oh God, quick, get inside.

[friend] Oh God!

[Sam] Rachel! Rachel!

You two... I'll be up in a minute.

-What do you want?
-Well, it's New Years and I just...

No, look, it doesn't work like that.

-I don't wanna know, Sam, I really don't.

I'm in love with you.

[friend] Rachel, come on! Hurry up!

[sighs] I can't love a liar, Sam

or a coward.

[solemn instrumental music playing]


[birds chirping]

-Who's that?
-[Sam] It's me, Charlie.


You scared the shit out of me.

How long have you been here?

Couple of hours.

You look fucked.

I am fucked.



I'm so sorry, Charlie.

[voice breaking] I couldn't compute

you bolted into the bed,
plumbed into all that shit.

It just didn't make any sense.

I felt ten again, you know, I felt like,
I felt like, I was watching my dad!

die on me.

I looked at you and I...

almost blamed you.

What the fuck have you done?

After a while.

When you never came...

and Lucy left...

I started to think, it really
would've been easier if I've died

down on that road.

Not just for me.

For everyone.

You know, I don't want
to become a liability

or an effort.

So don't come here and unload your
grief on me, just so you can feel better.

If you're gonna stay, then stay.

'Cause I've always
been here for you, mate.

Just want the same respect.

Well, go on, help me out of bed.

I wanna see what the new year looks like.


-No, I'd better get the nurse, yeah?
-Sam, you'll be fine.

Well, go on.

Grab me legs
and pull me to the edge of the bed.

I won't break, I like it rough.

[Sam] Sorry, sorry.


Now this is the good bit,
you get to grab my arse

and I get to sniff yours.

After three,

[Charlie] One, two, three...

[solemn instrumental music playing]

[sinister instrumental music playing]

[Elroy] Got your call, man.

Sit down.

You see Denton here?

Denton get O level maths at school,
you know, Jed.

And what you get?

I didn't take no exams.


That's what me show, D, you know?

'Cause its two weeks now,
and you come up short.

So, it's either D, a liar

or you can't count.

Yeah, you see, I was gonna tell you, man.

Bean's come up short.

He tells me he's waiting on a debt,
he's got himself a serious habit.

Look, fuck that.

The white boy a fi' your problem.

Yeah, but, he's going
around saying he's with you, man.

That he works for you direct.

He's exposing you, using your name.

You gotta get rid
of him before the shit comes down.

The shit are already down.

Down on your arse.

The bitch is your problem.


You remember that?

It's fi' your problem.

No money.

You understand me?

Come, we go.

-Hello, Charlie.

Welcome home, darling.

-Hello, Charlie.
-Welcome home, darling.

-Right, you got him?

Hello, darling.

Here we go, let's get in.

-[car honking]
-Oh, shut up!

-[driver] Oi, move that bloody van.
-[Alice] Right, grab him.

[Rix] I'm on my way, mate,
give me a second, alright?

[Alice] Careful.

[Rob] Okay, don't panic. Don't panic.

Here, the balloons was mum's idea.

[all laugh]

-[Alice] Mind him.
-[Rob] Here we go.

-[Alice] Careful.
-[Rob] Okay, okay.

[Rob] Look, stop panicking,
I'm doing okay.

It's the first time
I've driven one of these.

[Alice] Hope you like it, darling.

Dad decorated it for you.

He's put some of
your favorite pictures up.

[Rob] Not quite finished yet.

[Rob] Here we go, alright.

How you doing?

Can I get anyone any tea?

Thanks, Alice, but, I think
we'd better be going.

[Rob] I'll show you out, then.

See you soon, boss.!

I'll call you later, Charlie, alright?

[haunting instrumental music playing]

[Sam] Rix.

-Rix, come on.
-I ain't interested, Sam.

Rix, I just want to talk about Charlie.

-[car door opens]


Rix, it's gotta stop, mate.

I know you, mate, you're a user.

You're just feeding your guilt trip.

-Rix, we can't leave him like that.
-He's been like that for months, man!

[Rix] And he's gonna be
like that for the rest of his life.

Sure, he'll get money, maybe
he'll be a millionaire, but, he's always

going to be in pain, isn't he?

-I'm just saying we gotta do something.
-I'm glad you fucking noticed!

[Sherry] Rix. [exclaims in pain]
Oh, God, it's starting.

-Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

What do I do?

-What do I do?
-Give me the keys, I'll drive.

-Give me the keys!
-Go, man, go, quickly.

[Rix] Come on, baby,
come on, baby, let's go.

[Rix] Come on, Sam, come on, mate.

[car door closing]

[engine revving]

[Alice] Here, darling, let me.

No, mum, I can...

[Rob] I'll put the kettle on then.

[somber instrumental music playing]

[Alice] Yeah, darling.
You can look at the garden.

I'll just get you some tea.

[police siren blaring]

[electronic music playing]

[knock at door]

[mumbles] Fucking hell, man.

[mumbles] Who the fuck is this?

Who is it?

[Ricky] ...it's me.

Hold on, Ricky, man,
I'm coming, one minute, yeah.

[Ricky] Time up, where my money?

[Elroy] Look, I was just
gonna call you, man.

Look, Bean's been holding back again.

-[Ricky] Look, fuck Bean.
-Shit, man, I've been working my arse off

for you. It's there. It's there.

Look, I should've listened
to you though, man. Never trust 'em.

[Denton] We're short.

Look, just give me
a couple more days, man.

Just give me a couple
more days, Ricky, man. Come on, look.

I'll sort it out for you, man.


-Shut him up.

Come here, I'll break your fucking neck.

[Elroy] What are you doing to me?

Ricky, look, don't kill me, man.

Fucking don't kill me. [exclaims in pain]

[Denton] Kill? He wants to kill?


[sobbing] Ricky.

Please don't...
I don't wanna die. Please...

[Elroy] Please, don't kill me, please.

Please, Ricky, don't fucking hurt me.

Ricky, please, I'm begging you man.

That fucking Bean, man. Don't kill me
because of Bean, please.

Don't kill me because of Bean.


Hold on, Bean?

Bean aren't a man?

It's what I'm trying to tell you, man.

He's got no fucking respect,
he's got your money, he's got my money.

Look, I'm not the theif, man.
He's the theif, man, I swear to God.

So Bean are the man and you are the boy?

-[Ricky] Eh?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, he's the man.

He's the man, look,
Ricky, please, I'm begging you man.

Just give me one more chance.

He's got the money,
he's got the money, right?

You know? Bring him...

Bring him down to my club.

[Elroy] I will. I will.
I'll bring him to your club.

I'll help you get the money back, yeah

-and I'll help you get back your respect.

[Denton] Shut up, shut up.

Me won't get back fi' your respect, boy.

[Denton] You hear that? Hmm?

Come, we go.

[Sherry] That's it.

Best thing you ever done, mate.

I think we need to wet the baby's head.

Oh, yeah, it'd be rude not to.

Wouldn't it?

[Charlie] Sorry?


What, you like vodka?

A single or, a double, darling, eh?

[Charlie] Mind you don't
spill it all over me.

[Rix] There you are, up to the brim.

Oh yeah, what's this?

Open it.

[Rix] I'll hold that for you.

There you go.

Oh, Rix...

[Rix] Outrageous, man.

The latest top bollocks, that is.

What am I gonna do with this?

[chuckles] I mean, look at me, man.

No, you don't have to hold it.

When you get your insurance through.

You just get an assistant,
and they set it all up for you.

-You know, I thought that...
-Thought what?

Thought I could do what I did?

Yeah, be who I was.

Yeah, give him a camera
and everything's alright.

[scoffs] Mate, you just
don't get it, do ya?

Come on, Charlie. It's just
a present. He was trying to...


-Ah, shit!
-What's up, mate?

-What's up?
-The, the tube's blocked.

[exclaims in pain] My head
feels like it's going to explode.

You gotta change the tube.

[Rix] Alright, alright.

[Rix] Easy, easy, easy.

Alright, mate.

[Rix] Look, I reckkon, we'd better
get you home, mate. I don't know

-if we should do this.
-[Sam] No, Rix, there's no time, right.

Right, in my bag,
there's a syringe, go, get it.

-Get my trousers down, for fuck's sake.
-[Sam] Right, get his shoes.

It's alright, Charlie.

He's getting it, what do
we do, Charlie, what do we do?

You got to change the catheter.

[Charlie] There's a syringe
in there, mate?

Got it.

-[Rix] Wait a second, man.
-[Charlie] You got it?

Oh, shit.

[Rix] Yeah, here, right.

-[Rix] Right, mate.
-[Charlie] Get it out of the wrapping.

-Stick it in that yellow nozzle.

[Charlie] Come on, man.

-Just hurry up.
-[Rix] Alright.

[Charlie] Attach it to the tube.
Now there should be water coming out,

-is there? Is there?
-[Rix] Alright, yeah, it's coming.

-My head!
-[Rix] I've got it. I've got it.

-Alright, mate.

In my bag, there's
a new tube, unwrap it quick.

-Yeah, got it.
-[Charlie] Sam, pull that tube out.

-I can't, Charlie, I don't know how.
-Get the tube out!

Hurry up.

-Hurry up.

Ow, my fucking head!

-[Rix] Okay.
-Fucking hurry up.

[Rix] Alright, man, alright.

[Rix and Sam exclaim in disgust]

-[Rix] Go on, mate.
-[Charlie] Undo the bag, yeah?

[Sam] Yeah, go on, undo it quick.

[Charlie] Ah, fuck.

-Oh, what do I do with that?
-Just throw it down, man.


-Like this?

Like this? It's going in. It's going in.

That's it, it's going in, it's going in.

Got the leg bag? Got it?
There's a little plastic thing.

[Sam] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

-Oh shit, my head.
-[Rix] Alright, alright, alright.

-Yeah. Alright, it's starting to go.
-[Sam] Is the pain starting to go?

[sighs in relief] Alright.

Yeah, pressure's going.

-It's in.
-[Rix] Alright.

[Charlie] [panting] Alright.

Alright, mate.

-[Rix] Alright, yeah?

-[Rix] Yeah?
-Oh, fucking hell.

[seagulls squawking]

[Charlie] So, darlings.

How was it for you, then?

[all laugh]

[electronic music playing]

# Incendiary empty this hunger

# All craves into one

# The permanent hard on
Refuses to come

# It's come into gone #

Alright, mate?

-Here you go.

They're wicked, mate.


# So don't you dare
Try to calm me down

# My ache to subside

# 'Cause you have injected
Yourself into me

# I may well expire

# So who would you have me love

# When I am in love with you #

-Cause I want to, er...
-No, don't worry about me.

Just go do your thing.

-You sure?

-Okay, I'll see you in a minute.

[friend] Hey, Sam.



I'm really glad you could make it.

Well, had to see, if it all
been worth it, eh?

-Hi, Sam Jordan.
-Jason Meyers.

[Rachel] Hello, Sam.

I invited her.

Do you think I'd miss this?

-[Sherry] Cheers.
-[Rachel] Cheers, mate.

[Sam] Yeah, catch you later.

Rachel, Rachel.

I've gotta see you.

I don't think that's a good idea, Sam.

No... so much has happened. I just want
a chance to explain things, that's all.


[man] Hey, Sam, wicked track, man.

[man 2] Yeah, man, what about Iona?

Sorry, mate, that seat's taken.

[Bean] Alright, Charlie.


Fuck mine.

Don't see what all the fuss is about.
Her tits ain't no bigger than mine,


It should've been you up there, Bean.

No, mate. Not me.

No regrets.

# Why can't you feel this

# You have to feel this

Come on, let's get some air.

# Why can't you feel this #

Why can't you feel this?

[music playing in background]

You alright then?

Course I am, geezer.

Top of the fucking world, mate.

No, it's just...

you look a bit fucked.

Bit fucked?

I was fucked when my father
shot his fucking load, mate.

Funny, innit?

It all comes down
to whose dick you were launched from.

We're out here now though, mate.

You and me.

Stared death right in the fucking face.

None of these other
wankers have got a clue.

No, I didn't stare death in the face.

I stared life in the face.

Death is an absolute, there ain't
nothing absolute about life.

The minute you want out.

The door's always open.

[sighs] When we was kids,
you made my cunt life better, Charlie.!

Well, what's that supposed to mean?

[scoffs] Well, what do you
want me to do with that?

You don't visit me for six months.

You had it tough.
You ain't the only one.

Mate, if I can do this,
then you sure as shit can.

[Iona] Thank you very much!

Yo, but, seriously, our name is GMT.

This is our first big live gig!

You can take it easy,
we're only the opening act.

See Rachel in there?

There hasn't been a day gone by
when I haven't thought about her.

Every single day.

Could have had something, me and her.

So, sort it out then.

Grab your balls, take a deep
breath and fucking leap forward.


You reckon?

[chuckles] Oh, mate...

I fucking know it.

[Sam] Charlie?


[Sam] Charlie?

-You alright, mate?

-[Iona] For our next number,
-What are you doing out here?

[Iona] I'd like to introduce
a couple of mates of ours.

Tony Vegas on the decks and
the amazing Talvin Singh on the tablas.

[Sam] What were you doing
out there on your own?

I was alright, having a drink.

[electronic music playing]

# Right from the very start
I knew we'd relate

# There was present tension
And erotic debate

# We analyzed the gods

# Made love in good faith

# Your touch so feminine
I knew you'd hate

# To hear me say

# And where is the love

# And where is the love #

Did you get money off the geezer?

No, his, uh, mate said he left.

Here, man.

No, that's alright.


We're all square with Ricky now, yeah?

-Yes, we are or, yeah, we ain't?

Yeah, man, we're all square.

-I paid him everything, we're even.
-Then he don't need to see us tonight.

What? Are you crazy?

If he asks you to see him,
then you're gonna see him, alright?

Come on, fuck West London,
let's go back to south.

# I'm drowning babe

# And where is the love

# That you promised me

# And where is the love

# That you promised me?

# I'm trying not to blame
The whole thing on you

# I'm trying just to keep
From going under

# I'm trying not to blame
The whole thing on you

# I'm trying just to keep
From going under #

[Ricky] My father did
give me this drink, you know.

When he think I become a man

and then we sit down and get drunk.

And him try and beat me.

But, him lose.

'Cause I was a man.

You see, as a man...

Me have a reputation.

And me intend for keep
my reputation them solid.

You understand me?

Yeah, of course, I understand, Ricky.

What happened? Don't like the taste?

It's a little too strong maybe.

No, it's just an acquired
taste, innit? Gotta get used to it.

Acquired. Like you acquired
the taste for my money, yeah?


Me no say you raise the price
you know, for cover your smoke.

Me can deal with that still.

What me no like... is not being
paid for what you take.

What the fuck is this, man?

Where my money then, you little bitch?

-Me took nothing.
-Oi, oi.

There's no point lying, Bean.

You fucking bastard, man. I'm gonna...

[Denton] Wait, boy...

where the man's money?

[Elroy] Oh, look, just
shoot him. Shoot the cunt.

Shoot him!

Shoot him in knee cap.




[electronic music playing]

[dj scratching]

Bean, man?

What have you done?

Hey, look... look, Bean.

Don't fuck about, yeah?

Come on, look, just put the gun down.
Don't mess about with me, man.

-Come on, man.
-Death is an absolute.

Anytime you want out,
the door's always open.


Ah, yeah, yeah.

[Elroy] Wait a minute, wait
a minute, American film, right?

Now, come on, put
the gun down, man, please, please.

# Where is the love

# That you promised me

# Where is the love

# And where is the love

# That you promised me #

[Alice] Morning, Charlie.

Sleep well, sweetheart?

I'll get you a cup of tea.

[serene instrumental music playing]

[camera shutter clicking]

Excuse me, there is a queue here you know.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

Close your eyes. You could be anywhere.

You're more beautiful than I remember.


You look well, Rachel.

You look like shit.



-Everything alright, Rachel?
-Um, yes, fine, Mr. Finch.

He's a friend.

Real good friends, why don't
you run along, Mr. Finch?

[Finch] There are people waiting.

Please make your transaction and leave.


You still wanna go?

Rachel, come on.

Give me a chance, I'm trying here.

Those are for her, are they?

-Yeah, alright, mate.

Nice colors, specially the pink ones.

[tense instrumental music playing]

What do you reckon, Rachel,
is he gonna get a fuck out of them?

[Finch] Hey, hey, hey, that's enough.

Now, why don't
you gentlemen take this outside?

Before I call the police.

-Bean, come on, let's...
-Back off from me!

Bean, this is not how it looks.

Shut up, Rachel, shut the fuck up!

Right, I'm calling the police.

-Right, we're going, come on, Bean.
-Don't touch me.

Fuck off, you don't touch me.

[electronic music playing]

[Bean] Get out, move!

-Look at her!
-[Rachel] Bean, what are you doing?

-Look at her!
-Bean, for fuck's sake, put the gun down.

-[exclaims in pain]
-Stop it!

[Bean] Look at her!

Did you fuck her?

Did you fuck Rachel, yes or, no?

[Rachel] Just tell him, Sam.

Yes, yes...

Why do you hate me so much?

-We were supposed to be mates.
-I never hated you.

Bean, it wasn't like
that, please, I can explain.


You killed me. I saw you...

kissing some cunt
the day after you and me...

-You stabbed my fucking heart out.

Oh God. That was over.
What you saw was nothing.

So what about this?

You had everything. The looks,
the car, the house, I had shit!

You had talent.

I was jealous.


You should have said, mate,
we could have swapped.

-[Rachel] Please, stop this.
-Bean, we were kids, that's all.

And I was the shit.

Fucking hell, man,
what's the matter with you?

It's everyday life.

[Rachel] Bean, don't, you're wrong.

You've got it all wrong.

[suspenseful music playing]

You're lucky Charlie needs you, Sam.

[police sirens blaring]

Don't go out there!

[tires screeching]

[helicopter whirring]

Bean, please!

"I've seen things
you people, wouldn't believe.

Attacked ships on fire
off the shoulder of Orion.

All these moments will be lost.

Like tears in rain."

Don't go out there!

[Sam] Bean!

Drop the weapon or, we'll fire!

[police officer] Drop
the weapon or, we'll fire.

Drop the weapon.

[jazz music playing]


[wistful instrumental music playing]


Here you go, geezer.

Finally made it to Ireland.

It's not so easy
to get south London off you.

[trumpet music playing]

[electronic music playing]

# The purity in dreaming

# The meantime is a quarantine

# Suppose there is no difference
And phone sex

# Is eternal love

# The promise in our yearning

# The meantime is a quarantine

# And the body parts can mix
And Yet fail

# To make a heart

# And you'll only find out
If this was love

# Once you've tried another

# And you'll find out

# If this was love

# So take my heart in the meantime

# Will the next love be the real one

# Will the next love be the real one

# Our dreams in holding patterns

# The meantime is a quarantine

# And I'm the one comparing

# And you'll only find out
If this was love

# Caressing some other lover

# And you'll only find out
If this was love

# So take my heart in the meantime

# Will the next love be the real one

# Will the next love be the real one

# Will the next love be the real one

# Will the next love be the real one

# In sexual positions

# We never got to try and I

# I see lovers in a swing door

# And you'll only find love
If this was love

# Once you've tried out another

# And you'll only find love
If this was love

# So take my heart in the meantime

# And you'll only find love
If this was love

# Caressing some other lover

And you'll only find love
# If this was love

# So take my heart in the meantime

# Will the next love be the real one

# Will the next love be the real one

# Will the next love be the real one #